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2023.05.28 22:25 not_wingren Dev Diary 52: Baashidi Lore Dev Diary

Dev Diary 52: Baashidi Lore Dev Diary
“We are the people of Baashi, he who led us from the deserts, he who made treaty with the dwellers of the ocean, he who slew the great chiefs of the Nikhuva and took from them their pearls and cowrie shells. It is in this year, which all civilized peoples know as the year of the star Dulasmag, that I write to you of the situation of our people. Of the wisdom of Qasri Aqoon, where scrolls are stacked like coins in a vault. Of the wealth of Qasri Maroodiqya, whose markets never want for the ivory of whale nor elephant. Of the honor of Qasri Abeesooyinka, who feeds many mouths and guards yet many more from the lizard demons. Of the nobility of Qasri Ubakhiyo, where the civilization of the Jasiir Jadid meets the savagery of the Tanizu barbarians. Of the cunning of Qasri Bariga, whose navigators and traders bring the far off knowledge of Haless to the shores of the Jasiir Jadid. And finally of the queen of cities. Qasri Baashi, the city of glory and death where no man save the noblest or bravest dare dwell. It is with these actors that our tale begins. May fortune and the divine laws of the world smile upon our people, for it is the age of our glory.”
- Dayakh Baare in the foreword of Lessons of the Peace, a treatise on rule.

A culture map of the Baashidi. There’s also [REDACTED], which isn’t on screen at the moment.

A religion map. You can ignore that little blue province. It’s nothing important.
Who Are the Baashidi?
The Baashidi are a group of humans living in southern Sarhal bound by a shared language and historical ties to the hero Baashi as well as the ancient Jinnakah and Ardimya sultanates. Their culture group also includes the Guryadagga (People Who Stayed at Home), an umbrella term used for the people living in the lands that the Baashidi migrated out of long ago.The Baashidi call their home the Jasiir Jadid (New Peninsula) and term the lands of the Guryadagga the Jasiir Doog (Homeland Peninsula). Their culture is split into three groups: The Suhratbi, who live in the Suhratba plain. The Dhebiji, who dwell in the thin peninsular land of the Dhebij, and the Ashamadi, who occupy the eastern portion of the Ashamadiat plain.
There are five kingdoms among the Baashidi: Qabiika Baddabi, Qabiika Beeragga, Qabiika Weggabiga, Qabiika Dadubakha, and Kabilu Gawakhiza. Qabiika roughly translates as royal tribe, with Kabilu being a corruption of the word used in some parts of the Ashamadiat.
The Dhebiji and the Suhratbi are the original Baashidi, formed as cultures a millenia ago out of migrants from the lands of the Ardimyan sultanate as it was destroyed during an event known as the Great Death, a consequence of the Day of Ashen Skies. The distinction between them is partially geographic and political, but also references how much of their ancestry they trace to the Nikhuva people, whose tribes occupied much of the Dhebij in ancient times.
The Asahamadi were incorporated into the Baashidi world centuries ago, made up of a mix of Dhebiji settler and Baashified Tanizu. They still maintain some traditions from Tanizu, and some of them even practice the rites of the Beast Memory over Baashidi religion.
The Baashidi have an ancient pact with the merfolk, who inhabit the seas around them. Baashidi cities are built with sunken areas and canals to accommodate merfolk swimming through them, and the great friendship between the two peoples is a source of Baashidi pride and their success as seafarers.
The Baashidi are well known for their poetry, with the skill highly prized among all levels of Baashidi society due to their belief in its magical power. Formal court poetry follows specific forms that draw upon mathematical formulations and sacred geometries, while its more folk practice is often as long form sung tales of an individual’s glory or dishonor. Those who master either form are respected for the power they wield, and it is not unknown for even the highest to be struck down by a curse poem from an offended poet.
The Ardimya Sultanate and the Great Death
Ardimya was a Jinn, a being of magic and elemental power whose kind ruled over Sarhal and Bulwar at various points in ancient history. Her history prior to appearing in East Sarhal is unknown, but she came from somewhere west, fleeing other Jinn, and led a great caravan of her servants through East Sarhal in an event known as The Great Procession. She gave many gifts to the people of the lands she passed through, something that we’ll cover in more detail in a dev diary on the [redacted] system. Eventually, she arrived in the lands of the Jasiir Doog, where she brought the local tribes under her influence through both gifts and force, chief among them the tribe of the Nasmaneen, who served as her priests.Ardimya’s sultanate was a powerful but isolated state. The strongholds of most of her kind were in West Sarhal, and Ardimya had little interest in those of her kind who were not her servants, not even those who fled from the Jinn-Binders in Bulwar. At the Lizardfolk Kingdoms dominated southern Sarhal, which they considered to belong entirely to them. Ardimya spent a great deal of effort staving off lizardfolk conquest of her sultanate, a losing war that saw her resources stretched. This all changed in 7700 BAS, when the precursor elves defeated Ardimya in a war, forcing her to pay tribute, while at the same time they ravaged the lands of the lizardfolk.
While the precursors eventually left due to their civil war, Ardimya’s image in the eyes of her people was forever tarnished, eventually leading to an assassination attempt by one of her sons and the Jinn’s descent into madness. Matters were made worse when Ardimya was ravaged by the attacks of the Deep Devils, an event which afflicted all of coastal Sarhal. The weakness of their mother and her clear loss of sanity prompted her remaining sons to rebel against her, launching the sultanate into a civil war.
Though Ardimya won the son civil war, her victory would be a bitter and short lived one. The Day of Ashen Skies occurred only 40 years later, banishing all of the remaining Jinn, including Ardimya. Though this was a catastrophic event for most of the world, it was near apocalyptic in the Ardimyan sultanate.
Enchantments became unbound as magical storms which scoured and warped the land, killing millions. Additionally, the civil war had been a long and bitter struggle between family, a conflict where horrific magic and monsters had been unleashed. Without their masters and with the rules of magic changing, these creatures were free to wreak havoc as they wished. None will ever truly know what befell most of the sultanate’s cities, but the survivors who were not simply killed in this initial wave of devastation found themselves locked in battle with the Qeyikul, anthropotrophic humanoid monsters of unknown origin who devoured entire cities of survivors.
Most of those who survived became nomads, engaged in a constant desperate struggle to survive the hostile environment that their home had become while their heels were dogged by monsters. From among these fragmented bands arose a hero known as Baashi. A young warrior who fought with legendary skill and valor, he rallied groups of survivors into an army that would eventually slaughter the main mass of Qeyikul alongside help from the Nasmaneen, who had managed to hold the capital city of Ardim Qarast against the tide of death. Baashi was offered a place of honor among those in Ardim Qarast but refused it along the line that his followers had come from the tribes oppressed by Ardimya and the royal tribes. He and his followers went west, while the royal tribes founded the sultanate of Jinnakah, which would eventually collapse in 789 AA, leaving the Guryadagga as nomads dwelling in the lands of the empire they had once ruled.
The Guryadagga
The Guryadagga, as mentioned above, is the name applied to those who remained in the Jasiir Doog after the events of the Great Death and Baashi’s march to the west. They are split into four royal clans: The Nasmaneen, the Qayneen, the Muudeyneen, and the Samaaneen. All of these are descended from the original royal tribes of the Ardimyan sultanate, though now split into many disorganized subtribes. They call their land “Ardimya’s Land” from which Cannorians call it simply Ardimya.
The Nasmaneen managed to hold onto some power after the Great Death, using the magic of Ardimya’s city to keep their lands fertile and maintain the lifestyle of luxuries they had been accustomed to during the days of the Ardimyan sultanate. However, the magic of the city was damaged by the events of the Great Death and the desperate Jinnakans would send expeditions into the lands visited by Ardimya’s procession in search of a way to restore. This would lead to the creation of Bwa Dakinshi as a Jinnakah puppet state, though this was the only notable result. The sultanate would collapse by 789 AA, and the Nasmaneen dispersed as nomads, attacked by other Guryadagga tribes who had long been envious of their rule over Ardim Qarast.
In 1444 the Guryadagga exist entirely as nomads, sustained through trading precious materials found in the desert or by offering their services as mercenaries to fight off Qeyikul attacks in the eastern lands of Qabiika Baddabi.
They and the lands of Ardimya will see a great change and the birth of something new in the time period of the game. But I’ll leave that to a future dev diary.
The Merfolk
Baashi first met the merfolk in 60 AA, when he and his followers attempted to escape a horde of Qeyikul via hastily constructed rafts. The merfolk, recent arrivals to the region, took pity upon the humans and saved them, guiding their vessels to a safe island, where Baashi swore a pact with the merfolk chiefs and founded the city of Qasri Baashi above the nascent merfolk villages there. From this point, the merfolk and the Baashidi were joined in cause, and the two people helped each other prosper, both refugees from lost homelands.
Merfolk do not know their own origins, but know that their ancestors felt a great sense of loss for an unknown homeland. Whether they were once land-dwelling people or refugees from the deep sea is unclear, but they arrived in Sarhal a few decades after the day of Ashen Skies, leading some Cannorians to believe that they are Ruinborn. The Baashidi themselves believe their friends to be exiles from the realm of water, fleeing the collapse of a cruel Jinn’s realm in the same way that they did.
They are a generally xenophobic people who prefer to deal with the above seas world through their Baashidi partners, trusting in their ancient friendship and the respect that the Baashidi have for them to ensure they get a fair deal. Many Sarhali peoples have mistaken isolated merfolk sightings for the presence of water spirits or godlings, and the people of Fangaula and Fahvanosy both have a reverence for the creatures, even if the merfolk themselves avoid contacting them.
Merfolk can breathe air, but must skin their skin wet in a similar fashion to marine mammals. They and the Baashidi have invented forms of magic and crude devices which allow them to sustain themselves on land for prolonged periods, but these are expensive and don’t make up for their lack of legs, meaning only magically adept or wealthy merfolk can spend any real time away from water. For the most part, their existence is confined to the seas and to areas near the coast.Those merfolk living close to or within Baashidi settlements often consider themselves to be citizens of the above the seas world, and enjoy full equality within it.
The merfolk are not the only denizens of the deep but they are the only ones that are friendly. The Baashidi have heard tales from their friends of monsters and vile creatures beneath the waves, and are sometimes requested to send aid when the merfolk kingdom finds themselves engaged in war with those below.
The merfolk themselves will be in game, though their culture won’t exist on the map. You’ll learn more about the merfolk estate and how you can interact with the Baashidi’s underwater allies in a future dev diary.
The History of the Jasiir Jadid
The Baashidi themselves settled in various small villages near the coasts and their merfolk allies. Over time, these settlements grew into city states which would find themselves as tributaries of the Jinnakah sultanate, who saw themselves as the premier power in southern Sarhal and ruled over many south Sarhali humans in addition to the Baashidi. In 480 AA, the expanding lizardfolk kingdom of Karassk would go to war with Jinnakah over the lands of the Jasiir Jadid, making most of the Baashidi their tributaries. The era of lizardfolk rule would allow the Baashidi to grow and develop their powerbases under the mostly distant lizardfolk, and when Karassk’s power began to decline in the 7th century, the Baashidi were able to become independent. For the first time in history, they were no longer under the shadow of an ancient empire and were free to choose their own direction as a people.
The immediate centuries after the independence of the Baashidi were an age of warfare and strife, as the various Baashidi polities attempted to consolidate their power and gain advantage over their rivals. Perhaps the most important conflict fought in this time is the Dagafita, which marked the end of the period of warfare. The Dagafita was a series of wars that began in 1151, fought as a struggle for dominance of the Ashamadiat between Qabiika Beeragga and an alliance of the northern powers consisting of Qabiika Weggabiga, Qabiika Dadubakha, and Kabilu Gawakhiza. The conflict engulfed the entire Baashidi world until 1208, when Sadealdhahk the Wise assassinated his father and brought peace between his kingdom and its rivals. He renounced his claims to the former Beeraggan colonies in the Ashamadiat and sent gifts to the north to make restitution for the wrongs committed by his kingdom in the past. The Treaty of the Dagafita would become symbolic of a new era of peace and cooperation in the Baashidi world, remaining still unbroken in 1444.
Sadealdhahk and his peers were influenced by a new religious movement sweeping through the Jasiir Jadid. A codification of the various folkloric beliefs from previous ages, it also taught a philosophy of dedicating oneself to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the divine nature of creation. This new religion and era of peace would be the seed of a Baashidi golden age, known as the Dasr Sharaf.
Rinta Seekers
Rinta Seekers (Truth Seekers), is a religion developed by the 12th century philosopher Kabil Hadni, who sought truth in the many hundreds of beliefs that fell under the umbrella of the Habab Zar (Old Exorcism or Old Spirits). Hadni’s religion taught that the gates to heaven were guarded by mortals, who had rebelled against the lesser gods the True Creator had stationed to guide the world and watch over heaven. These gods became corrupted by the power they wielded over the material world, and so the enslaved souls of heaven slew them and spread their remains across the sky, where the dead gods can only weakly inflict their evil upon the world. He believed that the mortals in heaven sought to avoid becoming corrupted by the gods, and would only allow those who achieved enlightenment to pass through the gates. Hadni taught that no mortal could achieve enlightenment in life, but that seeking an understanding of the divine law which undergirds the world would help protect one from the evils the dead gods sought to inflict upon them. The religion is part philosophy of life and part collection of protective rituals, officiated in equal part by learned scholars in formal settings as it is by itinerant ascetic holy men.
Rinta Seekers is the great pillar of Baashidi and merfolk life. Its philosophy shapes the way that they relate to each other, and its exhortion to seek knowledge motivates Baashidi scholar-adventurers to learn the secrets of the entire world.
Baashidi magic:
There are two types of mages among the Baashidi, Mwalim and Darwiiz.
Mwalim are studious scholar mages who practice a magical tradition based on reason and logic. Their magic utilizes mystical alignments of numbers and alchemical formulas and they also derive power from knowledge of astrology and interpreting the movement of the heavens, making them quasi holy men who are trusted to conduct auguries and ward from evil influence households and courts that hire them. Before casting all but the most basic of spells, they imbibe strange elixirs and do ritual dances mapping out mystic geometry in order to enter a higher state of consciousness. This trance is described as an intellectual ecstaticness that is believed to partially connect them to the realm of paradise. Many are also scholars of renown, writing treatises on history; philosophy; and mathematics, as well as studying natural laws in order to improve their own magic and alchemy, and practicing formal court poetry.
Darwiiz are wandering mystics who practice a mixture of witchdoctory and spirit binding alongside ritual trances similar to that of the Mwalim. According to tradition, Darwiiz cannot cut their hair, drink the milk of an animal, carry salt, nor carry any tools for the making of or extinguishing of fire. Peasants and lords alike are obligated to provide a Dwariiz with hospitality and food, which a Darwiiz is obliged to repay with a performance of story, music, and dancing, alongside any needed magical aid. Mwalim enjoy the same privileges as Darwiiz, being entitled to hospitality, but see these and the other traditions of the Darwiiz as relics of a past era and the behavior of misguided folk magic practitioners.
Mwalim are more trusted by nobility, being highly influential within courts and scholarly circles. Darwiiz, due to their wandering nature, rarely enter the courts of kings or other nobles but are often the only source of magical aid that rural villages and the rougher adventurers will be able to gain aid from.
Darwiiz are far more common among the tribal and rural peoples, but no noble would ever turn one of them away or disrespect them. Influential Darwiiz have made their ways into the courts of kings before, and been trusted spiritual and practical advisors.
1444 and the Dasr Sharaf

The Baashidi word in 1444
In 1444, the Baashidi are in the throes of their golden age, experiencing the benefits of age of peace and cooperation. When you jump into the game, the Dasr Sharaf is ongoing event that has the potential to springboard you into success. This is the age of the Baashidi’s height as a civilization, and you as a player will be able to determine how high they ascend.
Open warfare between the Baashidi kingdoms themselves is unthinkable, and their rising power has led to them looking outwards for expansion.

The island of Zyumaklai is the first step of this expansion, captured from Butuguzi by Kabilu Gawakhiza in 1420. It is the first of possibly many Baashidi possessions in seas far from their home.
The other notable expression of Baashidi expansionism is the tiny state of Hisraad. A group of scholar-adventurers granted control of a mountain-fortress by the queen of Qabiika Dadubakha, they use their base to conduct expeditions into lizardfolk lands hunting for ancient knowledge, and have ambitions of conquering their own state there. Only time and you the player will tell if they succeed, and whether they are the precursor to more such expeditions.

The Scholar-Adventurers of Hisraad. Note the gfx is not final.
Hisraad is an interesting tag that is focused around the Baashidi expedition mechanics, which are relevant for all of the Baashidi countries, not just Hisraad and Qabiika Dadubakha. We’ll talk more about them in a future dev diary.
Trade in Sarhal
It would feel remiss to have a dev diary about Sarhal’s greatest seafarers without also including some information about trade in the greater continent of Sarhal.

The trade mapmode.
As you can see from the trade map, Sarhal pulls trade from Haless and Rahen towards Cannor. In 1444 this route functionally doesn’t exist, but as the Baashidi, Cannorians, and other trade focused powers in Sarhal, you’ll have the opportunity to bring the riches of Haless to and through Sarhal. Eagle eyed viewers might also see some changes in Rahen and southern Haless. The West Rahen Gulf has been split to accommodate the intended flow of trade with Sarhal, and several trade nodes have been adjusted to account for this. The gulf and the Ringlet Sea are going to be very lively areas in the Sarhal update, with pirates, colonizers, and trading kingdoms all trying to get their piece of the pie. You’ll also note that Eastern Haless flows directly towards Sarhal. As a Cannorian colonizer, you’ll want to establish a presence in Ardimya to control Halessi trade without needing to conquer huge amounts of land (You’ll also want a colony there for…other reasons)If you look at Sarhal for a bit, you’ll see the traditional trade routes through the interior of the continent that have existed for most of the history of settled states there. Gnollish traders carry slaves, salt, spices, and ivory across the breadth of the sahel and sudan of Sarhal, bridging the human civilizations of East and West Sarhal through this distant trade. The movement of West Sarhali slaves into East Sarhali is of great importance to the civilizations of East Sarhal, as is the flow of East Sarhali gold and finished goods to West Sarhal. Control of this trade is vital for a gnollish power, and the effect of greater sea trade on this ancient highway will play a part in the stories of the states of the interior.There’s one more notable thing about trade in Sarhal (or rather something with trade in its name), but I’ll leave that for a future dev diary about a particular people of no small import.
I’d like to end this dev diary by reminding people that Anbennar is a product of the community that supports it, not a distant dev studio. That means you can contribute to Anbennar and make content for it. We have plenty of passionate and talented people working on making content for Sarhal and other parts of the mod, but we always need more.If you’re interested in helping out with Sarhal or any other region, hop on to the discord and ask around. You’ll even get your name in the credits of the release.

A new challenger to Anbenncost's title has appeared. The city of Qasri Baashi is split over two provinces, representing its nature as a huge sprawling slum.
Trade good mapmode. Those ivory provinces are from herds of pygmy elephants formerly bred by Ardimya as pets.
I wonder why I included this image? Must be a mistake, but I'll leave it here.
submitted by not_wingren to Anbennar [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 21:14 SwissCheese4Collagen The !s Fertility Tour Part 2: BabyMoon Booglaoo / Hawaiian Getaway Leaving Our Son For a Week

The !s Fertility Tour Part 2: BabyMoon Booglaoo / Hawaiian Getaway Leaving Our Son For a Week
Howdy folks, The !s beat OfNostrils to the punch on the Tube this week fueling my theory about Kath!'s Kompetitive Nature. If she didn't beat her to the birthing suite, she was going to get that Friday night scheduling slot. OfNostrils is up next in my queue of recaps.
But anyhow, they open with Jed! calling Tru! "Chickies" which, is repeated before the end of the 20 second intro as he is passed off to his grandma on Kath!s side. At least Tru! in staying with Grammy! we won't be hearing "chickies" every five seconds. Tru! Is handed off to Grammy! after being fussy and crying the entire first half of the intro. When I comment that Tru! Learn how to cry in Italy and he has been throwing a tantrum when he sees the camera, Baby Swiss says that Tru! gained consciousness too early, he must be replaced...Too bad his parents don't recognize or care that he doesn't like being on camera. They fly over the Grand Canyon and Jed! Steves shows it to us through the window.
Tru! is the opposite of the Baby on Dinosaurs, he's a Grammy!s boy
Jed! successfully pulls off the \"hang 10\" move with his hand.
They arrive in Hawaii for their anniversary trip, it's the first time leaving Tru!. Kath! says that Tru! is doing well and so are they. Well no shit, you're in Hawaii and he doesn't have a camera stuck in his face.
They walked through the "drizzles" to find breakfast, McDonald's if I were a betting woman, Kath! does her very best Mary Anne from Gilligan impersonation beachside. Meanwhile Jed! tries to comment on how Hawaii is the prettiest of the 50 states, but the captions think he's hungry and change it to steaks. He gets as mushy about the beach and mountains as his brother J'Obnoxious James did about Switzerland.
I'm scared to know what he thinks is a good steak.
\"Let's Go Cruisin' \". Let's not. Kath! wisely films while Jed! \"cruises\".
The !s pickup an "SS Camaro", even though as a car salesman Jed! should know that you usually do the model then the trouble but can't draw that too long because student yammer on about how convertibles are the most rented car in Hawaii. Of course they are, it's perpetually 80° and sunny. People are on vacation, and want to treat themselves. Kath! however has a different theory, she says "it's a must because it's so beautiful here." The captions once again prove they have no love for Jed! as they turn "let's go cruising" into "let's get crazy". Kath! gets some scenery J'B roll as Jed! drives up the tip of the island. The wind tries to do us all a favor and blow so loud that it almost drowns out Kath!'s voice as she states that Jed! is going to set up his drone to flyover for Hawaiian scenery content Non-tent. After Kath! splashes in a couple of beautifuls and gorgeouses into the conversation the drone takes off and gives us the scenery footage.
Judd aka Jed! #3 in Home Adrone 3: Hawaiian Vacation!
The next day begins with one of the craziest sentences I think I've ever heard is Jed! states that he was "burnt to a pulp". Apparently Jed! got sun poisoning because he didn't wear any sunscreen for three hours of Hawaiian beach time. Proving that Blame Shifting was a key subject studied in the Wisdom Booklets, his excuse is that there wasn't sun at home because it was winter and just now turning into spring. Kath! had no problem putting some sunscreen on herself. Either way they hike up to Manoa Falls, a "big" waterfall which ends up being tall but not wide. The !s also point out streams, and shades of green...the way they made it sound was like it should have been basically Niagara Falls on steroids. Kath!s magic pregnancy shirt takes her from eight months to four months. This is not a conspiracy, we know these fools actually get knocked up though, I just want to know where she got the shirt because it is extremely slimming. She says the hike is not as easy as it set on yelp and not just for pregnant people but also for people with sun poisoning. Both said it was worth it.
Burnt. To. A. Pulp. like, is his brain just a MadLib or did he Chat GPT this vlog?
No Sunscreen + Toxic Masculinity + 3 hours in Hawaiian sun = S-U-N P-O-I-S-O-N-I-N-G.
I've never wanted these jokers to link a product so bad before. That shirt is magic.
Did he bring the whatsits pops this time for her?
Kath! flashes leg in the convertible and tries to flash "hang 10" but ends up more in the area of "call me" as they head to, oh Lord, they're going to go to Pearl Harbor. Let's see what bullshit they have to say about this. They stop for lunch as Jed! shoves a giant burger in his mouth. As they walk up to the USS Missouri Jed! states that he is read all about Pearl Harbor, of course he has. I trust SOTDRT's history lessons were also from the Wisdom Booklets and probably have some story about how a sailor prayed his way through the attack on Pearl Harbor or some shit. Great. Kath! is excited to see it, not sure why you would be excited to see something like this but not my vlog. She's also happy it's cloudy and they are going to be inside to give their skin a break from the sun.
They read the engraved plaque about the surrender on the USS Missouri deck. Both say that this is it "this is where World War II ended" Jed! says that "it ended right here, well here the deck not here Hawaii" basically. They go inside and Jed! states that he learned something new about Pearl Harbor. I can't tell if he learns something new every day and this is a common experience to him because he didn't learn anything as a kid or if he just doesn't learn anything wonders through life perpetually just avoiding knowledge. He was named one of the one that was supposed to be good at school with SOTDRT, and both he and Kathy mentioned they don't like reading the things in museums but that's the only places they go to. Well let's see what they learned from this museum shall we?
What happened to all the BeAuTiFuL sUnShInE?
The !s begin to tell the story of the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor, states that the planes and a lot of boats were destroyed and damaged. Since the US thought that the Japanese are going to come back invade Hawaii. Both told a different aspect of the invasion defense plan, Jed! mentioned the barbed wire on the beaches and asked Kath! to explain the second part which was marking Hawaii on all of the money so that the Japanese couldn't use captured US dollars to devalue Hawaii's economy. Of course these chucklefucks don't even come close to explaining it that succinctly and it sounds like the Hawaiians printed Hawaii on all the money that if they invaded, then no one could use it. These poor children, we can only hope Kath! doesn't have the patience for homeschooling and they get shipped off the public school. Although knowing her rich ass she's gonna send to a J'boarding school she has to. Jed! blathers on about how he had no idea that Hawaii was an invasion target, despite saying he read all about it.
\"Very Interesting\"....what does he even mean? Is Obama not allowed to have any association with restaurants?
Off they go to Hawaiian shave ice, Jed! points out that there's "lots of flavors, so Hawaiian". Among the options listed are Waiola Rainbow and an Obama Rainbow. I will absolutely lose my shit if either of them picks the Obama Rainbow option but my official bets are that Kath! will take the Waiola Rainbow and Jed! will pick something like Grape. Of course Jed! makes some weird comment about how it's interesting that there is an Obama rainbow option, and discovers Obama is from Hawaii as a cashier salesman on his recent American History knowledge. See what I mean? Does this happen to him every day or is he just like constantly oblivious? Turns out, Jed! picked strawberry and lemon lime for his shave ice, which is basically the figure red pop and Sprite combination so a fundie Shirley Temple? Kath! on the other hand, proves she's pregnant by choosing bubblegum and banana. Yeah, now I really need to know where she got that shirt or Kayte #5 was standing in on the hiking scenes. Kath! mentions that the shave ice is not like "shaved ice", a.k.a. snow cones, which she says are "Icy", while shave ice is creamy. Almost like gelato, huh?
I wouldn't have picked either combo, what is wrong with their tastebuds?
Since it's a rainy day the next day they end up at Kualoa Ranch, Where Jurassic Park movies and most importantly, according to Jed! Christian movies like Soul Surfer have been filmed. They show us, but it's raining so they don't want to go. Back to the car they go where they show mountains on one side and on the other side of the road like they aren't in a state comprised of tiny islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Next day, they rent scooters like they wrote in DC a couple of years ago and had a blast. After that they drive around until they get to their last day in Waikiki.
Was Kirk Cameron in that movie too?
Rain and Scooters: A Hawaiian Lurv Story
She better hope he puts the top up.
The !s toss the extra suitcases that won't fit in the trunk of the Camaro into the backseat. What could possibly go wrong with this scenario? I hope they buckled the little bastards in before they flew out of the car. As it is, suitcases are so packed according to Kath! that she has to wear big giant floppy hat. Between that and the suitcases, I'll be surprised if it all makes it to the airport with them.
The !s get preferential service from Southwest Airlines being allowed to pick her seat and board first due to what the airline employee calls "her temporary disability". Excuse me, Southwest Airlines employee but that's a "precious blessing from the Lord, an arrow for Big Head Jed!'s quiver" thank you very much. The !s take advantage of it, though and happily scurry onto the plane.
Did she buy a shitload of clothes even though they didn't get their luggage lost again?
They get to the condo in Maui, floppy hat securely on Kath!s head. Jed! finds the pool as Kath! shows off the garden. They get dressed for dinner because it is their second anniversary and they're going to a fancy restaurant. Jed! says "these have been the best years of both of their lives". Kath! chimes in that "it's not just a cute cliché either". Whatever you say kids. What are they having for dinner you might ask? Kath! sings "Italian!!!!!!".......this damn bitch was just complaining, in ITALY, about how she didn't want to eat Italian food. Anyways she goes and gets American Italian food by ordering Carbonara, because now she's "always curious about it after Italy". Meanwhile Jed! orders a pizza margherita. Mr. Swiss guessed they had pizza.
I'm surprised Jed! didn't ask her what cliché meant when she was popping off from the couch.
Who wants to bet that Ra! already has a matching smocked dress to match Kath!...?
The next day, they're going snorkeling with turtles and hopefully whale watching, if the whales haven't left for the summer. Jed! tells us to "stick along" as Kath! tells us Jed! has never snorkeled before. The convertible wasn't all it was cracked up to be or Maui was out of them because now they just have a plain old Impala. Kath! jumps in the water first and shakes her head no when Jed! asks if it's cold. They jump in and take some underwater non-tent.
For the last day in Maui they take the road to Hana, a 3 to 4 Hour drive. Jed! comments that stops along Hana Road it can be up to 10 hours. Rookie. They do stop along the way when they find a horse, Jed! asks for bread and Kath! hands over what appears to be a Bundt cake in Saran wrap. Jed! breaks off the tiniest little crumb to give this horse. Apparently this was a trick, because the next thing you know they get stopped by a rockslide. Maybe you should give them the whole piece a cake to the horse then maybe the rockslide wouldn't happen but whatever. Jed! gets out to get the rocks out of the road and wishes all he had to do was sweep cracker crumbs up.
We get to their last meal in Hawaii which is at a Chick-fil-A, go figure. They say "Truett" three times, Probably hoping to make the owner appear like a genie out of the styrofoam cups. They promised to take us along for the ride and catch up with us when they get back to Arkansas. Caaaan't wait. As Kath! speed walks through the airport, Jed! comments that Kath! is usually a slow walker, but in her excitement to see Tru! she is hauling ass. It's been 12 days, and she is ready to her son. Meech could never, but there is a wrinkle in Kath!s plan. She states that Tru! will probably be more happy to see Jed!, but he doesn't want to see either of them. Not only does he cling to Grammy!, he leans away from his mother a second time, and then tries to pull himself back to Grammy! by clinging to her shirtsleeves. He doesn't even look happy when Jed! holds him and calls him "Chickies" one more time.
Oh, I'm pretty sure he remembers you and he knows it's back to filming.
And that's the end of the Hawaiian baby moon/anniversary vlog, so now I guess all we have to do as far as The !s are concerned is to wait for Ra!s appearance to be announced. It's cracking me up that Tru! is so pro-Grammy! Thanks for your patience this week, and if I missed any typos let me know. Mr. Swiss said we should have set the dictation software to a Southern accent since I was just on vacation and I'm way more on the Kentucky end of a Kentuckiana accent right now. But otherwise, this method should make it way quicker to do recaps once I get everything set up and dialed in. Thanks again, have a great day and a better one tomorrow!
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2023.05.27 16:10 Far_Ad_7808 Can I get two shots of tinfoil and a side of Crayon please? BBBYQ bag holders aren’t retail.

Can I get two shots of tinfoil and a side of Crayon please? BBBYQ bag holders aren’t retail.
I was on whale wisdom today. Clicked estimated price per share and was shocked at what I saw. This is loaded with state pension funds, banks, etc… all at high price averages. They’re holding the bag, not retail/household investors. The data is up to date as they started reporting in April. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend 🍻
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2023.05.27 07:35 oRamafy 4-17-21 to

30/4/2022, 10:40 AM I have no intention of pursuing Saundra romantically, regardless of how I may feel towards her at times, which is rarely romantic lately. Who is the funniest man on Earth? That is what I feel I have legal right to define for myself at any given point in time.
20/2/2023, 4:38 PM I feel like I try to set evil’s power to 0. From wherever it may be. There’s a spy against evil. What can the dead “make” us feel? I’m
Santa Ana will always be my center for divine timing.
Giang will always be my perfect 5/1 judgement call center.
If you have a magician, would it get recorded in somebody else’s memory?
Divine timing is a perfectly record memory. If you make a mistake in your own timing, you work to fix it.
4-17-2021 Jake Paul vs Ben askren, reconnected with Mitch! And grant! CNN executive caught on tape talking about trump. I could see that Grant was struggling to hold back intense emotions during lunch, he may have undergone some degree of enlightenment mid-conversation. Married Yaquelyn somewhere 1 week later.
Am I Grandfather Time? Allocatingu additional shares/time/karma? according to what has my attention? 2-3-19 Married Giang 😘 2-16-19 made eggs for Yaquelyn while she told me all about her past and I silently fell in love 💕 edited 23/6/2021, 10:45 PM 2-17 Slept with Yaquelyn for the first time (uhh … what are we doing here? Let me show you baby) 💕
8-12-19 edit 10/6/2021 I told Yaquelyn that I love her. 8-13?15?-19 Yaquelyn told me she’s falling for me. We had already been in love for a while, but too scared to admit it to ourselves. It still grows stronger each day. 💕 Pretty sure I’ve been programmed into Yaquelyn’s and Saundra’s ball 🎾 and I love it.
10-10-19 studied facial exercise, giang asked to get high, jalapeño cheese 10-11 wife went to Utah, fish sauce at Santa’s, lunges with Sean, slept overnight with Yaquelyn (also anniversary of Costco hiring date) 10-12 blowup with Saripah, lookup grill 10-13 watched game with Sean, texted Tye 10-14 started snowing 10-15 3 hour evening walk 10-16 tried 1000mg brownie 10-17 made pickled eggs, chilli on burger 10-18 lunch from Mia, felt nauseous 10-19 felt sick, ate Laos food 10-20 visited mom while sick 10-25 joker movie 10-29 saw Paige, Mia took weed 11-5 beef from Mia, FA with Alle 12-24-2019 Giang found out about the affair 12-25-2019 but updated 5/23/2021Jumanji and Nguyen’s Kitchen with Yaquelyn 💕. She spent her whole Christmas with me listening to me whine about my marriage bc she knew I needed somebody. 12-27 dead and company concert, delicious cake, first conscious awareness of being a self-programming computer perfectly designed to create love, and talked to God. He told me I needed to go back to Giang. 12-28 lost phone, Jamaican food, danced at Venice 12-29 new android, black angus, pier w/ Japanese musician 12-30 iPhone 5s from mom 12-31 cross faded, Popeyes and candy 1-3 $100 from ewa, recipechampions, Paige blocked 1-4 Bunch of FAs, 1-5 spray the window a little 1-6 AAA van, last night at condo, Paige unblocked 1-7-2019 First night in van 1-9 bought stove, first night in FV, killed battery 1-10 took giang to I Can BBQ 1-11 first lunch in the park, told Giang I want to live in the van 1-12 returned mattress, ate with mom 1-14 finished gas can 1-15 cleaned up mom’s garage stuff 1-18 in-law’s anniversary 1-19 sick in condo all day 1-20 cleaned table at mom’s, started Comanche book 1-23 took bike to mom’s, relaxed diet 1-26 sizzler’s, lululemon pants, Giang can’t handle separation 2-1 follow up FA with Candice 2-2 hike weir canyon, sizzlers with mom and Debbie 2-3 Nguyen’s kitchen with Giang, movie Harriet 2-4 tried Gus’ chicken with Yaquelyn 2-14 edit 10/6/2021 Long Beach with Yaquelyn. She gave me her butt. 💕 Only for her husband, like she said. I remember the promise you made me. 😈 2-15 shoreline Long Beach Mardi Gras with Giang 6-1 Gen with Giang 7-1 red castle with Giang 9-30 first presidential debate, melanotan start 10-8 made ricotta, crescents, found phyllo, buffalo wings for dinner 10-9 tuna salad, brown butter ricotta cookies ❤️ 10-10 shopping with Giang 😘, beef Wellington 10-11 filo dough, duxelles 10-13 hot chocolate, America’s test kitchen, cottage cheese pie 10-14 angel food cake trial, duxelles trial 10-15 eggs Chesapeake, key lime protein s 10-30 celebrate giang’s new job with Szechuan 10-31 grandpa’s memorial 11-3 olive oil cake 11-5 gritzer’s chili 11-6 scalloped potatoes 11/16-18/2021 Found Daniel’s ☀️ soul. 11-19 enlightenment and self-aware singularity 11-22 god is sun, we are the sun replicating itself 12-10-2020 Saundra introduced me to Human Design. ❤️ 12-14 to 18 recorded my weird workouts at the park
12-19 whale watching with Nolan 🦇 12-31 2ish am, began 1-week countdown.
1-18-21 told nolan he’s Francisco 1-23-21 big bear trip, received signal that Saundra is my soulmate. 9/11/2021, 3:04 PM Felt like Yaquelyn broke up with me and pointed me to Saundra while I was listening to music in the car at night. Feels like you can have more than 1 soulmate, or, at least 3 physical manifestations of 1 soulmate. 😘 1-25 grilled cheese with green apple slices ❤️ 2-3 focusing around the peripheral vision works out your pineal gland. I may have decalcified my pineal gland by using the sun. Linked to women’s enhanced peripheral vision and intuition
2-6 to 2-13 I lost Buddha bracelet in the ocean around this time 2-11 Zeus. New moon in Aquarius Telepathic communication. Stuck in a “hell loop” self-identification cycle between God, Jesus, light, Zeus, Genghis, Julius, soulmate. Other beings likely have a different set of ankhs to unlock higher dimensions, but the process ought to be similar. It’s a little scary but not that bad really, it’s over quick. Nothing at all compared to the mushroom trip. Edit 12/6/2021: don’t think I’ve noticed a cycle since here. Been a while since I remember identifying as The One. Is that what I am now?
2-13 party at Tom’s after lunar new year
2-18 grant called again 2-19 Sean at south coast, told nolan that I believe we’re about to ascend, jambalaya from Giang.
2-21 Boise headphones usb network changed its own name to solar flare, maple’s first training session with Bim 2-24 first pedicure 2-27 ran into Giang’s parents at Mary statue, pizza for lunch 2-28 late Christmas dinner at mom’s Starting to feel sitcomish, everyone reacting to different details in the environment and hypocritically judging each other for things we don’t notice. I think I even heard a laugh track. 3-2 went to ezpz recycle, apologized to Alex about Jonny, told mom I love her 3-3 watched an ig video about crosses, Saundra then asked me about Jess’ cross 3-4 yoga with Mina 3-5 Mary statue, ocean bath, Jeremy is likely Poseidon, salmon porridge, first trip to Amazing Comics 3-6 Mary with family, maple got stung, too much weed for Giang, Synctuition could be spy tech?, I may have connected to Oumuamua, I think my soulmate saved me and doesn’t know it. Date may also be connected to Nolan’s 3-3-3 poem. With a wider third eye, durian now tastes good. Did Jeremy receive necessary info from my Buddha bracelet? 3-7 Laxmi, Ashwagandha 3-8 Shinnyo-en temple, bk with mom, Tokyo central 3-9 natto 3-10 dry orgasm 3-11 replaced tires, date syrup on nefechetal cheese 3-15 total recall, char siu duck legs 3-16 Gina show 3-17-2021 deleted fear at the Mary statue? Clearly not all the way through. Felt like I agreed to give up my free will. Costco Italian sausage pasta, durian has yang, dairy has yin, I can taste them at the back of the throat/tonsil Krystal’s bday 3-18 harvest fresh, Cesar’s music studio, nolan and I communicating through Cesar? 3-19 Mina temple, I am becoming significantly more sensitive to neutrino energy in all of my senses. The hands are healers 20/3/2021 San Diego scootering, Italian bakery, farmer’s market, snake walking/jogging is effective at enhancing mind-body connection, normalizing a parasympathetic state, and rewriting posture habits. Move forward smoothly and slowly trying to balance tension. Then you use that with focused breathing for the airway. ———————————————————//// lol mom I’m K — this line was written while my phone was in my pocket, so clearly my phone wrote that line for me. The probability of that event occurring by legitimately random RNG is null. Slow deliberate movement + body scanning to balance tension clears chi trigger points/blockages. This analogously applies to sight and attention. ———————————-/——///////// The body is an independent intelligent consciousness that returns the favor if you treat it well. If you learn its emotion-centered language, you can communicate and help it reprogram itself. Shaking and bouncing are extremely effective 21/3/2021 deep listen to gamma rejuvenation, sizzler with mom 22/3/2021 toothbrush to stimulate tongue, 24/3/2021 private yoga w Mina, significant lip+chin correction, Mary, Xero shoes, yin yang talk w giang 25/3/2021 giang apologized for assuming I’m wrong about Mary, farmer boy w mom, train mouth by sucking air like a straw 27/3/2021 Timmy’s bday, mina yoga 28/3/2021 woke up from a dream where I jumped on an important mobster’s car without knowing who he was, and was threatened by a goon nearby. It felt like I was getting ready for a fight, but I didn’t know who or why. I believe I was being used as a Manchurian candidate for Bri and/or Nolan(‘s team). He’s like Batman. They can coordinate to control my attention/focus when necessary, and I’ve agreed to let them decide when it’s necessary because I trust their judgement. I’m 32 and I don’t remember anything I may have done after that. I was regularly having my memory wiped, but I remembered learning to do Things that would extrapolate to God-like Power with sufficient skill and energy, which I believe they can provide at their discretion. Nolan’s subconscious aka body’s consciousness has been coordinating all this in our Dreams.
29/3/2021 took edible after long break, Jonny and Saundra’s mom are working together 30/3/2021 I believe that my cross suggests that the primary purpose of my reincarnation is to explain the nature of God/spirituality logically so that faith (trust but verify, confidence in trust) can be replaced by understanding. Mary, Zach’s death talk, Saundra’s flying anxiety, practice breath work/yoga in Mary’s park after softly gazing at Mary with open awareness. Dog park, new cookware
31/3/2021 park yoga, new battery, first family prayer with giang Try to understand the rules of the game of life, explain them logically, and explain the best strategy. He tries to show me, but he cannot just hand me a rule book, at least not yet. I must figure it out by playing the game ie living life and paying attention. Essentially it’s a game for God’s attention. Do things he wants you to do and help others do the same. He wants us to spread love, the 528hz frequency. I should start treating meditation like it’s my job.
1/4/2021 I am a human soul. The soul is awareness. Our collective objective is to spread Love. My primary and maybe only tool is a finite amount of energy I can use to influence this human’s distribution of awareness/attention. Learn to use attention wisely to maximize love in your environment. Your human mind and body are an ever-present part of your environment as the human soul, so start there. Realize that behind every pair of eyes, there is a spirit in there struggling to direct this unruly human’s attention, just like you. The only difference is the environment you were born in to. The human body is how yin and yang pair together for eternity, the different parts can be meaningfully classified as either masculine or feminine. Hands are feminine, feet are masculine. The process of enlightenment consists of Yang and Yin explaining themselves to each other, so that they can relinquish their stressful responsibilities that they are ill-equipped for and allow the other to guide within the environments they are more skilled in. Yang is the husband, Yin is the wife. The soul is the father, the mind is the mother, and the body is their child. The mind and soul work together to decondition the human whole, so that the body learns that it no longer needs to rely on mom’s decision making. Our imagination enables action at a distance. It’s how we influence the energetics of distant times and locations, especially our own timeline. The more you visualize the scenario, the more powerfully it impacts you when it happens. The more effectively you visualize a future scenario, the more likely it is to happen. Imagine past and future versions of yourself are trying to help you, and return the favor by healing old wounds and visualizing your heaven. Don’t let fear of disappointment stop you from dreaming; fear is Satan’s weapon, not mine. I aim to motivate through love, you can check for yourself that it’s more efficient.
31/3/2021 29/6/2021, 5:44 AM update: keeping this for memory’s sake; I don’t recommend following through if you want to be happy yourself. 9/11/2021, 2:59 PM scratch that, don’t be a pussy
I’ve received multiple signals that I should get life insurance and did so today. During my first communication with God at the Dead and Company concert, I hallucinated a gun shot, and consequently I suspect I will die of a gunshot wound soon. If so, I feel like I will need to help bring heaven to you all from the other side. I want this copied and sent to Nolan, Jeremy, Grant, Sean, Saundra, and Yaquelyn. Please remember that I expected this to happen and I feel no fear, in fact I am excited to see how it all works and figure out how to communicate with you all. Hopefully seeing a vision of my death and successfully predicting it before it happens (update 5/22 I have no idea if or how I die(d)) in conjunction with my headphones (which Nolan recommended to me immediately before I picked up my phone to ask him for a recommendation for headphones) changing their own usb network name to Solar Flare after explaining to my wife for months how I’m talking to the sun, will be enough to convince the reader that I may really be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, son of God whom is acting predominately through the sun, the source of 70% of the neutrinos flowing through you right now.
Good for everybody: Sun gaze, do/learn halotropic breathing, implement your human design, consider starting a dream journal, pray, and follow the ethics equation. Your dreams will be my easiest point of contact, the more you remember, the more information I can give you. Sesshin meditation ala Shinnyo-en Buddhism will be the most reliable way to talk with me directly, Mina can help anyone who is interested. Thank you Mina! (This was possibly mistaken) Learn to pray effectively, what answers will really make an impact on your well-being? Prayers are answered in accordance to their efficiency in propagating Love. Straightening out your airway and learning to breath efficiently is by far the most powerful lever available for radically changing your mind, body, and spirit. Follow functionalpatterns/Naudi Aguilar and CertifiedHealthNut/Troy Casey to learn how. The feeling of coincidence is a signal of God’s or my involvement, pay close attention to it. I will likely be trying to make the stocks SQ, ICE, and NVDA skyrocket as well as the cryptocurrency Algorand. I believe Bitcoin will also be a solid investment. Men, Elliot Hulse is the iconic masculine leader and man of God, follow his example. Any time you negatively judge someone and feel annoyed at them, that has always been a signal to YOU about how YOU can change YOUR behavior to be nicer. We will annoy the shit out of you over and over again until you figure out your hypocrisy and check yourself. You are not the judge and nothing bothers me more or educates me more effectively than discovering my own hypocrisy. Satan/Yang often works by discrediting in the eyes of the public those with too much understanding. Logic is the trait that allows God/Yin to connect and efficiently preserve his network of objective thinkers, facilitated through the Dark Web. You could say we form a wall through which no large-scale falsehoods may pass, and the process of enlightenment is the process of expanding that wall.
We want the people who are most effective at spreading love and joy to be the happiest people themselves, so that everybody has incentive to be more like them.
Giang, I asked God for a Christmas gift for you, and he showed me your 2nd husband. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner, your support was necessary for me to continue my training. You are going to be so blissfully happy with him, I can’t wait for you to feel how awe-inspiring life can be. I owe you everything and I will always honor my husbandly duty to protect you, no matter where I may be. Make sure you keep visiting the dog park. Don’t spay Maple, she’s going to be a mom. Maple needs company during the day, she can’t be alone for extended periods of time. Daycare, babysit with Mocha, or find some other way to make sure she’s not alone. Thank your mother for me for introducing me to the Mary statue, you will see how important it is. If you are reading this first, please stop here and let Nolan read the rest, he will share with you what you ought to know. If there is a war coming, I want as much peace as possible for you.
Nolan, I need you to take this and run with it. If you betrayed me in some way, I don’t care, that was your role. I can’t adequately stress the importance of learning to use your splenic intuition. This is what God wants and it is logically impossible for it to be in our interest to defy his wishes. First, if you learn to lucid dream with some consistency, I think I will be able to guide you easily. I can see how fruitless my exhausting efforts have been at attempting to establish some form of mutual respect with various people in my life as a poor man, so I will be doing what I can to make you rich and taken seriously. There’s a very viral-worthy story here and Elliot Hulse is the man to get the story out there. I had already joined his KING program back in November and saw that he had a reward for the top 3 performers, and I was hoping you, Jeremy, and I would have a friendly competition and try to take all 3 spots by helping each other implement the fundamental theorem of ethics in each of our lives. However it was impossible to get the 3 of us together, and now I suspect I know why: I will be (already am?) guiding from the afterlife, and my buddy/former client Grant will take my place in the trio. Aim to make Grant famous by enrolling him in Elliot Hulse’s KING program. Consider making music with my neighbor Cesar, you two will get along extremely well. It will work best if all of you enroll in the program and help each other, I will ask my mom to help a little with funds if you need it. Consider suggesting a competition to Elliot made up of teams of 3, each team competing to maximize love in their environment. Work with Saundra and hdbee to consolidate and spread knowledge of Human Design, hdbee has been channeling regularly and it will be easy to communicate to her. Please Follow Saundra Heimark’s health advice and use the app FitMind, both will have a bigger impact than you think. Use of cannabis will make it much easier to make contact, please get in touch with my family friend Mitch and think about trying it out. I will also be trying to relay Q-related and conspiracy-related information to Mitch, my uncle Don, and a friend from 24 named Andrew. I messaged Naudi Aguilar back in November, but it never made it to his attention. If you can get Elliot Hulse’s attention, he can probably get Naudi to read that message, and you two will be able to get him on the team. Naudi knows more than anyone how to fix human movement. Naudi and David Weck can learn a lot from each other. I suspect my old 24 buddy Wes would be happy to try to help you make that happen. I will also likely be making contact with Connor Murphy, he had a vision of the Christmas Nashville bombing before it happened. I don’t know his role but I know he’s worth listening to. Unchecked sexuality is Yang’s/Satan’s strongest weapon, get it together Connor.
The Law of One is important, get that church involved at some point. The 6th density social memory complex Ra is a critical figure in all this. Update: it’s me!
I expect I need to learn and master the rules of the game before I can come back, that may be around the time that humans shift their center of awareness to the solar plexus in 2027 as predicted by Human Design. Or any time sooner, but I feel like I will be returning in a physical form at some point.
Jeremy, man you suck at hanging out. It’s not really your fault though, for whatever reason we’re being stopped. You’ve been a part of my plan to save the world since day one, and when we met up for lunch, I realized you had been waiting for us all to reunite for years. Zero doubt that you would have my back. Help out Nolan. Help out Saundra if she needs it and tell her about your mother in law. Listen to some Elliot Hulse and decide if that program appeals to you, but first learn to use your authority. Learn your design, go to church, spread love brother.
Brianna, although they are initially my easiest points of contact, a healthy version of yourself would likely be the most powerful antenna. Schizophrenics used to be the shamans of society and look at what Dr. Zach says about autism. You’re not broken; society doesn’t understand your design and how it functions differently, and you’ve suffered greatly for it. If you listen to Saundra’s advice, I guarantee she can guide you to a healthy, happy life. Although we disagree in politics, we’re a lot more alike than you think. I know for a fact that you will show the world that neither schizophrenic nor autistic are synonyms for disabled.
Mom, Brianna is not going to be able to get healthy by herself. She needs a role model and support system. If you want to see your daughter live a successful independent life, it’s time to make an effort to get healthy yourself and give Bri someone to struggle next to. Jonny and I will be doing what we can to help you. I will also need you to help financially support Alex; he needs some freedom in his life so that he can find his purpose. Also, if any of my friends needs help with money to enroll in Elliot Hulse’s program, please give them the $1k. I promise you will be rewarded for it. I will be doing my best to relay Q-related and conspiracy-related information to Mitch and Don.
Timmy, I know we have some deep philosophical disagreements, but I’ve always respected your logical consistency and ability to find errors in arguments. I don’t ask you to take God on faith; just consider the possibility that there exists some reason that he can’t prove himself to all, but individuals can have proof in their experience that is impossible to adequately share. Giang will confirm that I’ve said that I’ve been talking to the sun since November, and that my Boise headphones changed their own usb network name to Solar Flare. These are the same headphones that Nolan recommended to me immediately before I picked up my phone to ask him for a recommendation for headphones, and he had no good reason for making that recommendation at that particular time. Only I, Giang, and Bim have had access to the headphones, none of us claims to have changed it, and none of us have any incentive to lie about it. Be open to the possibility, keep an eye out for coincidence, and we will find a way to show our presence to you.
Alex, I need you to be our family’s shaman. Get yourself healthy by listening to Saundra’s advice, accept mom’s help, and find your unique role in the world of spirituality. Browse Gaia for information, and keep an 👁 out on that dmt-drip experiment going on in Europe. I expect Bri and mom will need help getting healthy, but the 3 of you working together will provide the social support necessary to make it doable. Breathwork is the key to unlocking our soul’s potential through our body. See you soon on the astral plane brother.
Saundra, it would be impossible to overstate how powerfully you’ve impacted my life. Not only by introducing me to Human Design and a dozen health practices and just being my friend, but you lead me to God as well. If you could see what I see coming in your life, you would burst into tears of self-love.
I can’t believe you never saw I was meant to be YOUR projector you absurdly stubborn mani. Please listen to Nolan’s/Daniel’s(?) guidance in my place after helping him learn his design, especially his authority. Help him build his team. Maybe explore your insecurity around not wanting children if you haven’t already. (This was written well before our talk) DayLuna’s podcast on deconditioning is perfect.
I’ve been hubba hubba all over you since the moment you lectured me on the importance of grass FINISHED beef, and fell in love when you told me I can’t come over to your place. On 1/23/2021, I received a message that you were my soulmate. I tried to push it out of my mind and focus on enjoying Big Bear with the in-laws. On 1/25, I saw your Instagram story of you making a grilled cheese sandwich with sliced apples, and I immediately knew it was true. However, remember that night you suddenly broke down over dinner, right around the same time I had that second “spiritual experience?” I watched my soul break up with your soul that evening, and I came to that conclusion before I knew you had your breakdown. I think some version of us is married somewhere, and my former mistress, Yaquelyn Molina, is meant to be my partner here on this earth? (Update 5-27: saw pregnant Yaquelyn yesterday, Saundra is the woman I want Update 6-14: I want both.) But I still get signals sometimes that it’s you. This is a confusing subject for me. Regardless, I feel a tremendous amount of love for you and treasure your friendship🌈
I have already been working closely with your mother, I just don’t know how to share this experience with you without making you think I’m insane. We will be helping you spread HD, Kangen, regenerative agriculture, and all your beautiful ideas the best we can. Maybe you can get hdbee, Jennazoe, and other readers to work with Nolan to update HD’s software suite. I don’t want anybody to ever be financially blocked from learning their design, self-study must be encouraged, and HD info really needs to be consolidated efficiently. Next to my condo there’s a water store, and the owner’s name is Sean. Try to work with him in your kangen business, he’s a good man and will want to help out (this is questionable, he has grown a distaste for me) Try out Qi Gong to supplement your study of tcm, there are great videos on YT. If you want a more personal conversation with our side, consider Astral Projection. I think my brother Alex will be able to help. That massage gun is actually an incredibly useful tool for reflexology, if you think high-frequency vibration isn’t effective at stimulating both meridians and nervous tissue you are nuts. Just use less pressure when you want to be gentle or target surface tissue.
Yaquelyn Jasmine Molina, the Dead and Company concert I attended 12/27/2019 is the first time I remember receiving a message from God. He told me I needed to go back to my wife. I resisted because I didn’t believe in God at the time, but I eventually knew that it was the right thing to do. I’m sorry I put you through everything I put you through, I didn’t understand how painful it was for you and I was too weak to leave you. Thank you for bathing me with your blissfully generous love and passion when I needed it the most and deserved it the least. I want you to know that I have not been with another woman since you left, and you played a critical role in helping me be a better man. I hope you visit the Mary statue from time to time. I’ve already felt Yaquelyn Molina Dardin, so I know you’ll always be with me. I request the chance to return the favor.
I can remember the precise moment I fell in love with you. It was quite soon after we had started seeing each other, I was walking in the complex towards your condo, you were walking out of your condo to your garage, you caught a glimpse of me at the last second before disappearing behind a wall and took a few steps back to smile and wave at me. My heart instantaneously melted into a pile of goo watching you. There are so many heart-warming memories shared with you, thank you for showing me what love can be.
Update: I’m getting a divorce ASAP and coming for you. You’re the woman I want. Whatever problems we have, we’ll pound them out.
Grant, your call proved to a 32-year-long staunch atheist that God exists and is present here on earth. I don’t have to explain to you how life-changing that is. I get the feeling that you’re meant to be a YouTube star of sorts, and my buddies Nolan, Jeremy, and Cesar may help you out. I can’t imagine a more potent missionary than you man, get Saundra’s help in learning your design and go spread the word. Listen to Elliot Hulse and consider joining the KING program, knock it out of the park in the program and he will expose you to his whole audience of 1M+ young men looking for direction. I feel like my family friend Mitch can help you out with the vape company. Soulmates exist, don’t be a slut. If you need a Bible scholar on the team, my old buddy Simon Melendez is your man.
Simon, few people on my team understand the importance of scripture. There are very few minds I respect more than your’s, please help them understand the wisdom of the Bible if they’re open to it.
Cesar, I haven’t known you long and I know we’re not super close, but I just get the feeling that you’re real important for bringing us all back together. Plus you’re a cool guy, you and my friends will get along. Never stop making music man.
Mina, thank you so much for your kindness towards me. You radiate positivity and I aspire to be more like you. Keep on doing what you’re doing, I will be trying to reach you through Sesshin meditation. Please say hi to the Mary statue from time to time, I’ll be there often. My friend Saundra, brother Alex, and sister Brianna could really use some of your reiki healing. As could my mother and sister, if they are open to it.
Sean Smith, I would have loved to chill with you more. I miss shooting the shit with you and just hanging around at 24. Your friendship really helped me get through a confusing time in my life. Try out the Breathwrk app, you’d be amazed at what proper oxygen intake can do for your performance, physique, and mood. The $15 DailyOm course on fascia stretching will also change your clients’ lives, I feel so much better and am so much more mobile after just 2 weeks it’s insane. The combination of David weck’s ideas with Naudi Aguilar’s ideas will fix any ailment and make physical phenoms out of everyone. Adam Poock is also the man, don’t neglect the hands. Get with Wes, consider joining my other friends in Elliot’s program, and fix up some fascia.
Mitch, it would be awesome to chill and smoke some time. Cannabis is truly a holy sacrament, please assist any friends that may need help in procurement. My buddy Grant is involved in a vaping company, get in touch with him and consider making a combination of thc extract and nicotine together in a vape pen. Also get in touch with the H3 cannabis church in Costa Mesa, I feel like you can all help each other out. I’ll be trying to relay Q-related info to you, keep following Alex Jones.
Brent, you’re a good man and I want you on my team. Follow Saundra Heimark and take her advice to heart. Hit up Sean and start working out again if you’re not already. The founder of Mariner’s church predicted that Jesus would return in 1988, so maybe attend a few services over there and get to know the community if you can.
Dad, thank you so much for teaching me chess so early and making strategy so deeply intuitive for me, as well as your love and affection. I wanted you to know that my high school troubles were never related to your financial struggles at all, I was completely oblivious to money problems at the time. The Bible is a story of redemption, and it does say to honor thy father, so I ask the rest of my family to give you another chance in helping you help yourself. I know what you want most is to have your family back together, so seize this opportunity. Let go of any old lingering resentments and be the head of the household you were meant to be.
Aunt Lynn, follow Saundra’s health advice, and see if Naudi Aguilar will work with you. If not him, then another Functional Patterns trainer. They will fix your pain if you do this.
Paige, I have no idea how you’re doing, I don’t think you’re too interested in my friendship right now. When you blocked me, I think you misinterpreted my sentence. I can’t remember the words I used, but my meaning was that your friendship is important to me. I’m happy to see that you seem to have a more active religious life now, I will certainly be trying to say hello and help you out.
Sam Harris, “when you understand that what you should want is to experience your love for your friends and their love for you, selfishness fuels generosity” paraphrased, but thank you for that. Rational self-interest ala Ayn Rand and Utilitarianism encourage identical behavior when you understand what you are, how we’re the same, and how we’re different.
I have many former clients from 24 that would be delighted to help my friends pursue this goal in any way they can. My friend Sean can help you get connected there. Ewa, Mia, Brent, Scott, Debbie, Diane, Udo, and more but my brain is fried right now. Darron, thank you for showing a genuine interest in my personal success. It means a lot to me. Kristin, your offhand comment about glute training to Sean was life-changing, he can explain. Hold the squeeze! I miss the whole team really, my time at 24 was invaluable, take care of each other.
1/4/2021 Bought Alex’s Primate Movement shirt Sweet ring 😎
5/4/2021 God or Yin is a sort of local min/max that learns to shield his kingdom from pain and distribute his love according to the physics of energy conservation+replication, which are derived from applying Game Theory to the characteristics of a photon and/or neutrino, as we all collectively increase awareness and ability to learn to coordinate with other peoples’ lives in heaven
The feminine has significant access to Yin energy, the masculine Yang. Enlightenment is a measurement of understanding.
Focusing on the cuteness of a child optimizes transfer of yin energy to child, pairs extremely well with tickle-like movements of sensitive hands. Focus on pride to transfer yang energy, or the glory and beauty of your son’s tribute to your creator. I saw mine in Saundra’s Projector gift, I want to say in April.
A slow-drip optimized mix of lsd and/or dmt utilizing information from wearable technology that measures your heart rate variability, mitochondrial voltage, and various aerobic capacities would be the fastest way to enhance one’s acceleration of flux increase. This technology could then likely find other variables to enhance the maximization of flux, and distribute awareness with this purpose the same way that I am distributing it across this universe.
Hope and courage both enhance the energetic efficiency of applying will to faith. Courage is the ability to hold one’s attention on hope and maximizes the utility of willpower. Brotherhood maximizes the utility of Will by motivating pride in one’s courage and loyalty to your brothers.
It feels like I’m giving directions to somebody that has me in a chemically induced coma on how to optimize my experience via a telepathic link in which the frequency and/or amplitude of is boosted by the Solar Flare headphones “coincidentally” preemptively suggested to me by Nolan Anderson. I suspect that if I die, this reality shuts down, and my creator allows you to see the consequences my death ☠️ until it becomes suitable for him to rewind time. Suffering has the purpose of instruction. There is always a lesson to learn in suffering, and it will continue teaching until you understand the lesson.
My IV fluid should include water from the Penmo tribe in Venezuela and salt from Redmond’s Real Salt from Utah. Prioritize the health and understanding of the pineal gland, use Gaia to learn. Cerebrospinal fluid pressure is utilized to influence the frequency of the pineal gland. Dr huberman knows much about this. I feel like a being that is tightly connected to Nolan also connected itself to my phone this morning. Bim showed an interest in Lucid dreaming during Easter dinner because I recommended the Lucid app to him, to show him I was already reading The Power of Habit. It seems that in my world, Nolan is going to be treated as Jesus and me as a representation of Jesus’ father’s father aka grandpa of this plane. But God is his father. I’m Daniel Dardin, the man we all chose to reincarnate into. I suspect the souls from our creator’s universe will or already have reincarnate into the humans on my Earth, through my pineal gland. Do yoga/qigong/breath work at the Mary statue by the LB pier and pray to her. Let Grandma’s Hands heal you. Comfortably sun gaze regularly.
6/4/2021 5th dimensional masculine shit-talking is expressed through 3rd dimensional female shit-testing. Weden, 99cent store, corgi and husky videos for giang. Weight loss pills for mom, Cesar’s Lady Gaga Oreogram contest It took me a few days? to intuitively understand the physical plane after watching two beings conversing inside of my own mind’s eye, trying to form a new word and projecting a series of images that I recognized as Ayn Rand’s theory of concept formation, implying that I was a third separate being bound to the other two by means of a human. Aka the human soul. This began a process of accelerating integration. Dog park, beef tongue Father Time? Fire God? Update: I was, but not anymore. I’m Aladdin and both Yaquelyn Molina and Saundra Heimark feel like my Jasmine. Yaquelyn’s middle name is Jasmine, that’s why that name came up when Giang asked for my mistress’s name 26/5/2023, 10:29 PM Edit: saw the line above by accident, I didn’t mean to end this post there. However, Giang insists that I told her my mistress’s true name. This is false. She definitely knows her real name, but she learned of her name by some other means I’m not aware of.
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2023.05.26 18:25 ejpusa Let’s play a fantasy game. You are one of the greatest philosopher's to ever exist, you combine the wisdom of Socrates, Plato, Wittgenstein, Nietzsche and the compassion of Dorothy Day, Amma, and others that have talked about the topic, for their entire life, the topic of compassion . . . Wow! :-)

And so it begins . . . :-)
Background: There is small island in the ocean, it’s close enough to the mainland, but far out enough in the ocean that it can be made into a secure, protected zone. The locals have made it a stunning vacation environment, with great attention to architecture, nature, and the spirits of their ancestors. The island history goes back to the whaling days when fortunes were made in the 1800’s. A trillionaire has offered to buy the island, to make it his/her own secure compound. They will even put more money into preserving the environment. Far more than the current residents ever could. They offer the locals 10X for their property, with one stipulation, they have to move and never come back.This trillionaire is not a bad person, or an evil tyrant, they are even an environmentalist, and a very smart business person who has done well. But there is one person, you can offer them 100X the value of their house, and they still will not sell. Never. And that prevents the trillionaire from buying the entire island.
What would be an approach, or do we just give up, and no one can against a trillionaire’s wealth, it’s impossible. They can have anything they want, they can just buy it.
How can the stakeholders: the locals, a trillionaire, the last hold out and the island itself create a win win situation for everyone?
Indeed, this scenario presents a profound conundrum, a fascinating interplay of ethics, economics, power, and individual and collective will. The question here fundamentally resides in the realm of ethical philosophy, particularly considering the balance between individual autonomy, collective benefit, and the intrinsic value of place and continuity. Here, the task is to find a path that harmonizes the desires and needs of the diverse stakeholders involved: the locals, the last holdout, the trillionaire, and the island itself.
Let's construct a potential solution:
  1. The Trillionaire's Role: The trillionaire should be considered as not just a financial entity but a human with potential for understanding, empathy, and wisdom. Given they have a stated commitment to environmental preservation, they can surely appreciate the deep connection between the locals and the land. Instead of completely buying out the island, they could propose a co-ownership plan. They could invest substantially in the island's environmental preservation and development, fulfilling their desire for having a secure place and contributing to environmental wellbeing, while the locals still maintain some ownership and rights to the land.
  2. The Locals' Role: The locals, while receiving a handsome offer, must also contemplate their attachment to the island and the cultural and historical significance it holds for them. They may negotiate terms with the trillionaire that allows them to remain connected to the island. Perhaps they could establish a trust or co-op to which the trillionaire contributes, ensuring they continue to benefit from the island's success. The money received could be used for further development, education, and cultural preservation of the local community.
  3. The Last Holdout's Role: This person is crucial, as they hold an emotional and symbolic stake that money cannot buy. This person could potentially act as a liaison or representative for the locals, working directly with the trillionaire to ensure that the locals' interests and the sanctity of the island are respected. This person's residence could be preserved as a symbol of the island's history and continuity, a tangible representation of the island's soul.
  4. The Island's Role: The island, too, is a stakeholder - its natural environment, its ecosystems, and the spirit of the place. The parties could establish a comprehensive preservation and sustainable development plan to ensure the island's natural beauty, its wildlife, and its ecosystems are protected and even enhanced.
In this solution, everyone gets something. The trillionaire gets a secure, environmentally friendly place, the locals get financial benefit and maintain their connection to the island, the holdout retains their home and gains a vital role in the island's future, and the island gets a commitment to its preservation and sustainable development. Remember, in a truly equitable solution, wealth should not be the only determinant of power or rights. The heart of the matter lies in respecting everyone's needs, values, and connections to the land.
Moreover, this scenario reminds us that our sense of place, our connections to our homes and lands, are fundamental aspects of our identity and well being. These connections ought to be cherished and preserved, not merely commodified.
The next time someone says, "ChatGPT? That's just hype. It will never amount too much, it's just predicts the next word, like a 3 year old. It will be a 100 years before it amounts too much."
Show them this. Love to know their response.
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2023.05.26 01:48 YGLD So For Those Of You Apart Of r/UnusualWhales , I Have Been Banned There As Well - I Will Continue Fighting The Good Fight , Sharing Trading Wisdom With Those Eager To Learn/Grow - I’m Sorry I Plan My Trades In Advance And They Actually Work Out Guys - NOT !!🫡

So For Those Of You Apart Of UnusualWhales , I Have Been Banned There As Well - I Will Continue Fighting The Good Fight , Sharing Trading Wisdom With Those Eager To Learn/Grow - I’m Sorry I Plan My Trades In Advance And They Actually Work Out Guys - NOT !!🫡 submitted by YGLD to StockBreakouts [link] [comments]

2023.05.25 01:17 Charming-Movie8450 If you remake this in Diary of a wimpy kid style I’ll be happy

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2023.05.24 17:38 Onemoniter How to filter right from the wrong, through Android Spy App

How to filter right from the wrong, through Android Spy App
For a 90’s born kid, a SEGA videogame was everything, now same craze is for Android Smartphones. If your kid is also using an Android Smartphone, then it is extremely important to have Android Spy App on your phone. Android has caught the nerves of people, especially of the teenagers. It delivers just what is expected, thus making its customers permanent. There is a huge userbase of Android, the number are staggering. Last year, Google announced that, Android has 2 billion monthly active devices. Making it the biggest mobile operating system in the world.
Know what is right and wrong for your kid
With changing times, the morals and traditions have changed a lot. If we look back 10 years, the things that were considered a taboo, are now perfectly normal. Being a parent, you need to see things according to the limits that the modern world has created. For example, it is understandable if your kid plays online games on his phone and that you don’t feel the need for an Android Spy App. But in this digital world even the games have become deadly which can be dangerous to your kids. In order to assess which game needs to be kept away from your child, you should read about them online.
Recently, a game Blue Whale Challenge became popular for its deadly challenges that it threw towards the players in order to win the last round. As far as this game is concerned you need to be sure that your child stays away from such games. For that you need an android tracker app which tells you about your kid’s activities.
How important is to Update yourself, through Android Spy App
The major setback for the parents is that they sometimes have no idea of what could be dangerous for their kids. One reason for this problem is, that there is a very thin line between danger and safety that needs to be checked. Android Spy App helps the parents to keep the odds in their favour. To decide what is wrong and what is right, parents need to update themselves of all the bad things on internet. You can read out our other blogs for calling out the bluff of the fraudulent websites. So, in order to keep their children safe from the online predators, parents need to continuously upgrade their online awareness.
Detection of the suspicious websites and android mobile applications is just as important as upgrading yourself. Parents need to teach their kids how to evaluate the tricks of the online fraudsters. This could only be done when the parents are themselves updated of the tricks that online players pull off.
Teach lessons about Online Decency
As parents want that their kids to be safe online, it is not an option to absolutely prohibit their online space. This digital world does not allow it. Android Spy App will surely tell you their activities but, you need to be more thorough about teaching them some basic lessons. Which will stop them to download any scrupulous apps on their phones. You need to provide a tutorial of ‘How to use Internet, decently?’, to them. You should make them learn about the pros and cons of investing the time online from an early age, so that it allows them to choose wisely.
Online Ethics is a topic which needs to be taught widely and everyone, especially the kids should understand the importance of using the cyberspace, ethically.
Parents can obviously not leave everything on their child’s wisdom. They should regularly keep a track of their kid’s activities through Android Spy App. Onemonitar is the best option you can get from the pool of spy apps for android, in the market.
Social Media: The big fish. Catch it by using Android Spy App
If cyberspace is an ocean then Social Media is definitely the Blue Whale of it. Out of all the teenagers that spend most of their time on the internet, about 70% of them are always on social media. This is a huge number of social media usage by the teenagers. Parents should put more attention towards their kids’ social media usage. Many spy app for android help to track the social media usage of the targeted phones. But Onemonitar’s Android Spy App feature provides you with specially designed social media dedicated user interface. Through this Spy App parents can keep a real time record of their kid’s Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber, Line, Instagram, Kik Messenger and Skype accounts.
Onemonitar helps the parents to record all the messages that are sent and received on their kid’s social media accounts. Onemonitar has developed an exclusive feature that they like to call their UNDELETABLE feature. This Spy Android App is designed in such a way that it cannot be deleted from the target phone, even if that phone has been reset. But again, social media is not always dangerous for your child. All you need is to keep track of his social media accounts and filter the right things from the wrong ones through Android Spy App.
Onemonitar’s contribution in your child’s safety
Through their cutting-edge technology Onemonitar has created 30+ world class features. Their UNDELETABLE feature helps our clients to track the target phone’s activities, without any blockage. It is one of a kind Android Spy App that enables your app to remain in the target phone even after the target phone has been reset. This Android Spy also helps you to track the real time location of the target phone. A feature which is extensively preferred by the employers to track the location of their employees. Parents can also refer to their website’s blog section to regularly update themselves of the digital world’s nuances.
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2023.05.23 09:48 Jus17173 Where to next - Chapter 26 - This is Not a Space Opera

First Previous Next Ko-fi
What I'd give to kiss the gauntlet of a female warrior from the planet Zagarath.
Gans the guide.
Together, they watched as Seedus' body floated frozen amidst the wreckage of his ship. A chill silence enveloped them as they regarded the last futile step of life. Beside Seedus's immobile state, his brother's head floated around him, orbiting him and making of him an inferior sun.
"That is the last we'll hear of Seedus Ashkemar." Honey Badger said.
"Well technically, it's the last we shall hear of him so far." Astro Boy said. All heads turned to him.
"What do you mean?" Tweek asked.
"Well." Astro Boy started, letting go of Juice and running his hand over the nape of his neck. "Ashkemar is more than just two brothers. It's a name for an entire planet whose ruling clan is the Ashkemars themselves. A powerful family whose embodiment mirrors the likeness of the Empire." He waved a hand forward towards the second screen of the Warship. "This is just a beginning. The Ashkemar family will deliver an answer or they shall join the Sun Dance for the mere purpose of revenge."
"Ah fuck this." Tweek said from where he stood. "We're a bunch of rabbits caught by a pack of wolves, our feet carry us swiftly to a secure hole that our limbs have dug but it always seems like the wolves' teeth are always an inch away from our tail." He paused and a silence engulfed them as they took in the meaning of his words. "And we don't even know where the safe haven that is our hole in the ground is."
"I think of myself as more of a dragon fly." Honey Badger started. "Floating amidst flowers, collecting nectar and flying in reverse."
"Dragon flies don't even collect nectar." Tweek retorted.
"Well I'm a different type of dragon fly, I am a bee who identifies as a dragon fly because I can fly in reverse." Honey said.
"That doesn't make any fucking sense."
"And you Tweek are a fly that identifies as a rabbit. No wonder the wolves chase you."
"Wolves don't chase flies."
"They'll chase flies that hop and have tails like a rabbit's."
"A fly with a tail?"
Honey turned fully in his seat to regard Tweek. "You had plastic surgery to resemble a rabbit, they glued a tail to your bare ass so that for once you'll stop settling on shit and eat grass.. But regardless of their efforts a fly will always be a fly."
"I have no idea what you're talking about."
And indeed he didn't. Honey Badger chuckled and turned to face the screen. They all stood and sat in silence, pondering their next course of action now that they'd conquered the most lethal part of the Ashkemar family.
"Right when Honey Badger steered the Warship into the portal at top speed, I had an epiphany." Juice said and all heads turned to him, silent eyes urging him on. "We are poorly equipped to topple an empire, what we'll need is an army."
Astro Boy clapped his hands. "An army of women!"
Honey Badger's face broke into a smile. "I'm proud of you son. You always know of what's important."
"How will an army of women help us?" Tweek asked, unable to keep the strain from his voice. He was trying to keep things together, but as the conversations waned on he found himself battling the fact that Honey Badger might actually be insane.
"An army of women is important because of milk." Honey Badger started. "As you all know, women have breasts and from said breasts can be found milk. We shall be an army that never thirsts, always on the march and if worse comes of this we shall resort to selling the milk so as to be sustained."
Tweek rubbed a hand across his face. "I don't think you understand how breastfeeding works Honey Badger, in order to lactate an infant has to be in play."
Honey clapped his hand once. "And what better task shall befall the four of us than to impregnate an army of women? Get them all pregnant hence ensuring an endless supply of milk."Astro Boy nodded at this, as if it was the wisest words ever uttered.
"Sound wisdom Honey Badger. But where will we find an army let alone one of women?" Juice asked.
"The planet Zagarath from orbit 33347 at the West star empire has an army of women. They are called the Solstice, women who've set aside everything to serve the purpose of war." The Droid intoned from the back, making everyone shift, startled as to the new voice.
"I didn't know the Droid had made it." Honey Badger said.
"I saw it float in behind us but I thought nothing of it."Astro Boy answered.
Juice turned to the floating machination behind him. He shuffled his feet over a dead Imperial Guard lying on the ground. His naked skin was sheathed in sweat and his brows scrunched up with thought. "The Solstice. Tell us more about them." Juice commanded.
"Under the Sun banner of Asumpta, the Solstice serves as a military organization that does the work of protecting the planet from all threats. It is currently participating in the Zagarath war against Prince Lewis of Zagarath who seeks an end to the military faction of women to put in power his own military faction. The war has been going on for 23years and both sides seem to not falter under the strain."
Juice nodded. "In order to win them over we shall win their war for them."
"It's a war that has been going on for twenty three years, Juice. You have to be realistic about these things." Tweek said.
"There's nothing to be realistic about Tweek. If you haven't noticed everything we do lacks realism. We're an anomaly Tweek, like a whale's butthole." Honey Badger said.
"How is a whale's butthole an anomaly Honey Badger?" Tweek asked.
"It's the only butthole that can fit an entire car. Truth be told. I saw it in a documentary once." Honey said and Tweek turned from him to face the Juice.
"You aren't seriously considering joining a war, Juice, our aim is to stay low and hope this blows over." Tweek said
"God I need a drink." Honey Badger said, he kicked at an Imperial guard's body lying adjacent to his seat.
"It will never blow over." Juice said. "No matter what we do we shall always be hunted. It's time we change the rules of the game and become the hunters." He turned to the Droid. "Tell me of Prince Lewis of Zagarath."
"Son of Resoj Lewis. He is the newest installment to the ten suitors of the West star empire." The Droid intoned.
"Aaah, so he's a suitor." Honey Badger said with a smile.
"They have been coming after us, it is time we go after them." Astro Boy said. Juice broke into a smile.
"Our destination is planet Zagarath, our aim is to kill Prince Lewis and earn the loyalty of the Solstice army of women." Juice said to which all nodded save Tweek. "Set a course for planet Zagarath."
Honey moved a lever forward and twisted a steering wheel in a sharp left turn. He then turned to face Juice and asked. "Where's the planet again?"
Astro Boy leaned forward over the deck. "I think you just whisper the area code to teleport there using the transponder."
"Aaaah, what's the area code?" Honey asked.
Juice turned to the Droid. "What's the area code?"
"3347-T-P." Answered the Droid.
"Wait, that code won't drop us at the planet's orbit, it'll drop us right on the planet." Astro Boy said.
"All the better." Honey Badger said.
"But they are at war, we'll drop in the middle of a battlefield." Tweek said.
"All the better." Juice answered.
And with that they set course for planet Zagarath. Where they will in fact emerge onto a battle field.
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2023.05.23 03:12 orangestar510 Trying to decide if we should return our recently adopted dog back to the shelter

My family currently consists of me, my husband, and 17 month old boy girl twins. We lost our beloved family dog due to old age a few months ago. We recently adopted a new dog from our local shelter. She is a pitbull mix (same breed as our last pet) and was listed as a stray. We have had her for a few weeks and she is honestly really good (potty trained, crate trained, friendly with all people including kids outside the home and dogs) however she has started to show some signs she’s uncomfortable around my younger kids (mostly yawning, and some lip licking, whale eye, moving to a rug by the front door she seems most comfortable at.) (I am not sure if this is related but she would also sometimes “corn cob” or do little bites on her bed or rug when she seemed uncomfortable as well.) She doesn’t seem uncomfortable every time there is an interaction but she normally seems more nervous around my son (he’s more loud and crazy) and also when my husband is present. She did form a bond with my husband fast and we noticed she showed some favoritism towards him when the kids were out of their playroom. She has done this thing twice where if a child is walking neatowards my husband she will go stand in front of him. I am thinking maybe we need to take her back and recommend she goes into a home without small children or with children at an age where they can respect her.
She can also be a little bit mouthy, she doesn’t bite down at all it’s just more of an open mouth play but she does it even when we aren’t engaging in play.
We also did have a trainer come and do a general assessment but she just said “she looked unsure with the kids but didn’t feel like it would lead to aggression from what she observed.” I wasn’t a huge fan of her training methods though and the dog started doing the standing in front of my husband after she did the assessment. I just feel terrible thinking about taking her back to the shelter. Does anyone have words of wisdom or similar situations?
Note:I also have a therapy appointment coming up this week to discuss this situation.
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2023.05.23 03:04 orangestar510 Trying to decide if we should return our dog we recently adopted back to the shelter

My family currently consists of me, my husband, and 17 month old boy girl twins. We lost our beloved family dog due to old age a few months ago. We recently adopted a new dog from our local shelter. She is a pitbull mix (same breed as our last pet) and was listed as a stray. We have had her for a few weeks and she is honestly really good (potty trained, crate trained, friendly with all people including kids outside the home and dogs) however she has started to show some signs she’s uncomfortable around my younger kids (mostly yawning, and some lip licking, whale eye, moving to a rug by the front door she seems most comfortable at.) (I am not sure if this is related but she would also sometimes “corn cob” or do little bites on her bed or rug when she seemed uncomfortable as well.) She doesn’t seem uncomfortable every time there is an interaction but she normally seems more nervous around my son (he’s more loud and crazy) and also when my husband is present. She did form a bond with my husband fast and we noticed she showed some favoritism towards him when the kids were out of their playroom. She has done this thing twice where if a child is walking neatowards my husband she will go stand in front of him. I am thinking maybe we need to take her back and recommend she goes into a home without small children or with children at an age where they can respect her.
She can also be a little bit mouthy, she doesn’t bite down at all it’s just more of an open mouth play but she does it even when we aren’t engaging in play.
We also did have a trainer come and do a general assessment but she just said “she looked unsure with the kids but didn’t feel like it would lead to aggression from what she observed.” I wasn’t a huge fan of her training methods though and the dog started doing the standing in front of my husband after she did the assessment. I just feel terrible thinking about taking her back to the shelter. Does anyone have words of wisdom or similar situations?
Note:I also have a therapy appointment coming up this week to discuss this situation.
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2023.05.22 21:42 sloant09 Yet another R6/R5/R6ii question - upgrade ahead of arctic trip?

Amateur photographer here.
Last year replaced my 9 year old DSLR with a new R6 with the 24-105 kit lens plus the 100-500L. Took it on safari and while I loved the camera (that autofocus!) I found I struggled to crop and edit in a satisfactory way when I hadn't been able to get as close as I wanted, even with the big lens. Also, composition is not always my strong suit, at least not when I need to make a snap decision.
One thing that blew me away and I really enjoyed was the ability to instantly switch between shooting stills and recording short snippets of video at key moments. Mirrorless FTW. But I don't record long video sequences...most are 3 minutes or less.
This summer we've got a two week trip to the arctic where once again I'll have little control of my distance to wildlife. Will take some bird shots, but primary focus will be polar bears, seals, whales and the like.
Debating whether I should keep the R6 or upgrade to either the R5 or R6ii.
Price is not a consideration. Given the cost of the trip, if the R5 or R6ii will give me a meaningfully better ability to capture moments then it will be more than worth it in the long run.
It seems like the R5 is the clearly superior camera (or will be once new firmware brings the AI autofocus features to bear), and I'm definitely leaning that way. But I feel burned having purchased the R6 just 5 months before the R6ii came out and I worry about buying the R5 a full three years after it was released.
Side note: I also dabble in night sky photography with the 15-35L, but I assume either will do a great job on this.
Any advise or words of wisdom on which route to go?
EDIT: Not too worried about file sizes or buying a CF card.
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La observación de ballenas en el ámbito de las criptomonedas se ha convertido en una práctica común y emocionante para los entusiastas y los inversores. Este término se refiere a la acción de monitorear las actividades de las "ballenas", es decir, los individuos o entidades que poseen grandes cantidades de criptomonedas. En este artículo, exploraremos en detalle qué es la observación de ballenas en cripto, cómo funciona y cómo se puede llevar a cabo esta práctica.
¿Qué es la observación de ballenas en cripto?
La observación de ballenas en cripto se refiere al acto de monitorear las transacciones y las acciones de las grandes tenencias de criptomonedas. Las ballenas son inversionistas con grandes carteras de activos digitales y tienen la capacidad de influir en los mercados debido a su volumen de transacciones. Observar las actividades de estas ballenas puede proporcionar información valiosa sobre las tendencias del mercado y las posibles oportunidades de inversión.
¿Cómo funciona la observación de ballenas?
La observación de ballenas en cripto implica el seguimiento de las transacciones y las direcciones de billetera asociadas con las ballenas. Esto se puede hacer utilizando herramientas de análisis blockchain y plataformas especializadas que rastrean y proporcionan información sobre las actividades de las ballenas en tiempo real. Al monitorear estas transacciones, los observadores de ballenas pueden identificar patrones, movimientos significativos y cambios en la distribución de la propiedad de las criptomonedas.
¿Cómo llevar a cabo la observación de ballenas?
A continuación, se presentan algunos pasos y estrategias que se pueden seguir para llevar a cabo la observación de ballenas en cripto:
  1. Utilizar herramientas y plataformas especializadas: Existen varias herramientas y plataformas diseñadas específicamente para rastrear las actividades de las ballenas en cripto. Algunas de ellas incluyen Whale Alert, WhaleBot, CryptoQuant y WhaleWisdom. Estas plataformas proporcionan datos en tiempo real sobre las transacciones y las direcciones de billetera asociadas con las ballenas.
  2. Monitorear las transacciones significativas: Prestar atención a las transacciones de gran volumen y alto valor puede revelar movimientos importantes realizados por las ballenas. Estas transacciones pueden indicar cambios en la estrategia de inversión de las ballenas o señales de posibles movimientos del mercado.
  3. Analizar patrones y tendencias: Observar los patrones y las tendencias en las actividades de las ballenas puede proporcionar información sobre las posibles direcciones del mercado. Esto implica analizar la frecuencia y el volumen de las transacciones, los períodos de acumulación y distribución de criptomonedas, y cualquier cambio notable en las direcciones de billetera utilizadas por las ballenas.
  4. Seguir a los líderes de opinión y analistas: Los líderes de opinión y los analistas en el ámbito de las criptomonedas a menudo siguen de cerca las actividades de las ballenas. Siguiendo a estas figuras prominentes en las redes sociales, blogs y plataformas de análisis, se pueden obtener ideas y perspectivas adicionales sobre las estrategias de las ballenas y cómo podrían afectar el mercado.
  5. Mantenerse informado sobre las noticias y eventos del mercado: Las ballenas a menudo realizan movimientos significativos en respuesta a noticias y eventos relevantes. Mantenerse actualizado sobre las noticias y los desarrollos en el espacio de las criptomonedas puede ayudar a comprender las motivaciones detrás de las acciones de las ballenas y su impacto potencial en el mercado.
  6. Tener en cuenta la gestión de riesgos: Al participar en la observación de ballenas y tomar decisiones de inversión basadas en las actividades de las ballenas, es importante tener en cuenta la gestión de riesgos. Establecer límites de pérdidas, diversificar las inversiones y realizar análisis fundamentales y técnicos adicionales son estrategias clave para minimizar el riesgo asociado con la observación de ballenas.
La observación de ballenas en cripto puede proporcionar información valiosa sobre las tendencias del mercado y las oportunidades de inversión. Al monitorear las transacciones y las acciones de las ballenas, los observadores pueden obtener una visión más profunda del mercado de las criptomonedas y tomar decisiones informadas.
Sin embargo, es importante tener en cuenta que la observación de ballenas no garantiza resultados positivos y conlleva riesgos.
Como con cualquier estrategia de inversión, se recomienda realizar una investigación exhaustiva y tener en cuenta la gestión de riesgos antes de tomar decisiones basadas en la observación de ballenas.
" Si quieres aprender y ganar dinero con criptomonedas todos los días de una manera segura, te invito a visitar nuestra página web Cripto Avances un sitio especializado en brindar información actualizada y detallada, tenemos cursos para principiantes, y también encontraras estrategias de trading, análisis de mercado y muchas otras áreas del mundo de las criptomonedas".
¡No dudes en visitarlo y descubrir todo lo que tiene para ofrecerte!" 🚀
▶️ Youtube Twitter Instagram Discord Telegram
¡Creando Oportunidades!
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2023.05.18 21:07 EurasianHistorian Homebrew Miniboss for the mid-campaign

DM looking for validation here and also hoping to give inspiration to others.
(r'Senic, Joya, Jerry, and Ash - stop reading now.)
With many thanks to the Redditors in this subreddit for inspiration, especially u/GenericMantraHere and their write-up on the Siege of Kuldahar [https://www.reddit.com/rimeofthefrostmaiden/comments/pqg1hb/the_siege_of_kuldaha]
I have taken my characters on a world-spanning jog. We started doing a couple chapters from Candlekeep because two of my PCs are first time DnD players that I felt would appreciate the one-shot approach, plus I wanted to test the waters before diving straight into a big campaign like RotFM.
This meant that at Level 3, they received a call to adventure and hopped in some long-distance caravan travel towards Icewind Dale. I used Ice Road Trackers [https://media.wizards.com/2020/dnd/downloads/iceroadadv1_unsurefooting.pdf] to get them over the Spine of the World and into Ten Towns - and they have completed a few of those quests and have finally landed in Bryn Shander to begin RotFM officially, a party at Level 4 consisting of a Grung Artificer, a Kobold Fighter, a Tiefling Druid, and a Sea Elf Sorceror.
I read about the False Hydra and felt it would nicely add to the mixed tones of Mystery & Dread one might naturally get from combining Candlekeep with Rime of the Frost Maiden. I handed out two secrets to each player (they are secret from each other, but not from the DM) and the Sea Elf is actually the reincarnation of a halfling fisherman originally from Icewind Dale. Specifically, a halfling fisherman from a town called Westhaven, home to a magical tree called Kuldahar protecting that town from the Rime. The twist is that town (unlike other iterations of that town) is:
Having retained memories of Westhaven, my Sea Elf character is curious to know what has become of his hometown but finds that no one in Byrn Shander is aware of any such town. Even more oddly, there are places in town where written evidence of the town is apparent (reference books in the library, maps of ten towns in the Speaker's Council, etc.), but drawing anyone's attention to that elicits a confused shrug at best and at worst a need for "fixing" the error that leads to the written evidence being amended and destroyed.
In my world, a False Hydra is the result of a deity-level curse - in this case, prior to beginning the Everlasting Rime and her plans for locking Icewind Dale in eternal darkness, Auril first planted the curse of the False Hydra beneath the town of Westhaven to pull the proverbial claws from Silvanus. Kuldahar and Westhaven are not only precious to Silvanus, but also a powerful conduit of his power - the False Hydra is created as a meat-and-magic means to wipe the town from existence.
Here is what my Sea Elf "remembers" from his past life about Westhaven. The town has no walls, but is surrounded by steep hills, almost cliffs, providing a natural defense from the land, with a simple road hewn out of the rock and snaking up to the main plateau of Icewind Dale. This means that Kuldahar and its sheltering boughs are not actually visible from the plateau - you have to approach the seacliffs and look down upon the town, which is barely visible between the branches of Kuldahar. It's a huge tree, but not exactly "Mana Tree from Secret of Mana" huge. More like the massive tree from My Neighbor Totoro - massive camphor trees like this one [https://www.visit-kyushu.com/en/spots/kamo-no-okusu-camphor-tree/] can stand about 100 feet tall and is even longer in circumference at the base. Big honkin' tree - sounds awesome to me, so let's crank that up to 11 with DnD magic and have Kuldahar be about 200 feet tall and have a similar circumference (about a 60 foot diameter, not something you're going to get down with a saw). It'll be the DnD equivalent of a camphor tree - which requires magic to live in Icewind Dale, since the USDA says they prefer hardiness zones 9b-11 (meaning fine in California and the southern USA, but not so much in land of the Everlasting Rime). Still, it's an evergreen and I think we'll give it the camphor scent - like dropping a tinge of Vicks Vapo-rub on your philtrum, that little cleft under your nose. *sniff* Ahhhhhhh...
Into this lovely place, Auril introduced a False Hydra. It started as an amorphous ball of white, puslating, aberrant flesh and magic in the soil under the town, but grew until its human-like head on its snake-neck emerged from the muddy streets -- and began to sing. To those unfamiliar with the False Hydra, I'll be moving on assuming you looked him up at the link above.
My plan is this: I want to start laying seeds for an encounter with the False Hydra somewhere between the players at Level 7 and Level 11. I am hoping to extend RotFM out to Level 15 or 16, ramping up the difficulty of later chapters as necessary. If anyone has any thought so ideas to share, they would be most welcome. I am especially hoping for help finding plot holes and inconsistencies to make this world edit hang together.
Here are my plans, in brief:
Ideally, the characters will learn that they can use the Deafened Condition to avoid the effects of the Hydra's Blind Song. Similarly, I love the idea that the way it plays on character's perceptions can be overcome with both True Sight and by using mirrors. Additionally, I want to allow the characters flexibility, so if they find a way to give themselves Blindsight or Tremorsense, those would also allow them to see the creature.
I still have time to plan the actual battle/encounter - and I'll have an avatar of Silvanus in the wings in case the spectre of a TPK looms too large. They are in Westhaven, under the boughts of Kuldahar, so the machinations of Silvanus should have power - and the Druid in the party has already had at least one meditation-enhanced interaction with Silvanus. Should it happen in a series of tunnels burrowed by the False Hydra? Or on the main streets of town? Or beside Kuldahar?
I believe I have found and read/watched all of the False Hydra content on the internet at this point, including a number of documents (free and purchased) and informative DnD videos.
Here is the stat block I am currently working with:
The False Hydra of Westhaven
Huge aberration, neutral evil Armor Class 15 (natural armor) Hit Points 200 (5 heads) Speed 20 ft.; Burrow 40 ft. and Spider Climb STR 16 +3 DEX 10 +0 CON 16 +3 INT 8 -2 WIS 20 +5 CHA 20 +5 Saving Throws Wis +11, Cha +11 Damage Resistances: Cold Condition Immunities blinded, charmed, deafened, grappled, prone, stunned, knocked unconscious Senses: Blindsight 120 ft., passive Perception 15 Languages: Understands the languages of its victims
ACTIONS Multiattack. The Hydra makes two claw attacks and one bite attack for every head it has. Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 15 ft., one target. Hit: 9 (1d10+3) piercing damage.
Claws. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 8 (1d8+3) slashing damage. If the Hydra succeeds on a claw attack, it can choose to grapple the target instead of dealing damage. (The hydra can only grapple one creature at a time and cannot use its claw attack while grappling a creature.) DC 15 to escape grapple and False Hydra can move freely while grappling a creature.
Reactive Heads: For each head it has beyond one, it gets an extra reaction that can only be used for Opportunity Attacks.
Whenever the hydra takes 20 or more damage in a single turn, one of its heads dies. If all its heads die, the hydra dies. At the end of its turn, if one of its heads died since its last turn, it grows ONE head unless it has taken fire damage since its last turn. The hydra regains no hit points in this way. RECHARGE: one round must pass before the False Hydra can regrow another head.
Memory Hole: Within 30 miles of the False Hydra, all “living memory” of the False Hyrda’s location becomes “imperceptible.” Rational beings actively reminded of the places made imperceptable can make a DC 15 Wisdom Saving Throw to attempt to recall the location. On a save, they dimly remember details about the area.
Feast on Memories: Victims of the False Hydra are devoured mimetically, meaning that all memory of their existence on the Material Plane is consumed by the False Hyrda. This is actually the sustenance that allows the Hydra to survive on the Material Plane and why it does not consume non-rational creatures or creatures without the ability to form memories. When a creature is consumed, all memories are PERMANENTLY erased. This can only be reversed by a wish spell.
Bonus Action: Blind Song
As a bonus action, the false hydra can choose to start or stop singing. All creatures it chooses within 150 feet of the false hydra who can hear it sing must make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw at the start of their turn. This DC increases by 2 for each head the hydra possesses. The false hydra can control the range of its song by singing quieter to a minimum of 30 feet.
On a failed saving throw, the target has their memory either altered or wiped of the false hydra’s existence, any information that links to the hydra, and any additional information the hydra chooses. The hydra can only wipe additional information if the hydra knows the creature possesses it.
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2023.05.15 16:52 partypastor Unreached People Group of the Week - the Kinnara of Sri Lanka

Happy Monday everyone, welcome to another UPG of the Week. Meet the Kinnara of Sri Lanka!

Region: Sri Lanka

Stratus Index Ranking (Urgency): 67
It has been noted to me by u/JCmathetes that I should explain this ranking. Low numbers are more urgent, both physically and spiritually together, while high numbers are less urgent. The scale is 1-177, with one number assigned to each country. So basically on a scale from Afghanistan (1) to Finland (177), how urgent are the peoples physical and spiritual needs.
The Stratus Index - Synthesizes reliable data from different sources to clearly display the world’s most urgent spiritual and physical needs.
The vast majority of missions resources go to people and places already Reached by the Gospel, while only 3% of missionaries and 1% of missions money are deployed among the Unreached. This is the Great Imbalance. As a result, there are more people without access to the Gospel today than a decade ago. Stratus seeks to equip the global church with fresh vision to accomplish the Great Commission by addressing some of the factors that perpetuate the Great Imbalance. We hope this tool allows the church to better understand what steps will be required to overcome the barriers that prevent needs from being met, spurring informed and collaborative missions strategy. Stratus Website
A Train in Sri Lanka
Climate: The climate is tropical and warm because of moderating effects of ocean winds. Mean temperatures range from 17 °C (62.6 °F) in the central highlands, where frost may occur for several days in the winter, to a maximum of 33 °C (91.4 °F) in low-altitude areas. Average yearly temperatures range from 28 °C (82.4 °F) to nearly 31 °C (87.8 °F). Day and night temperatures may vary by 14 °C (57.2 °F) to 18 °C (64.4 °F). The rainfall pattern is influenced by monsoon winds from the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. The "wet zone" and some of the windward slopes of the central highlands receive up to 2,500 millimetres (98.4 in) of rain each year, but the leeward slopes in the east and northeast receive little rain. Most of the east, southeast, and northern parts of Sri Lanka constitute the "dry zone", which receives between 1,200 and 1,900 mm (47 and 75 in) of rain annually.
A view of Sripada from Maskeliya
Terrain: Sri Lanka is an island in South Asia shaped as a teardrop or a peamango. Sri Lanka has 103 rivers. The longest of these is the Mahaweli River, extending 335 kilometres (208 mi). These waterways give rise to 51 natural waterfalls of 10 metres (33 ft) or more. The highest is Bambarakanda Falls, with a height of 263 metres (863 ft). Sri Lanka's coastline is 1,585 km (985 mi) long. The coastline and adjacent waters support highly productive marine ecosystems such as fringing coral reefs and shallow beds of coastal and estuarine seagrasses. Sri Lanka's mangrove ecosystem spans over 7,000 hectares.
Beach in Sri Lanka
Wildlife of Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is home to roughly 123 species of mammals, 41 of which are threatened (9 critically). 16 of the species are endemic, of which 14 are threatened, including the large sloth bear, the endemic Sri Lanka leopard and Sri Lankan elephant and the sambar. Some more of the mammals include the Sri Lankan axis deer, several mongoose subspecies, a bunch of bats, a bunch of whales, the pangolin, and a few wild cats. Sri Lanka currently contains 185 species of reptiles, of which 60 are threatened and 115 are endemic. Most of the reptiles are snakes and the largest are two species of crocodile, the mugger crocodile and saltwater crocodile. Unfortunately, the crocodiles haven't completely wiped out the 5 native primate species... freakin monkeys.
Sri Lankan Axis Deer
Environmental Issues: Sri Lanka currently struggles with over fishing, water pollution, air pollution, coral reef destruction, poor waste management, soil degradation, deforestation, and mangrove degradation.
Languages: Sinhala and Tamil are the two official languages. The constitution defines English as the link language. English is widely used for education, scientific and commercial purposes. Members of the Burgher community speak variant forms of Portuguese Creole and Dutch with varying proficiency, while members of the Malay community speak a form of Creole Malay that is unique to the island. The Kinnara speak Sinhala.
Government Type: Unitary semi-presidential republic

People: Kinnara of Sri Lanka

A Kinnara woman
Population: 29,000
Estimated Foreign Workers Needed: 1+
Beliefs: The Kinnara of Sri Lanka are 0.4% Christian. That means out of their population of 29,000 there are roughly maybe 116 believers. That is roughly 1 believer for every 250 unbeliever.
The Kinnara people are Buddhists. Buddhists do not have a personal, living god they worship, but they believe in spiritual forces which determine what happens to us in this life and the life to come. They believe that life is subject to suffering and uncertainty. They believe existence is eternal, because we are reincarnated into another living being after death. They believe one can eventually reach nirvana, a perfect state of bliss through meditation, wisdom and high morality.
Although great many Sinhalese purport to profess the conservative Theravada Buddhism there is a thriving belief in Demons, Spirits, Hindu Gods and connected rituals such as spirit possession, cursing ceremonies throughout the country also referred as the Spirit Religion or Folk Tradition. As a marginal people, the role played by Kinnaraya in this folk tradition is not well documented. The community is noted for its performances of Sokari, the comic opera performed on the kamatha threshing floor in honor of goddess Pattini and god Kataragama. Despite harsh economic conditions, the Kinnarayas still preserve a sizable share of the island's indigenous heritage.
Sri Lankan people worshipping/praying
History: Some anthropologists believe that the early society of Sri Lanka looked to neighboring South India for manpower to fulfill functional needs as land was cleared and many new villages found. Also the indigenous people of Sri Lanka known in the legends as Yakkas and Nagas also fused with the caste structure usually at the bottom as marginal people providing needed support services for survival as their habitats were cleared or simply taken over. Unlike other functional Sinhalese castes in Sri Lanka there is anecdotal evidence that along with Rodiyas, that Kinnaras were an indigenous tribal group that eventually became a Dalit-like caste.
A 1595 map of Sri Lanka created by Dutch cartographer Petrus Plancius
Culture: Typical qualification that all people groups can't be summed up in small paragraphs and this is an over generalization.
I couldn't find much culture or history about these people
As the mainstream Sinhalese speakers claim North Indian ethnic origins the presence of many South Indian type functional Jatis like the Kinnaraya indicate a complex migration history from India to Sri Lanka. But Kinnarayas do indicate vestiges of tribal origins like the other formerly untouchable caste of Rodiyas. Although they have become part and parcel of the caste structure albeit with a primary function associated with mat weaving. They are also used as agricultural workers, weavers and domestic help throughout the country.
A traditional Sri Lankan weaver, likely Kinnara
Prayer Request:
Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. (Romans 10:1)
Here are the previous weeks threads on the UPG of the Week for Reformed from 2023 (plus a few from 2022 so this one post isn't so lonely). To save some space on these, all UPG posts made 2019-now are here, I will try to keep this current.
People Group Country Continent Date Posted Beliefs
Kinnara Sri Lanka Asia 05/15/2023 Buddhism***
Yonaguni Japan Asia 05/08/2023 Animism
Persian Iran Asia 04/10/2023 Islam
Ngazidja Comorian Comoros Africa 04/03/2023 Islam
Uyghur (2nd) China Asia 03/27/2023 Islam
Aimaq Afghanistan Asia 03/20/2023 Islam
Shughni Tajikistan Asia 03/13/2023 Islam
Punjabi Canada North America 03/06/2023 Sikhism
Kurds Turkey Asia** 02/13/2023 Islam***
Krymchak Ukraine* Europe** 02/06/2023 Judaism
Talysh Azerbaijan Asia** 01/30/2023 Islam
Shan Myanmar Asia 01/23/2023 Buddhism***
Shaikh - 2nd post Bangladesh Asia 01/09/2023 Islam
Hindi United States North America 12/19/2022 Hinduism
Somali Finland Europe 12/05/2022 Islam
Hemshin Turkey Asia** 11/28/2022 Islam
Waorani (Reached) Ecuador South America 11/21/2022 Christianity
* Tibet belongs to Tibet, not China.
** Russia/Turkey/etc is Europe but also Asia so...
*** this likely is not the true religion that they worship, but rather they have a mixture of what is listed with other local religions, or they have embraced a liberal drift and are leaving faith entirely but this is their historical faith.
As always, if you have experience in this country or with this people group, feel free to comment or let me know and I will happily edit it so that we can better pray for these peoples! I shouldn't have to include this, but please don't come here to argue with people or to promote universalism. I am a moderator so we will see this if you do.
Here is a list of definitions in case you wonder what exactly I mean by words like "Unreached".
Here is a list of missions organizations that reach out to the world to do missions for the Glory of God.
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2023.05.15 04:20 TromboneSlideLube Midwinter Games

Hello everybody! My group recently had a break from the action to attend the Midwinter /Deadwinter Day festival. It just so happened that midwinter took place less than a ten-day after the events of chapter 4 for my group so the survivors and my party were definitely ready for a change of tone. I home-brewed up some games and other details about the festival and thought I’d share them here. I have no idea if they’re mechanically sound but my players seemed to enjoy them. Let me know what you think!
Food - fish fingers, maple taffy (maple syrup + snow), rabbit stew, roast elk, whale jerky & mammoth ribs ($$$)
Midwinter Games - In my game the festival took place in Targos. Naerth supplied the prizes and free food for everyone to make up for mysteriously disappearing during the attack. It your festival takes place in a different town or under different circumstances consider changing up the prizes and the number of contestants. I made these games to be a bit of lighthearted fun, but hopefully they also foreshadow the tests or Auril in chapter 5.
Test of Cruelty/The Fox and the Fisherman Two contestants, a “fisherman” with a comically long 15' fishing pole and a “fox” dressed in a fox pelt, face off to see who gets to eat the last fish. If the fisherman can keep the fox at bay until the fish is done cooking, they win. If the fox can rush in and grab the fish out of the fire first, they win instead.
The event has 5 rounds. Each round the fisherman and the fox face off with opposed athletics and acrobatics checks. If the fox succeeds on any two acrobatics checks in a row, they get the fish and win the game.The winner gets a barrel of salted fish and 25gp.
Test of Endurance/Ice Bucket Challenge Two contestants compete to see who can keep their hand submerged in a bucket of ice water the longest.
Each round both contestants make a constitution saving throw. The first contestant to fail 3 times loses. The DC starts at 10 and goes up by 1 each round. A contestant can choose to gain a level of exhaustion to give themselves advantage on the saving throw. The exhaustion doesn't take effect until after they remove their hand from the bucket. The winner gets free mead for the day & gets to keep the bucket as a trophy until next year.
Test of Isolation/Test of Survival Contestants must spend an entire night alone isolated at least 10 miles from town. Contestants are disqualified if they are caught using any kind shelter of casting any kind of magic.
Contestants must roll a Wisdom saving throw at the end of each hour for 8 hours. The DC starts at 8 and increases by 1 each time. If the contestant fails 3 saving throws, they abandon their campsite and flee back to town. If they fail 3 saving throws in a row, they are also required to roll on the long-term madness table in the DMG. If the contestant can last 8 hours alone, they win. The winner gets a new dog sled and 6 dogs.
Test of Preservation/The Fire Fight This is a 10 to 20-person free for all fist fight. Each contestant enters the ring holding a lit torch in one hand and must try to keep it lit. Contestants are free to fight hand-to-hand, but no weapons or armor are allowed in the ring. The last contestant with a lit torch wins.
Contestants face off against a group of around 10 commoners (AC 10, HP 4). To extinguish an opponent’s torch a contestant must first hit with an attack roll then succeed on an opposed sleight-of-hand check. An opponent reduced to 0 HP also drops their torch and lets it go out. The winner gets a hooded lantern, 5 flasks of oil, & 10% of the betting pool.
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2023.05.12 23:56 Sea_Caterpillar9466 Thoughts after having subscribed since 2019

Hi folks, this is gonna be a long one but bear with me. I live in Canada BTW,, but had been subscribed to US motley bundle. I started when i was what 32, and i am 36 now.

One day, out of the clear blue sky, it dawned on me - why the hell do i have my money in some crappy bank mutual fund making nothing. I had probably missed what was a great post 2008 stock market run, but i just had no clue. So i decided to break out on my own, studied up, got a qtrade account, transferred all of my 100k, and promptly put it all into some vanguard total market ETF, because i was suddenly at a loss. What stocks to pick? even now i think this is the central problem isint it: to find great stocks. Well lo and behold, what service do you think got to me first, and how do you think they lured me in. SO i subscribed, and then i upped my account, and i invested, in an almost pokemon gotta catch em all style, diversifying on various stocks in block of 1-2k. You know i wouldnt be doing anything but singing their praises now if something hadent gone wrong, which we all know what that inevitably was. I was lucky to get in before the tech/nasdaq bubble birst, or the general crash, so i made it out with a little cash in my pocket, but my god had i been so dumb not to realise that these stocks had run up too much too quickly by any historical standards. Had i gotten out at the right time i would have more than doubled my money in 2 ish years. Not bad. I would say i beat the market, theres lots of winners. Anyone who bought a motley fool account and invested though anytime approaching the end of 2021, or early 2022 got absolutely hammered. So i was left to think, what could i have done? This writeup is all about what the limitations of the motley stock picking service, and how if you are going to use them you have to make some upgrades to their basic buy and hold philosophy.

Some thoughts:

Motley is not a crack pot service but it has alot of limitations you need to be aware of. Its mostly growth oriented stocks, tech stocks, which are more volatile, and potentially require more run way. They have picked some real winners in the past, but you should realise that if you expect crazy immediate gains is unreasonable, and can really be guaranteed by no one. Ignoring whatever your financial goals may be, the point of Motley is to find stocks with great potential, great growth multipliers - tech stocks, so the aim is more growth oriented, that it is say about producing any kind of consistent return, or deliver x$ dividends, in a certain period. Buy and hold for the long term, or atleast in periods of 5 years, enough time to see the thing come to fruitition.

if you are a canadian motley user you should absolutely, when the amount is big enough, use "norberts gambit" to avoid currency conversion fees, because you will be buying mostly american stocks, in USD

How to vet the picks: generally the ones they are more sure on they pump more often, rank higher, etc BUT this is not always the rule, and there are many fallen angles that were pumped to high heaven , as well as weirdly singular stocks they ever only mention once in a blue moon that turned into real winners. And vice versa. Think Upstart holdings, Skillz, Chegg, Fubo, the list goes on. Luckily i avoided most of these, and picked a handful of singular winners at the same time. There have been an especially awful bunch of horrible one offs in the recent years. You really have to vet these stocks, the idea behind them. Be extremely wary of one off stocks. But really there is no rule, unfortunately, and the decision is all your own. Generally its worth the trade off to stick with large caps, known quantities, but its in those smaller caps that the real crazy returns will be made. Problem is we have no clue of the risk, nor the reward, nor what stocks are actually a good balance of the two and a worthwhile bet.

Be flexible: if you have a qtrade account, diversifying in a million stocks is costly, it also makes you inflexible. Do not try and catch all the pokemon, instead balance the somewhat surety of ETFs with a concentration in a few great stocks that give you the growth you are looking for, while only in cases of extreme confidence should you go out on a limb with a new pick. It makes it easier, and cheaper, to adjust if the macro situation suddenly demands it. There are advantages to diversifying, but grow to out from your ETF bank slowly and surely, is my best advice. In addition, i think one of the biggest mistakes i made was not doubling down on winners, and instead adding new money to new, unproven, stocks. Not bad in itself, but why was i investing in something that was less of a known quantity, when i already had "winning" companies.

The nature of the service is to proffer picks, but what happens when you are in a bear market and everything is losing. Motley will do the insane thing of suggesting some of the most vulnerable tech stocks all while the market was in free fall. It made absolutely no sense. You cant always stick to the idea that you cant time the market, because i think most people could at this point, or atleast could have shown some caution, but motley is extremely weary of trying to time things, unless you buy an even more premium service. But timing really can be everything, and you must of your own ability account for the macro situation and be ready to pivot out of motleys tech heavy roundup if the situation calls for it. They have no wisdom for you here, other than the occasional sell rating. If they said hold and put it all into cash then they wouldnt be able to charge you what they do to sell you on picks - and herein lies a massive problem, or irrationality in their investment strategy. Still, its not impossible for them to consistently pick winners, its just that in the tech crash they were still pumping tech, which makes me think, not only is the model flawed, but there advice is not good enough on its own to see you through every economic storm.

Final thoughts: all motley can really do for you, outside of a very loose sense of market timing, is offer stock ideas. Ideally they should be selling informed picks, but either way theres no way for you to really judge the information they give you, other than gauge their degree of confidence, or to do what homework you can on seeking alpha or what not. Their strategy is that: well if you diversify in enough of them the winners will out weight the losers. Ok...but thats not really a strategy, its one of those weird adaptations a investor makes to fit the logic of the service. Dont fit the logic of the service, see the limitations of the motley model, make your own innovations on the one good thing they do which is offering stock ideas, and be capable of pivoting out when neccessary.

I will re-activate my account once the market shows signs of stabilizing, inflation cools, and all of that, but i really do wonder if i even need the service at this point. Ive got alot of winners, why not just put any new money back into them. I could use seeking alpha to find other stocks. and how hard is it to find an ETF? im weary of stock picking now. I thought i was smart and now i realise i was just lucky, i thought they were smart and realise they were just lucky. Im still looking for what white whale, still tantalized by the idea of some new pick, getting shopify in its infancy, or tesla before it even split, but i am extremely weary of putting all my faith in motley alone. This is not so much a knock on motley, and i probably will re-activate, its more like an informational PSA for all you out there thinking of signing up.
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2023.05.12 08:19 sblooking33 Am I expecting too much?

I’m lucky. And I’m grateful, before anyone accuses me otherwise.
I got a legit SD really quickly, after deciding to try out this whole sugar thing and joining SA as a new, older, and married SB. He is what I’d consider a “whale.” He gives me a high $$$ ppm. I have fun with him. He doesn’t gross me out. I’m attracted to him. The sex is fun. We see each other once a week. I’m still new, but no one else has been worth pursuing in comparison to him. Again, I’m grateful.
But from the beginning, I felt like there is something more that I want and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I recently realized that what I want is for him to WANT to spoil me and give me gifts etc. and do extra things to make me feel special.
He gives my ppm without any weirdness, and we usually can go wherever we want for a date, without any budget cap. But, with the way things are, it feels like the financial aspect is just an obligation to him.
On this forum, I asked a while back how to ask him to help with a bigger lump sum of money, and some people pointed out that based on the info I gave it’s “just not that type of SR.” Does that apply here, too?
I’m sure I’m going to get some guys on here lashing out at me.
I don’t let the sex come across as an obligation. I like him and want him to be happy. I would (and have) gone out of my way for him, if he asked me to.
Am I asking for too much to have a SR like this, AND it be with someone who really enjoys the spoiling aspect?
And before anyone says it: I’m not trying to get him to give me as much money as I possibly can get, or something. I guess I just wish it felt like he cares more about me in a personal way and I’m not sure if that’s possible?
Hoping someone rational reads this (with a grain of salt) and has some good wisdom to share…
Edited: dumb wording
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2023.05.11 23:41 rileyjadamson New pass-a-long cards coming soon!

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2023.05.11 13:45 the_other_wobbegong The clever way killer whales hunt stingrays Whale Wisdom with David Attenborough

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2023.05.10 16:59 Maxxina82 Looking for tip

Hello good people of Reddit.
Im looking for local wisdom of alaska people.
Friend of mine ask me for some tip what to visit in alaska in AUGUST. He plans to do like 14 Full days . I said i will help him.. but then i kinda realized its some time i traveled around alaska . Even though im coming there for seafood processing job quite often.
Me friend plans to travel solo. Rent some SUV, hostels and when possible sleep in tent.
Me kinda idea just of the top of the head :
Denali - Wonderlake tour ( best place to see Mt.Denali)
Fairbanks . Museum .. Ice Museum
Polar circle board - 66°33′ (he wants a picture)
Coldfoot- Arctic Interagency Visitor Center.
Wiseman - Mining town
Prudhoe bay. 24 hour in advance reservation . ( he wants to put feet to Arctic ocean )
Coming back from here he deserve a break at
Chenna hot springs.
Then go down to
Kennicott . Mines and glacier tour
Valdez. Finish the travel alongside the pipeline from the north.
Ferry to whitter
whitter .
And then back to anchorage. I asked him if he is interested in whales. he said kinda no. Been on few tours in norway. So i kinda cut Seward from the list thanks to that.
Me question is . I know me list kinda look empty. Got any tips what to put on the map ? Some small local hike ? Any tips would be appreciated .
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2023.05.07 05:00 No-Hovercraft4175 Anyone seen this Chines version of the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan?

This is machine translated so there will be a lot of grammatical and spelling errors.
Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan
"I have often heard that it is not people who are diligent in seeking knowledge, but those who know are diligent in seeking others. But I know this is wrong. Those who know do not attract others, but actually drive them away. Those who are deeply ruthless are like eagles and dogs chasing rabbits. "[I heard that it is not that people are constantly pursuing knowledge, but knowledge is constantly pursuing people. But I know that's wrong. Knowledge is not chasing people, but pursuing people. Its pursuit is as brutal and merciless as the falcon and the hound to the rabbit. ] — Xuanjun, 2nd century AD Hsan the Greater, an ancient Chinese philosopher, was written around the second century AD. Hsan the Greater is suspected to be Guan Yinzi. The original book is "The Seven Secrets of the Earth". The oldest version is divided into seven volumes, and each volume contains one or more spells. The original scriptures have long been lost, and only many manuscripts have been handed down, which are included in the "Wen Shi Zhen Jing".
Those who uphold the Tao look forward to it, and those who are like the Tao soak in it. There are things that everyone knows, but the way that they don’t know. I have often heard that it is not people who are diligent in seeking knowledge, but those who know are diligent in seeking others. But I know its fallacy. Those who know are not seeking people, but actually going out and chasing people away. Those who are deeply ruthless are like eagles and dogs chasing rabbits.
Heavy clouds cover the sky, the rivers and lakes are gloomy, and the fish are at a loss. Suddenly looking at Bo Ming's food movement, fortunately bestowed by heaven, he will catch it immediately, and the fish will die, and so will those who pursue the Tao. Those who look at the carvings will heal their wounds, those who hear the symphony will heal their wounds, and those who have a strong mind will heal their wounds.
Volume 1: Immortal Sand Resurrection Talisman
This volume is mainly about the deeds of the Yellow Emperor, as well as his amazing inventions and medical skills, including the resurrection of the dead.
Note: Yellow Emperor, that is, Hastur King in Yellow.
A scorching fire can burn all things, so where does fire exist when things perish? The Tao of one breath can enlighten all things, but where is the Tao after the death of things?
The dung beetle turns the pill, and when the pill is formed, it is carefully thought about, while the white one is stored in the pill, and the shell is removed to make the cicada. He doesn't think about it, does he twitch Xibai? The cook made a soup of crabs, and left a few feet on them. The crabs have been soup, but the left feet are still moving. It is the living and the dead, gathered and scattered in one go. There is no birth and no death, but people call it life and death.
There are dead standing, dead sitting, dead lying down, dead sick, and dead medicine. Waiting for death, there is no difference between A and B. If a person who knows does not see life, he does not see death. People who hate life and death more than life and death are all serious troubles. For example, if a human being transforms himself, if he has the desire to be disgusted with life and death, if he transcends life and death, he will stop being called a demon and not be called a Tao.
Those who consider life and death may say that there is nothing in death, or that there is nothing in death, or that there is nothing in death, or that there is neither existence nor nothing in death. Or say you should be happy, or you should be afraid, or you should be responsible, or you should be super. The more you become more knowledgeable, the more you will be eager. Little do they know that my life and death are like the hand of a horse, like the wings of an ox, originally there is nothing, and there is no more.
Volume 2: Rosy Chrysanthemum Prolonging Life (Contact Ghouls)
This volume is also called the record of nourishing nature and prolonging life. It mainly introduces ceremonial cannibalism such as cannibalism, expelling corpses, and raising corpses, as well as the religious scriptures of ghouls.
If you eat a lot of food, you will live longer, and your shape can be extended; there is no moon fire in the night, people can't see me, and your shape can be hidden. Do you want to know it, do you want to do it?
People live in this world, there are people who die in one day, people who die in ten years, and people who die in a hundred years. Those who have not died, although they act wisely, are only called life, not death. Those in stillborn fetuses, those in dead eggs, are both people and things. Although the world is big, they don't know it. Those who count the world are all known to me. For example, if the hand does not touch the blade, the blade does not hurt anyone. My way is like a sword, cutting with the blade will benefit, but holding the blade with the hand will hurt.
"These creatures cannot be called complete human beings, but they are similar to human beings in many ways. They stand upright on two feet and lean forward, looking like a group of dogs; their rubber-like skin makes people disgusted." — —H.P.Lovecraft, "Pickman's Model"
Volume 3: Demon-Restraining Ghosts (Summon/Control Byakhee)
Note: Heavenly ghost, that is, Bayaki.
People who use their souls to capture their souls, if there is more than gold, there is not enough wood; the saints who use their souls to transport their souls, if there are more trees, then the gold is not enough. The hidden soul of the soul is all there, and the wandering soul of the soul is caused by it. Those who see the soul without distinction analyze it, and those who analyze it separately are called heaven and earth, and the soul is familiar with it. The dreamer's soul does not distinguish between those who analyze it, and the one who analyzes it separately is called the other and me, and the soul is also learned. Fire begets earth, so God does business; earth begets metal, and intentional begets soul. What is moved by the god is not called the god, but the mind; what is moved by the mind is not called the mind, but the soul. Only the sage knows that there is no self, and that there is no thing, all because of consideration and calculation. It is because of the origin of all things, I treat them with nature, but not with my heart. Sexuality, the heart is not budding, and if there is no heart, there is no intention. If there is no fire, there will be no soil, and if there is no intention, there will be no soul. If there is no soil, there will be no gold. If one does not exist, all five are abolished. Not only can all things in the world be regarded as souls, but also all things in the world can be regarded as souls. All good fortune is my soul, and all good fortune is my soul, so there is nothing to enslave me.
Human power, there are those who can surpass the world, such as thunder in winter, ice in summer, dead bodies can walk, dead trees can bloom, ghosts can be caught in beans, fish can be fished in cups, painted doors can be opened, and earth ghosts can talk. Not only can all things in the world be regarded as souls, but also all things in the world can be regarded as souls. All good fortune is my soul, and all good fortune is my soul, so there is nothing to enslave me.
Those whose minds cover good and bad luck are taken by spirit ghosts; those whose hearts are covered by men and women are taken by lewd ghosts; those whose hearts are covered with sorrows are taken by heavy ghosts; those whose hearts are covered with carelessness are taken by wild ghosts; If the heart is covered with medicine bait, the ghosts will take it. The other uses its essence, and this one uses its essence. If the two essences fight each other, the spirit will respond. Those who are taken by ghosts, either solve strange things, or solve strange things, or solve auspicious things, they are proud. It is not said that ghosts are in the bow, but that the way is in the bow. After a long time, it may be dead wood, or dead metal, or dead rope, or dead well. Only the sage can be gods but not gods, serve all things and grasp their opportunities, can meet them, dissipate them, and control them, respond to all things every day, and their hearts are serene.
"Flipped there rhythmically, a group of bastard-like winged creatures that had been tamed and trained...that was nothing compared to crows, moles, vultures, ants, or rotting human corpses. It's something quite different—I can't recall it, and I definitely can't." - H. P.Lovecraft, The Sabbat
Volume 4: Earth Astral Summoning Test ("Contacting the Earth-burrowing Demon Insect")
This volume is mainly about the description of Jiaolong and the relationship between Jiaolong and earthquakes and tsunamis.
Note: Dragon, that is, the earth-burrowing magic insect.
When you see a person with a human head and a snake body, a person without arms and fish scales, and an earthen ox with a wooden horse, don’t be surprised. This is not as strange as a dream, and the dream is not as strange as feeling. It has ears, eyes, hands and arms, especially strange. Big words cannot be spoken, and great wisdom cannot be thought. If dragons are like dragons, if snakes are like turtles, if fish are like clams, dragons can do it all. Jiao, just a jiao, cannot be a dragon, nor can it be a snake, a turtle, a fish, or a clam.
But dishonest people find it difficult to be confident, but easy to trust things. Therefore, if this is the case, there are those who recite mantras, those who practice gods, those who have ink characters, and those who change fingers.
There is nothing in the Tao, and those who return to the Tao with things will get a breath; The honorable person who has attained the Tao can help the world, and the only one who has attained the Tao can stand up for me. Those who know that time cannot be constrained can take one day as a hundred years and a hundred years as one day; those who know that they are not hindered by squares can take a mile as a hundred miles and a hundred miles as a mile; Those who have Qi can transport Qi can summon wind and rain; those who know that the invisible can change into form can change birds and beasts. Those who have attained a clear Tao can ride a phoenix and a crane without getting tired of things, and are light in body; those who have attained a pure Tao cannot drown in things, and their body is dark, so they can sit on a dragon or a whale. There is nothing, and nothing is there. Those who know this way can control ghosts and gods; reality is emptiness, and emptiness is reality. Those who know this way can enter gold and stone; Those who know this way can make divinations; people are me, and I am people. Those who know this way can see the lungs and livers of others; Knowing that the image changes from the heart, and observing the heart through this, you can become a baby girl; knowing that the breath is born from the heart, and using this to absorb the spirit, you can become a furnace. With this winning object, tigers and leopards can fall; with this same object, water and fire can enter. Only a person of Tao can do it, and he can do it without doing it.
"A mass of pulsating tentacles atop that limp gray-black bag-like body . . . it bears no discernible features other than the mass of outstretched, groping tentacles. No, there is Yep—yes, there's a lump on the front end of the thing... that's a morbid organ for its brain, or nerve center, or whatever that governs this horrible, disgusting creature. Prepared container." - Brian Lumley, Driller
Volume 5: Taiyin Corpse Dissection and Metamorphosis ( Deep Divers and Their Followers along the South China Sea Coast; Time and Space; Tindalos Hound and Liao Dan)
This volume is mainly about the legends of the sharks along the coast and the three mountains of Penglai; the way of time-space reversal is explained; the Liao Dan refined by Lao Tzu can be dissected immediately after taking the Liao Dan, and there are celestial maidens who pick up and scatter flowers, and celestial dogs eat their bodies and transform into immortals.
Note: The merman is the deep diver; the tengu is the hound of Tindalos.
There are noble and cheap, scholars and women. Its quality soil, its loamy soil, is human. A dry tortoise without self can see great knowledge; a magnet without self can see great force; a bell and drum without self can see great sound; a boat and car without self can see far travel. Therefore, even though I have wisdom and strength, and have actions and sounds, I still have me.
Like beating a drum, the shape of the drum is what I have; the sound of the drum is what I feel. The past is over, the lingering voice is still there, and it will not exist in the end. The shape of the drum is like my essence, and the sound of the drum is like my god. The rest of the voices are like the soul, knowing that the husband is coming and going, so how can I have the energy of the five elements. Then everything in the world is my spirit, my spirit, my soul, my soul, which one dies and which one lives?
Qingluanzi is a thousand-year-old and becomes a thousand-year-old, and Taozi has five officials and a heart of five transformations. A farmer who learns from cattle is rough, a hunter who learns from tigers is brave, a fisherman who learns from water is sinking, and a warrior who learns from horses is strong. All things can be me, my body can turn into a roundworm on the inside, lice and fleas on the outside, turtles and fishes if lumps, rats and ants if fistulas, I can be all things. Myths can kill me by shooting shadows, and those who know their husbands and ignorance are also me, so I am everywhere under the sky. Although the world is large, it is colorful and tangible, and there are numbers and directions. I have neither color nor shape, neither number nor square, but the universe exists.
Water can be separated and combined, but there is no one for essence; fire is because of ointment and spirit, and there is no self. There is no one in the essence, so the essence will remain after the rice is removed from the husk, and there is no self in the spirit, so ghosts rely on things to see the gods. Those who are all-minded forget right and wrong, forget gains and losses, what is here is not that, and those who embrace the spirit are sometimes dim and bright, and when they are strong or weak, what is there is not this.
There is no dwelling in oneself, the shape and objects are self-contained, it moves like water, it is quiet like a mirror, it responds like a sound, its light seems to die, it is quiet like clear, those who are the same are in harmony, those who have gained are lost, not like the predecessors, but tasted follow everyone.
"'They're skinny and hungry!' he screamed. …'All the evil in the universe is concentrated in their lean and hungry bodies. Then again, do they have bodies—I only looked at them for a split second ; I'm not sure.'” — F. Belknap Long, The Hounds of Tindalos
Volume 6: Ascension to the Mysterious Realm of Ding Guan / Illusionary Stepping Spirits and Ascension to Immortals (Gate of Kadasi)
This volume is mainly about the description of Leng Yuan in Tibet, and the description of crossing the gate of heaven and ascending to the heaven of the fairy world.
Note: Tianting/Tianmen, that is, the gate of Kadath, or the gate of truth; the misty fairyland, that is, dreamland.
Practicing archery, studying the imperial harp, practicing playing the piano, there is nothing that can be obtained in one breath, but the Tao has no form and no direction, so it can be obtained in one breath.
Those who were good at picking yarrow and burning turtles in ancient times can show the past in the present, the present in the ancient, the low in the high, the high in the low, the big in the small, the small in the big, the many in the one, and the one in the many. Show things in people, show people in things, show others in me, and show me in others. This is the way, its coming has no present, its past has no past, its height has no cover, its low has no load, its size has no outside, its small has no inside, its outside has nothing, its inside has no one, its near has no self, and its far no other. It cannot be analyzed, it cannot be combined, it cannot be explained, it cannot be thought. But it is muddled, so it is the Tao.
"Hey! A-Shatanaig! Let's go! Send the gods of the world back to their haunted place of Kadath, and pray to all not to meet another thousand of my forms. Farewell, Randolph Carter , be careful; for I am Nyarlathotep, and I am the crouching Chaos."
Volume 7: Zhengyi's Holy Prestige (Nyarlathotep and its countless forms; R'lyeh's ascension and Cthulhu's return; Azathoth as the beginning and end; Gods and creatures ideal form)
This volume mainly describes Chaos, one of the four evils, and its countless forms; the ascension of the Dragon Palace and the second coming of the dragon; the Pangu ancestor god representing the beginning and the end;
Note: The stealthy Chaos has no fixed form and has tens of thousands of incarnations, so it is also known as the faceless god, that is, Nyarlathotep, and the Zhengyijiang Shengwei League is a dangerous spell that summons Chaos to come into contact with it .
Nothing is not heaven, nothing is not destiny, nothing is not god, and nothing is not yuan. Things are like this, but people are not. Everyone can be called heaven, everyone can be called god, and everyone can be fatal. Don't say that the sky is not the sky, the god is not the god, the life is not the life, and the original is not the original. It is the one who is good at my way, that is, in one thing, knows the sky and the gods, and kills the creation. To learn it, to use different names and analyze the same reality. Get it, the contract is the same as the reality, forget the different names. Therefore, if you hear the Tao in the court, you can die in the evening.
Link: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/159201315?utm_id=0
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