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An r4r (Redditor for Redditor) community for Pennsylvania. Whether you're looking for platonic or non-platonic friends, gaming buddies, online friends, soulmates, travelmates, smoking buddies, activity partners, friends with benefits, or casual encounters, this is the place to find and seek.

2023.06.10 23:10 RealityEffect WWF All American Wrestling - April 8 1990

This was an absolutely fun show, and it's well worth going back to watch if you haven't seen it already. It contains:
1) An explanation from Jack Tunney (via Mean Gene) about why we didn't get a Warrior vs Hogan rematch for the title. The explanation is logical and makes sense in the context of their match.
2) An excellent Bret Hart vs Dino Bravo match. Bret already is showing much of his singles moveset here, and it's easy to see that he was destined for bigger things at this point.
3) Earthquake going off the top rope! Although in hindsight, his finisher was incredibly weak compared to the speed that he hit the ropes.
4) Bobby Heenan having his own background logo during the introduction of The Barbarian. Shows who the star was!
5) Paul Roma tagging with Omar Atlas in a surprisingly good little match against the Orient Express.
Seriously, check it out, if only for the Bret Hart match!
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2023.06.10 23:09 King_Seraph (NA)- Dogs of Heaven is Recruiting!

Greetings ya bunch of Sinners! The doggos are looking for more badass people to add to our ranks! It can get rough and lonely out there, but SINR is there for you.
What can you expect when you join? A passionate group of some friends, new and old, that are knowledgeable about the game. We are all diablo vets in some fashion. Discord is not required , but we have it and its encouraged
Who Can join? Anyone can join! We are an all inclusive clan that takes no bullshit. There is no racism, sexism, any sort of ism or bigotry that is tolerated. Sin comes in all forms, and so do we. We are a streamer friendly space as well.
How to join? We have a discord for our members, but you can search Dogs Of Heaven, with the tag SINR, and our officers will let you in. Let me know here too and I can get ya invited in game
What do Sinners Do? What we do best. Party. Diablo 4 just started, and so did we, so we run dungeons, world events, and just enjoy leveling. We are a casual Clan, Real life sucks, so enjoy Sanctuary at your own pace, and if you want some company, That's rad and we got you.
Looking forward to seeing you in game!
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2023.06.10 23:08 r3ditr3d3r Thanks for the Support! Was very surprised by this.

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2023.06.10 23:05 Breek68 Ball Cockpit Guppy S class blue in Euclid

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2023.06.10 23:03 PocketSand6969 [WTS] M81 Woodland Mechanix Gloves, Hellsent, Weapons Grade Waifu Stickers, Projekt Monarch Glow in the Dark Nods Skull Patch- Everything New/Unused

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/PFkOgf8
I would prefer not to split, just trying to make it worthwhile considering shipping costs and gas.
$25 for everything, or make an offer, dibs takes it first
Mechanix Size Chart: https://imgur.com/MMEfbso
Please comment first then pm, prefer PayPal F&F, I’m fine with G&S I just ask that you cover the fee. No Notes in PayPal Please
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2023.06.10 23:01 currious_636 What is wrong with my sub-pipeline in appendpipe?

I have a lookup table bsm_string_new_overheat_records.csv
 inputlookup bsm_string_new_overheat_records.csv rename CCU_location AS overheat_location table _time overheat_location start_CCU_AMBI_TEMP start_time_secs end_CCU_AMBI_TEMP end_time_secs overheat_duration_minutes 
Its content:
_time overheat_location start_CCU_AMBI_TEMP start_time_secs end_CCU_AMBI_TEMP end_time_secs overheat_duration_minutes 2023-06-10 11:41:44 A10 29 1686421604 23 1686422504 15 2023-06-10 11:42:44 A10 29 1686413444 23 1686422564 152 2023-06-10 11:43:44 A10 29 1686412844 23 1686422624 163 2023-06-10 11:44:44 A10 29 1686413984 23 1686422684 145 2023-06-10 11:45:44 A10 29 1686420584 23 1686422744 36 
I also have an `index==“battery_data” sourcetype=“battery_field_data”` that contains the battery data. From this, I can compute the average temperature for a location (“A10”), with start_time_secs (1686421604), and end_time_secs (1686422504). Here is an example:
index="battery_data" sourcetype="battery_field_data" rex field=Tag "^(?P\w+)_BQMS\.\1\.((BMS_\1_(?P.*))(MU(?P\d+)\.BMS_\1_MU\6_UNIT(?P\d+)_(?P.*)))" where CCU_location=="A10" eval start_time_secs=1686421604, end_time_secs=1686422504 where (tag_suffix == "CCU_AMBI_TEMP") AND (start_time_secs <= _time) AND (_time <= end_time_secs) eval Value=round(Value*0.1, 2) stats avg(Value) AS average_temperature_in_overheat latest(_time) AS _time latest(*) AS * BY CCU_location start_time_secs end_time_secs table _time CCU_location start_time_secs end_time_secs average_temperature_in_overheat 
_time CCU_location start_time_secs end_time_secs average_temperature_in_overheat 2023-06-10 11:39:54.971 A10 1686421604 1686422504 17.45 
I would like to compute the average temperature for each record in bsm_string_new_overheat_records.csv
with the following query,
 inputlookup bsm_string_new_overheat_records.csv rename CCU_location AS overheat_location appendpipe [ search index="battery_data" sourcetype="battery_field_data" rex field=Tag "^(?P\w+)_BQMS\.\1\.((BMS_\1_(?P.*))(MU(?P\d+)\.BMS_\1_MU\6_UNIT(?P\d+)_(?P.*)))" where CCU_location==overheat_location where (tag_suffix == "CCU_AMBI_TEMP") AND (start_time_secs <= _time) AND (_time <= end_time_secs) eval Value=round(Value*0.1, 2) stats avg(Value) AS average_temperature_in_overheat latest(_time) AS _time latest(*) AS * BY CCU_location start_time_secs end_time_secs ] table _time overheat_location CCU_location start_time_secs end_time_secs average_temperature_in_overheat start_CCU_AMBI_TEMP end_CCU_AMBI_TEMP overheat_duration_minutes 
I’d expect one additional record of average temperature for each overheat record (total 5+5=10 records).
However, here is what I got:
_time overheat_location CCU_location start_time_secs end_time_secs average_temperature_in_overheat start_CCU_AMBI_TEMP end_CCU_AMBI_TEMP overheat_duration_minutes 2023-06-10 11:41:44 A10 1686421604 1686422504 29 23 15 2023-06-10 11:42:44 A10 1686413444 1686422564 29 23 152 2023-06-10 11:43:44 A10 1686412844 1686422624 29 23 163 2023-06-10 11:44:44 A10 1686413984 1686422684 29 23 145 2023-06-10 11:45:44 A10 1686420584 1686422744 29 23 36 
None of the average temperature results is there.
What’s wrong with my above query?
Even with an empty sub-pipeline in the body of appendpipe:
 inputlookup bsm_string_new_overheat_records.csv rename CCU_location AS overheat_location appendpipe [ ] table _time overheat_location start_CCU_AMBI_TEMP start_time_secs end_CCU_AMBI_TEMP end_time_secs overheat_duration_minutes 
Indeed, there are 5 + 5 records. At the least, the cardinality looks right:
_time overheat_location start_CCU_AMBI_TEMP start_time_secs end_CCU_AMBI_TEMP end_time_secs overheat_duration_minutes 2023-06-10 11:41:44 A10 29 1686421604 23 1686422504 15 2023-06-10 11:42:44 A10 29 1686413444 23 1686422564 152 2023-06-10 11:43:44 A10 29 1686412844 23 1686422624 163 2023-06-10 11:44:44 A10 29 1686413984 23 1686422684 145 2023-06-10 11:45:44 A10 29 1686420584 23 1686422744 36 2023-06-10 11:41:44 A10 29 1686421604 23 1686422504 15 2023-06-10 11:42:44 A10 29 1686413444 23 1686422564 152 2023-06-10 11:43:44 A10 29 1686412844 23 1686422624 163 2023-06-10 11:44:44 A10 29 1686413984 23 1686422684 145 2023-06-10 11:45:44 A10 29 1686420584 23 1686422744 36 
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2023.06.10 23:01 lord_donut123 Welcome to PromptsHub!

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Happy prompting!
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2023.06.10 23:00 toor00t [For Hire] Your Favourite Google Ads Guy

My name's Marco,
7 years of professional PPC experience put me in a good spot — whether it's managing SaaS companies that spend 83K/month, or a dog hair salon spending 1K/month — I've managed them all.
What I will do
~ Scale new & existing Google Ads campaigns ✅
~ Manage the process of migrating to other PPC platforms ✅
~ Take care of the entire process (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Hotjar Heatmaps etc.) ✅
~ Strategize & develop landing pages to match your offer to your Ads perfectly ✅
- Fix & audit broken campaigns of all kind✅
- White Label PPC — taking over Agency Accounts & branding it as your work ✅
Pricing structure
I live in a Western country, have a good track record & don't work for pennies; My monthly retainer is a fixed $2,000. This allows me to focus on your accounts, generate results & keep other clients happy as well.
Sounds good?
Shoot me a message or contact me on my Website !
Have a good one,
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2023.06.10 23:00 toor00t [For Hire] Your Favourite Google Ads Guy

My name's Marco,
7 years of professional PPC experience put me in a good spot — whether it's managing SaaS companies that spend 83K/month, or a dog hair salon spending 1K/month — I've managed them all.
What I will do
~ Scale new & existing Google Ads campaigns ✅
~ Manage the process of migrating to other PPC platforms ✅
~ Take care of the entire process (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Hotjar Heatmaps etc.) ✅
~ Strategize & develop landing pages to match your offer to your Ads perfectly ✅
- Fix & audit broken campaigns of all kind✅
- White Label PPC — taking over Agency Accounts & branding it as your work ✅
Pricing structure
I live in a Western country, have a good track record & don't work for pennies; My monthly retainer is a fixed $2,000. This allows me to focus on your accounts, generate results & keep other clients happy as well.
Sounds good?
Shoot me a message or contact me on my Website !
Have a good one,
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2023.06.10 23:00 toor00t [For Hire] Your Favourite Google Ads Guy

My name's Marco,
7 years of professional PPC experience put me in a good spot — whether it's managing SaaS companies that spend 83K/month, or a dog hair salon spending 1K/month — I've managed them all.
What I will do
~ Scale new & existing Google Ads campaigns ✅
~ Manage the process of migrating to other PPC platforms ✅
~ Take care of the entire process (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Hotjar Heatmaps etc.) ✅
~ Strategize & develop landing pages to match your offer to your Ads perfectly ✅
- Fix & audit broken campaigns of all kind✅
- White Label PPC — taking over Agency Accounts & branding it as your work ✅
Pricing structure
I live in a Western country, have a good track record & don't work for pennies; My monthly retainer is a fixed $2,000. This allows me to focus on your accounts, generate results & keep other clients happy as well.
Sounds good?
Shoot me a message or contact me on my Website !
Have a good one,
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2023.06.10 22:50 Garvic143143 Hopefully NHL 24 Won’t be a Dumpster Fire

Systems Software Engineer - NHL 24

Electronic Arts📷Vancouver, BC, Canada📷Pasadena, CA, USA📷Seattle, WA, USAFull TimeIntermediate (2–5 years exp)​$94,450 – $158,600 USD per year​Game Development​18 days agoSaveTweetCopyReport
EA SPORTS is one of the most iconic brands in entertainment with over 25 years of innovation, passion, and connecting millions of players across the globe to their favorite sports, teams, and players. EA SPORTS NHL has revolutionized sports gaming for tens of millions of players around the world, pioneering award-winning and creative technology and experiences that connect players to the speed, skill, and creativity of the NHL.
The EA SPORTS NHL franchise is founded on passion and new ideas. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, the team is composed of remarkable talent on a mission to accomplish on-ice experiences that connect gamers around the world through play. If you're a creative pioneer with a passion for your craft, you will have the chance to turn a job into something you love.
The System Software Engineer will maintain a broad view of the game and engine systems and look for ways to improve performance, utility, and capabilities for our players and workflow enhancements for our development team. Above all, we're looking for an engineer who is excited to use their talent and experience to build AAA quality games.
Your Responsibilities:
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2023.06.10 22:49 Ion_Recruiting [A3] [Recruiting] [NA/EU] Ion Services, Inc. Milsim without the hassles.

[A3] [Recruiting] [NA/EU] Ion Services, Inc. Milsim without the hassles.
Group: IoN PMC Playstyle: Milsim Main Language: English Timezone: CET Operation Times: Saturday, 8PM CET Required Mods: RHS, CUP, extra maps etc. Other essential info:17+
Our unit is dedicated to providing members with disciplined and organised mission experiences without the cost of having overly structured discord servers with an elaborate recruitment process. Basically: We are Milsim without all the overbearing bureaucracy.
We are a group of individuals playing ARMA together for a long time looking for both experienced milsimmers and new players looking to learn alike.
Our PMC Theme is a tag line, we will make operations based on factions or equipment present in our modlist in addition to ION PMC operations.
If you have any questions, feel free to DM me or join the Discord.
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2023.06.10 22:47 Perpetual__Night How should one report multiple comments on a fic?

What it says on the title.
Scrolling through older fics in my fandom tag, I came across one with fairly… controversial tags but a lot of comments, which was unexpected, given the nature of the fic + the fact that my fandom is full of antis. Curiosity got the best of me, so I clicked on it to see if any of the comments were positive, but unfortunately, almost all of them were negative, with multiple of them telling the author to kill themselves.
To be fair, it’s been years since the comments were written and since the author last updated, so I don’t think reporting them years later will solve anything, since any potential harm has already been done at this point, but at the same time, I feel bad for the author, and I think those comments are definitely worthy of at least a temporary suspension, even if they were posted years ago. But while I’ve reported works in the past, I’ve never tried reporting comments, so how should I report multiple comments at the same time? Should I use the abuse report at the bottom of the fic, include a link to the fic and tell the Abuse team that multiple people are harassing the author in the comments? Or do comments work differently to fics?
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2023.06.10 22:45 TonyMcTony [Pyanodon] Py Sci Pack 2 automated at 190 hours

[Pyanodon] Py Sci Pack 2 automated at 190 hours
Since I sunk so many hours into this mod, thought I'd provide a sort of journal entry for my progress. This will be a long-ish post, so if you are not interested in my horrible life decisions, just scroll through and enjoy the pictures. I hope with this post, i can give some insight to the people behind me progressing in the modpack. And i hope to keep myself sane enough to keep going and write about my adventures to the next sci pack milestone, and eventually Pyrrhic Victory!
I started Factorio about a year ago, didn't really like it at first when i was playing through the tutorial, and actually stopped. I remember thinking "wow I just pipe water to the boiler, add some coal and my stuff are all powered?" that was sort of a turn off for me. But then after giving it another try, i decided to stick with it and try to launch a rocket.
I played the default setting at first, and didn't like the pacing. I found myself advancing too fast through the tech tree. I got halfway through Blue science and didn't even really have a solid production of the components yet and felt like i was drowning. I restarted with marathon mode and it really clicked for me. Letting me learn about the basics before giving access to too many toys. In that mode i learned about dual loading belts, blueprints, trains (signals and station limits), and making 'somewhat' tileable/expandable productions. I didn't get into bots and i don't think i will. I only used Logistic bots to refill my inventory from malls and construction bots to remotely adjust my mining outposts.
Launched the rocket in my marathon mode, and decided to seek more! Before i thought to jump into the big mod packs, i tried to do a marathon mode Space Extension game to learn about scaling. Wow that was not for me. I got incredibly bored of making the same thing in larger scales so i quit.
So i looked for the next best thing in the list. Saw this Pyanodon pack and said, why not. Jumped straight in.
The run:
I started my foray into PY a few months before PyAE came out, and was sort of glad that i did around this time, so i didn't have to re-learn everything. I didn't really get too deep into PYAL yet. I had a few restarts due to realizing a lot of my errors, and decided to stop restarting about the same time the Caravan patch came in. The Caravans were so much fun, i stopped having any thoughts of quitting the mod.
I started the game with the Py default settings (no biters and no pollution... my computer is old), and tried to keep it as pure as possible. The only mods i used other than the full PyAE pack were:
  • Even distribution (to save my mouse and index finger during the burner phase... clicking all the coal was a pain in the ash)
  • Vehicle Snap (There is a lot of driving in this game, i think that's what Py intended... for you to explore. I got tired of veering off and hitting my electric poles so i made 1 tile wide brick "highways" to aid my driving, and use the mod to snap in the cardinal directions)
  • To-Do list (I actually didn't use this mod much... i felt like i needed a to-do list to write the to-do list, so i gave up trying to make use of this)
  • Playtime+ (Time flies fast when you're having fun. And this lets you see that :))
Since the devs of this mod pack revel in pain and suffering, i thought by keeping it as lean as possible, it would fulfill that goal. I've never used any of the other recipe searching or planning or calculator mods, i'll explain it later on if i remember....
*Sidenote about RSO* The base game resource generation is a bit janky when it comes to PY. I had to roll the map a few times because i'd say 5/10 the starting resource patches would overlap and you'd have an impossibly hard start if there's not enough iron or copper. While RSO solves this, it messes up spawning of the farther resources (So you can get unlucky and have no Zinc spawn closeby, but also on the flip side, lucky and trivialize the early game power puzzle if you get a Geothermal water spot that spawn 3-5 patches in a spot, you can run a centrifuge without any powerplans if you get 3-4 spots of 3-5 patches of geothermal! [Py default will only spawn 1 as they are very powerful in early science])

Here's the full map that i've explored. To find far resources (Salt/sulfuGeothermal etc.) i set up a fishturbine+radar in the 4 cardinal directions, let them scan fully, then move them clockwise to the intercards, let them scan, and etc. it was quite effective.

Here's a closer look at the main area, with tags to identify general purpose of the spot
Base showcase: K enough babbling, onto the important stuff.

Start with the achievement - Py Sci 2 automated. I was going to get it under 190 but i forgot to ship my mechanical parts lol.

A better view of the area. Primers, Retrovirus&DNA Polymerase, Good alien Sample and Py Sci 2. Eventually i might export science packs through that pre-planned train station (i.e. move PY sci 2 to Chem sci). Borders with the Arqad area since i needed vrauk cocoons and Arqad Venom

Self sustained Arqad area. Makes its own ingredients for Vrauks and its food. I ship in Ralesia/Flora and Tin with Caravans, and have a train station bringing in red-hot coke and the Arqad combs

Further down south from Arqad, i have my Korlex milk (& Casein/Tuuphra), Zipir, Paragen, Flavanoid makers. I had a tiny amount of fish makers here and quickly realized that it was quickly overwhelmed... had to expand another fish factory. The line of biomass will eventually reach my intended biomass processing area. For now it is not backing up anything (got one of those 800 slot warehouses holding animal parts [see my log sci area later]. I will make that biomass processing area soon....

Further away, at another tin patch, i started a fish factory. Here is also where i tried to play with the Aerial Discharge base. They are quirky but sorta not that worth it. I use 3 to go between this tin outpost (steam to mine) and my glassworks outpost to make steam to process tar (next screen)

I realized that glass is getting used more and more and i needed to ship it (Mech parts, Biosamples, etc.) So eventually i had to create this little outpost where it receives overflow fuels (Petroleum and Gasoline) and also on site tar processing and burn all the fuel byproducts (Anthracene, aromatics, carbolic etc.) I ship out the pitch and creosote to help make red science bricks and sand casting and rails. The Aerial base here is the other end of the path from the Tin patch for fish. Steam is used to break down tar. I ship in syngas to power the oil burner for steam with an underflow.

Biosample and redhot coke to the Arqad/Py Sci 2 area from before. I never automated Biosample before this (can easily hand craft for the initial ones for synthesis of Alien Life). Caravans bring in Titanium/Steel and Lead. Train ships in glass. At this point i started REALLY voiding stuff since it was getting too complicated to hook them all up to be used. Yes i can bring this muddy sludge to my moss area but it was not worth it. I never void anything with fuel values though (Except trace hydrogen in remote spots) since you can easily hook it up to overflow to a oil burner -> Steam engine.

On to the best part (in my opinion). My Mechanical Parts 1 subfactory. I use 6 caravans here. My rationale is that these ingredients are used in small amounts, so 200 brains (200 round trips) of 1500+++ ingredients each trip should last me a life time. I ship in: Quartz Ore, Green circuits, Zinc plate, Rubber, Solder, and Tin plates. The Small parts and copper caravan outposts are exporter stations. I ship in glass from rails, make plastic from the wastewater from the Fish factory you saw earlier. AND....

I have a 'Janktown Express' train that brings in 4 obscure ingredients to the Mech parts factory. It brings in Titanium (just because its in the area) with the three ingredients requiring Antimony Oxide - Vitreloy (Brakes), Iron-Nex-Antimony (Shaft) and Lead-Antimony (Batteries).

This is the original 'Janktown Express'. My very first train that i used to take 4 components to the Logistic Science area from the Antimony area. To this day this train is still on its own rail line and not connected to the main rail grid. Sorta like those 100 year old historic trolley trains that run through a main City.
Side areas:
Onto the other parts of my base, if you're still interested.

Here's the Logistic sci factory area that the Janktown express drops off the 4 components to. The Auog/vrauk slaughter houses are just south and ships all the chopped up parts into a giant warehouse where it supplies the animal sample maker. Circuitry sends overflow parts to the composter for biomass. Cottonguts and Moondrops are just north (not pictured)
Here's my Niobium area that i rushed since i was DYING for the niobium underground pipes. (Not sure if you noticed how much F-in pipes i have in my base yet). It's coupled with the oil sands processing area where i turn oil sands into Syngas. I like this avenue because it let's me use up all the waste products in my base. (Most) stone, and all gravel and sand are shipped here to make Filtration media/Activated Carbon. Stone is crushed into Gravel and excess gravel crushed into sand. Activated carbon turns the flue gas that Oil Sand processing produces into Syngas, and Filtration media turns the Bitumen from Oil sands into Syngas as well. It does mean i cannot burn syngas for nothing (like just using it as fuel for glass/smelters) as it WILL eat up all the stone/gravel/sand. Also have to ship in Zinc and Carbon Dust (from my Coal power plant area) via caravans

Py Sci 1 maker with some landfill spaghetti before i was able to reliably mass produce landfill. I vent chlorine here since there's no good use for it (yet), and you will get A TON of it from NaOH.

Here's the bulk of my power generation. I have only 3 geothermal deposits so far but even they are not able to power one centrifuge. (3 geo = ~150MW, 1 centrifuge = 207MW). This power plant provides 118x6 MW, produces ash in big quantities (and ships them out). Coal processing lets me mass produce coke through Red Hot Coke, and tons of coal dust for the Filtration Media area from before. I ended up making trees here, i think it was because of Coke -> CO2. I originally wanted to make bricks here as well (ash -> rich clay) for when i really need to jack up red science but i never followed through... i think it was not as efficient use of ash as i thought. I ship out coke here for train fuel, since you will make a LOT of them. Also i ship out hot air here as well to the smelter area.

I really appreciate the tar deposits since there's a very simple tech that lets you make simple power setups. Tar + Vacuum = Coke + Heavy oil will let you run both Oil and Coal power plants to make power in a compact setup. the Tar deposits don't look like they will run out anytime soon either. I might make more of these tar deposits around the map later on. (I haven't touched crude oil yet, but will probably do so next). Nat gas (the last of the 3 bitumen seep resources) is required for Arqads.

and Finally, a wide shot of the (starter) centre of my base, based around the crashed ship. This shows the seaweed/moss/ralesia areas better as well as the Auog/Vrauk areas, and Cottongut/Moondrop areas up top. The middle right side area was a LOT more congested with early smelting but i eventually moved them out to another area. Yes there's a lot of slaked lime pooled up that i am waiting for the next research (salt products) to use them. (Hope you like the creative use of landfill to cross lakes).
Final Word:
Some regrets that i had, and thought i'd share:
  • I really liked Caravans since they had near instant transfer (Faster than any stacked inserters... 1500 items per swing!). But i think i had a misguided vision when i used them for delivering raw ores to my smelting lines. They will require more maintenance from me (putting brains/food in them) as usage goes up. I am not looking forward to squeezing trains in to replace those caravans. But caravans for low quantity items are still amazing for their simplicity.
  • I probably automated Py sci 2 too early? I still have a lot of Log sci techs to go lol. Still have Phosphorous, MIBC, Molybdenum, guar and lubricant techs to research (and the TURD upgrades, if im interested in any). I remember i was completely done with Py1 sciences before i got my first Log sci pack at around 50 hours.
  • I hopped into Quartz 2 WAY TOO EARLY. i totally underestimated the amount of fine sand you need. My god you need a lot. It really crippled my petri dish making capabilities (and then crippled my Py Sci 1). I made a ton of sand makers and then ended up with a billion muddy sludge, and i finally gave in to voiding it indiscriminately (Overflow valve -> sinkhole). This might be the reason why i still have so many log sci techs to research. I will likely hook up the glass outpost to dump molten glass to my py sci 1 area before long.
  • Not taking the time to learn and figure out how to deal with creatures that use 10++ barrels of liquids and barreling machines. I had my arqad/korlex facilities back up so many times because the barreling machine was full and they could not take out any more empty barrels causing a jam. I think eventually i realized that those facilities do not start taking any ingredients in until it shits out all the empty barrels. Once i started paying attention to this fact, i was able to solve this headache.
Some words for the dev team:
  • This modpack is amazing. I think not using any QOL mods really makes this modpack shine. I believe using calculators or recipe searchers, just basically turn this masterpiece into building Ikea furniture. I.e. you look up Py Sci 2, it spells out exactly what you need to make it and which buildings, and then you just follow it to the tee, place them one after the other, hook them up and voila, you (after a long time) have Py Sci 2.
  • The buff to reinforced concrete, while INCREDIBLE (i can zip from one side of my base to the other, and don't have to rely on a car and avoid crashing into my own shit), made all the other cool tiles obsolete. Reinforced concrete is comparably much easier to make, and give the max speed (350%), while the other tiles (asphalt/iron oxide tile/etc.) give only 250% or matches the 350%. The higher tier cooler tiles should go up to even 500%. Also, i am not sure if the better tiles give faster driving speeds too? that would be nice too (if you don't rely on trains to get around).
  • Caravans. Whoever made Caravans able to path through trees and pipes, made these guys so much fun to use. I remember before this minipatch, i had to design my buildings in ways that the caravan ogres don't get stuck. Now they almost always are able to find a way through unless you put overflow/underflow valves in tight pipe setups or they get stuck on another caravan lol.
  • Solar and Tidal power seems a bit weak (at least at mk1). They are a pain to make and only give 5?MW (AND variable). Maybe if you bite the bullet and make a TON of them right when it makes sense to, it will pay off eventually, but so far the coal and oil powerplants overshadow the renewables. I assume when i get the processed biomass up and running it will be one more strike against Solar and Tidal.
Finally, i hope to continue this amazing modpack and maybe one day make that "PY COMPLETED" post like some of you have done so already. I really cannot believe how fast those guys who posted the PY COMPLETED posts have beaten this pack! PYAE only came out in december 2022? I cannot remember how many times i open the game, look at one of the recipes and immediately went to bed. I think it there were a good 3 or 4 times where i opened up the recipe for Good Alien Samples at night after coming home from work, take a look, and just shut the game down.
If you made it this far down the post, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed playing Py.

submitted by TonyMcTony to factorio [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:44 StarTrekVeteran RFID Loyalty program app - First issue published.

Just managed to write and publish my first Flutter NFC loyalty program app called Loyalty Tag.
Android listed first shot, took forever to get it listed on iOS, getting the detail right but got there in the end. Loyalty Tag facilitates the creation and management of a NFC tag based loyalty program. Supports both points and currency rewards. Available for both iOS and Android.
All data stored on cloud, only NFC serial number used to link to database, this makes the system more secure and prevents the danger of hacking card balances. Allows for the recovery of lost cards via recovery password.
Would love some opinion/comment.
submitted by StarTrekVeteran to RFID [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:43 GABE5150GARCIA98 LOOKIN 4 FRIENDS!

Hey, I’m looking for friends that want to chitchat in a party. I don’t have much games that other people usually have but I would love to have a conversation and get to know people type stuff n mainly just chill anyways let me know gamer tag is GABE5150GARCIA ❤️✌🏻
submitted by GABE5150GARCIA98 to PSNFriends [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:41 cip43r Mastodon 3D printing community during these hard times.

Mastodon is an opensouce and fedirated social media platform without any stupid crypto tokens or anything. It ia free to use, and you can choose communities that you like and still interact with them as you like.
We have built a community with @[email protected] #3dprinting on techhub.social where users can use the hashtag #3dprinting to tag there posts and also tag the user @[email protected] to have your posts boosted and reach further users.
The community has grown from just simple posts to Klipper and Voron builts, debates on Marlin, sharing prints, and asking questions. The community is very active and is actually the reason why my activity on this sub has gone down in the last 6 months.
I highly recommend checking it out.
submitted by cip43r to 3Dprinting [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:40 BlueHatchback10 Ordering EAS Tags

My DAPL told me that they are no longer supplying EAS tags. I've heard from other managers you can order them. Does anyone have an item number, phone number, or link in Ariba I can use to order new ones with my store's info on it? I think my DAPL is smoking a load of BS, there's no way CVS would do without EAS tags at a store-level.
submitted by BlueHatchback10 to CVS [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:40 random_ask_80 Served a near one month expired sandwich on an Indigo flight . Please thoroughly check the use by/expiry dates on any flight meals before eating.

Was traveling on a Mumbai to Kolkata Indigo flight 4 days back. I had pre-booked a meal, which I got delivered sometime later on the flight. I didn't want to have it at the time, so I put it in my backpack. Later when I got home, I unpacked and started to have it. At this point of time, I noticed the use by date(pic) on the cover. I had to double check it, as a difference of 29 days was shocking. I then put up a message tagging indigo on twitter. The following day, I get a reply from Indigo asking for a call. Later an indigo SM person calls me and apologizes and says that Indigo is going through a investigation process to find out how this lapse happened. Said they would provide a Rs 1000 voucher for it. I replied they should find out how a lapse as severe as almost a month can happen, & their resposibility doesn't end with the voucher. To which person said- ki they will check it out and take steps. However, ei incident etotai serious and so many people could and may have been affected, based on what they served as possibly rotten food. So I did a follow up call again around three days back. Unsurprisingly, their investigation was still ongoing. Again the person promised necessary steps will be taken and again asked if I wanted a refund of flight. I told them to hang that and find out who's responsible and to take necessary steps. Person says all steps will be taken by next 48 hours and I will be informed via call. I later googled, and this isn't the first time their passengers have faced this(check twitter). This is very serious reveal of quality of airlines food. I guess there's no point taking any action as nothing much will change, except maybe some babu for govt regulation might get rich, through it. But created this post just to warn/alert ppl who are not aware of the scenario, to prevent the tension/anxiety (and much worse) people in that flight may have had to go through.
submitted by random_ask_80 to kolkata [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:38 ProffittAD [WTT] Munroe Sigil Price Drop

Offering for trade consideration again today my 2021 Munroe Sigil in S90V with copper inlays on the pivot and pivot screw.
I acquired this knife recently here on the swap, and while I do absolutely love the design, I can't help but wonder what else may be out there. Unsure of the previous number of owners. Haven't carried this one or cut with it other than a piece of paper. The blade is quite sharp and I believe it is likely the factory edge. I disassembled it twice, once on arrival to tune the action and make sure everything was clean, and once to install skiff bearings, which did actually improve the action quite a bit and will likely continue to do so as they break in. The finish on this knife makes it difficult to tell if there is really any carry wear, though there is a bit on the tip of the clip and perhaps a snail on it as well. I have included photos of these as best as I could get. I also believe there is a small mark on the pivot screw in the copper, but it is very small and I couldn't get it to show up on camera. Overall it is in excellent condition. The action is great on the skiffs, lockup is solid, and centering looks perfect to my eyes. The box, COA, tag, band-aid, and original bearings are included. TV 1150 1100
Album and Video
I can trade up or down for the right knife, multiples can be fine too for the right bundle, and cash can go either way. I would primarily like to trade for a dragon scale Grimsmo Rask, though any Rask would be of interest. I do not particularly like acid washed blades, so I'd likely pass on any of those. Also of interest are TBC, Holts, Shiros, Craig Browns, Hermans, JG, Rassenti, Eutsler, and other high end customs or production knives. Please feel free to send offers or questions, chat is preferred. Much prefer to trade with established members here, if your flair is under 25, I would need you to ship first or we could see about a proxy service. Knife will ship USPS fully insured. Thanks for looking!
submitted by ProffittAD to Knife_Swap [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:36 melOhne333 Warum kann ich es nicht hinter mir lassen?

Ich weiß nicht, ob das hier am richtigen Ort geschrieben wird.
Mein Leidensdruck lässt mich das jetzt verfassen. Vielleicht hilft es. Bitte seid nicht zu hart zu mir.
Ich (w 27) bin 2019 mit (nennen wir ihn) Max 33 zusammengekommen. Ich kam zuvor aus einer 8 jährigen Beziehung die mir viel Halt gegeben hat und habe mich nach der Trennung Hals über Kopf in Max verliebt. Im Nachhinein weiß ich, dass alles sehr überstürzt lief. Er hat mich damals komplett verzaubert. Er war so aufmerksam wie ich es noch nie erlebt hab. Ein kreativer, intelligenter Mann der so lustig sein konnte, dass ich gelacht habe wie noch nie davor. Ich habe damals schon gesehen, dass sein Leben ein totales Chaos war, inklusive seiner Wohnung. Er war schon einige Jahre arbeitslos, verschuldet, starker Kiffer. Irgendwie hat er mir ohne, dass ich anfangs überhaupt Fragen dazu stellte einfach alles so gut erklärt (schwierige Vergangenheit, psychisch kranke Mutter um die er sich kümmerte, kein familiärer Rückhalt, riesiger Weltschmerz, Pech mit Chefs etc.) dass ich einfach total daran glaubte, dass unsere Liebe alles verändern kann und ihm Antrieb geben wird. Ich hab selbst eine sehr schwierige Jugend hinter mir und deshalb totales Verständnis wenn Lebenswege anders laufen.
Da ich damals die Wohnung in der ich mit meinem Ex lebte alleine nicht hätte halten können und er aus seiner raus wollte hab ich ihn dann nach 3 Monaten bei mir einziehen lassen. Und dann gings auch relativ schnell los... Die ersten Streitsituationen ließen nicht lang auf sich warten. Er hatte große Vertrauensprobleme, es reichte wenn ich morgens einen Spaziergang machte wenn er noch schlief, ständig hieß es, ich würde mich kleiden, "als sei ich single", selbst wenn ich dachte "heute mache ich alles richtig" war doch meistens wieder irgendwas falsch und es eskalierte. Aber auf eine Art, die mir bis dahin völlig fremd war. Beleidungen, auf die ich nie gekommen wäre, alles was ich im Vertrauen erzählte wurde in diesen stundenlangen Hasspredigten oder Textnachrichten als Waffe verwendet, er hat mich seelisch total ausgenommen mit diesen worten. Oft wusste ich irgendwann selbst nicht mehr, was jetzt eigentlich der Grund für den Streit ist, weil der grenzenlose Hass einfach gar nichts mehr mit dem Thema zu tun hatte. Er hat mir dann oft ins Gesicht gespuckt oder mich auch geschuckt. Er hat mich nie verprügelt. Es kam aber auch ein paar mal zu Situationen in denen er mich Ohrfeigte (So sehr dass ich Nasenbluten bekam) oder dass er mich körperlich völlig überwältige und ich unter ihm lag und keine Chance hatte. Anfangs hatte ich noch versucht "dagegen anzukommen" aber ich hab jedes mal gemerkt, dass ich ihm sowohl körperlich als auch verbal absolut unterlegen war, da ich so eine unendliche Ausdauer noch nie erlebt habe, nichtmal im Film gesehen. Ich habe so oft ab einem Punkt gebrüllt, dass er mich jetzt in ruhe lassen muss, mich eingeschlossen, er stand weiter vor der tür und hat ohne eine Antwort zu bekommen auf mich eingeredet wie scheiße ich bin. Irgendwann war die tür von ihm eingetreten und ich schob in diesen Situationen den Schrank davor und saß im schlafzimmer wie ein haufen scheiße, der sich nur noch die Ohren zuhielt. Ich bin oft hyperventilierend mitten in der Nacht im Schlafanzug ins Auto gesessen und über Stunden irgendwo gestanden weil ich mich nicht heim getraut hab oder bin bei Freundinnen untergekommen. Trotzdem bin ich immer und immer wieder zu ihm zurück. Egal wie oft ich den Entschluss fasste es zu lassen. Wenn er mit seiner Wut fertig war kamen immer Worte die bei mir alle Punkte gedrückt haben, dass ich nichts wollte außer ihn. Ich verstehe das alles bis heute nicht. Und meistens habe ich mich dann für mein Verhalten entschuldigt, da wir jedes mal auf den Punkt kamen, dass ich das so verursacht habe uns er sich dadurch nicht anders verhalten konnte. Ich habe komplett aufgehört auf mein bauchgefühl zu hören und konnte nicht aufhören daran zu glauben, was für eine erfüllende fusion wir beide wären, wenn wir das in den Griff kriegen. Ich bin psychisch vorbelastet und hatte totale Angst vorm Alleinsein, wahrscheinlich war das ein Grund mehr, dass ich es nicht schaffte einen Cut zu machen. Ich dachte einfach es liegt an mir. Solche Vorfälle gab es ca. 2 mal die Woche. Und sobald wir wieder "gut" miteinander waren, war es das auf verrückte Art und Weise wirklich. Der Sex war der beste den ich je hatte und wir hatten unendlichen Spaß und ich fühlte mich trotz allem so wohl und zuhause bei ihm. Als könnte man "die andere Seite" komplett ausblenden. Für mich war das, als hätte ich es mit zwei verschiedenen Menschen zu tun. Ich hab ihn in seinem Gesicht auch tatsächlich kaum erkannt, wenn er so böse war. Ist schwer zu beschreiben und klingt bestimmt richtig dumm.
Ein eigentlich "typischer" toxischer Kreislauf. Ich war damals wegen eines anderen Vorfalls in einer Beratungsstelle für Frauen die Gewalt erlebt haben. Am Ende habe ich dort aber kaum über den Vorfall sondern nur noch über meine Beziehung gesprochen. Ich weiß nicht wie ich das überstanden hätte, wenn ich diesen Austausch nicht gehabt hätte und mein Verhalten dort reflektieren konnte.
Es wurde alles immer schlimmer und dazu kamen dann noch Streitpunkte, da er auf meine Kosten mitlebte, obwohl ich noch in der Ausbildung war (ich frage mich bis heute wie ich die unter den Bedingungen abgeschlossen habe), er schlief oft noch nachmittags, wenn ich von der Arbeit kam und war immer zu Motivationslos sich an den üblichen Haushaltsdingen und Einkäufen zu beteiligen. Da wurde dann auch alles so hingedreht, dass ich das Problem sei (wenn ich die offenen Schulden ansprach war ich geldgeil, wenn ich putze würde ich ihn passiv aggressiv zur Beteiligung auffordern, ich würde zu viel verlangen, zu wenig Rücksicht nehmen etc.)
Unser Vermieter lebte über uns und sie bekamen vieles mit, weshalb er mehrmals das Gespräch suchte und auch sagte, dass er uns kündigt, wenn es nicht ruhiger wird. Er sprach auch unter 4 Augen mit mir, bat mir an alleine dort bleiben zu können und versuchte auch darauf einzuwirken mich zu trennen, aber ich war damals so resistent... irgendwann kam es dann wieder zu einem Anruf von ihm und schlussendlich zur Kündigung.
Parallel wurde ich schwanger von ihm, was so absolut nicht geplant war. Ich wusste direkt, dass ich zu einer Abtreibung nicht fähig sein würde. Ab dem Moment hat sich bei mir viel verändert und ich wusste ich muss für dieses Kind eine friedliche und positive Atmosphäre erschaffen. Ich suchte mir eine eigene Wohnung, wir hatten 3 Monate Zeit und er zog schlussendlich in eine Obdachlosenunterkunft, da er sich wieder um nichts kümmerte und vielleicht dachte, dass ich ihn dann aufnehme. An allem war natürlich allein ich schuld.
Die Schwangerschaft machte mir extrem zu schaffen, ich hatte so große Angst was auf mich zu kommen würde, war körperlich angeschlagen, die hormone machten mich total verrückt und meine Familie wohnte mehrere hundert km weit weg. Ich war zwar räumlich getrennt aber immernoch total auf ihn fixiert. Ab da hatte ich das Gefühl, das "Machtgefälle" ist auf dem nächsten Level. Ich bettelte um seine Hilfe, oder zumindest um seine Gesellschaft. Er kam und ging, wie er Lust hatte, oft gar nicht oder 10 Stunden später als ausgemacht. Sobald ich etwas ansprach, was das Kind betraf, hieß es ich würde zu viel Druck machen. Ich gab mich ihm gegenüber völlig auf, Hauptsache er blieb, Hauptsache er wurde nicht böse. Ich lag also auch oft bis 17 Uhr im Bett, traute mich keinen Mucks zu machen um ihn nicht wieder wütend zu machen und kümmerte mich ohne zu memmen um alles was zu organsieren und für das kind zu kaufen war allein. Wenn ich etwas äußerte was ich fühlte, was ihm nicht gefallen hat drohte er mir jedes mal, mich bei der Geburt alleine zu lassen. Als ich hochschwanger war schuckte er mich im Streit einmal, so dass ich schräg auf den Bauch fiel. Immer wenn so etwas war, hat er mir eingeredet, dass ich es selbst war. Er behauptete noch während ich da lag, dass ich mich selbst hätte fallen lassen. Ich war ein komplettes Wrack und weiter in dem Glauben, dass ich das Problem bin.
Die Geburt lief zum Glück schnell und gut und er war währenddessen sehr gut zu mir. Ab dem Moment als er unseren Sohn sah, war er total angetrieben alles besser zu machen und wollte mich im Wochenbett unterstützen mit dem Haushalt, kochen etc. Ich erinnere mich wie ich am letzten Tag im Krankenhaus mit meinem Sohn im Arm plötzlich weinen musste, weil ich so angst hatte ihn mit nach Hause zu Max zu nehmen. Er hat sich dann ab da sehr angestrengt, aber er hat seine Aggressionen und Impulse leider trotzdem nicht immer im Griff und es dauerte keine zwei Wochen, dass ich solch eine Attacke wieder abbekam. Aber diesmal war ich eine Mutter. Als er dann einen Stuhl durch den Raum warf, als ich mit meinem 3 Wochen alten Baby auf der Couch saß dachte ich ich will mich sofort in Luft auflösen. Ich trennte mich von ihm, auch wenn ich emotional immernoch nicht wollte. Ich öffnete mich damals auch meiner Tante, welche schnell begriff was dort abging, sie wirkte damals sehr stark und positiv auf mich ein. Sie stellte einen Kontakt zu einer anderen Beratungsstelle her. Ich war psychisch so durch, dass ich keinen klaren Gedanken fassen konnte. Dazu der Schlafmangel und die Verantwortung für mein Kind. Ich hörte dann nur noch auf die Weisungen der Frau x von der Beratungsstelle. Sie sagte mir, dass ich ihm keine Antworten mehr geben darf. Daraufhin bekam ich täglich Seitenlange Morddrohungen und absoluten Hass. Ich hab mich nicht mehr raus getraut weil ich dachte er sticht mich ab wenn er mich vor dem Haus sieht oder, dass er unser Kind mitnimmt. Er pochte natürlich darauf wegen des Kindes. Er wohnte zu diesem Zeitpunkt in einer verkifften Wohnung ohne Möbel und außerdem stillte ich, ich hätte ihm das Kind niemals mitgeben können so. Er hatte die Vaterschaft nicht anerkannt, obwohl ich während der Schwangerschaft mehrmals Termine für ihn ausgemacht hatte.
Ich wusste nicht mehr weiter und bin dann mit Hilfe des Vereins in ein Frauenhaus weit weg geflüchtet. Das alles geschah innerhalb weniger Tage. Ich fühlte mich nur wie im falschen Film. Ich kam dort an und dachte einerseits, dass ich tiefer nicht mehr sinken kann und anderseits verspürte ich eine riesige Erleichterung, dass ich mich in ruhe um mein Baby sorgen konnte. Ich hab also alle Wege auf denen er mich erreichen konnte beendet, neues Handy, neue E-Mail Adresse, einfach alles. Ich hab nicht nur ihn, sondern meine Arbeit, mein Zuhause (an dem ich sehr hing) und meine Freunde zurückgelassen.
Ich habe zum Glück innerhalb 2 Monaten eine Wohnung gefunden in der ich jetzt seit knapp einem Jahr lebe. Auch wenn es extrem hart ist alleinerziehend zu sein, ist mein Sohn mein allergrößtes Glück. Ich weiß nicht wie ich es ohne ihn geschafft hätte.
Das Problem ist, dass ich trotzdem jeden Tag, manchmal sogar jede Stunde an Max denke. Es tut mir unendlich leid, dass es so gelaufen ist. Ich habe ihm einen 10 Seitenlangen Brief zukommen lassen in dem ich ihm versuche so verständlich wie möglich meine Beweggründe zu erklären. Er hat ihn nie gelesen.
Ich habe seit ein paar Monaten über einen wegwerfaccount E-Mail Kontakt mit ihm. Es wechselt immer zwischen grauenhaften Beschuldigungen, dass ich das alles absichtlich inszeniert hätte um ihn zu brechen, dass ich ihm sein Kind stehlen wollte. Er lässt dort seinen ganzen Schmerz raus und gibt mir für alles die Schuld. Zwischendurch lese ich, dass er versucht Situationen zu analysieren oder zu reflektieren, aber meistens mit dem Ergebnis, dass er nicht anders konnte.
Ich bot ihm mehrmals an, dass er nach einem abgeschlossenen Antiaggressionskurs Kontakt mit uns auf neutralem Boden haben kann. Aber das wurde wieder nur zerfleischt. Es dreht sich wieder total im Kreis.
Ich wünsche mir immernoch, dass wir in der Zukunft einen friedlichen Kontakt wegen unseres Kindes haben können. Und ein Teil in mir wünscht sich immernoch einen Austausch mit ihm. Ich bin jeden Abend wenn mein Kind schläft so unglücklich und denke, dann dass ich einen Fehler gemacht habe zu gehen. Irgendwie blende ich dann alles aus was schlimmes war. Ich weiß eigentlich, dass es besser so ist. Was stimmt mit mir nicht? Warum kann ich die Situation nicht annehmen und ein freies Leben leben? Und wann hört dieser Liebeskummer auf? Kennt jemand Strategien wie man alleine glücklich wird und so etwas hinter sich lassen kann?
Dazu kommt, dass mir hier natürlich auch noch Kontakte fehlen und ich mich noch sehr verloren fühle. Das treibt mich gedanklich dann noch mehr zu ihm zurück.
Tut mir leid, dass es so lang geworden ist. Ich hab soviel schon weggelassen. Danke, falls das überhaupt jemand bis hier hin gelesen hat.
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2023.06.10 22:36 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Vince Opra – Content Agency Blueprint ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️Vince Opra – Content Agency Blueprint ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Vince Opra – Content Agency Blueprint ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

Content Agency Blueprint – Learn how to build & run a successful social media content agency. What You Get Inside Content Agency Blueprint: Module 1 – The Fundamentals
Welcome to the program! The business model explained The full-time fastlane Choosing your niche Setting up agency foundations
Module 2 – Letting Your Mind Thrive
Focus & discipline the weapons of the greats Becoming your own hero How to build strong habits How meditation can help you in business The thing that makes or breaks you (feedback loops) Sleep hacking 101 How to structure your days for productivity My morning routine My night time routine
Module 3 – Finding Clients & Setting Meetings
How to find leads How to store & track leads The different outreach methods Cold messaging The outreach script [DOWNLOAD]
Module 4 – Putting Systems In Place
How to get paid Automating client content output Storing & organising content Content approval process Effective communication Pricing your services
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Module 7 – The Beginning Of The Journey
What separates people who succeed vs fail
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