Chase bank near me atm

Are we really making this a thing now

2015.05.25 23:20 Brewster_The_Pigeon Are we really making this a thing now

Notorious for bullies.

2023.06.10 05:19 mackaber Just finished the game and wanted to get something off my chest...

So, in breath of the wild during the final battle I forgot to cook some stuff to replenish my hearts. Luckily I had way to many apples, so I just kept eating them until my health was full again.
This time, I tried to make sure I had everything I need, I cook a lot of stuff (specifically stuff that replenish health), I crafted some weapons before hand and I even put a Travel Medallion near the Entrance.
But I didn't realize I would be battling underneath which means gloom, which means my hearts might be broken, so after the first battle against Ganondorf's army I was like down 15 hearts. And just found out I couldn't teleport, so... what I did?, I remember hearing that Sundelions cure gloom (I know there is a quest about someone's grandma but I didn't complete it), I happened to have a lot of them, and some portable stoves, so I cooked all the Sundelions I had, one after the other, it reminded me a lot of how I felt in BOTW...
tl;dr: In BOTW I wasn't prepared for the final battle. In TOTK I thought I was, I wasn't...
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2023.06.10 05:18 MonkeyDAtlas You don’t think it’s a hazard? Maybe the VP will

I work at a home depot in alberta and anyone who knows alberta weather knows we get really cold winters with a lot of snow. My building has a flat roof so obviously snow gathers and when it melts the water needs somewhere to go. around march when the snow started melting (i was a headcash at the time) i noticed water dripping from one of my exit doors. i followed standard procedure informed the MOD and put a bucket and wet floor sign. a few days later after my department transfer i was called by the frantic headcash that the door was pouring water. i rushed over and was able to stuff the door full of clothes and that stopped the leak, i had to change said clothes every 2-3 hours because the leak would start again. that’s when i noticed the peeling paint and what looked to be rot in the moulding. for nearly a month i pestered my managers every day asking when it would be fixed and the moulding was soaked and pressing on it would make it drip. it’s been 3 months and nothing has been done and today i found out our break room and bathrooms are being redone at this i was livid, yes sure that’s nice but maybe fix the rotting moulding first?! or the lumber doors that are always closed or always open but no. i was talking to one of my favourite older coworkers and he told me how he got an asm suspended with an email to the corporate leadership so i spent about an hour (on the clock) getting all their emails and sending them the photos. i sent it to mike rowe the vp, hr, and operations VPs. if nothing gets done after this i give up. i’m great at my job and i can be bad at it if i want to, no skin off my back they won’t fire the person who harassed me so they won’t be firing me.
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2023.06.10 05:18 jerisad Dark on June 12, and darker after that.

/costumeporn will be going dark with other subs on June 12 and 13. In addition, after the third-party apps go down on June 30 I will not be able to post or mod with nearly the frequency that I do now. That means it's likely that nsfw content will show up and stick around longer than it has in the past.
Currently the only active mods here are myself and my wife, who mods several lgbt subs and is losing the 3rd party mod tools used to keep her spaces safe. While this sub doesn't require those tools for moderation, I use reddit almost exclusively through the RIF app and I have no desire to switch to the ad-bloated mess that is the official app. I will still occasionally post and mod from my computer that may only be once a week.
At the end of the day this was my hobby and Reddit is making it not fun anymore. I don't feel like making content and driving traffic for free for a company that is fragrantly ignoring it's user base.
If anyone is interested in modding here feel free to dm me.
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2023.06.10 05:17 kccl30 It hurts so much when leaving an avoidant and not knowing their true intentions

I (30m) broke up with my avoidant ex (23f) about 2 months ago. Basically because of too many fights and lack of communication. We would try and try to have talks but the same things kept happening. The level of maturity just didn’t match. Anyways I walked away because she would avoid me not making time to talk and fix our problems with excuses of not being able to see me etc. I reached out to her on her birthday and we’ve been texting here and there for about 2 weeks.
I mentioned I do miss the dog and she said I can see him and we can go for a walk. She mentioned this numerous times. She also said that she cares and I still mean alot to her. She believes maybe this is the time we needed to reflect and that she truly thinks this time might be better. She also feels like I don’t wanna talk because every time I don’t respond she responds with “okay I’ll leave you alone. Have a goodlife”However I don’t trust her words anymore. Yesterday she mentioned it again that today we can walk and I said ya maybe we will see.
Now I didn’t get back to her about today. Simply because I don’t wanna have to deal with this whole chasing game. My question how do I know she isn’t waiting on me to initiate the walk? Or am I just giving her excuses for not following through with actions. This has become such a mind game that neither of us trust each others words anymore.
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2023.06.10 05:17 hitzchicky Does behavior like snapping always escalate, or can it be a one time thing?

We rescued a 5 year old pit mix 2 months ago and while she's been good, it's been a rocky road for me due to some anxiety leftover from a rather traumatic dog bite incident about 8 years ago.
Tonight the dog was laying near me on the couch and I was petting her face. She snapped at me. It was mild, but I felt her tooth against my finger and I immediately stopped. Once I'd collected myself I had her get off the couch. I was calm (at least I feel I was outwardly appearing calm) but firm. I didn't physically make her get off the couch. I asked her and she did.
Due to the dog bite incident in the past I'm particularly sensitive to any signs of aggression. So my question is this, does something like snapping always escalate, or could this be a one time thing? I understand she's still somewhat new here. I've been struggling in general with trust. Our last dog was pretty bomb proof (except in the case of a marrow bone, so we just didn't make them available).
We're in R+ obedience classes. She's done 3 classes, tomorrow is her 4th where we'll work on recall. The trainers love her and I'd say she's pretty top in her class as a lot of it I was working with her on prior to attending classes, although the classes have made her more consistent.
My last dog if you were annoying her would get up and walk away. I understand that dogs get annoyed with us just as much as we can get annoyed with them, but I'd rather a dog that removes themselves rather than one that uses their teeth as a means to get what they want.

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2023.06.10 05:16 Vast_Pea6761 i just give up

i just cant anymore everytime its the same shit no seems to care enough to stay at my site or betray me those who dont i just push away and fuck i dont even know myself why i just constantly run in cycles everything just so dull im full with fucking anger but no one listens everyone expects me to keep giong on my own as if i was able to do that at this point abd instead of helping what do they do they make fun off me they laugh at me for not knowing shit they should have been teaching nothing changes and it has been like that for nearly 13 years i dont want to live like that or at all anymore and for what everytime i step forward i fall back on me fucking arse ten times i see no point in live if its that shit
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2023.06.10 05:15 just4reassurance AITA for not interacting with my stepsiblings?

Note: Burner account because I’m just looking to rant.
To keep this confidential, in case my stepsiblings find this and recognize that it was me who wrote this, I’ll just say I have two stepsiblings that I don’t talk to/interact with, and my mom and stepdad have been arguing about it.
My stepsiblings stay with their dad every weekend, and when there’s a cookout/party that gets hosted here, they only talk to their cousins who show up to the events, so I just end up staying in my room the entire time.
Also not to mention, whenever my stepsiblings are just staying over for the weekend, they just stay in their room while I stay in mine, or would get their dad to drive them to their cousin’s house, which is why we never talk.
The problem arises when a few months ago, there was a cookout at my house to celebrate Easter. At previous events, whenever all of my stepsiblings’ cousins came over, they would pull out their Nintendo Switch and play games in the basement, except this one cookout, the Nintendo Switch that was left in the basement suddenly disappeared. They went around the house to look for it, but couldn’t find it. The only place they hadn’t searched through was my room.
I was minding my own business, playing on my PC, when I hear some of them near my room playing rock, paper, scissors to see who would have to go into my room to confront/ask me if I had the Nintendo Switch, although at the time, I had thought they were just playing rock, paper, scissors.
Not to sound like a loser, but when I’m at home, I never leave my room unless to go to the bathroom or kitchen, so saying it was me who took it was just false accusations because it was always in the basement, in which I never wander downstairs to.
Suddenly, the door gets opened by someone and I instantly turn my head around to the door because I wasn’t expecting anyone to come in.
One of my stepsiblings asked me if I had taken their Nintendo Switch, and of course, I said no, because what was there to lie about? They just leave and talk to the other stepsibling and their cousins, the only words that I was able to pick up from their conversation was how the older of the two stepsiblings doesn’t like me.
Fast forward to now, as I write this, and they’re arguing again, my mom bringing up the incident.
My mom doesn’t like how they accused me of stealing it when I always mind my own business and stay in my room, and they don’t even like me nor interact with me so why is it the only time they talk to me is to accuse me of stealing?
My stepdad says I should’ve taken initiative to talk to my stepsiblings and cousins so we could all get along, and that it isn’t their fault for wanting to simply ask if I had taken it, which my mom doesn’t agree with because that was not what happened, and he wasn’t there to even witness it happen like she did so how did he know they were just simply asking?
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2023.06.10 05:14 trentgibbo The worst rhyme ever...

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2023.06.10 05:14 Lmir2000 I feel very devastated, heartbroken and betrayed.

So there’s this girl know that I met in Middle school. We became best friends and were close during middle school and throughout high school. The memories I have with this person are endless and unforgettable. From going to each other’s houses, birthday parties, the mall, the movies, spending Halloween together, hours texting and FaceTiming and more. We have had our differences here and there but it was nothing that would be super detrimental to our friendship and our friendship would always come back strong. After graduating high school 5 years ago, we didn’t see each other nearly as often because of differing paths but we still kept in contact a lot. The last time I ever spoke to this person was over a year ago when we ran into each other at a grocery store. We talked, hugged and caught up. This was in later 2021. After that, I never heard from her again. Sometimes early this year, I came across her TikTok account and tried to follow her. Then she blocked me! I tried my very best to not let it get to me. I tried telling myself that maybe she had a good reason. Maybe she didn’t want any old friends on her social media. I also came across her Facebook page because of a mutual friend. I didn’t even attempt to try to contact her or send her a friend request because I knew she blocked me on TikTok before hand and I wanted to maintain respect. Just recently however, she blocked me on Facebook too! Despite the fact that I didn’t even attempt to contact her. I stayed in my own lane. I think it’s fucked up that she sought out my profile just to block me. She didn’t even try to contact me herself to say hello or try to catch up. That’s when I realized that she really must have some high level of animosity towards me. When you block someone, you’re sending them a very clear message. “I want nothing to do with you, you’re dead to me.” It’s just extremely hurtful, confusing and shocking to me. Me and her were really close friends for a long time. And when we last saw each other we left off on a good note. I don’t know what I could’ve possibly done to her to warrant such a high level of hatred and animosity towards me. For her to do this feels like such a betrayal. I wish I could have a conversation with her and understand why. I want to know what I did and see things from her point of view. But I’m scared to contact her now because of obvious reasons. I think she also has my number blocked too!
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2023.06.10 05:14 Jane1813 Four Fragrance review

Hey everyone! I was able to go sample some fragrances today and I thought I'd leave a review of the four I tried (I smelled way more but only tried these four on skin. I'll be revisiting some of the others another time).
I was so excited about this one. It smells fresh and aquatic to me. I know some don't like this as a descriptor but there was something about it that reminded me of soap my grandmother used, which is stereotypical grandma soap. I think it's the jasmine. It was just slightly too much for me at the beginning. The dry down was better but there's something about it that I just don't love. I'd wear it if I received it as a gift or something (on a rainy spring day) but I don't think I'll be purchasing this one for myself. I don't love incredibly strong fragrances and in that sense, this one was perfect. I didn't have rub my nose in it to smell it but I don't think anyone would smell it unless they were arms length away or so. I didn't time exactly how long it stayed on but I'd say I probably got at least four hours of decent scent out of it. I can faintly smell it still about 8-9 hours later.
I wasn't sure I'd like this one from other descriptions I'd heard but once I sprayed it on the test strip, I had to try it on me. And if I had been able to smell it on me for longer, I might have bought it. Unfortunately it seemed to just disappear on my skin. It smelled like a wonderfully grown up vanilla like fragrance to me. At one point I was getting a bit of slight spice? It was so nice and warm but not suffocating. And then it was gone. 😭
I was most excited about this one. I have been wanting to try this fragrance since it came out. I nearly blind bought a travel size. It starts off very citrusy to me. And the citrus just seems to linger for way too long. It's sharp and just distracting from the rest of the fragrance. It does eventually dissipate and I really do like the dry down. It reminds me of a lighter version of Sunkissed Hibiscus, which I like. I think I prefer the lighter dry down of this one. But because of the citrus opening and the fact that I already have a small SH, I passed on this one too.
Now for the winner of this trip...
I have heard/read SO MANY conflicting reviews on this one that I honestly didn't know what to expect. I did get the citrus opening but it was lighter and much shorter than Coconut Sun. And then it just settles into this fresh, gourmand scent. I do get where some people would be disappointed based on the name. I definitely get more marshmallow/whipped cream/cotton candy than anything else. That's not to say I don't get the rest at all because I definitely do and I think that's what gives it the gourmand feeling. But instead of smelling creamy or heavier, I get pistachio/rum/hazelnut flavored cotton candy. All those gourmand scents but whispy and light. And honestly I feel like this is exactly what I like in a fragrance. It's got the sweet and gourmand but I don't feel like I'm drowning in it. I did end up buying this one and I'm so glad because I was sniffing the spot I sprayed ALL DAY.
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2023.06.10 05:13 The-redacted-IQ Illegals in my yard

Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard, throw them some pesos and they work so hard Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard, I don't even ask if they got green card
They're gonna pave up my driveway this Christmas, They're gonna clean all my cars this Christmas, They're gonna shovel all the snow this Christmas, those Illegals in my yard
They're gonna dig me a pool this Christmas, They're gonna landscape my lawn this Christmas, They're gonna cook me up some tacos this Christmas, Those Illegals in my yard
Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard, 16 arrive in a stolen car
Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard, When They're not working they sit at the bar
They're gonna drink some cervezas this Christmas, They're gonna shoot some tequila this Christmas, They're gonna get DUI's this Christmas, Those Illegals in my yard
They're getting free organ transplants this Christmas, They're gonna have anchor babies this Christmas, They're gonna scream "si se puede" this Christmas, those Illegals in my yard
Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard, one at a time run past those border guards
Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard Illegals in my yard, Hugo Chávez sends his kind regards
They're gonna tackle Pat Buchanan this Christmas, They're gonna chase down Lou Dobbs this Christmas, They're gonna join up with "La Raza" this Christmas, Those Illegals in my yard
They're gonna spread bubonic plague this Christmas, They're gonna bring lots of bed bugs this Christmas, They're gonna pass tuberculosis this Christmas, Those Illegals in my yard.
(Sung to the tune and instrumentals of "Felis Navidad!")
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2023.06.10 05:13 Striking_Ostrich_347 Rates of random visa rejections

I am an Indian passport holder, applying for a French short-stay visa from Canada with an appointment in under 2 weeks. While I think I have all of my documents ready, I can't help but read the stories of applicants who are rejected for no reason even though they seem to have provided all their documents and everything. How common is it really to get rejected on a whim?
The three points of failure I see with my application are:
Do you foresee me having any issues with the points I've raised above?
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2023.06.10 05:12 halfsizehello Apartment -> House: What Stuff to Buy

Background info: We're progressing well on a house, est. to close on 7/3.
I want to put 5% down on the $245k house shown (Midwest MCOL), to get the monthly payment at a comfortable level (below $2k), but that also drags our most liquid form of savings down to a questionable amount. We have other near- liquid assets we could leverage in emergencies, but ofc would like to avoid that. With our monthly payment, we'd still be looking at putting $1000-1500 back in savings per month (probably not counting the first month or two - assuming it will all be spent on moving and buying things) and I'll be getting a $3k bonus next month.
We have a very full 2bdrm/1 bath apartment, going into a 3 bdrm/1.5 bath house.
We know we need a fridge, washer, and dryer - so budgeting around $3k there. All the other appliances are good and new, so - makes sense to round out the set and get the remaining needs new, too.
We're being given a lawn mower and are supposed to make a list of other smaller things our parents can help get for us or give us from hand-me-downs or dupes.
My ask: Please please help me think of a list of other lawn care, basic maintenance (we have a solid full toolbox), and must-haves I'll need the first month to help me figure out what I should plan to ask for from family vs. buy on our own! That'll help me nail down the down payment percentage and budget out the rest.
Thank you!
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2023.06.10 05:11 Loose-Rabbit-2308 Question About Lonliness

So I’ve been quite lonely for nearly 4 years now. I have a couple of friends, but I rarely see them as they don’t live too close to me. For the last few years, I’ve been going weeks on end without receiving texts, snaps, or dms from people outside of my family. At first this was very challenging for me. I’d regularly check my phone every 10 mins and nothing. Now it doesn’t bother me much.
This brings me to my question. Has anyone else here got past the loneliness? As if you’re desensitized to it? Dr. K (a psychiatrist, from Healthy Gamers) compared loneliness to hunger or thirst. Where at first your body will ask you to socialize, but when you ignore it, your body eventually stops asking.
I’ve found this to be relatable, and now I’m wondering if others can relate as well.
Note: I don’t mean for this to come across as rude or like I feel I’ve ascended above lonely people. Realistically, I’m still lonely, but I just dont hurt as much as I used to. I’m looking to hear other cases out of curiosity, not to hit y’all with the weirdest flex in existence.
Thank ya.
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2023.06.10 05:11 HelicopterMoon Living in the Shadows of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I find myself in a situation that often feels like an endless night, surrounded by the hazy fog of chronic fatigue syndrome. It's as if life has taken a detour into a realm where exhaustion reigns supreme, and hope seems to have lost its way. Today, I come to you seeking solace, understanding, and perhaps a glimmer of guidance.
Like many others who battle CFS, my days are often defined by relentless fatigue, cognitive fog, and a host of other symptoms that make even the simplest tasks feel like climbing mountains. It's a lonely journey, one that can be difficult for others to comprehend. While I strive to explain this invisible burden to my loved ones, it can feel like speaking a language that only I understand.
What weighs heavy on my heart is the sense of hopelessness that often accompanies this condition. Despite countless visits to doctors and specialists, it feels like a quest for answers that always falls short. Medical science may be advancing, but when it comes to CFS, it still feels like a puzzle waiting to be solved.
But here's where I turn to you, the ever-supportive Reddit community. I believe that within these digital walls, I might find solace and words of wisdom from those who have walked a similar path. How do you manage to find light amidst the darkness of CFS? Have you discovered any coping mechanisms, treatments, or lifestyle adjustments that have made a significant difference?
One aspect of my struggle with CFS that further complicates matters is my disrupted sleep schedule. I battle with difficulties falling asleep and, once sleep eventually claims me, it's a relentless cycle of oversleeping that throws my days into disarray. It's like being caught in a perpetual dance with fatigue, where the rhythm is always out of sync.
Whether it's the power of a carefully curated routine, dietary changes, alternative therapies, or even unconventional methods, I'm eager to hear your stories. Perhaps your experiences hold the missing pieces of this puzzling condition, shedding light on paths to explore and avenues of support I may have yet to uncover.
Moreover, to those who have found hope in the face of CFS, your insights are particularly valuable. Please share your uplifting tales of resilience and triumph. For those of us who are struggling, it's these stories that offer glimpses of a brighter future, reminding us that there is still hope to be found.
So, my fellow night owls, I implore you to lend me your voices, your experiences, and your guidance. Let's come together in this digital haven and shed light on the shadows cast by chronic fatigue syndrome. Together, we can build a community of understanding and support, where hope becomes a beacon that guides us forward.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I eagerly await your responses, and may we all find strength and solace in this collective journey.
Stay hopeful, stay resilient, and keep chasing the stars. 🌟
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2023.06.10 05:11 Vast_Pea6761 i just want to give up

i just cant anymore everytime its the same shit no seems to care enough to stay at my site or betray me those who dont i just push away and fuck i dont even know myself why i just constantly run in cycles everything just so dull im full with fucking anger but no one listens everyone expects me to keep giong on my own as if i was able to do that at this point abd instead of helping what do they do they make fun off me they laugh at me for not knowing shit they should have been teaching nothing changes and it has been like that for nearly 13 years i dont want to live like that or at all anymore and for what everytime i step forward i fall back on me fucking arse ten times i see no point in live if its that shit
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2023.06.10 05:11 Traditional_Tomato48 What to do when cops are useless?

I have been drugged, poisoned, people have broken into my house, things have gone missing, including my passport that was on my nightstand which means someone was near my bed while I was asleep. My computers have been hacked, I have found blood in my house and I don't know where it has come from. I have tried to tell the police and they just treat me like I'm crazy.
Wtf do I even do at this point?
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2023.06.10 05:11 Serious_Delay_9947 Abuser triggered out an alter, in full today, I’m so angry. I cut everything to get rid of this.

I deleted all my socials, got a new phone number, new laptop, and everything. Lost the car my mom had in her name and my job, plus the place I used to live. I cut nearly everything t.
One dead end call was all it took to trigger the programming and bring out an alter.
Just fix me and let me heal or eat dirt you bastards. God FUCK
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2023.06.10 05:11 AutumnUnderFire Lost Dog

Lost Dog
Lost dog!
I lost my dog, Ruby. She's a Chihuahua/Pug mix, approximately eight years old. She's wearing a red and black leather collar with a red dog bone attached, which has all my contact information.
She is VERY skiddish and anxious. Please, please, please do not chase her. Immediately call (502) 500-2805 (my phone), (412) 889-7189 (my friend's phone), or (844) 287-2777 (TRAPRS) if she is spotted. She was last seen near the Holiday Renaissance Retirement community off Taylor Draper.
Ruby was originally my father's dog and I inherited her when he passed. She is the closest thing I have left to my father and she is also recognized as my emotional support animal. She means the whole world to me. Any help locating her would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.10 05:09 Hidden__Gem 60 [F4M] #WashingtonDC #MD #DMV #NoVA Relationship I'm looking plain terms

Hi. I'm a divorced, well established Black woman who is nerdy. I chose full retirement in my late 50s to have more time to just enjoy life.
I want to meet a mature single man, the closer to my age the better. (My son is 28. Near his age or younger is an absolute no!) I seek a gentleman who wants a long term relationship with a strong mature woman that includes:
-Hugs -Cuddles -Holding hands -Text messages that make us both smile -Date nights out/romantic evenings in -Voice calls/vid chats that make you sigh in comfort or shiver with need
Things I want: -Your time, attention and devotion -You sitting in a chair with me on your lap, while I whisper in your ear -Your eyes to light up when I walk in a room, knowing my eyes and smiles are just for you -old fashion courtesy/manners; open minded thinking and intellect -a best friend that I cannot keep my hands off
Things you want: -Attention from a real woman who will genuinely care for you -Praise when you've done well, encouragement after a rough day, respectful guidance if needed -A nurturing supportive presence in your life -Someone who knows what she wants and what she doesn't, and will tell you so you don't have to guess -A woman who will respect the man you are in the world and the good boy you are just for her -someone resilient who understands that anything meaningful takes hard work, commitment, good communication, room to mess up, own it, and forgive it (for real) to keep things moving forward
Things I need: -someone unattached (emotionally and legally) -someone masculine (doesn't mean you must be muscular) -someone well established in life who is not intimidated by a strong, intelligent, financially independent woman -someone comfortable with interracial dating (not someone who fetishizes it) -someone local to me or able to travel to me often (I have health issues that make it hard for me to travel solo. Happy to say more if we connect and see potential.) -someone with a sense of humor -someone who wants an actual relationship, not a dispenser of sexual acts
Things you need: This is for you to say, should you decide to message me.
What 60 looks like
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2023.06.10 05:09 Traditional-Joke-179 i made a huge step this week

the other day i decided to do it. i was tired of having to cover up in the hot summer weather. i have lichen planus, an ugly skin condition that's scarred me all over, and in the year since i've had it i've simply covered up at all times, including 100% of the time at home because i don't even have privacy/my own room to be alone in.
the other day i went outside with my arms out and sat at a place where a lot of people were walking by. being seen by them wasn't the point. the point was to enjoy a nice day outside, and other people happened to be doing the same thing. and nobody even looked at me. one lady stood near me and i thought she was going to notice my skin and be grossed out and inch away, but she was unbothered. i felt so relieved. i felt like i have a chance of being normal and i'm happy i decided not to care anymore. i'm still not going to show my skin to my family, people i know, or people i see around. but it feels good to not really care if strangers see.
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2023.06.10 05:09 the-spoopy-emo [A4A] Looking For A Long-Term Writing Partner

Good morning/afternoon/evening!
Call me Saige! I'm a 27 yr old non-binary with nearly 10 years of writing experience. I have been unsuccessful responding to ads on here, so I thought I'd put up one of my own. My preferred style is third-person paragraph. I can write out anywhere from one to four paragraphs based on where the plot is going, and I'd like to find a writing partner who can match my style. As commonly seen on here, my preferred platform is Discord. I AM NOT REPLACING ANY CURRENT PARTNERS!
Now, on to the plots! My favorite plots are supernatural themes (vampires, werewolves, witches, etc.). My other plots include: a new guitarist is hired for a cover band and ends up falling for the lead singer (MxM); college roommates to lovers (one is female, the other is female-fronting non-binary); people with superpowers or extra abilities. On the fandom side, the only fandom I rp is Hazbin Hotel. My preferred pairing is Radiodust, or OC x Canon.
If you're interested in starting a plot with me, just DM me. And please don't start your message with "wanna rp?" Tell me a little about yourself and which plot you're interested in! If you've made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read through, and I look forward to hearing from you!
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