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Hell Let Loose

2016.05.11 03:21 retapes Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is a platoon-based, realistic, multiplayer first-person shooting game for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series XS, set during the Second World War.

2017.06.02 22:50 _CodyB WokeKids

Incredible children who have amazingly developed senses of social justice that coincidentally mirror those of their parents. This truly is the greatest sub of all time. Our official song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3wkyerSBpw

2014.03.06 00:54 selfabortion Two-Sentence Horror Stories: Bite-sized scares.

Give us your scariest story in two sentences (or less)!

2023.06.08 17:50 Pitiful-Class-4422 A new experience

A new experience
My wife (49) and I (56) have been married for 15 years, and lovers since 1989.
For years we had a rich sexlife. We explored a lot of toys, positions, acts and had great fun. Though mostly on my initiative. My wife surprised me a long time ago, entering our bedroom dressed as a domina. Other times I would tie her to the bed, shave her and do my thing. It was great fun. We could have sex two-three times in a day.
At a point in time I was too vocal for her during sex. I vented a fantasy that she thought was too much. She got out of bed, asking me to stop. Of course I did. Shortly after I made her pregnant with our first child. She is now 16.
We really haven't had much sex since then. I kind of felt she should initiate it, since she stopped it. I have felt like a failure for a long time.
Time has passed, and I've mostly been entertaining myself. Occasionally (3-4 times a year we had sex. Mostly me on back, and her on top. 1, 2, 3 and its over. Some excuses for less sex has been kids, work, tired, headache... and the last 3 years I'd say we have had intercourse three times. In all.
I have lost my stamina, and I swear it feels like my tool has gotten a little thinner and shorter. But I don't know if I'm seeing things.
My wife has said she is in menopause, and more horny than ever. But no initiative from her side. The few times we had intercourse, I lost my election after two minutes, which has bothered me a little. So ive found out im good with tongue and fingers. Shes not that into oral, so mostly fingers.
The last times ive fingered her, ive asked her not to try and get me up (i dont want to disappoint both of us again). And ive actually found that i can get great satisfaction just by fingerings her to orgasm. Two times in a row, ive now experienced what I think is close to an orgams when she comes. I shake a little, get shivers and breath aside I came. Which I don't. Did any of you ever experience that? Like a mental orgasm without physical stimulus or fluids flowing???
Sidenote: we talked it through this weekend. I told her I knew I couldn't give her what I used to. She said she just wanted a good fuck, which i cant deliver.. She acknowledge she felt like I was coming too, and expressed that she thinks that is wonderful for me. We agreed that fingerings and me coming in my head is where we are right now.
I also admitted that it only works if I haven't masturbared, which I usually do a couple times or more each week, in absence of better release.
To make sure I stop masturbate, and keep.my focus in her, we agreed to try a chastity device. See if forced non-mastirbatiin could do us any good.
A long mail. Sorry for that. I've tried my best to explain. Feel free to asking if you like.
I'd like to hear what you think, what you would do etc. It's not an option to separate ud. We are deeply involved. Just not as intimate as we deserve to be, and not able to satisfy as most would.
TLDR: Wife and have run out of a normal sex life. I seem to feel truly satisfied by satisfying her with fingers or tongue. We agree that I'm a better person when I not madturbate, and decided to get a Cock cage, and experi.ent on that. What are your thought? Can you feel satisfied just because your partner is satisfied?
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2023.06.08 17:49 longshlong42069666 New transfermarkt.de values for Süper Lig!

With the final games of the season being played yesterday Transfermarkt.de has just published their new market values for the players of the turkish Süper Lig.
While our rivals Galatasaray managed to increase their overall team value from approximately 177mio.€ to 181mio.€ our team still stands at second place as the most valuable team in Turkey with a value decrease from 175mio.€ to 166mio.€. Lets take a closer look;
While most of our players experienced a decrease in their value, the only ones to shine through and manage to add on to their worth are only Irfan Can Eğribayat (1,9mio.€), Ferdi Kadıoğlu (17mio.€), Miha Zajc (6mio.€), Emro Mor (4,2mio.€) and of course Arda Güler who was able to show the biggest rise of value in the team with his market price going up from 11mio.€ to 15mio.€.
On the other side most of our high value assets unfortunately had a slight decrease in their price. The ones who suffered the most are Diego Rossi (9,5mio.€) with a big decrease of 2,5mio€ but also Altay Bayındır (11mio.€) and Miguel Crespo (8mio.€) who both lost 2mio.€ each. Besides them other players who showed poor performance this season also experienced a slight decrease in value such as Joshua King (5mio.€), Joao Pedro (6mio.€), Irfan Can Kahveci (6,5mio.€), Bright Osayi Samuel (7mio.€), Willian Araõ (6mio.€) etc.
Decent performers managed to keep their value the same. These are; Enner Valencia (3,8mio.€), Michy Batshuayi (10mio.€), Atilla Szalai (14mio.€), Samet Akaydın (4,2mio.€), Luan Peres (5mio.€) and Ismail Yüksek (4mio.€).
The overall analysis would say that most of our team went through a decrease in their price tag which will inevitably have an influence on the upcoming transfer window. We will have to deal with letting our players go for cheaper than we anticipated when we bought them with the exception of the ones who managed to increase their assets.
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2023.06.08 17:48 throw4way01 I don't know what to do with my mother-in-law.

Hello. I'm seriously starting to blow up, I can't get my anger out about my mother-in-law. My partner and I have been together for 3 years, but his mother is a real dragon. It should be known that she is a woman hater and is not on good terms with anyone of the female gender, except for her daughter. It's a given that if you want to go over to someone's place, you ask the other person the day before if you can go over. But with her.. at least 2 weeks before she says it's good or not. That time, I just wait for the answer like an idiot. But that's only with me, if her daughter's boyfriend were to go there, she would welcome him with open arms. Nothing I do is good for her, it's never good for her, there's always something going on with her that nobody understands but only herself.
It should be known that my partner and I did not move in together due to financial reasons, but that doesn't matter now. I understand that it's mother-in-law's apartment, but I didn't see a grumpy woman who doesn't like people and is jealous of her own son's girlfriend, because oh, I'm going to take her little mommy's son, it's unbelievable. I have less and less patience with this woman, and because of this, my relationship with my partner is starting to deteriorate, because he doesn't understand how unpleasant it is for me and why I get angry and sad at the same time. Does anyone know what to do with this situation? Because I'm really starting to blow up from the nervousness she causing. Sorry it's so long, but I'm still very, very nervous right now. (Sorry for my english, I'm not so good at it)
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2023.06.08 17:48 Valuable_Zucchini_97 Could I be pregnant?

So I've been on birth control (the pill) for about 5 years now. I take it conservatively, meaning I skip the placebo pills and never have a period. Occasionally if I forget a pill and take it the next mornkng i will usually only spot for a few days. 2 or 3 weeks ago me and my boyfriend had sex and as I was cleaning myself I wiped and there was pink discharge. I've never seen that before in my life. Fast forward to the next week. I started noticing that I had to pee all the time. I would pee and then a few mins later was like.. wait I did pee right? And then I'd have to go again. I also was having some trouble sleeping and would get slightly nauseous in the middle of the night or in the morning. The next week almost all my symptoms were gone. And then I started spotting. Started looking up things about implantation bleeding and thought maybe that's what's going on. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Then 2 days later (yesterday) I had red blood and cramps. Today I woke up and I hadn't bled all night so I thought maybe the bleeding only lasted a day. But then when I got to work i peed and when I wiped there was blood again and cramps. And this is TMI but I've already had to poop twice today and it's been very loose. Not sure if it's related or not lol. My stomach had also felt kinda sick but at the same time I've been starving. One thing that is also making me question some stuff is I have severe anxiety. I take lots of medications and I still cry if someone is slightly upset with me lol. Well today and yesterday I made some mistakes at work and people said somethings to me that would have usual made me cry but I felt nothing. The reason I bring this up is because I've heard that pregnancy hormones can make people's anxiety better or worse, just depends on the person. I plan on taking another pregnancy test tomorrow morning but I'm curious if I should go to the doctor or just wait it out and see what happens. I have my yearly gyno appointment next month but idk if I should wait that long. It's also important to note that nothing like this has happened in the 5 years I've been on the medicine. Just curious to see what people think might be going on.
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2023.06.08 17:48 skeltord Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon just received a free DLC tripling its content, and is currently on sale for a mere $10. I would like to share my love of it with you all.

TL;DR: Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is my favorite indie game of all time. One of the best games I've ever played, even. It's simply brilliant - a genius blend of incredibly unique mechanics that flawlessly come together to form a harmonical system that is super fast, challenging, varied, and fun. I included titles for each paragraph so you can choose to only read the important parts!
So what is Pocket Dungeon? Well, if you're expecting a traditional Shovel Knight game, this game has as much to do with the original Shovel Knight as Mario Kart has to do with a mainline Mario game. It uses the same characters, world, enemies, items, etc, but the gameplay differs. This game fuses an action platformer and a falling block puzzler. This is NOT a match 3, don't be fooled - what makes this game so unique is the way in which you control a character within the window blocks (or, enemies and obstacles in this case) fall into. Not only that, but the game moves where you move - every movement you make on the grid makes everything around you move as well. You attack by bumping into the enemy, which causes both sides to take damage - but if a group of the same enemy is touching, you can attack them all at the same time while only the front one hits you and thus score combos. These mechanics are what make the game so unique. I've never seen anything like this.
The nitty gritty details: All of this blends together to make a game with so much depth! The game is a rogulite too - each run takes you across 11 stages, each of which has its own roster of enemies and obstacles and unique visuals and music, but the exact way things go differs every time. Within these levels, different enemies have different stats and many special gimmicks and mechanics that require you to strategize how you defeat them. The game has a roster of 15 playable characters, and the DLC introduced a second form for each that plays completely differently making for 30 in practice, and each one plays so differently some of them feel like a whole different game! Levels also contain chests with items that can turn the tide, side rooms with mini-challenges, and the shop - the larger your combos and the faster you score them, the more gems you get, which you can spend on relics that last for the whole run - every run, your relic collection will expand, but will always be different, making each attempt distinct!
How it flows: It's hard for me to describe how much fun this game is! It's super fast, chaotic, but very challenging and precise, requiring you to constantly pay attention to multiple variables to manage your resources, and your skills and build massive combos, and of course, survive. But it's also very customizable - if you'd rather it be calmer, the difficulty can be adjusted in numerous ways to tailor the experience just for you!
Content Overview: And there's plenty more content - almost 100 (Switch compatible!) achievements, daily and weekly runs with online leaderboards, 2-player vs (with online play coming later), and within the main game, there are not only 15 characters but 5 modes for each - the regular run, the refract run which grants them their aforementioned alternate move doubling the roster, the legendary run which remixes the mechanics of the stage and adds new ones which practically doubles the level count too, as well as a hat challenge that adds crazy chaotic modifiers you can choose between every stage and a special character challenge, personally made for each character. And both the alternate moves and alternate stages can be mixed and matched into other modes too!
Conclusion: So why did I write this? Because I wish for other people to experience what I experienced with this gem. And I wanted you all to truly understand it and know what it has to offer as I do. I'll be happy to know if even a few people find a new favorite thanks to this post!
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2023.06.08 17:47 hodsct59 Belmont Friday June 9 Choices

These are the horses and races that I will use while seeking my next decent score at Belmont Park on Friday. if the races are not cancelled. As I have mentioned many times, horse racing is a hard game to master but usually because no strategy is developed regarding what tends to repeat itself often, just with different horses from time-to-time and a money management system that helps one save money until they find a race, they are able to take advantage of. My strategy concerning betting has always been "bet a little to win a lot" but refers to taking risks most will not even think of trying. Good Luck to all.
Race 2: Allowance --- Purse $95,000 --- 3 YOs & Up N/W 1x Or N/W 2 Lifetime --- 6 Furlong Turf:
1)Bold Journey (6-5) won 3rd start back against state bred & O/C foes, so eligibility to race here is still intact. Next out he was overmatched against G1 foes and last start, in this class and condition, he finished 2nd as he and the winner produced their best run together as they were last two away from gate. Now moves from outside post to an inside one and has two decent and useful works since that start.4x4 to Alydar, 5(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Raise A Native. He will as a coupled interest to 2) Sousa Summer and will be listed in program as 1 and 1A.
8)Fredo (8-1) broke his maiden 4 starts back while gate to wire at one mile on grass. Connections have been using the right running style but a mile on any surface is probably a little further than his best distance. 7 of his 12 lifetime starts have come at a mile or further on grass or the AWT and he has the race record to prove he struggles going that far. His sprint races have all been lightning fast early and he has been able to get a clear early lead but finds a spot that looks a little lite on early speed. Broodmare sire, Gone West, sired 2 unbeaten champion fillies in France that never raced past 7 furlongs and 2 U.S. champion colts (Came Home & Speightstown) in his career that had front running speed to burn. 5x3 to Storm Bird & Mr. Prospector.
6)Giant's Fire (15-1) broke her maiden 3 starts back while laying close but off the early pace and managed to get up late. Next two starts, jockeys tried to send him early and could not even get close to the early pace and faded to finish last in both. He cuts back to a sprint in here and jockey need to let him settle early and then pick it up as they go around the turn, which is exactly what his dam line and broodmare sire is suggesting he will be better doing. Broodmare sire, Street Cry, sired two of the world's top fillies in Zenyatta & Winx and both were master late runners. 4th dam, Aptostar, is a multiple graded stakes winning filly that blew by several top fields. 5(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Fappiano. Simply waiting to be ridden correctly and will blow up the exacta when jockey lets him run his race.
9)Carpe's Dream (15-1) is making his first start of the year. Trainer has put 8 works in him in the last two months, the first six were more or less canters around the track but last two works indicates those works was beneficial to him. Likely not ready to beat a few of these but looks like he will have a pace to run at late. 4x4 to Storm Bird.
My Risks $5 Ex Box 1-8, $1 Tri Box 1-8-9, $.30 Super Box 1-6-8-9, $.50 Super Key 8 with 1-6-9 with 1-6-9 with 1-6-9. Total Risk $26.20.
Race 3: Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $75,000 --- 3 YOs & Up New York Bred --- One Mile:
3) Woodside Warrior (30-1) has started twice and has yet to pick up his feet. However, this is a weak field on NY bred maidens, and he is likely wanting to get to the early lead and has the bloodlines to do so. Trainer is adding blinkers and he has three good works since his last start, most likely all three while wearing the hood (but does not have to be reported as equipment change until race day). He should be fast enough to get the early lead due to his grandsire, Speightstown, and his broodmare sire, Freud, an unraced full brother to Giant's Causeway, progeny also got much braver when they were able to obtain the early lead. 4(C)x5(C)x3(F) to Storm Cat, 4x5 to Mr. Prospector, 5x4 to Seattle Slew, 5x5 to Secretariat.
7) Battleoflexington (6-1) has started twice this year, the first start where he was trailing at the first call and then grind his way to a 4th place finish beaten less than 4 lengths for the win but had received his training in Florida, then shipped to Aqueduct and then asked to run within a 6-day period, a tough task for a seasoned runner much less a maiden. In his second start, he returned in 16 days after his first start with another work, the addition of lasix, and put back on grass, where he did not pick up his feet. Now gets a month to recuperate and adds three more works, two of them useful and is not getting the kitchen sink thrown at him for the first time this year. Will likely respond to the lesser confusion that he has been presented with. 5x4 to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Halo.
2) Refuah (3-1) broke his maiden two back but was disqualified and placed second for interference. He now has 11 placings in 14 lifetime starts and just does not seem like he was a will to win. He will likely eventually win but it is a waste of time and money trying to predict when. Therefore, I will use him underneath only. 5(C)x4(F)x4(F) to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Northern Dancer & Halo.
My Risks: $8 Ex Straight 3-7, $3 Tri Straight 3-7 with 3-7 with 2. Total Risk $14.00.
Race 5: Starter Allowance $50K --- Purse $65,000 --- 3 YOs & Up Which has started for $50K or less and N/W 1x --- One Mile:
5) Ice Road (6-1) has started once this year on the speed favoring dirt track, ran a even race and then change trainers after that start. New trainer gave him two more months off, then put 5 more works in him over a month period in Florida and shipped him to NY where he has not recorded a work in three weeks. Each trainer has his own method of how to get a horse ready and since he wins at 18%, I believe he might have this one better prepared than it appears. He has only two lifetime starts on dirt, a third in the mud in the 2nd leg of Canadian TC and his last start which is decent considering the track he ran on and the brief layoff. Outcross in his first 5 generations.
1)Arrebato (8-1) broke his maiden three starts back in the second start of his career by tracking the early pace, then sent for the lead nearing six furlongs and drawing away in the stretch. Tried the same tactics in his next start on a sloppy track but one that was using same tactics as him got a big jump on him when the front runner stopped and won for fun while this one could not make up any ground and lost second at the wire to the deep closer in the race. Next out, he was tried against 3 YOs stakes company but they proved to be much too tough for him at this point of his career as he finished last. Back to the company where he fits best so far with 4 stamina building works since his last start and a change to a better jockey should help. His sire, Goldencents, won 2 editions of the G1 BC Dirt Mile. Broodmare sire, Badge Of Silver, won his first three lifetime start but was knocked off the derby trail in 2003 when he came out of the La Derby with a leg injury in his first loss but returned to finish 2nd In the Cigar Mile twice & 3rd in the BC Turf Mile. 5x5 to Mr. Prospector.
3) Long Term (5-2) has started three times this year, breaking his maiden in his second start by taking the lead nearing the half mile, then open a clear led into the stretch, then managed to hold 2 late runners safe in the stretch. Next out, he attempted the same strategy, but another beat him to the punch, and he flattened out in the stretch run to finish a well beaten third. Three useful works since his last start and he should be sitting on his best race in his fourth start of the year after a 10-month break. 5x5 to Northern Dancer & Sir Ivor.
7) Thunderian (6-1) was purchased out of a sale in Feb. for $28K by current connections, was gelded and has five starts for him with one win and three thirds. His last start was his only non-placing this year, he drops a level and returns in 9 days. Likely trying to entice someone to claim the horse before he tails off his best form. 4x5 to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 1-5, $1 Tri Box 1-3-5, $.30 Super Box 1-3-5-7, $.50 Super Key 1 with 3-5-7 with 3-5-7 with 3-5-7. Total Risk: $26.20.
Race 6: Allowance O/C $62.5K ---- Purse $100,000 --- 3 YOs & Up N/w $18K 2x or N/W 3 Lifetime or Claiming $62,500 --- 6 Furlongs:
11) High Connection (8-1) is making his first start of the year and his first start for new trainer Pletcher after being removed from Baffert's barn for the 2nd time late last year, likely because owners were expecting much more from a horse with his bloodlines and purchase price. Trainer has put a dozen works in him since he re-entered the work tab with one missed work while preparing others for derby week races and works (likely was missed on chart for due work date). However, trainer moved his next three works to 6-day intervals that should got him back on track. 4x3 to Deputy Minister.
4) High Oak (20-1) looked like he was going to develop into a nice runner but took a hard fall in last year's FOY stakes and is obviously having a hard time (or flashbacks) getting over his tragic fall. But he is showing signs of putting that behind him but needs some help from a jockey to let him run his race and not force him to get too close to the lead early, which was his style before the fall. Believes he gets that help with John V. He has three useful works since his last start and moves back to the surface where both sides of his family have the most success. 4(C)x5(C)x4(F) to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Secretariat. 4th dam, Leix, is 1/2 sister to Shenanigans and developed her own important line.
1)Cadazero(8-1) was purchased out of an April sale for $60K and makes his first start for new connections. Trainer is known for putting slow works into his trainees preferring to let them go much further than recorded work and follows his usual pattern with this one. However, he has 2 graded stakes wins and has to use the tag because of them but is the class of this field. 4x5 to Mr Prospector & Northern Dancer, 5x5 to Raise A Native.
2)Rotknee (3-1) has started three times this year including winning his last race in a good time, 6 days after registering a bullet work that suggested he was reaching his peak fitness. He has one work since that effort, an easy four furlongs that should set him up for another top effort and personally much prefer to see this type of work than another fast/bullet work which rarely help a horse to maintain his form and can do more harm than good. Only problem with him is he is facing a pretty salty field here and does not show facing a field this tough. 5(C)x4(F)x4(F) to Mr. Prospector.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 4-11, $1 Tri Box 1-4-11, $.30 Super Box 1-2-4-11, $1 Super 11 with 1-2-4 with 1-2-4 with 1-2-4. Total Risk $29.20.
Race 7: Allowance --- Purse $80,000 --- 3 YOs & Up NY Bred N/W $18K 1x or N/W 2 Races Lifetime --- 7 Furlongs Turf:
8) Athenry (12-1) has one start this year which he sat mid-pack early but was out moved by eventual winner into the stretch and chased that one through the stretch while just holding onto second at the wire. He has two works since that effort, a useful work followed by a 3 furlongs blowout work 4 days before next start, likely to try to get him closer to the early pace. 4x5 to Raise A Native, 5x4 to Mr. Prospector. Also has a Secretariat crossing thru two daughters and plenty of Princequillo crossings thru his daughter, Somethingroyal, dam of Secretariat & his son Prince John (3 crosses in dam line alone).
4) Be Of Courage (8-1) has started twice this year which in first start, he did not pick up his feet to finish last and then in next start when stretched out to a mile, set the early pace until collared at the top of the stretch but continued to show good heart by battling back before being outrun to finish 3rd. Castellano, abroad for his only win to date, retakes the mount as he cuts back to 7 furlongs. One bullet 4 furlongs work since that last effort. 4x5 to Danzig, 4(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Northern Dancer, 5x5 to Mr. Prospector & Blushing Groom.
1)War Terminator (20-1) has one start this year, back in January, which he did not pick up his feet in an open bred O/C race he was probably overmatched in to begin with. Change of trainers since that effort and a move back up North to face NY bred should help. He finished 3rd in his last effort before leaving the area late last year in same class and conditions as this race and a repeat of that effort puts him in the thick of the outcome of this race. Has 5 works for this effort, the first two were leg stretching type works, followed by two good works and an easy work on grass and around the dogs should have him primed and ready. 4(C(x5(C)x5(F) to Northern Dancer, 5x4 to Fappiano.
7) Dr. Settle's Dream (12-1) will be making his first start of the year. he has eight works to prepare from this start, but last two are typical of works trainer usually gives trainees when he thinks they are ready and rarely tips his hand to indicate how fit they are. But he goes back to Alvarado, who has been his main jockey he uses for the last 5-6 years when he believes they are their fittest. He broke his maiden at first asking, then took on open bred stakes runner and finished last after setting the pace for a half mile at one mile on grass. Will likely appreciate the move back to stater bred and gets lasix for the first time. 4x5 to Mr. Prospector, 5(C)x5(C)x4(F) to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 4-8, $1 Tri Box 1-4-8, $.30 Super Box 1-4-7-8, $1 Super Key 4 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8. Total Risk $29.20.
Race 8: New York Stakes(G1) --- Purse $600,000 --- 4 YOs & Up F&M --- 1 1/4 Mile Turf:
5) Virginia Joy (15-1) has started twice this year, the first effort where she sat far off the pace but put in a good late kick to finish 4th. Next start, she was 3rd for most of the way in a four-horse field but managed to get up for second in an extremely slow-paced race. However, her best races have come when she gets up close to the early pace and makes her best move before others have a chance to and she gets a jockey who will give her that opportunity in here. 3x3 to Sadler's Wells, 4x4 to Kris, 5x5 to Nijinsky II & Mill Reef.
8) With The Moonlight (9-2) has started four times this year, winning her first two starts in grade 2 stakes in the U.A.E, then shipping to the U.S. and finishing 2nd in a G1 stakes and then onto England to run one of the dullest races of her career in a G2. Now back to the U.S. but with a work on grass around the dogs since arriving. Trainer is no stranger to big races and have to believe this one will fire her best effort. 5x5 to Mr. Prospector.
7) War Like Goddess (6-5) has started once this year and beat a G3 field fairly easy but these will be much tougher and cuts back to a distance she has never won at, except her maiden win against non-winners. Still, she is the one to beat but regardless, I will take that chance on beating her at her likely off odds because there are simply too many things that can go wrong, regardless of how good one is. Bet her and you will not make any money that is worth the risk. Bet against her and you will likely lose but there is a possibility to make good money by taking a small risk. 5x5 to Northern Dancer.
1)Flirting Bridge (20-1) has started once this year and won her second condition allowance race. She is bred to at least want a 1/4-mile distance, but this will be only her second start at the distance and in her first start narrowly missed becoming a G1 stakes winner. She has five more works since her first start and they should all be helpful in moving her forward. 4x3 to Danehill, 4x4 to Mr. Prospector, 4(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
My Risk: $5 Ex Box 5-8, $1 Tri Box 5-7-8, $.30 Super Box 1-5-7-8, $.50 Super Key 5 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8. Total Risks $26.20.
Race 9: Acorn Stakes(G1) --- Purse $500,000 --- 3 YO Fillies ---- 1 1/16 Mile:
1)Dorth Vader (10-1) has started 4 times with 1 win in her 2nd start of the year as her only board finish. In her last, she was sent to pressure the early pace and it set the race up for several late runners to make a major impact. But in her third start back which was her only win, she proved her would rather rate behind the early speed and then make her move after they tire each other considerably. Believe she again gets that opportunity as there are at least two in here that looks like they want the early lead at all costs. She has changed trainers since the Ky. Oaks and he decided to give Velasquez a try to relax her as most jockey tried thus far has burnt her out. 5x5 to Storm Bird, 5(C)x5(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Mr. Prospector.
8)Accede (8-1) has started twice in her career, breaking her maiden at first asking then in her last start, raced near the rear early and tried to grind her way into contention but it proved futile was front running speed was holding well that day. Trainer has put three more good works in her since that last race and she looks as ready as any in here. Complete outcross in her first 5 generations but is loaded with Teddy & Commando bloodlines.
7)Goodgirl Badhabits (10-1) has started twice and ran away from the competition in both starts but now gets an acid test to see if she is for real. Personally, I think she will pass that test but lose this battle though not likely to fade too bad if she gets over her bad gate habits. She has three good works since her last start which is not really surprising since she has plenty of early speed. The question with her is how well she will handle the pressure she will receive in here. Both her sire, Mastery and broodmare sire, Vindication, were unbeaten in 4 lifetime starts each but both were injured and retired during their 2 YO careers (I let you figure out who trained both). However, this one's 4th dam, Imagining, is also dam of multiple year champion filly, Serena's Song, who also was an excellent producer of solid foals. 5x3 to Seattle Slew, 5x4 to Storm Bird & Weekend Surprise.
4) Occult (12-1) has started twice this year, winning a listed stake race in her first start at 9 furlongs while staying on the favorable part of track that was listed as good and then faltering in her next start on a fast track, also at 9 furlongs. A filly she faced in both these races came back and ran a fast closing second in the Ky Oaks, so you will need to take her speed figures and toss them. She is much faster than those figures suggest but now gets a chance to prove it. Actually, believe she would prefer sitting off the early pace and then making her move turning into the stretch. She has 7 works since her last start with most of them good moves which likely means she is still on the improve. 4x4 to Storm Cat, 5x5 to Halo.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 1-8, $1 Tri Box 1-7-8, $.30 Super Box 1-4-7-8, $1 Super Key 1 with 4-7-8 with 4-7-8 with 4-7-8. Total Risk $29.20.
Race 10: Belmont Gold Cup S(G2) --- Purse $250,000 --- 4 YOs & Up --- 2 Miles Turf:
Race 11: Intercontinental Stakes(G3) --- Purse $200,000 --- 4 YOs & Up F&M --- 6 Furlongs Turf:
3) Clitheroe (15-1) has started once this year and won a first level condition allowance. She takes a big step up in class, but connections likely thought highly of her to drop north of $800K as a 2 YO purchase. She has two works since her U.S. debut win, a good work at 6 furlongs and a good work at 4 furlongs. She gets to race at the same track for 2 races in a row after switching tracks every start through her first 9 tries. 4(C)x5(C)x4(F) to Nureyev, 5(C)x4(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
2) Sarah Harper (6-1) has started 3 times this year and has finished 3rd in two of those starts. However, her current form cycle started back in August of last year and she now has seven starts without a win but a second and 4 thirds. Her last start was her 2nd lifetime start on grass and she ran into a filly named Caravel both times. Caravel upset the boys in the BC Turf Sprint last year at 40-1 in gate to wire fashion. In Sarah Harper's first six starts of her career, she set quarter fractions of 21 4/5 seconds or faster, but those have been missing since she has returned. Why? It seems to me her trainer has been trying to get her to rate and it is not working as plan. Now it's time to go back to the catch me if you can type game. One good work since her last start. Can wire this field with a good break. 4x5 to Danzig.
7) Bubble Rock (5-2) has started twice this year which she finished 2nd in her first start in a first condition allowance, then return in a listed stakes race that is often the springboard race for sprint grass fillies to bigger and better races and won. Has 2 good works on grass around the dogs since that effort and a repeat performance would not be a surprise. 4x5 to Mr. Prospector, 4(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
1)Poppy Flower (9-2) has started twice this year with her first start being against O/C foes where she finished 3rd in a five-horse field that was nothing more than an out to help her get fitter, then a listed stakes where she finished second to the likely favorite in here. She has three works since her last start, the first work was a maintenance breeze followed by 2 good works that likely has her ready to give a top effort again. 5(C)x5(C)x 5(F) to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 2-3, $1 Tri Box 2-3-7, $.30 Super Box 1-2-3-7, $1 Super Key 2 with 1-3-7 with 1-3-7 with 1-3-7. Total Risk $29.20.
7th Race Late P5: 1,4 with 5,8 with 1,8 with 2,11 with 1,2. Total Risk $16.00. Total Risk All Bets: $225.40.
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2023.06.08 17:47 ft01020304 0% interest rates on new cars

0% interest rates on new cars
I am new to this PCP concept (always used second hand cars before) so had to search from google to understand what happens at the end of term.
Question is, where is the catch?, else how are companies offering cars at 0% interest for example vauxhall, hyundai etc. Adding a picture here for vauxhall mokka.
My understanding is I will pay the same if I buy car paying total amount upfront OR
can divide total cost using PCP into 3 payments 1=upfront down payment, 2=monthly payments over 35 months, 3=final payment to own the car after 3 years. Cost will still be the same, correct?
Recently passed driving test in UK (have driven cars alot outside UK) so not sure if I should go for new via PCP as a sensible option, since second hand car market in UK is mad at the moment..

Example used from:

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2023.06.08 17:47 Slight-Blueberry-895 Stormworks wishlist

  1. Logic system overhaul/improvements. Current system is tedious and a pain to do, even for relatively small builds. Even just having the ability to filter out logic points that are already connected would greatly improve the system across the board, ideally an advanced filter system would be added, such as creating groups, filtering parts, etc. The need to not only use but also create microcontrollers for instrument panels feels excessive and unnecessary. Simplifying panels, or giving the option of a simplified instrument panel that does not need to use a microcontroller, would go far in decreasing the games barrier to entry.
  2. Built in GPS maps. The fact that this game does not have a built in GPS map, like those tom tom gps map things you see on older cars is absurd when career mode’s map doesn’t show where you are on the map. And before anyone says that it’s “realistic”, if fishing boats in the Bering Sea can have a GPS map during rough weather, I see no reason why a SAR vehicle wouldn’t have such basic equipment. The current career mode’s starter boat is kinda useless at the starting base for this reason, there aren’t many landmarks out in the ocean, and I shouldn’t have to use the workshop just to make the base boat functional.
  3. Radio console. A simple premade radio console with knobs and such would also be nice and simplify a decent amount of logic.
  4. Custom window, wedge, and pyramid dimensions and/or more of these blocks in general, and make them more customizable (ie changing the windows color to green or putting designs on wedges and pyramids)
  5. Small boats keep water out, don’t need a closed volume to be buoyant
  6. Sails
  7. 18th century weaponry
  8. Life rafts
  9. Emergency inflatable slides (for planes)
  10. Gliding
  11. Oars
  12. Premade vehicles for every basic need you have in game. There should be basic, cheap, premade cars/trucks, boats, etc that can fulfill most of everything you would need to do in game. Nothing particularly fancy, just simple builds that can easily supplanted by custom creations that can serve as references for your own builds or be stopgap measures until you build replacements.
  13. Search and Recovery. Unfortunately, not every SAR operation is successful. Missions about recovering remains would be nice and can add a decent bit of variety. For example, maybe a hiker found a body in a hard to reach place in the mountains, and because of that an offroad vehicle or aircraft is needed to get there, diving on a wreck to recover remains, or recovering a car from a lake. Other missions could also be diving for investigation critical components, such as black boxes or voyage data recorders, or even specific components that investigators want to find.
  14. More in depth rescue/injury mechanics. Stuff like sprained ankles, injuries, pregnancy status, health conditions, etc, requiring different things to heal/stabilize. This would also add a sense of urgency to each SAR mission, as now you can’t solve/delay everything by throwing a first aid kit at it. Maybe the local hospital doesn’t have the facilities to treat a time sensitive, so you have to transport the patient to a bigger hospital. Dealing with things like hyperthermia would also be nice.
  15. Boat materials (wood/metal/polymer)
  16. Amenities and furniture in general.
  17. Logging industry
  18. Fishing industry
  19. Debris
  20. Other SAR teams/companies to have a presence in the world and are able to be called upon if needed.
  21. Nuclear reactor disaster
  22. More variety and depth for SAR missions, such as an aircraft ditching in the harbor, an aircraft going missing and having to search for it, recovering lifeboats, a nuclear powered ship sinking and having to deal with the radiation, chemical tankers releasing toxic chemicals into the water, sinking an adrift vessel, stopping an illegal salvage operation etc. A cool idea would be to add in the possibility for major accidents to happen, such as a cruise ship capsizing, a nuclear powered ship sinking, or a military aircraft armed with a nuclear warhead being lost over the ocean. Another cool idea would be to add interviews with accident investigation teams after some accidents, such as when a ship sinks because of poor maintenance about what you saw. Obviously, the interviews should only occur for more major accidents and when the player could actually have relevant information. There could also be complications for missions, such as the ship still moving and unable to be stopped, the whole crew is incapacitated, etc.
  23. In the same vein as no 22, an overhaul of Search And Destroy as it pertains to the overworld would also be nice. Instead of simply having an AI that fights the player, how about having 2 major factions that fight each other, the local military and an invading military, with the option of creating your own faction to take over the islands. This would differ from the previous system by making it so that you would complete orders issued to you, such as patrolling a specific area, engaging a fleet, mining or demining a waterway, etc. At first, you start out doing gruntwork, but as you move up in rank the more you can do, such as sending grunts to do the gruntwork for you. You could also give the option for the player to make their own faction Another thing that could be added are pirates and pirate gameplay. SAD could also add in new missions and disasters, such as disarming mines from the second world war, serial killers, hijacking attempts, a fire at a munitions dump, etc. You can have a lot of fun in regards to disasters and special missions too, such as cleaning up a munitions dumping ground (like what the Norwegian military did, dumping thousands of tons of munitions into a river) or a sunken supply ship detonating (like that one off the coast of England) and dealing with the after effects of that.
  24. Hiring AI to do things for you, such as a doctor to administer medical assistance to survivors, a captain to drive a boat, SAR divers to recover people from the sea for you, etc.
  25. Passenger playstyle. Ferrying passengers around feels like a logical next step in the game, with factors such as reliability, how fast you can get to destinations, feats (ie having the fastest passenger ferry in the world even if it does not operate at that speed regularly or having the biggest ferry, etc), price per ticket, amenities(free or paid movie theatre, comfy seats, concession stands, is the interior a comfortable temperature, is there a barbershop and if so is it any good, etc) and necessities (do you have enough seats, is there a bathroom, do you have enough life preservers, if it’s overnight, do you have any beds etc). Options to run excursions with famous or historic ships, simple cruises/excursions to places around the islands would be nice too.
  26. Expansion of delivery and miner playstyles. Expansion of these playstyles, such as hiring AI to do parts of the job, either as employees or contracting out another company to, say, transport coal from your mine to the powerplant would go a long way to fleshing out these playstyles. You can even have the option to do smuggling runs of illegal or illicit goods. Smaller deliveries that can be handled with a van, or doing mail runs would be cool as well as oversized delivery missions. Increasing the variety of cargo to transport, such as transporting locomotives and/or cars for export would be cool.
  27. Terminal loading cranes.
  28. A R&D mode which would allow for quick and easy analysis of a creation where you get raw numbers on a ship’s current tilt, balance, engine performance, etc with the ability to easily change the weather and conditions of the environment and easily switch to build mode.
  29. Shipwrights. The idea here would be to overhaul building mechanics as it relates to career mode. Instead of being able to instantly build everything, how you can modify your vessel is limited to what your facilities can do. To get a brand-new ship, you would have to commission it from a shipwright. Before commission, you would have access to R&D mode to fully test out the vessal. Where the fun part really begins is that you can have an entire playstyle built around receiving commissions for ships by the AI (or even other players) for a desired vessel within x specifications at a cost of x amount for x amount of vessels within x timeframe with a bedroom made out of 50% windows at a height of x feet, or even upgrade/modify preexisting vessels as part of a commission or to flip on the market, buying older vessels of varying states and giving them a new lease on life. How many ships you can produce at a given time would depend on your facilities, which can be upgraded. Of course, there would be aircraft and land vehicle equivalents. You can even see the ships you produced doing their job in the world.
  30. Salvaging. Another playstyle that I feel would be a next step for Stormworks would be salvaging vessels either for scrap, refurbish them for resale, restoration into a museum piece, or simply to clear a waterway. You could even give the option to illegally salvage shipwrecks.
  31. Survey missions
  32. Survival suits
  33. Crabbing
  34. Flooding disaster
  35. Hurricane and super storm disasters
  36. Air conditioning
  37. Other ships coming to assist vessels in distress.
  38. Tropical islands
  39. Blimps, zepplins, and hot air balloons.
  40. Naming vehicles
  41. Rogue waves
  42. Supernatural phenomenon. My idea for this is that you would have two categories of phenomenon, explicable and inexplicable. Explicable phenomena would be phenomena that have scientific explanations for them, things such as ghost lights with scientific explanations behind them, maybe have some missions where you disprove the supernatural. Having everything be explicable, however, can be underwhelming so actual supernatural phenomena, such as fleshgaits (especially with SAR being the core theme of Stormworks), ghost ships, or alien encounters, especially if mechanics, such as SAR, are incorporated in it. Like, imagine a seemingly normal SAR mission turning out to be the rescue of aliens from a crashed spaceship and you have to transport them to a drop off point where the MiB is waiting, or a mission where you first set out to debunk the supernatural to then be assailed by the flying dutchman.
  43. More doors, buttons, ladders, stairs and hatches (ie: a traditional house door, car doors, glass hatches, etc)
  44. Panels that can be used as signs or “hatches” for otherwise external equipment (ie in order to access a fire extinguisher you have to open a hatch first, im sure there is a better word for it but I can’t think of it)
  45. Moonpools
  46. Pools
  47. More buildable/modifiable properties, especially for terminals. Could be expanded with the ability to flip properties.
  48. Races
  49. Competing manufacturers of equipment and engines that have varying strengths and weaknesses that improve as time goes. This would also make the game more accessible by giving new players the ability to easily access better engines while also rewarding those who learn how modular engines work by allowing them to jump ahead of the AI. Perhaps a system where you can lease or even produce your own engine designs could be implemented to further reward and encourage using modular engines.
  50. If the game becomes comprehensive enough, the ability to change which era you play in (1700s, 1800s, 1940s, etc) would be a really cool addition by adding in technological challenges of older eras. Additionally, there could be supernatural phenomena that isekai vehicles to and from different time periods, which could add in a whole variety of interesting missions and challenges.
  51. Built-in couplers for trains
  52. Wind having an effect on the player (exiting an aircraft and standing on its wing should result in you being yeeted off the aircraft)
  53. Pressurization
  54. Ingame tutorials like what From The Depths has
  55. A better openworld, NPCs, and RP experiences. The world of Stormworks feels very much dead, which is a shame because that is it’s biggest selling point for me over other building games like simple planes. It gives a reason for all the vehicles being built beyond simply being cool, you can actually DO things with it. I would recommend solving this by:
  56. Create actual population centers. Not huge cities, but small towns dotted across the islands with actual businesses and populations would go a long way to improving the game world, maybe have one or two cities on the island itself so we can do stuff with skyscrapers.
  57. Global traffic of personal, commercial, and government boats, aircrafts and land vehicles would go a long way to making the world feel less empty. Having npcs use a dedicated radio channel for chatter, and which you can interact with them through would be great. This traffic responds to ingame events, for example increased outgoing road traffic when a disaster is about to hit
  58. More realistic roads
  59. Navigation signs, buoys, etc
  60. NPCs operating gas stations, bridges, and industries in general.
  61. Relating to one, make NPCs not only interactable beyond being glorified money bags, but also interact with their environment. Such as trying to move away from fires, calling for help when they see a vehicle, moving towards a stopped SAR vehicle and climbing aboard, getting inside a vehicle of their own volition or swimming to shore when they are literally meters away instead of staying in the water and/or burning boat. Having NPCs interact with the player as well would also be great, such as thanking you for saving their lives, buying the player a beer as thanks if they meet in a bar, etc would be nice. Ideally, there would be a number of persistent npcs who have names, personalities and backstories. Such as Joe, an old sea captain who’s vessel is painted pink in memory of his 6 year old daughter who disappeared, and, if he thinks his vessel is about to sink, will desire to go down with the ship and be resistant to his personal rescue.
  62. Consequences for your actions visible in game. For example, if a casualty becomes a fatality, there is a funeral service held at the graveyard.
  63. NPCs having varying fluencies in English
  64. Missions with storylines attached to them, such as an archaeologist searching for Atlantis, or a group of sailors looking to raise the cargo ship they worked on after it sunk.
  65. Radio music channels
  66. TV channels, can also have a gameplay effect through amenities
  67. Newspaper with an obituary, some fluff news stories, generic articles, state of the economy, ships launched, details regarding the SAR missions you did or didn’t do, in game events, etc.
  68. Unmarked missions, for example lets say Captain Joe’s ship sinks, but Joe survives. Joe is depressed, but if you go out of your way to salvage and repair Joe’s ship and give it back to him he will be happy.
  69. NPC backstories being more then just a text in a box, perhaps a mission leads to you finding Captain Joe’s daughter, alive or dead leading to either a heart warming reunion or somber closure.
  70. News interviews
  71. Points of interest, such as abandoned buildings, natural wonders, historical locations, museums, heritage railroads, businesses etc with lore surrounding them and special missions for that location. For example, lets say there is a hot air balloon tour operation. There would be a few special missions pertaining to hot air balloons in that location. Or for the heritage railroad, their engineer called in sick so they need someone to fill in for the day.
  72. Flavor for missions, for example maybe a family of four reported in the burning boat and watch you put out the fires
  73. NPCs react like real people in the sense of physiological reactions, such as grieving, becoming frozen in shock, mental breakdowns etc.
  74. All disasters have effects (when applicable) in the overworld, such as destroyed homes, ships transported inland, etc. Having missions pertaining to the aftermath, such as removing large debris from roads and tracks to recovering missing persons.
  75. Visual deterioration of abandoned/sunk/crashed vehicles
  76. NPCs may try to take advantage of disasters, such as by robbing people on a sinking ship, looting buildings after a disaster, etc
  77. NPCs may panic and act irrationally when in a disaster, such as taking life jackets away from women and children, releasing lifeboats/liferafts early, etc
  78. Skills and attributes, such as consoling, leadership, physical fitness, bartering, etc
That’s my wishlist for now. I know it’s a lot, and some of it may seem to be a bit much, but I don’t think any single thing is out of the realm of reasonable possibility. The biggest appeal of Stormworks, at least to me, over competitors such as Simpleplanes is that there is a purpose behind what you build. I think that if Stormworks were to expand on RPG elements it would not only greatly elevate the game as is, but also expand the audience while enhancing the core experience.
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Paxful es una empresa estadounidense creada en el 2015, una plataforma criptográfica que permite comprar y vender criptomonedas entre inversores.
Aprende como comprar criptomonedas en Paxful con PayPal.
  1. ¿Qué es Paxful?
  2. ¿Qué es Paypal?
  3. ¿Cómo comprar criptomonedas con PayPal en Paxful?

¿Qué es Paxful?

Paxful es una plataforma de intercambio de activos criptográficos (P2P), permitiendo a los clientes comprar y vender criptomonedas entre los mismos.
Creada en el año 2015, Paxful se ha trasformado en una de las plataformas de intercambio (P2P) más famosas para comprar y vender activos criptográficos en todo el mundo.
Además, Paxful permite a los clientes comprar y vender una alta cantidad de criptomonedas, entre estas Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether y muchas más.
También el intercambio de criptomonedas acepta varios métodos de pago, entre estos PayPal, transferencia bancaria, tarjetas de crédito y otros muchos más.
A su vez Paxful contiene un sistema de seguridad avanzado y un personal de soporte aplicado para ayudar a los clientes en caso de problemas o preguntas.

¿Que es paypal?

PayPal es una plataforma fundada en 1998 que ofrece servicios de pagos en línea, este permite a los clientes y empresas realizar transferencias electrónicas de dinero.
Por lo tanto, permite enviar, recibir y mantener fondos en distintas divisas de todo el mundo.
A su vez los clientes pueden vincular sus cuentas bancarias o tarjetas de crédito a su cuenta de PayPal para poder ejecutar transacciones.

¿Como comprar criptomonedas con PayPal en Paxful?

Empezamos, cómo comprar activos criptográficos con PayPal en Paxful.
  • Crea una cuenta en Paxful:
Si todavía no tienes cuenta en la plataforma de Paxful, visita su sitio Web y haga clic en registrarse en la parte superior derecha de la página Web.
Luego deberá brindar su dirección de correo electrónico y crear una contraseña para su cuenta.
En consecuencia, Paxful le enviara un correo electrónico de confirmación a la dirección de correo electrónico brindada.
Por consiguiente, debe hacer clic en el enlace de confirmación en el correo electrónico para poder verificar su dirección y activar su cuenta.
  • Verifica tu identidad:
Para poder comprar activos criptográficos con PayPal en Paxful, debe en primer lugar verificar la identidad.
Por lo tanto, debe hacer clic en "Perfil" en la parte superior de la página y seleccionar "Verificar ahora".
Como resultado debe brindar información personal, esto incluye su nombre completo, fecha de nacimiento y dirección.
También debe brindar una identificación con su foto, como un pasaporte o una licencia de conducir.
  • Busca un vendedor que acepte PayPal:
Luego en la página de Paxful aparece un apartado principal para la búsqueda de vendedores que acepten PayPal como método de pago.
Además, la plataforma Paxful ofrece diferentes filtros para encontrar la criptomoneda que desea comprar y otros criterios adicionales.
  • Selecciona un vendedor:
Una vez encuentre la criptomoneda que quiere comprar y un vendedor que acepte PayPal, haga clic en "Comprar" para empezar la transacción.
A su vez debe de leer los términos y condiciones del vendedor antes de ejecutar cualquier acción.
Algunos vendedores pueden pedir información adicional, esto puede incluir una selfie con su identificación o talvez una foto de su tarjeta de crédito.
  • Ingresa el monto y completa la transacción:
Mientras realiza la transacción, deberá ingresar la cantidad quiere comprar y hacer clic en "Comprar ahora".
A su vez debe seguir los pasos para ejecutar la transacción a través de PayPal.
Por su parte luego de haber enviado el pago al vendedor, debe asegurarse de hacer clic en "He pagado" durante el proceso de la transacción, para informar al vendedor que ha realizado el pago.
  • Recibe las criptomonedas en tu billetera temporal:
Después que el vendedor haya confirmado igualmente su pago, recibirás los activos criptográficos en tu billetera temporal de Paxful.
Durante el proceso, Paxful usa una billetera momentáneamente para almacenar activos criptográficos durante la transacción.
Luego de que se ejecute la transacción, debe transferir los activos criptográficos a tu propia billetera digital.
  • Transfiere las criptomonedas a tu billetera personal:
Una vez que recibas las criptomonedas, transfiera sus activos criptográficos a su billetera digital personal.
Finalmente, para ejecutar esta acción haga clic en "Billetera" en la parte superior de la página y escoja el activo criptográfico que quiera transferir.
Por consiguiente, haga clic en "Retirar" y siga las indicaciones para transferir los activos criptográficos a su billetera digital personal.
Asimismo, es demasiado importante tener en cuenta que Paxful cobra una tarifa por cada transacción.
A su vez debe estar muy pendiente de leer los términos y condiciones del vendedor antes de ejecutar alguna compra para evitar ser estafado.
Si tiene algún inconveniente o necesita alguna asistencia, puede contactar el equipo de soporte de Paxful a través del chat en línea o por medio de un correo electrónico.
" Si quieres aprender y ganar dinero con criptomonedas todos los días de una manera segura, te invito a visitar nuestra página web Cripto Avances un sitio especializado en brindar información actualizada y detallada, tenemos cursos para principiantes, y también encontraras estrategias de trading, análisis de mercado y muchas otras áreas del mundo de las criptomonedas".
¡No dudes en visitarlo y descubrir todo lo que tiene para ofrecerte!" 🚀
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¡Creando Oportunidades!
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2023.06.08 17:47 frizzfrazzle how do I prepare myself for an annual review in a company that has little to no structure?

Looking for advise because I was not expecting a yearly review when I joined my current team. I am a real estate agent that joined a residential property management company in a predominantly second home/investment market. The 3 founders of this company split from their last company to form their own division under another brokerage. They are well established in the community, knowledgable, and a have a growing business. We are all paid through commission splits and I am a 1099 contractor.
As founders of the company and a new business they have yet to form a partnership agreement, have zero written policies, no onboarding procedures, and no notes on their clients. The team has been together for 17 years and I am the first to join. I am forced to learn their business as I experience it.
I've been turned into the overflow person and have no definitive job role. I get sent to-do lists that usually consist of tasks that each of them do not want to deal with. There are portions of the business I have no access to and I've been trying to quietly create my own role. I've been able to offer my photography services and now we can advertise that we have in house photography at no cost to the clients, I took over their social media because they hadn't made a post in 2 of the 3 years they've been in operation, create advertisements when requested, and organize their cloud files.
Before joining this company I was a successful property manager of larger apartment complexes and worked for an private investor in our area. It led to burnout as I was 1 person managing a large portfolio and had to be available 24/7. My terms for joining the current team was that I would always be available for my son, I wanted to pick him up from school, have remote opportunities in the afternoons, and be available for my family. I took a large hit to my income when I switched jobs and they were aware of this and agreed. To me, the loss of income is worth it for the time I can get back with my family. However, as of late I've been getting pushback for not being as available as we are coming up on the busy tourist season.
I feel that they are not happy with my performance and I have anxiety going into this review as it seems like it's going to be 3 against 1. I do understand that they are the founders of this company but I do not look to them as employers of mine but rather partners in business, especially as I am legally classified as a self-employed independent contractor. Hoping someone can advise me how to approach this meeting tactfully.
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2023.06.08 17:47 OkCandidate9436 Khal of the Commonwealth

Hey y'all, long time lurker first time poster. Only ever done one full playthrough of Fallout 4 (Vanilla Stealth Laser Sniper) and wanted revisit the game and try my hand at a melee power armor survival playthrough. After reading many posts on this sub and watching many videos I came up with the below build. Let me know what you think, anything I should consider changing, suggested mods, etc...!
Kalvin Drogo was born and raised in Boston, where he developed a passion for machines and comics from an early age. His favorite hero was Grognak the Barbarian, who inspired him to dream of creating new technologies that could improve the world. He pursued his interest in nuclear engineering at college, where he excelled academically and attracted the attention of General Atomics, a leading company in military R&D. He was hired to work on their most classified projects, such as Liberty Prime and fully automated power armor, in collaboration with other corporations like RobCo and West-Tec. He was proud of his work and hoped to make a difference in the escalating conflict with China.
However, his life took an unexpected turn when he received orders to join the 108th Infantry Regiment 2nd Battalion as a motorpool technician, repairing the nuclear-powered equipment on the frontlines. He was baffled and scared by this assignment, which seemed to waste his talent and put him in danger. He protested to his boss, who told him that the orders came from the highest authority and quoted Thucydides: “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” Kalvin was moved by these words and reluctantly accepted his fate, unaware that he was being secretly observed by the Enclave, a shadowy organization that wanted to recruit him for their post-apocalyptic plans. They needed someone like him to rebuild their new society, but they also wanted to test his mettle in combat to see how he performs in a hostile environment.
Kalvin worked hard in the motorpool and grew stronger physically and mentally. He mostly avoided fighting, until one day when the Chinese forces attacked their position. He had no choice but to don a power armor and defend himself. In that moment of fear, he unleashed a savage side of himself that he never knew existed. He fought ferociously and killed many enemies, earning him the reputation of a hero among his comrades. The Enclave was impressed by his performance and decided to move forward with recruitment. They determined they would secretly secure his safety in a nearby vault, where he would be cryogenically frozen until they needed him. They sent a Vault-Tec representative to arrange his admission, along with his family. However, their plan failed and they never came back for him. He remained frozen for over two centuries, until he woke up in a devastated world never even knowing of the shadow organization that got him here. The fear he felt during the war returned, along with the savage personality that had saved him. This time, however, it was not a temporary state, but a permanent trait.
BOS main (Minutemen never leave Sanctuary)
The Pack/Disciples (Manually declare war on BOS by slaughtering them at the airport after finishing Nuka World)
Starting SPECIAL:
Strength: 3
Perception: 1
Endurance: 2
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 7 (+1 Special Book)
Luck: 4
Key Perks:
Big Leagues (STR 2) Armorer (STR 3) Toughness (END 1) Lead Belly (END 2) Lone Wanderer (CHA 3) Science! (INT 6) Nuclear Physicist (INT 9) Bloody Mess (LCK 3) Blitz (AGI 9) Action Boy/Girl (AGI 5)
Grognak’s Axe, Power Armor, Wildman Rags, Iron Helmet (CC)
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2023.06.08 17:47 nedullis The new ''broken'' Varus build...

The new ''broken'' Varus build...

If you care about your LP, you won't go First Strike and build Horizon+Duskblade.
The damage of this new, so called ''OP'' build, is so much lower than any and all possible AP builds you can come up with, that you'd be either intentionally or unintentionally griefing by going First Strike and building Horizon+Duskblade. And if it's a game where you have to build Zhonya's or any other defensive item, you will deal even less damage...
Additionally, while I was at it (while testing the ''new OP build'') I also forced myself to test the highest possible damage build path out of all the items in the game - which took me about 2 hours of constant, non-stop testing on 3 different target dummies.
The most optimal build path for min-maxing your damage as you build items one by one;
The highest DPS AND damage (not just damage) item to build first is Nashor's. That will give you not just the most damage but also DPS too aka. you will be able to do your combo in a smaller time frame aka. faster.
After Nashors, the most damage you will get is by building Rabadons second - yes, even if the target you're facing somehow, by some miracle has 200 Magic Resist that early in the game, you will STILL do more damage by building Rabadons over any other item in the game - yes, including Void Staff and all other Magic Pen items.
After Nashors and Rabadons, going Void Staff (yes, even over Shadowflame or a Mythic) will give you the most amount of damage, no matter if your target has 0MR, 50MR, 100MR or 200MR, going with Void Staff third will give you the most damage.
For your fourth item, Ludens will give you the most damage out of any other item and yes, it will give you WAY MORE damage than Riftmaker, even over longer periods of time spent DPSing. For Riftmaker to do more damage than Ludens, you'd have to be constantly fighting, for over a minute, without stopping throwing your auto attacks and abilities at the enemy - and we all know that will never happen because the average team fight in league lasts less than 15 seconds or 20-25 seconds at most if everyone is constantly pulling in-and-out of the fight.
After you have all those item, buying Shadowflame fifth will give you the most damage.
As for boots and being forced to build Banshee or Zhonya. The best time to build boots is to do it like this Buying tier 1 boots as early as possible and then upgrading them to Sorcs either RIGHT AWAY (first) as soon as you can or to wait AFTER you're done building Nashors > Rabadons > Void Staff - that way you will keep your damage output min-maxed and rising as the game goes, without having huge damage setbacks/drops as you build your boots. And if you absolutely have to build Banshee or Zhonya, (either because the enemy team comp is annoying or because you're laning vs an assassin - or you're just being a pussy because you're counterpicked and behind) the best time to build it to min-max your damage without having huge DPS drops, is to build it either right after your Nashors or to wait after completing your Nashors > Rabadons > Void Staff - but then you're setting back both your damage and building your Sorc boots - so build defensively only if you have to.
TLDR for the min-max build path:
T1 boots > (Sorcs) > Nashors > Rabadons > Void Staff > (Sorcs) > Ludens > Shadowflame.
DO NOT EVER build the new ''OP'' Horizon+Duskblade build with the First Strike rune - that build is a meme and a grief build. That builds best purpose is for YouTubers to pull in views on their videos, nothing else. It's terrible. The build path is terrible, the damage is terrible, the DPS is terrible, everything about it is terrible.
The only thing you should change is optimizing your runes choice based on enemy team; going either First Strike or Hail of Blades. Hail of Blades will be used 80% of the time and the best part is, the damage isn't even that much lower compared to First Strike - in fact, the more Magic Resist the enemy has, the closer the gap between the two runes in damage done. Also, you have to take into account the amount of time it takes to do your full combo;
With HoB it takes +/- 2.3sec to do your 3xAA>R>W>Q combo for 6.2K damage.
With FS it takes +/- 3.6sec to do your 3xAA>R>W>Q combo for 6.6K damage.
So choose wisely.
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2023.06.08 17:47 mishataur Recommendations on where to get wedding dress alterations?

Or, where NOT to get a wedding dress altered? I bought my wedding dress in person in the Midwest and had it shipped to Oregon as taking it into my bridal store in the Midwest was no longer an option. Any recommendations on where I should take my dress in the greater Portland area to get it altered? It will need to be hemmed and the chest taken in quite a bit. Preferably on the quicker turnaround side (2-3 months).
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2023.06.08 17:46 TownSeveral6453 Todays Daily Stoic email was lifechanging for me

Background: received my intro to stoicism through Ryan Holiday's youtube. Have listened to a handful of videos. signed up for his daily stoic email. I cannot recommend the daily stoic email enough, especially todays.
Today's email was about an application of memento mori and gratitude for every day that we get to wake up - because its not guaranteed. He talks about how every additional day is "icing on the cake" or getting "a bonus".
This felt particularly relevant to me, personally. I'm a 30 year old happily married college educated reasonably good looking female. I am also a childhood cancer survivor who got cancer three times. I had received so much chemo and radiation the first and second time that I was unable to receive additional treatment the third (and most aggressive) time when I was 15. Somehow, I made a miraculous recovery and made it to my 16th birthday. Everyday has been bonus time. I had an intrinsic realization of that during my high school career and as a result, made a pretty decent go of it - straight A's, highly selective college admission, high SAT scores, stellar extracurriculars. I did all of this while being a really kind, empathetic and caring person with a big smile on my face.
Somewhere along the way, I lost my gratitude and started taking life for granted. At the age of 25, I'd gotten jaded and was constantly comparing myself to people who were better looking, more privileged, more successful, naturally more charismatic and focused on how life was unfair. My life went on a little bit of a downward slope, but I'm grateful to discovering stoicism in the last 2-3 months. Success had spoiled me. Stoicism reminded me that my key to success was gratitude for life, opportunity and learning and a realization that I could die any day.
Everything I've accomplished in my post-15 years of life has been on bonus time. I have incredible opportunity in front of me to pursue goals and make my loved ones proud and feel safe and heard. I have tears in my eyes because I realize almost every good moment of my life, every dream I've achieved has been on bonus time.
TLDR: sign up for Ryan Holidays DS emails.
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2023.06.08 17:46 GodfatherGoat Bowel movement/urine issues (M24)

Hello, I have had this problem for about 5-6 years now it seems. About 75% of the times I poop it come out pretty soft and the last little bit I guess just doesn’t come out all the way because I have to wipe and wipe and wipe for the next 2-3 hours before it stops. There’s never a problem with like me pooping my pants or a lot of poop coming out in the hours after I am finished but when I wipe even an hour after I have used the restroom it seems like a lot still down there. It is the same when I pee as well. I pee and right after in the next 5 minutes I have a discomfort in my prostate area and I have to sort of milk for about 2 seconds and then it goes away. I have gotten my prostate checked multiple times. I have taken antibiotics and nothing works. Please any feedback is appreciated.
Thank you.
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2023.06.08 17:46 Meggi-Online help research: did every hacked person recieve scam coins earlier or try to claim them?

i still want to find out what happened. (still no warning on atomic wallet page.)
many question atomic does not help to answer:
1- is only a certain platform (window, apple, linux etc.) hit?
2- is it a certain corrupt version of f*** atomic wallet?
3- is the drain still going on or stopped?
4- is maybe the time the seed generation process took place important and not the used version?
OR 5-
did all hacked persons recieve once scam tokens/coins and tried to claim them?
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2023.06.08 17:46 woxmei Revolut £10-£200 per friend you refer

Hey there, fellow beermoneyuk member,
Revolut is a cutting-edge app designed to help you manage your finances and take control of your money. The app has a user-friendly interface and offers a range of advanced features, including the ability to easily exchange currencies, track your spending, and keep your budget in check.
In addition to its many features, Revolut has a referral program that rewards you with £10-£200 for each friend you refer who signs up and uses the app. This makes it easy to share the benefits of Revolut with others and earn extra rewards in the process.
Revolut is a very useful account. I used it on holiday for the travel insurance and fee free purchases with no exchange fee during the weekdays with the premium subscription at £6.99 a month. It worked well with the apps I used like grab, withdrawing money and for paying for hotels.
These are the steps the person who uses your link must complete for you to receive the £10-£200:
  1. Sign up using the referral link: https://revolut.com/referral/kyle7kara!JAN1-23-AR.
  2. Verify your ID.
  3. Top up your account.
  4. Order a physical card (£4.99).
  5. Make 3 purchases of at least £5 using the virtual card that is included in the app (or physical card). These purchases can't be for gift cards and must be genuine purchases (best to do this right after ordering the card because there is a time limit).
My revolut account says invite friends and earn £10-£200. Your revolut account may have a different refer a friend amount.
I appreciate your time in reading this and if you sign up and take advantage of the offer with my referral link, I'd like to say thank you.
Do not sign up using my referral link because there is a direct sign up offer on topcashback for £10. There maybe better offers than this available that I am not aware about so please read the comments below to see if there is a better offer available.
Non referral link - https://www.revolut.com/
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2023.06.08 17:46 Competitive-Car-106 Ghost-Writer

If you need to hire a ghost-writer for the services below, please contact me:
  1. Common App Essay
  2. Personal Statement for Law School
  3. Personal Statement for Med School
  4. Personal Statement for Dentistry
  5. General College Application Letter
  6. Why Us Essays
  7. CV
  8. Cover Letter
  9. Editing and Proofreading
My rates start from $0.07 per word but we can negotiate. I can also available my portfolio or samples upon request
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2023.06.08 17:45 gabesmith63 Job unable to pay full check

I work for a small business that has run into a cash crunch. I am paid once a month and was notified 2 days before payday that I would be receiving a minimum wage paycheck for the month of work until the company could liquidate some assets after which they would make good on the outstanding amount owed.
I know we have the assets to liquidate and have been apart of the efforts to liquidate these assets, however, I live paycheck to paycheck and am now in a deficit on some personal items.
My biggest concerns are (1) staying current on my financial obligations (2) getting paid the outstanding balance on last months check (3) getting compensated for this months work that we are now 8 days into.
I guess I just want to know what my options are in a worst case scenario that I don’t get any of the pay. (Delaware-formed LLC based in Alabama)
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2023.06.08 17:45 nobilis_rex_ Looking to buy betting pool data (Need for research!)

I'm currently searching for a particular dataset pertaining to betting and I'm willing to pay for the data. Does anyone have/organizes a betting pool willing to discuss whether they could provide me with the dataset I'm looking for?
Here is a description of the request:
The request is for a dataset that simulates a real sports tipping competition conducted by a company, involving actual participants. The purpose of this dataset is to examine the collective decision-making capabilities of participants in such competitions and compare them to individual forecasting.
Dataset Details: The dataset should include the following information:
1. Person ID: A unique identifier for each participant (name or anonymized ID).
2. Event Prediction: The sporting events for which participants made predictions. This could include specific match-ups or event identifiers (e.g., "Queensland vs NSW State of Origin I").
3. Prediction: The outcome predicted by each participant for the corresponding event (e.g., win, loss, or draw).
Additionally, if available or included in the dataset: 4. True Results: The actual outcomes of the sporting events, indicating which team or player won.
Sport-specific details:
· The specific sport for which the dataset is generated is not specified. The sport can be any popular public sport.
· If the true results are not included in the dataset, the requester can obtain them from publicly available sources.
Purpose: The dataset will be utilized to test the hypothesis that the collective decision-making of a group outperforms individual decision-making in sports forecasting. The aim is to analyze whether the teams or outcomes predicted by the majority of participants align with the actual results, and to determine if no individual participant demonstrates the same level of accuracy as the group.
Note: The focus of this request is not on the structure or format of the dataset but rather on evaluating the performance of aggregate decision-making in sports tipping competitions. The dataset can be anonymized if necessary to ensure privacy.
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2023.06.08 17:45 DONSEANOVANN Lisfranc fracture (fractured cuneiform) 6 weeks post injury

Lisfranc fracture (fractured cuneiform) 6 weeks post injury
A few weeks back, I had a Lisfranc's fracture on my left foot. Doc said cuneiform, 2 fractured, and Lisfranc's, that's all I remember. I was in a cast for 3 weeks (went 3 weeks thinking it was a sprain and just didn't put weight on it, so they only had me in it for 3 weeks to equal a 6 week healing period).
Now, we're at the 6 week mark. Cast is off. Aircast on. I walked on the cast towards the last week and can easily walk in the Aircast.
My doctor has taken many xrays and looked at the first CT scan that was taken two weeks post injury. He was 50/50 on surgery, but his boss took a look at the xrays and CT scan and said they'd take new ones in a week and decide. Well, they did and a few hours later I got a call to prep for surgery. A few more hours later and I get another call to cancel the surgery...
So. We're at 6 weeks. My foot is still swollen, in pain, and I know I can't even bare a pound of weight on it. My toes and everything are still extremely stiff and I'm very worried that my doctor is just rushing me for something that is typically serious.
I plan on getting a second opinion before walking on it by the way.
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2023.06.08 17:44 SwayGlobe First time posting! Buying my first house, looking for recommendations on how to accomplish the following:

I currently have 2 PCs one will be dedicated to gaming, and the other I am interested in using as a Proxmox server.
MB: ASRock A320M/ac, CPU: Ryzen 3700X, GPU: 3060, RAM: 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance, 500gb M.2
My goal:
Set up Proxmox to run Home Assistant, Plex or Jellyfin, a Windows VM for usenet and/or torrenting, Truenas Scale for serving Plex media and personal backup, and another Windows VM for some light gaming. I am a newbie, but I thought to add some HDDs for the NAS (4 SATA ports available), use the GPU for the gaming VM, as well as Plex transcoding. Down the road, I plan to add Pihole and Blue Iris
First: Is this a reasonable goal for one Proxmox server to accomplish?
Second: are these components too overkill, any recommendations on switching components or getting something else (like a NUC)?
Third: I've heard it might be better to have one machine running Proxmox and get a separate NAS, perhaps a Synology.
Any input or recommendations would be great!

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