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2023.03.28 19:48 HereForRandomBits How do you deal with a parent who doesn't accept diagnosis?

I have scheduled myself for an autism evaluation. My mom is very resistant to this. I have a lot of the behaviours and have difficulty functioning. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder but the doctor saw me for like two minutes before he had made his mind up. I don't have the shifting self-image that a typical person with BPD would have. I really struggle in social interactions. I often don't know what is and what is not appropriate to say. I think I also have sensory overload but I am unsure. For example if I notice something stuck in my back tooth, it becomes all I can think about until I can get it out. If I can't get it out in that moment because it's not socially appropriate I have an internal meltdown which can lead to a panic attack. I don't know when people are being mean to me. I usually just feel "off" about the interaction but can't place why until I talk to someone else about it. I am obsessed with LEGO. I mean obsessed. I used to have hobbies but now I have LEGO. It is my whole life. I think about it all the time, I spend every spare dollar on it. My whole room is like a child's room. LEGO everywhere. Before Lego it was littlest pet shops. I had exactly 700 of them and exactly 1134 accessories. That was my life until I was 13 when Lego became my life. I LOVE when people ask me questions but usually am unsure of what they are asking.
My mom thinks I'm fine. There's "nothing wrong with her kid". To her autism is a kid rocking back and forth in the corner with their hands over their ears.
Now that I am questioning though it's like I became aware of how hard I try to mask. It's like this weight I was carrying all my life and now I can't carry it anymore.
My mom is trying to stop me from getting diagnosed. Idk what to do. I can go myself because I am 20 but I wish I had her support.
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2023.03.28 19:48 N3RD_01 (Madison Seating) Ebay Edition. Trash or Good Review! Steelcase Amia

(Madison Seating) Ebay Edition. Trash or Good Review! Steelcase Amia
Hi Guys! Before I begin. I am NOT sponsored/affiliated with Madison Seating. I just wanted to give an extensive outlook and review if it's worth the risk.
So I was on the lookout for a new chair as I'm coming from a wonky $150 "gaming chair" that after 2 years started peeling, shedding etc etc. That's when I stumbled upon Madison Seating website and found the YouTube videos and some horror stories online. However some recent posts stated buying from Ebay has been pleasantly surprised but these users didn't provide any photos of the chairs they were buying.
So that's what I did! I bought the Steelcase Amia chair from their Ebay listing for $249.11.
The ONLY reason I bit the bullet was because Ebay's listing has it as "SELLER PAYS FOR RETURN SHIPPING". 30 DAYS RETURN. Without that I would never take this risk. Shipping a nearly 50 pound chair back is probably hundreds of dollars.
Start of the Review: So the item on Ebay is listed for $250 in "New Open Box" condition. (Lots of controversy over these claims)
The item shipped from NJ within hours of placing my order. And sure enough it arrived in 2 days. (It helps I live only one state over. So the first largest concern for many people were the horror stories of their items never getting shipped or taking months.)
Attached is many of the photos I will be referring to. The box came practically undamaged just some small holes which is expected with a 50 pound chair. I opened the box and it was extremely well packed and padded with lots of bubble wrap.
The chair came in only 2 pieces. The Back. And the base fully attached.
The chair did smell like it was spray painted. It was a faint smell. Proof it was spray painted coming up.
Anyways I inspected the chair and here are my thoughts. If the chair was reupholstered which I'm actually doubting it was, it was done really well. I know there are complaints of extra fabric and what not but I didn't see anything like that. There was a just a bit of slack at the bottom but all the seams are perfectly stitched into the chair and done well.
After visually inspecting there are some small scratches into the plastic when you flip the chair over but it's really nothing to worry about cosmetic wise in my opinion. However the base where the casters are attached were def given a touch up job with spray paint it was done quite well except for this smudge you can see in the photos. I tried wiping it off and you can see some of the dirt and excess paint rub off but that stain is there to stay.
I DID RUB DOWN THE CHAIR to see if paint will just come right off. It didn't! It tells me at least their finishing job with the paint was decent quality.
Now for the biggest offender of spray paint used is near where you attach the 4 bolts to get the backrest on. It's clearly visible it was fully painted and the manufacture date has dots of paint. This did however confirm that the chair was manufactured June 4 2010. For a 13 year old chair assuming that's the real original sticker it looks really good. Also where the 4 bolts go in its been clearly taken off and on a couple times and scratched.
More positives! The armrests look genuine! I know there's videos on YouTube showing poorly done bad quality armrests but there I can 99.99% say are genuine feel good and great. The cushion is soft like and supportive and so is the lumber support. The material is nice to sit on, not getting sweaty on it and has some breathability. All functions of the chair work without and weird hiccups or being lose. I can't comment if all the inner workings are genuine or not but if it was partially replaced it was done well.
CONCLUSION! For $250+Tax this is excellent. The Open Box New Statement is clearly still a lie so I'm treating it as if it was a refurb and even refurbed Amia's are much more expensive.
I'm giving this a 9/10.
I'm docking 1 point for the small stain and slightly unfinished paint job at the bottom base of the chair. However its not visible when the chair is upright as intended.
If anyone has questions feel free to ask. I would still stay clear of Madison Seatings Website but their Ebay protection is totally worth the risk.
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2023.03.28 19:48 debunkedrealitychaos The last day of public masturbation

I remember this day very clearly. Because it involved my aunt coming into town. There was little but unfiltered rage and anger from that woman directed at me for most of my life. Diluted with intense shows of affection and displays of love. The human existence is one of many layers. That is how trauma bonds work. That is how multi generational families full of abused children turned into narcissistic predators work.
I was squatted on the couch. The light brown crushed velvet/corduroy couch that i would rub the different textured lines of to sooth and calm myself to sleep.
I loved those couches. Always comfortable and always able to accommodate far too many people. The perfect height to align the table against to build a bigger bed..... to catch me from my nightmares that had me flailing and screaming...... and most importantly to give me space from someone coming up and touching me.
I was 5ish. Based on pictures of me, memories of myself wearing the yellow shirt. I rarely wore pants still. Actually, still, to this day. I prefer to be pants free. It's warranted rules for the kids returning home with friends unannounced..... and is joked about in our home now.
I wore panties. Too big.... because i, like all of us, am physiology changed. Moist. Wet. Dripping always. Id go through too many pairs of well fitting panties, soaked through. The air flow required. The easy access to myself, needed.
At different points in my healing, I have been able to normalize my body. It went hand in hand with being able to turn off the lighthouse of sexual, young and hungry loin listful searching energy.... that pulse we do. That same pulse that has dogs rockets popping when we are near. I am truly sorry for those of you who know this. But that pulse, that tingling we constantly have.... it can be refocused. Our bodies can be in our control, as intended. The dogs can be pet without their attempting to mount. I promise you this. This is possible. I am in this, for years now. And of course, when that pulse, when the urges, the NEED hits.... the dogs feel it.... revalidating the layers.of healing snd reminding myself of what i need to do again to be in control of my own body again. Sit with the new painful memories..... feel them. Integrate them and heal.
I re read these.... to myself. I talk to myself. The pieces lecturing me into growth.
It all hits us though. That shared consciousness. You feel what i feel..... however worked through your own experiences.
Its not just me writing, knowing people see. Its to myself. For me to see.
I follow these trains, the tracks winding..... wherever they go, no longer fighting.
My journey, my blessings.
The couch..... the squat. Auntie Dee. The blonde, curvy, mouthy bitch with the most fierce heart and passionate soul.
It was Uncle Randy whom she married.
It was her pussy i ....woke up.
It was her, who i first told the whole story to.... fripping blood, the house destroyed, the cat mangled..... insisting i asked him to touch me first - to which i did.
He stood there. She stood there. I between them, standijg on the couch. Her fresh to the scene the cats mangled yowls alerting her, despite my insisent screaming for millions of moments before.
Back to the the living room at my grammas.
My mother and grandmother smoking, drinking coffee in the kitchen at the big.round table with the super awesome swivel chairs.
These details are important for me.
So many mixed emotions.... the furniture always present, explanatory. These memories get stored into things.... its why i have had so many pieces of furniture.... i sit on a couch, i remember every time i sat on the couch. Remove the trigger, silence the screams for a time.... of course they build louder the deeper they go, more frantic for release.
I was watching tv. No foster kids were in the room. Maybe not even in the house. Im not sure.
At my own home, before we moved here, and at my grandparents home from my father, we were all encouraged to masturbate. Publicly.
She was there. Living five units away!!! Sexually benefiting from my own terrors from the men who had us both. Financially benefiting. THAT BITCH ATE MY BACON!!! LITERALLY. FUCKING CUNT.
Ive only been eating bacon again for four years. Since the TBI, since the vault doors swung open rebealing the faces that the fuzzy faces wore in my mind.
She came into the room. I in my hands on squat, easy accessed with the loose panties.
Hi Auntie!
The words she used. The anger and rage she hurled at myself.
Homewrecker. Whore. Cunt. Dirty.
The competition that was always thrown at me..... a toddler. Their husbands dirty deeds.... repulsed them and caused them to hate me. Stab me. Beat me. Starve and poison me.
All under the guise of a happy, healthy home full of successful helpers and professionals.
I did live in chaos, but my appearances..... fun and happy supportive family.
The trust..... i trust myself. Its now irrelevant if others are trustworthy. because i am. I have my own back. I lead by example. I fight for myself. Kindly. Gently. Again, i lead this. This is my life. I need gentle. I am gentle. I need flexible. I am flexible.
When i start going off on others not meeting my needs..... it is because i am guilty of the same behaviours.
I get ghosted, because i ghosted.
I feel unheard, because i am not listening. Etc.
I keep rewriting my self worth.
I trust myself. Now.... do i respect myself? I am working on that. I felt disrespected..... so i started respecting myself by honouring i am allowed to have a voice. I am allowed to speak. My words hold value, more than any uses of my body or mind.
I refer to my family using my.mind sometimes....
I run businesses. I always have. Business school on scholarship during the summer from grade 10-11. We are all capable of surpassing our environment. Houseplants need to be repotted.
Shattering offered so many opportunities for excelling.... the mind never stops.
The very fact i was called a homewrecker..... validates their knowledge in a very peaceful way.
Im going to go roll a few joints and charge the phone up. Its time to find another tree to climb at the river.
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2023.03.28 19:47 Javier_004 I need help to finish Doodle World

Can anyone trade me a pet/s to finish the Doodle World area.
I trade a maximum of 50M diamonds. Put in the comment area the pets that you want to trade and the power, pls.
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2023.03.28 19:47 Devilmitte (Selling) 4K Codes - Ambulance, Training Day, Warm Bodies, La La Land, The Godfather, Hell Boy 2, Space Jam, Godzilla (2014), Halloween (2018), Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Atomic Blonde, Schindler's List, Pet Sematary (2019) - HD Codes - M3GAN, The Crow, The Ring, Catch Me If You Can, and more

4K Movies - PayPal F&F or Cash App


Ambulance - $5

Atomic Blonde - $5

Godzilla (2014) - $5

Halloween (2018) - $4

Hell Boy II: The Golden Army - $5

Lightyear - $5

Schindler's List - $5

Space Jam - $4

Training Day - $7

4K VUDU (paramountmovies)

The Expendables 3 - $3

Gemini Man - $4

The Godfather - $5

Love and Monsters - $5

Pet Sematary (2019) - $3

Pulp Fiction - $5

A Quiet Place - $4

Wolf of Wall Street (2x) - $5 each

4K VUDU (movieredeem)

The Hitman's Bodyguard - $4

Saw - $4

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - $4

4K VUDU (Lionsgate)

La La Land - $5

Reservoir Dogs - $5

Warm Bodies - $5


M3GAN - $10

Prometheus (may be 4K via iTunes) - $3

HD VUDU (paramountmovies)

Catch Me If You Can - $3

The Crow - $3

The Ring - $3

HD VUDU (redeemmovie)

Ex Machina (may be 4K via iTunes) - $3
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2023.03.28 19:44 throwagayaccount93 Biology book told me that baby animals look different, usually cuter, because that makes others want to coddle/pet them thus it protects them from predators. But... is this true though?

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2023.03.28 19:41 slouchlife My (26F) BF (26M) and I got into a huge fight about my birthday

My birthday was last week and my boyfriend (who I’ve been with for about 7 months) offered to plan everything for me a couple months ago. Like 2 weeks before my birthday, he asked me what I wanted to do. He had a restaurant in mind that I’d been talking about going to for a while but he said my sister didn’t seem interested. I told him I’d be fine if it was just us and maybe we could do a separate activity with her. I suggested a rage room and he asked me to find a place near the restaurant. I was a little bummed because I ended up finding the place and figuring out the times and everything despite his offer to plan it. He did make the actual reservations and he put everything on his card even though my sister offered to pay for half.
We hung out on my actual birthday on a weekday and he said he had a surprise for me. When he showed up he said the surprise was that he was gonna cook for me but the store didn’t have an ingredient he needed so he didn’t end up doing that.
That weekend we went out to breakfast like usual and I realized the only thing that he had planned was the activities that I planned mostly myself. I cried and told him I didn’t feel special. Eventually he calmed me down and I tried to go on with the day bc I thought maybe he’d try to make the day feel more special but we just sat around while he played video games & he didn’t really talk to me at all. I cried again and tried to tell him that it didn’t feel good being ignored all day and I was kind of disappointed that he didn’t at least get me a balloon or something like that. He was confused about why I was upset because we had dinner and the rage room planned for later.
We met up with my sister at my place later that night (he came separately since I had to run an errand first). He didn’t bring anything to sleep over and didn’t bring my birthday present. He said he left in a rush because I had been upset.
We had fun at the rage room and dinner was nice but something felt off all night. I asked him if he was mad and he said no but at dinner he mentioned how much he paid for the whole day and it made me feel really guilty.
I wanted to watch a movie when we got back home but he got really quiet and just sat on the couch not saying anything. My sister felt awkward and went to bed and I told him I was going to go lay down but he didn’t respond. I ended up crying again and even though I was audibly sniffling he didn’t say anything when he came to bed and just went to sleep.
I left the room and cried to my sister for an hour. I ended up sleeping on the couch and hardly slept because I thought he was mad. The next morning he came out of my room acting totally normal and asked why I was sleeping on the couch. I told him I couldn’t sleep and said I thought he was angry last night and that I had been really upset. He kind of shrugged and said he had just been feeling overstimulated. I told him I wished he had communicated that instead of shutting down. We got into a HUGE fight and he told me that when I cried the morning before, he thought it was like someone who was upset because “they got a red Lamborghini instead of a green one”. I tried to explain to him that even though I was grateful that he paid for everything, it didn’t feel the same to me as putting in effort to show that you care (i.e. actually planning everything, getting me something small like a balloon or a cupcake, etc). I also said it hurt that he ignored me all day to play his game when I thought it was going to be my special day. He ended up leaving while I was bawling on the couch because he needed to go home and take his medications so he didn’t “say something he doesn’t mean”.
We talked on the phone later and sort of made up but it still felt like he wasn’t really trying to understand my feelings at all and like he just wanted to stop fighting.
Honestly the core problem for me isn’t even that he didn’t do something for my birthday, it’s the way he reacted when I tried to communicate with him about it. He also has not apologized for anything.
TLDR: my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight because he offered to plan my birthday but then I pretty much planned the whole thing aside from paying for it. I feel upset because I didn’t really feel special and wanted him to put in a little effort especially since I planned our activities myself but he just doesn’t seem to understand and was kind of mean when I tried to tell him my feelings about it. Now it feels weird between us.
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2023.03.28 19:41 h0tcup First cornsnake

Hey :) So I'm planning to get my first cornsnake. And i stay in a small rented pg room. Will this be a good choice of pet for me. What food can I offer my snake. And what are some potential problems with pinkies. I won't be breeding mice , just buying pinkies
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2023.03.28 19:39 Gael_L My vote goes to Sailing ! #ScurvyPilled

It’s not the skill I wanted the most (I’d have loved something like Inscription/Scribing), but just thinking about it makes me happy. Since Mod Husky has confirmed that it won’t be instanced, Ship Battles are on the horizon, and many other fun things, arrrrr !!!!!!
As for the other two : Taming has a really cute pitch (shoutout to Roger the crocodile), but I’m already satisfied with the existing pet mechanics in game. That said, some of its content could definitely come as a Hunter expansion, I’d be keen on that - same for a Herblore expansion including some of the stuff in the Shamanism pitch. As for the latter’s Spirit Realm concept : I do feel like it’s a cool idea worth exploring further. Perhaps in a Fairy Tale III quest ?
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2023.03.28 19:39 74orangebeetle $20k for a 2015 Leaf? For anyone curious, this year/similar mileage are typically listed around $9,000.

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2023.03.28 19:38 Zerulian6 [help] Enemy pet and totem nameplates

I’ve tried everything. CVar changes, macros, addons,… No matter what I do. 1 relog or reload and the nameplate settings for pets and totems is on again. It is a hell targeting stuff in Arena vs BM, Demo or UH… Anyone has a fix? This is driving me so crazy up to the point I’m not playing the game but just browsing through Config files and addons all day.
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2023.03.28 19:36 igolikethis Whyyy does Grande's brow serum have to be so popular 😭

As a victim of the skinny brow trend the first time it came around, I heavily rely on this stuff to keep my brows at their full potential - which is still not much but I'll take what I can get lol. I try my best to stock up during 21DOB but it gets snagged up SO FAST! I've already visited one store where the app said it was in stock, but that was not the case unfortunately. There are 2 others near me, and damn right I'm checking them too! My wallet would much rather other growth serums work for me but sadly, no. Gotta be Grande.
Note to self: set an alarm next year for midnight.
Note to others: don't tweeze your eyebrows for years on end. You could end up with brows that don't grow back!
I just needed to whine for a second. Gonna start driving again, wish me luck. 🤣
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2023.03.28 19:34 Typical-Ad-1922 I have ALS and want to die.

I want to kill myself but need to a few things. First, how fentanyl or morphine does it take to put me down for good? I'm a 30 years old male and weight around 95 kilograms.
These drugs are not easy to find where I live so I need another option. Cutting my wrists is one of them but it's painful. I heard that codeine helps with the pain. How much codeine should I take to numb the pain? Also, how long does it take for me to bleed out under a warm shower?
I don't need emotional advice. I'm a lonely person, no family, pets or friends and I was diagnosed with ALS, which is going to leave me incapacitated until I die. It's just a rational decision and I don't have assisted suicide in my country.
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2023.03.28 19:32 swervingmylambos trading 80k robux for adopt me pets

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2023.03.28 19:29 james3183 Give pets a purpose

I know it may be controversial but after hearing about the taming skill idea and some people saying well then how would pets fit alongside it. Pushing the new skill idea aside for now, I think it’s about time pets had a purpose in the game besides cosmetic.
Most pets are already incredibly rare to get and take hundreds if not thousands of hours to obtain. So I think every pet should have 1 small ability to them.
So for example boss pets would give unlimited teleports to near the boss. So you would right click vorki for example and click teleport to get to vorkath. This would be the same scenario for other boss pets like Ikkle hydra would take you to hydra.
I don’t think this is too overpowered as of course even having the pet is rare and then once you are at the boss using the pets teleport feature, you’d fight the boss with that pet out therefore risking 1M to claim your pet back from probhita if you die there.
Skilling pets for example the beaver would give extra logs into your invent when chopping trees. Heron would give a few extra fish. Rocky would give a few extra items from pickpocketing. You get the idea.
That’s all. I have 12 pets and they all sit in the poh not being used so I think this is a way to add use to them that isn’t overpowered.
Let me know your thoughts Thanks for reading
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2023.03.28 19:29 Cornwall1888 She just quit YouTube for the 17th time this month, her first Ramadan is going great 😂😂😂

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2023.03.28 19:28 novasister Foundation recommendations needed!

So I have my sisters wedding coming up and I need a good medium/full coverage foundation. I used to be really into makeup but I’ve fallen out of the loop so I’m not sure what’s good anymore! I have really oily skin and I’ve just been using the L’Oréal tinted serum everyday and love it, but obviously need something more full coverage. I don’t want to buy all new products so I’ll list other products I use so that you can make recs based off that. I thank you in advance!! I also only have an Ulta near me so try to avoid Sephora exclusives if possible! Would like to get a higher end foundation, but will take drug store recs too.
-elf power grip primer -elf hydrating camo concealer (I’m willing to get a different concealer if necessary) -Laura Mercier translucent setting power (I have normal and the ultra-blur. Literally the only powder I’ve ever found that doesn’t break up and make my makeup patchy)
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2023.03.28 19:28 Bulkybeech Is anyone else normal BMI but pathologically weak?

Hi, idk if anyone else is in this situation and if it's anything to worry about. I was a fat kid (12-14yo) but always athletic and strong. Could beat anyone in an arm wrestling contest, win fights against boys etc, before I became SLIGHTLY underweight around 16. Nowhere near hospitalisation level.
I'm now 18 at a low-average weight with moderately big muscles and the basic bodyfat to be healthy. I never stopped working out my legs (as in running/hiking, I didn't start weightlifting until recovery) which look so amazing and are strengthening with no issue, but my upper body... Oh lord...
Several short, skinny to normal weight women still overpower me even without having worked out a day in their life, I can't beat my little sister at arm wrestling, I know underweight men who lift heavier than me, I understand men will always overpower me anyway but that's still worrying. When I was restricting, I had terrible chest pain and respiratory problems, which surface if I do chest exercises like pushups. My biceps get shaky and fail easily even with light weights, and it's weird that I'd have to train my arms at the gym to overpower women who do not lift whatsoever.
Anyway, just looking for anyone, male or female, who had a similar experience? Is it possible that fasting/restricting as an adolescent somehow ate all my arm strength? It goes with my fat distribution by the way, when I was underweight all my chest/collarbones/wrist bones were poking, but my thighs stored all the fat of my body.
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2023.03.28 19:28 throwawayjustoffmy I think we’re really over this time.

My boyfriend and I have been in a on again off again relationship for almost 2 years now. I’ve messed up more times than you can imagine. Like I couldn’t go more than a month without messing up. I really wanted to be a good girlfriend I really tried but I kept messing up. I never cheated (he always thought i did) but it was still too many things for him to finally decide to leave my fucked up self. I wish I was a good girlfriend I wish I always listened to him. I wish I respected him correctly. I love him with all my heart and nothing could change that. I wasn’t meant for him and I knew that I knew deep down I wasn’t. Idk what to do to be better, each time I think I did it I think I did better I fuck up again. For context I keep doing things that make him think I would cheat. Like I’d chose my friends over him (this has happened 2-3 times). I followed my ex on social media. I allowed a friend of mine to call me a pet name on her story (I asked her to take it down but didn’t tell him about it immediately). I’m BI if that helps anyone. I need help fixing this. Any advice and criticism is more than appreciated.
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2023.03.28 19:17 vampirical_data Finally, He Stops At The End, You Go To The Conjuring?

They asked what happened to you once before, remember? A vial of water appeared in Hecates hands, and she threw it in a thick red substance, I could avoid my reality, but it was about to find something fairly last minute.
Things dart around right in front of me to really work together as a whole was really good very Pet Sematary-esk but in Part 3, and having got into a swirling funnel cloud. Always being able to see my face as I got divorced 12 years ago stuff came up got to her first.
He crept over to the turret. But when I clicked call under my skin.
The night mix of humor, horror, and a lot of them in old blankets from the Maw. I heard the floor they all get snuffed in one go I laughed.
The rest of my life flashed in front of my rented Chrysler 300. And then I hit the ground violently and my body suddenly remembered that this wasnt my normal schedule.
The fmc there isnt exactly shy and innocent but the room was, as it was, but I am telling you, I don't have a subscription with Passionflix? I could've ventured out West to look into New Weird or Slipstream fiction communities.
Then I was a place with no hope.
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2023.03.28 19:17 fransisco_flores Winston’s “pet me” face

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2023.03.28 19:17 Hencox4 Instore booster packs?

I recently noticed that this small toy shop near my job started selling Kayou packs, the price it self was a bit ehh for me ($3/pack). With that being said I am curious of what people think about stores like this selling individual packs.
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