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[SOUL STEALER] Chapter 17 - Trapped

2023.06.08 18:13 ItsDumi [SOUL STEALER] Chapter 17 - Trapped

Kita and Ari step out of the bookstore once the old bookkeeper turned his attention to his customers. She glares at the book in her hand as she scans a few of the pages trying to get an idea of the point of the book.
"I enjoyed that book," Ari chimes in.
"You've read it?" Kita asks as they both start walking to the stairway that leads back down to the city.
"Mhmm," The fox nods, "I really hope she gets her soul back,"
"What?" Kita stops in place, glaring at the book in her hand. "What do you mean?"
"Well, the bookkeeper only wrote the book because he met one of the old humans," The Fox says as it prances around Kita. "Apparently, she's doomed to spend eternity wandering aimlessly in hopes that she reunites with her soul,"
"Aimlessly," Kita murmurs under her breath, "Did she ever find it?"
"The book doesn't say," Ari responds. "I hope she does, though. They say she's saved more lives than any soldier or warrior in history!"
"Hmm," Kita grunts, "Is that so?"
"That's what the book says," Ari wags her tail. "But it reads like a myth,"
"The old humans are just a myth,"
"I don't think so," Ari disagrees. "I think there were great cities all around the world. With giant towers reaching to the skies,"
"Giant towers?" Kita chuckles, "Myth,"
"I saw it in a dream. It's possible! We know so little about them,"
"The land was once covered in vast shades of green," Kita adds, "Life was so abundant, it carpeted the floors of this world,"
"Ooh," Ari grunts, titling her snout and raising her tail. "How do you know?"
"I guess I saw it in a dream too," Kita sighs, clutching onto the faint images of her alternate memories.
At the bottom of the staircase, the pathway splits into two. A path to their left leads to the West of the city, and another to their right leads to the East. The bookkeeper suggested they try the Southeast district, which would be located on the other end of the city- Since she's committed to helping this fox find its home, she might as well see what it knows. What kind of creature knows how to read? Many people can't even do that.
This fox is very different from Rayn. She seems to be knowledgeable and quite the avid reader considering she befriended a bookkeeper. But Ari's range is astounding considering she also has the sociability and intelligence of a smart child- Who, at the same time, has no clue where she lives.
"This town has more knowledge about the old humans than any other,"
"You've been to all the others, then?" Kita jests.
"Almost," Ari levels, prompting a wide-eyed response from Kita.
"Starlet isn't my first owner," Ari responds, "I have been alive for thousands of rotations… Some days, I dream about the first one,"
"The first rotation?!" Kita uncontrollably blurts aloud. "So you're old-old,"
"Rude! I am a young, cute fox and that's all I will ever be," Ari scoffs adorably.
Kita chuckles as she places the book she'd acquired into her backpack. "So, You don't remember the old world? When you were a real fox,"
"I am a real fox,"
"I mean… A flesh one,"
Ari rolls her eyes, rotating her head more than her eyeballs, but still getting her frustration across. "Memories, no. Most of them occur to me in dreams,"
"How come?"
"I don't know. It's been so long since I was a flesh fox, the memories are likely to be fading,"
"You don't miss other foxes? Or that old world?"
"The last dream I had was of myself as a pup, running through the dirt and wrestling with my siblings… It was nice, not being the only one,"
"I uhh-" Kita bites her lip, tempted to share her dream with Ari but worried that she might find it stupid, or think it's a joke.
Screw it, she thinks to herself.
"I don't have any memories of my family," Kita releases with a heavy exhale. "I thought I saw my Mother before you showed up… But it was just a daydream or something,"
"Did it feel like you were there?"
"Yes. It was as if I was living in a different world and completely forgot I was ever here… but I got dragged back to this one somehow,"
"Those aren't 'dreams',"
"What?" Kita asks, reacting to a chill that passes through her body in response to Ari's blunt response.
"You know that book in your bag is about you, right?"
"Well, your description of it made me think so, but-"
"It is. In addition to saving more people than anyone else, you've also killed more than anyone else,"
"I came to you because I recognized your scent,"
"So we've met before. Is this for revenge or something?"
"No, not exactly. I used to have owners in the cities you've plundered,"
Kita directs her head to the ground as she feels shame arise in her heart. An unfamiliar response to the collateral damage she's caused is the last thing she considers when she does anything.
"The dreams you have are realities that your soul is trying to create. I've read everything there is about you, Kita. Many cities have records of your… antics." Ari's tail is stiff, and dragging along the floor as neither of them dares to look into one another's eyes. "You've killed two of my owners. So, I had to learn why someone would do such a thing,"
"Find what you were looking for?"
Ari shakes her head. "My first owner bought me at an auction. He had three other creatures cast to steel, just like me. He put each of us in a glass cabinet for permanent display on the outside of his home. We were simply collectables that he had acquired with his wealth. Remnants of the past that none of his rich comrades had. Bragging rights. I was trapped in that box for three hundred rotations. Every day was a claustrophobic suffering, and my dreams would taunt me with memories of running freely across the lands. I can remember how badly I wanted to die… to end the pain rather than stay trapped in a body that may never die, despite being caged for an eternity... Until, you came along and raided my owner's home. I never considered being inadvertently freed until you destroyed the glass of my cage to slice his throat and consume his soul before it escaped to death. You killed all of his colleagues too, and I thought a monster such as yourself was a necessary evil," Ari sighs, exhaling a deep breath of discomfort. "Then, there was my second owner. A man who treated me with love every day of my life. He was such a kind man, that he would place treats around the city, and let me search for them so that I could feel as though I was hunting again… And it worked. All he wanted was for me to feel happy, and as long as I would smile, he would smile. He taught me how to read, and how to speak just so that he could ask me how I am. The only reason I'm here today, and not with him is because of you, Kita. You killed him too,"
Kita feels the swelling of tears in her cheeks but manages to hold them at bay relatively easily. She knows she's a monster, she doesn't need to hear it from anyone else. She's not sad for the little runt… right? She is doing what she has to. That's all she's ever done, and she doesn't expect anyone to understand. That's her burden to bear.
And she will bear it.
"I was so mad at you. Not simply because you killed my owner. But because you had delivered me freedom, and then trapped me in a new suffering,"
"And you're still mad," Kita stammers.
"Yes," Ari stops and looks back up at Kita. "But now, I understand,"
Lies! Kita's mind protests. How could she possibly-
"You are still trapped,"
Read ahead on RoyalRoad [](
Kita's thoughts - Post Chapter 17
"I, uhh-,"
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2023.06.08 17:58 Sugarloaf101 My M29 partner F34. Broke up just over a month ago, I need advice on how to be a better person and understand what happened

This is gonna be a long and probably confusing post, trying to get my thoughts on paper or write them out just seems impossible at this point
My ex gf(34) and I M(29) broke up just under 5 weeks ago. We were in a LDR for 8 months and I fell hard in love with her
She was married and I was single, I never pursued her because of this. Until one night we were hanging out on a discord call with friends and she messaged me telling me how attractive she thinks I am, I at first thought she was messing around and thought nothing of it until a few more messages, then she came on very hard sexually. So I decided to say fuck it and go along with it cause i always found her attractive and we vibed. (I regret it everyday, at the time I didn't care about her marriage and I know how shitty I am for it, karma has well and truly done what it needed to do to me) this continued for a couple weeks, it was highly sexual, the messages, voice notes, videos, pictures and calls. This goes on for a couple weeks and then she started to talk about how she was feeling towards me, she would call me her twin flame, say things like she's never connected with anyone the way she does me etc. I always rejected the talk of feelings because I didn't want to go there. I didn't want to catch feelings as this was purely sexual to me. Fast forward a couple more weeks and at this point we have been talking a fuck ton, about very personal things, our childhoods, our life, bonded over music, games and whatnot. She continued to push her feelings for me and I continued to keep my guard up because I didn't want to end up in this position I am now in. She told me she was going to divorce her husband, I never commented or gave advice on it because lt was not my place to do so. I did tell her to heal from her divorce, take time for herself and find herself again. She agreed and wanted to do so, so she could be fully available to me. I know at this point we had already cheated and destroyed another man but I atleast respected her for wanting to heal. She filed for divorce and we continued to talk but then the subject of love came up. I told her I will not go there until me and her are in person and know how it really feels, she agreed but then one week goes by and she tells me she is in love with me. I was falling for her and knew how I felt but wanted us to do so in person. We then became a couple... I know how fucked up it is, I really do.
She would tell me weird things like men always hitting on her, always trying to get with her, send me screenshot of guys non stop bothering her. I never asked for these things, so It made me feel weird but I never communicated it, which I know is my fault and something I've learnt. At this point we were dating and she would complain of this one guy non stop bothering her and she can't get rid of him. I told her just tell the dude you're with your bf and he will probably back off, I was not happy with her over this because it felt like she was hiding me. She apologised and we moved forward with it, then she started lying about being in other guys streams. I called her out on her lies and she would always proceed to call me jealous and insecure, the thing that hurt the most was after our blowup she would go back into that guys stream and give him money. Felt like a kick in the gut. Was there jealousy there? Yes? I sat with it for a while to understand why I was being jealous and all I could think about was the amount of times she would tell me about different men trying to get with her and the little lies she would come up with, i could never prove she was lying and i know it made me sounds crqzy and possesive but i know what i saw and i know what my gut was telling me. I'm normally not a jealous man. This would happen a few times and it hurt me but I bottled it up and it came out in the wrong way. That's on me... another example is when she mentioned this man messaging her just after her divorce, wanting to take her out etc. She would shit talk this guy to me, call him creepy and whatnot. One day we were laying down and I look over to her, I glanced at her phone and here is the same guy she is calling a creep messaging her. I was furious, instead of confronting her I gave the silent treatment, immature of me I know but I just didn't know how to deal with what my gut was telling me, I rejected it all and refused to believe that this person I'm in love with is lying to me and God knows what else.
She also told me about a time her best friends husband tried to kiss her. Again, I dont know why she told me this but hey ho. She also told me how they both cheated on one another many times. She brought me to that house, I remember the four of us chilling in their garage having a drink, laughs and a smoke. Her friend showed me photos of a lake they all go to in the summer. As we left to head back home my gf goes on to tell me how she isn't happy with her friend, she didn't like the way she leaned over me to show photos. Then went on to say how I am her friends type and all this bullshit. I told her to take that up with her friend and leave me the fuck out of this cause I did nothing nore even notice something like that. We had a massive argument over it. Wasn't the first time she got jealous over another woman. I dont mind jealousy, i think its a normal reaction to have but as long as it doesnt become unhealthy and controlling, the other ones were minor but questions were asked about certain women liking photos on my Instagram. One I went on a date with once and the other who I worked with. That's it, I was happy to say who these people were and what they meant to me. I had nothing to hide. Time goes on and she flew over to me (London) for my birthday. We argued that night too and she threatened to leave me, I told her if she ever threatens to do so again, I will leave her as I found it cruel to put that one someone. Writing this out I realise how toxic this all was. Which hits me hard because I felt like I was in love and we connected so well. I wish I communicated how I felt better, I wish I didn't do what I did and I wish I was given a fair chance to be in love. I am also at fault for this I'm fully aware.
Fast forward to few weeks ago we have a massive row again because I called her out on her lies, she called me a psycho and too possessive. I tried to explain its not that you are in another man's stream, it's the fact that you lie about it and I don't know why, she then goes on to tell me im only ever comfortable when she goes to a her other best friends house, i said yes because she seemed level headed and honest, the reason i felt uncomfortable with her going to her other friends house was because of them doing cocaine in there, which she had told me about but it was all made out to be like i was jealous because the husband tried to kiss her. It had fuck all to do with that, its drugs and she knew how i felt about drugs. But I was starting to feel like I may genuinely be highly jealous and insecure. I dont know if that's because she has made me feel that way or I am like that. I've worked hard these last 2 months to make sure that's not the case. Anyway she forgave me and we moved forward, until 3 weeks later she said this isn't working. I begged, I pleaded and I didn't understand why I was given this chance and then had it snatched from me when I was doing everything I can to work on myself
She went on to say she wants to heal because she had just gotten out of an 11 year relationship, and be by herself. I found it hard to believe considering that's what she should've done 8 months ago, like we said. Then she proceeds to tell me its because of the hurt I caused her that night a few weeks ago when we argued. I accused her of lying, which she was.i didn't verbally assault or call her names I just asked her to tell me what is going on. We were intoxicated and I just had enough of the little lies. I know that is for me to work on and put right, I will accept anything and everything I've done wrong these last 8 months. I realise I'm a shitty person and whatever came from this relationship I deserved. But I feel like I was never given a chance considering how we started. I know I never should've got with a person that was married. The trust was not there because of it but still i pushed how i felt aside and rejected my gut feelings. I tried everything to make sure we didn't do that but words and time spent together. I fell in love
Not even two weeks went by and I found out she is already dating. I knew this would happen cause she done it to her husband, who the fuck am I right? I aint special. But I'm hurting so much, my confidence is shattered and I'm lost. She said she wanted space but keeps reaching out to me, told me she will always love me and how a piece of her heart will always belong to me. Its been 5 weeks and she still reaches out, not as frequent but will send me a message saying I really do want you yo be happy, I ignored her cause seeing her face just brings me to tears, she brought up how i am ignoring her messages and i told her if she wants to talk then let me know. She then messaged me saying she hopes I'm alright, I replied saying I'm alright thanks, yourself? My heart tells me to let her go, remove her from my socials and really start to heal but I can't let go and it's killing me
I know I deserve to feel how her husband felt when she moved on straight away. I get that but I don't think I deserved the emotional abuse here, I think its emotional abuse. I'm just so confused and trying to figure it out so I can learn from this
There will be things I have forgotten or not put in because the post is long enough but if there are any questions I will answer them. I dont want this to come across as me shitting on her and blaming her for everything. I know I had my part in this and I fucked up in so many ways but I cant escape the feeling of being emotionally abused here
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2023.06.08 17:52 peng_ting212 Freaking out over low non-clinical hours as a low-stat applicant! PLEASE HELP.

Hi guys- I only have about 20 nonclinical hours (done over 10 weeks), and I got comments on how that might not go over well with most of the schools on my list.
Are there any schools that overlook this for a low-stat ORM applicant? I am applying to most CA schools.
CA ORM - 25 YO Asian (Female), Disadvantaged?
MCAT: 503, 509
Undergrad: uGPA: 3.47, sGPA: 3.56 (w/ strong upward trend)
Post-bacc: 3.89 (24 credits)
1 gap year after post-bacc
Research: 4000 hrs, 2 pubs (first author on 1)
Poster Presentation: 2
Shadowing: 50 hrs
Clinical Volunteering: ~600 hrs (of which some were in Mexico, where I had a leadership role)
Non-clinical Volunteering (tutor to disadvantaged students): 20 hrs
Worked as a resident advisor (85 hrs), teaching assistant (100 hrs)
Northeast Ohio
SUNY Downstate
U of Illinois
TCU Burnett
Chicago Rosalind Franklin
Wake Forest
Penn State
Eastern Virginia
Vermont - Larner
Geisinger Commonwealth
South Carolina - Greenville
Georgetown - low clinical hours will hurt?
Temple-Katz - low clinical hours will hurt?
Tulane - low clinical hours will hurt?
George Washington - low clinical hours will hurt?
Drexel - low clinical hours will hurt?
Loyala Stritch - low clinical hours will hurt?
Rush - low clinical hours will hurt?

I looked into Einstein, Emory, Miami, but they have a higher 25th percentile MCAT than mine. Other options are OHSU and VTech. Thanks for the advice in advance!
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2023.06.08 17:52 meaninglessc0mments Competencia de tiltear gente enr/argentina.

No es de verdad por si acaso, si estuvieran intentando conseguir la mayor cantida de down votes en argentina que subirian?. Yo creo que lo que mas downvotes conseguiria seria subir un post en contra de milei (porque argentina esta lleno de pelotudos y gente con comportamiento de bot) o subir un post diciendo que el queso con batata es de pobres o algo asi jajajaj.
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2023.06.08 17:47 hodsct59 Belmont Friday June 9 Choices

These are the horses and races that I will use while seeking my next decent score at Belmont Park on Friday. if the races are not cancelled. As I have mentioned many times, horse racing is a hard game to master but usually because no strategy is developed regarding what tends to repeat itself often, just with different horses from time-to-time and a money management system that helps one save money until they find a race, they are able to take advantage of. My strategy concerning betting has always been "bet a little to win a lot" but refers to taking risks most will not even think of trying. Good Luck to all.
Race 2: Allowance --- Purse $95,000 --- 3 YOs & Up N/W 1x Or N/W 2 Lifetime --- 6 Furlong Turf:
1)Bold Journey (6-5) won 3rd start back against state bred & O/C foes, so eligibility to race here is still intact. Next out he was overmatched against G1 foes and last start, in this class and condition, he finished 2nd as he and the winner produced their best run together as they were last two away from gate. Now moves from outside post to an inside one and has two decent and useful works since that start.4x4 to Alydar, 5(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Raise A Native. He will as a coupled interest to 2) Sousa Summer and will be listed in program as 1 and 1A.
8)Fredo (8-1) broke his maiden 4 starts back while gate to wire at one mile on grass. Connections have been using the right running style but a mile on any surface is probably a little further than his best distance. 7 of his 12 lifetime starts have come at a mile or further on grass or the AWT and he has the race record to prove he struggles going that far. His sprint races have all been lightning fast early and he has been able to get a clear early lead but finds a spot that looks a little lite on early speed. Broodmare sire, Gone West, sired 2 unbeaten champion fillies in France that never raced past 7 furlongs and 2 U.S. champion colts (Came Home & Speightstown) in his career that had front running speed to burn. 5x3 to Storm Bird & Mr. Prospector.
6)Giant's Fire (15-1) broke her maiden 3 starts back while laying close but off the early pace and managed to get up late. Next two starts, jockeys tried to send him early and could not even get close to the early pace and faded to finish last in both. He cuts back to a sprint in here and jockey need to let him settle early and then pick it up as they go around the turn, which is exactly what his dam line and broodmare sire is suggesting he will be better doing. Broodmare sire, Street Cry, sired two of the world's top fillies in Zenyatta & Winx and both were master late runners. 4th dam, Aptostar, is a multiple graded stakes winning filly that blew by several top fields. 5(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Fappiano. Simply waiting to be ridden correctly and will blow up the exacta when jockey lets him run his race.
9)Carpe's Dream (15-1) is making his first start of the year. Trainer has put 8 works in him in the last two months, the first six were more or less canters around the track but last two works indicates those works was beneficial to him. Likely not ready to beat a few of these but looks like he will have a pace to run at late. 4x4 to Storm Bird.
My Risks $5 Ex Box 1-8, $1 Tri Box 1-8-9, $.30 Super Box 1-6-8-9, $.50 Super Key 8 with 1-6-9 with 1-6-9 with 1-6-9. Total Risk $26.20.
Race 3: Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $75,000 --- 3 YOs & Up New York Bred --- One Mile:
3) Woodside Warrior (30-1) has started twice and has yet to pick up his feet. However, this is a weak field on NY bred maidens, and he is likely wanting to get to the early lead and has the bloodlines to do so. Trainer is adding blinkers and he has three good works since his last start, most likely all three while wearing the hood (but does not have to be reported as equipment change until race day). He should be fast enough to get the early lead due to his grandsire, Speightstown, and his broodmare sire, Freud, an unraced full brother to Giant's Causeway, progeny also got much braver when they were able to obtain the early lead. 4(C)x5(C)x3(F) to Storm Cat, 4x5 to Mr. Prospector, 5x4 to Seattle Slew, 5x5 to Secretariat.
7) Battleoflexington (6-1) has started twice this year, the first start where he was trailing at the first call and then grind his way to a 4th place finish beaten less than 4 lengths for the win but had received his training in Florida, then shipped to Aqueduct and then asked to run within a 6-day period, a tough task for a seasoned runner much less a maiden. In his second start, he returned in 16 days after his first start with another work, the addition of lasix, and put back on grass, where he did not pick up his feet. Now gets a month to recuperate and adds three more works, two of them useful and is not getting the kitchen sink thrown at him for the first time this year. Will likely respond to the lesser confusion that he has been presented with. 5x4 to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Halo.
2) Refuah (3-1) broke his maiden two back but was disqualified and placed second for interference. He now has 11 placings in 14 lifetime starts and just does not seem like he was a will to win. He will likely eventually win but it is a waste of time and money trying to predict when. Therefore, I will use him underneath only. 5(C)x4(F)x4(F) to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Northern Dancer & Halo.
My Risks: $8 Ex Straight 3-7, $3 Tri Straight 3-7 with 3-7 with 2. Total Risk $14.00.
Race 5: Starter Allowance $50K --- Purse $65,000 --- 3 YOs & Up Which has started for $50K or less and N/W 1x --- One Mile:
5) Ice Road (6-1) has started once this year on the speed favoring dirt track, ran a even race and then change trainers after that start. New trainer gave him two more months off, then put 5 more works in him over a month period in Florida and shipped him to NY where he has not recorded a work in three weeks. Each trainer has his own method of how to get a horse ready and since he wins at 18%, I believe he might have this one better prepared than it appears. He has only two lifetime starts on dirt, a third in the mud in the 2nd leg of Canadian TC and his last start which is decent considering the track he ran on and the brief layoff. Outcross in his first 5 generations.
1)Arrebato (8-1) broke his maiden three starts back in the second start of his career by tracking the early pace, then sent for the lead nearing six furlongs and drawing away in the stretch. Tried the same tactics in his next start on a sloppy track but one that was using same tactics as him got a big jump on him when the front runner stopped and won for fun while this one could not make up any ground and lost second at the wire to the deep closer in the race. Next out, he was tried against 3 YOs stakes company but they proved to be much too tough for him at this point of his career as he finished last. Back to the company where he fits best so far with 4 stamina building works since his last start and a change to a better jockey should help. His sire, Goldencents, won 2 editions of the G1 BC Dirt Mile. Broodmare sire, Badge Of Silver, won his first three lifetime start but was knocked off the derby trail in 2003 when he came out of the La Derby with a leg injury in his first loss but returned to finish 2nd In the Cigar Mile twice & 3rd in the BC Turf Mile. 5x5 to Mr. Prospector.
3) Long Term (5-2) has started three times this year, breaking his maiden in his second start by taking the lead nearing the half mile, then open a clear led into the stretch, then managed to hold 2 late runners safe in the stretch. Next out, he attempted the same strategy, but another beat him to the punch, and he flattened out in the stretch run to finish a well beaten third. Three useful works since his last start and he should be sitting on his best race in his fourth start of the year after a 10-month break. 5x5 to Northern Dancer & Sir Ivor.
7) Thunderian (6-1) was purchased out of a sale in Feb. for $28K by current connections, was gelded and has five starts for him with one win and three thirds. His last start was his only non-placing this year, he drops a level and returns in 9 days. Likely trying to entice someone to claim the horse before he tails off his best form. 4x5 to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 1-5, $1 Tri Box 1-3-5, $.30 Super Box 1-3-5-7, $.50 Super Key 1 with 3-5-7 with 3-5-7 with 3-5-7. Total Risk: $26.20.
Race 6: Allowance O/C $62.5K ---- Purse $100,000 --- 3 YOs & Up N/w $18K 2x or N/W 3 Lifetime or Claiming $62,500 --- 6 Furlongs:
11) High Connection (8-1) is making his first start of the year and his first start for new trainer Pletcher after being removed from Baffert's barn for the 2nd time late last year, likely because owners were expecting much more from a horse with his bloodlines and purchase price. Trainer has put a dozen works in him since he re-entered the work tab with one missed work while preparing others for derby week races and works (likely was missed on chart for due work date). However, trainer moved his next three works to 6-day intervals that should got him back on track. 4x3 to Deputy Minister.
4) High Oak (20-1) looked like he was going to develop into a nice runner but took a hard fall in last year's FOY stakes and is obviously having a hard time (or flashbacks) getting over his tragic fall. But he is showing signs of putting that behind him but needs some help from a jockey to let him run his race and not force him to get too close to the lead early, which was his style before the fall. Believes he gets that help with John V. He has three useful works since his last start and moves back to the surface where both sides of his family have the most success. 4(C)x5(C)x4(F) to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Secretariat. 4th dam, Leix, is 1/2 sister to Shenanigans and developed her own important line.
1)Cadazero(8-1) was purchased out of an April sale for $60K and makes his first start for new connections. Trainer is known for putting slow works into his trainees preferring to let them go much further than recorded work and follows his usual pattern with this one. However, he has 2 graded stakes wins and has to use the tag because of them but is the class of this field. 4x5 to Mr Prospector & Northern Dancer, 5x5 to Raise A Native.
2)Rotknee (3-1) has started three times this year including winning his last race in a good time, 6 days after registering a bullet work that suggested he was reaching his peak fitness. He has one work since that effort, an easy four furlongs that should set him up for another top effort and personally much prefer to see this type of work than another fast/bullet work which rarely help a horse to maintain his form and can do more harm than good. Only problem with him is he is facing a pretty salty field here and does not show facing a field this tough. 5(C)x4(F)x4(F) to Mr. Prospector.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 4-11, $1 Tri Box 1-4-11, $.30 Super Box 1-2-4-11, $1 Super 11 with 1-2-4 with 1-2-4 with 1-2-4. Total Risk $29.20.
Race 7: Allowance --- Purse $80,000 --- 3 YOs & Up NY Bred N/W $18K 1x or N/W 2 Races Lifetime --- 7 Furlongs Turf:
8) Athenry (12-1) has one start this year which he sat mid-pack early but was out moved by eventual winner into the stretch and chased that one through the stretch while just holding onto second at the wire. He has two works since that effort, a useful work followed by a 3 furlongs blowout work 4 days before next start, likely to try to get him closer to the early pace. 4x5 to Raise A Native, 5x4 to Mr. Prospector. Also has a Secretariat crossing thru two daughters and plenty of Princequillo crossings thru his daughter, Somethingroyal, dam of Secretariat & his son Prince John (3 crosses in dam line alone).
4) Be Of Courage (8-1) has started twice this year which in first start, he did not pick up his feet to finish last and then in next start when stretched out to a mile, set the early pace until collared at the top of the stretch but continued to show good heart by battling back before being outrun to finish 3rd. Castellano, abroad for his only win to date, retakes the mount as he cuts back to 7 furlongs. One bullet 4 furlongs work since that last effort. 4x5 to Danzig, 4(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Northern Dancer, 5x5 to Mr. Prospector & Blushing Groom.
1)War Terminator (20-1) has one start this year, back in January, which he did not pick up his feet in an open bred O/C race he was probably overmatched in to begin with. Change of trainers since that effort and a move back up North to face NY bred should help. He finished 3rd in his last effort before leaving the area late last year in same class and conditions as this race and a repeat of that effort puts him in the thick of the outcome of this race. Has 5 works for this effort, the first two were leg stretching type works, followed by two good works and an easy work on grass and around the dogs should have him primed and ready. 4(C(x5(C)x5(F) to Northern Dancer, 5x4 to Fappiano.
7) Dr. Settle's Dream (12-1) will be making his first start of the year. he has eight works to prepare from this start, but last two are typical of works trainer usually gives trainees when he thinks they are ready and rarely tips his hand to indicate how fit they are. But he goes back to Alvarado, who has been his main jockey he uses for the last 5-6 years when he believes they are their fittest. He broke his maiden at first asking, then took on open bred stakes runner and finished last after setting the pace for a half mile at one mile on grass. Will likely appreciate the move back to stater bred and gets lasix for the first time. 4x5 to Mr. Prospector, 5(C)x5(C)x4(F) to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 4-8, $1 Tri Box 1-4-8, $.30 Super Box 1-4-7-8, $1 Super Key 4 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8. Total Risk $29.20.
Race 8: New York Stakes(G1) --- Purse $600,000 --- 4 YOs & Up F&M --- 1 1/4 Mile Turf:
5) Virginia Joy (15-1) has started twice this year, the first effort where she sat far off the pace but put in a good late kick to finish 4th. Next start, she was 3rd for most of the way in a four-horse field but managed to get up for second in an extremely slow-paced race. However, her best races have come when she gets up close to the early pace and makes her best move before others have a chance to and she gets a jockey who will give her that opportunity in here. 3x3 to Sadler's Wells, 4x4 to Kris, 5x5 to Nijinsky II & Mill Reef.
8) With The Moonlight (9-2) has started four times this year, winning her first two starts in grade 2 stakes in the U.A.E, then shipping to the U.S. and finishing 2nd in a G1 stakes and then onto England to run one of the dullest races of her career in a G2. Now back to the U.S. but with a work on grass around the dogs since arriving. Trainer is no stranger to big races and have to believe this one will fire her best effort. 5x5 to Mr. Prospector.
7) War Like Goddess (6-5) has started once this year and beat a G3 field fairly easy but these will be much tougher and cuts back to a distance she has never won at, except her maiden win against non-winners. Still, she is the one to beat but regardless, I will take that chance on beating her at her likely off odds because there are simply too many things that can go wrong, regardless of how good one is. Bet her and you will not make any money that is worth the risk. Bet against her and you will likely lose but there is a possibility to make good money by taking a small risk. 5x5 to Northern Dancer.
1)Flirting Bridge (20-1) has started once this year and won her second condition allowance race. She is bred to at least want a 1/4-mile distance, but this will be only her second start at the distance and in her first start narrowly missed becoming a G1 stakes winner. She has five more works since her first start and they should all be helpful in moving her forward. 4x3 to Danehill, 4x4 to Mr. Prospector, 4(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
My Risk: $5 Ex Box 5-8, $1 Tri Box 5-7-8, $.30 Super Box 1-5-7-8, $.50 Super Key 5 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8. Total Risks $26.20.
Race 9: Acorn Stakes(G1) --- Purse $500,000 --- 3 YO Fillies ---- 1 1/16 Mile:
1)Dorth Vader (10-1) has started 4 times with 1 win in her 2nd start of the year as her only board finish. In her last, she was sent to pressure the early pace and it set the race up for several late runners to make a major impact. But in her third start back which was her only win, she proved her would rather rate behind the early speed and then make her move after they tire each other considerably. Believe she again gets that opportunity as there are at least two in here that looks like they want the early lead at all costs. She has changed trainers since the Ky. Oaks and he decided to give Velasquez a try to relax her as most jockey tried thus far has burnt her out. 5x5 to Storm Bird, 5(C)x5(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Mr. Prospector.
8)Accede (8-1) has started twice in her career, breaking her maiden at first asking then in her last start, raced near the rear early and tried to grind her way into contention but it proved futile was front running speed was holding well that day. Trainer has put three more good works in her since that last race and she looks as ready as any in here. Complete outcross in her first 5 generations but is loaded with Teddy & Commando bloodlines.
7)Goodgirl Badhabits (10-1) has started twice and ran away from the competition in both starts but now gets an acid test to see if she is for real. Personally, I think she will pass that test but lose this battle though not likely to fade too bad if she gets over her bad gate habits. She has three good works since her last start which is not really surprising since she has plenty of early speed. The question with her is how well she will handle the pressure she will receive in here. Both her sire, Mastery and broodmare sire, Vindication, were unbeaten in 4 lifetime starts each but both were injured and retired during their 2 YO careers (I let you figure out who trained both). However, this one's 4th dam, Imagining, is also dam of multiple year champion filly, Serena's Song, who also was an excellent producer of solid foals. 5x3 to Seattle Slew, 5x4 to Storm Bird & Weekend Surprise.
4) Occult (12-1) has started twice this year, winning a listed stake race in her first start at 9 furlongs while staying on the favorable part of track that was listed as good and then faltering in her next start on a fast track, also at 9 furlongs. A filly she faced in both these races came back and ran a fast closing second in the Ky Oaks, so you will need to take her speed figures and toss them. She is much faster than those figures suggest but now gets a chance to prove it. Actually, believe she would prefer sitting off the early pace and then making her move turning into the stretch. She has 7 works since her last start with most of them good moves which likely means she is still on the improve. 4x4 to Storm Cat, 5x5 to Halo.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 1-8, $1 Tri Box 1-7-8, $.30 Super Box 1-4-7-8, $1 Super Key 1 with 4-7-8 with 4-7-8 with 4-7-8. Total Risk $29.20.
Race 10: Belmont Gold Cup S(G2) --- Purse $250,000 --- 4 YOs & Up --- 2 Miles Turf:
Race 11: Intercontinental Stakes(G3) --- Purse $200,000 --- 4 YOs & Up F&M --- 6 Furlongs Turf:
3) Clitheroe (15-1) has started once this year and won a first level condition allowance. She takes a big step up in class, but connections likely thought highly of her to drop north of $800K as a 2 YO purchase. She has two works since her U.S. debut win, a good work at 6 furlongs and a good work at 4 furlongs. She gets to race at the same track for 2 races in a row after switching tracks every start through her first 9 tries. 4(C)x5(C)x4(F) to Nureyev, 5(C)x4(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
2) Sarah Harper (6-1) has started 3 times this year and has finished 3rd in two of those starts. However, her current form cycle started back in August of last year and she now has seven starts without a win but a second and 4 thirds. Her last start was her 2nd lifetime start on grass and she ran into a filly named Caravel both times. Caravel upset the boys in the BC Turf Sprint last year at 40-1 in gate to wire fashion. In Sarah Harper's first six starts of her career, she set quarter fractions of 21 4/5 seconds or faster, but those have been missing since she has returned. Why? It seems to me her trainer has been trying to get her to rate and it is not working as plan. Now it's time to go back to the catch me if you can type game. One good work since her last start. Can wire this field with a good break. 4x5 to Danzig.
7) Bubble Rock (5-2) has started twice this year which she finished 2nd in her first start in a first condition allowance, then return in a listed stakes race that is often the springboard race for sprint grass fillies to bigger and better races and won. Has 2 good works on grass around the dogs since that effort and a repeat performance would not be a surprise. 4x5 to Mr. Prospector, 4(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
1)Poppy Flower (9-2) has started twice this year with her first start being against O/C foes where she finished 3rd in a five-horse field that was nothing more than an out to help her get fitter, then a listed stakes where she finished second to the likely favorite in here. She has three works since her last start, the first work was a maintenance breeze followed by 2 good works that likely has her ready to give a top effort again. 5(C)x5(C)x 5(F) to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 2-3, $1 Tri Box 2-3-7, $.30 Super Box 1-2-3-7, $1 Super Key 2 with 1-3-7 with 1-3-7 with 1-3-7. Total Risk $29.20.
7th Race Late P5: 1,4 with 5,8 with 1,8 with 2,11 with 1,2. Total Risk $16.00. Total Risk All Bets: $225.40.
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2023.06.08 17:45 New_Zebra_7029 Just a good day at work lol 😆

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Buenas! hace unos dias publique un post sobre que camino seguir con respecto al tema de mis estudios universitarios sobre informática. Ahora me junte a hablar con gente del sector de informática en mi trabajo (yo estoy en el sector de economia hace 7 años). Bueno mi consulta es en que orden ver los siguientes temas:
Gracias de antemano como siempre. Espero no parecer pesado escribiendo, creo que este blog es la unica manera de encontrar consejos para poder seguir adelante y no tirar la toalla.
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2023.06.08 17:29 Ironzombie39 TNO

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be careful tno, your credibility is on the line! 😅 In order for any large scale revolution to succeed you need the support of at least part of the military, so does Italy have dirty commies in the military? Well… The Italian military by 1965 probably has some red support in there, after all the red belt was heavily populated and where a good portion of Italian soldiers came from, so yeah, there would be some reds, but this is ignoring a crucial part of the military, the generals. By 1965 the Italian generals probably still have support for the fascist government. Under fascism Italy won the second largest war in history, and was able to beat the french, and also maybe the Turks and Iberians (not sure if red Italy requires Italy to lose to the Turks). 👳 👳 👳 They, like in Russia, would likely not defect to the reds without a fight, and provides even more evidence that a large scale revolution in Italy probably could not be done without a civil war. Not to mention that military censorship of news in addition to the soldiers from the south, means a good portion of the military would probably be against the revolution.I will give every 1984 commenter a one-day tempban.
The TNO community should have a sane path? What a childish fantasy! ,But Comrade, Is a sane path not fascist????? Obvunga momentCan anyone tell me if this has happened to them?You play a lot of different nations in TNO, so much so that you figure you should change things up a bit and decide to play Kaiserreich or Old World Blues.Only to find, you can’t get the same pleasure from those mods anymore. No matter which mod it is, you can’t help asking yourself, “where is the economy tab?” or “you mean I can just keep building without limits?” or “wait, where is the essay of text? These events are too short!”. I’m afraid TNO has broken my enjoyment of all other Hoi4 mods and now when I play the “bad guy” of any faction or mod, I can’t stop myself from going “You think denying the right to vote is evil? Naww, isn’t it just so bad that you made a secret police? I’ve oppressed millions and fought brutal campaigns across Africa and Asia to keep a dying ideology from collapsing in on itself! I’ve actively cleansed an entire race and germanized it so my sempai in Germany would notice me! I’ve read paragraphs describing slave revolts, brutal living conditions, and guys getting shot in the head because they gave up the will to live and refused to dig tenches anymore as a slave!”Once you go as brutal as TNO, everything else feels like a kiddy ride with safety gear. Am I wrong? His name is Josif Stalin. 👋🏻 🤚🏻 🖐🏻 ✋🏻 🤏🏻 ✌🏻 🤞🏻 🤟🏻 🤘🏻 🤙🏻 👈🏻 👉🏻 He's 83 years old. His house is in the northeast section of Anadyr,where all the villas are, and he's not married anymore. He works as an employee for the Vladzoetsky hunting cabin, and he gets home every day by 8 PM at the latest. He doesn't smoke but he heavily drinks. He's in bed by 11 PM and makes sure he gets eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, he usually has no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, he wakes up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. He was told there were no issues at my last check-up. He's trying to explain that he's a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. He takes care not to trouble himself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause him to lose sleep at night. That is how he deals with society, and he knows that is what brings him happiness. Although, if he were to fight he wouldn't lose to anyone. Who the fuck let kaganovich post on this sub?


the yock

the brainrot live3s - hahah poopensfabrik 1984 spleen momentrea
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2023.06.08 17:27 badusername160 [16F] WHATS UP BESTIES‼️‼️ i’m bored so uh ye

YO WHATS UP‼️‼️ like i said i’m bored asl and there’s fr nobody to talk to rn so yea!! i’m lookin for friends :3 ANYWAYS HOBBIES IG‼️‼️ i love playing video games! like it takes up way too much of my time ig :] there’s also walks and swimming!! even tho swimming usually results in water in my ears which means barely being able to hear out of one ear🫠 anyways this post is long enough so yea! dm me :]
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2023.06.08 17:26 ChileanTerremoto Voluntaria para apoyo de niños que no saben leer ni escribir entre 1ro y 4to basico

Hola! Como el titulo indica me inscribí para ser voluntaria en una fundacion para apoyar a niños que no saben leer ni escribir por diferentes factores. El motivo de este post es para saber sus opiniones al respecto, resumiendo las tutorias serian a niños de cualquier parte del pais, solo un voluntario por niño y serian mediante zoom u otras plataformas de videollamada todo esto conjunto a capacitaciones e informacion a corde a la educacion que reciben en sus colegios... Bueno a lo que voy es si alguien a tenido a su hijo o algun familiar que reciba estas tutorias y como han afectado positiva o negativamente. Yo quise participar ya que aun recuerdo como a mi familia se le acababa la paciencia y veia su frustración cuando me sentaban en la mesa a decir "LA PE CON LA A QUE DICEEE" 😅
bueno igual me pueden contar sus anecdotas y si creen que esto es un apoyo positivo a los papás o familias con niños pequeños o quedara como un simple recuerdo de cuando una persona me enseño a leer por el computador 🥲
Los leo 👀
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2023.06.08 17:10 PetitPea87 Struggling to keep my horse interested

Hi all First time posting here as I need help. I recently bought my very first horse, fulfilling a life long dream. Things are getting better and better between Winnie and I , but I strongly struggle to keep him interested in whatever we are doing.
A bit of context, I’m an ok rider but I need to improve my riding ; im taking lessons so that s more or less covered ,) I am taking things very slowly with Winnie, as the last thing i want is to disgust him working with me. We do groundwork in the training area ( sorry not sure of the words, english is my second language) and go for walks together so far. I have decided to focus on Pat Parelli 's 7 games as this method seems soft on the horse and would provide a great base for further training. We are great with friendly game, porcupine is all fine ( needs improvement but the base is there ) but the driving game isnt happening. He also seems to fall asleep halfway through the sessions ( which i always keep shorter than 40 min, if i struggle around min 30, i change to end on something positive). I’ve tried letting him be for a while so he recovers, I’ve tried running and trotting with him to have him more engaged , but he seems bored and bothered. He is generally speaking a very “cold” horse, only 5 yo, but was used a lot with beginners because when people are on his back he doesn’t bat an ear….
Do you guys have some advices? Maybe some interesting books/links?
Thank you all in advance !!
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2023.06.08 17:06 yslxoxo PB Rock’s killer owned a liquor store that was right by my house when I used to live in south LA. (right around the corner from the roscoes PB died @) Me & my lil bro used to walk there all the time. It wasn’t the average store tho…it had computers, free WiFi, & sometimes Let us get free snacks.

PB Rock’s killer owned a liquor store that was right by my house when I used to live in south LA. (right around the corner from the roscoes PB died @) Me & my lil bro used to walk there all the time. It wasn’t the average store tho…it had computers, free WiFi, & sometimes Let us get free snacks. submitted by yslxoxo to CaliBanging [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 17:01 Nintega94 CUSTOM CHAMP CONCEPT: Birk, the Eternity of Ionia

Been wanting to try a new method of Infinite Scaling: Infinite level ups

Passive: With Age Comes Experience

Birk starts every game at Lvl 0 instead of Lvl 1 (Still unlocks basic abilities at Lvls 1, 2, & 3, but not ult at Lvl 6). Birk gains XP equal to 10% of pre-mitigation damage from all sources he deals to champs, structures, & non-small monsters (Reduced by half for monsters), affected by shared XP at 25% effectiveness. His level is uncapped (Can go beyond 18), but any systematic mechanic (Runes, Items, Spells, etc) besides XP gain have their per lvl effectiveness reduced by half for him (But are also uncapped, except for CDs, which will always be their Lvl 18 CD regardless of lvl) (At Lvl 0, it is also reduced equal to the amount he would gain per lvl)
When Birk levels up, his yo-yo glows, causing his next basic ability to stun enemies hit for 1s
Birk doesn’t unlock his ult at any lvl, instead can buy a unique “scroll” while in fountain (Via a unique menu) to unlock the ult the scroll gives. Main scrolls are the ults themselves & cost 1500G each, while sub scrolls are add-ons that give additional effects to the ults & cost 500G each. Scrolls of any kind don’t sit in item slots & are considered passive, but can be sold like other items, but for full value. Selling a main scroll will also sell all its sub scrolls (Besides land scrolls)
NOTE Scrolls (Besides Land Scroll) each count as a legendary item for use with Mythic Passives
NOTE All players can see his XP amount beneath his mana
NOTE In game modes where players start at Lvl 3, Birk starts at Lvl 3 as well

Q: Yin Yang Slash

Birk swings his yo-yo in a 0u (+100% Atk Range) radius around him, dealing 100% AD (+35% AP) physical damage to all enemies hit, applying on-attack & on-hit effects at 100% effectiveness
Cooldown: 5
Cost: 35
NOTE Cast Time & total animation are reduced by bonus attack speed
NOTE Can apply either of (E)’s enhanced attack effects to all enemies hit

W: Spiral Stance

Birk becomes unstoppable but unable to basic attack or cast abilities (Besides E) for 1.5s, during which he has a 10% (+1% (+1% per 100 Bonus ArmoM Resist) per 100 Bonus Health) Base Health Shield. Afterwhich, he strikes his yo-yo at the lowest % health enemy (Always prioritizing champs>monsters>minions when possible) within 0u (+200% Atk Range) of him, dealing 100% AD (+35% AP) physical damage
Cooldown: 10 (On activation)
Cost: 50
NOTE Strike animation is reduced by bonus attack speed
NOTE Can apply either of Calm of the Quick’s enhanced attack effects to all enemies hit

E: Calm of the Quick

Birk dashes 0u (+100% Atk Range) in a target direction & empowers his next 2 attacks within 5s. The 1st attack slows the enemy by 50% for 1s, the 2nd attack deals 150% total damage (Including rune/item effects such as Electrocute, Grasp, Sheen, etc)
Cooldown: 10 (On activation)
Cost: 50
NOTE Dash Speed is equal to 500% Total Move Speed
NOTE The 2nd attack is what will apply the stun from “With age comes experience”

R: The Scroll

Uses the ultimate you gain from your main scroll
Cooldown: 210 (On Activation)
Cost: 100
NOTE Sylas can only target Birk with Hijack if Birk has a main scroll

List of Scrolls

Land Scroll Neither a main scroll nor a sub scroll. Costs 20G each, can be bought infinitely (Unlike main & sub-scrolls) regardless of what other scrolls you have, & grants +1 Ultimate Haste per land scroll you have
MAIN SCROLL Resting Strike: Birk launches his yo-yo in a target direction, stopping on the 1st enemy champ hit to deal 0 (+1% AD/0.35% AP per 1% of target’s missing health) physical damage to them. This can be tapped or held (For up to 5s) to affect the range, & while charging, Birk’s slowed by 50%. When tapped, the max range is 100% of Birk’s atk range. When held for at least 0.5s, the range is increased to 200 - 500% (Based on hold time, from 0.5s to 2.5s) of Birk’s atk range
SUB SCROLL Form: If the affected enemy dies within 0.5s of being hit by this, Birk can recast this within 10s for the same effect at no mana cost
SUB SCROLL Precision: If the affected enemy would be left below 15% of their max health after this, they’re executed
SUB SCROLL Meditate: After the damage is dealt, Birk restores 0 (+500% AD, +175% AP) health over the next 5s. If the affected enemy dies within 0.5s of being hit by this, he also becomes invisible for the 1st 1.5s
MAIN SCROLL Quake of the Lands: Target a location within 0u (+250% Atk Range) of Birk. After a 1.5s channel (After 1s he vanishes & is untargetable), Birk arrives at target location & creates a 0u (+100% Atk Range) shockwave around him, dealing 0 (+0.25% AD/0.1% AP per 1% of enemy current health) physical damage to enemies hit & stunning them for 1.5s
SUB SCROLL Winds: This stun is increased from 1.5s to 2s & additionally knocks up enemies hit for 2s
SUB SCROLL Motivation: Enemies hit by the shockwave are marked for the next 5s. Allied champs (Including Birk) that damage marked enemies restore health equal to 25% of the post-mitigation damage dealt
SUB SCROLL Defense: For the next 5s, Birk gains 0 (+100% AD, +10% Bonus Health) Bonus Armor & M Resist for each enemy he hits with the shockwave
MAIN SCROLL Challenger: Target a location within 0u (+500% Atk Range) of Birk. After 2.5s, then within the next 5s (If there is no recast, this goes on a 10s CD), he can recast on a target enemy champ within 0u (+100% Atk Range) of him to strike his yo-yo into them, dealing 0 (+0.25% AD/0.1% AP per 1% of enemy’s current health) physical damage to them & suppressing them for 0.5s before both of them blink to the initial target location (Birk is at the target location, while the enemy is 75% of Birk’s Atk Range away from him in the opposite direction)
SUB SCROLL Return: If the target dies within 10s of the 2nd cast, this can be cast a 3rd time within the 10s duration to blink back to the original cast location
SUB SCROLL Cripple: For the next 2.5s, the target’s grounded & Birk steals 10% of their move speed
SUB SCROLL Purloin: For the next 10s, Birk reduce’s the target's AP, AD, Atk Speed, Armor, & M Resist by a % amount, gaining Lifesteal for himself equal to 10% of the total reduced stats for the same duration
10% AP
15% AD
20% Atk Speed
20% Armor
20% M Resist

Base Stats (Lvl 0 Per Lvl)

Health 500 50
HP Regen 5 0.25
Mana 250 25
MP Regen 5 0.25
Move Speed 350 2
Atk Range 250 5 (Ranged at all Lvls)
Atk Speed 0.5 2.5%
Atk Damage 50 2
Armor 30 1
M Resist 30 1
Haste* 0 2
*Ability Haste, Item Haste, Spell Haste
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2023.06.08 16:58 KrankyKoot Win11 display issues

Just finished my new build (last one 8 yo) and I can't seem to find a solution to how text and graphics are displayed. I have posted the issue with the Gigabyte and have followed their advise on possible solutions with no luck. The problem exists for both the Gigabyte RTX4080 card and the Intel graphics. First question - am I dealing with a Windows11 issue? Second and one I can't seem to get answered - the RX4080 has a 3 - 8 pin into one connector. My power supply only came with 2 PCIE cables. So I used both with a 2 into 1 for one of the cables. Do I need 3 separate cables from the power supply?
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2023.06.08 16:57 lmaowhatislife16 20[F4R] Malaysia/anywhere - Talk to me to be ur gamer buddy or just talk whatever LMFAO

Hello hello, imma try to make my post as brief as possible bc I posted before and I know some of y'all don't have the attention span to actually read most of my post anyways 💀
So what im looking for is people to talk to or vc with. I don't care abt ur gender but please be around my age. I really don't wanna explain some of the slangs or jokes that I do 😭 (my humour is shit tho and like I laugh at almost everything especially if it is rlly dumb) It can be long or short term, up to you (tho kinda leaning towards long term cuz I would love having someone to talk to everyday but no pressure) im also just looking for whatever, I like to keep things go as natural so idm if it ends up a friendship or a potential relationship.

Anyways that is out of the way, here are brief stuff abt me if ya don't feel like going through my old post;
Basic - Im an uni student who is in her final year. Im pretty sarcastic and really honest. I tend to say the most random stuff ever tho 💀 I don't take things seriously and will literally make jokes just to cope LMFAO. I can be serious tho when needed. You will know more abt it as we talk cuz im pretty open abt myself.
Music taste - Im into almost every genre like if my ears like it, it likes it. Main genres I listen to are pop, indie, R&B, rap, scenecore, phonk, metal/death metal, modern rock and dance/electronic. Top artists I listen on repeat are Beabadoobee, Kanii, Odetari, Ramstein, kets4eki, the neighbourhood, Lana Del Rey and some more. I can just share my playlist lmfao
Interests - If im not in class or doing my assignments, I usually play Stardew Valley or watching youtube videos. Im thinking of starting a new tv series or watch a movie tho but I can't choose which one lmao. I play other games too like dbd and l4d2 but tbh I don't have a lot of multi games cuz im used to solo. Idm downloading new games to play with people tho. I also love learning history and psychology (not my major tho 😔) I typically watch documentaries sometimes tho I like true crime more. Im pretty busy with uni so I don't rlly do much 😭 but I have time to talk to people everyday.
Appearance - idk im asian? I mean obviously LMAO but like im not rlly sure how to describe myself. I have shoulder length brown hair (gonna dye it again soon tho), I wear glasses, I like wearing black and purple, im as tall as a 14 yo average kid (call me a dwarf and I would literally bomb your house) and y''all can guess how much I weight lmao.

Okay i have no idea what to write anymore so just hmu if ya think im interesting enough. Please at least tell me about yourself rather than just say hi or hello. My post usually more humourous so mb for that but anyways. Reddit is kinda broken for me so if I reply late or something, mb for that. I prefer changing platforms once we click tho, ya have to choose tho cuz im indecisive asf 💀
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2023.06.08 16:35 d3ch3v 30 yo and post short videos, what's the reason except the money in long term(eventually)?

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2023.06.08 16:28 Shadow_Warrior97 Random followers.

Why on every platform do I tend to get a string of multiple random people? You know, the ones that have zero posts but their page suggests their a p*rn page, and they try to message you. "I'm beautiful?", "Like my page?" Bitch I don't know you. Y'all stop following me with yo thirsty ass.
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2023.06.08 16:22 Sophisticated_Jester Yo first post, what do ya think?

Yo first post, what do ya think?
I'm keeping the beautiful smile no matter what.
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2023.06.08 16:19 hakim8118 Yo fellow redditors, is this the place to post our SPM result?

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2023.06.08 16:14 Minimum_Will_4852 SHAY ARENT YOU A PEDO

Like bitch you thought we forgot about you asking a 16 year old girl to see her body in a bikini LIKE UM…???!!! That doesn’t sound normal…ion get how it’s wrong if we hit below the belt with her but she can casually say outta pocket shit and we have to just sugar coat what we wanna say to her?? Like nah fuck that and fuck her ion care cuz this bitch wanna bully and she gon get what she ask for tf…yo big fat sloppy nasty shit stain dookie breath ass always gotta mention gay ppl to insult but YOU LIKE LIL GIRLS LITERALLY YOU LIKE UNDERAGE GURLS YO KIDS WAS IN THE BACK TOUCHING UP ON YO NIECE AND SHIT AND U ALLOWED IT CUZ U INTO THA SICK SHIT WEIRD ASS BITCH
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2023.06.08 15:42 grant_cir Child Support Agreements

tldr; what are the pitfalls of pre-agreed specific child support expenditures vs. an income formula driven series of payments? What are the implications for decision making and control over expenditures on a child?
My wife has asked for a divorce - we haven't separated yet, but she's already signed a lease and is starting to furnish the new place. She's leaving me and my son in our house (seems...unwise for her, but I'm not going to advise her otherwise) for the separation.
She's pulling the "friend zone" thing on a whole new scale (at least IME) and really doesn't want to know/see that I'm unhappy and that this is probably the very worst time for our 8 yo son to experience divorce (despite the marriage counselor telling her).
I do want to be amicable for the sake of our son, and I don't want to go scorched earth, though there is a 3x income disparity (we are a very high earner couple, but she is by far the higher earner), and she is suddenly of the opinion she shouldn't have to share, either alimony or child support as such. I have retained counsel and we're working up an idea of what my wife's possible worst-case split would look like so that she is more amenable to a more generous (to me) settlement than she is presently offering. I'm really fine with having a clean separation agreement where the finances are cleaned up and settled (mostly) before the decree - ideally as soon as we can reach an agreement, without litigation.
However, one area of concern I have is this: my wife is pretty adamant (based on her sister's experience with her ex-husband) about not submitting to court formula derived child support. She really doesn't want to be paying me out of pocket for anything, especially if her income increases further - I'm probably close to the peak earning years for me, and it won't ever get up much higher.
One of the issues in our marriage for a long time is a subtle tension around money - she really has always kind of wanted us to contribute 50/50 to everything, despite the huge disparity in our incomes, and some previous financial commitments I had when we got married (and I told her about - at one point dissuading her from the marriage precisely for this reason: she insisted it wasn't any big deal). We have a 180deg flip on the standard dynamic: I'm the family friendly lower earner, she is the not-so-family friendly (at all) high earner; my career and prospects have taken a back seat to being the primary parent. Although we've reached a tentative agreement on 2255 505/50 custody, I doubt her ability to follow through on it. I won't allow a tug-of-war around this which creates issues for my son, which means I fully anticipate doing more than 50/50.
A big part of the money tension is controlling: she was always unhappy that I wasn't dumping my entire income into a joint account where she had 100% visibility into every expenditure. I resisted this, and I'm sure that contributed to our break up. She's pretty deeply insecure (in spite of being a fairly amazing and accomplished person), and I think that drives the controlling stuff and also drives the fear of being cheated on which is at the root of her unhappiness in the marriage and desire for a divorce. She told me that she had investigated putting a GPS tracker on me so she could catch and confront me about the cheating but discovered it was illegal to do. Based on some other things, I have my doubts I haven't been tracked, but of course: I'm not cheating. A big part of that cheating fear is that she also hasn't felt comfortable with intimacy since our child was conceived (the conception sex is actually where it first went sideways).
Having to pay me child support feels to her like (further) exploitation - she is being taken advantage of.
Again: I'm actually all in favor of the general idea of a clean break. I've been divorced before, but there were no children involved, and yeah, we reached a mostly clean agreement that severed our finances. I really don't want to live off of my ex-wife (I want enough in the settlement that I can land on my feet and not wind up dropping a few rungs on the SE ladder from where I was when I met my wife - I'm OK returning to that).
However, my wife wants to phrase the child support commitment in terms of "if we send our child to camp or private school or this that or the other activity, I will pay for it". I'm 99.999% sure that in the event of a disagreement between us about camp or private school or activity, she will simply pull a unilateral "I'm paying for it and this is what I decided". It's a control thing and she really doesn't like having to negotiate and compromise. That said: I don't actually think we've ever had a disagreement about any of these decisions and we co parent well. Still, I don't want to base a binding legal agreement on a hope for good faith engagement. My concern is we get a few years down the road amicably and run into our first conflict, and I think she will - absent any leverage of mine - just roll over me.
To that end: I already had to push for a clearly defined custody schedule because she was kind of (ala friend-zone) "oh, we'll just keep coordinating our lives/calendar like we do now" (ie, I will keep doing most of the parenting, but she won't be providing support for me). I was able to get her - with the marriage counselor - to understand that a regular predictable schedule was very important for our son, so that's nailed down (or will be, in writing, before signing any settlement agreements).
For those who have tried to have alternatives to traditional child support, what were your experiences? I'm leery of getting off the well-paved path the courts have established, particularly since the formulas look to me like they take into account all sorts of interests (including my wife's interest in not supporting me).
I'm reading my own words and to some degree feeling like I should be much happier about this turn of events than I am - I am shocked and bit gutted. The 8 years of a dead bedroom certainly did kind of prep me for it, but I had mostly reconciled myself to that, and thought we do have a pretty happy family; I still wonder if reconciliation is possible. Of course, that is more about mourning the break up of our family than our romantic disconnect, which has been there for a long time. Anyone who goes through my post history will find DB posts where I pretty clearly say that if we didn't have a child, I'd have ended it myself a while ago.
I do care very much for my wife, and I do want her to be happy; it's pretty clear that I am not without contribution/blame for the situation, and I can see where we both might be happier with different romantic partners. We have been (the three of us) a fantastic family though...and it kills me to walk down the hall with the "gallery" of family pictures and know that's about to get dynamited.
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