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2023.06.10 20:37 irbytay UNIT - A REIT with Insider buying.

Hello fellow market investors.
Let's start with what UNIT does.
Now some research.
When you think about our country, everything runs on the internet. It's the backbone of the digital world. Cell towers, businesses, and residents all require internet and is still expanding. Cell services are moving into the home internet market. Personally I have an average share price of $3.18 and wouldn't mind another buying opportunity but I don't see any reason for this stock to be any lower.
Let me know your thoughts! -Irbs
Happy investing and remember this is my own research. Take ownership on your own gains and/or losses. It's not my fault!
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2023.06.10 20:36 KenzoSatori Which of these used cars should I consider buying?

I'm in college, my budget is very limited, but I do have a 2013 Chevy Spark to trade in. My main criteria are being under $10k, not needing any expensive work, under 200k miles, and looking good only as a bonus since it would be my daily. These are some listings I've found recently:
All of these are from used dealerships as I'd kind of need to trade in with my Spark.
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2023.06.10 20:29 likescacti Logistics of 18k per year living stipend

I (23 M) am going to be starting a PhD program here soon (will last 4-5 years). Typical starting incomes for someone in my field are about 75-85k with room for growth (average mid career incomes being approx. 110k once you get experience). The school is giving me 18k distributed over a year in 12 monthly paychecks (~1,500 a month). It's a low cost of living area. I currently have no debts. I have fair-good credit.
I have a paid off 2008 Scion XD (128k miles on it). About 7k in savings. Insurance is $75 a month. I found an apartment (with roommates) that'll be 425 a month (including utilities). I'll live on campus ($100 a year for parking pass). I plan to NOT drive as much as humanly possible and just make do walking when I can.
I personally consider myself a minimalist and attempt to only buy/keep whatever I need or would truly be meaningfully less happy without. The school is unfortunately on the other side of the country (US) so I'll have to put 1k miles on my car (and pay for gas) to get there. Fortunately, I can fit everything into my relatively small car due to my minimizing practices.
Broken down. Income will be 1,500. Monthly expenses will be about 520. Before factoring in food, clothes, personal hygiene products, gas, etc. How should I go about making a budget for these things? My hope would be to just live off the stipend and only touch my 7k savings in the event of an emergency (my biggest fear is my car breaking down. It seems to be in good condition! I just hate going into a 4-5 program with a car that has over 100k miles).
I'm horrible at managing money. I guess what I'm asking for is for people to give me tips on making my money work on this low stipend? I'm trying to really keep costs low. Or if anyone has good advice for creating a budget. I'll admit it, I'm not financially literate.
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2023.06.10 20:27 ShadowAssassin96 Recommendation for Commuter Scooter

Looking for a Scooter to use on my commute so I can stop renting Spin/Lime/Bird whenever I got into the office 3 days a week. Work is in SF, so I drive to a Caltrain station and ride the train to the last stop closest to my office, and from there I ride 1.5 miles to the office one way, usually takes about 7 minutes, so a 3-mile total commute on the scooter at the end of the day. And unlike the norm for SF there's really only 1 hill I need to deal with that is not particularly steep, so I don't think I need a dual motor. No plans to ride it elsewhere in SF, and near my home it's far more flat. From there, I need to carry the scooter into the office with me.
I was looking into the Segway Ninebot D18w originally, but seen a lot of comments here saying its not particularly good. I was also looking at the Ninebot G30LP or the Niu KQI2 if I could find a good deal on either of them, but slightly concerned about their portability for carrying on the train and into the office given their weight.
Other scooters I've been looking into are others I've seen commuters around me riding recently: Unagi, Volpam, Isinwheel.
Anyone have any good recommendations? Are the G30LP or the KQI2 more portable/easier to carry than they seem? Is the D18W not as bad as a lot of posts on this sub seem to make it out to be? Trying not to spend over $500 if I can help it.
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2023.06.10 20:27 DetectiveDowntown903 Out of State and Decor

Hi I’m moving about 1,500 miles away from my house for college. I might be flying which changes all of this, but should I wait to buy comforters other things till I get there? I’m worried most stuff will be sold out around me once I get there (late August).
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2023.06.10 20:18 PianoDaddy Tu Mile Dil Khile Sargam Notes Stebin Ben

Tu Mile Dil Khile Sargam Notes Stebin Ben Available On Sargam Book.

StebinBen #Sargam #Harmonium #Flute #Notes #Notations #Lyrics #Classical #IndianMusic #Sitar #IndianClassicalMusic #Learn

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2023.06.10 20:18 Witness_Original Happy 500 miles, Max.

Happy 500 miles, Max.
First 500 miles done. This is the average. I commute 40 miles t to work each weekday. Doesn’t seem too bad. 🤷
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2023.06.10 20:04 Account18273 3rd Gen 2003 1500 - Gurgling, No Heat, Loosing Coolant

Picked up a used 1500 4.7 with 120k miles a few months ago that is mostly used for weekend hardware store trips. I noticed a gurgling noise and online posts said it was caused by low coolant. Within about 2000 miles I needed to add an entire gallon of coolant. About 500 miles later it’s gurgling again. Heater hasn’t worked since I got the truck, but not an issue where I live since it’s 90 degrees outside. However, it seems the issues may be connected?
I don’t see any leaking coolant on the ground. Where should I start? Bad heating elements? Head gasket?
Only done one oil change since I got the truck about 1k miles ago and oil looked fine.
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2023.06.10 19:41 majeed_isb My Trakt Lists.. (Updated) Enjoy!

My Pesonal Trakt Lists https://trakt.tv/users/majeed_pk/lists
1, Awards Season 2022-2023, https://trakt.tv/lists/23517805
2, YA Books Movie Adaptations, https://trakt.tv/lists/21882009
3, Documentaries, https://trakt.tv/lists/21583416
4, Foreign Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21583955
6, Books-to-Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21603107
7, History Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21603888
8, British Detective TV Series, https://trakt.tv/lists/21634756
9, Thriller movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21638849
10, Best Rom-Coms, https://trakt.tv/lists/21640025
11, Guide for the film fanatic, https://trakt.tv/lists/21653551
12, Psychological Thrillers, https://trakt.tv/lists/21662813
13, Academy Award for Best Sound, https://trakt.tv/lists/21663171
14, BFI Film Noir, https://trakt.tv/lists/21676442
15, Top Rated Drama Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21676562
16, Western Top 100 Movies - Rotten Tomatoes, https://trakt.tv/lists/21710514
17, Courtroom Dramas, https://trakt.tv/lists/21715794
18, Arthouse Films - List 1, https://trakt.tv/lists/21732518
19, Directory of World Cinema: Italy, https://trakt.tv/lists/21732605
20, AV Club: The best films of 2020, https://trakt.tv/lists/21732647
21, Studio Ghibli / Miyazaki - 45 Must Watch Titles, https://trakt.tv/lists/21738371
22, Directory of World Cinema: Finland - 90 Titles, https://trakt.tv/lists/21738401
23, BBC Culture’s 100 Greatest Foreign-language Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21738433
24, BFI Top 100, https://trakt.tv/lists/21738436
25, Martial Arts, https://trakt.tv/lists/21750038
26, War Movies - 240 Titles, https://trakt.tv/lists/21752655
27, Iranian Films: Film Magazine's Best 120 Iranian Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21752739
28, Visually Stunning, https://trakt.tv/lists/21752751
29, Best Philosophical Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21759920
30, Wuxia Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21759945
31, Music heavy movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21759959
32, Spoof /Parody Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21760015
33, BFI TV 100 - Year 2000 and earlier, https://trakt.tv/lists/21760044
34, Based on Real Life - Dramas Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21764919
35, Kids - Award Winning Indian Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21777564
36, Old School Kung Fu, https://trakt.tv/lists/21778783
37, Existentialist Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21793252
38, BAFTA - Best Film Award Winners, https://trakt.tv/lists/21793519
39, Academy Award Winner: Foreign Language films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21840222
40, Dark & Deeply Disturbing, https://trakt.tv/lists/21840300
42, Martial Arts - The Top 250 Greatest Movies of All-Time, https://trakt.tv/lists/21840363
44, History movies with religion focus, https://trakt.tv/lists/21846024
45, Cheating - Cuckold, https://trakt.tv/lists/21865661
46, The Best Prison Escape Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21867825
47, National Film Archive of India 125 Great Indian Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21867893
48, Comedies - BBC's The 100 Greatest of All Time, https://trakt.tv/lists/21873191
49, Animated - BFI's 100 Animated Feature Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21873206
50, BFI's Top 100 Documentary Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21873222
51, BFI's Top 360 Classic Feature Films Project, https://trakt.tv/lists/21873231
52, Asian Cinema 100 - Busan Int'l Film Festival List, https://trakt.tv/lists/21874143
53, 100 Spiritually Most Significant Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21874225
54, Butler's Fantasy Cinema: Impossible Worlds on Screen, https://trakt.tv/lists/21874287
55, Best French Films - César Award Winners, https://trakt.tv/lists/21874299
56, 100 Greatest Arab Films - DIFF, https://trakt.tv/lists/21874310
57, 100 Best Russian Films: Empire Russia's Readers' Choice, https://trakt.tv/lists/21874321
58, 100 Best Films of World Cinema - Empire Magazine, https://trakt.tv/lists/21874345
59, Eureka!'s The Masters of Cinema Series, https://trakt.tv/lists/21874353
60, Indian Feature Film - Golden Lotus Best Feature Film Award, https://trakt.tv/lists/21874367
61, Harvard University's Suggested Narrative Film Viewing List (350): (2012), https://trakt.tv/lists/21874384
62, Harvard University's Suggested Film Viewing List Non-Fiction Films - (120): (2012), https://trakt.tv/lists/21874399
63, Turkish Cinema - Hürriyet's The 100 Best Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21874411
64, Russian Guild of Film Critics's Best 100 Russian Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21874449
65, The New York Times' Book of 1001 Movies (2019), https://trakt.tv/lists/21874472
66, Drama Movies _ The Essential List, https://trakt.tv/lists/21880940
67, Cheating and Affairs, https://trakt.tv/lists/21867871
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70, World War II Films and TV, https://trakt.tv/lists/21881822
71, WWII TV Series, https://trakt.tv/lists/21881839
72, World War II in chronological order, https://trakt.tv/lists/21881936
73, World War II British Films: 226 Titles, https://trakt.tv/lists/21882001
74, Movies filmed in Seattle, https://trakt.tv/lists/21888442
75, Biographies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21899277
76, Biographical - Scientists and Inventors, https://trakt.tv/lists/21899297
77, Hollywood Golden Age Classics, https://trakt.tv/lists/21899488
78, Golden Age of Indian Cinema - 35 Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21899513
79, Twenty First Century Noir, https://trakt.tv/lists/21899542
80, Anti-Fascist Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21899588
81, Western - Spaghetti Westerns 500+ Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/21899611
82, Top Samurai Movies - 65 Titles, https://trakt.tv/lists/21899655
83, Hopeless Romantic Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21899725
84, Hopeless Backlog Movies List, https://trakt.tv/lists/21899740
85, Top List of Wall Street and Finance Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/21935124
86, The Lord of the Rings Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/22000291
87, Controversial Religious (& around religious & anti, https://trakt.tv/lists/22001414
88, Quentin Tarantino, https://trakt.tv/lists/22038626
89, The 100 Religious Films of All time, https://trakt.tv/lists/22001421
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92, Mental Health Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/22096229
93, Top 200 Psychological Thrillers, https://trakt.tv/lists/22096238
94, Political Thrillers, Conspiracy, Espionage, Terror, https://trakt.tv/lists/22096239
95, Top 100 - TV series, https://trakt.tv/lists/22097576
96, Punjabi - Top 100 Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/22097577
97, Top 100 Gangster Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/22097599
98, Top 100 TV Comedy Shows, https://trakt.tv/lists/22097600
99, Top 100 Prostitution Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/22097627
100, British TV Mini-Series, https://trakt.tv/lists/22098001
101, Painters Artists Writers, https://trakt.tv/lists/22101297
102, Indian submissions for the Academy Award for Best, https://trakt.tv/lists/22108939
103, Vintage British TV., https://trakt.tv/lists/22098084
104, Greatest Art Films in Indian Cinema, https://trakt.tv/lists/22108940
105, Best Indian Cinematography, https://trakt.tv/lists/22108945
106, Best Indian Feature Film - National Award, https://trakt.tv/lists/22108946
107, The Best Costume Dramas, https://trakt.tv/lists/22120963
108, Most expensive movies by country, https://trakt.tv/lists/22139343
109, Yearly Most Expensive Films 1933-2019, https://trakt.tv/lists/22139344
110, 100 Most Expensive Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/22139345
111, Low Budget Movies That Paid Off Big, https://trakt.tv/lists/22139346
112, Most Expensive Indian Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/22139347
113, Best Worldwide (18+ Adult Sex Erotic) Movies (2021), https://trakt.tv/lists/22146946
114, Films about Non-Traditional Religions, Sects, https://trakt.tv/lists/22152544
115, Directory of World Cinema_ Latin America, https://trakt.tv/lists/22190019
116, Directory of World Cinema_ Germany, https://trakt.tv/lists/22190020
117, Directory of World Cinema_ Japan, https://trakt.tv/lists/22190021
118, Directory of World Cinema_ India, https://trakt.tv/lists/22190143
119, Directory of World Cinema_ Scotland, https://trakt.tv/lists/22190144
120, Directory of World Cinema_ Brazil, https://trakt.tv/lists/22190245
121, The Best of Non-English Language Movies (World Cinema), https://trakt.tv/lists/22190309
122, Sensual and Erotic, https://trakt.tv/lists/22197015
123, keepers, https://trakt.tv/lists/22268098
124, Best Asian Erotic Movies (64), https://trakt.tv/lists/22197018
125, Documentários Históricos, https://trakt.tv/lists/22268099
126, History Epic Adventure Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/22268102
127, Oscar Nominated Movies for Best Adapted Screenplay, https://trakt.tv/lists/22268106
128, Emmy TV 2021, https://trakt.tv/lists/22268107
129, Action Movies (Top Rated From 1980 to Today), https://trakt.tv/lists/22351781
130, Directory of World Cinema_ Australia & New Zealand, https://trakt.tv/lists/22352451
131, Directory of World Cinema_ China, https://trakt.tv/lists/22352452
132, Directory of World Cinema_ Finland, https://trakt.tv/lists/22352458
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137, Nice, little independent (23) movies with nice little storyline, https://trakt.tv/lists/22420593
138, Movies About Business - 70, https://trakt.tv/lists/22420607
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140, Smart Movies for Smart People, https://trakt.tv/lists/22440316
141, Top 25 Satyajit Ray Best Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/22507864
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143, AFI Movie Club 2020+ - 529 titles, https://trakt.tv/lists/22534852
144, 35 Best Musical Movies of All Time, https://trakt.tv/lists/22534860
145, Pakistani Films - 102 Titles, https://trakt.tv/lists/22534971
146, Pakistan - Movie about or of - 40 Titles, https://trakt.tv/lists/22535037
147, Pakistani Tv Serials - 39 Titles, https://trakt.tv/lists/22535048
148, Best MAFIA & Gangsters TV SHOWS, https://trakt.tv/lists/22578892
149, Kenneth Branagh, https://trakt.tv/lists/22579305
150, The Complete List of Mafia & Gangsters Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/22578893
151, Top Ancient Greece Movies and TV, https://trakt.tv/lists/22591630
152, Chess Movies and Tv Series, https://trakt.tv/lists/22613435
153, Best Russian Movies. Thrillers and Science Fiction, https://trakt.tv/lists/22613447
154, South American or Hispanic Grindhouse Erotica, https://trakt.tv/lists/22613820
155, Best Kubrickian Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/22613821
156, Biopics of Writers, Poets and Playwright, https://trakt.tv/lists/22779783
157, Hollywood Movies with Telekinesis, Psychokinesis,, https://trakt.tv/lists/22613825
158, Stand-up Comedy, https://trakt.tv/lists/22780194
160, Martin Scorsese's World Cinema Project, https://trakt.tv/lists/22799342
161, British Film Institute BFI - 360 Classics, https://trakt.tv/lists/22799371
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164, Best Weird Movies List, https://trakt.tv/lists/22799660
165, 100 Best Brazilian films according to Abraccine, https://trakt.tv/lists/22799695
166, Academy Award winners and nominees for Best International Film, https://trakt.tv/lists/22799761
167, Best Picture Oscar Nominees by Year - Academy Award, https://trakt.tv/lists/22799903
168, AFI 100 Years... All Films (complete), https://trakt.tv/lists/22799919
169, AFI's 100 Years...100 Passions List, https://trakt.tv/lists/22800004
170, AMP's 30 Impressively Colored Movies from Asia, https://trakt.tv/lists/22802447
171, Empire's 500 Greatest Movies of All Time, https://trakt.tv/lists/22802614
172, Ariel Awards - Nominees for Best Mexican Picture, https://trakt.tv/lists/22802787
173, Best Psychosexual thrillers. Sexy Neo-Noir, https://trakt.tv/lists/22613834
174, Arts and Faith's top 100 Spiritually Significant, https://trakt.tv/lists/22802796
175, The 20 best Romanian movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/22802892
176, Movies like 2000 movie Malena., https://trakt.tv/lists/22613836
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181, Best Movies with Illuminati Elements, https://trakt.tv/lists/22613841
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216, 70s Tv Shows, https://trakt.tv/lists/23011502
217, 60s TV Shows, https://trakt.tv/lists/23011534
218, Oscar Nominated Movies for Best Cinematography, https://trakt.tv/lists/23011630
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220, Reality Shows, https://trakt.tv/lists/23053551
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224, War on Terror Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/23067522
225, American Revolution (1776-83), https://trakt.tv/lists/23067523
226, Top 18 Non-Violent, Non-Atrocity Wold War II Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/23067524
227, War Movies & Documentaries on German Luftwaffe, https://trakt.tv/lists/23067559
228, War - 1857 Indian Rebellion, https://trakt.tv/lists/23067560
229, War - World War I Drama Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/23067561
230, War - US Civil War Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/23067564
231, War - Soviet Afghan War, https://trakt.tv/lists/23067565
232, Greatest Retro TV Shows, https://trakt.tv/lists/23151524
233, Classic TV Shows, https://trakt.tv/lists/23151537
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236, My Favorite Russian Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/23197476
237, Classic British Gothic Horror, https://trakt.tv/lists/23197644
238, Classic British Comedy Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/23197645
239, Classic British Films., https://trakt.tv/lists/23197648
240, Keira Knightley Filmography, https://trakt.tv/lists/23198369
241, Top 100 Korean Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/23216634
242, Neo-Noir - Voiceover Narration., https://trakt.tv/lists/23233113
243, Non-Narrative Documentaries, https://trakt.tv/lists/23249003
244, Voiceover Narration Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/23233121
245, Serial Killer movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/23280878
246, 2022, https://trakt.tv/lists/23285154
247, European Cinematography Awards (ECA), https://trakt.tv/lists/23354519
248, George Clooney, https://trakt.tv/lists/23354520
249, Dark Calm but Thrilling, https://trakt.tv/lists/23354521
250, Movies that will bring comfort, https://trakt.tv/lists/23354522
251, LMAO Films, https://trakt.tv/lists/23354523
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254, A24 Movies Ranked, https://trakt.tv/lists/23368469
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256, The 25 Best Neo-Westerns of the 21st Century (So Far), https://trakt.tv/lists/23386030
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476, THE 20 Best Songs From 1950's Films EVER..., https://trakt.tv/lists/25225121
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480, Iconic Use of Songs in Movies, https://trakt.tv/lists/25225126
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2023.06.10 18:57 zDhilan Help: either of these worth considering?

Hello! First time poster here. Pls help!
Are either of these worth going to test drive? Is one a clear winner over the other? Should I hold off for something else to come along?
This would be my first car. I’m a student on a budget so I’m mainly looking at used cars from private sellers. I’m having a hard time knowing what to look for / what to watch out for / what is considered reasonable / etc.
Any input would be appreciated! Thanks
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2023.06.10 18:55 TightAsF_ck Dodl by AJ Bell £30 Voucher for Opening & Funding Any Dodl Account (GIA, Lifetime/S&S ISA, pension)

Dodl is AJ Bell's take on the simple, low-cost investment app. It has zero-commission trading, and is aimed at newish investors and those who just like to keep it simple. They offer Stocks and Shares ISAs, Lifetime ISAs, SIPPs, and General Investment Accounts.
As part of their drive to get new customers, they have a rather modest (and high deposit) refer-a-friend scheme that gives a £30 gift card (redeemable at all the usual places) to new customers when they sign up and open a Dodl account, and fund it with £500 within 120 days.
I signed up because I have always wanted to open a Lifetime ISA. I was hoping T212 would open one up, but they are being slow off the mark. So I went with Dodl. Dodl's charges make it one of the cheapest options - I read a lot about it on UKPF.
I'm not going to wax lyrical about Dodl. I only signed up towards the end of last year after asking a random on UKPF to refer me for the bonus. I'm only really interested in the LISA and an all-world tracker. This costs me ~£1 a month.
Key details, and information on the referral scheme are below.
The bonus
Get a £30 giftcard when you:
Message me by clicking here, and I can be your friend
  • Sign up to Dodl using the same email address that you put on the form.
  • Open up or transfer in an investment ISA, LISA, general investment account or pension.
  • Fund your account with £500
  • Have a minimum of £500 in your account when the bonus is paid (the month after you deposit. I'd recommend depositing £550 if you are going to invest, this will cover the AJ Bell fees and give you some leeway should you invest and your investment drops).
Referrers get a £30 gift card too, so tell your friends
Accounts offered by Dodl (bonus available on all):
  • S&S ISA
  • S&S LISA
  • SIPP
  • GIA
What can I invest in with Dodl?
Minimum investment is £100 single payment, or £25 monthly.
  • AJ Bell Funds - premade portfolios built and managed by AJ Bell
  • Individual UK and US shares - only selected companies, not a huge range.
  • Themed Investments - index trackers disguised with other names (see below)
Some absolute legend on UKPF provided a list of the funds underlying each of the Themed Investments. I went with "On top of the world"
What Fees do Dodl charge?
0.15% (OCF not included) with a £1/month minimum.
According to those on UKPF, this makes it one of the most attractive platforms (fee-wise) for anything up to ~£25k. Maybe by the time I'm too old to contribute to my new LISA this will matter to me.
Dodl non ref link
Dodl Refer-a-friend form
Dodl Refer a friend terms
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2023.06.10 18:48 karpser Fun weekend/ road trip/ autocross car under $20k

Looking to buy a car criteria as follows
- Fun, preferably manual, interesting, would be interested in going to autocross events
- Decent on Fuel (Primarily for long highway drives, I will be making a 8 hour, 500 mile one-way drive in whatever car I buy maybe once every other month)
- Would prefer RWD, but doesn’t matter too much, preferably fast or at least feels fast
- Under $20k usd
- I live in a city and the car will be kept in public garage parking, would prefer something not super flashy. Will be a weekend/ fun car
- I’m okay working on the car. Been doing body work for over 7 years.
- Open to any 90s or 2000s cars as well
I’ve owned a lot of cars, would prefer something that I haven’t had already. Some cars I’ve owned: frs, nb Miata, Fiesta ST, e90 BMWs, multiple NA Subarus.
As of right now, I’m very interested in a C5 corvette, somewhat interested in a mk7 GTI, 9th gen Civic SI, RSX Type S, maybe another FRS. Looked at BMW 135, but not so interested because of might not be as reliable for long drives. Open to different perspectives and suggestions though.
If it doesn't fit the criteria, but is a good deal I'll also be open to buying it lol. I'm north east/ coast area. I don't mind something impractical. I'm open to anything fun really. 2 door, 4 door, hatchback, doesn't' really matter
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2023.06.10 18:22 Hahnstache Hv battery I want to buy sat for 4 months.

My car has 325k miles on it and the battery pack is super tired. Red triangle of death all the codes everything. I don't feel like ripping it apart for the 4th time and replacing cells. I found a battery pack for 500 bucks out of a 112k mile car the only thing is it's been sitting for 4 months. How likely am I going to have to rip the cells apart and charge them individually?
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2023.06.10 18:19 UnwiseLeader06 Trouble with a song choice for a child friendly performance

Dear drag artists, lovers, aficionados, hello!
I am gonna be performing in front of a live audience in a school that consists of children as young as 11 years old. There is no worry in terms of homophobia, maybe my younger brother and his friends will be edgy and comment something rude, but I can just rip them to shreds so it's no worry!
My big worry comes from my song selection. The concept is that I will be doing a barbie inspired look, with a kinda barbie inspired performance. Something about feeling beautiful and strong. Now, I wanted to include the Barbie World song by Aqua just as a fun starter in order to set the tone of the performance. Although I looked at the lyrics and it... makes me question whether I should.
The song itself contains lyrics which reference barbie A) being undressed (Which in the context of her being a doll, makes total sense) and B) barbie and her friends being bimbos. Now you see, the way I think the audience would interpret my performance (Specifically the adults) will be that I am telling the kids to undress me. As a drag queen, this can quickly become a big thing and not something I want to get hate over, even though this school is very, very liberal. And as for references to being a bimbo... this performance is for kids, bimbo's, in my mind at least, are mainly an 18+ topic of discussion.
The next song I wanted to use was Bubble Pop Electric by Gwen Stefani. If you listen to the song and the lyrics, there are obvious sexual undertones and subtext that may fly over the children's heads by a mile, but it'll definitely make sense to the adults in the room, so yet again, I don't want to do it.

Before anyone starts to question, no I will not do what I want, because I'd like to maintain a good relationship with this school, as I had recently graduated not so long ago.
So, I think I've made my dilemma clear, does anyone have any great song recommendations that are mostly child friendly? Something in the region of pop or 70's/80's songs?
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2023.06.10 18:12 zerogravitybambi Told I need new fuel pump because of gas light staying on.

My gas light has been on perpetually in my 2012 Honda Civic hybrid. Automatic. 106K miles. I took it in yesterday to have that fixed and they told me the fuel pump wasn’t “sending the signal”
I was told that the fuel pump that is working fine otherwise would need to be replaced to correct the issue. $915. I didn’t think much of it and then he told me that replacing my front brakes would be $500.
Does that seem totally reasonable? Completely bogus? Any guidance appreciated.
Edited to add mileage and spelling error
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2023.06.10 18:05 Mbrinks Need Advice: Dealer promised then unpromised

Just went to test drive a Mach E at my dealership (the only Ford dealership in town unfortunately.) The salesman told me that if we bought the extended battery model that Ford would pay to have the Level 2 charger installed which was a huge factor in me agreeing to pull the trigger. Since I'm not super trusting I asked for something in writing before we signed the agreement and he told me he would get it to me in E-Mail the next day. The E-Mail I get is "Oh they don't do that anymore." No sorry, no hey we will give you free oil changes and Ford brand K-Cups for life, nothing. I've never felt this kind of we don't need you attitude from a dealer before and I'm not sure what to do. Frankly the whole thing feels sour now. They have a GT on the lot that was their dealer demo and has 2,500 miles on it, I was considering asking if they'd be willing to deal on that instead of the "build in progress" one we settled on but I don't know. When I've had service issues with Ford in the past I've just contacted corporate and they made it right.
Wanted to get the advice of experts here, is there anything I can do or do I just have to take what I get and be happy I got anything at all?
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2023.06.10 17:47 Healthy_Disaster8946 Early oil change before road trip?

So I have read the manual and other posts here, but I'm still conflicted. I have a 2023 XLE Premium I just got almost 2 weeks ago and now it has around 500 miles on it. I tried to break it in as much as I could prior to taking it on a family road trip (350 miles away one-way) tomorrow. Is it really beneficial to get the oil changed beforehand?
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2023.06.10 17:31 ColonelStoic Program Recommendations

I'm a 25M, 5' 8", 205lb. Current numbers are:
My goals (time frame is 2 years+) are :

I have previously hit these squat and deadlift goal numbers before (at 185lb) but i did not have the conditioning I have now.
I'm looking for a program that would, in the long term, help me achieve these goals while also introducing swimming and rucking into the mix. I am not training for a specific selection at the moment. I'm a student on contract work and wont have the ability to pursue anything in specific for at least 4 years. I am interested in AFSPECWAR but it'll be a few years until this can happen.
I read Green Protocol but in my opinion, at least for my current goals, there isn't nearly enough lifting. Its also not clear to me how I can balance running with swimming and rucking.
I've looked at the PJ sub-reddit for programs, and some seem to follow an AM/PM training schedule where AM sessions are 3 days of swimming, 3 days of running, and 1 day of rucking, and PM sessions consist of 4 days of lifting and "active recovery". While interesting, I am a bit attracted to the tactical barbell ideas and would like to see if there's any room for one of the programs to be tailored to my goals.
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2023.06.10 17:02 kovidlonghauler Do any of you have extreme belching and excessive gas?

And if so, how the HECK do you fix it?
My G.I. symptoms are post covid.
I have horrible belching all the time, even after 24 hour fasting etc, worse by a mile in the hours after eating though. Bloating and excessive flatulence.
Clean x ray, clean ultrasound, clean CG except for a 1 inch small bowel loop which they say is "nonspecific". (Not sure if that is the case since it's literally a 1 inch pouch sticking out in my small intestine....). Another tedt showed normal colonic motility.
I belch at least 300 to 500 times a day maybe more. And probably 50+ flatulence episodes. Sometimes very foul smelling.
I've been eating low fodmap for 6 months. No change. Two rounds of antibiotics for hydrogen SIBO, no change. SIBO test numbers improved though.
Do any of you have ridiculous, constant belching that is worse from eating? Or just extremely excessive air in the GI tract?
At this point I am purposely belching extra to rid myself of the excess air throughout my GI tract.
Does anyone know how to manage it? Beano/gas x etc... nothing or minimal effect.
Gastro docs don't know what to do. Imaging shows the excess air but they don't know why.
I also get a pounding heart within a few mins of food touching my stomach and tachycardia a few hours after meals if I don't lay down and rest. But that could be vagus nerve/ dysautonomia etc. However there have been many days in the last few months where the heart rate symptoms are barely there and the GI belching and bloating persists.
I have no clue what this could be. Viral persistence in the gut. Overgrowth of something, maybe fungal or viral. Gastroparesis. Idiopathic functional GI disorder. Small bowel motility disorder. Dysautonomia.
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2023.06.10 16:38 EAsucks4324 IDT travel pay

I'm tracking the IDT mileage rate is $0.22 per mile. And that the Army reimburses up to $500 in travel pay. I will be roughly 220 miles from my unit (and that is the closest unit).
So I'll be getting $0.22 x 440 roundtrip, and gas / food / lodging is also reimbursed up to $500?
Just making sure I have this right.
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2023.06.10 16:00 franceandmain Question about a 2020 purchase.

I just bought a 2020 premium because my ‘19 got stolen and spray painted. I looked around for a week to find a replacement and decided on the 2020. I’m hoping I did ok price wise, 22,500. But it has 84k and that’s what I’m questioning my decision. It has meticulous service records, every 3 month oil change, tire rotation, inspection, new spark plug, new brakes, tire alignment, differential fluid changed etc. the salesperson said it was highway miles and corporate owned, which carfax confirms. The car is in very good condition in and out. Looks new. I suppose I’m questioning the mileage. I don’t drive a lot so that’ll keep down adding more mileage. I have 5 days to return it but I really like the car. I look at the same year with lower miles but they’re several thousand more and money is a big concern. Thought?
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2023.06.10 15:34 dm950012 Considering M3 as my first EV in Italy

Hello guys, here in Italy the cost for a base M3 SR i'ts 39.500€ which has an incetive of -3.000€ from the government so the final price goes around 36.500€ (without the put-on-road taxes that applies for every new vehicle and it's around 980€). So my context is, no charger at home and Supercharger at 16km (10 miles) from my house, i have around some base chargers that cang go up to 22kW or even higher (the first question is: how high can charge a model 3 SR on non-SC?). Then i travel like 10-20 km a day, so the cost of maintenance (including power) will be worth the change from a diesel? I've drove a Model Y last week and completely fall in love from the driving experience so i am very exited to take the step but also preoccupied for the daily usage.
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