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2023.06.05 05:00 Easy_Squirrel_6002 1st Birthday not on this earth. He would of been 35

Today is waaaaay harder than I could of ever imagine, I don't even know what to do with myself. It hurts so much, I dreamt of him every night this week, waking up is absolute torture, I have never felt so alone, he has half of my soul and he took it with him. This feels so unreal not talking to him, or spoiling him on this special day. I hate my life, so tired of family and friends telling me to just think positive and my life will miraculously change, its been 44 days! I understand that they are worried about me but none of them have been thru this, they compare it to losing uncles, aunts, grandparents, parents, I know those are painful I really do, but its not the same as losing a partner, im just bitter today, appologies for the rant.
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2023.06.05 04:55 katet_of_19 The Jims are such fuckin' beauties

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2023.06.05 04:02 swampgas_1 [US-CT] [H] NFT, Grails, and Chases [W] Trades (Willing to go over PPG) OBO PayPal

Willing to make deals on multiples ISO is second pic, they will take priority
Sirius Black as Dog HT Exclusive Flocked -$85
Holographic Kylo Ren Target Exclusive GITD -$55
Jim Halpert Funko Shop Exclusive -$100
Death The Kid -$90
Fire Nation Aang NFT Physical 999pcs LE -$640
Alluka Zoldyck HT Exclusive Chase -$175
Gyomei Himejima HT Exclusive Chase -$115
Satoru Gojo WonderCon 2023 LE -$120
Freddy Funko as The Creep From The TV Series Fright Night 1,600pcs LE -$100
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Goofy On The Casey Jr. Circus Train Attraction Funko Shop Exclusive -$105
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Clown In Jack-In-The-Box Cart Funko Shop Exclusive -$135
Pink Flocked Scooby-Doo
Green Flocked Scooby-Doo
Blue Flocked Scooby-Doo
Super Scooby-Doo NFT Grail
101 Trafalgar Law
Eustass Kidd WonderCon
Vex’Ahlia SDCC
Buffed Chopper ECCC
Flocked Tony Chopper Funimation
Cabbage Man & Cart NYCC
Korra HT Chase
The Creeper ECCC
Mothman Funko Shop
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2023.06.05 03:40 iluvdogs0 18 & homeless

i’ve been homeless for 10 days. ive never felt so alone in my life. for the first couple days i slept outside and then my plugs friend let me stay with him for like 2 days. then i slept in a apartment complex. & now i’m sleeping in my plugs 2nd car which i’m rlly grateful for cause it gets so fucking cold at night even being in the apartment complex. my plug said i could stay with him until i get back on my feet a couple days ago. i’m supposed to be staying with him starting today but i don’t want to cause well i’m not gonna get into detail but basically he has a lotta baby mama drama & i don’t wanna be apart of it. i don’t wanna be put in a position where she’s tryna put her hands on me cause she’s just weird. so i’m just gonna stay in his car. he’s genuinely a good person. he’s not one of those guys who does something for u and expects something in return if yk what i mean.
2 days ago i met these kids on the bus and i jus started hanging out with them & we got drunk & smoked & had fun & it made me feel so good & alive bc i don’t have any friends and haven’t had any in a long time. and i never went out when i wasn’t homeless. but then at the end of the night i go to look in my bag and my 8grams of weed, $8, and vyvanse pills were gone. the vyvanse was for my binge eating disorder. i just started it and it was working rlly well then poof gone. haven’t been binging anyways tho cuz yk. yea it’s kinda my fault for getting my shit stole i shoulda been more cautious watching my stuff. i mean i thought i was. my bookbag was on me most of the time. but i guess i was too drunk to notice. or care. i’m not that upset because the weed was free, i could get a refill, & hey it’s $8 but it’s the fact like..i thought we were all having fun and they liked me & wanted to be my friend. & they know i’m homeless. they also took my deodorant which like wtf. it is kinda my fault tho i shoulda had my book bag on me 100% of the time. at least i had fun ig. for the first time in forever.
my mom lives in texas and me and her don’t talk. she doesn’t know. my dad gives me $ for food but he doesn’t rlly wanna do anything which i get because i did fuck up my stay in the room he was renting for me. and i’m 18 now so he’s not obligated to do shit. it still kinda sucks tho cause he has my clothes and all my other stuff and when i ask him for a outfit or sum he gets really angry and its like u don’t have to give me a place to stay or buy me things but u could at least bring me sum clothes or the things i need from my stuff when i ask. & it’s not like he’s busy 24/7. me and his relationship is down the drain now. when i get back on my feet i want him out my life not only for me but for him to because i’ve stressed him out a lot so it’s best for both of us. it’s just sad how our relationship has turned out. we used to be so close but ever since this year started we grew more n more distant. i don’t wanna get back close with him. at least for now. he’s done a lot to hurt me emotionally and i know i have too.
i had an interview at holiday inn a couple days ago. i think i did pretty good. the lady who interviewed me gave me her personal # and said if they don’t call me by mid day tomorrow to call her. i think i lost her phone # tho so fuck. i should’ve saved it right then & there. hopefully they call. i applied for the front desk night shift. i have insomnia so thought why not put it to good use.
i dropped out of high school. not officially but just stopped showing up after winter break so they unenrolled me. i got rlly depressed & burnt out and jus gave up. seniors graduated june 2. the day before they did rehearsals. i decided to jus go to the school. idk why. no i do. i wanted to feel normal again. i wanted to see kids speed walking in the hallways with their bookbags trying to get to class. i wanted to see kids at the lunch tables chat and laugh with eachother. i wanted to feel like i’m just a normal kid with a home like everyone else and i’m graduating and have friends and life’s been good. i wanted to get a taste of highschool one last time. there were teachers who saw me and i got a buncha “where’ve you been?” and “you just disappeared.” they also asked me if i changed schools or if i graduated and i made some bs excuse on how i did but it was online and that it was earlier then public schools. i shouldn’t of went there. i thought it was gonna make me feel good but it just made me feel worse. everyone’s all excited they’re graduating & hyped for the summer but i’m not and have nothing to be hyped for. it just reminded me that i’m a fucking homeless loser with no degree and no job and nothing going for myself & instead of going to school and pushing thru like everyone else i stayed in bed depressed smoking weed all day.
i hope i get this job. i need this one good thing to happen so i can start making money and get back on my feet . i’m trying to be positive but it gets really hard. i cry a lot. sometimes i wanna die. sometimes i imagine someone shooting me in the head & putting me out of my misery. but that’s not gonna happen. instead the days are gonna get longer and longer and harder and harder and i’m gonna have to deal with every bit of it all on my own.
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2023.06.05 03:32 amybk27 Not sure what to do

My 18 year old female cat started having issues 1 1/2 weeks ago. She woke up and ate as normal, but then had diarrhea in her litter box. She then proceeded to go from corner to corner in the house trying to poop and only brown droplets came out. Throughout this time she wanted to eat and acted normal besides pooping outside litter box every minute. I took her to the vet and she had actually gained weight, no temp, no lumps, and everything looked great. He gave her some injections and metronidazole 2/day for 7 days. I followed this and she ate as normal and acted completely normal. Meds ended Wednesday night.
Fast forward to today, she wakes up, inhales food and acts normal. Then the diarrhea started again, but liquid coming out of butt had no odor and was tinged pink. Off to urgent care. They checked her and again didn’t notice anything, just checked same things. Said maybe she developed IBD and gave a prescription diet and metronidazole and ordered a lab of stool sample (she is an indoor cat, but got outside for 1 hr a month ago).
I’m going to call her normal vet again tomorrow, but am not sure what to do. It doesn’t sound like IBD to me and I’m already 400 bucks in. Money isn’t an issue, but I don’t want to do things not necessary.
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2023.06.05 03:14 transthrwaway2019 VFS Surgical Experience Vocal Fold Shortening and Retrodisplacement of the Anterior Commissure (VFSRAC) at Yeson Voice Center (May 2023)

Hey folks, me again back to detail my experiences at Yeson.
For a summary of my decision to get VFS, I had always been curious about VFS and some of the promises it made, but it was never a priority for me as my voice has always been assumed as cis. Frankly I've received a lot of compliments about my voice and in the past had people accuse me of lying about being trans on the basis of my voice. None the less, I was still curious. My voice was always decidedly in the lower register of the female ranges, and I wanted it to be more average.
In recent years I noticed the pitch of my voice come down a bit and it became increasingly difficult for me to even reach the prior speaking pitches/it required a lot more concentrated effort. At a certain point the absolute higher range became inaccessible. As I approached the higher range I noticed an air leaking sound in my voice, picture opening a bottle of seltzer water very slightly. Additionally I had developed a vocal tremor. My voice also tended toward vocal fry a lot so I started needing to control my speaking differently to avoid every word turning into a fry sound. I needed to speak very punchy with a lot of air pressure to compensate for these things. These were all things I had observed that led me to deciding I would seek VFS and see what was up and if any of this could be corrected.
It could be a complication of numerous intubations, or even a tracheal shave procedure, but I never collected enough data to say conclusively if A led to B. It could also be that because my vocal training was self directed I was doing it "wrong" and slightly straining every time I spoke for almost 15 years, and it just has this kind of end result. Regardless of the why, I know the what.
Now, into the actual details.

Travel to Korea

The flying was uneventful. I have airline status and bought nice seats, spent some time in the airline lounges yada yada. I arrived, there were taxis waiting, I got one, and it took me to my hotel. I stayed at the Entra Hotel which is maybe half a block away from the clinic. It does require one street crossing, the walk was less than 5 minutes door to door. I stayed in one of the "superior king" rooms with the nice views and a fancy bathtub that looks out the window.
The hotel is nice, the hot breakfast is not vegan friendly unfortunately, but the buffet had options and was nice and easy. The staff are nice and have likely dealt with a few Yeson clients and were quick to assist me reading messages off my phone. There's a supermarket maybe 3 blocks away, called SSG. Definitely stop there, buy some extra water and some snacks for yourself all that good stuff. They give you 2 bottles of water per day at the hotel, and will provide more on request.

Pre-Op Consult

For the consult they had the clinic staff responsible for arranging transportation for the clients pick me up, take me to a nearby hospital, he arranged everything I just had to follow him, get a chest X-ray, then he drove me to the clinic. This too maybe half an hour total, way more efficient than US hospitals or urgent care centers.
At the clinic I had to fill out some paperwork that detailed my feelings about my voice. There is a general form about vocal disability and then a trans specific form to fill out. Some forms and charts may have your sex listed as "T." This is better than misgendering, though I'd prefer if it said "F" I'm not about to wage a war against medical practice in Korea to get them to change this. It might even be legally required for all I know. Regardless I still wrote F everywhere it asked, and they didn't care.
At the clinic you'll meet with the international patient care coordinator who will help you out a bunch throughout this process. She'll bring you to a room where they have you do a standard vocal exam. You have to read some stuff in a lower voice and a higher voice. I'll admit I was anxious during all this so I think I limited both ends of my range as my voice gets tight when I'm anxious. I wasn't anxious from worry, I think just from being recorded and wanting to do the best I could or something. Not really sure.
Anyway you do some tests, they stick a camera down your throat and observe your vocal folds. Then they take you downstairs, draw some blood, do an EKG. All standard stuff, and the coordinator is with you the whole time to assist you so you don't need to be worried about not speaking Korean.
Then you meet with Dr. Kim, he'll have you do some more exercises, he'll stick a camera up your nose this time, and then will answer any questions you have while discussing what he sees. This is where things got interesting for me because there was a physical reality behind each of my observed symptoms. My vocal folds are asymmetric, I sort of twist my whole vocal instrument when I speak to accommodate for this, my vocal folds do not actually touch when I speak leading to some of those other issues, I speak with 3-5 times the air pressure of a normal person, and consume about 8x as much oxygen speaking as well as a result.
Dr. Kim theorized this all might be the result of just how I've used my voice over the years, but had a few other potential theories including potential injury at some point and so on. Regardless he assured me that his approach would actually address my concerns if I was diligent about following the care rules. And I will be, I always am.
This process took maybe 2 hours in total, but we did a lot so there's not a lot of doing nothing. It goes by quickly.

Surgery Day

Surgery day is easy. Walk 5 minutes, get myself prepared for surgery, lay on the bed. I chatted with the care coordinator for a bit, the nurses put your hair up and put a hair bonnet on, you meet with the doctor, the anesthesiologist, and sign some papers then you walk to the OR and get put under and that's that. It's all super standard stuff like every other surgery I've had. Easy peasy.
You wake up and will probably have a sore throat (3-4 discomfort for me) and some discomfort swallowing (3-6 depending on if it was a good or bad one). Especially if you typically swallow "hard." I found it more comfortable if I had my chin at 80-110 degrees angle with my neck. Might vary person to person. You are advised to practice circular breathing in through nose out through mouth, so do that. You might get a little phlegm, I didn't at this stage, but make sure not to cough or speak. You'll get nurse visits at noon, two, and four. At four you'll meet with the doctor before you get discharged, and he'll do the camera nose thing again and repeat the care instructions.
They usually bring people ice cream I guess, but I'm vegan and so they brought me some insanely good pumpkin soup that I need to try to recreate. This will come around noon with that nurse checkup. Just try to sleep as much as you can honestly, but you can get up and play on your phone or something if you prefer.


The follow up was two days later in the late afternoon. They do the camera nose thing again, take some pictures, go over the care instructions again, answer any questions you have in written form, do not speak. You get a copy of the pictures, and a copy of all the exam and test results, you get some pills you might have to take depending on the 3 month follow up audio results, you get a USB device with some of the recordings they took and some follow up videos and all that. I really think these videos are super neat, and I get to see the patterns I habituated, where I really narrow the area I'm speaking from and all that. Cool stuff.
In my case there was some raw and slightly bloody looking area near the former anterior commisure, but not on the folds themselves., this may have been due to coughing in my sleep. I had worried I coughed and spoke in my sleep the night before as I dreamed vividly about it and woke up immediately after, but I wasn't sure. I raised this with the doctor, he says botox will help prevent this from happening. I think it may have also been due to just how bad it hurt to swallow a few times, but regardless he said it was nothing to be worried about and that overalll it looks fine and should heal if I stick to the care plan. There will be some sloughing looking skin above the stitching, it'll look weird, but it's fine and part of wound healing so don't be worried there. If you've had other surgeries, you know what this is so you'll not be scared.
You'll meet with a speech pathologist who covers the follow up training you have to do starting at 2 months to connect your brain with the new action of your modified vocal folds. I'm told this training is essential to get the full benefit of the surgery, so make sure you do it. The exercises are very simple and will take you maybe 15 minutes, 3-5 times a day as advised. Do one in the morning, one before bed, and fit in the others anywhere else.
Then I met with the doctor again, he injected botox into the muscles around my vocal folds to help correct the tremor and also to help prevent potential damage to the surgical site thru coughing or all that. They come in through the front of the neck so be prepared. For some reason the second one scared me a little, so be prepared for more than one jab. I did notice less static discomfort overall after this, but you know botox does block up the nerves so it might just be that I can't feel the pain.
They use much less botox than say you'd get in your forehead, so it should wear off somewhat quicker and not lead to any long term muscle atrophy, though there may be in the short term after 2 months of not using so be prepared for a tired voice when you start training again.
You'll be advised not to tip your head back with a mouth full of liquid to avoid aspirating any water while the botox is in effect, so just do that. Essentially your vocal folds will be paralyzed wide open, so it would be easy to aspirate water and you don't want the resulting coughing fit.

Trip Home

Largely uneventful. I made sure to let the flight attendants know I couldn't respond verbally and just kept my requests simple. Like writing "water please" before they got the beverage cart to me so I could just hold it up. They were all sympathetic, likely because I'm not old and look overall healthy so they felt bad for me and wanted to help.
I'm home now, drinking my usual 4-5L of water per day, crying that I can't have coffee, chocolate, or spicy food for 2 months. Making sure not to speak or talk and just waiting to see if this was worth the 9k lol (I'm sure it will be)
Anyway, not too much to note, it was very uneventful, the area being operated on is like 1.5cm big so there's nothing major to discuss with you all like some of my prior surgeries. But yeah here it is! Feel free to ask any questions. I'll follow up later once I can speak to let you know what's going on.
Currently I feel no pain, occasionally very slight discomfort when swallowing, haven't had to cough, had to stop myself when I was about to speak a couple times. I noticed how much I occasionally mouth words to myself when I think them, so trying to make sure not to do this as well.
My throat feels maybe slightly heavy? I think I was subconsciously keeping my larynx elevated for the last 15 years, and so with botox weakening the muscles they get extremely fatigued when I try to do this without thinking lol.
If I get a lot of phlegm build up and feel like I have to cough, I bend over and let it kinda grossly slide up more toward my mouth, and then it's easier to clear via swallowing.
Prior Yeson related post: https://www.reddit.com/Transgender_Surgeries/comments/10vj6kyeson_first_contact_thru_booking_current_price/
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2023.06.05 02:47 7dear Why you should never invite a toxic parent to your wedding

This is by far not the only story I have of my toxic mother, but it's a good one. Sadly, even tho I cut her out of my life I am still dealing with the ramifications of her abuse years later.
Let me preface this by saying I am estranged from my mother and have been for most of my life. She is a paranoid narcissist, a racist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, and just all around terrible person. She abused me growing up so I cut loose in high school, got emancipated and got on with my life. For years I had a happy queer relationship with another woman and we had a son together (I carried with a sperm donor). When my kid was 5 his other mom died and I was alone for 5 years before I met someone. A year later, that someone and I got married. Previous to said wedding my husband’s parents felt it would be important to meet my parents. My father died when I was 19 so that left my mother and her husband. I struggled over the decision to try and reconnect with my mom, knowing how bad this can get for me in these situations (I suffer severe ptsd from the abuse trauma).. but it was a wedding and everyone kept telling me it “was important to have family together.” So fine, let’s do this.
The problems started fast and furious. My mom came to our coast (we live on opposite coasts) to meet my fiancé and my son. Right away she was pulling my husband to the corner to tell him all the “dirt” she could on me, or conversely, telling him he better get me nice cars and plastic surgery. Then she stated calling all of her friends and putting my fiancé on the phone to “prove to them that her daughter was marrying a doctor” (even if he is a goyem (a Yiddish term for non-Jew. Has slightly derogatory tones). Cut to lunch and my mother is asking how many tables she “gets” at the wedding. I ask “huh?” She explains she needs a least 5 tables at 10 per table for HER guests. I was really confused. I explained that our whole wedding venue seated 50 people total and those seats were spoken for. I had invited several people my mother asked me to have already. She went absolutely bananas demanding we change venue (we’re now 6 weeks from the wedding) to accommodate HER GUESTS. I painfully explained we can’t do that.. it’s not possible.. just no. She then switches gears like she always does and asks about our honeymoon. We’re we’re heading to Mexico for 2 weeks and my son would be staying with his donomyBFF. My mom screamed “what??? He needs to be with HIS FAMILY.” I reminded her that he was staying with family. She demanded time with my son so I half heartedly said she could have him half the time. (This will come back to haunt me later.)
Cut to the wedding. Did I mention my mom is a low key alkie? So it’s about 2pm and she’s in the bridal suite in the bathroom. I’m in the dress and the photographer is waiting for my mother to come and use an antique button-holer to button up my gown. I'm emotional because I'm in the dress and I feel beautiful and I'm excited and nervous. This is one of the photos we had pre-planned to take and I asked her if she wanted to do the honors. Instead, my mother is in the bathroom half dressed with her fireball and ice screaming into the phone at her husband “You are so stupid, how can you not find it!? I put it on the damn dresser! I can’t f**ing believe I married you…” you get the picture. It’s so loud the guests in the living room of the suite can hear it. I finally give up and have my son do the buttonholing for me (the pics were so special). Thank goodness it wasn’t video because you would have her my mother screaming “Can anyone get me another drink?? Does this room even have room service??”
Cut to walking down the aisle. We do the ceremony, it’s perfect, and my delightful friend who's officiating announces “Introducing Mr. & Mrs Jon— when suddenly my mom stands up and screams “It’s DOCTOR not MISTER, get it right!” Now I knew we had a problem on our hands ahead of the big day so I put in some contingency plans in place to buffer her. My wedding planner was under strict instructions to not allow my mother to make a speech (she loves to humiliate me by saying personal things about me to anyone who will listen and then she loves to announce what a terrible daughter I am and how much of a disappointment to her.) Second plan was my SIL faking a heart attack if she got her hands on the mic. About half thru dinner my delightful planner comes to me crying saying she’s so sorry but my mom is demanding to make a speech. That’s right, this tiny demon of a woman made my wedding planner CRY. Right then she stood up (have no idea how she got the mic) and said, “So my daughter didn’t want me to say anything. I guess she gets embarrassed, but I’m her MOTHER, and I get to say whatever I want. I’m here to say that I always knew she was going to marry a doctor, it didn’t surprise me at all. What did surprise me is when I gave birth to her and the nurses told me she was a girl, but I didn’t believe them so I had to take her diaper off and spread her legs and look at her vagina to make sure she was a girl.” She illustrated this by spreading her two fingers open. You could here jaws dropping around the room. She then went on to say “how disappointed she was in me that I don’t see her more often and that she hopes now that I have a doctor husband I’ll be able to see her more frequently”. Sadly my SIL was in the loo and plan 2 failed.
Cut to the dancing. I am dancing with my husband and my friends. We’re all having a good time when somebody comes up to me and taps me on the shoulder and says “hey, I don’t wanna cause a scene or anything but you might want to look at your mom”. I look over at my mother and she has taken off the jacket to her dress and now she’s peeling off the shoulder straps one by one and waving her head around to the music saying “oh my goodness it’s getting so hot in here!” This b*tch was trying to take her clothes off on the dance floor. Oh, I forgot to mention earlier that she had a three drink maximum, but she was getting around this by asking other people to get drinks for her.Cut to the next morning and I got to hear alllllll the embarrassing stories from the night before. She asked why my friend married “an Arab,” called another guest “not Jewish enough to attend the wedding” and complained to anyone who would listen that I didn’t even allow her 50 guests, and the party would have been so much more fun if she had done it. And the pièce de ré·sis·tance? As we were leaving for our honeymoon I got a call from her saying “I know you need me to watch your kid, but not unless you do something for me. You’ll need to call your brother and make nice with him again.” My brother and I are estranged for reasons I can’t get into now. I said no, he’ll go to his real family, the one that cares for him without strings attached.
There you have it! If you're considering inviting a toxic parent to your wedding- DON'T. For anyone interested, we don’t talk anymore and I couldn’t be happier. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
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2023.06.05 02:23 newmusicrls Simon Dunmore Defected Selectors June 2023

  1. Henrik Schwarz – Leave My Head Alone Brain (Osunlade Remix) 07:52 120bpm Gm
  2. Bobby Womack – How Could You Break My Heart (Original Mix) 05:17 128bpm Am
  3. Ultra Nate – Joy (Original Mix) 05:17 124bpm Gbm
  4. Air Power – Be Yourself 06:16 128bpm Gm
  5. James Brown – Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (Original Mix) 06:09 114bpm Am
  6. Aretha Franklin – Jump (Original Mix) 02:19 121bpm A
  7. MJ Cole, Nova Caspar, Jay Dee – Sincere (Re-Cue’D) 05:38 132bpm
  8. Fela Kuti – Shakara (Oloje) 13:25 120bpm Bbm
  9. Chaka Khan – I Know You, I Live You 04:27 112bpm
  10. Guru, DC Lee, Ronny Jordan – No Time To Play (Original Mix) 04:54 100bpm A
  11. Donald Byrd – Places And Spaces 06:19 184bpm
  12. Prince – Sign ‘O’ The Times (Original Mix) 05:02 99bpm Cm
  13. Leroy Hutson – All Because of You (Single Edit) 03:29 87bpm
  14. Mr. Fingers – Mystery of Love (Original Mix) 07:10 115bpm G
  15. Stevie Wonder – Living For The City (Original Mix) 07:22 99bpm Gb
  16. The Salsoul Orchestra – Ooh I Love It (Love Break) (Original Mix) 07:49 114bpm Bb
  17. The Reese Project – Direct Me (Joey Negro Mix) 06:47 122bpm Dbm
  18. Zak Abel, Tom Misch – Beautiful Escape feat. Zak Abel (Original Mix) 04:36 120bpm F
  19. Soul II Soul, Rose Windross – Fairplay (Original Mix) 03:58 101bpm Cm
  20. Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Original Mix) 03:07 88bpm C#m
  21. Sounds Of Blackness – The Pressure (Frankie Knuckles Classic Mix) 08:24 127bpm Fm
  22. David Bowie – Young Americans (2016 Remaster) 05:13 83bpm G
  23. Bobby Womack – Give It Up (Original Mix) 04:38 96bpm D
  24. Gabriels – Love and Hate in a Different Time (Original) 04:42 120bpm Dm
  25. Digital Underground – Doowutchyalike (LP Version) 08:53 108bpm
  26. Nuyorican Soul, Jocelyn Brown – It’s Alright, I Feel It 03:22 122bpm
  27. Etienne De Crecy – Prix choc (Original Mix) 08:52 128bpm C
  28. Inner Life – Moment Of My Life (12″ Version) 06:32 113bpm F#m
  29. Daft Punk – Alive (Original Mix) 05:16 129bpm Bb
  30. First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder (Shep Pettibone 12″ Mix) 08:01 119bpm Dbm
  31. Dennis Ferrer – Church Lady (Original Mix) 07:19 126bpm Gm
  32. Masters At Work – To Be In Love (MAW ’99 Mix) 11:54 122bpm Cm
  33. Clivilles & Cole – A Deeper Love (A Deeper Love Mix) 12:04 121bpm D#m
  34. Archie Bell & The Drells – Where Will You Go When The Party’s Over (Original Mix) 04:05 117bpm Em
  35. Womack & Womack – Baby I’m Scared of You 05:38 216bpm
  36. The Style Council – My Ever Changing Moods 03:37 126bpm
  37. Kathy Sledge – Take Me Back To Love Again (Shelter Me Mix) 06:51 123bpm A
  38. Ashford & Simpson – Love Don’t Make It Right (Original Mix) 04:23 111bpm A
  39. Blaze – My Beat (Original) 05:19 126bpm Gbm
  40. Eighties Ladies – Turned on to You 05:28 bpm
  41. Blaze – Wishing You Were Here (Original) 06:56 123bpm Cm
  42. Coati Mundi – Que Pasa / Me No Pop I (Original Mix) 06:25 110bpm Db
  43. Massive Attack – Safe From Harm (2012 Mix/Master) 05:19 165bpm Bm
  44. Incognito, Jocelyn Brown – Always There (David Morales Remix) 06:36 115bpm
  45. Lee Fields & The Expressions, Lee Fields – Ladies 04:17 176bpm
  46. Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) (Original Mix) 05:26 160bpm Ebm
  47. CeCe Rogers – Someday (Original Mix) 07:17 119bpm Am
  48. Honey Dijon, Nikki-O, Annette Bowen – Downtown feat. Annette Bowen feat. Nikki-O (Louie Vega Extended Raw Dub Mix) 03:33 126bpm Bb
  49. Quartette Tres Bien – Boss Trés Bien 05:28 120bpm
  50. Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Don’t Leave Me This Way (Original Mix) 06:04 125bpm Gm
  51. The Staple Singers – Trippin’ On Your Love 04:27 bpm
  52. Curtis Mayfield – Back to the World (Original Mix) 06:50 164bpm Db
  53. The Specials – A Message to You Rudy (Original Mix) 02:54 104bpm C
  54. Black Coffee, Bucie – Turn Me On (Original Mix) 07:25 124bpm Cm
  55. Bob Sinclar – My only love (Original) 04:34 123bpm Gbm
  56. Love Unlimited – Move Me No Mountain (Original Mix) 03:55 90bpm Fm
  57. River Ocean, India – Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochùn) [feat. India] (12″ Club Mix) 09:51 119bpm Gm
  58. Henrik Schwarz – Leave My Head Alone Brain (Original Mix) 08:00 123bpm Gm
  59. D’Angelo – Brown Sugar (Edited) 04:22 83bpm A
  60. Roisin Murphy – Incapable (Extended Mix) 08:25 114bpm Dm
  61. Honey Dijon, Channel Tres, Sadie Walker – Show Me Some Love (feat. Sadie Walker) 03:52 126bpm D
  62. Bobby Wilson – Deeper and Deeper 06:23 176bpm
  63. Sharon Ridley – Where Did You Learn to Make Love the Way You Do 04:51 bpm
  64. Alice Clark – Don’t You Care 02:50 bpm
  65. Earth, Wind & Fire – Devotion (Live) 04:52 92bpm Am
  66. Sharon Redd – Try My Love On For Size (Original Mix) 05:08 120bpm Am
  67. Ten City – Right Back To You (Extended Version) 09:10 120bpm D#m
  68. Incognito – Always There (David Morales Remix) 03:35 115bpm
  69. Public Enemy – Can’t Truss It (Original Mix) 05:22 102bpm Bbm
  70. Luther Vandross – Sugar and Spice (I Found Me a Girl) (Original Mix) 04:57 109bpm F
  71. Grace Jones – La vie en rose 07:28 176bpm C
  72. Ashford & Simpson – It Seems To Hang On (Original Mix) 05:12 114bpm Bm
  73. Leroy Hutson – Love the Feeling (Original Mix) 02:53 97bpm Bb
  74. Mr. Fingers – We Can Work It Out (Original Mix) 05:43 113bpm Gbm
  75. Loleatta Holloway, Bastian Zacit – Love Sensation (Original Mix) 06:06 126bpm F
  76. Adeva – Musical Freedom (Original Mix) 06:22 113bpm C
  77. Yazoo – Situation (12″ Remix) 05:46 119bpm Db
  78. Jamiroquai – Blow Your Mind (Original Mix) 08:32 105bpm Am
  79. Arrested Development – Tennessee (Original Mix) 04:32 100bpm Ebm
  80. Trussel – Love Injection (Original Mix) 07:56 112bpm Abm
  81. Mary J. Blige – My Love (Original Mix) 04:12 86bpm F
  82. De La Soul – Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin’s Revenge) 03:25 bpm
  83. Maze, Frankie Beverly – Joy And Pain (Remastered) 07:14 106bpm Bm
  84. Soulsearcher – Can’t Get Enough! (Vocal Club Mix) 06:53 128bpm Em
  85. Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right but It’s Okay (KCC’s Release The Love Groove Bootleg Mix) 07:02 128bpm Cm
  86. Patrice Rushen – Haven’t You Heard (Original Mix) 06:45 129bpm Dbm
  87. The Salsoul Orchestra – Seconds (Original Mix) 08:58 105bpm Em
  88. Lady Blackbird – It’s Not That Easy 03:00 bpm
  89. Mass Order – Lift Every Voice (Take Me Away) (Classic Boot Mix) 07:25 bpm
  90. Deep Dish – Flashdance (Original Club Mix UK Radio Version) 06:45 bpm
  91. Malcolm McLaren – Double Dutch 04:42 119bpm
  92. Junior Jack – Hola (Original Mix) 04:12 121bpm Am
  93. Voices Of Life – The Word Is Love (Say The Word) (Silk’s Anthem Of Life) 08:10 bpm
  94. Celeda, Danny Tenaglia – Music Is The Answer (Original Extended 12-inch Mix) 14:10 126bpm Abm
  95. Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime (2005 Remaster) 04:19 116bpm
  96. Jungle Brothers – What “U” Waitin’ “4”? (Radio Edit) 04:04 110bpm Cm
  97. Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally (Extended Mix) 05:58 125bpm C
  98. Supershy – Change feat. Wayne Snow (Original Mix) 04:50 120bpm Cm
  99. Hannah Wants, Clementine Douglas – Cure My Desire feat. Clementine Douglas (Extended Mix) 06:38 122bpm Ebm
  100. Channel Tres – Just Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix) 05:03 121bpm Cm
  101. Ziyon, El Payo – Tailor Made feat. Ziyon (Original Mix) 05:22 120bpm Eb
  102. Close Counters – SNAP TO IT! (Original Mix) 03:30 131bpm Eb
  103. Three Kings, Jaygun, Bashy – Shake Dat Booty feat. Jaygun feat. Bashy (Original Edit) 07:34 125bpm Dm
  104. Felix Da Housecat, Chris Trucher – Chicago Love (Original Mix) 05:05 124bpm A
  105. Benny Mussa – If You Want (Luke Solomon’s Body Remix) 07:07 128bpm Dm
  106. Beyoncé, Madonna – BREAK MY SOUL (THE QUEENS REMIX) 05:56 120bpm Abm
  107. Daphni – Cloudy (Original Mix) 06:51 128bpm Cm
  108. Larse – A Part Of (Extended Mix) 04:38 128bpm Dm
  109. Virginia – Funkert (Original Mix) 04:27 127bpm Dbm
  110. ANOTR, Abel Balder – Vertigo (Original Mix) 04:16 132bpm Em
  111. Sable Sheep – Upon Burning Skies (Original Mix) 08:24 123bpm Em
  112. Dam Swindle – Good Woman (Edit) 03:35 125bpm Am
  113. Ezel, Rona Ray – Don’t Know Yet (Original Mix) 07:26 125bpm Dbm
  114. Honey Dijon, Sadie Walker, Channel Tres – Show Me Some Love feat. Sadie Walker (Extended Mix) 05:51 126bpm D
  115. Shiba San – I Wanna (Tchami Remix) 03:35 127bpm Fm
  116. Jamie Jones – My Paradise (Vintage Culture Extended Remix) 05:33 128bpm Bbm
  117. OFFAIAH – Find A Way (Extended Mix) 06:29 124bpm Gm
  118. Mr. V – Jus Dance (Dennis Quin Remix) 03:36 94bpm G
  119. Alister Fawnwoda, Tyesha Blount – Starlight (Original Mix) 05:59 125bpm Em
  120. Mistura, Dave Lee ZR, Jemini – Want Me Back (Jimpster Peak Time Deepness) 06:27 122bpm Db
  121. Girls of the Internet – Sound Asleep 03:45 124bpm G
  122. Tom Middleton – Cicadas (Maya Jane Coles Remix) 06:24 123bpm Dbm
  123. Rampa, Keinemusik, chuala – Les Gout (Original Mix) 05:44 120bpm Fm
  124. Crackazat – Demucha (Original Mix) 04:15 124bpm Cm
  125. Mary J. Blige – Good Morning Gorgeous (Kelly G Morning Pose Dub Remix) 03:27 125bpm Bbm
  126. Butch – Same Like Dope But Different (Original Mix) 04:41 123bpm Dbm
  127. Kabbala – Ashewo Ara (Dave Lee Afro Fusion Mix) (Original Mix) 05:59 124bpm Am
  128. Max Millan, Simon Adams – Mr. Franklin (Miguel Migs Salty Rub) 06:15 124bpm Am
  129. Situation – Get To Know Me (Hot Toddy Dub) 05:46 117bpm Dm
  130. Beanfield, Marzenka – Alone feat. Marzenka (Original) 07:29 122bpm G
  131. Delano Smith, Diamondancer – A Message For the DJ featuring Diamondancer (Original Mix) 05:36 126bpm F
  132. Clive From Accounts – 4 Time (Original Mix) 05:38 127bpm Dm
  133. Jerk House Connection, Akram Sedkaoui – Each & Every Day (Life Goes On) feat. Akram Sedkaoui (Rocco Deeper Mix) 08:35 127bpm Gm
  134. ANOTR, Abel Balder – Your Mind (Original Mix) 05:40 130bpm Gm
  135. Rodney Hunter – Temperature’s Rising (Original Mix) 03:51 118bpm Dm
  136. Pugs Atomz, Inkswel, Eliza Dickson – Why Don’t You Listen (Fred Everything Remix) 06:02 119bpm Fm
  137. Folamour – Fearless (Original Mix) 05:23 122bpm Gm
  138. Mr. Flip – Hit Different (Afefe Iku Remix) 04:51 113bpm Dm
  139. Jonny Miller, Kid Fonque, ASAP Shembe – Connected Beings feat. ASAP Shembe (Jazzanova Remix) 05:56 120bpm C
  140. Carlo Gambino – Dance For You (Original Mix) 07:27 122bpm Am
  141. Gerd – We Bring U Muzik (Warehouse Mix) 06:08 126bpm Ab
  142. Joeski – Rude Boy (Original Mix) 06:20 125bpm C
  143. Musta, Venessa Jackson – Loving Me (Hot Toddy Remix) 08:00 84bpm Am
  144. youANDme, Kristina Sheli – Moment 04:35 124bpm C#
  145. OVEOUS, Don Kamares – Legacy (Original Mix) 05:35 123bpm Dm
  146. KE, Risk Assessment – Feel That (Franck Roger Remix) 06:28 124bpm Ebm
  147. Paperclip People – Throw (Original Mix) 06:47 127bpm C
  148. Austin Ato – When Love Is Tender (Original Mix) 08:42 127bpm Ab
  149. Francisco Allendes – What You Do (Original Mix) 06:49 127bpm D
  150. Particle – Let It Go (Original Mix) 06:34 87bpm Cm
  151. Afefe Iku – Sista Georgia (Original Mix) 11:35 122bpm Dm
  152. Mike Steva, Stevo Atambire – Destiny Song (Pa’ala) feat. Stevo Atambire (Original Mix) 05:54 121bpm Bm
  153. PAWSA – Room Service (24 Hour Mix) 04:44 130bpm Am
  154. Kerri Chandler – Coro (DJ Spen Kaoz Re Edit) 06:30 124bpm Dm
  155. Awen, Caiiro – Your Voice (Adam Port Remix) 04:20 122bpm Gbm
  156. Inaya Day, Harry Romero – Rise Up (Extended Club Mix) 06:19 127bpm Cm
  157. Pig&Dan – Rock You All Night (Original Mix) 03:27 123bpm Bm
  158. Yousef, The Melody Men – Hear That Sound feat. The Melody Men (Club Mix) 05:56 128bpm D
  159. GruuvElement’s – Boom Room (Original Mix) 06:39 94bpm Em
  160. Dam Swindle – All I Want (Edit) 03:56 124bpm Dbm
  161. Mike Dunn, LOA. – When The Dust Clears feat. LOA. (MD MixX) 03:42 124bpm F
  162. Seamus Haji, Phebe Edwards – Better Come Again 04:00 120bpm Em
  163. Suzanne Palmer, Mark Picchiotti, Craig J. Snider, The Absolute – I Believe feat. Suzanne Palmer feat. Craig J. Snider (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini’s Higher Love Dub Mix) 06:15 124bpm Eb
  164. Paul Kalkbrenner – Bengang (Original Mix) 05:30 128bpm Dbm
  165. Louie Vega, Robyn – All My Love (feat. Robyn) 05:58 127bpm Gb
  166. Daniel Steinberg – Groove People (Original Mix) 05:29 125bpm C
  167. Purple Disco Machine, Kaleta, Bosq – Wake Up! (Extended) 06:56 122bpm Dm
  168. Kon, Fiorious, Saturday Love – 2 B Free (Oliver Dollar Remix) 04:31 123bpm Em
  169. Lady Blackbird – Lost and Looking (Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy Cosmodelica Remix) 03:42 120bpm G
  170. Kerri Chandler, Bluey Robinson – Tenacity (Main Vocal Edit) 04:25 124bpm D
  171. Honey Dijon, Ramona Renea – Love Is A State Of Mind (Original Mix) 03:13 125bpm Cm
  172. Adam Port, Alan Dixon – Forms Of Love (Original Mix) 06:03 122bpm Bb
  173. Jamie Jones – My Paradise (Original Mix) 03:31 128bpm Bbm
  174. Fka Mash, Sio – Bumblebee 03:38 116bpm Gm
  175. Dennis Cruz – Ready For The Blues (Original Mix) 05:00 128bpm Cm
  176. Ramin Rezaie – Searching (Original Mix) 03:57 131bpm Am
  177. Tony Lionni – Out Of Sight (Special Edit By Jerome Sydenham) 06:15 124bpm C
  178. HRDY, Paulo Maria – Connected (Original Mix) 05:42 124bpm Gm
  179. Dario D’Attis – Tanzstube (Original Mix) 07:44 120bpm Bbm
  180. AMP Fiddler, Andrés, Dames Brown – What Would You Do? feat. Andrés feat. Amp Fiddler (Two Soul Fusion Remix) 03:07 125bpm G
  181. Low Steppa – Closer (Original Mix) 04:57 125bpm Bbm
  182. Fred Everything – Searching (Original Mix) 08:03 120bpm C
  183. Sophie Lloyd, Pauline Taylor – Angels By My Side feat. Pauline Taylor (Floorplan Remix) 03:28 125bpm Fm
  184. S.A.M., Sarah Ikumu – Spotlight feat. Sarah Ikumu (Mousse T. Shizzle Mix) 03:20 123bpm Gbm
  185. Malone – Time To Move (Original Mix) 03:08 125bpm Em
  186. Steve Bug, Mr. V – Back To ’95 feat. Mr. V (Cinthie‘s ‘Just A Vibe’ Remix) 06:12 124bpm Gm
  187. Khan, Julee Cruise – Say Goodbye feat. Julee Cruise (LoSoul ‘She’s Homeless’ Mix) 07:08 116bpm F
  188. Dam Swindle – Hey Mister 03:59 126bpm Am
  189. Julien Jabre – Voodance (Original Mix) 07:29 123bpm Dbm
  190. B Beat Girls – For The Same Man (Nic Fanciulli Remix) 03:34 127bpm E
  191. Mark Broom, Riva Starr, Star B – Fire (Ron Bacardi Remix) 05:42 126bpm Bb
  192. Make A Dance – I Need Somebody (Original Mix) 03:20 122bpm Bm
  193. Beyonce – BREAK MY SOUL (Original Mix) 04:38 115bpm Abm
  194. Zach Witness – Frankie & Levan (Original Mix) 03:41 127bpm Am
  195. Danny Tenaglia – The Brooklyn Gypsy (Original Mix) 07:41 153bpm Dm
  196. Beau – Losing You 03:23 124bpm E
  197. Felipe Gordon – The Love (Original Mix) 07:38 120bpm Gbm
  198. Ferreck Dawn, Izzy Bizu – Life (Original Mix) 02:51 125bpm Cm
  199. Kimberly Davis, The Shapeshifters – Love’s Been Waiting (7″ Version) 02:48 123bpm Gbm
  200. ANOTR, Sebastian Kamae – Time To Smoke (Original Mix) 08:46 130bpm Gb
  201. Daniel Anthony – Endless (Original Mix) 07:03 126bpm Dbm
  202. Jamie Jones, AMEME – Pliva 04:04 123bpm Fm
  203. Darius Syrossian, DJ Supreme – I’m The Joker (Original Mix) 02:36 129bpm Gm
  204. Oliver Way – Stained Glass Shadows (Robert Hood Remix) 06:54 128bpm D
  205. Sailor Jane, R.E.A.D. – Where’s My Phone? feat. Sailor Jane (Marco Faraone Remix) 03:35 128bpm Fm
  206. Daniel Steinberg – Take My Hand (Original Mix) 05:17 130bpm Gm
  207. AMP Fiddler, Andrés, Dames Brown – What Would You Do? feat. Andrés feat. Amp Fiddler (Folamour 12″ Remix) 04:30 121bpm Am
  208. Brian Burnside – This Generation (Franck Roger Mix) 08:20 127bpm Dm
  209. Chymamusique, Colbert, LaTique – Above My Head (Radio Mix) 04:34 118bpm Gbm
  210. Brooklyn Baby – NYC (Original Mix) 05:04 128bpm Em
  211. Marlon D – Jesus Creates Sound (Original Mix) 05:30 126bpm Ebm
  212. Kiko Navarro – Dope High (Vocal Mix) 07:52 92bpm Fm
  213. Franck Roger – Don’t Ever Luv Me (Original Mix) 06:44 124bpm Dm
  214. 40 Thieves, Qzen – Don’t Turn It Off (Original Mix) 04:38 117bpm Em
  215. Linkwood – Tears (Original Mix) 08:39 96bpm Bm
  216. Mr. V – Somethin’ Wit Jazz (Dario D’Attis Extended Remix) 07:08 122bpm Bbm
  217. David Morales, Elle Cato – Holding Me Touching Me feat. Elle Cato (Extended Mix) 06:58 126bpm Bbm
  218. Bassfort – Moon Shadow (Joe ‘Joaquin’ Claussell Remix) 11:26 124bpm G
  219. Close Counters – GET DOWN! (Original Mix) 04:17 122bpm Ebm
  220. Steve Lawler, Marco Lys, Joy Farrukh – If Only You Knew feat. Joy Farrukh (Extended Mix) 05:37 126bpm Am
  221. Todd Terry, Riva Starr – This Is The Sound (Original Mix) 06:07 126bpm Gm
  222. Honey Dijon, Dope Earth Alien – It’s Quiet Now (Original Mix) 03:02 123bpm Cm
  223. Jon Cutler, E-Man – It’s Yours (Kyri Markou Extended Remix) 05:39 126bpm Am
  224. Thakzin – The Magnificent Dance (Original Mix) 07:05 88bpm F
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2023.06.05 02:22 newmusicrls Defected New House Music June 2nd 2023

  1. Ben Westbeech, The Vision, Andreya Triana, Kon – Hallelujah In Heaven feat. Andreya Triana (Groove Assassin Extended Edit) 08:02 124bpm Cm
  2. Cinthie – Won’t U Take Me (Edit) 04:08 126bpm Am
  3. Nelly Furtado, Dom Dolla – Eat Your Man (with Nelly Furtado) (Extended) 06:13 125bpm Eb
  4. Rimarkable, SACRED H3ART – Complications (Extended Mix) 06:09 125bpm Fm
  5. Aluna, Chris Lake – Beggin’ (Extended Mix) 05:28 126bpm Eb
  6. The Aston Shuffle, Chambray, Liz Jai – Give It To You (Extended Mix) 04:23 127bpm Eb
  7. Cory Wells – Only For Kisses (Original Mix) 06:17 124bpm Em
  8. Alexandra Prince, Birdee – Jupiter + Mars (Extended Mix) 07:06 120bpm Ebm
  9. Jimpster, Thakzin, Ray T – Don’t Let Me See (Jimpster Remix) 06:53 120bpm Dm
  10. Krewcial – Owo (Original Mix) 06:17 118bpm Em
  11. Majestic, Sara Sukkha – Dance All Night feat. Sara Sukkha (Extended Mix) 04:42 126bpm Am
  12. Jansons – Nite Life (Original Mix) 05:00 128bpm A
  13. Bob Sinclar – Vision Of Paradise (Riva Starr Extended Remix) 06:11 125bpm G
  14. Superlover – Piano Pump (NiCe7 Extended Remix) 06:46 124bpm Fm
  15. Roach Motel – Wild Luv (Harry Romero Extended Remix) 07:21 124bpm F
  16. Josh Wink – Pan Gloss (Original Mix) 07:03 125bpm Gm
  17. Ziyon, China Charmeleon, AndileAndy – Tunnel Vision feat. Ziyon (Rocco Rodamaal Remix) 06:10 122bpm Am
  18. Makez, dreamcastmoe – Phases feat. dreamcastmoe (dego Remix) 03:15 111bpm C
  19. Jungle – Dominoes (Original Mix) 02:57 108bpm Dm
  20. Kitty Amor, Somadina – I Saw An Angel On The Roof & Wept (Kitty’s Extended Remix) 07:35 118bpm F
  21. Folamour – Poundland Anthem (Original Mix) 05:55 125bpm Dm
  22. Chris Stussy – All Night Long (Original Mix) 07:06 133bpm Fm
  23. Acid Jerks – Utopia Vision (Original Mix) 07:04 125bpm Gm
  24. Eddie Fowlkes – Talking To Me (Extended Mix) 05:16 128bpm G
  25. Jayda G – Meant To Be (Original Mix) 03:44 118bpm Gm
  26. Artist Code 414C46, Artist Code 524F43 – In Da Hood (Extended Mix) 05:59 126bpm Abm
  27. Jan Kincl – For a Second (Cycle Dub) 07:24 122bpm Cm
  28. Jitwam, Hadiya George – phoenix feat. Hadiya George (Original Mix) 02:33 115bpm Em
  29. Polly Gibbons, The Natural Curve – I Die (Cody Currie Remix) 06:32 123bpm Bm
  30. Stefan Braatz, Virgo Four – Everyman Jack (Extended Mix) 06:11 124bpm Em
  31. Chloé Caillet, Falle Nioke, Wekaforé – In The Middle feat. Falle Nioke & Wekaforé (Original Mix) 03:37 124bpm E
  32. Waajeed, Dames Brown – Glory feat. Waajeed (Extended Mix) 05:55 125bpm Bb
  33. Paul Johnson, Seth Troxler, HoneyLuv – Sex & The City (Dirty) (Original Mix) 07:46 126bpm G
  34. Cakes Da Killa – Luv Me Nots (DJ Minx Remix) 03:29 124bpm Dm
  35. Masters At Work – Funky Anané (MAW Jazzy Dub) 06:13 122bpm Dm
  36. Sio, Atmos Blaq – Abandonment Issues (Extended Mix) 06:08 120bpm Dbm
  37. Tobirus Mozelle, Tasty Lopez, GIDEÖN – Brighter Day (Original Mix) 09:57 123bpm Fm
  38. Jasper James – What You Say (Original Mix) 05:15 125bpm Bbm
  39. Mihalis Safras, Yvan Genkins – Las Solteras (Extended Mix) 05:15 132bpm Db
  40. Sam Divine, Dope Earth Alien – Salty feat. Dope Earth Alien (Extended Mix) 05:13 126bpm Fm
  41. Intr0beatz – More Cowbell Please (Original Mix) 06:45 120bpm F
  42. Radio Slave – Wake Up (Original Mix) 10:32 106bpm Fm
  43. Dennis Quin – Lucky Bastard (Original Mix) 05:00 129bpm Eb
  44. MD X-Spress – God Made Me Phunky (Jess Bays Extended Remix) 07:23 128bpm Abm
  45. Paige Tomlinson – Get Funky, Get Down (Original Mix) 06:22 131bpm A
  46. Nic Fanciulli, Butch – I Want You (Extended Mix) 08:30 125bpm Dbm
  47. Jansons – 11 Stereo (Original Mix) 06:15 128bpm Abm
  48. Jungle – Candle Flame (Opolopo Remix) 05:53 120bpm Am
  49. Manda Moor – Picante (Original Mix) 05:44 131bpm Abm
  50. Darius Syrossian, George Smeddles – Moontime (Ruze Remix) 06:14 126bpm Dm
  51. Made By Pete, Zoe Kypri – Horizon Red (Black Coffee Remix) 09:25 120bpm G
  52. Intr0beatz – Can’t Wait To Meet You (Original Mix) 07:54 122bpm C
  53. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (VIP) 07:18 125bpm Gm
  54. Mason Collective – A Little Affection (Extended Mix) 05:50 126bpm Dm
  55. Archie Hamilton, HQA – Let The Light In feat. HQA (Extended Mix) 07:03 126bpm F
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2023.06.05 02:18 iluvdogs0 18 & homeless

i’ve been homeless for 10 days. ive never felt so alone in my life. for the first couple days i slept outside and then my plugs friend let me stay with him for like 2 days. then i slept in a apartment complex. & now i’m sleeping in my plugs 2nd car which i’m rlly grateful for cause it gets so fucking cold at night even being in the apartment complex. my plug said i could stay with him until i get back on my feet a couple days ago. i’m supposed to be staying with him starting today but i don’t want to cause well i’m not gonna get into detail but basically he has a lotta baby mama drama & i don’t wanna be apart of it. i don’t wanna be put in a position where she’s tryna put her hands on me cause she’s just weird. so i’m just gonna stay in his car. he’s genuinely a good person. he’s not one of those guys who does something for u and expects something in return if yk what i mean.
2 days ago i met these kids on the bus and i jus started hanging out with them & we got drunk & smoked & had fun & it made me feel so good & alive bc i don’t have any friends and haven’t had any in a long time. and i never went out when i wasn’t homeless. but then at the end of the night i go to look in my bag and my 8grams of weed, $8, and vyvanse pills were gone. the vyvanse was for my binge eating disorder. i just started it and it was working rlly well then poof gone. haven’t been binging anyways tho cuz yk. yea it’s kinda my fault for getting my shit stole i shoulda been more cautious watching my stuff. i mean i thought i was. my bookbag was on me most of the time. but i guess i was too drunk to notice. or care. i’m not that upset because the weed was free, i could get a refill, & hey it’s $8 but it’s the fact like..i thought we were all having fun and they liked me & wanted to be my friend. & they know i’m homeless. they also took my deodorant which like wtf. it is my fault tho i shoulda had my book bag on me 100% of the time. at least i had fun ig. for the first time in forever.
my mom lives in texas and me and her don’t talk. she doesn’t know. my dad gives me $ for food but he doesn’t rlly wanna do anything which i get because i did fuck up my stay in the room he was renting for me. and i’m 18 now so he’s not obligated to do shit. it still kinda sucks tho cause he has my clothes and all my other stuff and when i ask him for a outfit or sum he gets really angry and its like u don’t have to give me a place to stay or buy me things but u could at least bring me sum clothes or the things i need from my stuff when i ask. & it’s not like he’s busy 24/7. me and his relationship is down the drain now. when i get back on my feet i want him out my life not only for me but for him to because i’ve stressed him out a lot so it’s best for both of us. it’s just sad how our relationship has turned out. we used to be so close but ever since this year started we grew more n more distant. i don’t wanna get back close with him. at least for now. he’s done a lot to hurt me emotionally and i know i have too.
i had an interview at holiday inn a couple days ago. i think i did pretty good. the lady who interviewed me gave me her personal # and said if they don’t call me by mid day tomorrow to call her. i think i lost her phone # tho so fuck. i should’ve saved it right then & there. hopefully they call. i applied for the front desk night shift. i have insomnia so thought why not put it to good use.
i dropped out of high school. not officially but just stopped showing up after winter break so they unenrolled me. i got rlly depressed & burnt out and jus gave up. seniors graduated june 2. the day before they did rehearsals. i decided to jus go to the school. idk why. no i do. i wanted to feel normal again. i wanted to see kids speed walking in the hallways with their bookbags trying to get to class. i wanted to see kids at the lunch tables chat and laugh with eachother. i wanted to feel like i’m just a normal kid with a home like everyone else and i’m graduating and have friends and life’s been good. i wanted to get a taste of highschool one last time. there were teachers who saw me and i got a buncha “where’ve you been?” and “you just disappeared.” they also asked me if i changed schools or if i graduated and i made some bs excuse on how i did but it was online and that it was earlier then public schools. i shouldn’t of went there. i thought it was gonna make me feel good but it just made me feel worse. everyone’s all excited they’re graduating & hyped for the summer but i’m not and have nothing to be hyped for. it just reminded me that i’m a fucking homeless loser with no degree and no job and nothing going for myself & instead of going to school and pushing thru like everyone else i stayed in bed depressed smoking weed all day.
i hope i get this job. i need this one good thing to happen so i can start making money and at least try to get back on my feet . i’m trying to be positive but it gets really hard. i cry a lot. sometimes i wanna die. sometimes i imagine someone shooting me in the head & putting me out of my misery. but that’s not gonna happen. instead the days are gonna get longer and longer and harder and harder and i’m gonna have to deal with every bit of it all on my own.
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2023.06.05 02:17 throwRA234689 How do I (18f) make my feelings go away? I'm falling for my best friend's (18f) boyfriend (18m.)

I used to have feelings for this guy when I was younger, then we fell out of touch. I found out he's now dating my best friend. Come prom this year, I found out he had feelings for me when we were younger, too. I'm developing feelings for him again. I could never be a home wrecker. I just want to know how to make my feelings go away. I will not be trying to embrace these feelings or something. I need them gone.
There's this guy, he keeps being pushed back into my life. We met when we were thirteen, we had class together. It was the type of friendship where we were incredibly mean to each other, but he always defended me from my bullies. I deeply cared about him, and I developed feelings.
We didn't see each other anymore when we went into highschool, but then he transferred into one of my classes a few weeks in. My feelings only grew stronger. Covid hit in the middle of our freshman year, and we didn't see each other again. Until I went to pick up something at the school, and he was there. It was a one person at a time sort of deal, so the odds of him leaving as I was coming were extremely low.
We didn't have any classes together after quarantine. But then, as a junior, I made a friend. For simplicity, I'll call him Jack and her Jill. Jill and I very quickly became close friends. We bonded over the heart condition we both have. We bonded over who annoyed us. I developed feelings for Jill. They didn't last, and she got a boyfriend. I never asked who it was, I didn't really care all that much.
Jill was dating Jack.
Jack was thrown, full force, into my life once again. At prom, in our senior year, I had nobody to hang out with. I wasn't planning on hanging out with anyone, for that matter. But as soon as I got there, Jill saw me and told me to come sit with her and Jack. So I did, and it was an incredible night. We all got along incredibly well, I loved it.
Then I made the mistake of telling Jill that I'd had feelings for Jack. My feelings for him were gone by this point, so I figured I could laugh about it. Jill found it hilarious, and then began teasing me that she would tell him.
I realized my mistake then. So, as any logical person would do, I just told Jack that his girlfriend was blackmailing me because I had a crush on him. He said he could make it more awkward. He admitted he had feelings too. Jill froze at this, while I lost it laughing. She was in shock, I think. I don't really remember what happened after that, but things didn't really seem any different.
I continued to get closer and closer with Jill. She would tell me intimate details about their sex life, she trusted me that much. I laughed about it. I guess it never really crossed my mind that I was hearing about the sex life of this guy who I was head over heels for. I mean, I may have thought about it now and then, had the occasional what-if thought, but overall it was fine.
Jill's graduation party was today. She invited me. Out of our entire school, she only invited three people. Jack, me, and another girl who couldn't make it.
I spent a lot of the party talking with Jack. I had an incredible time, the conversations felt so natural and it was all too perfect. At one point, though, Jack seemed to get a little bit distant with Jill. She asked him if he'd always be there for her, and he only said sure. He's always been extremely affectionate towards her, and it struck me as odd. She picked up on it, too, and got really insecure. This wasn't the only out of character thing he'd said, I just can't remember specifics.
At one point, she invited him to come back into the living room with her, but he chose to stay with me instead. At the start of the party, he was glued to her hip.
I began worrying that I was becoming a problem. I was worried she would think I was trying to get with him, or that he would fall for me. When she wasn't there, I asked Jack if it was weird, us both having had feelings for one another. I asked if she had a problem with it. He said no, but I wasn't convinced. He said he felt nothing towards me now.
Before I left, I pulled Jill aside and asked her the same thing. She said that she trusts both of us enough, and that as long as there was nothing going on, it was fine.
But here's the problem. I think I'm catching feelings for him again. I don't know what to do. I will not ruin this relationship. I love her so much (platonic, I mean), I could never do that to her. I don't know how to make my feelings go away.
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2023.06.05 02:16 Ok-You-2482 Need your help!

I previously posted that I'm building a pure warrior and had some great feedback. I now think I've improved with what I got, but I have a £10 Amazon voucher for someone who can help me take this to the best it can be. I am happy to spend money on packages and be guided to the quests I need to do to gain the best items for the class, but I just want a pure warrior build that's efficient. Please let me know what I can do to maximise this build!!! Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.05 02:10 user1736357338 drug test for a major hospital on wednesday

i’m F24, 140lbs and 5’5. i haven’t smoked since may 11th. before then i was smoking 4-7 times a week usually at night before bed taking 4-6 bong rips or sharing a joint with friends. i’ve been testing negative at home for about a week now. can i trust it? i’m slightly freaking out and considering doing the certo method on wednesday just to be sure… but i don’t want a diluted sample if i don’t have to. i just posted a pic of my thc results a couple hours ago. please help- i need this job.
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2023.06.05 01:33 Powerful-Pirate3714 Just want to write something of my chest. Never spoke to anyone about it.

It's in the middle of the night and because I can't fall back asleep I was watching some tiktoks ....a TikTok came up about as a man when u are at your lowest point in life, who are u calling. Then that hit me hard because I think I am at my lowest right now. The story goes like this, I am a 34 yo male, I worked since I was 16 yo as a lumber jack. My dad died when I was 22, since then I was always the responsible one and the head of family. I have 2 sisters and mom, no stable relationship because of my problems I can not even think of having a relationship anymore, because I don't want to drag anyone down with me . My mom got sick of cancer 2 years ago, and I am the one who stay with her and take care of her, I am the only driver of the house so I had to. I had to quit my job because I can't drive mom around and have a job too. I was always a working person and love having a job. To be honest I would do anything to have a job, but can't have one. When I dare to approach a girl I always get crushed by my burdens and I really quit trying. No1 would date someone who has no job and taking care of he's mom. What I am trying to say is that right now I am being at my lowest point in life and I honestly just need a place to write it, a full grown man in he's 30 that has nothing to show off and really hit rock bottom. Right now I want to try to study trading, but being a emotional wreck I really can not focus on trading, because to do trading u have to be emotional stable. If I place a bad trade and lose all my money on that, I have nothing left. To be honest I just want to go in a far place and scream all I can and cry. Thank u for reading this, and sorry for my English...not native language .
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2023.06.05 01:18 nxnje KZ x HBB PR2 Review (IEM)

KZ x HBB PR2 Review (IEM)
TLDR for those who have no time or willingness to read the full review:
Very nice bass and good technical performance along with a warm U-shaped signature The low-end could use a bit more rumble
Comfortable to wear A lot of power is needed in order to properly drive them, otherwise the treble can occasionally become splashy
Nice build quality and clean design Could include a slightly better cable
Affordable price for a planar set


2022 was a crucial year for Chi-Fi development and the planar war pushed brands to their boundaries in order to keep up with the latest technology. Today, we are finally able to see planar IEMs in the budget segment too, and KZ was among the few that could really count on its scale economies to keep the price down and launch a very cheap planar set: this is where the KZ x HBB PR2 come into play.
Disclaimer: the KZ x HBB PR2 were provided by Tyvan Lam from Knowledge Zenith (KZ) free of charge in order to write an honest review. I do not represent them in any way and this is not promotional content. At the time of the review, the KZ x HBB PR2 were sold for around €50 on KZ's Official Store on Aliexpress.


Configuration → 1 x 13,2mm Planar Magnetic Driver
Sensitivity → 94 ± 3 dB
Impedance → 15 ± 3 Ω
Frequency Response → 20 Hz – 40000 Hz
Cable → 1,2m silver copper cable with 0,75mm PINs, no microphone on this sample but a MIC version is available
Plug Type → L-type gold plated 3,5mm jack


The packaging is nothing special, just like the majority of KZ/CCA sets. One thing I'd like to note is that the top cover is made of transparent plastic, the tips and the cable are contained in two separate small plastic packets, and considering that KZ mentions environmental protection I think they should start using cardboard instead of plastic. The box contains:
  • The KZ x HBB PR2
  • A detachable cable
  • 1 x pair of foam tips, 3 x pairs of KZ Starline tips in different sizes
  • User manual


KZ x HBB PR2’s design is minimal with a reflective faceplate that makes them very sleek and the overall assembly and plastic quality is noteworthy. One thing to mention is that the PR2 are thicker than the average IEM because of the fact that planar drivers usually take more space and need bigger shells, but there are no sharp edges or wings that could cause discomfort. Another good news is that the nozzle is a bit smaller than expected and I’m also happy to see that it ends with a small lip.


The cable is ages ahead of the old cables that KZ used to ship with their IEMs, while it is average for nowadays’ standards. In any case, it’s a solid cable and seems to be durable. Unfortunately, though, there’s no chin slider on it.


The PR2 are very comfortable overall, this thanks to the small nozzle and the absence of shell wings. Those with very small ears, though, could face some fitting issues given the thick shells. Isolation is only average, but that was to be expected considering the semi-open back design.


DAC: Topping E30
AMP: Topping L30
Mobile phones: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Dongle: Apple Type-C dongle, Truthear SHIO
Portable DAPs: Benjie S8/AGPTEK M30B
Other sources: Presonus AudioBox iONE
Tips used: Stock KZ Starline tips

Do they need an amplifier?
They don’t strictly need an amplifier, but may sound a bit less loud on weak sources due to the low sensitivity. They also scale pretty well with some amplification.

Sound signature
The KZ x HBB PR2 are warm and follow a sort of more relaxed version of the Harman target.

Lows: sub-bass and bass are there in enough quantity to satisfy any listener and any genre. The sub-bass has nice extension and the sub-bass is well controlled and clean, even though it could use a bit more rumble. The bass has nice textures and a nice punch too, and you also get all the benefits of a planar driver: speedier transients, drier and faster kickdrums and low decay, which lead to an overall more agile set. The planar timbre of the bass is not completely gone, but many also like that kind of approach so it’s either good or bad news depending on the listener’s preferences.
Mids: the midrange is present and not recessed like on older KZ products. Male vocals have good depth and don’t get masked by the mid-bass bleed, while female vocals are very energetic but occasionally show some sibilance. Instruments are also well placed in the space and their timbre is not off, which is another noteworthy characteristic of the PR2.
Highs: highs have good extension and detail retrieval is good for the price bricket, but very small nuances aren’t an effortless task for the PR2. There aren’t “fatiguing” peaks or harsh, but the treble can occasionally be somewhat capricious and slightly splashy if these are underpowered or plugged to weak sources (probably due to the cheap planar driver). Those who are very sensitive may still feel the need for an even more relaxed set as the PR2 are still pretty bright, but in general the treble tuning is not bad and counterbalances the low-end nicely.
The soundstage is wide and has good depth too, height is average. Imaging is very good for the price and so is the instrument separation. This definitely is one of the most advanced sets from KZ in terms of technical ability.


--------------------------- KZ x HBB PR2 vs Celest Pandamon ---------------------------
The Celest Pandamon isn’t a traditional planar, but it’s still a relevant set and almost shares the same price bricket with the KZ PR2. The biggest difference is that the PR2 are more energetic, more fun, brighter and more detailed, whereas the Pandamon are more relaxed, more neutral and natural in bass and treble regions. Pandamon’s timbre is perfectly in-line with most dynamic driver IEMs out there, while the PR2 have a more planar-ish bass timbre. Technical ability is not on very different levels so it all comes down to personal preferences and tastes. When it comes to build quality and design, tho, the PR2 just nail it. The stock cable is average on both with no one really taking the lead. Comfort is better with the PR2, even though Pandamon is not bad either. PR2 isolate slightly better, moreover while using the stock foam tips.

----------------------- KZ x HBB PR2 vs Celest Gumiho -----------------------

Another very nice release from Celest, which came out even before the Pandamon. The low-end on the Gumiho is more present and punchy and carries more weight than the PR2, but the latter are faster, more precise and have slower bass decay. The midrange is more forward on the PR2 but the Gumiho has more energy in female vocals with the risk of being a tad shouty and sibilant in rare occasions. Lower midrange is warmer on the Gumiho with more weight but the PR2 somehow manage to have more natural male vocals. Highs have better extension on the PR2 that also happen to have a slightly less aggressive lower treble. The upper treble, instead, is more polite on the Gumiho, even though this leads to a less open sound on the latter. Technical performance is better on the PR2 with better staging and a slightly more precise imaging. Build quality is good on both, while Gumiho’s stock cable is better. Comfort is better wearing the PR2 as the Gumiho are trickier to fit properly in the ear due to their unique shell, whereas isolation is on par (although I was expecting PR2 to be inferior to the Gumiho due to their semi-open back design).


The KZ x HBB PR2 were a pleasant surprise: not only the tuning is a big step forward considering KZ’s lineup, but also the overall technical ability is great for how much the company charges for these. For sure they are not perfect, as a lot of power is needed to drive them, the bass could use a bit more punch and rumble and the highs occasionally become splashy if underpowered, but the truth is that it’s super hard to complain about the overall performance of this set.
Those who search for an ultra-budget planar magnetic drivers are very lucky nowadays, and hopefully this trend will lead to more competition in the market as it would mean better and better prices for the final user.
Good job KZ, glad to see you back on the right track!
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2023.06.05 01:18 TzuAndBrew Please help, some compensation offered

Please help, some compensation offered
My father-in-law unfortunately passed away on Friday night. Before his passing, he was working on a logo for a construction company he planned to launch with his partner. He had a friend write his name in a font style he liked for the eventual logo. This is the only sample we had that was water damaged.
Would someone be able to repairecreate this in the manner intended? Thank you! This would mean a lot to our family. Small $10 compensation awarded, via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle.
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2023.06.05 01:08 autobuzzfeedbot 25 "Cheating Death" Stories That Were So Intense, People Really, Really, Reaaaallly Wanted To Share Them

  1. "I messed up a jump skydiving. I was able to correct the situation and pull the pilot chute for my canopy, but I was very, very close to having my reserve go off. The reserves are generally reliable, but it’s still nothing I want to test. Landed fine and then got a very stern talking-to for pulling so low."
  2. "Just google 'Levey PCH,' then ask away…I’ll be very surprised if anyone can beat what happened to me. THANK WHOEVEWHATEVER you believe in for Apple, Scorpion, UCLA, and the LA County Fire Department and Sheriff's Department."
  3. "Minutes before it happened, I was under the Cypress structure that collapsed during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in California (which was a magnitude 6.9). I was traveling north underneath the double-layered structure and felt creepy and claustrophobic on the brightest day. I raced to get out, as I always did, because I hated being under it. After getting out, I felt like my tire had gone flat and started to weave around in my lane, then I noticed that everyone else was losing control and hitting their brakes too. That was the earthquake. I didn't find out until later about the collapse, and felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I'd never felt so close to death before."
  4. "I was rappelling off the top of the tallest building in Bangkok (200 meters, or 656 feet) as a promotional stunt. I was supposed to rappel down to the 10th floor, land on a small balcony, and then traverse over to another building. The wind shear off the building was enough to blow me 20–30 feet away from the side of the building. Picture a spider hanging by a thread in the wind. As I got close to the 10th floor, I noticed that my rope had been cut and no longer reached the balcony, let alone the ground. The rope was about 10 feet short of the landing. So, still blowing away from the side of the building, off and on I waited until I was just above the balcony and dropped the last several feet onto the deck. Super pissed but alive."
  5. "Going to school in San Francisco, I got off the bus to get cigarettes and a soda at a liquor store. I stopped at the trash can on the way out to open my cigarettes and soda and walked half a block up the street when a crane fell off the roof right where I'd been standing 30 seconds before. The crane operator was killed, and half a minute earlier, I would have been as well."
  6. "Although being an ironworker comes with its fair share of risk, as long as you don’t become too incompetent, things can be safe. But that is easier said than done, seeing as the days are long and the work is physically draining. One day, I was about 60 feet in the air rigging a beam to be lowered to the ground. I signaled the crane operator to 'cable up' (lift the beam), but the beam wasn’t budging. I decided to look down the beam to see what was wrong...BANG! Before I knew it, the beam broke free and came up at my face with about 2,000 pounds of force. It knocked off my hard hat and hit every edge of my safety glasses, missing the side of my face by a quarter inch. I thought I had died, it was so sudden. I should never have put myself in what we call 'the line of fire.' I’ll never forget how close my kids were to losing their father that day because I let my judgment slip. Still gives me goosebumps talking about it."
  7. "I got hit by a car and walked away with no injuries. The Sunday before final exams during my last semester of college, I went to the library at 6 a.m. to study. At 2 p.m., I needed a break and started walking back to my car. At an intersection, I stopped, made eye contact with the driver of a car at a stop sign, and started walking across the street on a crosswalk. The next thing I knew, I was up on the windshield of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. He hit the brakes, and I rolled off the hood of his car and landed on my feet. I was so freaked out that I told the guy I was fine and left. Later that afternoon, I went to the hospital to get checked out and had no injuries. The doctor told me to buy a lottery ticket on my way home because I was so lucky."
  8. "While I was doing the dishes, my hip bumped the dial on my stove, turning it to ignite, but I didn't notice, so the stove was leaking gas all night. In the morning, I could tell something smelled off, but I have a hard time smelling things, so I just figured it was some old cauliflower rice I had thrown out the night before. To deal with the smell, I lit not one, but two candles, one of which was right next to the stove. Later, after coming back from running errands, as soon as I opened the door, I felt instantly violently ill, like a migraine and the flu all at once. Probably 20 minutes later, I finally saw the knob on the stove and realized what was happening."
  9. "One time, I was watching TV in my lounge room and I was sitting on the floor eating. We have a really big TV and we had an earthquake, but I thought it was a train passing by. It wasn't. I ran out of the room as everything started to wobble, and the TV nearly fell on top of me."
  10. "I went to summer camp when I was 15, and for our last weekend activity, they took us to Martha’s Vineyard and rented us bikes. Now, I loved riding bikes in the park as a kid but had never ridden in the street. But since 'you never forget how to ride a bike,' I figured I could do it. I headed out and tried to go up a street that was very steep. I started to lose control of the bike, and I fell into the street in between a truck that was hauling a trailer (I fell in front of the trailer). I saw this huge wheel coming at me, and my leg was stuck from the fall. I screamed as hard as I could and hoped it wouldn’t kill me (others told me they heard it a few streets away). The driver luckily heard it and slammed on the brakes; I was scuffed up but otherwise fine. You can indeed forget how to ride a bike."
  11. "I got hit by a train. I was living and working at a college that has train tracks running through it and only a stop sign before you cross them at the vehicle intersection. You had to cross the tracks to leave campus. I was headed to the gym in July, and the windows were rolled up and the AC and radio were blasting. I’d crossed that crossing a thousand times, so I stopped a bit, passed the stop sign, and looked right, but the train was coming from the left. Its horn blew, but I panicked when I heard it, so I hit the accelerator but braked immediately. I was already on the tracks. It only hit my front end and dragged me about 200 feet down the tracks. I only had a broken rib, three cracked ribs, and a pretty gnarly cut on my finger. The people at the next crossing probably thought they saw someone die."
  12. "My last day of driver’s education class, we were just about back to school. We were all feeling pretty good because we’d passed our tests that day. I was in the rear driver’s seat and had a classmate driving, one next to me, and a teacher in the passenger seat. We went through a green light at LITERALLY the last intersection before school when a car blew through the red light going 55 mph and slammed into us on my side, just a few inches back from where I was sitting. It spun our car into the intersection and kept going! We were all concussed and had to be taken to the hospital, but that was it. When we went to retrieve my bags from the trunk of the wreckage at the salvage yard, the shop owner admitted he hadn’t answered my ringing phone because he didn't think we had survived, and didn’t want to break the news to everyone calling me. Two inches between me and being crushed alive. In driver’s ed!"
  13. "I was walking to class one day, and the shortest route went under a viaduct. It had been snowing and melting on and off for the past few days. The viaduct is about 100 feet high, and just as I was about to walk from under it and onto the pavement, a 6-foot icicle fell those 100 feet and smashed into the ground in front of me. Suffice to say, I took that as a sign not to go to my lecture and turned back home!"
  14. "I was asleep in the passenger seat of a car on a highway when we flipped going about 80 mph. We rolled a few times and landed in a ditch. Airbags did not go off, and I shattered the passenger-side window with my skull. I literally walked away from it and didn't go to an ER until a few hours later. I literally had a concussion and one teeny bruise on my right arm, but nothing else. The nurses told me that if I had been awake for the accident, my neck would have snapped and I'd have died immediately. Whenever I tell people, they're always stunned — imagine my reaction waking up to a missing side window and a crushed car and being fully functional! I feel lucky every day that I was asleep and still have my life."
  15. "There was one time my sister and I were driving down a long road with a huge cemetery. I thought it would be funny to hold my breath because people say if you don’t, the spirits of dead people will haunt you or something. When I held my breath, my sister slowed down to torture me. I was a little annoyed, but at the stop sign at the intersection, this car going really fast didn’t even bother to slow down. They even swerved into our lane, so my sister had to barely dodge. I swear, though, if my sister hadn't slowed down to torture me, we would have been in a bad wreck. Now I’m not annoyed that she did that, I’m lucky."
  16. "This isn't dramatic, but it's continued to impact my life on a daily basis. When I was 11, I was playing baseball with the rest of my gym class. We took a time-out to argue about who was batting next, and I stood behind home plate, staring into left field. Play resumed, and no one told me to move. The strongest guy in the class laid down a single...and hit me in his backswing...with the baseball bat...in the middle of my forehead. I suffered skull fractures and a brain bleed. To this day, I have anxiety driven by the traumatic brain injury. The neurologist said that the fact that he hit the ball saved my life. Had he swung and missed, I would have died."
  17. "I was in college and I had just finished my last class of the day. It was a short walk to my car that consisted of crossing a pedestrian crosswalk on the street separating the school from parking. On each side of the crosswalk were speed bumps so cars were forced to slow down. At this time of day, a good number of students were getting out of class, and a large herd of us started crossing the street at the crosswalk. There must have been 30 of us. I was stupidly looking down at my phone and was walking rather slowly. I didn’t realize that I was lagging behind. Everyone else was on the other side and I was still in the middle of the street. At the same moment, I noticed a freaking DUMP TRUCK whizzing by in front of me. It was probably 1–2 feet in front of me. Either he didn’t see me still crossing or he didn’t care. After I got to my car, all I could do was sit there in silence for a while and contemplate what could have just happened. Even as I write this, I shudder."
  18. "This is definitely not the craziest cheating-death story, but it was definitely scary. I was at a waterpark with my family, and I don’t do well with heat and stairs — something about the combination makes me faint. We went on a waterslide that uses tubes, and it was a long trek up. I apparently was so sick from heat exhaustion, I passed out as I was next in line and hit my head on the tube. If it weren’t for the tube, they aren't sure I’d be alive right now."
  19. "It was during Christmastime, and my mom, my little brother, and I all wanted to go look at Christmas lights near the middle school. There was a hill and then a lane where you would wait for the light to turn green and then you had to turn left. Well, the main light had turned red, so it was our turn to go, and thank god my mom checked before going, because if she hadn’t checked, a truck would have hit us, going like 60 mph, straight through the side of our car where my little brother was sitting."
  20. "I was 4 or 5, and we were living in Estes Park, Colorado. At that time, I was challenging myself to go closer and closer to a river they have there. I was caught by the current and would’ve run into several rocks and a waterwheel if it weren’t for my cousin, who reached down, grabbed my arm, and saved me."
  21. "I survived hitting an elk in the Canadian Rockies and going down a mountain 15 times end over end, stopping 20 feet short of a whitewater river. I gave myself first aid. Doctors said I would never walk normally again and I'd have brain damage. I sent one of them a picture of me with three gold medals around my neck."
  22. "In the fall of '15, I was riding my motorcycle to work on a foggy morning. A truck with an enclosed trailer ran a stop sign in front of me while I was driving on a 55 mph road. I was unable to stop, ran into the trailer, and was pinned underneath the trailer, being crushed to death. A farmer was on his dirt bike behind the truck going to meet another farmer for coffee who lived on the corner of the intersection. Once he realized I was pinned, he ran to get his friend and his friend's skid-steer loader. They then used the skid loader to lift the trailer off of me and began CPR. Luckily, right as they started, a sheriff's deputy arrived on scene and took over. I owe my life to those two farmers. If they hadn't acted, I would have died underneath the trailer, as there would have been no way for first responders to lift it off of me (it had thousands of pounds of equipment in it) in time."
  23. "I've always been handy with tools and taught myself how to do things; I've been changing flat tires for anyone who'll let me. However, one day when I was about 18 years old, my buddy came over to chill, and he had his dad's brand-new Tacoma. So we chilled for a couple of hours, and when it was time for him to leave, we noticed that his front tire was flat, so naturally, I volunteered to change it (no prior experience with independent suspensions). I placed the jack on the frame and started to go at it — lifted the car enough to take the flat out. But when the fully inflated wheel was fitted, it didn't have clearance. My first thought was to get a second jack. Half my body was underneath the car, putting the jack in, when I heard a creek, and the next thing I knew, the car slipped. The car ended up with the front end touching the ground, and I got a big scrape mark on my shoulder. To this day, I don't know how or why I did not die under that Tacoma."
  24. "I lived alone with my dog. There was a hole in my gas heater, so it was leaking carbon monoxide, but of course I didn't know that at the time. My dog woke me up one morning, barking and whining, and I thought she had to go out to potty. When I sat up in bed, I got so dizzy and thought I would throw up. I ended up passing out twice, once hitting my head on the bathroom cabinet, very close to my temple, and once hitting my chin on the toilet seat. I called my boss — the only phone number I remembered at the time. (This was before cellphones.) She called 911 and they came to get me. They figured out I had carbon monoxide poisoning, and I was in the ER for eight hours that day. The doctor told that when blood gases are at a certain amount, the victim goes into a coma, without fail. Mine were more than double whatever that number was. He said no matter how much my dog was barking, I should not have woken up."
  25. Finally, "I was at the beach with several of my friends, my sister, and my mom. Mom was sitting on the beach watching us. We were around 11–14, I believe, but no younger than 9. Kind of out of nowhere, we started getting sucked under the water in a rip current. I was being sucked under the pier and slammed my face into the barnacles. We were screaming for help, but at first, no one came. As I was being dragged under the water and coming up screaming for help, I could see people just staring and could hear my friends also screaming for help. Finally, people started jumping into the water to save us, including my mom. She jumped in and instantly got sucked into the current but managed to grab one of my friends. She used her body to shield him from the razor-sharp barnacles."
Link to article
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2023.06.05 00:45 Draculin Lang Jack

On first glance, Whickham appears to be a typical former pit village, a place of no consequence in the north east of England. But should you look closer, you would reveal a long and interesting folkloric history. And at the heart of that history, is Lang Jack.
Should you ever visit Whickham and ask about Lang Jack, you’d hear all the standard stuff. They’d tell you that he was incredibly tall, and inhumanly strong. They’d say he heaved stones from a quarry the next town over on his back and up the hill that Whickham sits atop in order to build his house. And lastly they’d tell you that you can visit him yourself, his monument is at the centre of the village, a great towering pillar holding up a bust of the man himself.
All of this is true, or so they say, but there’s more.
What they won’t tell you is that he was almost as famous for his anger as he was for his height. In fact, in a fit of rage he is reported to have tipped an entire cart of stones, horse and all, down an embankment, killing the poor animal and destroying the cart.
They also won’t tell you about his alcoholism, which destroyed his family, career, and liver, leading to his untimely death. He would often get so drunk that he would jump up and down on the spot, one part party trick, two parts act of vandalism when his heavy frame crashed through the wooden floorboards and he flopped into the cowshed beneath him.
But most importantly, they won’t tell you to visit his monument at midnight. They’ll never tell you this because they know the story of Ye Olde Lang Jack’s monument, they know the games they would play as children, and they know the fear that creeps into their chest when they remember the look on that contorted, dissolving stone face.
To tell the full story we have to go back in time, back to a time long after Lang Jack’s death, and long before his monument was moved. You see, the monument once sat in a very different part of Whickham, a place called Woodhouse Lane in Fellside. This area is much more rural, with sprawling fields around it in almost all directions. It sat beside a cottage, Jack’s cottage, the one he built with his bare hands.
The monument was first placed there in 1860, the same year of Lang Jack’s death. There has long been speculation that Jack was buried beneath the monument rather than in the churchyard like many other notable Whickham villagers. Peculiar for the time, Jack rejected the church, instead spending much of his time drinking and working as ‘hired help’ for businessmen who sought to intimidate and punish unruly workers, especially unionmen.
As a result of this speculation, the site of Lang Jack’s monument was a popular one among children and teenagers looking to spook themselves.
They would arrive, rocks in hand to hurl at the monument of Olde Lang Jack. Each child would take turns trying to strike the stone giant in the face as it smiled down at them from its 18 foot plinth. And if they missed, Ye Olde Lang Jack might just reach up with those long arms of his and snatch them deep down into the dirt.
Children played this game for years, and the stories of Jack’s grave spread like wildfire. Generation after generation the game was modified to fit the modern day, and as it was, so too did the stories of Jack mutate, and finally, with each stone throw, Jack’s face became more mutilated.
The years of wind, rain, sleet, and stones twisted Jack’s once charming and chiselled face into something much more unsettling. Corrosion took away his smug smile and replaced it with a sneer. Then it took his eyes, once kind, now they stare piercingly outward, as if a single glance could turn you to the very same stained and mossy stone.
This new face, and in particular the eyes, is what drew the children back. They gawked and pointed and groaned out chants they’d received from their parent’s childhoods. There were many variations, but most went something like this:
"Gangly Lang Jack, The Giant of Whickham
Who stood eighteen feet tall but that’s not all
So mighty and strong that they wrote this song
To tell all of Ye Olde Lang Jack.
He built our home with only his hands
The most beautiful village in all of the lands
Now he lies cold and dead underfoot
Hands grasping at nothing, his purpose kaput.
So chuck him a stone and give him a wink
Stare into his eyes and see if they blink
But watch where you step, the giant is sleeping
And listen carefully to Olde Lang Jack’s weeping."
They would dance around the monument to Lang Jack and sing this song, then dare each other to stare into his eyes. After that they’d throw their stones and more often than not be chased off by a local, giggling into the distance, off to tell their friends about their bravery under the stony gaze of Lang Jack.
This bravery didn’t last long. Soon the very sight of Lang Jack would strike fear into the hearts of the children of Whickham. No longer would children sing the song of The Giant of Whickham, they wouldn’t visit his grave or throw their stones, but most of all, no one would dare stare into Olde Jack’s eyes.
Fear like this was not the type that crept into the heads of sleeping children as they dreamt of the fun they’d had at Jack’s grave. Instead it was a very unnatural fear, a fear that came at a cost, and that cost was the life of a young girl named Mary.
Mary was brave, braver than most, and she wore that bravery like a badge of honour. So when some of the older girls dared her to go up to Lang Jack’s grave alone, she didn’t hesitate before agreeing. She even upped the stakes and decided that she would venture up in the evening, just as the sun was starting to set.
The night she chose was particularly blustery, the wind howled through the treetops as she made her way to meet Lang Jack. Polaroid camera in hand she pushed hard against the gale that saw fit to blow her back down the hill. But she was persistent, and so brave, so with each gust she only quickened her pace.
Mary rushed to the top of the hill, triumphant over the weather and ready to take on The Giant.
What happened next will forever be between Mary and Jack, and the two of them alone. A passerby claims to have seen a flash atop the hill before hearing a mighty crash. Thinking it was lightning they hurried back to their home. But beyond that, no one truly knows what happened that night.
Mary was found the next day, still clutching her camera. A single polaroid is said to have been found at the scene. Those who have seen it have described it as the frozen eyes of the devil himself. Although it is much more likely to have been a snapshot of Lang Jack’s face as the bust fell from atop the plinth and onto poor, brave Mary.
After that night the monument was moved to where it remains today. It was shortened to reduce the risk of another fatal accident, and placed where all of Whickham could see it, where there would always be someone to chase away the children.
The children who knew Mary, or knew her story, grew up fearing the statue. They forgot his song and denied ever throwing their stones. Time weathered their memories and before long they forgot why they were even scared in the first place. But their children remained curious, and some still met at the statue.
And so this brings us back to what they won’t tell you. They’ll never tell you to make the same mistake that so many have before. They won’t tell you to meet at Olde Lang Jack’s gravestone at midnight and stare into his eyes. And they won’t tell you to listen for his weeping and look for the tears streaming down his scarred face. But you’ll do it anyway, because how could you resist?
So the cycle goes on, and the stories continue to be told for years and years. All the while Jack cries on his plinth. Why does he cry? Nobody knows. Does he feel guilty for what happened to little Mary? Perhaps, or perhaps he mourns the man he once was. Before folklore changed him into the gibbering spector locked in the stone tower. Feared by many and ignored by most, only noticed by those who wish to see him weep.
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2023.06.05 00:18 Thick_Mick_Chick M.O.N.S.T.E.R. Nursery

Let me be the first to welcome you to the MotheOffspring, Nurturing/Support, Teaching/Education Resource Network, or? M.O.N.S.T.E.R. Nursery. My name is Sassy, short for Sasquatch. Yes, THAT sasquatch. Are there other kinds?! I'm a HCC (Healthcare Cryptid) here at the nursery. I also teach humans the survival basics of coming across a baby monster in the woods.
Anyhoo, you're probably wondering why Sasquatch are utilized as Labor and Delivery nurses. It's simple, really. We're natural born mothers. You see, we just love babies! We always have! All of that nonsense about whooping, tree knocking and vocalizations that we do in the woods when you guys are camping? Don't get scared! That's just us shouting out to our boys letting them know we have humans in the woods! Humans could possibly have a BABY with them. Now, I don't like to judge based on looks, but those bald human babies are so ugly? They're cute! Poor little things look like they have mange, though. Who would think a bald puppy is cute? Ew.
I digress. So, when it came to the M.O.N.S.T.E.R. Nursery? We were the natural choice. Even though I happen to be female? History tells us that male nursery nurses happen to have the best bonding with our little devils. Well, little devils and whoever else was born that day. Just look at Chewy over there bonding with that litter of werewolf pups born on the last full moon. He's so maternal? He's practically a breast.
Now, all babies are not created equal. Have you ever wondered which monster's baby is the loudest? I can promise you that you'd rather listen to that werewolf pup litter any day over being 5 minutes late with Baby Siren Head's bottle. I had a headache for a week. When Vlad and Countess Bathory had their little undead bundle of joy last month? You'd be surprised how quick a Bigfoot can prick and milk their finger to get a fresh bottle of nutritious blood for that adorable, pale little parasite. He definitely had a healthy appetite, especially if you were B positive. Vlad and Countess Bathory couldn't have been happier. Patient satisfaction has always been a priority for HCCs (Healthcare Cryptid) since day one! We've never gotten below a 5 on the Jack Link's scale of 0 - 5 jerkies. We are collectively very proud of this fact! It's such an accomplishment for Bigfoot and all of Sasquatch kind.
Okay, I could understand why you think we're a little full of ourselves. I, mean, when Sasquatch are the chosen ones to be the top requested HCC? It's a far fall to the 2nd position. Look, we can't all be God's Chosen Ones. Yes, he exists. Yes, he created us. You're getting distracted, again. We aren't all going to argue semantics on what is Creationism and what is Darwinism and all of that. I'm too busy trying to teach incompetent, um cough cough, INTERESTED humans how to provide the most basic care for any creature's neonates (medical term for newborn) that they might stumble across while enjoying hiking, camping, fishing, etc. The priority? The newborn. Additional concerns?
1) MotheFather finding humans around newborn and attacking them.
2) Humans treating the scenario like an episode of "Jack Ass" and thinking it's a good idea to "mess with" the newborn and? Again? Mom/Dad attacks them.
3) Basically? A human breathing will set Mom/Dad off. Most creatures just don't want humans around. They can't be trusted. Sorry, Guys. It's been that way every since you refused to credit Chewy in the '67 Patterson–Gimlin film.
So? Your first reaction, if you see a baby creature? Look for it's parents. If you see them? Run. Run fast. Like, put Forrest Gump to shame kinda runnin'. Those parents don't want you there for any reason at all. Pick 'em up and put 'em down the whole way back down the trail.
If you don't see the parents? Proceed slowly and with caution. Now, don't let everything I've said scare you into not helping a baby monster. They're babies, after all. Please, check on them. Just be aware of your surroundings so as not to frighten the wood creatures which will, in turn, attack you. Then? It's just a bad day for everyone involved.
So? Depending on the woodland creature? You'll want to know what action you need to take to help the baby and? Hopefully? Survive assisting. The first thing you'll want to do is call out/whistle, whatever you have to do to try to get someone's attention. Look around and listen. What do you see and hear? If it's nothing? Again, proceed with caution. If you hear howling, growling, tree knocking, whooping, any of these things? Leave, either their parents are still around or we're there and will then takeover. I know. It's confusing to try to tell when we're tree knocking hoping you have a baby with you or if we know there's a baby around and we don't want you around the baby. Really, if at all possible, just don't mess with the babies if you don't have to. With that having been said? Let's proceed!
As you cautiously approach? Keep making noise letting everyone know you're there. We don't want to scare the life, or afterlife, out of these little ones. They're at their most vulnerable right now. Let's use Chewy's patients today as an example. You traipse along and stumble over a werewolf den. Well, that's not something you see every day. You hear soft whimpering. About 4 or 5 little werewolf pup heads pop up out of the den. How's everyone looking? Is anyone hurt? No? Then check your supplies. It just so happens you were successful fishing earlier. Werewolf pups love fish almost as much as moonbathing and cutting their baby teeth on a human femur. They'll be thankful, the Alpha male and female will be thankful and you'll really be thankful. You get to walk away, karma and limbs intact.
Next? It would be highly likely that you'd come across a wendigo, skinwalker, rake slenderman, etc. besides just a litter of werewolf pups. Try to prepare yourself as much as possible for these encounters. The better prepared? The better off everyone will be. The best part? These creatures won't want your everlasting soul in infancy. Those challenges don't present until adolescence. So? Enjoy the respite for the moment. Now? No matter what the situation? You'll always want to approach with caution and announce your arrival. It's saved not only many a human? It's saved a lot of cryptids as well. Try to have some sort of food item on you that's rather filling. You'd prefer that over them making YOU the food item.
So, as we proceed down the trail, there's a cabin to the left and it's the last house but do not enter, please. The last good hearted Samaritan did and, well, let's just say he had a run in with a girl locked in the cellar who wasn't quite herself. That's probably about the most PC way of explaining demonic possession. Anyhoo, there was bad press for a year and visitors to the park fell off, it just was a big mess. They ended up doing some kind of cybernetic enhancement and now the good Samaritan has a chainsaw for an arm. He's done a great job keeping them all in line. Overall? That was one we got right.
Since I brought up Vlad and the Countess Bathory's bouncing little bundle of bloodsucker? It's important to know that if you are in your domicile, and R.V.'s count, vampires cannot enter without an invitation from you. So, if you are camping in your R.V. and someone comes knocking late at night? Don't answer. If they aren't a vampire? They can come back the next day. If they don't come back? You definitely made the right decision. Now, the problem is? If you encounter a vampire in the wild. Hopefully? They've already set their sights on whoever they picked that night to be their victim. If not? A dropper of Holy Water as perfume on either side of your neck is a nice deterrent. Again, if the little count is there by himself? He's clearly gotten away from the castle. He needs returned immediately. Go to the nearest tree that displays a "break in case of emergency" box. Break the glass, take the bag of beef jerky out, shake it. Every Sasquatch in a 5 mile radius will come running to you. Point the baby vampire out and we'll be glad to take it from there.
Something I should bring up to our do-gooders ready to risk it all: if you can't swim? Don't try to help aquatic creatures. It won't end well. It never does. Little fry just aren't acclimated to landlubbers. Merpups are tough for even us to handle. They get scared, you can't swim, bad things happen. So? If you're determined to help any baby monster no matter where they reside? Take swimming lessons. You'll thank me. Trust me on this.
Don't let the fae trip you up, either. They're mischievous. They'll also try to sneak a changeling in on you if you do bring your human babies to the forest. If you respect walking around fairy rings and respect mother nature? The fae shouldn't be an issue. If you don't? Well, you were warned.
So, what have we not covered? Flying creatures. Yes, they present a challenge even we Sasquatch find difficult. It's hard to assess the needs of a baby that's wrapped in the arms of a mother flying 75 feet above your head. Even though the task is daunting? It's a challenge we'll definitely take on. We just watch and wait for Mom to go on the hunt and we take a peak at that tiny little velociraptor in that nest, with it's mouth hanging wide open, just awaiting a morsel. Now, the Mothman's baby was an experience. Cocoons are just something you have to see for yourself, especially when they're 6 feet tall. It's truly fascinating!
I think that covers everything for today's lesson. Bear in mind, we're beginning the summer season here in the U.S. Encounters are going to increase between cryptids and humans so be aware and care when it comes to our babies. We're aware and care when it comes to yours. Stay safe and Sasquatch on!
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2023.06.05 00:11 Historical-Gift3208 Getting over feelings of betrayal

Tl;dr I was friends with a girl who repeatedly took advantage of me and everyone else in her life, and now I have to live with the fact that she doesn't care about what she did to me/how I feel about it and will continue to do these things to other people.
I (22f) went to an overseas school for 3 years before transferring to my current university. My school was extremely small and I knew everyone there. While there, I became friends with a girl whom we'll call Abby (22f). During my third year, Abby and I became fairly close and spent a lot of time together. During the end of the second year and a good portion of the third, she had an on-and-off "situationship" with a guy whom we'll call Mike.
While we were at this school, she had a track record of leading guys on only to disappoint them in the end. She hooked up with Mike but would never commit to him, and they did this despite Mike's close friend having a huge crush on Abby (the close friend was unaware that this was happening) and her simultaneously leading the crush guy on, as well. There were another few guys who had crushes on her as well, and she handled these things with varying degrees of success/awkwardness. She was often extremely blunt with people who liked her and hurt several people's feelings a lot (I only found out about this later).
Abby and I lived in the same apartment during this third year with 4 other girls. We were in an all-girls program and established certain set rules at the beginning of the year about when guys could come and what the circumstances should be. The main rule was that no male-identifying person was allowed to set food in the apartment without all of us agreeing to it, that no guy could sleep over, and that certain hours were off-limits. At one point in the year, I had a close friend whom we'll call Jack, and we came into the apartment building one night because it was very cold outside, but sat conversing in the doorway for over an hour because of my apartment's rules (he never stepped over the threshold). Despite this, Abby gave me some shit about it and said it made her uncomfortable, so I told her I wouldn't do it again.
Nobody in the apartment knew that Abby had all of this stuff going on with Mike. We knew they'd dated over the summer between our second and third years, but not that they were regularly hooking up in secret. At one point, she (with our permission) brought Mike over to watch a movie, and then (without our permission or knowledge) they fell asleep on the couch together afterward. She kicked him out in the early morning before any of us woke up, and never told any of us about this. Keep in mind that 2 people in the apartment were very careful about modesty and would have been horrified to know they'd slept in the same apartment with a guy, 2 others were asexual and were generally uncomfortable with men and sexuality, and one was getting over guy-related trauma and was essentially afraid of all men. So this was a shitty thing to do. To this day, I'm the only one who knows, because I didn't want to ruin her relationship with the other people from the apartment.
About a year later, way after all of this had happened, Mike and I got closer and started dating. It turned out he had been in a major depressive episode during most of this year with Abby, and she had taken advantage of this to have a "situationship" with him when he was extremely lonely. He also revealed this apartment story to me. At first I wasn't that upset, but over time I realized how much she'd manipulated us—making a big deal of the rules but then not following them herself, allowing us to accommodate her but then not doing the same when it was inconvenient. I ended up confronting her about it, but she denied the existence of the rules in the first place, denied the conversation ever happened, said it was an accident, and refused to apologize for anything.
After this confrontation, I found out that another one of my friends, Jake (22m), had had a crush on her. She had brutally let him down and then immediately started dating another person in his vicinity and sort of parading this dude around everywhere, and it kind of messed Jake up.
A few months later, Abby and I both ended up at the same party. I was fairly drunk and brought up the thing with Jake, as well as the incident with Mike in the apartment. She continued to deny the apartment rules we'd all made together and asked why I'd pre-judged her regarding Jake. (I didn't tell her that it just happened to fall in line with all of her previous behavior.) We ended up coming to an agreement, she finally apologized, and I asked her several times, "Are we good now? Are you sure you aren't upset anymore?" and she said things were fine and we'd gotten past this.
A few months later, Mike and I got engaged. I made sure Abby knew about it in advance, along with many of my other close friends. She came to the engagement party and seemed to have a good time. A few months later, she got engaged and had a large group chat of over 40 close mutual friends to inform them about the information for the engagement party, but I was specifically not on it. (The party was going to take place on the same day as her engagement, so her fiancé was on it and she'd given him numbers of whom to add.)
I only found out because another person in the chat, whom I interact with regularly, asked me about it because she thought it was a mistake. It turned out to be pretty awkward because I had no idea Abby was even getting engaged. I texted her about it and it turned out she'd lied to my face about having "gotten over things," and was secretly hurt the entire time and didn't know whether she wanted to be friends with me. Rather than confronting me directly, she left me out of a group chat in an obvious way, which was very uncomfortable for me socially. When I asked why she'd done this, she essentially said that things were about her and she'd let people know if she wanted them to know. (I was not in a location where I'd be able to come in on short notice, so she essentially just didn't invite me.) I was pretty blindsided, but I ended up just going to the engagement party as a show of support, because I didn't want to make things awkward and people would notice if I wasn't there.
Afterward, we talked occasionally and she seemed totally fine with things. I invited her to my wedding because I didn't want her to feel left out. She asked me if she could bring her fiancé as a +1, but I said no because a) we weren't allowing any +1's unless people were married (or family), b) her fiancé openly disliked Mike, and c) she had plenty of friends at the wedding, so I wasn't worried about her having nobody to talk to. She came to the wedding and seemed to have a nice time. Afterward, she texted me several times about planning for her wedding, asking how I'd done things and asking for help. I spent maybe 2 hours helping her find a wedding dress, for example. It seemed like she'd gotten over stuff from the past.
When her invitations were sent out, however, Mike and I were only invited to the first part of the wedding. Because people of my religion have huge weddings, some people who aren't very close with the couple are only invited to the actual marriage ceremony, and then don't stay for dinner and dancing. That's typically only done with acquaintances/extended family, but she did it to us. Mike wasn't able to attend the wedding and I didn't want to go alone just to awkwardly bow out after the ceremony in front of all of my friends (not to mention it was 4+ hours of driving total), so I just didn't come. The wedding happened 3 weeks ago now. A bunch of our mutual friends went. It feels like this is in my face no matter which direction I turn.
When we were at our overseas school, we were so close. But it's become increasingly obvious that she is just not a nice person. She has done so many things that are insensitive, careless, and incredibly selfish. I kept trying to extend an olive branch to her because of all of our mutual friends; I really didn't want to have a bad relationship with her, and I did so many things to make sure she didn't feel bad (including inviting her to events comprised of close friends so that she didn't feel left out—after she had already done shitty things to me—which she went to and then badmouthed me after). But again and again, she just screwed me over and made it clear that she doesn't care about me and would never do the same back to me. Her half-assed wedding invitation felt like the final straw.
I just want to get past this, but I'm so angry. Maybe it's because, even after 5 or so mutual friends dropping her because of how she treated them, there are so many more and I know I will continue to see her around. Maybe it's because I spent so many years trying to be kind to her, only for her to repeatedly ignore my needs and not look after me. (This was a pattern in our overseas school; I'd go out of my way to help her with things, and she wouldn't return the favor unless it was convenient for her.) Maybe it's because I feel taken advantage of, or because she lied to my face, or because, despite all of this, I've chosen to keep my mouth shut to all of our mutual friends regarding her behavior, because I am not interested in starting drama. Maybe it's because I know that she doesn't care at all about how she hurt me, while I do and I still can't get past it. And maybe it's just because I know that nothing will change, and she will keep doing these things to people, and that, ultimately, I'm replaceable.
But I need help getting past this. I feel betrayed and I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.05 00:10 glxssxnimxlz You fw the past month? (Ignore 17 a friend wanted me to listen to him)

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2023.06.05 00:07 thequeasydream Is this walkout worthy?

I started a job at a Chinese restaurant, a food court type setup. I’m the cashier.
I am paid $9/hr plus tips. Most of my tips are credit card tips, a small bit are cash tips and then customers also tip change.
We are not allowed to have the change in the tip jar. Only the cash.
The owner tried telling me a few days ago but I didn’t clearly understand her because of the language barrier. So today I come into my shift, go to pour the change out into a cup to separate shifts, and the manager got concerned and told me I can’t do that. And tells me we do not get the change from the tip jar and that it’s used for when we make mistakes..?
I text this to the owner:
“Hi there, I am still confused about the tip change.. that is still tip money, just in coin form, why can we not exchange it for bills? Because there are dollars in coins there that we could exchange for tips, I don’t understand why we cannot exchange them for bills.”
Her response was: “Every restaurant has rules to follow, and when you choose to work here you need to be disciplined. When we lost the Cash Have I ever asked you to responsible? When I hired you, I told you that if you worked all day, you could take an hour break for lunch, which was free. When you come to work you eat in the restaurant before starting to work, Did I ever say anything about that? There's coin for each day in the bottle, and it's not yours alone.”
I said back:
“I’m aware, and it was my first couple of shifts. Jack insisted I ate and kept offering me food over the course of my shift. He never had issues. It is not clear when a break is given if I’m not working a double. If anything is causing issues, I need it to be directly communicated to me, upfront.
I never said the tip change was mine alone…I am asking for clarification on why this rule is enforced, and I honestly don’t understand why I’m getting such an aggressive response”
And she replied: “I have told you why on your first day of work, I don't like to repeat one thing all the time. Hope you understand,But if you’re not ,I’m sorry🙂”
For clarification, on my first week I was short $15 in my cash drawer. The next time it was $7. The time after that, $0. It was perfect. It was extremely busy as I work weekend nights only. The manager seemed slightly concerned but said it was fine and just be more careful, which I was.
Aside from the tip jar issue, apparently clocking in and having a quick bite to eat is not allowed. Anywhere I’ve worked, servers eat during their shift when they are able to. And when I started my first day, my trainer said people here eat on the shift all the time and I often see the kitchen doing it. My manager kept offering me food during my shift and encouraged me to eat. And now it’s getting blown back up in my face?
Thought on this? Would you stay here? I really was enjoying working here but I am considering walking out of here.
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