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2023.03.28 19:48 SnowyL0L Samsung S23+

I've been wanting to buy a new phone for about a year now but with cricket changing it so you need to know the imei number I've been hesitant to buy a new phone. And with the Samsung s23s being out I really want to upgrade but everywhere I look to buy one they say I won't know the imei number until after I purchase the phone. So I am curious if I buy a Samsung galaxy s23+ brand new unlocked phone from Samsung or anywhere brand new unlocked will it work? Without even knowing the imei number?
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2023.03.28 19:46 shukii89 Bought a Samsung Evo 870 2TB SSD for the extra slot in my gaming PC. I intend to use it only for installing games, and my music production programs/plugins. Now it's asking for MBR or GPT partition?

Luckily my 5yo gaming PC had an extra slot that allowed me to simply plug in an extra ssd without any cables or brackets. I bought a Samsung Evo 870 2TB SSD that I intend on using solely for installing games and music production software and plugins. So I don't intend on cloning my already existing 256GB SSD that came built in with the PC, which serves as my main drive and contains Windows. Other than that I also have an extra 1TB HDD for simple file storage and such.
So I just plugged in my SSD and nothing showed up. A quick Google search showed me I had to go storage management and assign the drive a letter so that my pc would recognise it. While trying to do that I get a pop up asking me to partition the drive first. I have the option to select MBR or GPT. Neither mean anything to me and I wonder if it'll make much difference for what I intend to use this drive for. I'm not even sure if I should even make a partition for this and I'm not sure how many partitions I should make at all.
I'm just a total noob who saw an opportunity to add an extra drive solely for music production and games for faster loading times. Can someone please help me? Preferably in laments terms as well lol. Thanks a bunch!
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2023.03.28 19:45 CrimsonRubicon 2023 3.0 MT pricing help.

Hey folks! I'm in the market for a new 3.0 MT and was hoping for some help regarding pricing specifically all the dealership add ons I can look out for. Any information/anecdotes would be really helpful.
For some context, I'm in North Carolina and am relatively new to buying cars. The dealerships around me are "supposedly" selling at MSRP. The quote for the 3.0 MT I got has the following:
- Vehicle cost - $53,000
- Total Installed Packages (ToyoGuard ($699) and a phone cable charge package ($73) - $772
- Delivery Processing and Handling - $1095
Total - $54,867
The figure above is what they call the 'spec sheet' whereas on the 'Purchase Order' they tack on a bunch of other expenses.
- User Fee (I was told that this is another term for sales tax) - $1666
- Registration fee - $110
- Admin/Processing Fee (this is the dealership's own fees) - $698
After adding all of the above, the final price comes to $57,342. My question is, do any of the above look out of place (except for the phone cable charge package)? I'm not in a tearing hurry, but am keen to put down the $1k deposit needed to get in line for the Supra.
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2023.03.28 19:41 SuperDoo7 Can't Find Camera Access in Privacy Settings on Galaxy A73

I just bought a Galaxy A73 and in the privacy settings screen, I can only find the microphone access option but can't find the camera access option (screenshot attached). Did Samsung remove this feature on the A73? It doesn't make sense to remove the cam access and keep the mic access, as the mic is used much more than the cam in calls!
Can someone help me on where I can find this option?
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2023.03.28 19:40 ItsRogueRen Lapdocks with real trackpads??

I bought a NexDock 360 wired a while back to use with my Steam Deck's desktop mode. While this does use more cables and doesn't charge the Deck, I was almost happy with it!
The NexDock's trackpad is ABYSMAL to use on anything with an actual PC OS like Linux or Windows, given how it isn't actually a trackpad. Its just a mouse to the OS, all the gestures are actually keyboard shortcuts, and if you want to do something like shift+click to select multiple items the trackpad is completely disables while you press any keys. This is a horrible experience on anything but Android.
Is there either A) a custom firmware that can fix these issues or B) another brand that doesn't do this and has an actual, real trackpad?
I'm not expecting Apple Macbook levels of trackpads, just something that is actually a trackpad and not a mouse pretending to be a trackpad.
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2023.03.28 19:37 EfficiencyLive7763 Samsung Chromebook 4 Batteries Dieing

I work in an environment with about 1000 Samsung Chromebook 4 units. Users are coming in every day w/ the same issue:
Replacing the battery is the only thing that works.
Is there something I am missing or is this sadly a flaw with the Samsung Chromebook 4.
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2023.03.28 19:33 Os-Mat Don't let your S23 Ultra die out

I recently upgraded from S8 and been loving the experience on this phone. feels like I have so much technological advancement to catch up to. since I got it, I've been using the phone down to the last 1% of battery before charging it again. Today I got careless and I let it die out completely which shut down the phone and resulted in a gray circle of death (when plugged in it doesn't show a percentage with a swirling blue circle, it just shows a bolt inside of a gray circle without charging).
Thankfully I tried turning it on again while plugging and unplugging and it worked itself out. Looked up the issue online and apparently it's an issue that's been consistently present in multiple generations of galaxy devices, from S7 to the S22U. not sure if it bears any significance or if it's an issue of defective units but I thought I'd warn against completely discharging the battery since it seems that's where the problem stems from
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2023.03.28 19:33 skipmeb samsung galaxy s5 kinda slow. should i use an older lineage version?

Hi. I just installed lineage 18.1 on an old samsung galaxy s5 (G900F), along with open GApps nano. setting it up, i've noticed it seems really sluggish and laggy. i can't set up a fingerprint, because it's too slow and seems to not register the input correctly. i really want this to work as my main device, but like that it's just really annoying.
is it worth it to install an older version of lineage, with an older android version? originally, the s5 only goes up to android 6, so i could see android 11 being just too much to handle.
alternatively, are there things i can do to make it faster?
thanks :)
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2023.03.28 19:31 Fearless_Goat_5410 I feel so lost! Where are the parts!

Hello everyone,
First time poster. Ive had an electric scoot for about 3 years now. Im pretty poor, I have no car, and although I have fun riding my scooter, I use it as my main mode of transportation (I live in a small city where this is possible). I use it almost every single day. I started with a Gotrax and although it was nice and got me to work every day, I needed something faster and more durable. So I really bawled out and bought a 1000 dollar vsett 8. 24mph, metal construction, nice shocks, this thing is perfect. Well, I put almost 1500 miles on it in a little over a year, and my back brake cable snapped. I've also had to replace the front tire, and I'm noticing the charge lasts for less time and Im getting less power from the motor. I just bought a new motor from AliExpress and I was going to get a new battery but they're almost as expensive as the scooter. I also bought a new brake cable, but i just got an email from Urban Machina telling me they dont have it in stock, their website was listed wrong.
The thing is, finding even those parts was so hard. I feel like I cant find any retailer of spare parts. It was hard enough to get the actual Vsett, let alone the spare tire. I had to buy three before i got the correct one. (By the way, i live in the US).
My question for you lovely community members is this: why is it so hard to find parts? Is there a secret I'm missing? This isnt the first time Ive buoght a part from an online store and they've emailed me later telling me its out of stock. Is there anything I can do to make getting parts easier?
My second question is for your opinion: should i be spending money on fixing my vsett8, or should I be saving my money for a more durable and slightly faster scoot that has more access to parts and doesnt break as easily? What durable and fast models do you like without geting close to 3k? Maybe the vsett is crap? Its held up well, but maybe there is better out there? Fyi, I ride in almost all weather and i need speed to keep up with traffic, otherwise they honk and dangerously pass me in oncoming traffic. Yes I've been hit before, but it was ultimately fine, and not my fault. I typically follow driving rules.
Anyway TLDR: i need help understanding where I can get parts and if there's a better scooter than the vsett 8 for daily commutes without breaking the bank.
Many thanks for your time!!
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2023.03.28 19:29 Roymus99 XR Elite impressions, verdict

I currently have the XR Elite, Quest Pro, Quest 2, and HP Reverb G2 sharing my VR space (I've also owned and disposed of the original Vive, Rift, Rift S, and Samsung Odyssey). Like many of you, I was really looking forward to the XR Elite, and while it's actually not bad...unfortunately it's going back in favor of the Qpro, although I can see a possible return engagement sometime in the future. Here's my summary:
It's really a very nice headset, very light and comfortable, a great form factobuild and (so far as I can tell) premium materials. It's definitely more comfortable than my QPro, although the QPro isn't bad. I really like the Elite's ability to transform from a traditional headset with battery to the "glasses" form. Controllers are ok but a bit plasticky, I have my doubts that they'd survive multiple drops.
The pancake lenses appear to be slightly smaller than the QPro, with a markedly lower FOV (you can also increase the QPro's FOV pretty substantially using the adjustment wheel and by reseating the headset on your face). The diopter works ok for the most can set it one lens at a time (the software blacks out the lens you're not setting, much like the optometrist's machine). I had to fiddle with it some after setting each eye to get a sharp image, but it does work. Note the diopters can't correct'd still need a prescription lens for that, but for me the diopters suit.
Initial setup was relatively straightforward. There isn't much in the way of stand-alone games to play, but I was quickly able to test PCVR with my Oculus Link USB3 cable, which works well with the Elite. Hook it up and the Steam VR dashboard will automatically be shown.
Lens resolution and flare/artifacts were really an issue for me. The image is clear enough, but there seems to be a lot of glare, and colors aren't as deep and rich as they are on the QPro. I'm not sure about the actual physical PPD differences between the QPro and XR, but the QPro's clarity and color depth were definitely superior IMO. FOV isn't bad, but the drop-off as compared to the QPro is really noticeable...I really thought that the Elite would be better in that respect due to not needing glasses or inserts.
Probably my biggest con though would be the built-in HTC software and just feels rough and unfinished. Basic functionality is all there and the Vive store looks a lot like Meta's (no surprise), but the layout, UI, and color all look a bit amateurish. There's lots of room for improvement, and I suspect HTC as well as third-party devs will address these shortcomings quickly. Also, try as I might I just couldn't get the wireless streaming to work right...I set up the streaming software on my PC and it says all is well, but the headset refuses to list the PC as available to connect. I have a new Netgear 6e router, that might be the issue (although the QPro has no issue with AirLink). I've also noticed it's not intuitive how to do simple things like quit a running game, reset the view, etc. Finally, there's just too many options to fine-tune your experience in the Meta world (Oculus PC app, OTT, ODT, etc.)...certainly these features could be implemented for the Elite also, but it'll take some time.
I think HTC has a potential winner here, but the release feels rushed (perhaps to compete with QPro). The hardware itself is something they can definitely build on...the comfort and hybrid capabilities are definitely a key selling point over the QPro...but other than that, for me the QPro still has a distinct edge for the same price. I'm hoping for an XR Elite Pro 2 or some such maybe later this year in time for the holidays...may revisit it then.
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2023.03.28 19:24 GreenieTGO Kirby Theory [UPDATED]

Are the Ancients part of Magolor’s heritage?
Let’s start with his name alone.
~ VS Hyness (The Ultimate Choice, Phase 2), Kirby Star Allies
~ VS Corrupted Hyness (Phase 2), Kirby Star Allies
Next is the Lore Starcutter:
~ VS Lor EX & Magolor, Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland
His past is unknown, but his knowledge of the universe’s treasures isn’t something to ignore.
~ Magolor, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe, and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland
Now before you lash out on me, I don’t think he’s part of the Jambastian clan. There are two sets of Ancients after all. I think he’s part of the Technology Clan, rather than the Magic Clan that we all know and love.
~ Vs Landia EX, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe, and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland
Void Termina did use the Master Crown, but its energy is in the form of a rainbow, meaning that it’s part of its memory. Backing up that evidence, Dark Matter himself used the Rainbow sword that he was defeated by– which was also casted by a rainbow, and when Void Termina had enough of Kirby’s resistance, the Body of it did indeed disappear, so we can assume that it’s simply a calculated coincidence.
~Long Dead MiiVerse Post referencing by a post from Kumasaki himself, 12/06/2016 3:27pm
I think what happened to Magolor was two things:
Part of his dialogue in Magolor’s Epilogue regards that once his powers are maxed out, he’s afraid of furthering his power even further… It may be due to the fact that he lost control of himself last time.
That probably means that he’s not used to wielding magic. On top of this, the fact that he does wield magic excites him. His dialogue, while silly and occasionally childish and mischievous, also gives his character as an excited scientist discovering new things. If he was part of the Magic clan, that means that this would be a la-de-bla to him.
~ Magolor, Magolor’s Epilogue, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe
A set of his magical powers during his cutscenes also has gears faintly in the background. This could be brushed off as him needing gears for the Lor Starcutter, but even so, it means his knowledge of technology is no small feat.
Slightly unrelated– there is something that caught my eye.
~ Magolor, Magolor’s Epilogue, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe
Who is he talking about? There are 3 scenarios, one that’s plausible, one that can be immediately thrown away, but still needs to be addressed, and one that’s a tossup.
~ VS Susie 2.0, Planet Robobot.
~ Vs. Holo Doomers, Planet Robobot
~ Vs. Holo Doomers 2.0, Planet Robobot.
~ Hyness, Kirby Star Allies
~ Conversation in The Official Kirby Twitter, 9:01 November 15th, 2018.
~ Conversation in The Official Kirby Twitter, 9:00 PM November 28th 2018
~ Magolor, Magolor’s Epilogue, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe
In short, I probably have no idea what I’m talking about, and Magolor’s backstory is very interesting and left ambiguous. While many of them are facts, some are just speculation and thoughts living rent free in my mind. Be kind, and remember it’s just a theory.
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2023.03.28 19:23 calmkelp 90% Work / 10% Gaming Wireless palm grip mouse recommendation, Mac and PC?

Hi there,
I'm looking for some opinions on a new mouse.
My setup:
16" MacBook Pro M1 on a desk, connected to a big monitor and a USB Hub and switch. Happy Hacker Keyboard connected via USB-C. I spend about 80 - 90% of my time here doing work, mostly software engineering, some web design, a tiny bit of 3D modeling for fun.
Custom built gaming PC running Windows 11, very occasional WoW (keyboard for actions) and a few other RPG type games. No real FPS, and most other gaming is single player. And most of my PC gaming hours have been with an Xbox Elite controller anyway.

Hand measurements

My current mouse is a Razer Pro click. I use the 2.4Ghz USB-A dongle to connect it to my computers via an Anker USB-A hub, and a USB switch to swap between computers.
A few things that annoy me about it.
  1. The wireless connection drops out, hangs and sometimes I even have to pull the dongle to get it working again. This is highly annoying.
  2. The charging cable is some weird proprietary micro-USB. I find it annoying. Can we just get to all USB-C finally?
  3. It's not entirely comfortable, my right hand and arm is getting a bit fatigued from it.
I also have a Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed in the closet somewhere. I used to use it a lot. It was ok. But I found that Razer charging dock awkward to use. I'd much rather just plug in a cable.

I also had a Logitech G703 with the powerplay mat. It was ok, but I didn't love it. Got rid of it a while ago.
A long long time ago (2008/2009) I had a Steelseries Ikari Laser and loved it. But I went through 2 in quick succession because the buttons started sticking, and then moved on. Also not wireless.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.03.28 19:22 gueloreddit Best (recent) phones for custom roms?

Greetings! For years I was a fan of cheap phones I could root and install custom roms onto. Mostly due to heightened customization. In recent years i switched to the top Samsung Galaxy phones since they were offering high quality devices and a decent level of customization. Unfortunately i feel like they're falling behind on quality in their latest models and am once again looking for a high quality phone that I can root and upload custom roms out of the box. Please let me know which phones you use for this and why. I'm looking forward to your suggestions.
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2023.03.28 19:22 Smart-Wolverine77 I tried the S23 Ultra for 2 days. Sticking with my Note 9.

TL;DR: for someone on a budget with average smart-phone needs: the Note9 is still relevant.
Last week I took advantage of the Samsung's store offer to trade in my Note9. After the US $400+ trade-in, the out the door price was $1k (unlocked, 256gb). I did the full Samsung Switch data transfer and used the S23 Ultra as my sole phone for 2 days.
For context: I'm not a gamer / pro-photog / social media person. What I do use my phone for: Whatsapp, lots of non-pro photos, work-related communication / emails / Google Drive doc editing, journaling with SNote, Sketching/Painting w/ SPen, and a ton of Kindle / Audible.
My take:
If I had money to throw around, sure I'd spend that extra $1k on this awesome new phone w/o a second thought. But I'm on a tight budget. So I'm sticking with the Note9. It's been 3 days since I returned the S23. So far, no "returner's regret".
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2023.03.28 19:19 OppositeInstruction Depois de 5 anos, saí da Apple e fui para a Samsung.

É isso aí, vou escrever um monte de coisa aqui porque meu último post foi apagado por não ter texto suficiente hushasuhas.
Mas basicamente, é isso, estava desde 2017 usando iOS (iPhone 8 Plus, depois XR, depois 11 e até essa semana, o 12), e agora vendi o iPhone e comprei um Samsung Galaxy S22.
Confesso que ainda estou apanhando um pouco, mas acho que depois que acostumar, vai ser pika. Se você tem alguma dúvida ou pergunta, manda ae, bora conversar.
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2023.03.28 19:17 Joinedforthis1 Can't log in to with my Yubikey

I go to on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra or my S23 Ultra and it prompts Two-Factor Authentication after I enter the correct username and password. Then I insert the Yubikey 5C NFC into the USB-C port and when it lights up, tap it or hold it, and it takes me back to Google Chrome. Nothing happens. I set up two or three Yubikeys for my Apple ID/iCloud account a month ago. I guess I have to remove them from my Apple ID and cross that functionality off the list? Is there a way to change the Android phone or tablet settings to successfully authenticate logging in to
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2023.03.28 19:09 freebordumb92 How to recover data from phone with broken screen and/or control its screen on pc ?

Hello Reddit !
I'm currently travelling abroad and I broke the screen of my Samsung Galaxy A7. The screen has detached from the phone, only hanging by the chord. There is no image at all, and I think that it does not respond to the touch. But the phone itself is fine, it still vibrates from the notifications.
It's fairly complicated to get it repaired right now, as I'm away from any city and phone shop. And I can't use regular screen control softwares on pc because the USB debugging is not activated...
Is there a solution to control the screen on my pc (windows 10) without the USB debugging option? And is there an easy way to recover the latest data without having to authorize the access from my phone?
Thanks !
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2023.03.28 19:02 SwiftyLaw Replacement Samsung ICR18650 22P

Hi all, I'm looking to replace a battery pack of 7 18650 put in serie for my bosh vacuum cleaner.
The original cells are Samsung ICR 18650 22P, they are rated for 10A discharge and 2200mAh capacity.
Can I replace them with LG INR18650-MJ1 3400mAh - 10A ? So same discharge rate but bigger capacity.
Of course I would replace them all.
My question is especially regarding the different chemistry. The batteries needs replacement anyways and I thought that this way I could use my vacuum cleaner for a longer time before needing to recharge it. What I don't want is to cause a safety issues or to have to replace them sooner because this makes less charge cycli.
Thank you all for your input on this!
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2023.03.28 19:01 Muyullu Help me decide!! (tablets)

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a tablet, but I'm stuck between these two:
  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5"
    Specifications: 32Gb 3gb RAM Android 11 OS, Wifi (~135$)
  2. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd generation) 10.6"
    Specifications: 128Gb 4GB RAM MediaTek
    Helio G80 processor (~145$)
    I'm a student, so I'll be using it a lot for note-taking and drawing. I will definitely buy a pen for both tablets.
    Thanks for your help!
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2023.03.28 19:00 Muyullu Help me decide!! (tablets)

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a tablet, but I'm stuck between these two:
  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5"
    Specifications: 32Gb 3gb RAM Android 11 OS, Wifi (~135$)
  2. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd generation) 10.6"
    Specifications: 128Gb 4GB RAM MediaTek
    Helio G80 processor (~145$)
    I'm a student, so I'll be using it a lot for note-taking and drawing. I will definitely buy a pen for both tablets.
    Thanks for your help!
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2023.03.28 19:00 radakul Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro & Steam Deck

Happy to report the Steam Deck paired perfectly with my Galaxy Buds Pro, including the push & hold volume functionality.
Just another example of the Deck working "out of the box" with so many unexpected accessories that Valve couldn't have tested. What an awesome machine!
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2023.03.28 19:00 Legitimate_Gur_6491 HELP : Chrome on mobile

The address bar on top won't go into auto-hide, it stopped working last night for no reason. I don't have any accessibility settings turned on. I'm using a Samsung galaxy A52. Would really appreciate help. Thanks
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