Zillow nh

These windows are a disaster.

2023.06.01 14:55 mollymoose75 These windows are a disaster.

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2023.05.04 16:00 Dry_Mathematician547 Moving from Michigan, how much of a shock and I in for?

Title says it, specifically Ann Arbor and Detroit MI.
For further background, my girlfriends family is from NH so we're really excited for the move potentially to get near her family. The pay is enough to justify the job switch and dropping income tax for both of us will more than make up for the property tax increase.
My job will be in Hookset and girlfriend needs to get to Boston Logan about once/week for her work so we're thinking Bedford will be ideal for a potential forever home spot to split commutes.
She grew up upstate NH so the newfound space is going to be great on her end. I grew up in Orange County in CA so it's going to be a learning experience for me although I was stationed in Saratoga Springs NY in the Navy and loved it there. Hoping the ManchesteNashua areas will have similar experiences to offer (minus the the horse racing people, holy moneybags!). Politically we're both fairly moderate, might lean a bit left but not by much. How much of a shock am I in for? Ny happy space is urban density with 3 grocery stores in a couple mile radius and half a dozen coffee shops to choose from, hers' is having that a 10 minute drive away with a few acres of quiet at home. Both of us greatly value good hiking and outdoors nearby.
For activities/friends, having the mountains so close to the North is going to be awesome. We're planning to join multiple outdoor and 20s/30s Meetup groups when we get in town to make new friends.
And if you've got time, we're visiting next week. Any recommendations to get to know the area on a quick two day trip? Parks, coffee shops, breweries, typically hangout spots are all appreciated.

EDIT (Bedford, NH vs Royal Oak, MI COL): A lot of folks are under the impression cost of living is going to spike massively coming from Michigan to New Hampshire. We've already run those numbers, it won't, at least not for us in our situation. In case you're curious, here's our overall results comparing my home in Royal Oak to a comparable home in Bedford using their current Zillow Estimates. All results are rounded out: Income Tax Savings: $13,000/yr (assuming our income)
Sales Tax Savings: $3,200/yr (assuming our income)
Property Tax Increase: $1,200/yr (assuming comparable home)
Principal/Interest Increase:$1,700/yr (assuming comparable home)
Utilities Increase: $1,800/yr (Your gas rates really are quite high, electric is a bit higher)
After tax savings just from moving to NH not including the salary bump: $11,500/year (plenty to have enough margin to say we're going to come out ahead, also this doesn't include my salary bump)
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2023.05.03 01:46 SockyStilts Is there some kind of hidden rental market I'm not able to see on Zillow (for example)? Are there rental brokers in NH for well qualified tenants?

My partner and I need to move to NH for a bit for work. Ideally about Milford or to the west of that. However I square my Zillow Rentals screen around that and every listing is either a run down duplex or a 650sqft studio apartment. Don't even dare filtering for "Allows a cat" or it's a barren wasteland out there.
Combined, we net after taxes about 10K take home and have perfect credit and two rental references. Should be an easy qualification as a desirable tenant yet... I'm feeling a little trapped that my choices are limited and I'll have to settle for something we don't really like.
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2023.04.27 16:07 Andre3000RPI Yahoo Morning Briefing

What we're watching
Follow all the action throughout the day on the Yahoo Finance Markets Blog.
What we're reading
Markets right now
📷📷 📷📷
Note: Data is as of the time of opening this email. To view real-time markets data click here.
AI hype is both a punchline and the real deal
Today's Takeaway is by Myles Udland, Head of News at Yahoo Finance. Follow Myles on Twitter @mylesudland and on LinkedIn.
The business world's obsessions with artificial intelligence has, in just a few short months, become a punchline of sorts.
AI also has the potential to be everything its biggest boosters believe it to be. And more.
Over the last few days, consumer companies including Coca-Cola (KO) and Pepsi (PEP) have talked about the role AI could play in their business.
As purveyors of soft drinks, salty snacks, and burritos, it is hard to see where AI enhancements to workflows and best practices might really shake things up for these businesses.
Other than, of course, lowering costs in businesses that are already relentlessly managed to maximize profits.
Results from Microsoft (MSFT) and Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL), however, more concretely brought home the reason AI's potential ought to be taken seriously as matching the runaway hype.
And as readers may likely anticipate, it is because of how AI has changed the thinking companies have around search that profound impacts may come to pass.
As Yahoo Finance's Josh Schafer noted Wednesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Tuesday on a call with investors, "As we look towards a future where chat becomes a new way for people to seek information, consumers have real choice in business model and modalities with Azure-powered chat entry points across Bing, Edge, Windows and OpenAI's ChatGPT. We look forward to continuing this journey in what is a generational shift in the largest software category, search."
Last week, we argued tech's obsession with AI was actually about a war happening in search. This view was, and continues to be, fueled by simply reading the comments of the CEO of the most powerful enterprise tech company in the world.
But if we broaden the notion of "search" beyond the walls of consumers looking for restaurants or new running sneakers, what we're really talking about is how data is collated, warehoused, and searched.
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2023.04.20 14:56 MichiganderNews Renaming Fuller Park, Dexter Lawsuit, March's Housing Market, State Recycling Rates Thursday, April 20 🌲 The Michigander

Renaming Fuller Park, Dexter Lawsuit, March's Housing Market, State Recycling Rates Thursday, April 20 🌲 The Michigander
Morning Townies! Here's today's Michigander (michigander.org):


Thursday, April 20: Oddly a lot of running news this morning. 3 things:
And if you missed last weekend's Big House 5K, there's a mini-marathon (2.62 miles) on Saturday.

Read Time: 3 minutes Reader Count: 273 townies Percent of Ann Arbor Reading: 0.228%

🎨 New Park Art: The City of Ann Arbor is seeking local input on what public art it should add to the new pedestrian and vehicle bridge in Gallup Park and the pedestrian tunnel between Bandemer Park and Barton Nature Area. The city’s 2 question survey is open now until May 2.

🛝 Bicentennial Park: In honor of Ann Arbor's 200th birthday next year, City Administrator Milton Dohoney has proposed renaming Fuller Park to Bicentennial Park. In addition to the rename, Dohoney is proposing adding a sculpture garden, community garden plots, a universal-access splash pad, sensory trails, and a new, geothermal-powered shelter.

📵 Dexter Joins Social Media Lawsuit: Along with 11 other Michigan school districts, the Dexter Community School District is joining a nationwide lawsuit against Meta, Snap, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media companies. The lawsuit seeks to hold social media companies accountable for their content algorithm that “addicts” young users and to pressure Congress into putting “guardrails” in place to protect students.

🚨 Murder Arrest Made: Ricky McCain was charged for last week's murder of Jude Walton, a former police oversight commissioner. The 54-year-old was charged with open murder, first-degree home invasion, and assault with intent to commit sexual penetration. McCain stayed mute during his arraignment.

♻️ State Recycling Rate: Last year Michigan’s recycling rate improved to 21%. While 21% is an all-time high and a 2% increase from 2021’s 19%, it still falls short of the national average of 32% and Michigan’s long-term goal of 45%. Michigan legislature has turned to grants to improve state-wide recycling programs and proposed bills to curb landfill usage.

🏡 March’s Housing Market: RealComp, a Michigan real estate data company, released a report on the state’s housing market. March’s year-over-year (YoY) highlights:
  • Median Sale Price: +3% YoY
  • New Listings: -19.4% YoY
  • Avg Days on Market: +13 (31 to 44) YoY
  • Closed Sales: -9% YoY

🪑 Pity City: Andi Owen, CEO of MillerKnoll (the Michigan-based office furniture giant previously known as Herman Miller), has come under fire for telling employees to work harder and “leave pity city” instead of worrying if they’ll receive annual bonuses. The frustrations further highlight the struggling office furniture industry - an industry deeply embedded in the West Michigan economy.

🪴 Michigan Gardening: Experts are reminding Michiganders to hold off outdoor gardening for a few weeks until the last frost of the year passes. According to the Farmer's Almanac, the last frost will be April 27 for Detroit, May 11 for Ann Arbor, May 14 for Grand Rapids, and May 17 for Sault Ste. Marie.

2481 Pinecrest Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
3 Bed 1 Bath 864 Sqft $248,000 Zillow

1224 Ferdon Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
4 Bed 2 Bath 1,621 Sqft $765,000 Zillow

1120 Martin Pl, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
3 Bed 3 Bath 3,127 Sqft $1,650,000 Zillow

That's all for now! Next Michigander gets emailed out on Monday
- Andrew
P. S. - If you like what you read, you can subscribe at michigander.org
P. S. S. - Unfortunately, it's tick season - here's a refresher on staying safe
P. S. S. S. - Ann Arbor's Earth Day Festival will be this Sunday at Leslie Science & Nature Center
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2023.04.18 00:49 Teddythehedgie What…what’s going on here

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2023.04.17 13:28 MichiganderNews 🌲 The Michigander - Monday, April 17 - Ann Arbor News

🌲 The Michigander - Monday, April 17 - Ann Arbor News
Morning AnnArbor! Here's today's issue from our startup newsletter The Michigander (michigander.org). Enjoy!


Morning Ann Arbor! Over the weekend, I found myself in the weird, but wonderful world of Ann Arbor dashboards. A few of my favorites:

Read Time: 3 minutes Reader Count: 262 townies Percent of Ann Arbor Reading: 0.218%
Instagram: mothfirebrewingco
🍺 Mothfire Brewing's New Taproom: Local Ann Arbor brewery, Mothfire Brewing Co., is leaving its Industrial Highway location to build a new, state-of-the-art taphouse off West Ellsworth. The new, 6,000 sqft space is expected to open this June.

🚨 Homicide Investigation: The Ann Arbor Police Department has opened a homicide investigation into the death of a former police oversight commissioner. Jude Walton, the former head of the Independent Community Police Oversight Commission, was found deceased in her home on Thursday.

🥪 Canceling School Lunch Debt: End The Cycle, a student org. at U of M, raised over $5,000 this semester to completely pay off lunch debt at two local elementary schools. As Ann Arbor Public Schools do not have enough low-income students to qualify for free lunches, lunch debt (which accumulates through a student’s K-12 years) is a burden on kids and schools. End The Cycle raised the funds through grants, sticker sales, and individual contributions.

🚲 Abandoned Bikes: Starting May 15, U of M’s Ground Services staff will begin removing abandoned bikes across campus. The program, which marks bikes with brightly-colored tags before removing them, started in 2016 to free up racks around campus. Removed bikes are refurbished and donated to Michigan schools.
🦒 Zoo Brew: On May 19 the Detroit Zoo will host Zoo Brew, an after-hours event for adults to enjoy the zoo with alcoholic beverages. 2023’s Zoo Brew will feature live entertainment, life-size games, and over 100 Michigan-made brews. Tickets are $50 and include admission to the zoo and six 5-ounce beer pours.

🔋 Pushing for Clean Energy: Michigan Senate Democrats announced the “Clean Energy Future Plan”, a package of proposed bills to ween the state off fossil fuels. The bills would force utility providers to stop burning coal by 2030 and deliver 100% carbon-free power by 2035. With control of the House, Senate, and Governorship, Michigan Democrats are seizing an opportunity to push energy reform throughout the state.

📜 New Gun Reform Laws: Last week two gun reform bills were signed into law. A new universal background check law closes a “loophole” that allowed rifles and shotguns to be privately purchased without a background check and a new safe storage law requires gun owners in homes with minors to keep weapons in locked containers. The bills were signed inside Spartan Stadium at MSU, two months to the day after the on-campus shooting.

🥚 Emergency Egg Hunt Alert: Flint Mayor Sheldon Neely is being criticized for using the city's new emergency alert system to invite residents to an Easter Egg Hunt at city hall. Alert Flint, the emergency alert system, was designed to warn residents about active shooters, natural disasters, missing children, evacuations, road maintenance, and boil water advisories.

1944 Steere Pl, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
2 Bed 2 Bath 1,223 Sqft $389,900 Zillow

439 Eberwhite Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
5 Bed 3 Bath 2,387 Sqft $895,000 Zillow

2137 Melrose Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
6 Bed 5 Bath 4,125 Sqft $1,450,000 Zillow

That's all for now! Next Michigander comes out on Thursday
- Andrew
P. S. - If you like what you read, you can subscribe at michigander.org
P. S. S. - A Michigan couple got married at Lowe's
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2023.03.29 20:22 OwlStretcher Bucks County Schools Megathread

We're getting "Is XX school district good/bad/safe?" posts at least once a week. So rather than have them repeat ad nauseum, we're making a megathread. With data!
Here's how this works. I'm going to lead off with a gigantic and questionably useful data dump. Then in the comments, we're going to have a master thread for each district. We can discuss the finer points on each district there.
Race/Ethnicity demographics were not factored/will not be factored/should not be factored. We're not using "good schools" as a euphemism or dog whistle of any kind.
Full data set available here
+ District # Students # Elem GS Avg # Mid GS Avg # High GS Avg GS Agg. S/T Ratio # Couns. Grad % Free Lunch % ESL %
1 Bensalem 6,462 6 5 2 4.5 1 4 4.5 16:1 10 88.8% 40.3% 9.1%
2 Bristol Boro 1,199 1 6 1 5 1 3 4.7 15:1 1 90.2% 52.9% 2.4%
3 Bristol Township 6,342 3 4 2 4.5 1 4 4.2 16:1 7 85.9% 48.1% 4.4%
4 Centennial 5,471 3 5.3 2 3.5 1 4 4.3 14:1 11 93.5% 28.6% 7.6%
5 Central Bucks 18,104 15 8.1 5 7.4 3 8.7 8.1 15:1 28 96.7% 7.7% 2.0%
6 Council Rock 10,778 10 6.2 2 7 2 9 7.4 15:1 11 98.1% 6.2% 2.9%
7 Morrisville Boro 811 2 4 1 1 4 4 13:1 3 82.3% 65.8% 5.3%
8 Neshaminy 9,084 6 5.8 3 5.3 1 8 6.4 16:1 16 93.9% 22.4% 1.6%
9 NH-Solebury 1,303 2 9 1 9 1 9 9 11:1 3 96.2% 6.6% 3.3%
10 Palisades 1,404 3 6 1 6 1 7 6.3 9:1 2 93.9% 15.5% 0.1%
11 Pennridge 6,797 7 7.3 3 4.7 1 6 6 15:1 11 94.7% 17.1% 2.1%
12 Pennsbury 9,907 11 6 4 6.3 2 8 6.8 12:1 18 96.2% 15.5% 3.0%
13 Q'town Comm. 4,770 5 5.7 2 6.5 1 8 6.7 16:1 10 92.3% 23.8% 2.8%
+ District Repr. Muni. MHHI Poverty % Med. Home HS Grad % C/U Grad. %
1 Bensalem Bensalem Twp $70,050 9.3% $280,900 90.1% 30.1%
2 Bristol Boro Bristol Boro $65,651 8.7% $186,600 88.7% 21.1%
3 Bristol Township Bristol Twp $69,443 10.2% $217,900 89.9% 21.8%
4 Centennial Warminster Twp $69,471 5.5% $324,700 93.6% 31.8%
5 Central Bucks Doylestown Twp $124,034 3.6% $490,800 96.2% 55.0%
6 Council Rock Newtown Twp $130,609 2.0% $434,700 96.2% 67.7%
7 Morrisville Boro Morrisville Boro $81,028 6.7% $215,400 93.5% 36.8%
8 Neshaminy Middletown Twp $97,360 3.8% $333,200 95.0% 39.5%
9 NH-Solebury Solebury Twp $155,536 3.1% $657,400 98.7% 70.3%
10 Palisades Springfield Twp $105,909 2.6% $384,800 89.4% 41.3%
11 Pennridge Perkasie Boro $86,163 8.5% $274,800 95.3% 40.6%
12 Pennsbury Lwr Makefield/Falls $115,570 5.4% $361,250 94.3% 47.1%
13 Q'town Comm. Quakertown Boro $70,610 11.6% $214,400 93.3% 22.8%
+ District # Students GS AGG S/T Ratio Grad Rate Free Lunch % ESL % $/Student Exp./Student Difference $ Instr./Student $ Supp./Student $ OtheStudent
1 Bensalem 6,462 4.5 16:01 88.80% 40.30% 9.10% $23,140 $16,577 $6,563 $10,152 $5,850 $573
2 Bristol Boro 1,199 4.7 15:01 90.20% 52.90% 2.40% $21,109 $17,043 $4,066 $12,010 $4,337 $667
3 Bristol Township 6,342 4.2 16:01 85.90% 48.10% 4.40% $23,013 $16,059 $6,954 $10,580 $4,904 $568
4 Centennial 5,471 4.3 14:01 93.50% 28.60% 7.60% $22,044 $17,943 $4,101 $12,009 $5,465 $475
5 Central Bucks 18,104 8.1 15:01 96.70% 7.70% 2.00% $18,551 $15,624 $2,927 $10,048 $5,319 $254
6 Council Rock 10,778 7.4 15:01 98.10% 6.20% 2.90% $22,382 $19,087 $3,295 $13,435 $5,316 $334
7 Morrisville Borough 811 4 13:01 82.30% 65.80% 5.30% $26,917 $20,434 $6,483 $12,947 $6,905 $617
8 Neshaminy 9,084 6.4 16:01 93.90% 22.40% 1.60% $19,498 $15,536 $3,962 $10,667 $4,480 $385
9 New Hope-Solebury 1,303 9 11:01 96.20% 6.60% 3.30% $30,894 $25,107 $5,787 $16,040 $8,672 $384
10 Palisades 1,404 6.3 9:01 93.90% 15.50% 0.10% $28,852 $24,929 $3,923 $14,672 $9,615 $570
11 Pennridge 6,797 6 15:01 94.70% 17.10% 2.10% $20,366 $16,432 $3,934 $10,578 $5,488 $368
12 Pennsbury 9,907 6.8 12:01 96.20% 15.50% 3.00% $20,838 $16,851 $3,987 $11,396 $5,097 $353
13 Quakertown Community 4,770 6.7 16:01 92.30% 23.80% 2.80% $22,594 $17,297 $5,297 $11,048 $5,828 $419
TL;DR Synopsis
We throw student/teacher ratios around a lot, but in a county where the ratios range from 9:1 to 16:1, the district with the highest grad rate has a 15:1 ratio and the district with the worst grad rate has a ratio of 13:1.
Money doesn't matter too much. Morrisville, Bensalem, and Bristol Township are three of the lowest-performing schools, yet they are top 5 in revenue-per-student. In money spent purely on instruction, Bristol Borough & Morrisville are in the top 5 for money spent, and are both low performing scholastically.
The idea that low poverty areas with high college grad populations, high home values, and high incomes are going to be better mostly holds true. Mostly. New Hope-Solebury tops the charts on school rating, income, home value, and residents who graduated high school and college, but they're #4 in student graduation rates. Morrisville has the worst school rating but is in the middle of the pack when it comes to area demographics.
All this data taken into consideration, poor areas generally have worse schools, rich areas typically have better schools, and within them, the two districts consistently punching above their weight are Quakertown and Neshaminy.
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2023.03.23 15:52 quoth01 Best ways to find housing in Seacoast area?

Hey NH, I'm looking for an apartment in the Seacoast/Dover area. I've made a Facebook post and been on Zillow, but there doesn't seem to be a ton of inventory.
Are there typically more apartments coming on the market in summer? What strategies / websites have you used for finding housing?
I'm OK with something furnished / more of a sublet as well. Thanks!
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2023.02.06 02:36 NecessaryMistake9754 What would you tell your realtor if you just bought a house and zillow said it has already lost 100k in value?

Came across this house where it was initially listed for $569k and sold for $480k. But zillow for some reasons said it's only worth $389k. That translates to 190k loss over 30 years at 6% (90k overpaid principle + additional interest on the overpaid principle). I always thought zillow over estimate the housing price? For instance in my area, zillow estimates my place for well over 500k, but I looked at what my neighbors could sell for, it's maxed at 425k. What would you say to the realtor who keeps saying price won't drop, and is now no longer in touch with you after they get the commission check. $200k extra is a lot.
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2023.02.03 04:33 NecessaryMistake9754 New Hampshire will be the biggest bubble of all time

New Hampshire will be the biggest bubble of all time
TLDR: New Hampshire prices have gone up to an insane level (NYC prices). With WFH ending or getting laid off, prices will not be sustained. Also, cost of living in NH is extremely high and people can't even afford to pay for electricity there. Lastly, redfin is showing there are 100% more people looking to move out of NH than to move in. All changes point to a significant downturn.
not sure if people are aware of what is going on in this small new england state. prices have literally gone up easily 100% anywhere. and i can assure you, some places in the middle of nowhere in NH are selling for NYC prices. with the WFH crowd being called back or getting fired, I bet the current price level could not sustain. Also, many of the homeowners are trying to catch the last wind, so I suspect there would be so much inventory going to the market this spring.
also, people really underestimate the cost of living in New Hampshire. despite having no income tax, their property tax is insane (easily north of $10k/$20k a year). And mind you, with the cold weather there, utilities could easily run up to $1k for a 1,000 sq ft house. Eversource (their electricity supplier) just raised their rate by 100% (yes 100%). just scrolled through nextdoor in some NH neighborhoods and you will see all the moms and aunties complaining about living in the cold because they can't afford to pay for electricity there.
Example: condo for north of $1M dollar (it's a condo!! not even a house or townhome). Who will actually buy this?
Also, looking at Redfin Migration trend, between Oct to Dec 2022, the number of people looking to move out of southern NH (from Manchester to Nausha, and along the coast from Rochester to Portsmouth, Hillsborough) out-numbered by close to 100%. 9552 people are looking to leave as opposed to only 5074 people looking to move in. if that's not a sign of a significant market downturn, I don't know what is.
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2023.01.26 17:29 NecessaryMistake9754 Is it illegal in the state of new Hampshire to list manufactured home as single family home?

I saw a lot of the listings in southern new Hampshire recently listed manufactured home on its own hand as single family home. Obviously, a manufactured home is a depreciation asset like a car and it usually won't last that long due to the quality and it will need to be scraped eventually like a car. Since a lot of buyers might not be able to tell the difference between a ranch and a manufactured home on a concrete foundation, they might unknowly paid premium to something that mostly like doesn't worth it. So my question is: is it illegal for realtors to list a manufactured home as a single family home in the state of new Hampshire?
As an example: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/109-Danville-Road-Hampstead-NH-03826/86803182_zpid/
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2023.01.05 06:39 My_Clever_User_Name Upside-down and straight out of the 70s, but I kinda love it

Upside-down and straight out of the 70s, but I kinda love it
HUGE kitchen on the 2nd/3rd floor, barely a living room next to it... Bar on the basement/walk-out 1st level along with a toy storage area that looks like a box of primary colored crayons and is a bit of a maze. And mostly empty rooms on the 'main' level. Clearly a camp! With only 1 bathroom between them. There's a bathroom for the bar level (1) and one upstairs. It also has a weird carpeted attic room... But the whole layout is maze-like and just weird.

I kinda love this kitchen! And the view is incredible
da bar... with it's big... area. And they put the fireplace BEHIND the half-wall...
Start of crayon maze

carpeted levels in attic
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2022.10.27 17:26 zebra_humbucker Looking for house rentals

Hi, my wife and I are emigrating to the US in the next couple months and aiming to live around Concord or possibly Manchester NH. I've been looking around for houses to rent while we settle in and using the likes of Trulia and Zillow i'm coming up really short on options.
We potentially have a baby on the way and I will need to work from home so I need a 3 bedroom place. On that basis I really want a house as opposed to an apartment.
Admittedly I'm filtering for places that allow a dog which doesn't help.
Budget is probably at around the 2 or maybe 2.5k per month.
Are there any avenues I'm missing in my search? Or are the pickings really as slim as Trulia would have me believe?
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2022.10.12 01:59 honey_is_bee_crap Five Year Old Elijah Lewis, Another Victim of DCYF Failures in New Hampshire

The story of Elijah "Eli" Lewis shines another light on the failures of the child protection system, specifically the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) in New Hampshire. In 2021 there were 19 child deaths in New Hampshire; 14 of those children were involved with DCYF in some way. Little Eli's story played out right alongside that of Harmony Montgomery, who was also failed by NH DCYF and is presumed dead. NH Child Advocate Moira O'Neill, who oversees DCYF, calls cases like these "exceedingly rare." New Hampshire has a population of just 1.3 million; with two concurrent cases of missing children from DCYF oversight, you can be the judge of that math. You can see my writeup on Harmony here https://www.reddit.com/TrueCrimeDiscussion/comments/xt4nw7/5_year_old_harmony_montgomery_wasnt_seen_for_2/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
Eli's story played out publicly on Facebook due to the efforts of an aunt, MJ, who formed and still maintains an active group called "Eli's Army- Justice for Elijah Lewis- We Are Their Voice NH." In this writeup, when I refer to facebook, I am referring to that group and to comments that come from either MJ herself, or from others who MJ has verified have a relationship to the case. MJ appears to run a clean group and so, while some of the comments likely contain a level of conjecture or rumor, I will include them here as they have been either written or allowed to remain posted by MJ.
Eli was born in Arizona on January 7, 2016, to Danielle (Dauphinais) Lewis and Tim Lewis. Tim and Danielle were divorced in 2017 shortly after Eli's first birthday. During the contentious divorce, Tim described Danielle as being "violent and impulsive" and having a "history of domestic violence and substance abuse." Danielle's earlier criminal history in New Hampshire would corroborate Tim's claims of impulsivity, as she had an arrest history for driving while intoxicated, theft by unauthorized taking, and theft from a building. As part of the divorce, Arizona courts ruled that Eli was to remain in Tim's custody, and that Danielle was not to spend unsupervised time with him.
In mid-2020, Eli was brought from Arizona to New Hampshire to live with Danielle. Courts were not involved in this arrangement, and likely would not have approved it if they had been. According to facebook posts, Tim could no longer handle four year old Eli's behavior, and accused Eli of harming his other younger children. Tim drove Eli from Arizona to New Hampshire and left him with Danielle. Some posts claim that Eli was put on a plane alone and flown to New Hampshire.
Eli spent his short time in NH living with Danielle and her boyfriend Joseph (Jo) Stapf in the basement of Jo's mom's house in Merrimack. The house was located on Sunset Drive, right on Naticook Lake, which Eli loved. He loved to play with trucks in the sand around the lake and run and dance in the large yard. Even though there was plenty of outside space for Eli, neighbors reported that they rarely saw the little boy out of the house in the months before he went missing. Merrimack school officials confirmed that Eli was also never enrolled in school, and it's speculated that he was never under a doctor's care either.
The behavior that Eli exhibited in Arizona continued in New Hampshire. According to two of his uncles, Eli would have tantrums and become very difficult to manage. Danielle said that Eli had to be kept in his room because he couldn't be trusted; he would urinate throughout the house and play in his feces. Danielle was struggling to cope. In June of 2021, she needed to vent, and found an opportunity via text messages (other sources say snapchat). Erika Wolfe, who hadn't spoken to Danielle in years, had posted on social media about her own struggles with her son's behavior. Seeing an opportunity for sympathetic ears, Danielle reached out to Erika and sent her what would end up becoming an incredibly troubling and damning chain of messages about Eli. In an expletive-riddled rant, Danielle compared her son to Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, told Erika that she had no connection with the boy, and said that she wanted him gone. Erika was, of course, troubled. But she assumed that DCYF was overseeing and providing support, and that Danielle was just venting. She soon forgot about the messages.
Jo was in no position to be a supportive partner and help Danielle with Eli's behaviors. With his own lengthy criminal record and accusations of serious domestic violence against the mother of his other children, Jo was no catch. Behind the scenes, Danielle was in talks with her aunt out in California, trying to arrange for her to take Eli in. The aunt's husband had a background in mental health, leading Danielle to believe that this would help get Eli into serious treatment. This plan was in the works according to MJ, but there was no follow through.
Eli was Danielle's fourth child out of six. A facebook post claims that these six children were fathered by four different men. Her three oldest children had been in the custody of their fathers since they were infants. A facebook post said that it was so common for Danielle to give up her kids, that it was almost expected. Danielle would often go "missing" when she was using drugs. Danielle struggled with substance use, and some of her younger children were born addicted to drugs that she used while pregnant. It was her drug use that eventually led to Eli's absence being discovered. Danielle gave birth to a baby boy at home, just a few weeks after Eli was later believed to have passed away. Danielle and Jo tried to manage the new baby's withdrawals at home, but were eventually overwhelmed with the symptoms of detoxification and brought him to the hospital in October 2021. This prompted DCYF to investigate the family. When DCYF workers arrived at the Sunset Drive home to check on the other children, they were unable to locate Eli. Danielle told DCYF that Eli had gone to live with relatives. When those relatives were not willing to lie to DCYF to cover for Danielle, the two remaining children were brought into DCYF custody, giving Danielle and Jo the perfect opportunity to run.
DCYF continued to try to locate Eli, but ended up reporting him missing to the Merrimack Police on October 14th. On October 16th, police announced Eli's absence to the public and asked for any information into his whereabouts. Seeing the news reports, Erika got a knot in her stomach and remembered those old troubling messages; she sent them to a relative who assured her they would be forwarded to authorities.
At this point, police believed that Eli had not been seen for six months, although that would later be corrected to one month based on updated sightings from "independent sources". A team of divers, searchers, and dogs was dispatched to Sunset Drive to search in and around the lake. At the same time, the public was urged to keep their eyes out for the red Toyota truck that Danielle and Jo were likely traveling in as they attempted to escape responsibility for their part in Eli's disappearance. They weren't able to remain on the run for long; both were arrested in New York City on October 17th and were quickly extradited back to New Hampshire and held without bail on charges of child endangerment.
The search continued for Eli throughout New Hampshire, and now began in earnest in New York as well. While family members took to the media to beg for information from the public as well as from Danielle and Jo, investigators received information that led the search to a state park in Abington Massachusetts. At this point, Massachusetts authorities had become involved in the search, and they held a press conference to give more information. They stated that they were led to Ames Nowell State Park in Abington, more than 70 miles away from Eli's home, based on new information and possible evidence. Authorities would not expand upon the information they received, stating only that phone and video surveillance are commonly used in investigations such as this. A facebook post by MJ clarified that it was a cell phone left in the area and found by teenagers which prompted the search of the park. Searchers were still hopeful that Eli was alive, and stated that they were confident that they would find him if he was indeed in that park.
The search continued in the massive park, with the help of police, K9 units, and air units from both states. On October 23rd, cadaver dogs uncovered buried remains. Massachusetts Plymouth County DA Tim Cruz stated that the size and condition of the remains led officials to believe they were Eli, but would not provide further details on the condition of the body. He stressed that, even with Danielle and Jo in custody, this was just the beginning of the investigation. The manner and cause of death might take months to uncover.
The small communities around Merrimack came together quickly. The day after Eli's body was found, MJ organized a candlelight vigil that had over 100 attendees. Some community members were so moved that they hand embroidered large blue ribbons with Eli's name on them to memorialize the little boy. Light blue ribbons adorned almost every signpost in Merrimack right away. Signs with #EliStrong went up all over southern New Hampshire. School busses painted their windows with "Justice for Elijah." MJ took to social media to thank searchers and investigators and to wish them strength as they would also need to physically and emotionally recover. She asked the community to remember Eli, and to wear the blue ribbons to remind them to keep the focus on the investigation, rather than on placing blame. She stressed that the entire family was emotionally exhausted and broken, and reminded readers and vigil attendees that there was extra pain in this vigil that was never meant to be a memorial service.
One month later, the autopsy report was completed and the cause and manner of death were released. According to the report, Eli's death was a homicide. Eli's death was not quick. It was described as prolonged torture, occurring over the course of about a year, before one final beating from Jo overtook him. The five year old died from a violent combination of malnourishment, bed sores, face and head injuries, and acute fentanyl intoxication. Jo reportedly became concerned about a "rotting" hole in Eli's back in September 2021. The bed sores were so severe that medical experts said that they were akin to those seen on someone who had been mechanically restrained for some length of time, and never something that would be seen on a healthy five year old. That, or Eli had become so malnourished that he was unable to move even the slightest bit for a long period of time before death. The average five year old weighs 40 pounds; little Eli weighed only 19 at the time of his death. Text messages obtained by the Boston Globe show Danielle complaining to a friend about Joanne Stapf (Jo's mom, whose house they all lived in together) feeding Eli. Danielle did not appreciate Joanne giving Eli food, claiming that he would just eat until he threw up.
Joanne Stapf was essentially run out of her small town home once it became public what had happened under her roof and likely right under her nose. The community questions how she could have not known what was going on when Eli lived in her basement. When she could no longer comfortably live in her home, she took advantage of its lakeside setting and rented it out as an AirBnB for some time. At one point, the home was up for sale. Neighbors planted large signs across the street urging potential buyers to google the address before considering the purchase; a helpful gesture, given that New Hampshire is one of a handful of states in which realtors are not required to disclose a violent death occurred in a home. Eli's place of death has not been made public, but given some other details one can draw conclusions about the home: during a sentencing hearing for Jo, it was revealed that all of Eli's toys, clothes, and other items were stored in a tote outside of the home for several days before his body was loaded into the tote and into the car to be driven to the Abington park to be buried by Jo while Danielle waited in the car. The home is not currently listed for sale, and Zillow shows it was last sold in 2017.
Last week, Jo pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 22 to 45 years in state prison. Prosecutors say that he caused Eli's death by throwing him into a bed frame, causing the final head injury, then removed Eli's body from the Sunset Drive home. He also pleaded guilty to second degree assault, concealing evidence, and witness tampering connected to asking Danielle's family to lie about Eli's whereabouts. Joanne attended Jo's sentencing hearing and disrupted the courtroom by yelling at Jo not to accept the plea deal, and that he did nothing wrong. She cried out loud when the sentence was read. Jo stated that he never intended for this to happen to Eli, and that Eli deserved to be loved. MJ wrote on facebook after the sentencing hearing that Jo helped to locate Eli's body and has been fully cooperating since he has been in custody. The same cannot be said for Danielle. Tim Lewis, Eli's biological dad, read a powerful impact statement, even as his own culpability in Eli's death remains a question at least in the eyes of the public.
Danielle remains in custody and faces seven charges including first degree murder for purposely causing Eli's death, second degree murder for causing Eli's death with extreme indifference to the value of human life, child endangerment, and witness tampering. The indictment for first degree murder lists the timeline for the crime as September 27, 2020 through September 24, 2021, possibly to account for the prolonged torture and starvation that she brought upon Eli.
MJ posted to the facebook group reminding all to show up outside the courthouse for Danielle's next hearing, to ensure that she knows Eli isn't forgotten. She is also actively seeking legislative sponsors for Elijah's Law, which would strengthen requirements for DCYF workers to follow up on young children at risk.
Eli's body was claimed by his biological father and returned to Arizona. I have no doubt that the tight knit communities here in New Hampshire will continue to show up for events in Eli's memory.
Trying something different with my sources this time. All articles used can be found on my raindrop.io page here https://raindrop.io/sabrira/elijah-lewis-28081206
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2022.10.06 07:16 GPdestroysfamilies Ed & Kelly Kang -Gracepoint Nonprofit and Real Estate Empire

With great anticipation, the publication of the full nonprofit and multi-million dollar real estate list. I've been working behind the scenes, researching and gathering primary and secondary documents and examining the real estate transfers. The nonprofit list was compiled a year earlier from the start. The entire picture from a bird's eye view is extensively documented. Enjoy, santé.
The Full Nonprofit and Real Estate Empire List*
*Disclaimer: This is a work in progress and subject to change with corrections and additional data
Nonprofit List Part I
This is color coded for ease of reading. These are the official nonprofits registered and found after painstakingly searching by state. This is also referenced with the tax EIN via searching the IRS Website. This is also cross referenced with the SBC Church Database. A Red Highlighted SBC Church Name doesn't have an exact nonprofit name and SBC name match.
The nonprofit list was created early on. GP Fellowship and GP Ministries fingerprints were across several real estate documents. It wasn't clear why the similar entities of GPM and GPF until the EIN and SBC List came up. Gp Ministries is not a SBC church. u/leftbbcgp2005 has previously asked and extensively discussed the discrepancies within GP Ministries. GP Ministries also became suspect with the Jenness Park Purchase to compartmentalize and avoid discovery of this entity from the California Southern Baptist Convention (CSBC).
Nonprofit List Part II-Expanded Edition
Column C-State Nonprofit List. This was not easy to sort through so many byzantine government websites. A number of documents were pay per access. Before GP revamped their website, they had an extensive list of colleges. Thank you to GP for compiling a list, it made the detective work easier. I had to do the heavy lifting and reference colleges by states and search Gracepoint across all those states.
Column F and G- I labeled some nonprofits by Region and if they are Youth Ministries.
Real Estate Part I
A Collapsed List with the owning entity, state, property name, address. SUM (column) of the estimated purchase price and current price from data from Zillow and Red Fin. Complete estimates for North Loop and Alcatraz are not included, hence the highlighted yellow-no complete data available. This is in Millions. If it's not included, please make an educated guess of what the purchase price and current estimate is. Add that to the sum.
Real Estate Part II
Expanded list with notes on the properties, and the transfer. Some properties are next to each other, and even in separate counties but still adjacent. There are a number of consolidations to Gracepoint Ministries. The note of the date of transfer is listed. Who signed is mentioned. These are all public figures or staff members, no doxxing. Listed is what the source of the documents are. The documents came from real estate documents, and deeds. Sourcing these documents came from county websites. That meant finding and skimming through a variety of documents available across states, counties, and even one website. At one point, 80 pages bulk downloaded and examined from Texas. This was a monster of a project to sort through.
Edit 1: 10/6/22 Corrected the nonprofit Teens Against* Trafficking
Edit 2: 10/6/22 Removed GP Corporation in WI, this nonprofit got captured in the dragnet.
Edit 3: 10/6/22 Adding Map, correcting Impacting Asian Communities of Tomorrow
Edit 4: 10/8/22 Adding Yosemite Info
Edit 5: 10/9/22 Adding International Student Mentorship Program
Edit 6: 10/10/22 Moving NJ and NH Properties to GP Ministries
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2022.08.31 22:09 Teucer90 Sourcing new Airbnbs?

I'm a host for three Airbnb locations, but I'm currently looking to buy/bring on a few more. I'm not sure how you all have been doing it, but for me it's been a combo of cross-referencing zillow listings with airdna revenue projections and STR regulations for the municipality the property is in. I found that to be pretty tedious, so I built a platform that just centralizes all that info for a given property and I've found it to be useful thus far (loaded with about 1K listings in VT/NH in USA to date). Figured I'd make it free and put it out there on the off-chance that it's helpful for other folks as well. Let me know what you think.
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2022.08.31 21:55 Teucer90 Zillow for Airbnbs/STRs

I've got a few properties that I rent out primarily as short term rentals and I'm currently looking to acquire more. I've gotten pretty tired of having to cross reference zillow listings with airdna projections and local regulations so I built a platform that centralizes all that info for a given property. Started with 1K listings in VT and NH and thought I'd make available/free to other folks as well. Let me know if this is helpful; feedback welcomed.
EDIT: Fine on mobile. Better on desktop view.
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2022.08.23 06:39 mossbrooke Craxu, huh?

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2022.08.23 05:27 Unusual_Flounder6758 Annual income needed to purchase average home by US State

Annual income needed to purchase average home by US State submitted by Unusual_Flounder6758 to MapPorn [link] [comments]

2022.08.11 16:35 Stower2422 Paint, counters, shower, and flip 8 months later for 167% of the former price

I was actually looking at buying this house last fall, but the timing was off by about a month. It sold for $390k in November. It's in a town with basically nothing, and the kitchen and baths were a little 90s era dated, but it had good bones. Apparently the flipper who bought it agreed. They put in new counters, a new tub, a new shower, and tacked $260,000 to the price. It's listed for $650,000 now. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/90-Mountain-Vista-Drive-New-Hampton-NH-03256/126556212_zpid/?utm_medium=referral
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2022.08.05 23:30 PDNYFL Are there any resort areas in VT,NH,ME where prices haven't gone completely bonkers?

I am guessing the answer is "no" but maybe the brains on here can think of some place I might have missed.
About 5 years ago my (now ex) girlfriend and I came up with the idea of splitting our time between home and a place on a ski mountain. Things did not work out with her but I kept the dream alive and started working towards it on my own. Fast forward to last summer and I finally have my ducks in a row, only problem is everything else in the real estate market has changed.
I've mainly been looking in the MRV and at Sugarbush specifically. I have put in an offer twice, at ask both times and not only outbid but the other offers were cash. I can't compete with that. Prices have gone completely postal, here is a place that sold 5 years ago for $153k and now they want $547k! (https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/34-Paradise-Way-2-Warren-VT-05674/2092938757_zpid/)
I have looked somewhat at other areas in VT, at least virtually, but haven't seen anything compelling enough to make an offer. Jay is attractive due to generally lower prices and the mountain itself. The areas closer to Boston or NYC (Mount Snow, Stratton, Okemo) seem to price a little higher and would also probably suffer from climate change more so not a fan. This past winter I was keeping an eye on many of the storm tracks, looking for the rain-snow line.
Living on mountain is important as I want to work west coast hours a few days a week and ski from first chair to 12 or so. That idea doesn't work so well if I have to drive 30-40 minutes (or more). NH or ME would be fine too but the NH resorts seem to be pricier due to the better proximity to Boston. ME seems to be similar as well, at least in terms of pricing and inventory.
TL;DR - Trying to get a place in VT,NH,ME on a ski mountain. Everything has gone up and there is no inventory. FML.
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