2004 honda civic ex manual coupe

My baby (2016 Honda Civic Coupe)

2023.05.29 05:06 Warzone459 My baby (2016 Honda Civic Coupe)

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2023.05.29 02:22 dragonagitator Bellingham-Area Mechanics Master Post

Since it seems that no one can be bothered to search the sub for the word "mechanic" before making a new post, I searched it for you and summarized two years' worth of posts below.
TL;DR the recommendation is almost always "Rising Sun Motors" unless you've got an unusual vehicle or situation. Also, apparently XSrcing has spent the past couple years quietly helping poor people fix their cars for free/cheap, so everyone be sure to buy that guy a beer next time you see him.
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2021-06-01 Local mechanic shops
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2023.05.29 02:06 Nik17 I traded my GR86 for a Hyundai with a Theta ii

Hi. It’s me. In January I traded my GR86 for an Elantra N. Since them I’ve put about 2500 miles on including one track day, an autocross, and a lot of preschool runs.
Photos and hot lap video https://imgur.com/a/02SffO8 https://streamable.com/m4rvto
Why did I get rid of the GR86? Space. The GR86 can fit two adults and two kids in car seats, however your passenger will be miserable and you’ll have to perform an expert level yoga move each time you put a child in a rear facing convertible car seat. Even just putting my oldest one in her forward facing one is not ideal. Me being me, I started looking and saw that even now in May 2023, these things are still hard to find which mean places are giving top dollar for them.
Why the Elantra N? I realized that this segment is ideal for me. Many people moan about fwd being not fun, but I’ve had just as much fun in fwd as rwd at autocross and on track. This segment gives me fun cars that can do it all, as a dad car DD and something for weekend fun, with mostly no compromises. I went down the list of usual suspects. FL5 CTR: Too expensive. Already had an FK8. Lacking a bit of character. Impossible to find. GRolla: A bit small in the rear for a rear facing car seat. AWD is more of a minus than a plus for me, even though I live in New England. GolfR: A little expensive, too under the radar, too refined. I also considered a DCT F80 M3, but couldn't justify the extra cost, and found it a bit too insulated.
The EN checks all of the right driving boxes for me and even has the option to appease my wife who has always (politely) asked me to get an automatic transmission that she could drive. Until now, I’ve always had a manual. I’m not a die hard 'I must drive everything stick' type person, but I always enjoy driving stick on the street but have said for a while I’d consider a DCT for its telepathic shifting. Of course the one box the EN doesn’t check is the looks. My god the front. I still have no idea what they were thinking (and I don't think the '24 refresh looks much, if any better). As I’ve owned it, it’s grown on me a little. Much like if your friend names their cat or dog something silly, you start to appreciate it as you associate the name with a real thing that takes real pets and belly rubs. I do enjoy the rear light bar, but not the wing that’s crumpled in the middle. I assume this is to aid visibility? And of course the side looks pre-crashed but it can be forgiven.
Interior The interior is good. The Hyundai infotainment is really great. Large, sharp screens for both the gauge cluster and the infotainment. I love how the infotainment screen is slightly angled to the driver. Of course I mostly just use it for carplay but I love the N mode screen. It let’s you make your own custom modes where you can set steering, engine/throttle response, shift speed, suspension, and exhaust. It also has a bunch of customizable settings inside of N mode. Want the DCT to not creep? There’s a setting for that. Want a little kick on upshifts and the trans to really slam home that gear? N power shift will do that for you. Want the DCT to hold revs and know when you’re on a track? N track sense is here for you. Outside of the infotainment the interior is fine. Seats are great, and heated. They light up. Why? ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Some of the plastics are out of a base Elantra, but everything you touch is good, with alcantara on many surfaces. I did have the base GR86, but the EN interior is definitely better in just about every way. And the Hyundai app is wonderful for remote starting with climate control or just quickly and easily unlocking/locking.
One interior-ish quirk, it has no adaptive cruise control. It does have lane keep assist, rear parking sensors, emergency front braking and blind spot monitoring. No ACC is not a huge deal breaker to me as I don’t often go on long highway trips for it, but it would be nice to have.
Driving I like fwd. I like rwd. I’m definitively in the ‘if you hate fwd, you just haven’t driven good fwd at the limit’ camp (sorry). Do I miss leaving T-junctions sideways with rwd? A little. I think the equivalent feeling for fwd is approaching a corner, keeping the revs high, mashing throttle and feel the eLSD just suck you in, like magic. The eLSD is excellent, as is the wet 8 speed dct. It almost always knows which gear you’re going for which means a impressively quick shift. Even if you choose a shift that doesn’t jive, it’s still not slow. Is it as engaging as a manual? Probably not, but the video game-ness of it is fun in its own way. The worst named feature that comes with the DCT is the NGS. Push the button and you get 20 seconds of 25nm more of torque. It’ll also put your exhaust into the state of CA’s favorite Sport+ mode with all of the pops and bangs you could ever want, and if you have the transmission in automatic, it’ll downshift you to the highest gear. The suspension is adjustable, which in partnership with the DCT, helps make the car go from appliance car (in eco mode) to a true fun daily/something that's ready for the track. Suspension in my opinion is soft enough on it's softest setting and just about stiff enough in the stiffest setting. Sticky stock PS4S help the quick turn in, but even with the all-season DWS 06 that I put on for some light winter duty, handling remains good. Power is plenty. I don't think it feels much slower than the CTR when using the NGS feature.
The dealer experience
I’ve bought quite a few cars and this dealership experience was the best. I feel like I read nothing but bad things about Hyundai but was genuinely impressed. The dealership wasn’t that far away, but everything was done via email/electronically. Everything was as smooth as possible, super easy transaction from start to finish.
On track
I did add some light mods, camber bolts (with an alignment bumping the already good front camber from -1.7 -> -2.5 in the front) and 18x9 wheels (from 19x8) and 245/40/18 Kumho V730 tires. Car comes with genuinely track capable brakes and factory filled with DOT4. Car was terrific at my local track, Thompson for an SCCA Track Night in America event. Oil gets a little warm, like just about any turbo 4, but factory gauges are great and coolant temp stays reasonable. DCT really comes to life on track where it feels like you’re shifting in a video game. Car was about 1.5s faster than my GR86, which was on a stickier tire (Falken RT660). I can’t wait to track it more.
What’s next? Nothing for a while. Going to feed it fluids, brakes and tires and enjoy it. I would honestly still have the CTR if the market weren’t so wild. Which is better? At least for the FK8, I prefer the EN in most ways. The main difference between the two is character. The FK8 does everything well but without fan fare or drama. Exactly the opposite of its boy racer looks. It’s like Honda set out to build the best hot hatch but forgot that being the best doesn’t necessarily make it the most fun. The EN is brimming with character. It has torque steer, the exhaust can make hilariously loud pops and bangs (and only if you want it to), and the seats light up. Hyundai knew that people want fun. Of course the Honda will have better resale value and potentially be more reliable but the EN makes me feel more, which is kind of why we buy these things.
Cons and quirks Only two front cup holders. Front door pocket bottle holders only hold small bottles/could be more usable. No rear climate vents, sorry kids. No adaptive cruise Rear strut bar limits pass through trunk storage but it is fairly easily removable.
Happy to answer any and all questions about the car.
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2023.05.29 00:50 TotalFNEclipse Honda Element owner, looking into Renegade switch.

Hello Renegade owners.
Quick context: I’m a currently Honda Element owner (2004 EX, Manual Transmission, AWD, 245K miles)
I’ve also owned 2 Civic’s (Si, and EX), loved driving manual transmissions & after becoming an Element owner 4 years ago, I’ve landed on 3 potential vehicles for my next purchase.
The Subaru Crosstrek is JUST outside of my price range (20K), and I’m looking more towards (10K). And the Honda SUV Crossovers are also a bit out of my price range.
I’m no longer committed to having a manual transmission, my only requirement is AWD, and hoping for some decent horsepower. The Jeep Renegade seems to be my best options.
Just wanted to pop in here and see how the Renegade crowd is doing.. and if anyone possibly came from previously-owning an Element.
Looking for AWD, less than 80K miles if possible, power-options on windows and trim would be nice. And I haven’t gone too far into the trim differences yet, but I do see a Sport model is available. Just wanted to start here, in this subreddit.
Thanks for reading, and looking forward to browsing through this sub. Cheers!
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2023.05.29 00:09 frayayank Should I buy a 2015 Honda civic lx with manual transmission with 110k miles for $7000 that needs $3000 of work, according to a Honda dealership pre-purchase inspection?

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2023.05.29 00:09 frayayank Should I buy a 2015 Honda civic lx with manual transmission with 110k miles for $7000 that needs $3000 of work, according to a Honda dealership pre-purchase inspection?

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2023.05.29 00:08 frayayank Should I buy a 2015 Honda civic lx with manual transmission with 110k miles for $7000 that needs $3000 of work, according to a Honda dealership pre-purchase inspection?

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2023.05.29 00:07 frayayank Should I buy a 2015 Honda civic lx with manual transmission with 110k miles for $7000 that needs $3000 of work, according to a Honda dealership pre-purchase inspection?

Title. Here's a list of everything that needs doing, and prices, according to the pre purchase inspection I paid 200 bucks for at a Honda dealership.
This would be my first car (I'm 20yo), I plan to learn to drive manual on it. I am hoping I could get these repairs cheaper at a private mechanic, and do some of the things myself to try my hand on being handy (like oil change). Would this be enough to dissuade you from buying this car? I drove it and it drives nice, no check engine lights. It's been sitting for the last six months since the person is selling it for his sister who moved across the country half a year ago. I haven't bought the car yet because I don't know if it's going to be a big money pit or if it will last a long time if I do the maintenance (I plan to).
Also it's important to note the car is very clean. I don't have any pictures but the technician doing the pre purchase inspection told me while he was inspecting the car in the shop at the Honda dealership, his manager walked by and remarked how good condition, cosmetically, the car was in.
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2023.05.28 23:21 IndianSWE Help me come up with a budget for a car.

So here's the deal. I have roughly 500K in my brokerage account. I can liquidate all of my positions and spend all of that money on a car and that would be the most dumbest stupidest thing I can do. Which clearly I won't. If I was that stupid or that impulsive, I wouldn't have had 500k in my account to begin with.
I had a 2017 Honda civic EX-T till 2021. Then I moved to Jersey city and I sold it. I am not a car person. I am more of a computers, video games person.
Now. I got a job in Austin and I moving there. So I have to get a car again. I will be moving to San Fransisco or New York again, 2 to 3 years into the future. At that point I might sell the car again. Or might keep it for few more years.
Heres how my plan has been evolving:
Initial thought: Ebike for 1500 dollars. I thought of this as getting a very basic laptop.
Second thought: Base model Toyota Corolla. People told me that I must have a car in Austin. This I thought was the equivalent of getting a desktop.
Third thought: Toyota GR86 or Miata. Let's live life a little :) This I thought was the equivalent of getting a desktop with a Graphic card to play games. Like Nvidia 4060 or something.
Fourth thought: Nissan Z or Toyota Supra. If I am going to spend 35K on this, might as well spend another 15K and get a better car. This is the equivalent of buying a desktop with Nvidia 4080.
Now here's the thing. I am a software engineer. I bought a Desktop back in the day with Nvidia 2070. Not only did I play a ton of video games on this machine. I used the GPU to learn some deep learning stuff. I messed around with Cuda. I was genuinely curious to learn about the GPU that I spent 700 dollars on.
I don't have that kind of same enthusiasm about cars. Even if I get a Supra, I probably won't take it out to a track and race it or something. I am not going to mod it or anything. But at the same time I want to drive something fun. Learn about cars and engines and drive trains and stuff. I feel learning about cars would make me a better engineer :)
Right now I feel Toyota GR86 is the best car for me. I still haven't decided if I should get the premium or the base model. I definitely care about reliability and resale value so I don't want to get a Dodge or a Mustang. But do you guys think I should stretch my budget a little?
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2023.05.28 21:30 TyrionJoestar Suspension advice for 2003 civic

Hi everybody,
I have a 2003 civic, coup ex. Suspension is noisy af, so I think it’s time to replace it. Car only has 152k miles. However, I’m a total noob when it comes to this kind of market. I don’t wanna get ripped off or buy the wrong thing. The car is all stock and I want to keep it that way, or as close to stock as possible. Can anyone provide me with some advice on what kind of kit I should get? I don’t want to lower the car or anything, just wanna be comfy, the streets around here can be rough.
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2023.05.28 21:24 JulianRob38 I’m bored. Give it hell.

I’m bored. Give it hell.
2015 Civic EX coupe. Stock with a 5 speed manual.
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2023.05.28 19:01 PreparationBoth4362 Japán autó tapasztalatok.

Sziasztok! Közeljövőben szeretnék Japán autót vásárolni. Tapasztalatokat, tudnivalókat ha megosztanátok velem nagyon hálás lennék. Két márka között dillemázok: Toyota vagy Honda? Modellek: -Toyota auris, corolla -Honda Civic. 1.6 / 1.8 benzin motor. 2004-2013. Választ előre is köszi!
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2023.05.28 18:38 jk6425 Debating between Kia Seltos and Toyota Corolla Cross

I don’t know a lot about cars, and I’m having a hard time choosing between a 2024 Kia Seltos EX premium or 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross LE Premium AWD, I’m in Canada FYI as I know there are differences between vehicles in different countries.
I recently had a Seltos as a rental car and I absolutely loved it compared to my sedan. I’m just hesitant with the reliability of a Kia long term.
I haven’t test drove or seen a Corolla Cross yet in person but I like how it looks based on what I’ve seen online, I should be able to test drive this week. I know Toyotas are known for reliability. I am also able to get a discount on a Toyota through family.
I’ve been told the wait time for a Seltos is 2-6 months, and for a Corolla Cross I’ve been told 3-12 months, these are based on what I’ve heard from multiple dealerships. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my car so I’m not on a rush to replace it thankfully.
I am a person that drives about 30000 km a year, mostly highway driving with my commute to work, and I want to keep this vehicle for a long time. This is why I’m hesitant with getting the Seltos. I guess if I took good care of a Seltos with maintenance as per the schedule and have the full warranty I’d hope the car would stay in good condition long term. (I heard kias require more frequent oil changes?)
I know and have more faith that if Toyotas are taken care of they will last for the long run! The Corolla cross is also slightly better on gas, and I think the trim I’m interested in costs slightly less than the Seltos. Plus I’d get my family discount. There’s also the depreciation of my current vehicle if I have to wait a year for the Corolla cross (I have a 2019 Honda civic ex with 149000 km…)
I like both vehicles, so I guess I’m just questioning the long term reliability of kias….. I didn’t love the Hyundai Kona and financially the Honda HRV is out of the question… any advice or input would be appreciated!
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2023.05.28 18:06 Rubenn89 Civic LX, Mazda CX 5 Select, or Subaru Impreza Sport

I know these are different classes kf vehicles, but after some search, I've found these three available and at a good price.
The OTD price is $28k for the civic, $33k for the mazda, and $25k for Subaru.
I've driven the cx 5 and liked the interior and the car seemed more agile compared to the rav 4 I've driven around recently. However, I've heard Mazdas don't hold their value that well.
I've driven a Honda civic ex and liked it, but haven't driven the lx. I've heard it's stripped to the bone, so not sure if it's worth it or not.
As for the Subaru, haven't driven an Impreza as they're still not at the dealership and they have them coming within the upcoming weeks.
Which car holds its value best? In case I wanna sell it later on.
I can lease the mazda for 440/month, 12k miles per year, and zero down. Financing it will be $550. Financing seems like less of a liability compared to a full loan, but I migybe wrong here.
I can lease the Impreza for about the same price. The only difference is 15k miles per year. The lack of blind spot monitoring and the vehicle maintaining its value is a concern here.
As for the honda, the total loan amount would be around $33k, over 72 month, which ia around 459 monthly.
I'm leaning for the civic as it holds its vakue better, as far as I know. But I'm worried about the lack of technology like blind spot monitoring.
I know I can't have them all, but just want to make the right decision, as I've recently started a job. Thank for the help.
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2023.05.28 17:59 NoTradition1741 Make 340k a year. What car should I buy?

Looking for a SUV that's fun to drive comfortable daily driver. Commute is 70 miles a day 4 days a week
Edit: Budget 50 to 80k
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2023.05.28 08:02 a_truck_ [Canada] Which used Honda Civic should I buy

I am looking specifically at used Honda Civics as my first car and I've narrowed my options down to:
2013 Civic Sedan EX at 18k CAD with 46k KM and 2015 Civic Sedan LX at 19k CAD with 56k KM
I am trying to not spend over 20k MSRP before tax. I would like to drive the car for around 10 years for commuting to work and school.
Is there a significant difference between these two options? Are there red flags with these models that I need to be careful of?
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2023.05.28 04:01 harrisloeser Seattle: 1981 Honda, civic 1500 DX hatchback, 5 speed manual low mileage, one family mannytranny

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2023.05.28 03:56 Playful-Anybody-7921 Fresh '23 sport touring.

Fresh '23 sport touring.
After years of trying to convince my wife to try a Honda we settled on this beauty. This is the first truly brand new car for either of us too. Now she matches my '97 EX coupe.
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2023.05.28 02:57 ggboyswag Have 30-35k to spend. I am single and want to buy a sporty and reliable car that will last. Thoughts?

I have come into some money and want to buy a sporty and reliable car, possibly a coupe or nice looking sedan. I want an RWD or AWD but not a deal breaker. I was looking at Toyota - supras and GR86, Alfa Romeo, BMWs, Audis, Dodge - charger, Ford - Mustang, Honda- Civic sport, Lexus - RC, Jaguar - F type or XK, Mercedes, Nissan- GTR , and Subaru - BRZ. I know I'm looking at a lot of models and some might be out of price range but that is why I need your help! As you can tell I'm not a big car guy. Last car I had was a Toyota Camry XSE which was a nice safe and reliable pick. Basically if you had 30-35k to spend on a sporty car what would you get?!
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2023.05.28 01:01 bigboynona Where should i jack up my car

Where should i jack up my car
I read the owners manual i have a 09 honda civic ex-l but the “jacking point” I’m unsure the exact location of
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2023.05.27 23:40 sahilghauri Should I just get it?

I have been pondering on getting a new Civic EX for a while now but just haven’t been able to make my mind up for it. It’s gonna be my first car so don’t wanna go wrong with it. Most of my doubts have been because of other vehicles being available at competitive prices (read, Elantra), but I want the reliability of a Honda(I’ll be driving this car for a pretty long time, I’m sure) Someone pls convince me to just do it!
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2023.05.27 23:26 Previous-Pair1718 Anyone know a part number for this oil sensor

Anyone know a part number for this oil sensor
2012 civic EX automatic coup. I’m leaking a decent amount of oil from the sensor.
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