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Girls cool enough that someone made a gif out of them! These gif girls are fun to watch because they are doing something physically challenging, artistic, or just plain cute.

2023.06.08 18:50 StrangeEnvoy vid february 2023 sigmond nubile belle megnut katie viral sex camera cute media gorgeous premium gifs goth teens ex blue eyes

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2023.06.08 18:46 Negative-Parfait-770 never forget that guy who thought it would be a good idea to breed harpies as an air force

never forget that guy who thought it would be a good idea to breed harpies as an air force
what could possibly go wrong
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2023.06.08 18:31 Treenutqween New job burnout blues

Tl;dr: I’m burned out and a three week break from working was not enough. The family is great and all but I’m praying after my first week things settle down and they don’t feel the need to be around to “help”. I want to quit (in favor of idk what, a more consistent gig I guess?) bc burnout but feel guilty even thinking that bc they wanted an extra month for me to start. I’m going to stick it out but the idea is daunting and I’m already exhausted after only 2 days. I also think I’d feel this way at any job but maybe just a little less with parents who exclusively work outside the home. I just needed to vent and let it out somewhere.
I started a new job which is part time which is amazing for my brain. I’ve been in burnout for nearly 2 years and recovery is hard and feels impossible.
The parents are great and the baby is lovely and cute as a button - well she naps terribly which makes days feel long but generally she’s a happy baby so while I’m exhausted getting only 20-30 minute breaks it’s not so bad. But the dynamic is just weird. It probably just be because it’s my first day. I’m all for allowing parents to do whatever they need to feel comfortable leaving me with their baby so I’m not going to tell them no- but I despise WFH parents. Which I knew when I started the job so it’s on me for sure. And again it’s only my first week so I assume things will wind down and fall into a normal routine- but Monday I worked along side MB as like an orientation. Okay cool. Tuesday DB was around a lot, which again okay. Today I work around bedtime and MB was like “You guys [me and db] can do bedtime together” like 🤨 just tell me what to do and where things are and I got it. But again I want them to feel comfortable and confident so I feel like I just have to grin and bear it for the time being at least. Also their car, MB was like maybe DB can go with you to the library the first time, he did with the temp nanny incase she had issues with it. But I’ve driven many a car- two different kinds of hybrid Volvos, a mini van, an older volvo, my own Toyota and even a Tesla- so I’m not worried about having trouble driving a new vehicle. But I’m just praying this doesn’t go on longer than this week because I will lose it. The only reason I took the job was because DB assured me that we would work something out so he’s not around or in the way (his words not mine) so much, so I’m hopeful but idk I guess the first few days are always tough and I’m already burned out, just moved to a new state with my partner which is also new and I’m autistic and do not do well with change and as dramatic as it sounds my whole life has essential changed. It’s good things but change is change.
Yes I know if it gets to that point we will have a conversation. But I just needed to vent about it because I think about quitting a lot and feel guilty because I just started. They also waited for me an extra month past when they actually needed a nanny so I feel like I have to stick it out no matter what. And i know it’s mostly my burnout talking. I can’t afford to not work and a vacation won’t help- I was just off for three weeks and I’ve worked two days this week and I already feel tapped out. Dreaming of calling out but I just started so it’s not an option really. My schedule also changes. I have GH so I get paid the same regardless but some days it’s 8-5, some is 8-12 and some it’s 3-6. I’ve written it down in two calendars because I’m anxious about forgetting after a similar incident. And the inconsistency is hard for my brain because I can’t establish a routine for our days and the calendar is already something I struggle with. I get my schedule well in advance (I already know through august) so I won’t complain too much but it is tricky.
Anyways I just needed to let that out. I know it’ll be fine and I’m going to stick it out for a few months I guess and see how I feel and reevaluate if I do actually need something more consistent or if the wfh thing is not working for me. They’re very kind and told me if it’s not enough hours we can talk about reducing them so I can work on other things or another job. They’re really nice people and I do like them so I don’t want it to come off like I’m complaining about them. I’m just so burned out, everything feels like a crisis and working any amount at all feels like a prison sentence. Still wouldn’t trade this job for the world but it’s hard to feel passionate when I don’t feel much of anything at all besides exhaustion.
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2023.06.08 18:27 candymerry123 Okay but here me out wouldn’t this be so cute!!! (Sanrio babes listen closely)

Okay they recently made a kuromi build a bear and I recently ordered it but it would be so cute if they made a my melody one so if I had a girlfriend I’d literally buy her it and we can take cute pictures with them.
And have a cute photo shoot at the park but like a picnic photo shoot that would be so perfect.
Im a fan of Sanrio anything literally kuromi is my favorite :) buy it so you match hehe 🙈🩷🫧
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2023.06.08 18:13 AfxGak In case you missed it, try new Edge UI too. Looks nice on mac. Switched till Arc pay attention to browser performance

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2023.06.08 18:13 ItsDumi [SOUL STEALER] Chapter 17 - Trapped

Kita and Ari step out of the bookstore once the old bookkeeper turned his attention to his customers. She glares at the book in her hand as she scans a few of the pages trying to get an idea of the point of the book.
"I enjoyed that book," Ari chimes in.
"You've read it?" Kita asks as they both start walking to the stairway that leads back down to the city.
"Mhmm," The fox nods, "I really hope she gets her soul back,"
"What?" Kita stops in place, glaring at the book in her hand. "What do you mean?"
"Well, the bookkeeper only wrote the book because he met one of the old humans," The Fox says as it prances around Kita. "Apparently, she's doomed to spend eternity wandering aimlessly in hopes that she reunites with her soul,"
"Aimlessly," Kita murmurs under her breath, "Did she ever find it?"
"The book doesn't say," Ari responds. "I hope she does, though. They say she's saved more lives than any soldier or warrior in history!"
"Hmm," Kita grunts, "Is that so?"
"That's what the book says," Ari wags her tail. "But it reads like a myth,"
"The old humans are just a myth,"
"I don't think so," Ari disagrees. "I think there were great cities all around the world. With giant towers reaching to the skies,"
"Giant towers?" Kita chuckles, "Myth,"
"I saw it in a dream. It's possible! We know so little about them,"
"The land was once covered in vast shades of green," Kita adds, "Life was so abundant, it carpeted the floors of this world,"
"Ooh," Ari grunts, titling her snout and raising her tail. "How do you know?"
"I guess I saw it in a dream too," Kita sighs, clutching onto the faint images of her alternate memories.
At the bottom of the staircase, the pathway splits into two. A path to their left leads to the West of the city, and another to their right leads to the East. The bookkeeper suggested they try the Southeast district, which would be located on the other end of the city- Since she's committed to helping this fox find its home, she might as well see what it knows. What kind of creature knows how to read? Many people can't even do that.
This fox is very different from Rayn. She seems to be knowledgeable and quite the avid reader considering she befriended a bookkeeper. But Ari's range is astounding considering she also has the sociability and intelligence of a smart child- Who, at the same time, has no clue where she lives.
"This town has more knowledge about the old humans than any other,"
"You've been to all the others, then?" Kita jests.
"Almost," Ari levels, prompting a wide-eyed response from Kita.
"Starlet isn't my first owner," Ari responds, "I have been alive for thousands of rotations… Some days, I dream about the first one,"
"The first rotation?!" Kita uncontrollably blurts aloud. "So you're old-old,"
"Rude! I am a young, cute fox and that's all I will ever be," Ari scoffs adorably.
Kita chuckles as she places the book she'd acquired into her backpack. "So, You don't remember the old world? When you were a real fox,"
"I am a real fox,"
"I mean… A flesh one,"
Ari rolls her eyes, rotating her head more than her eyeballs, but still getting her frustration across. "Memories, no. Most of them occur to me in dreams,"
"How come?"
"I don't know. It's been so long since I was a flesh fox, the memories are likely to be fading,"
"You don't miss other foxes? Or that old world?"
"The last dream I had was of myself as a pup, running through the dirt and wrestling with my siblings… It was nice, not being the only one,"
"I uhh-" Kita bites her lip, tempted to share her dream with Ari but worried that she might find it stupid, or think it's a joke.
Screw it, she thinks to herself.
"I don't have any memories of my family," Kita releases with a heavy exhale. "I thought I saw my Mother before you showed up… But it was just a daydream or something,"
"Did it feel like you were there?"
"Yes. It was as if I was living in a different world and completely forgot I was ever here… but I got dragged back to this one somehow,"
"Those aren't 'dreams',"
"What?" Kita asks, reacting to a chill that passes through her body in response to Ari's blunt response.
"You know that book in your bag is about you, right?"
"Well, your description of it made me think so, but-"
"It is. In addition to saving more people than anyone else, you've also killed more than anyone else,"
"I came to you because I recognized your scent,"
"So we've met before. Is this for revenge or something?"
"No, not exactly. I used to have owners in the cities you've plundered,"
Kita directs her head to the ground as she feels shame arise in her heart. An unfamiliar response to the collateral damage she's caused is the last thing she considers when she does anything.
"The dreams you have are realities that your soul is trying to create. I've read everything there is about you, Kita. Many cities have records of your… antics." Ari's tail is stiff, and dragging along the floor as neither of them dares to look into one another's eyes. "You've killed two of my owners. So, I had to learn why someone would do such a thing,"
"Find what you were looking for?"
Ari shakes her head. "My first owner bought me at an auction. He had three other creatures cast to steel, just like me. He put each of us in a glass cabinet for permanent display on the outside of his home. We were simply collectables that he had acquired with his wealth. Remnants of the past that none of his rich comrades had. Bragging rights. I was trapped in that box for three hundred rotations. Every day was a claustrophobic suffering, and my dreams would taunt me with memories of running freely across the lands. I can remember how badly I wanted to die… to end the pain rather than stay trapped in a body that may never die, despite being caged for an eternity... Until, you came along and raided my owner's home. I never considered being inadvertently freed until you destroyed the glass of my cage to slice his throat and consume his soul before it escaped to death. You killed all of his colleagues too, and I thought a monster such as yourself was a necessary evil," Ari sighs, exhaling a deep breath of discomfort. "Then, there was my second owner. A man who treated me with love every day of my life. He was such a kind man, that he would place treats around the city, and let me search for them so that I could feel as though I was hunting again… And it worked. All he wanted was for me to feel happy, and as long as I would smile, he would smile. He taught me how to read, and how to speak just so that he could ask me how I am. The only reason I'm here today, and not with him is because of you, Kita. You killed him too,"
Kita feels the swelling of tears in her cheeks but manages to hold them at bay relatively easily. She knows she's a monster, she doesn't need to hear it from anyone else. She's not sad for the little runt… right? She is doing what she has to. That's all she's ever done, and she doesn't expect anyone to understand. That's her burden to bear.
And she will bear it.
"I was so mad at you. Not simply because you killed my owner. But because you had delivered me freedom, and then trapped me in a new suffering,"
"And you're still mad," Kita stammers.
"Yes," Ari stops and looks back up at Kita. "But now, I understand,"
Lies! Kita's mind protests. How could she possibly-
"You are still trapped,"
Read ahead on RoyalRoad [](
Kita's thoughts - Post Chapter 17
"I, uhh-,"
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2023.06.08 18:07 azsunlight AIGC generated gifs. cute cat and doge!!

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2023.06.08 17:27 Choi-Haruki-Haneul Something in my room

I just finished binge watching this and I love it, and I love the ending as well. Considering it was a ghost x living person story it could've gone way worse i think. I was looking for reviews to see what people thought about it and I came across a post on this subreddit from last year and saw that a lot of people hated the ending. I loved it and ngl i kinda expected this ending, but im satisfied with what we got. Only thing i didnt like was that there wasnt enough cute fluffy scenes.
But for me the important thing is in the end Phob and Phat got reunited and now they can be happy together, though he did suffer throughout the years, but personally if it ever happened to me i would find it worth cause at least id get to see my soulmate again. Though i did have questions about the alien thing and whatever happened to Dream and Luck, but it also terrified me a bit so idm leaving it at that HAHAHA. So i kinda made this to see if anyone has ever rewatched it and if their opinion got changed after. Im curious to see what everyone else thinks about this bl series. It didnt hit as hard as Miracle of Teddy Bear but it was still a pretty good, kinda slow burn ish romance.
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2023.06.08 17:00 Mommymilkieslover69- dot dot dot

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2023.06.08 16:57 CeceWishaw I made a cute bear! Instax inspired :) made it to a phone wallpaper 🌸

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2023.06.08 14:59 CuteBenji One at time boys 🫡

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2023.06.08 14:17 Lucifer21Rock Would you date Manako from Monster Musume?

Would you date Manako from Monster Musume?
So since we had a small argument in our Discord server, I thought it would be fun to make this poll here and see what you all guys think. Would you date a cute monoeye girl? Cause I know I would!
View Poll
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2023.06.08 12:34 CraftyySearch It was probably stoned outta of its fuckin mind it is Colorado

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2023.06.08 10:58 JazzyFusion Racism/Separation/Division in the community?

Why is there racism/separation/division in this community, when it comes to dating?
I was istening to some good ass R&B instrumentals (I guess technically this is more lo-fi hip-hop, vaporwave, video game background music, etc. and all those other incorrect made up genres, it's R&B/soul for people with musical education smh) from Sakura/Devin Morrison.
Then I got into my obligatory mood, to where I wish I had a man. I'm fed up being Black and gay and 32, Autistic, and single. I just wish I had a nice beaotter type guy. Like James Turner or DrGluon (they look alike so I used both) from the Sims community, (as I once a upon a time played the sims, until the community got toxic and I debate whether I should make more sims content etc. Anyways) and I feel I won't ever find love, or be happy.
The apps don't work. The meetup events don't work. I get rejected by guys here in Los Angeles area. So I'm just gonna resort to stunt pulling, as that's gonna make my situation worse, but damn it, it makes me feel better. I feel the only thing that might help is if I become a rich famous celebrity, as I noticed gay black celebrities don't ever have issues finding love, but that's farfetched/pipe dream/why would I use that example. Me and lightyears of other people have that same dream.
I just wanted to make this post, because I'm just angry and fed up, and I've tried my best not to hit send, and submit, but clearly I'm desperate, lonely, confused, and thus, I caved in, and here goes this post. There is so much division and racism in this community, when it comes to dating.
If you're Black and crush on white/non Black/interracial guys. The Black gay community will not recognize you as their brother, and consider you self hating/confused. Smh. The white gay/general community, will just reject you, and find you ugly. You can't win. You can't help what you're attracted to, and I thought love was supposed to be love. I look similar to Donald Glover, so I am Black. But I don't find Usher attractive, although he's cute and fine, but I just don't. I find Kevin James attractive though? Why am I being Hostel, Texas Chainsaw, The Shining, Exorcist, Jigsaw, punished for that shit? Fuck. Aww, damn Smh. I hate being single, and lonely. It's awful. Was listening to a "Gay Black Podcast" earlier tonight, that was recently upload, and it was nothing but racism that came out this fools mouth (a fellow Black gay guy etc.). Yet if I look at a White podcast, they don't even acknowledge we fucking exist. I plan on making more videos, as I'm just really fed the fuck up, and tired of this shit. I made this video when I was 25, and I'm 32 now, and nothing at all has changed.
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2023.06.08 10:02 Jaded-Yesterday2342 Preparing 4 Husband

(Sorry for my bad grammar in advance not a pro at typing 😅)Hi I’m (18)F and God brought me back to him in march so it’s been 3 months I have struggled here and there, but I just feel better than ever lately. I have a bit of a problem lately I been really seeking marriage so far as I have been watching videos about being a biblical wife, but the problem is that I like teddy bears and I like the color pink a lot and I also have a want to get my own place and I feel like when I get a husband my house won’t be able to be full pink 🥹. I was really seeking to get my own place and still am because I feel it will get me closer to the Lord. Like I’m also very childlike I still have a lot of maturing to go I also get very defensive when talking to men to the point where I avoid guys who show interest in me while (me) liking them at the same time. So what I’m trying to say is I find that I really want to be a cute wife that fulfills my biblical duties that God has ordained for me!
This is just a bit of a question/ thought I’m expressing since I can’t find questions or anything like I’m asking 😅
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2023.06.08 09:29 victortracer [M4A] I’m at work… but extremely horny 😳. Please catfish me, here’s what you gonna do to me

Hello there,
I know I am working and it means I won’t have a lot of free time but… I’m… I’m… horny 😳
So, here’s the idea, you’re gonna add me on sc, we’re gonna talk a bit, and then, you’re going to ask me to go to the toilet, if I give you a excuse to not to, start to force me, dom me, I will easily obey you. Then, once in the toilet, force me to jerk off fast for you ! Send me pics, vids, voice message, anything to not have choice.
I'm very into voice message (if you're able to do it) or pics and vids
Role play idea :
- a stranger add me on Snapchat/Reddit. This is the most realist one, just add me and tell me to jerk off I will be your little good boy and stroke my cock to your fav and kinks (pics, vids…). Start the plot straight away after to add me. - You are my buddy and I’m telling you how horny I am recently, you decide to “help me out” by sending me straight content (pics, vids, gif) and … little by little…. You’re trying with few bi-stuff (I’m into femboy, very cute feminize boy) and you’re trying to convince me how “no homo” is it, because they look like girls. The goal is of course to make me at the end for you and for femboy and sissy stuff - my aunt (a bossy woman and doctor) are so nice with me and help me out because I’m in pain. “Auntie… it may be weird… but… I have p-pain… somewhere… can… can you keep a secret ?” You’re my aunt who will understand that I didn’t stroke for few days. You will decide to help me 
I’m into sissy, femboy, femvoice, big boobs, big ass, bossy milf, RP.
Start the RP directly after adding me (I can't show off) Sc: johntracer
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2023.06.08 08:38 Full-Mulberry5018 This Cute Polar Bear Mother And Cubs

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2023.06.08 08:09 robloxiangodly Dumb post but anyone else agree?

I honestly think a build a bear and bugsnax colaboration would go well, seeing how build a bear uses shapes and things, and with the easy shapes of the characters i think it'd look really cute! hope this is okay to post, i just had this idea and i wanted to know if anyone else thought so too!
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2023.06.08 06:33 veggienoodles notice anything different?

notice anything different?
So I noticed some differences between the rest of my collection and the new berry lemonade batch. I’ll be comparing with the valentines color ways drop. So as we can see, the most striking difference to me is the amulet. As well as this time, we have a certificate on the tags and not on paper. The last thing is that strawberry pansy’s ears aren’t a soft satin like the others are.
All in all, this is a super cute drop, I’ll have to have these ones be strictly display because as cute as they are, I can’t bear to take off their tags since they have such a good design.
The change is a little odd but I’m sure I’m just picky since this is my hyper-fixation. I’m so happy I’m able to grow my collection!
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2023.06.08 06:02 jamied99 Daily Cutie Convention! (Day 594)

Use this thread to post your favourite cute anime emotes/gifs/pictures! (⁠ヘ⁠・⁠_⁠・⁠)⁠ヘ
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2023.06.08 04:04 DongersDojo Dear Reddit- Stop recommending communities based off of ones you recommended into my feed that I never interacted with

Hey y’all, I didn’t think Reddit was this shortsighted, but lately my feed is filled with content from other countries’ subreddit. Normally not an issue, i just scroll past it or sometimes ask it to “recommend less of this” if it’s entirely in a different language than one of my main 2.
Now though, half of my feed is subreddits in German, Swedish, or Dutch, and I feel like I’m policing my feed more than I actually get to interact with it.
I leave the recommended communities feature on because I enjoy seeing the one-off cute gif or nextfuckinglevel vid that’s trending for the day without being barraged, exactly what it’s intended for. For some reason though, even though I’ve NEVER clicked into any foreign subreddit aside from a Hungarian one, I’m barraged with these other countries’ subreddits to the point it feels like the algorithm is explicitly trying to push it.
So dear Reddit, please stop recommending me subreddits based off of subreddits I’ve never clicked into from my feed. Just because I didn’t make an active choice to block it shouldn’t influence you thinking I want more of it unless I click into that subreddit showing active engagement. This feels like a sore and quite obvious oversight.
I don’t speak Swedish, please make it stop.
Thank you.
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2023.06.08 02:30 Naive_Hippo68 My RtoV experience in London

Yesterday I attended the RtoV concert in London, so i decided to share my experience here!
I’ll start with the one con. So i traveled from Dublin to see the girls on the same day, and arrived at the venue around 2:30/3. I had wanted to buy a lightstick but found out on the way to the venue they were already sold out, which is just insane to me. Because they didn’t have enough during the concert there wasn’t a full ocean, which is disappointing to both the artist and the viewer. I ended up bringing some glowsticks with me so I could shine something, but would have rather had a mandubong. I hope the girls weren’t too disappointed with the missing lights, but we certainly cheered loudly for them for the entire duration of the concert to make up for it.
Anyways, the concert itself was just amazing. I got to my seat an hour and a half before the show started, and they were playing RV songs during this time as everyone slowly filed in and took pics with the stage. It was funny to hear people cheering and singing along to some of the songs, I particularly remember when Zimzalabim started the audience got really excited and sang along to the chorus, and I knew it would be even crazier during the encore.
A little after 8 we were still waiting, but heard Wendy going “Ah ah” into the mic and everyone screamed, and it really hit me that the girls were right behind the curtain about to come out. The show finally kicked off around 8:15, starting with the amazing backup dancers. They were so great throughout the show, bringing a lot of energy. The dresses for the first segment were just beautiful too, pink and sparkly and each member looked so eye catching. The outfits did not disappoint, each look fit to the segment and songs so well and complimented the girls.
The ments were a lot of fun, they seemed so relaxed and happy, especially Wendy, she definitely knows what to say and how to carry herself. Her and Yeri made some attempts at a British accent too, which was hilarious. Yeri got a lot of love from the audience, loud cheers everytime she appeared on screen and everyone chanting her name. She was very shy too. Irene is soo soft spoken in person and her eyes really shone looking at us. She is very professional when she performs. And Seulgi is just insanely talented, she was so cute during the encore stages, interacting with the audience, which is something they all did very well too. They just all have a warming energy about them and i could feel so much love in the room from the moment they stepped out! They didn’t show one sign of tiredness, and really brought their all to every song.
Wendy said during rehearsal she was afraid that the empty seats wouldn’t be filled up, but as Feel My Rhythm started and she turned to face the audience, the sight of a fully packed audience shocked her enough to struggle keeping her composure. I’m so happy so many reveluvs showed up even with the rushed ticketing process, the girls truly deserve this much love and more. (sm give them bigger venues!!!!)
I wish Joy could have attended all the shows, especially as she is my bias. While the girls filled her absence seamlessly, and she was shown on the screen from time to time for her parts, it still felt odd seeing them as 4, and along with the pcd i have the day after i miss joy a lot!! i hope she is okay and recovering quickly.
Before the encore, they announced there were “2 more songs left” and Wendy added on, “but, y’know…” and after the girls were walking off after Psycho telling us to “call them”, Russian Roulette kicked in out of nowhere and they came running back out, followed by Zimzalabim and You Better Know. the encore was truly a highlight, it felt like a real energy was filling the room even bigger than before and everyone was up and dancing, even us in the seating areas. they looked like they were genuinely having fun too. seulgi stepped on a panda bear at some point and then picked it up and started mothering it. zimzalabim was just insane live, everyone jumping and chanting like a cult. you better know was such a perfect way to end the show.
They said goodbye to each and every corner of the room, bowing to each section and thanking everyone for coming. they promised to come back as 5, so i hope to see them here again soon. as a fan of red velvet for 8 years, I am beyond thrilled I got to experience their concert at last, and they put on quite a show.
That’s all that sticks out in my mind, if anyone has some questions I’d be happy answering! Thanks for reading luvies <3
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