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The Weekly General Discussion - [2023/04/02]

2023.04.02 14:00 life-finds-a-way The Weekly General Discussion - [2023/04/02]

Welcome to our general discussion thread! What's going on or coming up in your week?
Tell us about school or work, your upcoming shopping trip, travel plans, pets, family, friends, whatever activities you'd like. Let's get to know each other and maybe learn about the things we have in common. Or not-so-common!
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2023.04.02 13:54 Vegetable-Try7079 The right time to bring in a new pet after loss

My beloved dog passed away about 11 days ago. She was a senior and had been declining but it was still a devastating loss. She was my soul dog. I did not have plans to adopt so shortly after her loss, but I learned a few days after her passing that my landlord would be knocking my house down and I would be displaced. In one week's time I have lost my dog and my home.
I live in a high cost of living area with a competitive rental market and have been scrambling to find a new place to live, rather than grieving the loss of my best friend. I have tried to find pet friendly units that would allow me to get a dog when I am ready, but have found every time something is listed as "pet friendly" it's on a case by case basis and wouldn't be written into the lease up front. It's even harder having to explain my situation to a broker and not the actual landlord. I'm worried if I don't come with a dog, I'll forfeit the ability to have a dog, even when I'm more ready.
I am going to meet a new potential family member today, but I am so overcome with emotion. I know I can take care of a new friend and they may be able to provide comfort as I still grieve the loss of my last, but I also can't shake the feeling that this isn't the right time for me.
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2023.04.02 13:50 IndividualHour3395 if paid in cash or just have a side gig or hustle servers, bartenders, valet parker ladies of night here if how to show 3x rent income to landlord or if moving to new city w no job n need pay stubs

For the unfortunate people that don't know of this place yet I'm about to tell you all about it what they do and how they get you approved. If you get paid in cash have a side hustle and don't make quite 3x the rent. Well, there is a solution for you I have been using it for 5 maybe 6 years they don't just make you pay stubs they will give you a job company that they own the website to on google so when the landlord looks it up he sees the job and number they answer the 888 number and a live human resources person will verify your start date and your pay rate to the prospective landlord it's genius the way they do it so if you don't make enough instead of using those cheap check stub generators on line that every landlord knows what they look like call or use this place (nine one six) six one three -three zero one ate any time day or night they do it all they will be your job references your current or old landlord dr notes service animal papers so you won't have to pay a pet deposit they do it all, I know have 100 percent trust in them but they will NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY WITHOUT YOU SEEING YOUR ORDER. Then after you see and approve it they will then release the password to you NO OTHER PLACE DOES THIS THEY ALL WANT $$ UPFRONT NOT HERE. They will go as far as placing your picture on one of the websites they own as a top employee they have many websites and jobs to choose from they are a blessing for real they have over 1800 5 star reviews but they just got started on Reddit you can find them proofofincome they are the mods. so if you are moving to a new state and need a letter of offer of employment written on a business letterhead and sent from a professional email this is the place to call. They also help with evictions ok broken leases felonies they have lists in so many cities and your job can be in any state as they are all but some mostly remote positions DO GIVE THEM A CALL OR EMAIL THEM BUT BEST TO TEXT docudoctors at g mail . com number above in the post please help them and repost this. These landlords asking 3x the rent is not fair. i have never made 3x my rent but i have also never been late on rent so that's just a crock they want to keep your application money for pizza Friday just think if 10 people apply and don't get approved that $750 landlord just made from applications. guys give these people a chance no money upfront money back guaranteed in writing will verify you work for one of their many google friendly companies and they have a loophole around those new places that use 3rd party apps like snappt, rental cafe, lock box ,and so many more they are legit you don't have to mention anyone sent you but for everyone that sends them a paying client they cash app you $25 instantly so imagine send them just 4 people a day that's extra 3k in your pocket we all know someone that is moving needs a dr note a receipt or so many things that they make edit create you anything from scratch thanks.
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2023.04.02 13:47 Junior_Individual999 AITA for wanting to back out of a friends hen do?

Long time lurker, first time poster. I (26F) have been invited to a friends hen do, I originally said yes, not knowing the plan or anything, just excited to celebrate her happiness and upcoming nuptials. However the plan has now come together and I really just don’t want to go. The man of honour has organised that we will be going to an artists theme club night (where everything is related to a singular artist songs and music) it is the brides favourite artist so she will love it, I really really dislike this artist so I know I will most likely not enjoy myself. I also don’t know anyone else going except the bride and I will need to travel and find a hotel for the night. Overall it’ll cost me about £200 minimum before we even go for dinner and drinks. If I knew I was going to have fun I wouldn’t mind as much but it seems a lot to spend on a night where I will most likely be miserable and alone. AITA for wanting to back out? Am I being really selfish? I will happily cover the cost of the ticket to the event if no one else can fill the space.
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2023.04.02 13:46 LadyDeath123 33/F/Australian

Hi looking to meet like minded individuals.
I’m from Australia, I like nature, animals and movies and gaming.
Also into fitness and I’m a bit of nerd/geek who loves gaming so I’d love to talk to similar people.
Would prefer female friends however open to anyone. I also love going out and seeing new places like museums and art galleries and enjoy arts and crafts in my spare time.
I have a lot of pets as well so as I said If you like animals or have pets then that’s also great. I also enjoy gardening and reading as well.
I’m currently studying part time at the moment as well 😊
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2023.04.02 13:45 blueySurvey Rate the episode: Shaun (S1E50)

"Bluey and Bingo want a pet. To show them how much work they'd be in for, Dad gets to transform his hand into their old friend Shaun, a chaotic, undisciplined Emu with a taste for trouble." ***
Rating tips:
More info can be seen in the introduction post.
View Poll
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2023.04.02 13:43 Adam-best Pet Shower Hair Brush Yes, we hear you! Bathing time for your best friend can be very daunting, tiring, and not just for them, but for you, too! But what if we tell you.. that it’s more comfortable now, easier, faster and more stimulating? YES!. with this amazing Pet Shower Hair Brush..

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2023.04.02 13:43 Superlovetwotri Delay!

Crap crap crap 😬 I was supposed to get my new trailer at the end of March and it’s been delayed. I have a site booked for the end of April for a non-negotiable work event for which I’ve already declined a hotel room. Stupid move, I know 😢 It looks like the trailer is going to be ready the same week as my reservation and I have some driving to do to go get it, so I think it’s best that I wait till the following week. Does anyone know of an inexpensive, under 7K total weight trailer for rent in the west GTA for a reasonable price? I don’t need anything fancy, and would prefer dog friendly, but if that can’t happen, they’ll have to stay home. it would be April 26-30.
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2023.04.02 13:31 Artistic_Discount178 Toxic friends of 10 years

I have been friends with this girl (we will call her Rita) for almost 10 years. For as long as I knew her, she was always sensitive, explosive and had incredibly low self esteem. She could also be kind, very generous and we had a lot in common.
She invited me on a road trip, but I was worried that with her temper, I might fall victim to her tantrum. She drove, so I covered gas and paid for Lyfts once we got to our destination.
Sure enough she got mad because I ordered an Uber that she thought was dangerous. I told her I was tired and was tired of her tantrum.
Her mood shifted from happy to antagonistic. I knew she was mad and I tried to appease her but she gave me the silent treatment for two hours. Then she left with the hotel keys while I was napping. When she came back she cut me off - and kicked me out.
I rented a car back and thought this was actually a great gift. I was on edge the whole trip and was constantly trying to help her — I feel so relieved now. Now that I look back, I remember always apologizing even if I did nothing wrong. I was always walking on eggshells. I stayed friends because we knew each other so long, but that is such a trap.
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2023.04.02 13:30 glo75001 Budget Hotel In Joshimath I Lowest Budget Joshimath Hotels I 30 % Off

​Get Pocket Friendly hotel in Joshimath for this season

Price starting from 2999 With Breakfast and evening snacks
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2023.04.02 13:30 stirredcrazy Pet Help!

Right, so to preface this-- I have absolutely no clue how to hatch pets and neither do my friends!
The pet I found in the Hatchmaking Kiosk and want to work towards is a Mega Avenging Fossil with the following talents: • Pain-Giver • Death-Giver • Death-Dealer • Balanceblade (Maycast) • Vengeful Seraph
The pet I currently have is an Ancient Avenging Fossil with the following talents: • Balanceblade (Maycast) • Pain-Giver • Death-Giver
The original pet I used was an Adult Roccaneer with the following talents: • Death-Shot • Spiritual Retriever
All I know is that I got really lucky so far, and that I don't want to fail this pet. What do I do from here in order to ensure that I get the most out of my mega snack usage?
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2023.04.02 13:29 Funny-Bunny-11 23M 10 reasons why you should adopt this fluffy ball of depression [friendship]

  1. I never ghost
  2. I am funny (and a lil weird)
  3. I'll keep your secrets and gossips safe
  4. I am fluffy so I give amazing hugs - both virtual and IRL
  5. I can offer moral support and advice as and when required
  6. Music and Movie suggestions exchange window - open 24/7
  7. I am a certified memes dealer- trusted by 69+ happy customers
  8. I am down to be your friend, best friend, more than friend, less than friend or whatever
  9. I never look both ways before crossing the street, so you don't have to worry about any long-term commitments
  10. Spam me with your pet pics, send me random texts throughout the day or just tell me about your favorite cartoon show, and how much do you miss it!
inserts "It ain't much but its honest work" meme
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2023.04.02 13:24 throwaway3729472929 My friends are bad cat owners and I’m not sure how to approach them about it.

I am friends with a couple who have two cats. They live in another city, so I don’t see them often, but I stay with them every once in a while. Whenever I visit, I feel so bad for their cats. The water bowl is dirty (murky water with pink mold on the bowl). And the small litter box the cats share doesn’t appear to have been scooped, let alone changed, in who knows how long (more poop than litter in the box). I also have cats, so I’ve tried to casually bring up how I take care of my cats in the hopes that they might realize that it’s normal and expected to take better care of their pets (though I realize that is not an effective approach). I’ve also tried to mention in passing that the litter could use a scooping but they always just say they’ll do it later. In general they keep a tidy house, but not super clean when you take a closer look; so I’m not sure if they even notice the state of their cats things. Other than cleanliness, they take good care of their cats and I can tell they love them a lot. It just makes me sad knowing how the cats live in such dirty conditions. I’m not a confrontational person so I’ve tried to avoid straight up telling them they need to do a lot better for the sake of their cats. Should I sit these friends down for a chat? How do I approach that conversation?
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2023.04.02 12:58 misterzeee Packaging for my new cat brush.

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2023.04.02 12:54 hsgroot 31 [M4F] England/Online. Friendly guy who misses daily texts.

Hi there! Just a 31yr old guy who's a big nerd at heart and pretty friendly with the right people. Little about me following but you're welcome to ask me anything you'd like. I'm an open book :)
Girls with pretty eyes or nice hair usually catch my attention, I love accents and swoon hard for nerdy tendencies. (Where's my gaming buddy at??)
So if you're looking for a friendly guy who will flirt with you and trade all the memes, send me a chat you wonderful person!
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2023.04.02 12:52 Haibai24 The Yeezy Shoe Shop: Buying Authentic Yeezys

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2023.04.02 12:49 Electronic_Pea_2061 Binastos ako.

I have been planning and preparing our family vacation for the holy week since 8 MONTHS AGO. It’s an out of town getaway, ininform ko silang lahat when I booked our hotels months ago, shared the itinerary with them. May tour guide na kami. Ready na lahat.
Until my brother sent us a message sa GC LAST NIGHT. Just 3 days before our vacation.
To provide some context, he is our youngest, 18 years old. He’s in an LDR relationship. Young love eme. Discord sila nag meet. He’s very “sheltered” bec alam naman natin mostly mga youngest super pampered ng parents. And of course, love ko sya. We have a strong relationship. He’s shared his pains with me. We’ve been vulnerable with each other. I love him kaya as much as possible I am undoing generational curses with him.
To summarize his GC message, he decided not to come with us. He said he wanted to try living on his own sa house without us and that he’s always present naman sa mga outings namin before so he’ll skip this nalang muna to have some “alone time.” Tas di daw sya nakaka learn to be independent kasi mama does a lot sa house. Well, he has been mentioning before na he wants to break free—but alam na natin yon. Being 18. The urge to taste freedom. We’ve been there.
We’re lenient with him. I’ve made it clear before na we trust him. As long as nag tetext sya kung san sya with friends and uuwi before curfew. So hindi namin sya sinsuffocate because we know how much damage that will cause.
So yun. I was shocked at his message. I was trembling. Sabi ko, ALONE TIME? You literally have ur own room. We respect his privacy pa nga and even time if busy sya with school. Tas INDEPENDENCE? Eh he never even has had the initiative to help out with chores. He does nothing unless someone tells him. He just stays in his room. Minsan nagdadabog pag may inuutos.
So fishy yung message. Parang may ibang agenda.
Kinonfront ng mama and younger sis ko. At yun, UUWI PALA DITO YUNG JOWA NIYA. Kaya ayaw nyang sumama samin out of town.
That was the agenda.
And he even used us sa message niya na he wants to be away from us so he can do things on his own.
Bottomline, he LIED.
And worse part? His GF doesn’t know about our out-of-town plans, which have long been prepared MONTHS AGO.
He could’ve asked me. Alam nya how understanding and patient I am, especially with him. Alam nya never ako mag jjudge din. We could’ve met each other halfway.
Instead he chose to betray us, me most especially. Because alam niyo? I set the holy week as the vacation date because yan lang yung time na wala syang classes and long weekend pa.
I blocked him sa lahat ng social media accounts ko. But he can still text me. Silly of me to think na he would, but 24hrs later—not a single text from him to make things right.
Ngayon sabi nya ke mama na sasama nalang daw sya, but sabi ko NO. Panindigan niya to. Ginusto nya to. 2nd choice lang pala niya kami. All his plans revolved around meeting his gf behind our backs. Sabi ko, I don’t want to see his face.
But I am burdened right now. My heart is heavy. This is seriously one of my biggest heartbreaks. Ang sakit. He’s the last person in my life that I’d expect to betray me. I treasure him so much.
Pero sobrang pangbabastos to, di ba?
Please help. Please let me know what you would do if you were in my place.
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2023.04.02 12:42 amelianaomi [For Hire] Adorable and Colorful Pet/Friends/ Family Portraits! You can order a service on my website. :)

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2023.04.02 12:39 amelianaomi [For Hire] Adorable and Colorful Pet/Friends/ Family Portraits! You can order a service on my websit

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2023.04.02 12:36 amelianaomi [For Hire] Adorable and Colorful Pet/Friends/ Family Portraits! You can order a service on my website. :)

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2023.04.02 12:35 LegitimateNail5511 Why is sex obtained through coercion socially acceptable and not seen as predatory because the other person "agreed" to it (under false pretenses)?

The title is a SERIOUS question. I'm an autistic woman and it's difficult to understand when people are manipulating me and why it's considered okay when someone is obviously lying to me in order to get access to sex and why. I need to understand why someone would use someone they don't like for sex, I can intellectually rationalize it but I truly can't comprehend why someone would do that?
I was used by a filthy, depraved sex tourist. Picture your typical looking passport bro looking for sex in countries with dubious laws and a power dynamic that tips in their favor. I don't judge people based on their appearances but when I showed his pictures to my friends as well as the kinds of matches he got on Tinder that he added on FB, they said it's blatantly obvious that he's looking to exploit girls/women and that he has dead serial killer eyes. I later found out through social media that he used the opportunity of being in a new country to sleep with prostitutes and underage girls since he had DOZENS if not hundreds of prostitute accounts added some with CP and suspiciously looking accounts of other girls obviously still in high school. Stuff he wouldn't get away with back home.
Right after PIV for the first time he started spitting out racial slurs like he couldn't control himself and was holding it in. He then said I wasn't his "type" (nothing was said prior to him successfully shoving his dick in me or using me for other things several weeks in a row, how interesting). Why was I chosen to be treated like this? He doesn't treat other women in his life this way. He was in the country I was in for a short time and saw this as an opportunity to do whatever he wanted without it hurting his reputation at home. Only a few of the people in his life believe me or just don't care that he likes to stick it in underage girls and prostitutes. Do I need to walk with a video camera on me at all times to have enough proof? These predators are smart, they make sure there's no/minimal evidence for what they do to you and if you rightfully call them out and try to warn people about how predatory and damaging they are they try to pass it off as "harassment". He pretends to be woke and feminist (at least when it comes to white women and white women's rights, other women are free game to be used).
E-stalking revealed a lot. He dated an obese, conventionally unattractive much older poorly educated low-income/welfare type woman for several years but never posted a picture together or interacted with her much on social media. She just had her own place and he could mooch off her for a bit with access to sex. He tends to do this with girls be thinks are beneath him, I like that she detailed the entire relationship in a blog. He was so ashamed of her that he didn't even introduce her to his friends. Yet he goes on one date with a lolita "model" and has pictures together up on Facebook, he's currently talking to another lolita "model". He's VERY shallow. I wonder if he starved her on this date? Unlikely.
There's another girl, another older woman that's more his "type", she has some social currency, he started talking to her while he was still shoving his filthy dick in me. She's probably someone else he can take advantage of, financially as well since she's invested in his dumb writing projects. She has her own place and business dealing with children. I suspect they dated for a bit but he tends to get bored even if the woman is his "type". Her health clearly declined with a MASSIVE weight gain, mental health struggles but she continues to believe in him. I hope I can fully exorcize the pickme in me before I reach her age and not be stupid enough to waste ANY of my resources on abusers. He just wants to increase his body count and have another place to rotationally get free sex from, it's unlikely he cares about her well-being. He flat out told me he doesn't care if his ex-girlfriend kills herself and yet this person is blessed with real and authentic friendships that will stand with him in spite of the pain he brings to other people.
Worst of all is that he made up his sister's suicide attempt or used it to shake sex out of me one last time because he knows I have a dead sibling and would sympathize with him. Even if his sister truly tried to kill herself, he still didn't like me and already got PIV which is what he wanted in the first place. It was all a farse, he wanted me to waste my money, time and energy under the guise of a "friendship" to use me. He knew PIV was difficult and extremely painful for me because of vaginismus but he felt entitled to it. Honestly, he's more deranged than imagined. His favorite porn star is a dead ringer for his little sister, the porn star is older but they look EXACTLY alike.
Not once has this demon considered my perspective. I was a student at the time and I was short on cash, I would take the bus and metro to see him and this guy wouldn't even have the courtesy to offer me anything to eat. He looked at me like I was a gold-digger when I asked him for food after we spent several hours together... Uses my body, insults and humiliates me then goes back to his life back home, it all works out for him. He lived out of a hotel (not the filthy cheap kinds he takes his prostitutes to back home) in a foreign country because he's a nepobaby with no actual skills other than lying to girls, and it doesn't cost much to get a $2 sandwich when you know someone is coming over, it costs more to travel to and from there. Once he even rubbed it in my face that he was gonna grab something to eat (without me???) and that shitty $5 cheesecake is "too expensive" (because he gets to use my body for FREE), he probably wouldn't hesitate to spend $5 on a girl he considers human. No one should be forced to date someone they don't like, but is it okay to use someone like a free prostitute? To pretend to like them and coerce them into sex then throw racial slurs at them when they're done? To emotionally manipulate them into thinking you like them? I was a free prostitute, he wasn't the one spending his time, money or exerting any energy to see me, he was faking some kind of emotional connection. He used my body like a human fleshlight and kicked me out whenever he would get hungry or bored just because he wanted to be as cheap as possible and that's how much my body was worth to him. I was always giving him the benefit of the doubt because it didn't make sense to me that people could be this way.
I'm supposed to be a good girl after all the garbage this adult male put on me and be quiet while he gets to move on and repeat this process whenever he feels like. I truly despise him, the women that are his "type", the women he would never dare hurt and I want karma to get him. I'm not getting used by him or people like him again. People that think they're superior because of random characteristics they were born with and that they have a right to hurt people that don't fit their arbitrary patterns of beauty therefore they deserve to be taken advantage of.
I doubt I will forgive myself for allowing myself to be used by someone absolutely vile and horrendous. I didn't get anything out of it besides a venereal disease and trauma thanks to this racist and depraved animal that felt entitled to someone he didn't want. I lived in a backwards religious country at the time where pre-marital sex is illegal and had to wait 2 years before I moved somewhere else to get a full sexual health check up because guess what condoms aren't enough when the guy sleeps with prostitutes from third-world countries and god knows what else.
He even self-published books as a teenager about only ugly girls wanting him, here's the kicker. He's literally less than 5ft3in, started balding before 20 and is chronically either overweight or obese, he tends to lose weight and gain everything back cyclically, right now he's getting close to morbid obesity (based on his more recent pictures). Obviously if I cared about appearances I wouldn't have looked in his direction, except I'm not nearly as shallow as him and saw him as a three dimensional human outside of his physical form. I didn't care and clearly neither of his ex girlfriends either but if he feels entitled to use women that don't meet his physical standards, it's important to take into account his appearance. I used to look down on women that use men for their money since I've never been in the situation where I had to do it for survival, but I kind of get it now? Some men use women like free prostitutes, act like $5 is too much but expect you to waste your time and money on them. I can't comprehend how someone can do this to another person and think it's okay?
I don't plan to have sex ever again, it repulses me to be touched because I genuinely believe that the only partners I attract are people that want to get their maximum use out of me using lies/ coercion/ deceit. I don't have any desire for it after this experience, it pretty much solidified what I already know. I always saw sex as a way to connect with someone, the people I attract see it as entitlement and something similar to going to the toilet and to push for as much as they can despite me being uncomfortable with it. I waited a long time and THIS is what I get. A racist, depraved animal. While he never physically hurt me, he probably would have at some point because it was clear that after he was done, he can't conceptualize me as human, I was merely a resource to exploit.
My first boyfriend when I was barely a teen literally tried to lie to me and took the condom during sex, why do they feel entitled? Why do they push my boundaries? Why is my sexual health of little importance to these predators? Why am I blamed for "letting" it happen? Male "friends" always try to make the conversation sexual. Do I have any worth to these people besides being used like a fleshlight? Someone they feel entitled to take from? Why is it okay for these people to treat others like garbage and calling them out on their behavior is seen as "harassment"?
I have tried to date again and I find the experience overwhelming and exhausting. I can't be open with people, I'm always checking if the information they're telling me is the truth (I even caught other men in lies ie married men, men with girlfriends), I stopped using dating apps after the racist and have made efforts to be more social irl through hobby groups since at the very least these people are attracted to me physically. Except, I don't like men touching me at all in any context whatsoever. I feel like I need to date because that's what's expected, but I can't comprehend the point of dating. I always thought I was missing out, but I'm really not. Even a handshake with the opposite sex makes me squirm. Then I realized, I don't actually have to. Relationships and sex in general is not a basic human need, I would never prey on someone I don't consider human to coerce sex out of them. A lot of people demand sex, act like they go crazy without it and like it's owed to them. Most of his friends (regardless of gender) belive in this and that it's fine to lie and treat people like garbage in order to get access to their bodies.
Why am I expected to get over it when it hurts to be treated this way by people I trusted? I wish I could erase these depraved men from ever entering me, it repulses me that I allowed it, it makes me want to tear off my flesh and skin. The only thing that helps curb these CONSTANT feelings is starving and feeling faint, it's so soothing. I know when men express romantic interest in me it's because they want to take from me and hurt me. All the thoughts zone out. These vile, depraved men get to live happy lives getting the stuff they want while I'm hindered on a daily basis with constant feelings of disgust. I know there are good men out there but I don't want to risk getting hurt by another one of these predators. I can't tell the difference when someone likes me or when someone's using me and my safety is the most important thing.
I took his words at face value but they never aligned with his actions. He took pleasure in confusing and manipulating me. What did it matter to him anyway? He's getting a FREE fleshlight. The money and time spent getting there, the emotional manipulation is irrelevant because it's FREE. He's never had to work for anything in his life (no, his dumb self-published trashy incel books don't count). He's never been through any kind of pain otherwise he wouldn't selectively treat some people the way he does. It's either that or he never viewed me as human from start, he probably thought "as long as I don't physically hurt this thing I can do whatever I want". u/juankiblog
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2023.04.02 12:34 K9_Kadaver Am I in the wrong for thinking that my dog's behaviourist is ovestepping?

The quick backstory is that my dog is now reactive due to firework trauma & fear of highly aggressive and out of control dogs in the neighbourhood. He's medicated on Prozac which has helped tremendously, before it we had to force him out of the house to go toilet. He's made leaps in progress and regressed in some other aspects due to the dogs but he's still entirely happy in himself in the house, is capable of having fun outside sometimes and goes absolutely ham when we rent out a 6 acre field for him. His biggest triggers are loud bangings, car exhausts popping and actively aggressive dogs (has completely ignored neutral or friendly dogs). Depending on how he's doing that day, his reactions range from staring, fixating, bolting or barking/lunging though the latter has only happened twice when dogs have actively tried to get to him.
He's about 7 maybe, 30kg and like... field lab/golden sized, he's in the large dog category but I see him as more medium sized.
Anyways we've been working with this behaviourist for a number of weeks- can't remember exactly 💀 She insisted on us getting tests and exams for Lābus to rule out any pain symptoms, the issue is that the tests n shit she wants either don't exist, would require a near 12 hour trip in the car to a giant city which would traumatise him more or just that both the vets and me don't think it's a concern.
Like for example, she wants him tested for ghardia (£200 test at this vets, even the vet thinks that money would be better spent elsewhere for him) because he's sometimes constipated, I give him more veggies in his diet to help and sometimes I overdo the ratio and he gets diarrhea. Like it's not any form of uncertainty as to why he gets diarrhea, it's literally only when I accidentally give him too much vegetables. There isn't a horrendous smell to what he passes, which is a big sign of ghardia, and he doesn't have any stomach upsets. Or she wanted a "general x-ray" which isn't! a thing! and would cost thousands! Or like she wanted an MRI, which is doable except the cheapest I can find is £900 and it's in the next country.
What's happened is the behaviourist has emailed the vet, the vet found it really odd what she said and sent it to us so here's the main bit, "I have explained again to them that I feel there could be an underlying issues, and whilst I agree increasing flx dose (if he's not already at the max dose) could help, I feel there is a longer term welfare issue if he has pain or another health problem. In my experience is anxiety is secondary to pain/ discomfort or other issues, the effect is somewhat temporary."

I just think this is kind of... Stupid? Maybe I'm getting too "I know my dog better than you" but to claim it could be a welfare issue when he literally shows no sign of pain or stiffness in any aspect of his life? His anxiety is entirely in proportion to what's happened to him, I think. It was a series of different firework events over a couple months, all times were VERY extreme and even caught us off guard. I feel like even a human child would be affected by what's happened to Lābus. His regression there was clearly caused by the severely aggressive dogs because hey, that's scary! They don't understand that "actually that dog is leashed which means it's okay, even if they're actively coming closer." Like dogs can just... Have anxiety and be scared sometimes, it doesn't have to be a pain thing exclusively.
I dunno though, like if I'm being unreasonable please let me know 💀 just felt this was a good place to check with

Last bit of context is that the behaviourist is a certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist with ASAB, a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC). She's worked with street dogs, village dogs, assistance dogs, extreme behaviour cases ranging from aggression to anxiety.
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