Quadra trac 2 problems

[Bug] Mobile game is unplayable - crashes on iOS since ground item/loot tracker update

2023.05.29 05:10 DeathCultApp [Bug] Mobile game is unplayable - crashes on iOS since ground item/loot tracker update

App crashes seemingly randomly. I play maybe 2-4 hours a day on an iPad when I’m in bed or multi tasking. Never had this problem until the new update to the mobile client. Happens on phone and tablet. Looked to Reddit and found other threads with people talking about this. I average a crash about once every 45 minutes. Seems like if there is more people around, it is more likely to crash. GOTR will crash the game every 20 minutes or so. But even afk fishing or for example giant mole today, my client randomly crashed 3 times.
Other people have confirmed this happens to them too, some say lowering fps helps or disabling certain settings, but I don’t see a difference. The game is pretty unplayable, as you can only do non dangerous content that doesn’t rely on time constraints (mini games etc).
It’s an instant crash, as in the app just closes instantaneously, usually right as I perform an input. When I boot it back up, it allows me back on my acct within 15 seconds (unlike a d/c), and I have to re-enter bank pin.
I am just baffled that I’m not hearing more about this. Either it only affects certain devices and the problem isn’t as widespread as I’m assuming, or I just haven’t seen people complain about it other than a couple Reddit posts with a dozen replies.
If anyone has any input or advice on how I can fix it on my end I’m all ears, but after seeing other people’s posts, I came to the conclusion it’s not a hardware problem, especially how this suddenly started after that recent update.
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2023.05.29 05:09 tonytheshark Unexpected/Spontaneous feline aggression toward owner

TL;DR version up front:
Our cat (5, male, neutered, indoors only) has viciously attacked my wife twice and shown signs of aggression several other times in the past two months. We believe the reason is due to a brief fight with an outdoor cat that got inside (no injuries). He only attacks when she picks up one of our other cats around him, maybe confusing who she's holding for a foreign cat, and he attacks HER, not the other cat. He has reacted strangely/aggressively(?) when I myself have done the same, so it's not her in particular.
He has no other behavioral or health problems. He does not show aggression when he sees cats through the window outside. He is an amazing, sweet and loving cat outside of these handful of incidents that we are trying to make sense of. (All of our cats get along fine with each other btw)
Does anyone have any experience with a feline behaviorist? What was the experience like, what to expect? Any recommendations in central Texas? Or any online resources for treating redirected aggression?
Detailed version:
My wife and I share a house with our four cats: six-month-old female kittens Mimi and Melon, and adults Marco (5yrs, neutered, indoors only) and Mau (4yrs, neutered, indoors only). A couple of months ago, neighborhood cat Kiki invaded our home, triggering a fight with Marco. This was Marco's first violent encounter, leading to an immediate burst of displaced aggression towards my wife. (Incident #1, two months ago) He had never had any experience remotely similar to this for his entire life leading up to this.
After Incident #1, Marco returned to his usual loving demeanor. A little later, Melon and Mimi were isolated upstairs post-Melon's spaying surgery (Mimi was locked up with Melon to keep her company). After about a week of isolation, Mimi unexpectedly emerged downstairs, surprising Marco in the same location where his skirmish with Kiki had occurred. This surprising encounter rekindled Marco's aggressive behavior, resulting in him attacking my wife as she quickly picked up Mimi in order to return her to her room. (Incident #2, one month ago)
Though Marco's behavior returned to normal for a while after Incident #2, he attacked my wife again today when she bent down to pick up Mau. (Incident #3)
Our only theory so far is that Incident #1 might have left an emotional imprint on Marco, causing him to associate the location where it happened with the feeling of aggression. Incident #2 overlapped enough with Incident #1 (same location, and a similar experience of seeing a cat he did not expect) to not only trigger aggression, but to also expand his triggers to include certain stimuli from Incident #2 (like picking up another cat in front of him).
Several hours after Incident #3 today, I picked up Mau in front of Marco to test Marco’s response. Marco did not attack me, but he did meow in a strange (maybe tense?) way. It was a strange meow that we basically never hear from him. To us, this supports the hypothesis that seeing another cat being picked up, is likely indeed one of Marco’s triggers. (We assumed we probably pick the cats up in front of the other cats all the time, but it turns out maybe not)
This is just a theory of course, as we are not experts. If anyone has any other ideas about what could be going on here, we’d love to hear from you.
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2023.05.29 05:08 Screwbedo Unexplained restarting

Unexplained restarting
*Getting random restarts, specially after gaming. (Never happens while gaming)
*50% of the times, drops the Intel UNDI screen after restart.
What amazes me is that it never restarts while gaming and computer is hot, usually happens within 5 minutes after gaming. Does that randomly, sometimes on first startup of the day and 3times in the row.
Computer is Alienware 15 R3 laptop Intel Core i7-7820HK 4 x 2.9 - 3.9 GHz, Kaby Lake. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Mobile. Memory. 16 GB. Display. 15.60 inch 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixel 141 PPI, glossy: no. Storage. 512 GB SSD
What could be the problem..!? SSD? Ram? Precessor?
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2023.05.29 05:08 Humble-Ice-545 AITA for asking my brothers fiancé to bring my kid with her so my husband could get a break?

We live in a duplex. My husband, myself and our daughter on one side and my brother, his fiancé and their 3 kids on the other side. My brothers fiancé doesn't work and neither does my husband. Both due to medical issues (she has kidney and liver problems that cause severe swelling in her joints so she needs to be elevated a lot and my husband has a really bad back and is due for surgery soon but he just ruptured another disk and is in a lot of pain). I work overnights (6pm to 6a) and my brother works (6a to 6p). Neither me nor my brother mind being the bread winners. We both love an appreciate our spouses for all they are; ailments and all.
Well, my brothers 2 older kids are off with their grandmother on a mini vacation a state over and they kept their youngest boy (6) home. He has pretty severe separation anxiety, ASD and ADHD so he chose not to go and stay home with mom. I know she wanted to have alone time with him and I completely understand so maybe I was wrong in asking but when I saw her getting her son ready in his beach gear for their "mommy/son" day, I reached my head out and asked if she could take my daughter (12). She said "Nope, I'm only bringing my son" and laughed a bit, so I assumed she thought I was joking and so I asked again. I said "I have to leave for work and Chris is in so much pain tonight that he just wants to be able to relax". She lost it a bit. She said "What the fuck ever. Tell her to get her bathing suit." I followed her to her car and said "you don't have to, it's fine. I just figured Heath would want someone to play with" and she goes "I obviously do have to. I said no and you decided to ake that as an opportunity to manipulate me by using your husband's back pain as a crutch. Just tell my niece to get ready." She did end up taking my daughter.
Well, I just got a text from my brother a bit ago and he was blowing up on me because he said I was ignorant for continuing to push his fiancé after she blatantly said no because she was trying to get alone time in with their son. He said that he is tired of his fiancé "being backed in to a corner" and not being respected by me? I'm at a loss here.
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2023.05.29 05:07 SiteRevolutionary273 I(19f) resent my life

I think I will come off as spoiled so I apologize.
As the title says, I resent my life. Quick run down to catch up, sorry for the bad grammar. I'm a sophomore, going into my junior year of college. I grew up with an abusive father, lovely mother and brother. Mom remarried to my step-father, grew up bullied with a lot of racism. I went through a lot of CBT for cPTSD and for *possible* bipolar but it was never confirmed. Was prescribed Lithium, severe symptoms, got off of it. Got prescribed Vyvanse, got addicted, my psychiatrist insisted I stay on it. You get it, sappy backstory and whatever.

My sophomore year of college was hard for me. I was rooming with my best friend after having a big argument about me getting SA in freshman year -- she believes that since I'm bi, SA from a girl is not possible. After, I found out my uncle who raised me for a long time has late stage cirrhosis from heavy alcoholism since a child. My grandma got breast cancer again. My mom kept calling me to "keep me updated", essentially crying about how they're dying and giving up on life. My roommate/bestfriend became verbally and physically abusive towards me. My significant other (19m) who was my superior at my work became emotionally abusive. I cut them out. I lost my health from bronchitis several times then lost my health insurance and got pneumonia. Got my health insurance back, my roommate gave me a concussion and I developed Broca's aphasia and vertigo. I'm pre-med and my teachers weren't understanding so I was just grinding out work, crying, etc.

I got home and was relieved to finally relax. First I had to deal with withdrawals from Vyvanse and Adderall. I let everyone know I needed space and just hid out, not eating and crying for a couple days. Then this is where I started to resent everything.

My mom is amazing, 10/10 woman who overextends herself and is very empathetic. But our family relies on her, so she relies on me as her personal therapist. For mothers day I took her out, bought her gifts and she cried. She confided that she hates my step-dad (he was on a business trip) and how he never takes care of heshe hates her life. she always tells me how she wants to run away and what not. My mother got sick due to some rare condition where the nerves in her pelvic area give her severe pain (I'm not sure of what the condition is). She then got a UTI that went into her kidneys and one day I wake up to many missed calls from my stepdad and grandma that I need to take her to the hospital ASAP. My mom refused to go and claimed everyone was lying... shortly after she broke her tooth. The days after that my step-dad came home but when I would wake up I was just alone in the house.

All of this is fine, it really is. I wish my mom would take care of herself but she doesn't. I'm an adult I can cook for myself and take care of myself. But I just became numb. A couple days after, my resting HR was 180 and I just turned off my feelings. All I felt was just resentment. I wish my mom would get a therapist and take care of herself. I can't fix her problems and she won't even listen to me. I internalized what my mom said about my stepdad and I just started to hate him. Everytime my mom or anyone cries all I can think is how I can't stand it anymore. I never dealt with any of my past trauma from the year, I thought I could deal with it later. I have summer classes starting in 2 days and I'm exhausted. I hate taking Vyvanse, I don't really eat or sleep its bothersome. I'm not suicidal, I have too much responsibility taking care of my family. But I am infatuated with death. I just fantasize about dying and being reborn so I can run away.

I was going to post this but then my mom called me over, asking "why do you hate me so much". I told her essentially that I can't handle all of the trauma related topics, I wish she would take care of herself, I can't be happy while everyone around me is so depressed, etc. She told me that she was sorry because she should have known I wouldn't be able to handle listening to her. I got really frustrated, ik I can't handle it but I suggested she get a therapist -- I'm the only person she can talk to. She told me that I'm an adult and I should be able to take care of myself without their help. I do agree but that wasn't what I said.

It was frustrating, I was being ignorant but idk. I'm going to work in a job I don't care for. Overwork. I am terrified of having kids -- I had a young abortion. I feel like everyone around me is dying. I don't have any friends. I don't know how to move out. I could bare it all but I'm starting to realize even true love doesn't exist. Honestly its silly but I read a lot of romance in hopes that I could at least have a loving partner (all the relationships modeled around me are abusive with my parents, grandparents, uncles, etc). I just resent everything, it's all so pointless. I just can't feel anything, I feel empty but numb.

I'm rambling I apologize. I bought a Pokemon card at a book store and I got happy so there's that :P, thank you for reading. I did drink (alcohol) so I apologize if this is unorganized.
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2023.05.29 05:07 MeepBeepSheepowo WTT 2 3x5* for ~9 x 5* ASIA account with deadlinks (lowers value)

1 yae, zhongli, Jean, 20 something AR Asia

2 Nahida, Nilou, Tignari, 30 AR NA

These accounts have no problems, dm for offers.
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2023.05.29 05:07 ThrowRA16993 Update: My GF (30F) is mad at me (27M) for not wanting to put her name on the title of the house

Hey everyone, just wanted to update you all on what happened, so my original post was regarding me and my girlfriend buying a house together and her getting upset that I didn't want to put her name on the house title. As a brief summary, my GF and I have been together for 10 months and started to look around for houses after about 6 months together. But our relationship had moved very fast and we moved in together after 1 month, so we have spent more time together than some couples that have been together for 2 or 3 years. Not sure if this matters though. I have a very stable, high earning job and she was initially earning a lot when we first met, but fairly soon after she had to change careers and now her income is very unstable. We found a plot of land to build a house worth 1.1 mil. I put all the money onto the down payment though my GF's mom promised she would contribute 300K. A discussion with her about rights to the house caused her to feel hurt and then her mom intervened and said some very manipulative things.
Original Post
I reminisced about our relationship:
- She is extremely sweet and caring 99% of the time. When we first met, she bought me an iPhone and would buy me thoughtful gifts all the time, even later when her finances were not doing as well. She is also extremely affectionate and even now always displays her affection to me (even when I'm not paying attention). Some have said this is lovebombing, though it has been consistent throughout our entire relationship.
- That 1% was her being upset or frustrated and her tone of voice would be condescending or disrespectful, though we were always able to settle our disagreements very quickly. She was and still is a very reasonable person to talk with and I feel like we can work together as a team to solve problems.
- She is very emotionally mature and often knows me better than I know myself. I have learned so much by being with her and feel I have become a more caring person and in some ways, more confident and capable.
- She is very thoughtful and always remembers the little things about me. She remembers all my favorite snacks and buys me them every month (until recently when finances were a struggle).
- Overall when I was with her, I felt happy and full of love. We were basically inseparable. I took a trip with her recently and made unforgettable memories.
The BAD:
There were a number of red flags - our relationship moved very quickly - we moved in after 1 month of seeing each other. We were spending all day every day together with no boundaries. She had planned out opening up a clinic with me (as the doctor at the clinic) with a 10 year rental contract, which I would be locked into and responsible for paying overhead. I learned soon after we started dating that she was making a lot of money by working for this wealthy doctor who had a romantic interest in her. She cut off all personal contact with him after meeting me, though continued to work with him professionally even after he confessed to her, for 2 months. She told me she worked with him until she could find alternate jobs for her friends who worked under her, but it was still suspicious. That said, she never hid anything from me and I always felt I could ask her anything about this.
She told me very early on (about 2-3 months in) that she knew I was "the one" and wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. She wanted to get married but said she would wait for me whenever I was ready. While this felt nice, I also felt it was suspicious she was so ready to commit after only a short amount of time. She has always been a very headstrong confident person who didn't question her decisions.
After reminiscing and then sitting at home alone, my heart felt empty without this person. I couldn't reconcile the person I knew and loved from who she could be on the inside, if she really was after my money.
I texted her that we should break up and then found a time in person to talk and exchange our belongings. I brought up all of my concerns and told her that I simply cannot trust her anymore. To her credit, she was very respectful and gentle. It was difficult for me to face her, especially as she was extremely tearful and looked like she hadn't eaten or slept in 2 days. Despite this she kept a "loving" smile on her face. On the surface, she seemed genuine.
This is how the discussion went:
- I told her that her mom was extremely disrespectful to me especially saying that I shouldn't listen to my friend's advice and that I was selfish and coldblooded to bring up the issue of the house title, and rushing me towards marriage/kids
She told me that her mom was just very upset that I brought up the issue because in Chinese culture, it is considered very rude to sign any contract or separate out individual rights when it comes to property that is going to be a marriage home. She also said that her mom expected us to be married by the end of the year and so felt that the house ownership was a non-issue, and was just hurt that I mentioned having a plan in case we break up when to her, breaking up was not a possibility (since she had invited me to live in her home, it meant she already saw me as her son in law). Since she was hurt, she said hurtful things without thinking.
She also said that her mom was rushing us towards marriage and kids because her mom's health was not very good - history of cancer and felt very unwell, but was afraid to get checked, and didn't think she had much longer to live. She didn't want her daughter to be alone in this world if something were to happen to her. She also said her mom had heard bad things about this friend of mine who gave me the advice to have this conversation (since I told my GF that this friend of mine cheated on his ex girlfriend then got together with that girl, so her mother felt that my friends were a bad influence on me). She told me she herself never rushed me with marriage or kids (which is true) and its true that she told me she didn't even like kids in the past, but wanted them because I did. She said we could get married whenever I was ready, even if that meant she had to get a stable job first.
- I told her that I was very stressed about making the down payment on the house and I had brought this up with them, and they said they didn't have any money at the moment to help. To be fair, her mother helped me get an extension on part of the down payment (53K out of 203K) by talking to the builder, but expressed no intention to pay any of the down payment.
She said she asked me whether I had the money to make the down payment (and I said that while difficult, I did have the means to do so). And she said she fully intended to honor her mom's promise to pay 300K toward the mortgage, but the money was not ready yet. She also said that if it meant getting back together, she would be willing to take money out to pay for half of the down payment. I told her it was too little, too late, and that her previous actions suggested she had no intention to pay at all.
- I asked her why they started to look around for houses before they had gotten my agreement, and they said at the time they were just "browsing the market" without an intention to buy. At the time, I was on board with the decision to buy a house, though we didn't discuss any concrete plan for how we would split the mortgage in the future. Also since her mother had voiced about her culture that it was customary for the husband to buy the wife a house, I was concerned they wanted to put all the burden of paying for the house on me. I expressed that I felt unsupported by her during this time.
She said she did ask me if I would be able to pay the mortgage in the future and showed me some calculations of the future mortgage. I told her it would be difficult and I may need her help, and she said she would help as much as she could, but it wouldn't be 50-50. I was okay with that. However, I told her that based on the fact that they didn't help me with the down payment, and she doesn't have a stable job right now, I could not count on her to contribute to the house in the future. She promised me she would look for a stable job in the next few months, and that we didn't need to buy the house if I didn't feel ready.
Through it all she was very tearful and seemed genuine, and I was almost swayed. She brought up all the good memories we had and soon enough I couldn't hold back my tears. Both our places were filled with the memories of things we had done and bought together. She told me she respected my decision and told me she hoped in the future I would trust my heart and not let others (family and friends) make decisions for me. We both wished each other the best in the future and parted ways. It was kind of open ended because I did not say that there was no possibility of getting back together in the future. She told me she would wait for me if I ever changed my mind.
Afterwards, I went home to my parents house and analyzed everything that had been said, and all came to the conclusion that even though there was a chance I was wrong and I just let go of someone who truly loved me with all their heart, that there were too many red flags for me to ever fully trust her again. Also, this was the second time I had discussed breaking up with her (the first time was due to opening the clinic after 3 months, which she agreed not to do anymore, so I gave her another change). So I felt there was no returning from this. Also, my parents reassured me that I am still young and have lots of opportunities, so no need to dwell too much on the unknowns.
In the end, I feel that I made the right decision, although I am lying if I said I didn't have any lingering doubts. Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.29 05:07 anttampsuspemeter YTL China manufacturer prepaid meter Smart DIN rail Singlephase 2 Wire IR Remote Prepaid Electronic

YTL China manufacturer prepaid meter Smart DIN rail Singlephase 2 Wire IR Remote Prepaid Electronic

YTL China manufacturer prepaid meter Smart DIN rail Singlephase 2 Wire IR Remote Prepaid Electronic

The STS code type prepaid electricity meter realizes electricity sales without media, and the electricity is recharged to the electricity meter through a 20-digit encrypted code, which has high security and is not easy to be cracked. Prepaid electricity meter, pay first and then use electricity, effectively solve the problem of difficult charging, when the remaining power is insufficient, it will automatically alarm to remind users to recharge in time
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2023.05.29 05:06 pochacco111 Where is Ms. Kitten???

Where is Ms. Kitten???
I am 99.9% sure I’m in the right spot, today is Sunday and it is between 10 am - 2 pm in game. At this point am I the problem??? Like…I don’t understand why this is so difficult 😭
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2023.05.29 05:06 CaliforniaGirl997 Its my birthday

I turned 26 today and spent the entire day inside, avoiding death. After not eating anything yesterday + drinking insane amounts of tequila, I am so blessed to be alive. The pain was/is absolutely excruciating. Felt my body shutting down, my consciousness and soul leaving my body... projectile vomiting all over the floor, unable to move or even speak. Couldn't even keep water down. After hours of this brutal agony, I was able to drink 1/2 a beer and tiny sips of tequila. I just took a Clonazepam because I can't stop shaking from the withdrawal. I've been drinking since age 14 but its been a daily thing for... I don't remember how long. I'm 5'6 and around 130lbs, and yet my tolerance is so high that I can go through an entire handle in a day or two. I have problems breathing and daily chest pain / arrhythmias, so I'm honestly really scared to sleep tonight and maybe not wake up. My high school sweetheart was murdered on his birthday last year in July. He wanted to see me for my last birthday and had a gift for me, but I made plans with someone else. I'm kicking myself for it now, since I will never see him again. The last time we spoke was when I called him to say Happy Birthday, and he died 2 hours after our conversation. I don't want to make this post too long so I'll stop here, but this was definitely a wake up call for me and I'm hopeful to begin this second chapter of my life without alcohol.
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2023.05.29 05:04 ineedrevenge1199 I want revenge on the guy my girlfriend cheated on me with. Please convince me why I shouldn't

Please tell me if there is a better suited subreddit for this.
My girlfriend [referred to as "Y"] of 2 years and I were going through relationship problems related to not being able to emotionally support each other. She works at a restaurant and there's a coworker [referred to as "Z"] of hers who she's really close to and has gone to to talk about the relationship and work. I know about him, and have met him once and I'm always supportive of her having friends because of things in her past that I won't mention (as I don't believe it's relevant). "Z" has a girlfriend [referred to as "M"] overseas, and who he is also having relationship troubles with.
She told me that she went to his place (which is OK to me. She's been there before and I felt secure with her and trusted her 100%), and they were talking about their relationships. She told me this is how it went down: Y and Z were in the living room talking about the relationships. Z asked Y if she wanted to go to his bedroom, to which she said "I don't know". Eventually, they went to his bedroom and they were both "unsure". They ended up having sex, with only her skirt being taken off. She told me that during it all, she was "numb" and didn't feel anything at all and after that, she told him that it meant nothing. She hasn't contacted him ever since and told me that she plans to meet up with him outside work soon, to clarify that it meant nothing and that I want to meet him.
I had no suspicions at all, but she brought it up one night to me and sounded very regretful. I know she's also in the wrong, but I just feel like he took advantage of her in her emotional state.
Now, this is where the main point of me making this post is.
A little about me: I'm usually a very timid person, and I'm currently working in a full-time office job where I'm starting to progress. I'm a really passive person and have never been one to speak up about anything and have always avoided confrontations - I'm pretty much a wimp - but this has made me really fucking angry. I told her to tell him I want to meet up because I want to clarify some things, and make sure that he tells his girlfriend "M" about everything.
I have a lot of things to ask and to say, but right now, I feel very violent. I've never been violent before, but I really feel like beating the shit out of him. I feel like if I see him, and after I ask everything I want to ask, I'm really going to beat the shit out of him and although I've never had experience fighting, I don't care. During our meetup, I'm going to tell him to take out his phone and let his girlfriend know about what he did. I've already gone online and collected her instagram, her facebook and her email. If he doesn't do it on the spot, I've already prepared a translated (which I paid for) message to send to her socials explaining everything to make sure he doesn't warn her in advance of "some crazy guy trying to ruin the relationship". He's not wrong, I really want to ruin his life.
I'm wondering what everything thinks of this situation, and about my meetup with the guy? I want to say really hurtful things to him, and hurt him physically (not to the extent of disabling or killing him. Just hurting him for sure). I believe it's also not my place to tell his girlfriend, but I will if he doesn't. I feel like this is all wrong of me, but I don't care because I want revenge (even though I know hurting someone is bad). Can someone please tell me their thoughts on this situation, and potentially convince me not to go through with something?
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2023.05.29 05:04 CaptainKursk Why Aston Martin should consider replacing Stroll next season

To say that nobody expected Aston Martin to be as successful as they have this season is perhaps the understatement of the century: in the span of 6 months, the AMR23 has gone from being 6th to 2nd, only bested by the mechanical monster that is the Red Bull RB19. Flying past Alpine & McLaren to completely leapfrog the midfield and 2 of the traditional "top 3" teams in Ferrari and Mercedes has been an absolutely phenomenal sight to behold, spearheaded by the indomitable Fernando Alonso. Almost 42 years old, the Spaniard's ability to defy the very laws of time and ageing is truly astounding to witness, and he continues to be the same elite-level racing driver that he was the last time he won a Grand Prix 10 years ago now. As a result, Aston Martin sit 2nd in the Constructors standings and by all accounts look to be the best team on the grid not named 'Red Bull'.
That is, except in one respect: driver lineup. In 6 races so far, Fernando has recorded 5 podiums - four 3rd places and one 2nd place. By contrast, Lance Stroll's best result is Fernando's worst (a 4th place in Australia), with the remainder being 6th, 7th, 12th and 2 DNFs. Not even halfway through the season, and Alonso's points tally is nearly triple that of Lance's - 93 to 27 - and a 6-0 qualifying record in favour of the Spaniard adds further insult to injury. By every metric, it would be almost patronisingly obvious to state that Aston Martin's success this season is mostly, if not wholly, down to Alonso.
Lance Stroll is a perfectly capable racing driver. Such a statement is indisputable given the Canadian has amassed 221 championship points and 3 podium finishes at the age of just 24 in machinery that until this season has been anything but field-leading in quality. One could argue that as of now, the Aston Martin driver lineup is the perfect blend of experience and youth, and the results thus far would initially appear to vindicate the team composition. But the disparity in driver performance, race finishes and points tallies are proof positive of a problem at Aston Martin - one that is not cause for immediate concern, but nevertheless continues to germinate and grow with each race weekend.
Aston Martin has achieved the position of the 2nd best team so far this season, but the lead they hold is a narrow one - just a single point seperates them from Mercedes in 3rd, and though Ferrari trail in 4th by 30 points, all it takes is one bad race weekend and a freak double-DNF for that gap to vanish. Alonso's contributions to the team is indisputable, but Lance's may soon be called into question. Ironically, I raised this very point months ago before the season began in a post analysing whether McLaren, Alpine or Aston had the best chance of winning the midfield battle:
"In many ways Lance Stroll is the embodiment of AM ever since the Force India days - good enough to be clear of the backmarkers, and yet not really good enough to take that next step forward to ascend to the next level. He may well be the progeny of the team's owner and Commander in Chief but after finishing 7th in the championship for 2 seasons running now and 13th & 15th placed Drivers Championship finshes, if Lance doesn't make the jump needed to help push Aston forwards, it might well be time to ask the question of whether Papa Stroll makes an extremely hard call and replaces his son with a better driver. It might be a non-starter given the family connection, but if Aston really are serious about forward progression into the top of the grid, they cannot afford a 'Ricciardo-McLaren problem' whereby one underperforming half of their driver lineup hamstrings their efforts."
The fact of the matter is that if Aston are serious about pushing for the top spots in F1, they cannot afford to continue with Lance unless the Canadian begins significantly improving. He's a good driver, but not a great one who can help with championship pushes the way Perez and Bottas did for Red Bull and Mercedes in seasons past. Which brings us to the question of who could take the seat at Silverstone:
One name that immediately jumps out is Lando Norris. Ever since the heady days of 2021, the Brit has been stuck in something of a rut in a McLaren team that has failed to deliver machinery worthy of the driving ability that Norris has demonstrated time and time again. Should Aston Martin be able to maintain their newfound position as penultimate Constructor and McLaren continue to stagnate in midtable mediocrity going forward, the idea of Lando swapping the Papaya Orange of Woking for the British Racing Green of Silverstone is a very exciting proposition indeed. Similarly, Charles Leclerc could be a contender for the seat should the Monegasque finally reach his wits end with the organisational and strategy maelstrom of ineptitude that has been Ferrari for some time now.
What do you think? Should Stroll Sr. decide to persevere with Stroll Jr.? Or might it soon be time to begin window shopping?
submitted by CaptainKursk to formula1 [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 05:04 nvain72 Ssd nvme m.2 puzzled??

I have an Acer aspire 3 a315-58 i3 8gb ram 256 ssd. I only play 1 or 2 games, one runs fine, another is a little glitchy it’s Witcher 3. I figured installing a new ssd would fix that. Since the games are saved to the cloud I was just gonna do a fresh start. I bought a wd blue sn570 nvme 1t, the drive couldn’t be found when I booted it up with a usb with w11 so I couldn’t go any further. Thought it was the drive, returned that one, bought evo 970 500gb. Same problem. The laptop originally has a wd blue sn530 256g from factory, so I know it recognizes that type of drive. It just doesn’t recognize the new one I put in. The laptop only has 1 m.2 slot and 1 Sata slot. This is my first laptop and first computer experience, you may not understand what I meant but I need more info. Any would be appreciated. I have also checked the bios but storage configuration isn’t an option and neither is nvme, pcie, so I’m either gonna hope y’all can help, or I’m gonna have the new cloned somehow somewhere. THANK YOU IN ADVANCED!!!!
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2023.05.29 05:03 Edward2704 Don Jr. 2024 Montana Senate Race running against Jon Tester full mod writing (keep in mind that Don Jr. owns a ranch in Montana)

Italics = advisor feedback
  1. Congratulations Don Jr., after a contentious primary with Matt Rosendale and Greg Gianforte, you have emerged victorious in the Republican primary. What will be your opening statement as you pivot towards the general Montana senate election with Jon Tester?

  1. Due to the rural nature of Montana, the average Montanan spends more on gas than almost any other state in the country, and as gas prices continue to rise, what would you do to lower them?

  1. RNG. Your father, who is running for president from within a prison cell, has asked if you could attend one of his rallies that are being held from just outside his prison cell where he will be visible to the large crowd through the window of his prison cell in New York. Would you like to attend this rally outside the prison?

  1. Inflation continues to ravage the nation. How will you put an end to it?

  1. The destructive conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to go on. How will you put an end to it if at all?

  1. China has repeatedly made threats against Taiwan, and there have been fears that China might invade Taiwan. How will you prevent this from happening?

  1. There continue to be migrants and drugs that are flowing across the southern border. What would you do to stop this from happening?

8. Jon Tester, despite being a senator from Montana, one of the most pro-gun states in America, strongly came out in favor of gun control after the Uvalde shooting. What is your opinion on gun control?

  1. Abortion has become an increasingly important issue throughout America, how will you deal with this issue

  1. Now onto more state-centered issues. The state of Montana has an enormous amount of agriculture, farms, and ranches, and the amount they make has been decreasing. How will you plan to deal with this

  1. RNG Will you agree to debate Jon Tester?

  1. RNG You are meeting with Libertarian candidate Rick Breckenridge, to see if you can convince him to drop out and endorse you.

  1. There's no way around it. Although you own a ranch in Montana, Montana is not your state of permanent residence and many view you as a carpet bagger. How do you plan to respond?

  1. Which Montana Republican would you like to go on tour with today?

  1. News has broken out about how your girlfriend, Kimberly Gilfoyle, has been fired from Fox News for sexual harassment. How do you want to do damage control?

  1. How would you like to attack Jon Tester if at all?

  1. One interesting idea that has been proposed by many Democrats is to put abortion clinics on Native American reservations, as their lands aren’t governed by the US. Montana has some of the most native reservations in the country. What are your thoughts on this?

  1. Not to talk too much about abortion, but a new bill has been proposed in the Montana State House that would criminalize pregnant Montanans for traveling out of state or out of the country to receive an abortion elsewhere. What are your thoughts on this bill?

  1. RNG. The Montana state legislature has just passed new laws banning Tribal ID cards and requiring you to present your address to vote, which Native Americans on reservations don’t have as a way to stop Native Americans, who disproportionately vote Democrat, from voting. What are your thoughts on this?

20. You have talked about reducing the amount of money that we spend to reduce inflation. Where would you like to make cuts in spending

  1. Jon Tester has attacked you with an attack ad of you speaking with your father and Rudi Giuliani at the Save America rally on January 6th where you tell the crowd to stand up and fight as they proceed to walk towards the capital and invade it. How will you react

  1. Montana has one of the slowest internet speeds in the country due to its rural location. Would you be willing to spend government money to increase the internet speed in Montana?

  1. Do you plan to pass more laws to engage in culture wars and ban drag story hour, and critical race theory

  1. What will be your ending message as this campaign draws to a close?

  1. Where in Montana will you spend your last days campaigning
submitted by Edward2704 to thecampaigntrail [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 05:03 x3tr47 I (18F) feel like I have this fat crush on my coworker (18M), but I'm in a committed 3 year relationship with my boyfriend (19M). I've felt like this in the past, but never to this extent and I don't want to lose the stability I have. Should I ride out these feelings or address them?

I (18F) and my boyfriend (19M) have been together since we were 15 and 16. He's the one person that I feel like really gets me and I think that we work together as a team very well. He's patient, kind, considerate of my needs, smart, and just all around worships the ground I walk on. He's truly everything I could ask for in a partner, but that's not entirely true otherwise I would not be having a crisis.
For background, I have only ever had one other relationship (ended very messy). I will not lie, I was going around looking for any male attention after that break up. The summer after this relationship, I met my current boyfriend and we got together a few months after meeting. We jumped into things fairly quickly; however, I genuinely liked him and I wanted to see where things would go between us. The past 2.5 years has been a growing and learning process for the both of us. There were a lot of lessons I have learned about trust and communication with him and I think that has only made our bond stronger. We have never gotten to the point where we have broken up or even spoke about it. Any argument that we have had has been resolved within a max of 2 days. I feel so comfortable about him and I feel like I just counldn't live without him (but I also said that about my ex).
I think my boyfriend is so attractive in my eyes, but that doesn't mean I don't look at other people and think they are attractive. But I feel horrible about it because I feel like I'm betraying him in a way. I know that me thinking attractive people are good-looking doesn't just go away, but I've been thinking about one of my co-workers a lot. I feel like he's everything my boyfriend isn't, but I don't just want to throw away a stable relationship for someone I just met a month ago. This co-worker is a few months younger than me and so far I feel he is far more childish and immature than my boyfriend. But there's just something about him that I just can't shake from my mind. I barely know this co-worker, but I can't help but go out of my way to make conversation with him or time when I leave so we can walk to each other's cars together. And to make matters worse, everything that I just said is a conscious decision that I make, but why? I've had random crushes on people before and they go away as crushes do, but I have a feeling this one will need more to die. My co-worker is just someone new and exciting that has many similar interests as me. Maybe I'm thinking too much into it and it's just feeding the problem, but I feel like I just needed to get these feelings out anonymously. If anyone has advice on my situation please do share. I feel confused and I'm honestly scared to talk to anyone about it.
submitted by x3tr47 to relationships_advice [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 05:02 No-Present6088 I (18f) Have a Crush On my Friend (28m)

This is a repost, it got deleted as spam :(
So I, (18f) have a crush on my 28 year old friend. I say "crush" but well, de nile is a river in Egypt...
I am not sure how to format this post so I shall divide it into sections:
  1. Why, when, and how
  2. concerns and instances
  3. advice needed
Why, when, how
This is an odd situation for me, I identify as demisexual/demiromantic, so it is very hard for me to form romantic attractions to people, to the point where I have questioned whether I am aro/ace. So I am not sure how to conduct myself in this situation. I don't want to give too much information as to how we met, as it would give me away (He is an active reddit user LOL). But I will say, we have many mutual friends and have been in each other's circles for the past two years, but we never conversed or hung out together until December of last year. He is very shy, quiet, and introverted. Which I am the completely opposite. To put it plainly, he has/had no social presence. To the point where I have no memories of him before he made it on my radar last December. We started talking and garnering more than an acquaintanceship with each other last December and have made it all the way up to a solid friendship. I hung around him when I had the chance (we would see each other multiple times a week) and I couldn't help but find myself attracted to him, emotionally and mentally. I will say, he isn't the most conventionally attractive, however I find him positively adorable. I didn't think much of my attraction towards him, I just thought we were good friends and I liked talking to him. Fast forward to February/March, and we got put into situations where it was just the two of us together. None of our other friends, just us. And we talked. Talked and talked, about how we grew up, about our likes and dislikes, our views on relationships, etc. We talked about anything and everything. He told me things he had never told anyone before, and I with him. I didn't realize I held deeper feelings toward him until the middle of April. I don't have much experience with liking people or relationships, as I had never been in a serious one. So I didn't realize the feelings I had was more than that of just friends. I realized when I was driving home one day and started smiling to myself when thinking of an interaction we had earlier, honestly it was like a slap in the face.
I like him because he is sweet, kind, he doesn't make me feel stupid when I ask questions, he has a nice smile, he is funny. We don't have much in common but that doesn't stop conversation from flowing between us. But we can also just sit in silence and be left to our own devices. And really all the little things...
Onto my concerns, which there are... many.
The first thing I will address is the age gap, and consequently our ages. Yes, I see a problem with our ages. We are in very different stages in our life, so the likelihood of anything happening is very very slim. I know some of you will think it is weird for us to be friends granted our ages, but given the context of how we met it isn't odd to me.
He probably see's me as just a kid, the chances of him liking me back is very very low. And I don't blame him. But in one of our many conversations he had said that ages don't entirely matter to him, as long as both parties are consenting adults. So I couldn't help but give myself some unwanted hope... also if we were to get together that would be very hard to explain to friends and family LOL. Also I feel that I should note, I did not start liking him until after I turned 18, and I was not flirting with him until so.
I also am moving in August for college. I will be in a completely different state, thousands of miles away, and we have both expressed our dislike for long distance relationships. So that wouldn't work out, even IF there were to be a chance of there being an "us".
Another concern is that I feel guilty for liking him. I feel like my feelings would burden him if he were to know of them. He and our other friends have thanked me for bringing him out of his shell and helping him be more out there. I didn't do it on purpose, and I don't see how I did it. All I did was talk to him and be friends with him. I worry that if he were to discover my feelings he would feel betrayed? I don't want him to question any interactions I had with him, and I don't want him to think I had ulterior motives throughout our friendship. Most importantly I don't want to make him uncomfortable.
The thing is I am not well versed with liking people, romantic affairs, or anything of the sort. I have a tendency to read into things and overthink situations. Where logically I know he meant nothing of it, but I can't help to think what if?
There was an instance where I texted him while drunk. I don't consider it a random drunk text because we had been texting through the day. And at around midnight where I had laid down to go to bed we started texting about the people we like... He started it, not me. So really, I had no choice but to break the rule and talk to my crush about my crush. He likes this girl who lives in another state, but he plans on doing nothing/getting rid of feelings for her due to it being long distance and he thinks she has no interest in him. And he was telling me about her a bit so naturally I started talking about my own crush. And I was drunk, so I ended up divulging some information that would have given away that he was my crush, but he is DENSE. Like DENSE DENSE. And when I mentioned ab my crush being dense he was like "yeah me too, I would need an announcement or something" which YEAH I gathered... Also, it shows because I tend to be obvious with my affections. Amongst my peers I can be seen as a 'bitch' because I don't often like people and I hold grudges (which yes I know it's bad). So a lot of our mutual friends picked up on the fact that I liked him. And he himself has not. Well anyways, back to the drunk conversation. He had ended up telling me a few times that I should just tell the "guy" I like that I like him, which hahahahahaha if I did, he would be surprised.
Anyways, we text A LOT. Granted I don't have the opportunity to see him anymore, so I have taken to texting him. And I do not text people. I'm not a big texter, I tend to be dry and maybe I will respond to you maybe I won't, it is something I need to work on. But we text, A LOT. And he would reciprocate. I would get responses within minutes if not immediately. But now, not so much. I had worried that I was overwhelming him. So I asked him if I was being too much, and he had said no, it could be a little overwhelming, but that was a him problem not a me problem. So I told him that I would dial it down and he said it was fine and that everything was good. But naturally I am a worry wart and I dialed it back. Only to notice that I was the one initiating the conversations. It was mostly me, not him. Which has discouraged me. But he still texts me first, so it's not as if we don't talk anymore (cue Charlie Puth song). So I am worried that maybe he did pick up on my crush? Which I doubt, but the possibility is still there.
There have been instances where he has shown that I am special to him, but I don't want to go into detail. As it would give me away LOL.
Advice Ive been given:
Anyways, I had told one of our mutual friends and we were on a 7 hour long call talking about everything from my situation to other happenings in our lives. But we ran hypotheticals and he helped me dive deeper into my feelings along with help me put my thoughts into words and such. And he gave me a few options:
  1. Tell him and see what happens, maybe lose the friendship we built. Break my own heart LOL.
  2. Keep the status quo, don't change anything. Possibly hurt myself in the process thinking of what ifs.
  3. Wait. See what happens, try in a few years. If the possibility arrises. Problem is I am highly impatient.
  4. I could also just move on. Flaw, in order for me to do that I would need to cut off all contact with him, which I do not want to do.
And yes, 2 and 3 are basically the same thing. However he did give me an option that I must never choose at all costs, which is to tell my crush the day before I leave in August and drop that bomb on him. Which goes to show how well this friend knows me because I did entertain that idea for a bit. He did tell me that if I were to tell him, it would be best to do after this coming Wednesday (writing and posting this on a Friday night), where I will see him at a get together. Either tell him in person that day, or text him afterwards.
My same age friends told me that I am crazy for liking a 28 year old man, which uhh yeah. I can't help to agree. And they told me to just get over him in anyway I can.
Really I know the answer I should probably choose, but well I want outside opinions. Granted you readers do not know every little detail, but still. Any advice? Any one who is in/was in a similar situation? Really anything... tell me how stupid and delulu I am, if you must.
TLDR; I have a crush on a guy 10 years older than me and I don't know what to do with myself.
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2023.05.29 05:02 AutoModerator [Get] Jim McKelvey (Foundr) – How To Build An Unbeatable Business Download

[Get] Jim McKelvey (Foundr) – How To Build An Unbeatable Business Download
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2023.05.29 05:00 Orphandestroyer98 Handle with Care 1

Memory transcript subject: Lani, Venlil Gardner Date: [standardized human time] October 25th 2136
Great Lani what have you gotten your family into they would say, why would you let a predator into your home they say.
“Alright I think that’s all” I look over at Chris. After the Federation bombed the Earth lots of humans were without parents. I decided I would let one into my family, I think it would be good experience for my daughter Vila. You know Vila and Chris apparently are near the same age so they should be able to go to school together if possible.
“Alright I’ll leave you to set up your room, call me if you need anything” I walked towards the door to exit the room shutting it behind me. When I adopted Chris the human in charge of the exchange program said that Chris was special, apparently there were people like Chris with something called autism, apparently it’s some kind of genetic thing with the brain such as their not as good with social situations but are better at problem solving or that they can get hyper focused on something and like to keep a schedule the same.
I talked it over with Vila and she agreed with it. She was scared at first but hopefully she and Chris can get to know each other better in the coming paws.
“HEY IM DONE SETTING MY ROOM” I got up from my seat and walked over to Chris’s room and opened the door. Chris had somehow set up the bed all on his own. Their was also this Tv with what I think was what humans called an Xbox. Their was also this table near the closet with a glass box with sand, rocks and twigs and a jar with what I think is dirt and plants.
“Looks good doesn’t it?” Chris stared at me my body shifted a bit, I was still kinda getting used to humans. “Hey Chris what are these things over here?” I pointed to the glass box and the jar.
“Oh those are just my pets and a terrarium I had” I looked over to Chris “a what?” .
“A terrarium is like a closed space where it’s a simulated environment, this one is in a jar and I have these plants in their with some springtails and isopods” I looked closely at jar and I could these little bugs moving around the on the dirt.
“Ok so what about that glass box with the sand?” Chris than walked over and kneeled down near the table. “This box is an enclosure for blue death feigning beetles, I keep them in this box because I just love to see what they do” I walked over to Chris and watched the beetles moving around on the rocks and wood.
“That is wonderful Chris hey what do you say you,me and Vila have something to eat alright?” I looked over to Chris and then he looked over to me “sure I am starved after all this” we then got up and head to the kitchen.
submitted by Orphandestroyer98 to NatureofPredators [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 04:59 Upper-Economics-7421 AITA for refusing to move out of my parents house after being given a notice?

I 19F have been living with my parents for my whole life mostly. I did bounce around in my early teens staying with other family members from time to time, but I always came back to my parents and never stayed with family longer than 6 months.
My parents charge me $300/month on rent and I work 2 jobs. The issue is, I have a boyfriend that I’ve been seeing for 2 months, and I really like him. We moved fairly quickly as I met him on a dating site, and I came into his life when he was in a really tough spot, which has caused me to be 2 months behind paying my parents. and i have a big heart so I had no problem helping. I’ve sent him $50 here and sometimes more whenever he calls and says he needs anything and recently I picked up my 2nd job and I asked him if it was okay that I use his account info so that my direct deposit will go to his account and that he will send me my paycheck amount whenever he receives it and he was shocked and asked if I trusted him this much and told me “in the future not to ever do this with men bc I can get robbed of my money” however I told him I fully trusted him and proceeded to do things the way I described.
Apparently, this infuriated my parents because they said this was the last straw, that I have no respect for their home, any morals that they’ve put in place for me and called me an embarrassment and said they couldn’t do it anymore with me or him and accused him of using me. They told me I had 2 months to find a place to stay, and gave me a notice in writing that I had to leave however I refuse to go and told them I won’t be going anywhere.
My parents feel that I’m taking advantage of my living situation and said that I should just leave and stop fighting it, however I told them they’d have to take me to court to get me out because I don’t understand why I have to leave.
submitted by Upper-Economics-7421 to AmItheAsshole [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 04:58 TicklishGyarados [F4A] Fandom verses - romance Oc x canon

I am looking for Rp partner and new friends. Indeed, I am looking for partners for Rp on the long term only. Please don't ghost, if you're busy let me know. Just as I would for you. I am looking for people who are sympathetic, kind, and understanding of my handicap.
I'm looking for people who would accept to play canon characters for my Oc women. I can do double Rp without any problem. Please don't play the canon too OOC. I would also make efforts on my side. We will always find an arrangement 🙂
I am French so please be patient with my English.
Some of my scenarios require the person to play multiple canon characters, as some of my Oc's are polyamorous. But in very unic case I'll be ok for you to play just one.
Lot of my prompts are alternative universe and I don't follow the canon stories 100%.
I am only looking for people 18+ because I am an adult myself.
Here are the fandoms I'm looking for:
*****Video games *********
***Manga/Anime *********
*****Movies************ - TWD: I'm looking for Daryl Dixon
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2023.05.29 04:57 TemporaryCampaign880 Help with apple trees

Help with apple trees
I have 2 apple trees that have something killing them. I had three trees but one is completely dead. The tops of the trees die out by late summer. Previously I have tried spraying fungicide on them and spraying permethrin. I am not sure what the problem is so I am just trying anything. This year I cut the tree to half its original size so I can spray the whole tree. They were about 2 stories tall. I have been spraying horticultural oil on it every other week since the beginning of April but that doesn’t seem to be working. Any help is appreciated.
submitted by TemporaryCampaign880 to gardening [link] [comments]