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2023.04.01 15:01 shimell Best course for AI/ML

Hi techies of Bengaluru, I want to switch my carrier to AI/ML. Please suggest courses, YouTube videos that I can take up for next 6 months and land a decent job.
My background I work as software engineer. Mostly on SQL, ETL. Have basic idea about python and libraries.
Any help is appreciated.
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2023.04.01 15:01 ogreatgames WWE Day Of Reckoning 2: Awesome Wrestling Video Game - Gamecube Game

WWE Day Of Reckoning 2: Awesome Wrestling Video Game - Gamecube Game

![video](mahaa71ky7e91 " Momentum shift, finishing moves and a lot more awesome wrestling features are back! Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#wrestling #sports #gamecube --
WWE Day Of Reckoning 2 For Nintendo Gamecube. Returning with awesome features such as momentum shift, finisher moves and more WWE Day Of Reckoning 2 proved that it is better the second time around. This fantastic second installment of the Day of Reckoning game franchise and offers a ground-breaking wrestling experience. There are plenty of WWE legends to play. A new strategic stamina system makes the game even more solid. Finish your opponent by using killer moves! --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.04.01 15:00 kemitchell Have I correctly diagrammed White's "handsewn stitchdown" construction?

Draft Diagram:
There are a few handy shoe construction diagrams around, but I haven't seen one specifically for White's "handsewn stitchdown" construction with the rolled welt. I've done some research for this draft diagram, but would appreciate any corrections!
My main reference for double checking was White's making-of video for the Drifter collaboration boot. Here are links to specific points in the video:
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2023.04.01 15:00 shawn_mobilevideo What are you creating with MDL gear?

What are you creating with MDL gear?
We love seeing what creatives like you are making with MDL gear. Tag your pictures / video #madewithmoondog or email links to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), and we'll share your productions with the Moondog Labs community!
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2023.04.01 14:59 Jedicarus1218 Anne Boonchuy Moveset

Anne Boonchuy Moveset
Warning! There will be spoilers for Amphibia present here!
Hello, battlefield of Nintendo! Jedicarus returning in what feels like years! For my first post of 2023, I wanted to do a little April Fools Moveset to celebrate the prank filled day. In context of an April Fools moveset for me, it is a Moveset on a character that’s not from video games and is instead from another piece of media. For my first April Fools and overall character Moveset, I will be doing…
Anne Boonchuy
Emerging from the wild unknown with the frogs and toads, Anne Savisa Boonchuy (90) thought her life couldn’t get much crazier until she stepped foot into Smash. Though she’d rather not fight, she will ribbit ribbit jump into the fray with fierce determination and athletic ability at her disposal. Under the right circumstances, you can unleash hidden calamitous power to devastate the battlefield!
Neutral attack
a three hit combo where Anne starts out with a straight kick (3%), then a rear straight punch (2%), and ends it off three lower kicks and a rear high knee (4%, adding up to 9% damage in total)
Side tilt
performs a straightforward kick (like in S1 E18 where she took out the toad conductor). Deals 12% damage
Up tilt
uppercuts with her elbow. Weak, but very combo heavy. Deals 4% damage
Down tilt
does a sweeping kick like the one she used to beat Polly in their little spar in S2 E13. Held leg does 7% while the foot held deals 5.5%
Dash attack
a sliding kick, tripping fighters at small percentages. Deals 7% damage
Forward smash
a strong sword slash similar to Link’s own forward smash (14% at the hilt, 15% at the blade, 16% at the tip)
throws out a very strong kick that functions as a reflector (16% clean foot, 14% clean leg/mid foot, 12% mid leg/late foot, 10% late leg, 1.8x reflected projectiles)
Up smash
Somehow brings out a massive hammer to swing upward. Lacks range, has slow startup, and Anne will briefly stumble back due to the weight, but it is incredibly strong in both damage and knockback. References the third temple
strongly throws out an uppercut. Still lacks range and has slow startup, but Anne will no longer stumble (both deal 16% damage)
Down smash
A kneeling inward slash in front of herself followed by a kneeling outward slash behind her (17%/16%/14% and 12%/11%/10%)
Punches the ground beneath her, causing calamity energy to spark from her and damage anyone close (15%)
Neutral aerial
a midair elbow drop that will hasten her descent, but only slightly and not as much as her down air. 12% damage when clean and 6% when late
Forward aerial
swings her sword in a downward motion forward. 8% damage
Back aerial
turns around to do an upward slash behind herself. 9% damage
Up aerial
a bicycle kick. 7% damage
Down aerial
will dive straight down with a jumping kick (14% on clean foot while 12% on clean leg/late)
a diving punch (16% on clean hand while 14% on clean arm/late)
grapples the fighter in a clinch
punches them in the side. Deals 1.6% damage
Forward throw
sends the fighter back with a headbutt. Deals 9.1% damage.
Back throw
briefly grabs the fighter’s leg and then throws them aside (9%)
Anne will just straight pick them up and throw them behind her (11.835% damage)
Up throw
despite being a “string bean”, she uses her athleticism to toss the fighter upward. Deals 8% damage when normal, 11.3% damage when calamity form
Down throw
grabs them by the neck to slam them down. During her up and down throws, her eyes glow blue, implying that she is using some of her calamity energy to perform these moves. Deals 8.9% damage when normal, 12.2% when calamity form
Floor attack (front and back)
kicks behind her and then punches as she gets up in a dance pose similar to her team up attack with Sasha. Deals 8.6% damage
Floor attack (trip)
rather unorthodoxly, she uses her tennis racket to trip fighters near her before getting up. Even she’s surprised that this actually worked and deals 5.5% damage
Edge attack
while getting up, she swings her sword upward in a disarming motion rather than a full on attack. References S1 E18. Deals 9% damage
Additional factors
Wall Jump?
Yes (Both)
Wall Cling?
Yes (Calamity Form)
No (Normal)
How many jumps?
2 (Normal)
3 (Calamity form)
Neutral special
Serves up!
Anne will get out her tennis racket to swing a serve shot that functions as a reflector. Is very weak as a straight attack, but it functions similar to Mario’s cape. Deals 8.2% damage and reflected projectiles have 1.6x the power
Turquoise trajectile
Anne will throw her sword and then call it back to her after reaching a certain distance. Deals 10% damage when close, 8% damage when far, 11.6% damage when clean smash throw, 9.1% damage when far smash throw, 4% damage when returning to Anne
Side special
Bold Dash
Anne runs forward with an upward sword strike, then an overhead one, and ends the combo with a thrust forward. References True Colors and both her side and neutral specials have her eyes briefly glow blue. Upward strike and overhead strike both deal 2.85% and the thrust deals 4.75%.
Azure assault
Anne immediately dashes forward to deliver a calamity power enhanced punch that sends anyone hit by it upward. References S3 E1 and deals 10% damage.
Up special
Drag-Anne fly
Rides a human sized dragonfly by its legs and hangs on for dear life until the dragonfly is hit and she’s left helpless, clings onto a ledge, or lets go via the B button.
Lapis Leap
Anne simply charges straight up, damaging anyone in her path. If the B button is pressed again, she will charge into the nearest opponent. This charge is almost a guaranteed shield break, but if she misses, she’s left vulnerable and the combination of two portions of calamity energy being burned out to use it (one for the jump and one for the charge) makes it the most expensive special move. The leaping charge deals 11% damage while the second charge deals 20% damage
Down special
Anne’s Power
Throughout the fight, Anne will have an empty meter with the blue calamity gem depowered that slowly fills up as she takes damage. When it’s filled up, the gem regains its blue hue and you can tap into Anne’s Calamity powers, granting Anne immense strength and a notable speed boost.
When the B button is pressed again, she will say “Enough!” and create a short ranged blast that pushes any fighters away from her. Using any of her specials will deplete a small portion of her calamity meter and when it runs out, Anne will be significantly weakened for 45 seconds. The blast deals 4% damage, but makes up for it in sheer knockback, albeit weaker than Cloud’s Finishing touch
Final smash
One Last Hurrah
Anne will tap into the full power of her blue calamity Gem to transform into her outfit from the Hardest Thing with calamity energy sparking from her. If it hits anyone, Anne flies straight up into outer space to summon a giant energy tennis racket to serve an equally huge tennis ball that splits into multiple Domino missiles that explode onto the smashers and the word “ACE!” appears when the explosions clear up. Deals 58% damage.
Anne is transported into the battlefield through calamity energy before she shortly gets up after her eyes briefly scan her surroundings.
Boxing ring title
The blue heart of calamity
Idle Animations
Attempts to get leaves out of her hair
Briefly has her fists on her hips with a smile and cocked up eyebrow

Will begin to slightly hover a few feet off the ground before descending
Cross her arms briefly
Up taunt
She dabs, something she has done a few times in the series… yes, it is cringe, but she’s 13. So of course, she’s gonna be a little cringy.
Side taunt
Anne strikes a pose and then gestures the opponents to bring the fight to her.
Down taunt
does a segment of the Plantar hunting dance. No, you can’t hypnotize and disorient fighters with this.
Victory animations
Left: Anne is shown sitting beside Sprig with the two of them reading
Up: suddenly lands in her calamity empowered state before returning back to normal and smiling. References the season 3 intro.
Right: Anne cheers “Woo!” with her arms stretched out similar to one of her renders and when she beat the Mudmen
Music: Anne’s theme (Amphibia’s outro. Plays continuously)
Costume 1
Costume 2
default (Season 3)
Costume 3
Anne’s shirt remains a gray color, but it is much darker and the skirt gains a similar color. Her shoe and chest armor become red, her shirt collar becomes black, her socks become light gray, the trim/emblem on her armor turns white, and her hair becomes blonde. References Sasha Waybright in season 2 and her calamity energy even turns pink.
Costume 4
Anne’s shirt becomes brown with the sleeves becoming light gray and the flame emblem turning pink, her light blue Jean shorts become green, her jacket becomes faded blue, socks become a lighter green, and her sneakers become gray. Hair becomes black. References Marcy Wu and Calamity Energy becomes green).
Costume 5
Anne’s shirt becomes a light blue, skirt becomes light brown, her shoes become black, the shirt collar becomes teal, armor becomes gray and the trim/emblem becomes a darker blue. Hair becomes blue and Anne even gains freckles. References Terri and calamity energy becomes white.
Costume 6
Anne’s shirt becomes light green while the sleeves become golden and flame emblem turning black with her shorts, the jacket becomes a darker forest green, socks become pink, and her sneakers become light gray with dark blue stripes. Hair becomes orange. References Sprig and calamity energy becomes gold/yellow.
Costume 7
Anne’s shirt becomes black, the skirt becomes red, her shoe and armor become a dark purple, shoes become a light gray, and the trim/emblem become orange with the emblem being replaced with an eye. Anne’s hair also becomes black. References Darcy and calamity energy becomes orange.
Costume 8
Anne’s shirt becomes yellow with her sleeves becoming yellowish white and flame emblem becoming a tyrannosaurus skull, her shorts become brown, the shoes become darker shades of purple and gray, and the jacket becomes black. Her hair becomes black and gains red glasses. References Dr. Jan and calamity energy becomes gray.
The main setting of Amphibia season 1, Wartwood is often slow to accept, and even slower to respect. Something that is sort of the way to describe Wartwood: slow. Sure, you can slightly bounce off the tarp of the Grub & Go to gain a small jump boost and there’s the statue of Wartwood’s previous mayor in the center of what the fighters are allowed to brawl in, but Wartwood is pretty calm compared to the usual hijinks that happen… though that might be because you are the hijinxs going on in Wartwood.
Welcome to Amphibia (extended remix)
Rather be (instrumental)
Heartstomper (remix)
No Big Deal (remix)
Anne’s Power (remix)
All In (Mix between its score)
One Last Hurrah (original)
You’d be surprised what makes its way back to you (Extended credits during the Hardest Thing)
Conclusion and overall overview
And that is the full moveset for what I think Anne Boonchuy in Smash Bros could potentially look like! Before I end this off with some questions, let’s go over an overview of Anne’s overall toolkit!
A Strong String bean
In spite of her small weight, Anne Boonchuy still hits like a truck with certain moves and combo setups, especially when she’s in her calamity form.
Hop ‘til you drop
Anne has plenty of mobility options to go with from being able to wall jump and overall having pretty high jump height. It also helps that most of her moves also assist in her overall momentum and agility.
The Power of the Box
Anne’s calamity form in its entirety brings a lot of physical power that Anne can use to quickly end brawls whenever they’re used right, both in attack timing and situations.
… Is still a string bean
Though Anne is usually fine after slapstick in Amphibia, Anne’s agility and power comes at the cost of having less durability and being even more prone to slapstick than she already was.
Not Marcy level klutzy, but could react faster
It is true that Anne has plenty of agility-based options and can get out of some really sticky situations, her actual movement speed outside of calamity form is only slightly above average and some of her attacks are likewise affected by this.
A powerful price
Though Calamity Anne is strong and fast, her new attacks are easily telegraphed and can leave her for an easy punish if they miss should you react fast enough. Add in that her calamity meter doesn’t charge very quickly to prevent over reliance as well as her being significantly weakened for a long time and you have a gimmick that’s awesome, but requires to time to fully master.
End of Moveset
So what do you guys think? Anything you would change or would you keep it the same? Please tell me in the comments below! Of course, I will be doing actual movesets and not just April Fools ones of non video game characters that may or may not be annual releases. But it is also a limited time series since I have planned SIXTY-NINE official additional slots and I don’t want to go further than that because it’s more than enough.
Anyways, Happy April Fools, everyone, And I’ll see you guys next game! Peace ✌🏻!
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2023.04.01 14:58 Jealous-Newspaper552 Mysterious Game OGYQCHAVTKAPART3

I have backed up a copy of a game I found online "titled" OGYQCHAVTKAPART3. The game comes with a message, has anyone seen this game? Can someone test this out and share their experience of a video on YouTube or a subreddit somewhere? This is kind of interesting, I didn't play too much of it. But I will play it later and see what I find.
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2023.04.01 14:58 PCBCupid How To Use Constraints And Net Class Directive tool in KiCad 7.0 #1

Follow us along with "How to Use the New KiCad 7.0 Series" to learn KiCad 7 from start to finish building your first Printed Circuit Board!
In this particular video, We'll discuss KiCad constraints, various types of constraints, pre-defined sizes, calculating track width using KiCad 7 calculator tool, introduction to net classes, how to assign net classes and finally how to use net class directive tool in the schematic editor.
To find out more about KiCad 7.0 in-depth, watch this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel:\_eMqgbjEsY
If you have any questions or doubts regarding this video, you can drop your questions here:
Keep Learning, Keep Creating!
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2023.04.01 14:58 Httyd_Fuzzy Someone had to do it !!! Toothless song 😂😂😂

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2023.04.01 14:58 astro_31 Sneako bitching like always

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2023.04.01 14:57 writteninlilac Can I link my personal domain to my redbubble store?

I know you can do this with teespring (which I hear is a terrible POD), where my personal domain can be set to a teespring store, but can the same be done with redbubble?
I was going to create a shopify store to sell t-shirts, and I am doing all my own promotional videos for each and every design I make (youtube shorts, tiktok, instagram and facebook reels).
I was, of course, going to point my traffic toward my personal domain, however, I am hearing there are some issues with shopify that I wasn't aware of, where I might have to pay for items before I receive the money from the customers. As I am dead broke, this is likely not possible for me any more, so, instead, I might just have to create a redbubble store instead (where there are zero upfront costs from my end).
I know it doesn't look as professional to drive my traffic to a redbubble store rather than my own personal store, but I might not have a choice. However, I am hoping I can at least use my own domain name that will link them to my redbubble store.
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2023.04.01 14:56 TheMagician86 Hot Take: Lets Plays Have Ruin YouTube

I'll probably get some hate for this but I don't care. I've noticed over the last ten years or so when I get into a new game or try a new mod I go to YouTube to look up some stuff. Like how the shields work or what the CPU changes make or a guide to X,Y,Z. It would be easy to find really informative videos on what I needed prior to 5+ years ago.
Now YouTube is littered with Lets Plays and people are naming them like guides and how tos. I don't want to sit through 60 minutes of someone who really isnt that engaging watching them fumble through something by trial and error. I could have done that myself. I'm looking for a sub 15 minute video explaining what I am looking for. Its frustrating at times.
I wish YouTube would make a filter that I could just filter them all out. Does anyone know of an addon that can filter out Let's Plays? Now that I am writing this I am wondering if in my search term I could put -"Let's Play". I'm going to go try that.
Anyways just wanted to get it off my chest. Feel free to flame but I hope Let's Plays die soon.
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2023.04.01 14:55 Httyd_Fuzzy Someone had to do it !!! Toothless song 😅😅😅

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2023.04.01 14:55 shootmanbangbang YouTube Shorts - Voice Over + Music

Hey guys what's up, So, I want to ask if is there a way of using YouTube shorts inbuilt music tracks with my original voice-over video. Let me be more clear. I made a short video on my computer, Everything is good, The visuals are there along with the voice-over, the only thing I want is Background Music. But when I go to start uploading my short and select a background track, It replaces my original voice-over sound. So do you know a way that I can use to keep my original voice-over sound with the shorts feed's inbuilt music tracks as background sound?
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2023.04.01 14:55 Euphoric_Meat_3024 Interesting facts about USA

Hi Guys,
I have made a video talking about some of the unknown (but interesting) facts about USA to share with you all. I plan to make similar content like this discussing other countries very soon, in a way as if I were travelling with you all.
If you like my video, please let me know by leaving a comment below. If you like my channel, please subscribe. I will make more interesting facts about other countries very soon.
Thank you and have a lovely weekend :)
Video link:
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2023.04.01 14:55 AutoModerator [Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery

[Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery
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[Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery
I started making YouTube videos in my final year of medical schoolat Cambridge University. It was Summer 2017 and I started off with 0 views, 0 subscribers and $0 in revenue.
18 months later, my YouTube channel was at 100,000 subscribersand was making as much money as my full-time job working as a doctor in the UK. And now, as of May 2022, my channel has over 3 million subscribersand I make over £100,000 ($130k) each monthfrom it (and over $350,000 per month from the business as a whole), with 5-10 hours of effort each week. I know — it’s bloody ridiculous.
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2023.04.01 14:53 sa12318 Passed today with 3ATs! Sharing my experience and preparation

Here is my experience and advice for passing the PMP exam:
  1. Started with Joseph Philips Udemy course - I recommend watching the course with x1.25 or 1.50 speed as they speak slowly. The course was solid and quite good in introducing the foundational knowledge of Project Management. be prepared as it may be a bit too boring, but in the end, it is worth it. Highly Recommended. I think I paid about $15 for the course.
  2. "Process Groups: A Practice Guide", "Agile Practice Guide", and "Agile Manifesto", While going through the above course I have also read through quickly. This helped me to understand the material from two different perspectives. As a PMI member, you can download the first two books for free and the third one is freely available online. Recommended.
  3. Also went through u/Third3Rock study notes. If you don't want to read the books mentioned in point 2, you can read the notes prepared by u/Third3Rock and I think it will be enough for you. This will cost you $10-$15 depending you want to purchase the Google Doc version or also the PDF printable version. Recommended.
  4. Watched the video explaining PMP process groups by Ricardo Vargas. I reinforced the memory of process groups by playing this game online: Process group Game. Recommended.
  5. I didn't watch David McLachlan's videos, as I found them not challenging enough and did not meet the difficulty level that was presented by Study Hall.
  6. Study Hall Plus: I took only 3 full exams with the following scores: 72%, 66%, and 65% (including also the expert questions. I am not sure how to count the score without the expert questions). For Mini Exams, my scores started from 53%-80%. This test is Highly Recommended. According to my experience, Study Hall exams prepared me the most for the exam as it is quite difficult, and to my thinking, the exam was slightly easier than the study hall. It would be very hard to pass the exam without Study Hall and this is definitely worth the cost, as without it you might be risking the exam. looking back, I think the essential plan would be sufficient, so there was no good reason to purchase the plus plan.
  7. Reddit Group: I would like to thank every single Reddit group community member for sharing their experience. Your advices and comments have been invaluable in passing the exam. I would advise everyone to go through some of the top posts by community members and take their advice as they are very helpful for completing the test successfully.
Experience of the exam: I took it in an in-person test center to avoid the potential technical difficulties that I could encounter if I took it at home.
The 1st part of the exam was easier than the 2nd part and the 3rd part was the hardest. So the exam became progressively harder. I received the congratulatory message right after submitting the last section.
I hope these comments will end up being helpful for you. I have learned a lot from this group and I put together my thoughts and experience so that I can pay this forward.
Good luck with your exams!! You can do it!!
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2023.04.01 14:51 Tom4211 [TOMT][MUSIC][2010s] Video game song that is similar to "Better call Saul main theme"'s initial guitar riff

I started watching the series "Better call Saul" and when i heard the theme for the first time, i got a ridiculous de ja vu. I could swear i had heard that initial guitar riff in video game or in something similar. Probably isn't the exact same riff, but a very similar one. The first game that came to my mind was Fallout. But i didn't find any clues. Can someone help pls. Link to the "Better call Saul main theme":
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2023.04.01 14:50 Bosslorenz56 Synthetic Man Rant

I can't believe I gave this guy a chance when I watched his Elden Ring review back in 2022. At first, I thought he was someone who's being fair with the game, while also being a bit cheeky with the negative titles.
He made some good points about the game ngl, but I can't for the life of me, take him seriously when he's showing signs that he's so full of himself and and full of ego. Stating stuff such as:
making Elden Ring an open world was a mistake
Someone has to critique these games
Like, who are you to tell Fromsoftware what kind of game to make? And why do you boast that you're the only one that's capable of critiquing Elden Ring? It's like you're putting yourself in a pedestal because you're making a negative review that makes you feel different.
Months have passed, I began to at least tolerate his behavior and respect his opinions, but all I keep seeing every time he uploads are negative reviews or clickbait titles.
2023 then kicked in and what do you know? He made a video calling dead space woke. Ranting about an All Gender Bathroom, the Great Replacement theory, and some unhinged stuff that's not even related to the game.
I then realize that he drags politics into everything. Like, I know you can't escape politics, even in video games, but c'mon, you can't blame everything natural that happens in a game to be political.
I was starting to have mixed thoughts on the guy, whether or not he's actually serious with what he's saying or he's just playing a character.
I then watched episode 217 of EFAP and realized that he does take himself seriously. I can't imagine the stress Mauler had to go through watching his videos and streams. I was thrilled that the EFAP crew tore his terrible opinions, arguments, and criticisms to shreds. From 217 alone, he was showing signs that he hates women, other races, minorities, men with emotions, and can't shut up about jews. Back to self awareness and ego again, he claims that he doesn't script his videos that much because he knows they're half assed, but then whines that people call him out and criticize him when he makes a mistake.
Furthermore, the guy is so full of himself and pridefull that he sees himself as the one true gamer, preaching to the choir, and the only gamer with true opinions. My God, the attitude and ego of synthetic man is something out of this world. Worst of all, his fanbase worships him as well and goes out of their way to attack anyone criticizing him.
I honestly wanted to give the guy a chance, but I can't. He's the real life incarnation of an Incel, 4channer, and hater. I can't respect a man who outright doesn't respect other people and instead downplays and belittles them.
There are better video game reviewers out there that are positive, but are honest and fair with their criticisms. I may not agree with everything they say, but I can at least respect them.
Skill up Sphere Hunter Mandalore Gaming GmanLives The Completionist
And even Critical Drinker, a YouTuber I have disagreed and agreed with many times, still maintains his integrity and honesty with the entertainment he consumes.
But yeah, that's all.
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