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2023.06.10 06:32 lonelyhearts04 What can you tell me as far as friendship goes with Edith?

What can you tell me as far as friendship goes with Edith?
Question: What can you tell me as far as having a possible friendship goes with Edith?
Spread: 3 card pull
7 of swords upright:
So this card has to do with sneakiness but I'm not sure if it's on her end. Not sure if the card is telling me to be careful with her? Or perhaps I feel like that I need to watch my back because I've had people deceive me before.
Hanged man in reverse:
This card involves sacrificing time but not getting anything in return. Or very little. It involves blockage but maybe this card is telling me that there might not be friendship with her. It's like a 50/50. I think it might be my own self blocking friendships due to me being stagnant since I recently ended a verbally abusive friendship with someone.
The star reversed:
Card deals with hopelessness but I'm thinking this has to do with losing faith in friendships especially since one recently went really bad and to no fault of my own. I think this card is telling me to have a little more faith and it's okay if I'm not ready just yet.
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2023.06.10 06:31 Effective-Cookie-772 yesterday, i had the best trip of my life (so far).

i’m relatively new to shrooms. i had my first trip in september 2022 and since i’ve done them a handful of times.
yesterday, i had the strongest and most vibrant trip yet. i did it around midday. the sun was out, the day was beautiful. usually, i pair my trips with weed, but i didn’t this time. it was just me and the shrooms. i didn’t do any deep thinking about life, i just enjoyed the trip. the colors were so bright. when i closed my eyes, i saw a bunch of red and orange color and visuals. i threw the ball for my dog. i watched the squirrels play in the backyard and started tearing up, thinking about how everyone and everything just wants to play. there was one interesting part where i felt like my thoughts were split. there was me but it also felt like the shrooms were there too. i was in control, but also letting the experience of the trip run its course. i had a picnic in my backyard by myself, in my swimsuit, like i would have as a child on summer break. as the trip was winding down, i watched spongebob and laughed and laughed. i really think i connected with my inner child yesterday.
now today, when i close my eyes, i just see the usual darkness. i miss the colors. 😩
long story short, it was a successful trip! it makes me long forward to my next one.
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2023.06.10 06:30 Kirbygeddon Bad usb driver on a Prospect 700R case?

PC Parts: Z490 Gaming Plus, 4070, Prospect 700R
Hey everyone, I'm having an issue fixing a bad usb driver with my Prospect 700r case led screen. A couple days ago I updated the case feature set in MSI center before I left for the day. I turned it back on when I came home and got a notification saying that windows couldn't recognize a usb device and I tracked it down to the cases screen.
I can't access that feature or change my Case fans RGBs in Mystic Center. If I select the case feature in MSI Center, it will open the live update page instead. I also can't see any info from the Hardware Monitor function on the cases screen.
I've tried disabling, uninstalling, plugging into a different port, and even updated my bios to see if that would fix the issue. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled MSI Center to see if that would fix anything and that wasn't any help. Kinda at a lost here on how to fix it... anyone else got an idea?
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2023.06.10 06:30 joshyuaaa Just realized I was looking at the finance tab wrong regarding tourists

I thought tourist revenue was displayed under "visitors". I haven't considered tourists as residents before. I usually just look at the overall of the finance tab and I just clicked on the "residents" tab and surprised to see how much revenue tourists do bring in.
Geez my tourists have more revenue than New world, Enbesa, Arctic, and Scholars combined.
It amazes me that almost 400 hours into the game I still feel like I'm learning the game and still feel like a newb.
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2023.06.10 06:30 TraditionalEbb9998 First PC Build, Black Screen. Parts listed below.

Finally got it powered on but now shows just a black screen. Tried HDMI and all Display ports but got nothing. Please help 😭
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2023.06.10 06:29 ShopStewardLocal420 Quarter tab of acid

Hello all,
My brother in law wants to do acid. I said I would do a quarter tab. My anxiety has been high lately. Is a quarter too much or will I just feel it a little? Never done psyches but been very interested for a long time. Please give me advice :)
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2023.06.10 06:28 nicbentulan 'This field must be under 10000 characters' - Has the limit always been 10,000? Or is this new?

I think the limit was like 20,000 or something. I have these posts over 10,000 characters which I edit for updates. Some of the edits are even only removing text but then I still get the 'This field must be under 10000 characters' notice.

Before I create posts to split up these old posts, is this really a reduction from 20,000 or something to 10,000 ? Or is this some temporary error? Or what?
  1. "This field must be under 10000 characters" - Difference between markdown & fancy pants?
  2. 'This field must be under 10000 characters' - Has the limit always been 10,000? Or is this new?
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2023.06.10 06:28 Kodiacftm Micropore medical tape for hypertrophic scars? (This is an experiment)

Hi y’all so I’m testing something I’ve seen in a few articles about hypertrophic scar care before I get steroid injections for it purely because why not I have a good 2-3 week wait before I can get them done. Basically it is applying micropore medical tape to the scars/affected area like you would silicone scar tape I only have hypertrophic scaring of the right side of my chest due to my incision splitting back open at 2months post op And my body producing too much collagen in response to heal it, I usually end up with atrophic scars also called cigarette paper scar due to having H-EDS so this is a first for me gonna post update photos every 3-5 days to see if it’s made and improvement see other posts for before pictures as it won’t allow me to attach them to this post
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2023.06.10 06:28 Designer_Garage_2392 Formula wheel licenses and Sports car licenses are coming this season?

If anyone hasn’t noticed, they’ve added new awards for sports car road and formula car road in this new update. (Check the awards tab). Not a fan tbh. Was about to get some road awards which are gone forever now.
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2023.06.10 06:28 fullsunlvr Stressed out

So today I worked from 7am-2pm nothing new for me. When I got into work there were 3 workers and the 2 managers. 5 minutes after I start my one coworker goes home early an hour into their shift because their not feeling well. Then 8am comes around and the shift manager for today comes and puts out the schedule. Turns out the worker that went home early was supposed to be doing delivery orders with me. I've done delivery orders on my own so I was okay with it. When it got somewhat busy my manager would help me out.
Now what stressed me out was the lunch rush. The front counter orders were full so we had 2 managers doing that while I did delivery alone it was fine at first since there weren't that many orders and I could manage. The other manager got moved to the kitchen for a bit since they needed help. It suddenly got super busy with delivery so my other coworker ended up helping me out by making the drinks and preparing the bags. With the 2 of us it was still not enough has we 6 orders on the other screen that weren't shown and delivery orders kept coming as soon as we finish one.
The shift manager came over to help us out (I'm really glad). I tried to stay clam and just do the delivery orders, but with the drivers getting angry at us and the orders kept coming. What made it worse was that some drivers took the wrong bag and we had to remake some orders. I almost cried in the middle of my shift and I don't usually do that. My manager told me to doube check the number before I hand them out cause we can't have any more missing orders which is understandable.
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2023.06.10 06:28 blueberrybutter10 Probable Fraudulent Charges On Debit Card Only Used Once

For background, I use an online bank for standard checking and savings. I have a debit card connected to the checking account, but never use it. I don't keep it in my wallet - I keep it at home in a safe place, mostly in case of emergency. I've never used it for online purchases or at an ATM. The online bank I use lets me "auto-decline" certain purchases made with the debit card, and I've marked almost all transaction types (including online purchases) as "decline." I live alone. I almost always use credit cards for purchases when possible.
I purchased a new (advertised as new, though an older model) iPhone on eBay a couple months ago (the box was not sealed, but I did set it up starting from the Hello screen). Just in case I ever need it in the future, I added $100 to Apple Cash using the debit card, then deleted the debit card from Apple Wallet. This was on April 6.
On June 7, I get a notification that 2 online transactions have been declined from "Amazon Prime" - one for $1.42 and the other for $1.41. These look like some of those small, "test" charges they try before they charge a large fraud purchase. I cancelled my Amazon Prime account several months ago and I've never used the debit card on Amazon (or any other website either).
I have locked my debit card through the bank's website and plan to cancel it and request a new one. I'm so glad I went through the debit card management options on the website so that I don't have to deal with getting a big charge reversed.
Mostly, I'm just at a loss as to how someone could have obtained my debit card info despite my minimal use of it. Has anyone else had this type of thing happen after adding a card to Apple Wallet? That's the only thing I can remember using it for and although my memory is not perfect, it's the only transaction on the list of debit card transactions, other than the Amazon ones. Is there any other way someone could have gotten my info that I'm not thinking of? Should I trash this phone and get a new one? I consider myself somewhat tech savvy and I try to stay aware of different methods of scamming/hacking/stealing, but I'm sure there are many out there that I've not heard of. Or maybe I'm over-thinking this?
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2023.06.10 06:27 LegendzAR21 AVOID "@Wiscobid" ON WHATNOT, Predatory and Misleading

Bought a 2022 Select Baseball Pack, literally just called "2022 Selects Baseball" nothing in the description but the price is more expensive than a hobby pack so one would assume its a hobby pack, nope, sold a retail pack for the price of a hobby lmfao, i ask them about it and they accuse me of blackmail and trolling and ban me from stream
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2023.06.10 06:27 SnakesRock2004 Personal Theory About the Timeline

I'm not a Fnaf expert by any means, but I do have a theory about the games' confusing timeline. For Fnaf3, both endings are canon. The timeline splits after this game. In the good ending timeline, the children's souls are freed, and Springtrap is completely destroyed in the fire started by Michael, thus there is no need to continue this story. In the bad ending, Springtrap survives the fire (somewhat), and because their killer is still alive, the children's spirits are still trapped and angry, and the games starting with Sister Location take place.
This theory is nowhere near perfect of course, but I think it is a pretty good base. Discussion is welcome, if anybody has constructive criticism or something to add.
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2023.06.10 06:27 zaktasty22 Travesty of a split

Well as someone who doesn't have ill will towards either side, I will continue to enjoy both shows after this moves forward.
However, I am truly sad to have seen this go down the way it has. I do not believe TMG is a toxic place, as it seems the other shows are very happy with how everything is going. But clearly something transpired with the Trill fellas that has soured into an ugly divorce and it's truly sad, as a fan of everyone involved, to see.
At this point I truly do hope we get some sort of acknowledgement from the TMG gang and I hope Trill is able to move past this and have a great time branching out on their own.
To Ben and Emil, love you guys and best of luck. To the TMG team, love you guys and hopefully this can be smoothed out to some degree.
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2023.06.10 06:27 lightdotal Micro dosing for the first time, will it affect my full trip next week?

First time posting here, apology if I’m doing it wrong. So I have a friend coming tomorrow that will like to micro dose with me. I also have plan to do a full dose(2 tabs) next week.
My question is will this micro dose I’m doing tomorrow impact my trip next week negatively? I see people saying there should be a few week break you have between each trip. Any advice will be greatly appreciate!
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2023.06.10 06:27 Dougline Arlecchino Kit and Gameplay

How do you guys imagine her gameplay, I imagined my version and think it would be cool as fvck:
⚔️Role: Arlecchino is a powerful Sword DPS unit as a duelist, focused on Normal Attacks infused with Pyro and comboing with dashes in her Burst.
Her build and skills would be based on ATK% and Critical damage like old normal DPSes. (I miss that, enough with HP%, EM and Energy Recharge and shitty split scaling)

🔥Skill (lasts 15s / CD 18s): Infuses Pyro into her normal attacks, which are thrusts like (Rapier gameplay for the win), and they stack to 5, similar to Yanfei's passive. On the charged attack, she delivers a strong blow with damage based on the stacks.
💥Ultimate (costs 80 / lasts 12s / CD 18s): She enters a dueling state that transforms her dashes (Shift), causing her to teleport behind enemies (like Rosaria) and after teleporting, the next hit is a powerful AOE Pyro blow attack around her. So, the combo during the ultimate would be Shift, NA, Shift, NA, Shift, NA... spammed until the cooldown ends.

The passives and constellations would involve:

1️⃣ C1: Increase the stack gain. For example, if it takes 5 hits to reach 5 stacks, with C1, the first and third hits would give 2 stacks, making the combo faster.
2️⃣ C2: Decrease the Pyro RES of enemies based on the number of hits dealt. (To melt Bosses.)
4️⃣ C4: When in the ultimate state, if she lands a strong hit after dashing, she immediately gains 5 stacks. Then the combo changes to Shift, Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Shift, Normal Attack, Charged Attack...
6️⃣ C6: When she dashes with the ultimate active, it deals the same damage as the area hit when she teleports behind the enemy. So, dash = damage, Normal Attack = damage, Charged Attack = damage.

🛡️A1: Resistance to interruption based on the number of stacks.
🔋A4: When she performs a charged attack with all 5 stacks, she regenerates 5 energy for herself.

The gameplay animations I imagined to be something like this GIF (or something similar to Fiora's gameplay in League of Legends, you know).
Share your thoughts.
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2023.06.10 06:26 Upstairs-Fishing867 [Hiring] Full-Stack Developer Needed to Create Bird Image Delivery Service Website

Job Description:
I am looking for an experienced full-stack developer to build a website that serves "Birds as a Service" (BAAS). The website will host a large library of bird images and serve them at random to users or through an API. The project will include front-end and back-end development, as well as the setup of hosting and a database.
Key Features:
Homepage / Landing Page: This page will include a brief description of the service, a logo, and a button to generate a random bird image.
Bird Image Display Page: After a user clicks the 'Generate' button, they are taken to this page where a random bird image is displayed. Each image should include a small caption with the bird's species and a fun fact.
Bird Archive / Gallery: This page will display thumbnails of all the bird images available, with options to sort and filter images by bird species, color, etc.
API Documentation Page: This page will provide clear instructions on how to use the BAAS API in other projects. To be clear, this should be able to be used as BAAS (Birds as a service). With multiple options: Pull Random Bird Image Pull Random Bird Image with Description Pull Random Bird Image with Description + Fun Facts
About Us / Contact Page: This page will include information about the creators of the website, the mission/vision, and contact information. [Lorem Ipsum and editable via root access to the html file]
Contact us page is just a basic email/phone page, no fancy forms needed.
Technical Requirements:
The website should be built using a robust backend technology such as Node.js, Python with Django or Flask, or Ruby on Rails.
The database should be able to efficiently store and serve metadata about the images (Fun Facts, Breed/Type fields).
The images themselves should be hosted on a scalable cloud storage service (options for local or Cloud storage).
The website should be responsive and optimized for various screen sizes.
The website should be built with SEO and accessibility in mind.
Skills Required:
Proficiency in the chosen backend technology (Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails)
Experience with front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Experience setting up and managing databases
Experience with cloud storage and hosting services (VPS)
Knowledge of API development and documentation
Understanding of SEO principles and web accessibility standards (not as strict)
Project Timeline:
The project is expected to be completed within 6 weeks. Regular updates and communication are expected throughout the project via email.
Payment terms are negotiable based on your rate and the estimated time required for the project.
I only pay in Crypto ( BTC ), and you will provide:
Your total 100% Cost in USD.
Then break it down:
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2023.06.10 06:26 Mean-Vegetable-4521 Charge 2 battery finally bit the dust. Help me pick; inspire 2? luxe?

Can anyone say coming off the Charge 2 if the Inspire 2 is really as hard to read in daylight as people say?
I am annoyed the charge 5 doesn't have an altimeter. I would just go right to that.
here are the things that are important to me; seeing the time, the step count at a glance. I don't want to have to set anything to "workout mode." I want to just move and forget about it.
Prefer to have date like charge 2 on main face but not mandatory. And I need to switch the band out to the magnetic ones. I've had the same amazon one for 6 years and love it. I can't adjust a traditional style watch band.
I don't like that they switched the fitbits from metal to plastic. So I feel like charge 5 is out without the altimeter. The reviews have them breaking often, and without the elevation it's a bigger face than I need.
Is the Luxe all metal like the charge 2 was? I'm inclined to go with the inspire 2 vs the 3 because the faces seem to offer a simpler "step, time" format without it being that sideways weirdness. the 3 still doesn't seem to have a lot of aftermarket bands available yet. I'm allergic to the regular bands they come with. And the not being able to adjust a watch band points me to the magnetic one I've loved for 6 years.
Is the luxe more comfortable than an inspire 2? I got used to the charge 2. I don't even feel the annoying bubble anymore. But wouldn't be sad to not have it. It seems like the band connection may be stronger on the luxe than the inspires 2/3.
I want ease of tracking. Sleep, which I can see from the app, step count and time which I check frequently and want it on the first screen. I love the tap feature. I don't need it on all the time.
How do the inspire's and the luxe compare in comfort to the charge 2?
If charge had elevation I would do it in a heartbeat and keep my fingers crossed about the unit constantly breaking.
I debated getting a charge 4 to retain elevation but the reviews don't seem great.
My health insurance will pay for an inspire 2 in full, the 3 is $38, Luxe is $61, charge 5 is $78, versa 4 is $122. Which is more than I wanted to spend for more smart features I don't need at all and a much bigger watch face.
I tried to see them in person to try on but no place let's you anymore.
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2023.06.10 06:26 bruh_y_u_TakeMyName Does anyone know why this is here?

Does anyone know why this is here?
I’ve been using the Crunchyroll app for nearly three years now, and a few days ago when sitting down to enjoy the day’s roster, I noticed that the time, battery, and my split screen and swipe bars, on my iPad, did not go away. This is rather frustrating as it completely destroys any immersion I have watching shows. Is there a way to disable these? Why is it here?
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2023.06.10 06:25 Otis_S Questions regarding I-130

My wife & I are currently in the process of gathering all needed documentation to complete the I-130 form, she is from the Dominican Republic, and myself United States. Some things I was planning on including/wondering if worth while for proof of valid marriage. We married last July, and have been together for three years.
  1. We recently purchased some property together in the DR but the paper work was not able to be finalized until I was back stateside. Thus I have my name as the buyer on the deed but not my signature, should I wait to sign the paper before I submit a translated version, or would it be fine to submit as is?
  2. My spouse's college diploma she recently graduated, is this worthwhile evidence?
  3. Screen captures of money I have sent.
I am open to hearing your suggestions of other items that I should be including. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 06:24 ImCrius Xfinity issue solved

I woke up to an annoying problem on my S21+, connecting using Xfinity / Verizon, variously. Here's a quick write-up.
Several phone games weren't working this morning (the opening downloads went nowhere), AND it turned out that I couldn't connect to "My Verizon." I started looking into my wifi, and wondering if something had changed. Per the icon at the top of the screen, it looked like there was a new indicator that I was using wifi 6, though I'm not sure that was actually brand new.
Eventually I found that the games worked as long as the wifi was turned OFF.
Going into my Xfinity Router as Admin, I found that the phone was on the 5Ghz and the local PC was on the 2.4Ghz band. Disabling one of the other of these connections didn't make a difference.
Ultimately, I found the option to split the bands between the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz, then reconnected to the 5GHz specifically on the phone as a new connection. The phone did the setup on discovering the new connection, and it worked. I then unsplit the bands back, reset the phone connection back to the original single band, and now the phone is able to connect normally.
That's the short of it, but i think it all makes some kind of sense... and might be useful in case some update somewhere might be causing trouble for others.
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2023.06.10 06:24 ZedSwift Altars of Lillith Lines are getting out of hand.....

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