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Incredible fitness & strength feats using the body!

2018.01.25 09:27 MarcusBondi Incredible fitness & strength feats using the body!

This subreddit features the most extreme, amazing, insane and awesome bodyweight, calisthenics power & fitness moves, reps, tutorials, static holds and videos by the strongest and most skilled practitioners from all over the world. We also feature info/advice on how to achieve these phenomenal feats of fitness and muscular ballistics. Everyone welcome to submit a clip or a concept; BUT IT MUST BE TRULY *AWESOME* and inspiring! We want to help make you AWESOME!!

2023.04.01 16:46 Brief_Memory3817 I’m pissed, and you should be too.

I’m pissed, and you should be too.
Why were these so limited? Are they going to be produced perennially? I’m so friggin’ confused as to why the hell I have to be barred from buying a running shoe already expensive at retail, for over $500 in my size. I hate y’all resellers man, I just wanted some nice gym runners and now I can’t have shit without throwing up half a band? [email protected]!
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2023.04.01 16:45 prohibited1987 DKs of reddit (pvp)

Hello people. I've been running bg's and curious what yall are typically running in bg's and or cyr solo. Gear and skills would be great. Looking to change it up and experiment. Currently I'm in BS monster set Plague break front bar (2h)Daedric trickery bb (s&s)
Thank you all for your time and insight.
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2023.04.01 16:45 Neither_Bid_4353 Newbie barista - first timer on expresso bar

Hi folks! Need help here Yesterday was my first time training at expresso bar and was working with the steaming milk process
Instruction I was given is that have wand down at the bottom (not touching bottom) slowly moving down the cup so the wand tip is closer to the surface and look for the paper tearing sound and for latter should be about 1-3 seconds and cappuccino 6-8 seconds
Ok I get it we want more foam for cappuccino but my questions are as follows or I mean check my undestanding
  1. Aerating means wand is pumping air in the milk. We start from bottom (not touching the bottom) because if we start from the surface it will splash everywhere.
  2. The reason why we are sliding down the cup I.e wand tip is getting closer to the surface is because that is where foam is created? But I thought the 2nd part of the process I.e steaming is the actual processs of creating foam. So I’m confused the actual purpose of aerating and why why need to aerating near the top/close to of the milk
  3. The shearing guide (1-3 second) do I start counting as soon as the whole processing started or only start counting after I hear the paper cut sound? Confused because there is couple time o was asked to aerate more. So I’m confused by exactly when I should start counting.
  4. The beginning process of the wand at the bottom (not touching) and start sliding down the cup , how fast should I be sliding down? Does it really matter I do it at a graduate speed or is the whole purpose is to quickly find the or near the surface of milk to locate the paper sound without splashing?
  5. To confirm aerating should happens near the top or I should say top of the wand is just submerged under the milk is the goal of aerating?
Thank you please help!!
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2023.04.01 16:45 throwRA654345 I (34f) told my partner (38m) that I was pregnant ten years ago with what could have been his, but we weren't together at the time, and I only told him as we are now trying to have children. Now it feels like everything is broken beyond repair.

This is a messed up situation, and I'll do my best to be brief, but there's a lot to unpack here. Throwaway for privacy.
When I was 21, I met my now-boyfriend Daniel at a bar and we started a four-year-long friends-with-benefits situation. I was head over heels about him, he was hardworking and not emotionally on the same page, which is why I ended it when I was 24. What makes this even more complicated is the fact that he brought me in to work for his company, which I still do. He is the CEO of a company, and I've been there since he started it. We've worked very closely with each other, like 16-hour days for the past ten years, also after I ended what we were doing. We text constantly and there's been a lot of late nights in the office. Technically, he is my boss, but it has never felt like he is. Somehow we managed to keep working together without issues after I ended things, but we haven't been friends really through it, but keeping everything professional. He was married for four years and got divorced two years ago, I was married to my ex-husband for six years and got divorced last year.
We were never in an exclusive situation, and I was dating others back then. I never told him about it, as he used to be pretty jealous and I was worried about ruining the working relationship of it all. At 24, I found out I was pregnant. I didn't know who the father was, could have been him but could also have been someone else I was seeing briefly at the time. If I had known it was Daniels's child, I likely would have told him back then, but it's hard to know for certain. It was never a choice to keep it, even if it was his, as I was young and very career driven, so I never told Daniel about it, broke things off and we kept working together. I was made partner of his company a few years ago, and we are both very comfortable.
Now, in a sudden turn of events, we are in a committed relationship. It's happening very fast, but we've known each other and built a company together for over ten years, so it all feels so right. I am so in love with him, and I think I always have been too, just suppressing it through the years. We want to have kids, and neither of us is getting any younger. I tried to conceive during my marriage, but apparently, the likelihood that I'd be able to without help is low, so we are doing it through IVF. So, even though I probably could have kept it secret forever, I decided I had to tell him as I don't want to keep secrets from him. I'll admit that I probably wouldn't have told him if there were no plans to have children, and I told him that. He was angry and hurt, about me not telling him back then, but also about the fact that I was planning to keep it from him, even after we got together. He is hurt that I told him because I felt that I had to, and not because I wanted to. Now everything is awkward between us. He wants an apology but I don't see how I could have handled the situation differently, not now and not ten years ago. It's been a few days since the initial argument, we've tried talking about it, but it's hard, especially since we see each other pretty much constantly.
Is there something to this I'm not seeing clearly? Any advice is appreciated. I'll answer any questions you may have, I have no idea how to fix this between us.
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2023.04.01 16:45 LBojamin [WTS] pre-33 gold, 2007 libertads, various silver, tiffany bracelet, and more

Looking to get some 10+ oz silver or shot, so moving on from a few things and would be happy to trade with anyone for lower premium silver.
Updated proof image: https://imgur.com/a/HojCd25
Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/u4fvx4I
1912 $2.5 Gold Indian - really nice looking but reverse seems to have been cleaned? Obverse is really nice - 375
1857 $1 Gold Princess - my guess is this would be graded 58-62 - 400
1554-1556 Italy Gold Zecchino - Unc Details because of a tick mark on bottom right of the obverse which I find pretty cool. Really great example - 950
2022 1/10oz Gold Britannia - 230
2017 Gold Maple Gram - 80
2007 1oz Silver Libertad NGC MS 67 - 120
2007 1oz Silver Libertad NGC MS 65 - 85 take both and for 200 shipped
2005 1oz Britannia w/ Royal Wedding Cover - 60
2018 1oz RCM Natures Impressions Wolf (1121/5500) - 60
2022 1oz Beskar Bars - 2 available - 42 each
7.5" Vintage Tiffany Twisted Cable Link Sterling bracelet I dont have the weight on this - 150
Silver lot - 1958 Franklin proof and 2x 40% Kennedy halfs - 20
Trajan 106-107 AD, Denarius, Woytek. 2.97g silver. Check proof for more details. I dont know enough about these but this seems like a pretty nice example so if my price is way off, please feel free to let me know. - 250
Venmo or PPFF. Shipping is $5 for first class and $9 SFRB.
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2023.04.01 16:44 RealBossYouLike Has anyone heard about this? Its quite interesting

There is always a lot of issues going on in our life and self-improvement is always one to keep up on. So, you know how difficult it can be to do mundane tasks like cleaning the dishes, cooking food, losing weight, getting comfortable with who you are! These things just do not seem that rewarding even though they are! What you need is something to look forward to when you accomplish these goals. You see, well actually you don't see that when you do do something for self-improvement it is often unnoticed even though you have finished your self improvement task. (ex. talking to someone new) You cant really feel any reward and you often may just feel awkward at the end of the conversation. Even though what you did was a great thing! This is just a very broad example though.
Anyways, this is an issue with all of us, we do something to improve ourselves and it can be difficult to feel the reward. I've been looking around the internet and I have found a solution for this issue. There is this amazing group, which if you decide to search up (queens kings morning routines. com) you will see on the navigation bar a section called tastylife. It is very interesting what they are doing and will help you to see the improvements you make. Physically they will give you awards and gifts for earning LIFE Points, as well as special and unique gifts for people that like to improve themselves. Its really a win-win-win because they challenge you to try new things, you get some self-improvement, and you get awards.
Everything they do is involved with self improvement and they give out gifts for people that do it. Its a fun game they created to improve yourself with their help. Check up on it, I highly recommend it.
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2023.04.01 16:44 kushychris0 iPhone 14 max pro discussion

So I haven’t had an iPhone since the 4. I’ve been a Samsung user since. Recently we upgraded phones, and I went with the 14 pro max. There are a few things I wanted to discuss about it, cause I’m feeling like switching back to Samsung, but looking for some feedback. So first, I will say the battery on the 14 is actually great! Feels like it lasts forever, even with constant use! The emoji face thing is also really cool! But there are some quality/quality of life things I think the phone is missing, especially for the price tag. So my first major problem is the camera. How in the world is the camera only a 40mp? The new s23 ultra is 200mp, and comparing my photos to my wife’s, there’s no comparison. I’m also concerned about the 14’s screen. Feels like plastic, and sounds hollow. Gives it a very cheap feeling. And when I play my regular phone game(golf clash) it does not feel smooth. Screen feels really laggy, and what should normally be perfect hits are always off now. Is there a way to fix refresh rates? And then after those concerns, it’s just quality of life complains. I read articles at night, and having to manually go in to turn on eye comfort is a pain. Is there a way to add it to my pull-down tool bar? Not having a back/home/multi page buttons at the bottom is taking some effort to get used to as well. Layout can also be a bit confusing at times. Even as I type this out,I can type faster then the words can show up on screen. Can anyone convince me to stay with the iPhone, and help me resolve some of these issues? I wanna like it, I know iPhones supposed to have really good security on iOS.
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2023.04.01 16:44 Just_Ero Need assistance with a pretty complex design problem. A "lazy" factory (with command instances which get evaluated when the factory is "activated") with failure handling (commands which failed to execute will get queued up again), nesting (parent system) and a fluent API.

Hi. Let me lay the ground work. Assume the following setup.
// This is what will ultimately be "created" by the factory. interface IFoo { } abstract class FooBase : IFoo { } // These are the concrete implementations. // Assume they implement their own constructors which call the base class' ctors. // Each of these has one constructor that takes an instance of IFoo as a parent. class Foo : FooBase { } class Bar : FooBase { } class Qux : FooBase { } 
// This handles resolving of a value that is required to call any of FooBase's ctors. IRequiredValueResolver { // Choosing to omit the type of the value for simplicity. bool TryResolve(out T result); } // There are 4 of these, resolving 4 different types of inputs. // For example, parsing some string input to get the actual required value. struct ResolveFromSomeInput : IRequiredValueResolver { } 
// Concept of a "command" that should be used to create an IFoo. interface IMakeFooCommand { bool TryEvaluate(ISomeHelper helper, out IFoo result); } // Implements IMakeFooCommand abstractly. // Contains a protected field of type IRequiredValueResolver. abstract class MakeFooCommandBase : IMakeFooCommand { } class MakeFooCommand : MakeFooCommandBase { } class MakeBarCommand : MakeFooCommandBase { } class MakeQuxCommand : MakeFooCommandBase { } 
interface ILazyFactory { // This has 4 overloads. They correspond to the 4 different resolvers. // This uses a concrete implementation of Foo (so really, of MakeFooCommand), which is recognized as a "parent". // Returns IFirstChild; the first child factory's "Previous" property is this ILazyFactory. IFirstChild MakeParent(/* */); // Similarly, these all have 4 overloads. ILazyFactory MakeFoo(/* */); ILazyFactory MakeBar(/* */); ILazyFactory MakeQux(/* */); // Runs TryEvaluate on each of the commands and yields each successful result. // Parents do not get yielded and instead passed directly to their children. // Once a parent is successfully evaluated, all children are automatically valid (because no further resolving is required) // and should be yielded. // This should run indefinitely until all commands have been evaluated or the user breaks the enumeration. IEnumerable Execute(ISomeHelper helper); } interface ILazyChildFactory { // Returns the top-most ILazyFactory. ILazyFactory Top { get; } // This has 1 overload. It merely expands the previous parent and doesn't require any resolving. // Returns INestedChild; all subsequent child factories' "Previous" property is the current ILazyChildFactory. INestedChild MakeParent(/* */); // Similarly, these all have 1 overload. ILazyChildFactory MakeFoo(/* */); ILazyChildFactory MakeBar(/* */); ILazyChildFactory MakeQux(/* */); } interface IFirstChild { ILazyFactory Previous { get; } } inferface INestedChild { ILazyChildFactory Previous { get; } } 
An example use of this API could look as follows.
ILazyFactory factory = LazyFactory.Create() .MakeFoo(/* */) .MakeBar(/* */) .MakeParent(/* */) .MakeFoo(/* */) .MakeParent(/* */) .MakeBar(/* */) .MakeQux(/* */) .Previous .MakeBar(/* */) .MakeParent(/* */) .MakeFoo(/* */) .Top .MakeQux(/* */); foreach (IFoo foo in factory.Execute(helper)) { // Do something with foo. // E.g. add it to a list. } 
The entire reason for this API to be "lazy" is because a resolver may indeed fail. In that case, the factory will continue with the remaining commands, removing those which succeed, yielding all results and children, and come back to the failed one at a later time.
I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if I should clarify anything. I have absolutely no idea how to write an implementation of such an API in a way that reduces redundancy as much as possible. I also want to make sure the implementation isn't convoluted and hard to understand.
If anyone's got any ideas, please let me know.
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2023.04.01 16:43 X-Monster-Master I need help launching the game.

I need help launching the game.
Hello! I have been playing Xenoverse for a while now, but I stopped playing it a couple of months ago. I wanted to play the game now, but when I click on the launcher app it just asks for permission to make changes to this device, and when I say "yes", nothing happens. I found 4 files that should start the game (the last 4 images seen in the post). When I click on the one that looks like a sun and the one that looks like a pokeball, the game boots up without asking for updates. I wanted to update the game, though, but when I click on the ones that look like a guy with a hat, I get a screen that has two people looking at the sky (first image image) and neither the bar nor the percentage go up, even in 5 minutes (it isn't that much but I remember it completing in less than 3 minutes). What do I do?
Note: I can only close this with task manager and cannot minimize it or put any window above it
Just opens game
Just opens game
Makes the screen above
Makes the screen above
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2023.04.01 16:43 Sergey_Taboritsky Two Ministers

Varga Márton, Minister of Economy
Varga Márton was a bit of a nervous wreck coming into his new office. He knew he had what it took for the job, he knew full well he was a brilliant economist, having written two books on Vuldavian economics, one before and one not long after the war, however the job also meant dealing with people. In his few public encounters, he was hailed as a genius, but he knew what some of them said behind his back. That they looked at his thick spectacles, his long winded way of speaking and his anxiousness around others as something strange. At social functions he found women generally considered him too difficult to get along with, or briefly amusing but soon grew bored with his quirks. He was too consumed with his work anyways, writing paper after paper for the international community to fawn over.
His pragmatic ideas had been sited as an inspiration for the Regent’s nationalizations. While not a proponent of a planned economy, he hailed “crown corporations” could better serve the nation than private enterprises in certain key industries, so long as they were run for profit so as to be self sustaining.
Varga painstakingly organized his office before at last sitting down, everything all in its rightful place.
Tamas Csama, Minister of State
Tamas Csama kicked his feet up on his desk. Minister of State now. he thought to himself, a little smugly. He knew full well he was given the job in order to give the more conservative wing of the party some representation, but he wasn’t going to complain. He had a seat at the table, a prominent seat, which appeased the ambitious man for the time being.
Tamas wanted to come out swinging, start off his time in government with something memorable.
Now what could I do? He thought, What could I do to make my mark on this nation?
He looked out the modest window in his office, out into the streets of Blielor, it’s historic government section. His mind wandered to what lay beyond, bastions of degeneracy and wretchedness. The clubs and bars where the masses were lead astray.
He could vividly remember finding his father in one such place, drunk and in the arms of some common whore. Tamas never spoke with him again. He ran off to join the army. They wouldn’t take him, but he found a career in the Mada Municipal Police Force, rising to the rank of captain before being thrust into politics by the National Unity Party Political Machine. He ran for mayor in Mada, what is considered to be the most conservative major city after Udron. After serving as mayor for eight years, he ran as a member of parliament for one of the city’s constituencies, winning with a rather comfortable majority of the vote. In the present he was one of the more respected and prominent members of the conservative wing.
In all his time since his youth, then as a policeman, a mayor and a member of parliament, he learned little in the way of humanity’s redeeming qualities, instead witnessing it’s many shortcomings. Now he had real power, to set it straight as he saw fit, one bill at a time.
He put pen to paper, drafting the title of his new bill, the Moral Decency act. He grinned, for he already knew how some would react to it. Their reactions will be priceless. he thought, And even more so when it passes.
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2023.04.01 16:42 temporarytrials Nausea hack that is working for me!

Note: it’s not the Wegovy making me nauseous, im just a regularly nauseous person
Upon waking up I immediately take 3 zofran followed by some protein, like a portion of a high protein bar. I also take 2-3 dicyclomine 20 mg tablets - it’s for stomach muscle pain and spasm.
Because I was curious I tried a few days w/o the dicyclomine in the morning and my nausea didn’t return, but I definitely had some stomach spasms and pain.
I also take famotidine at night for acid reflux. Again I’m curious and I haven’t needed them at all.
Hope this helps someone ☺️
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2023.04.01 16:42 carbonatedfuck I really want to enjoy this game, but I'm not sure if I'm missing something.

Just got the game, and jesus christ it makes any DS game feel like childs play. It's so fucking hard lol.
I'm currently stuck at Juzou the drunkard, and I cannot for the life of me get him anywhere close to down. I've not once been close to even getting the first deathstrike or what it's called.
I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong at this point. I just came from the father at Hirata estate. Am I underleveled or something, if that is possible? Is there a soul system or the like I've missed? Or is the game just this brutally hard?
I'm having more trouble with this single mini boss than nameless king in DS3. I barely do any damage to him, and his stagger bar always goes down too fast for me to consistently build it up. Not to mention he 2 shots me with any hit. I'm really scratching my head if this game is actually for me at this point. I absolutely love a challenge, but jesus I must have made like 30 attempts on him at this point.
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2023.04.01 16:41 RahMcGee RE4 frustrating no Fullscreen

I just bought the new RE4/Steam game and the first time after the install it lanched fine. But now when I launch it it does not launch in fullscreen, there is still the top bar. Usually when I have this, I just go to the game settings and switch back between windowed and fullscreen mode and it fixes itself. But in this game I simply cannot change any settings anymore! I can click the buttons and switch between the option windows but I can't change the options themselves. it's annoying AF. Also I just can't afford to download 50GB or smthing again.
Here is what it looks like
Edit: I forgot to mention that it is extra slow and absolutely not playable like this. Was fine before. I have 4080
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2023.04.01 16:41 Stamp_My_Art Oculus Quest 2 will not load any data??

Yesterday, I tried to get on to my Oculus Quest 2 and I got some kind of error. I didn't have time to deal with it then, so I tried again today.
I cannot access ANYTHING. It loaded up with the same weird message something about remove headset, log into email and some code, which I can't screen shot (like it doesn't work). Then it disappeared so I cannot even try to do what it said cause I don't remember all that stuff it said to do.
On the head set I see none of the games I bought and I can't access my profile, but if I try to add headset or switch account, it shows my avatar and says already account associated with this head set add another. But when I try to click on said avatar, it won't do anything. It keeps going back to a black screen with the menu bar and every thing blank on it. Then it switches to just the home environment, but no menu bar and a blank Avatar stares at me from the mirror. When I finally get the menu bar back from the oculus button and try any of the menu choices it just spins. I read somewhere to log onto phone app, but I never DL the app to my phone, I just did everything through the quest 2 when I set it up originally, so that doesn't work. So, I tried to log into my account on the web and it also shows me as having NO games, like what??!! Seriously I paid for a lot of stuff where'd it all go?
Paid a lot for a product that doesn't work. Frustrating. Anyone know what you can do that doesn't involve the app since I never put it on my phone? And apparently my account isn't showing any of the stuff I paid for? ugh.
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2023.04.01 16:41 Objective_Campaign82 The Tomb World Ch9 (Hellworld explorers 2)

First/Wiki/ Patreon
Watched in bewildered awe as the hyoomahz completed another lap around the white ship they called Lorree. Dan-yalzz and Sahm had already down several laps at what they had claimed was an easy pace, which was twice as fast as Fezzen could have moved on the ground. They huffed air in and out in an even rhythm, and a thin sheen of sweat coated their skin. Their arms swayed in a circular pattern in time with each step as they ate up ground at an impressive pace.
“We would surely lose every foot race against these aliens.” Fezzen murmured.
“We would lose in almost every physical competition.” Foric grunted unhappily.
Today was their fifth meeting with the hyoomahz, and it was the day of their long awaited physical demonstration. Foric had gathered the strongest and fits men and woman in the ground forces in an attempt to impress the hyoomahz. But with few exceptions their alien visitors out classed them in almost every regard. Muscle strength, carrying capacity, speed, and endurance. They especially excelled in the field of endurance. Ehl-ai-zah, who was an expert in the biology of hyoomahz, had said that endurance was the physical task they most excelled at, seconded only to their ridiculously dexterous hands.
Sahm, and Dan-yalzz had originally started jogging with a group of twenty ground troopers. But after several laps the ground troopers grew tired and had to slow down, while Sahm and Dan-yalzz seemed to only get better and better with every lap. Ehl-ai-zah said it was very normal, that their bodies were built to switch into a sort of runners mode, and that with proper training some hyoomahz could run for whole days. Which Fezzen suspected were longer than Gotari days since the hyoomahz never looked tired after their meetings.
In the last meeting Veena and Dan-yalzz felt both sides had learned enough about each other’s for them to have more complex conversations. So instead of acting out words endlessly they instead taught each other different intelligence based games for them to begin comparing their intellects. Sahm and Dan-yalzz both protested that they weren’t that smart by their peoples standards, but in the game of chehss both humans beat Fezzen and Foric everything. They claimed that it was because they knew the game better, but when they played a Gotari game they came out on top every game. They just seemed to have brains built for examining the ins and outs of things and figuring out the best way to take advantage of that. And their ability to think five or ten moves ahead was outstanding.
After that meeting, Foric, Fezzen, and Veena both agreed to never get into an argument with a hyoomahm because there was no way they’d win. Foric also left with a burning desire to find one area where the Gotari were naturally better than hyoomahnz. They had failed on the cognitive field, so now he was looking for something to best them at. However once again the Gotari came out behind the alien visitors.
For the hyoomahnz part they seemed unsurprised by their victories, and did their best to reassure them that there were definitely places where the Gotari excelled where hyoomahnz fell short. But Fezzen got the impression that they were holding something back, like there was something they were afraid to tell them.
“And you say you aren’t the fastest or strongest species out there?” Veena asked to Ehl-ai-zah.
“No” she said in her crisp bell like voice. Impossibly smooth, and capable of conveying so much meaning in simple words. “Among other alien races the Baleek-stroh can run five times our fastest runners. While the Kay… Triakss are much stronger.”
“I see” Veena said softly. The Hyoomahnz had shown them images of themselves with these other alien races, who seemed even stranger than the Hyoomahnz. “But would you say your above or below average?”
Ehl-ai-zah worked her jaw and gave them an… ashamed look? Fezzen was still trying to learn their facial expressions, but he was pretty sure it was shame. “We’re above average.” She said finally.
“How above average?” Veena asked after seeing Ehl-ai-zahs reticence to answer the first question.
“Traiks are the strongest, Bahleek-stro are the fastest, and hyoomahns are second to them in both. As long as we don’t count the uhplihf’tehd.”
“What was that word?” Foric asked bruskly. Still sore at losing out to the hyoomahnz in every challenge.
Ehl-ai-zah sighed. “I guess now is the time.” She pursed her lips together and made a shrill high-pitched noise, like a sunrise rocket squealing into the sky. Foric, Fezzen, and Veena all flinched, while Dan-yalzz and Sahm jogged over.
Iz et taim?” Dan-yalzz asked in their human language.
Yehss” Ehl-ai-zah answered.
Dan-yalzz looked to Foric, Fezzen, and Veena. “Last meeting I told you that Sahm and I were the leaders of those two ships” he said with a point towards the ships he called Lorhee and Su. “I’m sure you wondered were the third leader was.”
Foric nodded “you kept them hidden for a reason.” He stated, voicing their suspicions.
Dan-yalzz’ head dipped down than back up, a hyoomahn signal for affirmative. “Our third looks different from us, but he is also from Urth. Please don’t be afraid.” He typed something on the device strapped around his wrist and the hatch on the third ship opened and a massive dark shadow appeared.
The three Gotari stepped back as a great hairy monster dropped down from the hatch, shaking the ground as he landed. The monster stood up straight and loomed over the assembled people and fixed them all within its black beady eyes. Sahm stepped forward and extended her hand, the monster lifted his clawed paw and engulfed her entire hand. They finished the hyoomahn ritual of a handshake and stood next to each other. The dark furred monster standing several tails taller than Sahm, and seeming to fill twice the space with its massive bulk.
It opened its mouth and gave them a good look at its rows of sharp teeth. “Hello.” It said in a deep rumbly voice.
Foric’s body language was tense and he looked ready to run. “I can see why you hid this.” He mumbled.
Dan-yalzz ducked his head. “Kahpten Feedelihs is the leader of Sheelah and our third. We kept him out of our meetings because we were afraid you might get scarred.”
Veena’s eyes were transfixed as she glanced between the monster called Feedelihs and Sahm, marking all the differences between them. It was clear in some undefinable way that they were from the same planet. Something about the way their were built hinted at a similar paradigm of evolution. Beyond that thought the two couldn’t be more different. “You said he was another hyoomahn?”
Dan-yalzz shook his head side to side. “I said he was from Urth, not hyooman. Tohm here is something called a Bairh, they were hunter-meateater animals from Urth. Not people like we are, not until first contact. After we met our first aliens animals like Tohm began to change into people. He is just as smart as us.”
“How does that happen?” Fezzen asked wildly. Did all animals turn into people when aliens visited?
“We don’t know” Ehl-ai-zah answered. “It just sort of happened, we’re still learning the extent to the changes.”
“It did only happen after the Joining established itself on Urth.” Dan-yalzz grumbled cryptically.
“Joining?” Veena asked.
Dan-yalzz looked uncertain “I’m not sure if I’m using that word right. It’s the name of the big alien government. In eeglish we say Yoonyun.”
The bairh Tohm made a rumbling sound, drawing the attention of everyone present. “May I come closer?”
Dan-yalzz looked to Foric, waiting for him to give his approval. Foric’s tail flicked in assent, though from the quickness Fezzen could tell that his uncle was uncertain and nervous. It was one thing to have the towering hyoomahns around with their impressive strength, but this Tohm was a different matter. Fezzen could already tell that he was much stronger than either Dan-yalzz or Sahm.
Tohm stepped forward, Fezzen expected the floor to shake, but it didn’t. Each step of his massive feet was quiet, quieter than the hyoomahns. “It is fine to be nervous, most hyoomahns are also nervous around me. But I wont accidentally break you.” the Bairh rumbled.
Foric’s tail halted its nervous movement “Its not accidents I’m worried about.” He said, now looking the massive beast in the eyes.
Tohm’s face scrunched in strangely hyoomahn like way, conveying thoughtfulness just as easily as theirs. “Then I promise to make it fast.” He said simply.
Everyone stood as still as rocks as they waited to Foric’s response to this direct challenge.
Foric continued to stare down Tohm before breaking into a series of mirthful hoots and chirps “Good, Good.” He said, diffusing all the tension.
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2023.04.01 16:38 ObjectiveAce [WTS] lower premium 1-2 oz rounds. 10 oz bars

Happy weekend all. Everything that sells will be mailed monday. Chat preferred. Proof :https://imgur.com/a/RbYZiZ3

Buffalo, 1 oz (14) -- $26.50 https://imgur.com/a/22ZspyY
Aztec Calendar, 1 oz (20) -- $27 https://imgur.com/a/xGcSFLP
Government minted
Australian Kangaroos 2022, 1 oz (13) -- $28.5 https://imgur.com/a/nZguD5z
Anguilla "proof like" Lobsters, 1 oz -- $28.5 These are part of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank series https://imgur.com/a/uH01Ksd
Yale of Beaufort, 2 oz (8) -- $59 https://imgur.com/a/4IMjk5i
10 oz bars
Heraeus, includes COA (3) -- $270 https://imgur.com/a/vzEcSt6

Shipping and payment details
5 oz and under is $5. Above 5 oz is $9 flat rate. Standard disclaimer: I will personally deliver to the post office and assist should any issues arrive, but once it is handed off to post office I am no longer responsible. I pack thoroughly and individually wrap each round
I accept Zelle, venmo, or paypal (friends and family)
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2023.04.01 16:37 Yaadikillertje Does human v4 work like this: is your damage bar is 45, the attacks do 45% more damage? And when its 100%, it does twice more damage? I rly dont know can someone explain

Does human v4 work like this: is your damage bar is 45, the attacks do 45% more damage? And when its 100%, it does twice more damage? I rly dont know can someone explain submitted by Yaadikillertje to bloxfruits [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 16:37 BRUHHU004 Lag HUD

Yesterday I installed the latest version of popcorn time. I started watching a film and noticed that the HUD didn't disappear even if the movie was in fullscreen. After looking futher for the problem, I found out that the timer didn't change time, eventhough the film was playing. Also, when I enabled subtitels, they were very laggy (most of the time froozen) and only updated when I pressed pause-play with the space bar.

Has anyone had this problem or can anyone help me fix this annoying bug?
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2023.04.01 16:37 dmxrob Election Tuesday, April 4th

Just a reminder to go vote on Tuesday, April 4th if you haven't voted early already. Elections have consequences, and I'm not going to endorse any candidate or position here but rather just want to encourage you to exercise your right to vote.
Typically, these April elections are the low-turnout elections, but they deal with local issues, local elections, etc. However, in many ways these are as important if not more important than the elections dealing with national offices, etc. Real change and such can and does happen at the local level.
A few things to keep in mind and think about before Tuesday....
RESEARCH your candidates. As a former teacher I can tell you that despite what you may want to believe, or hear, America's educational system is pretty much dead last nowadays. School board elections are so important. We need leaders in these positions that are going to prepare our students for an ever-challenging, ever-digital, ever-global world. Your kids and grandkids futures depend upon the education they receive today. If you are too worried about some gay kid, or think that book banning is the "future" then you need to seriously re-evaluate your life. Because I'm here to tell you that your kids and grandkids as they grow up won't have anything to do with you. Young people today don't tolerate this type of nonsense, no matter who you are. Start worrying about their education, and stop worrying about the fact that some people are gay -- just get over it and move on with your life at this point.
RESEARCH the issues. A lot of tax issues on the ballot. People love to complain we pay a lot in taxes, but as our cities and towns grow the cost to build and maintain infrastructure, hire and retain good public servants and safety officers continues to grow. We aren't paying a nickel for a Hershey bar anymore, so why do we expect to pay the same amount of road repair and maintenance that we did in 1980? We also continue to pay more because we take away sources of revenue for the benefit of the few at the cost of the many. Corporate and wealthy tax cuts have been slashed while the taxes (not just the tax rate you see) on the average citizen have skyrocketed.
GET INVOLVED in the democratic process. You can make a difference - and a big one. Run for office! There are many numbers of local offices and such you can run for and make a huge impact in your community. Change starts local - be that change. Nothing is ever going to change if we keep voting in the same people over and over. Again, we can listen to the rhetoric and wave our flags all we want, but the cold, hard truth is the world is passing us by at lightning speed. We need leaders for today with a vision for tomorrow. We must stop wasting our time on nonsense issues and focus on the real issues. Ask yourself this, and do the research, "How much money has the State of Missouri wasted defending nonsense lawsuits in the past 10 years?" -- the answer may shock and amaze you. Couldn't that money have been better spent elsewhere?
The power of your vote can change an election - use it! Take a friend, a family member to vote with you. Research the issues, research the candidates and think about the impact this election will have on not only you and your community, but on your children and grandchildren and the community in 5, 10 years. And in the end, remember that change rarely happens overnight, but change often happens slowly and then suddenly -- be the person that gets the ball of change rolling!
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2023.04.01 16:37 SpiegelGeist Requesting assistance/recommendations on choosing the best decision for the final (Capital)gate issue, #797 "(Capital)gate: Yesterday’s News"

I was just wondering if anyone could assist me on which option to choose, since I am split between three options. To assist anyone kind enough to offer guidance, this is how I responded to the (Capital)gate issue chain thus far:
Issue #789:(Capital)gate ( https://nsindex.net/wiki/NationStates_Issue_No._789 ) I chose option #3: "“Instead of working against Mr. Maxman, why not work with him?” suggests Frankie Willis, your Minister of Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows. “Barry is pretty popular, and it wouldn’t hurt you to borrow some of his credibility. We... no... YOU need to apologize to him, along with anyone else who was victimized, and work with him to improve your public image. I bet you’ll find that you’ll survive this scandal much better by playing nice as opposed to acting belligerent. Who knows, he might even have some good ideas on how to actually run this country!”" ("@@[email protected]@ is frequently seen begging critics to stop insulting the government.") this led to:
Issue #792:Why Can’t We Be Friends? ( https://nsindex.net/wiki/NationStates_Issue_No._792 ) I chose option #1: "“Thank you for agreeing to meet with me,” remarks Mr. Maxman, after handing you an autographed copy of his latest book, Johnny’s Government. “Now let’s get down to business. What I want, and I suspect many @@[email protected]@ agree, is ridding this government of corruption once and for all. Scumbag corporate lobbyists and dirty politicians infest your government - they must all be arrested! You also need to guarantee freedom of the press, and ensure that the government will never again spy on private citizens in any way, shape or form. Finally, you personally must apologize for letting things get this bad, and agree to full government transparency forevermore.”" ("Politicians who misplace decimal points on expense reports are fired for gross incompetence.") which led to:
Issue #793:Knock Knock. Who’s There? Not You Anymore! ( https://nsindex.net/wiki/NationStates_Issue_No._793 ) I chose option #4: ""Well you've cleaned house, but there's still one thing you haven't done," observes Barry Maxman, who is currently in the process of writing a tell-all book about his ordeal. "Even if you say you weren't directly involved in these corrupt activities, they still happened under your watch, and under your administration. I suggest that you take responsibility for once in your life, and throw yourself in prison. It's the morally right thing to do. Remind the people that nobody is above the law, not even you."" ("@@[email protected]@'s new office is 6 by 8 feet with steel walls and a barred door.") which leads to the final issue
Issue #797:Yesterday’s News ( https://nsindex.net/wiki/NationStates_Issue_No._797 ) I can't decide between
Option #1:" "The lesson from history is absolute power corrupts absolutely, and government cannot be trusted," points out Barry Maxman, whose new novel chronicling @@[email protected]@gate recently topped the best seller list. "@@[email protected]@gate was about unchecked corruption, censorship, and your gross incompetence. We must remember @@[email protected]@gate, to make sure that no other person is intimidated the way I was. That should be its legacy."" ("Schoolchildren are taught to boo and hiss at @@[email protected]@'s name.")
Option #4:""The lesson from history is the free press safeguards democracy," reminds media baron @@[email protected]@, handing out free newspapers to everyone in the room. "If it weren't for the media, we might never have found out about the government's shady dealings. @@[email protected]@gate reminds us that the free press must be protected at all costs, otherwise a dictatorship just might be around the corner."" ("Political cartoons depicting @@[email protected]@'s face on @@[email protected]@ @@[email protected]@'s buttocks are selling like hotcakes.") and
Option #6:""The lesson from history is that democracy is the best form of government, for all others have been tried," states your sister, who now works as a democracy advocate throughout @@[email protected]@. "This was a healthy reminder that we need to be a nation that freely elects its leaders, and we won't allow some dictator to walk all over us. You chose the noble path, dear @@[email protected]@, and we'll continue to make sure that @@[email protected]@ is respected throughout the land!"" ("The nation is regarded as a paragon of democracy.")
Considering how I navigated this event chain, which option should I choose, and why should I choose it? Would love to hear everyone's options and suggestions.
Thanks for reading this thread, and I hope everyone and their loved ones have a safe, happy, and healthy 2023! :)
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2023.04.01 16:36 SirenofShadow Stuck on season portal lvl 5

Stuck on season portal lvl 5
So I've been working on the quests for the season portal for days and have not seen this bar move at all and I cannot see anywhere to earn this sort of points. I filled up the second bar a long time ago and just keep doing the things that are pointing to it but it won't let me upgrade
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2023.04.01 16:36 Spacial-Quantum Trouble with belts snapping

Hi, I have an aquila x2 and my x axis belt keeps snapping after a few weeks to a month or so. I’ve noticed it’s from rubbbing on the x axis bar, if I rotate the bar will that help? What are some solutions people may have?
I know the tension is neither too high or too low, it’s just the way the belt is sitting
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