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2023.06.10 05:04 JollySatisfaction577 On Tuesday the Temecula school board will terminate the employment of the current superintendent. Considering the board majority, I am horrified to think of who they will try to replace her with.

On Tuesday the Temecula school board will terminate the employment of the current superintendent. Considering the board majority, I am horrified to think of who they will try to replace her with. submitted by JollySatisfaction577 to TemeculaProgressives [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 04:55 Sslover29 Rewatching RHOBH season 12 and I very much believe Dorit's robbery was fake. Watching the show alone makes me feel like something is off. But also combined with seeing the actual surveillance video- where the alleged robbers walk nonchalantly

onto her property wearing flip flops, break the window to a door that they don't end up entering through and then later on leave just as nonchalantly, but not before kindly leaving Dorit her cell phone by the gate- with the light on to make sure she can find it in the dark.
After the robbery PK says he spoke with the district attorney's office and they told him they are looking to prosecute the case to the full extent. No. That is not real. Prosecutors are not talking to the victims of crimes before the police even have a suspect. And why would the LAPD or the police give this case any more attention than any other robbery. Because PK manages George Michael? I bet thats it.
Not surprisingly, nothing ever came of the investigation. I remember the most recent time Andy asked Dorit about the status of the investigation, her response was weird and came across like she almost forgot this was a topic she was going to be asked about.
I remember when this debate was happening on this board in live time and all of Dorit's supporters said "Dorit is not that good of an actress." But how do we know that? We have absolutely no idea if Dorit is a good actress or not. Also I wouldn't even say her acting about the robbery is good, but thats besides the point.
The only thing we know about Dorit and PK to be absolute certain is that Dorit has faked an accent for her entire 7 or however many seasons on the show; and they are grifters- evidenced by Dorit not putting PK's name on the deed to their home and acting like it wasn't a big deal.
I like Dorit, I think she is beautiful and funny and I like what she adds to the show. But that doesn't mean she is not capable of faking a robbery for a story line/insurance claim, whatever.
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2023.06.10 04:27 Very_Tired_Teacher Left my teacher position mid year. Way happier at new job.

I want to use this post to encourage other teachers who are on the fence about leaving teaching and even doing it mid year. I was a technology elective teacher for 3.5 year. The school district I taught in is one of the larger ones in Texas.
I started in September 2019 so I was hired about a month after the school year had already started. The previous person who initially position quit during the in service days right before school started. This was my first time teaching.
The only "training" if you want to call it that is the horrible Texas Teachers alternative certification program which does not prepare new teachers for the realities of the classroom environment.
So my first day at the school I was expecting to be greeted by the principal who I never spoke with before being hired but I never met her until I sought her out myself on my 2nd day at the job which was a bit weird to me. Anyway since there wasn't a certified teacher for the elective that I taught for the 1st few weeks of school the computers in my class weren't setup with the software that i needed to successfully teach my class. The onsite technology support seemed to busy to help me with setting up the computers so luckily one of the counselors who taught my class previously told me how to re-image the computers so that I can install the programs on the computers that were needed for my class.
Me being a new teacher I just stayed an extra 3 hours after school just so I can setup the software and have the computers ready for students. Anyway as usual with teaching I find out that the district doesn't provide curriculum for my subject to use even though it is expected for my students to be able to pass a certification test for this program/ coding language at the end of the school year. Like most 1st year teachers I'm just surviving trying not to drown and then covid hits.
Well as you know student apathy was high before covid hit but during and after lockdowns it has reached unimaginable heights. So after years of having to document every intervention I had done for students who wouldn't even try, disrespect from students, having to teach a new subject every year, increased student class sizes, school security issues ( a student got shot on school property during lunch by another student) , lack of support from the administration and district level the burn out hit me hard . Then swat was called to my school because of a hoax shooting threat so when I was asked by the swat team to open my door so they could come in I am greeted with 4 long assault rifles pointed about 3 feet from my chest. That was the last straw. I was exhausted all the time no matter how long breaks were and I just had a constant feeling of I need to get out of teaching. My mental health took a nose dive and I stopped doing everything I enjoyed doing.
From thanksgiving break in 2022 till march 2023 I am mass applying for jobs. So around March I hear back from a government job in my county that I applied for. Accepting this job I would be taking a pay cut but I knew that mentally and physically I couldn't take much more of teaching with how terrible the state of education is now. So I sit down and I talked with my local union rep who is a veteran teacher of 30 years and he tells me that "I should take the new job" as he also came up with the same conclusion about the state of the education system as I have. So I accepted the new job and let my principal and appraiser know that in 2 weeks I would not be returning to the school. I did feel guilt as I was a main source of technical help of 2 older teachers who were in 2 classroom next to me as they also helped me during my years teaching and not to mention some students who I enjoyed but I was at the point where I couldn't take it anymore.
The principal was a bit shocked but she understood and agreed that I should take care of myself first but the district has a policy where any contract abandonment without specific reasons would be reported to the TEA and your contract will be subject to consequences. So my teaching certificate will be suspended for a year but I don't see myself returning to education unless there is a major overhaul and reform but there will not be any major changes done until it completely collapses like how the USA handles most problems.
So I have been working at this new job since March and I am way more happier than at anytime I was teaching. My energy levels are rising back to normal levels, I am treated with respect at my new job ,at 5pm I don't have to worry about dealing with anything work related until the next day or after the weekend and I have an option to work at home on some days during the week.
Understand that you will probably feel guilty about leaving your school, coworkers, students but at the end of the day education is in a terrible state. The workload is impossible and no matter how hard you try or what you do students lack of motivation and failure will be pinned on you. Lack of any meaningful training, support and depending on teachers to just to deal with it for the kids is why the teacher shortage is happening and continue to get worse.
If teachers truly want to change the state of education in the USA they have to make the system uncomfortable just like how they(teachers) are uncomfortable. Change does not happen when the machine is operating comfortably. Education will not be getting better any time soon so like my union rep encouraged me to leave I mirror his statement.
So tldr started teaching in 2019, teaching and the terrible state of education drained my soul/energy, found another job , quit midyear and started to be happy again. So now I can retire this account since I am no longer a "Very Tired Teacher".
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2023.06.10 03:53 bossmancan DA office missed calls

I got a missed call from the District Attorney's office two days in a row. They did not leave a voicemail. However, I am not even in their county but I live close to it but I have friends/family that are from their area that they represent. I called back the office and they said they don’t know who had called me. Should I be worried? Why would they call someone like that?
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2023.06.10 03:37 RavenCarver Based on a comment I made regarding congressional districts possibly being drawn along county lines, I decided to make a mockup of how this might look (explanation in comments)

Based on a comment I made regarding congressional districts possibly being drawn along county lines, I decided to make a mockup of how this might look (explanation in comments) submitted by RavenCarver to Utah [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 03:06 SpacePopeVII Alabama Republicans when they engage in a bit of tomfoolery

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2023.06.10 02:47 Rough_Assignment2516 Orange County 2024 Charter Review Commission District 4 Public Hearing

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2023.06.10 02:38 EatSadPeople My principal tried to suspend a kid because he was hospitalized for two weeks

When I was in middle school there was a kid in my grade who was my neighbor. Really nice kid and he kept up with his grades. Suddenly one day, he didn’t show and he had an almost perfect attendance record so it was really weird. Flash forward two weeks and he finally comes back. Everyone was asking what happened and he said that he had pneumonia and was hospitalized in turn.( He had asthma so it was pretty bad ) All of a sudden he gets called in to the principals office, for “ matters about his grades and attendance “ now it’s something to mention that out principal was TERRIBLE and would violate the school code ALL THE TIME. About an hour later he comes back to class in tears. He didn’t speak for the rest of the day, and when we got on the bus I asked what happened and he said that the principal was threatening to suspend him saying that “ he did not need to be out of school that long, and probably had no real reason to be hospitalized “ and again, this kid was really nice and was a really good student with all A’s. His mother heard what she had said and went straight to the school board for our county. She gets there to complain, gives the name of our principal, and turns out that her sister was on the board for our county. She said that “ her sister would never say something like that” and denied her complaint. She never got fired, never got in trouble, not even a talking to. I just found out this year she is retiring and I just wanna say IT TOOK HER LONG ENOUGH
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2023.06.10 02:21 RavenCarver Based on a comment I made regarding congressional districts possibly being drawn along county lines, I decided to make a mockup of how this might look (explanation in comments)

Based on a comment I made regarding congressional districts possibly being drawn along county lines, I decided to make a mockup of how this might look (explanation in comments) submitted by RavenCarver to SLCUnedited [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 02:14 tree_top_soda We live in Raleigh but it’s not working for us anymore. How does Richmond VA compare?

We are in our 40s, have 2 kids under 10 years old.
My spouse is a web dev making ~$130k a year. I’m on disability.
I like Raleigh because: I have Duke hospitals for my health condition, and it makes me feel safe to have a well-known hospital nearby.
What I don’t like: it’s alllllll suburbs. As far as the eye can see. There’s little to no diversity. It’s all Lululemon Christian Stepford Wives. The “city” is just business buildings, a few bars, and a Krispy Kreme… no lively downtown life at all. Not to mention the terrible politics… Cooper doesn’t even have veto power anymore because republicans have super majority.
Housing currently: We rent, we have 0 plans to ever own a home. We’ve just come to accept that’s not in our future. We spend $1800/mo on a 3bd townhome.
Questions about Richmond:
-rentals: Does $1800-2000/mo for a 3bd seem doable (even if it’s in the suburbs)?
-hospitals: are the hospitals in Richmond any good? Up to date on latest medical advances etc?
-schools: how many school districts are there? Any public school thoughts? (Raleigh’s school district is based on counties. So the main county in Raleigh is Wake. It’s 1 ridiculously HUGE school district that’s messy and not well run.)
-jobs: would my spouse have to take a pay-cut, or do web devs make decent money in Richmond?
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2023.06.10 02:14 BroadCamel8272 🎶 Bad Girls Bad Girls, Whatcha gonna do? 🎶

Cropped out the address… but this changes everything we think we know about Lucy and Joel’s dynamic. They arrested her for assault and not him?
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2023.06.10 02:01 Tarvos18 [USA-NJ] [H] i9-9900k, Asus Tuf Z390-Pro Gaming, Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB 3200MHz CL16, WD Blue SN570 1TB [W] Local Cash

Located in central NJ, Mercer county. Would prefer to sell it all together. Everything has been well taken care of and the board/CPU are currently stored in the original MB box in the anti-static bag. I would like to get $250 for everything.
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2023.06.10 01:22 ThrowAway7s2 Response to "The Importance of Pronouns" from doorcountypulse.com on June 8, 2023

This is a response to https://doorcountypulse.com/the-importance-of-pronouns/, and it also reflects on https://doorcountypulse.com/hello-peninsula-pulse/.
Dear Emma,
Supreme Court cases do not operate the way the Independent article suggests. Small details in a decision, tangential to the issue being decided, do not turn it into a landmark case, or even establish precedent. Rather, it is a decision's holding which determines whether a case is a landmark or not. The Independent is foreign owned and operated, but being a large outlet, they should know better than to put out an article like the one you linked to.
In the court system, pronoun policy is currently split at the appellate level, with the Sixth Circuit and the Seventh Circuit taking opposing sides. The Supreme Court has not weighed in on this yet, but the split makes it more likely they will choose to rule about it.
Besides this, Jonathon Turley writes at https://jonathanturley.org/2023/04/25/seventh-circuit-upholds-termination-of-high-school-teacher-who-objected-to-pronoun-policy/ that a currently pending religious accommodations case, Groff v. DeJoy, could "gut the underlying standard used by the Seventh Circuit in its ruling for the school district".
Sixth Circuit https://www.opn.ca6.uscourts.gov/opinions.pdf/21a0071p-06.pdf
Seventh Circuit https://adfmedialegalfiles.blob.core.windows.net/files/KlugeSeventhCircuitOpinion.pdf
Oral argument for Groff v. DeJoy https://www.oyez.org/cases/2022/22-174
The results of a 2021 survey imply that the purpose of pronoun requirements are especially in order to get rid of conservative employees and civil servants. https://legermarketing.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Leger-The-Atlantic-Survey-Wokeness.pdf#page=10 found that Biden voters backed woke pronouns by a nearly 3 to 1 ratio over Trump voters. The table on page 4 shows that most people surveyed disagreed with woke pronouns: https://legermarketing.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Leger-The-Atlantic-Survey-Wokeness.pdf#page=4. It follows from this that you should not expect your article to be supported by most readers. If people aren't responding negatively to you, it may indicate that they stay quiet because they don't want to be targeted, rather than that they agree. The 14,202 Door Countyites which voted yes on Wisconsin Referendum 1 not that many years ago didn't just disappear when 5 Supreme Court justices ruled against them between eight and nine years afterwards: https://web.archive.org/web/20081127174554/http://elections.state.wi.us/docview.asp?docid=10049&locid=47.
Both Champaign and Indianapolis are large cities, which can draw on outlying areas to get workers, making up for having below-replacement fertility. Door County also relies on importing workers, but because it is not a large city with lots of political power, this is less reliable. In 2020, for example, the supply of foreign J-1 workers was abruptly cut off. Door County manages to get a consider number of immigrants from outside the county, but most who relocate for longer than a season are wealthier than people residing in Door County. They also tend to be older and not looking to start new families.
Instead, as larger-scale governing bodies destabilize Door County and break down its social fabric and economy, they can use former Door Countyites to solve the worker shortages in large metro areas. Support for transgenderism is a shibboleth for the economic interests of large metro areas. This manifests itself locally as a lower quality of life and an economic leakage to outside the county. An example of this is in the letter by Janet Wilmoth about having to drive to Green Bay to see a veterinarian: https://doorcountypulse.com/letter-to-the-editor-emergency-veterinary-service-needed/.
Because it isn't a big city, Door County is especially dependent on its birth rate for its future. Its total fertility rate in 2020 was 1.533 lifetime births, well below replacement of 2.1 lifetime births. At this rate, each generation, without factoring for immigration or emigration, will be 27% smaller than the one before. However, since something like 30% to 40% of young adults leave the county, the effect is even stronger than 27%.
Transgenderism's concomitant drugs and surgeries tend towards sterilization, and towards making its subjects less attractive to the opposite sex. Assisted reproductive technologies are too expensive to be implemented on a broad scale. Transgenderism is a risk to Door County's future, because it could help push that 1.533 figure even lower. In this way, transgenderism is a demographic factor in the overall gentrification, just as unaffordable housing is an economic factor. Just as it is unwise to encourage unaffordable housing, it is unwise to encourage transgenderism.
Or even if you think replacement fertility is unrealistic and unachievable, consider that when the age structure of a population gets too unbalanced, it is harder to take care of the elderly. The struggles at Scandia Village are an example of this: https://doorcountypulse.com/scandia-village-up-for-sale/. Or should elderly people just be relocated far away, or as some think, even euthanized? Every transgender sterilization is a step in the wrong direction.
It follows then, that someone who refuses to use preferred pronouns might not be a horrible bigot who gets perverse satisfaction from it, but rather, someone who loves his or her community and wants it to have a future. Such people may even be willing to personally be on the losing side of a litmus test for the collective good.
The sponsors for Open Door Pride are listed at https://opendoorpride.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/THANK-YOU-TO-OUR-2023-SPONSORS-2-1024x576.jpg.
Some of them, such as the Miller Art Museum, Door County Community Auditorium, Peninsula Music Festival, Northern Sky Theater, have benefited from, and can expect to consider benefiting from, public, tax-funded support. Because taxpayers come from all sorts of political backgrounds, these organizations should have avoided all political activities, aside from lobbying for particular things directly related to their organization.
An example of the political trust vested in the Door County Community Auditorium is described in https://doorcountypulse.com/struggle-for-a-stage-door-community-auditorium/. But like Disney in Florida, they are engaging in partisan activity, betraying that trust. Institutions which benefit from public funding should be non-partisan and impartial. Public money should not be spent on group-think.
Most of the sponsors are local, but Carrie Busse Shorewest Realtors and Napalese are from Green Bay, the Avenue Art & Company is from Appleton, and Marketini Media is from Madison. They get to influence Door County while their cities benefit from Door County's emigrating young-adult population.
I'm not sure if this has been covered in your classes so far, or privately by your boss. If so, bear with me as I restate it. The Pulse has a different political makeup among its advertisers versus its readers. That it is a free paper tends to result in a readership which is inherently less educated than the readership of a subscription newspaper. I used to know a man who had once ran a free paper, but sold it. He was a conservative. It had a lot of general-interest content, nothing political, and especially featured ads for alcohol. Free papers tend to be read by people who read occasionally rather than regularly.
Occasional readers are less educated than regular readers, and the level of education corresponds to the political alignment. This means that natural readership of the Pulse is more conservative than the overall population of Door County. For people with a regular reading habit, the Pulse competes with a number of subscription outlets, while for occasional readers the Pulse has less competition.
Yet the Pulse isn't dominated by gas station and liquor store ads. Unlike many other free papers, its advertisers run more towards the left. This makes sense, because presently Door County has a disproportionately left-wing visitorship. One factor in the loss of right-leaning tourists may be in marketing decisions over recent decades has shifted. Right-wingers from the Chicago metro area are probably drawn more towards state parks in Indiana and other Door County alternatives. Local businesses geared toward tourists, or even seasonal residents, will probably be well-served by advertising in the Pulse.
This leaves the Pulse in the situation where it is to the left of its readership, but still financially sustainable. Its leadership must be aware of this vulnerability, as the Pulse's podcast tends to be to the left of the paper. That it sometimes leaves its readership behind is exemplified how, in the recent midterm election, Ron Johnson did not return any answers to the Pulse's questionnaire, while his Democratic opponent did. Door Countyites voted for him anyway, by a margin of only 75 votes. During the 2022 election it seems that a number of Republicans intentionally spurned media outlets over left-wing bias. To the extent that they did so, and won office anyway, this served to send a message to their base that they were unwilling to be manipulated by left-wing media. It could even be seen as a plea for fair treatment in the future.
Instead of pronouns, there are other topics out there. Recently, a large firm was paid a lot of state money to write a report which claimed that "Potawatomi was chosen in honor of the tribe that had lived in the area before ceding its land to the US government in the 1830’s."
Link: https://widnr.widen.net/view/pdf/infpwyoyy2/GRAEF-Potawatomi-Tower-Concept-Report.pdf#page=9
You could write an article debunking this, and explain what really happened. I think it would be well-received locally, though maybe not by the DNR. Had you written an article about how pronouns should always be biologically honest, that would have hurt your chances of getting a job someday as a journalist in a large metro area, but I don't think debunking Graef would hurt you. With some effort, you should be able to find other topics which are win-win for both your future career and for Door County. Although this is a social relationship, were it a biological relationship instead, this would be "mutualism" rather than "parasitism" or "predation".
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2023.06.10 00:58 forgetcakes Can someone explain what this means? (New court docs dropped today)

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2023.06.10 00:36 smoking__snake Protesto em Ottawa

“In an unprecedented display of unity, Christian and Muslim communities joined hands with concerned parents in Ottawa in opposition to the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board’s (OCDSB) plan to force non-binary pronouns on all students.
The directive, issued to all staff, advised the use of ‘they/them’ pronouns for all students until their preferred pronouns were expressed. The move, viewed as an overreach by many parents, triggered a protest attended by more than 250 individuals.
The Ministry of Education had previously offered Ontario parents the option to opt out of sex education classes. However, the current directive effectively bypasses this opt-out option, causing further unease among parents.”
Se eu entendi direito, os muçulmanos e cristãos se uniram em ficar putos com as mudanças: - não ter opção de não participar das aulas de sex education - chamar todas as crianças por pronome neutro, até que elas escolham um pronome.
Esses caras que fazem uma lei dessa ou tem merda na cabeça ou querem propositalmente ferrar uma geração inteira.
O que acontece lá, geralmente repete aqui com uns 5-10 de atraso. Esse tipo de coisa vem mais rápido.
Só que aqui não tem muçulmano para ajudar kkk
(Difícil achar a notícia, achei num post aqui no reddit. Mainstream media e Google não achei)
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2023.06.10 00:33 autotldr Concerns over Loch Ness' falling water levels

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)
Concerns have been raised over water levels on Loch Ness and the River Ness.
Loch Ness is Scotland's largest freshwater loch by volume, while the River Ness flows from Loch Dochfour, at top of Loch Ness, and out to sea at Inverness.
On 24 May, Sepa recorded a water level of just over 109cm at Foyers, which is the location of a pumped hydro scheme that uses water from Loch Ness to generate electricity.
Ness District Salmon Fishery Board, the statutory body responsible for the protection and enhancement of salmon and sea trout fisheries in the Ness area, has expressed serious concerns about the health of the River Ness.
Naturalist Adrian Shine, who has studied Loch Ness for many years, said the loch was at its lowest level he had seen since 1989.
Fiona Cairns, who has lived by the loch for most of her life and runs Loch Ness Alpacas, also said it was at the lowest she had ever seen it.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Loch#1 Ness#2 level#3 water#4 River#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.09 23:20 ImportantBridge4743 Biyo (MTG 079) Major Incident Report.

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2023.06.09 23:13 TinaOnEarth 2 Guest Bedrooms Available - CHICAGO

Short-term rentals AVAILABLE for 2 guest bedrooms in a single family 4 bed/2 bath home. This is an all-genders living situation. Common areas are shared with myself (female US-IMG, ambassador for Project IMG Chicago), my boyfriend and his brother. Non smoking, 2 cat friendly home.
ABOUT THE LOCATION: Clean remodeled place near beautiful Garfield Park Conservatory. 6 to 10 min walk to CTA Green Line. This neighborhood overall doesn't have much in terms of dining and entertainment, but with the CTA Green Line/short Uber drive/Divvy bike rental you can easily access great entertainment in Oak Park, Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Wicker Park, and downtown.
VERY close to some of the IMG friendly hospitals in the city. Closest hospitals to my home would be:
  1. Loretto
  2. Medical District: UIC/Rush/Cook County
  3. AMITA St. Elizabeth, St. Mary's
  4. St. Anthony's
Room 1: $800, small student room
Room 2: $1000, larger student room with private patio included
Rent includes furniture, utilities, Hi-Speed wifi, air conditioning and laundry.
Send me a private message for booking confirmation details.
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2023.06.09 22:25 Zay820 Cash Buyers needed in Bacliff TC

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2023.06.09 22:12 jerrydvanmaanen Hiarchy of cooperative capital collectivism

Hiarchy of cooperative capital collectivism
Essay on the hierarchy of the co-op capital collectivism:
The manual laborers, investors and engineers: The first part of the hierarchy of the cooperatives is the engineers, manual laborers and land investors. These are the proper owners of the local facilities run democratically by these people. Management of the facility is elected by these people.
For the agricultural cooperatives: These will be mostly hydroponic or aeroponic. The things that are not available for such methods will be grown indoor facilities with levels holding soil, small amounts of animals and meat cloning facilities. These will be the basic technological uses for agriculture in the future.
For the mining cooperatives: These will be owned by the mining equipment owners and operators. The mining equipment is used in regulated areas to prevent ecological disasters. The best and cleanest ways will be used by these cooperatives.
For the manufacturing cooperatives: These will be run by engineers and automated machinery for the best possible production. At first there will be manual laborers but, they will be replaced with automation but still required to keep their share of the company unless they were fired for misbehavior or quit the job.
The management: Local facility management will be elected by the workers of each facility. Each facility will come together for a county board for each cooperative facility. These facilities will be the main means of production in a co-op capital collectivist society. On each facility board will be a head of board, treasurer, secretary, worker selector, investor representative, land stock rep and three worker reps.
The three county boards: These will regulate every facility under each board. There will be a county agricultural board(CAB), a county manufacturing board(CMB), and a county mining board(CMB2). These will keep the environment clean and free of pollution in populated areas.
The state production board: These will tax the cooperatives and pay tribute to the federal government. They will make sure that the federal government gets the funds to pay for economic and political protection. The will consist of a state planner, treasurer, head of tax collections, economics rep, three worker representatives for each category, three investor reps, three land stock owner reps, and the head of board. This will act as another branch to the state governments.
The reasons for this: Reason one- this is to bring back manufacturing Reason two- this is to restart the virtuous cycle. Reason three- this is a means of democratizing the means of production while slowly taking control from the elite to the common man and woman.
Education requirements for this system: Requirement one- the first requirement is critical thinking. This keeps the worker from doing things that would not serve the interest of the common folk.
Requirement two- the second requirement is cooperation between individuals. This will put the value of a unified society that serves national interests before it serves individual interests. It will put the nation and community first.
Requirement three- basic math, science, history and english are to be the utmost important things taught in elementary and middle schools.
Requirements four- this is the requirement for future career based education which will be taught in high schools and colleges. It will teach the value of finding a good career.
Duty to nation and community: The duty to the nation comes to be the utmost important thing in co-op capital collectivism. It will keep people thinking alike and raise the new way of going about business. Of course this means we need to teach cooperation between students in elementary, middle, and high schools. The public are the ingroup while keeping the outgroup as criminals(child abusers). The nation will require that each state taxation and regulation board pay tribute to a national government and allow for a strong military and peace trooper force. The nation is the most important aspect of life. Our loyalty is to soil and nation. Our loyalty is to those who serve the soil of the nation.
The racial theory of co-op capital collectivism: The best three races for the current promotion of this political party are the Germans, Indigenous, and Irish alliance to raise public awareness against the public outgroup(child groomers/abusers, feminine homosexuals[leaving masculine homosexuals alone], anyone who preaches anti-German/Indigenous/Irish rhetoric and any pro israel individual). Reminder, no race is inferior or superior and no race is being removed. The issue is promoting the three races and indigenous repopulation alongside the Irish and Germans. This will alone be used to promote a future super soldier program(project supermen).
The ideal citizen: The ideal citizen follows the law. He or she follows a line of public duty. He or she reports any criminal activity or turns themselves into the government when necessary. A leader is a leader for two reasons. To lead by example or by luxury. The ideal citizens follow the ones who lead by example. Those who are hypocrites will not be leaders of the political party.
The meaning of the flag: The gray background represents respect for order, unity, stability and authority. The red triangles represent the cooperative effort to bring manufacturing to the United States. The black triangles represent respect for hierarchy and authority. The purple oval represents the need for an individual to keep with this program.
Meaning of the party slogan(for a greater nation and long live order): This represents the future effort for a tri continental union to global union. It is representative of a stronger larger nation in the future that will be legally placed and humane. This future union will be called the Imperial Federation. The solute will be a clenched right fist with the arm folded to the side. Long live order is a reference to the need for law and order. The need is clear. Order brings the three Ys later explained in this essay.
The role of the family unite and the community: In order to keep society running we must promote a balance of both. This will lead to a much stronger nation through the unity caused by the promotion of both the family unit and the community.
The role of limitation on sexuality: This will be a complete ban of any sexuality under the age of twenty. Anyone under the age who does it with another under the age of twenty will face prosecution and placement into a juvenile anti-crime indoctrination facility. The role of this will keep the family unit intact while protecting people below the age of twenty. You know, the best birth control is to not do sexuality at all until ready. Any one over twenty who does it with anyone below twenty will also face prosecution and placement into an internment work facility. This is for the people’s protection and necessary for the unity of society.
The role of the public punishment and reward system: This is the theory that if we reward some behaviors and make examples out of others we create a system of repetition and respect for authority. When people have a reason to, they will respect authority. The teaching of rewards and punishments for certain behavior keeps the hierarchy. If we rule with fear and respect with examples of bad leadership we lead a brighter future for the glorious future nation. Not everyone is to be treated the same. For most situations productive behavior is to be rewarded through the virtuous cycle. For behavior that reduces the strength of productivity in most cases such as a crime, we must punish.
The peace-trooper force and its role: This is to enforce the public reward and punishment system. These will de-escalate or battle violent, illegally sexual, black market/web, thieving or tax evading behaviors. The world will see a much stronger America under these forces and much better security in the United States. There will be no illegal searches/removals of property or private data for political gain.
The National Security Bureau under co-op capital collectivism(NSB): The military, peace-trooper and investigation branches will be under this branch. The role of it is to gain a people’s control of these branches through this bureau. There will be a need for it in the future. This will be the way we quail riots, revolutions and enemy nations. The world will fear the new United States.
Immigration under co-op capital collectivism: I do not believe immigration is the problem but, I do believe illegal immigration to be the issue. I believe that it is not a racial issue to regulate whether or not a criminal comes and goes. I view it as the immigrants are harder working here because they want to be here. There is the truth that there are drug cartels in mexico. I do not view that fact a racist fact. Therefore we should regulate who comes/goes to and from mexico. These cartels are not the friends of law and order. I do not see law and order as a racial issue but a unity issue.
We are not taking a stance on abortion. That topic is too sensitive.
Power of local sole proprietorships: These will be the means of distribution. This will rebuild local economies. Great local economies lead to great states. Great states lead to great federations. (the four Ys) Productivity leads to stability. Stability leads to security and all three Ys lead to the fourth(prosperity). I see it as the single stick will bend and break while the bundle will not. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. All of this applies to limiting the means of distribution to city wide sole proprietorships. The means of production will be in the hands of regulated cooperatives while running a currency off of cooperative goods and off of the virtuous cycle.
The role of the four Ys doctrine: The three Ys are productivity, stability, security and prosperity. Productivity leads to stability. Stability leads to security. Finally security leads to prosperity. All of this makes a functioning social contract. This ideology is a more radical form of the social contract complete with the role of a necessary hierarchy. This doctrine leads to a much more unified society. The teaching to the young will lead to a more collective future. This of course means the use of force will only be necessary when harm is being done. To keep a stable society, the production system must be encouraged to be as efficient as possible while leading to a strong sense of communal and national duty. The duty of the four Ys is the proper law and order of society.
The doctrine of disgust: This is the use of disgust for negative anti greater nation behavior. This is such as child abuse, rape, murder, stealing, feminine men, anyone who preaches against masculinity and any one who preaches anti national rhetoric. This disgust will be used to unify the nation and lead to a greater nation. The point is to create such a powerful feeling of unity against a common enemy.
The doctrine of leadership by example rather than luxury: This is pretty self explanatory. The needs of the many apply to all situations. Leadership should lead at the cost of how the followers are doing.
The appeal of expansionism through diplomacy: This is the idea of using the new government's reputation in order to unify many nations. This will lead to the rise of the trie continental union and eventually the Imperial federation. The use of diplomacy is utmost important in this system. Expansion is needed to gather as much political, military and economic power as possible.
The ideology of absolute order: This is the ideology that is run by three methods of rule. Rule by fear, the four Ys and rule by hate.
Rule by fear- this is the use of harsh consequences for negative behaviors.
Rule by the four Ys- productivity leads to stability. Stability leads to security. Security leads to prosperity.
Rule by hate- this is the rule through a common enemy(child abusers, feminine gays[leaving masculine gays alone{I'm masculine gay}], any one who preaches anti racial alliance rhetoric and anyone who supports Israel).
The appeal of this ideology and its end goal: The first appeal is the ingroup(the public) and the outgroup(child abusegroomers). People want to feel safer, so they follow the ingroup. They fear the outgroup. they will revive that primal instinct of us and them. The second appeal is appeal to integrity. In the essay(phases to legally implement co-op capital collectivism) it explains a bill to force state and local politicians to reveal their funds to the public eliminating dark money. This will be the bill that makes the first directive appear sympathetic to the democrats and republicans. The two parties will be forced to jump boats to the first directive in the end. The third appeal is to national duty. This appeals to people who want purpose and reason for existence(to make a greater nation). This will be the jump to a stronger America.
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2023.06.09 21:58 jerrydvanmaanen The first directive political party flag

The first directive political party flag
The red outside represents the chaos and disorder of the outside of public duty. The gray circle represents order within public duty. the blue triangles represent the cooperative means of production (facility elected board, county board, sector board and national board). Black triangles represent masculine traits in men and women. The purple oval represents the mind of the individual. The bundle of sticks represents national and communal duty(the one stick will bend and break while the bundle will not). Finally, the star is the son of a star, the black hole(the finish of our star{and the sun turneth black as night}) with the need for cosmic domination for humanity's survival. In other words the society we will build will be a bubble like configuration for the social contract. It is a more intense social contract to the point that fear of consequences, disgust of negative behavior, the four Ys(productivity, stability, security, and prosperity), and rule by nation/communal duty are virtues
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