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2023.04.01 16:41 Objective_Campaign82 The Tomb World Ch9 (Hellworld explorers 2)

First/Wiki/ Patreon
Watched in bewildered awe as the hyoomahz completed another lap around the white ship they called Lorree. Dan-yalzz and Sahm had already down several laps at what they had claimed was an easy pace, which was twice as fast as Fezzen could have moved on the ground. They huffed air in and out in an even rhythm, and a thin sheen of sweat coated their skin. Their arms swayed in a circular pattern in time with each step as they ate up ground at an impressive pace.
“We would surely lose every foot race against these aliens.” Fezzen murmured.
“We would lose in almost every physical competition.” Foric grunted unhappily.
Today was their fifth meeting with the hyoomahz, and it was the day of their long awaited physical demonstration. Foric had gathered the strongest and fits men and woman in the ground forces in an attempt to impress the hyoomahz. But with few exceptions their alien visitors out classed them in almost every regard. Muscle strength, carrying capacity, speed, and endurance. They especially excelled in the field of endurance. Ehl-ai-zah, who was an expert in the biology of hyoomahz, had said that endurance was the physical task they most excelled at, seconded only to their ridiculously dexterous hands.
Sahm, and Dan-yalzz had originally started jogging with a group of twenty ground troopers. But after several laps the ground troopers grew tired and had to slow down, while Sahm and Dan-yalzz seemed to only get better and better with every lap. Ehl-ai-zah said it was very normal, that their bodies were built to switch into a sort of runners mode, and that with proper training some hyoomahz could run for whole days. Which Fezzen suspected were longer than Gotari days since the hyoomahz never looked tired after their meetings.
In the last meeting Veena and Dan-yalzz felt both sides had learned enough about each other’s for them to have more complex conversations. So instead of acting out words endlessly they instead taught each other different intelligence based games for them to begin comparing their intellects. Sahm and Dan-yalzz both protested that they weren’t that smart by their peoples standards, but in the game of chehss both humans beat Fezzen and Foric everything. They claimed that it was because they knew the game better, but when they played a Gotari game they came out on top every game. They just seemed to have brains built for examining the ins and outs of things and figuring out the best way to take advantage of that. And their ability to think five or ten moves ahead was outstanding.
After that meeting, Foric, Fezzen, and Veena both agreed to never get into an argument with a hyoomahm because there was no way they’d win. Foric also left with a burning desire to find one area where the Gotari were naturally better than hyoomahnz. They had failed on the cognitive field, so now he was looking for something to best them at. However once again the Gotari came out behind the alien visitors.
For the hyoomahnz part they seemed unsurprised by their victories, and did their best to reassure them that there were definitely places where the Gotari excelled where hyoomahnz fell short. But Fezzen got the impression that they were holding something back, like there was something they were afraid to tell them.
“And you say you aren’t the fastest or strongest species out there?” Veena asked to Ehl-ai-zah.
“No” she said in her crisp bell like voice. Impossibly smooth, and capable of conveying so much meaning in simple words. “Among other alien races the Baleek-stroh can run five times our fastest runners. While the Kay… Triakss are much stronger.”
“I see” Veena said softly. The Hyoomahnz had shown them images of themselves with these other alien races, who seemed even stranger than the Hyoomahnz. “But would you say your above or below average?”
Ehl-ai-zah worked her jaw and gave them an… ashamed look? Fezzen was still trying to learn their facial expressions, but he was pretty sure it was shame. “We’re above average.” She said finally.
“How above average?” Veena asked after seeing Ehl-ai-zahs reticence to answer the first question.
“Traiks are the strongest, Bahleek-stro are the fastest, and hyoomahns are second to them in both. As long as we don’t count the uhplihf’tehd.”
“What was that word?” Foric asked bruskly. Still sore at losing out to the hyoomahnz in every challenge.
Ehl-ai-zah sighed. “I guess now is the time.” She pursed her lips together and made a shrill high-pitched noise, like a sunrise rocket squealing into the sky. Foric, Fezzen, and Veena all flinched, while Dan-yalzz and Sahm jogged over.
Iz et taim?” Dan-yalzz asked in their human language.
Yehss” Ehl-ai-zah answered.
Dan-yalzz looked to Foric, Fezzen, and Veena. “Last meeting I told you that Sahm and I were the leaders of those two ships” he said with a point towards the ships he called Lorhee and Su. “I’m sure you wondered were the third leader was.”
Foric nodded “you kept them hidden for a reason.” He stated, voicing their suspicions.
Dan-yalzz’ head dipped down than back up, a hyoomahn signal for affirmative. “Our third looks different from us, but he is also from Urth. Please don’t be afraid.” He typed something on the device strapped around his wrist and the hatch on the third ship opened and a massive dark shadow appeared.
The three Gotari stepped back as a great hairy monster dropped down from the hatch, shaking the ground as he landed. The monster stood up straight and loomed over the assembled people and fixed them all within its black beady eyes. Sahm stepped forward and extended her hand, the monster lifted his clawed paw and engulfed her entire hand. They finished the hyoomahn ritual of a handshake and stood next to each other. The dark furred monster standing several tails taller than Sahm, and seeming to fill twice the space with its massive bulk.
It opened its mouth and gave them a good look at its rows of sharp teeth. “Hello.” It said in a deep rumbly voice.
Foric’s body language was tense and he looked ready to run. “I can see why you hid this.” He mumbled.
Dan-yalzz ducked his head. “Kahpten Feedelihs is the leader of Sheelah and our third. We kept him out of our meetings because we were afraid you might get scarred.”
Veena’s eyes were transfixed as she glanced between the monster called Feedelihs and Sahm, marking all the differences between them. It was clear in some undefinable way that they were from the same planet. Something about the way their were built hinted at a similar paradigm of evolution. Beyond that thought the two couldn’t be more different. “You said he was another hyoomahn?”
Dan-yalzz shook his head side to side. “I said he was from Urth, not hyooman. Tohm here is something called a Bairh, they were hunter-meateater animals from Urth. Not people like we are, not until first contact. After we met our first aliens animals like Tohm began to change into people. He is just as smart as us.”
“How does that happen?” Fezzen asked wildly. Did all animals turn into people when aliens visited?
“We don’t know” Ehl-ai-zah answered. “It just sort of happened, we’re still learning the extent to the changes.”
“It did only happen after the Joining established itself on Urth.” Dan-yalzz grumbled cryptically.
“Joining?” Veena asked.
Dan-yalzz looked uncertain “I’m not sure if I’m using that word right. It’s the name of the big alien government. In eeglish we say Yoonyun.”
The bairh Tohm made a rumbling sound, drawing the attention of everyone present. “May I come closer?”
Dan-yalzz looked to Foric, waiting for him to give his approval. Foric’s tail flicked in assent, though from the quickness Fezzen could tell that his uncle was uncertain and nervous. It was one thing to have the towering hyoomahns around with their impressive strength, but this Tohm was a different matter. Fezzen could already tell that he was much stronger than either Dan-yalzz or Sahm.
Tohm stepped forward, Fezzen expected the floor to shake, but it didn’t. Each step of his massive feet was quiet, quieter than the hyoomahns. “It is fine to be nervous, most hyoomahns are also nervous around me. But I wont accidentally break you.” the Bairh rumbled.
Foric’s tail halted its nervous movement “Its not accidents I’m worried about.” He said, now looking the massive beast in the eyes.
Tohm’s face scrunched in strangely hyoomahn like way, conveying thoughtfulness just as easily as theirs. “Then I promise to make it fast.” He said simply.
Everyone stood as still as rocks as they waited to Foric’s response to this direct challenge.
Foric continued to stare down Tohm before breaking into a series of mirthful hoots and chirps “Good, Good.” He said, diffusing all the tension.
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2023.04.01 16:40 yarharfirethezar Management may consider Dottie expendable, but we don't! (Mission ideas)

Just some thoughts on some DRG ideas. Broken up into sections for ease of reading. Feedback is appreciated. R&S.

Minor Tweaks

Fun idea: Add some dialogue from Mission Control if you rescue Doretta.
2nd fun idea: Steam achievement: Refuse to leave Doretta behind # of times.
Practical idea: Perk points - Bring Doretta home # of times. Can be a one time thing or repeatable.
2nd Practical idea: Salvage bonus - "Due to your heroic efforts and thoughtful consideration for the revenue of Deep Rock Galactic's shareholders, Management has rewarded you with a small (credit/XP) bonus for salvaging the Drilldozer's onboard control unit."

Mission ideas:

Dottie Rescue

"Our rivals are getting bolder: in their continuous encroachment upon Hoxxes IV, they've attacked one of our Escort teams, wiped them out, and subsequently have stolen our Drilldozer! Find the Dozer's Head and Chassis, reconnect them, and escort it to the Cargo Extraction Pod."
Basically a cross between industrial sabotage and escort duty, but in reverse.
  1. Defeat a mini-boss or two, then stick Doretta's head back on the body, OR, after defeating a robot mini-boss, unlock the "prison cell" that is holding Doretta.
  2. Repair / refuel her with Fuel Cells (exclude Oil Shale for simplicity's sake), then escort her to the extraction point, where everyone extracts simultaneously. For the sake of saving time and resources, you can re-use the cargo drop pod and possibly add a bit extra to make it look as if it can ascend back into space.
As a funny alternative, management just drops in a really large 1950's classic style gas pump and you hook it up to Dottie.
  1. As an alternative style of mission, could just attach Doretta's head back on and protect a stationary target (similar to salvage operation), then have the pod land nearby and extract the dwarves. Somehow, Doretta has a secret rocket booster attached to her that management conveniently keeps in case of emergencies.

Escort Duty (CHX-4 Edition)

"In our efforts to combat the ever-present threat of Rockpox, R&D have discovered a way to weaponize Lithofoam on a larger scale. We have received telemetry data that indicates a large concentration of Lithophage is building up on this part of Hoxxes. Left unchecked, it could pose a greater threat than the Glyphid Dreadnoughts.
R&D have modified a Drilldozer and outfitted it with a Litho-Bomb, dubbed the 'Prototype 1 Experimental Hoxxes Germ Eliminator' (P1EHGE)'. We're emergency dropping you in alongside the Dozer, your job is to escort it to the heart of this infestation, protect the device as it arms, and ensure its detonation. Don't worry, R&D have assured us that this bomb won't harm you, but you still should report any symptoms. On a side note, if you can get your hands on some plague-hearts, R&D would most appreciate it."

  1. Main Objective: Escort a Litho-Dozer to a large cavern immersed in Rockpox. You'll be going up again Rockpox Glyphids, so be careful! The dozer runs and takes damage and repairs similar to the original Dozer.
  2. "Refueling": Either the Dozer needs Oil Shale, or as an alternative, Dottie stops in 1-3 smaller caverns to detonate a payload. When she stops to do it, a dwarf arms the bomb and it becomes a temporary defend-in-place mission.
  3. "Ommoran Heartstone" style mission: Similar to drilling for the stone, instead a dwarf needs to initiate the bomb and defend Dottie while it arms. Rockpox Glyphids will try to stop you. Once it detonates, extract like normal.
  4. For this mission, I would suggest that staying near Dottie decontaminates you faster, or there is a faster decontamination rate, to balance out being attacked/near the bugs. Furthermore, bugs can take a bit of extra damage from attacking non-weak points, but it is still far better to shoot the boils.
  5. As a side bonus, perhaps mining "egg-hunt" or "gunk-seed" style hearts could work for a side objective, or just have the standard meteor plaguehearts as an idea. I personally like the thought of delving headfirst into an infected "egg nest" and ripping out the plagueheart. As another suggestion, Dwarves/Dottie come with enhanced litho-vacuums that don't need lithofoam to work, and you need to vacuum a certain percentage of plague, akin to gathering morkite/dystrum. Could have it individually assigned to each dwarf in the mission (press a button to pull it out), or have it retrieved from Dottie, and once you drop it, it despawns and "teleports" back to her after like 8 seconds.

Escort Duty (Industrial Sabotage Edition)

"Our rivals are becoming a serious nuisance. They've set up another operation in this vicinity of Hoxxes, but something there is jamming our readings. We're sending you in with a Drilldozer armed with an EMP. Escort it to the site, arm the EMP, and defend it while it charges up. Once it detonates, we'll send in a drop pod to get you out."
  1. Same idea as Escort Duty for a Heartstone, except the main enemies are Rival Robots.
  2. "Refueling" - can leave as is with Oil Shale, or have Dottie stop at several waypoints and detonate the EMP on Power Station targets before going to the main target.
  3. "Ommoran Heartstone" - Dottie charges up an EMP to take down a Caretaker or something similar. Additional enemies could be designed and added for creativity. I suggest if it is a Caretaker that the tentacles are massively nerfed (less damage, slower fire rate, only dealing with 2 instead of 4, etc).
Once the EMP is detonated, extract like usual. For a fun twist, have an EMP detonation cause a temporary shield disruption. Shield's are out for 10-15 seconds, but you gain the increase health and damage resistance until they're back online.

Bonus Dumb Idea - Bulk Rockpox Detonator

No ranged attacks, and is tough as hell, but spraying it or having it walk through lithofoam allows players to damage it similar to a regular detonator. Upon death, it explodes like normal, but spits out a bunch of plaguehearts that can be deposited.
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2023.04.01 16:40 kc3980 is this normal pls help

i’ve never had a kidney stone before until i was in pain and had an ultrasound that found a 2mm stone. i was having fairly bad pain, but the problem really was how constant it was over how painful. i saw little black flecks in my pee for a few days, then the pain went away. after a few pain free days, i’m having extreme soreness in my kidneys. not super painful, but uncomfortable enough that i can’t sleep through the entire night because deep breathing hurts. is this normal after passing a stone? or is the stone still in me?? i’m so scared and confused pls help
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2023.04.01 16:40 Common_Sail227 Driver stole my food last night

I ordered through the little Cesar’s app 2 pizzas for $40 was so excited!
The tracking ap was down so I checked at 5:56 when it was meant to be delivered but nothing was there so I assumed it didn’t go through
Then at 6:10 the app worked again and said it was delivered at 5:53 with a photo.. I checked again but it still wasn’t there
I guess the driver took the pic then took it away with him? It’s a quiet nice apartment with parcels that sit out for months so I doubt someone took it in 3 minutes
The little Cesar app is the worst for getting help! I was on hold with them and door dash for 20+ mins then gave up and did a charge back but probably won’t get my money back for a long time
Does anyone have any advice or have been through a similar experience?
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2023.04.01 16:40 Benkilla2 [Misc] Benefits of skincare

Hi everyone.
I'm quite new to all this but thought I would ask. I'm a 21 year old male and recently started a skincare routine of using cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen (if I'm going out) daily. My question is, what really are the benefits of me doing this everyday? For example, how different would my skin look when I'm 40 if I stopped my skincare routine today compared to if I still continued to do it everyday?
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2023.04.01 16:40 Gold_Jackfruit_8366 My trust wallet got hacked along with others with totalling loss of 30 ETh

My Trust Wallet, which is secured with my Ledger, was hacked, resulting in the transfer of all my ETH and BNB to a wallet. There was other wallets which got compromised as well.
The transaction hash is 0xed466f6b86d46590d0f554dc6ef63d640a37408735c8ea9d183fe1973364d468.
Fortunately, I only lost 0.0544 ETH, while someone lost 17 ETH. All the transfers were made at the same time. The hacker transferred all the ETH to Tornado cash minutes after the hack occurred.
At the time of the hack, there was almost 6000 USDT in my wallet that was not transferred out, for which I am thankful.
My Trust Wallet has never interacted with any sites or contracts. It is not even stored in my browser extension, and is only linked to my Ledger device. The seed phrase is stored offline in my notepad which i only have access.
I have multiple Metamask wallets in my Brave browser extension that were not hacked, which leads me to believe that my MacBook/iPhone was not compromised. These Metamask wallets have more ETH than my Trust wallet. If my Macbook/iPhone was compromised, the hacker should have taken all my ETH in my Metamask wallets as well.
I am still baffled as to how my wallet was compromised. For the experts here, based on the transaction hash, do you know how it was compromised? 🙏🏻
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2023.04.01 16:40 cassiuswright User looking to cause problems

This is a fun one, sorry for the length.
I mod Belize, which has been around long before me. I took over about 6 mo ago because the original mods are non-existant at this point. Belize serves mainly as a place for people to ask travel related questions about upcoming vacations, activities, hotels etc. There is a small population of native Belizean people as well, and since taking over as mod I've tried to engage with them to improve their access and provide a level of local input and authenticity to the sub. I am an expat (immigrant) living in Belize myself,and have a great love for the country and her people. It is an honor to assist others and I take pride in how far the sub has come in the past few months, and we now have regular comments and posts from Native Belizean people.
I have a specific user who does his best to make everything negative. He attacks others posts, reads far too much Into innocuous coments, and in general is as combative as possible really for no reason. We've messaged about it at length and I've made multiple attempts to help this person both feel heard (he is a native Belizean), but also still follow the basic rules of civil conversation. He is the only individual that behaves this way. Other users send me messages about him and report him as well, just for being belligerent. He's the only sore spot in an otherwise chill sub.
Today I wake up to find he's tagged Belize in a post on another regional sub that is essentially a full-on lie about Belize content. The issue he's taking is that when people vacation in Belize, from time to time they post looking for weed. Now, weed is decriminalized in Belize, so this isn't a legality issue; I've made specific mod posts regarding what is acceptable to post about (hey I like weed) vs what is not allowed (where do I buy weed, I have weed for sale etc). I have moderated the roughly 3 posts that have been in violation immediately and this isn't by any means a common issue, let alone a problem. I moderated specifically to be in line with current legality in Belize and reddit rules.
He's also recently started three of his own subs that are directly related to Belize (think specific towns and areas) and started posting content there, but never to Belize. He literally only comments in Belize to disagree or start smack, and It is clear he doesn't like Belize and has serious animosity, bordering on racism, towards the tourists that visit Belize, and also the expat that moderates the space. (Ironically this person is in the US for college; the hypocrisy is delicious 😋) I have tried to encourage him posting content to his subs by crossposting and giving him visibility, but he just keeps talking smack. He literally had an entire conversation with an Belize user on his other sub and then perma-banned this individual because he mistakenly thought they were native Belizean, but then found out they were not.
How do I fix this issue? He will lie and post negative stuff about me, and I know with certainty that he will ban me from his subs, ban other Belize users, and most likely be extremely vocal and public about his hatred for the sub and for the people visiting his country, whom he considers inferior.
I can't have this on a sub who's primary purpose is to help people plan and be excited for their vacation 🤷
TL;DR Problem user starts multiple issues in Belize, begins posting lies to other subs, refuses reasonable requests to chill 🤷
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2023.04.01 16:39 Relevant_Mix_2337 Joining International Legion

Hello, I am just about graduated from college, I have extensive tactical training and experience in firearms. I’ve trained security teams and consider myself incredibly competent in high stress situations. However, none of this was done through the military setting, is there still a possibility they would take me?
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2023.04.01 16:39 AccursedAlt 24 UK - Going to be hungover tomorrow, does anyone want to play Stardew Valley?

I can't find anyone to play it with and I just want to vicariously live a farm boy lifestyle.
Won't be around to play anything until tomorrow but can still chat and get to know people today.
Don't want to write a long post about my interests, because it'd make a pretty boring read and that's what conversation is for 🤠 (Although if you want, I've made some previous posts that you can stalk through)
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2023.04.01 16:39 suburiboy Anyone else feel like there are too many FGs?

I feel like there is not enough time in life to keep up with all the fighting games. Like, I can actively play at most 2 FGs, while still having time for a job, other hobbies and other VGs, and basic life functions. My main game is TFH and my second game is usually GGST for the past couple years.
Typically a new game replaces GGST in my line up for a month or two. I get 20-60 hours in the game then it kinda fades out as I go back to playing GGST.
With SF6 and GBFVR and T8 coming out within the next year(and rumors that KOF15 will fix matchmaking for the Crossplay patch), it just feels like the space is very crowded.
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2023.04.01 16:39 Sea-Conflict962 Questions about RSAF pilot trainee course

Im enlisting soon, awaiting my aeromedical test (i assume that means i passed my COMPASS). To any pilot trainees or personnel that know about them:
Do you know if you pass aeromedical right away or only when you get your vocation. I have a friend that finished both compass and aeromed, and no clue whether he passed or not, but got posted as a pilot trainee without interview.
Some questions i have are, does your performance in BMT matter? (eg reports from squad sgts, platoon sgts).
1) Does your medical history in BMT matter? (e.g., took referral to see psychiatrist but never actually saw , or visited mo for certain issues etc but never got diagnosed or declared any permanent symptoms.
2)Do i have to qualify for OCS to become a pilot trainee? Say if i reject both OCS and SCS on the survey indicating your interest to go there, can i still get posted to pilot trainee?
3) When are you forced to sign on as a pilot after getting posted there? (10 year bond)
4) Do you know if you pass aeromed before you get posted?
5) I currently got referral to see psychiatrist purely for insomnia, but no appointment or diagnosis. When i go for aeromed, will this affect my chances of passing? It is only a referral.
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2023.04.01 16:39 _Charyptoroth_ Switching or sticking to 3DS

I started playing Shuffle on 3DS just two weeks ago and it got me by surprise that it shut down on 31.
Now I'm thinking of either continuing on the 3Ds or do I use the android app now? Does the android app get still updates?
As I understood the 3DS version doesn't get anything anymore right? And how is the friend thing on the android app? Good or more not necessary?
Thanks for the anders.
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2023.04.01 16:39 stuck_in_the_fridge Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Glycinate, and water

Guys, i was a 7 year benzo user 1mg klonopin a day plus xanax in various amounts
Tapered/jumped over pandemic, 11 months of brutal torturous hell while withdrawing. Insomnia, heart palpitations, agoraphobia, blood pressure spikes and drops, ear pressure/ring/ DP/DR, literally almost every symptom over the course of that year, i had.
Now that im coming up on 3 years completely off i still have little issues that linger here and there but the biggest thing that's helped me is being physically active, weight training, jiu jitsu, cardio, whatever you can do, do it and do it till youre exhausted.
Also, i see so many supplements thrown around in here, (been around this sub since 12k members) and none of these supplements are going to "fix" anything except for these 2 which have fixed my heart palpitations and blood pressure issues
Potassium Citrate 1/4 tsp twice a day
Magnesium Glycinate twice a day
Water, Water, Water,
This combo has helped me dramatically i can't even begin to explain.
Reason? Our diets no matter how perfect they are probably aren't getting the daily recommended amounts of both of these supplements. And they're so important for our bodies to function as they should . Blood work may come back with those numbers as "normal" however its because our bodies store them in various places. But getting the daily recommended amount of potassium is nearly impossible unless you're specifically trying to hit that number.
Try it for 30-90 days and i hope you start feeling a difference.
I continue to use these supplements to this day because of the effect they had on my akathasia symptoms and general uneasyness during withdrawal
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2023.04.01 16:39 throwaway857368439 I got an abuser arrested

I made a report of a possible dead dog left in a kennel in someone's backyard and the day after I see her mugshot in the news. They were charged with two counts of animal neglect with injury or death, and I found out the day after that there were actually two dogs found. I know they aren't allowed to buy/adopt animals anymore, which is a good start, but there are other alive animals I know of that I'm trying to get out as well. The cop I talked to said iowas animal neglect laws are very hard to get charged for and he's never seen anything like this before. I'm keeping tabs on how many animals I find out are there, as they would need licenses for having too many. Chickens and a goose were recently added, and there's poultry laws in place so the cop turned in another report, still waiting on a response from that though.
I really wish people didn't suck.
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2023.04.01 16:39 CedarBuffalo [AL] Rural hospital employee - feeling the pressure.

I’m looking for insight on whether it’s time to jump ship.
I (23M, salaried, exempt) work in the communications department at a rural hospital. I am the newest member of our team at about 11 months. Administration has recently downgraded their insurance benefits, which was annoying but I’m not super concerned about that.
The big thing happened last week. Our hospital uses weekly “productivity” reports based on how many people are present in each department and how many patients there are in the hospital. If pt volume is down, our productivity goes down.
They recently changed that report to make it more strict. People in my department are now being forced to take time off to keep our productivity score up. My boss is about to implement a rotating time off schedule because none of us are volunteering our previous few hours.
She won’t (or can’t) give us an answer as to what happens if we run out of ETO and our score is still low. It feels like my job is being dangled over my head like a piece of cheese and I hate it. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.
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2023.04.01 16:39 ShinMinase Yet another Maverick Roster

After this:
And this:
I came up with yet another Maverick Roster.
Venom Slug (based on a cone snail) (poison element) (stage: Sewage Treatment Plant (has a Ride Armor section)) (weapons: X: Growing Sludge, Zero: Venom Sting, Axl: Corrosion Shot) (X fires a sludge ball which, once it kills an enemy or absorbs shots, grows bigger and more powerful; if charged it summons a huge yet short-ranged wall of sludge in front of you) (Zero uses a special attack while standing still, turning into sludge for a second and using a sword coated in acid) (Axl fires short-ranged yet powerful globs of acid)
Shadow Solifuge (based on a solifugae arachnid) (dark element) (stage: Sahara Spaceport) (weapons: X: Shadow Warrior, Zero: Shadow Assault, Axl: Shadow Kunai) (X summons a dark afterimage which shields him from shots, fires when he does, and can pass through small walls. If charged, it stops time) (Zero attacks while dashing, turning into a shadow, in this form he can pass through small walls) (Axl fires a kunai-like bullet which can pass through small walls and grabs items.
Hunting Venus (based on a venus flytrap) (nature element) (stage: Lost Rainforest) (weapons: X: Hunter's Trap, Zero: Rising Snare, Axl: Snipe Seed) (X fires flytrap-like shots which immobilize enemies and give X a bit of his health back; if charged, fires a seed which turns an enemy into a platform with a health recovering item on it) (Zero uses special weapons while pressing up, doing a plant-charged rising uppercut) (Axl fires one single, fast-moving and powerful seed which homes in on an enemy)
Engine Cheetah (based on a cheetah)(fire element) (stage: Great Circuit (Ride Chaser stage)) (weapons: X: Turbo Blaze, Zero: Drifting Wheel, Axl: Revving Gun) (X fires a jet of fire which has a long reach; if charged, X uses a whip-like fire slash) (Zero uses a special attack while pressing down on the ground, rolling in a fiery spindash motion while leaving behind a trail of flames) (Axl uses a machine gun which can rapid-fire bullets)
Ceratops Knight (based on a triceratops) (shield element) (stage: Derelict Castle (has a Ride Armor section)) (weapons: X: Royal Shield, Zero: Seismic Triumph, Axl: Knight's Horn) (X creates a shield of rocks to protect himself; if charged, X manifests a heavy horned shield which makes him temporarily invincible from the front, allowing him to kill enemies on contact) (Zero gets his giga attack, a bunch of falling rocks which nuke the screen) (Axl fires drill-like bullets which break enemy guard and pierce through)
Hydro Hagfish (based on a hagfish) (water element) (stage: Submarine Fleet (has a Ride Armor section)) (weapons: X: Hydro Current, Zero: Slither Burst, Axl: Hydro Cutter) (X fires a water jet; if charged, it's a spread shot) (Zero uses special weapons while standing still, performing a quick combo of water-charged slashes which release short-range shockwaves) (Axl fires a continuous water jet)
Saw Dimetrodon (based on a dimetrodon) (steel element) (stage: Lumber Sawmill) (weapons: X: Circular Saw, Zero: Aerial Saw, Axl: Boomerang Saw) (X fires roving disks which travel on the ground and walls; if charged, X fires two saws upwards which descend in an arc) (Zero uses special attack while in the air, causing him to spin) (Axl fires bladed discs which act as boomerangs)
Ultravox Toad (based on a yellow bellied toad) (sound element) (stage: Entertainment District (has a Ride Chaser section)) (weapons: X: Sonic Crush, Zero: Rhythm Dancer, Axl: Concussion Shot) (X fires a sound wave which bounces on walls, which is faster and more powerful when fired underwater; if charged, X fires a powerful sound blast) (Zero uses special weapon when jumping and pressing up: Zero glides by spinning and releasing sound waves from his blade) (Axl fires sound wave bullets which bounce on walls)
Weakness order: Dimetrodon>Ceratops>Slug>Hagfish>Cheetah>Venus>Solifuge>Toad>Dimetrodon
I intentionally chose seldom-seen species.

Other than the new Mavericks, I also thought of eight Neo-Species, AKA rebuilt Mavericks from the past, based on different subspecies:
Psychic Ringopus (based on a blue-ringed octopus, rebuilt Launch Octopus) (weak to Shadow Solifuge's weapons)
Summoner Moth (based on a Lonomia Obliqua moth, rebuilt Morph Moth) (weak to Hunting Venus's weapons)
Combustion Shrimp (based on a pistol shrimp, rebuilt Crush Crawfish) (weak to Hydro Hagfish's weapons)
Ninja Barnowl (based on a barn owl, rebuilt Storm Owl) (weak to Ultravox Toad's weapons)
Bella the Shady/Deadly Bellashade (based on the belladonna/deadly nightshade plant, rebuilt Axle the Red) (weak to Engine Cheetah's weapons)
Magnet Shark Shocker (based on a great white shark, rebuilt Metal Shark Player) (weak to Ceratops Knight weapons)
Tank Pangolin (based on a pangolin, rebuilt Snipe Anteator) (weak to Blade Dimetrodon's weapons)
Virtual Cubozoa (based on a cubozoa jellyfish, rebuilt Gigabolt Man O'War) (weak to Venom Slug's weapons)

I wonder, do y'all like them?
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2023.04.01 16:38 tarathelifewiz is gammas trading post still a thing?

I cant find it on my joined discords anymore and all the links I try to rejoin are invalid. is it gone?
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2023.04.01 16:38 obiwancantobi2 Anyone else's PA just GOD AWFUL at communicating like an adult?

My husband is a PA of 10 years and is attempting recovery. Nevertheless his communication skills are still lacking. He is mad at me for overreacting to his behavior last night when spending time together. Ironically I was upset at him for poor communication.
Now because he is mad, he's storming around the house refusing to talk to me. I tried to talk it out with him and he wont engage. Anyone else have communication issues with their PA? :(
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2023.04.01 16:38 cowls176 Fractured Plane is still infuriating

Sometimes maintenance release says devs listen to player feedbacks. Who is providing these feedbacks? Where are they posting these feedbacks?

I am providing feedback about Fractured Plane. Its so annoying. Its infuriating. Spider attacks are way too strong. Health globes drop rate is near zero. Health pool from the shop at the beginning of each level doesnt heal completely. Timer keeps running after clearing each level. Timer keeps running after clearing boss level. Game crash-to-desktop (CTD) when i open inventory. Game CTD when i equip an item. Timer keeps running when CTD and restart the game.

I am doing my best to clear each level under 2 min. I do my best to skip some areas, maybe 4/5, but sometimes the portal doesnt show up until all 5 areas are cleared.

Yes its difficult for me. Yes its supposed to be challenging. But why does it have to be nearly impossible to clear 15 levels under 30 min? Unable to beat the time limit, each Fractured Plane takes about an hour. Trying to run twice a week to get all rewards, its long and small rewards.

What does it take to get response from the devs? Are they aware of any of the issues im posting here? Am i just crying baby to you all? Is it too much for you all to reply and say this is the intended difficulty for Fractured Plane?

For those who say its a skill issue what the fuck is that? What skills? Poor aiming accuracy? Not pressing keys fast enough?

Not getting solid response from the devs, and receiving toxic replies like You Suck Its a Skill Issue, getting ignored patch after patch maintenance after maintenance is really frustrating.

Can the devs look into any of the issues im posting? Or is this another money issue where if it doesnt concern making profits for Blizzard, its just noise to you all?
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2023.04.01 16:38 eyewander2 questions about copyright and the legalities of publishing splits

hi , ive been writing acapella songs for about 10 years , and making them into demos for about 8 . So basically Ive been procrastinating for a long time and ive reached a point where I'd like to officially copyright them with someone . Ive seen a lot of conversations online where people mention copyrighting songs with the American library of congress , but because im a British citizen living in Britain , im not sure if thats the right one or the only one I can register with , or if theres a British one . Where does a British citizen copyright songs ?
Another question I have is related to filling out the copyright forms accurately and fairly . Basically I write acapellas . I create the lyrics , vocal melody and vocal structure before making a very basic mp3 of it . I then hire a better singer , to turn it into a basic demo . Sometimes the singer will help me iron out any wrinkles with the tempo and pitch , and they sometimes make small adjustments to the lyrics and melody . I then might hire someone to produce it . Over the last few years ive created roughly 40 songs doing things this way .
My next question is do I have to mention any of the singers or musicians involved in the making of the songs , when im filling out the copyright forms ? All of the people involved in creating my demos came from work for hire sites . Some of the people involved only wanted an upfront fee but with some of the others , I agreed to split some of the publishing and writing with them . Because a lot of the agreements are verbal online agreements , Im unsure where I stand . if I verbally agree to share publishing and writing credit , does that mean they have to be included On the copyright ? Also I joined PRS For music a couple of years ago , but still havent got around to registering my songs with them yet .is registering songs with a PRO , the same thing as copyrighting them , or do I need to do both ?
Sorry for the silly questions , as you can tell im a bit green , so any help or guidance you can give me , would be greatly appreciated .thanks
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2023.04.01 16:38 littlezappa Wealthsimple Trade Referral Code (Cash, Trade, and Crypto) US0EBW - Get a Bonus Including Previous Non Referred Members 🍁

Wealthsimple is Canada's first $0 commission stock trading app – sign up now and we'll both get a bonus to trade.
Now also includes crypto trading. So if you are not into stocks, you can purchase some crypto and still get the bonus.
Link will have the current sign up bonus and terms listed.
Wealthsimple Cash (Their prepaid card) is also now integrated into the app
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2023.04.01 16:38 EggNogMan1 I really am just so funny 🤭

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