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2023.06.10 19:14 YukiteruAmano92 Remembrance, Chapter 9 of 28

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---Simone’s perspective---
---Thursday, 4th of January, 2683 Terran Calendar---
---Southern England---
“So… let me get this straight…” I say, frowning at the pair before me “…Within an hour of landin’, you…” I point at the tall, dark haired boy “…were bitten by a king brown snake and were laid up for the next two days, unable to contribute more than advice to Reid while she did all the heavy liftin’… You weren’t able to call an evac because, between the two of you, you’d managed to leave the beacon you should have had here in Graffham… and you think I should pass you for that, do you Privates?”
“Yes, Ma’am!” answers the redhead.
Why should I pass you for that, Reid?”
“We fulfilled the terms of the assignment: We survived the full five days in the environment we were dropped in using only the allowed equipment and without calling for an emergency evac, Ma’am.” answers the Scot, straight faced, somehow.
“You admit that you would have called an evac if you could have, Private?”
“Yes, Ma’am… but we couldn’t so we didnt.”
“You admit that it was your own shared stupidity that meant that you didn’t have a beacon with you when you went, Privates?” I ask, drily.
“I… don’t believe lack of stupidity was a requirement of the test, Ma’am.” answers Reid, cheekily.
“Guess again, Private! Lack of stupidity is always a requirement in the Military! Stupid Soldiers are dead Soldiers!” I correct, sternly.
“My mistake, Ma’am.” apologises Reid, hastily.
My anger subsides as I say “Buuut… as you say… you did make it out alive… you didnt call an evac, even if only as a result of bein’ stranded by stupidity… and…” I take a sniff and then chuckle “…it certainly smells like you two are gettin’ along better than you were when you left…(!)”
“I’m… not sure what…?” starts Reid but I cut her off.
“Don’t play dumb, Private!… You’ve tried to wash it off but Im half Tshwane… you cant fool this nose!”
The pair shift uncomfortably before I reassure them “Relax! You’re not breakin’ any rules… So long as this relationship doesn’t negatively affect either of your performances, we have no issue… I also trust this means you two wont be at eachother’s throats so much… At least, in public… don’t really much care what you’re into doin’ in the privacy of a bedroom… or a cave, as the case may be(!)”
“I think it’s safe to say our rivalry is a thing of the past, Ma’am.” provides Taylor.
Or shifted onto much friendlier terms, at least…” smirks Reid.
“Good…” I turn to Taylor “…Taylor, now you’ve reached the age of majority, you’re eligible to be moved to a bunk in a shared room…”
His face falls, clearly having hoped I’d forget about that.
“…but…” I continue, causing him to perk back up “…I’m a busy woman and assignin’ you one is able to remain low on my list of priorities… so long as you (or Reid) aren’t givin’ me the impression that you might benefit from more rest, that is!… Do we understand eachother, Taylor?”
The boy gives me a rare smile and answers “We understand eachother perfectly, Ma’am.”
“Good!… You are dismissed, Privates.”
The two of them turn to go.
“Oh, and, Privates?”
They both turn to look at me, expectantly.
“Happy New Year…”
---Esme’s perspective---
---Friday, 5th of January, 2683 Terran Calendar---
“I can’t believe you’ve been sleeping in a conjugal room this whole time!” I grin at the handsome man, currently acting as my mattress in the broomcupboard sized space.
Technically, it wasn’t a conjugal room… it was designated as a private room for me, since I was a minor…” he smiles without opening his eyes.
“Oh, aye(!) Let’s protect the wee baby boy from any indecency by putting him in the rooms where he’ll be able to hear all the sex through the paper thin walls, every night(!) I see no issue here(!)”
He shakes his head “It wasn’t that bad…”
“Oh it wasnt, was it(?)… You nasty little perv(!)” I smirk, mischievously.
“Most of the time… people are some combination of embarrassed and considerate enough to keep the noise down… It’s rare that I would have out and out screamers next door… That’s all I meant…”
Attention all:…” comes Sands’ voice, making the morning wake up call over the PA “…It is now 0630hrsTime to wake up!… After breakfast, you are to assemble in the yard. Father Christmas came by last night to drop off some late presents for all of you(!)”
---Oskar’s perspective---
I find the crate that has my name on, shaped (ghoulishly) somewhat like one of the wooden boxes that Christians bury their dead in.
I pick it up and carry it aside… it’s heavy!
Looking around for someone who’s done using one of the crowbars that are being passed around, I make eyecontact with Milligan.
He raises the length of metal he holds, proffering it to me.
I take it, appreciatively, and thrust the claw end between the box and its lid.
What is inside does nothing to dispel the ghoulishness of the container’s outward appearance…
The box contains a humanoid figure, almost my exact height and build, rendered in jet black metal with a rippling, wootz pattern.
Fresh off the forges of Ivaldason and SonsDurasteel Foundry, Iceland…” announces Sands, strolling through the throngs of people opening their respective crates “…Between 20 and 30kg each, dependinon your proportionsWearinthis armour, you become nearly as close to indestructible as it is possible to get without enterinthe realm of divinity!… These suits are bulletproof and bombproof!… They do have some limitationstheyll not, for instance, protect you from a long drop and a sudden stop! Your organs will still be rendered into slurry in that caseNeitherll they protect you from bein cut in half with a plasmasword!… From now on, youll wear these from dawn to dusk! Classes may be taken with your helmets offDurinPT, however, you WILL wear them in their entirety!… Itll be hard to begin with but, after less time than you think, your bodiesll have acclimatised to the extra weightand youll find movinin these almost as easy as movinout ofem!… This mornins workshopll be an instructional on how to properly don, remove and maintain your armour!… Do please give it all your attention!"
---Esme’s perspective---
---Tuesday, 9th of January, 2683 Terran Calendar---
This is HELL!
The armour is perfectly fitting and nicely padded… but it’s so fucking heavy to wear that I can’t think about much more than how sweaty I am and how much my muscles ache from the days I’ve already been wearing it!
Sands said we’d get used to it sooner than we thought but, so far, I feel like exhaustion is making me worse, day on day!
I had to go and sleep in my dormroom last night because I was just too exhausted to engage in any… extracurricular exercise with Oskar(!)
He was quite understanding about it… A little too understanding… I wish he’d seemed at least a touch disappointed!
Back in the present moment, the black metal giant (boosted to over 2m by the height he gains from the boots and helmet) rams the tip of his training sword into my solar plexus… the one upside is that I’ll probably get less bruises wearing this armour!
“You’re dead, Esme…” is the only answer that comes from that expressionless helmet.
“You not feel like going a little easier on me now, Oskar?!… I am your girlfriend!!!”
“Caring more about you makes me wish to see you better able to protect yourself… So, no… I’m not going to coddle you…”
Perfectly logical…(!)” I mock in a flat, midAtlantic accent, holding up my right palm, the ring and little finger splayed from the middle and index.
Change partner!” shouts Sands.
Not too long ago, my heart would have leapt at that instruction and I would have utterly squashed any feeling of disappointment… Now, however, it causes my already flagging morale to vaporise!
Of course… it makes sense… If you only ever fight with one partner, you only ever learn to fight one way…
I shuffle along while Oskar stays where he is.
The next partner I’m up against is Kilroy… I might have a chance of holding my own against him at least!
Support me on Patreon for to access the entire series, now.
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2023.06.10 19:14 Working-Aspect3257 Remember that while NYC is bathed in hellish wildfire smoke exacerbated by climate change, those emissions don’t come from just anywhere

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2023.06.10 18:58 scott_johnson PLAY RETRO 72: Castle Wolfenstein

PLAY RETRO 72: Castle Wolfenstein
Sat down this morning with Brian Dunaway and pumped out a new episode of Play Retro, this time focusing on all things classic Wolfenstein, including Wolf 3D and the massive sea change that would ring in.
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2023.06.10 18:57 Kasiio_ [H] Leftover Steam bundle keys (Humble Bundles/Monthly Bundles) / A couple GOG keys [W] other steam keys

Can also check me out on hardwareswap and mechmarket for confirmed swaps.
Hey, these are the steam games I have available for trade,
Fight 4 Your Friends Bundle/Humble
June 2023 Humble Choice
May 2023 Humble Choice
April 2023 Humble Choice
Spring mystery bundle 2023/fanatical
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2023.06.10 18:55 b00kittie Planning on visiting in July for my 21st birthday, any recommendations?

I’m planning on visiting around the Cinci area for my 21st birthday in July (probably the 6th-9th, or 5th-9th, maybe less though!) & was wanting some recommendations on things to do. I enjoy thrifting, little markets, bakery’s / dessert shops, eccentric stores, parks, etc! I like to explore.
If there’s also a place that has fun, fancy elaborate drinks since I’ll be 21, please recommend that as well! I don’t really plan to drink but I’d like to have a fun fancy drink, haha.
Here’s some things I’d like to do/plan to go to just to get an idea :-))
Starlight Donut Lab Jungle Jims Mrs Teapots Newport on Levee Hail Records & Oddities Ghost Baby (saw that recommended here & it looks fun!) Loveland Castle Museum Findlay Market Krohn’s Conservatory Blue, Brews & BBQ Hamilton Flea The O.F.F Market Pyramid Hill Cherbourg Cyprus The Baker’s Table Bakery & Pizza The Little Spoon Bakery & Cafe
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2023.06.10 18:54 Classicfezza512 First Backpacking Trip to Italy

It's a week since I finally returned from Italy. It had been a really wild ride, if not the perfect trip, but it did really teach me that Italy is really a country for travelling.
- Day 1 (May 27): I took my Ryanair Flight from Cologne-Bonn to Bergamo. Not much to say, as I arrived late into the night and checked into my hostel, Mio Hostel in Milan.
- Day 2 (May 28): Day Trip to Lake Como. I visited multiple lakeside towns (such as Cernobbio, and Tremezzo), but Bellagio is an eye-opener to me. Sometimes I found it more interesting to walk through the off-beaten path between Tremezzo and Lenno instead of taking the boat. Villa del Balbianello is a pretty, if not overcrowded place (I don't like tourists. They are rude, loud and irritating, and they get everywhere.) However, this is where the fun bit started. I missed the last boat (at 7 pm presumably) back to Como, as I was stuck in Tremezzo as the sun went down. The final bus (at 9 pm) did not arrive, so I had to literally hitchhike a car back to Como (with my poor Italian skills and a Large sign).
- Day 3 (May 29): Visited the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese in the morning before lunch (a worthy visit for those who liked cars). The afternoon is mostly a Milan City Tour as I strolled around places like il Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, and La Scala, which are crowded to oblivion. But I found it better to just go away from the city centre to places like the Navigli Canal, as well as their hidden little galleries. Spent the evening at the Sforzesco Castle's Massive Park.
- Day 4 (May 30): Final Day in Milan. Visited Leonardo's Vineyard. I was not able to pre-book the ticket for the Last Supper during the trip so I went back to Milan and visited the Duomo's interior. And by late afternoon, I headed out to La Spezia via train and later headed to the second Hostel (Ostello Tramonti).
- Day 5 (May 31): Cinque Terre. Arguably one of the prettiest places on my whole trip, as long as the day remained sunny. However, Vernazza and Riomaggiore are crowded to hell while Monterosso is basically dull and turned into a tourist trap. The hikes are quite stunning too, if not tiring and time-consuming compared to taking the train. Then, I took the bus to Bologna (Marinobus) and checked in at Ostello San Filippo Neri in Modena that night.
- Day 6 (June 1): Modena Tour. A surprisingly underrated gem here, other than well, the infamous Ferrari Museum. I'd spent my evening riding around Modena on the bike provided for free by the hostel (Grazie). The town centre is quite quaint and not crowded.
- Day 7 (June 2): Bologna Tour. After checking out from Modena, I headed to Bologna. It's no longer as "underrated" as I thought because there are tons of people. Asinelli Tower is fully booked too so I went to the Prendiparte Tower, which surprisingly, gives me a good view that included the Asinelli Tower! Also, Tagliatelle tastes sublime. That evening, I finally headed to Verona to my rental place (Affittacamere Mameli)
- Day 8 (June 3): Lake Garda Travel. Rented a bike for 10 Euros, and mostly cycled around, from Peschiera to Sirmione and Desenzano. Sirmione is pretty but crowded. Nonetheless, the ruins of the Roman villa at the end of it were really nice. Desenzano is also quite beautiful but I have to hurry back to Peschiera to return my bike. I should have gotten up early that day and had more time to visit the places.
- Day 9 (June 4): Mostly travelling around Verona before taking the Bus back to Bergamo and flying back to Cologne. Some places are really overcrowded, but there are parts of the city with fewer people. The vibe is still quite romantic. It's just Juliet's bloody balcony, tbh. However, it was that day when I suffered arguably the worst setback in my whole trip, as my bus failed to make it on time to Bergamo (All thanks to roadworks and traffic jams) and I missed the Return flight. During an emergency, I booked the Bus to Cologne which was on the next day...
- Extra Day/ Day 10 (June 5): The setback gave me the chance to visit Citta Alta Bergamo. It's pretty, not crowded, and even has quite a surprisingly good vibe around it, and I could honestly rank it above places like Verona just for being uncrowded. And finally, I could take the bus I booked, Flixbus back to Germany. To my surprise, on the way, the bus drove through Lake Orta and gave me a stunning sight!
There is the whole summary of my whole trip. I do hope one day I have more time to return to this stunning country again and visit it in depth. Advice, especially for those on a budget? Take away your Pizza and save money. There are tons of Pizzerias and Pizzas (especially those served in full sizes) can easily satisfy one's appetite. Taking away also prevents you from paying extra tips. Also, buying water from Carrefour and Mini marts out of the city centre can save you money, especially those in Large bottles. Don't buy from vending machines. They are traps! (Unless you're desperate). And while some Museum tickets needed pre-booking, train tickets could be bought on the fly.
I would like to give a big "Grazie" to ItalyTravel for some suggestions on the forum as well as recommendations for restaurants, not to forget Trenord and Trenitalia for being punctual! No thanks for the bus that cancelled its scheduled stop in Tremezzo, though because you ruined the lives of me and the two other hitchhikers who also hopped on the same car as me.
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2023.06.10 18:54 vleeslucht New York Pizza or Domino’s?

Im going to watch the champions league with a nice pizza, help me decide!
View Poll
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2023.06.10 18:48 Objective_Common_637 Garios is refusing to sue for peace with the vlandians and its destroying us.

So, I'm a vassal for the Western empire and the year 1109, I'm 55 years old, Garios is 68 and I'm hoping he kicks the bucket soon so I or my son can be the new ruler and fix this mess. We've completely conquered the Khuzaits, two other empire factions, battanians and right now we have half of the Aserai desert and half of Sturgia's lands. When it comes to the Vlandians though, we consistently get our asses kicked. We lose most battles, sometimes even when we outnumber them. We held Usanc castle for like 1 in-game year and that was it, other than that we've never been able to take any more land and recently they've made a big push, taking Lageta, Jalmarys, Rhotae, Ortysia and all the castles surrounding those cities. It's been over 400 days and the option to propose peace has always been at 0% so right now we're helpless. I've just been ignoring that war and focusing on taking more Aserai territory but meanwhile Vlandia is just sweeping through our lands and our other armies just get obliterated.
Is this a bug or is Garios really just refusing to have peace? It's never happened before.
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2023.06.10 18:43 nineminutesmore Good to quit dahil pinabayaan ka na ng manager mo at wala ka na support system sa work?

So nagttrabaho ako sa international startup for almost half a year now. Nakapasok ako dito because of a connection, and siya reason talaga kaya ko tinanggap bukod sa above average pay (had bigger offers), alam kong madami akong matututunan sa kanya (ex-Netflix siya sa Silicon Valley). Umalis sya a few weeks before in a dramatic fashion, dahil ang founders ng kumpanya di lang talaga sila magka-agree agree. May mga umalis na din bago sa kanya for the same reason, at after nya huli kong teammate umalis din, same reason. Itong c-level na to ay mag-asawa.
Isa sa kanila may ugali — yung manager ko at isa kong team member umalis din dahil sa unprofessionalism ng c-level na to. In total, 4 na umalis because of his yabang and overinflated sense of knowledge sa subject matter kahit hindi naman talaga, na dapat lahat ng sinasabi nya ay tama at agree kami. Pagka-alis ng manager ko, napunta ako sa 1/2 c-level couple as my manager. Dahil ang concern nya naman talaga ay paano buhayin ang kumpanya, parang wala ng direction ang role ko. 5 sila sa c-suite, halos same generation silang lahat (boomer-ish) at isa doon ay nagpasok ng madaming ex colleagues nya before as part timer, at parang binato na lang ako ng new manager ko doon sa isa sa mga ex-colleagues na part-timer para may mapagawa sa akin. Tapos tuwing presentations or projects, noon na pinoprotectahan at sinusupportahan ako ni ex-Netflix manager, ngayon parang pag kontra sa akin ang isang c-level, agree na din si new manager ko bilang mag-asawa sila.
Iniisip ko na magquit. Lahat sila nasa same country (remote setup kami), at pakiramdam ko parang tuwing meeting pinagtutulungan ako indirectly. Ako pinakabata sa meeting, ako na lang ang natitirang pinasok doon ni ex-Netflix, at bukod sa manager ko, lahat sila ay lalaki so may sexist tendencies at infantilizing kapag may tanong ako na ako lang ang hindi up to speed dahil naguusap sila w/o me about a project they assigned to me. Hindi din ako komportable to voice out my concerns to my new manager, dahil asawa nya din ang isang source ng concerns ko. I feel very isolated, my team mates have left & I run a one-man team with no defined direction of my success in the role, at stuck sa meeting culture dahil itong si part-timer gabi lang pwede at mas madali daw mag-usap para sa kanya. Araw araw extremely anxious na lang ako na baka i-lay off na lang ako kasi di na nila alam what to do with me & I’m not one of them. Nakakaapekto na sa work performance ko.
Siguro gusto ko lang ng outsider perspective kung paano ko to pwede i-approach. Ang dali din kasi mag doubt whether gaslight ba to sa work environment o victim mindset ba ito. At the end of the day, I earn pretty well tapos remote pa pero in expense of crippling anxiety. Bilang startup and always intense pressure, parang malaking halaga pala na may kakampi ka at people you’re happy working with. I’m not sure what’s the right thing to do. Salamat!
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2023.06.10 18:37 OlacAttack [WTS] 11.5 Core barrel, LMT parts, KAC URX 4 rail, Glock 19.5 slide, MOE grip, slings

Timestamp: prices are shipped.
PayPal F&F, you add 3%
LMT ambi safeties — green tape is a new take off and has deburr marks on backside of lever $30 $27, other is brand new not a take off, $35 $31.50
NIB Criterion Core 11.5$275 $265
Unfired Glock 19.5 complete slide — bought to replace a milled slide then bought a green Glock — $310 $300
new LMT bundle all LMT from v1 tactical - QD endplate, castle nut, carbine spring, not takeoffs, no staking. Bought for a MARS lower then went FCD/G$ — $45 $41.50
KAC URX 4 10.75 mlok rail - nib w wrench/ shims$350 $333.33
add on or add $3
$20 both Specter slings from Timestamp
$14 Magpul MOE grip, has screw/washer
Dibs trump PM haggles, no chats.
Trades = Looking for SF3P for 556
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2023.06.10 18:37 Junepero 104th hunger games story’s of panem day 3 and 4 victor crowning

Day 3 Suprisingly most of the tributes awoke rather early as game maker laurier announcement sounded in seconds. He stated that a feast would be held at the cronocupia with a twist that mutts would be chasing them there. Clemot and Midge were near by the cornucopia they took the short walk toward the cornocpuia but as they then held there weapons waiting for the new weapons to arise a loud boom occured. Cllemot swore as he threw him self down as 2 cannons sounded. Midge quickly got up and thew a knife near by Clemot. As the tension in Goldtstein square grew to a quiet holt with people yelling for clemot to dodge. As he did just that Midge got his knife stuck on the cornocpuia wall. Clemot grinned then slit midge’s arm and achiles tendent. He then said in a rather menacing voice “Im very close to victory betrayal doesnt sound good now does it.” Midge sighed as he then lost consciousness his cannon sounded. Clemot then remained near by the cornocpuia watching the feast continue from morning to the afternoon. 3 more tributes had been slain by Coloumbia from 6. As the feast came to an end the cornocupia table slumped back down into the ground. The next 8 hours were rather uneventful besides the tribute count dwindling down to 4. But before Clemot had went to bed a sponsor gift was sent down Clemot then quickly opened it being in much joy seeing a battery explosive and a pocket knife scattered by small bits of food with a note saying. “My Job has been very kind to me latley remember what you came here for mr boom boom “ from L Clemot grinned thanking Linet and the capital as he then set up the near by explosive by a near by castle wall. Then drifting back to sleep as horn of plenty played featuring the fallen tributes. Both from 2 midge 4 both tributes from 7 and Marco from 14. Leaving the last 4 tributes Clemot from 5 Columbia from 6 Juliso from 9 and Olivia from 14. Day 4 Game maker Laurier announced to the tributes that 5 minutes or there trakers would denoate. Clemot was already at the cornocpuia so he had remained hidden. As many owls and eels chassed the tributes up only Olivia from 14 didnt make it back in time having the owls catch with her pecking her until her cannon then sounded. Once all 3 tributes were at the cornocupuia game maker Laurier then announed the wonder plan. He then added many historical mutts from many past games would be used as a temple escape in many later starting in this years games. After his announcement a plethora of animal and air mutts screamed in many tributes panicked. Juliso foot had been infected and mangaed to fell pray to Columbia as she then chased falling the into the first historical mutt the poisonous snakes from Lucy Grays ames victor of the 10 hunger games. But before Columbia could even act Clemot then quickly pressed the button sounding a ginormous boom to occur as Columbia was thrown back as the final cannon sounded. As much of the mutts retreated game maker Whimsiwick announced that Clemot Cornelious of district 5 was crowned the victor of the 104th hunger games. He then curtsed as the hovercraft brought him out of the arena back to the accommodation towers. Aftermath He then was given a heroes hug by his mentor Gravito and lInet even there stylist Ashely King. Ashley was over joyed knowing that her of being head stylist she was the stylist of a victor. After a brief health check by many of the doctors within Goldtein hosptial declared that Clemot was in great health as he then was preped for his victors interview. He then was adorned in a stylist suit with many geyser like patterns and holographic but not harmful bombs. Camelia was adorned in stylish Gray and white dress. After the usual victors questuions she then asked what he would to with his later life. Clemot replied with what ever really made him happy. Camelia smiled and nodded congratulating him again with his victory. Afterword he was dismissed from the stage as Head game makers Laurier and Whimswick were brought to the stage. As they were brought in Camelia imedtialy asked about the “Wonder plan.” Game maker Laurier imedtialy blushed telling her to wait for now. After a short awww from the citizens watching the interview Camelia shrugged then started pressing both boys about the next years games. As usual they had only gave a few hints but not many. At the end of the interview Camelia took both boys hands and bowed doing her usual outro. After clemots victory he returned home to district 5 finishing his studies. After a few years of hard work he graduated then after graduating he then moved to the captial permanently with his boyfriend and sister. He then later married his boyfriend 2 years after moving to the capital adopting two capital newborns naming them Areulio and Scarlet. It is also known that Clemot had studied to becoming a exlpsoive frosencic detective. Solving many murder cases with many famous and cheif peace keepers such as a few of his close captial friend cheif peace keepers Barronta and Balrona. Clemot was known to be a rather tough mentor but he had always hinted that if they lived through the games they would thank him. He mentored the district 5 tributes till he was replaced later within following years. Clemot died at the age of 78 due to a heart attack. Editors note I am very happy to state that this one of my finished tales. I hope you guys enjoyed it a few things i would to say before I go. I am going to rewrite file 103 and file 102 before i reach file 180. But before now I will say that more hunger games content are on there ways, Question of the day which tribute would you save from the hunger games for me it would be Junipero from the 85th games he deserved much better. And now I am on my way to prep for are first quinquenal quell so I will see you all in a few days to a week so I can get the creative juices flowing. Hope you all have a great day and as we always say Panem today Panem tomorrow Panem forever.
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2023.06.10 18:36 mendonca1972 New pizza oven G3 FERRARI

New pizza oven G3 FERRARI
400⁰c in 10 minutes, pizza bakes in 4 minutes
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2023.06.10 18:32 MarketMapper Moving average indicators like EMA & SMA are crucial for predicting price trend by smoothing it out. In our new PA analysis page you get all coins in the market with a breakdown of their MA performance. Never manually look for indicators again😉

Moving average indicators like EMA & SMA are crucial for predicting price trend by smoothing it out. In our new PA analysis page you get all coins in the market with a breakdown of their MA performance. Never manually look for indicators again😉 submitted by MarketMapper to u/MarketMapper [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 18:28 Creepy_Cucumber9958 Good Green Animal Face 34% THCA

Good Green Animal Face 34% THCA
This is really good! I've had animal mints and that has nothing on this imo. Real earthy, spicy, gas taste really smooth grabbed a quarter for $60 @ rise in new castle.its a sativa leaning hybrid but it feels like indica to me, great for insomnia, anxiety and a day off relaxing.
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2023.06.10 18:28 Cyanide814 I need help. Can’t figure out what’s wrong. Some aphids but not many. Fertilize weekly with performance organics and fish emulsion. I’ll alternate. Fish one week, performance next week.

I need help. Can’t figure out what’s wrong. Some aphids but not many. Fertilize weekly with performance organics and fish emulsion. I’ll alternate. Fish one week, performance next week.
Leaves look weird on new growth. Bubbly. Some veins looks brighter green or yellow. New growth has a yellow hue on some. I live in 6A PA.
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2023.06.10 18:27 Consistent-Cold8012 My thoughts on "The Game Cube"

10/10 - my 2nd favourite of the year.
Mario was amazing.
Surprisingly even smg4 is good here.
I like the entire concept.
The challenges were fun.
The part of the nightmare mode is easly the best part.
The finale might be screwed up but if you think about it they were inside of a gamecube so it makes perfectaly sense.
so this is my 2nd favourite of the year just behind the pizza tower video.
  1. We don't talk about Luigi.
  2. A happy little road trip.
  3. Mario harms the environment.
  4. Mario goes to t mobile.
  5. Mario's fine.
  6. If mario went fishing.
  7. Mario goes on a diet.
  8. Mario's tunnel of the doom.
  9. Every Luigi is personalaized.
  10. My rommate Mario.
  11. Mario breaks the mcdonald ice cream machine.
  12. Mario goes to Ohio.
  13. The very safe and legal smg4 show.
  14. Our new home.
  15. Smg4 are you ok?
  16. MAR10 DAY.
  17. Mario steal the costituition.
  18. It's gonna be perfect.
  19. The stupid Mario movie.
  20. The Game Cube.
  21. Mario opens a pizza shop
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2023.06.10 18:25 ReceptionOk9473 "Under Consideration"

Anyone know how to get out of this? I keep applying but never get any new update except: Under consideration for months. I'm aiming for a PA position atm anyone got experience to share?
My PAs said things change and career profile is now the new way and they don't know anything anymore.
Thanks for your time and any help.
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2023.06.10 18:23 Far-Chicken-3080 Things they should have added/ changed in TotK

Now that the game has been out for about a month, what are some things you wish they changed/ added from BotW? For me, there’s a lot:
1: Updated Weapon types and animations. I’m kinda shocked the same 3 attack animations are the only types of weapons still. What I think would be cool would be if they had 5 different weapons types, each with their own attack animations and attack speeds. You’d have Daggers, which attack in between the speed of Swords and Spears, Swords which would remain unchanged, Clubs which attack slower (in between Swords and Greatswords) and have 3 hit combos instead of 4, Greatswords and spears that would remain unchanged.
2: completely remove weapon durability. There is absolutely no reason this mechanic needed to return. The fuse mechanic alone gives more than enough reason to constantly swap out weapons and try new combos. This game isn’t about surviving in the Wild like before, where you need to scavenge for weapons. Plus, you can literally repair weapons now, so why add that extra tedious step instead of just removing durability entirely? Shields should still break (besides hylian shield) tho. I want to customize Links play style. Maybe I want to be a fire mage, or gerudo bow sniper. Can’t do that when your weapons break after killing 3 enemies.
3: add magic meter back. This goes along with weapon durability. Instead of Magic Rods breaking, they should just use a Magic Meter.
4: Scrap memories entirely and make the story happen now. Very disappointed and feel misled by trailers. I 100% thought Ganondorf would revive and be a menace throughout the story, instead he’s just pulling his same shenanigans from the BotW: Hiding in/ under the castle and sending puppets to terrorize the other races
5: mini bosses in dungeons
6: bring back the hookshot with a new swing mechanic and leads flawlessly into your glider
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2023.06.10 18:21 Altruistic_Willow_54 Pre-Loved Musical instruments. See below prices on description

Pre-Loved Musical instruments. See below prices on description
Selling my preloved electric guitar equipments. Di ko pa masyado nagamit pandagdag ko lang budget sa kasal (nabili ko nung 2021 for E.Gutar and Multi-effects).
No damage and scratches, parang brandnew pa din (exept for amp na may rust na sa handle but still sound as good as new)
🎸Ephiphone Les Paul Studio Alphine White 💸20k php nabili ko sa guitar pusher 23990 w/ inclusions •guitar hard case (nabili separately about 3k) •new elixir string •fret wrap
🎸Zoom G3xn Multi effects 💸8k php orig price is 13k+ w/ inclusions •basti custom gigbag (nabili ko ng 1.5k ng separate)
🎸Peavey Rage 158 💸3.5k php orig price 6k+ nabili ko sa Lyric
📝Nagtaas ng presyo ung E.Guitar sa guitar pusher so tingin ko reasonable price pa dn offer wag sana barat na sobra, will discount big price if bibilhin ng bundle
📍Location: Preferred meetup SM Moa or near Pasay Malls for safe trade
you may also contact me here 09258062040
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2023.06.10 18:16 Mellowsmellow8621 Temu

Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift?
(Not for existing users only for new users that haven’t logged in)
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2023.06.10 18:13 JoseLunaArts Cid Campeador was a mercenary. His bio could be easily turned into a mechwarrior biography.

After digging into literature, I found that the story of the legendary knight Cid Campeador, sounds to me like the story of a mercenary Mechwarrior, instead of the usual legend that shows him as a religious warrior. It does not take too much to export this story to Battletech universe, and indeed I plan to add a version of him to my Mechwarrior Destiny game at some point.
The following is a summary of "Historia Roderici" an old Spanish text that may likely be inaccessible to English speaking readers, not only because of language barrier, but also because of the ancient Spanish words that are difficult to understand even for modern Spanish speakers. You will discover that Cid Campeador was not a religious hero, but a merc.
I believe it could be used as source material to inspire a novel.
Sorry about the long read, but it still shorter than the original "Historia Roderici".
Rodrigo "Ruy" Díaz de Vivar is also known as Cid Campeador, and some people believe he was a religious hero but others see him as a mercenary. The oldest biography is "Historia Roderici" in 1190 when the Castillan warrior had passed away 80 years ago. This biography was made popular via minstrels, and it incorporated many fictional episodes that composed "Cantar del Mio Cid" around the year 1200. For example, there is no evidence that Rodrigo had 2 swords called Tisona and Colada, and a horse called Babieca. He had 2 daughters but they were not named doña Sol and doña Elvira.
Spain was invaded in the year 711 from the south and only a small strip was left at the north where Christian kings would seek a safe haven. The invaders ruling lasted for 800 years but these years also were full of internal disputes, just like in the Inner Sphere.
The war in Spain was always portrayed as a holy war, like a Jihad. This was the time where the term "pariah" was born. The non Christian rulers paid tribute called pariah to Christian kings in exchange for protection. And that was the historical context of eternal war.
Rodrigo was born in the small town of Vivar, near Burgos. His father was a low rank noble, but his mother was from the elite of nobles, daughter of count of Oviedo. The last name Diaz indicated he was son of Diego. When he was 10, his father died, and he was sent to the court of Fernando I de León, to complete his education with the sons of the king. One of the sons, Sancho turned Rodrigo into his page and became close friends. He receives high education and learned to fight. He knew how to read and write, something very uncommon.
When Rodrigo was 15 he went with don Sancho to Zaragoza, a territory which was under the protection of Fernando I de León in exchange for pariah. Ramiro I de Aragón uncle of Fernando I de León wanted the land under protection, and this is how Sancho and his "mesnadas" (forces under command of a lord) went to help. Ramiro I not only was defeated, but also died.
When Fernando I (ruler of Galicia, León and Castilla) died, he distributed his kingdom among his 5 sons instead of having a linear succession, because Alfonso, his second son, was his favorite. Sancho ruled Castilla and had the right to collect the pariah of Zaragoza. Sancho did not like the distribution of land, as he felt he should have been the heir of the whole kingdom. He entered a conflict with his siblings. Rodrigo ended up being in charge of the army of Sancho. In his first one on one match defeated the Alferez of Navarra kingdom, Jimeno Arcés. This is where he earned the title of "campeador", which means he is a master of the battlefield.
After his mother died, Sancho started war against Alfonso. Rodrigo skill surfaced among all other warriors. Sancho won the battle, but Alfonoso escaped and did not surrender as agreed. Instead, Alfonso agreed to allow Sancho to conquer Galicia ruled by his younger brother García. García was defeated and was and outcast who escaped to the taifa of Sevilla. But that did not end the war with Alfonso. In the new battle, Rodrigo skill shined again. And Alfonso was defeated once again. Alfonso was an outcast too, and he went to the taifa of Toledo. The reunification war ended. But it would last a few months.
Zamora was ruled by his sister Urraca. Many nobles gathered there and they did not embrace Sanho as the king. Urraca supported them, and supported Alfonso. Sancho sieged Zamora for months, but it did cost Sancho's life at the hands of a Zamoran warrior, and not even Rodrigo could stop that. The killer pretended to defecte from Urraca city and earned Sancho's trust. The defector Bellido Dolfos was going to show him a weak spot in the walls of Zamora, and when Sanch went to the loo, the defector took Sancho's spear and killed him. Alfonso became king. García attempted to recover his kingdom but ended in prison where he died. Alfonso married Rodrigo with doña Jimena, relative of Alfonso and apparently Rodrigo was deeply in love with her.
Rodrigo was sent to collect Paria To Sevilla, and García Ordoñez, close friend of alfonso was sent to Granada. Granada ruler asked Ordoñez to attack Sevilla and that Rodrigo had to fight García Ordoñez and made him prisoner and set him free later. García Ordoñez accused Rodrigo of stealing a portion of the pariah of Sevilla, which are believed to be the gift of Sevilla ruler to Rodrigo for defending his land.
Alfonso went to Taifa of Toledo, and Rodrigo was sick at home. There was an attack on a castle and Rodrigo reacted without asking for permission, chased the attackers who entered Toledo territory and Rodrigo took a huge loot, Alfonso was so upset because that destroyed Alfonso's plans to own Toledo without a fight. García Ordoñez presented this to Alfonso as an attempt to make people from Toledo to kill Alfonso. So Rodrigo became an outcast, and he was exiled and had to make a living. Along the road, many men joined him. He went to Zaragoza to offer his services. Now Zaragoza should not have to pay pariah to different kingdoms for protection.
This contradicts the jihadist nature of Rodrigo as a religious warrior. After the ruler of Zaragoza died, his 2 sons also fought. Rodrigo stood in the side of Zaragoza, and the opponent sought help among the kings in the north. The enemy forces outnumbered Rodrigo's but he defeated them in the battle of Almenar.
An uncle of the ruler of Zaragoza, who was prisoner of Alfonso, earned the trust of the alcalde who controlled the prison, so the alcalde passed the message to Alfonso. The uncle offered him the castle of Zaragoza in exchange for paying the pariah to Alfonso. So Alfonso marched towards Zaragoza. But Alfonso this time was not ahead of the forces. He sent scouts who were killed. It seems that the uncle died while the expedition was on its way to Zaragoza, so the alcalde had the idea of becoming an ally of Zaragoza and tried to kill king Alfonso.
Later Alfonso met Rodrigo and Rodrigo told that he had no part in that betrayal, and Alfonso and Rodrigo went back to normal relations without hard feelings.
Alfonso managed to conquer Toledo and that meant a raise in the pariah for other taifas. But religious fundamentalist fanatics from northern Africa were asked to help and their fanatism made them fearsome. Alfonso had Zaragoza under siege, and Rodrigo did not want to fight Alfonso. But news came from the new invaders and the siege stopped. Then the battle of Sagrajas came, where Alfonso suffered a defeat. Alfonso had to escape to save his life. Rodrigo went to Toledo to offer his services to Alfonso.
Alfonso commissioned Rodrigo to take care of the invaders and conquer lands, and to collect the pariah from Zaragoza, which had Rodrigo working as a merc for 6 years.
But good relations did not last. During a campaign Rodrigo was supposed to reinforce Alfonso's forces, but Rodrigo did not arrive. Rodrigo was exiled for second time after García Ordoñez made the king feel betrayed. Alfonso took his property and made his family prisoner. Rodrigo begged and his family was set free. And he became a warlord in Valencia and fought against both sides.
Rodrigo suffered an attack and he took revenge against García Ordoñez and led an expedition to do exactly that and looted along his way. Alfonso gave away these lands and no one wanted to fight Rodrigo. Now the only enemies of Rodrigo were the invaders in the south who attacked Valencia and killed its ruler. Rodrigo sieged the city and help did not arrive so they surrendered, and Rodrigo self proclaimed himself prince.
The invader Almoraviles forces were obsessed with taking Valencia. And epic battles took place.

submitted by JoseLunaArts to OfficialBattleTech [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 18:12 baddayforsanity Session 5.5: Stormwind Noir

What's up wc5e! Back with more of my 5e Classic-ish+ campaign, this one is a one on one session with my Rogue player, Orfiz. As always, I'm stoked to share this with you all and love any feedback or questions.
Just like with Val's one on one for the Mistmantle questline, I wanted to really give Orfiz a good dedicated session that he could bring some cool moments back to the group with. This served as the perfect opportunity to paint a better picture of the political state of the kingdom without boring the other new players stiff or having them risk getting overloaded with exposition.
No pictures this time, this session was strictly a notebook, a dice tray, and some bourbon.

The Tl;Dr:

The setup:

This was mostly a catch-up session for Orfiz since he couldn't make the stockades session itself. We ended up taking a few hours for some heavy RP, which was great because Orfiz's player generally doesn't lean that way during a normal session. It allowed for some awesome character moments and plot that could come organically from a player to the rest of the party next session. We got to dive more into Alterac being a suspicious faction and threat, and introduce Prestor in a low stakes way.
This isn't really mechanic heavy except for just some perception checks, lockpicking, and really leaning on the player to decide what threads he was going to follow and how. He got to play Stormwind P.I. and it was awesome.

The session:

The party emerges from the stocks and has a chance to question the NPCs in the foyer. The girl is revealed to be Hope Saldean, whom was attending the farmers market in the city on behalf of her family back in Westfall. When she saw Garrick being taken into the prison, she began cursing and throwing her produce at him. She had bad aim, so she hit the party and was taken into custody when the guards worked to quell the riot.
Orfiz questions Hope, all he could get out of her were that she thought they were in love and she can't believe that he'd fall in with the bandits. He moves to question Garrick, and gets the backstory of the masons being exiled from the city and labeled as criminals, so he had to pick up work on local farms to survive. He had a summer fling the prior season with the farmer's daughter while he was there that harvest, and she was convinced as young lovers tend to get, that he'd be back to whisk her off her feet and take her away from the mundane farm life. Seeing him with the red scarf draped around his neck sent her into despair.
The party collects the bounty reward and goes about restocking, grabbing some basic gear improvements from what's available, and finally collecting their estus flask health pots.
Orfiz uses this downtime to investigate Garrick's story about the masons being ousted from the city, and figures he could tap into the kingdom's spy network. His training at Ravenholdt in the ways of the rogue led him to discover markings in cant near the sewer they used to get past the riot by the stockade entrance. Makes sense - spies would want an easy incognito route directly to the prison.
In the tunnels beneath stormwind, he recognized some of the cant as sarcastic propoganda style "if you see something, say something" isms. He reached SI:7's HQ through the tunnel and was immediately greeted by blades to the face as he entered through the trap door. Hands up, he shrugged and said "if you see something... say something?" and the guards eased. As a gnome, he went to the nearest desk, knocked on the side of it to get the attendant's attention, and found himself talking to the man himself, Shaw.
Shaw lamented how things played out and how hard it's been policing the city and weeding out any dissidents or guild associates, as there had been another riot in the streets prior that had led to queen being struck and killed by a thrown rock from the crowd. He knew things didn't add up but didn't have the manpower or resources to investigate the matter, but he's been keeping a close eye on Orfiz and his companions since they first set foot in the city.
Orfiz's immediate reaction to that statement was to pull out some coin and set it on the desk... he "forgot" to pay their gate fee when they got off the deeprun tram. This got a hardy laugh out of Shaw and got his guard down, so he gave Orfiz the skinny: he knows something is up with the House of Nobles but he can't get near them while the King is on the warpath since the riots. Orfiz grabbed a parchment he'd looted off of Bazil, and Shaw tilted it at the candlelight to reveal a reflective type of invisible ink. Orfiz recalled this was a trick that his Ravenholdt pals had used to be able to communicate secret messages and have them readable in the faintest of light. But this was a trick that only worked with ink crafted from a rare orange flower only found in the Alteraci region...
Shaw curses that Lady Katrana Prestor is the diplomat from Alterac, and she's been too close to the King to question without him flying into a rage about the stonemasons. Orfiz volunteers to gather some intel, all Shaw could help provide is that she takes a route through the castle gardens on the way to her late committee meetings, he could catch her there.
He questions her in the garden as a "concerned constituent" of the city and hands her the bloody note (right?). He asks if she knows anything about it, she of course blows him off, and moves on to her budget committee meeting. He eavesdrops to hear her arguing against any treaties or restitution for the masons and digs her heels in.
Next stop was Baros Alexston, the patron noble house that had commissioned the stonemasons to rebuild Stormwind in the first place. The exterior was damaged, like it had been pummeled with rocks and dirt and even started on fire in a few spots. There were large door-spanning locks across his cellar access and front door, Orfiz was able to pick the cellar entrance and slink in unnoticed. Baros returned from his errands and Orfiz got to do the Nick Fury sit-in-the-corner-shadows-with-a-cigar thing. Baros was terrified, and looked exhausted, and his house was in complete disrepair. Baros burst out that he doesn't have anywhere to go and everyone wants to kill him, he can't even go back to his family stead in Westfall because the thugs have taken it over in a move that seemed very personal. Sweet, Next clue!
Orfiz returns to SI:7 and reports his findings. Shaw says he's got a man on the inside, but he's deep undercover and they have not been able to pull him out or even get his report. Since these guys have handled themselves well, and they're special deputies already, Shaw tasks the Orfiz and his companions to keep digging into this. They part ways with Shaw's praise, "you're short in stature, but you've got it where it counts. These are desperate times, and you know what they say, desperate times call for"
Orfiz interrupts "Half Measures". The party found their company name.
End session 5.5!

Up Next: Session 6 - The People's Militia

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