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2010.12.12 02:37 Yiba German Bundesliga: News & Highlights

Bundesliga is Germany's top-tier football league. It was founded in 1963 and features clubs such as FC Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, SC Freiburg, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, and Hertha BSC .

2023.05.29 04:02 Firm_Quantity_6144 PacketStream Reviews: How ClonBrowser Users Rate the Proxy Service

PacketStream Reviews: How ClonBrowser Users Rate the Proxy Service
PacketStream is a widely-used proxy service that helps internet users maintain privacy and anonymity online. One of the popular browsers that integrates with PacketStream is ClonBrowser, which provides users with a fingerprint-based browsing experience.
To better understand how ClonBrowser users rate the PackerStream proxy service, we conducted a survey to gather feedback from its users. We received responses from a variety of users, ranging from casual online shoppers to tech-savvy professionals.
Overall, the feedback we received was largely positive. Most respondents found that PacketStream was easy to set up and use, and appreciated the high-speed Internet connectivity they experienced while using the service. Moreover, they also liked the ability to mask their true IP-addresses, which allowed them to securely access websites without worrying about their personal information being exposed.
In addition, many respondents were impressed with the affordability of the PacketStream proxy service, which they found to be much cheaper than other similar services in the market. The service also came with 24/7 customer support, which was a major plus point for many respondents.
However, some users also experienced drawbacks with the service. They reported occasional connectivity issues and unstable speeds, which led to frustrating browsing experiences. Additionally, a few users felt that the proxy service was not robust enough to be used in high-security situations.
Overall, the survey results indicate that ClonBrowser users generally find PacketStream to be a reliable and affordable proxy service for maintaining online privacy. While there are some areas for improvement, it is clear that PacketStream is a popular and reliable choice for those who prioritize online privacy and security.
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2023.05.29 04:01 hvaliteljrs Introducing CatDoge: Unleash the Power of $Cat Tokens and Earn Doge Rewards!

Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey with CatDoge! Immerse yourself in a world where the mighty $Cat tokens bring you the opportunity to earn thrilling Doge rewards. Our exceptional team, backed by a vibrant and passionate community, is about to revolutionize the crypto landscape!
Welcome to CatDoge:
Do you remember the iconic duo CatDog? Prepare to be amazed as our team of experienced crypto developers celebrates the 19th anniversary since CatDog concluded its final season on television. But we're not just here to reminisce – we're bringing you the perfect fusion of nostalgia and innovation with our native token. Hold $Cat tokens and unlock generous rewards in the form of Doge Bep 20 tokens!
What sets $Cat apart as an irresistible investment prospect?
Unparalleled Transparency and Honesty: Right from the start, our team values transparency and honesty. We've launched with full readiness, clearly outlining our mission on our website. You can trust us to deliver on our promises.
A World of Opportunities: Our game is already developed and playable, offering lucrative avenues to reap rewards from upcoming competitions. The excitement is palpable as you stand on the brink of amazing possibilities.
A Team You Can Trust: We're a doxxed and trusted team that has dedicated years to this venture. We understand the key factors for success, and we firmly believe in fostering mutual respect and trust. Feel free to approach us with any inquiries – our investors, partners, and development team are always here for you. Without your support, there would be no us.
With the recent surge of meme coins, our hidden gem, with its modest market cap, is ready to skyrocket.
Rest assured, we have extensive marketing plans and partnerships lined up for every significant milestone. For more details about our roadmap and to delve into our white paper, please visit our website.
The most convenient way to connect with us is through Telegram. Join our vibrant community and stay updated with the latest news and announcements.
But that's not all! Brace yourself for an exhilarating blast from the past as we introduce a thrilling game experience that will transport you back in time. Inspired by the classic Pacman, our reinvented game promises an exciting twist! Embark on a captivating adventure, navigate through intricate mazes, collect tokens, and outmaneuver ghosts for an enthralling experience like no other.
Tokenomics made simple:
BUY 6% - 3% Rewards - 3% Marketing
SELL 6% - 2% Rewards - 2% Marketing - 2% Liquidity
You are cordially invited to participate in our upcoming competitions! Join our daily Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to unravel the surprises we have in store.
Stay Connected with CatDoge:
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2023.05.29 04:01 AutoModerator [Complete] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
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Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.05.29 04:01 caski16 My (Incomplete) Profile

My (Incomplete) Profile
Only by killling my selfs... can i finally become... complete

Appereance (or at least the closest thing i can think of to a appereance to a character, can potentially change):

Age: Unknown, physically looking 22
Backstory: No one really knows for certain where he comes from. Not even him, having amnesia for all of his current life. The earliest memories he has are of a pure, black, empty void, floating away, with no sensations, no thoughts, until, suddendly, he just appeared.
The world he appeared in was a desertic place, full of sand and mountains. He had no memories or knowledge of the worlds or himself. The only thing he knew was one thing: his name, Caski16. He wandered through the world he awoke in, nonstopping, seemingly directionless. Except, it wasnt entirely directionless. It was instinctual, something calling him to the unknown place. Something telling him that there was a important thing. For 83 days, he walked, walked, and walked some more...
...until he finally found what he was apparently looking for. A thing probably no one would probably expect: another Caski16. He looked similar, tho with different clothes, and seemed to also be wandering. And then both laid eyes on each other. In that moment, the other Caski16 raised his arm... and shot fire from his fingers, like a flamethrower. This would have killed Caski16, if it wasnt for him running away from the fire and inmediatly grabbing his arm and dislocating it. And, after that, proceding to break his neck, which killed him.
After killing him, the corpse seemingly was transformed into a greenish fluorescent ash, and was absorbed by Caski16's body. And in that moment, he learned more: That wasnt another Caski16, but instead, someone called Caski53. They were both part of a person, presumably was called Caski, who, for unknown reasons, appeared on a void, and for also unknown reasons, was released into the worlds as multiple Caski's, each one being him but different, with a number to represent how close to the original they are. And all of them apparently having an instinctual need to kill all the other Caski's until only one remained, transforming that one into the True Caski, or, as Caski16 would call, the Caski0. Also, everytime he killed another one, he would become more powerful and gain the abilities of the ones he kill, and also augmenting his intelectual capabilities.
And so, Caski16 knew what he had to do. He seemingly gained more sentience, power, and both the ability to shoot fire and also, apparently, to travel to other worlds. With that, he goes now, looking and killing other Caski's, gaining their powers and doing anything in order to become the true Caski, no matter what.
Personality: Not particularly emotive. He is somewhat stoic and monotome, almost never raising his voice. He does pauses when he talks. He also has a always present instinct of finding and killing Caski's. He seems to be, for some reason, more affected by those instincts than other Caskis, who seem to be able to, to some level, ignore them to do plans of their own. He has no real idea of what to do once he kills the Caskis , and, at least on certain level, doesnt actually want to kill all of them, since, while some of them seem to be evil, there are also some that dont seem to be that particularly dangerous. But whenever he contemplates not killing them, the instincts kick in and make him forget about it and kill them.
When it comes to morality, he will say he doesnt really care. Unless it helps him on killing Caskis, he normally doesnt want to ally with anyone and doesnt really care if the character is good or evil. Tho, the more Caskis he kill, it changes his personality a little bit, and he does become a bit more willing to ally with people. And while he claims to have no real morality, he, on some level, seems to be at the very least he would rather not do acts of evil, only doing them thanks to his instinct making him do so to kill Caskis.
Powers: Dimensional Travelling, Fire Generation and Control, Ice Generation and Control, Weapon Expertice, Weapon Upgrade (can make a weapon of his choice indestructible and powerful and also channel power through it), Shapeshifting (He doesnt like using it), 15 Second Precognition, Laser Blasts, Teleportation, All-Cutting Attack, Existence Erasure Attack, Mind Control Resistance, Material Control and Manipulation (can create maleable smoke looking thing that can take physical form to do things like attack or make structures and stuff), Emotion Control Resistance, Flight, Clones (can make up to 8, all just slightly weaker in power), Immortality (will resurect or recreate his body unless killed by another Caski), Inmunity to Hunger, Thirst, or Sleep, Subconcious Manipulation (can make people not notice or rememeber him), Poison Attack, Shield Generation, Kick in the Balls (can make an opponent feel like he was kicked in the balls, giving the opponent pain. doesnt work if the character doesnt have balls), Strenghtening (he and his abilities become more powerful when he kills a Caski), Pocket Dimension (has a pocket dimension where he stores weapons to use) (if i will write more if i can think of others)
Special Techniques (name subject to change): attacks he can do that are way more powerful. Obtained whenever he kill strong Caski's. as of right now, he possesses:
-Cut Them: An attack than, when hit, will cause the target to have hundreds of cuts in its body which bleed non-stop until they are dry. The bleeding stops if Caski16 dies or wants it to stop
-Crush the Useless Me: the Halberd becomes gigantic and infused with blood, gives a 150 more power multiplier and causes whatever bones it touches to become fractured, or, if the opponent lacks bones, makes them feel the pain of broken bones, if they arent broken by the sheer strenght. And are also unable to be healed unless Caski16 dies or wants it to stop
Other Selfs (Name Subject to Change: by killing VERY powerful Caski's, he can take on the form of that particular Caski, which also includes their powers and stats:
-The Reseter: TBA
-The Returner: TBA
-The Nothing: TBA
-The Leveler: TBA

Feats: TBA
Equipment: Halberd (Its a normal Halberd he happened to find. it served him to kill Caski32. he uses it as his weapon of choice since then)
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2023.05.29 04:01 notforthisworld0101 Online retailler reluctant to refund faulty item

I made a purchase online and have recieved faulty stock. I have sent photos to the retailer showing the damage (very noticeable discolouration of fabric) and asked for a refund.
According to the retailers website they are a Australian company who is the middle man between the consumer and the manufacturer in China. I felt deceived because it looks like they are an Australian company and then you only find out it's goods from China when you get the tracking number. I probably should have done my research beforehand but it doesn't excuse this behaviour.
They are not reposnding to my emails to refund the item and won't tell me the process how to get this done. They have $200 of my money and I have their shitty faulty product. They have heaps of bad reviews on product review from other customers who have dealt with a similar situation.
Is there anything I can do here? I don't need you to tell me I should have researched first, I am fully aware of this and it was my stupid mistake. I still don't believe they should get away with this. They are lying and robbing people.
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2023.05.29 04:00 AllHailWestTexas Non-current instrument pilots logging approaches in IMC / under IFR -- safety pilot requirements?

Hi folks,
TL;DR What are the safety pilot requirements for a flight flown _under IFR_ where the pilot intending to log these approaches is not current?
Per 61.57, pilots must have conducted 6 approaches in either simulated or actual instrument conditions within the preceding 6 calendar months in order to retain currency. By 91.109, a safety pilot must be at least a private pilot with the same category and class ratings (but doesn't necessarily need an instrument rating). I imagine that when a _current_ instrument-rated pilot conducts approaches under _simulated_ instrument conditions, that pilot logs PIC time + the approaches (as both sole manipulator and legal PIC), and the safety pilot can log PIC time since they're required for the operation.
I'm curious about _non-current_ instrument-rated pilots within the 6 month grace period, though. A non-current instrument pilot within the grace period cannot legally act as PIC under IFR. If they want to perform a currency flight _under IFR_, what is required?
Here's my best reading of the FARs:
Am I correct here? The closest documentation to this scenario that I can find is this INFO publication from the FAA, but they don't cover this exact scenario.
Here are my strawman points to support my reading:
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2023.05.29 04:00 cubers_io Results for weekly competition May 2023 Week 4!

Thanks for checking out the results for this week's competition May 2023 Week 4!
For those who haven't yet joined in, come compete with us! is a website where you can participate in weekly WCA-style cubing competitions with fellow cubers from around the world. You can log in with either your Reddit or your WCA account! To keep things fresh, there is a rotating selection of non-WCA bonus events as well. Get more info at GitHub!
This results thread displays the top 10 participants in each event, as well as the top 50 overall points earners.
As always, full results are available at in the competition leaderboards section!
  1. 2018KHAN28: 1.23
  2. 2022PHAN03: 1.28
  3. 2013JOHN10: 1.30
  4. cjer33: 1.36
  5. 2019MORG10: 1.47
  6. 2022DAVI15: 1.48
  7. 2017XURU04: 1.49
  8. 2018ALON07: 1.49
  9. 2017ANNG03: 1.51
  10. NongQuocDuy: 1.53
  1. 2017XURU04: 5.19
  2. 2018LITI01: 6.34
  3. potato_and_cheese: 6.49
  4. 2022YAUW01: 7.01
  5. 2019BREA02: 7.25
  6. 2018ALON07: 7.26
  7. 2018TURE01: 7.30
  8. derekcfop: 7.41
  9. cjer33: 7.55
  10. 2016COSS01: 7.56
  1. 2017XURU04: 23.86
  2. cubingidiot: 27.77
  3. GamerSings370: 30.23
  4. ryau91: 31.29
  5. 2022BLAC01: 32.87
  6. derekcfop: 33.17
  7. Fiskeolje: 34.14
  8. 2018VOLO05: 34.45
  9. 2011REED01: 35.00
  10. 2016CUTS01: 36.41
  1. 2013BOTZ01: 1:00.36
  2. ryau91: 1:00.76
  3. Gowose: 1:03.08
  4. 2018VOLO05: 1:04.32
  5. Chungus3022: 1:04.64
  6. Theemo04: 1:06.12
  7. 2016CUTS01: 1:07.20
  8. 2011REED01: 1:09.14
  9. dollarstorecubes: 1:10.71
  10. 2017ORTI11: 1:13.94
  1. 2013BOTZ01: 1:50.30
  2. Fiskeolje: 1:56.43
  3. 2013BROW04: 2:02.24
  4. cubingidiot: 2:02.77
  5. 2016CUTS01: 2:03.47
  6. Theemo04: 2:12.44
  7. HELL0_W0RLD464: 2:17.14
  8. FlexCat: 2:19.86
  9. 2011REED01: 2:21.49
  10. KingWilwin16: 2:22.26
  1. 2013BOTZ01: 2:34.69
  2. Gowose: 2:34.78
  3. 2013BROW04: 3:01.50
  4. HELL0_W0RLD464: 3:14.20
  5. Theemo04: 3:18.94
  6. FlexCat: 3:29.10
  7. Felpeh: 3:29.31
  8. 2016CUTS01: 3:32.32
  9. 2011REED01: 3:36.86
  10. KingWilwin16: 3:42.46
  1. 2016KLAS01: 16.52
  2. 2019ECKE02: 25.04
  3. 2023PATO03: 28.95
  4. 2022HERN16: 41.04
  5. 2014JIAN10: 58.15
  6. yoimen_ointment: 1:02.41
  7. m2203: 1:02.96
  8. kilodiv: 1:06.52
  9. 2011REED01: 1:06.78
  10. 2018ADAM06: 1:11.49
  1. 2011REED01: 9:16.90
  2. dollarstorecubes: 11:13.25
  3. Padddi: 20:21.30
  4. 2019ECKE02: DNF
  5. tarukawa: DNF
  1. 2019ECKE02: DNF
  1. 2022ISKA02: 2/2 5:38
  2. Padddi: DNF
  1. 2017XURU04: 9.95
  2. 2019PILH01: 10.56
  3. 2016PARK02: 11.47
  4. cjer33: 12.04
  5. derekcfop: 13.11
  6. 2018VOLO05: 13.35
  7. 2019EGOR04: 13.37
  8. 2015NAZA02: 13.45
  9. 2017MADD04: 13.47
  10. ryau91: 14.67
3x3 With Feet
  1. 2022PADU02: DNF
  1. Brendyn_Dunagan: 6.32
  2. 2019MORG10: 6.52
  3. cubingidiot: 6.66
  4. 2013JOHN10: 6.74
  5. 2019PHEL01: 7.88
  6. 2019BRUS01: 8.10
  7. 2018RIDA01: 8.13
  8. 2019ECKE02: 9.98
  9. 2017MADD04: 10.84
  10. 2013BOTZ01: 10.93
  1. 2019MORG10: 2.01
  2. 2015BROW03: 2.06
  3. 2022HIEN02: 2.22
  4. 2013JOHN10: 2.24
  5. AndResR24: 2.24
  6. 2016BRIN04: 2.38
  7. 2018WILS10: 2.56
  8. 2021SHAW02: 2.58
  9. cjer33: 2.68
  10. 2019PHEL01: 2.84
  1. Gowose: 39.86
  2. 2019JEDR01: 49.10
  3. 2016PARK02: 49.90
  4. 2010JUNL02: 49.96
  5. 2016COSS01: 51.36
  6. 2017ORTI11: 57.17
  7. 2018VOLO05: 58.76
  8. 2011REED01: 59.89
  9. 2016EPST02: 1:00.30
  10. 2016CUTS01: 1:01.20
  1. cjer33: 2.01
  2. 2018KINN05: 2.09
  3. hkg11khanh: 2.31
  4. 2013JOHN10: 2.54
  5. 2021HITC01: 2.60
  6. 2022PHAN03: 3.56
  7. 2021SHAW02: 3.67
  8. 2019PHEL01: 3.89
  9. 2022NUGE01: 4.03
  10. 2022JAME02: 4.03
  1. 2018WASI02: 4.31
  2. 2019LINJ04: 4.60
  3. 2022GOUR01: 4.69
  4. soupconsumer431: 4.73
  5. 2017CHIS02: 4.80
  6. 2022JAME02: 4.91
  7. Glyr_: 5.11
  8. 2022SZEP01: 5.19
  9. 2016BRIN04: 5.38
  10. 2019BRUS01: 5.42
  1. tarukawa: 31
  2. m2203: 35
  3. 2019JEDR01: 38
  4. 2022LIMK01: 39
  5. 2021ZHAN52: 39
  6. 2011CHEN54: 41
  7. 2022DUNN03: 41
  8. seismoscientist: 44
  9. 2022NILS01: 44
  10. 2022SHIP02: 49
  1. EddtheRexMan: 24.95
  1. 2022YAUW01: 3.41
  2. 2019MORG10: 3.76
  3. 2019EGOR04: 3.82
  4. 2022GELO01: 4.24
  5. 2018ADAM06: 4.36
  6. 2022JAME02: 4.61
  7. 2022DUNN03: 4.68
  8. 2019MAUR04: 4.68
  9. derekcfop: 4.75
  10. 2022ANAN02: 4.75
  1. 2019EGOR04: 2.03
  2. 2016COSS01: 2.62
  3. 2022JAME02: 2.94
  4. dollarstorecubes: 3.17
  5. RedstoneTim: 3.21
  6. m2203: 3.37
  7. 2022ANAN02: 3.40
  8. 2019NOBI01: 3.45
  9. 2016KLAS01: 3.57
  10. 2022DATT02: 3.61
  1. 2019JEDR01: 22.59
  2. 2018VOLO05: 23.78
  3. TheRoyalKiwi: 43.87
  4. 2022RUIZ03: 1:23.21
3x3 Mirror Blocks/Bump
  1. TheRoyalKiwi: 34.87
  2. 2018KEEN04: 42.45
  3. 2022LIMK01: 50.47
  4. 2023VILL23: 53.71
  5. HELL0_W0RLD464: 1:07.84
  6. 2022PARR10: 1:15.65
  7. JayTSM: 1:46.35
  8. tarukawa: 2:10.28
  9. WibblyWolf: 2:57.52
4x4 OH
  1. 2018VOLO05: 1:07.14
  2. 2017MADD04: 1:09.95
  3. Avlotis: 1:17.37
  4. dollarstorecubes: 1:17.88
  5. TheRoyalKiwi: 1:17.99
  6. Theemo04: 1:21.46
  7. 2013BROW04: 1:46.62
  8. CubeFor: 1:59.73
  9. tarukawa: 1:59.97
  10. 2022ALIO01: 2:01.40
  2. KingWilwin16: 36.15
  3. JayTSM: 1:12.74
  4. tdogzz13: 3:23.67
2-3-4 Relay
  1. 2022YAUW01: 46.28
  2. 2018VOLO05: 47.43
  3. GamerSings370: 49.49
  4. ryau91: 50.74
  5. HELL0_W0RLD464: 50.83
  6. 2016CUTS01: 53.14
  7. dollarstorecubes: 53.49
  8. FlexCat: 53.83
  9. 2017MADD04: 54.62
  10. MrDullens: 56.64
  1. 2018LITI01: 3.77
  2. 2022YAUW01: 4.01
  3. 2019BURD02: 4.58
  4. 2019MAUR04: 4.69
  5. 2018KEEN04: 4.73
  6. 2019EGOR04: 5.01
  7. 2013BROW04: 5.17
  8. 2018ADAM06: 5.17
  9. 2017MADD04: 5.18
  10. 2018VOLO05: 5.20
  1. 2018GUTH01: 6:14.99
  2. Tsubasa_sama: 7:28.62
  3. HELL0_W0RLD464: 9:47.01
  4. dollarstorecubes: 9:47.85
Total points this week
Each event gives # of participants - place + 1 points
  1. 2018VOLO05: 1264
  2. 2018ADAM06: 1242
  3. 2022JAME02: 1232
  4. Theemo04: 1189
  5. dollarstorecubes: 1165
  6. 2016CUTS01: 1160
  7. 2013BOTZ01: 1126
  8. MrDullens: 1028
  9. 2011REED01: 993
  10. 2019NOBI01: 968
  11. 2019BURD02: 968
  12. 2019JEDR01: 960
  13. TheRoyalKiwi: 947
  14. NongQuocDuy: 933
  15. 2019EGOR04: 911
  16. 2017MADD04: 909
  17. 2018GRAC01: 877
  18. 2018KEEN04: 872
  20. 2022LIMK01: 864
  21. 2019DRUM01: 863
  22. Fresh_Ayre: 848
  23. CubeFor: 843
  24. 2016COSS01: 831
  25. 2016BRIN04: 825
  26. FlexCat: 819
  27. HELL0_W0RLD464: 784
  28. cjer33: 774
  29. Avlotis: 773
  30. derekcfop: 753
  31. 2019PHEL01: 750
  32. 2019HURM01: 743
  33. 2010JUNL02: 735
  34. 2022ANAN02: 718
  35. 2013BROW04: 708
  36. 2022GALA03: 705
  37. sopgol: 704
  38. 2022GELO01: 699
  39. 2017XURU04: 687
  40. 2017ORTI11: 684
  41. 2022DATT02: 679
  42. ThatOneRubiksDude: 678
  43. 2022YAUW01: 674
  44. 2022PHAN03: 668
  45. 2014JIAN10: 656
  46. 2022PADU01: 650
  47. 2022DUNN03: 639
  48. ryau91: 633
  49. 2018TUMY01: 627
  50. 2015CANO04: 617
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2023.05.29 04:00 bridger713 RECRUITING, TRAINING, & LIFE IN THE FORCES THREAD - Ask here about the Recruitment Process, Basic & Occupational Training, and other questions relating directly or indirectly to serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.

This is the thread to ask all your questions about the Recruitment Process, Basic & Occupational Training, and other questions relating directly or indirectly to serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Before you post, please ensure:
  1. You read through the the previous Recruiting Threads.
  2. Read through the Recruiting FAQ, and;
    a. The NEW "What to expect on BMQ/BMOQ Info thread".
  3. Use the subreddit's search feature, located at the top of the sidebar.
  4. Check your email spam folder! The answer to your recent visit to CFRC may lie within!
Every week, a new thread is borne:
This thread will remain stickied for one week and will renew Sundays at approx. 2200hrs ET.
  1. Trolling, off-topic comments, sarcastic, or wrong info/answers/single word answers will be removed. Same with out-dated information, anecdotal (" I knew a guy who...") or bad advice; these comments will also be removed.
  2. Please don't delete your questions (or answers), as others/lurkers may be looking for that same info. Questions duplicated throughout the thread may be removed by Mods, and those re-posting may be restricted from participating.
  3. NO "Let me Google that for you" or "A quick search of the subreddit/Google..." -type answers. We're more professional and mature than that. Quote your source and provide a link, but make sure the info you provide is current (within a couple of years). But, it is strongly suggested you see points 1-3 above.
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The members answering in the vein of CAF Recruiting may not have specific information pertaining to your individual application status or files. The information presented in this thread should be current, but things do change. Refer to the site or your local CFRC detachment for the current official answer. This subreddit, moderators, and users hold no responsibility or liability as to the accuracy of information, given or received. All info here is presented as "at your risk."
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2023.05.29 03:59 Mission-Interview-88 How did you say goodbye to the students you had meaningful relationships with?

Most of my students are just a blip on my radar, and vice versa. I am aware that part of what makes this job so toxic is the belief that we are more instrumental than we actually are.
BUT, I advise an extremely niche club that about 6 students and I built from the ground up three years ago with the support of their families. They have all become close friends as a result, and they have expressed wanting to do something special on my last day. Any suggestions?
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2023.05.29 03:59 themastrofall Long Hauling on Vatsim this weekend with Headwind A339 after it's newest update. The first flight is Boston to Frankfurt in Condor Beige Beach Towel and the second flight is Delta Team USA flying Los Angeles to Haneda which sadly crashed around 3 hours from Tokyo. Can't wait for more long haulers!

Long Hauling on Vatsim this weekend with Headwind A339 after it's newest update. The first flight is Boston to Frankfurt in Condor Beige Beach Towel and the second flight is Delta Team USA flying Los Angeles to Haneda which sadly crashed around 3 hours from Tokyo. Can't wait for more long haulers! submitted by themastrofall to flightsim [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:59 Hot-Maintenance-624 Axos Banking App, No Way to Verify External Account

While trying to verify my external account that was sent two micro-transfers, it said to go to "Accounts" then to "Activation Required" but there is no activation required button anywhere on the app or website. I've looked all over the desktop website and the app, but no where is there any "External Accounts" button or the "Activation Required" button.
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2023.05.29 03:58 G2quickgeorg HW REMOTE ADVENTURES - 5 PACK

Found this today. Pretty sure its 2023 series new release 5 pack at an out of town Target. Im very happy to see and look forward to taking these trucks with me on my next offgrid adventure.
This 5 pack is cool. Each cast looks great. Im pleased with set.
Trail boss - steller tempo on the side. Bronco looking good in tan. . F150 4x4 is legit nice with them logos on side. Hyper rocket got nice green color Off duty slays with Topographic tempo.
submitted by G2quickgeorg to HotWheels [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:58 djfishfingers How do you all cope with this cooking time?

This is my second ever smoke. First time was incredible when I smoked baby back ribs. This time I'm doing a pork butt. I started 11 and a half hours ago. I have two probes in, one says 189° and the other says 192°. It legit might be another hour or more before I hit 203° on the lower temp. Problem is it's already dark outside. I work nights, so starting things at 5 in the morning are almost impossible. I have a small mini fridge style smoker I bought from a coworker. That means I have to refill chips every 2 hours or so. So sleeping isn't a great option while I let this thing cook.
How do you all manage the time sink?
submitted by djfishfingers to smoking [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:58 shuman69 i will die alone

no oneitis, no girlfriend, no love, no happiness, only emtyness and depression. i gave 100% to everything but in the end i got legit nothing. life is decided at birth, your genes decide your success in life. i cant get a gf cuz im too short and ugly, and i dont have enough power to change that
submitted by shuman69 to teenagers [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:58 justatestaccountx Looking for two webcomics I can't remember the name of

One of them was hosted on misterkitty's website, for his stupid comics, about this gun-toting wiccan who has herpes with this fairy who likes watching people have sex. I have some images saved of it because it is a really goofy/bizarre comic.
The other comic is one that is a little more obscure - I can't remember where online I found it but it ranges from being from 1998 to 2003. It was on some old webcomic website that I also can't remember, and it was drawn in a slightly more anime/cartoony style. It was about a god(dess) who comes to earth and meets these two individuals, one a guy and one a girl. I think the goddess has some kind of older sister also? Anyway, the two humans she initially meets - one is a fighter (the girl) and the other, I can't really remember. I know it had a small following but was relatively obscure and had some live journal post about it but I looked for that post and haven't been able to find it. I think it (the comic) was created by two people, one man and one woman, but I could be mistaken, possibly the man being named Eric?
If anyone can give me the names of these, please let me know!!! I'm desperate
submitted by justatestaccountx to comics [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:58 localnarwhals I’m an idiot did I piss this away?

I wanted to buy 2 tablets as gifts. I checked eBay and found 2 of the Samsung galaxy tab a8. Two different sellers, both used/open box.
I didn’t read the full description of one and it says there’s an account that cannot be reset on the tablet. I assume that means a google account, or like its been reset and you need to sign in with the account that set up the tablet. A grade c tablet is what the listing said. I assume .. inoperable. I tried canceling the order. I can’t. I messaged the seller stating my mistake and asking to cancel but haven’t received a response. They also don’t accept returns.
I’m not worried about being scammed they’re a legitimate seller. I have myself to blame because I didn’t read enough. Long selling history. I just missed the description. I had to click “see full description “ and that opened their own website that stated it had an account that could not be reset. I wish they were more forward with the description under the eBay listing but here we are. I was just so eager to get these as gifts I hastily clicked buy now.
Did I buy an expensive paper weight?
submitted by localnarwhals to techsupport [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:58 tomnotafool Southparkfarms is a legit plug

Southparkfarms on telegram is who I currently use. They are legit and have lots of different products. Good guy great service. Dm me if you want the link or to know more
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2023.05.29 03:56 Hack3rsD0ma1n Questions on drone parts...

Hello everybody!
I am looking to building a drone, but one thing that has me stuck is propellers.
The motors I have selected are the iFlight XING2 2207 Motor (1855KV). I am looking into others though as well. I just want to know how people pick propellers. I am unsure how to measure or even what to look at when it comes to them.
submitted by Hack3rsD0ma1n to fpv [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:56 ramzieusx Tailwind css and hosting

I have deployed a website using laravel jQuery and tailwind, my website is deployed on mutual hosting, so I have used cpanel to manage it, The problem is the css is not working properly for example i have some buttons controlled with jQuery if I clicked it will toggle class active and text color in this case the background changed but the text color not changed, in some jQuery functions change text of a div take time or it will changed if click two times. I'm using vite and npm run prod to generate the assets. So is there any config especially for those hosting? Or how I can fix those issues, I'm thinking of returning to bootstrap if there is no solution.
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2023.05.29 03:56 AutoModerator [Course] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
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Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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2023.05.29 03:55 Braincellular Canelita Posting
[note: I tried to post this in cats but was automatically rejected for not having enough bullshit internet points in their community. I'll try posting here, which is the one place left that I know that still has some room for freedom of expression...fuck reddit, fuck this shit website and its constant gatekeeping, fuck the contemporary internet, fuck it all...i just want to mourn]
About 6 weeks ago my girlfriend and I rescued a cat from the streets of Guadalajara, Mexico. She had been attacked by a dog, and had deep wounds in her abdomen. The vet told us she had been like this for days. She had a collar but whoever her former owners were didn't care enough to look for her I guess (they didn't care enough to spay her either, according to the vet she probably had kittens at some point). I spent the next few weeks looking after her before I had to go home to Canada at the end of April, when I left her she was recovering but she still had to wear a cone to prevent her from reopening her wounds, which she already did once, and we had to get them restitched because the vet couldn't be bothered to give us a plastic collar.
I didn't know her very long. My girlfriend did her best but she is so busy with school and with working that she barely had time to look after her properly (she is a Venezuelan refugee in Mexico, she has basically no rights and no friends, and she lost 2 cats last year, one to feline leucemia and another ran away but probably died of pancreatitis). I had to go back home to look for work.
She was getting better, until last week when she started going downhill. She seemed to have diabetes; she was urinating a lot and lost all the weight she gained back, back down to 2.8 kg which is about where she was when we found her. It turns out the first veterinarian botched the first surgery, because the infection never really healed. My girlfriend managed to find a cat specialist to get a proper diagnosis (our neighborhood vet is probably the only honest veterinarian in Mexico but he doesn't have much by the way of facilities). Not only was her pancreas shot but she had hepatitis and her liver was failing, all due to the infection. She died today, our veterinarian put her to sleep, all the others wanted to keep her alive so they could extract as much dinero as possible from us (I guess mexican vets don't care about animals). Pretty much as I'm writing this.
We should have put her to sleep when we found her. I would have been better and her suffering would have ended sooner. My girlfriend's mother found her and brought her home (of course we paid for everything and her mother could care less she has now fucked off with her absolute pendejo of a boyfriend who hit poor Canelita because she scratched his couch or something (I was already gone at this point, he wouldn't have done that if I was around I would have kicked his ass) - leaving my girlfriend to deal with this alone, in a country that is no more hers than mine, in a country that doesn't want her. The truth is I didn't even want to take Canelita initially. I was worried we wouldn't be able to look after her, that my girlfriend wouldn't be able to afford it when I wasn't there...I felt bad for the cat but it seemed like just another burden for her and selfishly one I would end up paying for because I'm the gringo. Maybe it was because I knew I'd get attached, which I did.
I am devastated. She was a beautiful sweet black cat and clearly smart, and she even knew how to use the toilet, within a few days she was playing again..she would have been such a sweet pet. I abandoned her; I wanted to bring her here, my parents could have adopted her and given her a good life in a country where at least the veterinarians tell you the truth. Turns I never would have been able to because she never got healthy enough to take across the border or on a plane. My girlfriend tells me in Mexico there are still people still kidnap black cats and torture them. I want to blame Mexico, I want to call it a shithole country and say that I'll never speak Spanish again and that I hope the fucking Americans invade (of course it's not only Mexico's fault, I'm aware of that. God knows there's enough people suffering there much less animals, thanks to the poverty the cartels the violence all of which breeds ignorance, anyway that's all besides the point).
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2023.05.29 03:55 ivychen300 Solenoid Valve Plug Market Size, Share, Development by 2023

LPI (LP Information)' newest research report, the “Solenoid Valve Plug Industry Forecast” looks at past sales and reviews total world Solenoid Valve Plug sales in 2022, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected Solenoid Valve Plug sales for 2023 through 2029. With Solenoid Valve Plug sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US$ millions of the world Solenoid Valve Plug industry.
This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global Solenoid Valve Plug landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, revenue, and market share, latest development, and M&A activity. This report also analyzes the strategies of leading global companies with a focus on Solenoid Valve Plug portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms' unique position in an accelerating global Solenoid Valve Plug market.
This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Solenoid Valve Plug market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries.
The main participants
Mencom Corporation
Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH
Camozzi Pneumatics, Inc.
IMI Norgren
Murrelektronik Limited
Phoenix Contact
Telemecanique Sensors
Segmentation by type
AC Voltage
DC Voltage
Segmentation by application
Key Questions Addressed in this Report
What is the 10-year outlook for the global Solenoid Valve Plug market?
What factors are driving Solenoid Valve Plug market growth, globally and by region?
Which technologies are poised for the fastest growth by market and region?
How do Solenoid Valve Plug market opportunities vary by end market size?
How does Solenoid Valve Plug break out type, application?
What are the influences of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war?
LP INFORMATION (LPI) is a professional market report publisher based in America, providing high quality market research reports with competitive prices to help decision makers make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve excellent outcomes.We have an extensive library of reports on hundreds of technologies.Search for a specific term, or click on an industry to browse our reports by subject. Narrow down your results using our filters or sort by what’s important to you, such as publication date, price, or name.
E-mail: [email protected]
Add: 17890 Castleton St. Suite 369 City of Industry, CA 91748 US
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