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2015.02.19 01:04 Kenziecat Time Clickers

Your mission starts now! Collect gold, upgrade your click pistol & hire a team of elite sharp-shooters to help with defeating the enemies in this free shooter idle game.

2011.09.11 21:01 Oppressedtoaster SlashDiablo: A Diablo II Community Server

The official subreddit for a fantastic Diablo II community server.

2023.03.27 16:00 Ok_Anywhere741 +20 for the bot. (I already added the rest to the bot on my previous username last year, which I deleted for privacy reasons.. Basically, I'm highly regarded) 🟣🚀🐱🐒

+20 for the bot. (I already added the rest to the bot on my previous username last year, which I deleted for privacy reasons.. Basically, I'm highly regarded) 🟣🚀🐱🐒 submitted by Ok_Anywhere741 to GME [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 16:00 AutoModerator No judgment questions zone - March 27, 2023

Here is the place to post questions about pest ID, coral/fish ID, your cycle, or any other questions that generally wouldn't start up a conversation. If you have an interesting or unique question please create a new thread so everyone can discuss it in length!

Pest ID guide

BRS pest guide
BRS beginner resources
BRS 52 weeks of reefing YouTube series
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2023.03.27 16:00 Naive_Perspective400 Voice pitch

Hi all, First of all, I'm vegan for almost 3 years and I'm not at all think this is something against veganism. I also don't believe phytoestrogen lead to feminizing effects on men... please guys, just don't cancel me, this is just an honest question
But, something that striked me since the beggining (3 years ago) was that most of the male vegan activists have a high pitch voice. I just find this very weird. Of course my logical thinking points to say it is just a coincidence, but the ratio just seems not normal... anybody also noticed that? Or I'm crazy?
I mean, the activists that brought me into veganism like Earthling Ed, Gary Yourofsky, Joey Carbstrong, Paul Bashir (AV founder), Humane Hancock, Vegan Gains... all of them have the same feminine voice pitch.
I follow these guys since the beggining, and I remember that I noticed this fact from the start. Today I follow more incredible vegans like Ryan (happy healthy vegan), David Ramms, Mic the vegan, Simnett Nutrition.
I mean, again, all these guys are great and I love their content, it's just so weird all of them have feminine voices. Just seems statistically improbable that to be so common...
Does anybody have a theory why that's the case?
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2023.03.27 16:00 grsftw Upcoming MSP & Autotask Industry Events

Your one-stop-shop for upcoming MSP and IT industry events. Be sure to make that conference you keep missing!
Upcoming Events
ASCII Edge 2023 Dallas Apr 19th 2023
Kaseya Connect Global 2023 Apr 24th 2023
SMB TechFest Q2 2023 May 4th 2023
Full List
You can check out the full list, which usually goes forward a full year, here. We have an actual person with an actual KPI doing actual research to do actual updates to the list regularly.
RSS Feed
Follow the RSS feed in your newsreader if you prefer that format. Kick up your feet, drink some Mountain Dew, and keep current.

Get Paid to Review an Event

Most of us can't go to EVERY event. Or even more than one event per year. Let's share tips and techniques with one another!
Giant Rocketship will pay you US$100 for a 500+ word review of a conference for our events blog and we will match that with an additional US$100 donation to any charity of your choice that is in good standing with CharityWatch. (Naturally, if you are outside the US we will make a US$100 equivalent donation to your local charity so long as the charity is listed in a similar database.)

Submit an Event

Are we missing an event that you believe should be added? [Email us](mailto:[email protected])! We just need the name and URL and we'll do the rest.
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2023.03.27 16:00 Haunted_Marie13 IC or OAB? Or residual skin condition? 30F.

Long story short, I had a UTI 6 months ago; took antibiotics which caused a YI, used monistat and got chemical burns from it. Burned my whole inner vulvar area (inner labia minora, vaginal opening, vagina and urethra). The pain was 12/10 awful and I was pretty sure I had vulvodynia for life at that point. However 3 months ago the persistent vaginal/vestibule burning stopped and I’ve been pain free from that for two months with no sign of it returning (thank goodness) but I now am left experiencing urinary urgency, no frequency unless I drink a ton of liquids in a day, burning after urination that comes and goes, and occasional urinary incontinence. No pelvic or bladder pain though. Just urgency, some incontinence and urethral burning/pinching.
When the skin reaction occurred, my urethra burned 25/8 and I felt like I had to pee every 5 minutes and it spasmed constantly. Over time it has lessened and now I only experience sudden urgency when my bladder is full and random burning after urination. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it either. However it does spasm and hurt after a long bout of sitting I’ve noticed but not always.
I’m currently trying to figure out if a bad skin reaction to a topical medication could cause IC/OAB or if my urethra is just burnt still/has tissue damage and my residual PFD is contributing to urgency after months of my muscles guarding from the pain I was in for those three months of straight fire vagina.
Any advice/thoughts would be helpful. I am going to pt (3 sessions in so far) and my urologist is leaning towards OAB but isn’t sure yet. I also have tailbone pain which is being resolved in pt if that helps at all.
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2023.03.27 16:00 Swaroop_Humane Suggestion required for Choosing PMP textbook.

I have completed AR's and JP's course from Udemy. Now I would like to start reading from the book. Please suggest which book I should consider buying which covers both Predictive and Agile Project management. If you have other option then please comment. Thanks in Advance.
View Poll
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2023.03.27 16:00 Naisele_x3 Roth 401k vs traditional 401k pros and cons

So….. i been working at Walmart for a year now, and a couple months ago I started investing in my 401k. I been looking for advice….. im going to do a lot of research to make sure I’m investing in something that’s worth it. Meanwhile for the 401k im doing the 10%, (and that’s the max that the company is offering and they also do the match ) what im still debating is if I should stay with my traditional 401k or the roth 401k. I’m planning to stay for a couple years with the company because I’ll be attending school for nursing and Walmart offers a good scholarship. I don’t know much about the roth 401k but i heard it’s better, they do a 5 year tax free when you withdraw the money so I figured since im going to stay until I graduate i should do it but im not so sure…. Im confused and I don’t know with which one should I go for :/ 
And don’t know a lot about the pros and cons
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2023.03.27 16:00 iwillriseup96 I went 6 days clean, and I will keep going!

Basically, I have been posting here about my journey, and the main reason behind quitting porn is how insanely fucked my porn use has gotten. I get off to shemale porn, and from imagining myself being the girl in porn and what not and I even considered myself to be bi, which I never was up till the age of 23-24. I'm 26 now.
But I have been slowly recovering, with yoga, I'm able to subside these urges and I also have noticed that I don't lose my cool too often so easily lately.
Yesterday I had amazing sex with my gf, and I could stay hard all the way. I want to keep going, and recover. Lately I have also been trying to focus on how the sex 'feels' to get aroused, instead of imagining the act of sex.
Even in my before attempts to quit, things like sex does start to feel good again just few days in of quitting porn, but I want to reach a point where the urge to watch something is reduced to manageable levels, which I'm still struggling with at times. But tbh I wouldn't be able to go at all if I wasnt doing some relaxation practises with yoga and meditation.
Sometimes a smile and a deep breath is all it takes to calm down the urge.
Thanks for reading, love you all and without this community it would be really difficult really.
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2023.03.27 15:59 Patient_Mode_608 ‘Broken And Forgotten’ Dog Can’t Stop Smiling After He Realizes He’s Being Rescued

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2023.03.27 15:59 Traditional-Sun9478 Shido MasterCard launching tomorrow!

Shido MasterCard launching tomorrow!

Issue a Virtual Shido MasterCard in just a minute.

Shido MasterCard is the most versatile Crypto card with highest limits. Access your liquidity instantly and start spending your crypto in over 158 countries worldwide.

Big launch tomorrow!

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2023.03.27 15:59 ThrowRA09210314 My(21M)boyfriend(23F) have a girl friend always make me Confuse and fighting

So it's the story! My boyfriend (23M) have a girl friend (22F) they know each other like 1.5 year, I've been with my bf together 1 year+, We started quarreling because they kept talking every day, no matter what happened, sometimes just joking or sharing videos with each other.It hasn't stopped for nearly a year,After I talked to my boyfriend, he try to less talk, but his friend still always sent messages.After an argument, he asked his friend to add my number. His friend told me that they were just friends, so let me not be jealous. She just regarded my boyfriend as her brother.Two days after this happened, she blocked my story and sent a pic with my bf, the pic is they hug (She is wearing my boyfriend's sweater and holding my boyfriend's phone.)When I saw it somewhere else, I was very angry But my bf don't understand me, he just feel m soo kids and negative,Maybe it's because my country is not very open-minded!( He and she are from the same country and met in my country. I am a local. )After this happened, my boyfriend stopped talking to her and tried to ease our relationship, but then they started talking again, but it was not a big deal for me anymore! Cuz my mind already have too much things! When my boyfriend and I were in a stable relationship, something new happened. They shared each other's location in the find my iPhone.( I always shared my position with him. He didn't want to because he thought he needed privacy we live in the same city , and the girl was in another city. )I'm sad because they did even what he and I didn't do.But I let myself calm down, because too many quarrels let me know that we won't solve anything, and they will be the same as before, and he will only think that I don't trust him, but this is not a problem of trust. Until this happened, we argued again.We adopted a stray cat together. We took him to the hospital for check, I bought him enough food and daily necessities. We are very happy every day, because we have more happiness and memories in life with kittens. Then the day before yesterday, he told me that the girl bought cat food for the cat. He saw the unhappiness on my face. When the cat food arrived yesterday, he took it home and I wanted to throw it away, because the cat food was only 25rmb, and there was not even meat in the ingredient list, only rice and wheat etc,I don't like what she bought. I wanted to throw it away, but he didn't want to, so we quarreled. He thought I was naive and crazy, and always quarreled over unnecessary things.I just think she is too involved in my boyfriend's life. No matter what, there is her,I broke up with him. He was drunk. We met yesterday and had dinner together. I don't know what I should do. I know we can't live without each other, but he has made it clear many times that he doesn't want to end his friendship and he doesn't want to lose friends to satisfy his girlfriend.
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2023.03.27 15:59 ckypress I need an aim shrink

This may sound stupid to you, but I've been down an aiming rabbit hole for so many years, I can't retain a grip style, mouse, or even a mouse pad anymore.
When I started reading up on how to improve my aim 6 years ago, I didn't think much about grip style and all the other intricacies of aiming. I just bought a proper gaming mouse, turned my sens down, put my arm on the table, and practiced. So I improved rather rapidly, and felt a great sense of competence and passion for aiming. But then I started to notice a lot of details holding me back, like grip style, arm position, friction, type of mouse, type of mouse pad, etc etc. I began experimenting with everything, and slowly but certainly I lost all "identity" and consistency. My grip style slowly developed from a normal palm/claw hybrid, to a fucked up grip where I barely hold the mouse by the tail, which is inconsistent as fuck, and not practical at all. AND I CAN'T GO BACK. Because I gradually go back to this grip when I play, even though I focus on using a healthier grip. If I mimic my old grip, or a normal claw grip like a lot of players use, I can't aim for shit anymore.
After these six years, I own over 20 mice, 10+ mousepads, skates, grip tapes, etc etc, and I keep buying new stuff, even though it always ends up the same way. This has also affected my life over the years, where I put off important stuff to try my new "scheme" to get perfect aim, which in the end, doesn't even lead to improvement, it just leads to depression.
I need someone who's gone through the same struggles, and gotten out of the rabbit hole. Someone who can listen to all my intricate thoughts about aiming, understand them, and guide me in a healthy direction. If a person/profession like that even exists. "Just stop thinking about it, click heads, and you'll do fine" doesn't work for me. Aiming is my passion. I love having good aim. But I've thought about just selling my computer so I don't continue wasting my life. But I know it's possible for me to find a normal style/setup I just keep, and start improving properly, so I can enjoy one of my greatest passions.
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2023.03.27 15:59 autofloweraway How does inflation reduce the mortgage burden if interest rates rise?

Kinda dumb question. Looking to FTB in the next month or two.
I always hear that despite rate increases, inflation reduces the mortgage burden and can make it less painful in the long term.
I get how this makes sense on paper, as the 200k you borrowed for example will be worth less in 10 years say.
But isn’t this benefit wiped out by potential interest rate rises when you come to the end of a given fixed term or if you’re just on a tracker? You could potentially have more interest than you started with, with a rate rise and remortgage right?
Does this ever actually balance out when inflation cools off and provide a noticeable financial benefit?
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2023.03.27 15:59 ErickaL4 [IWantOut] 39F Europe -> USA

I am American. I have been living in Europe for several years now. I am married to a EU citizen. I really would like to go back to the states with my husband to live and start a new life. He is very open to the idea of living in America. However, since I left my country I feel things are changing for the worse. Which states still have some hope for career, good lifestyle? He is keen on NE. He is an engineer, working on his phd and I am a teacher. Thank you.
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2023.03.27 15:59 Vileroth11 Learning to Fly Fish

I am looking for advice on learning to fly fish. I’ve dabbled a little but I was just gifted several rods and would love to start learning. How did you guys learn? Are there courses or coaches or anything like that? Or is it just a matter of get out and go? I don’t want to develop any bad habits. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.27 15:59 datboylarry Performance drops out of nowhere

Hi everyone,
I’m currently on a PC with a 2070 Super and AMD 3600x. I have been running this setup for about a year now and over the past month or two I have noticed some major performance drops and an overall lower avg FPS than the standard. I have no idea what started to cause this, but it’s really getting bothersome. I’m not too knowledgeable on where the source could have stemmed from, but any insight is always appreciated!
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2023.03.27 15:59 Blahblkusoi ChatGPT tells a story and has an existential meltdown. My favorite ever moment with this thing.

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2023.03.27 15:59 Inuyasha8908 First Haul of March

First Haul of March
I know there are some light novels but still, a good cross section of my random and varied interests.
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2023.03.27 15:59 MaddoEngineer [FOR HIRE] Pixel art animations ranging from $15 to $55 plus full scenes with animated backgrounds starting at $150 (depending on size and complexity, the default price is for 640x360 pixels). Check my carrd in my profile for more details, offers and more of my art.

[FOR HIRE] Pixel art animations ranging from $15 to $55 plus full scenes with animated backgrounds starting at $150 (depending on size and complexity, the default price is for 640x360 pixels). Check my carrd in my profile for more details, offers and more of my art. submitted by MaddoEngineer to commissions [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 15:59 CrustyAmoeba Bionicle Heroes Videogame weapons are based on previous Toa Weapons

Bionicle Heroes Videogame weapons are based on previous Toa Weapons
Don't know if it was common knowledge but the weapon you start with is based on the Original Toa Mata's Weapons. Such as Gali Mata's hook or Lewas Axe. Then when you upgrade them they go by the toa metru designs such as nokamas fin and then finally the Inika Weapons. Cool detail.
Gali Mata's Hook
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2023.03.27 15:59 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery
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You’ve stumbled across this page for a reason.
It’s not because you’ve heard of this crazy new business model called ‘SMMA’ and it’s not because you’re struggling to sign your first client.
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You know that you can reach the upper echelon of agency owners making six-and-seven figures, whilst working less than six-and-seven hours a week. You just don’t know how… My name’s Iman Gadzhi and since 2017, I’ve run IAG Media. In this time, I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, enjoyed six-figure months and made my clients millions.
I’ve also lost multiple clients in a row, been over-worked and chained to the agency that I started to give me freedom.
All the while, I’ve refined, tweaked and optimized my agency whilst also creating GrowYourAgency.com – the world’s largest education company for agency owners.
But in early 2020, I realised there was a problem. For every beginner agency owner desperate to sign their first client, there were three experienced agency owners desperate for guidance, systems and processes, and a solution to their broken agency model.
It’s why I created Copy Paste Agency…
…not so I can show you how to sign a client or perform basic outreach.
So you could take, copy and paste the exact methods I use in my own agency into your agency. Copy Paste Agency students learn:
How I continue to run a multiple-six-figure agency from home with a skeleton staff and minimal expenses.
How to command higher retainers… and retain those clients for longer.
How to automate, delegate, and optimize every area of your agency from lead generation and sales to service delivery and client communication.
Plus get access to the latest tools and software used by my own agency, IAG Media such as reporting templates.
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2023.03.27 15:59 LieSudden1073 Delayed Throttle response

I have a 2014 Ninja 650. Bought it used at about 5k miles, and it's now around 9k miles.
So about 3-4 months ago, I noticed that the throttle response was delayed whether I'm at a complete stop or even in 4 / 5th gear.
What happens is, when I rev the bike after i've fully released the clutch, I have to rev VERY slowly (abnormally slow) to match RPMs. However, if I roll on the throttle a little heavier, as if I am trying to get a quick take-off from the line, or speed past a car quickly in 4th or 5th gear on highway, I can see the RPMs shoot up, and hear the engine roar, but the bike doesn't change in speed and takes 5 or so seconds until it finally catches up to RPMs.
Things I have tried are replacing the Engine Filter, which was filthy. I tried adjusting the Clutch Cable, and it looks like the person who had it before me replaced the clutch handle, perhaps incorrectly? I'm not too experienced with bike maintenance as this is my first bike, but Youtube has been my go to for all these things. The only thing I am thinking is that the clutch cable may still be the issue. Does any one have any other suggestions?
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