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2023.03.22 22:35 b0sw0rth Team Fortress 3

This isn't so much a post about tf2 as much as it is CS2 and Valve itself. Here goes:
Don't Get Too Excited But Don't Lose Hope
Valve understand the value of their IP. As we've seen with Half Life: Alyx and now with these exciting new CS updates, games that are supported and beloved by their communities are eventually shown love and attention. The undying support TF2 has been shown this whole time with zero new content is hard evidence of the long-term value and quality of the team fortress ip.
These characters have more personality, more life and vibrance in them than almost any game, single player or otherwise. Most of the characters are memes in their own right, some of which have transcended the gaming community itself. Even without their fantastic aesthetics, from a gameplay perspective they shine in a gaming world that is now full of tf2 inspirees that can't achieve what tf2 managed to: balanced gameplay with characters that all feel rewarding and powerful in their own way. Nobody in their right mind would let that fade away to nothingness. Valve aren't dummies! They know this!
But Valve is also patient, painfully so. So my point here is this: I think TF2 will not be left to rot. I think these guys aren't stupid. They know there's a reason a game still persists in this way after all these years.
It might end up being a few more years before they finally decide they've got ideas worth pursuing for TF2, but eventually they'll do what they did for cs, half life, and portal. Well, I hope they will. :)
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2023.03.22 22:35 AhbzV Higurashi Ep. 8 - Matsuribayashi (Thoughts and Review-ish)

Chapter 1 Review // Chapter 2 Review // Chapter 3 Review // Chapter 4 Review // Chapter 5 Review // Chapter 6 Review // Chapter 7 Review
Context - This is my eighth review of Higurashi. As stated in earlier reviews, I have no experience with anime, manga, or Visual Novels (with the exception of DDLC). This play through is also blind, as I knew nothing about the game before jumping in. With this in mind, let's get to the analysis of Matsuribayashi.
Episode Eight - Matsuribayashi (SPOILERS BELOW)
If you want to skip my initial thoughts on the plot of the arc, skip down to reaction to get my analysis of the story as a whole.
Initial Reactions: Fun fact about myself, I hate endings. I struggle finishing stories because endings bum me out. I hate having to say goodbye to a world and characters I spent time getting to know, even if it is fictional. Needless to say, I struggled with finishing Higurashi. I had to force myself to read despite often not wanting to, and I am happy I did.
The first four chapters of this arc were backstory for Takano. Truthfully, I found these to be, mostly, very boring. The orphanage scene was intense, and learning about her transformation from Miyoko Tanashi to Miyo Takano was interesting, but the rest of the scenes were a bit slow for me. But these scenes did establish an important plot point - Takano's desire to avoid having her grandfather's work stepped on, both literally and figuratively. Furthermore, the final scene in Takano's background was excellent, her face off with Hanyuu. It corrected the misconception that Takano's battle was with Rika. It never was, it was always with Hanyuu.
Connecting the fragments was very cool. For a largely un-interactive VN, this bit of interaction was a very nice touch. It filled in the few remaining cracks in our knowledge, and beautifully set up "the game board" for which the rest of Matsuribayashi would take place.
I could spend hours discussing each fragment, but I only want to touch on two instances. First, the splendid moment of Keiichi's father seeing Rika and Hanyuu play in the field. This fragment had been hinted at earlier in Higurashi, but getting to see it play out was a genuinely beautiful moment (especially when coupled with the piano score by Dai). His insight about why children playing is beautiful because it makes us reminisce on our own lost innocence was deep. And while yes, Keiichi's father sometimes comes off as a bit creepy, I found this moment to be very innocent as he saw the future his own son could have.
Secondly, there was an immense horror that creeped through my mind when it seemed as if Satoshi would be dissected for the sake of research. This was a very well done red herring, as I truly believed Irie (or at least Takano behind his back) sliced open Satoshi for the sake of furthering their research into Hinamizawa Syndrome.
After connecting the fragments, we are given a glimpse into Akasaka's life. And it becomes clear he will be the X-Factor the club needs to finally, maybe, defeat Takano. Also, he's a badass. Sure, some of his fights are a bit over the top, but I was fine with it. His character model in the console arc is very corny, so I used the Remake models for his scenes because he actually looks like a monster fighter.
After the fragments, the arc picks up at school where they have a new student - Hanyuu. Hanyuu's introduction was brilliant with the line "Therefore she didn't exist" later followed by "To be involved in something is the same as to exist. Therefore, she existed." *chef's kiss* Tremendous writing. Hanyuu was now on the stage, and immediately the arc started with a type of hope unfamiliar to Higurashi.
Naturally, everyone loves Hanyuu. Rena wants to kidnap her, the club accepts her, and she fits perfectly. There were some questions about her horns, but everyone simply accepts her for who she is. To me, this quick acceptance of Hanyuu and all of her quirks is a microcosm of Higurashi's overarching point about friendship - it doesn't matter about a person's oddities or their past, if a person is truly "our friend" we will and should accept them.
Hanyuu guides Rika through setting up the plan to combat Takano and eventually everyone is brought into the loop. The battle is nears its start again, but this time the club has a secret trump card - Akasaka. I said in my last review how I believed Akasaka would be critical in defeating the conspiracy, and that rang true. Without Akasaka, things would have never gotten off the ground.
We see some huge character development from Ooishi, as he accepts his mistakes then accepts the risk in taking down the conspiracy. He even makes up with Akane Sonozaki and they become mahjong buddies by the end. Ironically, as important as Akasaka was to their success, Ooishi played (arguably) an equally big part. He wasn't just helpful to the club in his actions, he was also helpful in what he failed to do - create paranoia around the Sonozaki family. In nearly all of the arcs, Ooishi is partly responsible for a character's descent into a maddened, paranoid state. In this arc, he spreads none of this. He is simply reliable, and that is what the club needed.
While I expected more trading of punches between the two sides, the battle between Takano and the club is largely one-sided. Tomitake is captured, and Irie nearly dies. Furthermore, the Mountain Dogs and Okonogi almost capture Rika, but she is saved by Akasaka in a triumphant entrance. Side note, this guy absolutely manhandled the Mountain Dogs and Okonogi. I was a bit bummed he didn't land his haymaker on Okonogi, but by the end I understand why (and appreciate why) they had Okonogi make it out of that fight.
But after these events, the Mountain Dogs and Takano are completely outclassed. While there are a couple close calls with the team who raid the clinic, Mion's plan goes off, more or less, without a hitch. Mion was never truly given a chapter, and while this is definitely not a Mion-centric chapter, she gets some love here. She is shown to be a shrewd commander capable of outthinking someone of Okonogi's status. In an interesting and heart-warming scene, Okonogi pays his respects to Mion when he reaches her. He wants a warrior's end, and she gives it to him. But Mion is not happy at the end of it, but we never understand why.
Also Satoshi is alive and being treated for Hinamizawa Syndrome. Shion and Satoshi deserve their own analysis, but I will leave that to THIS excellent video discussing Shion and her relationship with Satoshi.
The final tense moment comes when Takano draws her gun (with one bullet) and intends to shoot one of the club members. I enjoyed the symbolic nature of this moment, as Rika subverses the expectation established throughout the chapter. We are constantly told of the figure who needs to take on the sins of humanity to bring peace. We naturally expect someone to die because of this, we expect there to be a sacrifice. But Rika corrects this line of thought and states the world didn't need a sacrifice, it needed the card it was missing (Hanyuu). She stops the bullet when time freezes, and Takano is arrested.
Tomitake saves, in a way, Takano. He takes her to the Irie Clinic stating she may have contracted Hinamizawa Syndrome.The chapter concludes happily, and for the first time in all of Higurashi there is a truly happy ending.
I want to touch on the Staff Room scene, because it (to me) is important to understanding why Takano isn't killed or disgraced at the end. Ryukishi states that he did not want there to be winners and losers. He, throughout the eight arcs, carefully crafted a message about the need for people to come together to help one another, stating that when we avoid this then conflict arises. He acknowledges that maybe Matsuribayashi is not the perfect ending to this world, but he is happy with the message he has created. And with that, the curtain closed on Higurashi.
Review: I have taken a lot of time to process the ending of this story. I was emotional finishing it because I have sunk so many hours into this over the past four months. Yes, I know there are animes and console arcs I can watch/play (and I probably will), but this is the original. This is from the lips of the creator himself. This was his 4.5 year project. When I think of Higurashi, I will always think of these eight arcs first.
Furthermore, I could dig in and analyze all of the characters. But that would require a short novel in and of itself. Instead, I will just highlight my thoughts on the culmination of the Higurashi story.
To me, this is a masterpiece. It is a shame that the medium of this story (Visual Novel) keeps this story from getting the exposure and appreciation it deserves. We are looking at a story longer than Harry Potter that steps across multiple genres of storytelling. Higurashi is not a psychological horror, it is not a mystery, it is not a tragedy, it is all of these things in a single story. To me, this deserves the love that something like Star Wars or Harry Potter gets. I don't want a fucking Harry Potter world at Disneyworld, I want a Hinamizawa at Disney World (I've never actually been to Harry Potter World so don't crucify my off-handed criticism).
But masterpiece does not mean perfect or without flaw. There are definitely scenes that are a bit over the top/corny. For instance, the idea that a group of five teenagers can outwit and level an entire unit of trained, counterintelligence agents is unrealistic. There was nothing indicating Rika could step through frozen time and stop a bullet. Akasaka probably can't 1v5 a fight. I recognize the flaws in these scenarios.
But the masterpiece comes from the symbolic significance of these scenes. Higurashi spends seven arcs showing the club members go through so much shit, and we see them all grow significantly. To them, after seven arcs of chaos, the battle with the Mountain Dogs is nothing more than a club game and it highlights their unfettered trust and love in one another. Yes, Rika had never been able to move through frozen time to stop a bullet. But the story always stated that Rika was one miracle away from escaping her dark fate. This was that miracle. Through the sheer will of everyone involved, a miracle happens. Akasaka was so overwhelmed by grief because of his failure to save his wife and Rika that he spent his remaining days training as a way to try and rectify his "wrongs." Once he is given that chance, he does rectify his mistakes because of his training and preparation.
In the same way that all visual art is not intended to be hyperrealism, Higurashi is not intended to be a hyper-realistic piece of fiction. It is a story about the complexity of friendship, the need to learn to live with one's mistakes, and the unknown truth that we don't need losers (i.e. we don't need an us vs. them mentality). In a society (at least in America) where traits such as isolationism and distrust are common, the first half of Higurashi serves as a warning to how these ideas can tear relationships and people apart. Kai then conveys the beauty that can arise when we trust those in our lives and challenge the ideas that we believe hold us back from attaining that which we want.
Mion encapsulates this idea perfectly. When Okonogi is heaping praises upon her stating that she could command any army in the world, Mion proudly exclaims that she wants none of it. She wants to play with her friends and enjoy life with them. Mion is not driven by selfish desires and she does not believe her dream is unattainable. In those final scenes, Mion believes nothing can stop them, and she places all of her trust in those around her.
So this was Higurashi. I could say so much more, but like Ryukishi said - it is up to you to create what you want from Hinamizawa. I have loved this story, and I am heartbroken that the journey is over. I'll play Rei, but I probably won't write anything about it. If you have read this review and/or any of my other reviews, I appreciate you joining me in this journey. I don't think I could have chosen a better first Visual Novel.
I'm not sure what I will read next, I am considering Clannad or Fata Morgana, but haven't decided on anything. I will eventually get to Umineko, but I want to change the genre up a tiny bit. But who knows, maybe I will just start Umineko. I have sixteen hours of travel this coming weekend, so if you have suggestions please drop them below!
Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts and ideas to my reading. Take care everyone :)
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2023.03.22 22:34 vascku a question about the bloodlines of the Malkavian clan.

daughter of malk here...
Jokes aside, good night, I'm in another vampire reddit community role-playing with a daughter of malk named Angela and at the same time bringing her girlfriend, a girl named Lola from the Ventrue clan. Leaving the lore aside, I have reached a point where the issue of the possible bloodlines that Angela has has surfaced and... I am not aware of more than one: the daughters of cacophony.
The problem is that I'm not taking her there either in lore or in skills. I also don't want to make her an anti-tribe because I'm going down the path of humanity and I'm taking it as a person who wants to improve and help others.
as data that can help to look for a bloodline:
how do I proceed? any malkavian clan lines i can use with this? Is it necessary to have a bloodline? I appreciate the help, because I want to give it depth and this is the only void I have. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.22 22:34 erwlgj BANGBROS - Insanely Hot Latin Maid Sofia Rivera Gives Up Her Diginity For Cash Money

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2023.03.22 22:34 lime-terracotta weird coworker thinks she is in love

a little bit of backstory i am a supervisor at a company and I'm in charge of a coop student
she did a good job moving the submit button 1 pixel to the left as per figma so i told her I would like to see her in the office more often
she sort of giggled on call and made a funny face so I was weirded out - it was very awkward when I ended the zoom meeting.
do you think she got the wrong idea?
what should i do? i would like to make clear of the situation but i dont want come off weird
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2023.03.22 22:34 Studio_Society I honestly give up.

I try to take people's advice and try to get a girlfriend. But I tried twice, one girl ghosted me and started being dry as fuck, right? The other one blocked me. All I try to do is be nice. Yet, I ain't handsome, I'm no fucking Tik Tok pretty boy. I'm below standards at this point. I mean, my school year started over a hundred fucking days ago. I was taken for 4 of those days! And that girl cheated on me! My fucking luck. I fucking suck! I pour my fucking heart out and nobody fucking gives a shit. Cause I'm a fucking guy, right? Don't got feelings? I fucking got feelings. I'm an emotional mother fucker. I'm tired of fucking girl's taking advantage of me, my fucking feelings, my fucking emotional state. They do NOTHING but bring me the fuck down. They do NOTHING but make me feel like I ain't shit. They do NOTHING but make me want to put a fucking bullet in my head. I try to not be alone. I try to not be single, depressed as I watch everyone I love go out with the ones they love. Like my whole family has someone. Whether it be a husband, a wife, a boyfriend or girlfriend. They found their person and somehow, they found a way to make it work. But just like my fucking uncle, I'm alone. I try not to think about it, but I do. I wake up to nothing on my phone. No messages, no I love you, nothing. I wake up to shit like "backup your photos" or "liked your message" instead of fucking replying. You may say some bullshit like "Maybe they don't know what to say" motherfucker. They HAVE SO MUCH PEOPLE THEY TALK TO AND EVERYONE LOVES THEM! I want to just be noticed for who I am, not what I look like, people look at me and judge me. People get to know me and fucking leave. So what is it? What do I fucking do? Why me? Why fucking me? Why do I have to get the bad end of the stick. Why do I have to be emotional and caring when NOTHING EVER COMES BACK TO ME. Why do I have to give 90 and get 10 percent? Hell I'd be lucky to even get 10.
My best friend even has better luck, and he fucking cheats on his girlfriends! I'm loyal, I'm caring, I'd fucking do anything for anyone! Hell, I've almost been stabbed, jumped, I've done so much for people but I always, ALWAYS get nothing in return. If I can just be a prick, I wonder what it'd be like. Would be fucking like me already? Would girl's find me attractive? Would they want me? This is why I don't accept love anymore. I'm afraid of it. For THAT reason. I want a girl to finally see with her fucking eyes that it's not so bad, I'm not so fucking bad. But I can't do that, because if I do, I'm annoying, I'm insecure, I'm weird, I have a big ego. I can't fucking win. I can't get girls so I just, try harder. If I wait, I never get anywhere. Why is that my own twin brother has a girlfriend he's been with FOR ALMOST A YEAR. And HE'S HAPPY! I love that for him. But FUCK! Why not me!? What have I done for me to deserve it? What have I done that makes me deserve the shit I get? I hate seeing people in relationships and dream of the worst, why? Because I'm alone. I don't like seeing relationships because I know in my heart, I can't have that. How much I would love a hug, a kiss, holding of hands. How much I'd give just to sit with someone, a girl. You know? Just listen to music and talk about our problems, hell I'd give to just cry in a girl's arms. Yes, I want that. I'm not weird. I lived with my mom for only 7 FUCKING YEARS and guess what? I was ADOPTED AT 13! I spent YEARS AND FUCKING YEARS WITHOUT HER! I NEED A WOMAN'S LOVE. I still have my mom, I see her but it's not the same cause I'm basically all grown up! That window for all that shit closed! So back to my question. Why can't I just be loved? For real, you know?
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2023.03.22 22:34 oddyehudi919 Need dating advice. My(30m) trans gf(26MTF) has ghosted me out of nowhere

So I won’t make this too long but I just need to make sense of this. I know there might be people that will judge me on my relationship but that’s fine.
So I starting talking to this person about 3 months ago we decided to make it office about 3 weeks ago. She is trans has HIV but it’s none detectable, meaning it’s a very low chance it can be transmitted. We haven’t been intimate just some oral.
I knew she was trans and had HIV( after she told me about that hiv later on before getting too serious) I accepted her for her and all that came with it and keep dating. She likes going to major cities on weekend (mostly Atlanta and Charlotte) with her sister and friends and party even though she never really tells me I just find out by looking at her ig stories. She is extremely attractive. last week my cousins and I went to Miami for spring break, I told her and she was ok with it. I find out she went to Atlanta again that same weekend. She texted me saying how much she misses me and can’t wait to see my face again, that’s was on Saturday. I got back on Sunday told her I was back and that I miss her. No reply. It’s been 4 days and I start to worry about her because it’s not uncommon for trans girls to get killed or attacked in Atlanta. I text her yesterday stating my concerns, no reply. This morning I check her ig and she posted another story. So I just assume that she is done with me.
There has been a time when we first started talking that she did the same thing stating that her phone bill was over do and they cut her phone off, but was still online posting things. Idk maybe I don’t need advice maybe just needed to vent. I just want to know what other make of this situation.
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2023.03.22 22:33 MyLife-TheRemix Ex Best Friend was sending nudes to my husband

My son found nudes of my best friend on my ex husband’s email account. He was cheating on me our whole marriage. Every week I discover a new one. He beat me because a co worker spoke to me about a work related matter.
I’m so angry and sad and seriously fucking depressed. I’m not speaking to him but I’m deciding on how I’m going to hurt her. Tell her my kids now hate her? Do what my kids suggested, forward them to her husband?
For 10 years I was faithful. For 10 years I paid the price for his accusations that were really just covering up his behavior.
Why do am I loyal to such awful people.
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2023.03.22 22:33 HappyGirly2003 AITA for pointing out that my roommate doesn't lock the door at night

So I [19f] am in college and live in the dorms. Our dorms are basically a single room with 4 beds in it and a bathroom attached. I share this room with 3 other people.
One of my roommates goes out drinking most nights, and she usually either doesn't come back to the room until the next morning after I leave for classes or she comes when the rest of us are sleeping. The problem is, this roommate has a habit of not locking the door to the room.
So this night I come back to the dorms from home at like 10 pm, so all the roommates were in the room. The door wasn't locked. It wasn't even closed all the way, so I pointed it out to my roommates. Of course the one who left it like that was the same roommate that doesn't lock the door. She said it was a mistake.
She and another roommate started making excuses that I was gonna come back at one point anyway so it wouldn't be necessary to lock the door. (Which in my opinion makes no sense. All four of us have a key for a reason). So I said that it's not the first time she forgot to lock the door. (I usually am the first to leave in the morning, so if the door is left unlocked at night I know).
She acted all clueless so I said that she had left the door unlocked multiple times when she came to the dorm after she went out.
I know it's not always a mistake, because when only the two of us were in the room, as our other two roommates went home for the week, and I said I was going to sleep, but couldn't, so I looked on my phone for a while, without saying anything to her, she didn't even lock the door when she got up from her desk and went to bed(she didn't go out or drink at all that week as it was after the finals and she had to retake some exams. Also this was at around 10 or 11 pm so not that late), even though from what she knew I was supposed to be sleeping, so I got up and locked it. (She can't see me in bed because I sleep on the bottom bunk and improvised curtains with blankets for privacy).
She thinks I am over reacting because there is one camera at the end of the hallway, outside the room, so in her mind nothing bad could happen. I believe the camera doesn't stop the bad things from happening, it just helps find out who did the bad thing after it already happened. So AITA?
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2023.03.22 22:33 Disownership The one about drug awareness and surprise absurd comedy: A contender for my most messed up dream yet

This was my second dream from last night. The first was about a vague message from my dad as he was leaving the house where he told me to write down “(can’t remember the date), Champion’s Day, please wear a condom”. I’m not sure what that means.
Anyways, in this dream, my girlfriend came over to a house that was definitely not my actual house, but the layout was very similar, and some of her friends came over too (probably not anyone she knows irl). One of them was this kinda edgy dude with hair that kinda made him look like Shaggy, and apparently while we were hanging out, my mom and dad came in unannounced and asked why he had some stuff in his car (I think it was hardcore drugs) and kicked him out. I’m pretty sure we found out they actually broke into his car to find the stuff which was wild. At some point during this time, the phrase “Animals don’t leave fingerprints” got thrown around, as if that had any significance as to why he got caught at all. I’m just as confused as you probably are.
They must’ve called his school, because he ended up getting expelled and we had to move him into a new school. Ironically, that same day they had a drug awareness walk-a-thon we were all forced to go to. It was a pretty short walk, about 20 minutes, and I finished way before everyone else. Once we were all done they had us pile into this stadium seating with a stage and screen facing us in like a weird outdoor auditorium. I just assumed it was for some anti-drug presentation they had prepared or something.
I shit you not, a fucking South Park episode started playing.
It was uncensored, and the most I can remember from it was that the show protagonists were outside and about to see some show or movie or something. It was just Kyle and Kenny at first, with Kyle giving some exposition as to what’s going on in the setup of the episode, and after some dialogue Stan enters the frame, and is about to cry. He starts crying blood. Then, his whole body becomes a mess of blood coming from every orifice as it absolutely rains his blood, and nobody says a fucking word about it. Then Cartman comes along, and apparently he’s playing this weird dice game with this animal (I think it was a raccoon) and he’s demanding that it roll the dice over and over until he gets the roll he wants. He eventually gets a workable roll, and he decides to start scaling the building they’re outside of (I think it was like D&D IRL or something where he had to act out the actions according to what he rolled, it was not clear) and eventually he comes into this indoor cafe or whatever and he’s in the rafters of it, until he gets to this weird bug creature that’s apparently an enemy to him and also seems to have an actual power drill for a nose. It was almost like a mosquito, but with a drill. For whatever reason, he positions himself downward and perpendicular to this bug while hanging from a support beam so that it drills directly into his asshole and makes a bloody mess. I think after that I was thinking “WHAT THE FUCK” so hard that it forced me to wake up.
As far as I know, this South Park episode does not exist in real life, I tried to look for anything close to it and could find nothing. So my brain made up the first five minutes of an awfully absurd South Park episode like some kind of South Park AI, and it probably would’ve kept going if it hadn’t eventually shocked and confused me into waking up. I wanna say it wasn’t even the worst South Park episode I’ve ever seen, but it was pretty terrible.
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2023.03.22 22:33 Remarkable_Waltz_924 One of my toxic traits: feeling like everyone else is too slow at everything

Like when my mom is telling me her stories it’s so hard for me not to just finish her story for her, because I’ve already figured out kinda how it’s going to end.
Or when I’m getting to know someone new I wanna like skip every getting to know each other question and just be best friend right away if I’ve already decided I’ve clicked with that person.
Or when someone can’t figure out what they’re going to watch I can’t just sit and wait I have to change the channel to something they like, cuz I just can’t handle things being slow!! Specially when I know what they’re going to like.
I’m definitely aware of this and I’m rlyyyy trying to stop myself but it’s so hard not to just take over.
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2023.03.22 22:33 Jack_ofalltrades_ Company withdrew their offer after 3 months

This is the first time I face such a situation and I am not sure what steps to take. I interviewed this company 6 months ago and received a call with a verbal offer for a paid internship. I asked for some time to consider it after the contract is ready for me to read, but I was told that an answer is needed immediately and the terms of the contract will be the same as discussed previously. I decided to accept it and expressed my excitement for this news. I inquired about the start date but was told that it is unknown yet and that they must complete the background check and collect some signatures before sharing the formal offer by email. My primary mode of contact was whatsapp and I was sending gentle reminders every now an then. They thanked me for my patience and after 2 months, I was told to expect the contract by the end of the week. However, it wasn’t ready and the recruiter told me he is no longer part of that company and directed me to someone else from hr who will continue to update me. The Hr lady was very slow to respond, I spoke to her on the phone 2 times and she told me she will “prepare everything and contact me soon”. She also informed me that the procedures at the company are very slow and to expect a delay. At this point, I had rejected job offers from 3 companies and had a gap in my resume. Suddenly, she was getting slower and slower in responding to my messages. Until she scheduled a call to let me know that my internship was “put on hold” and the position is no longer available. I am devastated. I blame myself for not insisting that the offer be made on email instead of phone call or WhatsApp. When she called me I only told her I was very sad and explained what happened during the months of me waiting for this job. I didn’t even get a reason for the decision. I contacted the ex-employee who I had been contacting previously for advice and he told me he was at a loss for words because he too was assured that my offer will be materialized eventually. I’m not sure what to do now. This company is supposed to be very respectable and “first level”, I didn’t anticipate such a thing from them. Is there something I can say or do or do I accept my fate and move on.
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2023.03.22 22:33 Alkshinaynay Vet Did a surgery that was not longer needed and I prepaid

I had a cat have kittens. She was having a very long labor, and there was still one large kitten left to be birthed. It didn’t have a heartbeat so we knew it was dead. She seemed like she was done giving birth and still had not pushed the last one out it had been 12 hours since the last one. So I take her to the vet and they tell me they can try to give a shot of oxytocin to help move along the labor. So they do that and I leave her with them. I get a call three hours later that she still has not delivered the last kitten so I tell them to do the surgery. During the surgery they call and ask if I want her spayed and that there’s cysts on her ovaries and her uterus is very swollen. Skip to the next morning, I get a call from the surgeon saying everything went well but she must have delivered the kitten and ate it before the surgery because there was no kitten inside her when he went in for the c section. They made me prepay $1450 for it. So it ended up being completely unnecessary. Should I ask for my money back? How do you not see she had delivered the kitten? Would you notice blood, and her stomach a little less swollen? He told me “yeah the uterus was so swollen we didn’t see there was no kitten”. Shouldn’t they have been watching her closely if they administered a med that would push the labor along?
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2023.03.22 22:33 Skylor00 A possible toaru campaign?

Hi guys! I've started my journey into the toaru universe only recently but immediatly fell in love with the world building and the story and i thought to myself, why dont i use this fantastic universe to make a campaign in d&d (using the m&m manual) set in academy city? So i began to write a story that could be enjoyable for players that only know little of Index but I wanted some help from someone that is probably more expert of this universe (since i've only read until NT12 for now). I'll try to write a summary of the story that i wanted to create so please correct me if there is some discrepancy with the original material (also sorry for the bad english as it is not my first language):

It is the 29th of september and the dark side organization GAME has received an important mission that could get them promoted: stealing and destroying an indian poker that contained the secret of how academy city creates espers.
The group heads to the lab where this scientist decided to betray academy city and wanted to sell the esper creation to the outside world for some good money. Here happens the first fight against some skill-out members that were paid to be his bodyguards. Once defeated the enemies, the players find the scientist giving the indian poker to this woman but when they try to grab her they have a vision: a pile made of their body with a guy watching them with a pleased look; that guy is know as the strongest level 4.
It is found out that the woman is able to create visions of the death of the others. The vision will happen in 10 days (during the battle royal arc in the main series).
GAME will need to try to stop their fate by preventing the plan of the strongest level 4.

Thats what i came up until now, i know its not much but i wanted to discuss with the community if the premises had some errors. Hope to have some feedback by some veterans of the franchise.
I'll probably make another post about this soon on my progress <3
Thank you for reading
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2023.03.22 22:33 Zuzu_RU Quaritch vs. Grace, Spider + Kiri

So many rich themes of this movie and one I recently thought about is how Quaritch and Grace detested one another, each having entirely different moral philosophies over what to do with Pandora,
Yet, his son, her daughter, deeply care for one another, and both of them in a sense have greatly evolved from their parents to have a much more meaningful connection to the world around them. OG Quaritch of course being violent and uncaring to the world and Grace loving the world, but still looking at it as a scientist. Spider and Kiri fully embracing Pandora as the Na'vi see it-- and of course whatever we have in store for Kiri and her connection with Eywa and Spider as a human among Na'vi.
I don't know. Thoughts? I think they're really great characters and I love their dynamic. And I don't get Spider haters.
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2023.03.22 22:33 rbalr Need Help - Cohort Study Analysis

Hello, I am a volunteer researcher at a nonprofit looking into a toxic exposure incident of a veteran population that is alleged to have lasted from 1985-2001. A health risk assessment was done by the Navy which concluded a 1 in 10,000 additional risks for cancer in children after 3 years and a 1 in 10,000 additional risks for cancer in an adult after 6 years.
After health concerns were raised by a Navy spouse in 2007, the Navy medicine branch conducted a cohort epidemiological study on the population and selected another nearby naval base population as the control group. She had noticed a lot of her friends getting sick in addition to her husband being diagnosed with cancer in his early 40s. I am aware of at least 300 cases of cancer in the population.
The Veterans Affairs Administration has not done much for this community and frequently denies veteran benefits claims related to exposure as there are no presumptions for service connection. The VA does acknowledge the exposure, but they point to this epidemiological study to almost confidently state that there is no increased risk for cancer.
" In 2009, the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center completed a study demonstrating no increased risk for cancer among NAF Atsugi residents compared to residents living at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, after 15 years of follow-up. "
I spent some time looking into this study and found multiple significant issues, I am hoping those that have more experience than I can verify my findings, or provide any additional insights.
My take:
Study end date: May 2008
Only followed the servicemember (and their dependents) as long as they were in the military healthcare system. If the servicemember left the service (unless they retired after 20 years) they, and their dependents, would be lost to follow-up.
The first issue I have is that using a 15-year latency model in a study that ended in May of 2008 would automatically exclude 50% of the exposure population from the results. (2008-15 years is 1993). The exposure range is 1985-2001. Thus, only 8/16 exposure years could potentially be represented.
The second issue is the attrition rates of the Navy. Approximately half of the service members do not stay in the military longer than 6 years. From what I can find, roughly 65-75% of servicemembers leave the service before 15 years.
Thus, due to the timing, latency model, and loss of follow-up, the results could exclude upwards of 88% of the exposure population.
Another issue is that the study was conducted during an "immature" latency period. As the study points out, one of the biggest issues is that the most common latency period for cancers is approximately 20-30 years. Depending on the toxicants, latency periods can range from 1 year to 40 years or more. A 20-year latency period in the 2008 study would automatically exclude 81% of the exposure population from the results.
Of the 19% that could be represented, only ~17% of those service members are expected to have served (or remained in the military healthcare system) for more than 20 years (based on military retirement statistics). This means that upwards of 97% of the exposure population could have been excluded from the results of this study for a typical cancer latency period.
There are other issues about how they designed the study but in my opinion, the latency period, loss of follow-up, and study completion date prove detrimental enough to draw any scientific conclusions.
My conclusion:
As a result, no meaningful scientific conclusions can be drawn from this study concerning cancer, and other lonlong-termg term diseases, in the Atsugi Cohort. Given the extreme bias and limitations in the cohort study, it is not recommended that the VA use this study to demonstrate that there is "no increased risk for cancer among NAF Atsugi residents compared to residents living at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan after 15 years of follow-up."
Again, this is my first time looking at these studies, what do you guys think?
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2023.03.22 22:33 kalzan My (18f) boyfriend (18m) seems happier hanging out with my best friend than hanging out with me and she is jealous of us.

I know this is so long but please give it a read and help me.
So I feel like there is a lot to unpack here and I really hope I get some actual advice because this shit is making me so upset and I feel like I’m just overreacting.
So my boyfriend, me and my best friend go to college. Since the beginning of college so last September me and him started talking and we got together at the start of January. Me him and my friend are like a little friend group, we hang with other people in our class but it’s usually just us 3.
Long story short, my friend started getting jealous that I was spending more time with him than I was with her, that was her pov on the situation but I see it as, I see her almost every single day, even after work I go to where she works for like an hour or two and hang out with her, but I only see my boyfriend on days we are in college because I work every other day so that’s why I like to spend time with him after college.
Me and him decided that we was gonna invite her over sometimes so she don’t feel left out but it’s now got out of hand and she keeps inviting herself when she knows that day was just for me and him.
But recently I’ve been feeling a bit left out now, when we all hang out they joke about a-lot and I love that they are friends but I often find myself not being included at all. He can have a good laugh with her in way I feel like he doesn’t with me and it’s got me thinking like does he not find me as interesting?
Today for example we were in a computer room and there were 3 computers on the table, the middle one didn’t work so me and her used the others, he didn’t sit in the middle of us tho, he sat wayyyyy across over on her side so I wasn’t included in anything at all while they joked about for like 2 hours. Other times he chooses to sit next to her instead of me or I’ll find that she has specifically taken the seat next to me so he has to sit on the one on her side and it really seems like she does this on purpose bcs she’s jealous and I get how she’s feeling but I don’t think this is fair.
Things like this keep happening and it’s really making me feel like I don’t matter to either of them.
Today they both came over to my house even tho I explicitly said it was just him tonight he invited her over anyways and said he didn’t realise, when me and him started cuddling in my bed she was getting pissed off at us as if she didn’t know this is what we wanted to do as I literally told her I feel sad today so he’s coming over to mine and we gonna chill and just cuddle and watch movies on our own tonight. She ended up going home early and visibly pissed off and hasn’t even texted me to say she’s home and is ignoring my calls. I literally had to text her mum to make sure she’s home safe.
I just don’t know what to do bcs on one side I’ve got a friend who’s clearly jealous that I’m spending my time with someone other than her, then I’ve got my boyfriend not realising that he’s pushing me away a bit and making me feel like he prefers her over me.
Please tell me what to do bcs I’m on my period and I’m so emotional I just need someone to help me think rationally here and tell me what to do.
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2023.03.22 22:33 HiccupsAhMa Update: I'm not gonna kill myself

While I have had these thoughts in the past, I can say that recently I do not think about this anymore. I don't think anyone is gonna end up reading this and I don't think the person I want to see it will see it either. But writing this still needed to be done. A couple months ago, I received a couple inboxes of concern that my account had been flagged for concern that I would take my own life. I agree that the comments and posts I made were depressing. I have been dealing with a lot of trauma and a stalker of over 10 years. I think the post that had this person concerned was the one I made about giving away my things (that you don't normally give away). Almost immediately, I saw the concerned message in my inbox and I was very touched by it. That a stranger on the internet who owes me nothing, would still reach out somehow in order to make a difference. I want to tell you I am safe, I am happy, and I have many more years before I leave this funny planet. Thank you for reminding me that all life is precious. For anyone who is contemplating leaving before your time is up, please hold on. You haven't even experienced the best years of your life yet.
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2023.03.22 22:33 estebandesoto Why can't I enjoy Chrono Trigger anymore?

Today I got to wondering why I don't enjoy Chrono Trigger anymore. I still regularly return to games that are much worse, but I'm completely over Chrono Trigger. And it's weird to be completely over a game with so many endings, plus New Game +.
If we're honestly reviewing Chrono Trigger, we pretty much have to give it a perfect score almost all the way across the board. Music is some of the best on the SNES, mechanically the game is innovative, the game is easy to get into and satisfying to play.
The graphics are fine. I've definitely enjoyed far uglier games. I won't say it's one of the best looking RPGs on the SNES. FF6 did cool things with Mode 7, Earthbound had those funky battle backgrounds, Mario RPG and Treasure Hunter G had pre-rendered 3D graphics, Tales of Phantasia had a ton of cool effects. I can't give Chrono Trigger five stars for graphics, but four sounds good. And I've easily enjoyed some one or two star games when it comes to graphics, so whatever.
When it comes to gameplay, Chrono Trigger is fine. Again, I can't give it a perfect score, even though it was really innovative.
Final Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy 6, Adventures of Hourai High School, Dark Law: The Meaning of Death, Shadowrun, Secret of Evermore, Robotrek, Tactics Ogre--all of these allowed you to customize your characters a lot. You could pick not only the kind of weapon they use, but also which spells or abilities would be available to them. Most of these games even allowed you to do this for multiple characters.
In Chrono Trigger, Crono always uses a katana and lightning magic. Not even his weapons and armor are really customization. If you're not picking the equipment with the highest numbers, and absorbing the boss's element, you're just playing wrong. Your only real customization is the one accessory you can pick per character. And yeah, I guess that's something. It's just not a lot.
But again, Chrono Trigger is fine. Even when it comes to character customization, it's better than 90% of the RPGs on SNES. I'm just saying it only gets four stars out of five.
So we're looking at a game that's like 4.8 stars overall, so far. Why don't I enjoy it?
Well, there's one part of the game I've avoided until now: the story.
Again, don't get me wrong, compared to other RPGs of the time, Chrono Trigger easily has a four star story. But ... the bar was really low.
There are two good things about the story of Chrono Trigger:
  1. Magus
  2. Frog
Magus is awesome. He's the villain Chrono Trigger deserved. He's just a cliche bad guy when you first hear about him, and then you actually meet him, and your first battle with him is totally ducking awesome. The music, the atmosphere, the fact that he's totally summoning some ancient being of godlike power ... at this point, he's easily in the top five SNES villains.
Then you're thrown back in time, and you see where Magus came from, and what made him into the villain you just fought, and that makes him even better. Especially since he's been thrown back in time too, and he's smart enough to twist the entire situation to his advantage.
Then Zeal falls, and Magus can join you, and that's kinda cool, I guess, but that's the end of his story, and it's sad because he was the best thing about this game.
Then there's Frog. He's the cliche RPG hero: handsome, courageous, destined to greatness, except that he doesn't get to live that life because of his curse. Now he frightens and disgusts people. He's still trying to do the right thing, but people find it easier to believe in the heroism of an inept child than a slimy thing that lives under a bush.
And that's pretty much everything cool about the characters of Chrono Trigger.
Crono is the Wesley Crusher of Chrono Trigger: he's there so that the audience can see themselves--the regular kid. And he has the same flaw as Wesley Crusher: the character you're supposed to identify with is the lamest character in the story.
Yeah, Crono sacrifices himself. You know what? The first time I played, I was glad. As the silent protagonist he has no personality. He was just a regular kid with a katana. And I was glad he wouldn't be forced into my party anymore.
Breath of Fire 2 has like ten characters sacrifice themselves. And as overdone as that theme is in that game, it's still more impactful every single time that it happens than it is in Chrono Trigger. Because the characters actually mean something in the story. And they all actually stay dead (or slowly dying, or transformed into a dumb animal).
Marle and Lucca? Not much better. Marle has the sort of relationship with her father that pretty much every teenager has with a parent. Lucca has a minor tragedy in her backstory, but it's an optional scene and wouldn't make much difference if you never found it. Marle pretty much says what you're supposed to feel at any given point in the story, and Lucca says what you need to do, so it's not like their characters are all that deep.
And on the subject of our first three characters, what's their motivation for the whole adventure? They see a big cataclysm will happen a thousand years later. Climate change might kill us all in just a few decades (sooner, if you live in Texas) and we're not off to save the world. We just talk about video games on Reddit.
Ayla ... does she even understand why she joined the party? Like Lavos falls, and she predicts the ice age, and then she joins up, but she's saving the world more than 65 million years in the future. That ice age is still going to happen. Ultimately she's fighting to save like five people she just met, one of whom she was considering eating.
With Robo, I feel like they tried to have something meaningful happen with that Prometheus/Atropos/Mother Brain bit, but it's just really cliched, and doesn't even really matter at all outside that one dungeon.
So yeah. I don't like the story of Chrono Trigger. I've beaten it like a hundred times, I've gotten every ending ... but it's been like a decade since I've played it.
Breath of Fire 2 is a worse game in almost every single way, and I still go back and play that game a lot more, because sometimes I want to see parts of the story again. I can't imagine ever doing that for Chrono Trigger again.
And yeah, I can't even say that Chrono Trigger has a bad story. Because, by SNES RPG standards, this is one of the best stories. It just isn't that great.
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2023.03.22 22:32 HaloOnMyHorns So Finka's Elite Dropped...

And her animation gave me ideas.
Why not rework her into an attacking oryx type of operator?
She can dash through walls •Each dash expends 10 HP •Can dash until boost ends (15s) •if overhealed (dashing through surface removes all of the bonus health but can still continue dashing for the 15s duration.)
Increased mobility •Can vault up hatches and ledges •Can rappel at an increased rate (5%) •Cannot hang onto hatches, if boost ends mid climb, she finishes the climb slower (15%)
Increased force •Can punch holes in surfaces like Aruni •Can knock enemies down in a charge •When punching surfaces or charging into opponents, loses 5hp per impact (overheal is not immediately removed)
Revives •No longer overheals the team, only herself •Can revive teammates if within 2m and must expend a boost (no max to number of teammates that can be healed at once) •Revive health total is 40hp
Remove 6P41 Add AK74M (Rename RPK74M) •1.5x and 2.0x scopes •access to vertical and angled grip •permanent extended barrel
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2023.03.22 22:32 HMcCool1 I really like this girl in person, but over text she is dreadful

I met this girl around a month ago and we have had two fire dates.
In person we vibe really well. We laugh, cuddle, go on lovely dinners and walks and have another date on Saturday.
However, I have no idea someone can be so poor at texting.
- She barely ever speaks and leaves me on read randomly
- She randomly flirts and tries to be funny, but never reciprocate anything I do back
- She uses one or two word answers around 50% of the time
- She traveled miles to see me for a great date and talked about future plans. When I bring them up over text, she leaves me on read

What is going on here? As I feel like this is a red flag or something is up?
She says she likes me and wants to see me more, but seems dreadful to communicate with.
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2023.03.22 22:32 MrDavelo92 Rick Rolls aren't funny at all

Being "Rick rolled" for the first time can be funny, but after the 2nd time it just becomes predictable as well as really boring and unfunny. It's a meme that people hype about too much thanks to mid, normie memes. The song is not bad, but hearing it every minute just makes me hate it.
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