Pips and pits crossword

I'm genuinely softlocked and need help

2023.06.10 19:45 Jesse-MCC-123 I'm genuinely softlocked and need help

I'm genuinely softlocked and need help
I was playing Axolotl Islands on my switch and got stuck on the ice island in what I like to call, the 'Puzzle Pit', and can't get out even with my 'Super Jump'... Help...
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2023.06.10 19:45 TheGiftStore123 How to calculate monthly ROI?

Hi all, I finished reading Pit Bull by Marty Schwartz. I've read that Marty made 25% a month while he was trading in the 1980s.
How does one calculate 25% though? Let's say you're a swing trader and make 5 trades a month. Each trade made you 5% in terms of capital at risk. You risk 1% of your account per trade. What is my return? Is it the sum of all my trades? Or is it the return of my entire account's capital? Let's say I didn't use all my capital for my 5 trades during that month.

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2023.06.10 19:43 snufkiiin Real vs Perceived

I know this is sort of the "whole thing" with BPD so maybe it's a silly question, but does anyone have any advice for telling the difference between real vs perceived abandonment? I can never tell if my partner's behavior has changed, or if I'm doing the thing where I take any less-than-total-enthusiasm as rejection, and then gaslight myself into a spiraling pit of despair about it. I can ask them 100 times if everything's okay, and they can assure me 101 times that nothing's wrong, and every time I will still be 100% convinced that they're lying to my face.
Like, are they pulling away because they're just feeling kind of down, and they dont want to talk about it, and that's fine? Or are they actually mad at me? Or do they just need some alone time? Or are they seeing someone behind my back? Or are they burnt out from work? Or are they grey-rocking because I'm secretly abusive? Or were they fine at first but now my repeated asking is pushing them away? Or is everything actually 100% fine and I'm over here barking at shadows on the wall for no god damn reason???? I have literally no idea where to even start, and I'm scared that if I DO decide that it's just my BPD I'll be wrong and then I'll never be able to talk myself out of a spiral again because of "that one time I was right".
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2023.06.10 19:42 Jgasparino44 Advice on beginning to trust people enough to date.

I've (22m) had a rough couple of years trying to have relationships with people to the point I'm just starting to self sabotage any potential relationships cause I don't trust anyone anymore.
Just a summary of the last 4 years I've had:
-Girlfriend of a year emotionally manipulated me with self harm and suicidal threats, physically hit me, pitted her family/friends against me.
-old "girlfriend" stalked me for a couple months, followed me around everywhere, appeared at my school. Told people I used her for sex when I never even saw her naked before I jumped ship
-Old friend reconnected with me only to use me as a crutch for them moving states/finding someone better, telling me they liked me and kissing me only to ghost me on and off for months, cheated on me, then told me they despise me and regret everything before blocking me.
-Long time "friend" asked me to have a FWB with them but only used me as a confidence boost, sending suggestive things and never following up, making plans and then never showing up, lead me on and ignoring me for 1.5 years before I blocked them.
-Person I met through work did something similar, always agreeing to plans in person, saying they wanted to hang out, being extremely flirty in work leaving hearts all over my workspace and sitting in my lap only to ignore me outside of it. It's to the point everyone thinks we're dating and people are shocked we aren't from what they do. I just ignore them now after 8 months of it.
I had one person I connected with and they genuinely wanted to know me and I got rid of them. Of course they were the only one to be nice to me in the last 4 years and I couldnt trust it. I just assume everyone's either gonna leave me, use me as a therapist, or is just manipulating me to get something they want.
Idk what to do at this point, the thought of dating pisses me off and I don't want to start approaching nice guy territory but I can feel myself becoming spiteful and I hate it.
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2023.06.10 19:40 VoidSpace913 Firing range idea proposal

I’m mainly reaching out to any devs that come across this post but I was playing halo infinite a little bit and ended up in the firing range. And I thought to myself. This would be perfect for deep rock to have! I would say it would be the style of doom eternal’s demon pit where r&d developed holographic bugs that would spawn in and you would be able to stay as long as you’d like until you “die”. There would be a scoreboard so other dwarfs in the lobby can compete a little outside of getting shitface drunk and committing slight war crimes down in the mines. Maybe throw in a couple rival drones and plague bugs if you pass the beginning stages. Idk this was kind of a shower thought and I understand it’s too close to release of season 4 for this to happen but I like to dream. Also deep rock devs! A little off topic but I just wanted to say thank you so much! You did something legendary by making a game that United my entire friend group. Even the league of legends player hopped on for a little fun and now he’s spent nearly 50 hours within 2 weeks of me introducing it to him. No other game has done this and it just warms my heart seeing us not sweat swamping in COD anymore. Thank you Developers for everything you do. I will carry deep rock forever in my heart. ROCK AND STONE BROTHERS!⛏️
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2023.06.10 19:34 Brandonando1998 ElitesCraft [Semi-Vanilla] {1.19.4} {16+} {Whitelist}

Hello everyone!
My friends and I run a server on 1.19.4. The server difficulty is set to “Hard,” but we have the gamerule “KeepInventory” enabled across all dimensions. This gives players the freedom to play the game without the stress that comes with the possibility of losing all of your items in a lava pit. Enderman, Creeper, and Ghast griefing is disabled, but villagers and piglins will still be able to pick up items off of the ground so that players can build farms or interact with mobs normally without needing to fear their builds being destroyed.
We have two plugins installed on the server. The only one that seriously affects gameplay is a classic combat plugin. This plugin reverts the combat changes that Mojang implemented back in Java version 1.9. Combat works in a similar fashion to the way that it does on Hypixel; click as quickly as you can and use W-tapping to reset your sprint and combo your opponents. The one thing that we did not revert was the right-click to block functionality that used to exist with swords; if you want to block, you’ll need to craft a shield.
The other plugin that we have installed is DiscordSRV. DiscordSRV allows for the integration of Minecraft server chat and Discord server chat, meaning that you can always interact with people on the server as long as you have Discord installed on your computer or mobile device.
We typically have a server-wide event once every month or two. Participation in the events is not required, but it is a fun way to get involved in the community and interact with others/make some new friends. The events tend to be centered around popular Minecraft minigames like Survival Games, TNT run, Parkour challenges, and more.
If you are interested in joining or have questions about the server, feel free to message me on Discord at DangBandang#3397! We hope to see you soon.
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2023.06.10 19:33 Life_Ad_9929 Candy flipping at a concert

I have pit tickets to Modest mouse and Weezer. I have both Molly and (150 ug) acid, I’ve done both several times but not together. The concert is about 3 and a half hours long. So would it be worth it to candy-flip even though it’s not as long as a festival? And would I be tripping to hard to enjoy it?
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2023.06.10 19:28 curiosityv Python code with talib in google colab

Here is the code
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import talib
def get_stocks():
"""Returns a list of stocks."""
return stocks
def get_vwma(data, window):
"""Returns the volume-weighted moving average of the given data for the given window."""
return talib.VWAP(data["Open"], data["High"], data["Low"], data["Close"], window)
def buy_stock(data, stock, price):
"""Buys 1000 shares of the given stock at the given price."""
data.loc[data["Symbol"] == stock, "Quantity"] += 1000
data.loc[data["Symbol"] == stock, "Price"] = price
def sell_stock(data, stock, price):
"""Sells 1000 shares of the given stock at the given price."""
data.loc[data["Symbol"] == stock, "Quantity"] -= 1000
data.loc[data["Symbol"] == stock, "Price"] = price
def main():
"""Runs the main program."""
# Get a list of stocks.
stocks = get_stocks()
# Get the current price and volume for each stock.
data = pd.DataFrame()
for stock in stocks:
data = data.append({"Symbol": stock, "Price": np.nan, "Volume": np.nan}, ignore_index=True)
# Get the 5-minute VWAP for each stock.
for i in range(len(data)):
data.loc[i, "VWAP"] = get_vwma(data, 5)[i]
# Loop over the data and buy or sell stocks as needed.
for i in range(len(data) - 1):
# If the close price crosses the vwma from below, buy the stock.
if data.loc[i, "Close"] < data.loc[i, "VWAP"] and data.loc[i + 1, "Close"] >= data.loc[i + 1, "VWAP"]:
buy_stock(data, data.loc[i, "Symbol"], data.loc[i, "Close"])
# If the vwma crosses the close price from below, sell the stock.
if data.loc[i, "VWAP"] < data.loc[i, "Close"] and data.loc[i + 1, "VWAP"] >= data.loc[i + 1, "Close"]:
sell_stock(data, data.loc[i, "Symbol"], data.loc[i, "Close"])
# Print the final results.
if __name__ == "__main__":
when I run this in google colab it gives following error
ModuleNotFoundError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
1 import pandas as pd
2 import numpy as np
-- 3 import talib
4 def get_stocks():
5 """Returns a list of stocks."""
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'talib'
So I tried to install talib via pip install ta-lib command in colab
but it gave following error
Looking in indexes: https://pypi.org/simple, https://us-python.pkg.dev/colab-wheels/public/simple/
Collecting ta-lib
Using cached TA-Lib-0.4.26.tar.gz (272 kB)
Installing build dependencies ... done
Getting requirements to build wheel ... done
Installing backend dependencies ... done
Preparing metadata (pyproject.toml) ... done
Requirement already satisfied: numpy in /uslocal/lib/python3.10/dist-packages (from ta-lib) (1.22.4)
Building wheels for collected packages: ta-lib
error: subprocess-exited-with-error
× Building wheel for ta-lib (pyproject.toml) did not run successfully.
│ exit code: 1
╰─> See above for output.
note: This error originates from a subprocess, and is likely not a problem with pip.
Building wheel for ta-lib (pyproject.toml) ... error
ERROR: Failed building wheel for ta-lib
Failed to build ta-lib
ERROR: Could not build wheels for ta-lib, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects
So how to install ta-lib in google colab and are there any problems you can see in the code I shared above?
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2023.06.10 19:27 Medical-Ad-2131 Denver 6/6/2023

Denver 6/6/2023
Had the MOST AMAZING TIME in the front row at Fiddler’s Green. I wanna connect with other folks who got to be in the pit, maybe exchange pics and vids.
Tbh I wanna see if anyone has a great picture of this cute goth girl sobbing after the show started 😆
…it’s me. The goth girl is me.
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2023.06.10 19:26 ExoticAcanthaceaeU I feel like I'm in Depression

Hello sub, I'm 20yrold
It all started in 2020 when covid struck the whole world . It was good at the beginning because we were having online exams and plenty of holidays. Later in months passed like this and I realized I have lost the habit of studying . I was good in studies before. I lost my concentration. Before it all began I was preparing for an enterance exam for college. And it became quite obvious that I wasn't able to get through because I didn't study much.
After, I wasn't able to get through all the overthinking began. Now,I took up a course and I'm in a college not the course I was preparing for earlier. I constanly find myself degrading myself. I am afraid of everything g coming my way for eg simple college exams .I take lot of stress for it because I want to do good then I'm not able to do anything and find myseld in a pit.its ike my self talk to me has become so destructive.
On the top of it, my mind constantly pokes me with the thought that were gonna die one day - whats all this for? I have startes fearing death, losing my close ones , I struggle being open with anyone. I have lost all my friends. I don't talk to my family. My studies it has gone miserable. I liked one guy but we have to get seprated for some reason . I dont find any fun in life now, it all seems so forced like I'm running on a path and a path I don't want to follow. I always have this feeling of emptiness no matter what I've achieved or got- it's always there.
I frequentlly think of giving up on life . It's strange but yes on one hand I ve fear of death and then on other hand I want to give up entirely. Even when it's steaming 40°C here I go days without bathing or combing my hair. Most of the time of the day I spend sleeping. in morning, I really don't feel like getting off the bed.
There's not a one aspect of my life from which happy. Then the thought that because I wasn't able to clear enterance -ima faliure it goes around my head 24 x7 idk what do I really do to overcome this feeling
I try distracting myseld but that is all shortlived and I find myself in this always. Its been 3 years I've been living like this, I really want this to get over because of tired of feeling upset,disappointed, unmotivated ll the time.
I have thought of to psychiatrist but I just dont have courage to. Please help
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2023.06.10 19:21 Aloo13 I feel like I've wasted the last 10 years of my life. How can I improve?

Hello everyone, I'm not even sure exactly what I need to work on, but I figured having some outside perspective may benefit me to some degree so here I am. I feel like I have done nothing since graduating high school 10 years ago, especially when compared to peers. This may be long and convoluted, as I chronologically recount my experiences, so bare with me. I appreciate any advice I get here!
I did finish a science degree at a local university, which I regret in retrospect due to the lack of resources and lack of pushing me out of my boundaries. I had social anxiety that affected me functionally back then and also a few bad experiences, which resulted in a bad first year gpa-wise. This really shot me down and I struggled to raise my GPA to a competitive mark for vet school, which I was initially seeking. I started with signs of depression and feeling inadequate to my peers who seemed to be doing fine that year. I also had very little guidance in terms of university. My father tried to help, but his experiences were different from mine. The academic advisors at my university were also a 'revolving door' and so were often new and unfamiliar with the university and programs. Approaching graduation, I really thought If I made it out with a degree, I'd have decent career opportunities, which didn't happen. I tried applying to multiple places, but I am in a bilingual city and am not bilingual, so all I could manage were minimum wage jobs, while many friends were bilingual and at least got into government jobs. I graduated with no student debt, but ultimately felt frustrated at being unable to obtain a career. Luckily I do have great parents who have been awesome supports and encouraged me on.
I spent a gap year working and then went back into university under a different degree, hoping to raise my grades this time to apply to medical school. I obtained a scholarship that covered part of my tuition. I did actually do well, but then the pandemic hit- this combined with multiple projects and part-time jobs I was juggling spiraled me into burn out. I also got into a new romantic relationship and although he was a great guy, he demanded more of me than I could give and I realized we wanted different things, so I broke it off. Simultaneously, I dealt with a few situations that spiraled me into deeper depression. I cried nearly every other day for 3-4 months. I lost a few friends who I had realized were not good friends and pretty self-centered. However, that also meant I only had two friends left, who were not close by. Following the burn-out, I knew there was no way I could write the MCAT and go through the admissions process, so I applied to an accelerated nursing program and was accepted. I liked that nursing provided a definite opportunity for employment, as well as travel and flexibility in a shorter period of time.
Here is where I am at now:
I am half way through the program and nursing is not what I thought. I plan to continue the program as I think not having a career at this point is contributing to my depression and I hear nursing is different in real practice. We have unions for nurses here and it is a good career nevertheless. But I do feel a sense of loss for what I want to be and really struggle with retrospections, regretting previous choices. I want more for myself, but at this point, my depression has caused me to be constantly tired and worn out. I also feel that my memory has gotten bad. I feel as if I am a burden to my parents and wish I could do more for them. They have been so good to me and have worked so hard that I wish I could treat them instead of having them look out for me. I feel a sense of shame with having no career accomplishment nor significant other and this holds me back from connecting with peers, as I assume judgement or no commonality.
I don't really have a social life anymore. The one friend whom I have been close with often compares our situation these days (as far as looking up a nurse's salary) and that really does hurt me. I don't think it comes from malicious intent, but it has kept me from reaching out to her and I'm finding myself slowly closing up from other potential friends. I struggle with romantic connection. I am not really sure why, but I am extremely cautious in romantic relations and struggle finding someone I am truly attracted too. I did start with romantic relationships later in life than many.
My 10 year HS reunion is coming up this summer and I am absolutely not going; however, this has just made me feel a pit of despair concerning my choices and current situation. At this point, I'm just a professional student and I can't believe 7 years of schooling has gone by seemingly so fast. My depression has just been spiraling the past 2-3 years and it is something I constantly fight. Therapy is unfortunately not an option, as I don't have the finances for it. I truly think that if I hadn't such kind, understanding, and supportive parents, I would have become suicidal. However, sometimes I feel I don't deserve their unconditional love because I have done nothing to be proud of. I have even avoided going to family events, as I fear comparison to my cousins, who I deem more successful than myself.
I really do want to get better and strive for better. I have worked through my social anxiety, which no longer impedes me like it did in my early 20's. However, now it is feelings of despair and inadequacy that plagues my mind and causes me to be excessively tired with anhedonia on many days.
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2023.06.10 19:19 Agreeable-King-1125 I need some advice with ESA and PIP

Hi there. I have been living with my mum for years and am on ESA and PIP, but my mum has had to sell her house in a hurry and I have nowhere to live. If I move in with my partner will I lose ESA and PIP or will I get even more help? Thank you so much. I have chronic anxiety and depression and can't cope with sorting this.
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2023.06.10 19:18 pmnBattleCityDev Pokémon Battle City Adventures has received major updates (link and details in comments)

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2023.06.10 19:16 Thiccc_Boiii_69 I think my mam has been stealing my PIP/disability money

I have adhd, ptsd, depression, agoraphobia and some other mental health problems. Unfortunately i cant work due to some health and mental heath conditions. I'm 20 so about 4 years ago now we applied for PIP, she had told me its extreamly hard to get on and that I might not get it. I did the tests and after a while my mam tells me that it got rejected, and she got a letter, ive never been allowed to see that letter.
Fast forward to a few months ago I got approved for benefits, on one of the calls to the benefits office they asked is I was claiming anything else other than benefits. I sad no but they told me that PIP was being payed out to an account and the amount of money was going to increase because I've been on it a long time. Due to me being 16 when I applied for PIP my mam is an appointee so I cant call up the won't talk to me. Now the problem is got it my mam denied any involvement with taking the money and claims to have no idea where the money was going.
The other week she called me and told me that it was her that was getting the money and she didn't know and that she's sorry she didn't realise that the money was going into her account. Now this isn't some insignificant amount that you wouldn't knowtice going in. Its £400 a month. I just I dont know what to do or who to talk to. My nana has told me that there's no way she couldn't have knowticed that amount of money going into her account. We aren't rich we've been lower class all my life so it's not like it's getting drowned out in other payments. But that's almost £20,000.
For context of my mams character she got a new boyfriend, who is alot more well off when us, and decided that during the pandemic she would go take my sister to his house to live for about 5 or 6 months leaving me on my own with no money no food and hardly any contact with her. She would occasionally send me money for food. But I didnt know if or when I would get it. Also after the 5 months she would come visit for a few days to a week before leaving again for a month or 2.
I just dont know what to do or how to process this. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
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2023.06.10 19:06 Sandwich_Crust First time seeing marked clearance cards at Walmart in 4 years

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2023.06.10 19:04 TimelyMushroom5369 [FS][USA] B3AMS J4PAN PENGUIN CARDIGAN / TSHIRTS: AD3R x K1TSUNE, AM1 PAR1S

group pic w/ timestamp
more detailed photos
paypal invoice only. buyer covers paypal fees. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. no returns/exchanges. i am not responsible for the item after providing tracking. i am not picky about flaws so i can't speak on them but feel free to request more pics. i ignore/block lowballers.
ITEMS (shipping not included)
  1. b3ams j4pan penguin cardigan L: $33. length: ~74cm, pit to pit: ~59cm
    1. ~23W x ~29L. only tried on! not a knit cardigan. nice basic. has pockets. tag on the bottom says b3ams surf & skate
  2. ad3r 3rror x k1tsune 2020 tshirt A3: $30. length: ~75cm, pit to pit: ~58cm L to XL is my guess but please check measurements
    1. ~23W x ~29.5L. only tried on, tag still on! cool design
  3. am1 par1s red heart tshirt XL (1x beige, 1x blue): $33 each. length: ~72cm, pit to pit: ~58cm
    1. ~23W x ~28.5L. only tried on, tags still on! clean and simple design, sleeves are a bit long
  4. am1 par1s cream patch heart tshirt (no size on tag): $33. length: ~72cm, pit to pit: ~59cm
    1. ~23W x ~28.5L. only tried on! clean and simple design, sleeves are a bit long
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2023.06.10 19:03 JamariusQuangle My Ideas for Fallout 5

Fallout 5 will take place in the Dixie Wasteland, in the ruins of Charleston, South Carolina in 2322. It will be the first fallout to take place in the South. The only nuke to hit the region was a defective US nuke that detonated as soon as it was launched.
Character Building:
You start with 35 special points, making it so you have a more specialized build or a jack of all trades. The old skill system makes a return, with you choosing a perk every 3 level ups. Skill checks are frequent, and can vary from Special stats to perks. You get to choose a special perk when you start the story, like Small Frame or Kamikaze. Karma has three tiers: Evil, Neutral, and Good.
Mutations and Radiation: Mutations will occur like in 76, but you can become a super mutant if you dip yourself in a vat of FEV. Your strength and endurance will increase dramatically, but many factions and cities won’t let you in without a huge hassle. Radiation makes you mutate more, but if your mutation level is too high you will turn into a mindless Behemoth. Too much radiation will turn you into a ghoul, which makes you immune to radiation and raises your endurance. If you get too many rads while ghoulified, you become feral.
Weapons & V.A.T.S:
Makeshift weapons are far more prevalent in this game, but they are more diverse and realistic than those in Fallout 4. Normal weapons are more powerful and rarer, selling for more at stores. More real guns will be added alongside the retro-futuristic fallout guns, including the 9 round and 1 shotgun shell LeMat revolver. Weapon customization exists alongside a wider variety than of weapons. Dual wielding makes its first entry to the series, allowing for dual wielding of small melee weapons, pistols, and smgs.
Higher Agility levels makes dual wielding more accurate. V.A.T.S will return to freezing the game instead of the slowed down time in Fallout 4
There will be 3 buildable settlement locations that you discover on your own, and 5 customizable player home locations.
World: The Dixie Wasteland is a mix of civilized and Wild. The Western section of the map is the most dangerous, full of raiders and animals, despite that the town of Magnolia is in the west. The Northeast is the city of Charleston, the city of Civitas Ferro is set up within eastern Charleston. The South of the map is controlled by the Brotherhood of Steel as well. The middle of the map is a bunch of small towns mixed with the wildness of the west. The eastern side of the map is swamps, and the west is forested hills. A large lifeless crater exists in the in the middle of the map, simply known as the Hole.
Enemies: Some animals return, such as bloodbugs, deathclaws, ferals, bloatflies, and Yao Guais, Mirelurks, and Gatorclaws. New animals include Raddlesnakes, Giraffe Dogs (coyotes with long necks), Snappers (huge turtles), and Prowlers (mutated bobcats). Raiders are in named groups again, with three main bands terrorizing Dixie. The tribe known as the Confederates who enslave and sell rather than pillage, the Beastmasters who tame mutated animals and attack with them, and the Vaulties who were former vault dwellers. Generic raiders can also be found. Super Mutant bands have moved south from the Capital Wasteland, and continue their sackings in Dixie. Enemy robots are occasionally found, especially from the RobCo factory in the city. The last kind of enemy is the main factions if you piss them off, as they send death squads out to gank you if you have a bad reputation.
Dixie history: The Carolinians united the eastern coast and Charleston together as a large scale civilization in 2190, but by the year 2291, the Brotherhood of Steel invaded. They pillaged, plundered, and took control of the east coast and the capital of the Carolinians. Their despotic rule has causes several factions in the wasteland grow rebellious, and tensions are reaching a high in 2322.
Themes: The game has a southern theme, with the radios playing country and bluegrass music. Characters have southern accents, as do the robots.
Radio Stations:
Magnolia Radio - Swing and Jazz hosted by a charismatic ghoul named Darren Dixie. Darren will comment on the events that occur throughout the wasteland.
Hoedown Capital - A country and bluegrass station hosted by Mr. Hillbilly, a DJ Mr.
Handy. He still believes the year is 2077, and only tells news relating to events that happened leading up to the Great War.
Brotherhood Military Channel - Updates troops about tech locations and orders patrols around.
There are plenty of side quests and random events, including side quests for each faction.
There are 5 factions in Fallout 5, and you have to side with one of them to complete the story. The Tribal ending is the wild card ending. The reputation system makes a return, with the New Vegas pictures.
Brotherhood of Steel: The Brotherhood of Steel has turned into nothing short of a jingoistic military dictatorship, developed by Elder William Garrick. The Brotherhood abandoned Maxson in the commonwealth, as Garrick lead a silent coup in the Capital wasteland. The Brotherhood has grown colossally in size, and now spans the East Coast unchecked in power. Not only do they seize military technology now, they also seize stuff like pre-war small arms, Auto-docs, pip-boys, robots, terminals etc. They’ve ruled over Atlanta for the past 2 years with an iron fist, forcing settlers into giving up their crops and crippling the wasteland and infrastructure of the Dixie Wasteland. They control a large city inside Atlanta called Civitas Ferro, with their headquarters in the center. Despite your hatred for them initially, you can join them and defeat all the rebels.
Carolinian Revolutionary Army- The Carolinians are the remnants of the former largest nation in the Dixie Wasteland called the Free Federation of Charleston. It was a democratic civilization based on the old state of South Carolina, with elections and rights for any human or quasi-human. Although it was weak and corrupt, it was better than the alternatives. When the Brotherhood rolled in, the Carolinians resisted their raids, so the Brotherhood overthrew them in a scorched Earth campaign. The Carolinians are the remnants of their military, dedicated to rebelling against the Brotherhood’s tyranny, and have the endgame goal of bringing Democracy back to Dixie. They grow steadily by the day, but they suffer from bureaucratic issues and corruption. You can join the Carolinians as an agent, and you help them lead a rebellion against the Brotherhood.
Greylock’s Hand: Greylock’s Hand are a band of violent raiders and mercenaries, who likewise want the Brotherhood of Steel gone, but instead desire an anarchic survival of the fittest wasteland. They are lead by a profane, wild ghoul named Greylock. They are basically terrorists, but their raids and ambushes against the Brotherhood are effective. They reside in a secret underground missile launch site, completed two days before the war. Even the Brotherhood knows nothing about it aside from rumors. The missiles, however, are not finished. You can join Greylocks Hand after getting kidnapped by them, and after you help them build part of the missiles.
Magnolia: The last joinable faction is Magnolia, a large settlement in and around the former plantation home. The city is ruled by a group of Mister Handys who escaped from a crashed truck driving to Charleston the day of the Great War. They saw the magnolia plantation and went their to clean, doing so and repairing it for 150 years, eventually realizing what was happening in the world around them.Their newfound “sentience” allowed them to create a settlement, inviting wastelanders and tribals to live and trade under their protection. Their elected leader is a specialized Mr Handy that has economic programming. The robots have defended themselves from several Brotherhood attacks, and after some convincing they allow you to become an honorary robot and join their faction.
Tribal: Instead of choosing any of the four main factions, you can instead unite the smaller settlements, tribes, and factions into New Dixie. You are assisted by an intelligent Supermutant from the Capital Wasteland named Spider, acting as your loyal second in command.
Minor factions:
The Network: A secret underground trading organization that sells and trades equipment that would normally be confiscated by the BoS. You can rat them out to the BoS, or you can join them.
Wasteland Marshalls: A paramilitary organization that patrols highways and hunts raiders, based on the US Marshals of the past. You can join them or convince them to join the brotherhood.
Catawbas: The descendants of the old native tribe from South Carolina, they specialize in the creation of makeshift weaponry to sell to wastelanders. You can convince them to join the rebellion, or you can convince them to join the Brotherhood.
Abolitionists: A militia of borderline terroristic anti-slavers, based on the conquests of the radical abolitionist John Brown. You can join them or eliminate them.
South Carolina: 2322. War, war never changes.
The main character is a tribal living southeast of Charleston. The tribe has to pay a toll to local raiders, and it’s left their tribe starving. In the first part of the game, the Tribal, their sibling and their friend are searching for food for their tribe, when they stumble across an old sunken West-Tek storage depot. In it is a prototype suit of power armor called the AX-01, which is a large tank-suit with back missiles and two hand laser rifles, built for ease of use. You learn how to pilot it from a terminal, and you take it back to the tribe; the raiders and their leader are there demanding their payment. You kill the raiders with the power armor, and the tribe is free from their subjugation. Weeks later, 4 Brotherhood of Steel paladins arrive at the village. After the tribals refuse to give up their power armor, the BoS execute everyone in the village and burn it to the ground (including your sibling), seizing the suit and flying away on a vertibird. Only the Tribal remains.
Act 1: The Tribal picks up a broken pip-boy as soon as they leave the town, and they hunt down the paladins North to Charleston, you kill all 4 of them while adventuring across the map. By the end of the first act, the Brotherhood declares you an enemy of the Brotherhood.
Act 2: Due to the deaths of several Paladins and the constant rebellion from the region, a Brotherhood blimp appears. The brotherhood frequency states that if the Tribal visits the ship, they will be absolved of their crimes. The Tribal is also invited to secret meeting of between Carolinians and robots from Magnolia. You also get kidnapped by the Greylocks 2 days after this meeting. From there you can choose between the rebels or the Brotherhood, and do their specific quest lines. For the Greylocks, you have to find parts to build their rockets. Whereas for the other groups you have to find a way into their base.
Act 3: All questlines end in the ultimate battle and raid on the Greylock base. If you side with the Greylocks you repel the attackers. The end of the story is where you fire the missile array at the Brotherhood’s home base and their airship, chasing them out of Dixie. If you side with the Brotherhood you secure the missile array and fire the rockets at the fleeing rebels, crushing their numbers.
Each ending depends on your karma and what side you chose, potentially turning a “good” faction evil or an “evil” faction good.
Your actions have consequences throughout the story, and no character is essential except for potential companions.
The Tribal:
The tribal is the name of the 28 year old protagonist, and you can choose between you or your friend to be your character. One is male, the other is female. The protagonist is silent, but the character you don’t choose has voiced dialogue. Their default names are Sammy and Cora, but you can change them. Speech is back to the chart with full responses. Their personality is determined by the player, allowing for better roleplaying opportunities.
There are 10 companions, 3 non human and 7 human. The affinity system returns, and each companion has a personal quest. They also have comments for the main quest and other miscellaneous events. Companions have specific likes and dislikes, and have different karmas. You can recruit companions outside of your karma if you pass a speech check. Any positive affinity progression while not in their karma has a 1.25 multiplier. Companions are romanceable regardless of gender.
The Tribals Friend (Sammy/Cora):
The friend you don’t choose is available to become your companion. They know your name, and revert to their original appearance and name once you choose your character. Cora is originally white with blonde hair and blue eyes, and Sammy is originally a latino with curly black hair. have good karma, and hates the BoS, but are okay with the other factions. They are 28 years old, the same age as the tribal. They wear a tribal cloak and uses a makeshift bolt action rifle. They are Romanceable.
Benjamina Pavlova - A hired gun and part time technician working for the Network, you can recruit her whenever you hire her at the Network. She has good karma, and hates the BoS and the Carolinians, but likes Greylocks hand and the Magnolia Robots (hired guns were illegal in the FFC). She is white, and has curly black hair and green eyes. She is 29 years old. She wears a confederate cavalry hat and her combat armor with road leathers, she uses a .44 trail carbine. She is romanceable.
Captain Baker Springfield - A soldier for the Carolinian Revolutionary Army, you can recruit him if you save his platoon from a super mutant attack. He has good karma, and hates the BoS and Greylock’s hand, but loves the Carolinians. He is 32 years old. He is white, has brown hair and stubble, and wears a Carolinian soldier outfit; he uses a .308 Combat rifle.
Dina Qian A vault dweller from Vault 52, you have to free the vault from a band of raiders who have cracked into the vault to recruit her. Dina is asian and has black hair in a ponytail. She has neutral karma, and hates all raider groups, including Greylock’s Hand, she is indifferent to the other groups. Dina is 25 years old. She uses two 10mm pistols and wears an armored vault suit. She is Romanceable.
Louie - Louie is a ranch hand at a farm outside of the Hole, you can recruit him if you get his family’s brahmin back from the Beastmasters. He has neutral karma, and hates Greylock’s hand, but likes The BoS due to their law bringing policies. He is 36 years Louie is white, and has a buzzcut with a mustache. He wears a ranch hand outfit and a stetson hat with leather armor, he uses a makeshift pump action shotgun.
General Ulysses Grant: A securitron made specially for the RobCo factory owner, a civil war buff. You have to repair him after clearing the RobCo factory to recruit him. His karma is dependent on how you program him, and he hates the brotherhood but loves the magnolia robots. He is a deep blue and gold securitron with General grant on the tv screen. He is a pre-war robot. He uses the 9mm smg, laser rifle, and rockets depending on what you tell him to use. He is not romanceable.
Uriah Lincoln - A respected raider within Greylock’s hand, you can recruit him whenever you join Greylock’s hand. He has evil karma, loves Greylock’s hand, and hates the Brotherhood and the Carolinians. You can change his karma in his personal quest. Uriah is 23 years old. He is black and is bald, with a bandana covering on of his eyes. He wears Greylock makeshift power armor and carries a plasma rifle. He is romanceable
Senior Scribe Weatherby - A former scribe turned ghoul by radiation, you can recruit her from the BoS after she is kicked out. She has evil karma, hates the BoS and the other factions. After her personal quest she can either rejoin the brotherhood or be open to other factions. She is 39 years old. She is a ghoul and has wears red hair wig. She wears a scribe outfit and uses a laser rifle. She is romanceable.
Belle - A Mrs Nanny built by the robots at Magnolia, you can recruit her after joining the Magnolia robots. She has neutral karma, and likes Greylock’s Hand and the Magnetic robots. Belle is 60 years old. She wears a straw hat with a flower on it, and has a light purple chassis; she uses a minigun and a sawblade. She is not romanceable.
Hambone - A golden retriever with one blue eye and one brown eye. He doesn’t care about what you do, he’s a good boy. You can have him alongside any other companion.
This is what I’ve got, feel free to add anything.
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2023.06.10 18:55 XrayCosmo Age Limit

So many people are talking about the roughness of the crowd on Fri, but the true problem is the age limit. I’m looking to my side and there’s a literal 10 year old in the metro pit. You talk about the dangerous crowd but it’s not even bad the problem is little kids being where they’re not supposed to be. And that’s on the parents not the people old enough to be in the crowd 🤷🏻‍♂️
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2023.06.10 18:51 TimminsMike Good day yesterday to just get out and walk.

Got out and had 1000 active calories on Apple Watch yesterday. The day after 2 spin classes. We have such a short summer it’s nice to get out. Went to the lookout that overlooks an open pit mine right smack dab in the middle of our city lol.
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2023.06.10 18:47 Forward_Drawing_2674 Surrounded by smoke this morning…

Surrounded by smoke this morning…
Have a butt on the MAK and a turkey boob on the PBC. Could’ve easily knocked them out on one smoker… but the more smoke in the hood the better 😎
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2023.06.10 18:42 ciboif2004 Question to VA staff about Deferred Claims

Had some claims deferred recently, and wondering what to make out of it?
I'm a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Non-VA kidney specialist believes kidney disease developed from taking Ibuprofen over the years for serviced connected neck and back injuries, so I submitted it as a secondary to my spine injuries. I also spent a lot of time out on the streets in Iraq with heavy exposure to burn pits, fuel, etc.
Compensation for chronic kidney disease
The issue of compensation for chronic kidney disease is deferred for the following information:
PACT Act development needed.
I know that Kidney Cancer is on the list of PACT act diseases, but would kidney disease be covered if it is non-cancer related?

Compensation for fibromyalgia.
The issue of compensation for fibromyalgia is deferred for the following information: Gulf war
medical opinion is needed.

A VA Rheumotogist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and did the exams for it, plus the C&P examiner did as well, so why does it need a further opinion if the VA diagnosed it and it is considered presumptive for those who served in Iraq?
Compensation for irritable bowel syndrome.
The issue of compensation for irritable bowel syndrome is deferred for the following
information: Gulf War medical opinion needed.
A VA gastroenterologist diagnosed me with IBS and did the exams for it, also had a colonoscopy done that confirmed it was IBS. So why is a further opinion needed if the VA diagnosed it and it is considered presumptive for those who served in Iraq?
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2023.06.10 18:38 Illustrious_Car2992 Zeus vs Hades... Probably the worst Gagmatic game yet

This slot is a giant money pit. Like everyone be bitching that Sweet Bonanza is bad, no. Go play Zeus vs Hades.
I've spent $80 (bear with me) on 0.30¢/spin (so like ~267 spins) on 2 different days and I can count one hand, yes one hand how many of those spins I broke even on and/or saw a slight return.
"BuT iTs (ha tits) AlL aLgOrThM"
The algorithm is shit and what's worse are the payouts. 5x Q/K/A pays out your bet. Yes that's right. For a 15 line slot 5x Q/K/A pays you back your bet. I think the cups (chalice) pays you 3x your bet.
Oh, and don't be misled by typical Pragmatic bullshit. Playing Hades mode may be "higher volatility" but it has a higher theoretical RTP. Go figure.
I have no clue if the bonus is the saving factor for this game or not. Frankly, I'd rather take the money and go physically burn it over buying the bonus for this shitty slot.
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