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2023.06.09 17:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Top Quality)

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2023.06.09 17:35 The-waitress- Would you pass on this role? Too many red flags?

I’m currently waiting for an offer from a solo attorney for a part-time, WFH, paralegal role. I’ve been waiting for almost 4 weeks. I would be completely jumping practices (IP to employment/civil rights), so the attorney knows I’d need extensive training. She was an hour late for our first interview because she was on a call with a client. Forgivable. She said she was going to finally have an offer letter to me by May 26 and it never came. She reached out to me last week and said she’d like to get together while she’s in town for mediation this week. Never heard from her after this. I have no doubt she’s planning on extending the offer at some point, but I’m wondering if you think these are too many red flags.
For some more background, she was an acquaintance of mine before she reached out to me. We have mutual friends. Also, this is the practice I most want to work in and what I would have pursued had I gone to law school, so I’m motivated. She wouldn’t be the main person training me (she has another remote attorney I’d be working with), but I’d undoubtedly need her to do some of it, too.
Am I walking into a nightmare?
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2023.06.09 17:34 Gordonls85 Trying to understand mutual funds like VMRXX and when to purchase shares.

Hey everyone, I am still trying to grasp the best time to purchase VMRXX. It seems as if the dividend is paid out at the beginning of the month. So, when is the cutoff date to buy shares in order to get paid the dividend? Would it make sense for me to hold money in my HYSA until a particular day, then push that money to purchase shares in VMRXX at a more efficient date? I don’t want to buy shares if I have gone past a date when it will earn interest. If I am thinking of this incorrectly, please let me know. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 17:34 throwRA1esdfnas My (29F) boyfriend (30M) is terrible at anticipating people's needs and it's so frustrating

I (29F) have been with my boyfriend (30M) for 8+ years. We have a great relationship where we feel loved and supported, we happily share chores and responsibilities, etc. But he has a trait that drives me to distraction - he is terrible at anticipating the needs of others. I've spoken to him about it (alone and in therapy), and he insists he isn't trying to be unhelpful, he just doesn't get the same social 'cue' as I do. That's completely fair - he's neurodivergent and I don't take it personally. But it is hurtful at times, and frustrating! I am very happy to ask for what I need, but I feel as though that sometimes puts me in the position of always being 'in charge' and it can be exhausting.
- He will watch me struggle to carry something heavy, and not offer to take it even though he's stronger. He will help as soon as he is asked, and do so very graciously, but will never think to offer to help unprompted.
- A friend of his was visiting us. His friend (30sM) stepped in a puddle and was really uncomfortable in wet socks. My boyfriend didn't think to offer to lend his friend a pair of clean socks until I eventually asked if he'd like to borrow a pair of mine even though they'd be too small.
- I took my boyfriend's car to have it's MOT because he was in the office and I WFH. I texted him when it was done how much it cost (we each pay for our own cars). He said thanks. I then had to clarify - I told you how much it cost so you could send me the money... He thanked me again. Only when I said, 'could you please send me the money', did he understand that I was saying that so he would send me the money.
- I hurt my ankle a while ago and was off my feet for a few days. He did everything for me that I asked, but just couldn't work out where things were implied but not explicit. For example, he'd more than happily make me a cup of tea when I asked, but wouldn't think to clear the old cups away, even when he was having to shuffle the multiple mugs around to make enough room for the fresh cup. When I'd ask him to clear the cups, he'd happily clear them, but wouldn't think to do that unprompted. As he explained it, the 'task' was for him to make me a cup of tea, and he struggled to see the grey area around that task.

With therapy, we've gotten better at understanding the things that can and can't be changed in our behaviour with the added nuance of his neurodivergence. I don't think this is something that he can change, and I'm okay with that. In a lot of ways it has helped me - I used to be quite passive, but now I feel much more able to be direct and ask for help when I need it in situations outside of our relationship as well as in it.
It would just be nice, at times, to not have the mental load of being 'in charge'. I love my partner as his whole self, neurodivergence and all, and it makes me feel monstrously selfish for struggling with this at times.
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2023.06.09 17:33 gainrigi A girl who i met and talked for about 3 months ghosted me after the 4th meet

Hello, first of all im new to this sub because i have been experiencing some issues whilst getting to know a girl and being not so expert in the field of dating or meeting women im fencing with a lot of thoughts and confusion towards this particular situation. I will try to put everything on context in order for you to understand as much as possible and to get some advice for a better turn around :).
So here it goes, in March i met a girl who was visiting my city becuase she has family there. She is my neighbour´s niece so she asked me if i could get her out to meet bars and so something else because felt a little bored (shes my same age 26). I took her out on a Tuesday and we repeated on thursday and friday. That friday was great, we talked all day and went for dinner and the kissed a bit. She told me that she expected more rapid response from me but oh what the hell. The next day i reached out texting her and she was cold, i didnt understand why tho. I reached again on monday because she was leaving on tuesday and i wanted to ask her what was wrong. Long story short she claimed that it was just a kiss and she was on vacation no more than that blabla. I asked if we could stay connected at least and she happily agreed. A couple of days later she dm me on instagram with some cat reels and we started talking, days passed by and we continue talking even more, we asked questions about us, things we liked or not, plans we will do in the future such as going art shows, food, coffees, etc. For 2 months we talked till no end and everything was great because i was going to move to the city where she lives (not because of her but my studies and work). I told her that i was moving and she didnt show a GREAT emotion towards that at the moment, but continued planning things for the future.
As in May i arrived to the city and of course we continued texting. One day i came across a coffe shop she told me and i said to her hey, i just happen to came across the place you told me about, want to come one day? She answered that weekend could not make it but next one surely yes. I was like ok no problem and continued talking as usual. That weekend came down and i invited her for saturday, she told me already had plans but if i wanted to move it to sunday and i agreed, after that we talked a lot that same day, i saw her texting me like she was very and eager to meet. That sunday came and hours before i texted her to meet at certain time because i finished a footbal match sooner than expected. An hour or so later she replied to me saying she had a headache and would text me a little later when she felt better. (i already began to think that she would possibly say no, and she did). She texted me the classic “oh you are going to hate me but” message and i said ok no problem, get well soon and we shall meet the next time. Days passed and i didnt talk to her again, she responded to my ig messages i left her on sunday (yes we talked mainly on IG but always talk about the date on WPP, crazy i know) She told me sorry for the delay and if i was ok, i replied her that i was fine in a cold (but not in the jerk way). We soon started to talk as before again and i propose on a wednesday a date again to what she agreed on a beer on saturdays night. When the day came up she told me that she could not make it for the night but instead offered me going to a 6pm coffe. I agreed but well, i must say i saw her with low to non effort for the date whatsoever, as it was like an obligation she had. I mean it was the first time we saw each other after 3 months and she was acting like whatever. The meeting lasted just 1:30 hs because she was in a hurry and tho i felt happy in that moment, i started to realize she didnt see it that way, she was weird, a little distant and not so eager after not seeing each other for almost 3 months. I took her near her house, it seems that she didnt want to let me know where she lives and told her that we eventually would talk during the week to that she said yes indeed. I did text her on tuesday about a food place she recommended me and i noticed some cold messages from her again, she took hours and hours to respond and made me feel like what happened? At this point i was already aware that something was happening. So enough of texting i offered a meeting again on saturday after a couple of messages and she said she had plans with friend for a birthday (back in the coffee shop she told me that she was already planning it but i forgot) However in any moment she counteroffered me so at that point i was ready to move on and stop trying. I replied the next morning saying that it was ok, no problem and at least we could fix another time. She never replied to this last message which happened a week ago. She still has me in Wpp contacts, she follows me on IG too but doesnt see my stories so she knows maybe i could reach her anytime.
I went for friends and family for advice and help, everyone told me that for them she seemed interested at the beggining but if she didnt make the effort of at least setting up another day for a meeting then she was not that into me. Im very sad at the moment trying to understand what could have happened, and the fact that she isnt capable of text me after knowing me for more than 3 months its driving me crazy!, its not like im a tinder match that she never got to met. I have been single for a long time, i love spending time for and to myself. Im a nice guy with job, hobbies and friends so its not like im trying to find a hole in my heart just because im bored, when i see someone worth i go for it. This might not be the right girl for me tho after all.
I ask here for any advice, help and whatever helps me cross this emotions of dissapointment because some days i ask myself if i should text her explaining myself what i feel (i already know what she doesnt want with me but i would like to stay in contact tho because we shared a lot of interests and was funny to be with her) but at the same time i know that i did nothing wrong. However i sadly have the hope that she will text me anytime and that feeling is the most difficult one for me to erase.
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2023.06.09 17:33 ZebFritzEzio Please help me achieve my dream

Hi! I am a disabled person (crippled) who wants to provide shelter for my family. The past few years have been hard to maintain and support my family due to the pandemic. My monthly income is barely enough to cope with the expenses and bills that are needed to be paid. I am reaching out to anyone who has a good heart in helping me raise the money that will help us in completing our Unfinished house.
I know it is my responsibility to provide my family shelter. I have been working non-stop and finding options to make ends meet but It is still not enough to get the house finish.
To anyone who will be reading this, I am humbly asking for a small amount of donation for me to keep this house for my family and have it fixed.
Any small amount will be a lot of help in funding our dream for a lifetime.
I do thank each and every one that would be helping in fulfilling our dream.
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2023.06.09 17:33 kenzoxxo WIBTA for not inviting any family members to my wedding?

Context: I (23F) have posted on this subreddit before (re: AITA for not wanting my sisters to be in my bridal party?), so this is sort of like a part two. Recap: I told my sisters they were not going to be in my bridal party and that I would rather it just be my close friends. My sisters did not take it well at all, even though they were both still welcomed to be guests at the wedding.
Since then, my oldest sister (33) has threatened to physically fight my MOH and other bridal party members (She actually would too, she is a felon twice over). My other sister (28) has basically said nothing and is siding with my oldest sister. I have reiterated time and time again that I feel justified in not having them as bridesmaids because my sisters have consistently teased and bullied me for my entire life. However, my mom entirely disagrees with me and keeps trying to guilt trip. I have gotten so many messages about how I need to apologize to my sisters, and how my mom wishes that all of her children would just get along, etc. There is no blame on my sisters for their responses - just on me.
At this point, I don't want to invite any of them. Not even my mom. If I invited my mom but not my sisters, my mom would just be full of grief the entire day and she would likely just give the address and the details to my sisters anyway. I do not want to just invite them all because I know that problems would happen. Even if they do not say anything to my bridal party or to me, there would be constant snickering or, after a few drinks, it would all come out.
I just feel like my hands are tied. My entire side of the family on my dad's side is dead. Now, I don't even feel comfortable inviting my other family members to the wedding. I feel like it would just ruin the day. I'd rather just have my friends and my fiancé's family be there. The downside would be that it would be very obvious that I had no family there (my fiancé has a very large family that takes up most of the guest list). It's just a hard position to be in at the moment.
So, WIBTA if I did not invite my family members at all?
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2023.06.09 17:32 Clear-Bill-8285 Last paycheck

Getting out on Monday, will I still get paid on the 15th as my last paycheck?
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2023.06.09 17:32 Critical_Success_936 [Louisville, KY] Can Community Cat "Caretakers" Be Held Responsible for Them Running At Large?

Hello, I'm in Louisville, KY.
So, I trap strays in the area, and very rarely do they get claimed before the holding time is up, but I am wondering what to do, since at my sister's property, there are tons and tons of stray cats, many of whom piss and shit on her property, specifically in the bushes.
Is this something we can do, if when we trap any of these animals, a caretaker comes forward? Most have their ears clipped, so I think someone is at least neutering these animals most likely, although most are way too skinny & have scabs from what I think is fighting, or otherwise getting injured.
I believe KY has leash laws, and pets, cat or dog, can be considered "at large", but I'm not sure how it would realistically play out if someone came forward. I'm not sure if community caretakers have any rights here, I just want to get these cats away from my sister's property. They are a nuisance and the entire street smells like piss.
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2023.06.09 17:32 madwoman59 Help! Long or short, brunette or blonde?

Help! Long or short, brunette or blonde?
Hi! I am having a hair crisis which is not unusual, haha. I have naturally brown hair but have been dying it blonde (full dimension balayage) for the past 3ish years. I have a cycle where I always grow my hair long, get bored and chop it, and love the short hair but also regret it due to missing the length. I had extensions before which I loved but they are pretty expensive to upkeep so I removed them and grew my hair out for a couple years.
I have been toying with the idea of going back to brunette because it is less upkeep than the blonde and I do like how it looks. I love my freshly dyed hair but the roots grow fast and the blonde dulls faster than I’d like so I spend a lot at the salon approx every 3 months. The money is worth it to me, I just worry about how my hair looks after a couple of months. The length is difficult. I love long hair but my hair is straight and flat and I rarely have time to style it. It also gets so tangled when long. I also love my hair short. Looking for opinions on whether 1) it looks better blonde or brunette and 2) whether I should keep it long or cut it?
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2023.06.09 17:31 Offered_Object_23 Fine/thick/wavy Hair: my methods and my failures

I have hard water, I have fine/thick/wavy hair that gets too greasy so I’ve tried to cut out shampoo.
I’ve used a cleansing conditioner = too heavy.
Baking soda= great day one, next uses = still too much sebum
Add ACV rinse: good w/BSoda but goes south on second round/ only good ever so often but hair is great/same for just BSoda.
Try using cleansing conditioner with a dab of dandruff shampoo: works ok, but still hair has film.
What would you suggest? Do i maybe need a cleansing shampoo? Or is there another way?
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2023.06.09 17:31 Left-Switch-1682 Is the NUPOC a good choice for me?

I am going into my fourth year, and I am going to complete my degree in mechanical engineering. My gpa is around 3.5. I am currently going through the process of applying to NUPOC as an instructor. I passed the pre-screen already. I know that this position isn't as an engineer. Do you think it is worth it? Will it be more difficult to get a job as engineer after this program compared to straight out of college or will it help me get a job after completion?
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2023.06.09 17:31 Competitive-Bag3032 I can't believe I can't find a screen unlock code

I've been searching for 3 days and can't get anything to fucking work.
I'm locked out of my S22 because I can't remember my fucking password. How do phone repair shops do it?? They use a code right? And it's not on the internet? REALLY???
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2023.06.09 17:30 faze-horrible Can’t play the game!!!

So every time I log into destiny 2 I get an error code over and over again and so I get out of the game to restart it but when I get out there is a BattlEye pop up that says blocked Norton file and I can’t play the game I’ve had this problem before and it seem to just solve itself when I restart it but now I’ve restarted many times and it hasn’t solved can someone help me
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2023.06.09 17:30 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (All of them)

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The courses of Iman Gadzhi include the following:
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2023.06.09 17:30 Embarrassed-Street60 "i need you to listen to me very carefully" *sends me a 20 paragraph essay outlining why im the worst person to ever exist*

a day before this they were saying i was an angel for how nice and accommedating i have always been.
i got frustrated bc i moved them into a new apartment but there was zero parking in the city unlike the said, they had NOTHING packed to be ready to move despite me asking them to do that ahead of time, and they spent 3 hours unpacking old photos despite me asking them to do it later so we could get out before the traffic rush. i was worried about my car getting towed.
my frustration snowballed them into the worst tantrum ive ever seen an adult throw. when i confronted about it in the first text they blew up on me. over 20 paragraphs detailing my wrongdoings, all things theyd never bothered to bring up before, all things that painted my behaviour in the most uncharitable light possible.
then the smear campaign started. only one of our mutual friends bothered to ask for my side of the story, that friend is still my friend today because they got the full story and knew i had never acted maliciously. the other friends all blocked me and tried to hunt down anyone i knew to spread the lie that i was an abuser (which fucking hurt, im currently in a court battle with my ex who was legitimately abusive, the thought of me making anyone feel how my ex made me feel is one of my worst fears and this person knew that).
my self esteem took a huge hit, i withdrew socially, a couple months later i finally realized that i had seen this person paint everyone in their life as either an angel or an abusive prick, there was never any inbetween, and it would switch on a dime what one they thought you were. i stopped ruminating and accepted that it was inevitable and it wasnt all my fault.
i sincerly wish them healing.
my healing has been a long journey, i still keep my social circle small today, only people i trust. a big thing that helped was knowing that my best friend who is a kind and empathetic person would not have stuck around for the last 20 years if i was truly an awful person. my boyfriend who is so sensitive to emotions and can read people so well would not be so joyful and endlessly silly with me if i was abusive. my friends would not call me out of the blue to excitedly tell me the going ons in their lives if i was so horrible to be around.
i have a wealth of evidence at my fingertips of me being a person who is neither an angel or abuser. i am a nuanced human being who is sometimes sad or angry but more often is caring and fiercely loyal to those that i love.
i am always working to improve myself and my ability to communicate so while this was painful, i am thankful for the experience because it has given me the insight to better develop my skills in setting boundaries, navigating conflict, communicating, spotting red flags, and being more self assured.
i came out of this a better and more well rounded person, i wonder if they can say the same
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2023.06.09 17:30 slushhhtx Girl at work thought I was flirting with her, then I brought up my wife and now she’s angry??

I’ve always been a talkative guy and I’m always stoked to make friends. My wife’s calls me a golden retriever because that’s just my personality! I just moved to a new city with a new job this year and have been doing pretty well with making friends, mostly because I’m talking with everyone. I work with mostly woman (museum) so alot of the new friends I’ve made are a majority girls and the 3 other dudes in the group! We all hang out with each other, grab drinks. My wife will even come and we all have a good time!
A new girl started shortly after me and she stopped me in the hallway the day she started. We talked super quickly as I was running late to a meeting, and everything was cool and she was super nice and funny! We had a few more interactions around the office that were quick conversations mostly just getting to know each other! I was totally stoked cause she seemed like she would be fun to have in our little group of homies.
Last week, I was eating my lunch outside alone when she stops by my table and asks if she can join me. I say sure and we honestly had fun and we’re getting to know each other. It was the first time were I really started talking about my life and was mentioning my wife. It didn’t seem like a big issue but after lunch another guy friend of mine mentions he was downstairs near her desk and she was talking about me to another co worker about how I had been flirting with her the past few month and now just finally brought up that I’m married.
That’s what really upset me.
I wear my ring everyday, I know for a FACT I mentioned I was married once or twice in passing before. Again, it was definitely in passing and quick when I mentioned her before and at lunch was the first time I had really talked about her and I a lot.
I have been actively avoiding this girl at work now, shit even making sure I don’t walk past her department, but what makes me annoyed is she’s already started telling people in her department about this. I don’t think it’s serious enough to go to HR and it doesn’t bother me if she doesn’t want to associate with me either. But I don’t want rumors spread about me.
Should I just keep ignoring her or talk to her and set the record straight?? Do I need to mention first and foremost that I am married to every woman I talk to now?? I feel like I’ve never even thought about having to do that when talking to women and trying to make friends.
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2023.06.09 17:29 MezzoScettico Runge-Kutta on closed orbits?

If you are solving a DE system with Runge-Kutta or any other solver and you know the solution is periodic (a closed orbit), is there some way to take advantage of that fact, to use the known endpoint to make sure the trajectory goes EXACTLY through the start point? Basically I'm worried that using any ODE solver, there's a possibility of drift from the exact solution over time due to accumulated errors.
I'm writing a code to solve for position vs time for arbitrary orbits. Right now I'm using the approximation that the central body, e.g. the sun, does not move. Eventually I'll do the exact Newtonian 2-body problem (both bodies orbit the center of mass, orbits still closed) and then extend to general n-body (no longer closed in general).
Don't tell me to Google for an orbit-solving code, I know there are lots of codes solving this problem. This is brain exercise. I'm a retired guy and just doing this for fun to keep my brain from rotting.
What's irritating is that I know that on the job 30 years ago I did something very like this, and I'm pretty sure I had some clever solution to this issue. If so, I no longer remember it. That code also worked out satellite tracks and footprints on the earth's surface. It was pretty cool when I got it working.
What I'm thinking right now is something like:
Of course when I go to n-body, orbits are no longer closed anyway so maybe I should just accept the forward solution and not worry about accumulated errors. But I'd still like to know if there's an answer to my question.
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2023.06.09 17:29 DRmanhattanJR [For Sale] Chat Pile, John Frusciante, Manchester Orchestra, Fugazi, Tyler The Creator, Westside Gunn, Curren$y, Harry Styles, Idles, Slift, Sault, and several items $18 and below

Looking to sell some records as I am running out of space. Someone should've told me that having 500+ records wasn't a great idea in a smaller home... :D
Shipping is $3 from Detroit, MI. Records are sealed unless noted otherwise below. Open to reasonable offers, as well. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

Anderson .Paak - Malibu - (orange with white splatter) - $25
Bad Brains - Bad Brains - (yellow and red lightning bolt) - $25 (slight seam split)
Chat Pile - This Dungeon Earth / Remove Your Skin Please - (clear with green and pink splatter) - $45
Chet Baker - Chet Baker Sings - (180g) - $13 (played once)
Curren$y & The Alchemist - Covert Coup - $50 sealed
Darkside - Psychic - (vmp; blue crystal ball) - $17 sealed
Darkside - Spiral- (glass) - $17 sealed
Daughters - Hell Songs - (brown transparent) - $30
Daughters - Canada Songs - (white) - $15
Escape the Fate - Dying Is Your Latest Fashion - (white opaque) - $40
Freddie Gibbs & Alchemist - Alfredo- (ttl; color-in-color) - $75
Fugazi - Instrument Soundtrack - $15
Harry Styles - Harry's House - $18
Idles - Crawler - (vmp; tan) - $25
Idles - Ultra Mono - (vmp; marbled) - $25
John Frusciante - Curtains - (red) - $65
Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts - $13 (played once)
Manchester Orchestra - A Black Mile to the Surface - (marble grey) - $50
Moor Mother - Black Encyclopedia of The Air - (black and white explosion) - $18
Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork - $20 (played twice)
Sault - 7 - (clear) - $30
Sault - Untitled (Black Is) - (clear) - $23
Slift - Levitation Sessions - (clear with black and silver splatter) - $40
Squid - Bright Green Field - (ltd; red) - $21
Summer Walker - Over It - $18 (played twice)
Tyler, The Creator - Call Me If You Get Lost - (alternate cover) - $23
Westside Gunn - Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf - (frosted) - $85
Westside Gunn - Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Side B - (ltd; beer) $85
Women - Rarities 2007-2010 - $16
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2023.06.09 17:29 Dodgy_chef_10 21yo wanting to make good financial choices.

I am 21yo and am working casually making around $1500pw after taxes.(This amount is very fluctuating can go to 1600-1700 and can also drop to 1100-1200). I am currently investigating about $250 everything week in variety of stocks which includes some US stocks and ETFs. Also, I got about $28k in BOQ savings getting around 5.25%, and $20k in stocks. What changes or additions should I make to my portfolio and where should I invest.
So the main question is what can I do to make the best out of my investments.
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2023.06.09 17:29 East_Celebration871 Worthy View Parking - for tipi village

Hi, wondering if anyone has tried to book worthy view parking for tipi village?
I’m staying in the Tipi Village with a group and I booked ordinary parking for myself as I’m travelling from a different bit of the country.
The others booked Worthy view parking and banking on being able to go from there through the pennard hill entrance to get in. Will be a short walk if they do.
I am just curious if they actually will be able to or will they be turned away and have to make their way to one of the PGs?
I have worked it before and remember walking through Worthy View and there are two sets of gates they need to get through, unless there is a way around, so not feeling confident for them with standard tickets.
Probably too late for me to do anything about it, just wondering what the deal is.
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2023.06.09 17:29 SeveralConcert What’s your current relationship with alcohol? And how has evolved?

I used to drink a lot until my mid 20s. After getting intoxicated once so bad, I decided no more black outs. Since then (currently 38) I’ve been drunk once or twice, with no black outs, but I still get this terrible headaches the next day so I try to avoid it especially during the week.
I also get extremely horny but I get difficulties to achieve orgasms.
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