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Dying Light and Dying Light 2 are first person zombie survival games developed by Techland.

2022.02.04 01:17 Meterano Dying Light Docket Codes

Collecting Dying Light (2) docket codes

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Videos and GIFs of people (figuratively) fucking dying.

2023.03.28 20:33 GentlemensCoffee Bet you can't riddle me this - EPC light and Service Warning comes for 1/2 second

I have been at this for a month and it's driving me insane, can someone fix my insanity.
Situation: If I'm cruising on 40km/h and I'm shifting from 3rd to 4th gear with low 'RPMS' the car stutters for a second and these lights come from 1 second and disappears, nothing wrong with the rest of the drive. You might be asking that I almost stalled the car and its reacting like this however, Another scenario, if I'm cruising on the road at 55km/h and I'm on 6th gear, if I GENTLY tap on the gas, the car will stutter and these lights will come one, I tried it again and floored it and didn't have an issue.
What I've done:
- Changed all 4 spark plugs - Changed all 4 Ignition Coils - Changed the PCV system - Smoke test to check vacuum leak and did not seem to have a leak - Used both fuel ignitor cleaner and seafoam over the span of 3 weeks, and surprisingly, got my first contact engine light which happened to be P0341, camshaft position sensor, so I replaced that with no luck of fixing the issue, code is not erasing away. Any tips?
Now can someone please riddle me this.
Note: The timing chain, and water pump were both replaced in the past year.
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2023.03.28 20:32 camilalane123 Is our consciousness stemmed from vibrations of microtubules?

Hey guys, i hope you are well. I'm having a little bit of existinal crisis , i have read this article about 2 weeks ago.
While i was reading it , i got an add saying "do you want to utilize the consciousness theory to get the life you desire?
I clicked it out of curiosity, it got me to this article in a website called amino - http://aminoapps.com/p/5vka5t
I scrolled down to see what it is about. When i got to the science part of how to "shift"? I was so disturbed , like , this paragraph for example-
"If as Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose believe, consciousness is linked to local quantum entanglements within the microtubules of our neurons, assuming non-local entanglements can also happen between our inner brains and the outer cosmos, our changing thoughts could spawn a vast array of alternate branched futures separated from within ourselves and reaching out infinitely into space. This would apply not just to our Current Reality, but our Desired Realities and every core reality where we inhabit physical 3D brains, parallel subrealities representing the functioning of free will."
It sounds really crazy, this whole concept. But if you scroll down to the attemps to explain this concept scientifically, are those views true ?
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2023.03.28 20:32 autotldr Cheetah brought from Namibia dies of kidney ailment at Kuno National Park, India. The forest department said that Sasha was suffering from a kidney ailment even before her translocation.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 65%. (I'm a bot)
Five-and-a-half-year-old Sasha, who was brought to India in the first batch of cheetahs from Namibia, died due to suspected renal failure on Monday, officials said.
Sasha contracted a renal infection, common among the animals, in the third week of January and was undergoing treatment at the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh's Sheopur, officials of the state forest department said.
The Madhya Pradesh forest department, in a statement on Monday, said Sasha was suffering from a kidney ailment before her translocation.
"For the past two months, Sasha was treated by all wildlife doctors posted in Kuno, Namibian expert Dr Ilai Walker and South Africian expert Dr Adrian Tordif. On February 18, veterinary expert Dr Laurie Marker came to Kuno with 12 cheetahs brought from South Africa and checked on her health. South African experts appreciated that despite such a serious illness, Sasha was relatively healthy due to proper care and treatment," the statement said.
The forest department said that Sasha was suffering from a kidney ailment even before her translocation.
"Wildlife Institute and Kuno National Park got her medical history from Namibia and found that the creatinine count in her last blood test done on August 15, 2022, was more than 400 which showed she was suffering from renal infection before coming to India," the statement read. Without giving further detail, Marker said, "It is not true that Sasha was unwell before her arrival in India."
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Sasha#1 Cheetah#2 official#3 statement#4 released#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.28 20:32 Jonah_Marriner The Weekly Map Recap, Week 51 - Bjora Marches

Welcome to the Weekly Map Recap. This is a series where we look back at one map in the game each week, with a critical eye at how each map represents its theme, proves faithful to its lore, and implements its design. We're getting closer to the last of 57 maps!
It's a long one today, so grab your coffee or tea and settle in.

51 of 57 - Bjora Marches - Level 80

Officially the “first” Icebrood Saga map, Bjora Marches is a great example of the lessons learned from past releases, and of the new directions the team was trying to take this Living World season. Built on a theme of cosmic horror, with a variety of content types and even new gameplay mechanics, Bjora Marches is an interesting map.

Theme/Concept - 10/10

The area of Drakkar Lake has always been about corruption in the history of this franchise, and Bjora Marches builds that to its natural conclusion. This is a map about whispers, about slow creeping changes that happen when you’re not looking, and about dark things that live in the corner of your vision.
They’ve done a great job of implementing that within the game, here. This map is thematic like almost no other, with elements like the cold buildup, Boneskinner illusions, and audio whispers from Jormag creating just the right horror vibe. They did a masterful job of using multiple elements - gameplay, visual, and audio - to reinforce these effects. Much of the dialogue with NPCs on this map involves them slowly losing their minds, or reinforcing the sheer isolation that they feel. It’s great stuff - especially when it builds to finally taking the fight to the enemy to cut off those whispers, which gives a great sense of catharsis.

Lore - 4/10

Despite having a really excellent theme - and design which we’ll get to later - there isn’t that much lore present on this map. What is there is good - getting to see Jora’s descendent take the fight directly to Drakkar is great stuff, and a long time coming. We do get some info on some new Spirits of the Wild, which is nice - but we don’t really learn anything fundamentally new or surprising about the spirits, the norn, or kodan other than that the spirits can be corrupted. Surprisingly, we get more lore on the spirits (otter and owl) in the next map than this one.
This is a smaller part of the larger frustration I have with the lore pertaining to the norn in GW2, which is that they have a lot of flavor but very little to sink your teeth into lore-wise. The humans have all sorts of history and mysteries to uncover, the sylvari and charr likewise. The norn seem to mostly be a mood and a tone for the writers rather than a real foreign society distinct from big vaguely-scandinavian humans. Give us more good politics, history, and deep lore (relationship with the jotun, how the spirits have shaped the norn through history, more major leaders, where the norn came from, how their were-animal forms change their perspective etc).
Ditto for kodan. I hold out hope that we’ll get a kodan-focused expansion one day, and we have eaten well in the past on maps like Bitterfrost Frontier, but more kodan lore is always good. Here we get very little beyond the tone of their village here being isolated and having lost their leaders.

Design - 9/10

Okay, here’s where things get interesting. I was surprised when doing research for the community consensus on this map to learn that there’s a sizable contingent that finds this map dull, with little variation, and that feels like the map is artificially divided with the big wall straight down the middle of it.
This leads into a larger topic with how we think about Guild Wars 2 map design. One thing that I feel some folks miss out on when not thinking critically about the game design here is that limitations are not one sided: they always are implemented the way they are to purchase something else.
What I mean by this is that a map like Dragon’s Stand is very rigid, with little exploration to be had and focused on an event that you must commit to for roughly an hour. Those limitations purchase the ability to tell a cohesive map-wide story on a scale which would not be possible on an explorable map. Dry Top is divided into lots of little sections with high verticality, reducing your ability to traverse it normally and making it feel cramped in some ways. What that purchases is the ability to add high levels of detail in each small section, and implement unusual movement abilities that make the map feel like no other.
So we need to think transactionally when we think about map design. What are we giving, what are we taking. In Bjora Marches’ case, what we purchase with the divided map design is the ability to add high levels of detail and content density at a scale that would not be possible on a map like Domain of Kourna or Bitterfrost Frontier.
I think there is some misremembering when folks cite a lack of depth in Bjora Marches. There is content of every type here, for whatever you want to do in your play session. There are over a dozen raven puzzles, which are the best in-depth mini dungeon experiences we’ve had in some time. There are light puzzles, kodan trials, spirit mini-games, achievement quests with unique dialogue, and two (!) major meta events that are each superior to many others in LWS3 and 4 in their design. Heck, if you want to park your alts Bjora Marches’ chests are a great place to do it. There’s something here for everyone.
Add on to that the fact that both metas provide great rewards at a reasonable time commitment, and you can see why something like a wall dividing the middle of the map is maybe smaller potatoes than some have identified. Would it have been preferable for there to be more pathways between the two halves of the map? Yes, almost certainly. But what we’ve purchased with the dev time not devoted to that is a wealth of other content types which make Bjora one of the most content-rich of all Living World maps.

Gameplay - 8/10

Again, there’s something here for everyone. If you are some that missed traditional jumping puzzles which went away during Living World Season 4, the raven shrines will be your cup of tea. If you just want to farm meta events, both of those here are just engaging enough to be enjoyable without needing too much real coordination or planning.
For a first-time explorer there’s a fantastic amount tucked away in nooks and crannies - the first time stumbling on the kodan boneskinner quest is delightfully creepy, and finding all the spirit chests while walking around makes exploration consistently rewarding.
Now, is all of the content a hit? Probably not: there are a number of events that pop in the north and southeast corners of the map that rarely see players just because there’s so little reason to go over there. Some of the spirit shrine challenges are more annoying than enjoyable. But man, finally getting a great new dragon champion meta event to sit alongside Tequatl and the Claw of Jormag is a satisfying feeling - especially if you know the incredible tech behind the fight making use of multiple Drakkars behind the ice to make it seem like he’s moving around.

Art - 7/10

Some of the only concrete info the team showed at their initial stage show for IBS was art for the Boneskinner and Drakkar, and what they showed was exciting. We’d finally be getting a really moody, horror-focused map, with the art to match. What we ended up getting mostly fits the bill. The aforementioned bosses have great and creepy designs (even if you miss the GW1 Drakkar design, the idea of going with a frozen-over whale skull for its head was inspired), and the landscape is suitably varied between the creepy forest, flat tundra, rocky tablelands, and underground lake. The raven puzzles are all well-built with some great use of assets from Path of Fire and other dwarven areas.
Now, all that said, I wouldn’t say this map is a standout visually in comparison to either Grothmar or Drizzlewood - it still feels like a Shiverpeaks map, with only going beneath the lake and the Boneskinner forest as the standout elements. But it’s very competent in how it implements its theme.

Long Term/Retention - 10/10

Bjora has a strong population, and that doesn’t seem likely to slow down any time soon. I’m not sure if the team foresaw the impact that making this map’s currency tradable for LWS4 currencies would have on the retention, but it’s a big deal. There are always people on this map farming Eternal Ice Shards, partially because the team really cranked open the faucet on those. There are few map currencies - if any - which are given to you in such great quantities. So between the ease of acquiring currency and the use of that currency across different maps, Bjora is a hotspot.
It helps that, in addition to the ease of acquiring Shards that the metas themselves are very farmable. Again, they’re just engaging enough to be interesting but fairly easy to play repeatedly with standard open-world groups, and the two metas switch off on a good timer. Add on to that that there’s a farmable ascended accessory that’s purchasable at the end of the kodan Boneskinner quest, and you have a map that has remained one of the pillars of open world content farming.

Overall - 8/10

I think Bjora Marches is sometimes overlooked in the community’s estimation of “best maps in the game.” I know it seems strange to say that about an 8/10, but I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic when I say that few maps match Bjora Marches for sheer variety and density of content paired with a profitable reward scheme. I think perhaps because it was released at the start of the maligned Icebrood Saga, because it does share much in its look with other Shiverpeaks maps, and because it was soon upstaged by Drizzlewood Coast, it has flown somewhat under the radar.
If you are looking for a map that has what I feel is the perfect balance of explorable and meta-event content, with a great variety of things to do and good rewards for doing it, I can’t recommend Bjora Marches enough. Just maybe look elsewhere if you’re looking for interesting lore.
That's all, folks! Next week, we'll be taking a look at Drizzlewood Coast - the latest in the long line of "best farming maps."
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2023.03.28 20:32 ashymak2000 oil level changing?

[1996 honda accord ex 2.2L] bought it a couple months back for $200 from a coworker, guy said only known mechanical issue is it had an oil leak. went through half a quart in 150 miles. did an oil change & found a bunch of oil covering pan & filter, traced it to leaky oil sender. i swapped the spark plugs out with NGK brand at the same time & found a bunch of oil in cylinder two from a seized plug. all that's left in there is oil residue, no new oil is collecting after driving it around. i have new valve gaskets on the way just in case. i've driven it 350 miles since, check the oil often & it fluctuates on the dip stick from about halfway between max & above max. has anyone ever experienced this? it fluctuates about an inch. i always check oil in the morning before work, i park in the same angle on flat ground. no dash lights or codes.
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2023.03.28 20:31 snkde Skip Hop Baby Bath Toy, Zoo Light Up Squeeze Toy, Dino $2.73

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2023.03.28 20:30 ManyRelief3669 That Feeling Again😭

That Feeling Again😭
1.It was worth the shot(couldnt think of lee dying 100%) 2.That moment pissed me off 3.I wasnt a fool 4.I press that X faster than a autoclicker 5.That final breath is epic This game is a masterpiece,tommorow i will replay 400days
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2023.03.28 20:30 gurneyman7 Giving guppies a better life

I recently encountered a 2.5 gallon tank full of guppies. I really should have taken a before pic because it was unbelievably horrid. Pure green water, thick green slime coating every surface, filter was covered in mold and had obviously not worked in a very long time, light was left on 24/7 for equally as long.
I asked about it and they told me that they got the guppies in order to get the small tank habitable for other fish but lost interest before getting the water within the range they wanted.
I felt so bad for these fish, so I asked if I could take the tank and the fish, they agreed. I know almost nothing except what I've been able to Google in the last 24 hours. I did a 25% water change so far. I removed the fish and kept them in the remaining 75% that I moved to a bucket while I cleaned the tank. I cleaned the entire tank with hot water and a tooth brush, added in new aquarium gravel. They had a new bag of black gravel with colorful neon pebbles mixed in. I just put a new small filter in today that came in the mail. I have an air bubbler coming in today that I purchased based on an article I read explaining why they were all at the very surface of the tank.
Now I need some input and advice. First off, am I doing anything that will hurt them? Second, what should I do next? I would like to purchase a bigger tank for them but I want to do it right and give them the best chance at a healthy life. What should I buy and what all should I get with a new tank.
Thank you in advance, sorry if formatting is hard to follow. I'm on mobile and I dont post to reddit very often.
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2023.03.28 20:29 Proud_Buy4377 Heart and Butterfly Clear Aesthetic Phone Charm - Php 200

Heart and Butterfly Clear Aesthetic Phone Charm - Php 200
Hello! I'm selling this heart + butterfly clear aesthetic phone charm for only 200 pesos. 3 pieces available.
Material: Stretchy, 0.8mm strong nylon
Size: 9 inches (including 2 inches loop, refer to photo)
Color: Clear, the rainbow beads can be vibrant or subtle depending on the lighting (that's what I like about this!)
Price: 200 pesos + shipping fee


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2023.03.28 20:28 Ashtavakra85 HZD is amazing on Ultra Hard in a first playthrough

As a first time player, I started NG on Ultra Hard because I was coming off dark souls, sekiro, hollow knight, the nioh games and the like. And it has been seriously rewarding as hell. I am having a blast with almost Soulslike combat.
I am currently on City of the Sun quest and so far have faced big and biggish machines like Thunderjaw, Behemoth, Stormbird, Longlegs Snapmaw etc. Also completed 1 cauldron and 2 Hunter trials. And let me tell you, Ultra Hard makes the combat so thrilling that it literally has me on the edge of my seat.
Take a Thunderjaw for example - no health bar, you have no idea how many arrows will finally detach that damned disc launcher, no idea how many fire arrows will cause burn and so on. So each time you hunt, you have to be careful to pack enough resources to not run out of arrows. Stealth is nerve-wracking; machines can spot you easily if your hiding place ain't perfect. On top of it, I am just wearing light armor.
Ultra Hard hones you in resource management and strategic combat. Ultra Hard teaches you not to take some common resources like Ridgewood for granted, just because it's ubiquitous. I actually ran out of Ridgewood right in the middle of a Stormbird fight and got KOed!
Like me, if there are any who are just starting the game, I am just recommending this, go ahead and try Ultra Hard. You can lower the difficulty just to purchase items from vendors, as otherwise you will be too hamstrung.
But damn, this is one hell of a fun difficulty mode to play on, with an awesome learning curve!
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2023.03.28 20:27 mortuary_dweller had a dream i died and i didn’t wake up right away

i had a dream that the sun was exploding. i remember feeling the heat from the sun as my dad and i held each other. the windows shattered and the impact made me fly across the room. i saw my life literally flash before my eyes. i saw my childhood home and even my mom who passed away three years ago. after that, i saw a bright light and then it immediately went dark. it was basically like i was closing my eyes. i didn’t see anything. i could think still, and i thought to myself, there’s no way i can be dead if i’m still conscious. then i woke up.
thoughts? anyone have a similar dream? i’ve never actually gone through the dying process in a dream before. usually i wake up immediately. i haven’t been able to get it out of my head.
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2023.03.28 20:27 Different_Collar1014 Stims cycle and depressed

I’m on day 4 of stims for my second retrieval cycle. Been TTC approx 2 years. Cancer survivor for 6 years. Last FET cancelled because clinic mishandled only remaining euploid embryo and it died. I’m frustrated with my clinic but they did offer a funded round of ‘compassionate’ IVF so I’m doing it. It’ll be my last effort. I am 37 and need to resume hormone therapy for my precious cancer diagnosis if this isn’t successful.
I feel angry and hopeless and depressed. I’m doing the stims but also have been just sleeping and eat junk food. I feel like I’m sabotaging this retrieval cycle. My first retrieval cycle I stayed active by walking everyday, eating healthy, avoiding processed food and sugar. I don’t feel like I can do the same this cycle.
Has anyone had success despite mentally giving up? I’m just so sad and tired.
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2023.03.28 20:26 Slow_Magician7539 Is this the universe giving me a sign of a romantic relationship ?

So for background I was talking to this guy and it felt the flame died,so I unadded him, today and yesterday he said hi to me and I know it could be friendly hello but it was out of the blue after not talking to each other for 2 weeks, I have been wearing my rose quart bracelet again that I cleanse at night With the manifest (it's I don't chase I attract) I said love , the one song 'last night talking by Harry styles plays' last time I heard the song was when I was talking to him and not to mention that I though to added him back again out the blue. So it's the universe giving me signs that is not done with him and me?
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2023.03.28 20:26 KankerMormon 2016 Frontier 2.5L, oil light is on but goes off when you gas it. Replaced oil sensor, no codes showing up

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2023.03.28 20:26 josephiee [WTS] Hand Pours! Egyptian cats and sarcophagus, hexagonal and round ounces and more!

Hello everyone! I have been pouring silver for a little while now and it is always a blast to do. I have a small selection of what I have created and now am looking to part ways with. Some of these will have more silver than what I have marked but I can guarantee you will not be getting any less than what is shown. This is my first time here so forgive me if I am slow. Thank you for stopping by!
[1 Mummified Cat](https://imgur.com/a/lfqwt1D)
$90 - 3 troy ounces / 93.3 grams
[1 Sarcophagus](https://imgur.com/a/SDIuIfL)
$115 - 3.85 troy ounces / 120 grams
[6 Hexagons](https://imgur.com/a/dDFlOL6)
$26 each - 1 troy ounce / 31.1 grams
[1 Hammered Round](https://imgur.com/a/SaDsP8J)
$26 - 1 troy ounce / 31.1 grams
[1 Hygieia Feeding Asclepius's Snake Round](https://imgur.com/rRUb0yO)
$80 - 2.7 troy ounces / 83.97 grams
[8 Antiqued Light of Christ Rounds with Capsules](https://imgur.com/a/uQnZjy5)
$30 - 1 troy ounce / 31.1 grams
I accept Zelle and will ship up to 8 troy ounces for $5 and anything more will be $10
I would prefer to sell to more established members on here to start with
Once dropped off it is out of my hands but will help you and provide a tracking number
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2023.03.28 20:26 LIS1050010 Do You Have the Skills You Need to Survive a Depression?

Do you think you have the skills to survive a Depression?
Let’s face it. We may say we’re preparing for winter blizzards or freak hurricanes, but down deep, if you’re a prepper, what you’re really preparing for is a collapse of America’s economy. It may happen within a few days, or it may be a continual downward slide over many years. Its causes may include numerous Katrina-size natural disasters, a toppling federal government, chaos on Main Street, and the odd meteor or two.
Regardless of the causes, we want our families to be as secure as possible for the long haul.
So, the question that naturally arises is: How do you prepare for a Greatest Depression? Is it even possible to prepare for something that may last a decade or much, much longer? Is it better to be a homeowner, even if someday you’re unable to make your mortgage payments, or is it better to have mobility and rent? Should you leave your life savings and retirement funds where they are or take the tax and penalty hit and invest in land, or gold, or a year’s worth of food?
While there are no definitive answers to these questions, you can take stock of your level of preparedness, see where the gaps are, and work to fill them.

Assess Your Depression Survival Skills

Let’s begin by evaluating your skills that would help you survive a depression. Answer yes or no to the following questions:

Easy skills level:

  1. Do you know how to sew on a button?
  2. Do you know how to use an oil lamp?
  3. Do you know how to boil an egg?
  4. Do you know how to ride a bike?
  5. Do you know how to keep houseplants alive?
If you answered yes to all five, move on to the next level.

Medium skills level:

  1. Do you know how to cut up a whole chicken?
  2. Do you know how to hem or fix a rip in clothing?
  3. Do you have a stocked first aid kit in your home?
  4. Do you know how to build and maintain a fire?
  5. Do you know how to cook and season dried beans?
If you answered yes to any of the five, move on to the next level.

Hard skills level:

  1. Do you know how to grow your own vegetables?
  2. Do you know how to use a pattern and sew your own clothes?
  3. Do you know how to can fruits and vegetables?
  4. Do you know how to start a fire without matches?
  5. Do you know how to raise chickens?
  6. Do you have a fully prepared emergency kit in your home?
  7. Do you own and know how to use a gun?
  8. Do you or someone in the home know how to fish and hunt?
  9. Do you have a well-stocked pantry?
  10. Do you know how to make a quilt?
  11. Do you know how to bake bread from scratch?
  12. Do you know CPR and basic first aid skills?
  13. Do you have the physical ability to ride a bike?
  14. Do you know how to purify water for drinking?
  15. Do you know how to cook in a dutch oven with charcoal?

If you answered yes to all in this level, congratulations! You will survive.
If you passed the easy and medium levels but failed the hard level, not to worry. You are teachable. A Boy Scout learns 99% of these depression survival skills! Select a skill to learn, make a plan, and then work the plan! Rinse and repeat.
Now, let’s consider a question.

Readers Respond: How Should We Prepare for a Greatest Depression?

If we could talk with survivors of the first Great Depression and ask them, “If you could go back to 1925, how would you have prepared for the Great Depression,” I wonder what they would say.
We’re preparing for something on a worldwide scale, so I asked Survival Mom readers this question: How should we prepare for a Greatest Depression? Here is a curated selection of those responses.

Article Source
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2023.03.28 20:26 Aktaujames2 Honda CR-V Diesel Sound and Engine Light

Honda CR-V Diesel Sound and Engine Light
I intermittently and spontaneously get the engine light come on on my Honda CR-V 2.2 i-CTDi 2006, and then it goes into limp home mode. This sound appears whenever this happens, though the sound goes away after a few seconds and the engine light stays on. The video catches the moment the sound goes away after the engine has been on for about 20 seconds.
The problem tends to just... Disappear after 30 minutes so the garages never catch it, and the engine light turns off too.
Anyone got any idea what part is the problem at least?
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2023.03.28 20:25 WTMMahler Understand the Power of Not Yet

When my daughter had a stroke, I kept a journal. From that grew a book sharing the many lessons we learned. Now, with the hope to inspire others, our stories are available in a book. Below is the Table of Contents. If you are interested, it is available on Amazon Kindle for $3.00.
Introduction: My Daughter Had a Stroke
Shares what initiated the stories.
Chapter 1: Take Care of Yourself or Let Someone Take Care of You
Relays the difficulty of asking for help.
Chapter 2: Fulfill the Need - Unite science and practice to promote health
Lists strategies to support the patient.
Chapter 3: Every New Endeavor Requires a First Step
Reminds us that recovery takes time.
Chapter 4: A Survival Strategy for Trauma - Laugh
Communicates the power of humor.
Chapter 5: Supporting Others Provides Strength
Informs the power of compassion to prompt healing.
Chapter 6: Medical Issues Require Fact Finding
Encourages patients and caregivers to ask questions
Chapter 7: Breaking the Rules Empowers Patients
Proves that healing demands the opportunity to fight your own way.
Chapter 8: Not All Strokes Are the Same
Recognizes there is no one way to address health concerns.
Chapter 9: Accepting the Unacceptable
Stresses that accepting the pain is the first step to healing.
Chapter 10: When I Wanted to Curl-up and Die, I Learned Resilience
Reveals emotional pain debilitates but can be overcome.
Chapter 11: Life’s Journeys are Easier Shared
Asserts that no one person should shoulder all responsibility.
Chapter 12: Make It Happen with a Can-do Attitude
Reinforces the importance of accepting each day.
Chapter 13: You Are Not Alone - Find your community
Offers suggestions for support groups.
Chapter 14: Aphasia Shouldn’t Stop Communication
Explains the communication process and why it is important during crises.
Chapter 15: Celebrating Life Provides Energy to Begin a New Day
Stresses the benefits of recording simple triumphs as wins.
Chapter 16: Discover the Cathartic Power of the Written Word
Encourages writing to understand and share life’s moments.
Chapter 17: Letting it Go is the First Step of Acceptance
Suggests we allow the bad to float away and embrace dreams.
Chapter 18: When It Feels Like You May Drown, Just Keep Swimming
Demonstrates that life opens small air pockets for survival.
Chapter 19: We are All Misfits Looking for Our Tribe
Teaches us to accept self by making space for others.
Epilogue: We Carry Our Scars
Highlights the importance of embracing the past.
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2023.03.28 20:25 GCP428 [WTB] X300U-A / Padded Ferro or BFG Multicam Sling w. swivels

Trying to acquire the listed, light salt/carbon build up is not a problem. I am open to negotiation depending on the items condition. Can do PayPal F&F or Venmo but also open to local cash exchange in Raleigh, NC
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2023.03.28 20:25 samureyejacque March Community Update

March Community Update

Hello Runners!

Spring is here, and our March Community Update is here as well! Here's a little recap about SnowRunner's new season and the upcoming features.

Season 9 is doing well

One month after the Season 9 release, we're happy to see you, runners, enjoying the roads of our new maps in Canada and to do the new missions aboard the new trucks. We hope that the change of scenery was not too hard and that you appreciate these new landscapes. 🍁

Watch out... New DLC is coming soon!

Expand your vehicle collection with The Mastodon DLC to receive the ZikZ 612H "Mastodon", a super-large, super-heavy beast of a truck with 3 built-in trailer slots! This new DLC is coming soon, be ready to challenge any terrain with it.
Please note that this DLC will be available as a standalone DLC and is not included in the Year 3 Pass.

SnowRunner community is HUGE

10 Millions Runners took the road on SnowRunner's journey, it's as many as the number of people living in countries like Sweden or Portugal, but also cities like Bangkok or Seoul... Just imagine how big this is!
So thank you so much, we're very grateful and happy to have you as our community 🥰 To share our passion together, you can join the SnowRunner community on our Discord server, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Connection issues with Xbox consoles

We're aware about the crashes and connection issues encountered by players trying to play in coop on Xbox, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. You can contact our support team and give us as much information as you can, like the platform you’re playing on, the KSIVA, what’s the issue you’re experiencing. You can also send a PM to makoto#8292 on our Discord with the same information.

So, what's next ?

Our team is actively working on Season 10: Fix & Connect! 📷 We'll let you know with any further information as soon as we can. In the meantime... be prepared.

And that’s it for this month!
See you in the snow
The Saber & Focus teams
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2023.03.28 20:24 ThinTree9 Döner macht... satt? Kleine bitte an potenziellen Gönner

Hallo liebes Subreddit.Bin seit 2019 eig. nur ein stiller Mitleser, da ich eher zu der introvertierten Sorte gehöre,ich hab ganze 1 Post's und hatte auch eig. nicht vor mehr zu erstellen.
Bin aber leider momentan in einer "Situation" und weiß mir nicht anders zu helfen.
Hab diesen Monat meine Jahresabrechnung bekommen und ich muss ordentlich was nachzahlen, da ich aus finanziellen Gründen den Abschlag so gering wie möglich gehalten habe + Stromkostenerhöhung die wir alle durchleben müssen, was mir jetzt in den Hintern beißt. Das mache ich aber mit mir selbst aus, und darum soll es nicht gehen. Allerdings trat jetzt durchs ordentliche Pressen der Stromanbieter und den Betrag den ich mindestens schon mal vorauszahlen sollte ein anderes Problem auf.

Lange rede kurzer Sinn, ich bin jetzt schon völlig Blank bis der Lohn in knapp 2 Wochen kommt. Ich habe auch weder Familie zu der ich Kontakt habe noch Freunde die finanziell flüssig sind.
Normalerweise würde ich mich nie trauen so ein Post zu erstellen, da ich vor 4 Jahren finanziell schon total am Boden war und mir geschworen habe nie wieder auf die Hilfe von anderen zurückzugreifen, aber ihr könnt euch nicht vorstellen was der Hunger bzw. Selbsterhaltungstrieb alles so mit euch anstellt (Ja meinen Müll hab ich auch schon durchsucht)
Falls sich irgendeine barmherzige Seele findet, die vllt nen 10er auf Paypal übrig hat und sich dazu bewegen lassen würde mir in so einer Situation auszuhelfen, wäre das nicht in Worte zu fassen wie dankbar ich in der jetzigen Situation dafür wäre. Natürlich wird der Betrag an selbige Person zurück geschickt wenn das gewünscht ist sobald Lohn da ist. Ich weiß dass mir ein 10er nicht für 2 Wochen den Magen füllen würde, allerdings kann ich so mal einen oder zwei Tage an eine ordentliche Lösung denken und nicht permanent ans "Überleben"
PS MODS : Wenn solche Beiträge nicht erwünscht sind, bitte kommentarlos löschen, wobei meiner Erfahrung nach (und auch einer der Gründe warum ich ausgerechnet hier Frage, der ist, das ich schon öfter mitbekommen habe wie außerordentlich großzügig hier schon ausgeholfen worden ist)
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2023.03.28 20:24 Travariuds 2013 late macbook pro

Hey everyone, I’ve got a 10 years old macbook pro that works perfectly for what i need, no heavy work anymore, some light debugging and emails from the sofa. But its battery is almost dead, meaning it holds around 30 min of web scrolling…. I took it to an apple store just to be told they cant order the battery as it’s not available anymore… Someone in the same situation? What are my options? Like i said it works fine, just the battery is dead, so I just keep it plugged on the wall.:. will it eventually die completely? Will it eventually not even turn on when plugged to the wall?
Thanks in advance!
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