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2023.06.09 17:26 alwystred Lied to about age of roof

Need advice or someone to tell me if I am overreacting. I’m not a first-time homebuyer, actually second-time, but we are currently under contract on a house. It was built in 2002, beautiful brick, everything we need for our expanding family (I’m having a baby in 2 days).
We went and looked at it the day it hit the market. It was listed at $349,000 (we live in Alabama so this is mid-upper price range for our area). We inquired about the age of the HVAC, water heater, and roof. All were claimed to have been fairly recent, with the roof being about 10 years old. Perfect. We offered $355,000 on the spot, asked them to accept and not have any more showings. They accepted.
We have the home inspection, it goes well. I contact my insurance company to get a coverage quote for my lender. He asks the age of the roof and proof that it is 10 years old. I contact my realtor for proof from the sellers of the roof’s age. They respond saying they don’t actually know how old the roof is. Turns out it is the original roof from 2002. I feel like I got duped. Now my insurance company will not cover full replacement value on the roof and the few companies that say they will cover it have very high premiums. I had a roofing contractor (I asked for an inspector but got a roofer instead) come out and look at it. He says it seems in good condition for now but considering the age will most likely need to be replaced within 5-10 years.
I would not have offered over asking on a house that is already in the higher price point for our area if I had known it has a 21 year old uninsurable roof. We are already $5,000 in earnest money, $500 in inspection, and $600 in appraisal costs into this house.
Am I wrong to think I should be compensated at closing for part of the cost of either replacing the roof for proper insurance coverage or for taking on higher insurance premiums based on the age of the roof?
TL;DR: sellers told us roof was 10 years old, turns out it is 21 years old. I want to be compensated for being lied to and having to take on the unexpected expense.
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2023.06.09 17:18 GoldenYoba Help — how can I clean up and prep my tank for a betta?

I have a 9ish-10ish gallon shrimp tank. No idea how many shrimp (there are A LOT now) but I started with 10-20. Also 5-6 nerite snails. I’ll try to get some shots of my tank after the water settles (just did a small change so it’s cloudy).
I’ve been lax on the care of it for a bit now because of mental stuff, and I don’t regularly test the params. I usually feed once a week and then do small water changes (1-2gal) weekly. I feel like a terrible tank owner lol I’m sorry
But it all seems okay? I never see any dead guys and they keep pumping out babies. And I don’t really know if I’m feeding them too much or too little.
There’s a ton of mulm (I think that’s what it is?) everywhere though, and it stops up the filter a lot. They ate a lot of the plants I had, and also the other log I had in the tank.
And I think I might have too many shrimp, but I can’t cull them - I just don’t have it in me. I have some hydra but they come and go in waves it seems like; I think that might help with the population control though?
I was hoping to get a betta but I don’t know if the tank is ready. I’m also scared of the betta eating my shrimps.
Please help lol I just want clear water and less mulm. Should I add more plants, driftwood, etc? Again please any advice would be appreciated

Tank stats from yesterday (before water change today):
Gh: 14-15 drops — 250.6ppm ? I think this is how you do the math lol
Kh: 8-9 drops — 143.2ppm ?
PH: 8.2
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 20
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2023.06.09 17:16 somecoolusername2021 Please help my goldfish

Please help my goldfish
I know what I have done wrong, is there any way to fix him or have I missed diagnosed?
Long story short, did too large of a water change, cleaned filter and rocks plus I think he's suffering from dropsy or an internal parasite.
This is Gary or Gaz as he's affectionately known. Last night I noticed his very swollen belly and swimming unusually. Google researched and decided on an epsom salt bath using 1 gallon (which is 3.7 litres) of water and a teaspoon of Epson salt. I accidentally overdosed the first batch of tank water, so without thinking grabbed another gallon of water (so now 7.4 litres are gone).
Gaz lives his days in a 20 litre or 5.2 gallon tank... this is now where the issue is on top of my already sick fish. I have now taken 30% of his water out. I filled the bucket added water conditioner and pathogenic bacteria and green water, stirred and added it back into the tank. I then notice his filter is a little dirty, so I changed the carbon filter and sponge.
After Gaz's bath, I put him back into his tank via a glass to adjust to the new water temp. As soon as he's in the tank, he's clearly stressed, almost jumps out of the tank, crashing into the walls. It was a lot to watch, can only imagine his experience.
I've since learnt not to change the water, wash the rocks and clean the filter in one go and to make sure the water temp is the same, especially if he's already sick. Thought he'd enjoy a clean tank....
He's now in the top 15% of the tank. Not really gasping at the surface but won't swim down, he had a long, very stringy poop hanging today which when I touched was slimy. He has a red tinge to him and still swimming erratically. I haven't tried to feed him as I was fasting him for 3 days.
Also going to buy testing kits and a thermometer tomorrow 🙃
I'm really worried this is it....
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2023.06.09 17:14 Sayomi_Koneko Over heating

Congenital heart disease
Congenital malformation of aortic and mitral valve
Ostium premium defect
Atrial flutter
Atrioventricular block (2nd degree)
Bicuspid aortic valve
Mitral valve replacement
Pacemaker (2nd battery, azure)
Epilepsy (left temporal lobe)
25mg atenelol x2 daily
300mg ER lamotrigine x2 daily
2mg folic acid once daily
81 mg Baby aspirin once daily
6mg warfarin daily but changes after INRs
Medical Marijuana
I am also missing both fallopian tubes and one ovary (1 tube and ovary blew up and were removed beginning 2020 and remaining tube removed in the beginning of 2022) my seizures started a month after the emergency surgery but I had auras since I was a teen..
I over heat a ridiculous amount. Even before the removal of my organs and seizures but it's definitely gotten worse since then. Sometimes it's a flash, sometimes it's a semi quick buildup.
A perfect example is this past winter. It was my first real winter since I was 11 as I lived in Arizona from 11 to 28. I admit, some of these days I was just running around playing in snow but that's not always the case. I would over heat in the snow and I had to start wearing less layers under my winter jacket to help cool off easier. I would occasionally open my jacket to cool myself off or just keep it open until I stopped feeling my sweat. When we'd get home from a walk, I'd have to start stripping my jackets on the way to the building door and I would still immediately start to over heat the second I walked in the door.
I can just be relaxing and start to get hot as fuck for no reason. I'm starting to end with cold water in the shower to help prevent myself from overheating as fast once I'm out but even then i occasionally still start sweating after I've dried off. I don't wear shirts at home because I sweat and just make them wet. If my clothes haven't been touched by sweat but i feel myself start, i rest my arms above me on the top of thw couch to dry. All of my sweating is at my armpits. Like 75% of the time I'm sweating and I fucking hate it. I have a cooling towel at home and work now since my work got them in.
What else can I do to help prevent it?? It's extremely uncomfortable living like this constantly. I brought it up to my PCP when I was going through atenelol withdrawals as i was heating up for a few days and was having a really bad day just before i came in. I had 5 seizures that bad day. Absolute max for me is 2. He didn't really say shit about me wanting to stop over heating and just took some blood but I never got called back so I assume the tests are fine.
I have an appointment with my gyno next month. Would they be able to help better than my PCP or should I revisit my PCP?
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2023.06.09 17:07 GoldenYoba Help - how can I clean up my tank and prep for betta??

I have a 9ish-10ish gallon shrimp tank. No idea how many shrimp (there are A LOT now) but I started with 10-20. Also 5-6 nerite snails. I’ll try to get some shots of my tank after the water settles (just did a small change so it’s cloudy).
I’ve been lax on the care of it for a bit now because of mental stuff, and I don’t regularly test the params. I usually feed once a week and then do small water changes (1-2gal) weekly. I feel like a terrible tank owner lol I’m sorry
But it all seems okay? I never see any dead guys and they keep pumping out babies. And I don’t really know if I’m feeding them too much or too little.
There’s a ton of mulm (I think that’s what it is?) everywhere though, and it stops up the filter a lot. They ate a lot of the plants I had, and also the other log I had in the tank.
And I think I might have too many shrimp, but I can’t cull them - I just don’t have it in me. I have some hydra but they come and go in waves it seems like; I think that might help with the population control though?
I was hoping to get a betta but I don’t know if the tank is ready. I’m also scared of the betta eating my shrimps.
Please help lol I just want clear water and less mulm. Should I add more plants, driftwood, etc? Again please any advice would be appreciated

Tank stats from yesterday (before water change today):
Gh: 14-15 drops — 250.6ppm ? I think this is how you do the math lol
Kh: 8-9 drops — 143.2ppm ?
PH: 8.2
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 20
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2023.06.09 17:00 Initial-Sea2398 Closed on Monday--here's an account of our FTHB journey

Hi all! Sharing our FTHB journey here in case it's helpful to anyone!
We began looking for houses in late 2022, with a plan to move in the summer of 2023. We lived in a different state than we purchased (purchased in NC, and lived across the country), which was an additional challenge. We took about 2 months to follow houses in the areas that we wanted to live in and tried to take notes of what we did and didn't like, how long houses were staying on the market, and the original asking price vs the final selling price. We also got in contact with a few realtors and ended up really liking one. We were upfront about our situation (buying from out-of-state, our price limit, etc.) and she was fantastic.
After the new year, we started getting more serious about our house hunt. In February we saw 6 homes (some in-person, some via FaceTime), but didn't love any of them (for various reasons). At one of the homes, the listing agent was present and told our realtor that he had a house coming on the market soon that we'd be welcome to see. Since it was in a great location, we agreed and got a virtual tour. There was still quite a bit of work to be done (floors needed to be finished, appliances needed to be put back, etc.). We told our agent that we loved the area where the home was and would like to see it as soon as it was finished (or very nearly finished). The listing agent told our relator to give him about 3-4 weeks and we booked plane tickets so that we could see it for ourselves. It was a really cute house, with an awesome location, and he agreed to let it go for 6k under his initial asking price if we wanted to purchase it before it hit the market. We agreed, everyone signed the papers, and we were on our merry way--or so we thought.
The appraisal came back well (and the survey didn't reveal anything weird about the property lines), but the inspection was absolutely horrible. Foundation issues. Issues with the roof structuring. Random water leaks. Improper insulation (not nearly enough). Electrical issues. The list goes on and on. Our agent didn't tell us what to do or push us in any direction, but we told her that we wanted to back out and she was happy to take that on. The seller pushed back a little and said that he'd be willing to "have his people look at it" and also knock 9k off the price, but that was it. We walked. They still haven't listed this house for sale--not sure if they're actually trying to fix the problems, or just trying to sell it off-market to someone who will take their word for it.
Walking away certainly stung, so we took about a week off from house hunting to think about what we wanted to do next. During this time, a few houses came on the market that we liked, so we ended up viewing 5 houses in <48 hours (remotely). Of those 5, we loved 2 and ranked them. The #1 house had been on the market for 5 months (overpriced) so we asked our agent to verbally offer 50k under asking (we also waived their advertised concessions, promised to close within 4 weeks, and already had our pre-approval go through full underwriting to give the sellers confidence). The sellers said that they couldn't come down that much, but they counteroffered in the middle. We thanked them for their time but said that we couldn't go above our offer. At this point, we spoke to our realtor about an offer on our #2 house (had been on the market for ~3 months; they listed it well before they were able to move out, which I think wasn't reasonable for many buyers). As we were deciding on a number, the #1 house came back and said that the house had been on the market for long enough and that they'd accept our initial offer! We were completely stunned. Our realtor drew up the paperwork right away (this was already getting into the late evening). We couldn't believe our luck! Lo and behold, the next morning, the selling agent reached out to our realtor saying that the sellers slept on the offer and no longer wanted to accept it. Onto the next! (By the way, this house is STILL on the market!).
We then moved on to our #2 house and offered ~20k below asking (since it had been sitting on the market); we went back and forth with the sellers a little and finally landed on a price in the middle. Everyone signed the paperwork (yay!) and we agreed to a late closing to accommodate them. We got a clear title, survey that matched what they advertised, and an appraisal $1,000 above our offer. The inspection came back with mostly minor issues, but the inspector emphasized that the roof needed to be replaced. Our agent was able to get two roofers to the home (one that she suggested and one that we chose) and they both came back saying that they strongly felt the roof needed to be replaced and each bid ~10k. We went back to the sellers asking for 10k in concessions and apparently, they were rather furious and insisted that the house didn't need a new roof (even though they weren't sure when the roof was last replaced). All I know is that our agent was on the case and after 3 days of negotiations, we were able to get 8k in concessions. We closed on the house ~2 weeks later. Our agent was 10/10 during the whole process, which made a huge difference for us.
I truly did not appreciate how exhausting house hunting can be. It's a process full of highs and lows and is honestly kind of a part-time job while you're in the thick of things. I'm glad that everything worked out for us in the end, but the process itself is...intense!
I wish everyone a very happy and successful FTHB journey!
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2023.06.09 16:55 SensitiveBig5437 how long is it going to take for my guy to spark back up? (Details below)

how long is it going to take for my guy to spark back up? (Details below)
Marvin has been with me for about a month now. I got him from a friend who kept him in the cup for weeks, then moved him to a .5 gallon tank. He was suffering, not eating, had no stimulation so I offered to take him. He currently lives in this 9gal fluval tank by himself until I can assure my tank is fully cycled and ready for some tank mates.
I’m concerned he isn’t going to become bright and happy again? I’ve noticed quite a difference in his tails end, it’s growing out more (the white part) but other than that same old.
He eats with me now, but not nearly enough. He typically eats a pellet (sometimes two) a night so I throw in some treats and he eats those. I’ve tried 3 different types of food with him and he really just doesn’t like anything I feed him. I believe she fed him pelletes. I even tried flakes, nothing.
any suggestions on how to make his life more comfortable and happy? I just got him the new decor piece in the middle, he has a cave, a floating log, plants (that need to grow in) and aqua soil. My perimeters have been in tact as I’ve been doing consistent water changes waiting for the cycle.
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2023.06.09 16:48 August-Night Should I full send

Should I full send
Got Ainz on my 20th pull. Should I full send for Shalt, Albedo, or Narberel?
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2023.06.09 16:45 OrganicPizzaRolls Please Help! My betta isn’t looking too good

Please Help! My betta isn’t looking too good
Hi everyone! So I’ve been taking care of my daughters betta fish for about a year now since we bought him from Petsmart.
All has been well until recently where the fish is not looking good. He is swimming sideways and remains in the same corner all the time. This has started about 1.5 weeks ago. Idk if the beta has dropsy or something else but I am running out of google searches. I love this lil fish 😩
• ⁠Tank size: 5 GALLON
• ⁠Heater and filter? (yes/no): Filter yes, took out the heater at the beginning of summer
• ⁠Tank temperature: 75 F
• ⁠Parameters in numbers and how you got them: SEE PICTURES
• ⁠How long have you had the tank? How long have you had your fish?: 1 YEAR
• ⁠How often are water changes? How much do you take out per change? What is your process?: ONCE PER WEEK. About 25 - 40 %.
  1. I typically use skin water and then add Prime to condition it.
  2. Empty out 25 - 40% of the tank water
  3. Scrape out any algae on the sides
  4. Sometimes clean the decorations which is just a SpongeBob pineapple looking thing and some plastic mushroom floating items
  5. Add the new water
  6. Add a bit of stability
• ⁠Any tankmates? If so, please list with how many of each: NONE
• ⁠What do you feed and how much: Tetra Betta flakes
• ⁠Decorations and plants in the tank: Yes two items listed above
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2023.06.09 16:43 Whowutwhen Got Divorced so I ate some mushrooms. Trip Report.

Context and days prior. 41 year old, many years of experience with psychedelics. Married at 19, have been in divorce for the last 6 months, Finalized on trip day. Months of journaling, meditation and personal work lead up to this trip. The 10 days prior consisted of a minimum of 30 minutes of intention journaling daily, focusing on shedding the old, forgiveness of self and others, acceptance of self and situation, love of self and all, focusing on my strengths and rebirth into a new self. Day before, house cleaning, pretty easy. I just moved in. I held close my intentions from the journaling as I made a ritual of the cleaning.
12.20 Ingest - 3.55 Golden Teacher - 1.5 APE Blob, powderized, mixed in OJ for 20 min. 12.20-12.35 Read the intention journals. By the 7th one, eyes became hard to focus, words start to become hard to understand. 12.35-1 Lied in bed with no sound and eyes covered. 4 distinct visions occurred but I only recall 3. 1. I was in an amusement park ride line, and a special “more fun” line opened up, despite me wanting to, I could not figure out how to walk over to that line, I didn't know how to. 2. I was an amusement park game and kids were running up to me and playing the game to be showered with love and joy. 3. I was waiting for a bus, a party bus pulled up full of all the things an older version of myself would have loved to do, I again was left unsure how to take that path and was frustrated by it. 1-1.40. At this point a large current of energy had begun running through the body, I took a shower. This was a thoughtless lightshow. The faucet handle took the visage of an Aztec priestess, crying neon green tears. Various symbols and patterns danced across the walls and curtain which had taken an ethereal, ghostly appearance. At some point the shower curtain had collected water and slipped outside the tub making a bit of a mess. Tossed a towel on it and tried to continue showering but was too distracted by the mess. Hopped out and cleaned up. At this point the energy in the body felt like lightning. Uncontainable, I gave my sister a call, chatted about the birds and her new crocs for a few minutes, then I had to burn off energy. 1.40-2.20 Bike Ride - Decided to ride my bike down to the lake. The ride to the lake was easeful and exciting, arriving at the lake a sense that I should not have taken this bike ride came over me. It wasn't ominous, just a sense that this ride might not have been a responsible decision. I decided to return home. Riding home some mild panic set in and the notion of being hit by a car and the news reports that would follow, “hippy on mushrooms killed by car”. Allowing this to pass while riding a less busy path home. Thoughts of people I know and what they may be thinking of me at this time come in. I wonder if they think I am ok, if I am depressed, if I am going to do something rash today. I laugh at the thought as I arrive home. 2.30-4ish. Unitive Experience. Exhausted from the ride I return to lying down. This was the most impactful period of the experience, but words largely fail me. All perception of the outside world melted away. There was only this one space filled with it all, not separate from it, not a rider in it, I was it. A lawful order flowing endlessly, landing here, now in this perfect moment. Feeling this sense of order, my place here became very clear to me. If it is all flowing orderly, then there is no place else to be than right here in this moment, every moment. The sense I had always been and never been. This went on for eons seemingly. 4ish-5.30ish. At some point sense contacts begin to return and I open my eyes. At this point I am mostly returned. Feeling an overwhelming sense of belonging I spring out of bed, laugh at the disheveled figure in the mirror, tie my hair back and head outside. I grab my bike and ride for a pack of smoke, there is so much life, but I’ve been missing it. Trapped in the illusion of thought, distracting me(us) from all this beauty. This beauty is already here, all the time, no modifications needed. Got home from the gas station and made a drink, a drink in hand excuses a lot of silly behavior ;) and went to water my gardens.
Around 5.30 my daughter comes to hang out and we talk about my experience and enjoy a couple drinks and some cannabis. Around 7 a friend comes by. We all hang out for a while, they leave around 9pm, and I go to bed shortly there after.
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2023.06.09 16:41 kayakero Burn Fat with 10 Exercises

Here is a list of 10 exercises that are great for burning fat:

  1. Running/Jogging: Running or jogging is a highly effective cardiovascular exercise that can help burn a significant amount of calories. It engages multiple muscle groups and boosts your metabolism, making it an excellent choice for fat burning.
  2. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief recovery periods. This type of workout keeps your heart rate elevated and maximizes fat burning in a shorter amount of time compared to steady-state cardio.
  3. Cycling: Whether outdoors or on a stationary bike, cycling is a low-impact exercise that targets the legs and glutes while providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. It can be done at different intensities, allowing you to customize your fat-burning routine.
  4. Jumping Rope: Jumping rope is a simple yet effective exercise that can be done anywhere. It improves coordination, endurance, and agility while torching calories. It engages multiple muscle groups, including the core and shoulders.
  5. Circuit Training: Circuit training involves performing a series of exercises with minimal rest between each one. It combines strength training and cardiovascular exercises, resulting in a high-calorie burn and improved muscle tone.
  6. Swimming: Swimming is a full-body workout that burns calories and fat while being gentle on the joints. It engages the upper and lower body, including the core, back, and shoulders, making it an excellent choice for overall fitness and fat loss.
  7. Burpees: Burpees are a challenging, full-body exercise that combines squats, push-ups, and jumps. They increase your heart rate rapidly, boost metabolism, and work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making them highly effective for fat burning.
  8. Rowing: Rowing is a low-impact exercise that targets the back, shoulders, arms, and legs while providing a cardiovascular workout. It can be done on a rowing machine or on water, offering a full-body burn and helping to shed excess fat.
  9. Boxing: Boxing workouts involve a combination of punches, kicks, and defensive movements. They are not only a great way to relieve stress but also an excellent cardio exercise that helps burn calories and fat while toning the entire body.
  10. Stair Climbing: Climbing stairs is a fantastic lower-body exercise that elevates the heart rate and engages the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. It can be done on a stair climber machine, in your own home, or even by finding stairs in your neighborhood.
These exercises are just a starting point, and there are many more options available. Remember, fat burning is a result of creating a calorie deficit, which can be achieved through a combination of exercise and a healthy diet. It's also important to choose exercises that you enjoy and can stick to in the long term to ensure consistency and maximize results.
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2023.06.09 16:38 poopoobutterr Diagnosed on May 31st just spent 4 days in the hospital

Hey everyone just wanted to come on here and share my recent story to maybe hear about other's experiences and just kinda rant. I got diagnosed on May 31st and was put on 40mg Prednisone and sent home. Didn't talk to a GI, had no information other than what I found here and online. I was basically a zombie for 5 days, couldn't get off the couch, nights were hellish and I went to the ER Monday afternoon. Fast forward 26 hours sitting in the chair I finally got a room. They had me on an IV to replenish my fluids and they had me on some kind of IV steroid. I got another scope done at the hospital (confirmed Ulcerative Colitis) My energy level came back, I was able to eat a good amount of food and I was feeling pretty good. The nights are still interrupted every hour or so. They discharged me yesterday afternoon and I'm back on Prednisone, vit d, B12 and pantoprazole. It feels good to be home but I can't lie I'm a bit scared of getting back into the state I was in. Just trying to drink a crap ton of water, keep taking in calories and just rest. Any tips for dealing with flare at home? I want to do everything I can to keep slowly improving, however slow that may be. Thanks for letting me rant haha. Feel free to ask questions I'm sure I left a lot out lol
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2023.06.09 16:38 Mr-GoodLegs Starting specific gravity too low?

I started a raspberry mead this morning. I used 2.5 lbs of honey, 1lbs 10oz raspberries and 1 gallon of water. The specific gravity I got was 1.068. I haven’t add my yeast yet (waiting 24 hours after adding a campden tablet). I plan on using K1-V1116. I’m looking for the final product to be sweet and not too dry.
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2023.06.09 16:28 AllDekkedOut Instant takes a while

We had an instant hot water heater installed and it worked fine until we had our bathroom remodeled. Now we have issues with it taking a long time for the hot water to show up at the kitchen sink and the bathroom. This is a small home, 1176 sq ft. The heater is only 5 feet from the kitchen sink and maybe 20 ft from the bathroom. Sometimes we feel the water warm, then cool, then warm, and then finally hot. We can hear the unit kick on as soon as we turn the hot water on. The unit has 2 distinct sounds, a low sound and then a higher sound. Could we have a loop in the plumbing causing the hot water not to go directly to the faucet calling for it?
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2023.06.09 16:24 Ohwell_genz Bridezilla asking for an additional day (now 5 day wedding) and setting strict (incorrect) dress code… and FOUR funds in registry

My bf and my friends are getting married at the end of August woohoo. Or so we thought. They are getting married basically at a destination site (many are flying or its like a 8 hour road trip for others) at a resort. The resort is more than 100 acres so if you are in the wedding party, you kind of have to stay on site/ they asked that bridesmaid (4) and groomsmen (4) stay on site. For regular guests, the wedding is one night and for people who are in the party (my bf is a groomsman), its an additional night. They set a booking code but min stay is 2 nights so only people in the wedding party used it bc regular guests found that it was cheaper to pay for one night or to stay off site somewhere cheaper (rooms are 200$ a night and 160 with discount but why pay 320 for mandatory 2 nights when you only have to stay for one). We thought great this is awesome… then less than 4 months before the wedding, the bride and groom asked for one more night for everyone so they could come earlier… then 3 months before the wedding… they asked us to change the booking AGAIN and add another night so now it is 5 days and four nights. I asked what events are going on and they said oh nothing, just would like to hang out (wtf). Soon after, grooms mom offered to host an unofficial welcome dinner for just the wedding party and family. So we cancelled the room with booking code and found that it was cheaper to get a condo with kitchen (and get own groceries so we werent going out every meal) and even if we had used the block, would still need 2 additional nights anyway at 200$ a night. They also asked that we get our fishing licenses in that state so that we can FISH in a POND during the extra time…. In the south… in the middle of august… oh and they also asked for us to bring golf clubs so we can golf with them. Then the bride asked if friends and girlfriends of the bridal party could also pay extra to get their hair and make up done because she has such a small bridal squad that some of the make up artist that she wants had minimum number of clients and then she also asked me to come early to go to the spa with her. I think that my boyfriend feels pressured to do all of the above because he is a groomsman but we literally had to spend it $1200 on the condo for full price (also saves $ on food) which we were willing to invest but because it’s a luxury resort you need to pay for every extra activity…. Anyway, I said no thank you to spending all of that extra money for the extra events and I had to fight with my manager to ask for extra PTO during peak vacation season after having the other days approved earlier… i think its rude and poor planning?
Then she set the dress code as black tie optional OUTSIDE in the south by the water with no tent but just in a field of grass. So she said no stilettos and there’s no transportation on the resort because none of us are members so we need to drive around then walk the large property in our own vehicles to go from the condos or the hotel to the wedding venueAnd reception… and technically black tie, optional could mean a very nice cocktail dress that is midi length especially because it’s so hot and humid and fully outdoors with no covering and she started yelling at everyone saying that we all must wear floor length gowns only and “some slit would be ok bc it may be hot” and only men dont have to wear a full tux bc its hot So I literally sent her a picture of what I wanted to wear and asked if it’s OK and she said it’s fine and the only reason she said district dress code was because her in-laws extended family is from the Midwest and she’s worried that they’re poor and they would show up ratchet which is just OUT OF TOUCH and rude. Then she sent me photos of dresses and said that she expects guests to show up to the rehearsal dinner (all long and heavy fabric)and welcome according to those vibes. So now I need to have three dress code appropriate dresses that can withstand 100° weather outdoors with grass friendly shoes when I know that the bride will be angry if I show up any other way.
So I was planning on just giving a small wedding gift because it’s costing me an arm and a leg… but the registry only has an $8000 dining table with a $5000 set of dining chairs. Then they added a fund for a future home and then they changed it to future family and then they added a second one for honeymoon that they already booked and paid for and then they added a third one to afford a second dog and then they added a fourth, one for a future family and kept the future home separate. Out of spite, unless they want literally 20$ from me, im BROKE from this wedding. The behaviors around it also do not help. I have tried to show up nicely but boyyy is it getting hard
Also, regarding other wedding events, she invited 12 girls to her bachelorette, including myself and asked us about dates months ago and they never got back to us and then didn’t invite us and plan another trip with just her maid of honor which is fine but it was weird and she did the same thing with her wedding shower where she verbally invited like 20 people, but then she only actually sent out less than 10 invitations…. Its a trend here and FINE that I dont have to go on another trip $$$
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2023.06.09 16:22 lefthandsuzuki Removing Iron from Well Water

Hi folks, I'm trying to make drinking my home well water a more enjoyable experience. I rent, so investing in an RO system is not feasible. Just for fun, I'd like a DIY way to deal with this rather than an expensive off the shelf solution.
Like a lot of well water, mine is very high in dissolved iron and smells like rotten eggs. I bought a cheap aquarium air pump/bubbler and that does a great job stripping out the H2S and oxidizing the iron. However, the iron stays suspended in the water.
What's a cheap and food-safe way of encouraging the iron oxide to settle out of suspension?
Edit for more info: I do have an in-line filter in my fridge but it does not get the iron taste or sulfur smell out of the water. The water also has a lot of TDS and I think quickly overwhelms filters requiring more frequent replacement (expensive, especially for zero-filters). Also, I'd like to make multiple gallon batches of water for homebrewing and home-carbonated seltzer and relying on gravity filtration is annoying.
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2023.06.09 16:14 Maddy_CoolCat HELP! Getting a fish without a cycled tank

So I know the title sounds bad, but basically I agreed to take a goldfish from someone who no longer wanted it. They didn’t want to kill the fish and were trying to find a new home for it, so I agreed. I figured that I would have some time to set the tank up and let it cycle, but after seeing what kind of tank this fish is in, I no longer have that time. Basically the tank he is currently in is 1.5 gallons, half filled, full of algae and fish poop, and has no plants or hiding spots. It is just rocks and gross water. I set the tank up yesterday and am now going to get the fish in two hours. I don’t have a water testing kit currently on hand so I’m not sure what the water parameters are right now. Should I do daily water changes for awhile or is there something else I can do to not harm the fish since the cycle isn’t complete?
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2023.06.09 16:14 I-figured-it-out Are NZPost the biggest pack

This is a rant born of frustration. I do hope it ruffles a few feathers, and wakes up a CEO and his board. Decades of steadily degrading service has made me a little angry.
Are NZPost courier staff all lazy, incompetent ill managed, uncommunicative wallies (excluding my local postie on a bike)? How hard is it to track a courier parcel correctly, and deliver to a destination just 37km from the parcels depot in a timely fashion?
Well it seems it is a job too hard for them to achieve because according to their internal tracking system the parcel was delivered from that nearby Depot that it was recorded externally as being delivered to at 9am this morning, to Upper Hutt over 500km away by 3:30pm.
This is not the first time in the last 2 months that parcels have been wrongly delivered to ridiculous destinations not matching the label. The closest miss they achieved was in March when they delivered a parcel to a random address three streets over and dropped the $1700 item on a confused homeowners doorstep, without a signature. Lucky for me that homeowner was honest and helpfully rang my number off the label and personally delivered it 5 minutes later, after packing his five young children into his car.
NZPost couriers could do better if instead of employing disinterested abusive passive aggressive immigrants, they employed semi-literate NZ school leavers with drivers licenses to deliver the parcels and run the business.
And they can’t even be bothered having proper local phone numbers, or to work weekends, unlike every other courier company based in NZ. In fact courier services in Eastern Europe, and war zones are more efficient, timely, and reliable. And are quite capable of delivering a package 37km in under 15 hours, or 48, or rather 76 hours as it appears might be the NZPost are barely capable of achieving - where I live in a part of the country where there are no floods, no roads out, no traffic jams, and beautifully fine driving weather.
“Do the job right or go home!” More kiwis need to shout this at employees who can’t be bothered to do the job. Playing nice with lazy incompetents has obviously failed us all big time!
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2023.06.09 16:12 Sufficient_Zebra_651 Help!

New to the skin care game! 31(F) I need to start a skin care routine but don’t even know where to start. A little about my skin, I have some blemishes on my cheeks - but not terrible. Dry ish skin. DARK circles (hereditary doesn’t matter if I get enough sleep). I would like my skin to look clear and glowy! I do not where make up M-F sometimes on Saturday going out to dinner. But wash it off before bed. I think .5 gallon of water daily. Currently I use aveeno face wash, elf facial oil, Clinique eye cream, and Vaseline on my lips.
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2023.06.09 16:11 secretsocietykhaki More Asteroid City BTS photos

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2023.06.09 16:10 ahasx Carbon filter for well?

Hello! I recently bought my first house and it has well water, which is something I know nothing about. The water has a rotten egg smell so we called out a water filtration company. They tested our water and said everything is fine (pH and hardness), but they recommended we install a carbon filter for sulphur and iron. They gave me pricing of around $1,650 for a whole house filter.
Is this a good price? I see cheaper options on Home Depot, how different are those filters vs one from a local company? Would it be cheaper to buy one from Home Depot and have a plumber install it?
Any feedback is appreciated, since I have no idea what I’m doing. Thank you!!
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2023.06.09 16:05 No_Noise4899 AITA for not letting my gf's dog take a 10 minute hot shower?

She is full of sand when we come back from the beach so she needs to be cleaned. My gf takes 10 minutes cleaning her with hot water. I can't afford it. I personally only use it for 2 minutes before I turn off the heat and let my gf use it for 5 minutes. The dog swims in a cold sea. The outside temperature is between 20c - 30c degrees.
My gf doesn't want to go to the beach with me because I won't let her dog take a 10 minute hot shower afwards. My gf can't afford it herself either. She doesn't have to pay anything except part of the groceries and her only money comes from her parents. She got pretty mad at me while I personally believe the dog won't be harmed by a cold shower. Maybe I am wrong and the dog will be severely injured from a cold shower but I never heard of that happening.

EDIT: PLEASE READ!!! ITS HER DOG!! stop blaming me for her getting a dog. I didn't even know my gf when she got her dog. It's also MY place. I got a home without ever intending to get a dog. My GF just has a dog. Not my fault.
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