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2023.06.10 22:42 MarcellusFaber American Catholic Quarterly Review on the Russian Schismatics, 1900

Many Catholics do not know much in detail about the Eastern Schismatics, let alone about any of the sects in particular. Many believe that they are "schismatics but not heretics", but this is completely false. The Eastern Schismatics profess a number of heresies including, but not limited to:
  1. The allowance of divorce based on a perverse interpretation of Our Lord's words in the Gospel of St Matthew. This interpretation would only allow divorce in the case of adultery, but, by 1900, the Russian Schismatic Church recognised 195 grounds for divorce in its canon law, which included being forcible separated from one's spouse for a number of years (for example, if one's Polish Catholic husband were sent to Siberia).
  2. The rejection of the filioque, despite the fact that the Greeks at the Council of Florence were stumped at every turn by even the Eastern Fathers teaching the Catholic doctrine, to the point that they had to desperately assert that all the manuscripts had been corrupted, despite having no manuscripts which supported their position.
  3. The rejection of the Immaculate Conception.
  4. The rejection of the doctrine of purgatory.
  5. And, naturally, the rejection of the primacy of the Bishop of Rome, despite the fact that their liturgy repeatedly affirms it.
I recommend, therefore, these two very good articles on the matter (the first one being more entertaining, totally eviscerating the Russians):
Some Heterodoxies and Inconsistencies of Russian Orthodoxy (Parsons, ACQR, 1900).pdf - Google Drive (I think I've noticed a couple of mistakes at the end of this one, for I do not believe that the Sacraments can confer grace outside of the Church, and the Sacraments must be refused to non-Catholics. Otherwise, it is good.)
My attention has been drawn to this subject as some friends of mine have apostatised to the Eastern Schism. Since it is seeming to more people that the Church has failed, some Catholics, attracted by the beautiful (Catholic!) liturgy used by the Eastern Schismatics, are investigating the Schismatic Churches as an alternative. Having done very little reading on the subject, I cannot see how any serious Catholic could take this ridiculous collection of sects seriously.
And yes, these articles did come from that awful Sedevacantist(!) forum which some people complained about me posting links to. It's resource forums are an absolute gold mine.
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2023.06.10 22:42 throwaway-3827 I (M24) am uneasy about my relationship with gf (F22)

I am currently in a relationship (5 months as of now, officially. Started talking in September of 22) and I’ve recently been feeling like something is off. Not like she’s being unfaithful or anything, but I don’t get the sense that she’s “the one”. I just came back from a family vacation with her family, and I expected it to be super fun and chill, time for us to grow closer, but the entire time I felt this undercurrent of “it won’t last. She’s not the one.”. Now, I have anxiety that I take medication for, and I feel like my mind automatically goes to these worst case scenarios. She’s great; always nice to me, very understanding, super pretty and the sex is awesome. But about three months ago, we were watching TV and I kind of had a panic attack because I felt so conflicted; I told her how I felt, and said maybe splitting up would be the best thing. Of course this blindsided and hurt her, and we didn’t last 24 hours apart before we came back together, determined to iron out our issues and be stronger. And we did get stronger. All of the superficial stuff has been fixed, but that lingering doubt is still plaguing me. And I’m afraid that I’m at the point where I’m wasting her time if I’m really not into it. I mean, how could I blindside her AGAIN and basically say “I know things are better, but I still don’t feel it, sorry for wasting your time”, because she doesnt deserve that. But I’m afraid that the longer I wait, the worse it’ll be. What should I do? Should I wait and see where it goes? Or is my mentality indicative of something not working?
TL;DR: girlfriend is nearly perfect in every way, but I am having reservations of her being “the one”
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2023.06.10 22:42 Hsmsaei Sarms Ostarine mk-2886

Hi . I want to use Ostarine MK-2886. Brand : freedom research
2 types of liquid and capsule. Which one should I choose?
Total dose of capsules 1500 (120 capsules of 12.5mg ) Liquid total dose 750. ( 25 mg per 1ml)
I have a strange fear inside me! What doses should I start with? 180cm . 70kg . target__ bulk
Prefer Nolvadex 10/10/20/20 for PCT good for 4 weeks?
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2023.06.10 22:41 mourningdoveofficial Best path for a personal mobile app creation?

Hi, I hope this type of post is allowed here. My interest in coding has spawned from my time in therapy and my need for a journalling and check-in app that’s tailored to suit my particular goals. (It’ll be for emotion identification practice, for people with CPTSD/dissociative disorders that struggle staying present in their body) It’s just for me to use and maybe for some friends- I’m not trying to make money but I’d like it to have a nice UI.
It will remind you at your preferred intervals to do a check-in with the location of any physical body sensations, the intensity of those sensations, a best guess at a name for your current emotion, and a short journal entry describing your current thoughts. Importantly, I’d like it to be possible to search keywords (e.g. names of people or places) from journal entries to find correlations between certain thoughts and certain emotions. Basically, a way to search and find correlation between any of the variables.
I’ve been having a blast learning Python lately and doing little beginner projects but I know its primary use is not for mobile app development. Should I start elsewhere? Has anyone else delved into programming just to make personal projects (mobile apps in particular), and were you successful?
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2023.06.10 22:40 InitialOwn755 What Should I expect on my first day?

I start my first day tomorrow at a Panera near me, and my manager said I’d be doing the orientation material, and working from 7-4. Are the videos going to take the whole time? What kind of videos are they? And do I get paid for the day?
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2023.06.10 22:40 rtrotta22 FS: Pomade lot for $50 shipped

FS: Pomade lot for $50 shipped
I would like to sell 7 pomades as a lot. Will ship in the US and use PayPal for payment. Asking $50 shipped. Message me if interested.
The lot contains:
Nostalgic Grooming Moon Paste - Cosmic Coconut
Flagship Steelhorse Supply Co. Water-Based Pomade
Flagship Streamline Traditional Oil Based/Water Soluble Pomade
Pomp’s Not Dead The Shape of Pomp to Come UWB
Layrite Natural Matte Cream
Modern Grooming Co. Dauntless Pomade
Rogue Sideshow Medium Hold OB Pomade
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2023.06.10 22:40 Mickleborough NDA 101

Every now and then this sub mentions non-disclosure agreements (NDAs): signed, not signed, released in respect of shenaniMeghans.
I thought it might be useful to note a few salient points about NDAs.
  1. As the name suggests, an NDA is an agreement not to disclose information.
  2. Because this is an agreement, it requires something called consideration - basically something in exchange for keeping silent. I won’t reveal your secret; what’s in it for me?
  3. Following from # 2, it‘s clear that NDAs are for information where it’s worth giving someone something to remain silent. Generally this means that NDAs are most common in commercial situations: trade secrets; how a business operates; the identity of the purchaser of a company. Another example is personal information that would be of value - that of celebrities or the Royal Family.
  4. It’s worth mentioning that employment contracts usually have a confidentiality provision - ie anything you encounter in your job is confidential. This is may be stated specifically in the employment contract; if not, it’s implied.
  5. Confidentiality can be waived by the owner of the information - if the owner agrees, the information may be disclosed.
  6. For completeness, confidentiality doesn‘t apply in certain circumstances, eg where the owner has agreed to disclosure as per # 5 above, or if the information‘s already publicly known.
This is why, amongst other things:
- No former Sussex employee’s come out with dirt on them. They’d have been bound by the confidentiality provisions in their employment contracts. This includes Palace staff as well as, presumably, the people they’ve taken on since then.
- Posts about what Meghan wears - such as the Dior Instagram or by some unknown jeweller about some cheap piece of crap she’s wearing on her latest arranged pap encounter - must have been done with her permission, as providing the service (the dress, the jewellery) is information of value (ie to the public): see # 3. A common trade-off would be: I provide you with the item for free (consideration, remember?) if you let me post it on social media. Quid pro quo.
- When Meghan said in The Cut interview: ‘I’ve never had to sign anything that restricts me from talking [about the Royal Family]’, that was a very disingenuous statement. Following from # 2 and 3, it’s safe to assume that families don’t make family members sign NDAs - it would be bizarre to regulate a family like a commercial enterprise (even if it might be known as The Firm) - family ties and loyalties would see that secrets are kept. Of course, it was obvious that Meghan was just making a thinly veiled threat - which she probably couldn’t live up to. If she disclosed some security matter, legal action would be taken. If it’s just that the King travels with a childhood teddy bear - who cares?
Feel free to chip in or ask questions.
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2023.06.10 22:40 BlueHatchback10 Ordering EAS Tags

My DAPL told me that they are no longer supplying EAS tags. I've heard from other managers you can order them. Does anyone have an item number, phone number, or link in Ariba I can use to order new ones with my store's info on it? I think my DAPL is smoking a load of BS, there's no way CVS would do without EAS tags at a store-level.
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2023.06.10 22:40 Mediocre_Jaguar_B [CO/FL/TN] Bought car from dealer, continuous vehicle ownership since 2016, now vehicle is titled out of state?

Basically, I need help figuring out how best to access my vehicle's title or if I should just try to junk this thing with no title. Timeline of events is below:

Questions: Is this worth going to Florida and attempting to prove ownership of the vehicle & request a new title? Do I have to be worried about whatever happened in TN or was that likely just someone incorrectly reporting the VIN? Is it going to be a big hassle or should I just junk it and move on?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.06.10 22:40 AlexWhatpoint Do you regularly have physical contact with anyone outside your family? Would you even want to?

I'm going to be in my mid twenties this year and can't remember the last time I've had physical contact with anyone outside of my family. Occasionally, I hug my mother and grandmother but that's it, really. Anything else must've been at least a decade ago. I can't even remember.
For as much as I've grown used to it, in the end it's still something of a biological need, isn't it? Still, at this point I wouldn't even know how to react to such a situation, if it occurred. However, I probably wouldn't feel like turning down the opportunity to embrace someone who cares about me without being "obligated" to, like family somehow is. Mind you, I'm not talking about anything sexual just some... platonic closeness?
I'd be interested in hearing how your experiences differ from mine. In the meantime, I wish you all well.
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2023.06.10 22:40 AgentXRe-editer Introverts be like

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2023.06.10 22:40 Cat_Woman_238 Is Harry Chauncy Gardner?

I faced some criticism on this forum last week for expressing the concern that Harry showed signs of what might be a learning disability. During his cross-examination, Harry showed signs of difficulty reading. Per the Mayo Clinic, dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding). Also called a reading disability, dyslexia is a result of individual differences in areas of the brain that process language.
Harry also showed signs of what might be a processing disorder. This article describes various kinds of learning disabilities and processing disorders. It describes dyslexia as a processing disorder.
Several group members have been at pains to tell me not to confuse learning disabilities and processing disorders with intellectual disability. I was not attempting to assert intellectual disability as the reason for Harry's difficulties reading. I was frankly surprised that I had to defend myself so vigorously.
But the more I read about learning and processing disorders, the more Harry reminds me of Peter Sellers' role in a film called Being There, in which a man mistaken believed to be a mysterious but persuasive political advisor, Chauncy Gardner, is revealed to be an intellectually disabled man named Chance who has spent his life working as a gardener. When people meet the well-dressed man, introduced by Washington DC insiders to one another, they are prepared to think of him as brilliant and worldly-wise. They are charmed by the analogies he appears to draw between political life and gardening. It is only because he is introduced to them by other people of prestige that they listen to him with great expectations, oblivious to his intellectual disability.
Is Harry another Chauncy Gardner? Have people always deferred to him and taken his words at face value, without recognizing that, irrespective of his birth into the BRF, irrespective of the fact that he may also have a learning disability that makes it hard for him to read, Harry is intellectually disabled?
Would an intellectual disability explain the fact that Harry did not seem to know how a court works? That as a litigant he was expected to prove his assertion that the press had hacked his phone in the specific instances which his team brought to court? Would it explain his bizarre belief that unless a newspaper has already admitted to hacking, they must be entirely innocent? And the flip side of the coin, that if they have admitted to a single instance of hacking, they must be hacking Harry's phone "on an industrial scale"?
People are saying that Harry has been a useful tool for people like Hugh Grant and Elton John. Are they taking advantage of an intellectually disabled man? Is Meghan? And are we all overlooking that disability because we were prepared to see only the cheeky chappy? Dead convinced that he used to be a cheeky chappy? Impossible for him to be an arrogant, surly, mean-spirited, ill-natured intellectually disabled person instead?
To all of you who want to tell me not to confuse learning disabilities with intellectual disabilities, I KNOWWWWW. But now you are making me wonder if he has both sorts of issues. Thank you for calling my attention to the possibility that he not simply dealing with dyslexia/ADHD/paranoia. Thanks for alerting me to the idea that he may be intellectually disabled as well.
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2023.06.10 22:40 GamingPredator69 Could the Ford Tri-Motor Dump Fuel

Im rewatching Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom, near the beginning of the movie they escape on a Ford Tri-Motor, however mid flight the pilots dump all of the fuel and jump using parachutes. However im curious, was the Ford Tri-Motor capable of dumping fuel?
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2023.06.10 22:40 Agitated-Ranger-6886 Maddie??

Anybody else see this?
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2023.06.10 22:40 TheLxvers Bought it but none of the benefits are applied,,Never had this issue when buying it before wtf

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2023.06.10 22:40 random_ask_80 Served a near one month expired sandwich on an Indigo flight . Please thoroughly check the use by/expiry dates on any flight meals before eating.

Was traveling on a Mumbai to Kolkata Indigo flight 4 days back. I had pre-booked a meal, which I got delivered sometime later on the flight. I didn't want to have it at the time, so I put it in my backpack. Later when I got home, I unpacked and started to have it. At this point of time, I noticed the use by date(pic) on the cover. I had to double check it, as a difference of 29 days was shocking. I then put up a message tagging indigo on twitter. The following day, I get a reply from Indigo asking for a call. Later an indigo SM person calls me and apologizes and says that Indigo is going through a investigation process to find out how this lapse happened. Said they would provide a Rs 1000 voucher for it. I replied they should find out how a lapse as severe as almost a month can happen, & their resposibility doesn't end with the voucher. To which person said- ki they will check it out and take steps. However, ei incident etotai serious and so many people could and may have been affected, based on what they served as possibly rotten food. So I did a follow up call again around three days back. Unsurprisingly, their investigation was still ongoing. Again the person promised necessary steps will be taken and again asked if I wanted a refund of flight. I told them to hang that and find out who's responsible and to take necessary steps. Person says all steps will be taken by next 48 hours and I will be informed via call. I later googled, and this isn't the first time their passengers have faced this(check twitter). This is very serious reveal of quality of airlines food. I guess there's no point taking any action as nothing much will change, except maybe some babu for govt regulation might get rich, through it. But created this post just to warn/alert ppl who are not aware of the scenario, to prevent the tension/anxiety (and much worse) people in that flight may have had to go through.
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2023.06.10 22:40 Ok_Instance_1961 AITA for blocking my sister?

AITA for blocking my sister?
I (20F) am going to school at our local university, so I live with my parents in order to save money. While my sister (19F), chose to move out of state for the majority of Highschool and college.
For our entire childhood my sister would bully me verbally and physically, even going as far as threatening to take my life multiple times in extremely graphic detail. I feel it's important to note that she is only this way to me for some reason. Towards everyone else, she is one of the kindest and most selfless people you will ever meet, so I'm used to being seen as the crazy one.
Only my father (who was a Stay at home Dad), it seems, knew about the abuse and attempted to do something about it several times, including getting her a therapist, but nothing ever worked and eventually he started telling me that that's just how she is, and hopefully she'll outgrow it one day.
2 years ago, she flew back home for Winter Break and was her same, usual self and after 3 days I finally reached my limit with constantly being insulted, lied to, and hit whenever we interacted, so I snapped at her, told her that she's abusive and cruel and that this is her last chance to prove to me that she can be better and if she doesn't take it this time, then I'm going to block her and never speak to her again.
She apologized seemingly very sincerely and promised to do better from now on, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt and proceeded to act as if nothing was wrong.
A few hours later, I began making the Christmas dinner for everyone. She walked in the kitchen, saw how much I was making, and said, "No wonder every year you keep getting fatter and I get thinner." I decided to just pretend she hadn't said anything and focused on cooking, which made her angry and she started yelling at me, "I know you hate me, but that doesn't mean you have to be such a b*tch about it." And that's how it went until she left to go back to school out of state, so I blocked her number on my phone and all social media posts.
Now, she's back again for the Summer, and I'm keeping my promise of refusing to talk to her or be left alone in a room with her, and she's telling everyone how awful I'm treating her and how she feels unwelcomed in her own home despite doing nothing to deserve this treatment.
What happened 2 years ago was not the 1st time she has apologized to me and told me she would try to be better, only to immediately let me down once she thought she was in the clear. So I no longer have any hope that she will ever change, and see no reason to keep pretending that she can.
I'm spending all my time in my room or outside, so she has free reign over the house and can say or do whatever she wants. I'm just refusing to acknowledge her exsistence because I know how sincere she can sound, and I know that if she pulls the same act again, I'll likely fall for it again.
My mother agrees with her that I'm the one who's in the wrong because she made the effort to apologize and I blocked her and am acting petty and rude towards her anyway.
My father acknowledges that I have the right to be upset for the horrible way she's treated me our whole lives, and stands up for me when my mother and sister talk about me behind my back. However, he has also told me it's better to just pretend everything's ok and let her back into my life in order to keep the peace.
After 5 days of this, I'm starting to think that they have a point, but another part of me thinks that it's unfair that I'm expected to just accept her abuse, instead of my sister being held accountable for her actions.
So, AITA for blocking and ignoring her? And should I give in, and let her apologize again in the hope she means it this time?
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2023.06.10 22:39 Runkking2099 Question about making a forge

I am currently making a gas forge out of a helium tank used for filling balloon and was wondering if my current plan would work. For context I don’t have lots of funds so any cost saving tips or ways to make the forge more efficient would be useful.
I am going to use a propane gas torch that you can buy at any hardware store, will this get got enough?
The forge will have a single exit so I can keep the heat in the forge due to the smaller burner. I was aiming to use either cement or a plaster of Paris/sand mix to fill the cavity.
Any ideas if this would work or what I could change?
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2023.06.10 22:39 Playful_Ad_134 19M glaucoma suspect + images (OCT,campimetry)

Hi! I'm 19 male (caucasian/european). Last year I took dercutane 30mg/day during 6 months aproximately. Now I m not taking any medications. I have never smoked, neither used drugs, I don't drink. I have moderate myopia -5.5/-5.25. Since one year and a half I am in suspected of glaucoma. As far as I know, I am healthy.
One year and a half ago, by Novemeber 2021, I decided to compare how different was my vision with each eye separately to see if my my myopia had increased in each of them. When I did this, I realized that I did not perceive colors exactly the same with both eyes. With one eye I saw colors somewhat more "dull", with cooler tones than with the other eye, which perceived colors somewhat more vivid and warmer. The difference was minimal, and really had no implication in the quality of my vision, maybe I had been this way all my life and I had never noticed it, but it was something that scared me. I thought that maybe it was something transitory and I let a few weeks go by, but I kept noticing it and I made an appointment with the ophthalmologist. At that time, I had been taking dercuntane (isotretinoin) 30mg/day to treat acne for 5 months. I had blood tests and everything was apparently fine. But I thought that dercutane could be the cause of that differences in color perception since it is a drug with many side effects.
A few days later, during the ophthalmologic tests everything was going fine, until they took my eye pressure which came out slightly high, but they told me that it could be a false result because my cornea is quite thick and that could give higher values than the real ones. I had a fundus examination and the doctor saw something in the optic nerve that alerted him, and I was referred to the glaucoma specialty. At that moment I started to get very anxious thinking that maybe I could be losing my vision and that this difference in the way of perceiving colors could be a symptom of it. At that moment I decide to interrumpt the treatment with dercutane since all my acne had already healed, and the dermatologist gave me permission to do it even though I had not completely finished the cycle of the medication. In the following weeks I had several ophthalmologic tests such as OCT scans and a campimetry. The OCT scans showed "alterations in the retinal nerve fiber layer" and the campimetry showed results within the normal range.
The doctor did not give me any treatment and decided that the best thing to do would be to repeat these tests every 6 months, which I did. Both tests came out the same, always with small fluctuations but with very similar results. I have been having check-ups every 6 months for a year and a half now, and according to the doctor, everything it is stable and I should not worry, but I cannot avoid doing it. The doctors told me something that I didn't quite understand about the fact that these alterations reflected in the OCT scans may be due to my myopia, since I have relatively high graduations of -5.5 and -5.25 in each eye. I have been tested for visual acuity several times and it come out fine with glasses, also I have been tested for color blindness due to the difference in color perception and the results come out fine with each eye, as well, contrast perception tests are also correct.
A year ago, I also went to the neurologist to have a visual evoked potential test done because of this slight difference in perception in each eye, and the obtained results were completely normal. I also got done an MRI scan of the brain which was also normal except for a litle finding which was "partially excavated empty sella turcica" , asymtomatic and with no relevance according to the doctor.
Yesterday I had another checkup in which I had a macular OCT, and they took my eye pressure. The OCT results, always shows some kind of alteration that worries me a lot. It has remained stable all this time (it hasn't gotten worse since doctors started checking my retina one year and a half ago). To the moment the doctor say that I don't need to be treated.
I attach my latest OCT scans and other tests performed. Some test are in spanish, but I can translate them if needed.
May the litle differences in color perception be caused by the retinal alterations showed in the OCT scans, or are normal diferences in vision? Do the performed tests show worrisome results? Should I be worried, or should I relax about it? Should I do something more for my eye health?
My current visual aquicy and refractive errrors:
23 June 2022 tests (dilated pupils):
- OCT optic nerve:
-Campimetry :
4 January 2023 tests (dilated pupils):
-OCT Optic nerve :
-OCT macula:
- Campimetry : (in one eye it shows a bordeline case, the doctor told me that it is posbily caused by refractive errors, but I don`t know what to think.)
8 June 2023 test (non dilated pupils)
- Intraocular pressure meditions: (values vary too much depending on the technique. Which one is more reliable?)
-OCT macula: (as the pupils were not dilated, the doctor told me that the given results are a litle artifacted)
Thanks a lot for reading this!
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2023.06.10 22:39 AsterSpice One more new user needed!

Need new users! Still have all clicks available! Let me know when you help me and I'll help you!
Accept my invite to score 3 free swag!
Or use code: S2ATU8P
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2023.06.10 22:39 VirusLight 60 FPS / 60FPS / 60 / FPS / Upload Solution Found!

Hi, I have seen a lot of posts here of people who face the same problem as me. Uploading 60FPS (eventually 4K) is not working everytime. I've tried a lot of things and have read through a lot of posts as well. I think I found a solution, at least a prototype for a solution.
I've a 60Fps 4K video ready to upload.
I send the video to my phone using a mail.
My phone can download the video from the apple service Mail Drop.
I upload the downloaded File (not as a photo) through the share button on the file.
I let the video run through to check if my 60fps are there (I can tell by seeing my cuts - every frame a cut) - This step is very important, you have to let your video compleatly run trough at least one time
Then I click on the continue button
Then I checked high upload, friends only and made a caption. (I have not set a demo or did anything else)
Then I have waited 3 minutes
And finally I have posted my Video
After my upload side closed and the normal watch page opened I did not do anything and just waited until the upload was done.
I still havent klicked anything and waited until my video went through another time
I was able to tell everything wokred because I saw my cuts
At the end I went on my profile and just made the video public
This exact way has woked for me, although I'm not sure if my video can still reach the fy page now that it was on friends only at the beginning also am not sure if this way would work for normal videos out of the gallary. This WorkAround way has been done on a Iphone 13Pro and its not garantueed to even work again. I am still testing stuff and hope to post a reliable solution in the comments here in about an hour.
If you have more thoughts about this topic comment it here.
Let's find a solution Together!
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2023.06.10 22:39 EliteBB 23 [M4F] Illinois/Anywhere. Dating is kinda hard

Hello! My name's Joshua, I'm 23, and from a small town in Illinois. Hence why I think dating is kinda hard, my dating pool is fairly small to begin with.
Anyways, a bit about myself. Appearance wise I'm 5'11, weigh 200ish, and I think I have 10 tattoos now I'm honestly not sure but I plan on filling in all the blank spaces eventually. But here's a few pictures of me
I'd describe myself as a caring individual, although I'm definitely not the best at expressing myself. I was homeschooled for my last 6 years of schooling so my social skills definitely took a significant hit unfortunately, although I am consistently getting better.
I'm the kind of person that has absolutely no problem doing things by myself and I'm absolutely shameless about it. If I want to go try a new restaurant and nobody wants to join than it's their loss anyways! I try to have that general mindset on things.
I genuinely like being able to help pretty much anyone with anything they may be working on. Need help with a college paper? Fuck if I know the subject but let's try it out! Need a new recipe or just help baking in general? I got that too. Someone stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire? I'm pulling over and giving em a hand! Everything's easier with a little help.
I also really enjoy teaching pretty much anything. I may not know everything but I do know a couple of things about a lot stuff. Maybe I just like hearing myself talk? Idk but either way I enjoy it.
I'm left handed! Not really important in capacity but just a random fact about me for ya.
But let's move on to some hobbies of mine.
Hiking/camping/fishing/hunting. Is it fair to fit all of these into one section? I just really like being out in nature, it's amazing to get away from endless seas of cornfields.
Gaming. I built a PC earlier this year and have been throughly enjoying playing on it. I originally built it solely for the game Ready or Not. I have also been slowly building my steam collection but could always use more suggestions/someone to play a few games with.
Cooking. I just really like cooking. My mother would cook all the time and with me being homeschooled for so long I had just started helping and just kinda started liking it a lot. My mother is a way better cook than I but I can at least keep myself well feed.
Traveling! Traveling is just another great way to see something other than cornfields. I'm honestly not a huge fan of the city life and tbh I hate driving in the city. I grew up in a town of 300 so it's just so different than what I know/am most comfortable with.
Machining. I find machining just super interesting in all honesty. It's really amazing the tolerances that can be achieved with the tools we have today. It's also insane how perfect people can make things by hand! Just the amount of time and dedication it takes to be that good at something is amazing.
Anyways this has gotten way longer than I expected it to. If you got this far and want to send me a message than please do so and try to include some information about yourself.
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