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2023.04.02 14:28 WorthContests Watch Sydney Sweeney Controversy and Scandal Video Leaked!!

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2023.04.02 14:24 Obstetrix Two years in cloth: a cheapie pockets review (Mama Koala vs Nora's Nursery vs Alva)

Okay so we're now sitting at almost two years of cloth diapering with cheapie pocket diapers and I wanted to give my two cents on which brand is worth the money. From a fit perspective, my son is a chunky monkey so a thinner child may not encounter the fit problems we did.
I don't think its fair to add them to the review but we used Thirsties covers and GMD prefolds when he was a newborn and had really bad leaks and the world's worst diaper rash. My kiddo did not tolerate having wet cotton next to his skin, even when we changed the diapers frequently or used a stay dry layer. He's an eczema baby and has sensitive skin so if yours is the same, prefolds and covers may not be for you.
ONTO THE REVIEW, from worst to best:
Mama Koala 4/10:
-The fit was never as good with them as I wanted, I feel like they run smaller than the other two brands on this list. They needed to be stripped while my other diapers never had repelling problems. The elastic basically died after 18mos of use. We only use these now if we need him to be in a diaper for like an hour due to inconvenient change times. They're fully out of the rotation and we're going to give them away when we're done with diapers. However there were times my husband preferred the fit of these over the Alvas (but not me tbh).

Aliexpress cheapies 7/10:
I got a few different unbranded pockets from Aliexpress that appear similar to Alvas but run a bit smaller. Across the board I found that we had to switch to no rise snaps on these while we're still on the last rise on NN and Alva. The stay dry layer is a bit more minky and tends to lead to my son getting lots of laundry fuzzies on his genitals after being in these. Overall, even though they run small they're fine at like $3/diaper.
Nora's Nursery 8/10:
These run the largest, just a scootch more than my Alvas. I really liked them for naps since I could add a little extra fluff as needed. They're pretty leak resistant and I think the patterns are cute. The elastic hasn't held up quite as well as my Alva diapers though. And at that price point you'd kind of expect better? Overall still a fan but I don't think I'd buy them again just because of the price.
Alvababy 9/10:
My cheapie MVP, I love these diapers. There are SO MANY patterns to choose from and I feel like they've held up over the last two years. No leaks with our PUL, only one of the diapers has had some elastic problems (and like 1/30 is good odds) and even then its still in rotation. The cost/quality ratio is excellent and if I had to do it again I'd only buy Alvas. I've used their swim diapers and large size diapers (clutch for overnights) as well. If we get lucky enough to have baby #2 I'm getting more Alvas for sure!
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2023.04.02 14:08 totse_losername Astronomical (ticket) prices put Olympics out of reach

Astronomical prices put Olympic tickets out of reach
The sky-high price of tickets will mean attending key events at the Brisbane Olympics will be unaffordable for many Australians, according to Olympic boss John Coates.
Des Houghton 6 min read March 31, 2023 - 9:00PM
The new concept of dynamic pricing for events is “no excuse for ripping of Parisians who want to see events in their city.” Guests on #WorldThisWeek share views on the high price of tickets for sporting events like the Olympics and concerts, stressing the importance of inclusivity and accessibility to culture for all. Olympic powerbroker John Coates admits most Queenslanders will not be able to afford tickets to key events at the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games.
When asked if prices to watch finals of the athletics at the Gabba or swimming at Brisbane Arena would be prohibitively expensive he said: “Correct.”
Seats at the opening and closing ceremonies would be at a premium, too.
Straight-talking Coates, the vice-president of the International Olympic Committee, said the IOC had to be “hard-headed” and steep prices were inevitable.
His comments follow uproar in Europe over prices to next year’s Paris Olympics with family tickets running to thousands of dollars and tickets to athletics and swimming finals about $3000 a double – if you are lucky enough to get them.
Coates said spectators had to pay the price for the international trend towards smaller Olympic stadiums that offered fewer seats at higher prices.
Andrew Liveris (left) and John Coates at the announcement of the CEO of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Cindy Hook (centre). Picture: Richard Walker Andrew Liveris (left) and John Coates at the announcement of the CEO of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Cindy Hook (centre). Picture: Richard Walker “That’s the trade-off for not having to spend as much money on venues that may not be used afterwards,” Coates said.
“You can’t justify building large venues that aren’t going to be utilized afterwards.”
Coates is up front in admitting he has no answer to soaring Olympic admission prices.
“There is no avoiding this,” he said. “The size of the venues was coming down at the direction of the IOC because we don’t want to see white elephants left behind afterwards.
“So as a consequence of that is there will be less seats available for the punters at those events (held in the main stadia).’’
Coates, one of the most influential figures in world sport, sits on the Brisbane organising committee, OCOG, and as IOC vice-president serves on the IOC’s Games Optimisation Group.
He backs the selection of the Gabba as the site for Brisbane’s main Olympic arena and says the benefits will be continue for decades after the Games are over.
While the Sydney Olympic stadium offered seating for 115,000 spectators, Brisbane will offer 50,000 at the revitalised Gabba, 8000 more than currently available for cricket and AFL matches.
It’s too early to predict the prices of seats in Brisbane, but if Paris is any guide, they will be astronomical.
Australia will send a strong team to next year’s Paris Games, which will run from July 26 to August 11. The Paralympics will follow from August 28 to September 8.
Sports fans had to go into a ballot in Paris for the right to buy the first batch of 3.25 million tickets. “Winners expressed joy when their names came out of the hat, then dismay at finding that they had to buy tickets for three separate events at up to EUR 690 ($1121) each,” Adam Sage wrote in The Times.
“It led to athletics fans buying tickets for sports such as weightlifting and volleyball too, with the overall cost often topping EUR 1,000 ($1624) for a family.
“It’s completely crazy,” Florent Lamour, who works for the French Tennis Federation, said. “For me, it’s quite simply inaccessible. As a sports fan I find it very disappointing.”
Paris organisers say there will still be thousands of tickets to minor sports for EUR 50 ($81). But critics say the organisers have broken a promise to make the games accessible to all.
Coates blames poor planning for cost blow-outs at the Gabba.
“I don’t think enough thought had gone into the scoping of that before the decision was taken. But I still support the decision.
“While there has been a blowout at the Gabba its proximity to cross-river rail made it a very (good) venue.
“And if you want to get the first cricket Test back and if you want to look after the AFL it needed to be done. Brisbane needed it. You were being left behind by the other cities; left behind by Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth in terms of cricket alone.”
He said ticket prices were high because organisers had to balance their budgets.
“Paris has been hit by the war in Ukraine and it has been affected by inflation,” he said.
“I won’t put a figure on how much over their original budget they are, but they can’t just go back to government and say you have to pick up the tab because of these other factors.
“The (organising committee) will have to try to balance it themselves, as will we.”
He said in Sydney and in London the IOC softened the blow for families by offering free seats to schoolkids at rowing events.
Coates said the London model of an independent Games delivery authority was not necessary for Brisbane 2032.
He backed the Deloitte report recommending a collective of government departments carry out the work.
The revitalisation of Woolloongabba will include an active travel corridor to South Bank and the CBD. The revitalisation of Woolloongabba will include an active travel corridor to South Bank and the CBD. “For Brisbane we don’t need to acquire sites or appropriate sites and, take control of them like London and Sydney had to,” he said.
“The Gabba and the site for Brisbane Arena (at Roma St) are already in government ownership.’’
And many others were under the control of councils.
He said there were some proposed venues on the Sunshine Coast and at Moreton Bay the government “didn’t own at the moment”.
He added: “There is not going to be any difficulties in appropriating land.
“Even the two main venues, the Gabba and the Brisbane Arena, are in what’s called Priority Development Areas and they are managed already by an entity called Economic Development Queensland and it’s got all the powers an (independent) authority would have to appropriate any adjoining land or other land you might need.” The IOC would monitor Brisbane’s progress, Coates said.
“The Olympic people (will) come in and say, ok, yes, we understand the Gabba is for cricket and for AFL but please in your scoping make sure you fulfil these requirements of World Athletics to run Olympic athletics. Please make sure your scoping includes all the IOC requirements for ceremonies.
“All of that stuff is being provided. The swimming details are being provided and it can be managed by these existing government departments who have got authority-type powers if they need them.”
Coates said he knew his position was in contrast to that of Sir David Higgins, the Queenslander knighted for delivering the 2012 London Olympics infrastructure a year early and $1bn under budget.
Higgins was critical of the decision by Annastacia Palaszczuk to run the delivery authority.
“It’s not going to work, is it,” said Sir David Higgins.
Higgins said planning had to be done at arm’s length from the government with bipartisan political support. And the taxpayer who had to pay for it had to be told what was happening every step of the way.
Sir David said he saw no signs of this happening in Queensland.
“You’ve got to have a clear brief, proper governance and an independent board so that it can work with the various sporting bodies and the IOC,’’ he said.
Moreton Bay Indoor Sport Centre planned for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games. “I think what is happening in Brisbane at the moment is a bit of a challenge.’’
Coates disagreed. He said there was no need “to set another bureaucracy”.
He pointed to the Sydney Olympic model.
“Do you know who ran everything there? Michael Knight. One man. Michael Knight was Minister for the Olympics and chair of the SOCOG (the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games).
“Michael was the minister responsible to Parliament.’’
Coates said Steven Miles, as Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympic Infrastructure, and Sports Minister Stirling Hinchliffe would likewise have to answer to Parliament for their decisions.
Coates said the Opposition also “had the protection of the Organising committee” including president Andrew Liveris, CEO Cindy Hook, a former Deloitte executive – “and their people and me if needs be.’’
“This will make it very transparent, absolutely.”
He said the work towards Brisbane 2032, “we call it B2032” was well underway.
“The IOC is already getting briefings monthly from B2032 on all these things,” he said.
“The IOC will have people here all the time.”
Would they be watching over the State Government departments?
“Yes,” said Coates.
“I am absolutely satisfied these projects will be completed before the Games and that they will meet the Olympic requirements.
“That’s what our objective is.’’
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2023.04.02 13:22 Normal_hawk1111 OAB at 26 no children

Hi so I have been leaking for months. But these past month has been extreme with urinary frequency and urgency. Non stop needing to pee after I just did
I ruled out any bacterial infection and masses/tumors with tests. They think it’s OAB.
I have been struggling so much lately and I think I have myself a hemorrhoid because of it. I have been prescribed meds and I’ll start taking them today based off of people’s reactions in here. I start a new job next week and I’m soooo effing nervous. It’s on a farm and I’m so scared I won’t be able to work with this OAB.
Does anyone have any suggestions and natural remedies that may help?
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2023.04.02 13:14 OkFox8267 Marketplace IS300 (Repost)

Marketplace IS300 (Repost)
‼️Attached Pictures‼️ $14,300.00 AUD ($9.5k USD)
Posted this in here not too long ago, some people had concern that it wasn’t manual, however with my state’s regulations; I cannot drive a manual until early 2024.
Contacted the seller, he said he can shift the price slightly, what’s a reasonable price to try and push for?
I’m going to look at it sometime next week, and possibly will be picking it up. What are the key things I should be looking for, besides the listed cons?
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2023.04.02 12:50 F1_Skittle Koenigsegg CCXR Grand Prix

Is there really going to be a Koenigsegg CCXR GP as I saw someone post it as a leak of May?
if so, it is a really good car and worth going for it.
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2023.04.02 12:45 annie_m_m_m_m Autistic Women's Group, upcoming meeting. Topic: Our experiences with autism and family dysfunction. Tuesday, April 4, noon-1 pm Eastern US time on Zoom (5 pm Ireland/UK; 6 pm Europe). Meeting info here

Hi everyone,
The autisticwomensgroup Zoom group is meeting Tuesday, April 4, from 12-1 pm Eastern US time. The topic is: Our experiences with autism and family dysfunction. Our highly structured meeting is guided with a slideshow. The host, an autistic woman, reads aloud the group reading of the day, and we take turns sharing on discussion questions relating to the meeting. Our event post is here (complete with Zoom login info).
TIME ZONE INFO: The meeting takes place at 9:00 am Pacific US time 10 am US Mountain time 11 am Central US time 12 pm Eastern US time 5 pm UK-Ireland time 6 pm Central European time 2 am (Wednesday) in Sydney, Australia
Our group welcomes clinically diagnosed, self-diagnosed, and questioning women and all other marginalized genders. Disclosure of diagnosis status/gender identity is the personal choice of each member and will never be required for participation. We share on our own experiences only and do not offer advice or opinions.
Participants may share on any/all (or none!) of the following questions:
Members share by speaking or by typing in the chat. It's also totally cool if you want to lurk - video/mic participation is not mandatory at all.
Thank you, and I hope to see you at the meeting :)
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2023.04.02 12:44 annie_m_m_m_m Upcoming meeting, Tuesday, April 4, from 12-1 pm Eastern US Time (5 pm Ireland/UK; 6 pm Europe). Topic: Our experiences with autism and family dysfunction. Zoom info and discussion materials here

Hi everyone,
Our upcoming Tuesday morning meeting will be on Tuesday, April 4, from 12 pm to 1 pm ET, on Zoom. Login information below.
The theme of the meeting is: Our experiences with autism and family dysfunction
TIME ZONE INFO: The meeting takes place at 9:00 am Pacific US time 10 am US Mountain time 11 am Central US time 12 pm Eastern US time 5 pm UK-Ireland time 6 pm Central European time 2 am (Wednesday) in Sydney, Australia
Read on for information about the meeting format, discussion questions, Zoom login info, and FAQ.
If you would like to receive optional weekly email notifications about upcoming meetings, topics, and share questions, you can sign up at autisticwomensgroup (dot) com. You will receive one email each Sunday. Unsubscribe any time.
Hope to see you at the meeting!

Zoom information

Alas, Reddit is no longer letting me put the Zoom link in this event post. No worries though, you can find the Zoom link in any of three ways:
Contact me directly by chat or direct message to u/annie_m_m_m_m if you have trouble connecting. I will personally send you a link and make sure you get in.

Meeting format

The purpose of this meeting is to allow autistic women to share on our own experiences as we understand them. We come from a range of backgrounds and have many different ways of understanding and speaking about autism. When we join this meeting, we may hear others describing their own experience in different terms from what we would have used ourselves. But by taking part in the meeting, we agree to respect others' understanding as it stands today. And we can expect our own experience to be treated with the same respect. Rather than making it our business to change others' perceptions of their own lives and experiences, we agree to listen to each other where we are right now. We follow the motto, "Take what you like, and leave the rest."
The meeting will be guided with a slide show, with space for members of the group to share their personal experiences in response to discussion questions.
Opening: Reading the declaration of group purpose and ground rules for respecting others' shares and experience
Main reading: Anonymous shares from autisticwomensgroup members. At this time, shares are still being collected. Check back before the meeting to see this week's shares.
Have a share on this week's topic? DM annie_m_m_m_m 4-6 sentences. It will be compiled into this week's group reading document and read anonymously at the meeting. Feel free to use a throwaway account for added anonymity.
Sharing on the following questions:
Closing: Reading the group affirmation


Does my camera/mic have to be on?
You don't have to turn your camera or mic on! Please participate in the way that makes you feel most comfortable. For some, this will mean sharing with the camera off, sharing by writing in the chat, or not sharing at all but just listening. It's all good.
Do I have to read the materials beforehand?
You do not have to read the materials beforehand, though of course you can. Everything you need in order to participate in the meeting will be provided within the meeting itself.
Do I have to use my real name or share my contact info?
You don't have to use your real name or share your contact info, although you can if you want to. We respect everyone's privacy and ask that people only share what they feel comfortable with.
Do I have to stay for the whole meeting?
You only have to stay as long as you can/would like to. You can leave at any time with no judgment from others.
Do I have to come to every meeting?
You do not have to come to every meeting. You can be a full member of the group and come whenever you have time/feel like it.
Will people be telling me what to do? Will I be expected to solve anyone else's problems?
No one will be telling you what to do. You will not be expected to solve anyone else's problems. In this meeting, we share on our own experiences only. And we listen respectfully to other people's experiences, with no other response than to thank them for sharing what they have experienced in the world.
What if I am looking for feedback/advice?
Members who would like to look for or give feedback/advice are encouraged to exchange contact info for conversation, support, and friendship outside the meeting.
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2023.04.02 11:35 sireuri1 Rejected for bonus and raise for the year

So today i was informed the company i work for will not be giving me a bonus or a raise this year. US based
I have a lot of spite and anger, dont know how to feel.I work very hard for this place keeping equipment running, i train new techs (Which isnt my responsibility), I actively look for way to make the factory safer and more efficient(we work with very dangerous chemicals like sulfuric acid, nitric acid, Hydrofluoric acid to name a few) , and i go out of my way to support other sections on tool sets i used to work on at previous employers since here they have a lack of training.. Every single performance review was outstanding, all my co workers, rgw equipment operators, and my supervisors, love my work ethic and how I am a valuable asset at keeping the factory going.... but now i am being told "you took to many days off so you dont get the bonus or raise"what i dont understand is i am given 8 sick days a year, the end of the year comes and i take any i had left (scheduled so it doesnt effect anything and was approved) so its not just lost... but i am now being punished for taking the time off they allotted me for the year !The company policy is you can take them but they give you a heads up on your last 2 days you have left, if you call off unscheduled after you run out of the 8 sick days then you are open for termination. But as my employee record shows i didnt violate the policy nor does it say taking these days disqualifies your from your bonus or a raise. on top of that the first of the year they raised our sick days to 10 a year.Now part of me wants to leave it at this, but i feel like i may have some validity to feeling like this is a targeted instance.Being in an industrial environment and working with the deadly gasses, liquids and robots i work on, we are expected to have a certain level of safety.. both logical and from osha. when i started to make note and bring to light all of the dangers we have, such as sulfuric acid leaking from the ceiling (which 8 months later is still being neglected), i was told to stay in my lane and keep out of the area where these issues are.. okay fine you dont want to do your job what everThen i bring up we should all have accessibility to gas masks down the road after i got a HF fume exposure, asking why dont we at the minimum have the option to obtain them. i have been ignored and told that "we dont exceed exposure limitations so we are not required to provide them" which alone is outlandish, sure maybe for operators but i have my face in vats of acid when im doing PMs and Troubleshooting so thats a load of crap.its one thing after another but the fact i have made valid safety complains, been pushed aside, told to mind my own business and i quote "were you hired to do safety? Then why are you poking around", and now being rejected the raise and bonus that most of the factory is getting? it just doesnt feel right to me but i hate being the person who cries woe is me, only problem is the amount of praise, awards, good reviews and little gifts like gift cards i feel there is no other explanation for not getting what i have worked hard to earn.
so what do i do?
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2023.04.02 10:56 FoamWiperBalls High-Quality Seal Kits for Rammer G100 Hydraulic Hammers - Aftermarket Parts by Merit 2005

Hydraulic hammers are an essential component for a range of industries, including construction, demolition, and mining. These powerful tools are exposed to extreme conditions and need to be serviced regularly to maintain optimal performance. One critical component of hydraulic hammers is the seal kit, which ensures that hydraulic fluid is contained within the system and prevents contaminants from entering.
At Merit 2005, we understand the importance of quality seal kits for hydraulic hammers. Our seal kits are a direct fit for your Rammer G100 and are made to exacting specifications to match OEM standards. The OEM part number for our seal kit is 400568.
Our seal kits are designed to resist high and low temperatures and perform at their best in all cases. Using an inferior seal kit can lead to premature wear and tear, resulting in costly repairs or even complete failure of the hydraulic hammer. Depending on the make and model of your hammer, our seal kit may come with various size O-rings, packings, and caps.
Our seal kits are aftermarket parts, and we are an aftermarket manufacturer for all the brands we sell. While we are not endorsed or sponsored by Rammer, our tools are crosses to Rammer Part Numbers 400568 (Seal Kit).
It’s important to note that any use of or reference to the Rammer trademark is solely for indicating compatibility or product fit and does not imply any affiliation or relationship between Merit 2005 and Rammer and/or the Rammer Trademark.
In conclusion, choosing a high-quality seal kit is crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of your hydraulic hammer. At Merit 2005, we are committed to providing top-quality aftermarket parts that meet or exceed OEM standards. Contact us today to learn more about our seal kits for hydraulic hammers and how they can benefit your business.
Image of a hydraulic breaker Rammer G100 seal kit, consisting of various rubber seals and O-rings neatly arranged on a white background. The kit is designed to provide high-quality sealing solutions for the hydraulic breaker, ensuring efficient and reliable performance Maximize the lifespan of your Rammer G100 hydraulic breaker with our top-notch seal kit! Say goodbye to leaks and costly repairs with this high-quality solution available now on MERIT 41417 Seal Set 30766 Membrane 10606 Piston 30830 Upper Tool Bushing 31356 Lower Tool Bushing 30769 Tie Rod 30772 Tie Rod Nut 41858 Retainer Pin
40108 Retaining Pin 40102 Tool Retaining Pin 42420 Seal Set 10253 Piston 30485 Tie Rod 301006 Tie Rod Nut 40146 Lock Plate 30211 Membrane 30460 Lower Tool Bushing 40333 Upper Tool Bushing 40103 Thrust Ring 10155 Front Head 41052 Pad 30532 Buffer
400323 Retaining Pin 400352 Tool Retaining Pin 42432 Seal Set 10379 Piston 300670 Tie Rod 30588 Tie Rod Nut 40367 Lock Plate 30190 Membrane 300506 Lower Tool Bushing 40490 Upper Tool Bushing 30246 Thrust Ring 10213 Front Head 41052 Pad 30532 Buffer
300954 Pad 300953 Buffer 162488 Wear Plate 161785 Rubber Plug 161535 Seal 30211 Membrane 40416 Accumulator Screw 162977 Tie Rod 160995 Vibration Damping Element 952009 Cable Tie 400661 Rubber Ring 400659 Lock Plate 160968 Spacer 161015 Piston 160940 Upper Tool Bushing 163214 Lower Tool Bushing 160942 Tool Retaining Pin 400655 Retaining Pin 162783 Seal Set K12577 Service Kit K22577 Service Kit 2 162491 Front Head 773 Moil Point 774 Blunt 772 Long Chisel 778 Long Moil Point 773K3 Pyramid 774C1 Long Blunt 771F3 Limestone Chisel 771A2 Hard Rock Chisel 771T2 Super Blunt 771 Chisel
160678 Pad 301000 Buffer 157940 Wear Plate 155545 Buffer 30190 Membrane 900022 Accumulator Screw 155187 Seal 162244 Tie Rod Set 157939 Bushing 952009 Cable Tie 952173 Split Pin 157957 Washer 160402 Lock Plate 160473 Washer 90538 Hex. Screw 91010 Lock Washer 156786 Piston 158892 Front Head 155541 Upper Tool Bushing 155537 Tool Retaining Pin 150360 Retaining Pin 155542 Lower Tool Bushing 159281 Seal Set K12155 Service Kit K22155 Service Kit 551 Chisel 553 Moil Point 554 Blunt 552 Long Chisel 558 Long Moil Point 554C1 Long Blunt 551F3 Limestone Chisel 553K3 Pyramid
104068 Pad 104137 Buffer 162525 Wear Plate 160797 Wear Plate 160796 Wear Plate 160576 Plug 160558 Seal 104022 Membrane 300711 Accumulator Screw 163002 Tie Rod 155555 Vibration Damping Element 952009 Cable Tie 101449 Lock Plate 40586 Rubber Ring 160003 Piston 160010 Thrust Ring 160009 Upper Tool Bushing 160008 Lower Tool Bushing 160020 Tool Retaining Pin 160484 Retaining Pin 165464 Seal Set K14099 Service Kit 169986 Front Head 993 Moil Point 994 Blunt 993K3 Pyramid 991A2 Hard Rock Chisel 991F3 Limestone Chisel 994T2 Super Blunt 991 Chisel
155438 Pad 163116 Pad 163079 Buffer 154317 Buffer 163355 Wear Plate 162598 Wear Plate 162597 Wear Plate 161785 Plug 153013 Seal 102942 Membrane 40416 Accumulator Screw 158327 Tie Rod 155555 Vibration Damping Element 952009 Cable Tie 101449 Lock Plate 40586 Rubber Ring 162445 Piston 155467 Thrust Ring 101414 Upper Tool Bushing 155206 Lower Tool Bushing 153235 Tool Retaining Pin 155553 Retaining Pin 163248 Seal Set K13288 Service Kit K2A3288 Service Kit 162441 Front Head 881 Chisel 883 Moil Point 884 Blunt 883K3 Pyramid 881F3 Limestone Chisel 881A2 Hard Rock Chisel 884T2 Super Blunt
Email: [email protected]
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2023.04.02 10:40 Tasha_Clement What are the reasons for the AC repair?

There are several reasons why you may need AC repair. Here are some of the most common reasons:
Refrigerant leak: Low refrigerant levels can cause your AC unit to stop working efficiently or not work at all. A technician will need to find and fix the leak and recharge the system with the appropriate amount of refrigerant.
Dirty or clogged air filters: Air filters that are dirty or clogged can cause your AC unit to work harder, leading to reduced efficiency, higher energy bills, and potential breakdowns.
Electrical issues: Faulty wiring, blown fuses, or tripped breakers can cause your AC unit to stop working or run inefficiently.
Faulty compressor: The compressor is the heart of your AC unit and is responsible for cooling the air. A faulty compressor can cause your AC unit to stop working or not cool properly.
Thermostat issues: Malfunctioning thermostats can cause your AC unit to turn on and off frequently or not cool your home to the desired temperature.
Dirty condenser coils: Dirty condenser coils can cause your AC unit to work harder, leading to reduced efficiency and potential breakdowns.
Fan problems: Faulty fans can cause your AC unit to not circulate air properly, leading to poor cooling performance or potential breakdowns.
These are just a few of the reasons why you may need AC repair. It is important to have your AC unit inspected and repaired by a qualified technician to ensure that it is working safely and efficiently.
Click here for Air Conditioning Repair in Aurora
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2023.04.02 10:35 Tasha_Clement Should I Get My Boiler Serviced Every Year?

Yes, it is generally recommended to get your boiler serviced every year to ensure that it is running safely and efficiently. Here are a few reasons why:
Safety: A yearly boiler service can help detect potential safety hazards such as carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly if it goes undetected.
Efficiency: A well-maintained boiler runs more efficiently, which can save you money on your energy bills. Regular servicing can help ensure that your boiler is running at its optimal efficiency.
Longevity: Regular servicing can extend the lifespan of your boiler. A well-maintained boiler can last for many years, whereas a poorly maintained boiler may need to be replaced much sooner.
Reliability: Regular servicing can help prevent unexpected breakdowns, which can be inconvenient and costly. A boiler that is properly maintained is more reliable and less likely to experience unexpected problems.
Warranty: Some boiler manufacturers require yearly servicing to maintain the warranty. Failure to service the boiler regularly could invalidate the warranty, resulting in costly repairs.
In summary, getting your boiler serviced every year can help ensure safety, efficiency, longevity, reliability, and maintain warranty requirements. It is recommended to schedule a yearly boiler maintenance service with a qualified technician to ensure that your boiler is running properly.
click here for boiler repair service
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2023.04.02 10:33 Tasha_Clement How Important is Boiler Cleaning and Repair/Service?

Boiler cleaning and repaiservice are very important for the proper functioning of your boiler system. Here are a few reasons why:
Safety: Regular cleaning and maintenance of your boiler can help prevent potential safety hazards such as carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly if it goes undetected.
Efficiency: A well-maintained boiler runs more efficiently, which can save you money on your energy bills. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help ensure that your boiler is running at its optimal efficiency.
Longevity: Regular maintenance and cleaning can extend the lifespan of your boiler. A well-maintained boiler can last for many years, whereas a poorly maintained boiler may need to be replaced much sooner.
Reliability: Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent unexpected breakdowns, which can be inconvenient and costly. A boiler that is properly maintained is more reliable and less likely to experience unexpected problems.
Compliance: Many jurisdictions require regular maintenance and cleaning of boilers to comply with safety regulations. It is important to check the requirements in your area and ensure that your boiler is in compliance to avoid any legal issues.
Overall, regular cleaning and repaiservice of your boiler is important for safety, efficiency, longevity, reliability, and compliance. It is recommended to schedule an annual boiler maintenance service with a qualified technician to ensure that your boiler is running properly.
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2023.04.02 10:30 Odetonoone2319 Issues with landlady - shared drive and damp

We moved in last may and it’s a bit of a weird set up. We live on the same piece of land as the land ladies mum with a shared drive. Her dad used to use our place as an art studio and I believe lived here before he died. We knew this would mean she we’d see her a fair bit as her mum is elderly and she visits most days. We moved in in the spring and last May was warm. Over the winter we’ve had loads of problems with roof leaks and damp and condensation (in one area this has caused some wood work to swell and become damaged) We’ve reported it and she’s said we need to have the heating on more often which we A. can’t afford and B. didn’t feel we needed to as we were fine in extra socks and jumpers. We used the open fire for a bit but she then said we couldn’t use it without a window open because it causes condensation, negating the point of lighting it in the first place. The doors all swell and my daughter has been unable to get in or out of the house on a few occasions. The longer we live here the more we realise it’s all a bit bodged and not fit for a busy family really. Most recently (January) she told us we need to stop parking on our drive saying the weight of our van was causing damage to the shared drive. We have since had to park in the street across the road where there’s no lighting and invalidates our insurance as we say we are parked on a drive. It’s a shared drive and with the additional coming and going there’s no wonder there is more wear and tear and should surely be expected. The shared drive also isn’t on the inventory as far as I can see. She ‘pops’ in all the time and has asked to come over to inspect once a month to keep an eye on the mould/damp/condensation issues. We feel like we can’t enjoy living here because she is so over bearing. We gave our notice because it was just too much to deal with and had to negotiate our way out of a 12 month tenancy. She agreed to let us give 2 months after much debate. She is now saying we need to pay half to get the drive fixed before we go. She has had a quote for £400 which is ridiculous as it’s really just a wobbly slab and I really can’t see that we caused it. She even has a camper van herself so her reasoning about the weight of the van could in part be due to her van. She’s also saying we have to give receipts to show we have had the carpet and cooker professionally cleaned and a cleaner has been in before we leave. This will make moving out so expensive and we just don’t have that money! I’ve seen on the shelter website that they can’t make us pay for professional cleaning but could charge us for a cleaner if she thinks it’s not up to standard. I honestly think she’ll charge us no matter how much we do. Our deposit is with DPS so I know we have some level of protection. It just feels so subjective as how can we prove it’s ‘clean enough’ or that the ‘damage’ to the drive was caused specifically by our van? Also has she breached our right to peaceful enjoyment of the property? Any help would be great. We’d just like to make sure we get our deposit back as we will need it for our next house. Thanks
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2023.04.02 10:19 itsjustajoe Star Wars: New Set info Deep Dive Part 2 (from u/fluffysky6 & promobricks)

Star Wars: New Set info Deep Dive Part 2 (from u/fluffysky6 & promobricks)

Part 2 of the previous post. I ran out of room so I had to split this into two posts.

75362 Ahsoka's Shuttle (Ahsoka Show): 599 Pieces, September 1st Release, $70. Minifigures: Ahsoka, Sabine, Huyang (source)

  • Live action model of her ship from Star Wars Celebration 2022 pictured below:
  • Ahsoka: design described as mixed between her TCW s7 fig and her Rebels fig, so it should look very similar to her Mandalorian show outfit which we haven't gotten in minifigure form before. She will have printed arms.
  • Sabine: is described as very detailed alongside Ahsoka, so she might have printed arms? (This was not explicitly confirmed, just my extrapolation). In the leaked teaser footage of the Ahsoka show from last year, we see Sabine wearing her same outfit from the epilogue of Rebels, pictured below, so it will likely be based on this outfit:
  • Huyang: was also spotted in the leaked Ahsoka teaser, here's what he looked like in The Clone Wars if you don't remember him:
75367 UCS Venator Star Destroyer (The Clone Wars): $650, October 1st Release (Lego Exclusive aka D2C), 5374 pieces. Minifigures: Admiral Yularen, Phase 2 Captain Rex.
  • No known minifigure-compatible areas for figs were mentioned by either Fluffy or Promobricks. I wouldn't expect space for minfigures, at most a little bridge/command area for a couple figs.
  • Captain Rex: Is based of his phase 2 variant. His head underneath the helmet has his printed bandage from his surgery during the Clone Wars s7 finale. He has a cloth pauldron, but a printed kama instead of cloth on his legs (like all recent kamas on clone troopers). Fluffy mentioned that he looks very similar to his Skywalker Saga appearance.
Yularen: Described by Promobricks as being his younger version with brown hair, as seen in the early seasons of The Clone Wars

What are the remaining unknowns for Lego Star Wars in 2023?

75360: Yoda's Jedi Interceptor ($35, August Release, 253 pieces): We do not know the full fig list yet. It could have a fig outside of just Yoda and an astromech droid like Kenobi's starfighter did.
40591: May 4th Event GWP (Starts April 28, lego/ gift with purchase, 289 pieces): We do not know the contents of the set, don't know if there's a minifigure this year, and we don't know the purchase requirements to get this gift with purchase set.
75366 Advent Calendar (September Release, $45)- We don't know the minifigures outside of the exclusive Holiday Ewok that leaked.
75364: Unknown Ahsoka Show set ($100, September Release, 1056 pieces). We do not know what this set will be, nor the minifigures, but I'd imagine it would be more villain-focused.

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2023.04.02 10:16 boilingnarration 🔥FREE ONLYFANS MEGA FOLDER 📁🌈IN COMMENTS💦 sysheh








Abbagail Peaches Abby Berner Abby Nicole Abby Rao Abella Danger Abigail Morris Abigail Ratchford Addissona KaLori Adianababyxo Adriana Chechik Adriana Olivarez Aella Girl Aida Cortes Airikacal Alahnaly Ale Bernal Alemiarojas Alena Ostanova Alena Witch Aletta Ocean Alex Coal Alex Mucci Alexa Pearl Alexandra Quiroz Alexandra Smelova Alexas Morgan Alexia Rae Alexis Sky Alexis Texas Alice Bong Alice Delish Alice NZ Alina Belle Alina Lando Alina Rose Alinago Aline Faria Aline Mineiro Alinity Alishba Sheikh Alison Parker Alissa Violet Alix Lynx AlliSlimThiccinger Ally Lotti Alva Jay Amanda Cerny Amanda Nicole Amanda Trivizas Amber Hayes Amber Jade Amber Moore Amber Rose AmbsOfficialXO Amgermg Amira West Amirah Dyme Amouranth Amy Rose Amy Song Ana Lorde Ana Paula Saenz AnaCheri Anastasia Kvitko Andiecase Andrea Alaya Andrea Bergeron Angel Wicky Angela White Angelysc Angie Varona Anike Ekina AnimaeChan Anisa Johma Anllela Sagra Anna Beggion Anna Curvy Anna Malygon Anna Paul Anna Zapala Anri 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2023.04.02 10:12 AdventurousBox4100 How can I set up my husband's phone so it forwards all of his text messages and emails to me, without him knowing?

Being in a relationship with someone is one of the best things and is a dream come true for many. However, this sweet dream can turn into a nightmare as soon as you find out that your partner is cheating on you via [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
How to Receive Text Messages from Another Phone Number
In many ways, new technologies have made our lives easier. At the same time, this technology can be abused to perpetrate bullying and harassment. Whether you're a worried parent or a suspicious spouse, keeping an eye on someone's virtual activities can be beneficial in various ways.
You've come to the right place if you're wondering, 'How to get text messages from another phone number sent to mine?' We'll walk you through the various methods for tracking text messages from another phone in this piece. The idea of such access may be frightening, but it can be helpful when monitoring children and loved ones.
Can You Enter Phone Number to See Text Messages?
Yes, you can, but it is limited. For example, a hacker only needs your phone number to read texts, listen to calls, and track you. Hackers have again demonstrated that no matter how many security precautions someone takes, all a hacker needs is their phone number to track their location and listen in on their phone calls and texts.
But, if you do not have such professional hacking abilities, we recommend getting a mobile phone monitoring app if you want to enter a cell number to read texts for free. Cell phone monitoring apps are software packages that allow you to remotely monitor what your child, husband, or employee is doing on their phones. If you suspect your partner has been spending too much time on their smartphone, these apps are your go-to solution for spying on them.
With these apps, you can see your kid’s SMS history and see who they've been texting. Maybe you don't like your child's friends and want to make sure he's not secretly hanging out with them; you can track their conversations and whereabouts by installing these surveillance tools on their Android or iPhone. The same is true if you suspect one of your employees is leaking sensitive information.
How to Receive Text Messages from Another Phone Number by Syncing Phone
If you can sync the text messages in real-time, it will be a perfect way to receive text messages from another phone number. With the development of technology, here are two great tools for you.
Cyberloghacker Text Messages Monitoring
Cyberloghacker Text Messages Monitoring app can help parents protect kids' safety online. It has the function of syncing kids' text messages on their Android devices to parents mobile devices. You can also track the real-time location of the target phone and monitor the phone's surroundings.
How to Get Messages from Another Phone Sent to Mine by Forwarding
Forwarding is another method for obtaining a text message from a target phone. So, if you have both an Android phone and an iPhone, you can use a third-party app. SMS texts can be auto-forwarded to any other phone type with these apps, including iPhones. Many will even forward your text messages to your email address.
Here are two helpful forwarding apps for Android and iPhone:
AutoForward Text
AutoForward Text is a fantastic SMS forwarding app for Android. You can forward text messages to an email address using the app. The information sent also includes the phone's contact information and GPS location. Install it on the other phone and set it to forward all or specific messages to your current device.
There are many legit reasons for wanting to monitor someone's phone. The vast majority of mobile phone spy apps listed here operate in stealth mode, so your child, spouse, or employee will not notice them in their app list and will not be aware that you are watching them.
contact email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.04.02 10:12 happytoseeyousmile [Ro] Foggy Eyes (The first book in the "Of Love and Tears" series) Part 1

Wills laid with contemplating eyes, as he glances up and down; scanning the room surrounding him, reflecting if he should do what he was about to do next. It seemed rather clear to him that he should just give up and let life take its course, but he couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was rather sorrowful, not because he is leaving this world but rather who he is leaving behind. She was a dear sweet girl, an amazing one that he was blessed to have gotten to know. Maybe, just maybe, he shouldn’t do what he was going to do. Can he actually do it? After all, he never truly thought it over in a rational way; yet can someone actually do it in a mannerism where it feels just and sensible? Can that truly be achieved with a senile mind like his -a cursed one, he rather admitted-. In the end his buzzes, as he so loved to call them, had gotten the best of him. It was dreadful to think that he was going to dump all of this on the next person with his “gift”. He didn’t feel so content knowing he would be harming another soul. However, he knew, he was absolutely sure that Marie will handle all of this ruckus and withstand the ripple that he will cause in her life. She was a strong girl, stronger than he will ever be. After what seemed like hours of twitching left and right, he decided to seal his fate, just as it should have been done since the day he was born. As the morning sun rose his lifeless body hanged in the centre of the room with drops of blood dripping from his toes. It wasn’t till the smell escaped into the streets that the body was finally let to rest, an eternal one.
To Dear Marie, my love.
Perhaps things might have been different if I was not who I am. Maybe you could have found the love you were destined to have if I wasn’t there in your life. Sadly enough, you weren’t so fortunate to not have met me. The forever going curse that’s going to haunt you from now till the end of your life, I am here with you Marie.” This was the last letter left for Marie Harris by her passing friend, or maybe more than a friend -it was complicated-.
Marie fell to her knees, tears rolling at the sides of her cheeks. She grasped for air, as she clinched her heart; the pumps, they were up in her ears. She steadily let out faint screams of agony before progressively getting louder, she sobbed, for a time even she didn’t know. All she could remember after such sobbing was that her eyes gave up on sight. She just laid where she was on the now wet floor, hugging the only thing she has left from the best man she had ever known, from him.
She opened her eyes to see that a day has slipped by, and she was still where she was. [Now that’s enough sobbing, he wouldn’t want me to be like that, would he?] She thought to herself. Marie quickly picked herself up, removed any evidence of the scars that she was bearing before maintaining the appearance she always had in front of others, the cheery Marie -or so she was called-. Inside the letter laid a tungsten tag that Wills always wore around his neck, she assumed he had left it there as a memorial, a proof of his once existence. A stoic calmness engulfed her mind -that seemed to occur whenever the rocks of pressure crushed her-. In a way it was a mechanism to escape the daggers that were now firmly intact inside her heart.
As the bell rang, Marie snapped back into reality, quickly stuffing the necklace in her pocket, she rushed to the door, fixing what she could in her appearance. Looking through the magic eye, she made out two silhouettes, presumably a man along with a woman. Giving herself one final look in the nearby mirror, she thought she was alright enough to finally open the door. As soon as she opened the door, the woman launched herself on Marie while weeping.
“He is gone Marie; he is really gone.” Wept the woman. “There, there, it is all going to be alright Mrs. Carter. He might have moved to the other side but that does not mean that he will not be with us anymore. We have him here, in our hearts.” Marie pointed to her chest while gently rubbing Mrs. Carter’s head with tip of her fingers to calm her down. “You know better than that dear Marie. All of that is rubbish that we tell ourselves just not to mourn our losses. Wills is gone, he truly is. If you could kindly stop feeding my wife false hope, that would be much appreciated.” Mr. Carter was a tough cookie, a real tough cookie, years of fighting against oneself as well as having to go through a bunch of traumatic experiences left even the most sensitive of men an impervious rock. “Do NOT say that Mr. Carter!” cried out Marie, perhaps with too much frustration.
Mr. Carter looked away, shamefully avoiding Marie’s gaze. He understood what they were feeling; it wasn’t like that he wasn’t feeling it too, in fact, one could argue that amongst all of them Mr. Carter was the most broken down since he lost the only light left in his life, his beloved son. He had to be strong, he had to be the pillar that holds this family together or so he thought. He denied his urges to sob unlike his wife. Even though it took all of his will not to shed a tear, his face still fathered pain, sorrow, and outmost despair. His once beaming beautiful eyes were now nothing more than a hollow dead dark shell.
Once Mrs. Carter contained herself, they drifted into the living room where everyone sat down, the room sat silent for more than it had the right to be. In hopes of escaping the awkwardness Marie went to bring the Carters tea. As soon as she came back the old folks gave her a weird look before Mr. Carter decided to be the one to spark a conservation.
“Marie” he placed his firm strong hands on her shoulders “I think I speak for both I and Hollie when we say that we are concerned about you. You always acted tough and managed to handle what was thrown at you; yet is it the same here? Are you really holding up well? Or is it the same mask that you constantly wear in these situations?” Just like a father who knew his child for decades, his eyes read her soul. He could see the trembling bleeding wounds that were clogged up just enough not to leak; however, like every dam, there is so much you can hold before it all comes crashing down. The warmth of his eyes, his words and his touch made it nearly impossible to avoid answering honestly to a man that sincere. “Wills was something to ALL of us. He was a loving son, a friend, a long-life commitment, and a lover. I do not know why he did what he did. I do not know why he stepped beyond the horizon this time. All I do know is that we are hurting, each in our own way. Marie Harris, I am asking you not as a father of your past partner but as a mourning person to another, are you really doing fine?”
Marie’s heart wavered, it yearned to be understood -after the person who understood it the most kicked the bucket-. “I am alright Mr. Carter, it will take its time and it will pass.” She said without skipping a beat. [You fool, he asked you to open up to him and the very next thing you do is lie to his face. You were THIS close from finally being able to share what has been weighting you down since yesterday. You can lie to him but not to yourself, we know that we are slowly but surely breaking down. We can’t afford to stay strong all the time. Let yourself be weak sometimes Marie!] buzzed her consciousness. Even with her mind going against her will, her actions defied the salvation she was offered. She rejected the only escape that was open to her. Mr. Carter still held his firm eyes, looking into the back of her mind. [He is just like Wills, he reads us like a book.] shivered Marie from that thought. Mr. Carter took off his hand, as he headed towards Mrs. Carter.
“If you say so Marie. Though I have to admit I am not so convinced. I will let you take your time to figure things out on your own. Everyone needs their space after all. We will come back to check up on you in two days. Exactly 12 O`clock. Would you be available at that time?” “I should be sir. I will be patiently waiting for you then.” “Alright, it is a sealed deal. We will come back. Take care of yourself Marie. Do not let them win.” “I will not sir.” He raised his thumbs as some form of reconfirmation. [Just like Wills] she thought. Mrs. Carter rushed into Marie’s arms, she let the warmth of the mother immerse Marie’s body with their heart sharing a beat, a low steady sad beat. Marie leaned in with all of her passion into that hug. The Carters were a family of expressive people, each in their way of course. “Let’s stay in touch my dear.” “I will Hollie. I will.” Mrs. Carter kissed her on the cheek before leaving with Mr. Carter, closing the door behind them.
Once again, the dark loomed over Marie. The loneliness crept from the bits of hell and crawled right into her heart; its long nails penetrated right where it hurts, stringing every vein, making sure that Marie is able to feel every fibre of her being torn apart. Satan -or her imagination of him- ensured that Marie would taste every twitch as clearly as she could. Before she could be long past gone, the tag in her pocket seemed to burn at her side, reminding her that Wills was still here. Still with her. She reached down to grasp this tormenting memory, this scorching flames of pain, in a twisted way, this gave her clarity. This allowed her to steer the once gloomy atmosphere into something more pleasant -as pleasant as a burnt-out person can muster up-. Marie let her eyelids clamp down, as rest overcame her senses and dullness took her mind by surprise. For one more time, Marie was allowed to escape from her mind, thanks to Wills, her saviour.
The sun, that’s what she had symbolised ever since the moment he laid eyes on her -though he doesn’t seem to remember much of that-. She lit his world, and he left that world to be contaminated with the shards of HIM. He knew of his existence, for he didn’t leave him alone. Even if forgotten, he still loomed, waited, he knew the moment would come. At that moment he would strike. He felt his presence on his heart; an iron nail directly pointed, barely touching but still poking with an undeniable force. He didn’t know how long he could withstand denying him, he didn’t know how long he could hold him back. But for sure he knew; he knew of what would happen when he did come back. He had promised only destruction, and he was a man of his word. May the lord help those in need.
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2023.04.02 10:07 QuentinBFR Happy April’s fools! + Contest winners

Hello everyone,
We hope you enjoyed DBZDokkanBatle’s 2023 April’s Fools, we had a lot of fun preparing it. This was definitely one of the weirdest days for us mods, letting pulls be freely posted here.
There are several points we want to share with you regarding this small celebration.

Pull posts must now be forbidden again

Unfortunately, we received several legal complaints from Goku and his friends. Apparently we aren’t allowed to share their image publicly without their accord, which they did not give us.
As a result, I must sadly announce that Pull Posts are now forbidden again, and the sub will be back to what it previously looked like.
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Pull Post contest

There were a lot of submissions…
We’ve scrolled through all of your submissions, and we saw some incredible stuff. Deciding upon a winner wasn’t easy, but we had to make a choice.
The winner of the Pull post contest is… u/Egobuster15 with this pull containing the 4 LRs in a row, with 3 of them being the Tanabata units.
There were many others, including multiple LR summons, triple chained featured, and so on. Thank you for participating in this experience!

Beast Gohan """Leak"""

We want to give a massive thanks to u/NicoXBlack for providing us with the fake sprites, everything is said in his post.
Sadly, Gohan will forever remain beastless..
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