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2023.05.29 05:13 Affectionate-Tea7599 Finish line is here…

I have my surgery date set. 6/20/23. I’m to start my pre-op liquid only diet 6/7/23. I’ve never had any surgeries before. Just my wisdom teeth and then I had an EGD during my pre approval process. I’m terrified about being aware and feeling them remove the breathing tube. I’m also stressed because I take 150mg of Venlafaxine IR 2 times a day. Not sure how I’ll get my doses in on the day of surgery with the no food or liquids restrictions. If anyone is willing to share experiences I’d be more than grateful! Definitely surprised how fast the process feels it went. I started this the first week of September 2022. So obviously not as quick as it feels. More than happy to explain the process I went through if anyone has questions (Disclaimer I am not a medical professional nor claim to be one).
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2023.05.29 05:10 okaaaay1234 Is my SO [34M] hiding me [30F] and our baby from EX?

Backstory. My SO [34M] and I [30F] had a baby 6 months ago, found out we were pregnant end of March 2022. It was a fast pregnancy as we were only dating 2 months before we were pregnant. So we started dating around end of January.
Today: My SO [34M] went into the store and left his phone in the car and I grabbed it to change some Spotify music and like did the scrolling through the pages and the messages were the next one and it was like the preview page and I could see A* was one of the name in the most recent texts. (This was an EX from like years ago and months before we were dating they were like “talking” or sexting . Side note about her - My SO said she has some mental health issues and like depression/ anxiety and like a habitual liar. She has talked about suicide and years ago when they dated she took an abortion pill cause she said she was pregnant. My SO says he’s not even sure if she actually was because she lied so much.)
The text from her said something like " dont know if this is weird but I’m coming to your town to see some friends. would like to hangout and catch up if you can." or something. She sent that his morning at like 9:30 AM and I saw this tonight at like 6PM. So he knew about it and didn’t say anything the whole day which made me upset. But also I scroll up and see they were sexting around the time we started dating. We weren't officially BF/GF yet, but pretty close to the time. I also see she has been messaging him on random occasions like hey how are you? hope things are good. I have been thinking about you. Happy birthday, etc. all the way back to when we knew we were pregnant.
This March when our baby was 4 months, she texted How are you doing? I hope great, you deserve the best. He responded like I’m doing great, appreciate it, hope you are too, blah blah. So nothing inappropriate, but like legit has said NOTHING about being with me and having a baby for the past year. In the car, I was asked about the text and if he was going to say anything to me. He said yeah I was, I just didn’t know when the right time ...... I asked why he didn’t say anything any of the times about me and our child and explained how it hurt my feelings. He said he didn’t even want to involve her in his life cause he doesn’t care, but then mentioned like well she got the abortion and I guess I didn’t want her to feel bad. Then went back to the she's not apart of my life so I don’t need to tell her and didn’t want to deal with the communication ? So then I was like I would like if you messaged her now and told her about me and your child. He was hesitant and like was arguing me on it. He did end up messaging her about us. Him just being “ hard” he’s like you know what I don't think you should tell me what to do, I’m a grown man and so on... Also icing on the fucking cake I went to click her info to see if she’s a local area code and then I see pictures in their messages that are like sex videos and dick pics and whatever else from like 2021 before we got together, but still.... I wish I didn't see that. They weren’t saved, BUT STILL I can’t even look at him rn.
I guess my overall feelings and questions are like: Why did you not say anything about us, Are you trying to hide uf from her for a reason ? Are you ashamed of us? Like why did I have to ask you to do tell her about us? Why are you still responding to a person you say doesn't matter ? Are you trying to keep this person strung along ? I don't get it. I guess I'm just hurt about it all.
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2023.05.29 05:09 hi-im-skittles [LTS][PC][Crossplay][RoN] -- We're The Bullybusters! 5/30 @ 9AM MDT (Reset - 2 hours)

Hello everyone! 8^)
Please read my Sherpa card before you sign up for any of my runs.
I will be teaching Root of Nightmares (guaranteed red border chest, 2 secret chests, & lore included) this next Tuesday morning.
I am looking for 2 first-timers that want to bully the bully.
If this is something that strikes your fancy, please consider the following:
Please leave your Discord ID, and your Bungie ID in the comments if you would like to join.
Message me here or on Discord (Wolfy#1673) if you have any questions or concerns.
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2023.05.29 05:06 vyktym Got some options for $1m incoming, but not sure on best way to proceed.

It's fairly complicated, but I'll try to cut it short:
36 Years old, 0 qualifications, married, no children.
Assets: House in Ipswich, QLD ~$350,000 460 Acre Land ~$1,000,000 2022 Audi A3 ~$55,000 (My daily and our long trips car, great on fuel/safety/comfy) 2010 Nissan Skyline ~$15,000 (Her daily, bad on fuel, good fun) Computer Shop ~$90,000 Assorted motorbikes ~$30,000
Debts: House in Ipswich, QLD~$180,000 Audi A3 - 4.4 years to go at $228/week and $17k balloon at end ($53kish?) Business & Income tax debt ~$75k Credit card debt ~$10k
~$130k pre-tax per annum (Operations Manager for disability support company.) ~$26k from computer shop being sold to a friend ($500/wk until it's paid for).
Circumstances to note: - Wife currently earns $0, will get back to work soon and earning ~$60k (pregnancy loss, mental health etc.).
- MIL lives with us in small 3BR house in the suburbs, we need to find somewhere to live in 6-9 months else it'll end in a giant sh!tstorm between MIL and wife.
- MIL will rent Ipswich house at $320/week once wife and I move out. $360/wk if she gets a housemate. House currently costs ~$275/wk on variable interest rate, 25 years to go.
Currently trying to sell the block of land, getting a fair bit of interest. Thinking the best option once it sells is to pay out Ipswich house, pay out tax and CC debt, pay out the Audi. The wife's expressed interest in wanting a decently nice house for us to live in on a good amount of land ~45mins west of Ipswich. I like the idea of this too, I'd be best pleased with being out there. Would make for a 45 min commute to/from work daily, but I'd say it's "worth".
Should leave me with ~$700k. Use this to buy 2 x more cheap houses ($350k each). have the rental income from all 3 ($320 + $400? + $400? = $1,120/wk) with 0 debt give the bank a good reason to give us an ~$800k house which will have itself paid for solely with the rental income from the other 3 houses, with cash to spare. With my decent income and hopefully hers, they'll throw cash at us.
I guess the big question is: Pay out the Ipswich house and buy 3 more houses, OR, pay out debts and put cash into other investments?
I lost ~$150k 18 months ago in some terrible trades, so a bit hesitant to do that again....
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2023.05.29 05:04 Chocs73r Nervous? Scared? “Niggles” “Momentum”

You should be. It is what drives us, how can you fight properly if you’ve got nothing to lose( Brighton, Brentford). We tried to win the UCL in 2021, we failed. We tried again in 2022, we failed again. But we didn’t give up, we went to war again. We went to war in 5 competitions, we’ve lost 2 and the 115 or 130 PL charges, “It doesn’t feel right at city at the moment. Eras come to an end, is it coming to an end?” Everything seemed to fall apart, everything at risk. And what came next, our warriors showed up for the war again, we fought to deserve to win, to show how much we fcking wanted to win it. Our next final frontier, Wembley.
Now with all the talk and doubts about momentum and niggles, do you really think these “niggles” and “momentum” leave bigger bruises than other physical and mental injuries throughout the season? I for one, don’t. Come match day, even if one of our warriors shows up, others will join him. Thin line between winning and losing, difference most often lies in not quitting. No matter what outcome, we play not to win it or not to lose it, we play to deserve to win it.
To somewhat make you more nervous for our battle ahead, watch this again
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2023.05.29 05:04 milkopalmalocutor Rubén Blades llega a Chile con su Salswing Tour este viernes 2 de junio

Rubén Blades llega a Chile con su Salswing Tour este viernes 2 de junio
El panameño Rubén Blades volverá a nuestro país el próximo 2 de junio junto a la Roberto Delgado Big Band, con quienes se presentará en el Movistar Arena.
Ruben Blades en Chile este viernes 2 de Junio
Este regreso será para promocionar ¡SALSWING!, su último trabajo de estudio, con el que consiguió el Latin Grammy a Mejor Álbum del Año en el 2021 y el Grammy Anglo a Mejor Disco de Salsa del 2022.
Blades, también actor y activista, también celebrará con el público nacional sus más de 50 años sobre los escenarios, presentando los éxitos que lo han llevado a lo más alto de los artistas de la salsa.
Los tickets para ver al músico y su banda se encuentran disponibles a través de Puntoticket.
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2023.05.29 05:04 Substantial-Pipe-735 Man iykyk but when these dropped let me tell you some of the best batches I’ve had Gas tanker # 5 was like styrofoam x10

Man iykyk but when these dropped let me tell you some of the best batches I’ve had Gas tanker # 5 was like styrofoam x10 submitted by Substantial-Pipe-735 to ColdFire [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 05:03 MidnightMcGillicuddy Priority? Could Ziatora’s sacrifice count towards Deathreap?

Which of these cards resolve first? Could Ziatora’s sacrifice count towards Deathreap’s ability?
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2023.05.29 05:02 Blekker Bungie please release stats on how many times Kali died this week.

Would be fun to see in the twab, I don't think I've ever seen a more popular farm in the history of Destiny 2. It was hard to join a lfg group because they were filling up so fast.
I'll enjoy never doing Last Wish again
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2023.05.29 05:02 Excellent_Set5113 Fallout 5: Shadows of Chicago - Unveiling the Next Wasteland Odyssey!

War. War never changes. But the world does. And so does Fallout.
We are delighted to announce the highly anticipated next installment in the legendary Fallout series: Fallout 5: Shadows of Chicago!
Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable journey through the post-apocalyptic ruins of the Windy City, where hope and despair intertwine.
Chicago Waseland: Welcome to the urban wasteland of Chicago, a city once teeming with life, now reduced to haunting remnants of its former glory. Traverse desolate streets, crumbling buildings, and enigmatic landmarks that bear witness to the devastation of nuclear annihilation. The Loop, Navy Pier, and Millennium Park await your exploration, each concealing secrets and perils that challenge even the most resilient wasteland survivor.
The Enigma of the Quantum Atlas: In the shattered remnants of this world lies an enigma, a mythical artifact known as the Quantum Atlas. Whispers of its existence echo through the wasteland, capturing the attention of three renowned factions:
  1. The Brotherhood of Steel: Honorable knights dedicated to safeguarding technology and protecting the innocent. Will they wield the power of the Quantum Atlas as benevolent guardians, or will their ambitions lead them astray?
  2. The Enclave: Rising from the shadows of the apocalypse, the remnants of the Enclave yearn for dominion over the wasteland. Will their pursuit of the Quantum Atlas bring salvation or unleash a new wave of tyranny?
  3. The Remnants: A mysterious faction of survivors who have thrived amidst the post-apocalyptic hardships. Operating in secrecy, they possess unique knowledge and skills, driven by their inscrutable quest to unravel the secrets of the Quantum Atlas. Will their goals align with yours, or will their motives forever remain elusive?
Embark on a Riveting Quest: Prepare for an epic odyssey as you venture into the unknown, piecing together the scattered fragments necessary to activate the Quantum Atlas. Traverse treacherous landscapes, face thrilling encounters, and navigate morally ambiguous choices that expose the dark secrets of Chicago's descent into chaos. Amidst factional politics and ever-present dangers, the fate of the city hangs in the balance.
Choices with Weighty Consequences: Forge alliances or walk a solitary path as you grapple with the moral complexities of a shattered world. Each decision, every pact you form, will reverberate throughout Chicago and shape its future. Will you become a beacon of hope, a ruthless conqueror, or something far more enigmatic?
Multiple Endings, Lasting Impact: Your journey will culminate in a climactic finale, where the choices you've made will determine the ultimate destiny of Chicago and its people. Experience multiple branching paths and endings that reflect the weight of your actions, leaving an indelible mark on the post-apocalyptic landscape. Will your legacy bring about a new dawn or succumb to eternal darkness?
Join the Conversation: We invite you to join us on this thrilling adventure as we delve into the heart of Fallout 5: Shadows of Chicago. Share your speculations, theories, and hopes as we collectively unravel the mysteries surrounding the Quantum Atlas.
Stay tuned for more updates, exclusive sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes insights as we prepare to embark on this next captivating journey in Fallout 5: Shadows of Chicago! War. War never changes, but Fallout's evolution continues.
Mark your calendars, wasteland wanderers! Fallout 5: Shadows of Chicago is slated to arrive in the post-apocalyptic landscape in the fall of 2024. Prepare yourself for an epic adventure and get ready to immerse yourself in the haunting ruins of Chicago. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the highly anticipated release date.

Fallout5 #ShadowsOfChicago #QuantumAtlas

"We're excited to explore the ruins of Chicago in Fallout 5: Shadows of Chicago. It's an immersive and captivating experience that will challenge players in new and unexpected ways." - Todd Howard
Visit the official Fallout website for more information and updates.
TLDR: Fallout announcement concept
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2023.05.29 05:01 AutoModerator [I HAVE] IMAN GADZHI ALL COURSES BUNDLE CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Discord Server with all courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Telegram: t. me/CourseConnectHQ Discord: TheCourseCollector#0435

[I HAVE] IMAN GADZHI ALL COURSES BUNDLE CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Discord Server with all courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Telegram: t. me/CourseConnectHQ Discord: TheCourseCollector#0435
The Courses include:
• Agency Incubator
• Agency Navigator
• Kaizen Cure
• Six Figure SMMA
• Influencer Ignited
• Copy Paste Agency
You can find all of them on - Our Discord Server
Discord: TheCourseCollector#0435
Telegram: t. me/CourseConnectHQ(Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name: CourseConnectHQ).
50+ Successful Transactions from clients
750+ Members on our Discord Server
30+ TB of rare and known courses
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2023.05.29 05:01 orangukey Keep getting disconnected from party

I have two PS5 consoles on at the moment (which happens relatively frequently) and only my PS5 is getting disconnected from the party/psn. Nothing else in my house is disconnecting from the internet except my console. I am using a lan cable to connect to my router, and it is the only thing connected to my router via cable.
I have tried all the basics (turning off an on both the console and the router as well as unplugging and replugging the ethernet)
I was in the party for about 20-30 minutes with no issue then I installed destiny 2 right at the end ( about 21 seconds left or so) of the download I randomly get a network error and now when I join the party I have about two or three minutes of voice chat before it disconnects me from psn.
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2023.05.29 05:00 DTG_Bot Daily Questions [2023-05-29]

New player? Please read the New and Returning Player Guide, Destiny 2 Guided Support & Gameplay Guide.

Want to buy the DLC? Check out the Lightfall Guide.

Returning and not sure what was vaulted? Destiny Content Vault: Year 6

Season of Defiance (Season 20) key dates:

Top Known Issues List by Bungie

Welcome to the Daily Questions thread! Do you have a Destiny-related question that needs answering? Can't find it anywhere else on the web? Well, You're in luck! Simply ask your question down below, and the knowledgeable community of /DestinyTheGame will answer it to the best of their abilities!
Be sure to use the search in the top right before submitting a question, as it could have already been answered. Also, be sure to check the thread itself!
We also have a nice collection of useful resources below "Useful links" in the sidebar / top menu.
We also have an official Discord, which allows for live chatting about the game, LFG, and more!
Be sure to sort by new to see the latest questions!
You can find the full Daily Thread schedule here.
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2023.05.29 04:59 Kurokun14 LF 3 MORE [STATIC]

Static that runs on Friday starting at 10:15 PM EST running 2-3 hours looking for 3 more member to fill out team and clear rest of Anabaseios. Pretty casual but we do wanna clear the place so ask that you can at least improve if underpreforming. Require at least discord to listen for call outs. As well as food for pulls and Pots once we see a boss enrage.
Getting Ready for P9S
In need of 2 Tanks & 1 Melee DPS
Message kurokun14#7044 on discord or Khuja [email protected] in game if interested
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2023.05.29 04:59 _Kapok_ Bonbons pour bbq

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2023.05.29 04:55 Minerva_12AM Is it possible my Biological Father could actually be my Son’s real Father?

Is it possible my Biological Father could actually be my Son’s real Father? Caught my Ex and my Ex Father sleeping together before my Son was born. Is it possible my Son is actually my Brother? Would an AncestryDNA test be more conclusive? I have already taken one I just need my Son to take one as well.
It’s hard to know for sure and it’s eating me alive because I feel like my Son looks more like my Father. Though to be fair I look like a clone of my Father. How do I go about getting real conclusive results? Is the test I took reassuring enough? Or does it not really count because I failed to mention I was suspecting a relative as a potential father?
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2023.05.29 04:54 Xoxo_Emxni_ [NB] In case you have a favorite song and can’t seem to find it, here’s every song and what level you can find it on

Disclaimer: This only goes up to level 14 on normal mode because 1. Level 14 is the most recent level right now and 2. I’m not caught up on my hard mode lessons 💃🏾💃🏾
Arcadia: 1-3, 1-19, 2-12, 3-14, 4-14, 5-13, 6-B, 7-7, 8-2, 9-3, 10-2, 11-B, 12-10, 13-14, 14-12
Are You Ready: 1-B, 2-16, 3-16, 4-15, 6-6, 6-C, 7-5, 8-3, 9-5, 10-8, 11-C, 12-12, 13-12, 14-13
My Chance: 1-16, 2-B, 3-18, 4-17, 6-1, 6-D, 7-3, 8-5, 9-6, 11-7, 11-D, 12-14, 13-10, 14-15
Read My Heart: 1-13, 2-C, 4-1, 4-19, 5-5, 6-3, 7-2, 7-B, 8-7, 9-9, 11-11, 13-9, 14-17
Pomade: 1-10, 2-14, 3-B, 5-2, 5-17, 6-5, 7-14, 7-C, 8-8, 9-11, 11-2, 12-5, 12-C, 13-7
Hungry Six-Pack: 1-8, 3-2, 3-C, 5-15, 6-19, 7-16, 8-10, 9-13, 10-14, 11-3, 12-7, 12-D, 13-16
Dreamscape: 1-11, 3-3, 4-3, 4-B, 6-8, 7-18, 8-12, 9-15, 10-15, 11-5, 12-3, 13-4, 13-B
My Wish: 2-5, 3-9, 4-8, 5-11, 5-B, 6-13, 7-11, 9-C, 10-19, 12-8, 14-5, 14-C
Question Love: 2-7, 3-11, 4-10, 5-C, 6-15, 7-9, 8-17, 9-D, 11-17, 13-5, 14-6, 14-D
Our Destiny: 2-10, 3-12, 4-12, 5-D, 6-17, 8-15, 9-1, 10-7, 10-B, 12-1, 12-19, 14-8
No. 1: 2-2, 3-5, 4-5, 4-C, 5-7, 6-10, 8-19, 9-B, 10-10, 11-13, 12-15, 13-C
Crazy About You: 2-4, 3-7, 4-6, 4-D, 5-9, 6-11, 8-14, 9-17, 11-15, 14-3, 14-B
Telepathy: 10-5, 10-D, 13-2, 14-19
Passion: 10-12, 11-9, 14-1
Choose Me: 10-3, 10-C, 12-17, 13-18, 14-10
Sinful Indulgence: 1-4, 5-4, 7-13, 10-17, 12-B
This took at least 30 minutes and I regret it very much 🥲🥲
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2023.05.29 04:54 thinkaboutjapan Hot to transfer data from one to another cell based on a specific date

Hello everyone,
im still working on my sheet and try to put more information and automatization into it. Thanks again for the help last time :)
Now im trying to do the following, im not sure if this is possible.
i have to sheets with content:
Table 1 looks like this: (Sheet Custom!)

Date Destination Guide Activity
2023.11.04 Tokyo
2023.11.05 Tokyo
2023.11.06 Kyoto
2023.11.07 Kyoto
2023.11.08 Kanazawa
2023.11.09 Kanazawa
The dates for the first table are created automatically from a different section of the sheet
A second table on the sheet extras! has some content (It's just a smaller version) (Sheet extras!)
Guide Location Details Date
Guide 8h Tokyo Guide in for 8 hours in Tokyo 2023.11.04
Guide 4h Kanazawa Guide for 4 Hours in Kyoto 2023.11.07
My goal is to transfer the Details from every entry from the second table into the first one behind the correct date. The reason is, that it should put some information together on the first page, so it is easy to read.
My goal would be that after i created the entries in table 2 the first table would look like this:

Date Destination Guide Activity
2023.11.04 Tokyo Guide for 8 hours in Tokyo
2023.11.05 Tokyo
2023.11.06 Kyoto
2023.11.07 Kyoto Guide for 4 hours in Kyoto
2023.11.08 Kanazawa
2023.11.09 Kanazawa
This would be the example for the Guides, but the page (extras!) also includes content for activities and transportation that i want to transfer in the same way as the guides.
Here is a link to a sheet where i try to integrate this. Make it gives you a better idea what im trying to do.
thank you very much in advance
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2023.05.29 04:54 remarkableowlarya Morning Market Updates - May 29, 2023

Morning Market Updates - May 29, 2023

Good morning, fellow Redditors,

I hope you're all having a great start to your day. Today is Monday, the first day of the week, and let's dive into the latest updates from the morning market session.

Let's begin by analyzing the performance of the American market:

- The Dow Jones Industrial Average put an end to its five-day decline, while the Nasdaq Composite Index and S&P 500 closed at their highest levels since August 2022. The S&P 500 was above the 4,200 mark.
- The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by 1.00% to reach 33,093.34.
- The Nasdaq rose by 2.19% to close at 12,975.69 points, while the S&P 500 gained 1.30% to settle at 4,205.45 points.

After a prolonged period of uncertainty and tightening of the American debt ceiling, there was a surge in chip shares driven by optimism surrounding artificial intelligence.

According to Reuters, after extensive discussions, US President Joe Biden and top congressional Republican Kevin McCarthy appeared close to a deal to extend the government's $31.4 trillion debt ceiling for two years while limiting spending on most items.

Inflation remains a concern, and high-interest rates continue to impact the market until the Federal Reserve takes a clear stance.

Overall, the American market closed on a positive note on Friday, and Dow Futures are also showing positive momentum in the morning.

Now, let's take a look at how the Asian markets are opening:

The positivity seen in the American market is also reflected in the Asian markets this morning, bringing an end to the prolonged uncertainty.

- The Nikkei in Japan is trading more than 1% higher, showing a rapid surge of 400 points.
- Hong Kong's Hang Seng index is up by 80 points, Taiwan by 145 points, and the South Korean Kospi index is trading flat.
- SGX Nifty is showing significant momentum with an increase of approximately 170 points, currently trading above 18,700.

Now, let's examine today's market setup:

The Indian markets had already shown signs of the upcoming bullish trend from the American market on Friday. The Nifty increased by 178 points to close at 18,499.

Buying activity was witnessed in FMCG, IT, metal, and pharma sectors, which previously faced confusion due to the changing trends in the American markets.

The market successfully crossed the strong resistance level at 18,350, which will now act as a support level for the Nifty.

According to technical charts, the support levels for the day are 18,350, 18,300, and 18,200, while resistance levels are seen at 18,525, 18,600, and 18,650.

Now let's analyze the option chain data:

In the weekly option data, the highest call open interest (OI) for the Nifty was observed at the 19,000 strike, with 67.16 lakh contracts. This level will play a crucial resistance role for the Nifty.

Following that, the 18,700 strike had 64.78 lakh contracts, and the 18,500 strike had 59.71 lakh contracts.

Significant call writing was observed at the 18,700 strike, with an addition of 33.87 lakh contracts. This was followed by additions of 29.71 lakh contracts at the 18,800 strike and 29.35 lakh contracts at the 19,000 strike, indicating potential resistance levels for the Nifty.

Regarding put open interest, the highest OI was observed at the 18,300
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2023.05.29 04:51 torithetaurus LF: Dream Wishiwashi, other HA aprimons. FT: MANY HA Aprimon!

Hiya; back again with my custom Aprimon Collection Sheet
Let's get some trades in before HOME is down!

Special Rates!

I'm only trading my on-hands; not breeding atm.
BUT! I have hundreds of diff combos!
I will do cross-gen trades!
Thank you for reading!
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2023.05.29 04:46 Still_Needleworker11 Script list as of May 28th

As the title has described, I'll be listing the entirety of scripts that I have done since doing this in Nov. of 2022
Some of this list will be in chronological order while others (Series) will be at the bottom of the list.
I also tried dividing this list from the Female, Male, and Anyone scripts. The series scripts that are completed will not say anything at the end, while the one's ongoing will have a (Cont.) in it. The one's with a "?" are simply weather or not I would continue them.
Hope this make it easier if you wonder weather or not to read any my Ideas. Also, apologies if they are just links and a little messy. I'll try to fix it for the future.
  1. Guardian Angel
Female Scripts
Anyone Scripts
Male Scripts
Tomboy Princess
Lamia Vice Principal
Kaguya sama and Chika
Lucky The dog girl
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Principal Drider
7 Minutes in heaven (Nerd)
7 Minutes in heaven (Cheerleader)
Hex Maniac
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Buff GF
Goth Gardevoir
Star Quarterback
Pinkie the slime girl
Justice the Awesome Demon
Tomboy Pilot
Edit: wasn't sure what category to put this under, I figure discussion was the "Safest" choice. If it wasn't understand this is the first time I did something like this.
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2023.05.29 04:44 lpinformation3125 Glucosamine Market is expected to reach USD 313.2 Million by the end of 2029: Cognitive Market Research

Glucosamine is an amino sugar and a prominent precursor in the biochemical synthesis of glycosylated proteins and lipids. Glucosamine is part of the structure of the polysaccharides, chitosan, and chitin. Glucosamine is one of the most abundant monosaccharides. Produced commercially by the hydrolysis of shellfish exoskeletons or, less commonly, by fermentation of a grain such as corn or wheat, glucosamine has many names depending on country.
LPI (LP Information)' newest research report, the “Glucosamine Industry Forecast” looks at past sales and reviews total world Glucosamine sales in 2022, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected Glucosamine sales for 2023 through 2029. With Glucosamine sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US$ millions of the world Glucosamine industry.
This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global Glucosamine landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, revenue, and market share, latest development, and M&A activity. This report also analyzes the strategies of leading global companies with a focus on Glucosamine portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms' unique position in an accelerating global Glucosamine market.
This Insight Report evaluates the key market trends, drivers, and affecting factors shaping the global outlook for Glucosamine and breaks down the forecast by type, by application, geography, and market size to highlight emerging pockets of opportunity. With a transparent methodology based on hundreds of bottom-up qualitative and quantitative market inputs, this study forecast offers a highly nuanced view of the current state and future trajectory in the global Glucosamine.
The global Glucosamine market size is projected to grow from US$ 235.7 million in 2022 to US$ 313.2 million in 2029; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 313.2 from 2023 to 2029.
CELLMARK, Cargill, Koyo Chemical, Wellable Marine Biotech, Zhejiang Aoxing and so on are the major players of glucosamine for the time being.
China is the largest manufacturer of glucosamine currently. Meanwhile, North American and European regions are the major consumers.
This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Glucosamine market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries.
Top Manufactures in Global Glucosamine Includes:
KOYO Chemical
Bayir Chemicals
Panvo Organics
Wellable Marine Biotech
Golden-Shell Pharmaceutical
Aoxing Biotechnology
Yangzhou Rixing Bio-Tech
Fengrun Biochemical
Dongcheng Biochemical
Chengyi Pharmaceutical
Nanjing Health Herb Bio-Tech
Shinfuda Marine Biotechnology
Market Segment by Type, covers:
Glucosamine Hydrochloride
Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium Chloride
Glucosamine Sulfate Sodium Chloride
Market Segment by Applications, can be divided into:
Health Food
Key Questions Addressed in this Report
What is the 10-year outlook for the global Glucosamine market?
What factors are driving Glucosamine market growth, globally and by region?
Which technologies are poised for the fastest growth by market and region?
How do Glucosamine market opportunities vary by end market size?
How does Glucosamine break out type, application?
What are the influences of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war?
Request Sample Report and Full Report TOC:
LP INFORMATION (LPI) is a professional market report publisher based in America, providing high quality market research reports with competitive prices to help decision makers make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve excellent outcomes.We have an extensive library of reports on hundreds of technologies.Search for a specific term, or click on an industry to browse our reports by subject. Narrow down your results using our filters or sort by what’s important to you, such as publication date, price, or name.
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