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A more chill alternative to the JosephMurphy subreddit to discuss Joseph Murphy's techniques and workings. **New-manifestor-friendly** Somewhat similar concept, different execution. Don't be a dick. Thank you :)

2023.02.07 13:18 sci27 pdfdrive


2023.06.03 00:22 EdMarCarSe "The assassination of Julius Caesar: A people's history of Ancient Rome" by Michael Parenti, 2003 [PDF]

Introduction: Tyrannicide or treason? -- Gentlemen's history: empire, class, and patriarchy -- Slaves, proletarians, and masters -- A republic for the few -- "Demagogues" and death squads -- Cicero's witch-hunt -- The face of Caesar -- "You all did love him once" -- The Popularis -- The assassination -- The liberties of power -- Bread and circuses --
Appendix: A note on pedantic citations and vexatious names
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2023.05.29 17:20 Neither_Ad2871 Does anyone has PDF of 23 problems in systems neuroscience?

Hi everyone! Does anyone have pdf of this book? "23 problems in systems neuroscience" Originally published: 11 November 2005 Editors: Terry Sejnowski, Jan Leonard Hemmen
I've tried all other means. It's not there in sci-hub. Sad part is z-lib and libgen both are down. There's hasn't been fruitful results in PDFdrive too.
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2023.05.21 23:27 Responsible-Desk1154 Hi there, does anyone know what's going on with pdfdrive and if it dies what are the alternatives?

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2023.05.20 13:26 Illustrious_Cry_5564 anyone who wants to become good grappler using books [and obviously training at a grappling dojo] here are my top 7 books for grappling [bjj, judo, sambo etc]

Jiu-Jitsu University:https://ia904506.us.archive.org/5/items/jiu-jitsu-university/Jiu-Jitsu%20University.pdf
sambo encyclopedia: https://zoboko.com/book/vgvp6ln2/the-sambo-encyclopedia-comprehensive-throws-holds-and-submission-techniques-for-all-grappling-styles
The Juji Gatame Encyclopedia:https://zoboko.com/book/o1rgn2ex/the-juji-gatame-encyclopedia
The Triangle Hold Encyclopedia: Comprehensive Applications for Triangle Submission Techniques for All Grappling Styles:https://zoboko.com/book/xwp1o329/the-triangle-hold-encyclopedia-comprehensive-applications-for-triangle-submission-techniques-for-all-grappling-styles
The Throws and Takedowns of Free-style Wrestling:https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-throws-and-takedowns-of-free-style-wrestling-take-downs-throws-e156888432.html
The Throws and Takedowns of Judo:https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-throws-and-takedowns-of-judo-take-downs-throws-e161954864.html
Vital Judo - Throwing Techniques:https://archive.org/details/okanoisaosatotetsuya.vitaljudothrowingtezlib.org
Bonus one: https://archive.org/details/okanoisao.vitaljudograpplingtechniqueszlib.org/page/n81/mode/2up
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2023.05.16 18:24 mermelada54 problem downloading from pdfdrive

click on download but nothing happens. anyone else has the problem?
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2023.05.15 12:43 Pretty-Passenger7500 Can I get rootkit on Android without installing any .apk? I'm in a very miserable condition rn, please respond

I've a xiaomi phone. A few months back, I was downloading a pdf from pdfdrive and something else got downloaded (which wasn't an apk) but I'm not sure if I opened it because so much time has passed. Assuming that I did, can it install rootkit on my phone? Or any sort of malware. I'm afraid that someone has access to my screen and can see everything that's there on my screen. I'm afraid because even after doing a factory data reset so many times, I see a lot of weird stuff like lesser data usage (My phone says it has used 1.2 gb of data while my carrier says that 1.5 gb has been used). My phone would unlock itself on its own sometimes. Google duo (now meet) would drop even when internet connectivity was good. I did a malwarebyte scan (after resetting my phone cuz I'm dumb and now I don't really know if there was something) It is important to me cuz I'll be devastated if it was true. Please share what you think
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2023.05.14 19:28 Complex-Structure216 PDF Drive alternatives

Hello knowledgeable people of Kenya

so I recently noticed that the 'Download' button in pdf drive fails to work (I know, downloading books for free is a terrible idea, but pesa bado ni kidogo). Where else can I get the same level of access to ebooks and PDFs as pdfdrive.net provides? Asanteni sana.
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2023.05.13 20:59 ColdReapism Paul and Jesus by James Tabor (A Recommended Read)

No, this is not an apologetic book for Christianity. It's the opposite. This book is showing how there was the original sect of Jesus' disciples, who separated from Pauline tradition. It shows how the disciples of Jesus and Paul actually disagreed very much, and how they split with the Jerusalem Church and Paul. It shows how:
  1. Original apostolic christianity came before Paul, developed independently of him. James was left marginalized.
  2. Paul's relationship with the original apostles was minimal. Paul speaks of the Jerusalem leadership sarcastically and uses "so-called pillars" as a mocking rhetoric and "those reputed to be somebody", with additions as "what they are means nothing to me".
  3. James is left out on purpose by New Testament books. He blurs it out with the two "pillars" rhetoric.
There's other stuff as well. I think you should all know about Ebionites being connected with the Jerusalem Church and how they did not think of Jesus as God. James was the brother of Jesus as he did not think of such a thing. The PDF is here: https://www.pdfdrive.com/paul-and-jesus-how-the-apostle-transformed-christianity-e183812273.html. I recommend every Muslim to read it.
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2023.05.11 19:58 PracticalYesterday11 The Three Questions: How to Discover and Master the Power Within You

https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-three-questions-how-to-discover-and-master-the-power-within-you-d195162997.html#top The single book i would recommend to those who are struggling to understand who "they" really are, and aren't even sure where to begin. Its a very short read being only 88 pages but each page has parts meant for the reader to participate and be present while reading. If you apply yourself to fully committing yourself to reading this book with the idea of strengthening your relationship with the true you, I think your life will change in pleasant way nearly instantaneously
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2023.05.11 00:28 33sikici33 Anyone know what happened to pdfdrive? I can't download anything.

All - I mean ALL - the download buttons and links are redirecting to "#top". I can't download or preview any file on the site. Is pdfdrive hacked?
Also, is there an alternative to pdfdrive? It had such a huge library. It's such a shame that all of it is (probably) gone now.
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2023.05.10 20:54 VirginhaInsayan Skąd bierzecie książki? (Jeśli nie z księgarni/biblioteki)

Drodzy arrrPolacy, gdzie znajdujecie nie do końca płatne książki w formacie .pdf? ALbo jakichś formatach, które otworze w PdfReaderze na telefonie. Zauważyłam, że ostatnio popsuli mi pdfdrive, a z innych stron bliźniaczych jakoś boję się pobierać/nie umiem wchodzić przez tora czy inne wymysły.
Myślałam, żeby się nie czaić i po prostu kupić sobie egzemplarz na Google Books czy jakiejkolwiek bibliotece, która oferuje cyfrowe formaty, ale jak narazie szukam czegoś darmowego.
Tak nawiasem, gdyby ktoś miał całą kolekcję Nesbo w pdfach, przyjmę z szeroko otwartymi ramionami :")
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2023.05.07 10:39 1Sinb Are you facing download error from PDFdrive/ PDFdrive.to?

I signed in both websites from my Mac but cannot download any files. The screen showed the link I clicked already expired.
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2023.05.06 19:54 AdrianGoMaksimilijan Pdfdrive.com

I am afraid this might fall into illegal (keep it legal rule), but I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble dosnloading from pdfdrive.com? Thank you!
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2023.05.06 19:42 AdrianGoMaksimilijan Pdfdrive.com

Hasn anyone recently noticed that pdfdrive cant download or preview the files or is it just me? Thank you!
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2023.05.05 03:43 Victor-Zee From Wuthering Heights, Chapter 29

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2023.05.04 12:15 Successful-Chip9074 not able to download ebooks from pdfdrive

I use it reguarly and am signed in. I've updated my chrome browswer and deleted any extensions that i think may be an issue but I still can't download any pdfs for some reason. I can add them to my drive on the account but when I click quick downloar or go to remote file then download pdf nothing happens. It's almost like the site isn't registering me clicking the button to download the file.
Any idea on what I do to solve this?
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2023.05.03 14:44 Other_Tank_7067 Can't download pdf files from pdfdrive

My iPhone could download the pdf files no problem. My android samsung phone does nothing when I click download pdf. Archive pdf downloads and zlib downloads work for me but not pdfdrive. I tried samsung internet Chrome Firefox and brave browser. It will check file health then download pdf button will show up then I hit button and nothing happens.
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2023.04.17 16:27 Pale-Profit5322 FULL template on how to become a top 1% man for DESI men

This is a post to contribute to the growing community. I want this subreddit to grow. The target for the mods should be to get to 10K sooner rather than later.

This is going to be a full, thorough, COMPREHENSIVE but surface level guide and list on how to become a top 1% man mentally, physcially, spiritually, and intellectually. For financial and social wellness, a longer thread is required and ill do these later. This is almost EVERYTHING I can think of and brainstrom for more than an hour. But please feel free to add more snippets and gems. Some of it is very mainstream and obvious. But hopefully it will reinforce some ideas. Here it is:

1)Develop a skincare and haircare routine based on YOUR skin and hair type. Do research on the best products. Make sure ur skin is clear, bright, and glowing. Also try to get an even skin tone across ur body and remove patches. Use good body lotions. Also our mothers are correct. Coconut oil IS good for your hair. In my opinion, desis have the best hair out of any ethnicity. Whether u should shave body hair depends on what ur girl wants or what u like the look of. But develop shave hygiene, always be careful, wash thoughorly (body and equipment) and use aftershave etc.

2) Develop a hairtsyle that is suitable for the personality you want to project, but also ur face/head shape and your hair style. For example, if your hair is curly naturally (or wavy), try to utilise that instead of trying to make your hair straight. Show your barbehairdresser pictures of what u wanna achieve. If youre getting a fade, please make it mid to low. Not high.

3) BEARDS - now many brown boys have the genetic and blessing from God - the ability to grow a beard. Now should you? Depends on the kind of girl youre tryna attract. From my experience, brown girls especially really like beards on us brown guys. When it comes to other girls im not so sure. It also depends on country. American girls dont seem to like bearded brown men as europeans do. They seem to be into prettyboys and femboys etc. If youre trying to attract brown or european girls, please appear masculine as possible. IF you have a beard, please groom it, trim it, comb it, use beard oil. Also dont grow it too big that u look like a sage/guru/wizard/saint. The huge islamic beard look is also a turn off for a lot of girls as you literally get associated with terrorists. Also, if you have a good jawline, getting a beard thats too big will hide that. So be careful.

4) Building an aesthetic body. HAMZA has made excellent videos on this. Six pack is non negotiatble. Please make sure body is proportionate, so if ur legs are too skinny compared to ur upper body, sort that out. My general rule of thumb is if ur tall, then get bulky built and jacked. If youre short, get lean and cut. Also read abt what kind of training is best for ur bodytype, for example, you may be a endomorph. https://www.everydayhealth.com/fitness/things-you-didnt-know-about-training-right-for-your-body-type/. This link has some info. Do both weights AND cardio.

5) Walking posture. Head up, chin up, shoulders wide, chest and back upright. Swing your shoulders and chest. Most importantly, if ur trying to impress, walk slow. If yorue trying to become fitter, walk FAST. Walk with swagger, purpose and mission. Always smile when ur tryna make a good impression and keep eye contact. Also develop good neck and ankle posture. Dont have a nerds neck.

6) Chewing, mewing, losing fat, jaw exercises can all help build a stronger, more defined, chizled facial structure. This includes a good jawline. Also look into cheek exercises. Smiling also improves facial muscles are slows ageing and sagging. Research on how to maximise your hair life and skin life (prevent hair loss, wrinkles and skin sagging).

7) Practice a basic level of hygiene. Always live in fresh air, a clean environment, make sure ur not surrounded by dust. Keep plants in ur living environment and open ur windows more often and clean stuff more often, whether its surfaces or even ur devices. Brush twice a day. Shower daily. Keep ur nails hands and fingers clean. Wash ur face with facewash. Brush ur tongue and FLOSS. Rinse ur mouth after meals. Clean ur water bottle every day and frequently clean ur phone and laptop mouse and pens etc. Never touch receipts. Theyre bad for testosetrone. Dont use air freshners - not good to inhale. Wash sheets, covers, clothes and shoes often. Make sure ur shoes smell good. Make sure ur teeth are white and have a good lining.

8) A clean and balanced diet. Anything and everything is fine. Just reduce sugar, reduce bad fats, reduce bad cholestrol. Keep salt intake moderate. Too much can cause pancreatic cancer. Look up foods for your blood type and also foods based on ur age, ethnicity, body type as discussed previously, but also how hot-cold ur body is. Look up yin-yang foods and ayurveda. Meditarian and japanese diets are helathiest in world. Do get ur 5-a-day, espec from veggies. Love ur greens.

A general list of habits:
- Practice religion. Im sorry, but if ur not religious, fuck you. Love God. Follow God. Respect God. Practice the best parts of hinduism and islam and every religion. All religions have very good self improvement advice. Follow the ones that you think will benefit you and leave the ones that are too extreme, impratcial or u feel cannot be reconciled with modern culture. Pray daily. Practice gratitude.
- make ur bed daily
- Taking vitamin D and calcium is an aboolsute MUST for desis. Also take care of ur iron and magnesium levels. Get regular heart and health checkups and blood tests to monitor health.
- speak to family, freinds and relatives frequently and build a healthy social life. Build a fun and productive, useful, mutually beneficial social life too. A circle of friends where u advise each other, help each other, care for ecah other, dont keep any secrets, go skiing, travelling, camping, hiking etc is better than a shitty friend group where all u do is gossip, talk politics and go clubbing and drinking. Learn teh art of socialising and the art of conversation. Read the book "How To Win Friends and Influence people by Dave Carnegie". Here is the free PDF: https://www.pdfdrive.com/how-to-win-friends-and-influence-people-e176018081.html. OR just watch the hour long video from Hazma on it where he summarises it.
- dont walk with shoes indoors, walk without shoes as much as possible, its good for your feet and ankles. Also get a very good comfortable and healthy pair of shoes. This is very important for ur quality of life. Same applies to a good bag and jacket.
- if ur on ur laptop for mosy of ur day, limit screen time per day to 6 hours. Also every 30 mins, walk for 2 minutes or jump or do some exercise before retuning to work. Also try to look at long distance to avoid eyesight decline and myopia. Research on how to keep eyesight healthy. Or even take a 5 min break. Have a good chair, table, desk setup. Optimsie ur laptop height, angle, distance, brightness, and get a blue light filter to activiate at nightime.
- walk 10k steps a day.
- do things with SPEED and MOMENTUM. Fear and laziness and procastination and ur biggest enemies. If you cannot do diffocult, challenging, boring things, then u are WEAK and a LOSER. Embrace challenge and step out of ur comfort zone. Enjoy getting dirty, wet etc.
- Learn to take good pics, selfies and image editing and filters.
- read books and listen to educational podcasts. Watch self improvemnet youtubers. Listen to feel good music and lofi etc. Learn something from everything you do and watch, even films. Dont listen to music thats too loud. You will damage ur hearing. Use earplus at night if ur in a noisy area or ur doing deepwork. Use mouthtapes at night. Never mouthbreathe.
- be expressive, creative, artistic and expressive, make ur room is filled with posters, artwork, plants, lamps, showcases, toys, figures, musical covers etc that show who u are. Any trophies, certificates and medals are also great. Make sure ur room has some really cool lighting too. Everyhting in ur room sld be good enough to return to as ur safe haven.
- have fun and learn something new everyday, and be comfortable with urself if you wanna attract women. Explore, try out new experinces and activities, go on solo trips, take solo self care days. manage ur stress levels. Improve ur general knowledge and common sense. Build a cool lifestyle with moral purpose, hobbies and interests and a diverse personal and social life. Smile, laugh, be funny with ur girl. Be playful, flirtateous and fuck with her emotions and feeling. Be unpredictable (in a good way) and controlling in bed, but also responsive. Always leave her wanting more, ensure she ends the convo. She should want to spend more time with you. Never engage in dead convo and only hit her up if u really do have something useful purposeful or interesting to say. Call her names. Come up with a great nickname. Learn the art of foreplay, dirty talk and sexting, and phone sex if ur girl is into that. She should be the one messaging u more than vice versa. But dont come of as too rude or aloof. Strike a balance. You should be the one coming up with cool and fun dating ideas. Impress her like no other man has with ur knowledge, experience, sex, personality, humour and the way u treat her. In ur head u need to act like u have backup options and she needs u more than u need her. Make her CHASE you.
- fuck and marry whoever u want and whoever makes u happy. For marriage, her sexual and relatioanhsip history, her family, her education, values, career, ambitions, perosonality, character, religion, hobbies, interests all matters hugely as well as looks. If you have a racial/cultural preference, that is OK. If you dont, then go for hot white girls, especially hot blondes as they will skyrocket our SMV (this is controversial dont deep this too much).
- When ur gonna have sex, make sure ur both completely clean, showered, fresh, and fully groomed, u smell nice etc. Make sure you have contraception, lube etc ready. Make sure the room smells nice, u have good music and lighting. Have spare towels, sheets and clothes and tissues. Make sure u both dont have STIs if youre going raw, and shes 100% on contrception. Make sure ur dick is trimmed and ur naked body looms nice including the body hair. Ensure ur horny enough to get hard. Have backup plans and lines if things go wrong (eg u cant get hard, or she doesnt want to anymore). Eating garlic and spicy food beforehand can help. Also make sure u go toilet before. Nothing worse than needing the toilet midway thru the act. The room should have a good atmosphere and ambiance, unless ur doing it outside of home.
- Keep ur brain sharp. Eat almonds and oranges. Make sure u optimse gut health and consume good gut bacteria. Learn chess. Play other games like wordle, riddles, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, word searches. Learn martial arts to defend urself and streetfighting. Take up other sports. Take part in half marathons and triathlons etc. Girls loves athletes. Improve ur problem solving and critical thinking. For every problem analyse and evaluate. Use online courses, skillshare, brilliant, AI, utube, khan academy, coursera, udemy, EDX, to learn new marketable and in demand skills.
- Follow the news (important news only) and current affairs. Dont be a weird little political hack tho. Base ur opinions on lived reality and facts. Not vibes or what u read on twitter etc. News on health, economy, finance and geopolitics is especially important. They can help with these areas of life but also career and investments. It also improves ur general knowledge.
- Expand ur creative brain by making art, music and writing in ur free time.
- FINAL HABITS: Nofap, Cold showers, Yoga, Meditation, Drink Water, 6-9 hrs sleep daily based on body type, excellent sleep hygiene, same sleeping times daily (most of it should be during darkness/nightime when sun is down), spend time in sunlight and nature, Journal, Balanced Diet, keep a diary, use Calendars/Timetables/To-do Checklists, No Porn, No Junk Food, No fizzy drinks, no unhealthy sauces like ketchup with every meal, no crisps or snacks with every meal, Limit Social Media to network and connect, to consume educational content, to market and advertise urself or ur products,a n to connect with ur friends and family only. Less for entertainment and memes and especially not for porn. Limit netflix, video games, films and watching sports.
- FINALLY but most importantly, be charitable, caring, empathetic and look after people in ur life. Always do good when noone is looking and expect nothing in return. Always help the stranger and the person u dont know. Give more than u get. You never know what someone else is going thru. Be selfless and be grateful and apprecaitive for eveeyhting you have (be grateful for even this info ive laid out), and everyhting and everyone you know. Be an excellent example, role model and precendant for the future generation. Set the benchmark high.
As I said, pls add more, and let me know what other kind of content you'd like to see. For everything I listed, more detailed/granular guides can be prepared on each of them too. Or maybe some of you could embark on those.
All in all, I hope this is somewhat useful. Enjoy and implement!
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2023.04.16 23:41 askmeabouttheforest Book report : The Gift of Fear, by Gavin DeBecker

Hi everyone!
I'm guessing some of you heard about « The Gift of Fear »; it's a book that was written a few decades ago but stays really relevant. The author says it's about violence prevention; he keeps the responsibility for violence on the perpetrators, as he should, but he gives good advice, aimed especially at women, about how to spot dangerous people and situations before they turn ugly, how to deal with stalkers and blackmail attempts, and how to escape an abusive relationship. He is keen on showing the importance of following one's intuition. It's one of those books that I think everyone should read, and I know for a fact I would have had bad things happen to me a few times if I hadn't read it as a (very) young woman, a couple decades ago.
If you can afford to support the author and publisher, here is the official link to buy it : https://www.littlebrown.com/titles/gavin-de-beckethe-gift-of-fea9780316235020/
If you can't, here it is for free. https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-gift-of-fear-e39893700.html
I'd like to tell two stories about using the material in this book, especially because I was struck by the way things showed up and I think other women might benefit from reading it.
At the time I was young and not that safety-conscious, and I worked at a plant, where I would work beside different people almost every day. My line neighbor that day was a guy, kinda rough around the edges but pretty friendly, and we talked when the line wasn't moving. It somehow came up that we both liked to smoke weed, and he said he had some and we shoud smoke together once the shift was over; I agreed to it. Then, maybe an hour or two later, I start getting this heavy stomachache. It was really striking to me because I never got stomachaches, not even during my period, and I wasn't having my period at the moment. It was serious pain, like can't walk normally pain.
Since I had read « The Gift of Fear » not too long before at the urging of a relative, the thought came to me that maybe there was meaning behind it, like that the answer might not be a tylenol but rather thinking it out. I asked myself : what was I thinking about at the moment that stomachache set in? I was thinking about smoking with that guy after work. And then, it's like the little wheels in my mind finally started turning and I was like... wait a minute. I don't know this guy, and where would we go smoke? This is an industrial zone, there are tons of hidden places where nobody sees, especially early in the morning (we were on the night shift), so at that moment I realized this would actually be a dangerous situation, and I decided to not go through with it; my stomachache disappeared. At the end of that shift, I went to the women's bathrooms (he didn't see me go there) and I hid there for like 45 minutes (I had issues with assertiveness and I didn't feel capable of telling him I changed my mind at the time). When I came out, he was gone, and I never saw him again.
Another time, I had taken an taxi to get to a bus/shuttle iirc, and I was there, but had some time before my bus left. The cab driver offered that we go and smoke up (this was all in a social context where weed was technically illegal, but broadly used and accepted). I said ok, but then I had the odd hunch of telling him, just so he wouldn't get unrealistic expectations : « You know I'm not going to have s*x with you, right? ». I guess you could say I was naive, but I really expected an answer like : « Of course, do I look like a I would try something? ». The answer I got instead was « Well you never know, you start on a trip, you don't know where it might lead... ». I then told him that I was going to go wait for the bus in the terminal instead and did just that, and nothing happened to me, which is a win.
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2023.04.16 05:25 IndoBuleMan Pertanyaan bahasa gaul lain

Pertanyaan bahasa gaul lain
Halo lagi,
Makasih untuk yang menjawab pertanyaan saya semalam - saya mengerti jawabannya dan bersyukur saya bisa mengerti bahasa gaulnya.
Saya punya dua pertanyaan lagi.
Di dalam contoh 64, kenapa aturannya “gua jadi” daripada “jadi gua”? Bisakah kedua kata ini gantian tanpa mengganggu arti kalimatnya?
Dan di dalam contoh 67, kenapa kata “pada” diterjemahkan James Sneddon “all”. Walaupun saya masih belajar bahasa Indonesia, saya sudah membaca lumayan banyak cerita/teks dalam bahasa Indonesia dan belum pernah lihat “pada” searti “semua”.
Thanks :)
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2023.04.14 18:52 asanefeed PSA: Don't Sleep on the Internet Archive for Rare Jewish Treasures

The Internet Archive is an incredible resource for finding rare, out-of-print, non-English, and other Jewish treasures.
You'll likely have less luck going there to find a certain thing - no telling if you will - and better luck generally searching for random things to see what you find.
For instance, here are Hebrew Manuscripts from Columbia University's Rare Book & Manuscript Library. And here's a Ladino-Spanish Dictionary. Here's Sephardic folk songs recorded by ethnomusicologist Emily Sene. Here.flac)'s music of the Bukharan Jewish Ensemble. Here's a podcast episode out of Montreal on Black and Jewish music.
Make an account, virtually 'borrow' the media for free, look around. You're likely to find something awesome.
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2023.04.13 22:28 MachineElf100 Comprehensive Out of Body Experience induction guide ✨

Hi, as there are always people out there who are interested in Our of Body Experiences/Astral Projection, I thought I'll use my knowledge and create this post for you guys. So if you're interested, here's the most comprehensive guide for any beginner who'd like to get all the theoretical knowledge about OBEs/AP and get started :) (English is my second language so keep that in mind and also I have no idea how to delete that picture on my post, it comes from the link that's inserted here 😅. I guess I'll fix it by entering another link, don't click it, it's just meditation music with a nice pic ).
A little sidenote: all ebook links in this post are supposed to be free eBooks and free pdf downloads. If any of them doesn't work, let me know and we'll figure it out. Also in the end of this post I'll list together all the links that appear throughout this wall of text + some additional books on this subject that are worth reading.
Sidenote nr 2: links in this guide are supposed to provide necessary additional knowledge and spare me from writing a 3x longer guide. So you're welcome to read entire books after this post but when I say to read only specific pages, better do that first to be able to move on with understanding :)
First of all, out of body experiences (OBE) and the mechanics behind them are most likely still quite a mystery although some people believe they have it figured out. However from the available resources on this subject we can see there are 2 main stages of OBE induction process:
  1. Entering an altered state of consciousness
  2. Performing the exit (from the body)
(1) Altered states of consciousness conductive for intentional OBE induction include:
- hypnagogic (right before falling asleep) & hypnopompic (immediately after awakening) states,
- trance states (induced usually by hypnosis, or physical relaxation paired with quieting the inner dialog),
- sleep paralysis (whatever the hell happens with our brains during this, idk but it's very effective),
- dreaming (lucid dreaming in this case because you want to perform an intentional action)
- and of course psychedelic trips.
I have a suspicion that all of the above mentioned have a common factor, maybe a brainwave pattern, maybe that they're all inducing a kind of dissociation or -as some people believe and I'm not sure about- the common factor could be something on the energetic level (like increased chakra activity or who knows what 😅). My guess would be a slight dissociation, I'd love to see more research in this area.
I'll get deeper into each altered state later on...
(2) Once you're in an altered state, you're basically ready to use an exit method and this is very very simple. Exit methods can be literally anything that expresses your will to leave your body. I realized there are 3 major types of exit methods:
(a) Methods that use concentration and imagination. I'd call them "methods of effort". Examples of such methods are:
(b) Methods that kind of rely on trust. Very simple. Once in an altered state, you say in your head anything like: "out of body now", "up and away" or "I am leaving my body". Then the separation is supposed to happen by itself.
(c) My favourite method. Noticing any subtle sensation that's already taking place and taking advantage of it, feeding it with your attention and letting it grow in strength until you separate from the body. Here's a short video of a lady who explains it very well: Video
Now we can go back to the subject of altered states and how to reach them.
(a) Hypnagogic & hypnopompic states. You might have experienced the hypnagogic state before, it's a moment when you're not exactly dreaming yet but you can experience slight hallucinations or snapping in & out of consciousness. In my case, I often have the impression like I just heard someone say something, although I usually can't tell what was said.
Hypnopompic state (aka hypnopompia) is like hypnagogia with some minor differences.
Using the hypnopompic state is neatly explained in Michael Raduga's book: "The Phase" (read pages 7-12). Michael's preferred Exit Method is the focused imagination method (aka effort method) but any method can work, it's entirely up to you. By the end of this post I'll share my first success story that I had thanks to this method.
(b) Trance state. It's basically a state of DEEP physical relaxation with lowered brainwaves. It can be achieved by... well... deep physical relaxation (what a shocker) and slowing down, quieting your inner dialog (which physically means decreasing electrical activity of your brain, aka lowering your brainwaves).
A very effective tool for achieving deep physical relaxation is Yoga Nidra. It's a practice of lying down and moving your awareness through each body part in order to consciously relax it. Usually done with help of a guide (like hypnosis), it's a sort of guided meditation. Here are 2 good examples of such guides, I recommend to give them a try:
Video 1
Video 2
Then giving your undivided attention to your breath or counting from 100 to 0 for example, does a great job with lowering the brainwaves and reaching the trance state.
Robert Bruce does a great job explaining the trance and teaching how to reach it in his book: "Astral Dynamics" (read pages 199-208)
(c) Sleep paralysis. It's a natural function which prevents most of us from sleepwalking. When we dream, our body basically becomes temporarily paralysed so we don't act out our dream motions in real life. However sometimes it may happen that when we wake up (especially during REM sleep phase), our body takes a bit more time to "un-paralyze" itself and then we might experience this unsettling state of not being able to make a sound or move, also feeling like we're not able to breathe (although that's misleading) and potentially having hallucinations.
This state can sometimes be achieved by - immediately after waking up - staying completely motionless, not opening our eyes and trying not to change our breathing pattern much. (Which is very tricky to remember about when you wake up)
If you ever find yourself in the state of sleep paralysis (whether intentionally or not), just try to perform the Exit Method of your choice, it should work like a charm.
(d) Dreaming. Here applies the same thing as for sleep paralysis. If you ever remember your goal of having OBE within a dream, just perform your Exit Method.
(e) Psychedelic trips. We're still discovering what these are and what they can mean for us. I haven't found many resources about using psychedelics in order to consciously induce an OBE. I've heard however about people unintentionally doing it by lying down, relaxing and meditating/calming down during their psychedelic journeys (sounds familiar, huh?).
So if you ever find yourself taking a psychedelic trip, you may want to experiment with that and see if psychedelics can act as an enhancer or doorway for your OBE induction.
Important sidenote: if you haven't experienced psychedelics before and are planning to try, be careful. Make sure you're in a reasonably good place physically and mentally, educate yourself on this topic very well, you don't want to have history of schizophrenia or other mental illnesses (although depression is a little different story since some people use psychedelics to treat depression). Also be well informed about dosages, psychedelics are some crazy shit and when you mess with them, they can mess back.
Also don't do them too young. If you're below 16 then especially... Just don't do it, regretting that you caused yourself a permanent physical/neurological/psychological damage doesn't feel good. Ideal age medically is 23. I took a psychedelic for the first time when I was 19-20 and I think I'm alright.
Now as the guide is over let me just point out a few things:
Now read on if you want to read my first success story. If not then just go to the end of this post and there I'll put all useful links, videos mentioned in this post as well as some of the best books on this subject to enjoy and learn from.
My first success was quite shocking to me because as much as I strongly believed that OBEs are a real thing, I wasn't to prepared for it to be so... real, sensorially real!
Here's what happened: One beautiful summer morning, after a few hours of sleep, I woke up and did the whole relaxation, exit methods etc but nothing worked which was disappointing and I went back to sleep. Then right as I woke up the 2nd time, I was lucky to remember to not move or open my eyes. I immediately thought about a sideways swinging motion and then actually felt a slight rocking sensation, as if on a hammock. As I focused on it, it increased rapidly. I felt as if I was swinging from one wall of my room to another in large motions, like passing through my body in the middle of that motion and then out of it to the sides.
While in my body, I felt strong electric buzzing and while I was out, I felt a very smooth sensation hard to explain. At some point I non-physically swung with such momentum and so far that I fully separated and didn't come back into my body. Like blowing soap bubbles, when you blow, it elongates and if it goes far enough, a round bubble forms, separates itself and goes on its own individual journey (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)
Once separated I felt incredible freedom and weightlessness. It was truly exhilarating but shortly after I started losing control. Trying to save the situation I demanded "Awareness now! Clarity now!" (as proposed by William Buhlman in his book "Adventures Beyond the Body" for which I'll provide the link in the end). However my demands didn't work and I fell back into my body in a chaotic, spinning motion. After that I had a few very short and very hazy random dreams and woke up again.
Here are all recommended ebook links and videos from this guide:
16 min guided Yoga Nidra session
10 mins NSDR guided session (Non Sleep Deep Rest, aka Yoga Nidra) This is a great channel with many good NSDR guided sessions
Nanci Trivellato explaining her Exit Method customized technique (which is my favourite as I said earlier, highly recommend)
Michael Raduga's book "The Phase" (mentioned before)
Robert Bruce "Astral Dynamics" (also mentioned before, great book, I'd say a must read. The only part I'm skeptical of is the whole "energy work" part but you will make your own judgement)
(Directs you immediately to the pdf download)
William Buhlman "Adventures Beyond the Body" (great read with many interesting personal OBE stories. Only the technical advice part is poor in my opinion, his method is just to fall asleep with a strong intention and hope you're lucky which kinda sucks)
And the last but not least, the timeless classic trilogy by Robert A. Monroe, an absolute must read in my opinion:
1. Journeys out of the body
2. Far Journeys
3. Ultimate Journey
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