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2023.03.20 17:14 nightbird321 [WTS] Nitebird's Shipyard 🔥🔥🔥 Polaris 399$ 🔥 600i Explorer 299$ 🔥 Hammerhead 379$ 🔥 Hercules A2 399$ 🔥 Endeavor Master Set 1033$ 🔥🔥🔥 USD Paypal Invoice

Ship Insurance - Type Price (USD)* RSI Store Notes
Polaris LTI - CCU'd** 399 750 See official concept update:
600i Explorer LTI - CCU'd 299 475 Name Reservation, see official rework update:
Hammerhead LTI - CCU'd 379 725 Anti-fighter patrol ship
Hercules A2 LTI - CCU'd 399 750 Bomber and Military Transport
Endeavor Master Set LTI - Pack 1033 1000 Included items ( You can choose to buy this pack from the store, get access by buying Endeavor ship, buy pack, melt ship.
* Prices include all Paypal Fees
**All ships use WB CCUs, new money, not recycled credits. I've sold 100 ships here since 12/2021.

To ensure a safe trade:
a) Paypal Invoice on all trades
b) Verify your Starcitizen_trades reddit account (directions)
c) Verify your Paypal account (directions)

If you would like to trade, follow these directions:
  1. PM/Chat me the ship and your PayPal email address Click here
  2. Reply PM'd to this thread
  3. I will invoice your Paypal
  4. After payment, the ship is gifted to your Paypal Email
  5. !!!Log into the right Star Citizen account in your internet browser then claim the gifted ship from email.
  6. After confirming the ship in your hangar, please post +verify to the trade confirmation thread where I mention your name.

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2023.03.20 17:13 SensitiveHighlight78 How A Crab Made The Ranger The Greatest Protector Ever

While most consider the ranger a less then good class. This clever player made her ranger, named Reggie, a protector of the party from, the elements and monsters alike. Here's how she did it.
In this game, survival is not a trivial task. Finding water is the most impressive aspect. Considering you need a gallon per day, which is about 8lb. You quickly run out of room to carry things both in load and practicality. Reggie had chosen the Beast Master. Mildly discouraged by other at the table, but "she had a plan" and it was what she wanted to do. Who are we to say no to what someone wants to play?
Reggie was a sailor and hailed from a coastal town so, she chose the Giant Crab. Crusty, as they came to calling him. Had a very flat head, and smooth gait. So to help deal with the burden of water they strapped a large barrel on the top of Crusty. Considering he can hold 195lb. and there is no equipment on him. Taking on the task of carrying water was easy for Crusty. Stacking anything on him was easy with enough rope, sacks and tarps.
When it came to combat, Reggie took it upon himself to control the space around the 8 constitution wizard. A personal favorite spell of Reggie's was Cordon of Arrows. A very slept on spell in my opinion. He paired this with 2 weapon fighting. Then there was Crusty. Being a crab, at level 5 he had AC18 with 20 hitponts. So he's not a bear, but good luck hurting this guy. Then there is the grapple on hit, sure its a DC11 but still free when hitting for 1d6+4.
The real winner here is the 30 feet of Blindsight. The DM had tried to have an assassin with invisibly run in and attack the wizard without anyone noticing in the mess of combat. But nothing gets past Crusty. Not only did he hit, the would be assassin got grabbed. With knowledge of where he was, he was quickly dispatched.
No one from this table has said a thing about the Beast Master being bad again.
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2023.03.20 17:13 johal325 This should be exciting!

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2023.03.20 17:13 AdDangerous5081 How can I support my partner?

Hello. I'm looking for some advice so that I can support my partner.
My partner has not long returned from a medical appointment where she underwent an examination. She was told that the muscle from one side of her pelvic floor has ripped off the bone. There is nothing that can be done to repair this.
The tear occurred during labour of our first child (5 years ago) and since giving birth, she has experienced various symptoms of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Her doctor told her to follow a routine of pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the area. Unfortunately when that advice was given, the full extent of her problems were not know.
Having seen the consultant today, she was told to continue doing the exercises so to improve muscle strength on the one side that still functions. However, she has the impression that she will never regain full muscle function and that some of the symptoms experienced could continue for the rest of her life - plus there is the potential risk of further complications such as a prolapse later on in life. My partner is extremely upset by this.
I'm not sure what to do in this situation. Does anyone have advice or links to useful online resources that will help me understand the situation better? Has anyone here experienced something similar and can therefore give me some real-life advice on what to expect or how to manage this?
I'm grateful to anyone who reaches out.
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2023.03.20 17:12 dj_crunch998 Parking around dookie chase?

I’ll be visiting Nola in a few weeks and we have reservations at dookie chase as soon as they open up that Friday. We will be eating there before we check in so we can’t really Uber there. I was just wondering do they have adequate parking? Or a parking lot? And if they don’t are thier any places I can park within a decent walk to the restaurant? Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 17:12 ThrowRA100100 I [23M] am being told that I need to get a job by my wife [31F].

I met my wife in Florida, she is a doctor who grew up in a very conservative climate but somehow managed to claw together a successful life for herself as a woman. I was playing open mic at a bar in Daytona Beach, and she was drunk so she was a little more impressed with me than she should have been. We spent the night together and got to know eachother over the course of two years, then got married. She works and I stay at home composing music and being a househusband (paying bills, looking after groceries and cleaning, etc.). She loves supporting my creative aspirations, as that’s what she says attracted her to me in the first place.
We also have two mutual friends, let’s call them Stephanie and Amy. Stephanie is an influencer, and Amy does modelling work for this Norwegian swimsuit model company. My wife was radicalized into being very liberal as a young adult by her conservative Christian upbringing, and as a result she wants me to start an open relationship with me. She says the first thing she wants to do is to bring Stephanie and Amy into our relationship. But I love my wife too much, and I feel like it would interfere with my songwriting.
But recently, cost of living has been going way up. She says that unless I bring Stephanie and Amy into our relationship, I will have to get a job to even things out. She says she has one lined up for me at her dad’s business, something involving finance, but again, I feel trapped: how do I stay faithful to my wife and avoid bringing other people into our relationship without losing time to pursue music? Does anyone here have any suggestions?
TL;DR: My wife wants to start an open relationship and tells me that if I don’t, I will have to give up my time spent song-writing as a stay-at-home husband and get a job. Advice wanted.
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2023.03.20 17:12 Karmachinery Mineral Extractors

Sorry to keep asking questions here. Is there a better place to ask them? I just used my Personal Mineral Extractor that came with my artisan. I placed it, and I have the waypoint showing it, but it's not opening up the radial window no matter what I do. Is there some trick to accessing this thing?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 17:12 iamcrkb Honeymoon Itinerary

My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon to Sicily from October 21st to November 5th. Our basic itinerary is:
Seeking advice on the following:
  1. any advice for sights to see near these areas, places to stop as we cross the island
  2. how to dress for OctobeNovember in Sicily, general fashion advice for the area
  3. easy to rent a car and travel by car through Sicily?
  4. are there exciting Halloween (Day of the Dead) celebrations? We were thinking maybe visiting Palermo for any celebrations.
  5. advice on eating gluten free and dairy free in Sicily (I know, but I have celiac disease and a dairy allergy)
  6. best beaches, tours, experiences, restaurants, etc.
  7. warm enough to swim?
Thank you in advance! We are so excited to spend time here :)
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2023.03.20 17:12 CountryAccording Today is a blessed day

Today is a blessed day
Level 3 Sloth achievement with this mediocre team
on my first weekly game
-I was really in feeling down and this made me happy!
I don't know what is the chances I've been playing for a year now, had it appear like 4-5 times and never been able to level it to 3 nor win with it.

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2023.03.20 17:12 JoeKikArsenal Psychology study results from a study I recruited for here last year!

Hi thesims, I’m back bearing research findings!
TL;DR: I recruited for my PhD research here and promised the mods I’d come back with the results which you can check out here and here!
For those of you who don’t remember me, I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto studying emotions and videogames. A while ago I recruited from this subreddit for one of my studies, and I promised the mods I would come back and post my findings. I’m also currently running another study to wrap up my dissertation work (for which you can fill out the eligibility screener here, and find out the finer details about below!). In my last study, I was looking at two different aspects of the affective experience of gamers; namely, tilt and dysregulated gaming (i.e., ‘videogame addiction’).
For tilt, I wanted to find out the relationship between people’s motives for gaming, their ability to regulate their emotions, and their tilt frequency. What I found was that both competitive gratification motives (i.e., playing games to improve your skill at the game) and mood management motives (i.e., playing games to improve your mood) both independently predicted tilt frequency. I also found that emotion dysregulation (i.e., the inability to regulate your emotions) was only found to play a significant moderating role in the relationship between competitive gratification motives and tilt frequency, but not mood motives and tilt frequency. What this suggests to me is that if you’re often fueled by competitive motives for gaming and find yourself tilting too frequently, one thing you might consider working on is your ability to reappraise performance failures as opportunities for improvement to help manage the negative emotional sting that sets off the cycle of tilt. That being said, this wasn’t an experimental study so we can’t infer the causal direction of any of these relationships. Thanks to your participation, I was able to present these findings at a sport psychology conference in Montreal (which you can check out here!).
On the topic of dysregulated gaming, I was interested to find out the role of emotion regulation as a protective buffer against videogame addiction. Most models/diagnostic criteria consider ‘mood management’ as either a core or peripheral component of videogame addiction – which also makes intuitive sense; if you play videogames to deal with your negative moods instead of addressing the actual cause of the negative mood, you’re gonna’ have a bad time. What I wanted to do here was take a more detailed look at emotion regulation abilities and how they relate to dysregulated gaming severity, while accounting for mood motives for gaming. What I found was that emotion regulation feedback responsiveness (i.e., your ability to monitor and adapt ongoing emotion-regulation strategies based on their current effectiveness) plays the largest protective role against problematic gaming both through its direct path to dysregulated gaming severity, and its indirect path through mood motives for gaming. Again, thanks to you fine folks being so generous with your time and participation, I was able to present these findings at a social psychology conference in Atlanta (which you can check out here!). I’m also currently working on writing up these findings for publication. Let me know if you’re interested in reading the full paper, and I can share it with you if/when it gets published!
All this to say, thank you all so much for taking the time to participate in my research – you’ve really helped carry me through grad school! I have one more study that I’m running to cap off my dissertation that I’m still recruiting for. For this one, I want to take a more detailed look at how moods and gaming relate to each other throughout the day. It involves downloading an app that pings you throughout the day to report your current mood, whether you’re playing videogames, and a few other questions. I know that’s a big ask, so I’m putting up $500 (CAD) in prizes for this one. Every time you answer one of the pings, you get an entry into the draw for 1 of 5 $100 gift cards to the platform of your choice. If you answer 80% or more of the pings, you get a bonus full-day’s-worth of entries in the draw. If you’re interested in participating, here’s the link to my eligibility screener survey. Also, please note that if you checked the box saying “Let me know about future research opportunities” in my previous study, you may have already received an email asking you to participate in this one!
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2023.03.20 17:12 GunchaKoi A photo my friend has on his status.

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2023.03.20 17:12 stepan213 GPT4.0 Down?

For the past few hours, I can't get any response out of GPT 4.0.
It just stays on "writing", but never actually starts.
I have tried deleting previous conversations, logging out/in and clearing my browser cache.
GPT 3.5 works fine.
Can't get any response out of OpenAI.
I understand it is a technological preview, but for $20 a month, I expect it to be at least working somehow.
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2023.03.20 17:12 23_arret_32 Why doesn't my body battery charge properly? Why is my stress score so high while I'm asleep?

I (18M) always have a low body battery score and high stress. My body battery never charges above 50, unless I forget to wear it while I'm sleeping then it sometimes goes up to 75. I don't know how to change this, or if there's something wrong with my watch (Vivomove sport). I do feel tired constantly, but not as tired as it reports I should do.
In terms of exercise, I do weight training 3-5 days a week and walk my dog for at least 40 minutes a day everyday. I do ten minutes of cardio along with my weight training sessions, usually just the stair machine or something. Sometimes I also go hiking at the weekends.
My sleep hygeine is good. I have an evening routine that I start at least an hour before bed: I dim the lights, turn off my phone, take a bath or meditate, put out my clothes for tomorrow, fill up my water bottle, set my alarm clock, brush my teeth, and head to bed. My room is cool, clean and totally dark. I don't charge my phone in my room. I eat early in the evening most days (with rare exceptions), and I avoid all caffeine after 3pm.
I get up at a regular time and have a morning routine too.
I consciously take steps to manage my stress. I do breathing exercises, spend time with friends, do walking meditation, and I journal. I also try to take time out to sit and rest while doing chilled activities like reading.
I struggle with both my mental and physical health, so I'm really conscious about all of this stuff. My therapist, doctor and psychiatrist have all said my current routine is about as good as it gets in terms of stress management and getting a good night's sleep.
So what's going on?
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2023.03.20 17:12 CH1CK3NW1N95 [M4A] Misadventures in Duskwall

"The criminal is the creative artist; the detective only the critic." -G.K. Chesterton
The moon setting in the west marked the end of another day for the folk in the city of Duskwall, and Monty was glad to be out on one of his evening walks.
He had all he needed for such an activity; the discreetly-armored clothes on his back, the trusty knife and pistol on his belt, and the wits in his head. His walk took him from the industrial district of Coalridge where machines belched smoke and noise and workers labored to keep the Imperium's production needs met, to the many-hued vice dens of Silkshore where any imaginable vice or illicit product could be found if one knew how to look and who to ask. From the views of the Spark Wall that kept out the legions of ghosts from the Deathlands, to the park that was lit with trees than glowed with light both eerie and comforting. He saw many people on his wanderings that night; a Bluecoat patrol he had narrowly escaped, a thief he knew well and claimed several favors from, a crew of Railjacks that had helped him with smuggling operations on the trains in days not long past, and many others, for he was a well-connected man with a finger in many pies and an ear to many grounds.
As he wandered, he thought, for he found it claiming and focusing to walk through the city, following no path and pursuing no errand. The Crows had collapsed, following one daring heist too many, and had cast the Crow's Foot, the city's most crime-ridden district, into war as the scavengers convened to pick up the pieces and fill the power vacuum. The Crows had been the uncrowned kings and queens of the city's underworld, which meant in the end that they fell with the force of a dying leviathan, tearing asunder the web of grudges and favors they had woven and throwing the city's underworld into chaos.
Monty knew he had a responsibility to his own crew, and he intended to make something of them out of all this. They had been getting by, starting from the bottom, subsisting on the crumbs and scraps that fell their way when the big players were done with the feast of the day. But with the old powers fallen, the field had been leveled and untold hordes of wealth and power were up for grabs. Monty planned to see that his crew prospered, for they were his friends, his comrades, his dear confidants for whom he would match through fire and lay down life and limb.
As the night grew from young to full, Monty had gotten his thoughts in order, and walked back to his crew's lair. It wasn't much, but it serves them well enough, and if Monty had his way, it would be expanded before the year was out. He stopped to get some chicken and greens, wanting to treat the crew with something more than simple eel pie and rice portage. When he got to the crew's lair, he gladly took up his role as the cook, and began making dinner, chatting all the while and enjoying the company of friends.
When dinner was served, goat cheesecake was in the oven, and beer was being poured, Monty looked at all the crew with his trademark grin; the one that said he had a plan and something very worth noting was about to happen.
"Boys and girls, Crow's Foot's gone to shit and back, things are starting to heat up all across the city, and if you're all with me, we're gonna use all that to take our place as top dogs and be living like kings by this time next year."
He leaned back in his seat, and raised a glass of Skovland beer that tasted like mulling spices and the far-off promise of victory."
"But first, a toast, to the beginning of something big."
Hi there! Thanks for reading :D
I find myself driven, as of late, to indulge my love for the Blades in the Dark TTRPG and for written roleplay, so why not do both at the same time? Two good things at the same time are usually guaranteed to be even more gooder, except well-mixed drinks and life-saving surgery, but my point stands in general.
I'd like to do a story of a small, low-down criminal gang rising in the ranks of the underworld in the Victorian, gothic-steampunk/dieselpunk, occultish city of Duskwall. The setting is rich and there's a lot of detail to go into, so it's impossible to give a truly comprehensive pitch while keeping it simple, but if I had to summarize this setting in three sentences, it would be as follows:
"The sun vanished from the sky a thousand years ago, alongside the Gates of Death shattering and allowing ghosts and occult magic into the world. The city is a mashup of London, Paris, and Venice, in roughly Victorian times with a hefty helping of steampunk/dieselpunk/electropunk technology al-la Dishonored meets The Order 1886. The city is home to a lot of criminals, with a thriving, complex underworld that has recently been thrown into chaos due to the toppling of its most powerful gang, and in which our characters will take part."
If that setting intrigues you, then I'd be happy to explain more! Also, no knowledge of the setting is needed, I plan to play a character in the gang who is knowledgeable about the setting and its people so I can be a guide both in the story and out. My basic plan is that we'd each plan a few characters in the gang, as well as create the gang itself together.
If anyone is curious, I'm male, 24 years of age, and from the EST time zone. I've been roleplaying for about half my life and playing Shadowrun for 6 or 7 years, so while I'm not a grandmaster of either, I think I know enough about both to create an awesome story with someone who wants to work with me. I'd be happy to send a writing sample to anyone who wants to verify that for themselves. I can usually crack off at least a few posts a week; I try to go for one or more a day as much as I can, with moderate success since my job is taxing and I sometimes don't have the energy to write much. But I'll always do my best to keep up, since this is one of my favorite hobbies and I love this setting a hell of a lot. I can generally put two or three good-sized paragraphs in my post, sometimes more depending on what's going on. I'd also like my partner to be interested in planning out the story from the start, since this is your story too if you decide to play it out with me.
I'd ideally like somebody who can match my average of 2 or 3 paragraphs, who is 20 or over, who writes in 3rd person, and who communicates openly; otherwise, I'm open to writing with anybody I vibe with, :). Come one come all; if you're interested in this prompt (and please include the word "Machiavellian" in your message to let me know you read it all), then I'm interested in talking more with you about it. I can't address every detail or question someone might have in this post, so if you have any questions or comments, PM me here and I'll be glad to answer them.
I hope to hear from you soon! :D
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2023.03.20 17:12 lazymentors Here’s What Happened on Social Media Last Week (Marketing Edition)

Top 5 Updates of the Week:




Meta :









If you liked this, you can subscribe here to receive these updates every week with sources & more resources to help.
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2023.03.20 17:12 Tobbster1 Before homebrewing

With the Nintendo 3DS Eshop coming shutting down, I’m thinking of homebrewing my 3DS.
I was wondering if games downloaded through the Hshop can communicate with legit copies of Nintendo game, say if an “hshop” version of Pokémon heart gold can communicate with A legit Pokémon soul silver or any other gen 4 or 5 Pokémon game. Or if an “hshop version” of Pokémon crystal can communicate with poke-transportePokémon bank
Thanks in advance for all the help
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2023.03.20 17:12 MiriannaSanderson Is It Bad if You're Only Vomiting Clear, Sticky Fluids, Even after Food? And Other CHS Bric-à-Brac

Hey y'all! Going through what I believe to be CHS. Started getting telltale signs of it no matter how much or how little I smoked. Tried weaning for the first couple of days but the nausea was just coming back so intense, so yesterday was my first CHS day with no weed at all. Lucky, the nausea has been getting a little better day by day, but I feel like I spend hours of the day just retching. Vomiting is rare, and when it does happen, it's mostly a clear, sticky fluid, sometimes foamy. I even ate some Five Guys fries last night and had a bunch of retching, but only tiny little bits of the fries came up. The abdominal pain has started to flare up today, and that fucks me up because I'm someone who started using so she could stop her intractable, intense abdominal cramps. Hot showers and heating pads help, but only for so long, and I try not to use them collectively more than 5 times a day because of their increased risk of dehydration. I'm trying my best to stay out of the hospital because I've already gotten tardive akathisia from a previous antipsychotic (Abilify) and would very much not like another tardive movement disorder from haloperidol. That and I already feel like my skeleton wants to crawl out of its skin. I don't want that to actually happen lmao. But...I'm homeless in Seattle and I DO have insurance, so like...Do y'all think the doctors would listen what I had to say if I said absolutely no haloperidol?? I feel like a walking zombie, and I can only get about 1½-2 hours of sleep before abruptly being woken up again by my asshole of a body.
Hoping to get a little more clarity, and hoping y'all have speedy recoveries if y'all are going through this. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy: it's absolute torture.
P.S. Can you tell by the disorganized writing that I'm likely going through CWS too??? 😵‍💫🤢
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2023.03.20 17:11 Sasha-Jelvix Watch these WEBSITE SECURITY tips before it's too late.

In this video, we'll tell you how to keep your #business #safe from #hackers and give you the top 5 website security tips for your employees and site - make sure to watch the video to the end for the most important tip.
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2023.03.20 17:11 museumsplendor Have your toilet paper and baby food stocked up. They are getting ready for a new round of population reduction strategies and terror:

Have your toilet paper and baby food stocked up. They are getting ready for a new round of population reduction strategies and terror: submitted by museumsplendor to HermanCainDebate [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 17:11 GoodBenefit ELI5 why do you feel easily out of breath after not exercising for a while?

I had to run for like 5 minutes today and I coughed for a long time after. Dr says my lungs sound fine, so I assume it’s just that I’m very out of shape. But I never knew why that happens in the first place, so I wanted to ask!
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2023.03.20 17:11 cantbeatth3matt [WTS] M81 MicroFight MK4

Here is an only basement larped in M81 Microfight MK4. M81 is basically sold out on the website, and this comes with some extra goodies. Includes fat strap, back strap, 5.56x3 insert, 7.62x2 insert, half-flap, and brand new Velcro placard backing. I’m looking to get $140 for the whole shabang.
Woodland vibes
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2023.03.20 17:11 turtledragon27 Why I chose Drexel over community college

Hi everyone, I will be attending drexel in the fall. I received no financial aid and will be going into $280k of debt to attend here, but I had no other choice. People around me said that community college was a viable option, but we all know that it doesn't really work and the lizard elite use it to steal our youth and waste time that could be spent getting a real education, thus keeping us poor and in the working class. Like seriously, how is it possible to teach complex subjects like history, accounting, and business calculus when students are barely paying $6k tuition? Any look at the average university tuition will make it plain as day that the materials for these advanced courses couldn't possibly be cheap. Anyway, glad to join you in the coming fall. The debt is a little concerning, but with co-op earnings (minus living costs of course) I expect to already cover about -5% of it. If anyone has struggle meal recommendations for cheap eats on the crippling debt I will undertake or even best bridges to live under please let me know.
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