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The Beverly Hills 90210 Show Podcast: Episode 56: California University 101.

2023.04.01 08:25 nuraman00 The Beverly Hills 90210 Show Podcast: Episode 56: California University 101.

Matthew Porretta (Dan Rubin), Zachary Throne (Howard McDermott), and Director Gilbert Shilton are guest hosts.

"The Little Fish" is also discussed.

* The "set dressing" for the Beverly Hills Beach Club was left up for a 3 months. The city of Santa Monica didn't want it, so I think they had to take it down.
That was part of the reason why there were no more episodes at the Beverly Hills Beach Club.

* The plot of Steve cheating on the placement test, came from Charles Rosin's real life.
When he was at the Universit Of Wisconsin - Madison, he saw a redhead in front of him. He looked smart, so Rosin cheated off of him for the math portion.
He told the dean that despite his placement tests scores, he was going to scale back on the math classes.
He would later see that redhead at Berkeley.
* When Rosin was in middle school, he had to make up a play based on a book he had to have read, before the civil war.
He never read a book, and made up a play about John Brown's attack.

* Throne auditioned for Josh Richland. He didn't get it.
When he was leaving the room, Jason Priestly sees him and says hi. He had known Throne from The Heights.
Jason and Shilton told Throne to come back and read for Howard, and he got the part.

* A few episodes in, Brian Austin Green told Throne that there was going to be a meth plot.

Brian Austin Green stops by.
* Green had known Throne, from when Green and Throne promoted their FOX shows together, Beverly Hills 90210, and The Heights.
* Throne and Green got along great. Green said it was a fun story line.
* Green is in a documentary called Kid 90.
Soleil Frye Moon recorded a bunch of stuff, including her interview with Green a few years ago.
Green did it, but never really thought it would be published, because a lot of these things never get released.
To his surprise, 3 years later, it was released.
* Brian Austin Green saw Jason Priestly and Ian Ziering recently. He complains that they are 10 years older than him, but he has the grayest hair.

* Shilton loved working with Tori Spelling. She was always prepared, knew her lines, and never missed a beat.

* They weren't going to have Andrea get pregnant from the first guy, so they introduced Dan.
* This was the first time Porretta had a recurring role on any show. So it was cool for him to keep working with the cast and crew every week.
* He hadn't done too much stuff before, and he was still young. He had just finished the movie "Robin Hood: Men In Tights".
* His whole experience with the show was great.
*He loved working with Gabrielle.
* He didn't really know what was going to happen. He said you get the script, and evolve.
Then one day, when he got the next script, he said "Oh wow, Dan's going south". (As in his behavior.)
* He likes plain croissants more than chocolate chip.

* Shilton says having background extras was important for the college scenes. It creates the impression that everyone has their own world and agenda.

The Little Fish:

* Shilton says he had no issues with Shannen, during any of the times he worked with her. Everything she did was well, and look at how great her perforance was.
* The shots from the ocean's point of view was logistically challenging. They had to create some pipes.
* Mollin says there was a lot of conversation about how the fish would look, when it was caught.
They ended up using only dead fish, and Shannen would move the tail with her baby finger, to make it look alive.

Why Brenda and Dylan didn't kiss:

* It's better for the heat between them if they don't kiss.
* Brenda wouldn't do that after what Kelly's been through.
* Dylan was going to go back to Kelly.
* They did not want to compromise their moral compass.

* Brenda and Stuart eloping was slotted for a huge ratings push.

On Andrea reviewing the Peach Pit for the Condor:

* Larry Mollin once had lobster bisque in hot weather, and got food poisioning.
That's why it was written for Andrea to order the lobster bisque at The Peach Pit.

On Andrea and Brandon both not working for the CU Condor:
* There needs to be less of a production for the set, if Andrea is pre-med. If she works for a paper, then they have to have a newspaper staff and newspaper room.
And for Brandon, they wanted him in campus politics.

* Larry Mollin's junkie friend said you can put crystal meth in orange juice, to get some nourishment.

* Throne recalls one of the episodes where he had to come through a door, and say one line.
He rehearsed walking and hitting his mark a lot this one day. He did it so many times, he eventually forgot what his line was.
He was embarrassed. He thought he was going to get fired.
As he was leaving, Porretta came in for his scene.
A crew member named Diane then said "Matthew, do you want me to tell you what your one line is"?

* Porretta recalls a time when they were about to film a classroom scene.
They had to fix the lighting, so he had a few minutes.
He was getting very nervous.
He went to the bathroom and started talking to himself.
When he gets out, the sound person comes up to him and asks if he's ok.
Porretta says yes.
The sound person says "we can hear everything you're saying in the bathroom."
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