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2023.03.28 20:47 Zerodepthpancake [FS] - Glendale, CA - $25+ - 2 tanks for sale.

[FS] - Glendale, CA - $25+ - 2 tanks for sale.
Hello, I’m downsizing and letting go these 2 tanks.
  1. 2.5 gal aquarium $25 Scape : petrified wood + drift wood Plants : Java fern, Java moss, susswasertang, pearl weed, dwarf sag, small crypt, anubias, Equipment: LED light Inhabitants: amphipods
  2. ~5 gal cylindrical gank $35 Scape : Dragon stone Plants : Java fern, crypt, pearl weed, Rotala red (vietnam?), some kinda anubias in the botom? Equipment : LED light Inhabitants : 1 very angry galaxy rasbora + amphipods he feeds on.
Local pickup only. Thanks!!
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2023.03.28 20:44 lene050 Help me swim bladder!

Help me swim bladder!
Hello. My Calico fantail has the swim bladder disease. He points with his face down and his butt up. I'am trying the "water therapy" by starting with just enough water for the fish to move in, and everyday adding a little bit more. Now its been 2 days since i have placed him from the normal aquarium to the quarantaine tank. Yesterday he was quite active but today he is not so much. I dont know what to do. Everything in the aquarium is fine i am almost 99% sure it happend because he i always following my hand when i feed him and he accidentally grabbed a air bubble. I have a feeling he is going to die. i am asking you guys if i should put him out of his misery or if i should try the water therapy thing.
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2023.03.28 20:38 Carnivorevegetarian_ Fish

This is a fish tank left behind by the owner of the fish. It has been without a filter or pump for longer than 2 weeks now but at least 3 fish are swimming and alive. It's about 50gal and I would like to bring it to my home and keep them. What is the best way to move this and restart the tank? It's about a 1 hour drive from my home.
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2023.03.28 20:38 MrDRada New Tank - Need Ideas

New Tank - Need Ideas
Hi Aquascape
I am in the process of setting up a 5-gallon, low-tech, planted aquarium, and was hoping to get some suggestions/ideas on what sort of hardscaping and plants I might be able to add to this tank. I am relatively new to this hobby, so any thoughts/advice is very much welcomed!
The tank currently has rocks/gravel as substrate, with a "river of sand" in the middle (ignore the sponge as that's helping me cycle this tank). I thought about setting up a bridge/tunnel over the river of sand, either by stacking larger stones together or from a curved piece (or pieces) of driftwood, but I am not sure.
I haven't decided on what plants I'd want, but I am open to ideas. I've had some luck keeping Java ferns, Anudbias, and amazon swords alive in a previous tank though, but not much else.
Fish is still TBD, and will be decided once I finalize my set-up.
Let me know what you all think!
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2023.03.28 20:31 EmotionalMode1407 Alien Betta!

I just bought a juvenile male alien betta. I am knowledgeable on regular betta splendens, but I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with aliens and if they need any specific accommodations to help them thrive. (I have five cherry shrimp that will go with him). He was in a community tank when I bought him. He’s going to be alone in a 10 gal (save for some shrimp and maybe a mystery snail later on). There were glowlight tetras and some other small tetras in the tank with him. Any recommendations on how to keep him happy and healthy?
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2023.03.28 20:30 gurneyman7 Giving guppies a better life

I recently encountered a 2.5 gallon tank full of guppies. I really should have taken a before pic because it was unbelievably horrid. Pure green water, thick green slime coating every surface, filter was covered in mold and had obviously not worked in a very long time, light was left on 24/7 for equally as long.
I asked about it and they told me that they got the guppies in order to get the small tank habitable for other fish but lost interest before getting the water within the range they wanted.
I felt so bad for these fish, so I asked if I could take the tank and the fish, they agreed. I know almost nothing except what I've been able to Google in the last 24 hours. I did a 25% water change so far. I removed the fish and kept them in the remaining 75% that I moved to a bucket while I cleaned the tank. I cleaned the entire tank with hot water and a tooth brush, added in new aquarium gravel. They had a new bag of black gravel with colorful neon pebbles mixed in. I just put a new small filter in today that came in the mail. I have an air bubbler coming in today that I purchased based on an article I read explaining why they were all at the very surface of the tank.
Now I need some input and advice. First off, am I doing anything that will hurt them? Second, what should I do next? I would like to purchase a bigger tank for them but I want to do it right and give them the best chance at a healthy life. What should I buy and what all should I get with a new tank.
Thank you in advance, sorry if formatting is hard to follow. I'm on mobile and I dont post to reddit very often.
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2023.03.28 20:27 oulemphwa Ever seen a gray betta?

I recently bought some betta fish females, and one of them happends to be complitely gray (light gray, not metalic) color. She is not stressed out and 100% healthy and all good with her. I have never seen a gray betta in my life. So wanted to ask you guys if thats sort of rare or something.
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2023.03.28 20:27 Garth_AIgar Found a pretty cool fish tank on FB Marketplace.

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2023.03.28 20:23 yumechan34 Selling! Need money for cancer treatment.

Selling! Need money for cancer treatment.
Hello! I am putting up some of my collection for sale. I'm in need of money for medical bills. Unfortunately I was just diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. I've already had to do 3 surgeries and I have another coming as well as radiation treatment plus medication. Offers are welcome. Shipping is not included and comes from MN, USA. I use pirate ship and can determine your shopping estimate with your zip code. My big boi Archie in the back is not for sale. All squish have tags and are in great condition unless otherwise stated. Please comment if you are going to dm me.
Lena the guava 11"- 13$ Minya the mushroom 12"- 25$ Tank the hammerhead - thinking of keeping him but make me an offer I guess Emanga the leopard baby 7.5"- 10$ Wu the rabbit stackable - 24$ Pilar the grasshopper 8" - 9$ (2) Jakkaria the boba tea 11" - 12$ Lavada the rabbit 12" - 24$ Bruce the walrus 8" - 20$ Rayford the gnome 8" - 9$ Wyatt the watermelon 8" -8$ Ilene the unicorn baby 7.5" - 14$ Marshina the hot cocoa (small stain could be washed easily) 8" - 6$ Paco the parrot baby 7.5" - 10$ Bruce the walrus 5" - 7$ Martina the fish 5" - 5$
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2023.03.28 20:22 RobDJ75 Looking for fishing game

Hello all, I am looking for information on a fishing game I loved from my childhood, is from the 80s or late 70s possibly. The box included plastic fishing rods, plastic fishes and octopuses with a little metal piece on the bottom and a ring so you could hook them and the fishing tank. The toy was similar to the Tomy water games the difference was that the one I am looking for is battery operated. The tank looks very similar, but it was larger and open on the top so you could pour water in it and to fish obviously lol. The top and the bottom of the tank were green and the bottom simulated a rock.
To play it you would pour the water in the tank, put the fishes and turn it on. The floor would push the fishes up and with the weight of the little metal piece they would go down. With this the fishes would move around in the tank. I don't remember anything else, I think it was from Tomy or at least it was from Japan, but I haven't found anything in google. Any help would be appreciated.
For more info, I am from Mexico, my parents bought me this toy at department store called Liverpool and at the time they used to import many japanese toys.
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2023.03.28 20:17 fish_man001 [baracuda] Atlantic Cutlass fish 100¢

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2023.03.28 20:15 JKingsley4 Best fish to keep snail population low?

My mom has a 20gal long tank with a betta, some tetra, and a huge population of mystery snails. She was unaware of their tendencies to mass reproduce (she had also only bought one, but a couple tiny babies snuck in the bag so she ended up with 3), and the tank is now full of them. Is there any specific type of relatively easy fish that can help kill off some snails? I read about pea puffers but I don’t think there’s enough plants in the tank to safely house them with the betta. The betta is a fairly large female though, I’m not sure if that would make it safer.
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2023.03.28 20:15 Dave76054 Life Staff Question: Why Choose Beacon over Divine Embrace?

Hi, I have less than 100 hours in the game, and 95% of that time was spent playing a WH/H tank. Now I am leveling up a Lifestafe to try WH/LS build. However, I see many builds recommending taking the LifeStaff's Beacon, Sacred Ground, and Orb of Protection.
With an awful 32.3-second cooldown, 146% damage to the enemy, a big 3.5m radius, +20% haste, and 16% healing for 15s, why should I select the full Beacon tree over the full Divine Embrace tree that offers a fast 5.5-second cooldown, a small 0.5m radius, 120% healing, plus healing an additional allie within 8m if original target's health was below 50%, and heal a second allie within 8m if the second allie's health was below 50%? My thought was that I could cast 5 Divine Embraces's in different areas before the first Beacon finished it's initial cooldown.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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2023.03.28 20:02 AcceptableAnything44 What should i drink first (first time doing mutagens) i want minimum maintanence character

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2023.03.28 19:42 Paragon1993 Parrot Fish

I have been playing for over 20 hours and can’t find this fish. Please if you anyone knows where to find the parrot fish please share the location that it spawns at 100% thanks.
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2023.03.28 19:41 Careless-Evening8154 Cloudy water issue for months. Yes. Months.

So I posted here once a few months ago when I was first starting up my aquarium and was thankful, but I'm back again because this issue is not only stumping me but also everyone else I've asked about it. Including "professionals".
I set up my tank in August of last year-ish. Had some issues cycling it but finally got it under control. I added fish in around end of October. Since November I want to say my water has been just constantly bacterial blooming. Or at least that's what it seems? The water got cloudy all of a sudden over a 3-day period. I freaked out, tried to fix it. I ended up doing a massive water change (my tank is 40 gals I did around 25-28 gal change). It cleared up for about a week and a half. Ever since then I cannot seem to get my water clear. I've gotten it sometimes to about 80% clear, but never fully. I do cleanings/water changes weekly, my levels are all fine, my filter media is replaced when it needs to be. I cannot for the life of me seem to get my water clear though.
It's not been nearly 5 months with this issue of cloudy water. I've also tried clarity, the additive. That worked for a bit to jump start it at first, but now it seems to be doing nothing.
For reference here are the stats of my tank:
40 gallons long, 1 driftwood piece, 1 rock. It has gravel, and a tidal 55 filter with the proper media in it. I feed the fish once a day. There's 11 minnows, 2 congo tetras, 4 guppies. I also have 3 snails.
Any advice is welcome, just please know that I'm learning. I might be making a huge mistake and not even know it! Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.28 19:41 rthao2 HELP PlEASE!

My 11 months old Boston Terrier has small patches of bald spots on his tails. It’s been 3 weeks since noticing and it hasn’t grown back. I feed him Taste of the Wild-salmon, we give him probiotics once a week, fish oil daily, and lots of treats. His energy is normal. We live in the Bay Area and the current weather is cold. I’m not sure if I should take him to vet. I’m afraid they’re going to tell me they’re 100% not sure (which seems to be the case with all his past vet visit). Any one had experience or advice you can share?
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2023.03.28 19:37 BorisHC Thankfully i've got some tips on how to complete this difficult challenge!

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2023.03.28 19:34 Owen3205 What more can one do?

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2023.03.28 19:28 teddybearw4rd Stocking idea help?

I have two tanks, a 20g currently housing 6 Kuhli loaches and 2 honey gouramis, just bought so they are definitely small juveniles. And also a 10g that has ~8 adult and ~12 baby neocaridinas (adults are mixed colors, babies are yellow, one adult female came berried from the store), 2 Corydoras pygmaeus and 1 Corydoras habrosus (it was the only one left, in the same tank with the pygmies so I got it). Aside from a few more of each Cory, I don’t think much more should go into the 10, but what else would do well in the 20? I would really like a bristlenose pleco and a smaller schooling fish maybe? What do y’all think? TIA
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2023.03.28 19:24 GroundbreakingEar133 Looking to buy canister filter for 75 gallon tank. This one is reasonably priced. Anyone else have this one? Does it get the job done for a 🐢?

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2023.03.28 19:24 NashaWriter85 Request for money due to end of the month Hardships.

Hi everyone. The end of the month is usually hard on us, but this month has been the worst. I dont have anything left to pawn and we dont have money to put into the gas tank to go to our local food bank.
I find myself unable to purchase food (mostly for myself/the house as my dad is diabetic and post-stroke, so whatever food I do have goes to him and the dog), dog food, and my father's medications (diabetes, blood pressure, and pain related).
We just need enough to survive until the 3rd when my fathers disability check comes in. I'm asking for anything between $60-$100 dollars. Food costs vary so I dont want to ask for more than I need but 60 will ensure my dads meds and the dog food.
I do have the various "money apps" -- paypal, cashapp, venmo.
Thank you for taking the time to read this :) ((Also, Im very new here so please inform me if I did something wrong. I must have read over the rules 5 times heh)).
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