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2023.04.01 15:01 maybeidoneedtherapy You are given a time machine with only two choices: 1 go back in time and change something with no consequences to the present. 2 go forward in time and get the winning numbers for the lottery. What do you chose?

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2023.04.01 12:59 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - April 1st

Disclaimer: Some of these have unknown April dates. They are identified with a '*'
1968 - The J5 perform at a campaign rally for Richard Hatcher in Gary with Bobby Taylor and Diana Ross & The Supremes among others. Hatcher was the first African-American mayor of Gary, Indiana for 20 years, from 1968 to 1988. At the time of his first election on November 7, 1967, he and Carl Stokes were the first African-Americans to be elected mayors of a U.S. city with more than 100,000 people*
1970 - The J5 rehearse for their first concert tour, which would start on May 2nd*
1971 - The Jackson 5 play at the Mid-South Auditorium, Memphis, Tennessee
1972 - J5's cover of Bobby Day's “Little Bitty Pretty One” is released by Motown. It is also the first song where you can clearly hear Marlon's voice. It will reach #13 on the Hot 100*
1981- Michael does backing vocals on Carole Bayer Sager’s song “Just Friends”. Michael had previously recorded Sager's "It's the Falling in Love" for Off the Wall. He was visiting Carole in the studio when she invited him to join the session. He came up with such a special part on the Bacharach/Sager composition "Just Friends" that they happily offered him a co-production credit*
1985 - Michael and seven members of USA For Africa are on the cover of Life Magazine
1987 - Michael withdraws from The Jeovah’s Witness, a step that normally means he must be shunned by family members and friends who remain in the religious sect.
A representative of the Woodland Hills congregation where Jackson belonged said that the entertainer “disassociated” himself from the congregation and “no longer wants to be known as a Jehovah’s Witness.”
The official would not state what the implications of “disassociation” are, but when asked if they are serious, he responded, “Correct.”
Though Jackson’s anti-drug stance in public appearances was in keeping with the Witnesses’ clean-living codes, the entertainer’s Grammy-winning album Thriller produced tensions with the sect leaders in 1983 because of allegations the record and short film encouraged occult beliefs*
1988 - Michael plays the last of three nights at the Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut
The story of Anne Miner: Anne is a great-grandmother who never attended a rock concert and prefers Big Band-era music. She says she is 'excited' about going to see Michael Jackson with tickets she won from a radio station but plans on taking cotton with her for her ears
'I'm excited. It's a chance of a lifetime experience,' said Anne Miner, 70. 'How many times are you going to see Michael Jackson in concert?'
The Greenfield woman, who admitted her favorite group was the Glenn Miller Band, big in the 1940s, won the tickets in a Michael Jackson Trivia Contest sponsored by WHAI radio and the Pepsi Co.
A chauffeur-driven white stretch limousine complete with champagne were to pick up Miner and a guest at her home and drive them to Hartford Civic Center in Connecticut and back.
She even considered wearing her old black-leather coat to the concert. She intends to go with her 20-year-old nephew, Michael J. Smith.
Smith said he prefers hard-rock bands like Bon Jovi over Jackson, but still expected to enjoy the concert. 'I'm just glad (Jackson) doesn't wear that white glove anymore.'
The two were given floor seats worth $22.50 each to the concert, which sold out just hours after tickets went on sale.
To earn the tickets, Miner answered three questions:
Miner said she determined Jackson's record label was Epic by going to a record store and that she learned his hometown was Gary, Indiana at the Greenfield Public Library. She admitted she guessed that Diana Ross was the celebrity who discovered him
'I'm always winning something,' said Miner, a retired waitress of 41 years. She said she's a compulsive contest player who occasionally gambles on the Massachusetts State Lottery and always buys raffle tickets.
Miner said she has seen Jackson 'shaking around' on television and thinks he is a lot like Elvis Presley, but adds he 'looks like a girl.'
1989 -Michael is on the cover of Ebony magazine.
1989 - Filming of "Liberian girl" short film takes place over 2 days. Veteran video director, Jim Yukich, was brought in to help craft a memorable clip.
“CBS Epic called and Michael Jackson wants to do a video for this song ‘Liberian Girl’ and I hadn’t heard this song yet,” said Yukich. “I’m thinking like ‘Off the Wall’ or ‘Rock with You’ or just I figure it will be one of those classic Michael Jackson killer songs, right? And ‘Liberian Girl’ is not a killer song. It’s funny — what do you do? So again, we’re throwing the kitchen sink at it, and so I pitched the idea to Michael that we would have him shoot the video while all these are people waiting to begin the video, and they don’t realize it until the end is that he’s directing.”
“He loved the idea. We started calling people, and we just called in favors from friends. I had just done a television special with Richard Dreyfuss, and Richard said he’d love to be in it. He said, ‘Can I call up Steven?’ and I said, ‘Steven who?’ and he said ‘Steve Spielberg and Amy Irving, and I said, “Yeah!” So he called Spielberg and Amy, and then you start calling people saying you have these people, and I’d start naming names and it was easy. It was very easy to get people because as soon as you get a couple of big names, everybody wants to be in it.”
The shooting day basically consisted of Yukich and his crew filming all the celebrities on a soundstage as they wait for Michael to show up. The final list of guest stars served as, in retrospect, a truly strange snapshot of that year in showbusiness.Comedy writers were given the task of writing some interesting things for the cast to say on camera while they waited.
“So we just had two days, and we had the live audio with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John doing the scene when they sang together, and they hadn’t sang together onscreen since ‘Grease’, so it was something to do that, and we just shot this grand stuff of people talking, and the outtakes are incredible because it’s just people talking. The song is not even playing! It’s just great getting all these stars in a room and you’re just filming and they’re saying, ‘What are you supposed to do?’ and we’d say, ‘We’ll get back to you,’ and you’d just mike everybody and shoot stuff.”
Yukich said that in a room filled with stars, Steven Spielberg’s uneasiness on the other side of the camera was the biggest surprise. Yukich used a push-pull camera shot on Spielberg, who was the director that made that camera shot popular, hence its industry nickname – 'The Jaws Shot'
“He was nervous. We did that push-pull move for that shot, and he was more nervous than I was, you know, being on camera. He wanted to try to do this favor for Michael because he wanted Michael for a movie.” Yukich also said that working with Michael was an amazing experience, but required some on-set preparation.
“Incredible,” he said. “I mean, at first, it was funny because he sent his handlers in first, and they check, and they said he is coming in 10 minutes. They go in all the different rooms to make sure that no bombs were there and there were no fans hanging out, and they kicked people out, and it was almost like going through airport security or something. They basically kicked people out there who weren’t supposed to be there, and they bring in a microwave oven with bananas for Bubbles the monkey and Max which was the baby monkey. It was like a real rigmarole, and then when he showed up, you know, he was unbelievably nice. Such a pleasant person and a nice guy.”
Jackson also had only one request involving the removal of a person from the final cut.“He called me a couple of times after he saw the edit. He would make us do some things, like he took out David Spade. David Spade was in the original cut. He called me up and he said, ‘Jim, this is Michael,’ and you think somebody was fooling with you, basically. You would never know if it was really him until he started talking about specifics and you could say, okay, that is Michael. So he called us up and he on a walkie-talkie phone or something, or he’s up in Santa Barbara, and says, ‘You know, in 3 minutes and 20 seconds, there’s a guy blonde here. Who is that guy?’ I said his name is David Spade. ‘I don’t know who he is, take him out.’ So Spade was out, and I’m sure Spade was, like, pissed!” (Spade had not yet joined SNL)
Yukich is still aggravated that the song, and hence the video, was never released in America.
When Jackson died suddenly, Yukich immediately thought back to the video and a conversation the two had.
“To this day, I’ve been – I guess not so much anymore, because years have gone by — but I was convinced when he died that he didn’t die. We made that video, and he said to me, ‘I would love to be hiding and see what people say about me, you know?’ I mean, having shot all that footage and then he died? It was just kind of weird.”
The video is dedicated to Liz Taylor, who is in fact not a Liberian girl *
1996 - Michael starts filming the “Ghost” short film in Van Nuys studios in California. During breaks, he visits his family at Hayvenhurst disguised as the “Mayor”*
2002 - Michael is about to start shooting the “Unbreakable” short film when Sony announces that they won’t release the single. The promotion of the Invincible album is over with only 2 singles!!! *
2002 -Michael’s former business manager Myung-Ho Lee files a $13 million lawsuit claiming that on September 14, 2001 Michael met him in Los Angeles and signed an agreement to pay him fees but he never got them. Michael’s lawyer Zia Moddaber answsers that his client never signed anything and was not even in Los Angeles on that date…
In his suit, Lee claimed that Jackson hired him in the late 1990s to put the musician’s finances in order, only to turn a deaf ear when it came to taking Lee’s advice by refusing to curb spending. Lee then claimed Jackson never paid him, instead relying on “charlatans” and “hucksters” for advice.
In his court papers, Lee called Jackson a “ticking financial time bomb waiting to explode” who owed banks hundreds of millions of dollars in loans.
Michael would countersue claiming Lee and Union Finance swindled millions from him and destroyed financial records to cover up their misdeeds.
2003 - Michael and Chris Tucker visit lawyer Willie Gary in Stuart, Florida.
2003 - Vanity Fair (#tabloidtrash) reported that Michael Jackson had attended a voodoo ritual in 2000 where a witch doctor promised that Steven Spielberg and 24 other people would die. The people noted were on Jackson's list of enemies. Jackson also wired $150,000 to a voodoo chief named Baba who sacrificed 42 cows for the ceremony. The article also reported that Jackson wore a prosthesis that serves as the tip of his nose
2004 - Michael attended the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC to support The African Ambassadors' Spouses Association (A.A.S.A.). He was accompanied by the ambassador of Niger's wife, Haoua Piatta, and Mazie Green Holland. He watched a children's group dance before being awarded the Golden Elephant award for his worldwide humanitarian efforts, particularly the fight against AIDS in Africa.
2005 - Trial Day 24
Michael goes to court with Katherine & Joe. Testimonies of Jeff Klapackis, Jack Green, Larry Feldman & Jesus Salas.
Larry Feldman, the attorney who first interviewed Michael Jackson's accuser testified that he was never asked to file a lawsuit against the singer.
However, he did acknowledge under cross examination, that the boy and his younger brother could file civil lawsuits until they turn 20 years old, the accuser being 15 years old now.
The prosecution had called Feldman to explain how the alleged molestation came to the attention of the authorities, but the defense used his appearance to try to show its belief, that the accuser and his family were out to get money from Jackson.
Jackson's defense lawyer, Thomas Mesereau grilled Feldman about the the impact of a criminal conviction, whether or not it would make a financial judgment easier.
"If Mr. Jackson was convicted of felony child molestation in this case, (the boy or his brother) could use that case to win a civil case alleging similar of same facts against Mr. Jackson, is that correct?" asked Mesereau.
"That is correct" said Feldman.
The two lawyers sparred over the exact requirements of a civil suit, and Feldman denied accusations of encouraging the criminal action, in an attempt to avoid incurring costs involved in preparing a civil lawsuit.
However, Feldman insisted that there would still be litigation expenses.
DA Tom Sneddon asked Feldman whether he was planning a lawsuit at the time, that he referred the accusing family to Santa Barbara prosecutors, to which Feldman replied "There was no lawsuit and there were no plans to file a lawsuit. It was up to you to investigate"
Feldman was permitted to tell jurors of a previous accusation against Jackson in 1993, where Feldman represented another boy, who won a monetary settlement. Jurors were not told how much the boy was paid, but Feldman said there were no trouble collecting it. An amount which has been reported to be millions of dollars.
Sneddon projected a photograph of the boy from the previous allegations on a courtroom screen, and asked Feldman to identify him.
"He was much better looking at that age. He was adorable," Feldman said, a remark which the judge ordered stricken from the record.
The picture showed a boy who many believe bears a striking resemblance to the current accuser.
Feldman said that while he met with the current accuser's mother many times after he ceased to represent her officially, he has "never been asked to file any lawsuit against Michael Jackson"
When Feldman walked outside the courthouse in an afternoon break in testimony, fans yelled "liar", "tell the truth" and "you're making money off the backs of these people"
Feldman said, he was first contacted by the family because of a dispute over the boy's appearance in the documentary, Living With Michael Jackson where he appeared holding hands with Jackson. Feldman then referred the family to psychologist Stan J. Katz "to make out some heads and tails of what was being told to me by the family"
Katz reported suspicions of molestation to authorities after interviewing the family.
Also on the stand Friday, was an an investigator who testified that linens seized by police from Michael's bed, had failed to yield any DNA linked to the teenage accuser or his brother.
In other testimony, Sheriff's Lt. Jeff Klapackis defends the scale of the effort, when 69 investigators served a search warrant at Neverland on Nov. 18, 2003.
The large number of investigators were needed, he said, because they had only been allowed one day to carry out the search, because the district attorney didn't want to "burden the ranch and its employees with our presence longer than that," Klapackis said. He also said that there were large buildings to search at the 2,800-acre ranch.
Klapackis also said, that they took all bedding during the search, because that is where the accuser and his brother claim to have frequently slept, and where they allege the molestation took place.
During cross-examination, Klapackis said authorities did not test bottle and glasses containing alcohol for fingerprints - found in Jackson's bedroom as well as the home's wine cellar and kitchen. Nor did investigators test furniture, boxes, mannequin toys and rails along Jackson's stairwell, or his bedroom doors for fingerprints.
When asked on redirect why, Klapackis said, "It didn't enter in the investigation at the time."
However, they did test pornographic magazines. The boy's brother testified how Jackson showed them magazines. A fingerprint analyst has testified earlier, that the prints of Jackson and his accuser were recovered from the same magazine.
Jack Green, president of a Ventura telephone systems company, testified that he had inspected Neverland's phone systems. He explained that it had a function to allow someone to listen in on other's calls, but there was nothing to prevent anyone from calling 911.
Prosecutors allege the family's calls were monitored by Jackson, whereas the defense say the family could have called for help, if they truly were captives.
2005 - Whoopi Goldberg defends him on Real Time With Bill Maher
2009 - Michael has a business meeting with Dr. TohmeTohme at the Bel Air Hotel
2009 - Miko Brando, Michael Bush, Dennis Tompkins & Karen Faye are back on the MJ team*
2014 - The album Xscape was made available for pre-order on iTunes, Amazon and MichaelJackson.com.
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2023.04.01 12:15 lmb_reddit All State - PICK 4 List Performance for 2023-03-31

Lottery Website for Workouts and Tools - Lets Make Billion
All State - PICK 4 List Performance for 2023-03-31
State Draw Date Draw Time Winning Number BOX Number VTRAC Number
DC 2023-03-31 Midday 2271 1227 2333
DC 2023-03-31 Evening 4110 0114 1225
ID 2023-03-31 Evening 0291 0129 1235
IN 2023-03-31 Midday 6116 1166 2222
IN 2023-03-31 Evening 0608 0068 1124
MD 2023-03-31 Evening 1218 1128 2234
ME 2023-03-31 Evening 1410 0114 1225
NC 2023-03-31 Evening 1306 0136 1224
NH 2023-03-31 Evening 1410 0114 1225
NY 2023-03-31 Midday 5412 1245 1235
QCAN 2023-03-31 Evening 6024 0246 1235
TN 2023-03-31 Midday 7798 7789 3345
VT 2023-03-31 Evening 1410 0114 1225
WV 2023-03-31 Evening 4464 4446 2555
Congrats all Winners and Followers.
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2023.04.01 12:15 lmb_reddit All State - PICK 3 List Performance for 2023-03-31

Lottery Website for Workouts and Tools - Lets Make Billion
All State - PICK 3 List Performance for 2023-03-31
State Draw Date Draw Time Winning Number BOX Number VTRAC Number
AZ 2023-03-31 Evening 083 038 144
CO 2023-03-31 Evening 348 348 445
CT 2023-03-31 Evening 714 147 235
DC 2023-03-31 Evening 318 138 244
DC 2023-03-31 Midday 860 068 124
DE 2023-03-31 Midday 134 134 245
FL 2023-03-31 Midday 435 345 145
ID 2023-03-31 Midday 834 348 445
KS 2023-03-31 Evening 416 146 225
KS 2023-03-31 Midday 816 168 224
LA 2023-03-31 Evening 638 368 244
MD 2023-03-31 Evening 864 468 245
MI 2023-03-31 Midday 386 368 244
MS 2023-03-31 Midday 118 118 224
NE 2023-03-31 Evening 463 346 245
NJ 2023-03-31 Midday 080 008 114
PA 2023-03-31 Evening 134 134 245
PR 2023-03-31 Evening 129 129 235
QCAN 2023-03-31 Evening 435 345 145
SC 2023-03-31 Evening 080 008 114
SC 2023-03-31 Midday 174 147 235
TN 2023-03-31 Evening 364 346 245
TN 2023-03-31 Midday 846 468 245
TN 2023-03-31 Morning 044 044 155
TX 2023-03-31 Night 460 046 125
VA 2023-03-31 Midday 606 066 122
VA 2023-03-31 Evening 060 006 112
WCAN 2023-03-31 Evening 863 368 244
WI 2023-03-31 Midday 010 001 112
WI 2023-03-31 Evening 614 146 225
Congrats all Winners and Followers.
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2023.04.01 11:28 pr0fessionalretard Need help, can't login into Gmail because of non existent phone number.

To start with I think I found an infinity loop in the Gmail system ( idk how to call it), basically I moved into a new country and I got a new phone number but I change it as my 2SV number on my account and left it with the old one. This bit me back after half a year, since I needed to login into my Gmail account, but couldn't because the old phone number doesn't exist anymore and every time I try to login Gmail sends a verification code to the phone number, but of course I don't even get the code even if I have the sim card with the old phone number. At the code verification code screen you can click I don't have my phone and it tells you this.
Now it doesn't make sense to me since I answered all the questions, I've never logged of the account it just did one day on its own and I was using the same damn Wi-Fi so why is this happening. After all this I went to their recovery page at "Can't sign in to your Google account" I selected all the issues such as " You're having trouble with 2-Step Verification. You aren't getting codes by text or phone call", it tells me that I need to use Google Authenticator app, but you still you need to have access to your account. Now you see how this is an infinite loop, if there is anything anything that can help me please tell me since I'm so desperate ,because I lost accounts with money I've put in to them.
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2023.04.01 07:15 BoysenberryOk1729 What is the best hotel in Andheri, Mumbai?

What is the best hotel in Andheri, Mumbai?
Hotel Seven Hills, for example, is among the best hotels in Andheri. This hotel offers spacious, well-appointed rooms at an affordable rate. They provide Internet access, cable/satellite television, air conditioning in dormitory rooms, free WiFi, and room service. The hotel offers a number of facilities, including laundry service, valet parking, and airport transportation. The establishment provides parking, room service, fibre internet, and breakfast. The hotel's central location provides convenient access to the city's economic and entertainment hubs. Another outstanding Andheri hotel (East). This modern hotel has luxuriously decorated Deluxe Double Rooms. Its central location makes it a good option for business and pleasure visitors alike. Both of these hotels provide superior service and comfort, making them ideal options for visitors to Andheri East in Seven Hills. These accommodations are appropriate for business travelers and those on layovers.
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2023.04.01 06:23 Minute-Chip5408 Most "Average" CS Asian International Student finds good success in the early round but gets ABSOLUTELY PUMMELED during RD

Intended Major(s): Computer Science 🚩
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Founder and President of the Computer Science Club: Launched the first CS-oriented club, recruited and introduced coding to 10+ members, organized & ran weekly meetings, helped members prep and compete in UWaterloo's CCC
  2. School's Leadership Team Executive (Basically student council): Arranged pep rallies, helped run home volleyball + basketball games, coordinated school theme days and events, organized future grad events
  3. Directed Self Learning and EdX Courses for Computer Science: Completed CS50 + CS50P, learned and reinforced the fundamentals of computer programming through ongoing practice of DS&As in Codecademy
  4. Competitive Weightlifting: Nothing significant here. Did not win any major awards 😢
  5. Founder and President of Business Club: Started in senior year. Might've been a red flag to colleges
  6. Youth leader at local children's ministry: Served as mentor for grade 1-6 kids, led small youth groups, engaged in worship services, 300+ hours.
  7. Private STEM tutor: Paid, $20/hr (CAD).
  8. Co-president of Debate Club: Only did for one year. Didn't do anything significant :\
  9. JV Basketball: Only in my freshman yr. 6th man avg 12/3/4 (not included in app LOL) but we didn't clinch playoffs
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. 2nd Place at Canada's largest business case competition
    1. This was probably one of the strongest parts of my application but its completely unrelated to my major 🙁
  2. 2x IB Subject Awards (School)
  3. 3x Headmaster's List
  4. Three other random subject awards
Letters of Recommendation
IB Mathematics HL Teacher (9/10)
IB History HL Teacher (9/10)
Sorry I'm a little lazy to elaborate on these here but more info will be in the additional info section.
Did not receive any. gg go next.
Personal statement (7.5-8/10): Connected my passion for lifting with computer science. Tried my best to not make it like a cliché "gym" essay where I got an injury or smth and the struggles of that... didn't write any of that. It was more personal into how this daily activity shapes who I am as a person and links to other aspects in my life.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Rejections (There's a lot.):
Additional Information (REFLECTION):
This is my almost my 2nd anniversary since I discovered A2C/Chanceme/collegeresults. As a disillusioned sophomore student, I was so shocked to see the other people's applications, especially the CS students. USACO Plat. International awards. T20 Research. Internships. I had no idea these opportunities even existed beyond the overtly competitive atmosphere that is present around these subreddits. I really had to start ramping things up during my junior year to "catch up" with all these other CS students but ultimately I ended up being an "average" student compared to some of the monster applications I've seen on here before. You'll notice that I had no "hooks" for my extracurriculars. I think my extracurriculars were definitely one of my weakest points of my app.
As for this year's college admissions process, I think it was pretty tough. Record lows for several top universities. CS definitely being oversaturated nowadays made entry even more difficult for the schools that I applied to. Intl makes it 10x worse. I can't find the link right now but a couple months back, someone posted the acceptance rates for top 20 CS schools and they were pretty much all <5%. Absolutely crazy. I learned that the application process is literally the lottery, and it's the numbers game you have to play in order to have somewhat successful results.
My essays weren't any spectacular works either. I spent a fair amount of time on them, but it was certainly difficult to manage ~50+ college essays while studying for first term mock exams and doing two IAs and an EE in the same month (IB students know my struggle 😤). One thing I look back on and hoped that I did was starting sooner. I spent my summer not doing much work besides studying for the SAT. I wish I spent the hours that I wasted on the essays.
With that being said, I am definitely proud of myself in getting into UMich. It was definitely one my top schools to attend, and I am very honored that I have the opportunity to attend.
If you're a sophomore or a junior like I once was, I want to give you my three most important advice that I can give to find success in your college process.
  1. Do NOT compare yourself to other applications you see on here or on chanceme. As a matter of fact, you should minimize the time you spend on here. I think it's a toxic environment to be in considering the idea that you're constantly in the mindset where you have to be competing against these absolute monstrous academic weapons to attend the school you want to go to. It's not a bad idea to see what you're up against, but if you're constantly on here thinking whether you're "good enough"... you got other problems to worry about. Work hard, do not take the chance to be lazy, and be resilient to the inevitable problems you will face throughout your high school years.
  2. START EARLY. I can't emphasize this enough. I know that some people on here might disagree with this point, saying that you should enjoy your time throughout high school, and you don't need to dedicate your entire life towards the admissions process. Yes, that advice is true, but I hold the belief that you should not neglect the things that need to be done. If you had the chance to start first in a race and get an advantage, why would you not go first?
  3. If I could give my biggest piece of advice, it would be this. KEEP MOVING FORWARD. There will be days when you don't feel like writing supplemental essays, and there will be days where you get a bad grade in your calc test and now you're unmotivated to do anything else. You must keep moving forward. When a rocket is flying out towards space, it doesn't stop in the middle. There will always be new mountains to climb, but they won't be climbed if you don't keep walking.
Hopefully my words and my thoughts will have some value to whoever stuck through and read through my little rant/reflection. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to shoot me a DM! I would love to help out. Lastly...
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2023.04.01 05:06 747LiveOne Top JILI Slot Strategies for Winning Real Money

Top JILI Slot Strategies for Winning Real Money

If you want to win big at Jili slots, you've come to the correct location. In this post, we'll discuss 10 tried-and-true strategies for increasing your chances of winning the lottery. These suggestions are based on years of expertise playing Jili slots as well as insights from other professional gamblers.
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While there is no definite winning strategy, using one may help you manage your money and optimize your gains. One technique is to begin with modest wagers and progressively raise them as you win. Another method is to choose machines with greater RTP (return to player) percentages, which will offer you a better chance of winning in the long term.
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2023.04.01 04:31 DailyHoroscopeIndia Todays Horoscope! (1st of April, 2023)✨

♈️ Aries: Today is a great day for Aries signs in relationships, as spending time outdoors with your partner will bring you closer together. Professionally, you may be feeling the need for more excitement, so consider what options you have available. Health-wise, it's best to avoid sugary drinks and stick to water and tea for more energy. Traveling by car will bring you peace and calm, but if you are traveling with a Leo, your plans may change. Jupiter is sending you good luck vibes, so whatever you do today will be blessed with fortune. Finally, Saturn's energy will make you want to spend time with your siblings or younger family members.
♉️ Taurus: Today is a great day for your love life, whether you are single or in a relationship. Professionally, you have some bills to pay and a Capricorn will have some solid advice for you. Health wise, it is important to stay away from food that is high in cholesterol. To be more productive, reward yourself with a short trip and do some soul searching. Luck wise, you will experience some minor luck today when it comes to money, but don't gamble with a large sum of money. Emotionally, you will feel good about yourself, but an Aries sign might stress you out today.
♊️ Gemini: Today is a day to be honest with yourself and your partner. If you have been manipulating or lying, it's time to own up to it. Single signs will have the opportunity to flirt with someone from work. Financially, you may experience some ups and downs, but an opportunity to make a lot of money is coming soon. Be mindful of your back today and cut down on your alcohol consumption. If you are traveling to see a friend, you will feel the positive energy that the Sun is sending you. The color purple will bring you luck today, but gambling with money that you don't have isn't the best decision. Emotionally, you are feeling like everything is going alright, but a sneaky Sagittarius from your family might irritate you today.
♋️ Cancer: Today is a great day for you, Cancer. If you are in a committed relationship, Venus is on your side and it might be the perfect time to discuss your future as a couple. Single signs should take the opportunity to talk to a Scorpio. Professionally, if you are feeling too tired or stressed, ask your boss nicely for the day off. You deserve it and you may even receive some income today. Health wise, you are in great shape, but if you experience any hearing or eyesight issues, make sure to see a doctor right away. If you have a long commute, make sure to bring along a good playlist and some high quality headphones. Your lucky numbers for today are 33 and 9, but be careful in big crowds. Emotionally, you will be filled with positive and happy feelings. Surprise a dear friend today and enjoy the day!
♌️ Leo: Today is a day to focus on yourself and your own needs. In your personal life, it's important to not compare your current partner with your ex-partner. Financially, you are doing well, but you should be careful about what you eat today. Traveling is not recommended today, but tomorrow will be a better day. Good luck comes in many forms, so remember to be kind today. You have been feeling concerned about the future, but today you will experience some clarity and serenity.
♍️ Virgo: Single Virgo signs should expect to feel extra flirty today. If there is a disagreement with your partner, try to stay calm and have a normal conversation. If you are unemployed, today could be the day you get the call. Employed Virgo signs should try to socialize more at work. Health wise, it would be wise to get a checkup and avoid cold drinks. If you love to travel, you will have a lot of fun on your new adventure. Your ruler planet will bring you lots of luck today. Emotionally, you seem to be doing well, but don't forget to talk to your close friends.
♎️ Libra: Today is a day to focus on your relationships, both personal and professional. In your personal life, it's important to talk out any issues that may arise with your partner, as they may be feeling like you are not being honest. For those who are single, it's a good time to reflect on past relationships. Professionally, you are doing well, but it's a good idea to focus on your financial situation and ask an older Cancer or Virgo for advice. Health-wise, make sure to eat better and cut down on carbonated drinks. If you are travelling, make sure to learn some common phrases in the native language. Luck-wise, the numbers 44 and 2 will bring you lots of good luck and energy today. Emotionally, you will feel stable, but may feel lonely by the end of the day due to the energy the Moon is sending you.
♏️ Scorpio: Your personal life is calling for you to be more direct with your partner about your need for affection. Single signs should be wary of flirting with a Leo, as this combination rarely works out in the long run. On the professional front, you are on the right track to achieving greatness. Be sure to be careful when it comes to answering emails or calls that seem suspicious. Health-wise, you are in great shape and should focus on eating more good fats such as avocados and fish. If you are traveling by plane, double check all your items before you go. Luck may not be on your side today, but the number 12 is your lucky number of the day. Emotionally, you will feel very gentle and loving towards your family, so take some time to spend with them if you can.
♐️ Sagittarius: Today is a day to focus on communication and honesty in your relationships. If you are single, you will have no problem flirting. Professionally, you are hardworking and strategic, but your perfectionism can lead to delays. Health-wise, make sure to get enough rest and nutrition. When travelling, bring some nausea medicine just in case. Financially, you may experience luck if you see the number 10 often, so consider buying a lottery ticket. Emotionally, you may miss people who used to be important in your life, but remember why you cut them out.
♑️ Capricorn: Today is a day of nostalgia for taken Capricorn signs, as the Moon sends them some sentimental vibes. Single signs may find themselves thinking about their ex-partner. Professionally, this is the day to take the next step and have a serious talk with your boss. Health wise, you need to fix your sleeping schedule as it has been affecting your mental health. If you are traveling today, make sure to have a shopping list ready. You will experience a lot of luck when it comes to business and financial situations, but be careful not to make any promises. Emotionally, you will feel the love from your family, friends and other close ones who will want to spend time with you.
♒️ Aquarius: Today is a day to focus on your personal life, profession, health, travel and luck. Dating hasn't been your thing lately, but there is someone special that you should reach out to. Professionally, it's a good day to invest, but don't take too much of a risk. Health wise, you need to practice self-love and confidence. If you have been dreaming about traveling, now is the time to buy that ticket and book that accommodation. Luck will be on your side tonight, so make sure to take advantage of it. Finally, take some time to focus on your spiritual side and mental health. Self-love is the answer.
♓️ Pisces: Today is a day of mixed emotions for pisces. In terms of relationships, there may be some bumps in the road, but single signs will have the opportunity to meet an attractive Aries. Financially, you are doing well, but your career is at a standstill, so it might be time to look for a new job. Health-wise, you are doing great, but your back may be a weak spot today, so make sure to stretch before and after exercising. If you are traveling abroad, you may meet someone that you think of as your soul mate. Jupiter is sending good energy, and your lucky numbers today are 10, 8, 39 and 40. Pluto is heavily affecting your emotions today, so try to stay out of conflicts and be mindful of your irritability.
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2023.04.01 04:26 23Kently Apollo Theater

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2023.04.01 03:58 Prize_Push_9071 STORY TIME- so Wednesday I bought a 20$ crossword and won 50$, took that ticket and bought 2 premier cash 30$ tickets and won 100$, took that in today and bought 1 50$ lotteria 2 crosswords and the jackpot millions which I was asking for a 10$ ticket but this one was in its spot, and boom $300

STORY TIME- so Wednesday I bought a 20$ crossword and won 50$, took that ticket and bought 2 premier cash 30$ tickets and won 100$, took that in today and bought 1 50$ lotteria 2 crosswords and the jackpot millions which I was asking for a 10$ ticket but this one was in its spot, and boom $300 submitted by Prize_Push_9071 to Lottery [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 03:08 youkneek_username Got these earlier today same store. Totaling $600

Got these earlier today same store. Totaling $600 submitted by youkneek_username to Lottery [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 02:22 Eastern-Function-541 the 10 layers of 9 cat h2h playoffs manager approach

this is basically the journey of what/why i believe about 9 cat h2h playoff meta
the 10 layers of fantasy nba 9 cat 2 C playoffs manager skill that i think i know about

level 1: you're playing to "show how much you know about the nba, or how in touch with the sport you are by using your fantasy team as an expression of how much you knew such and such player was going to be good"

level 2: you realized fantasy is actually a numbers game and even though in year 1 you reached for 4-6 rookies and/ or "gems" and secured your spot in the league as the slickest/ ballsiest predictor of talent, no one else cared and you got shit on by 3-5 other managers whose rosters looked boring to you and you conclude there is some sort of secret magic, which you suppose must be some deeper talent evaluation ability. in combination with your proud natural motive for playing, you've now begun to scout deeper into rookie classes and the player pool for anything resembling a possible future "star" (whatever that is, or however likely of a reality it is, who knows). congratulations. you successfully reached for your "gems" in later rounds than year 1, and your earlier picks were boringer, but still trendy names you saw "experts" talk about, even though you have no idea how good those experts are and literally have no way to check for their accomplishments.regardless, you are the largest popcorn stat farm in your league. you got all the bells and whistles....

level 3. by year 3, you've realized that it doesn't matter if you know who's "good". you now think you're supposed to have something called a "good team".
i lied. you only got the bells. you won the bells a lot, but you only sometimes won the whistles. what gives? your player's "star" brightness is brighter than boring ole "stocks and field goals magilicuty". that, and 2 of your last 3 picks ended up being sexy..so,.......you maximized your internal scouting department to its fullest..... sadly, it took 7 weeks for those mid-lottery or worse rookies to produce both enough counting stat value in 4 or more categories to be Z-stat'ish, and to not completely tank your efficiencies. you went from being worst/2nd worst of anyone who didnt quit 5 weeks in, to contending for the last 2 playoff spots, to making the playoffs. the world is surely meant to be your oyster at some point.

level 4: you go from talent evaluation to filling your roster with rosterable players according to your league's rankings. after all, what the league says goes, right? all those level 1 and 2 idiots are stuck sucking their own weiner, but you have the secret sauce that only a select few know about.so, you played in more leagues, confident in your "statistical integrity" discipline. you also dabbled in a dynasty league, because you have to prove you know more about the nba still. but,overall, you are a changed man. you understand the waiver wire. you won't pick up that high usage d bag who gets 3 -5 TO's a game.....except,actually, you will if he scores 20 or more points, because 20 points makes your hick dard,and is significantly higher than 19 points. you don't realize he got 20 points playing against backups in extra garbage time. but, hey, your worst player was only a 5/10 every game anyways. and, hey, he could have been a "star", for all you knew.

level 5.
last year you ended up finishing in 4/5th in 2 competitive leagues and won a dumpster fire redraft league against mostly burner emails who used that league as a mock draft because they got stung by big bad "bigs only" and "the facker", who drafted facundo campazzo and furkan korkmaz with their first 2 picks, and they just simply couldn't trust mock drafts for the rest of time........so, you lost to managers with greater depth of 1 or 2 players than your roster. you crushed the noobs like the cool kids, inflating the perception of your strength. but you don't care; you're one of the boys. probably no one in your league views you as that sloppy noob with an attitude problem. they have to reckon with you (fantasy bucket list item 2: check!) this time, you are so cleansed from your 20 point garbage addiction that you have developed a perception of data analysis strategy within every draft pick and roster change. you're feeling yourself, but with cause this time. in one league, you found a blocks specialist with some rebounds and fg efficiency. in another league you found someone who got 5 assists, a 3, a steal, and a fg tank. that's like free value in 3 [of 9, idiot] categories. remember that dynasty league? yeah. you're doing pretty good. after all, you are at least a level 3 pokemon, i mean manager. but, really 5 managers in that dynasty only have 6 players in the top 100. every other player was a big name flyer who is either semi-retired or a rookie outside the top 20 who will be good.... in 2 years.

level 6. ok. you finished top 2 in your dynasty last year. the other guy is manager smurfing on a clean slate email, and was looking for an exploitable league to farm profile rating, and w/l%. his other league was a league that separated off reb from def reb, and also had FG made, and FT made. he drafted a bunch of high reb players who got fouled a lot and stomped the retards who assumed dennis schroeder or buddy hield were as good in their other leagues.... sweet!your competitive leagues got renewed again and you're facing mostly the same solid core managers who were active all year. you secretly worship or hate the managers who beat you last year, and go out of your way to humbly compliment everyone you beat because that psychological element will surely help you in a data analysis game.....you're deep in it now. there's no going back. you got a taste of some good wood (*slurp*). you wonder about why you lost to them. after all, you improved your waiver efficiency. your entire roster is full of players with average or better Z stats in at least 5 categories, but still lost 3-6 in the first round.you notice the manager who beat you in the playoffs won 2 categories in that playoff matchup he regularly lost in the regular season. you checked his roster. no trades. 10 players he drafted were still rostered, but the rest are different from last time. you check the averages of those different players and see their averages are ass. you then check the league add/drop list and see he dropped dillon brooks for raul neto (pfft. more like, "raul net0). brooks was consistently top 120 all year, and he left that ass for a white girl, i mean, boy? you look at his past 14 average rank and he's 130th. ok. not terrible, but brooks was nice for your worst player. hella nice. you think this guy is coo coo for coconuts for making that decision at all. hell, a broken clock is right 2 times a day. you are fascinated to see what his other moves were and see that he also dropped terrance ross for coby white. ok.i can see that. but, wha? he dropped jrich for ross? "i'd just keep jrich the whole time", you say. he also made 3 other moves that made no sense.you look at your worst 3 players and see that they are nicer than his. you made fewer moves because you won those categories all day in the regular season with your roster, but he snuck you in assists and steals because he had 7 more games played than you, even though you had a better per-game team. 3 of the top 4 teams made 2x the moves as everyone else to get their wins. you are faced with your 2nd fantasy existential crisis: do you conform to a newly realized meta, or do you conform your league choices to your current fantasy skills? you're frustrated. you knew jrich and coby white were better than terrance ross and raul neto. surely, it's a league problem if managers can get away with being less "intelligent" than you...but,you do see the other side as well:
if the cool kids are doing it, then maybe volume spam is what chicks dig.

level 7.
only 4 managers renewed for your competitive league this time, and you end up leaving....over the summer, you were marinating on your dilemma, and you opted to go with leagues that only had 5 moves per week.you made the choice that validated your notion of self worth. you will never get bunholed by volume cheese again, because you will do some semi-streaming yourself. you take a guard focused BPA approach with all of your redraft picks, and just figure out what you need to stream as you go. perfect. nice and simple.you end up drafting more guards than you need because they fill up the stat sheet since they have the ball in their hands,and you have one more center than you need, and a sufficient amount of forwards. you dominate guard stats all year, with a few hickups due to injuries, and to some losses to the other best managers (omg. i'm memorable) who beat you in bigs stats and one of the stats you're mid at. you dominate your dynasty league because its filled with first time emails after everyone quit for having john wall, carmelo, and other trash. they may or may not be commissioner filler. your other 2 leagues have some good managers though. you win the regular season in one of them, and finish as the 3rd seed in the other. you get a bye in round 1, try to load up on the sexiest FA's. you beat the 6th seed in round 1 in the other. he wasn't a bad manager either. he fought back from injury hell. you "humbly" compliment him for his play and pretend you were surprised by the outcome. it was 5-4 until saturday, and you pulled away to win 6-3 by sunday's end. your 1st matchup as the 1 seed goes normal for the first 3 days. you're winning the guard stats safely and are 6-3, due to having more early games than him. all of a sudden, one of your few bigs goes down and is a GTD all week. all of your bigs were carefully sniped bigs who either shot 3's with decent FT, or ones who got assists/steals just slightly below the Z stat clip. you look on the wire and all you see are bigs who cant shoot or pass. they block, board, and shoot 5/7 every game with shitty FTs and low TOs....you check your opponent's h2h standings and see that he was either slightly above or below mid in every category all year. you tanked FG, blocks, and TOs all year and won rebounds against the shitty managers to feel strong. and you are strong.....when healthy. at this point in time, he is winning your tanked categories, and you are dominating in points, assists, and steals. you are also winning 3s only because you have your games played early, and your FT lead is not very large, but is at a higher volume at least....there are a couple players with PF eligibility who shoot 3s and get rebounds, but the only C player who does anything you need is maxi kleber or drew eubanks. neither of them even get consistent minutes. do you hope your guards hold enough stats down to carry you, in case kleber does literally anything? or do you start tanking your ft lead in order to hold onto rebounds, and maybe catch up in blocks by "streaming" them? you pick up kleber, since he plays to your strengths sometimes, and scores 6 points with a 3 and 4 rebounds, while not helping your high volume, low efficient Fg% enough. it's friday and you're still up 6-3, but he has more games left than you. rebounds will almost surely fall to him, and 3's are what you are both obsessed with the most. you add gafford for kleber, but are saving your other streamed roster spots for saturday and sunday, when you have more knowledge. gafford gives you 8 points, 2 blocks and 6 boards. you don't need the points, but you'll take 6 boards on your underkill day players. he had 3 more games than you and is now slightly winning reb, to make it 5-4. gafford shot 2-5 with ft. your opponent is playing the efficient 3 and d wing spam/ 9 cat roto BPA strategy, and everyone shot at least 46/77%. you now relinquish rebounds and hope to hold onto FT since you can afford more bad shooting than him because your volume is already established. you then pick up dwight powell for saturday. he gets like 4-5 rebounds while shooting around 80% fts. you dont need his 11 points. your opponents wings make 7 more 3s than you, taking the lead by 1. it's sunday and you have 2 moves left. you have one drafted center playing, and can use your last 2 moves to tie him in games played. he is streaming, but there are a few wings and guards who shoot 3s to go around. you only have 2 streamable players and the rest are holds. it's all about 3s and ft's today. you always have hella guards, but some are inefficient usage hogs.
you pick up landry shamet for your last UT, and he picks up bey for points and 3s. that was his last move and the only roster spot left to fill is C.you have no good options for 3s or ft's and have safely won points, assists, and steals. you could still come back in 3s and rebounds, and may hold onto a FT lead. the only play seems to be gafford again for rebounds. kleber's minutes were so inconsistent that you went for a high floor play and hoped for a rebounds come back.
landry shamet only plays 16 minutes, gets 1 3, 2 rebounds and 7 points, because some other wing player was randomly given spot minutes. your big is gafford again. you have 2 players left to his 3. you're down 4-5 and are completely dependent on a FT hold. nothing else matters. gafford goes nuts and goes 16 and 11 with 3 blocks on 80% fg, but shoots 5/9 FTs. none of it mattered. your opponent won 5-4. had literally one big who shot or pass been on the wire, you probably would have won. despite dominating the BPA players in the regular season by guard spam, you got bottlenecked by your own strategy because you had almost no bigs but needed them for volume. your crafty manager rivals held onto players more than you during the regular season, but then snuck you with flexibility in their streaming in the playoffs.

level 8
you know you're the shit. you know about what streaming can do. you know how strength can be a weakness due to position requirements. you theory craft in your head about how else to draft/stream and you immediately go to the opposite extreme: hoarding bigs, spamming guards, and more weekly moves. you hate how specialized bigs are, but maybe your moves will get you the volume you need. anything to avoid being bottlenecked by unreliability. quit the boring dynasty league (it will make you complacent. you're an expert now, so you have to have competition to validate yourself), and are now playing in 2 new keeper leagues.all your redraft rivals draft some predictable BPA strategies with a couple rookies/ gems thown in late. you draft a weird team with 7 bigs. you did not BPA at all. you probably wont dominate the regular season like last year (ego death), but you are now poised with the awareness some of your players will be thrown to the fire. your roster is no longer players, but assets or liabilities. you make the playoffs in both leagues. in your keepers you didn't draft too many guards, as you wanted to have bigs just for in-season convenience. but everyone in your league dabbled on some rookies, so you didnt feel that bad about your guard punt, all things considered. you of course make the playoffs in all leagues, since you knew how to be flexible, and always scrapped, no matter who it was. you deserve it. you are skilled. you always avoid overkills and under kills, and maximize your roster's games played every week. no one can fuck with you except for the secret, quiet geniuses of fantasy nba. you steam roll your redraft leagues, as you just simply have more tools than everyone, and no one else is a level 8 manager. you take some losses, but it was due to massive injury/ games played luck. in your keeper leagues you meet new managers. they all seem pretty solid. there are some managers doing predictable things, and there are some doing some strange things. in one league, one guy did something similar to you last year: drafted a lot of guards and forwards, but he actually reached for more bigs than you did. you sniped ones late. this guy was reaching for some bigs who shot and passed. had no blocks or fg%, and probably would lose rebounds and TO's. he looked semi-stupid and limited. in your other keeper league there was a guy who did what you were doing: drafting a lot of bigs. you think you know what he was doing, and felt threatened by him. first time in a while. he too looked limited, but you assumed he was going to stream like you to suppliment it. you hate his existence deeply. you snipe each other regularly and it's a brutal draft.
as per usual, you finish around the one seed in the regular season, and the guards manager is the 5th seed, and the bigs manager is the 4th seed.
you lost to both managers in season a lot, but you beat everyone else by more than they did. you kinda see your fate coming, but you're riding high knowing you're getting a bye. they both win their matchups 5-4, winning the same 5 categories they controlled all year, while the higher potential teams didnt put their shit together enough. you lose to those managers in the same way everyone else did. you knew to watch them heavily, but you got hopeful when they had their bad weeks and your amazing weeks. you think you know why it happened. you think back to draft night where you thought you had more opportunities to play after the draft than those guys. and you did. you were competitive in 6 categories, and strong in 4. you think, "that's normal. that's what everyone does. i just normally do it better". correct again.

level 9.
you think about what you could have done different and see that you guys did very similar things. why did their's play out better? is it luck? you REALLY want to think that. you think about what categories they won and see that they controlled certain categories all year, pretty much like you. you then noticed how bad they were in 3-4 categories. REALLY bad. you were only really bad at 2 things. then it hit you: it's not about whether if 6 is more than 5, but whether about 5 is more than 4. their losses did not hold them back more than you despite having more, because playoff winning doesn't reward not losing. you realized you missed the point this whole time. it was never about talent evaluation, having a good team, winning categories, or improving your potential. it was about the easiest way to the minimal win threshold. if chasing a larger goal requires more work/ luck, than that strategy loses its efficiency, and thus effectiveness, relative to whatever strategy reaches the minimal win condition easiest. you've reached the beginning of fantasy nba 9 cat bible. everything else is either just you beating on noobs, exploiting a unique scoring system that requires less thought than a popular format which millions of people have put thought into.
9 is not better than 5 in 9 cat h2h playoff scoring. the correct way to analyze data on players is not to equate their overall potential, but their ability to *hold down* and win categories, which you then scale on a tier list of 0-5. anything under 5 is ineffective. anything past 5 becomes not more potential, but a distraction from the core of winning (strategy efficiency).

level 10. how to evaluate which categories to play/punt relative to your league settings. and how to plan for someone sniping players who were essential to your punt.if you draft a player who is good at 7 things, but there aren't enough players in your pool who you do 7 things, and have reason to think you can draft where you plan on getting them, you lose ground en route to the minimal win threshold, relative to any manager getting to 5 categories easier than you, even with that top pick. some players are more hyped than others, and have a higher chance of being selected earlier than others. if you require getting big names or "great fantasy players", then you actually have a higher chance of being exploited. players don't matter. players doing 5 similar things matter. you only get +1, 0, or -1 for every h2h category. once you make the playoffs, it's about getting to +1 easier.

the puzzle a manager needs to understand is this: if one team literally goes 5-4 every week, and there is another manager who goes 9-0 every week except when he plays manager 1, manager 1 is a theoretically unbeatable team with a worse record but *GUARANTEED* of playoff success. if you're the best team at 4 catgories and the 2nd best at 5, while another manager is the worst at 4 categories and best at 5, the 5-4 manager is superior at winning a 9 cat h2h playoff league.

if you can't percieve how less can be more within roster building, then you will lose to the player who can percieve it, unless injuries kill them.

it's false data analysis to stray from the minimal winning condition in favor of a higher waste potential, just because it has the words "higher" and "potential". you don't make progress in fantasy nba with 0's and -1's. it's easier to get -1's than +1's; therefore, whatever results in you LEAVING a matchup with a +1 from before, is superior to anything else.

i wont go into money payment setups or non 9 cat h2h leagues, as those have high volatility and random person incentives that have nothing to do with the game.

if you want to be a better player who is able to deal with more types of problems and attacks from other player strategies in 9 cat, hold down, don't chase.

if you want success, just play bad players or make a league of all your emails. you will have *guaranteed* success.
with that said, the answer of what is the best category to play is answered by what you shouldn't punt: the category you can expect to find on the wire at any time, no matter how big your league is. if your league is under 100 players rostered, anything can go. if you play yahoo standard, 156 players are rostered, and the drawpile is smaller, and you have to be the one to play those categories harder and faster than the next guy.
"but what if i can approach more categories from extremely different players?" even if i grant you that, it's not about approaching. it's about creating a +1 more than avoiding -1's, since only a +1 is only generated from wins. it's hard to tie due to the lack of control over denominations, leaving +1 and -1 as the only feasible denominations of outcomes within the matchup. volume wins you 6 of the categories. efficiency only wins you 3. this is why volume is inherently 2x as powerful as efficiency within 9 cat h2h, which means you have less of a chance of creating a +1 if you focus on playing effiency, particularly if you have to face streamed rosters who inflate their volume, while you are stuck in your slavery to categories that can't necessarily be streamed. if 3 of your 5 hold downs aren't volume based, you have less of a chance of winning/ generating a +1 than the person who is tied to more volume hold downs.
if anyone knows how to shit on my data anlysis level, please let me know what level 11 looks like.
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2023.04.01 02:16 Sonic6996 Total registrations for 2023 lottery

Does anybody remember when USCIS officially declare the total number of registrations and how many were picked last year? I feel like they announced it right after they concluded the lottery and they have not stated any numbers in their latest announcement dated March 27th.
So far all the numbers out there are predictions and I am really curious about the actual ones.
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2023.04.01 02:02 Seymour2012 01.04.23 Patch Notes (Updated)

Greetings, Champions!
As we continue to forge toward Warcraft, we're pleased to announce our Patch Notes for our proposed changes.
Pray Return to the Waking Shores
Racial Changes:
While all players will be given the option to race change one time for free, the following races have been converted in-game to accommodate the changes.
(+) Hyurs have been replaced by Humans. Sadly for our former Hyur friends, while they still get the most vanilla race, their choices are muscle bro gym rats or rotund dad bods, choose wisely.
(+) Miqo'te have been replaced by Worgen. Now with less arthritis.
(+) Elezen have been replaced by Trolls. Unfortunately, due to your sins against Halone you're endowed with scoliosis until you unlock your variant race.
(+) Roegadyn have been replaced by Orcs. We're happy to inform you that Merlwyb still remains Mommy.
(+) Au Ra have been replaced by Draenei. No more Crash Bandicoot running, and the women are still tiny. No groomers allowed.
(+) Hrothgar have been replaced by Tauren. You can use helmets now ... but the monkey's paw curled and you can no longer wear boots.
(+) Viera have been replaced by Blood Elves. I ensured we got the hottest race, you can thank me by donating to my Venmo.
(+) Lalafell have been replaced by Gnomes. Gnome Lifters have been added as a mount.
(+) Dwarves have been added. Now you, too, can cosplay as a miniaturized version of your favorite bald headed, red-bearded streamer (bell not included)
(+) Night Elves have been added. While we felt Trolls personified the goofy af Elezen run, we decided Night Elves should be added to help incorporate the Elezen sense of smug superiority.
(+) Pandaren and Vulpera have been added. We've condensed this into one subsection for the furries. You can keep your furaffinity account open.
(+) Dracthyr have been added. The answer to the question: What would Shiva and Hraesvelgr's children have looked like?
(+) Goblins have not been added. For the sake of discourse we've decided to exclude Goblins.
(+) Undead have been added. For the Mhachi enthusiasts.
Class Changes:
Job Stones have been broken into three parts to accommodation our new Specialization feature! Due to incompatibility between how Jobs and Classes work we've given all players one free Class change token.
(+) Paladin has been replaced by Paladin. Pauldron height has been increased by 2,000%.
(+) Warrior has been replaced by Warrior. You can now Unga Bunga with more weapons.
(+) Dark Knight has been replaced by Death Knight. We brought back the fun Heavensward mechanics.
(+) Gunbreaker has been replaced by Demon Hunter. You used Superbolide one too many times and this is what you're stuck with.
(+) White Mage has been replaced by Priest. Smite meet Glare, Cure meet Flash Heal.
(+) Scholar has been replaced by Shaman. Please do not attempt to eat the totems like you did your fairies.
(+) Astrologian has been replaced by Druid. You're already used to being leftovers shoved into whatever hole needs plugged, this shouldn't be a surprise.
(+) Sage has been replaced by Priest. You guys get the cool specialization that uses shields and does damage that you thought you'd be all along!
(+) Samurai has been replaced by Warrior. Just like Hissatsu: Kaiten, we've removed Samurai.
(+) Dragoon has been replaced by Evoker. You can't tank the floor if you've got wings! (Eyes not included)
(+) Ninja has been replaced by Rogue. Remember your old poison abilities?
(+) Monk has been replaced by Monk. In a misguided effort to be inclusive, we've renamed Anatman to Anatthey/them. Bigotry solved!
(+) Reaper has been replaced by Demon Hunter. No more double enshroud window if you're always enshrouded taps voidsent
(+) Bard has been replaced by Hunter. No one cares about half assed buffs and songs, now you can use a bow and have pets!
(+) Machinist has been replaced by Hunter. The Aether fanny pack has been deleted, but you get to keep the traps and the guns.
(+) Dancer has been replaced by Monk. Spin to win with 100% less French.
(+) Black Mage has been replaced by Mage. Choose between Fire, Ice, and Light-- er, Arcane.
(+) Summoner has been replaced by Warlock. We care about complex DoT classes in our game for once.
(+) Red Mage has been replaced by Shaman. Does anyone remember FF11's enspell melee RDM?
(+) Blue Mage has been replaced by nothing, and instead has been taken behind the shed and been deleted.
Battle System Changes:
We are acutely aware of how slow and boring the current flow of combat is for jobs under level 90, so we've taken the liberty of completely revamping our combat system to be entirely unfriendly to players who use controllers by lowering the Global Cool Down time for most spells and skills to 1.5 seconds.
(+) Off Global Cool Downs have been sundered, Healers please adjust accordingly as you will now need to actually spend time healing instead of pressing your previous amazing, thought provoking rotation that consisted of reapplying your DoT skill every 30 seconds and spamming your only other attack spell.
Crafting Changes:
The Crafting System has been fundamentally altered: you only need to press one button to craft something if you have the materials, without even needing to make a macro!
Housing Changes:
Winning Lottery Number #0. We've heard your complaints; especially those from Housing Mains. We've decided that the best path forward for ensuring that everyone has equal access to Housing is by abolishing the system entirely and replacing it with Garrisons!
Miscellaneous Changes:
Upon opening the launcher you will be met with a prompt to download and install our new Online Digital Collectible Card Game: Triple Hearthstone.
For a look at the new Dungeons, please check out the pros at the MDI.
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2023.04.01 01:31 devious_burger MobileX Mini Review

This was originally going to be a full length review of MobileX, but u/lethargicwitness beat me to it with a great review and covered most of the things I was going to talk about. You can see their review here:
So, I will focus on things that was not in that review. I urge you to read it first, because it has a lot of good information.

- I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max. For the trial, I used the eSIM slot (the primary physical SIM slot is used by Mint Mobile, my daily driver)
- I'm normally on WiFi most of the time and use very little data. However, when I travel, my data usage tends to spike. With Mint, you are locked into a one year plan (if you want the lowest price). You can pay the difference to upgrade to a bigger data plan, but you have to pay for the rest of the plan year. There is no way to downgrade until the end of the plan year, so it's a bit inflexible. It's also deprioritized, so can be difficult get a connection in a crowded area. So MobileX's "pay only as much as you need", "all data rollover", and prioritized data sounds like it would fit my use case better.
- I had just gotten off of the 30 day Verizon Test Drive right before getting on the MobileX trial, so I wanted to do a back to back comparison between the two.
- Everything is done in the MobileX app.

Initial Setup:
- I had asked MobileX support what I should do if I don't want to port in my primary number immediately, and want to see how things go with the trial first. Support told me that once I've created an account and gotten a new number, I cannot port in a number with the same account later. They suggested I create an account for the trial, and create another account later if I want to port in my main number. Luckily the account creation is pretty easy and fast, and only takes a few minutes.
- So I created a new account and got a new number in the app. All of this went pretty smoothly with no issues. I install the eSIM, and activated it no problem. This is where I ran into an issue. Even though the eSIM is active and showing a 5G signal, I'm not getting any data access.
- I found that in the app, under Settings -> MobileX network profile (APN), you can download and install the MobileX APN file. So I did, sure that this would fix the problem. But nope, still no data. So I reached out to support. Turns the APN did not get attached correctly to the 2nd eSIM (MobileX) because the primary SIM was still active. So they had me remove the APN profile, disable the primary SIM (leaving the MobileX eSIM active), then reinstall the APN profile again so it would attach to the MobileX eSIM correctly, then turning the primary SIM back on afterwards. This worked, and I had data access via MobileX.
- I told them that this info was not in their support articles anywhere, and that they should add this information because this is likely a common scenario, and we could have avoided the support ticket. The next day, they told me that they added a new support article called "iOS dual SIM APN setup" to detail the steps. Good on them and future subscribers.
- Support is done in app, and they generally responded pretty quickly during business hours. There were a couple of times when I sent messages late at night that were answered early next morning.
- It took 3-4 days before the app gave me a data usage prediction, and it continues to update the prediction as the days went on. It's only informational though, as you can choose exactly how much data to buy each month, down the a fraction of a GB.

- Since I had just gotten off of Verizon's data test drive, I wanted to do a little bit of a comparison, because MobileX is theoretically also prioritized data. I've ran Speedtests in several locations and compared the two:

Verizon MobileX
Ping (ms) 50-60 150-170
Download (mbps) 100-250 50-150
Upload (mbps) 5-15 1-10

- It was immediately obvious that the performance is lower with MobileX; higher pings, lower download and upload speeds. But why? MobileX is supposed to have prioritized data on Verizon's network.
- I ran a number of traceroutes from different locations. Each time, MobileX routes all data traffic through Secaucus, New Jersey. This explains the performance difference. YMMV of course. If you live on the east coast, you may see little to no difference vs Verizon native.
- I've also seen a few unexplained hiccups where my data connection hangs for 10-15 seconds. It's not very frequent though. Maybe once per day or once per 2 days.
- It's a far cry from what I get from Mint / T-Mobile, which at home is 20 ms, 650 mbps down, and 50 mbps up. But then again TM is generally better in my town and I live super close to a TM tower.

- I'll keep this simple and focus on the "pay as you go" prices. See u/lethargicwitness's review for more pricing details.

Line Item Price
Line Cost $1.99 / month
Unlimited Talk and Text $4.50 / month
Data $2.10 / GB with rollover
- Taxes and fees when I checked was around 8%

- Some hiccups, but understandable because it's a brand new service. They seem to be improving quickly though.
- Yes TM network is much faster and lower latency for where I live, but the speeds and latency from MobileX is "good enough" for mobile usage. So despite getting faster speeds from Mint / T-Mobile, I may switch to MobileX once my Mint plan year is up in July, because the "buy as you go" and data rollover policy is more suitable to my personal use model.
- I did not test voice calls, so I cannot comment on the voice call quality.
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2023.04.01 00:57 brentsg Port-in promo issues with watches/tablets

Try to keep this short.
I ported 10 devices from Verizon to T-Mobile. One promo was $150 per watch/tablet port-in, capped at two. I brought over 3 tablets and 2 watches.
The watch port process was rough. After porting the phones, I got an immediate text/email that the watches came over. Unfortunately they were non-functional. That kicked off 2 days of troubleshooting with T-Mobile, estimating maybe 5 hours of phone time total. Every rep I spoke to asked for my Verizon account number and port pin number. Eventually they got them working and I was pleased (aside from time invested).
The tablets were much the same, port issues specifically with the eSIMs. The tech support folks finally told me that since my watches would cap my promo, so to go see the retail store for some physical SIM cards. I did this and again I was functional.
Now it's rebate time and they are denying that I ported anything except my 4 phone lines. I've been through multiple departments including the NTC to no avail. It looks like I'm out $300.
I'm having other issues as well, so I may just throw in the towel on the service but at this point I have no plan B.
The people I've spoken to have been really nice but nobody is stepping up with a solution to my $300 problem, nor my trade-in issue.
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2023.04.01 00:57 Cosmicspider87 Business/Billionaires/Entrepreneur Associates of Jeffrey Epstein (The Other 113)

  1. Fakhre, Danny & Christine: Danny Fakhre is the Chairman of Kochii Oil out of Australia. Christiane is his wife.
  2. Falletans, Olivier de: Managing partner at Bryan, Olivier, & Co., a mid-market investment bank in Technology. Olivier comes from a family of nobility dating back to at least the 13th century.
  3. Fanjul, Pepe: Jose “Pepe” Fanjul is a billionaire businessman involved in sugar and real estate. Vice Chairman and President of Flo-Sun. “Pepe” is a Republican. He was one of the largest contributors to George W. Bush’s campaign, is an ardent supporter of Marco Rubio, and co-hosted a large fundraiser for Donald Trump. His older brother, Alfonso Fanjul Jr., is a Democrat and was a co-chair of Bill Clinton’s Florida campaign,
  4. Faulkner, Terence & Cornelia: Terence Faulkner is Chairman of Leathams PLC, a London-based food distributor. Cornelia is Terence’s wife. She is Director of Leathams and a specialist decorator.
  5. Felix, Helena: Not much to be found on Helena. She was possibly the director of an investment firm called Edenhaven Limited. Her husband, Peter, was an oral surgeon. He passed away in 2011.
  6. Ferragamo, Leonardo & Beatrice: Leonardo is the son of Salvatore Ferragamo, the creator of Salvatore Ferragamo, S.p.A., an Italian luxury goods company specializing in shoes, leather goods, and watches.
  7. Flick Mook: Likely Friedrich Christian Flick, known as Mick Flick. The Flick family was a billionaire coal and steel conglomerate that was accused of war crimes during the Holocaust. Flick’s grandfather financially supported the Nazi Party and used 48,000 forced laborers from the concentration camps, many of whom died due to the conditions. Grandfather Flick was found guilty of war crimes at Nuremberg and served 3 years of his 7-year sentence. Mick (Mook) sold most of his holdings in the ‘80s and retired a billionaire.
  8. Forbes, Chris (Kip) Astrid: Son of Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990), the former politician and sole owner of Forbes Magazine. Chris Forbes is Vice Chairman of Forbes Publishing Company and brother of former Republican Party primary candidate, Steve Forbes. His wife, Astrid (nee von Heyl), is a German baroness and a descendant of the House of Bismarck, a German noble family.
  9. Forte, Rocco & Aliai: Rocco Forte owns the Rocco Forte Hotels group. They own fourteen upscale hotels throughout Europe and employee 2500 people. His wife, Aliai, is in fashion design.
  10. Fraiser, Violet: Likely refers to Violet Fraser, a Communications and Marketing Manager that works with Moussaieff Jewellers through World Media Group. She has also worked for Dior and Bulgari.
  11. Fraysse, Isabel: Isabelle Fraysse is a former Style Editor for Vogue. Founder of ISI Style Consulting.
  12. Freud, Mathew: Matthew Freud is the head of Freud Communications, an international public relations firm. Matthew is also the great-grandson of Sigmund Freud. Freud’s first wife, Caroline Hutton, went on to marry the 9th Earl of Spencer (Princess Diana’s brother). Elisabeth Murdoch, his 2nd wife (now divorced), is the daughter of Rupert Murdoch.
  13. Fry, Cosmo & Amanda: Cosmo is a chocolate heir and the son of well-known inventor Jeremy Fry. Jeremy had royal connections and was slated to be the best man at the wedding of Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister, but was replaced after it had been found out that he approached a man for sex. Cosmo’s owns a company that specializes in making plate racks and bookshelves. Amanda eventually went on to marry rocker Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates fame in 2009 after her divorce from Cosmo.
  14. Furstenberg, Alex, Alexandra V.: Alexander is an American businessman and the son of the famous fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. He remains a partner in his mother’s company. Alexandra is a furniture designer and Alex’s ex-wife. They divorced in 2002 but have 2 children together.
  15. Ganoza, Esteban Juan: A Peruvian businessman who said he met Maxwell in the 1980s when he lived in New York, but denied any ties to pedophilia when his contact information was revealed to be in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
  16. Garland, Michael: Likely the Chairman of investment firm C5 Capital, located in London
  17. Giussani, Luca: President, CEO of Dorial Telecom, Inc., a telecommunications company.
  18. Goldsmith, Isabel: An art collector and owner of Hotel Las Alamandas in Mexico. Goldsmith is the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, a French-British financier, tycoon, and member of the European Parliament.
  19. Gomme, William & Emma: William Gomme is a former director of several furniture manufacturing companies in London. Emma is his wife.
  20. Gordon, Jacobo: Spanish businessman who co-founded several real estate and gaming companies with Alejandro Agag. Agag is a former politician in Spain. He became Secretary General of the European People’s Party (EPP), a tremendous political faction in Europe. Agag played a huge role in getting former Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi’s party into the EPP. Berlusconi has been charged for underage prostitution in the past. Agag quit politics to pursue financial and sporting interests. He is married to the daughter of Jose Maria Aznar, the former PM of Spain and Ana Botella Serrano, the first female mayor of Madrid. Guests at Agag’s wedding included kings and queens. Berlusconi and Tony Blair served as witnesses.
  21. Geary, Tim: Served in public relations and was Director of Membership at Soho House, a restaurant and private members club.
  22. Gelardin, Jack (jacque)Jacques P. Gelardin currently Founding Partner of J P Gelardin & Co, LLC , Lehman Brothers Inc, Member of the Management Committee,Chairman & CEO, Lehman Brothers International.
  23. Gertler, Eric: A venture capitalist who served as Chairman of U.S. News & World Report, a media company most known for publishing news, consumer advice, and rankings ranging from education (top universities, high schools, etc.) to job professions, healthcare, and too many others to mention. In 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo nominated Gertler to serve as President and CEO of Empire State Development, New York’s chief economic agency. In Epstein’s ‘Black Book,’ Privista is listed under Gertler’s name. Privista is a company that protects against identity theft. Gertler was President and CEO.
  24. Getty, Mark: Co-founder and Chairman of Getty Images, a photographic conglomerate. If you have ever surfed the Internet, you have seen several pictures/images belonging to Getty Images. From 2008-2016, Getty was the Chairman of the Trustees of the National Gallery in London. Grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr., founder of Getty Oil Company, and one of the richest men in the world during his time. The Getty Family has a net worth north of $5 billion as of 2015.
  25. Getty, Pia and Chris: Pia Getty is the daughter of billionaire Robert Warren Miller, an American-born British businessman and founder of Duty Free Shops. Pia’s sisters are Princess Alexandra von Furstenberg of designer fame and Maria-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece, Princess of Denmark. Her ex-husband (1992-2005), Christopher, is Mark Getty’s first cousin. Christopher is also the grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr. When they were married, Pia and Mark would hold A-list parties on the rooftop of their Manhattan townhouse. Their townhouse was located half a mile from Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. Many people think that the Getty Museum in Los Angeles houses an underground base and city for the elites.
  26. Goulandris, Dimitri: Founder of The Cycladic Group, which invests and creates businesses. Spent 8 years at Morgan Stanley in its private equity group. Goulandris is the Executive Director and a Board Member for Knightsbridge Schools, which has 3 schools (KSI Montenegro [a boarding school], KSI Bogota, and KSI Panama), all of which are primary/secondary schools for students aged 2-18.
  27. Grabau, Lorenzo: Spent seventeen years at Goldman Sachs before becoming CEO of Investment AB Kinnevik, a Swedish investment firm. He was fired less than 3 years after taking the position.
  28. Graff, Francois: CEO of family-owned Graff, one of the world’s most notable jewellery houses. The company is worth several billion dollars. Graff has been photographed with the likes of Wilbur Ross. In 2001, there was a party celebrating the opening of a new Graff’s store. Attendees included Ghislaine Maxwell, Ivana Trump, Joan Collins, and Denise Rich (source: https://www.nytimes.com/2001/06/05/style/IHT-laurence-graff-and-his-pockets-full-of-diamonds-the-buccaneer-of.html
  29. Grant Jamie: Likely James Grant, owner of No2 Pound Street, an award-winning wine shop that specializes in British Cheese and cured meats. He and his wife previously worked at some leading hotels and restaurants.
  30. Green, Jeremy: Likely the former Chief Executive of Quba Property Holdings in South Africa.
  31. Guccioni, Tony: Son of Penthouse creator Bob Guccione.
  32. Guest, Cornelia: Named Debutante of the Decade of the 1980s, Cornelia is a well-known New York socialite who comes from money. Her family made money in iron and steel and have served in British politics. In December 2015, Ghislaine Maxwell attended Cornelia’s holiday party.
  33. Guggenheim, Barbara & Bert Flelds: Guggenheim (not part of the Guggenheim museum family) is a partner at the well-known art advisory firm, Guggenheim, Asher Associates, Inc. They have built collections for Coca Cola and Sony, as well as Tom Cruise and alleged pedophile Steven Spielberg. Epstein victim Maria Farmer once worked for Barbara at her home before meeting Epstein. Farmer got the job through Barbara’s sister, Eileen, who has been accused of being an Epstein enabler. A petition (https://www.change.org/p/david-kratz-eileen-guggenheim-must-be-removed-for-harm-she-caused-to-maria-farmer-by-jeffrey-epstein?recruiter=30424804 to have her removed as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the New York Academy of Art as a result of Maria Farmer’s allegations has over 10,000 signatures. Farmer says that Eileen Guggenheim forced her to sell a painting replicating Degas’s “The Rape” to Epstein. Two weeks after meeting Epstein and Maxwell, Guggenheim took Farmer and other art students to Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico (source: https://news.artnet.com/art-world/epstein-ranch-art-students-1760265 Barbara’s husband, Bert Fields, is an entertainment lawyer who has represented the likes of Steven Spielberg, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, George Lucas, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, etc.
  34. Halpern Jen: A British philanthropist, PR guru, and businesswoman. Her father was knighted by Margaret Thatcher.
  35. Hammond, Dana: Socialite and heiress to the Annenberg Publishing fortune. Hammond is friends with Ghislaine Maxwell. They have been photographed together at various parties.
  36. Hayworth Reggie: Heyworth runs the 160 acre Cotswold Wildlife Park, which attracts more than 400,000 people a year. He lives in the middle of the park at the Bradwell Grove estate. .
  37. Hefner III, Bob: Founder and CEO of GHK Companies, which specializes in oil and natural gas. Founded the Robert and MeiLi Hefner Foundation which sponsors educational trips to China for outstanding high school students. His grandfather, Robert Hefner Sr., served as Mayor of Oklahoma City, was a Supreme Court Justice of Oklahoma, was a member of the executive council of the Boy Scouts of America, and was a thirty-second degree Freemason. This article makes a connection between Jeffrey Epstein, Bob Hefner III, and a winning Powerball lottery ticket that was purchased in Oklahoma in 2008 (source: https://www.thelostogle.com/2019/08/14/no-jeffrey-epstein-did-not-win-25-million-from-an-oklahoma-lottery-ticket-or-did-he/#comments
  38. Heineken, Mr. Fredie: A Dutch businessman for the Heineken brewing company. Was chairman and CEO from 1971-1989.
  39. Helen and Tim Shifter: Helen is a former Vogue Magazine staffer. Tim is former CEO of LeSportsac and serves as Senior Advisor at Blackstone Group, a private equity firm. The Schifters are personal friends of Ghislaine Maxwel
  40. Hersov, Robert & Kim: Robert is a South African entrepreneur and mining heir who has worked for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and News Corp. (owned by Murdoch).. Ex-wife Kim is a London-based fashion editor and designer.
  41. Heseltine, Rupert: Businessman and heir to Haymarket Media Group. Son of Baron Michael Heseltine.
  42. Jameel, Mohammed: Saudi Arabian businessman. CEO of Abdul Latif Jameel, a collective of family-owned businesses that specialize in transportation, investing, and real estate. Royal pervert Prince Andrew infamously partied on Jameel’s yacht during the 2011 London riots (source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/prince-andrew-frolicks-on-yacht-with-mystery-147496
  43. James, Susie: Founder and owner of 123 Send Ltd, a company that provides payment terminals.
  44. Katz, Anton & Robin Plant: Anton is CEO and co-founder of Talos Trading, which specializes in cryptocurrency. Anton and Robin are friends of and have been photographed with Ghislaine (source: https://www.patrickmcmullan.com/search/?person=5b3ef50c9f929066764df255
  45. Kegan, Rory: A nightclub designer and creator. Co-founder of the exclusive, celebrity-filled London nightclub, Chinawhite. Prince Andrew (source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9818190/prince-andrew-pictures-cast-doubt-epstein-sex-slave/ and Prince Albert of Monaco are regulars. Chelsea Clinton has been there, as well (source: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/bright-night-for-china-white-6299739.html). Other patrons include: Prince Andrew, Kate Middleton, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more.
  46. Keidan, Amanda: Owner of Keidan Jewelry.
  47. Kersner, Sol: South African accountant and hotel and casino magnate who died of cancer in 2020. Kerzner was a close friend of Donald Trump. They even worked together to create The Palm, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai (source: https://www.ft.com/content/46393280-d9f9-11da-b7de-0000779e2340. Kerzner was also close friends with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/sarah-ferguson-the-duchess-of-york-sol-kerzner-chairman-and-news-photo/83768272), Naomi Campbell (https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/naomi-campbell-and-sol-kerzner-pose-backstage-during-the-news-photo/82869744), and Bill Clinton(https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8144647/As-Sol-Kerzner-dies-aged-84-RICHARD-KAY-looks-riotously-louche-life.html Kerzner was very good friends with Nelson Mandela and built his casino resorts with Gerard Inzerillo
  48. Khayat, Antoine, Jana, & George: Jana is an heiress and businesswoman. Jana is the niece of Galen Weston, a close friend of Prince Charles. George is her brother and CEO of Associated British Foods. Jana’s husband, Antoine, is a former banker and currently runs their vineyard.
  49. Klesch, Johnathan: Former Director of Klesch Trading, which specializes in industrial commodities. It has offices in Russia, Malta, Surrey, and in London, down the block from Buckingham Palace.
  50. Koch, David: Co-founder of Koch Industries, a diversified manufacturing conglomerate. Koch Industries has stolen oil from Indian reservations, committed hundreds of polluting, labor, and workplace safety violations. When he ran on the Libertarian ticket as the vice presidential nominee in 1980, Koch aimed to abolish Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare benefits, and minimum wage. Koch and Epstein were friends. Epstein even attended a party at Koch’s Southampton home (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7270735/Jeffrey-Epstein-Trumps-closest-advisers-Wilbur-Ross-Rudy-Giuliani-Steve-Mnunchin.html). Koch has also been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell (https://www.reddit.com/KochWatch/comments/dcjth3/david_koch_ghislaine_maxwell_getty_images/
  51. Kohl, Astrid: A businesswoman involved in pharmaceuticals. Married to Prince Alexander of Liechtenstein. Daughter-in-law of Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein. Niece of former German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl.
  52. Kotic, Boby: CEO of Activision Blizzard, a video game holding company. Used to run several electronic companies. From 2003-2008, he was a director at Yahoo! In 2012, he became a non-executive director of Coca-Cola.
  53. Lal, Dalamal: Director of Akron Corp. & Akron (Nig.) Ltd., a food and beverage import company based out of Nigeria.
  54. Laurie, Jonathan: Founder and CEO of Cheyne Capital Management, an alternate investment fund firm.
  55. Lavlada, Laura D.B. de: Laura Diez Barroso is a Mexican businesswoman. She sold her stock in Televisa for $726 million in 1993. Since then, she has been the head of several other companies.
  56. Le Fur, Jean-Yves: French businessman and magazine creator. He was once Princess Stephanie of Monaco’s ex-fiance. More notably, Le Fur was the one who discovered supermodel Karen Mulder (his girlfriend at the time) on the floor after she attempted suciide. Mulder blew the lid off the rampant rape and sexual abuse that she and her modeling colleagues had suffered at the hands of businessmen, royalty, celebrities, and government officials. She was even the protege of Epstein collaborator (allegedly), Jean Luc Brunel (https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/article238351108.html
  57. Lea, Piers: CEO of Learning Technologies Group, a workplace digital learning company.
  58. Lester, Dominick: Founder and owner of MortgageFlex Systems, a mortgage lending company.
  59. Lindemann, Adam & Elizabeth: Adam is a billionaire investor and art gallery owner. Brother of Sloan. Elizabeth is his ex-wife. She is often photographed with many other people mentioned in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
  60. Lindemann, George(Sr.) & Freida: Now-deceased billionaire father of Sloan and Adam. George was the CEO and Chairman of Southern Union, a pipeline company and served as Vice President of the Metropolitan Opera Association of NYC. His wife, Frayda, is the President and CEO of the Metropolitan Opera.
  61. Lister, Paul: Likely the director of legal services and company secretary for Associated British Foods
  62. Lorimer, John & Lottie: John works as a private investor and as a realtor. His wife, Lottie, is an interior designer.
  63. Macmillan, Dave & Bella: David is a publisher and the grandson of Harold Macmillan, former British Prime Minister (1957-1963). Bella is a British socialite and author. She also designed dresses for Princess Diana. They are now divorced. David and Bella made news in 2015 when it was revealed that Michael Lynton, the CEO of Sony Pictures, jokingly mentioned firing the UK culture minister so that David can take over (https://www.theregister.com/2015/04/18/sony_emails_lynton_vaizey/). David and Bella were voted a top 50 power couple over the age 50 back in 2013.
  64. Mahler, Giovanni: Businessman in the gas industry. He co-founded Navigator Gas shipping company. The most interesting story revolving around Mahler can be read here (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/millionaires-wife-is-killed-by-speedboat-in-sardinia-305350.html). Mahler was on a motorboat on the way to his yacht in Sardinia where close friend Flavio Briatore (Briatore is Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend and was photographed with Epstein victim Virginia Roberts several times - https://www.the-sun.com/news/265368/prince-andrew-epstein-scandal-accuser-virginia-roberts-posts-chilling-message-aimed-at-naomi-campbell-and-ghislaine/) waited. On the way to the yacht, Mahler and the others on board struck and killed Alex Ciardi, wife of investment banker Giuseppe Ciardi. Turns out that Alex Ciardi worked with the NSPCC, a children’s charity that several others in Epstein’s ‘black book’ (Jemma Kidd, Tim Jeffries, Mary Glanville, Clare Hazell-Ivaegh, Ben Holland-Martin) and Princess Margaret have served. The accident occurred close to Silvio Berlusconi’s villa. Berlusconi is a billionaire businessman and four-time former Prime Minister of Italy who throws infamously raunchy Bunga Bunga parties. He was convicted of paying an underage prostitute for sex, but those charges were later overturned.
  65. Malenga (Mandela) Machel: A managing director at Whatana Investments Group in Mozambique. His father, Samora Machel, was the first president of Mozambique. He died in an airplane crash in 1986 under mysterious circumstances. His mother, Graca Machel, runs the company. After her husband Samora died, she married Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013.
  66. Malina, Marjorie: Wife of Frank Malina who co-founded Aerojet, an American rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer. Frank went on to become head of scientific research at UNESCO before creating Leonardo**, a peer-reviewed research journal. Frank was inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame in 1990. Marjorie is the mother of Ghislaine’s brother-in-law, Roger Malina.*\*
  67. Malkin, Shelly & Tony: Shelly comes from major oil money. Her grandfather founded Belco Petroleum, which was bought out by Enron in the ‘80s. Tony is the chairman, president, and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust, the real estate investment company that owns the Empire State Building, and other properties around New York.
  68. Manconi, John: Businessman who hosts super exclusive charity polo events attended by Prince Charles, Harry, and Andrew (https://variety.com/2002/scene/vpage/royals-have-splendid-time-1117868882/).
  69. Manzano, Jose Luis & Alejandra: Jose Luis is an Argentine businessman and former politician. He is a partner in Grupo America, the second largest multimedia group in the country. He has given money to the Clinton Foundation and The Climate Reality Project ran by Al Gore.
  70. Marks, Stephen & Alisa: Stephen is the founder and chairman of French Connection clothing brand. Alisa is his gold digging ex-wife.
  71. Marsh, Jeremy: Has served as a managing director and president of Warner Bros. Records, Virgin, Telstar, and RCA.
  72. Massimo, Parisi: Founder of Baltic Model Management.
  73. Mattsson, Carolina: Owns a consulting company in Sweden.
  74. Mavroleon, Basil & Carina: Basil is still involved in shipping, working at Genco as an Independent Director.
  75. Mavroleon, Manoli: From the same Greek shipping magnate family. His name was listed in the Panama Papers (https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/11000305 for using offshore tax havens.
  76. Mavroleon, Nicholas & Barbara: Nicholas works in the family business. His ex-wife, Barbara Carrera, is a model and actress.
  77. Mayhew, Mr John: Owner of the famous Rules restaurant in Covent Garden. Inherited the Lartington Estate.
  78. McDonald, John: NYC-based restaurateur.
  79. Mcleod Jock & Pru: Alasdair ‘Jock’ MacLeod is a long-time executive at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. His wife, Prudence, is Rupert Murdoch’s daughter. Coincidentally, Prudence attended The Dalton School while Epstein taught there in the ‘70s (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/12/nyregion/jeffrey-epstein-dalton-teacher.html). Rupert Murdoch is listed later on in Epstein’s contacts. Murdoch also goes back a long way with Ghislaine. Murdoch and Ghislaine’s father, Robert, were rivals since they both owned competing newspapers in the U.S. and abroad (https://c8.alamy.com/comp/B502J2/rupert-murdoch-media-baron-in-conversation-with-fellow-newspaper-owners-B502J2.jpg
  80. Merison, Guy & Caroline: Guy is co-founder of Hartees, a commodities firm specializing in energy.
  81. Merivale-Austen, Bruce: Managing Partner of DM Partners Asia, a private wealth management firm. Plays polo every summer with Prince William and Prince Harry (https://www.thailandtatler.com/people/brouce-merivale-austin
  82. Mermagon, Mr Jonathan: Businessman and close friend of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, whose name keeps popping up. Memagden even served as Chairman of the UK PTI Secretariat (https://news.cision.com/curzon-pimran-khan-shares-vision-for-building-a-stronger-pakistan-through-trade,c9336910). PTI is the current ruling political party in Pakistan.
  83. Minot, Carie & Bell, George: Caroline is a jewelry designer. George has been responsible for several Silicon Valley startup companies. Before that, he was a senior editor of Outdoor Life magazine and has won Emmys for directing and writing conservation documentaries. He also founded Outdoor Life Network (now NBC Sports).
  84. Montemayor, Cesar: Founder and President of InverCap, a large investment firm
  85. Monti Riccardo: Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG (Milan), one of the largest management consulting firms in the world.
  86. Morton, Peter: Co-founder of the Hard Rock Cafe.
  87. Murray, Jean Pierre: Founder of Surf Channel and co-founder of TransCash, a prepaid Visa debit card firm.
  88. Nadler, Emanuel: Businessman involved in mortgage companies.
  89. Nagel, Adam: Works at W Nagel, broker and advisor to premier diamond manufacturers, such as De Beers.
  90. Nagel, William: Chairman of W Nagel. Diamond merchant.
  91. Newman, Mr & Mrs John: John is Hetty’s father. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the Royal Horse Guards. He later became a businessman and was director of several companies.
  92. Niarchos, Constantine: Billionaire son of shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos. Was once married to Alessandra Borghese of Italian papal lineage (and black nobility). He was also romantically linked to Koo Stark, Trinny Woodhall, and Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Bobby Kennedy), all of whom are in Epstein’s ‘black book’. Constantine died of an overdose with enough cocaine in his system to kill 25 men (https://www.theguardian.com/theobserve1999/oct/17/life1.lifemagazine7
  93. Noel, Vanessa: Luxury shoe designer, hotelier, and gallery owner. Many celebrities are clients of hers.
  94. Ojora, Yinka: CEO and/or Director of a number of investing groups in Nigeria
  95. Ong BS & Chritina: Christina is a Singaporean hoteliebusinesswoman who is heavily involved with Club 21 (a luxury fashion brand) and COMO Hotels and Resorts. She runs all of the Armani outlets in Britain, as well as the franchises for Donna Karan, Prada, and Bvlgari. Christina and her husband, Beng Seng, are worth $1.9 billion.
  96. Ong, Melissa: Christina and BS’s daughter
  97. Orlando, Fabrice: CEO of Cocoon Events Management Group, a luxury event planning company based out of Morocco.
  98. Osbourne Rachel: British businesswoman who has served as director for several companies. Otto, Beo & Edwige Edwige manages 2 companies (2 mandates), his main mandate is Administrator within the company 18 MONTAIGNE . Edwige OTTO works in the Real Estate business sector. Julian PORTHAULT is part of Edwige OTTO's network, he is Chairman and CEO of 18 MONTAIGNE .
  99. Parker, Jackie: Management consultant who sits on the board of several companies. Also the head of global philanthropy for General Motors.
  100. Paulson, John: Billionaire hedge fund manager
  101. Pedrini Tito: Jeweller
  102. Pekeler, Marcus: Communications consultant in Switzerland.
  103. Picciotto, Michael: Vice-Chairman at Engels & Volkers AG, a real estate firm. Former head of global financial activities for UBP, a Swiss private bank owned by Picciotto’s family.
  104. Plouvier, Diane & Denis: Denis is the owner of Trousseau linen company (https://www.denisplouvier.fblank
  105. Polii, Edoardo: Powerboat champion and textile entrepreneur.
  106. Polu, Clary: “Marketing director of Lycos and Meetic, wife of the "startup" Christophe Schaming, co-shareholder of Winamax, the online betting company co-founded by the mysterious passenger of the Lolita Express Nicole Junkermann” (http://faitsetdocuments.com/articles.html
  107. Porthault, Mr & Mrs: Marc Porthault runs the family linen business, D Porthault. Marc’s parents founded the company. Clients include Bill Gates, Woody Allen, the Mellons, and the Kennedys. Marc’s wife, Isabelle, is the head of human resources of Chanel in Europe.
  108. Porthault, Remi & Isabel: Remi is the marketing director and president of the U.S. subsidiary of D Porthault linens.
  109. Potter, Muffie: Socialite and former executive at Van Cleef & Arpels, a watch company. Married to famed plastic surgeon, Sherrell Aston. She has been photographed with Ghislaine and Peggy Siegal at various events.
  110. Prestin, Electra: Former vice president of merchandising for Ralph Lauren and co-founder of Adam & Eve clothing company. Her father, Lewis T. Preston, was chairman of J.P. Morgan and president of the World Bank (appointed by George H.W. Bush). Her great-grandfather was newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, whom the Pulitzer Prize is named after. Another great-grandfather of hers was a partner in the Standard Oil Company of John D. Rockefeller.
  111. Price, Judy: Founder of Avenue, a magazine about New York City.
  112. Puig Marc: Chief executive and president of Puig, a fragrance and fashion company.
  113. Quartucci, Alan: Founder of North Shore Bloodstock and North Shore Insurance, thoroughbred bloodstock companies that provide equine insurance, consulting services, racehorse management, and more.
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2023.04.01 00:56 Cosmicspider87 Business/Billionaires/Entrepreneur Associates of Jeffrey Epstein 1- 98

Business/Billionaires/Entrepreneur Associates of Jeffrey Epstein
I have taken the lists Conspiracy has done, verified and grouped into the different categories.
Some people will appear twice and some have multiple businesses they are involved with.

  1. Phillipe Amon (Sicpa)Owner and manager of SICPA, a Swiss company and universal leader that specializes in the printing of bank notes, passports, lottery tickets, and identity documents. SICPA prints money and passports.
  2. Maurice & Roberta Amon related to Phillipe
  3. Lisa Anastos General Counsel for Payfone, a digital identity authentication network. Anastos previously worked in the law department of Goldman Sachs and General Counsel’s office of American Express.
  4. Robert Alex Appleby (New Ventures)ADM Capital
  5. Maite Arango: Vice-President, Board of Directors for Grupo Vips. Grupo Vips manages Starbucks, TGIFridays, and other chain companies. Arango is also Chairman of the Board for Ashoka, a company that ironically focuses on the betterment of today’s youth. Ashoka even has its own schools.
  6. Victor Arellano: Victor Arellano Jr. is Vice Chairman of the Board of Bacardi. He’s a 5th generation descendant of the founder of Bacardi.
  7. Arthur & Cathy Armstrong (Mckinsky)Debevoise and Plimpton LLP
  8. Vittorio & Charlotte Assaf: Vittorio is co-founder of Serafina Restaurant Group.
  9. William Astor Silvergate Media.
  10. Peter Bahrke Co-founder of Aecor Partners
  11. Andrew Balazs Real estate mogul and entrepreneur. Owns several hotels throughout NYC and London, as well as residential real estate. He was engaged to actress Uma Thurman for three years and dated Chelsea Handler for two years later on. Allegedly groped Amanda Anka (Jason Bateman’s wife) at a party he hosted for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.
  12. Alice Bamford & George Bamford Brother and sister. Offspring of Sir Anthony & Lady Carole Bamford George is a successful luxury watch manufacturer.
  13. Clive Bannister (Pheonix Group, HSBC Investment)
  14. Javier Banonis a Founding Partner at Trilantic Capital Management LLC. Was a principal (higher up) at Lehman Brothers and previously worked at Deutsche Bank as a Managing Director. Trilantic was founded by five partners who had all worked together at Lehman Brothers.
  15. Nicholas & Gretel Barham: Gretel Barham (Gretel Packer) is the daughter of Kerry Packer, a deceased Australian media mogul worth billions. Both Gretel and younger brother James are billionaires. Nick Barham is Gretel’s ex-husband and a British financier.
  16. Peter Barnes Entrepreneur and environmentalist
  17. Hilary Bastone No info
  18. Tim and Natasha Both directors of H.B. Leisure Holdings Ltd., which focuses on skill games, arcades, amusement parks, etc.
  19. Lorenz Baumer (Jeweler)
  20. Nicolas Bergraven Billionaire investor and founder and president of the Berggruen Institute, a think tank that hopes to “shape political, economic and social institutions for the 21st century.” Vague. Berggruen, according to lamag.com, “puts more trust in elites than voters” and suggested that “the Senate should be appointed rather than elected.”
  21. Bill Berkman the wealthy investor whose secretary once sued him about being forced to look at pornographic pictures of women in emails (the suit was dismissed with prejudice in 2015)
  22. Robin Birley (Private Members Club)
  23. Debbie & Bola Von Bismark Leopold (“Bolle”) von Bismarck is the great-grandson of Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor of Germany. Debbie is a former model and Leopold’s wife. Model Kate Moss is currently engaged to their son, Nikolai.
  24. Vaness Von Bismark Cofounder of BPCM, a public relations firm that specialized in fashion, beauty, and wine & spirits. Great-great-granddaughter of Otto von Bismarck.
  25. Johnnie & Sophie Boden: Johnnie Boden is a clothing entrepreneur.
  26. Daniele Bodini Serves as Chairman Emeritus of American Continental Properties Group (ACP), which focuses on asset and wealth management. Bodini also serves as a Member of Board of Overseers at Columbia Business School and is the ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the United Nations.
  27. Edouard de Boisgelin: Holding company CEO out of Paris.
  28. Andrea & Gioia Bonomi: Andrea Bonomi is the founder of Investindustrial Limited, an asset management private equity firm. He also served on the management board and as Chairman of Banca Popolare di Milano.
  29. Nicholas Bookis: President of Topside Shipping Inc
  30. Christiana Booth MD CEO At Mirval Limited
  31. Mark & Lauren Booth: Mark Booth was CEO of BSkyB (owner of Sky TV). His wife, Lauren, is an artist.
  32. Michael Borrico Founder and CEO of Certified Construction
  33. Ferdinando Brachetti (Peretti) Nobility. Son of Count Aldo Maria Brachetti-Peretti. Co-owner of Italian oil company, API.
  34. Ugo Brachetti (Peretti)lso co-owner of Italian oil company, API. Ferdinando’s brother.
  35. Tony Brand Assistant General Manager of Gucci. Has also worked with Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Prada, and other companies.
  36. Tiberto Brandolini d'Adda (DISNEY INSTITUTEMr. Brandolini d’Adda currently serves as an independent member of the Board of Directors of YAFA S.p.A. In addition, from 2015 to December 2019, he has been an independent Board member of LumX Asset Management (Suisse) S.A. (formerly Gottex Fund Management Holdings Limited).
  37. Peter Brandt American industrialist who focuses mainly on print media.
  38. Richard Branson (VIRGIN)Billionaire who founded Virgin group (Virgin Airlines, Virgin megastores). In 2017, a backup singer for Joss Stone claimed that Branson sexually assaulted her on his private island. Richard Branson must face lawsuit in U.S. over Virgin Galactic space travel problems, defrauded investors.
  39. Flavio Briatore: Italian businessman who used to manage two Formula One racing teams.
  40. Edgar Bronfman Jr. (Rothchild/Vatican) Seagram’s heir. Half-brother of Clare and Sara Bronfman (NXIVM sex cult). In addition to being a billionaire business tycoon, his father, Edgar Bronfman Sr., was the leader of the World Jewish Congress, This group has links to the Rothschilds and the Vatican.
  41. Chris and Alison Brown
  42. James & Lucinda Bruce: James is a businessman who comes from nobility. His father was a baron. His 2nd wife, Lucinda, is a producer.
  43. Jules Burney: Chairman of Stockcube ltd, a financial research company.
  44. Jason Calacanis Internet entrepreneur. Dot-com millionaire. name was found in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book on page 9.[47] On 5 August 2020, he addressed this discovery by stating that he met Epstein at a Ted Talk, when Epstein wanted to invest in Calacanis' magazine. Calacanis also added that he has "played ping pong with Ghislaine Maxwell once"
  45. Roddy Campbell Campbell is a jack-of-all-trades businessman. He has worked in marketing, networking, and consulting.
  46. Brooke & Emilio del Campo: Likely meant to be Emilio Ocampo, an economist and financial expert who has worked for Chase Manhattan Bank, Salomon Brothers, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley.
  47. Andrew de Candole: British entrepreneur and real estate mogul. Numerous leaked offshore accounts
  48. Nicolas Candy British luxury property developer. Accused of tax evasion in 2016
  49. Massimo & Sara Carello: Massimo is an Italian businessman who has served as CEO of Fiat UK, Diners Club UK, and Independent Director of Canadian Overseas Petroleum.
  50. Camilla Carlborn: Chairwoman of Carlbom Shipping ltd. Carlbom Shipping looks after the interests of vessels and cargo owners.
  51. Sophie Caruth: Former literary agent at William Morris. Formerly held a senior manager position at Mason Rose, a sales and marketing company.
  52. Guido Casagrande Company director of IU Holdings ltd, a financial services holding company.
  53. Sophie Caruth: Former literary agent at William Morris. Formerly held a senior manager position at Mason Rose, a sales and marketing company.
  54. Aurelia Cecil Stephenson: Founder of Aurelia Public Relations. Her client list included Salvatore Ferragamo, Krug Champagne, TAG Heuer watches, and Gianni Versace.
  55. Dr. Mark Cecil: Founding Partner at Jabre Capital Partners, a hedge fund company. Close friend of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
  56. Vikram Chatwal: Actomodel/movie producer and hotel owner in New York City and Miami. Bill Clinton, Prince Nikolaos of Greece, Naomi Campbell, and P. Diddy attended his wedding.
  57. Gianluca Cicogna: CEO, CFO, and President of Beauty Brands Inc. Brother of Gianfranco Cicogna.
  58. Giuseppa Cipriani: The main business manager of Cipriani S.A., whose holdings include 55 Wall Street (the whole building) and Cipriani restaurants worldwide (most notably in NYC).
  59. Gustavo & Patty Cisneros: Gustavo is a billionaire Venezuelan businessman and Chairman of Grupo Cisneros, one of the largest privately held media entertainment organizations in the world.
  60. Isabel Clavarino: Also known as Isabelle Harvie-Watt, Clavarino is the former managing partner at Spring Studios, a production and branding agency and was Giorgio Armani’s key point person for the press, media and celebrities. Last year, Clavarino was named Valentino’s Chief Marketing Officer.
  61. Graham & Emma Clempson: Vice Chairman, Executive Board at MidOcean Partners, a private equity and investment firm. Emma is an English radio and television presenter.
  62. Drax, Jeremy: Founder of Parham Holdings, a London property operation
  63. Dolbey, Alex & Suzie: Suzie Dolbey (nee Murray-Philipson) is the daughter of the recently deceased Robin Murray-Philipson, who was the descendant of the Viscounts Elibank. Alex Dolbey has been the director of several management and investment companies.
  64. Dorrit: Dorrit Moussaieff is an Israeli jewellery designer, editor, and businesswoman who married into royalty. Dorrit was the First Lady of Iceland from 2003-2016 after marrying President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson in 2000. Although Moussaieff claims that Epstein only had her phone number because they “lived on the same street in London sometime between 1978 and 1983,” the Daily Mail published a picture of her and her husband, President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, with Ghislaine Maxwell.
  65. Dreesmann, Bernard: Executive Chairman of Morleys department stores in London
  66. Dubbens, Peter: Peter Dubens is a British Internet entrepreneur and investor. Founder of Oakley Capital.
  67. Dubin, Glen: Glenn Dubin is a billionaire hedge fund manager. There is a great article detailing Dubin and his wife’s relationship with Epstein here: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/09/glenn-dubin-epstein-questionsSummary of the article: Dubin was the first one accused by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre. Rinaldo Rizzo, Dubin’s chef, testified that sexual activities occurred between Dubin and a 15-year-old girl, which led to him and his wife quitting as personal chefs of the Dubins. Dubin’s wife, Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin, dated Epstein for a long time before she married Dubin. The couple was so close with Epstein that even after Epstein was convicted in 2008 and officially a registered sex offender, they invited him to Thanksgiving dinner and wrote a letter to his probation officer that they trusted him around their children, who were all minors at the time. Multiple sources say Epstein was actually their children’s Godfather, but a spokesman for the couple denies it. Glen Dubin and Epstein helped each other with their business ties, as well. Dubin also had other ties with Epstein (personal friends with Les Wexner and others). Dubin and his wife are definitely major players in the Epstein saga.
  68. Larry Coben Former Senior Principal of Sunrise Capital Partners. Currently Chairman of the Board at NRG Energy, a large energy company that serves 3 million people in the U.S. NRG also has its name on several sports stadiums in Texas.
  69. Nicholas Coleridge: Chairman of Condé Nast Britain. Condé Nast is a media giant and the parent company of Allure, Architectural Digest, Ars Technica, Backchannel, Bon Appétit, Brides, Condé Nast Traveler, Epicurious, Glamour, Golf Digest, GQ, Pitchfork, Self, Teen Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W and Wired.
  70. Susannah & Sten Ber Constantine: Susannah is a fashion journalist, author, and television presenter. Her husband, Sten Bertelsen was one of the creators of Death Cigarettes, a fairly popular British brand in the 1990s.
  71. Clive Cooke: Securities executive who is now the head of sales in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for a leading technology company.
  72. Rupert Cordle: Founder of Cordles, a residential building contractor in London. Brother of Rachel and Marina Cordle.
  73. Harry Cotterall: Chairman of Fisher German, a property consulting firm in England.
  74. Boykin R. Curry: Boykin Curry is a partner at Eagle Capital, an investment firm based in New York. Mr. Curry is a co-founder of Public Prep, a group of charter schools in New York City. He is also a board member of Alliance for School Choice and a co-founder of Democrats for Education Reform
  75. Carmen D’Alessio, the international nightlife guru who helped spawn Studio 54 and other famous clubs. She is a party legend with countless celebrity ties.
  76. Dabbagh, Amr A.: A wealthy businessman/investor from Saudi Arabia. Dabbagh recently faced corruption charges but settled with the Saudi Arabian government. Has ties all around the world, as he is a member of and/or serves/served on the boards of the World Economic Forum, London Business School, Cleveland Clinic, Jeddah Economic Forum, Harvard Institute for Social and Economic Policy in the Middle East, etc.
  77. Darrin, Drake Darrin runs an investment group out of Greenwich, Connecticut. Lived about a mile away from Epstein in NYC.
  78. Davies, Jeff: Most likely refers to the current CFO for Legal & General Group. Davies was once a senior partner at Ernst & Young.
  79. Davies, David & Linda: Sir David Davies is a wealthy banker and businessman with deep connections. A family friend introduced him to David Rockefeller back in the ‘60s, which helped him get his start. Linda, daughter of a Chinese-Malaysian tycoon, is his second wife. They were married for over 20 years but are now divorced.
  80. Nick & Heather Day P&D Development Company in Kenya
  81. de Baecque, Patrick: de Baecque has his hands in online news media (lefigaro.fr) in France. de Baecque was named Director of Sales and Operations at Dolead in 2017. Dolead is a company that is involved with online marketing.
  82. Del Bono, Luca: Co-founder of Quintessentially Group, a hospitality group that specializes in leisure, travel, and tourism.
  83. Dell, Adam: Brother of Michael Dell (Founder of Dell Technologies and 27th ranked richest person in the world in Forbes’s BS rankings that discount the elite families). Adam is a venture capitalist who has a baby with Padma Lakshmi.
  84. Deluca Dina & Fouard Chartuuni: Fouad Chartouni is the president of Kensico Properties, a real-estate holding company in New York. Chartouni and his brother own the Lowell Hotel in New York. The Lowell is a high-end 5 star hotel that caters largely to film executives, fashion design CEOs, publishing CEOs, and financial CEOs. Madonna lived there for nearly a year after breaking up with Sean Penn. Dina Deluca is Chartouni’s wife. She used to work as an assistant in film and television, but now focuses on her DDC28 brand of bath and beauty products.
  85. Derby, Ros & Jonathan. Johnathan is the Managing Director and Senior Wealth Advisor at The Colony Group. He provides financial, investment, and tax planning services to high-net-worth individuals, trusts, and pensions
  86. Dietrich Marc Antoine and Cath: Baron Marc-Antoine de Dietrich is a businessman. He resigned as director of Vossloh Cogifer in 2011.
  87. Dietrich, Paul & Laura: Paul is Chief Investment Officer of Fairfax Global Markets LLC. They manage investments for private investors, retirement funds, and private institutions.
  88. Dolbey, Alex & Suzie: Suzie Dolbey (nee Murray-Philipson) is the daughter of the recently deceased Robin Murray-Philipson, who was the descendant of the Viscounts Elibank. Alex Dolbey has been the director of several management and investment companies.
  89. Ducrey-Giordano, Francisco: the owner of General Vegetables out of Italy
  90. Durso Luigi: Luigi d’Urso was a noble and Italian railroad executive who died in 2006. His grandfather was the 9th Duke di Cassano. His mother was the great-granddaughter of George Clymer, one of the founding fathers of the U.S. and signee of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. d’Urso was also married to French designer and model Ines de la Fressange.
  91. Ecclestone, Bernie: A billionaire British business magnate and former chief executive of Formula One Group. Ecclestone has faced some minimal controversies for tax evasion, bribery, and saying that Hitler was a man who was “able to get things done.” Disgustingly enough, Ecclestone, at the age of 89, became a father to his first son, Ace, on July 1, 2020.
  92. Eckon, Paul: Paul Ekon is an international investor and venture capitalist who allegedly fled South Africa in the mid-90s because he was being investigated for links to a gold-smuggling syndicate. Has strong ties to South Africa, including being a personal friend of former president, Thabo Mbeki.
  93. Eliasch, Johan & Amanda: Johan is a Swedish billionaire businessman whose company, Gethal, was fined for alleged deforestation of the Amazon in 2008. The charges were dropped. Amanda is his ex-wife.
  94. Ellenbogen, Eric: An entertainment exec of Classic Media (a subsidiary of Dreamworks) and former CEO of Marvel Enterprises.
  95. Ellison, Mandy & Ralph: Ralph Ellison is a pharmaceutical executive and investor. He was CEO of DOR BioPharma Inc., now known as Soligenix Inc. a company focused on treating rare diseases. Soligenix came under scrutiny two years ago when they were accused of ripping off stockholders.
  96. Erba Noona: Noona Smith-Petersen is a public relations executive who has worked for Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Tod’s. She now owns her own PR firm. Noona is married to Enrico Erba, who is a client manager for Giorgio Armani.
  97. Faber, Sally & Brook Johnson: Charles “Brook” Johnson is a millionaire UK businessman and polo player. His wife, Sally Faber was a weather girl in the 1980s and former wife of former David Faber They live next door to Prince Charles in Highgrove.
  98. Fakhre, Armado & Jasmine: Amado Fakhre is the British-Argentinian Founder and former CEO of Coral Capital, a Havana-based investment group best known for its joint venture partner in Havana’s upscale Saratoga Hotel. Fakhre was arrested for corruption and Coral Capital was forced to shut its doors in Havana. Fakhre was interrogated for 20 months in a Cuban safe house and eventually got sentenced to 5-7 years for bribery, but did not have to serve any time. No explanation has been given. Jasmine is his wife.
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2023.04.01 00:00 ImHiiiiiiiiit Guide for accessing Moorebot Scout via debug USB port

I bricked my scout when I was ssh'd in over Wi-Fi and the factory reset swtich wouldn't revert my change. So, I had to figure out how to get a shell using the debug port inside the Scout and undo my changes. Unforunately, the file system wouldn't automatically mount for me in Linux/Windows/Mac, so I had to access it via ADB (android debug bridge). Here's how to do it if anyone else needs it.
  1. Remove the 4 screws on the bottom of the scout. Then remove then 4 larger screws on the PCB. You might be able to maneuver the board just enough to see a micro-USB port sandwiched between the main PCB and the daughterboard PCB.
  2. Attach a typical micro-USB to USB-A cable between the Scout and your PC.
    1. No need for any kind of special TTL/FTDI cable.
  3. Install ADB tools for your operating system: https://www.xda-developers.com/install-adb-windows-macos-linux/
  4. In a terminal, use this command to get your connected Scout's serial number:
    1. adb devices -l
      1. this will display something like 801a14641d1d81c2 device usb:3-2.1 product:occam model:Nexus_4 device:mako transport_id:1
  5. In a terminal, use this command to get a shell on your connected Scout. I've used the serial number in the step above, so update it to be whatever the command in step 4 above displayed:
    1. abd -s 801a14641d1d81c2 [replace the 801 digits with the serial number from the previous command]
  6. Boom, you have shell access to your Scout's Linux OS.
    1. You should see the character # displayed.
    2. type bash to load a bash terminal
    3. Some test commands:
      1. type rostopic list to see the various ROS topics available on the Scout
      2. type rostopic pub /cmd_vel geometry_msgs/Twist '{linear: {x: 0.0, y: 0.0, z: 0.0}, angular: {x: 0.0, y: 0.0, z: 1.0}}' to make your Scout's wheels spin
submitted by ImHiiiiiiiiit to moorebotscout [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 23:18 Maleficent_Plankton Bitcoin - Research (Mar 2023)

Last updated: Mar 2023


This is a long Deep Dive of Bitcoin that goes into its general topics while cutting out the bullshit.
Its target audience are crypto experts who write crypto guides for others. I've included sources inline so you can reuse them.

Bitcoin Purpose and History


Bitcoin was the first popular cryptocurrency. It was invented in 2008 during the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis by an anonymous entity under the pen name of Satoshi Nakamoto and launched in 2009. For the first several years, fewer than 100 supporters worked altruistically to develop its code and mine the network. It is a disinflationary cryptocurrency with a supply cap of 21M Bitcoins (2.1 quintillion Satoshis).
Core Devs
Gavin Andresen later replaced Nakamoto as the lead developer of the Bitcoin code repository and lead developer at the Bitcoin Foundation. There are currently only 5 Bitcoin Core maintainers with commit access after both Peter Wuille and Lead Developer Wladamir van der Laan left in July and August 2022.
Block size
Bitcoin's blocks were originally limited to 32MB in size but later reduced to 1MB in 2010. After the Segwit update, blocksize changed again from 1MB to 4M weight (technically it's also 1MB). In Nov 2021, the Taproot soft fork was activated, which allows for signature aggregation via Schnorr signatures.
Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency and marketcap leader. Since cryptocurrency value is largely based on network effect and is a Keynesian Beauty Contest, it is likely to remain popular until that narrative changes.


The original purpose of Bitcoin from Satoshi's whitepaper was to provide a "peer-to-peer electronic cash system". During the early years, the main use case for Bitcoin was black market trading on sites like the Silk Road. Many larger merchants that accepted Bitcoin for payment in the earlier years stopped due to extreme price fluctuations.
Instead, nearly all merchants now work through centralized payment systems that convert Bitcoin into fiat. Its extreme price fluctuations also prevent it from being an ideal Store of Value, and it's too slow and inefficient to be used as a Medium-of-Exchange for day-to-day transactions. Thus, the only notable purposes of Bitcoin nowadays (besides being a speculative asset) is to provide censorship-resistance and pseudonymity.
Anti-censorship: Bitcoin provides partial financial censorship-resistance against sanctions and totalitarian government restrictions. It's much harder to prevent Bitcoin transactions than it is to prevent financial transactions at a centralized bank. For example, many Russians, Iranian, and North Koreans are getting around sanctions by using Bitcoin and mixers. Legal sex workers and marijuana industries are sometimes blocked from using traditional financial services due to social stigma. Bitcoin provides those workers a way to transfer funds around that censorship.
Pseudonymous: Bitcoin's UTXO transactions can provide moderately-high levels of obscurity. A single wallet can produce a near-unlimited amount of addresses, and there's no way to link them unless they interact with each other. It's much harder to trace UTXO-based wallets than Account-based wallets because the former creates new UTXO addresses with each transaction while Account-based blockchain wallets typically reuse the same account.

Design and Consensus

Proof of Work

Bitcoin uses Proof of Work, which provides both Nakamoto Consensus and Sybil Resistance. In Proof of Work, miners compete to solve a cryptography hash puzzle that has a set number of leading zeros. Whoever figures it out is able to package a block of transactions from the mempool and submit it. PoW is very similar to picking the winning block based on a lottery where a miner's chances of winning is directly proportional to how much energy they waste. Bitcoin was originally mined by CPUs, then GPUs, and now can only be efficiently mined by specialized ASIC processors.
Slow finality
The longest chain (technically the highest-difficulty chain) is known as the canonical chain, and miners are supposed to build on that chain. However, they can decide to build on another chain and fork Bitcoin. Bitcoin is constantly being forked, sometimes intentionally and other times accidentally or due to network latency. However, only the longest chain is considered the canonical chain. Thus Bitcoin has probabilistic finality instead of deterministic finality, which means that the Bitcoin Proof of Work consensus protocol can not guarantee that transactions are final.
Block times are about 10 minutes each with 4M-weight blocks. This allows for a maximum of about 5-7 transactions per second. Block times are variable and very inconsistent. 14% of block times are longer than 20 minutes, and 5% are longer than 30 minutes [Source]. Most exchanges and wallets use 3-6 blocks for finality, which means that you should wait ~60 minutes before assuming a transaction has settled. This makes it one of the slowest popular crypto networks. Many newer Proof of Stake blockchains settle 100x faster in under 10-30 seconds.
Difficulty adjustments
The puzzle difficulty is algorithmically set so that blocks are submitted once every 10 minutes on average. Every 2 weeks, the difficulty automatically readjusts to maintain constant block times. Due to the difficulty and rarity of solving the block puzzle as an individual, miners often join mining pools where their rewards are collectively split. Miners in mining pools often get paid by the pool for solving easier puzzles (fewer leading zeros).
Block rewards
The winning miner is rewarded with a block reward, which is the sum of the block subsidy (built-in inflation on the Bitcoin network used to pay for its security) and the transaction fee (paid by the user submitting the transaction). The block subsidy halves in nominal BTC roughly once every 3.8 years, meaning that it reduces by 99% every 27 years.

UTXO Transactions

UTXO Basics
Bitcoin uses UTXO transactions, which store the unspent input and output balances of a transaction. Unlike account transactions, it is difficult to keep track of the balance of an user's account with UTXO. UTXOs are also less storage-efficient because they usually have multiple input and output UTXOs. There's usually one additional output UTXO to store the remaining change balance, and wallets automatically combine multiple inputs. Combining multiple inputs also makes them susceptible to dust attacks that reduce your privacy.
Like Ethereum smart contracts, Bitcoin can save space and fees using batch transactions, and it can do this natively using UTXO without needing smart contracts.
Transactions are submitted with a fee to the Bitcoin network. They sit in the mempool until a miner packages them into a block. The higher the fee, the quicker miners will pick up the transactions. Users can also use Replace By Fee and Child Pays For Parent to increase the transaction fee of previously-submitted transactions.
Transaction size calculations
After the Segwit update, newer transactions calculate size based on weight units instead of bytes. A vByte is equivalent to 4 weight units. To calculate weight units, the non-witness parts (including the marker and flag) of the Bitcoin transaction in bytes are multiplied by a factor of 4.
Bitcoin transactions vary in size depending on how many inputs and output UTXOs they have. Also, different versions of UTXOs vary the weight greatly. The typical 620-weight (155 byte) transaction has a throughput of 11 TPS. The typical multisig is 2x slower.
For basic transactions, Coinbase's analysis and Hasu's analysis show that the savings for batching Bitcoin output UTXOs is at maximum 78% for storage (141 vbytes for a 1:2 transfer vs 141+31n vbytes for a 1:n transfer). There are limits to savings because input and output addresses take up the majority of space in transactions. Input addresses in particular take up twice as much space (68 vbytes) as output addresses (31-34 vbytes), so batching inputs has less savings. If you filled up an entire 4M-weight block with a single batch transaction with 125k output UTXOs, you could theoretically increase effective throughput from 3.8 TPS to 54 TfrPS. However, that's an incredibly unrealistic scenario, and with the current mix of transaction types on the blockchain, the actual effective transfers is closer to 17 TfrPS even when blocks are 100% filled.
Each 4M-weight block can hold roughly 2000 transactions on average. A typical 1 UTXO input, 2 UTXO transaction uses 155 vBytes. Multisigs start at ~200 vBytes.


Soft Forks

The advantage of soft forks
All updates on the canonical Bitcoin chain are done through soft forks. This has the advantage that no one is required to update their nodes to the latest version. Everyone is allowed the freedom of choice over whether to update.
The disadvantage of soft forks
The major downside is that Soft forks require new versions of the software to maintain backwards-compatibility with older versions, which leads to a ton of TECHNICAL DEBT. Bitcoin creates new address formats every time it soft-forks to maintain backwards compatibility with old addresses so that nodes can tell them apart. This significantly slows down the adoption of new updates, which now often take 3-6 years to gain the majority.
Nowhere else in the software industry does this happen. Even Linux distributors usually drop support for LTS releases after 5 years, and major releases often break backwards-compatibility.
Due to its soft forks, the Bitcoin network has to maintain a mismatch of all sorts of different formats (P2PK, P2PKH, P2SH, P2MS, P2WPKH, Nested P2WPKH, P2PKH, P2WSH, and P2TR). All the legacy addresses are slightly less efficient than the newer ones and cost more in fees to transact.
At the start of January 2023, only 1% of transactions were using Taproot-compatible addresses while 65% were still using legacy addresses incompatible with the Segwit update from 2017. (You may notice that the percent shot up in Feb 2023, and that was due to Ordinal inscriptions using Taproot.)
  • Legacy: 26%
  • Nested Segwit (within Legacy): 39%
  • Segwit v0: 34%
  • Taproot/Bech32m: 1%
Almost no one (1%) is using addresses newer than the 2021 update because none of the major CEXs support them. Most exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken) don't support Bech32m addresses, which means they can't send to Segwit v1 and Taproot addresses, released through the BIP 350 update.
And this limitation has blocked update progress for years.
In comparison, networks that hard fork for protocol updates don't have these incompatibility issues between versions. Everyone is working on the same version, which allows for consistency. A single Ethereum address is compatible with all versions of Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche C-Chain, Fantom, Cronos, Kava, Gnosis, Moobeam, all layer 2 networks, and hundreds of other networks.

Hard Forks

People who don't agree with Bitcoin Core protocol can hard fork it. There are many popular hard forks of Bitcoin. The largest ones are Bitcoin XT (2014), Bitcoin Cash (2017), and Bitcoin SV (2018).
The Bitcoin Cash fork is particularly notable because it was the result of a huge rift within the Bitcoin community over the size of blocks (1MB vs 8MB/32MB). Ultimately, the small-block proponents won the war, and Bitcoin kept its 1MB blocks while large-block proponents hard-forked to BCH. That's a bit ironic since Bitcoin was a 32MB-block chain for most of Satoshi's time. Much like how both mainland China (People's Republic of China) and Taiwan (Republic of China) claim themselves to be the true Republic of China, both the BTC and BCH communities tried to claim the title of "Bitcoin" even after the split. There was hot blood between them for years.


Reorgs are when a fork happens and the previous longest chain gets completely overwritten by a new longest chain. The new blocks in the previous chain are lost and overwritten. There have been at least 2 reorgs longer than 6 blocks: 51 blocks in Aug 2010 and 24 blocks on Mar 12, 2013 Source 1, Source 2. Both times were caused by coding bugs and had to be fixed by 51% attacks with community approval. The 2010 reorg actually caused Bitcoin to mint 184.4 billion Bitcoins, way past its 21 million cap. There have also been at least three 4-block reorgs prior to 2017. So the usual recommendation to wait 3-6 block confirmations was not guaranteed to be safe in the past. However, it has been stable for the past several years, and we haven't had any reorgs larger than 2 blocks.

Lack of Efficiency

Low throughput and slow block times

Bitcoin is a 3-4 TPS blockchain (when blocks are 100% filled) with a 30-60 minute probabilistic finality. It used to have a maximum of 7 TPS, but that has gradually fallen over the years after the Segwit update and exchanges started using batch transactions. It's much too slow to be used for point-of-sales merchant transactions. In comparison, both Avalanche's X-Chain (another UTXO network) and Algorand can reach 6000 TPS with under 5-sec deterministic finality.

High cost of security

Bitcoin is one of the least efficient cryptocurrencies. In 2021, each block cost roughly $150-300K in costs to mine, which is equivalent to $100-150 of fees per transaction. The amount of energy needed for a single Bitcoin transaction in Sept 2021, ~1800 kWh, is roughly the same as the amount of energy used by a typical US household over 62 days. The total Bitcoin network energy consumption was ~150-200 TWh / yr in 2021-2022. For comparison, the US has 92 Nuclear power plants that produced 778 TWh in 2021 source, so the Bitcoin network uses the equivalent power of 18-24 US nuclear power plants. Another way of looking at this is that Bitcoin consumes about as much energy as all data centers globally [Source].

Mempool congestion

Because of the slow transaction speed of Bitcoin, there's often a traffic jam of transactions waiting to be picked for the next block. Transactions sent to the network via gossip protocol sit in the mempool, and there were several times where the backlog ended up being greater than 100k transactions (8 hours) in 2021 and 2022. Many transactions were untouched for days until they timed out.
Due to its slow speed, Bitcoin is not suitable as a payment system for point-of-sales transactions. It would be silly to ask a customer to wait 60 minutes while the transaction finalizes.

Moderately-high Fees

Bitcoin fees vary with mempool size, congestion, and the sat/vByte ratio. Back in 2010, nearly all Bitcoin transactions had no fee. The fee has risen over time.
Bitcoin's fees are high enough that you can't use them for daily transactions. During the cheapest days of the 2022 bear market, fees fell back to $0.10 to $0.40 per transaction, and a transaction set to 1-2 sat/vB fees would go through in a couple of hours. In a bull market, fees can rise to $1-10 per transaction, and any fee set below 10 sat/vB could stay days in the mempool.
In fact, Layer 1 transfer fees even briefly rose past $50 in May 2021. That's way more than its competitors (e.g. XLM, XRP, Nano, BCH) that have average transfer fees under $0.10. And fees will rise again during the next bull run.

Unable to reach widespread global adoption

At 4 TPS, Bitcoin can only make ~345K transactions/day. There are ~8B people in the world today. If Bitcoin grows to the size of 1% of the population, each person can make an average of 1 on-chain transaction every 230 days. If Bitcoin usage grows to 10% of the population, each person can make an average of 1 on-chain transaction every 6.3 years. Bitcoin cannot achieve even 10% of world adoption unless everyone's solely using centralized exchanges and not interacting with the network itself.

Lightning Network

What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network was built as a partial-Layer 2 protocol to help scale Bitcoin due to Bitcoin's slow throughput and block time limitations.
Lightning uses an interconnected network of State Channels. Two or more parties have to open a multisig payment channel using a Hash TimeLock Contract (~800 weight) and rebalance the initial state. They can do however many transactions as they want off the Bitcoin network until they run out of capacity. Once they're done, they can close the channel and receive their portions of their funds from the channel. The network links multiple of these state channels together to create the Lightning Network.

Meant for small transactions

The total value stored on public Lightning channels account for under 0.02% of Bitcoin's total locked value. Transaction fees are low, so running a Lightning Network Daemon is not particularly profitable, especially since nodes constantly have to rebalance, costing additional fees. The larger your transaction, the higher the fees you have to pay to route it through the network. As of March 2023, the average channel capacity is only 0.07 BTC, and the average node capacity is only 0.33 BTC. It's not uncommon to have a 1 BTC transaction cost $2-10 in fees to route through multiple nodes in the Lightning Network due to limited channel capacity, which can make it more expensive than L1 Bitcoin fees.

Not a true Layer 2

Similar to Plasma channels, the Lightning network is not considered a true Layer 2 because it lacks global state. There are many nodes that are not connected to the rest of the network, and onion routing issues sometimes cause nodes to be disconnected from the rest of the network. Channels only work if everyone's online. If you're offline, others can force-close your channel, leading to a 1-week wait time where the channel's funds are locked and inaccessible.
Partially-centralized, low-security layer
There are a lot of limitations to the Lightning Network, and participants have to monitor their channels constantly to make sure they aren't improperly closed or disconnected.
Most people just connect to centralized nodes in a spoke-hub network topology to gain access to high-capacity nodes. Even though average capacity is getting bigger, the number of public channels has been on the decline since 2021, meaning that Lightning is becoming more centralized.

Rebalancing issues

One of the biggest problems with opening channels is that they start out with zero incoming liquidity. Anyone who opens a channel starts out with a metaphorical full cup of water. They can't receive any more water until they first empty the cup a little. And they can only receive additional water equivalent to the amount they removed. Similarly, people who open new channels to the Lightning network need to find a way to spend their Sats safely so that they can have incoming liquidity. Merchants and Lightning node providers often have a lack of incoming-liquidity while consumers who only spend usually run out of outbound liquidity. They have to pay up to $1 to rebalance each $1000.
There are several ways to get incoming liquidity. You can't just send Sats to another one of your accounts because that will just create a private channel disconnected from the rest of the Lightning network. You have to do it with another node on the Lightning network that has large incoming capacity, and that costs money because that uses up their capacity.
Most methods involve some variation of either 1) paying for a service (as expensive as $1 fee per $1000 of liquidity) or 2) finding other trusted members to take your funds on Lightning and then send you back the funds off-chain or on mainnet. Merchants who only receive funds have to constantly rebalance their channel (or more likely pay some centralized 3rd-party provider to do it). While it's not anywhere as expensive as the 2% that credit card companies charge, it's an ongoing cost and annoyance. Some newer methods available for initial setup are Dual Funding, which is only available for certain nodes like C-Lightning, and liquidity triangles.

Limits to adoption

Not even the Lightning Network could scale Bitcoin beyond 10% global adoption because opening and closing a channel requires 2 on-chain transactions. Each Lightning channel has directional capacity, and whenever that gets exceeded (varying times depending on usage, e.g. every 2-4 weeks), it will need to be rebalanced. This usually means someone on the network is closing and reopening with new capacity. You can't expect people to store months of funds on a single channel. Half of the US is living paycheck to paycheck and gets new checks biweekly. Merchant stores typically close their accounts at the end of the day. If even 1% of the world used the Lightning Network and opened/closed channels twice a year, the Bitcoin Network would become completely congested.
The only way Bitcoin and the Lightning Network could grow to 1% global adoption is if most of the users are only interacting on centralized exchanges/nodes and settling on the Bitcoin network directly no more than twice a year.

Other Weaknesses

Lack of Features

Bitcoin is very basic. It only supports 1 token: Bitcoin. The scripting language it uses, Bitcoin Script, is also rudimentary. Most miners will refuse to run anything beyond the few known basic scripts that have been whitelisted for Bitcoin use. This includes multi-signature and time-locks. These are scripts, but they're too basic to be considered actual smart contracts.

Mining Pool Centralization

The top 3 mining pools own 60% of the network [Source]. Mining is not something the average crypto user can do by themselves unless they join a mining pool because the chance of winning the block is astronomically low. You need an expensive and specialized high-end ASIC miner for SHA-256 mining. To prevent miners from stealing the block, mining pool servers do not provide enough information to miners for them to tell when an attack is coming. They will only find out if they're running full nodes and paying attention, and only after the attack has been committed. Individual miners have no financial incentive to run full nodes, so it's rare for them to be auditing their pool operators.
This could be fixed with Stratum v2, but that's not available yet. And we don't even know if mining pool will allow it. There are multiple configurations of Stratum v2, and only 2 out of 4 give control of block production to miners.

Lack of Client Diversity

Everyone is running some version of Bitcoin Core, which is developed by a single skeleton crew. All documentation on how to run a node point to Bitcoin Core, and if you search for "how to install a node" on Bitcoin Talk, they all use Bitcoin Core.
In addition, the largest mining pools (AntPool, Foundry USA, and F2Pool, and Binance Pool) all use Stratum v1 clients, which gives full control of block production to operators. News about Stratum v2 has been slow, and it's uncertain if the pools will even want to give up their control and switch to it.
In comparison, Etheruem has at least 5 consensus clients and 4 execution clients. And their community is constantly encouraging others to switch to minority clients.

Security Issues

Lack of sustainability

Bitcoin pays its Proof of Work miners with a block reward for providing security to the network. The block reward is the sum of:
  1. a fixed block subsidy (currently 6.25 BTC) paid through inflation of BTC, and
  2. a variable transaction fee from customers
Currently, that block subsidy is about $200K per block and it accounts for [97-99%]((https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/bitcoin-fee_to_reward.html)) of the block reward. Thus the current subsidy ($80 per transaction) is over 50x higher than current transaction fees.
As halvings continue and BTC's value can no longer keep doubling (due to exceeding the value of all assets in the world), the total block reward will keep decreasing. Some combination of the following must happen:
  1. transaction costs increase to replace the block subsidy
  2. miners drop out, leading to a decrease in Bitcoin's security
I don't expect consumers to pay for $50 transaction fees. Instead, there's a very high chance that Bitcoin will experience an ice age where all miners drop out except for the few miners who can acquire cheap ASIC rigs and run at the cheapest energy costs, leading to more centralization. This has been discussed many times before as the Tragedy of the Commons for Bitcoin since 2011. At that point, it will be extremely profitable to perform 51% attacks.

Susceptible to 51% attacks in the distant future

Proof of Work networks are inherently weak to 51% attacks.
Many smaller PoW have been successfully-attacked by mining pools from larger networks. Some PoW networks like Bitcoin Cash have introduced checkpoints to limit damage from attacks. Bitcoin Cash is actually quite resistant to 51% attacks due to that checkpoint, at the cost of having a longer finality time.
Bitcoin lacks finality checkpoints. It only takes $5-10B of mining equipment to compromise the Bitcoin network, and many billionaires and nation states easily have the funds to do this. Even poor countries like Nigeria have a $400B GDP. What's preventing others from attacking Bitcoin isn't the monetary cost--it's because it's hard to acquire that many mining rigs. But as halvings continue, if the price of Bitcoin doesn't double every 4 years, miners will eventually sell their equipment on secondary markets. Some nation state or billionaire could easily buy them, short Bitcoin, and then 51%-attack the network. They don't even need to go through the trouble of stealing funds.
Simply producing empty blocks is enough to grind the network to a halt. And they still get paid the block subsidy.
List of PROs (below): https://np.reddit.com/MPlankton/comments/127ztpv/bitcoin_research_mar_2023/jegk1nh/
List of CONs (below): https://np.reddit.com/MPlankton/comments/127ztpv/bitcoin_research_mar_2023/jegk6oh/
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