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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game released in 2019, developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. ModernWarfare is a developer-recognized community focused on the title.

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Call of Duty: Warzone is a first-person shooter video game series developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software, and published by Activision. CODWarzone is a developer-recognized community focused on the series.

2023.05.20 12:47 UneditedB To end debate

To end debate
I recently seen a post on here about who gets kill in kill stats, person who downs or person who thirst. This was a tweet made a few years ago about this very subject. Granted this is talking about WZ1, but the stats work the same for WZ as they do for DMZ. Considering DMZ is part of the BR modes. Whoever gets the down gets the kill stat, even if someone else gets the eliminated kill feed.
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2023.05.10 05:53 jackhoff2647 Stats Question

In past games I have played before switching to NHL there were online websites that would track a players' statistics so that you could see your stats from every mode and every game (fortnitetrackecodtracker kind of websites). Is there any equivalent to that in NHL?
I play threes with a couple buddies and one of them isn't the most gifted at scoring to put it lightly. He has 2 own goals and 3 goals in 65 games of playing. I'm trying to prove to him that me and buddy 3 are our best chance at forwards in nhl threes to win games and score but he claims he has the most goals out of all of us which just isn't true. I checked on xbox to see and it shows the amount of online goals but does that include online shootout etc? Is there a way to see how many each of us have scored with both of the other two on our team?
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2023.05.08 05:41 xDizzy623x How it works…

1). Post a clip of the potential cheater
2). With that post make sure to include the full activision name of the user who is the suspect (including the #)
3). Let the community decide if the play is legit or not
4). If the user is clearly not cheating do not report them
5). If the user is clearly cheating report him via
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2023.03.29 01:53 disagreet0disagree Is there any way to track lobby K/D like in wz1?

In WZ1 you could track the ave k/D of lobbies u were in using sites like codtracker. Is there anything like this in wz2 in order to keep activision honest?
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2023.02.06 19:21 PATRlOTS We are almost a week out from Season 2 and we have no word on stat tracking.

This is a huge priority for a ton of gamers out there.
If we can't have it native, Activision should at least make the stats API available for 3rd party sources like codtracker and WZ Ranked.
It's frankly ridiculous that this conversation needs to be had.
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2023.01.15 11:43 wxox FYI: Warzone 1 has added stat tracking back

It's called "Post-season." I noticed it on codtracker today. Sort of interesting that Activision opened the API's back up. I wonder if there is more in store for WZ1 or this was just to satisfy those returning.
Still weird that WZ1 got stat tracking back faster than a game that has been out for 3 months already
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2023.01.06 06:26 Wonderful_Record_836 What's Up With Our Stats?

Is there a way to check my accuracy stats by weapon that I haven't discovered yet? I didn't play Vanguard or CW so no idea if they fed data into or not but I enjoyed following those stats for MW2019. Not surprising MW2 is lacking here but just curious if I'm missing something.
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2023.01.05 04:14 Pyr0pigGy1 It's not about slide cancelling.

Okay, this is going to be kinda long and I know that at the end it probably isn't going to impact anything but...
Obviously WZ2 has had a contentious release to say the least. There are plenty of people who don't enjoy it, plenty of people who do, and plenty of people in the middle (including me). It is riddled with bugs and performance issues but those are universally agreed on to be no good, so that's not what this about.
And before I write any opinions, here's my cod tracker. not because it's impressive (it's not) but just so you can have an idea of where I'm coming from if you choose to care:
I've played since release day also, just to put that out there.
I think that ultimately what has lead to WZ2 splitting the community a lot, at least in the online space, is the changes. A LOT changed. Now that's fine. It's a sequel and despite what some might think, if they released WZ2 exactly the same as WZ1 was at its end but on a new map, I think a lot of people would've been left wanting if not just angry. What is making a lot of people frustrated/disappointed with WZ2 is the scope of the changes. Pretty much everything changed, often in major ways. Ways so big that it completely abandoned what made Warzone Warzone over the last three years. There's a lot that could be and has been said about all of these but I don't want to write a full novel on them. Just an essay.
Most of these changes definitely change the pace and flow of the game as a whole but they just need to be adapted to, which basically everyone is doing btw, seeing a lot of "just adapt and git gud" responses lately. Ability to adapt to a change in mechanics isn't the problem. Good players in WZ1 are still good players in WZ2 and the opposite is true as well. The topic which gets the most attention it seems is the simplification of the movement system.
Often the comments on this seem to devolve into complaints about slide canceling and "movement sweats/tik tok wannabe streamers" mashing buttons into free kills. Well here's where the title comes in. IT'S NOT ABOUT SLIDE CANCELLING.
Slide cancelling was an exploit, plain and simple. It wasn't an intended feature and it went unfixed so naturally players learned to use it to their advantage. It's really unfortunate that an exploit is what lead to a good thing, a dynamic and engaging movement system and thus an increase to the skill ceiling.
It's unfortunate because rather than having an in depth and engaging movement system baked into the design of the game such as in Apex Legends or with the hammer currently in Fortnite, the player base devised their own around a tedious and mechanically challenging (on normal controllers) exploit that by its very nature would exclude a lot of people. Blackout for example had, imo, a fun but not ridiculous movement system with smooth slides and grapple hooks.
So slide cancelling, an exploit, ultimately lead to a set of mechanics that were hard to get good at but if you did, would give you an edge in any given encounter when used well. AKA, a high skill ceiling. COD was no less accessible to your average player but had mechanics to master for those who got to be above average.
BUT MOVEMENT MECHANICS WEREN'T REQUIRED TO BE A GOOD PLAYER. One of my friends I've played with since day one and still do, was a 1.5KD player with over 200 wins in WZ1. That puts him in the top 7% for KD and top 1.2% for wins (according to codtracker). He even plays on a scuff controller with paddles. In the entire three years of WZ1, I don't think I've seen him slide cancel EVEN ONCE, let alone drop shot into a bunnyhop or something. Movement isn't what made him a good player. It was simply something for good players to add onto their skill set if they chose to. Ultimately, gun skill, smart tactics and positioning are what make a good player. So all these people saying something along the lines of "sweaties button mashing their way into kills" clearly don't know how it works. Someone could be a movement god but if they didn't use it right and/or didn't have the gun skill to back it up/didn't play smart, you'd gun them every time.
WZ2 drastically slowing everything down whether that is things like chaining slides into movements, plating while moving etc. isn't the core of what has a lot of people frustrated. What people are really upset about I think is the vacuum of mechanics left in the wake of that slow down.
The game doesn't have any real set of mechanics to spend a lot of time learning for players who want to. The gunplay is pretty classic COD (and very good I think) but pretty simple in the end. The TTK is so insane that even if there was a lot to master with the gunplay, you wouldn't need to. This is exacerbated by three plate satchels being a loot item. They've been made more common but if you need to make them so common almost everybody has one...then why not just spawn with them? The gulag has taken out a lot of the individual ability, allowing below average players to drag higher skill teammates. Why not throw in a juggernaut with a minigun on top of that? The TTK and slowereduced movement basically eliminate any counter play if your opponent is even remotely competent in the gunplay.
The movement in WZ1 was built off an exploit, and that is stupid. It shouldn't have been that way. But it allowed the player base to build and discover their own complexity in the gameplay. WZ2 doesn't allow for that. Rather than replace the exploit based system with a proper one, Infinity Ward just ignored it. Positioning, gun skill and tactics aren't an increased skill ceiling. That's just the game. Those were necessary before and they are now too. Just with less around them.
I have been enjoying WZ2 for what it is. My friends and I play on average 1-2 times every two weeks but have around 25 wins (it's hard to know exactly without a barracks). I'm not salty because I now all of the sudden suck at WZ2, if I had to guess I'd think my KD is higher in WZ2 but we'll see if that maintains when they add stats. Even though we've managed to have fun playing together, we still feel like we have less to grow into if you will. We will continue to play and enjoy each others company with the game as a back drop for a long time. As should anyone reading this. But people complaining about feeling like the game has forced everyone down to certain play level as opposed to allowing people master a difficult (to do well) but rewarding set of mechanics if they wanted to, aren't pulling that from thin air.
As for the whole "its realistic and tactical", it's not and it's not. PUBG does the whole realistic side of things a lot better, with more maps and has been for a long time. It's free. It's a great game too. Play that for realism. COD has never been about that.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk please direct any salt to the comments below.
Also, stims healing as much as they did on top of a speed boost, yes, was stupid as well.
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2022.12.23 21:00 MrEntei Anybody have any idea about when CODTracker will be launching MWII stats?

Since the game has no comparison option for stat tracking between friends, I was curious if anyone has heard anything about an estimated timeline for CODTracker to launch their MWII support.
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2022.12.16 01:15 BHRx Can we Get Playstyle Matchmaking Instead?

There has to be a way to figure out what kind of player you are. There was stat on that showed % of time spent moving. You can also group players by objectivess per minute (capture, tag, etc). This combined with jumping and the gun you use should be a pretty good indicator of the type of player you are.
Please make this happen. I won't sue for stealing the idea.
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2022.11.27 10:08 TasteMundane6617 Why do we not have STATS for warzone?

Now truth be told I am having fun with the new warzone along with my lengthy list of complaints. In WZ1 I played somewhat competitively in tournaments and eventually started playing Zleague tournaments all the time. It was a blast with the homies! Without codtracker working there are no tournaments at least not yet. Not that that’s the biggest issue I just want to see where in the hell I rank up to my buddies who are “dropping bangers” in solos lol. This game could be legendary if they just fix some minor things we are all asking for 95% of which should have been available at launch!! Oh and by the way it only seams to be counting wins if you watch all the credits till the end.
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2022.11.03 03:02 JohnnyJoestar615 Can't see stats on codtracker?

Can't see stats on codtracker?
Idk if this comes with getting banned but I can't even see my stats for warzone on codtracker anymore. My gamertag is Eman615#1188 if you wanna see for yourself. However I got lucky when I looked up my friends gamertag and it seems codtracker tracked our stats on our last game. Here are some pictures of how I played that day (yeah as you can see I'm pretty freakin bad). If this isn't enough proof that I didn't cheat, then idk what else to tell ya. If you want more pictures, I can send the rest of my match stats that day (Spoilers, I didn't get a single kill that day).
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2022.10.31 01:15 Significant-Object71 No shot anyone is legitimately enjoying this game

There is no way people are genuinely enjoying this game unless they are not moving at all or are playing in the lowest tier of lobbies.
The SBMM is ridiculous and most scoreboards have everyone going around 1-1 on kills and deaths. No one is having fun playing every match like it’s a CDL grand final but here we are. Combine that with the terrible netcode too, gunfights just feel like a coin toss with so much randomness thrown in.
If you’re genuinely enjoying this game, good for you and I’m glad someone is! But there is no way in hell anyone slightly above average is having fun in this game. If you say you are, prove me wrong by linking your codtracker to previous games.
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2022.10.22 20:28 Wrong0pinions Xim is ruining FPS on Xbox

With overwatch free to play I realize it’s so much worse than I though. Sweating really hard to win against them doesn’t feel good when they nuke your kd. A few kids I know have xim and are at the top every time. Before they were slightly above average. If you don’t think there needs to be serious action taken, talk to any siege player or top 10% apex/overwatch/cod/Fortnite player who’s learned to recognize the difference between skill and xim.
Edit: search Xim in any FPS subreddit (best being siege)
Tweets that if real are the only evidence that Microsoft may be working on a solution
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2022.09.26 01:20 Significant-Object71 Beta “matchmaking” is ridiculous

As an experiment, I started checking people’s codtrackers that I was matched with. While my testing wasn’t perfect, I was able to find about 2-3 codtrackers per match (could only find unique names as common names have multiple search results).
I did this for about 5 matches the other night, and every codtracker I found had above a 1kd. The lowest stat I found was someone with a 1.18 KD, while the highest I found was someone with a 2.6 KD. Most stats I looked up sat around a 1.5kd, plus or mini 0.2.
To clarify, the names I looked up from my matches all had varied performance. Some were bottom fragging, others middle of the pack, and some were dropping 40+ kills. Overall, the spread of data was good but the trend it showed was that the “matchmaking” is extremely aggressive in this beta.
Anecdotal evidence, there have been times I’ve played the same people over and over again. I shouldn’t be playing the same names repeatedly on a Saturday night.
TLDR: beta SBMM is very strict and out of control
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2022.08.05 14:09 WZHUB World Records on - How it works?

World Records on - How it works?
How to make your records to be added to the list?
  1. You (and your team) must open your profile on at least once. After that the system will start tracking your matches.
  2. Your match should be uploaded to the database so the system can track them. To do this, just open your profile on and if there is a record in your last 20 matches, it will be automatically added to the list of records OR use our stream-overlay
  3. The cycle of updating records - once every 30 minutes (+/- 5-10 minutes). We are already working on an update to make real-time record updates without significant delays.
What difficulties you may encounter:
  1. Your profile is in private status. Yes, it can be opened on because they are an official Activision partner (btw, wzranked have same access starting 2022 Q2) . All other trackers require your profile to be public. If it doesn't open your profile the search box will show you how to make it public , or use our FAQ, which describes in 8 languages how to make your profile public ->
  2. New account. The system will not track matches for new accounts. This is done to prevent cheaters from appearing on the record list.
  3. There was a random player on your team whose profile is private. This player may have a new account or be a cheater (not necessarily with an aimbot, he can just use WH). That's why the system is configured to track only public non-new accounts.
I do not want to constantly open the site to download their matches, what else can I do?
- You can use our overlay -> Your matches will be downloaded automatically in the background while the OBS app (or streamlabs) is open.
Why on another tracker I do not use overlay and do not open my profile, but the matches still appear in the records?
- The answer is simple - it means that the other player with whom you met in a match opened it (or used overlay), thus added your match to the database. The more users use the tracker - the more matches appear where other players intersect.
If I made the same record as I already have in the list (the number of kills is the same), why am I not in place above?
- Whoever first made the record is the record holder until his record is not beaten by someone else. If you made the same number of kills, your record will be next on the list (sorted by date).
If you have any questions about records or a suggestion, write in the comments.
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2022.08.05 00:09 oftiltandsalt Another Silly Personal Study on Average Lobbies

Another Silly Personal Study on Average Lobbies
Hey Guys, It's me again. The guy who is kinda waiting for MW2 to drop and so I'm just doing useless studies for the hell of it.
*Reminder this is just my findings, it's meant to be fun and human error can be involved it is in no way perfect science and I do not have the resources to make it perfectly scientific or compile large enough sample sizes to come out with any definite conclusions*
Now on to the experiment:
For this little study I just wanted to see how someone I knows (My duo/one of the higher KD's in my friend group at a 1.93 on Caldera, I will refer to him as "My Duo" for simplicity even though we play with bigger groups pretty often.) Lobby KDs compare to some of the streamers people always complain about. You know how you always hear "if I was in those lobbies, I'd..." This is usually pushed aside with a " you're the person they are ****ing on" or a "They just make it look so easy because they are that good." Something of that nature, so I set out to find out if either side had any weight to their statements!
For my mini Study, I just thought of the streamer who's lobbies just always look wonky or "botty" to me and the person that my mind went to was Swagg. So for that reason and that reason only I chose to use him as my Guinea pig.
Some basic rules for my Study to keep it somewhat consistent:
  • All information came from the same source (CODtracker)
  • There were the first 100 Games that met my criteria take, no mixing it up or skipping
  • Games had to be Big Regular BR on Caldera
  • Solo's were excluded, and Solo into duos, trios, quads were Excluded for the reason that I really just wanted to see the effect it has when you just want to queue up with friends
  • I attempted to only take games from Midnight to early afternoon and avoid the evening influx of players that can cause big swings in lobby KDs. This was not perfect and is definitely still a variable.
  • The Overall KD's of the 2 Players from the start of Caldera are (Swagg: 4.79) and (My Duo: 1.93)
The link to my full spreadsheet with all the game's kd's is linked here:
But I will just share the conclusions with you in picture form. The left column is Swagg, and the right column is My Duo
Swagg (4.79KD) My Duo (1.93KD)
So Initially when I did the average, as you can see, the difference is not that large. A .06 KD discrepancy, while in the wrong direction for what I would expect, is well with in reasonable deviation for a sample size as small as 100 games imo. So I decided to look at some bracketing information on the high and low side to see if the picture changed at all. And I was not disappointed.
The Highest KD is further apart than I would've expected but with each player only reaching a lobby of that magnitude one time it's excusable as an error. A one time thing. Still a .12 KD difference is quite large and for the average of a lobby to raise that much when its already such a skillful lobby is even more of a difference imo. Now for the other end, and this difference is where things get really fishy for me. A 0.24 is really quite massive in the grand scheme of warzone lobby KDs.
Short Rant: You can skip this paragraph if you just want my unemotional conclusions, but that kinda of grinded my gears.
It is bizarre to me that a 4.79 kd player, who has everything unlocked and has a high level from playing for their job, would EVER get put in a .56 lobby. Especially when some one with less than HALF their KD and who is a much lower level because they work a regular job only gets down to .8. To put that in perspective, Warzone's average KD is between .8-.9. So a 4.79 KD player is dropping to a lobby where the Average KD is well below average. The fact that sbmm would even allow that for a whitelisted player is insane to me. The AVERAGE KD of that lobby is low enough to warrant being in a protected bracket, not playing against "TTV's Best".
Lastly and the one that matters the most to me because it is definitely not an outlier is Lobbies above 1.2 KD. Why this number? Because for me personally thats when lobbies start feeling really sweaty, where you can't afford to miss or be lazy with your movement. (I know, Kind-of subjective and not super sciencey. But this study is for me and part of what I wanted to find out is how this information might have effected my performance.) That said my performance sees a bit of a drop off at 1.2 KD lobbies and so that's the number I chose.
This is absolutely an Insane result. Swagg with only 8 to my Duo's 19. Over double the amount of 1.21+ KD lobbies.
So in my opinion, this kind of sealed the deal in my mind that something is going on here. Whether that be a whitelist, VPN help, or some other unnatural force on the Sbmm to help the optics of the game, I do personally believe something fishy is a-foot... a-fin? ah whatever. But seriously Like I said before, that is just the conclusion I am choosing to draw from this mini-experiment. If you have a different one, Great! let me know why, I'd love to talk about it and be convinced otherwise! Hope You guys had as much fun with this as I did. Catch ya next time!

I am adding this picture solely because people on this subreddit have told me that 1.4 kd lobbies don't exist and I don't want that to taint my fun so here's the proof of the Highest KD lobby of my Duo, 1.46.
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2022.07.29 00:25 rikkitikkiryan How does CodTracker work?

Been really playing a ton of Warzone again recently, and trying to use CodTracker to see how I've performed. The most recent matches seem to work, but the total numbers seem off, and I can't find anything that doesn't say S3 on it, while a bulk of my playtime has been S4. Any help? Thanks!
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2022.07.19 17:45 bootytheplumber Individual Weapon Accuracy Stats Via API?

Does anyone know if this is possible to get via the API? i.e. my accuracy stats with each individual gun? I believe codtracker used to have it but only for original MW guns.
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2022.07.09 04:16 Snips4md LFG Coldwar/ (MW in the future)

I'm looking for a group or just some people of similarly skilled for ladders and tournaments and just hanging out
AR main
NA west coast (used to playing on east though)
Top .06% on CW according to codtracker
Long history of playing call of duty
Previously 14th place on squads ladder
Age 18
If you'd like to know anything else want proof ect... feel free to DM me
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2022.06.27 19:04 DGMax23 Female Streamer cheating: what’s new? Emisguilty#8277975

So from season 2 until Black Ops Season 2 she had a .65-1.01 at max. Right at Season 2 black ops, spikes to a 1.75. Since then, climbed up to 2.5+, now 3.5+ during vanguard seasons. Currently playing at a 5.3 KD this season with overall 1.87 KD.
I ran into her 2x and died to her In my solos match. It was obvious to me at minimum she was soft aiming. After watching her stream it’s apparent as hell.
Let me know what you guys think from her stream. Codtracker stats don’t lie though…
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2022.05.21 08:21 genechaos What is this calling card? Shows up as "Hello Copters!" for me, but codtracker shows that as a different card. I cant seem to find its name

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