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2023.04.01 08:18 Expensive-Duck-9078 true identity of molten freddy theory

true identity of molten freddy theory
after i saw the popular molten mci theory i started thinking why would william need to dismantle the 4 animatronics. this is right before his death so he already has the funtimes to get remnant. this lead to this theory
what if he is dismantling them to put the bite victim together. this would be why williams doing it when he already had the funtimes. hes still trying to put his son back together. the main thing i dont know is how he ended up in the 4(maybe william trying to bring him back) but this would give william reason to be dismantling them
we always see golden freddy with the 4 missing kids and someone who gives life- the puppet and william in plush fredbear
give gifts give life shows us missing kids that become bonnie, foxy, freddy, and chica. they get brought to life by the puppet. golden freddy is not shown being given gifts or life by the puppet. i think william gives life to golden freddy. a failed attempt to put his son, which is why he is ghostly
foxy go go go shows us the spirits that become the main 4 animatronics and golden freddy. golden freddy is represented by a frowning kid. i think this represents bite victim
i think the 4 animatronics are melted with the bite victims body, this is what i think the candy cadet stories are about. all 3 stories are about 5 becoming 1. two of the stories have the 5 into 1 put in a box. i think these are about williams attempts at putting bite victim back together.the two about the box are his failed attempts (shadow and golden freddy) and the last one is about melting the 5 into 1, which i think is the dismantled 4 being melted with bite victim body
in toy chica highschool years, which represents william, shows him with a bag that i think represents the box. the bag has 1 body part william didnt kill to get(bite victim) and then collects parts from every person he kills and puts them into the box
at the end of toy chica we see william with a bag full of parts saying things didnt work out as he wanted, but that tommorow is another day
i think this shows that william has bite victim in box(best left forgotten for now=until william knows how to put him together) and after he failed(golden freddy) he says tommorow is another day i know ill find the guy right for me. william is looking for way to put bite victim together
we also see william is working on human like robots in sister location (human heads) i think sister location is all about william putting bite victim together
in sister location we see the aftons represented by the funtimes. baby and ballora are elizabeth and ms afton. funtime foxy is mike (foxy mask"this stage was never big enough for the both of us") and that leaves funtime freddy and bon bon which represent bite victim and his fredbear plush
funtime freddy is built with a storage tank for a body, i believe funtime freddy was built to hold bite victims body that was in the box. funtime freddy is the only funtime that doesnt get controlled shocks.
funtime freddy takes over when ennard splits up with baby. ennard is when bite victim is put back together. william sends mike to sister location so bite victim (ennard) can use mikes skin to be free. bite victim is back in human body until mikes skin rots
after he seperates from baby, he becomes molten freddy, saying voicelines like funtime freddy who is made to say things like bite victim.
bite victim is represented on the afton poster by a bear with a party hat that looks like ennards, showing that he's molten freddy. on the poster baby has bite victim on a leash, like how baby was when she was in ennard, in the source code fight. every other afton on the poster is in fnaf 6 exept for bite victim unless he is molten freddy
i dont know how bite victim would be split into 4 (maybe the candy cadet stories meaning?) but i think molten freddy is definitly the bite victim
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2023.04.01 07:20 Repulsive_Buy_5555 Lost Aurora puppy

Lost Aurora puppy
So I lost my 7 month olds aurora puppy. I think he threw it out of his stroller when we were shopping and I feel terrible. My grandmother brought it to him in the hospital when he was born and it breaks my heart that I lost it. I want to replace it so hopefully in time I will forget that the original is gone and the sentiment from his Nana is the same. The mom guilt is real. I didn’t tell anyone I lost it and tried to replace it this week and thought I’d found it. Not so fast. My nine year old picks it up and goes, “oh baby brother got a new stuffed puppy” 😑 apparently it isn’t the same even though I was sure it was. 9 year old says this one is smaller. Here’s the only pic I have of the original, bought around 7-8 months ago. Any ideas? The one I got to replace it is this one from hobby lobby but apparently it’s not the right one 🙄
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2023.04.01 02:42 _spamton Looking for more friends & to help grow my account! (Please DM if you send something/Want something)

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2023.04.01 01:59 gamercat_78 Trade? I can accept only 3 people at a time, so if I'm not responding, it can take some time

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2023.04.01 01:53 Naru_the_Narcissist [US-NY][H]Gaming related funko pops; Kingdom Hearts, Halo, Bayonetta, Borderlands, etc. [W]Paypal

So here's what I've noticed about this forum... There are no genuine buyers here, because everybody's just looking to make a profit. Most of us are either trying to sell off our collections, and if anybody actually expresses interest in a pop, it's because they've noticed that the seller has significantly underpriced it. Thus, unless you're looking to support somebody ELSE's profits, there's really no reason to list anything here at all.

But hey, I'm here anyway, so here are all the gaming related funko pops I have available for sale. Prices are as listed, shipping is generally $5 an item, but I'm willing to offer reduced or even free shipping on orders of multiple pops.

Borderlands; Tiny Tina $15 and Butt Stallion $15: $25 together
Bayonetta; Bayonetta $35 Jeanne $10: $40 together, $50 with the rest of the Gamestop Box items included
Monopoly guy in Jail: $10
Halo: Best Buy Master Chief $20
Kingdom Hearts; Mage Donald $10, Aqua $18, Sora Riding the Heartless $75: $90 together
Street Fighter; 8bit Ryuu Chase $25
Persona 5; Queen $50
Warcraft: Durotan $10
Rage 2; Goon Squad, $5
Fallout 4; Piper Wright, $40
FNAF Golden Freddy Popsie $15
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2023.03.31 23:12 WickedLeztergaming Mail Call from Popcultcha 😁🙌

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2023.03.31 23:12 Electro_birb_123 Due to the fnaf movie releasing soon, do you think Funko will make or release the Fnaf 1 merch. and for the second movie, they might actually make the toy animatronics!

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2023.03.31 22:45 JDE_ster Help with fnaf ar

I want to reinstall fnaf ar, but it won't download. It goes to 100%, starts pending and says can't install. I've done most of the things in the help thing that pops up, and checked that my phone is compatible, it is (Samsung galaxy a22) but still won't download.
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2023.03.31 21:23 Icy_Intern_1761 I’m a bit new to the game and wanna trade. Friend code: FNRFAET08R

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2023.03.31 20:36 PlantsVsDerps Fnaf plush skit comedy

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2023.03.31 16:14 GME_Butt_Stallion Just learned about the the receipt bot. Bullish on my favorite store.

Just learned about the the receipt bot. Bullish on my favorite store.
“Om nom nom” - the bot, probably
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2023.03.31 15:45 danicat999 any opinions on the hello kitty cancer zodiac plushie ? i really want to buy it because i’m a cancer, but i can’t get over how plain the design is vs the other hk zodiacs 😹

any opinions on the hello kitty cancer zodiac plushie ? i really want to buy it because i’m a cancer, but i can’t get over how plain the design is vs the other hk zodiacs 😹 submitted by danicat999 to HelloKitty [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 15:36 ImCryingIfmq Trade?

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2023.03.31 15:21 RegExrBot 3 items are now available at GameStop

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2023.03.31 13:38 AdLevel1647 My Thoughts On FNaF AR And Why I Still Think It Was Great

Okay I know y’all are gonna hate me for this but I LOVE FNaF AR, I don’t care what people think of it or the micr transactions and stuff, but I’ll still have a special place in my heart for it. Like I can say Thousands upon THOUSANDS of reasons why I still think it still holds up! Like the models, the features, the skins, and even that DLC they release! And I’m VERY sad to see it go and if Illumix finds this post someday, I REALLY hope they continue the game! And I know that probably won’t happen plus people like Forsaken AR more and I kinda like it to! Even though I never played it plus I’m on an IPad, not on IOS. But I still think the original holds up. And even if y’all don’t agree with me, that’s okay, an opinion is an opinion.
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2023.03.31 07:51 TheProtector01010101 Trade?

Hello! I'm pretty new to Fnaf Ar. I had no idea this game had a trading community, and now I'm really interested in participating, but unfortunately, I don't have much to offer. All I have is a Freddy suit, a Freddy CPU, and a Bonnie CPU (if you're missing any of these, I'd be more than happy to send them your way). As for me, I'm only really interested in plush suits for now, so if you could send an animatronic with any plush suit (except Freddy) and with an easy CPU, that would be greatly appreciated. My friend code is 65EESAV5VS.
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2023.03.31 03:48 Redeye007 Wondercon pops arrived. I got the chase of the soda. But nothing saying you found the chase.

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2023.03.31 02:48 PuppyLover77 Win a $100 gift card to the Stan Lee Official Store and a prize pack including a hoodie, T-shirt, hat, Funko and plush or a $75 gift card and prize pack or $50 gift card and prize pack {US} (04/03/2023)

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2023.03.30 23:46 alexvalicko2 1578, what it might mean

(This is just a hypothetical theory assuming these numbers actually mean anything, granted they most likely don’t)
For awhile I’ve been wondering about the numbers 1578 and what those numbers mean assuming that they do mean anything. There’s one massive problem is that 1578 isn’t in any actual specific order the two times said number appears (Sister Location and AR) so that means these numbers can be in any order. So what do these numbers mean exactly? Personally, I think the numbers are supposed to be a specific date for something in the series, and considering when the series takes place most of the number combinations that 1578 can make can be ruled out really easily because they either way too far in the future or way too early (as early as the 1500s and as late as 8700s, I don’t think anything to do with FNaF is happening those years unless I’m wrong) and by making a table for what number combinations can be excluded and what shouldn’t be excluded the results are:
-5871 - May 8th, 1971 -8571 - August 8th, 1971 -1875 - January 8th, 1975 -8175 - August 1st, 1975 -1578 - January 5th, 1978 -5178 - May 1st, 1978 -5781 - May 7th, 1981 -7581 - July 5th, 1981 -1785 - January 7th, 1985 -7185 - July 1st, 1985 -1587 - January 5th, 1987 -5187 - May 1st, 1987
So now that we have a range of plausible numbers it’s now time to figure out what these can be. I’ve reached 3 possible conclusions and those are: the date Elizabeth is born, the date Elizabeth dies, and lastly, the date Sister Location possibly takes place. For the first conclusion is that possibly one of these dates are when Elizabeth is born:
-5871 - May 8th, 1971 -8571 - August 8th, 1971 -1875 - January 8th, 1975 -8175 - August 1st, 1975 -1578 - January 5th, 1978 -5178 - May 1st, 1978 -5781 - May 7th, 1981 -7581 - July 5th, 1981
*Note: 1971 might be too early and 1981 also might me too late)
For the next conclusion and also the one I personally feel is most likely correct is that one of these dates are a possible date for when Elizabeth dies the years that make the most sense to me are:
-1785 - January 7th, 1985 -7185 - July 1st, 1985 -1587 - January 5th, 1987 -5187 - May 1st, 1987
And finally for the final possible conclusion it could be about when Sister Location (specifically when Micheal enters the bunker as Elizabeth’s death takes place before SL begins) takes place and if that’s the case the date for when SL takes place is:
-7185 - July 1st, 1985
Now you might be asking what evidence is there for these three conclusions and it’s that these dates 100% have to be tied to Sister Location and specifically Circus Baby as these numbers are repeated everywhere in Sister Location (specifically by Baby, also this most likely will go unnoticed because of how quiet it actually is, however if I’m correct the blue screen easter egg in Ballora Gallery is one of the few times 1578 is actually able to be heard) and not only that the numbers 1578 appear on the 8-bit Baby skin in FNaF AR so these dates have to have something to do with Sister Location and the lore of the game. For how I got to each of these conclusions is each a different but for the 1st one I felt the ranges from 1971-1981 might’ve been hinting at a possible birthdate for Elizabeth, however this might not be the case as from my knowledge she’d be one of, if not the only character with a confirmed birthday. For the second conclusion I arrived to that one by looking at FNaF AR’s 8-bit baby skin and the numbers 1578 surrounding said skin and where does 8-bit Baby originally appear? Specifically the mini game that shows Elizabeth’s death. Last but not least for how I arrived at the final conclusion is because of the 1st night of Sister Location and according to Hand Unit the rental service started after Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closed so that rules out: FredBear’s Family Diner, Freddy FazBear’s Pizza Place (this place is also ruled out because of Scrap Baby and Molten Freddy), Freddy FazBear’s Mega Pizzaplex, and FazBear’s Fright. This leaves only the 1985 location, FNaF 2’s location, and FNaF 1’s location and from those three the only date that matches is the closure of the 1985 location if we’re assuming it was closed right after the Missing Children’s Incident which most likely is the case because of how 5 kids went missing, smells coming from the suits, etc. and we know from the dates that it doesn’t take place after FNaF 2 closed because the 1987 dates I got were before the place even opened (it seems most likely that FNaF 2’s location opened in the summer of 1987 and was closed November after the Bite of 87). Finally to conclude there might be more evidence to prove or disprove these three conclusions, however I feel only one or two these conclusions can happen at once or even is truly correct and not all three at once depending on which dates you think are the most accurate, once again 1578 can very easily just be nothing but I just wanted to simply see the possibility it does mean something and these are my results. Also thank you for having the patience to read through this post
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2023.03.30 20:26 Economist_Separate The FNAF AR emails are goofy (Peepaw Afton goes full boomer)

I was reading through the FNAF AR emails again and the part where Glitchtrap, through Vanessa, searches up “how to induce compliance in humans” on the computer and Luis catches it.
That gives a really funny mental picture of Glitchtrap typing into Google or Bing (he is an old man after all) and plinking through the keys on the keyboard like “how 2 control human”. Not only that but the implication is that he got caught searching that because, like the old Peepaw boomer he is, he didn’t know what incognito mode was.
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2023.03.30 20:09 taitianaa Looking for any in the purple

Looking for any in the purple
don’t have much, sorry
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2023.03.30 19:36 mrafekaj Is Michael still alive in SB? (the unfortunate new evidence)...

Hello everyone! I'm Shycrow on YT, and, Zantorm and I are working on a very bold theory that we're gonna need a lot of feedback on to help develop.

So, here is the working version of my personal take on the theory

(please note: this is the script to a video I am working on, so forgive me if there are any in-text notes in the script itself)

Throughout the short lifespan of my channel I… haven't touched any SB theories with a ten foot pole, for… pretty obvious reasons… Since this game has proven to be pretty mind numbing for even the smartest of people, but, while I was working a very ambitious, sortof response /my own take on Matpat’s fnaf timeline theory, I randomly got a DM from the youtuber Zantorm, presenting some bold claims about a SB discovery he made, and after he presented the evidence. After a collective “holy SHIT!” I decided to make this video before my Game theory one.

Now, keep in mind… I HATE this theory, and I’ll add it into the “I’ll celebrate with a 24 hour livestream if it’s wrong” list, but there is JUST enough evidence for me to drop everything and present it here:

But… I just need to drop it here..
Michael might still be alive in SB.

I know I know most of you clicked off right there, but trust me, I would’ve done the same thing if I were you. But just… hear me out for a bit…

For me, it really starts going with an odd piece of Fnaf AR’s source code, where we see an “alert” sent to someone suspiciously named none other than “mafton” at the email address “[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])”
And while Entom was playing around in SB in debug mode,, he found these post it notes in many of the security offices in the pizzaplex with message of “meeting with Smith 5pm” written on them, obviously reminders for the security guards
And in the huge pipe that leads to Mazercise, we get to see a grocery list on the wall: “Butters, butters, butters” an obvious easter egg about SL.
And last but not least, we see a hidden room deep in the pizzaplex in SB. More specifically the same room michael unwinds in after work in SL. We see the exact same couch, the same 70’s era TV set, the same wall decorations, And what do we see on top of the TV? Michael's basket of Exotic Butters, the one he earned after his saga in the Sister location.

Now now, with all that presented, I’m gonna go all Matpat here for a moment and write a lore accurate fanfiction that would even make him blush:
I think Michael is back to try and finish off William, much like in previous games. Just like how the vengeful spirit seems to be back. He probably got a job at the company for the sole reason that he was the person who he was during the original Fazbear entertainment run. But he managed to get higher, and higher into the company, even being able to move much of his old stuff into his own private room in the Pizzaplex. but when he found out the real purpose of the company, he decided to try and work behind the scenes to put a stop to it, like… possible freeing Gregory from glitchtraps influence?? Among other things that fnaf intentionally set him up to do to pad out five more games- \ahem* I mean provide rich storytelling opportunities for the future of the franchise?*
And who knows? Maybe the plan is to have a sortof redo of fnaf 6 to end this next phase of the franchise? Where the previous characters like the puppet, Michael, William and henry return in SOME form rise of skywalker style to be burned again once in for all… until phase three of course

So, if this whole theory is true, Michael is high enough in the company to have his own room in the pizzaplex, one based off his home above the SL. He can’t just be a low level employee, because in the bobbiedots we see just how crazy difficult it is for the protagonist abe to even squat out by the garbage without getting caught in that story. And, the pizzaplex books have been kinda hitting us over the head with evidence that they are in the same universe as SB now.

But, alright alright, you might be asking, where does the “Michael possesses Glamrock freddy” theory end up then? Well, fortunately or unfortunately, I think the pizzaplex books kinda put that one to rest Because The pizzaplex books HAMMER in the fact that Fazbear entertainment can make sentient animatronics. We see that with not only the bobbiedots, but also in the storyteller we get a straightforward confirmation that the Glamrocks… are advanced AI. All their personality’s, insecurities and mood swings? Yup, the Storyteller confirms they were programed in on purpose. How about Glamrock Freddy’s compassion to Gregory? Well, GGY confirms that, to the dismay to a million fatherless twitter kids, that was because Gregory had actually hacked into and altered Glamrock Freddy’s programing so that he would do his bidding. Now, whether or not remnant or agony has anything to do with this is unknown, but the fact that Fazbear entertainment has the ability to program sapient AI with human emotions and feeling is more then confirmed at this point.

But, that of course leads to the elephant in the room: Fnaf 6. Where it is VERY strongly implied that Michael dies in the fnaf 6 fire with the rest of the gang.
But, zantorm pointed out a tiny little detail about the final cutscene that just made do what can only be described as a slow facepalm with my desk:
In the end of the game, we are presented with the last of Henry’s employee tapes, thanking us the security guard for working at the establishment and that out duties are complete: (show “:you now longer need to go to work next week” line)
And, as zantorm pointed out:If the intro videos were obviously played for Michael when he signed up for the company, then, just who are they playing for at the end of the game?....

(now OBVIOUSLY, this was a minor, non canon plot hole presented as a joke for the player in a 4th wall break… but… we all know what fnaf loves to do with THOSE.. (show “tampering with the animatronics” slip, “he always comes back” line, and (), all with explanations behind them)
Did.. this line get midrashed:(show, I had a way out planned” line) to mean that since TECHNICALLY Henry doesn’t know if Michael will take the way out or not, Michael changed his mind and did decide to leave?
And… this all leads us to both simultaneously the biggest supporting, and biggest potential refuting, piece of evidence for this theory:
Fnaf’s new narrative style.

IF the “meeting with Smith” cards have anything to do with Michael, then, why would he be going under Fritz smith again in the franchise?
Was Michael thrown out and came back under the same false allies he used one 40 years earlier?? Dang, that would be uncreative, and extremely narratively redundant, unlike everything else in this game.. (slowly have the burntrap ending fade in onscreen)
But, to be perfectly fair, it WOULD be a pretty solid way of telling us that it is the Michael we know, by having him mirror the same behavior we’ve seen from the previous games… even if it is extremely lazy and half baked.. (like every other explanation in SB and the Tales books..)
Yup, it’s vague, it’s stupid. But there's about as much evidence for it as anything else we know from the game, and… it really fit’s with the direction the game seems to be

Because I think the real question is why does SB throw all these hints to previous characters in the game series?

Why is Michael afton seemingly the name of a fnaf ar employee? Why Is Vanessa's last named implied to be “afton” Why does Gregory HEAVILY resemble the crying child? Down to the hair, the build, the striped shirt and even the bandage on the knee?
Heck, even the Vanny ending, rather famously, has Gregory taking a bite out of a fredbear or freddy head popsicle, in a not so subtly inversion of the fate of the crying child
It takes an extreme amount of lore stretching to have any of this make sense. It’s not like how the name “Jeremy” appears like six times for unrelated reasons, these are all in the same period, around the same events in the same new canon.
That’s why we get things like gregbot, and the multiple Elizabeth's theories. And unfortunately.. As crazy as these theories are… SB and tales from the pizzaplex manages to outdo us at every turn. I mean, is a robot Gregory or a dozen elizabeth clones such a stretch when there are orbs that make dreams a reality sold in the ticket booths, or little speaker disks that can make robots eat, breath, bleed and be completely indiscernible as normal humans just with some 80’s tech and sounds undoubtedly exist now?
Fnaf nowadays isn’t about what makes sense, but rather, it’s become a plug and play game of what insane details we can plug and play into the basic premise we know. Narrative coherence… plays a surprisingly small part now. Now we just gotta see whatever is in the games and books and figure out what the game is trying to tell us with them.

So basically, doing theories about SB consists of presenting the most insane nonsense ever in a theory, explaining why it doesn’t make any sense and having fnaf confirm it five or six months later. So, lets see if that prophecy is fulfilled for this theory.

Anyways, please leave your feedback on this theory down below, because this theory needs a LOT of work before I think it is really presentable.


- Shycrow
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