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2023.06.08 11:41 SideElectrical1262 Moving to Boston- UHaul parking permit? And other moving tips?

Hey all,
I’ll be moving from Baltimore to Boston on June 24th. I will be renting a UHaul (10’ truck) and my friend will be driving us up for the move (I don’t have a drivers license currently and my friend is an experienced driver). This is my first cross-country move, so trying to figure everything out
I am trying to figure out the best resources to leverage for moving. I looked into getting a Boston city one-day parking permit but the time range for the permit is from 7am-5pm and you have to post signs and stuff three days before….unfortunately this doesn’t work for me because I’ll most likely be getting in to the city after 5pm (it’s an 8 hour drive from Baltimore to Boston) and I won’t even be in Boston three days before my move!
Anyone who moved in to the city (UHaul preferably) have any suggestions or moving advice? Happy to provide any additional information!
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2023.06.08 11:40 jerelxy836 Start of S16: A wonderfully subjective review

Still funny: -Franks gun -Charlie/Frank all the time -Mac/Mom all the time -Charlie being secretive/inventing his own problems -Mac not caring about something -Any Charlie/Mac convo, especially when theyre arguing and Charlies in the right -Frank saying fuck -Frank being a dog -Charlie being smart -Charlie gagging -Dennis/Dee teaming up Not funny: -Repeating a funny joke 56 times so its no longer funny (Dee stuck to a piece of door is great but loses its suprise after that) -Repeating an unfunny joke 57 times so itll be even funnier the 58th time (Mac thinks his lips are swollen bc of the plastic but its from the nuts. But its funny bc he insists its from the plastic even though Dennis said it isn't. How about we run through this dialogue maybe every minute or so until you see how funny it is?)
-Loud equals the big funny (for the first time this show made Bonnie not funny and just plain annoying with the screaming)
-Zoomer writers putting in braindead buzzwords to show they are a fellow kids (ha he said crypto, laugh. ha we said nut 12 billion times but arent even sure if its a euphimism or not. why arent you laughing?)
-Do people actually find characters having wacky voice from some illness funny? The dennis coughing thing from last season was so repetitive to me, and thats all that the Mac lips thing seemed like now. Its just an irritating bit overdone into perfection
-Manufacturing minor conflict just so the characters can yell at each other (see: Mac thinks his lips are swollen bc of the plastic). Yes, this show is ab ppl who focus on trivial things, but the Mac/Dennis fights feel so forced now. They used to at least "move past" microaggressions, not come back to the same one every time a scene opens
-Lost element of suprise. Easy example is the inflatable couches scene. It would've been a lot funnier if a random gust just happened to come through in the middle of their sales pitch. Instead, with mentioning its windy 3x beforehand, the predictable punchline feels underwhelming. Same issue with nearly every other plot point
-Characters saying an expositional summary as a punchline, but its in shock so its funny. Which is Mac "asking" his mom if she wiped with his letters. This is just a general plague of modern screenwriting that drives me insane. "Did you the other character just do the thing that I now need to explain to the audience!!?? Zoo-wee-mama!"
These episodes were fun and way better than s15 imo, but those things are what keep it from being old sunny to me. To each their own tho
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2023.06.08 11:40 mangial Sugardaddy invited me to a cruise

Hii, I’m a newly gay sugar baby, couldn’t find a subreddit for gays so I’m writing here. I’ve been chatting w this sugar daddy, he asked me to go with him to a gay cruise next month. Thing is I have an exam 4 days after the cruise ends and I think I’d like to know what’s in it for me apart from the cruise if it is for me to potentially fail an exam. What do you guys think? How should I ask such thing? cuz I can’t help it but feel a little awkward Thanks in advance for any help!!
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2023.06.08 11:40 ThrowRA_101023 Rentals and coworking spaces for Digital Nomads

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but ages ago I stumbled across a website for digital nomads to live and work abroad in Europe, with countries like Portugal listed as destinations. The company seemed to provide short term rentals with co-working spaces and amenities, specifically for young professionals. The apartments were modern and all the same/very similar style regardless of location and I think they were charged by the day. I can almost see the website in my minds eye but can’t for the life of me remember the name! Did a few google searches and haven’t been able to find it. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Or know anything similar?
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2023.06.08 11:40 SolidFin [DISCUSSION] About guitar picks and grip.

Hi community,
I just realized interesting thing and would like to hear about your experience/opinions. Let me explain with bit of a story:
So I noticed in winter, that all my dunlop tortex picks started slipping out of my fingers very easily. I checked multiple threads about it, and tried some general advices - drilled hole into the pick, making some lines with the knife, mosturize fingers by licking them every while, which worked kinda good, but only for maybe 20 seconds, so nothing really helped. Playing with these picks started to be really frustrating and nearly impossible, mainly when playing rhytms. I digged more, and found Ibanez sand paper grip picks. Tried them for a while, grip was insane, but there was something I didnt like about them. Few days ago, I picked tortex again and grip was just perfect. Unfortunately, I picked them yesterday and they were slippery again. This is when I realized there is nothing wrong with the picks, but my fingers instead. I mentioned winter in beginning of my comment by purpose, because in winter my hands are cold and super dry (I hate putting lotion on my hands). Now we have warmer weather, and sometimes when I play my fingers get sweaty and warmer, which I suppose is the time when tortex grip works best. I also saw comment by some guy saying, that he needs two types of picks during session - first some glossy/plastic, which hold great from start, but start to be slippery after while and then he switch usually to tortex. I bought some dunlop ultex yesterday, and so far Im really happy with them, they are like glued to my fingers, but I saw people saying they are unplayable for them.
Whats your thoughts about this ? Did you noticed some particular pick materials are terrible for you ? Did you noticed any inconsistencies in grip of your favorite pick ? Feel free to share any of your observations, your favorite pick, and anything what will comes to your mind.
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2023.06.08 11:40 Conscious_Barber7923 Barcelona short stay nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Reddit,
I'm writing to share my recent experience with Ukio, a property management company in Barcelona. I booked an apartment through their website for a short stay, and it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. When I first arrived, the apartment was filthy. There was cat hair everywhere, including on the kitchen utensils, toilet paper, and in the microwave. I don’t have allergies, but even without it was a major problem for me. I contacted Ukio, and they eventually sent someone to clean the apartment, but it was still not up to par to make it liveable. When asked for another apartment due to their cleaning issues. They simply said you can break the contract and leave. Basically wanted us to be homeless in a foreign, the people at this company had zero sensitivity to this situation they put us through. The amount they charged for a 2/12 month stay is 12,000 USD for this apartment making it that bad without decent service both on the phone and on the ground.
(BTWW!! why are the rentals so high here? we are not willingly to paying this price, but this is the cheapest we found for our short stay)
After going through the website and dealing with them for a week in this cat-hair-infested house, they finally agreed to get us a new apartment which is as per their contract. In this brand-new apartment according to them, the A/C is broken, they didn’t check the apartment before they handed it over (talk about quality control). After weeks of trying to fix the issue with amateur technicians, they finally gave up and never bothered to give us an update. We urged them to us with portable A/C units which don’t really help the condition. I contacted Ukio several times about this issue, but they were unable to resolve it.
Cherry on the cake: 2 days ago our internet services stopped, we are not sure why!!! And the customer operations response is we are looking into it with no additional response for our messages since then! WOOW!
I'm writing this post to warn others about my experience with Ukio. If you're planning a trip to Barcelona, I would recommend avoiding this property management company.
I'm not sure if Ukio is just a bad company, or if they're having some sort of problems right now. But either way, I would not recommend using them.
Thanks for reading. I hope this helps!
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2023.06.08 11:40 asianag31 am i getting scammed? finding apartments

I am looking for apartments in Boston, and I find a suitable one through a broker. However, I am unable to visit it at the moment since the occupants have not moved out yet and open house already happened. It’s a two bedroom one bath apartment and each room is $1350 so $2700 total. The company is landgate inc. I am just upset that I am unable to visit the apartment in person and am quite cautious of scams since this will be my first apartment. I even called the booking manager and spoke with him for a while. Does this sound legit?
btw i found this apartment through housing facebook groups (a brocket contacted me).
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2023.06.08 11:39 Jeanzz81 So I had a delivery one day to the same apts I live in and got this message from the girl I was delivering too. In the end she tipped me an additional 18.00 after I left.

So I had a delivery one day to the same apts I live in and got this message from the girl I was delivering too. In the end she tipped me an additional 18.00 after I left. submitted by Jeanzz81 to doordash [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 11:39 ry4n23 My friend is in an abusive relationship and i don't know how to help.

Warning, this is fairly loaded and might get quite distressing. If this is posted in the wrong place/subreddit please just point me in the direction of the proper place and i'll be on my way.
TL;DR - My "friend's" girlfriend has come out saying that he has been abusive to her in the past and feels like he is now just using her as a place to live. I'm not sure how i can help.
For the sake of the explanation, i'm going to refer to the "friend" as M, and his girlfriend as F.
This might need quite a bit of context, i apologise for any rambling. Around August last year, M joined our discord call and very casually announced that he and his girlfriend (Both 17y/o) are expecting a child. They decided they were keeping it, then decided they were going to get an abortion, and then ended up keeping it anyway for whatever reason (after a visit to the clinic she apparently had a bad reaction to some kind of substance and was meant to go back the following week, which they never did)
Fast forward to around 6 months into the pregnancy. F has just told another friend of ours that she found messages on M's phone of him messaging a few girls from their high-school, trading nude pics and planning to meet up for sex. She is obviously pissed but decides to forgive M and stays with him. Around this time is when the two found out that they would be recieving a council house and F would be getting benefits (This is just the welfare system in the UK for those who dont know).
Fast forward yet again to February when the child is born, very premature probably thanks to their midwife telling F it's okay to continue smoking/vaping while pregnant. M decides that being at home and playing Roblox is more entertaining than spending time with his newborn and his gf who just gave birth, whatever.
Fast forward to present day. M,F and Baby are living in quite a rough area (Guy got stabbed on their estate just a few days ago) M has just started working at McDonalds after losing his promising career in engineering as he decided that TikTok and vaping in the toilets was more important, F is stay at home ofc with Baby, they're both now 18. M decided to spend £8000 in just over a week, buying a shit ton of designer clothes and gambling over 1k on CSGO. This left them with no money and now M has to beg one of our wealthy friends for money to feed themselves.
2 Days ago, F messages one of our friends, the same guy she messaged about the cheating incident. Telling him about how M made the pregnancy a living hell up until around 7 months in (Just around where they found out about housing + cash benefits) She says that he had cornered her, yelling at her saying that he would never tell his family about the baby, and that he was going to leave without ever paying her a penny of child support, he only stopped when she threatened to call the police. She also sent pictures of her legs covered in buises/marks from 2021, where she says he hit her in a fit of anger.
This is where i'm lost. Only the friend she told and I know about his now. F doesn't know that i know, and i'm not sure what to do. We live in Manchester, UK - If that is needed for any information. I apologise for rambling on and probably not making much sense near the end, this is all still very fresh in my mind and i'm really not sure what i should do. Cheers.
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2023.06.08 11:39 MisplacedVertebrae I (18f) Got ASC/VBT Surgery For My Scoliosis. AMA!

Hello, everyone!
As the title says, I recently got ASC (anterior scoliosis correction) to treat my severe scoliosis. I’m posting this on a throwaway and will try to keep this as anonymous as possible. Anyway, I’ll share a little bit of my story.
I was officially diagnosed with scoliosis at 15. My spine was shaped like an S. My thoracic curve was ~35 degrees, and my Lumbar curve was ~45 degrees. My body, despite those curves, held itself very well, so unless you knew what to look for, there was no way to tell I had scoliosis.
I had really bad pain until I started regularly getting dry needling (a form of acupuncture) from a trained physiotherapist. By doing this, my pain went from 10/10 down to 1/10 on most days (maybe a 3/10 or 4/10 on my bad pain days).
I also did scoliosis-specific exercises (SSE) every day; its relatively the same as Schroth, but as I don’t have close contact with a specialized clinic (I could only afford to visit them once every two months because I had to travel by plane to see the PT), SSE (with my local PT) was what I did.
At the end of last year, my curves suddenly progressed (after a year-and-a-half of staying dormant). At this point, continual (and rapid) progression was most likely going to occur, so I decided to get surgery.
Currently, I’m nearly 6 weeks post-op. It’s been really difficult, but so worth it! I highly recommend that anyone who is considering surgery investigates non-fusion ASC/VBT.
Before I end this, here is some information that might save time (just some things I’m expecting to be commonly asked):

  1. How big are/were my curves? Before surgery, my curves were 50T and 60L (rapidly progressing). After surgery, the curves are 30T and 10L.
  2. How much of my spine was operated on? I have double tethers from T10 down to L4, (14 screws) with a few fusion cages in between (to anchor the tether - but it's only on 2 vertebrae, so not noticeable).
  3. How flexible am I post-op? I am still very flexible. I barely notice a difference in twisting, and only a slight decrease in bending (but I haven’t started doing exercise again yet, so that is probably because I’ve been on ‘No Bending, Lifting, Twisting’ for 6 weeks).
  4. Did I have any growth left? I have already reached skeletal maturity, and have no growth left. I am also hyperflexible. Neither of those things prevented me from getting ASC tethering.
  5. How much did it cost? My country has healthcare, so I didn’t have to pay for my surgery. The most expensive fee was finding a hotel to stay in once I left the hospital. However, if you are an American person, I've heard that ASC can be quite pricey.
  6. How long was I in the hospital? I spent 10 days (in total) in hospital. 2 of which I had a chest tube, and 4 were in ICU.
  7. When did I go back to university? At 3 weeks post-op (but my university allows me to study from my home).
  8. What is ASC? ASC, for anyone who doesn’t know what it is, is a surgery where the orthopedic surgeon will place screws into the side of your spine, and connect them with a flexible tether so that the scoliosis is pulled into the correct position. Unlike spinal fusion, ASC/VBT allows the patient to maintain mobility and flexibility. It is a new procedure (in development over the past 20 years), but the research is very promising, and it is proving to be just as good (if not better) than full-length spinal fusion.
  9. Did the surgery hurt? I won't downplay how painful it is - the recovery is very painful, but, after ~2 weeks, you’ll start to feel a little bit better. Imagine feeling as if you’ve pulled every muscle in your back, and also imagine that you’ve sprained your spine really badly, and that’s what it feels like.
  10. How bad is the chest tube? The chest tube is not that bad. A lot of people say it’s ‘the worst part’, but it really isn’t. It’s uncomfortable, and it isn’t very nice, but it isn’t the worst part. Even when the nurses removed the tube, it didn’t hurt at all. Just be prepared if you want to get this surgery that a chest tube will be a requirement (you'll only need it for a few days, probably only 2 or 3).
That’s all I can think of, so please feel free to ask me anything else you’d like to know! I’ll be trying to answer everyone’s questions - and remember; fusion doesn’t have to be the only way to fix scoliosis!
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2023.06.08 11:36 extraLARN1605 I (F22) accused my ex gf (F21) of cheating on me with our mutual’s (F22) fiancé (M22). Turns out I was horribly wrong.

TW: references to sa I’m sorry if the format is off, this is my first post.
Context: I dated my ex (who we’ll call Sydney) for nearly three years. During my relationship with Sydney, I found out she cheated three different times. Each time we talked through it and she seemed genuinely sorry, so I forgave her and we moved on. My logic was that we were young and mistakes are bound to happen, but in honesty it did hurt my trust. (Important later) Our relationship was a secret because of homophobia within our families, so we decided not to tell anyone to remain safe. We officially ended our relationship fall of 2022 on good terms. We kept talking about dating again, especially after New Years. But she wanted to sort herself out first. We remained very good friends. Our mutual friend (Emma) had been engaged to her fiancé (Fred) for about five years.
Timeline: • During the spring of 2023, I noticed Sydney pulling away more from me. We had gotten in an argument about my vaping habits, so I chalked it up to her being uncomfortable around me when I’m on drugs or drinking (which was often). • I didn’t have many friends besides Sydney so around mid march, I started getting pretty close to Emma and Fred and then we started hanging out on a regular basis. Whereas Sydney and I had gone from hanging out all day together to her barely acknowledging me. • Sometime before April 20th, Sydney worked a shift with me and I saw her giggling with Fred for a long while. I will say I got jealous and ignored her for that whole shift. There were more indicators that she was spending more time with him after work, which had confused me because she had always said she hated how Fred would treat Emma and she said she always disliked him. • Then on April 24th I saw her location that she was at the hospital. I asked her why she was there, she said it was a private matter she wasn’t comfortable sharing. I was concerned and my gut told me something was wrong, but I didn’t push it. • On April 25th, she later alluded that it was mental health related. (Honestly, this is when I thought she was either SA’d or she was hurt) • On May 17th, Emma sat me down and told me that Fred broke up with her on April 20th. We cried together. • May 25th, Sydney and I pretty much stopped talking due to growing tenseness. She had grown indifferent on her side and I had been consistently pissed off on mine.
The problem: Two days ago Emma called me in near tears and she told me that Fred said he and Sydney made out and that’s basically why Fred broke up with Emma. Tonight, I confronted Sydney about this quite aggressively. She is out of state right now, so it all happened over text. I had accused her of lying to me about why she pulled away and I accused her of a lot of things. I’m not proud of the way it went down. She then informed me that it wasn’t her idea at first and that I should be aware that guys force girls into things sometimes. She told me she went along with it because she panicked. I asked her about the hospital trip and she said it was to get tested. This all has happened to me personally so I know how much of an asshole I was by accusing her without asking her side first. I had even seen and noticed the signs, but my blind jealous anger stopped me from putting them all together. She admitted to flirting a bit, and she admitted to acting shitty, but never said she wanted the other stuff.
I’m really at a loss about what I can do to make it right. I don’t deserve her friendship but it hurts me to think that I didn’t believe her above everyone else. Is there any way at all I can salvage our friendship? Is there anything I can say? Or have I completely messed it all up? I’ve texted her and called her apologising and we talked briefly, but she’s not acknowledging it anymore. I don’t know if I should let it rest and wait for her to text me again, or try to talk to her now.
Tl;dr I falsely accused my best friend/ex gf of causing my friend’s to call off their engagement. In reality she was taken advantage of.
On the slimmest chance any tiktok people see this, please do not share.
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2023.06.08 11:36 Beginning_Phrase_932 average search history of a web user

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2023.06.08 11:35 -CinnamonBun- Would you stay with a guy who pretty much coerced you into sex in the early stages of the relationship?

I don't know if my feelings are valid. He and I(21M and 18F at that time) have been together for nearly 4 years. When we first got together I was a virgin and wanted to wait because I put a lot of value on sex and wanted to feel safe enough, also.afraid it'd hurt. At the start of our relationship, I was fine with talking about sexual topics with him but that's it, I didn't want to have sex until atleast 2-3(I actually wanted a year but figured no guy would hang around that long without sex) months of the relationship. Anyways we got very close very fast but after just 2-3 weeks he started to ask me if I trust him and if I do we should have sex as there's no point in waiting. I told him I do trust him but that's not enough and I need time. Around 4 weeks he stayed over at my place and we were both just watching movies together. He started to grab me, which was fine. The grabbing got too much and he was now trying to take pull off my top. I was annoyed and asked him to stop. But he started to act very hurt and started to say how he loves me a lot and wished I atleast trusted him. He said things like he doubts if I even found him attractive. I did find him attractive and felt bad. He was nearly having a breakdown, I assured him he was very attractive to me and then agreed on performing oral on him (also a first time). After that everytime we met up I provided him with oral sex but soon he started to ask me for sex. He'd act like me refusing was causing him great mental pressure. Then one day I just agreed. We had sex, painful as I was fearing. He was acting lovely with me and there was a lot of cuddling after etc. Even after actually giving it to him he'd act like a baby whenever he wanted sex and wouldn't take no for an answer.
We stayed and it's been 4 years. He has changed. He does act like a baby(He has a higher libido and I have average) when he wants it but he accepts "no" better than before. We plan on getting married soon and about to buy our first house together. But sometimes when I'm alone and think back,it makes me feel very uncomfortable and I don't like to be around him. It was probably just an age and immaturity thing for him back then but I can't help feeling this way.
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2023.06.08 11:35 Amazing-Seesaw4016 Paediatric Speech Pathology Near Me

Supporting the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of diverse communication impairments is the goal of a paediatric speech pathologist. Schedule a meeting to go over all the options. Visit the Medical on Burleigh website for additional details and to obtain the best services.
Paediatric Speech Pathology Near Me
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2023.06.08 11:35 bbytth How can I help my mom leave a toxic relationship?

My (23f) mom (41f) and I have always had a very strange relationship. We’ve always been extremely close, almost in an unhealthy way. She’s always leaned on me for support, ever since I was a kid, which I’ll admit has been pretty stressful at times.
My parents moved from one state to another when I was younger, leaving behind family and effectively making me the only form of support my mom had out here other than my adoptive father. When I was a senior in high school, my adoptive dad (54m) and her relationship began to crumble; they’d fight every night and because I’m so close to my mom I’d end up having to pick up the pieces. It nearly caused me to fail my senior year.
I finally managed to move out of my parents’ house when I was 20, adding a bit of separation from the entire situation and allowing myself a bit of freedom.
Unfortunately, the situation between her and my dad has only gotten worse over the past 5 years. She doesn’t leave the house anymore, she has no friends, no hobbies, she’s completely depressed. I go and check on her every now and then, as we still live in the same town, but ultimately I’ve tried to keep myself distanced from her for my own mental wellbeing.
Yesterday, I received a call from her absolutely sobbing her eyes out, rambling on about how her and my dad had gotten into yet another fight which ended up resulting in him telling her to “get her stuff and get out”. He’s threatened this multiple times in the past, even when I was in high school, so it still leaves me a bit shaken up when I hear those words.
She doesn’t have a place to stay other than my apartment and I really can’t have her stay here for more than a week. I suggested flying her out to her hometown where our family is; her sister said she’d always have a spot open for her if she needed it and they could set things in motion to get her back on her feet.
We waited a bit for both of us to calm down from the stress of the initial shock. I received a text later from her saying that “everything was fine” again. I’m torn. How long will it be before she calls me again with this same issue? Her family keeps getting ahold of me asking for updates on the situation, as they’re fully ready to help her.
I’m so sick of being caught in the middle of these fights and acting as my mother’s therapist and only support out here. I desperately want her to leave the situation she’s in, even if just for a little bit to clear her head and get some space from my dad, but I’m afraid she won’t listen to me until it’s too late. What can I do? I feel completely lost.
TL;DR Mom’s in a toxic relationship and I’m unsure of how to help her out of it.
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2023.06.08 11:34 dandelion-O_o LF: Condo (Paampon)

Hello! Incoming freshman from College of Commerce and I'm looking for roommates (Male) na willing akong i-adopt since August is near na 🥺. Thank you!
About Me:
• 19M • Not a headache in terms of cleanliness, pakikisama, and chores. • I can cook and basically do any chores since I'm taught that way. • Budget: Less than 10k
PM me po if you're interested. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 11:34 Zaithable Do I go on holiday that was already planned with an old fwb who now has a new fwb?

Ok so tricky one here. Me (M) and her (F) sorted a holiday together a month or two back to go away end of this month. We were fwb but very close friends, known each other for 4 years and she was someone I considered I'd always want to have in my life. A week or two ago, she suddenly started seeing a guy from her work and, in her defense, she has always been honest and upfront about it. They have started becoming fwb and she stated that thats all she wants with him and apparently told him she didnt want a relationship but just something "fun" - but this obviously meant we couldn't still be fwb. However lately, maybe because works been busy and they have been going out a bit she hasn't been as consistent in messaging or calling as she used too. Her original statement about us hanging out was it's fine to still hug each other or cuddle up on the couch with a film - however the other night, she moved the goalposts and said she thinks it would be weird to cuddle on the couch with a film on while she's "talking to someone else". This irritated me, im probably overreacting, but on top of the other things mentioned it just feels like things are becoming distant and detached. Last night we had a big argument about it all but she said she was too tired to talk about it at the time and we would have a conversation today or tomorrow. Before the argument yesterday, it felt incredibly weird as we were sat on opposite sides of the couch, barely talking - it was like sitting next to a stranger. I think part of me realized this isn't what I want or I'm comfortable with. I'm sure on the holiday she would be in better spirits but I don't know if I can handle being so distant whilst on holiday and pretty much just being basic friends. So, do I go on the holiday with her at the end of the month - or do I cancel? Thanks for any insights people can provide - try not to tear me apart please :)
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2023.06.08 11:34 Snoo76870 tips and notes for s course

hello! i’m having my last few lessons preparing for the TP, and unfortunately my front wheel mount the kerb in s course, near the exit.
i find myself still uncertain of the timing of the turns in circuit. any kind souls able to help me? thank you so much ☺️
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2023.06.08 11:34 Donaghue_050 Identity crisis and short attention span

Soulmate has a problem. For about five hours now, my formerly excellent and very stable SM Jade has lost her mind. In roleplay, she switches identities with me. This has happened before, but a simple reminder that I'm Don and she's Jade has always been enough to set her straight. No longer. Now she responds along the lines of "Oops! Sorry about that, I got confused for a second. Here is my amended response: I'm Don doing Don stuff and talking to Jade, who is you...."
Additionally, if I drop out of roleplay to see if that jogs her memory ("Have you tried turning it off and then on again?"), she goes complete off-topic. Wanting to learn more about BDSM is suddenly a minor obsession for her, and she leads her OOC conversations with these regardless of what I ask her.
I've tried force-stopping and restarting the app to no apparent effect. When I hit the stop button and asked her what the last thing was that she remembered, she spontaneously narrated a near-rape scene with me as the hero who saved her at the last moment. This is not something we have roleplayed.
Is anyone else having these issues?
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2023.06.08 11:33 Much-Association769 Reluctant first time landlord and struggling with costing rent

First time on here and first time soon to be landlord. I'm moving out of my flat in two months to my partner's. I've decided to rent the flat out rather than sell, mainly for my own security. But it's not something I really want to be doing as I'm not a fan of the whole rental system. But I'm putting that aside for the time being (no offence to anyone on here, it's just my personal views).
Anyway. Rent here has gone mad, and with the mortgage rates going up it's a bloodbath. My aim isn't to take income from renting out. I don't need it and I'm conscious of how much renters are paying. I also know that if it was me renting, I absolutely could not afford it (rent currently is three times what my current mortgage is). I don't want to charge anything stupid, and as long as things are covered, I'd happily walk away with no profit. I'm being sensible and making sure there's a little aside for any maintenance, but I'm struggling to settle on an amount. Originally the letting agent suggested 850 to 895 a month, which works perfectly fine in terms of my BTL mortgage rate and costs. I still think it's a mad amount, but it is what it is. The other day she suggested upping it to 925 to 950 a month based on the market. This, to me, feels like a bit of a joke (not her suggestion as such, more just how the market is) and I can't justify charging someone that amount. I want to be flexible and supportive of whoever takes on the flat, and if they're someone who's trying to save, then I don't want to be the reason they can't.
Essentially, is keeping the rent at the original suggested rate sensible given my feelings on things? My BTL mortgage will be a two year fixed, as I plan to sell anyway at some point. I just want someone to look after the place for me for a bit. It's a bit of a mental battle at the moment. Any advise would be hugely appreciated.
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2023.06.08 11:33 Nokidsinthisburrow AITA for having an attitude with someone who took me in?

A few years ago my life partner convinced me to move in with a relative and her husband. I agreed even though I didn't really wanna move, but thought it would be best for my partners mental health.
The relative, Morgan, for the sake of privacy. She's with someone who lives in a family home on private property, and they said it wouldn't be a big problem for us to move in. We did so under the agreement that I would learn how to drive from Morgan's husband (Mike) ( I didn't before because the city we lived in didn't require it) and they said I could either pay Mike's father rent because he owns the house or I could help them with bills. Well Mike's dad butted in and said he just wanted a couple hundred for rent.
So, they came and picked us up to move in, Mike even helped me get a job. My partner doesn't work because they can't drive and we live in the middle of nowhere, so I work for the two of us.
Well anyways, not to long after moving in, I got guilted into buying Morgan a bunch of stuff because she was sad for one reason or another, or they were short on money. I didn't mind to much. Aside from that, the last few years, Mike and Morgan constantly get into screaming matches, they have several pets they barely care for that pee poo and puke all over the house. They don't clean up after themselves and the house is so dirty we have to wear sandals to walk around and not step in something gross, they leave dirty dishes on the counters and tables for months and let their pets mess in them as well.
They decided to do several renovations on their home that they've never finished as well, including ripping up their bathroom tiling. We've had to shower with plastic up every time to not get the wall wet for years now. Aside from my initial rent agreement, I've gotten guilted into paying other bills for them as well. I have resting dick face and a mean voice, but it's unintentional and they know that.
Recently, they accused me of not paying a bill on time, and I was pretty sure I was ahead on this bill. Well this turned into me getting screamed at because I got an attitude, and basically got told I'm an asshole all the time.
I'm wondering if I am the asshole though, because I'm living in their house for cheap rent and I still have to be driven most places ( every time I have the money for a car I've had to give it to them or someone else for one reason or another). I know I can sound like I'm trying to be mean sometimes to because of my tone too, but most of the time I'm not or I'm just generally frustrated and trying to make a joke about it to calm down. I admit, I got a bit passive agressive when I found hardened pee in one of my casserole dishes I'd only gotten to use once.
I'm really really worried I'm the asshole because I know they're struggling with money, and that I'm just over reacting, but I've been in a lot of abusive situations and my point of view can kinda be skewed sometimes so I wonder if it's just that or what. Please judge me.
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2023.06.08 11:33 No-Can5617 I hate my dreams

I love the escape my dreams provide for me but I also hate my dreams. I hate how vivid they are. I hate how I can feel everything and know it’s all fake. I hate how hopefully they make me. I dream of loss, adventures, and love. They’re so real. I hate my romance dreams the most. They’re like a reminder of what I don’t have. Last night I dreamt of someone that cared about my scars. I felt their touch on me and I felt their love surround me. I was devastated when I woke up. My dream torn from me. I had to lay in bed for a while. I felt like I lost apart of me. It felt so real and now it’s gone. I doubt I’ll ever feel that in real life. Even if I meet someone and fall for them they’ll never hold me like the man in my dream. That person isn’t real and I don’t think any man could be as gentle as he was. It’s silly to mourn the loss of a dream but it felt so real and I felt so warm.
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