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2023.04.01 15:57 revivesoda Trying to be happy with my job

Hey dad, I'm asking for a pep talk/advice here because it seems like more of a dad subject.
I'm a housekeeper at a nursing home, and I make just the right amount of money to get by, but it's only 10/hr and I really wish I made more. I also had to come in on my day off yesterday, so I'm going to ask to swap my days off around next week so I don't end up working 8 days in a row.
I guess it's fine, y'know. I'm at work again today, and I'm going to get to see plenty of residents that look forward to seeing me, and I think it will go well. But, I'm also really tired and sore. This is day 4, which isn't bad at all, but I just got a new puppy last sunday and it's been hard trying to get used to walking her before and after work, and before bed, because I'm not used to doing much more walking than I have to at work and then resting once I'm home for the day.
Outside of dog stuff, work is really stressful lately because they just opened the memory care unit for people with dementia, which meant there was a ton of extra work to do for a few days. We're all caught up now, and we have to get used to the new normal. I just really wanted to quit yesterday, like super bad, because the gas station I frequent pays $13/hr as starting pay and it'd be less physical labor, and one of the cashiers asked me to apply and gave me an application.
I really don't want to leave this job, though. I love housekeeping, and I love the residents. My job means a lot to me because I know I'm doing a good job keeping everyone's living areas clean and sanitary, and not many other people are as willing to do it as I am. So, what's the deal, pop? Am I gonna be okay? How do I get to a point where I'm content with my wage and not constantly wanting better? It's frustrating and discouraging to see cashiers, who just stand there and scan stuff all day, making 3 dollars more than me an hour, when I do a lot of physical labor and am in harm's way by being in an environment that illness and infection passes through regularly.
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2023.04.01 15:56 Ww_Leslie_Knope_do I’ve gained weight, but list other positives!

I’m about 6.5 months sober and I noticed I’ve gained a little weight. At first weight was steady-no loss but no gain either. Went to the doctor this week and discovered I had gained. Also my blood pressure is higher now.
I just feel it’s important to share because I see all these truly amazing stories and transformations-and that’s awesome and inspiring and I’m happy for every single one.
But that, so far, is not my story.
If I compare my story to others, I get frustrated. Why am I not losing weight like crazy? Losing inches? Feeling all these great physical effects? I can’t do that.
I need to focus on my own journey.
While I’m not experiencing the physical changes I wanted and expected, there are still benefits:
I have to believe I’m still healthier overall, even if I’m not showing it in expected ways.
I am so, so, so much calmer.
I am mentally much stronger.
I am no longer escaping problems but facing them head on.
I am much prouder of this lifestyle.
I have gained SO MUCH TIME: no blackouts, no hangovers, no recovery period. No time and energy worried about “what did I say/do?”
I have discovered an interest in sustainability and a love of upcycled crafting.
I’m getting so creative, including in how to plan fun events that don’t center around alcohol.
My friends have been insanely supportive.
I know I can make plans and keep them.
I know I can drive safely for myself and others.
I’m learning about setting limits and boundaries.
I’m learning about focus.
Keep at it. We are all different!
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2023.04.01 15:55 HackedYzX My friend told me that she thinks that I don't care about her.

I ran into my friend (let's call her) Eve. Eve is one of my best friends. I'm not really a social type, so I have a few friends that I go out with once in a while and I am perfectly happy with that.
Eve and my other friend, (let's call her) Millie, went out yesterday because Millie was going out of town for a while. Millie also invited me, but I had an exam so I refused (boring, I know, but I take my education seriously).
Anyway, Eve and I are chatting, she's telling me about her day, and then she says that, yesterday, Millie said that she doesn't think I'm very emotional.
"I'm not," I told Eve. It's true and it's something that bothers me. I know emotions don't reach me quite in the same way as they reach other people, but I try to make up for it by being nice and friendly. I generally come off as quiet, but cheerfully, but I've still been told I'm not very emotional in the past. And people always say it like it's a bad thing (even though I've also been told that they know it's not really my fault and that at least I try) and I know it technically is, but I can't help it. I'm not doing it on purpose. I try to act caring when I think people need it and I try not to be mean to anyone and be comforting. Just because my emotional range isn't all that big doesn't mean I can be a jerk to people and hurt their feelings.
I thought Eve was going to leave it at that, but then she said something about how Millie said that I avoid hugs and I told Eve that I don't do that on purpose. I just feel awkward. I'm a very cuddly person, but I always think "Oh, what if the other person hates it and thinks I'm weird."
And then Eve KO-ed me by saying, "You know, sometimes I don't know if you care about us at all. Like, if somethimg happened to me, you wouldn't care at all." And I was so shocked, I didn't know how to react. Was that how my friends see me? Like some heartless monster?
I told her that, of course I would care, I'd be sad, that I'm not a jerk (it all sounded so awkward, I had no idea what to say - I probably should've said some heartfelt declaration of friendship, but talking about feelings makes me so uncomfortable).
Eve said, "Oh, well, that's good if you do actually care," and she started talking about something else. I tried to concentrate on what she was saying, but I was frankly feeling like shit. My friends were obviously discussing this yesterday. I know it's probably becuase I didn't go out with them, but I really was busy. Besides, Millie and I haven't seen each other in a while and recently, I feel like our friendship was growing a bit cold. It was mosty my fault since I wasn't really as enthusiastic as about it anymore. We were really good friends in high school (she was my only friend at one point and for that I'll always be grateful), but at one point we started heading in very different directions in life and I didn't really enjoy our hang outs as much anymore.
Eventually, I said, "Do you really think I don't care about you?" and at first I thought she was going to ignore the question becuase she showed me something on instagram, but then she just casually said, "Well, that's because you DON'T care," and continued talking as normal. She even told me how she never noticed how nice my bodyshape is.
After she left I felt like crying tbh. I didn't know this was how they saw me. I started wondering IF I did care about them, if they were right. Of course, I would feel horrible if something happened to them and I don't want for anything bad to happen to them. But I always felt sort of distant from the kind of close friendships I saw on the TV or read about. I thought I'd get there eventually, but I've known my friends for years and there is still sort of a gap between us. I'm not that comfortable with sharing stuff because I don't want for them to be bored, or judge me or not care at all. There are only a couple of family members that I can say I 100% love for sure, without any doubts. I care about my friends, but even my brain is reluctant to use the word "love".
I know I should be thinking about how I can mend this, but all I can think of is how I just want to stay in my room by myself, alone, where nobody can touch and where I can be happy and be myself by myself.
(Note: When I was younger, I got kinda obsessive with my friendships. Really cared about my friends, waited for them like a lost puppy when they weren't around. Kinda pathetic when I'm looking back at it because other people weren't that invested in me as I was.)
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2023.04.01 15:55 Otherwise-Panda2535 My [20F] friend [21F] has become insufferable

This is a long read so bear with me. I met my friend, let’s call her x, one and a half years ago, we instantly clicked and we became very close. I work at the same place that x works at, and I am a tutor for something similar to SAT exams, which students take to get accepted into college and university, x is a secretary. both me and x want to get into med school, for that purpose we have to take an exam, the educational institute that her and I work at offers a course that prepares students for this exam, both her and I took it and it wasn’t a good course, it lacked a lot of things and just overall didn’t prepare us that well. Which means that I failed my med acceptance exam and I have to take yet another gap year to redo that exam again this year( it’s done only once every year).naturally, I decided to try a different course that’s offered by a different institute, the course had a higher rate of success for the students, and after giving it a lot of thought I decided to join it. When x finds out about this, she confronts me about it, she says she’s bothered because of what I did and that I ruined everything for our institution and coworkers who run that course. When she hit me with all those claims I was shocked, not only is it my personal choice to study where I want, but her accusing me of causing major damage just because I joined a different course was an exaggeration on her part. This happened around four months ago, and ever since it did I felt like something was broken between us. I became more distant from her and just stopped hanging around her so much, she tried talking to me and I’d tell her why I am bothered and she would say something like “ I didn’t mean it that way” or “you misunderstood me” or” I said it because I care about you”. Now during these months that passed ever since that event happened, I’d teach courses at the institute I work out, and she’d do things that I feel are just personally against me. For example, if I allow my students a long break and we order food and eat it together she’d take pictures and post the ones I am not in, when I try and ask her about postponing a meeting she immediately fires off saying well you should’ve told me before, no matter how early on I tell her, even though I cover up for other tutors last minute a lot of the times. I confronted her about all those things and she’d dismiss it by saying “well you’re new to this work and don’t know why I react that way”, or “oh you just show up late for the photo”. A new tutor my age has joined our institute, and x has befriended her, I have too but for example today we had a staff meeting and all three of us went to a restaurant with the other workers, at the dinner table, x and her would keep giving each other this flattery and when x would speak to me she’d say listen I love you too BUT she has a special place in my heart or something like that. I don’t know if it’s just my mind playing games on me and picking up all those little things from her behavior and interpreting them in this way, but I just feel like some opposition is arising and I need to hear an opinion from another perspective and POV . Where did I go wrong? And how can I be judging her too hard or the wrong way?
TLDR; my [20F] friend [21F] at work blamed for something that isn’t true, and ever since then our friendship has never been the same. She does things at work that make it seem like she’s doing it just to piss me off and I don’t know how to react to that.
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2023.04.01 15:55 stepstepstep77 Am I correct in thinking there was an attempt to really screw me?

So this is a very twisted situation, but I've got questions about a prenup I didn't sign. When my husband and I were originally engaged, I approached him about us hiring lawyers to get a prenup because he made a lot more money than me and had been through divorce already. He is a lawyer, so is his brother, and it's important to note my husband works as a trust and estates lawyer for very wealthy families so he does interact with prenups professionally. I am not a lawyer.
His response was that he trusted me and did not think we'd get divorced so did not want to spend the money on lawyers. He would instead draft a prenup and since I would not be represented by counsel this prenup would not be enforceable in the courts. What is the point of an unenforceable prenup? Honestly, I can't explain why I said ok to this. In retrospect I wish I had dug my heels in at that point about both of us being represented.
He presents me with a prenup he says he constructed from boilerplate forms from work and which he says he had his brother review for typos. In the introduction is this language:
"(d) We both acknowledge that, while we are not separately represented by counsel, we
have extensively discussed the provisions of this agreement (“Agreement”) and have created
them together based on a shared understanding of the purposes, gravity, and requirements of
Ok, so all good so far, it's in writing that I didn't have the benefit of counsel. But then way down the road is this language:
"18. Each of us separately acknowledges that he or she has been represented in matters
related to this Agreement by independent counsel of his or her own choosing, has been given a
copy of the financial information about the other attached hereto as Exhibit A or B, has read this
Agreement and had its contents fully explained by independent counsel, has no doubt or question
about the meaning of this Agreement or the Exhibits, considers the provisions contained herein
to be fair and reasonable under the current and probable future circumstances of each of us, and
is entering into this Agreement freely and voluntarily and without coercion of any kind from any
source. Each of us specifically affirms that he or she had sufficient time, freedom, and
opportunity to seek advice of independent counsel to consider all aspects of this Agreement, has
sought such advice, and knowingly and comfortably makes the decision to sign and be obligated
by this Agreement."
He presents this prenup to me for me to review and I have a real "wtf is going on here" moment. I got very suspicious about these two lawyers drafting this document and having that second paragraph in the document to present to a non-lawyer. There were other big conflicts we were having and I called off the wedding we were planning.
Later on I got pregnant, we did get married without a prenup, and it was revealed that he was hiding the actual date of his previous divorce from me, which he says was the reason he suggested this supposedly unenforceable prenup, to keep me from finding out about that lie.
We're married, there's no prenup, I can actually see and appreciate that he ended up betting that we wouldn't get divorced in a big way. Although having to exist in this marriage not feeling like I know the extent of the behind the scenes conniving SUCKS. It was financially in my best interest to get married but the sacrifices associated with not knowing when my partner is being straightforward and when he's manipulating situations have been really exhausting. I feel dumb and out of my depth a lot, I'm generally a straightforward person and I project that level of directness onto others. (Although I'm getting better at learning not to.)
He still maintains that the prenup he presented to me was unenforceable, his motivation was to hide the date of the divorce from me, and this was not him and his brother attempting to lay the groundwork for me to be surprised that I actually had an enforceable prenup should we get divorced.
What are the chances that story is the truth? I'd love to hear from law professionals especially but hey this is a striking fucked up slice of my marriage to share and everyone else should feel free to let er rip.
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2023.04.01 15:55 enpowera Is it normal to feel offended/upset about a possible misdiagnosis?

I feel like a hypocrite. I have Autism and ADHD, as does my daughter. My son has Autism and most likely ADHD as well. He’s too young to test for ADHD and we have it planned for next year to test.
The psychologist did an IQ test too, and even though she said it isn’t accurate at his age put a possible low IQ/intellectual disability on his full results. He couldn’t even sit still for the test after the first two activities which he did at normal ability/accuracy.
I don’t know much about diagnosing low IQ, I admit, but I’m fairly certain he isn’t. He picks up on non social things very fast, pulls up information he knows quickly -using sign language to communicate or simple sentences- and has the ability to repeat tasks after being shown once. He can follow picture recipes perfectly and sometimes doesn’t even NEED a recipe, he just sees what I put out to cook with and knows what to do (obviously not cooking cooking, he just turned 5. But he mixes/assembles well.)
Would I be out of line asking for it to be off his paperwork until he’s older and we can have an accurate test done? I have no problems with people who have a low iq and work with adults suffering from it. I can do a side by side comparison and at 5 my son does better in a lot of areas than the adults.
He is so incredibly smart and I don’t want him stuck with a label that doesn’t belong.
I’m not sure if it’s because I have autism I can’t correlate him and others with low IQ, but I just can’t see how he can be so quick to the uptake but have a diagnosis of basically being slow to the uptake.
I’m still proceeding with our plans for various therapies to help him succeed but I really don’t want anyone to even hint he has low iq in front of him. At least not until older and we can test properly. It feels like a self fulfilling prophecy.
Maybe it’s because I work with those who can’t safely be independent so I see more severe cases instead of milder that I am not understanding how they reached this diagnosis when it was the IQ test they used to reach that conclusion.
I’m certified in dementia care, but have only brushed the surface on learning disabilities that aren’t Autism or ADHD, enough to do my job well, but not much more. Which I’m going to remedy in case the result is accurate.
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2023.04.01 15:55 Windgesang_ The rise and fall of Thorns

Laneholding in AK has taken quite the journey. Thorns in particular has a really nice popularity regarding being able to just let you chill and win the game. He’s a tool that newbie and veteran players alike enjoy because of how convenient he is. But at some point HG decided that they have gone too far with the brainless AFK strat that they actively tone it down using a myriad of event mechanics. Did they succeed? …Yes.

Year 1

For the first year, laneholders (known as cornerstones on CN) as a concept doesn’t exist yet. The best and closest match that we have at the time is not Savage, is not Specter, is Estelle! (Okay maybe Specter counts too but nobody thoughts about S1 much and S2 transcend her role into something else). You might notice something very Centurion-y about the listed operators.

6 months in, we have Blaze – another Centurion. Except, unfortunately, her birth does not mark the birth of laneholders. The best we have is some vague concept of “leave her there and she’ll manage herself.”

Year 2

Year 2 started with what started this all: Standard Pool 27 with Skadi, Ceobe, Lappland,… wait this is the EN schedule. Year 2 started with W and Weedy, but 3 months after we got what started it all: Unbound Reflux banner – featuring Thorns.


Thorns is amazing as a laneholder. In fact, he is the one that truly defined Cornerstones. It took until Thorns that the CN playerbase start to think back to Blaze and go “yeah true Blaze is a whole different category than the rest of the operator.” There was one guy on CN who insisted on Blaze as a good operator a long while before Thorns, and the terms “cornerstone” actually came from him. Cornerstone was first used as a mocking term because of him and what people thought of as a rambling of a mad man.
But Thorns flipped the term around entirely.
Thorns has everything he needed for laneholding. Check out this guide I made which is actually part of this yearly series. What yearly series? Well look at the post date
When Thorns was released, all the hype was very apparent. Thorns trivialised so many contents at the time and all the way to the next year. Doomposters were all about “hurr durr too broken he solo pretty much 99% of stages”.
But he was only the first. (okay technically Blaze was the first but she wasn’t strong enough to spearhead a new perspective)

2 weeks later, the second best thing in the game happened (the second best because it’s not permanent like its successor). Thorns was an absolute beast in this mode. Get the instant E2 Vanguard/Guard squad, start with Thorns, and you’re cruisin’ til the end. Great carry for new people just learning the mode, still great afterward.
Thorns’ popularity skyrocketed with this game mode. He’s convenient and versatile. With him, you're safe from pretty much all content forward.

2 months after, Surtr came out. She’s not a cornerstone by any traditional sense. But she is here to setup for the fall later. She’s the most broken unit in the game and by a wide margin too. (at this point in the timeline I mean)
I guess technically if you have a couple medics she can be a “cornerstone” as well with 4 targets, big pp arts damage, RES ignore, and infinite duration.

1 month after, Mudrock was released. Her S2 is the next step of cornerstoning. She has big bulk and shield with strong self-healing to handle even elite enemies in melee range where Thorns just hope that he can kill them from range or shortly after blocking (which he usually can) in exchange for a less-consistent true surrounding AoE big instant nuke instead of infinite consistent damage.
It was a big thing at the time, so big that they ignore the massive potential that her S3 has (which is definitely more common knowledge these days). There was this 1 guy who posted on the sub asking if Mudrock S3 was broken with all these invincibility and shields and all he got were angry responses saying but muh afk skill.
Regardless, Mudrock is the next addition to the cornerstone family, with block 3, huge bulk, constant shield that gives HP when breaks, and high peak damage.
Sounds amazing right?
But wait, there’s more!

2 months after Mudrock. HG released yet another big cornerstone.
Mountain is a ““Fighter”” in name. In reality he became the best Fighter by giving himself more block and attack enemies equal to block count. There’s something suspiciously centurion-y about that. But that’s not all. He also has HP regen equal to a personal medic with each attacks has a chance to reduces enemies’ ATK by 15%. All ready just after being deployed for 5 seconds.
If you think using Thorns is brain-rotting, you haven’t seen this furry boi. Yeah sure his range reduction makes him solely limited to a lane or a chokepoint, but that chokepoint is essentially blocked.

At this point there is a debate on if Blaze is still considered a cornerstone, as she does not have self-healing like the other three. This debate started when we have more of units that are essentially pseudo-cornerstone. Those that can hold a lane but usually lack something that makes them not as great as the big three, or even four. For example, Weedy S2, Bibeak S1, Pallas S1, Blemi S1, Kal’tsit S2, Nearl2 S1,...
Yet with all 4 cornerstones and mini-cornerstones available, Thorns remains the most widely used. That huge range combine with fast ASPD and relatively high damage makes it far too convenience for usage, even if it does require a long ramp-up (the longest of all 4 even).
For the rest of year 2, Thorns trivialised any form of content available the only exception beings Originium Dust, including CC as people only do Risk 18 as much as any tryhard scrubs want to say otherwise. At the same time, any boss or big chonk elite enemies that Thorns can’t handle, Surtr can with ease.
When HG saw just how much Thorns and Surtr has been making people ignored the mechanics of events, they don’t like it. Obviously they put heart and soul into designing these events of course they’d want people to enjoy it… right?
So they switched their design direction.

Year 3

Year 3 started with Under Tides, the first of many attempts at culling Thorns, Surtr, and the rest of the big boi that trivialised contents: Elemental Damage.

All operators now have 1000 Elemental HP unchangeable (even as of this writing date). If the EHP is down to 0, the specific Elemental effect is taken. As of this writing date, those are Nervous Impairment – 1000 true damage and a 10 seconds stun on proc; Corrosion – 800 physical damage proc and -100 flat DEF permanently (debuff applied first); Burn – 1200 arts damage proc and -20 flat RES for 10 seconds (debuff applied first); and Necrosis – cannot use skill, disable SP gain, -1 SP per second, 100 arts damage per second, for 15 seconds.
UT was extra rough as the event was first launched and designed without Wandering Medic (medics that can heal EHP). So you have to carefully play against the enemies here along with the map device lest you lose an operator because stunned operator can’t block nor attack. This mechanic targets Surtr more than Thorns specifically but Surtr is a big girl. To kill a big girl we need a big nuke. And using big nuke means collateral damage.

3 months later, we got DH. We started with basic mobs that has 40% chance to dodge physical attacks unless blocked. Not too big of an issue for Thorns as he can just block them, but it effectively delayed his self-healing talent to be later than before.
But the big killer is the main mechanic of the event: high tide. Operators can’t be deployed on flooded tile unless you have a specific sticker for a specific class. Operators that are already on flooded tile will have massive -ASPD and constantly take Corrosion damage, which removes 100 DEF permanently until the next deployment, and deals 800 physical damage on proc.
You can counter this by using the stickers and/or devices in the game that would counteract the Corrosion. But it doesn’t prevent the enemies from dealing the elemental damage like the mages. (wait no they are the only enemy that deal Corrosion in this event)
DH also marks the birth of Chen H2O. Another busted unit on the tier of Surtr, or higher.

Just a month after, we have Stormwatch. Now the primary mechanic is mostly anti-Surtr: Refraction (+70 RES). There’s also an enemy that just start flying after dying the first time. But as said, attempting to shaft Surtr often time leads to collateral damages. And this mechanic means Thorns’ talent 1 Arts Damage-over-Time (DoT) is less effective and that hurts his DPS… Wait actually let me check my notes again. Oh that talent barely does shit. Thorns is still pretty good against most of the enemies in chapter 9… all enemies but one: the Phalanx. These guys gain 200 DEF for every other Phalanx in their vicinity. And of course the guy design these maps never spawn just 1 or 2 of these guys, they’d go like 4 or 5. Thorns is almost unable to clear these guys out fast, and honestly, not even the rest of the cornerstone can, at least not without helps… which defeats one of the unofficial requirements of being a solo boi.

Actually even less effective than Ep9 but still worth the mention. The vision mechanic doesn’t cover as much area as Thorns’ own range. Yeah that’s about it.

But 2022 started with the most amazing things has ever happened.
Thorns should have been great in this mode, as he was in IS#1. And he is for Normal Mode. Too bad he’s not as great in Hard Mode.
The extra ATK, HP, and DEF stats are just a small part in this. The enemies being tankier means Thorns take longer to kill. Taking longer to kill means the enemies are more likely to be able to attack Thorns. Thorns loses more HP because of the extra ATK, but he also recover less HP in-between fights because there is less time on account of Thorns taking longer to kill. This is the first time where we can finally feel the drawback of Thorns’ self-heal. And spoiler alert: this is going to be a recurring issue for him in the future.
But it’s not there yet. As IS#2 has relics that boosts operators up counteracting this again. And anyone who’s actually normal will play this mode with relics rather than without. Or people who played for so long that even Hard Mode with relics feels easy so they have to go for no relics. I’m definitely not the latter so don’t even ask.
There are 2 enemies that can be trouble with Thorns: Singers and Big Sad Lock (BSL). Both of them has a mechanic that does thing automatically after they receive a number of hits. Not attacks, hits. Meaning DoT effects such as Thorns’ first talent can proc it. The effects can be horrible if it proc’d at the wrong time, and for someone like Thorns, it’s also going to be proccing fast as well with his per second damage as well as fast innate ASPD from him.
Phantom and Mouthpiece are also an issue for him but like, he struggles against most bosses already.

Less than a month later though, this event happened. Remember when Originium Dust was awful for Thorns because the primary mechanic of more enemies on death is bad for his Single-Target-ness?
There are 2 types of enemies in this mode though: one that spawns 1 big fragment that requires multiple hits, and one that spawns a lot of fragments that requires just a few hits. And yes, it’s hits and not attacks, meaning Thorns’ first talent is now a positive.
Except that’s only for the enemy that spawn big thing. Against enemies that spawns a bunch of small things, his talent doesn’t work because of Thorns’ innate ASPD with S3. He attacks faster than the first tick of his DoT. Meaning for the fragments that requires 2 hits to kill, he still takes 2 attacks because the DoT didn’t kick in before his second attack anyway. This happen for every fragments, and the enemies usually spawns 2 to 3 of these. There’s also 1 enemy that spawns 30 of these fragments when dead so that’s extra bad. There are fragments that takes 3 hits so I guess there’s that.
And here come the final stretch that lead to Thorns’, and the cornerstone concept as a whole, doom.

Last month of Year 3 provides us with the most successful Thorns killer yet. With three whole mechanics that just does not sit well with Thorns: Elemental damage Necrosis, [Reborn Creation] enemies, and Londinium Secondary Defense Artillery.
I said this back in the UT section, but for recap, Necrosis damage prevent any sort of SP gain and also -1 SP per seconds for 15 seconds. Thorns relies on getting them SP up enough to actually start his S3 engine. On stage where they put early Necrosis enemies, Thorns will need a Wandering Medic or he’ll never get his second S3 (or way later than usual). This mechanic aims at killing Thorns before he can start his engine.
But the pain is enhanced is the next two mechanics. [Reborn Creation] enemies innately have 90% Physical and Arts damage reduction. This isn’t like defense or RES, it’s straight reduction. Thorns will struggle hard with just 1 of these enemies but the primary design of these enemies is that they also gives +1 block count (max +6) to the operators they are blocking. Meaning they are more likely to swarm rather than going solo, making use of the last mechanic of the chapter: Londinium Secondary Defense Artillery, or cannon for short.
The cannon deals 3000 True damage to all allies and enemies in the vicinity. If you think “wait how would we kill the Reborn Creation without bork 6* or true damage?”, this is how. This cannon targets the ally with the highest block count that is last deployed or with higher taunt level. Like I said, Thorns is not going to kill these Creation in time so eventually they will just pile up on him. And Thorns does not have the HP to survive the cannon.
None of the other 3 cornerstones actually struggles against [Reborn Creation] because they all have AoE of some sort. Blaze is a block-3 Centurion (attacking multiple enemies equal to block count), Mountain is a block-2 Centurion, Mudrock has true AoE every 4 Defensive Recovery SP (or S3 which is another block-3 Centurion). Though only Mudrock has the HP to survive the cannon.

Year 4

A flood of 80% unblockable Dodge enemies

A month later, LE was released, and along with it, a new permanent game mode called SSS. The big gimmick of this gamemode is that the enemies’ stats scaled up over time. And that means Thorns can’t kill enemies fast enough, and he takes more damage per attack, and then he starts dying to attrition.
Another thing of this gamemode is that they like to flood enemies. It’s why AoE or Multi-target operators are favored. Thorns is a single-target unit. The mechanic of stacking buffs doesn’t quite help him here as much because of this ST-ness.

3 months later, we have this event which was quite controversial to this sub. The basic mobs have 100% physical dodge for the first 20 seconds of their life. Another basic mobs have 100% physical dodge for 10 seconds after losing 50% HP. And since they are basic mobs they are going to rush your ass from the beginning of the run, and Thorns’s Arts DoT is not going to handle them.
In fact, this event and SN is a solid reminder to all the copers that go “but broken 6* don’t affect content design and they are all clearable with 4* and below reeeee”. Well, good luck dealing with dodge with your low rarity team whenever they are tired of broken 6* rolling over content again! (which then translates to Lappland enjoyer winning again… shit). And if it’s not Evasion, it’s going to be Damage Reduction, as seen in Ep9’s boss, Ep10’s Reborn, this event’s surfboi, DV’s balls,…
Aside from mechanics that forced you to play around it, and this isn’t about IC specifically, the general baseline stats of the enemies have also gone up. This further crippled Thorns because again, enemies hit harder and Thorns takes longer to kill, and eventually died to attrition without helps.
This event also marks the birth of Gavial2, a different kind of competition to cornerstones. I’ll go into more details… right now.

Released about a month after IC, this event marks the birth of Młynar, one of the most, if not the most, broken units in the game right now. He and Gavial2 have many similar points.
Młynar has a skill with big pp damage on a semi-short cooldown with a relatively long duration. Gavial2 also has a skill with big pp damage on a semi-short cooldown with a relatively long duration. Both are really tanky for a Guard. Both has quite a big range for a melee unit.
Combine these two together and people found a new competition to Cornerstones: just alternate large range big burst skills.
Cornerstones have been struggling lately, and often times requires additional helps. With all of the above ideas, instead of cornerstone + helper, they went with Młynar + Gavial2.
This combo cleaned 95% of content at this time.
Anyway, back to this Thorns bad post.
Also from now on it's CN SPOILERS
Within the same month as AW, we have IS#3. If you think Thorns was great in IS#2, and hope to ride the “Thorns start” strategy to IS#3. Think again... kinda.
While he had issues in IS#2, they are nothing that a couple maneuvers can’t avoid. And he’s still great in Normal Mode which is easy mode what most people would play in.
In IS#3, hey reworked the four instant E2 squad so you can’t start with E2 Thorns without some massive luck. It requires getting the automatic promotion and to have it landed on Thorns.
The big issue is the mode itself though.
The enemies here deal Corrosion damage (some few deals Nervous Impairment).
There’s also the difficulty scaling of the mode. Like IS#2 Hard mode, the difficulty level increases the enemies stats by a lot, thus cause the attrition issue yet again. There’s a medal at difficulty level 7, but Thorns already struggling hard by 6 or 5. So if you want the medal, don’t do Thorns.
I didn’t actually check IS#3 much cuz spoiler, but apparently the maps are also very unkind to Thorns and the rest of the cornerstones. Just at floor 1 and we already have a replacement of Beast Taming that destroyed him. And I heard some faint talk about 2 Pompeii map and Berserkers flood map.

Ep11 continues Ep10 and keeps the Necrosis damage, but not that much. The main design of Ep11 are big flood of enemies (the infamous 11-6) or a relatively low amount of strong elites. Thorns doesn’t do well against either of those kind of map.
IlS actually marks the birth of another contender to the cornerstone squad: Penance. Despite not doing well for AFK as her AFK skill isn’t that great. Her entire kit combined with S3 is strong enough to be almost considered one. Penance’s weakness is immediately revealed though, and that aside from being a cornerstone, she’s also forced to go solo. She’s great at solo, she just doesn’t have the option to play with a team at all, unlike the other cornerstones.

2 months later we have this event, and with it, Chongyue. My dude has absurd damage and is yet another strong contender to the squad. He only lacks self-healing. He innately has more damage than Thorns until like a high amount of DEF (I forgot the maff). He can't hit air. But Thorns struggles a fair bit against melee enemies lately that he doesn't get a break to hit aerial enemies himself anyway.

The ending

With Młynar and Gavial2 presence, along with stiff competition in his role, along with Thorns absolutely struggles in all permanent game mode, one of which is greatly loved by the community, as well as struggling in most events, he was finally put to rest.
Mountain, Mudrock and Penance are still going strong though (except in IS#3). One has unconditional big regen and attacks equal to block count, but no range. The other two has big bulk, regenerating shield that is essentially HP, S2 true surrounding AoE, or S3 big damage.
So now, when will be Mountain’s turn, HG? This furry is even worse.
Anyway, Thorns bad, 2020-08-11 – 2022-11-01.
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2023.04.01 15:55 spdragon Taiwan Pizza hut Introduced Zero Harm Pizza

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2023.04.01 15:55 AutoModerator [Get] Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course Download Only on

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2023.04.01 15:54 TheThirteenShadows My School's Walls Had Names

Ms Robinson had always been…eccentric. You wouldn’t notice at first; her wavy brown hair, grey eyes and radiant smile usually set people at ease when they saw her, but sooner or later her quirky nature would always give in.
“Her name is Gertrude, his name is Herbert, and would you please stop flirting with Ruby over there Samuel? You have a boyfriend.”
Seem ordinary? It does, doesn’t it? Until you realize that Gertrude’s the name of the back wall of our classroom, and Herbert is the ceiling. Ruby’s our resident leftie, if you’re wondering. Not my fault there was only one seat available that day.
Most parents would’ve killed to have her removed. Most parents are idiots. Ms Robinson was fun, energetic, and one of the best teachers I’d ever had. You’d be hard-pressed to find another teacher with such a passion for their subject as Ms Robinson, which only further cemented her abilities as a more-than-competent teacher.
Which was one of many reasons I’d always chosen to ignore the less funny facets of her teaching regimen. Such as the near-obnoxious amounts of perfume that was constantly being sprayed around the classroom. You couldn’t enter the place without at least one tear rolling down your cheeks. When I asked her what it was, she just said that the janitorial staff were testing out new cleaning products.
“And they couldn’t have done it in a classroom that wasn’t being used?” I asked, strapping my face mask on.
“Common sense isn’t as common as you might expect,” she muttered, obviously displeased. “You’d think they’d learn the first time.”
When I turned back to ask her what the hell that meant? Ninja-disappearing trick. Never gets old, until it does. And with Ms Robinson, it got old fast. Like, ‘this is the hundredth time this week!’ kind of fast. Every time I tried to ask her about the smell, or the creepy groans, she just vanished.
Oh, I didn’t mention the creepy groans? They happened when I was alone, or when the class was actually silent. Sometimes, when we were really bored and the teachers were out, we’d tell them to shut up or groan back. That usually made them quiet down.
Or, at least, they used to. Now…I’m not so sure. Now, I think I’m noticing patterns that I never knew of before. Strange patterns. I didn’t even notice it at first, until one of my friends pointed it out for me.
“Hey, you haven’t seen Annie at school lately, right?” Stephanie asked, fiddling nervously. My brows furrowed. I hadn’t, actually. Annie and I weren’t close or anything like that, but it was weird of her to skip school for two weeks straight. Even weirder was the fact that, when we checked, nobody knew what was happening.
Apparently, her parents packed up and left in the break or something. We got a new student though. Mark. Ms Robinson had Marky seated to the far back of the classroom, saying that Annie would like the company.
Sometimes I can’t believe how stupid I was. Maybe it was the fact that I’d known Ms Robinson for so long. It felt impossible to me that she might be anything other than good. I keep trying to tell myself it wasn’t my fault. I was a child, trying to survive my high school years.
But that doesn’t stop the memories. It doesn’t stop the pain, the guilt, the shame. It doesn’t stop me from curling up into a ball every time I remember it, screaming until the sounds fade away and the only thing I hear is my own pitiful sobbing.
There’s a storage room in my school that nobody goes to. People say it’s haunted or something, and that’s why everyone, even the janitors, stay far away from it. My friends thought it would be funny if I were to stay back in school.
Obviously, I wasn’t too pleased with the prospect of spending what could’ve been a productive/fun night in the Hellscape we call our second home, but the five thousand bucks they threw in helped sweeten the pot.
The plan was simple. While everyone else left the school, I’d be hanging back in the storage room until six in the morning, at which point I’d head out using my friend’s key (long story that we really don’t have time for). My parents were out of town so it would be fine.
“Careful. I heard there’s ghosts down there,” Jack joked, handing me a bottle of water before he left. I downed it in one gulp.
The storage room was surprisingly comfy, to be perfectly honest. Sure, a little cold, but nothing like I expected. Best of all was the smell, or lack thereof. After spending years being assaulted by ridiculous amounts of perfume, it was a welcome change. I plugged in my earphones and waited to fall asleep, my alarm already set for 6 AM.
It was midnight when I heard the scratching. I tried to ignore it at first. Maybe a cat or something got in? I couldn’t do anything about that, so I just tried my best to fall back to sleep. I failed, and ended up doing a few stretches when I heard something else. Something darker.
Her voice was distant, and yet so close I could feel her breath on my nape.
I sat there, waiting for a reply. Possibilities rolled through my mind. A prank? Possible, but unlikely. My friends had a 5-mile radius policy set as soon as school ended. Maybe they put some kind of timed recording?
I looked around the storage room. The place was spartan. Nowhere you could hide a recorder. I sighed, and turned on my phone flashlight. For a moment the light burned into my retina, and I stood against the wall, dizzy and blind.
A few moments passed, and when the spots in my vision began to clear, I felt vertigo hit me like a freight train on steroids. The room had become narrower? Or longer? I wasn’t sure, but something was wrong. I staggered forward, and the room twisted again.
I kept walking, trying my best to make sense of this strange spatial anomaly. Using my phone as a flashlight, I managed to navigate the corridors. I’d have time to wonder what the hell this was about later. Right now, I needed to find a way out.
The words kept echoing in the back of my head. I screwed them shut, trying to focus. But it wasn’t working. The world kept turning and changing around me. Sometimes I saw hands crawling out of the walls. Sometimes they came from the floor. Some were skeletal, others were made of decaying flesh and blood.
What was happening?
I must’ve walked for hours. No, tens of thousands of hours. But the nightmare showed no sign of ending. Would I be trapped here forever? Would I never get to see sunlight again, or tell my parents I loved them?
I got my answer when the storage room door opened.
“Samuel?” Ms Robinson asked breathlessly. “What do you think you’re doing?”
I couldn’t answer. I just fell to the ground, too tired to say anything.
When I woke up, the doctors said I’d hallucinated. Apparently my ‘friends’ had drugged me with some kind of hallucinogen, and that’s what caused my hallucinations. I fainted because I’d spent three hours walking in the same room. I’d crashed into the wall at least twice.
The water bottle, I realized.
The rest of the school year was as normal as ever, except my parents freaked out and grounded me for life. That was years ago.
I’m 25 now, and this story had never been of particular importance to me until now. I mean, sure, it’s fun to say at parties: hey, did you know I got drugged that one time? And you thought your story about sharks was scary!
But now, now I don’t want to think about it at all. I thought those voices had been hallucinations. I was wrong. A few weeks ago, the school was being renovated for something. One of the workers apparently fainted on the spot when he saw what was behind one of the walls.
Kids. Hundreds of kids. Some were nothing more than skeletons now. Others were rotting and decayed. And you want to know the worst part? Some of them were still alive. Theirs’ were the most horrifying faces I have ever seen.
The chemicals had been the school’s way of stopping the smell and infections. Those voices? The kids, trying to cry out for help. The walls were thin enough that they could speak, but judging by the state they were in, even breathing would’ve been difficult.
The police still aren’t sure how the hell they did it. Whatever it was, it was designed so that nobody would ever figure it out. Some of the kids weren’t even from our town. All of them matched missing case reports from the last fifty years, ranging from our town all the way to…I don’t even know.
Gertrude Gilbert.
Herbert Jennings.
Annie Myers.
The police have no suspects. No leads. Ms Robinson is gone, along with the rest of the faculty. I have no idea how this hasn’t made national news yet. I’m afraid it never will. Nobody likes to admit when they make mistakes, and trusting Ms Robinson was the greatest mistake of all
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2023.04.01 15:53 thefallenfew I’ve never owned something that more people seem hellbent on trying to get me to not enjoy or be excited for the future as the PSVR2.

It’s like some mass conspiracy to try and talk me out of being happy lol
First it was all the salty PC gamers saying the system was DOA because it didn’t have out the box Steam support. I don’t care about the PC. PS5 is my primary system because I’m over the bullshit and cost of PC gaming.
Then, all the wire people going on and on about how it was a system killer. It wasn’t. I’ve had zero issues with the wire. Don’t even notice it.
Then, the mura/fencing/sweet spot people going on and on about how bad everything looks. I have zero issues with the visuals. Games looks fantastic to me.
Then it was the people with defective controllers trying to make it seem like it was a widespread issue and my system was destined to need an RMA. I’ve had no issues. My controllers work just fine.
Then it was all the sweaty folks melting their controllers via the official charge station. I’ve had zero issues. I don’t leave my controllers dripping wet after playing.
Now it’s people theorizing about sales numbers and worried about the future because 30 days after release we don’t have a dozen trailers for exclusive $150 million budget games to get excited about.
Why does it seem like people have a vested interest in trying to talk people out of buying and enjoying this thing
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2023.04.01 15:53 makkonenn 23 [M4F] Europe/Anywhere - Seeking a genuine connection! [relationship]

Have you ever felt that what is missing is having someone in your life that would love you and who you'd love back and if you have that everything else would just come together? Well, that's how I feel right now, which is probably not too realistic but still, I can't help but look for that ever elusive special person. So now that you know why I'm making this post, let me tell you a bit about myself.
I'm 23 years old with many goals and aspirations, I'm a funny guy I'd say, I look pretty good too I've been told, I have a job, I can hold deep conversations. I enjoy listening to music, I'm into many genres. I like learning about the world and everything it has to offer and hopefully I'll get to travel to many of the places I've heard of. I believe in God, I'm a Christian, I find myself contemplating about the universe quite often. My favorite food is sushi or pizza, I like cats and dogs.
The girl I see myself with would be loving, kind, cute, up for exploring new things and pretty much someone that wants more or less the same things as me. A loyal partner, a healthy relationship, a happy family in the future and the desire to keep growing on all aspects. As for looks, I prefer someone who is in shape that isn't too short, just because I'm quite tall. Ideally, you'd be between 19 and 24 years old.
If I caught your attention and you feel like we would match, message me with some things about you :). Thanks!
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2023.04.01 15:52 PerozLicinius I'm too boring for ladies

Hi hope everyone is doing great, let me give you a backstory, I'm a 22-year-old guy who is studying psychology, there was a girl that I met by accident and she got interested or at least this is what I think, she had the same interests as me, she asked for my number, approached me many times and sit next to me, hold strong eye contact, etc, but I think she lost interest because she brought excuse when I ask her for a tea. I think that's because I'm too boring and cold, I can't expect a girl to become my partner if I talk with her about the Stoic and Skeptic rivalry, why Sasanians fell, etc. There is a guy at my university who can pick up every girl that he wants, he told me I'm a weak man, but I disagree, I'm a disciplined man, and I view myself as a noble and cultured person but don't look down on anyone. I pass my days by reading Philosophy, History, and Language learning (Latin for now), gym, and writing my fantasy story, I like to do more things but there is no time left for me and sometimes I become very exhausted physically. I don't view myself as a weak male but I'm starting to believe I failed at what men have been doing since the Ice age, and I feel very alienated. I don't know how to flirt, I don't even know what flirting is, maybe because my parents never loved each other and their relationship was abusive. I can talk very well, even this girl told me this and I got called a well-spoken few times. I think my problem with girls is that I am too boring, they all seem to lose interest after a while. Someone told me it can be because I'm needy but I don't think that's the case because I'm extremely careful to not show any weakness and neediness to ladies The reason I'm saying this here is that I'm confused, I want to be myself and be loved for who I am, but I know that I will be like my uncle who died as a single, childless man, I'm not gonna lie the reason I'm here is that I'm looking for a long term relationship which ends in marriage but that seems impossible, people are just too far from me and I need advice to how to change this without changing myself.
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2023.04.01 15:52 makkonenn 23 [M4F] Europe/Anywhere - Seeking a genuine connection!

Have you ever felt that what is missing is having someone in your life that would love you and who you'd love back and if you have that everything else would just come together? Well, that's how I feel right now, which is probably not too realistic but still, I can't help but look for that ever elusive special person. So now that you know why I'm making this post, let me tell you a bit about myself.
I'm 23 years old with many goals and aspirations, I'm a funny guy I'd say, I look pretty good too I've been told, I have a job, I can hold deep conversations. I enjoy listening to music, I'm into many genres. I like learning about the world and everything it has to offer and hopefully I'll get to travel to many of the places I've heard of. I believe in God, I'm a Christian, I find myself contemplating about the universe quite often. My favorite food is sushi or pizza, I like cats and dogs.
The girl I see myself with would be loving, kind, cute, up for exploring new things and pretty much someone that wants more or less the same things as me. A loyal partner, a healthy relationship, a happy family in the future and the desire to keep growing on all aspects. As for looks, I prefer someone who is in shape that isn't too short, just because I'm quite tall. Ideally, you'd be between 19 and 24 years old.
If I caught your attention and you feel like we would match, message me with some things about you :). Thanks!
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2023.04.01 15:52 Emloure Love Syndrome III Episode 5

Episode Link (VIP membership is required):
Synopsis :
An unexpected accident left Day with serious injuries, making Itt blame himself for what happened to him. What will It do when Day wakes up with no memory at all? The person who used to be so caring and so loving has become so ruthless? Itt tells himself, "I must be patient with Day".
DAY and ITT have been together for the 3rd year. Both of them deeply in love. DAY always spoiled ITT because DAY wants ITT feel can’t live without him. ITT was so spoiled and he always do some stupid thing and overbearing. Although sometimes he gets scolded sometimes. One day ITT get sick and DAY had promising him for a cake. So ITT try to get stupid attention with Day. Even though DAY has plan to visit his shop in Chonburi. ITT try to beg and do an annoying call to DAY which had made DAY change his mind to driving while it was heavy raining all the way back to Bangkok then DAY got a car accident . He passed through life and death until he was resurrected ITT found that DAY had amnesia. Memories of the time when the two of them met and the relationship disappeared completely DAY only remembered the moment before he meet ITT. ITT is like a stranger to DAY. Which had made ITT very sad But ITT never give up still took good care of DAY. Even though he was hurt . DAY was quite annoyed with himself. When he can't remember the story of ITT , he sometimes act so mean to ITT quite a bit. But deeply DAY felt worried about ITT,. his subconscious made him feel jealous and worried about ITT. Even though he didn't say it out loud ITT tried to help recall DAY's memory.
Actors Instagram:
Day (Lee Long Shi)
Itt (Frank)
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2023.04.01 15:51 lon247 KQi3 - Love it or Regret it?

I'm been debating for months between the KQi3 Max and the G30 Max. I was about to pull the trigger on the KQi3, but as I'm scanning reddit here I'm seeing so many issues - fragile lamp, degrading batteries, firmware and tire issues. I assume people typically post here because they have an issue, but I'm wondering if these are outliers?
The G30 Max feels a bit dated, but the best fit Segway I can afford and the KQi3 appears to have the latest of what people are looking for in this price range. The ninebot G30 also has issues on their reddit, but not as many and supposedly more durable.
For my family this is for leisure, not a daily commute, and we plan on taking decent care of it, but I'm going to regret it if the KQi3's going to brake simply because it tips over or I'm going to be spending hours on repairs.
What's the verdict reddit?
View Poll
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2023.04.01 15:51 ladeedadeedee Issues with nuisance tenant who is in and out of jail

I moved into a unit in a multi-family home in NYC in August 2022. This apartment is (or was, it’s a bit unclear) owned by his mother-in-law. She lives in the unit downstairs with her grandson. Let’s call him Nathan.
When I moved in, I met Nathan because he was banging on my door to introduce himself. He told me he was staying next door but that he wasn’t supposed to be there and I shouldn’t tell his uncle. He promised to be peaceful and quiet. He then proceeded to tell me about how he’d been in jail, been shot and stabbed (and showed me the wounds), and that he’d been in a gang. He seemed to be high so I tried to diffuse the situation as much as possible. I immediately bought a ring camera for the door because I knew he’d be trouble.
He frequently sits on our stoop (our stoops are divided by a railing) with his friends and will be smoking, drinking, and talking late into the night. Stuff that was annoying but kinda just typical NYC stuff.
Then we had a few incidents. I’ll keep them short. 1. He was fully drugged out on the stoop and harassed my friends as they were leaving my apartment (late Oct 22) 2. We had an altercation where he screamed at me in the street that I shouldn’t mess with him because he’s killed people before and “would kill again”. And that he would kill for me and my roommate (I thought that was strange). It was VERY scary and I immediately called the landlord. He promised to handle it. All he really did was tell him not to bother me or speak to me anymore. (Late Oct 22) 3. He took a space heater from my stoop and destroyed it. I sent the video from the ring camera to my landlord. He said he would start the proceedings for eviction. (Early Dec 22)
In mid December he ended up going to jail. I don’t know what for and didn’t know how long, but I thought it had solved the problem for me. I learned from his cousin that he was bipolar schizophrenic. He didn’t think he was explicitly dangerous, but he said I should definitely be careful and ready to call the police on him if I needed to. Anyway, he got out of jail mid March 2023 and imagine my surprise when he was back on my doorstep.
I’ve had multiple conversations with my landlord about what he is going to do to ensure I am safe and comfortable in my home. He keeps saying he’ll handle it - but so far he has done nothing more than give him a talking to. He keeps saying it’s a hard position for him because it’s his nephew and his family, but he knows it’s bad for business.
I’m obviously very upset about this because the NYC housing market is crazy and I went through HELL with a truly vile human being of a broker to get this place and had to pay a hefty broker’s fee for it.
This apartment is fantastic and I really don’t want to move, but I’m not really sure what my rights are / what I’m owed in this situation / how to get the landlord to take care of this situation (or compensate us via lowering the rent, etc). I’d love some advice on how to handle this situation without disrupting my living environment or creating an enemy out of my landlord.
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2023.04.01 15:50 AutoModerator [Get] Private Wealth Academy – Debt Removal Secrets

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[Get] Private Wealth Academy – Debt Removal Secrets

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The Banks Use Sleight Of Hand To Rob You & Turn You Into A Slave!
You probably see the signs all over the place… things are getting harder for most people… but you might not understand how it’s happening (or how to escape it). We’ll go deeper into this later, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. The goal here is TAKE ACTION. Great knowledge with consistent action will reap amazing results!
Understand this: The reality of the money system and everything you were taught about money is FALSE!
The simple fact is that you do not owe any money. The actual transaction of a “loan” is that you gave them a promise to pay and the “lender” gave you the same amount of promises to pay (Federal Reserve Notes). Therefore, the transaction was complete according to the “lender’s” accounting records.
Read that again. Because what that means is that banks are having you pay back money, plus interest, that doesn’t belong to them. After you get angry for a second, just take a deep breath and then let’s move on.
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2023.04.01 15:50 Dry-Ad-7579 I am finally sure about starting T

Hi, I am a 20 year old trans man from Spain and I just wanted to vent.
So with everything that’s going on in the US (anti-trans bills that are being introduced across the country, that seek to block trans people from receiving basic healthcare, education, legal recognition, and the right to publicly exist), I have been concerned for the trans community.
This has led me to start thinking about me, and my trans journey of self-discovery. I have come to the conclusion, once again, that I want to medically transition. I have been considering this option for more than three years already, but now I am sure about it. I have had enough by not living my childhood and my teenage years as myself, pretending that I was somebody that I was not. And I can’t think of a future feeling like this, cause right now, I don’t have any reason to stay alive.
It is hard to be constantly misgendered by strangers, realizing that those who respect my preferred name and pronouns still perceive me as a woman, and it is a constant reminder that I will never be a real boy. Also, feeling disgusted by how I look… It is not easy. Starting my transition would mean having something to look forward to, and finally being able to think about a future.
Actually, I found a photo from when I was a child that made me remember how I felt back to those days. It is a picture of my cis brother and I, in which we appear dressed as the opposite gender. I remember that my brother took one of my dresses and got dressed “as a girl”, and my mum found it funny. I wanted to join the game so I got dressed with my brother’s clothes. I felt comfortable, I felt happy. The smile in the picture is pure joy. But when my mum saw me, she didn’t react the same way as she did with my brother. She got angry at me. Probably because she knew that for me it wasn’t a game, as it was for my brother. And probably because I had manifested some other sign of being trans at some point, even though she has always denied it.
This way I learned that feeling like a boy was wrong, so I repressed my feelings to the point where I even forgot they existed. Back then I didn’t know being trans was an option, but through the years I found out the trans community and I started realizing who I was. The day I came out to my parents, my mum reacted that same way. And even though she kind of accepts me nowadays, I know she would have preferred me to be different, and this will never change.
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2023.04.01 15:49 Psychological_Sock10 I (15M) need to decide if I should get with a dumb girl (17M)

First things first, I'm in 11th grade, people are shocked when they hear my age, and I would like to say I'm more mature than an average 15-year-old. (Although I'm sure they all say that)
Alright, so I'll explain the situation. I go to this teenage youth group to meet people and make friends. I would say I'm doing pretty well, and it happens to be, that I've been asked out by multiple girls that go there. I had said no to every girl so far, because I was worried about the consequences of getting into the wrong relationship. In addition, I've never been desperate for a relationship, so I did not mind saying no. However, this means I have been single my whole life.
One of my good friends, that I thought was way out of my league, confessed about a month ago that she had feelings for me. Initially I had feelings for her as well, but I thought they were gone by the time she told me. She is a fun person, with a good heart, but is not the brightest out there (she is in 10th grade). She also suffers from depression. I told her I just wanted to stay friends, and we still are.
Recently, I realized that I do like her. But have been advised by my friend not go out with her, because she is not smart, she gets attached, and I might not want to deal with her emotional issues. Nonetheless, I care about her as a person, she gets along with my friend group, and when thinking about it, I feel like I should go out with her. I know this relationship wouldn't work out long term, but if I want someone to mess around with, that is not a bad influence, this girl might be fine.
Overall, if I just wanted to gain relationship experience, I'm not sure if there would be any harm in going out with her. However, I'm worried that it might be better to go out with a different girl I know, who is a lot smarter, and we have more to talk about.
When I was younger, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted in a relationship, but the older I get, the more I realize I have no idea what I'm looking for. Please let me know if you think it would be silly of me to go out with her, if I should try and find someone else, and how to proceed with the relationship with this girl. (Make sure I don't do anything stupid, I'm young and naive lol). Thanks in advance.
P.S. I was thinking about asking her to causally date, where we don't get too attached, and be together just for fun.
TL;DR A good friend of mine likes me, I like her, but I don't want to do anything stupid, and regret it later on.
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2023.04.01 15:47 Trick-Calligrapher89 I was rejected by Emirates Airlines days after my final interview.. anyone else?

So I had an assessment day with Emirates 2 weeks ago (cabin crew position). It went well (objectively speaking), I also made it till the final interview, interviewer asked me a couple of questions based on my CV (recent graduate), if I ever modelled, or volunteered... and how much time it would take me to relocate to dubai (which I said 2 months but she wasn't having it and said 1 so I just complied without looking defiant or anything). She told me someone at HQ would contact me 24h-4 days max for the final results.
2 days later a woman from HQ called me, she just asked for me to upload a copy lf my high school diploma instead of the university one. So I did but I also kept my university certificate on my application, I didn't understand why they'd let me take it off since it was perfectly fine.
2 days later i got a rejection email saying that after careful consideration I was not accepted for the job. Which was a bummer because the pay was good and the lifestyle suited me more than my current job (at least on the short run, i wasn't really planning to go and live my life as an FA but i was planning on staying 3-6 years, enough to save up some money and meet people i guess)
What bugs me is why was i not accepted? And has anyone else had a similar experience?
For further info: 22 yo I don't have major experience in customer service apart from working remotely as a customer service operator for a few months I have a BA in a highly sought-after medical/health-related field which should be a plus considering the health side of the job I have the friendly smile and personality that they look for in a FA I'm fluent in the 3 typical languages we all know And last but not least, i made a good impression that day, was fast on my feet, fast to fix up mistakes and make them feel like nothing, perceptive, funny yet professional, and i just don't know, it bugs me a little, the fact that life (or in this case Emirates) doesn't give you a reason for something that to their defense, wasn't my top priority ( i was actually happy when i got the rejection email, i didn't like the idea of throwing away everything and moving to sunny-as-heck dubai but the situation here is seriously messed up, and people shouldn't be earning 100-200$ per month, that's low, even for a fresh graduate)
Sorry for this awfully loooooong and meaningless post but it was my first time getting rejected in my entire life. And yes I mean rejected in anything life-related, not just a job 😂. I think my ego took a hit and i came here to vent so i don't discuss it with my parents
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2023.04.01 15:46 k12academics Ball State University

Our program provides resilient, sustainable, and adaptive design solutions that enhance the function, safety, and aesthetic quality of indoor environments as a professional interior designer. Our bachelor’s degree in interior design will prepare you for an exciting and challenging career in a variety of settings like commercial offices, health care facilities, hospitality (restaurant and hotel), store planning, and much more.
As one of our students, you’ll develop strong visual design skills, which you’ll use to produce the drawings, structural models, computer simulations, or full-scale prototypes you’ll work on as a professional. You’ll also gain the verbal skills you’ll need when working with clients, contractors, architects, and others involved in design projects.
Our curriculum focuses on global diversity and universal design, or design that is accessible to all people, as well as creating sustainable interiors. You’ll apply these lessons to professional experiences because we are one of the few programs in the country that will pair you with real-world clients.
The University Design Center faculty members and students work closely with organizations and businesses to provide Interior Design and Space Planning services in Indiana. Businesses benefit from our experienced faculty and motivated students to tackle real-world design challenges.
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