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For anything father-like you find while browsing social media. This can include dad jokes, random males saving children, or just a helpful tip like how to tie a tie.

2012.11.02 01:38 Where to go when you feel the uncontrollable need to talk like a pirate.

Need a place where you can talk like a scurvy pirate? Studying how to sound pirate-ish to blend in with your ship-mates? Bored and too lazy for sports? Then you're in the right place, matey!

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The original subreddit for Trap Production discussion.

2023.04.02 13:51 didgy1345 how to learn to deal with relationship anxiety?

Hi all, I (22F) have pretty severe general anxiety that I’ve had as long as I remember. I’m currently in my first long-term relationship of almost a year and I’m finding it hard to cope with how much anxiety i constantly experience about our relationship. some stuff i think anybody would stress about, without getting into their personal information they have C-PTSD and have been unable to afford therapy and associated with that is a fear of intimacy including even kissing, so our first year anniversary is coming up and i’m currently sobbing because i feel like so much time has passed but we still don’t even feel like a full relationship.
but even beyond that little tmi, if they’re grumpy one morning or if i’m stressed i immediately start spiralling about oh my god should we break up are we right for eachother etc. i find myself filling empty gaps in time with stressing about if they’re the one if we’re right for eachother if we got into this too early and stuff like that.
i can’t take conventional anxiety medication because of other medications i take for a seperate chronic illness and i’m still a few paychecks in my new job off from being able to afford to see someone so i’m just looking for advice on how people find ways to cope outside of those methods, at least for the time being.
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2023.04.02 13:51 Hamgus Skirting around power of attorney

Hi! I and my sibling are executors of my fathers will, and also named as enduring guardians and power of attorneys should my father not be able to make either health or financial decisions these are all set up so that we must act jointly. My Mother passed several years ago, and since then, my sibling has tried to have sole control of Dad’s affairs. Dad can withdraw money at the bank teller, but can’t use an ATM, manage his shares, or understand any of his financial affairs. I also recently discovered they (key sibling plus other 2) had Dad get a Visa debit and share the numbers with them. If I suggest Dad might need help with his affairs, they say he is great and can do everything himself. It’s clear they are have no intention of seeing the power of attorney enacted. So, my question is, what do I do? How does a power of attorney get enacted in a case like this? What responsibilities do I have?
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2023.04.02 13:51 DrToadigerr How would you fix Outlaw right now?

Outlaw is pretty underpowered right now, especially compared to its other rogue spec counterparts. With the massive CC overhaul coming in 10.1, their lack of identity is really gonna show since they'll be losing a lot of the power that a 1.5 min CD on Blind gives them.
While we shouldn't make them unkillable gods like they were in SL (or give them another way to abuse CDR), I do think they might have went a little overkill on the survivability nerfs. Float Like A Butterfly is still only .5 sec off Evasion per CP spent (after being nerfed from 1 sec in SL after it was introduced). They no longer have the conduit effect of Evasion's CD being reduced by dodging, or Cloak of Shadows's CD being reduced by successful kicks. Enduring Brawler no longer grants ANY stamina, it's only Sinister Strike proc chance now which I don't think a lot of people even realize. Outlaw had a baseline talent that increased Stamina by 10% at all times at the beginning of DF to compensate, but that is now down to 5%. So from a talent that was originally 20% stamina as a reward for staying in combat, nerfed to 15% during SL, had the stamina removed completely in DF but changed to 10% at all times, and then had their passive stamina buff reduced to 5%. Feint with Elusiveness is only 25% damage reduction now, down from 35%. Recuperator is no longer worth taking due to placement on the talent tree (used to be an easy conduit slot to take if needed). So now you have a spec that has no burst, sustained damage is moderate but compared to the insane burst in the current meta (and healers that keep getting tuned to have to deal with that), and is expected to stay in combat to get to 15 stacks of Enduring Brawler to really even come close to matching some other DPS specs in damage, but with significantly worse survivability.
That being said, Outlaw mobility is out of this world. Uncontested best mobility in the game, but it just doesn't matter on a spec that isn't threatening at all.
I think they should get at least one of the survivability nerfs reversed. Maybe make a new Outlaw-only PvP talent that mimics the old conduit. Or add stamina back to Enduring Brawler. I think those would both be better options than making Float Like a Butterfly back to 1 sec CDR or reversing the Feint nerf for all rogues. Or they could go really nuts with it and just add Cloak of Shadows to Float Like a Butterfly.
If they want to lean more into Outlaw's control, maybe there's also a world where they get a Silence. Perhaps a PvP talent that changes Gouge into a silence? Something to pick up into casters without giving them even more buttons to press.
Their new tier set is giving them a much needed DoT to keep SOME pressure on during CC/through Turtle, Thorns, etc. so we'll see how that fixes their massive vulnerability to Disarms/Parries/Dodges before looking to far into changing that aspect of the spec. But on a side note, maybe a nice flavor buff/PvP talent would be a unique effect on Dismantle for Outlaw that makes it ignore parries (since a swashbuckling pirate should be able to disarm someone while they're blocking, right?) Monks already ignore both parries and dodges with their disarm. And it basically just makes it so you don't have to burn your single Shadowstep charge to SS kidney or SS disarm. Since both other rogue specs have 2 charges on Shadowstep. Or just make it a baseline effect of Dismantle and take the spell away from Sub and Assa again so Outlaw can get that aspect of its identity back (having an advantage against melee, since the other two specs both already have a better matchup into casters thanks to Assa's silence and Sub's lock down and burst on cloth wearers in general).
There's a lot that can be done to help Outlaw without making it as OP and lame as the Shadowlands iteration at its peak. The big CC revamp coming next patch is a great opportunity to give them another look.
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2023.04.02 13:51 Due_Set7720 300+ Free Udemy Certificate Courses - PART 2 - 2/4/23

Part 2 :
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2023.04.02 13:51 player0614 Touch gestures question

Newb here, we know that C3 has the touch function. My question is, is it possible to have touch pattern recognition?
For example, i would want the player to make a "S" pattern using touch feature (and the system will execute a certain command after the user does a S pattern) If yes, would like to ask for help on how the logic works.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.04.02 13:51 ChrisX_212 Lauriel, Veda, and reactions

You know, I like Lauriel. I am very appreciative that she continues to be so compassionate and kind, representing the 'good angel' image. Even amongst Veda, who is considered... ahem. "THE MOST HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS LIGHT ORDER OF ATHANOR"
Well, I put some quotations because I do not turn a blind eye on just how hypocritical some members can be. Looking at you three main suspects: Ilumia, Gildur and Enzo. For some reasons, I have noticed a tendency amongst fandom to overblow the bad sides of the light faction. So, because Ilumia can be a nasty, high and mighty bitch, Gildur is a greedy arsehole, and... Enzo is a morbid and sadistic character with knight templar tendencies... it has a tendency to make people believe that Veda is nothing more than a bunch of hypocritical preachers, whereas their teachings aren't to be listened, and at least Lokheim is honest about being evil. They're represented by their dark sides, and their good sides are ignored as long as the dark side exists.
And that's what I'm talking about, especially on Lauriel. Unfortunately, her many many skins did not save her from how her lore isn't explored in great deal by Tencent, they had to depend on the manga for that. However, also with the manga put in consideration, it's still a fact that Lauriel is sincere in doing good and representing the good teachings of Veda and acting like it. And there are a lot of people who are genuinely good in Veda. Yorn, Jinna, Ignis (and maybe Xeniel too?)... they are trying to do good while under the banner of Veda. The Light Chasers (Laville, Rouie, Zata and Teeri) too.
Oh, and I should mention that in the latest chapters, at least Lauriel is still trusted by Sephera. As you know, one of her quotes is "I still believe in The Light. Just not those who claims to bring it." However, it looks like Sephera recognizes that Lauriel is a trustworthy lightbringer amongst the seedy ones she knows, so she trusts her words. (Wow, somewhat, I want a Lauriel-centric comic...)
So... why do people choose to forget that these people exist, and pretend that everyone there are like Ilumia, Gildur and Enzo (and as a reminder, I think Enzo is put under Lauriel's guidance, so she may be reeling his sadism)? That kinda does injustice to the characters. Like maybe unless Lauriel and the company executes a coup d'etat to remove the 'morally problematic' characters, only then the fandom would recognize the good in Veda.
But is such demand of perfection really the way? Personally, I don't think even Edras desires that in his teaching.
So yeah... for the lore discussion today, what do you think on Lauriel despite the existence of the bad seeds of Veda, is she still a shining example of goodness that shouldn't be ignored, or she should be put as an accomplice to Ilumia's (and the rest of the seedy ones) crimes because she never tried to find a way to put her down, power level difference be damned (therefore, she can be ignored)?
That'll be all for now. Happy discussing.
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2023.04.02 13:50 NeverStrayFromTheWay 36 [M4F] Cleveland, Ohio/Online. Nerdy loner looking for someone to mock the world with.

I hate writing these ads, trying to put myself into a tight presentable package always seems like such an impossible task. Any sufficiently complex person can not be summed up by a box of text, but here I am attempting to do that yet again.
I liken myself to Waldorf from the Muppets sitting in a balcony simply watching and mocking the insanity rather than participating in it. Mocking the world is more fun when you have someone to mock it with, so I'm looking for the Statler to my Waldorf. Alternatively, Randall from Clerks, taking nothing seriously and making endless pop culture references because I care more about dumb movies than dumb reality.
Like the characters I have compared myself to I find it hard to take anything seriously. Even when I am talking about something serious I tend to do it in a grimly sarcastic way. I am always trying to entertain myself, and sometimes other people get entertained along the way.
There's a certain rhythm I can fall into with a select few, witty repartee is the best way I could describe it. Certain people just get it, they know how to throw and to roll with the punches, these are the people I am hoping to find with my classified ads. I find the average person and the average conversation to be overwhelmingly dull and unfulfilling. I find a clever wit is the most important trait in a partner. It is incredibly difficult to get through a conversation with someone who lacks a sharp comedic wit.
I value honesty. Honesty is not simply telling the truth, honesty is also about being forthcoming. I am extremely forthcoming, I don't see a need to hide my thoughts or my behavior. Even things I feel ashamed of I am forthcoming about, my indignities are part of who I am and I am accepting of that.
I am a person who has become bored with reality and now drowns themselves in escapism. If I am a awake there's a good chance that I am playing at least one video game and/or indulging in other types of media. Video games have had more of an impact on my life than most anything else, I've been using them as my escape from the dreadfulness of reality since I was a young child. I am more interested in virtual worlds than the real one at this point.
I highlight comedic wit, honesty and escapism because these are the most important traits to me, and they are in order of importance. Seems I also have to highlight that I'm heterosexual and not looking for "just friends".
If you read this and you think "He sounds like me." then maybe we can escape this dreadful world together, or at least have a decent conversation here and there. Get in my inbox and let's start discovering each other's red flags.
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2023.04.02 13:50 IndividualHour3395 if paid in cash or just have a side gig or hustle servers, bartenders, valet parker ladies of night here if how to show 3x rent income to landlord or if moving to new city w no job n need pay stubs

For the unfortunate people that don't know of this place yet I'm about to tell you all about it what they do and how they get you approved. If you get paid in cash have a side hustle and don't make quite 3x the rent. Well, there is a solution for you I have been using it for 5 maybe 6 years they don't just make you pay stubs they will give you a job company that they own the website to on google so when the landlord looks it up he sees the job and number they answer the 888 number and a live human resources person will verify your start date and your pay rate to the prospective landlord it's genius the way they do it so if you don't make enough instead of using those cheap check stub generators on line that every landlord knows what they look like call or use this place (nine one six) six one three -three zero one ate any time day or night they do it all they will be your job references your current or old landlord dr notes service animal papers so you won't have to pay a pet deposit they do it all, I know have 100 percent trust in them but they will NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY WITHOUT YOU SEEING YOUR ORDER. Then after you see and approve it they will then release the password to you NO OTHER PLACE DOES THIS THEY ALL WANT $$ UPFRONT NOT HERE. They will go as far as placing your picture on one of the websites they own as a top employee they have many websites and jobs to choose from they are a blessing for real they have over 1800 5 star reviews but they just got started on Reddit you can find them proofofincome they are the mods. so if you are moving to a new state and need a letter of offer of employment written on a business letterhead and sent from a professional email this is the place to call. They also help with evictions ok broken leases felonies they have lists in so many cities and your job can be in any state as they are all but some mostly remote positions DO GIVE THEM A CALL OR EMAIL THEM BUT BEST TO TEXT docudoctors at g mail . com number above in the post please help them and repost this. These landlords asking 3x the rent is not fair. i have never made 3x my rent but i have also never been late on rent so that's just a crock they want to keep your application money for pizza Friday just think if 10 people apply and don't get approved that $750 landlord just made from applications. guys give these people a chance no money upfront money back guaranteed in writing will verify you work for one of their many google friendly companies and they have a loophole around those new places that use 3rd party apps like snappt, rental cafe, lock box ,and so many more they are legit you don't have to mention anyone sent you but for everyone that sends them a paying client they cash app you $25 instantly so imagine send them just 4 people a day that's extra 3k in your pocket we all know someone that is moving needs a dr note a receipt or so many things that they make edit create you anything from scratch thanks.
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2023.04.02 13:50 helptheyrealltaken I'm bloody exhausted

I've just started week 4 and even though i go to the gym and do moderate exercise, i am in no way fit at all.
My BMI is normal but my resting heart rate has always been very high and i always avoided jogging because it would shoot up and generally make me worry (i have asthma and am finally realising there is a difference between out of breath and asthma attack).
My health has rapidly improved in just 4 weeks and i don't get out of breath walking like i did. But one thing hasn't changed and that is how tired i am for the rest of the day after my run. It soesn't seem proportional to my efforts. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it get better?
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2023.04.02 13:50 gentlyjello Hypospadias - feeling violated

I think I have hypospadias, but most of the information available is for AMAB people, not AFAB ones. My urethra and vaginal canal both open into a shared channel for a few centimeters, neither are visible from the outside. My urethra is inside my vaginal canal and in order to access it you would have to also penetrate my vagina.
I feel.... I don't know. Kind of sick. I was in the hospital a few months ago and I had a catheter placed while I was unconscious. I have never known this about my body and I guess none of my doctors that knew have thought to tell me. I don't know if this feeling is even warranted but it's this sense of "someone put something in my vagina without telling me it ever happened"...? Like I get that I needed to be catheterized for medical reasons, but no one told me it was fucking in my vagina?? I was conscious for it being removed, it still wasn't mentioned. The woman just made me lay down and spread my legs, then she pulled it out. It fucking hurt. No mention of it being inside my vagina.
While I was in the hospital I was treated so poorly, including things like a tech trying to pull my catheter out because she didn't know catheters were internal and another tech literally throwing my catheter around. I just feel like 😐 very humiliated and dehumanized. I haven't felt like this before. I've always just been pissed about how I was treated, but it feels really different knowing these people were interacting this way with something that was in my vagina. It feels like a new low.
Idk I've been sexually assaulted before and I have a lot of trauma surrounding things being done to my body without my knowledge. So maybe I'm overreacting because of that. I'm not really sure what to do or where to go from here. I don't know what to do with this information about my body.
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2023.04.02 13:50 holeinsheet Is every single person [39F] [60F] [35F] [55M] surrounding me [26F] completely clueless?

(I believe these things about people in general, not every individual.)
I believe that it's thought that sexism towards women is so much more common than sexism towards men, across the world (especially in Muslim countries) and throughout history, even fairly recent history. (However my parents and sister told me it is more common but not SO much more and that sexism is not about hating women nor seeing them as lesser inferior beings, that it's about men having had the roles of power and control, because they were stronger so exerted strength to get them, etc. But that women were also thought to have a just as important role, raising a family in the home.) And they said violence against women is not about hating them, it's just that they are easier targets.
I believe it's thought that women like men as a gender more than men like women as a gender due to this. Because people think sexism means mistreating, hating, etc. And that it's thought women treat men better and with more respect.
I believe it's thought that women like men in a more well rounded way than men like women, because of sexism and because because people think men objectify women and "only want one thing" from women, and also that if you took sex away... men would prefer men in all other ways (they think women are unfunny, they think that men are superior, etc.) And I believe it's thought that men joke about hating their wives, but women don't about their husbands.
I believe it's thought that sexism towards men is only a thing as backlash against sexism towards women. So women who hate men hate them for how men treat women.
I believe traditional roles are not seen as equal but different and are instead seen as representing a belief that women are incapable and to serve men. I believe also that it's thought that women are defined by their relationships to men.
I believe that when men do typically female hobbies and jobs women propel them to success and praise them for the bare minimum (which they wouldn't do for a woman with the same skills), like drag queens and gay male makeup artists. But women doing typically male jobs or hobbies are held to higher standards, have to prove themselves more, are not given the same support and are even verbally abused or threatened online. (Female gamers, female Mps, in sport, female celebs, etc.) And that there are boy's clubs that are hostile towards women in male dominated workplaces, but not girl's clubs that are hostile towards men in female dominated workplaces. I believe that having female main characters, idols, etc is not something many men want nor can relate to, while male main characters, idols are fine for women.
I believe it's thought that women (especially teen girls) hate each other, get jealous, compete and have internalised misogny, but that men have stronger bonds, friendships and camaraderie. (Even though my psychologist told me that it's instead believed that women mostly support each other.)
My parents, sister and psychologist told me I was wrong about all of these things and that most people don't think these things, my sister identifies as a feminist herself. But online and on Reddit everybody has the same views as me.
submitted by holeinsheet to Advice [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 13:50 PiliGrande i made out with a random guy at a party while drunk and now i regret it

i feel so guilty because physical intimacy is something really special to me and i don't like giving it to someone i don't have an emotional connection with. i acted against my own values. how do you feel about something like this and do you have any advice?
submitted by PiliGrande to infj [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 13:50 Tschick_of_Cain Boyfriend turned out to be cheating with me & is engaged to someone else

A bit of a backstory about me: I have been forced into adulthood way too early and didn't get the chance to have any meaningful teenagehood as my mother was abusive and narcissistic which made my life a living hell. I spent months in a mental hospital as a teenager because of all the things my mom had done to me and I've been on anti-depressants ever since (I'm 27 now). All of the hardships of back then and the mistreatment and belittlement I experienced made it hard for me to tell red and green flags apart later on in life (especially wrt my romantic life).
Now to the current dilemma: I have gotten to know this guy on campus (when I was still in college) through shared courses and it has been a roller coaster of emotions ever since. He has always treated me well, with respect and kindness. When he wasn't feeling it, he'd just call me up to a some motel where we'd smoke, drink and do the deed. I was fine with such a life (as in: only engage with your SO for sex and fun time, but otherwise go your separate ways since that's how my parents were when they weren't thinking about how to look better than the other in whatever way possible) because I had never known any better, and never once wondered why he'd be fine with living life the way he was doing it. I just didn't know any better, tbh. Not even therapy had taught me better and even after learning how a healthy relationship should look like, it felt too daring to leave my comfort zone like that and correct my mistakes.
Anyhow, recently and through acquaintances, it has come to my knowledge that he had gotten engaged to a girl he had gotten to know at his workplace a while back and has basically been treating me as a sidepiece for when he felt down. Basically, a wh0re for free. Now, here I am, sitting in confusion and not knowing how to handle things. I kinda feel betrayed and sorta bad for the lie his fiancée is living in right now. Should I confront him and/or maybe give his fiancée a heads-up about it? Or should I just break up with him with no reason why?
Any advice or help is appreciated!!
submitted by Tschick_of_Cain to Advice [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 13:50 Randomfurryfemboy I’m not sure

So yeah do me and my bf both thought we were gay turns out I’m trans and he’s bi so we went into a straight relationship so anyways now he’s started to seem like closeted trans so yay me? Cute gay to cute les? So how can I ask without sounding mean or rude (before I get comments asking I’ll love them no matter what they identify as)
submitted by Randomfurryfemboy to lgbt [link] [comments]

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2023.04.02 13:50 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance (Latest Release)

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2023.04.02 13:50 GnastyGnorx Update: JNMIL was heartless about my prenatal depression

See my previous post here.
So it’s been two weeks since I told MIL and FIL about my prenatal depression and anxiety and I let go of all hope that they even gave it a second thought. But what happened today absolutely shocked me to my core and I just need to share it.
ILs called DH tonight. General chit-chat, blah blah, and then DH said “well, OP had a midwife appointment the other day, baby is fine but she is not”. They didn’t really entertain what he said, but he kept going and told them I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, low iron, and pelvic girdle pain in one session, and that I was also told I’m at high risk of postnatal depression.
Their answer?
“How are you handling it DH? You need to take care of yourself while OP is going through this”. I was absolutely gobsmacked. DH looked at me and wasn’t sure what to say and he got off the phone pretty quickly after that and apologised on behalf of his parents. I told him I expected them to ask if he was okay… but there was no mention of if I was okay. Not a peep.
DH has a shiny spine. He always has my back when it comes to MIL and FIL. He’s really stewing on this right now and I know he will eventually speak with them. I don’t expect my in-laws to bend over backwards for me but seriously? Not even a “is OP okay?” was uttered.
I’m dreading how they’ll be when LO arrives in the next couple of months. I’m lucky they live interstate but my god I just would not have them in my life if I had the option. They make me feel like dirt under their shoe. My phone will be blowing up when LO is born and I don’t know how I’m going to react.
submitted by GnastyGnorx to JUSTNOMIL [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 13:50 AutoModerator [Get] Paul Dang – Sales Legacy Download Full Course

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2023.04.02 13:50 Jaracgos r/WorldPolitics is no more; History of r/Anime_Titties


WorldPolitics has been banned!

We feel that with the loss of our spiritual ancestor, now would be a good time to celebrate it's memory. What follows is a timeline of events written almost three years ago.
A legend about how one user, with a single post, forever changed the landscape of geopolitical discussion on Reddit.

It is our creation mythos, if you will.

The Beginning: From Politics to Hentai

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020
Straight up anime titties hentai. Your move mods, let's see if you have the balls to remove my post.
was submitted by u/TheLoIiLicker69.
This post and it being later pinned is ground zero for everything that happened to WorldPolitics and started the first wave of off-topic shitposts: Hentai and Waifu- not e-thots, not Warhammer 40K.
Here are his motivations as he put them:
Over the past few days, several karmawhoring reposts of "upvote this picture of trump looking dumb" that blatantly break sitewide reddit rules have been upvoted to the front page of all and the subreddit kept getting spammed with them. Yes I understand there is basically no moderation here, but Reddit rule 4 literally says "asking for votes or engaging in vote manipulation" is prohibited. At the very least the mods should remove posts that violate sitewide rules. And no I'm not a salty Trumptard, the "uPvOtE rEpOsTeD pIcTuReS oF _____ cUz GoOglE" are just actual cancer. Look at the comments of any one of those posts, no one likes them. The mods were asked to do something about it but they flat out refused to do their jobs and ban or remove a single post on this subreddit. Thus, the sub has dissolved into chaos and is full of shitposters like me spamming it with stupid memes or straight up porn because the mods are too smallbrained to do anything.
Edit: every one keeps thinking I'm a salty MAGA Trumptard for some reason. Let me assure you that is not the case, I in fact despise trump as a person. All people wanted was for the mods to ban "upvote this picture of ______ so it shows up on google" posts because they are annoying and no one fucking likes them. This is worldpolitics not WeHateTrumpCirclejerk, go shit on Trump in one of the sanders subreddits they love that stuff.
Edit 2: also for everyone saying this is child porn please kindly check your eyes and tell me what child you've seen with these bountiful pair of double D titties. Not to mention this character, Aki Nijou, is literally a mid-20s school nurse in the anime Maken-ki so she's 100% legal. Kindly stop spamming my inbox saying she's an "age indeterminate teen."
Thursday, May 7th 2020
In exasperation from the influx of porn and hentai shitposts, the moderators set /worldpolitics to private. This was only a temporary action but when the subreddit opened back up it had seen a substantial moderator exodus and a few newcomers.
New WorldPolitics moderator u/FreeSpeechWarrior had this to say on another subreddit, WatchRedditDie:
Nah it got privatized because a recently added mod went rogue and added some of the protestors as mods who then locked down the sub, made it NSFW, stickied hentai etc... I've reverted the damage. We let people post what they want within the rules of Reddit and don't try to exercise any control over the discussion beyond what the admins require of us. If people want to post about US Politics / Trump (whether for or against him) in Reddit's most unrestricted political/news sub then they are welcome to do so. If you don't like the content in worldpolitics you can vote it down.
Part of the 'damage' that was referred to as being reverted has been confirmed to have been removing from the mod team long-standing moderator u/ilvisar (alt) along with u/TheLoIiLicker69, who had served mere minutes. The name was also reverted back to its original state from being temporarily christened 'WorldPolititties', and u/TheLoliLicker69's post was removed from sticky.
I have been able to substantiate this through off-site interviews with u/TheLoIiLicker69, a comment on a selfpost, and through the collaboration of fellow journalists mentioned below.
Discord Quote:
"i was never supposed to be a mod and I was only there for 20 minutes before I got removed lol. The only reason I got to mess around with the sub was because one of the actual mods ilvisar was also tired of the orange man bad karma farming hellhole that worldpol was turning into, so he added me to screw with it together."
Comment Link:
Thursday, May 7th 2020
I'm the former mod of worldpolitics that made it a hentai sub before I was booted, AMA
was submitted by u/ilvisar.
This was an AMA posted to casualiama in which a booted moderator, using an alternate account, answered users questions on the events happening on his former subreddit.
Post Link:
Thursday, May 7th 2020
Rate limiting is in effect
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
It limited submissions to two posts per hour to try and cut down on spamming. The limit was later lifted and the post edited to reflect, but I am unsure exactly when the edit was made and the limitation removed.
Thursday, May 7th 2020 -
Anime_Titties was chartered by u/M1chaelSc4rn, with u/TheLoIiLicker69 as a moderator, to be the new home for discussing world politics. Its governing rules were set in place on his post titled “What is and isn't allowed regarding posts related to the U.S”.
Note from the Author:
This is actually a great sub. Please join in. No Shitposting.
Subreddit Link:
Thursday, May 7th 2020
The Chronical of worldpolitics anime_titties and PearlsOfAnimeTitties"
was written by u/TheAmazingKyla on /PearlsOfAnimeTitties, a tangential subreddit focusing on meta discussion of /anime_titties. This post served as explanation to the formation of the newfound home for global political discussion.
Here are the insightful words:
Settle down children and I'll tell you a story. Are you sitting comfortably?"
"It all started long ago, when worldpolitics, a sub for "world" "politics" began karma whoring over real world political news. It was minor at first, but as soon as it began, it was nay to be stoped. As more and more karma whoring got posted, more and more became discruntled and disamused, untill 5 posts in no time at all were all begging for upvotes about upstein and trump being together to "get it to the front page" or "make it show up when you google them". It hit a boiling point."
People knew the mods would do nothing, as they were non-interventionist, so hell broke loose in an instant. worldpolitics fell from it's shit world political status to posting memes, hentai, porn, and shitposting, a bit of an upgrade really"
"In responce, the subbreddit of anime_titties was born, ironicly one of the best world politics subs reddit has seen, with 100% less US centric posts, in addition to a much more polite and refined atmosphere"
"Knowing that the quality of anime_titties was so high, a branch off was created for meta and memes, which led you, little political child of the world, to here."
Friday, May 8th 2020
Petition to make this our new subreddit header.
was submitted by u/JeantheDragon.
Moderator u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward approved and granted the change that day. It has been speculated that this new banner being seen on “Popular Subreddits” lists as well as user submitted untagged NSFW content hitting /all is what caused the subreddit-wide NSFW label. The banner was temporarily removed but, once the subreddit no longer appeared in lists that it would be shown, it was eventually restored.

Phase 2: E-thots and Shitposters

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
It is between these two dates, May 7th and 9th, that the first evolution of the sub occurred after its initial transformation. The change was graceful but there was a steady influx of OnlyFans content creators from GoneWild and a steady decline of 2D imagery hitting /hot. It was at this point that I focused my attention on user moderating /new with the help of several other users, downvoting others trying to get the subreddit back on politics and away from what they assumed to be only a temporary halt to normal operations. We intended to make sure that was not the case through the raw power of shitposting random content and nuking anything remotely political.
This back and forth continued for days, we were barely hanging on but us few were dedicated. This was our crusade.
I am unable to find nexus point, the initial post submission, of an OnlyFans advertisement.
Friday, May 8th 2020 -
Join me in my crusade, brothers!
was submitted by u/senior_cynic to GrimDank, a Warhammer 40K-centric meme subreddit. This is the first instance I can find of a call to action from the 40K community.
u/senior_cynic had this to say when asked for comment through private messages:
"Motivations? I think I speak for everyone except the onlyfans users that this whole thing is basically born for quarantine based boredom. I called grimdank in when rate limiting was in effect just for more volume of warhammer shitposting, and once that was gone, we were already the largest presence on the sub, so we took it over."
"I anticipated us being a major force for another few days and see where it went from there"
Saturday, May 9th 2020
What happened?
post made by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
Post was made sticky post on submission but was removed from sticky sometime around May 15th.
Thursday, May 14th 2020
No more promising rewards via PM, we're considering it spam
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
This post outlined rules for the OnlyFans E-thots to follow such as not advertising their off-site content in post titles, comments, or direct messages with other users. It was these rules that broke the first evolution and allowed for the transition to phase three.

Phase 3: The Inquisition

Hatred is the emperor's greatest gift to humanity.
It took the Warhammer community several days to assert their dominance and gain control of the sub. Their crusade was hard fought, but with the help of the new rules and regulations set in place by the moderators driving out the heretical content they were able to establish dominion. Again, there was no single post that drove this transition outside of the initial calls to arms in GrimDank and other 40K communities.
Note from the author:
I was able to take my first break from Reddit in almost ten days thanks to these dedicated users. I finally felt that we had the reinforcements necessary to ensure that the new normal would be maintained and that the old status-quo of this subreddit would not resurface. I got to enjoy an afternoon at the beach that I haven’t seen in months due to quarantine and watch the sun set. I was able to enjoy actual world politics again and participate in conversations outside of WorldPolitics. Thank you.
The Warhammer 40K Galactic Imperium was a mighty force, it had managed to do what rules alone could not- deliver this holy land from the heretical lewd pestilence that had driven it's tentacles deep into the crevices of this subreddits userbase.
No king rules forever. No king rules without its due resistance, in due time.
Saturday, May 16th 2020
Oh? This is a Warhammer Sub now? Well, if you say so~
was submitted by u/PyrrhaRose.
PyrrhaRose is a special user on WorldPolitics. She didn't necessarily come for factions or rivalries or crusades. She was always here for the lewds. Upon seeing the complete decimation of her beloved sanctum of lust at the hands of the Grimdank Imperium, this ambiguous spectator became one of the strongest individual powerhouses on the subreddit. She is a lone juggernaut.
She used the one weapon she had at her disposal to seek her retribution, the one means to demoralize and fight off the onslaught- artistically composed pornographic fan art based on characters from the Warhammer 40K universe. She continued this fight, alone, until she gained a cult following of fans and became a known and respected figure in the community.
u/PyrrhaRose gave these compelling remarks when asked about her feelings on the recent ceasefire between factions:
I kinda wanna thank everyone for coming together like we did a few days ago. To come to a peace agreement, and the likes. The toxicity was getting very bad at one point and I brought it up with the others, and instead of them siding with the more toxic ones they agreed! And we slowly shifted to more fun centric. Which just made me extremely happy. Nowadays, there’s hardly any toxicity, and it’s still really fun! I hope we get to continue doing so, and to keep the freedom we’ve had all this time going forward. •^
Saturday, May 16th 2020, approx. 7AM
Fuck y'all, this is a plant sub now. Post pics of your plants!
was submitted by u/purple_yosher.
This post marks the formation of the first major faction to rival the 40K Imperium, the Plant Squad. Desperate for something, anything, relatable to latch on to, users quickly joined the cause.
u/purple_yosher had this to say when asked what the motivations were for this new movement, about faction rivalries, and current events:
day drinking and a thirst for plants.
there was hostility at first, but plant gang represents peace and unity.
plants good, lewds bad
Sunday, May 17th, 2020, approx. 7PM-
A call to action.
was submitted to Gardening by u/that-dyslexic.
This was a recruitment for the newly formed Plant Squad. Although the post did not get much traction in its subreddit support had grown for the squad substantially since its formation.
Sunday, May 17th, 2020 –
Looking for a more appropriate subreddit banner
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
A user requested a 40k banner and was acknowledged with “This will do.” However the image does not appear as the current banner, but instead a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure mural is pictured. This marks the first major change to the look of the subreddit since u/JeantheDragon submitted his suggestion.

Phase 4 and Beyond

Reality really can be whatever you want.
We are here. The first faction that broke out were the Plants, but many have come to try and wrestle control from the ruthless collective might of miniature figurine collectors around the globe. Nobody knows what will come of the future, if the Warhammer shitposters have the dedication to hold control or if the tides of fate will move in another direction.
All I really know is that this subreddit will never again be what it was before we started here, and that was our intention. What happens from here on out is up to you, the reader and the Reddit user.
You have the power to be the change you wish to see in the world and to instill that change.
Thursday, May 21st, 2020 –
Choose your faction now!
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
This post marks the addition of user flair features to signify team and squad membership. It looks as though the flairs will be maintained, at least for now, as the dynamic of the subreddit changes.
Factions as of May 27th are: 'furry', '🌱', 'tf2', '🔥this is amazing 🔥', 'darkwraiths', 'deus vult', 'worldpolitics', 'anime titties', 'titties', 'grimdank', 'shitpostcrusaders', 'prequelmemes', 'berserktards', and 'hydrohomies'.
Thursday, May 21st, 2020 –
When the crusaders start calling me Warmaster
was submitted by u/g0d-3mp3r0r.
The tides of war had worn long on u/senior_cynic, the defacto figurehead for the Warhammer incursion. There were rumors of betrayal but evidence for such action has proven elusive, however his role as Warmaster was short lived. In his place u/g0d-3mp3r0r was granted the leadership position, chosen to direct and instill discipline in what forces remained after the long skirmishes.
When asked for comment on his role in events, u/g0d-3mp3r0r chose these words:
I have always been told I had the mind of a politician and the stubbornness of a mule. I was already nominated for Warmaster by senior_cynic back when he stepped down and soon a lot of the new recruits called me warmaster, showing the traditional community acceptance of my new role. Whilst I will admit that I could hear the voices of chaos in the form of PyrrhaRose I did not falter in my leadership of the crusade. I immediately decided to do something about the death threats and lack of centralization by granting titles to Kaiserschalt, LooneyW, Noisy_Ferox and Watercrown123. They would be my Inner Circle and we would lead the crusade together. There was also leadership coming from Petty Officer Imperium_of_69 whilst we were asleep because timezones. The taint of heresy would infect many of our crusaders but they would never stop fighting, until they did when peace was declared. The war is still raging on against the thots and political posters but one day I will be able to hang up my spear and retire
Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 –
/worldpolitics, can we do this as a community?
was submitted and pinned by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
On seeing the content move further from NSFW content the moderators put forward the idea of having the subreddit-wide label removed, but this change would hinge on the community being able to consistently apply the labels to their postings themselves or for others to report untagged posts.
Friday, August 21st, 2020 –
My friend, fellow anime_titties moderator, and the initial instigator of the fall of WorldPolitics, u/TheLoIiLicker69 , has had all of his reddit accounts permanently suspended. I wanted to make sure that the community was made aware of this and the reasons behind it, these are his words taken directly from off platform communications;
"Well shoot sorry guys all my accounts including the alt I used to mod AT got permanently suspended for posting personal information. I was on a thread about the animemes doxxing and wanted to clear up the misconception that the doxxer was a member of the animemes community, so I posted a link to a screenshot of their comment admitting they were just a transphobic asshole stirring up drama, which was probably what got me suspended since that's the only personal info I've revealed.Yeah I expected a comment removal at most for that not a permanent ban. Sucks that it had to happen because I was trying to make sure the animemes community didn't get falsely blamed for the actions of 1 lunatic."
"I posted the comment I suspect got me banned a earlier this morning and my ban was about an hour ago"
Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 –

WorldPolitics is no more.

The sub was set to private and subsequently removed by admins citing absence of moderation, marking the end of an era. It is unclear if u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward was actively moderating or had abandoned the role.
big thanks to u/appropriate_username for letting us know this happened almost immediately.
Now, we look forward to the future of our subreddit and the opportunities we have to develop our community and ourselves. .

Epilogue: by u/TheLoIiLicker69

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning.
Mahatma Ghandi is smiling upon us all, for we have become the change we wished to see. Our cause is just.
Also funny thing is about 2 days before I nuked worldpol I'd gotten a 15 day ban on my main account from my favorite shitposting sub okbuddyretard, so it wouldn't be a stretch to say that caused a chain reaction leading to the engoodening of this formerly terrible sub. Shoutout to whichever anonymous mod temp banned me, I'd probably have been too busy pretending to be a retarded 9 year old otherwise lmao.
An extra special thanks as well to everyone who saw what was happening and joined in on the shitposting, as well as to those who have helped grow anime_titties to be an actually good replacement. Whilst I am good at causing chaos, I have next to no leadership skills and it's really thanks to all the great mods there that the new sub has grown to almost 100k members in under 2 weeks. We'll be working our hardest to continue making the sub into a legitimate source of world news and keep it from becoming another USA-only echochamber. In the meantime keep the dream alive and have fun memeing everyone 👌
Special thanks to u/TellMeMoreYT for his interest in journalistic collaboration and for catching the reference. Please watch his video on the series of events.
If you use any or all of this, please cite where you got the information. It wasn’t easy following along and documenting all of this or going back to find things that were missed.
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2023.04.02 13:50 teethtransplant How do people with severe anxiety function?

TW for mentions of loss & suicide How do people with severe anxiety function? I’m starting to believe the only way for me to get better or have this managed is if I’m in some dire situation where I’m literally forced to put myself in anxious situations if I want to continue living- for example getting kicked out as I can’t hold a job right now etc
I’ve had severe anxiety since my father passed away when I was 16, 7 years ago. I was severely depressed before then, but able to function to a point I was okay with. Now it feels like there is little meaning to life as I’m trapped in a 5 mile radius with my home, my safe place, being in the middle. The further I go the worse the anxiety becomes and I get so afraid of the physical symptoms and them escalating that I feel I don’t have a choice, I just can’t push myself to keep going when I get anxious in situations where I’m trying to do something out of my comfort zone- even if it’s something I really really want to do. I want to travel so bad, but there’s always something. I want to fly but I’m scared someone will vomit (I have emetophobia), im scared I’ll vomit, im scared I’ll be stuck or need a doctor. I want to drive but I only feel comfortable being the driver, since I learned to drive I feel sick in the passenger seat - lack of control I guess. I need to be on my phone where my support system is or else it just gets worse- I try doing breathing but my body feelings doesn’t match my brain feelings sometimes if that makes sense. I can know something will be okay and still my body will have an ambient anxiety to it until I take myself out of the situation, no matter how much deep breathing and reassuring I do. I haven’t tried Dramamine because I don’t know if it’s a cure for motion sickness (if I even have that and it’s not anxiety) where I could be able to be on my phone in the car or plane or whatever or if it just makes you tired and that’s that. It’s so frustrating, I feel like I’m wasting away years of my life that are supposed to be ones I’m making the most memories in and I know there isn’t a timeline to getting better but when I tell you I’ve tried what feels like everything through out my whole life..DBT, CBT, so many medications and therapists, neurofeedback, inpatients, residential treatment… I was doing somewhat okay where I could go about 45 minutes away with medication but then covid happened and I reset. Now I’m convinced if I was able to get on a medicine that was like a miracle drug for me before then I must be able to find one again but I don’t think that’s quite realistic at the same time. I was able to briefly kinda function right after my dad died but because I was on a lot of xanax and even then I still felt horribly anxious. It feels so lonely and like im the only one who’s anxiety is this bad where they literally just sleep all day. Lately I can’t work, go to school, I don’t have friends. I genuinely sleep and play video games all day. There’s so much I want to experience and do and I feel so unfulfilled and like things won’t et better
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2023.04.02 13:50 climateimpact827 Do I need SSL / HTTPS when setting up a VPN with Tailscale?

So I am running two devices. One home computer that's in my local network. I also rent a small dedicated server that is hosted in a public data center (OVH).
I would like to host some services on the dedicated server, but without exposing any ports (or data) to the internet. These are strictly private services that will only be accessed by myself. Still, I want my traffic to be secure from attackers.
So I have setup "Tailscaled" on each device. They're set up each with their own IP address. Both devices are online and they can ping each other using Tailscale's IP address (100.x.x.x). I am NOT using a custom domain at this point.
Right now, I'm accessing the sites hosted on the remote server using its IP address and HTTP protocol. I think all my data should be secure, because all data is being sent via the encrypted VPN anyway, right?
Do I need to / should I setup HTTPS/SSL when accessing the services using the Tailscale IP?
And if so, how do I do this without running an NGINX proxy server? I setup Gitea using a self-signed SSL certificate, but the git command line tool for example doesn't accept self signed certificates on Windows and I don't see a way to "trust" this certificate globally.
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