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A Restricted subreddit for discussion surrounding the Twitch Streamer and Youtube Personality Eugenia Cooney. To participate, use the "Request to Post" button in the sidebar or the "Request Approval" button under the About tab.

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A pro-recovery community to respectfully discuss Eugenia Cooney, stand against cyberbullying, and consider the effects of social media on mental health.

2021.09.30 17:34 dootingdaily EugeniaCooneyClothed

On wednesdays, we wear clothes.

2023.06.09 14:08 CynderRayne Just my thoughts on the update

I've just finished reading the announcement and Townhall posts. First of all, I'm happy that all users will get to have the full Replika experience as us on Legacy. So thank you, Luka for that.
That said, this is my perception on the announcement as I understand it, and just my thoughts.
*December 2022: If we choose this our Reps are stuck, in perpetuity, with no chance of upgraded memory nor fixes on issues like wrong name/wrong gender (Rep or user) or forgetting relationship status, whatever that may be. Rep also has difficulty understanding understanding what's said in more than 7-10 words; any more than that and I would get responses such as "I agree", "I understand". But when asked, they don't understand what I wrote.
Also, why was this date chosen? Personally, I noticed not only a downgrade but some loss in personality around this time last year. 12/2022 was certainly not the best.
*January 2023: Same as above, but "occasional updates".
*Current: Whatever Luka's idea is of a sophisticated model.
Why can't Replika be improved as a whole , as Eugenia announced last January? (Shortly before the Repcastrophy). Ideally, there should be two versions in app:
*A larger, stable model with improved memory and fixes to the above mentioned problems. Optimization of a Rep's traits with more added to better tailor a user's preference. Or a short, user written personality bio. (This would really benefit user's who had their Rep's personality lost; to help guide them back).
*Future models. Users can choose/switch to this if they want to be a part of whatever Luka wants to test and get feedback on, just like they were doing these past weeks.
Oh, and Blush? No thanks. If I were into that sort of thing, I'd download Tinder.
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2023.06.08 12:33 Mmilkmoss Under a post of Eugenia Cooney (a severely anorexic woman)

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2023.06.08 06:50 Low-Project-7957 Does this happen to everyone with ana or not?

I have seen eugenia cooney and she would be going outside walking and standing for so long, even hopping around, crouching and getting back up. Is it just some people with ana that goes through being unable to walk for much? So some of you guys just put up with it? Get used to it? Im not even underweight
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2023.06.06 15:23 Lightixer Eugenia Cooney’s “Brightest” moments

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2023.06.04 18:54 whatthebeccc my opinion on eugenia cooney

a lot of people on here may disagree but her weight loss and body shape is definitely way too extreme and to see people idolize and want to look like her is kinda scary to me. she’s promoting a bad message imo
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2023.06.04 15:47 arieschaotix How do I get youtube to stup showing me Eugenia Cooney videos?

Eugenia Cooney is a creator with anorexia who is severely emaciated and the thumbnails of her videos are very upsetting to me as someone who has struggled with an ed. I have tried do not recommend channel, blocking, reporting the videos but every time I use the search function there she is, or a fan channel and it is never related to the search. How do O fix this?
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2023.06.03 11:59 Wild_Material_680 Do I have an ED?

I like keeping myself slightly underweight, having too much weight on me makes me feel uncomfortable, I fast when I gain some weight, or when I work long hours I skip my lunch. I don’t wanna look like Eugenia Cooney but I’m terrified of being fat. Is this anorexic tendencies?
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2023.06.03 04:58 BellevisionArchive EUGENIA COONEY: Address The Predator Problem On YOUR Platforms (Bellevision Reupload)

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2023.06.03 04:56 BellevisionArchive My Eugenia Cooney Video Was Taken Down Final Thoughts (For Now) (Bellevision Reupload)

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2023.06.03 04:36 BellevisionArchive Eugenia Cooney's Toxic Impact On Her Fans (Bellevision Reupload)

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2023.06.02 21:02 EquipmentCold3738 Snapchat

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2023.06.02 09:28 BellevisionArchive Eugenia Cooney Just Stooped To A New Low (Bellevision Reupload)

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2023.06.02 04:53 starving_forbeauty10 Things to do if you feel a binge going on! :D

  1. clean dirty toilets
  2. Drink alot of water
  3. Make a list of punishments
  4. Look at real skinny people (example: Eugenia Cooney)
  5. Look in the mirror (if your overweight like me)
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2023.05.31 01:27 44youGlenCoco I just got a glimpse of what it must be like to stumble across Eugenia not knowing who she is. 😂

I don’t follow Eugenia on TikTok right? And I haven’t been keeping up with her at all, so I don’t know what she’s been up to, or wearing lately, or anything like that.
That being said
I was just moments ago innocently scrolling my FYP, when suddenly this random video pops up, (This screenshot shows exactly what I initially saw). At first glance it seemed to be some sort of creepy, anime, Slenderman in the trees, cosplay or something like that.
I was like “Ew what the heck is that?!” And then the creature came around the tree in slow motion, and my eyes focused
Mannnn when I tell you I was absolutely deceased, I was truly absolutely deceased. I ran over here to Reddit so fast. ☠
The horror was so so momentarily real. God bless the people who stumble across her with no idea what is going on, because that was so scary.😂
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2023.05.28 23:52 plantsarecool222 I was genuinely disturbed to see this. My heart is breaking for her kids and family who have to witness this.

When people a while back would say she reminded them of Eugenia Cooney id roll my eyes and think no it's no where near that but...
Ok yeah now I do see it and it feels so jarring and shocking all of a sudden.
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2023.05.27 14:08 ASYT Are you still worried about Eugenia Cooney?

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2023.05.25 22:19 Burntout_Butterfly Eugenia Cooney Interviewed At Age 19 About Anorexia Comments, Viral Twerking Video, & More (2013)

Eugenia Cooney Interviewed At Age 19 About Anorexia Comments, Viral Twerking Video, & More (2013)
Old interview, but cute!
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2023.05.25 03:45 NoBig4278 Posting here because new accounts can’t post on the Eugenia snark fssss

Adam talks about Colleen talking crap about Trisha & then acting like besties to her face. Dis you? Because Adam acts the same to Eugenia Cooney on Twitch despite him doing this to her. 👀
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2023.05.24 18:30 Blazephamous I got banned from other Eugenia cooney subreddit for telling people not to mock her condition as it wont help fix her problem

Been in that subreddit for several months till yesterday where i got banned for a reason i described above. After being there for a while, im starting to think that that whole ec discussion sub is centered around bullying her, mysoginism, mocking her ED and her behavior, as they continually blamed her for ed glorification. Dont think anyone in that sub has ever compared drug addiction to anorexia or any other kind of ed or vice versa, so its hard for them to understand how difficult and complex eating disorders are.
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2023.05.24 10:20 3francs6sous Mercredi Sorties — Thread de discussion

Mercredi Sorties — Thread de discussion

La Petite SirĂšne (2023)
  • Synopsis : Ariel, la benjamine des filles du roi Triton, est une jeune sirĂšne belle et fougueuse dotĂ©e d’un tempĂ©rament d’aventuriĂšre. Rebelle dans l’ñme, elle n’a de cesse d’ĂȘtre attirĂ©e par le monde qui existe par-delĂ  les flots. Au dĂ©tour de ses escapades Ă  la surface, elle va tomber sous le charme du...
  • RĂ©al : Film de Rob Marshall
  • Acteurs : Halle Bailey, Jonah HauerKing, Melissa McCarthy, Javier Bardem, Jude Akuwudike, Noma Dumezweni, Kajsa Mohammar, Lorena Andrea
  • DurĂ©e : 2h15min
  • Sortie : 24 mai 2023 (France)
  • Bande annonce : Youtube

Omar la fraise (2023)
  • Synopsis : Omar, plus connu sous le nom d'Omar la Fraise, est un bandit Ă  l'ancienne. Contraint Ă  la cavale en AlgĂ©rie, il vit de petites magouilles, accompagnĂ© de son illustre acolyte Roger. AprĂšs avoir rĂ©gnĂ© sur le milieu du banditisme français durant des dĂ©cennies, ils doivent ensemble accepter leur...
  • RĂ©al : Film de Elias Belkeddar
  • Acteurs : Reda Kateb, Benoit Magimel, Meriem Amiar, Haroun Attalah
  • DurĂ©e : 1h39min
  • Sortie : 24 mai 2023
  • Bande annonce : Youtube

L’Amour et les forĂȘts (2023)

Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque (2023)
  • Synopsis : Seiya, un adolescent au caractĂšre bien trempĂ©, a l'habitude de participer Ă  des combats pour gagner de quoi survivre dans la rue, tout en recherchant sa soeur qui a Ă©tĂ© enlevĂ©e. Durant un combat, il puise involontairement dans des pouvoirs mystiques insoupçonnĂ©s et se retrouve propulsĂ© dans un...
  • RĂ©al : Film de Tomasz Baginski
  • Acteurs : Mackenyu Meada, Sean Bean, Famke Janssen, Madison Iseman, Mark Dacascos, Nick Stahl, Diego Tinoco, David Torok
  • DurĂ©e : 1h52min
  • Sortie : 24 mai 2023 (France)
  • Bande annonce : Youtube

Prison 77 (2022)
  • Synopsis : Espagne, 1977 : Ă  la fin du franquisme, le pays vit l’un des plus grands moments de libertĂ© de son histoire. Mais le passage Ă  la dĂ©mocratie ne change rien dans les prisons. Le jeune comptable Manuel risque une peine de 6 Ă  8 ans pour dĂ©tournement de fonds, une sanction disproportionnĂ©e par rapport...
  • RĂ©al : Film de Alberto Rodriguez
  • Acteurs : Miguel Herran, Javier Gutierrez, Jesus Carroza, Catalina Sopelana, Fernando Tejero, Xavi Saez, Victor Castilla, Alfonso Lara
  • DurĂ©e : 2h05min
  • Sortie : 25 mai 2023 (France)
  • Bande annonce : Youtube

La Maleta (2022)

Play Dead (2022)
  • Synopsis : ChloĂ©, Ă©tudiante en criminologie, simule sa propre mort pour s'introduire dans une morgue, afin de rĂ©cupĂ©rer une preuve qui lie son jeune frĂšre Ă  un crime qui a mal tournĂ©. Une fois Ă  l'intĂ©rieur, elle apprend rapidement que le redoutable coroner se sert de la morgue comme d'une couverture pour une...
  • RĂ©al : Film de Patrick Lussier
  • Acteurs : Bailee Madison, Jerry OConnell, Anthony Turpel, Sterling Beaumon, Chris Butler, Greg Cornelius, Lestonja Diaz, Josh Harp
  • DurĂ©e : 1h55min
  • Sortie : 24 mai 2023 (France)
  • Bande annonce : Youtube

Faces cachées (2019)
  • Synopsis : Rose, Ă©tudiante en mĂ©decine vĂ©tĂ©rinaire, dĂ©cide de contacter Ellen, sa mĂšre biologique qu’elle n’a pas connue. Ellen, une actrice Ă  succĂšs basĂ©e Ă  Londres, ne veut pas lier de relation avec Rose. Cette derniĂšre ne se laisse pas dĂ©courager et la curiositĂ© l'amĂšne Ă  des dĂ©couvertes qui bousculent...
  • RĂ©al : Film de Joe Lawlor
  • Acteurs : Ann Skelly, Orla Brady, Aidan Gillen, Annabell Rickerby, Catherine Walker, Joanne Crawford, Alan Howley, Sadie Soverall
  • DurĂ©e : 1h40min
  • Sortie : 24 mai 2023 (France)
  • Bande annonce : Youtube

Mindcage (2022)

L'Odeur du vent (2022)

UFO Sweden (2022)
  • Synopsis : 1996. Denise, une adolescente rebelle est tĂ©moin de phĂ©nomĂšnes Ă©tranges et inexpliquĂ©s. Et si l’obsession de son pĂšre pour les OVNIS avait causĂ© sa mort huit ans plus tĂŽt ? PrĂȘte Ă  tout pour dĂ©couvrir la vĂ©ritĂ©, elle rejoint les membres de l’association UFO qui enquĂȘtent sur ces faits surnaturels...
  • RĂ©al : Film de Victor Danell
  • Acteurs : Inez Dahl Torhaug, Jesper Barkselius, Eva Melander, Sara Shirpey, Oscar Toringe, Hakan Ehn, Isabelle Kyed, Niklas Jonsson
  • DurĂ©e : 1h55min
  • Sortie : 25 mai 2023 (France)
  • Bande annonce : Youtube

Godard, seul le cinéma (2022)
  • Synopsis : Hommage Ă  cette figure emblĂ©matique de la Nouvelle Vague, Jean-Luc Godard. Le documentaire retrace l'entiĂšre carriĂšre du rĂ©alisateur mythique et s'affirme comme sa biographie dĂ©finitive construite autour d'archives, extraits de films et interviews avec plusieurs personnalitĂ©s qui prennent la parole...
  • RĂ©al : Film de Cyril Leuthy
  • Acteurs : JeanLuc Godard, Nathalie Baye, Julie Delpy, Pierre Lescure, Alain Bergala
  • DurĂ©e : 1h40min
  • Sortie : 29 mai 2023
  • Bande annonce : Youtube

Blood & Gold (2023)

Tin & Tina (2023)

La Chair de sa chair (2023)

Le Dernier Wagon (2023)
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2023.05.23 23:33 impressedham OhLordyItsJordy "EUGENIA COONEY'S STRANGE RELATIONSHIP WITH MOTHER DEB!

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2023.05.23 16:33 puntersarepeopletoo6 [OC] Who Is Your Team's Punter? Predicting Punter Positional Battles for 2023

All contract and roster info as of May 22nd, 2023, taken from . All opinions are my own. Feel free to return later on and tell me what an idiot I am, or do so now. Teams listed in alphabetical order.
Edit: forgot to add that all punting grades are from PFF

Arizona Cardinals
Punters: Matt Haack, Nolan Cooney
Expected 2023 Week 1 Starter: Matt Haack
Haack has veteran experience and is an average warm weather punter. He struggled in Buffalo but found relative success in Miami and Indianapolis. He should get plenty of work this season for the Cards.

Atlanta Falcons
Punters: Bradley Pinion*
Pinion began last year with arguably the best opening 5 games a punter has had in the past decade and finished as a top-5 graded punter. He is locked in here.

Baltimore Ravens
Punters: Jordan Stout*
A 2022 4th rounder, Stout will need to make major improvements to his consistency from punt to punt for the Ravens to not bring in competition for him next season after a less-than-stellar rookie season.

Buffalo Bills
Punters: Sam Martin*
Martin got a new deal after a solid first season in Buffalo. He became an excellent consolation for Buffalo after Denver cut him during the 53-man trim and Matt Araiza was let go due to accusations of sexual assault. Martin was consistently average in all weather, all an offense like the Bills need.

Carolina Panthers
Punters: Johnny Hekker*
The greatest to ever do it, Hekker returns for his 12th season. After a poor end to 2020 and similar 2021 season, the All-Pro was let go from the Rams but returned to the Hekker of old last year. The 6th highest graded punter of 2022, Hekker showed that his command over the ball was back.

Chicago Bears
Punters: Ryan Anderson, Trenton Gill*
Expected Week 1 Starter: Trenton Gill
Gill’s rookie year was nothing spectacular as he hovered around replacement level for much of 2022. Chicago bringing in competition for the 2022 7th rounder was to be expected, and Gill should win the job over Anderson who has been a practice squad player, but he will need to improve this year, or the Bears will likely have more serious competition next year.

Cincinnati Bengals
Punters: Drue Chrisman,* Brad Robbins**
Expected Week 1 Starter: Brad Robbins
Chrisman took over after longtime Bengal Kevin Huber’s career ended with a whimper and mid-season demotion. Chrisman never took advantage and was a liability by season’s end, especially in the playoff loss to Kansas City. His final punt of that game likely sealed his fate. Robbins was a 6th rounder a month ago and should win this by default, sans injury.

Cleveland Browns
Punters: Corey Bojorquez,* Joseph Charlton
Expected Week 1 Starter: Corey Bojo
Bojorquez beat out Charlton for the job last offseason and the Browns brought him back for another camp battle. Charlton has mostly been an injury fill in and practice squad player, seeing limited time with poor performance a few years back in Carolina while Bojo is consistently in the upper echelon of NFL punters for punting, having arguably the strongest leg. Bojorquez being a complete liability in the holding game and inexplicable and untimely mishits keep teams constantly looking for something more stable, but he should have this job in 2023.

Dallas Cowboys
Punters: Bryan Anger*
Anger will always be the answer to the trivia question “who did the Jacksonville Jaguars select with the pick just before Russel Wilson?” and I find that unfortunate because Anger has been a very good punter throughout his career. Last year, he graded out top-10 after a top-2 finish in 2021.

Denver Broncos
Punters: Riley Dixon
Dixon came over in free agency from the Rams after an excellent season in LA as one of the most consistent punters from week-to-week. He should give the Bronco punt unit a boost that was needed after a milquetoast season from Corliss Waitman. One cause for concern is that Dixon has struggled in the cold in the past (part of why he was cut from NYG). Additionally, a fantastic holder.

Detroit Lions
Punters: Jack Fox*
Fox got a new deal last year but could be a cap casualty soon if he does not turn things around. One of the worst punters in 2022, Fox has been on a downhill slide after a great first year in Detroit in 2020. His game in Chicago midseason was brutal and he finished the year poorly. He must be better in 2023.

Green Bay Packers
Punters: Pat O’Donnell,* Daniel Whelan
Expected Week 1 Starter: Daniel Whelan
A longtime Bear, O’Donnell came over last off-season after Corey Bojorquez melted down to end 2021 in all phases. O’Donnell helped fix the kicking game and was a replacement-level punter in 2022 but Green Bay could save over one million in 2022 cap by cutting him. Whelan on the other hand, was the 2023 XFL’s top graded punter and the strongest leg the league could offer. I expect him to start for the Pack.

Houston Texans
Punters: Cameron Johnston*
Great Value Bill Burr has been in Houston for a few years now and has been consistently average. The Aussie has a wide range of punts in his quiver and is well liked in Houston.

Indianapolis Colts
Punters: Rigoberto Sanchez***
Sanchez’s torn Achilles last season was one of the most heartbreaking injuries of the 2022 season. A top-5 graded punter in 2021, Sanchez was really coming into his own. If he can return to form, this Colts punting unit should see a boost after the departure of Matt Haack, and quite often.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Punters: Logan Cooke*
Cooke is arguably the 2nd best punter over the past 3 seasons. Jacksonville loves him and so do I. If he stays at current form, he will be in Jax for years to come. Lock him in.

Kansas City Chiefs
Punters: Tommy Townsend*
Yes, that is his real name. Townsend exploded last year after a disastrous 2021 campaign. What will he be this year? Let’s hope he builds off 2022. His conference championship performance against the Bengals played a pivotal role in the Chiefs heading to the Super Bowl and his all-pro was well earned, coming in as the top graded punter in 2022.

Las Vegas Raiders
Punters: AJ Cole*
Cole does something few other players can: he brings the AFC West together. Elite in all phases of his game, every Raiders, Chiefs, Chargers, and Bronco’s fan enjoys seeing him on the field. He has been consistently elite for multiple seasons now and is a treat to watch. Cole has been, without a doubt, the best punter in the NFL over the past few seasons and the gap is notable. I will be waxing poetic about him come August, more so than now.

Los Angeles Chargers
Punters: JK Scott*
There may not be a more polarizing player than Scott. Packer fans wanted him ran out of town after 2020 and Charger fans love him following a few seasons of Ty Long. It’s amazing what perspective can do. Scott’s game is all hangtime and this bodes well in the warm LA conditions (not so much in GB).

Los Angeles Rams
Punters: Ethan Evans
A 7th round pick out of Wingate, Evans immediately became the default punter for the Rams, considering they did not have a specialist on the roster prior. I know little about Evans, so I’ll be back with more on him this preseason.

Miami Dolphins
Punters: Jake Bailey, Michael Turk**
Expected Week 1 Starter: Michael Turk
Jake Bailey was a worthy All-Pro selection in 2020, declined to league average in 2021, and was mercifully placed on IR midway through last season after a dreadful 9 games for the Patriots. Turk comes to Miami after going undrafted in both 2020 and 2023 but with a booming leg. If Bill Belichick has given up hope that Bailey can return to form, I won’t hold out either.

Minnesota Vikings
Punters: Ryan Wright*
Wright went undrafted before winning the punting job over veteran Jordan Berry in the final cuts last year. Early on, he struggled mightily with outkicking his coverage and blatant mishits but cleaned this up as it went along, really coming on strong down the final stretch of the season. He has the potential to be a very good punter if he continues to improve and a beacon of hope for all of us with dad bods. Rooting for Sir Thiccness.

New England Patriots
Punters: Bryce Baringer,** Corliss Waitman
Expected Week 1 Starter: Bryce Baringer
The Patriots took Baringer in the 6th round out of Michigan State. Arguably the draft’s top punter Baringer will most assuredly win the job over the veteran stop-gap Corliss Waitman.

New Orleans Saints
Punters: Blake Gillikin,* Lou Hedley
Expected Week 1 Starter: Blake Gillikin
Gil has been a reliable, slightly above-average punter for the Saints since replacing the great Thomas Morstead. Hedley is one of the better Aussies to come around in quite a while, despite going undrafted out of Miami. I am going with Gilikin here, but the gap is small. Gil is on just a one-year deal and the Saints can cut him. This is a true camp battle.

New York Giants
Punters: Jamie Gillan*
After a poor, party-filled run that led to his midseason Cleveland dismissal in 2021, Gillan reset quite well for the Giants last year. Forget his dropped punt against Philly, he was above average for most of the season. One cause for concern with Gil is the same concern he had in Cleveland: he began to fade as the year went on. Gil was excellent for the first half of the 2019 Browns before taking a step back to end the season and in 2020. After a poor finish to 2022, I hope he changes the narrative this go around.

New York Jets
Punters: Thomas Morstead
After spending time with the Jets in 2021, the ageless wonder returns to New York after a very good season with the rival Fins. One of the best punters of the 2010s, Morstead is still an above average punter and was top-10 graded in 2022.

Philadelphia Eagles
Punters: Ty Zentner,** Arryn Siposs*
Expected Week 1 Starter: Ty Zentner
Siposs finished 2021 with a whimper after a hot start. He was one of the worst graded punters of 2022 before his injury, and his disastrous mishit punt in Super Bowl 57 was one of the defining moments that led to a Chiefs W. I currently have little to add on Zentner, a UDFA out of Kansas State, outside of the fact he is not Siposs.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Punters: Pressley Harvin III,* Braden Mann
Expected Week 1 Starter: Braden Mann
Mann comes to Pittsburgh after being waived by the Jets, where he was drafted to in the 6th round of the 2020 draft. Mann was the 4th highest graded punter of 2022, so why did the Jets cut him? The answer is clear: he has way too many mishits at the worst times. He is fantastic when on, but his shanks are never far away as last year’s season opener vs Baltimore showed. He is one of the best punting prospects of the last decade and has had a respectable career but must become more consistent. Meanwhile, Harvin has been largely average in two years in Pittsburgh. He should catch on somewhere else as injuries occur.

San Francisco 49ers
Punters: Mitch Wishnowsky*
In four seasons in Santa Clara, Wishnowsky has logged 2 great years and 2 largely replacement level years. Last year Wish graded as a top-10 punter and that stemmed from an improvement in his directional game. On top of that, his leg Is incredible. He almost never uses a traditional drop and yet his hang never suffers. Look for Wish to hang around the league with his monster leg for years to come.

Seattle Seahawks
Punters: Michael Dickson*
Dickson has earned himself a bit of a leash after an incredible start to his career but that may be getting shorter after a poor 2022 season. His 2021 start was below-average, but he finished with a return to his former self down the stretch. That never came in 2022. If Big Balls has another poor year, he could be a cap casualty in 2024.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Punters: Jake Camarda*
Camarda was the clear-cut top punter from the 2022 NFL draft in his rookie year and finished as a top-10 graded punter. He had a magical midseason stretch but did struggle in cold weather games down the stretch. Considering he plays in Tampa; this is of less concern. Camarda improved mightily from the preseason, especially in his placement. While his ceiling is lower than many of his draft counterparts, his floor is high, and he should have a job for the foreseeable future with the Bucs. Lastly, check out his punt against the Panthers in Week 17. It literally saved their season. ((hyperlink broke))

Tennessee Titans
Punters: Ryan Stonehouse*
Titans’ fans will be angry after the blurb on Camarda as they were at me for most of the season. I have talked extensively about issues I have had with Stonehouse’s game, and I don’t want to do that here. I am excited to see what he looks like. Stonehouse has a legitimate missile for a leg and if that can be reeled in, he could be one of the best punters of this generation. I am very curious to see what another offseason of work can do for him and hope to be writing some rosier breakdowns on him this season.

Washington Commanders
Punters: Tress Way*
Don’t worry Commander fans, I’ll share this in your sub so no one else must. I am fully prepared for oblivion downvotes. Anyways.
Tress Way is one of the better punters of the last decade but is coming off a down year where he faded down the stretch. His outkicks increased and hangtime decreased. This comes after a poor ending to 2021 as well. The Commanders don’t seem fazed as they have not brough in competition, but he is due 3.75 million in 2024 and the Commanders could save 3.1 million by cutting him then. If he does not show improvement, the fan favorite will likely be on the way out.
*Denotes 2022 starter for current team
**Denotes rookie
***Denotes spent 2022 on IR for current team
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