Temporary license plate texas

Can someone help me understand what section 2 of this new law in Tennessee means?

2023.06.10 19:58 guy_from_iowa01 Can someone help me understand what section 2 of this new law in Tennessee means?

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2023.06.10 19:37 stratusduo G400C - Owner feedback?

Looking for my first motorcycle and came across the g400c from genuine motorcycles. Has anyone ever owned one of these?
As far as I can tell, they've been using a Honda sourced/cloned single cylinder, converted it to a 4 valve head, and added EFI. It comes with a 2 yea24,000 mile warranty, and parts/accessories appear to be readily available (both online and through the dealer).
Here's their product page: link
Here's a video on their YT channel showing the maintenance procedure: link
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2023.06.10 19:33 Comprehensive-Fox574 Dinning plates at Hampi, India. The food plates are carved in two rows on the rock slabs.

Dinning plates at Hampi, India. The food plates are carved in two rows on the rock slabs.
Source: https://youtu.be/qGRoBUF5GZY
Bhojanasala or the dining hall is located close to the Octagonal Pavilion in the Royal Area. The main road that connects Hampi with Kamalapura can be used to access the location. Lookout for the Octagonal Pavilion, that protrudes into the main road, as the key landmark. The Bhojanasala is located right across the road.
According to the archeologists this had been a community dining area for the soldiers. The proximity to the palaces and the granaries nearby supports this view.
The food plates are carved in two rows on the rock slabs. You can make out the dimples of tiny bowls at the corners for serving dishes. The rows face each other with a channel separating the two. The serving staff probably would have used the channel to serve food. Or even it could have been a water duct.
It appears as an open hall. Probably the shelter once stood over it is missing. Or even they would have used temporary Shamiana (party tents) the way it is done today for community functions
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2023.06.10 19:29 Comprehensive-Fox574 Dinning plates at Hampi, India. The food plates are carved in two rows on the rock slabs

Dinning plates at Hampi, India. The food plates are carved in two rows on the rock slabs
SOURCE: https://youtu.be/qGRoBUF5GZY
Bhojanasala or the dining hall is located close to the Octagonal Pavilion in the Royal Area. The main road that connects Hampi with Kamalapura can be used to access the location. Lookout for the Octagonal Pavilion, that protrudes into the main road, as the key landmark. The Bhojanasala is located right across the road.
According to the archeologists this had been a community dining area for the soldiers. The proximity to the palaces and the granaries nearby supports this view.
The food plates are carved in two rows on the rock slabs. You can make out the dimples of tiny bowls at the corners for serving dishes. The rows face each other with a channel separating the two. The serving staff probably would have used the channel to serve food. Or even it could have been a water duct.
It appears as an open hall. Probably the shelter once stood over it is missing. Or even they would have used temporary Shamiana (party tents) the way it is done today for community functions
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2023.06.10 19:25 lonefluencer The video discloses personal/private information, or requires viewers to do so...

I've been doing this ever since this program started and just recently... my new videos have been rejected due to " The video discloses personal/private information, or requires viewers to do so " and that is a bit hard if you review dash cameras... Have you all been getting this also? I have a dashcam review that I have cut it down so much due to being flagged that I will eventually going to just show the unboxing and install and that's it just to please Amazon bots but how do you review a dashcam without showing how it read license plates?
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2023.06.10 19:23 Buzzeke Can somebody please AI extend this image so i can use it as a background on my phone? right now the image is too zoomed in on my phone. If possible empty the license plate.

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2023.06.10 19:18 jacobn Update: Surround camera madness

Update: Surround camera madness
Played around with the surround camera more this morning and it’s now clear what’s going on: there’s a cutoff line in the front view below which things are mirrored when shown in the overhead view.
You can see this by zooming in on the hat in the first picture - it’s clearly getting cut&mirrored in the overview, but there’s plenty more picture below the cutoff point in the forward view.
I presume they did this to not show the front license plate holder or front bumper in the surround view?
Whatever the reason, the current mirroring solution is awful because it tricks/fools the driver into thinking they know what’s there when in fact they don’t.
The ideal solution would be to just reproject the front image with the bumper, license plate holder, warts and all.
The worse solution would be to optimize the cutoff boundary (clearly set too high in my case, yours may vary), and then blackout below that.
But seriously, drop the mirroring. It’s driving me nuts.
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2023.06.10 19:17 herbalgenie I Feel like the RCMP did not investigate my problem.

While I was at work, three individuals entered my home and caused extreme distress to my wife and children. They were demanding a person and drugs. I immediately called 911 as soon as I arrived home, which took me a short time since my workplace is close by. Unfortunately, it took over 40 minutes for the authorities to arrive. During that time, the intruders left and returned within 30 minutes. I had to call 911 again, and once more, there was a significant delay in response.. Despite providing the police with crucial details such as the model, year range, and the first three digits of the license plate (TJ3), which belonged to a white BMW manufactured between 2014 and 2018, they seemed reluctant to offer assistance. It took an unreasonable six hours for me to receive a file number and a phone call, only to be informed that they couldn’t provide the help I needed.
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2023.06.10 19:08 KlaatuPlusTu New resident, car titling help needed.

I am not from Missouri (out-of-state license) and I am in saint Louis for an internship. I am getting a new car (2007 beater that gets me from point a-to-b). I am a little confused as to what my options are given:
  1. Can I purchase this car with an out-of-state license and a Missouri tag/plate for now? My internship won't be over for a few months.
  2. How do I get a statement of non-assessment? I am living in a friend's guest room.
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2023.06.10 19:05 Time_Good_3680 Lyft driver changed my destination without telling me and said we're going to his home

I honestly don't know what to do at this point after what happened during my lyft ride yesterday.
I called a lyft for just myself (female, 28) to go to my sister's apartment in Chicago that was supposed to be a 21 minute drive. As soon as I was matched, I checked to see that this driver had a 5 star rating. I get in his car once he arrives and I asked if his name was M***, but didn't hear him respond as I noticed he had a hearing aid on, so I thought he must be hard of hearing.
The first red flag was when I noticed he got off the expressway 3 exits earlier than where were supposed to exit. It was Friday nearing the end of rush hour traffic so I rolled my eyes thinking he just wanted to bypass the traffic, but I definitely started feeling uneasy. This is an odd thought but I also remember thinking that since he might be deaf he was just zoning out and not paying attention to the directions. I go check what the Lyft app is saying as I'm expecting it to re-navigate now that he exited way early, but I come to find that my app is not loading and I cannot see where we are on the map, and so now I'm relying on the driver's phone on the dashboard that displays the GPS route. After 5 minutes of watching him not follow ANY of the turns/directions, I also notice that the app is now displaying that 15 minutes has been added to the ETA, but the map is still not loading. Now I'm annoyed and anxious because he is not saying at all where we are going and I'm noticing we're in a neighborhood opposite of the direction we are supposed to be heading! I finally speak up after I see him miss another turn and I say "I think you were supposed to turn left" to which he immediately responds in an aggressive, clear, and abrupt tone "I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING". This immediately fires another round of red flags and the following argument ensues:
Me: I don't understand, you're not following the GPS.
M***: I know where I'm going, I'm taking shortcuts.
Me: Have you been to this address before? Is that why you know where you're going? **(at this point we are now taking side streets and he is not at all driving in the general direction of where the final destination should be)
*And this is where things start to get really scary*
M***: I'm driving home.
Me:... We're going to your home?
M***: We're going to a new destination.
M***: Yes. I'm going home, the new destination.
At this point we are at an intersection where he has to pull up to a stop sign and we are full on arguing. The car behind us honks at us because he's not driving as I'm telling him I don't feel safe as a passenger because he isn't following the directions and I don't know where we're going to which he responds "I'm an officer". At that point I gather my things and say I don't feel safe I'm leaving, you can cancel the ride, but he tells me "no YOU CANCEL THE RIDE".
I run down the street to a Wing Stop where there are people around and call 911 through the safety assistance button (again, my phone is not loading the map, it still thinks I'm in the ride). The dispatcher connects me to an officer to file a report but I'm on hold for 2 minutes so I hang up. I call my sister and explain what happened and she starts ordering me an uber ride (I didn't have uber on my phone BUT I DO NOW), and as I'm waiting THE DRIVER CIRCLES BACK AND PASSES ME, rolls down his window, smiling, and yells out my name. I turn away and run in the other direction where there's more people and start full on crying. Thankfully the uber ride (thank you Evelyn for being so kind and listening to what happened) arrived and I was finally able to cancel my ride (after restarting my phone) and talking to the lyft safety support team.
I screenshotted his license plate and name before I cancelled the ride. Should I file a police report? I told the lyft support team that this driver absolutely needs to be fired as I never felt more in danger of my life. Has this happened to anyone else? When he told me we were going to his home as his new destination I was fully prepared to find the child locks were engaged on the doors but thankfully they were not. I feel like this was so close to a kidnapping and lyft needs to take this seriously. I'm worried that he saved my apartment address since the app took awhile to cancel the ride and he now knows where I live.
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2023.06.10 19:01 eeeeeu Moradaya Rise

"Immortal Spirits of Fate, you who weave destiny, you who are my greatest muse and have spun countless stories in my ears, do not sit in idle silence toward me now. Sing to me of the birth of the Moradaya who came here from those mountainous lands of yore. May my words be true and my tongue possess the skill to utter the tale you speak into me without fault."
—An invocation to the spirits. Similar words are commonly spoken by storytellers in pursuit of favor from those who dictate the webs of fate.
As the cold wind howls through the valleys between that fractured piece of the Alpide belt born of the Paleogene in times long passed and nestled between two seas split by the crushing power of the advancing Arabian plate, a band traveling south and east on the backs of short stocky horses orients themselves against the rising sun hidden behind jagged peaks on the horizon which cut the sky like the serration on teeth of ocean sharks these migrants will never encounter, escape from this desolate winter landscape the one thing on their minds. They are Anyana, Iranic peoples whose ancestors roamed the steppes past the great mountains to the north where their distant cousins still drive livestock across a great sea of grass so wide and expansive it is hard for them to imagine both the land there and here in these claustrophobic ravines and gullies wrought by tectonic chaos belong to the same world. They do.
The Anyana abandoned such a pastoralist way of life when they migrated south along the coast of the Black Sea, known to them as Banga Marea, the Great Sea, which was vaster than any their ancestors before them had ever beheld, and into the lowlands between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus where rivers flow west into that massive body of water and the land is lush and fertile for farming. But this land of plenty where it seems the divines had tried their hand at crafting a paradise was not to be the home of the Moradaya. The Anyana who settled in these lands, which were at that time home to a population of Colchic Proto-Kartvelians, enslaved and intermingled with these local peoples from the coast to as far east as those who later formed the Kingdom of Asmanakashra, but many more of their brethren found no place in the small space of these lowlands, cramped as they were after the arrival of a lurch of people pouring inward as if the levy of the Greater Caucasus which once separated two worlds alien to one another had burst, and instead chose to push onward into the mountains to the south, spreading in all directions and hunting for whatever small abundances might be found in their alpine surroundings.
Massifs rise from underfoot across the plateau of the Armenian Highlands where Anyan has become the dominant culture and language, but divisions have already formed in this people. Wars were fought. Battles raged. Subjugation. The harsh topography of these lands and divisions between those original tribes who made the journey south drive the Anyana apart and erode their united identity like rivers splitting from one source in a delta before rushing out to sea, quickened by the absorption of local people's ways of life in the disparate and nascent polities forming among their culture. Some of the tribes have become wary of one another, others hostile and others more simply apathetic toward the Anyana living elsewhere in the plateau where even a few miles distance divided by a range of peaks can feel a world away.
The tribe Moradaya trace their lineage to a number of deva, beings akin to spirits or gods, the stories of their genesis passed down through the generations by oral recital and never received by the youth in quite the same manner or meaning each telling. Those travelers journeying across the Lesser Caucasus have heard the myths of their tribe’s origins many times, so often each might recite the tales from memory, as they did in the company of one another as solace for their otherwise pitiful position in a false remembrance of their greater past. The content of those myths is for another time than this. Their tribe has yet to find a home where they might permanently achieve peaceability and rest. For years they have searched, living scattered about Anyan lands, but this will soon be no more.
The band of men and women and children with their horses and all the belongings they managed to pack for the journey set their ambitions on the valley where meets a moot of all the Moradaya. For too long they have gone without a chieftain holding any true vision, but with the death of Small Vanga, deva bless his spirit, comes an opportunity to appoint a new ruler, one who might lead them to the home of which they have long dreamt. The winter journey for them has been grueling, but their ways demand a new chieftain be elected as soon as all the clan chiefs are able to convene. In that band marching beneath the slopes and now in the belly of a ravine, scrawny trees twisting and fighting each other for the scant light of the sun that makes it down all the way, Skoda goes with his family and a small number of his most trusted men to represent his clan, the Donsudra, and their wishes at the moot.
All free men are welcome to participate in the moot and the election of a new chieftain, but the clan chiefs are shouldered with the extra responsibilities of negotiating the affair and preventing strife at the results of the tribe’s decision. Skoda’s young age once made other chiefs wary of his abilities to lead, but since then he proved himself to be a skilled warrior and therefore, in their eyes, a leader in his campaigns against the Urartians, the native inhabitants of this alpine plateau, and many favor him to become the new chieftain.
After weeks of travel through winding mountain passes, Skoda and their band reach the banks of Soinya Marea, Lake Sevan, the water frozen therein beginning to thaw as spring emerges. Thin trees with leaves stripped and dead bushes and lichen growing on rocky outcroppings dot the hilly landscape. Smoke rises in the distance. Others from Moradaya had already arrived and created a camp where they weathered the remains of the cold season waiting to elect the new chieftain. Skoda’s band sets up their own tents in the disorganized array of other temporary homes along a network of mud pounded into the ground by feet of people buzzing around the camp. Tired from their journey, he rests.
They are some of the last to arrive, and soon after making their place all the clan chiefs are present on those banks, and the moot is called. They meet at the debouch of a stream snaking down to the idle water along an escarpment and flowing inside, the shallow depths gurgling over a bed of rocks. Men of other kinds have trodden these lands for hundreds of thousands of years since the age of Acheulean stone, and now rills formed in the mud by surface water from the melting snow are trampled underfoot as they gather into a haphazard circle, a little empty space in the center.
Clans Donsudra, Ibera, Kudogre, Paraba, Velun and Festuda all convene here. Besides Skoda, other favorites for chieftain are Oruges, son of the late Small Vanga, and Ekpuda, the wise and elderly leader of the Paraba. The law speaker initiates the day, and the shaman says a prayer and performs a ritual, and the thing begins. Oruges boasts of his own grandeur, standing in the center of the crowd who send cheers and jeers alike his way.
"He should be chieftain!"
"Someone older like Ekpuda ought to be in charge!"
"His father led us to ruin, and he'll do the same!"
They argue for some time with no resolution.
"Quiet, children." Ekpuda waves a single hand in the air, and soon all are silent. "I am too old to lead. That job belongs to those whose lives are still more ahead than behind them."
A murmur grows in the crowd.
"But, I must admit, I doubt Oruges' abilities as a leader, even if I respected his father."
A roar. Everyone was up in arms and yelling.
"I don't see anyone better!"
"Vanga's spawn is too weak!"
"Who else will be chieftain?"
Skoda walks to the center, the walls of which now undulate in the mass of upset bodies. "I will lead us."
After much deliberation and arguing, Skoda is narrowly elected as Moradaya's new chieftain, the first ever from clan Donsudra. He sets his mind on the task of finding his people a land on which they may grow and prosper, and these thoughts occupy every still moment for over a year until an opportunity presents itself.
The Urartian kingdom of Ushnu to the south had fallen into a state of civil war over the rights of inheritance pertaining to their king, and Skoda decides to take the opportunity and strike.
The war effort on part of the Moradaya is successful, and they drive out the rulers of Ushnu, known to them as Ošneš, and take over the land with their armies. They expand east into the territory of tribes Urartian and Iranian alike and settle them as their own.
Ošneš rests west of the endorheic lake of brine, Unya Marea, or Lake Urmia as it might be known to us. Fed by rivers, the lake lets loose none of its water except in evaporation, a draconic beast hoarding its wealth for itself. A place of stagnancy, though much life calls the lands around home. There exist many plots of arable terrain here, and it seems to all Moradaya, Skoda first of all, a good place to settle. To the east of this great salt pond is a river valley sandwiched by mountains north and the stratovolcano which looms over all therein and will soon become a place of great spiritual power south. Here, the Moradaya found a city, that of Majadaragand, the City of the Middle Valley.
For some time, perhaps a century or so, the Moradaya have called these lands home. The Urartians of the old kingdom of Ushnu still do so too, though they are in the process of being subsumed into Anyan ways of life, an integration which lends to the growing distinction between Moradaya and other Anyana. The real history of their conquests merges with legend, birthing new myths among the tribe's members now growing fat off the land. This is how the Moradaya came into their home.
Name: Moradaya
Gov't Type: Sedentary
Techs: Iron Age, Horse domestication, Spoked Wheel
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2023.06.10 18:44 Bombadeir Texas Gubernatorial Order Eight: The Buffalo and Booze Act

From the desk of the Texas governor Bombara A. Deirer, Jr.
It has been found that the America Buffalo which has once roamed our land should be restored to their natural habitat. The freedoms of the America people also will be pushed to greater extent with this acts integration of freedoms for Alcohol processing and sale.
1.1. The processes of distillery, fermentation, bottling, or any other processes involved in the production and sale of alcohol will hereby no longer require a license and can be undertaken by any individual in the state of Texas.
1.2. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission shall hereby be officially recognized as The Texas Commission of Alcohol.
1.3. In order to sell alcohol commercially one must register themselves with the Texas Commission of Alcohol.
1.4. To sell alcoholic beverages non-commercially is hereby legal.
1.5. Whenever a distiller reaches one or more of these following criteria they are to be considered a commercial distiller and will be subjected to any and all laws applying to commercial distilleries. These criteria are, to posses three or more stills, to be producing three barrels of more a month of alcohol, selling twelve gallons or more of alcohol a year, making $75,000 or more a year from alcohol related sales and business, or exporting ten gallons or more of alcohol to foreign entities.
2.1. The state of Texas will provide an income tax cut of 2.5% to beef farmers and rancher who cultivate a herd of 25 or more buffalo on the behalf of the state of Texas.
2.1.B. The buffalo must be up-kept, well-fed, and healthy to qualify under this law.
2.1.C. If a degree of 5% or more of the herd does not meet these criteria the state will rebuke it’s sponsorship of the ranch.
2.1.D. The sponsorship of a ranch or farm is not a sponsorship of their products or services in any way.
2.2. Three state ranchs will be constructed for the cultivation of American Buffalo for the matter of release into national parks, supporting other breeding programs, etc.
2.2.B. One ranch will be built near Haskell, one near Vernon, and one near Plainview.
2.2.C. Each ranch will be suited to hold a maximum of 2,500 head of Buffalo.
2.2.D. Federal funding request for this program will go to the president upon signature of this bill.
2.3. This program will be formally regarded as the Texas American Buffalo Breeding Institute.
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2023.06.10 18:35 oOo_INFJ_oOo Hotel Nightmare..

Needless to say, I don’t like staying at hotels much anymore…
I drove 9 hours to meet my parents at a halfway mark to pick up my 2 year old daughter at an agreed on hotel. I assumed we were all going to stay there the night since we both had such a long drive. When I had grabbed all her things, I asked “Are you going to stay here too?” My dad said “No, we are gonna head back.” I was a little disappointed but I understood that they don’t like hotels much. I checked in and went to our room. It was fairly late, but I don’t sleep much at night, I am more of a night person. I turned the tv on and I was in my bed and my daughter was in hers. She fell asleep pretty quick, probably the car ride. I had all the lights off in the room, the only light was coming from the tv. I was sitting up against the headboard with my legs stretched out straight in front of me under the covers. All of a sudden, I felt something grab my toes, both feet at the same time. I quickly pulled my legs in toward me with my knees bent against my chest. I grabbed my phone and used the light on it to shine at the end of the bed. I didn’t see anything. I sat there trying to look stoic, like I wasn’t afraid, but inside I was screaming, I didn’t want whatever it was to see me scared. After a few minutes of sitting there, acting like nothing just happened, I relaxed my legs and continued watching tv. Seemed like moments later, I felt pressure next to my leg, like a hand, like someone was leaning their body onto the bed from the end of the bed with both hands down on the mattress. Then I felt pressure as if their left hand moved forward and pressed down. Then, what felt like their right hand, moved forward and closer to my knee. Then their left hand moved forward.. it felt like someone or something was crawling up to my face, slowly and methodically. I flung off the blankets and jumped into my daughters bed, hoping her innocence would save me. I was facing the wall spooning her and I seen shadows go across the wall, I jumped up and turned the light on, franticly grabbing our stuff to pack up to leave. I went down to check out, it was about 4 am., the guy working said “You are leaving early.” I said “Ya, couldn’t sleep, by chance.. do you have anyone ever tell you this hotel is haunted?” I laughed nervously, waiting for him to laugh too, which I wish he would have… Instead he replied “Why? What room were you in?”. I told him and he replied “I don’t know why they put you over there, I never put people over there. Ever since we got new owners, they did a cleansing on the building, thinking things would get better, but since then, things have gotten worse.” I told him “Ya, I don’t think it worked.”
I continued my trip, waiting for the time I could call my dad, finally it was about 7am, I couldn’t wait anymore, so I called him thinking I could just leave a message, but he answered. I told him everything. As I finished explaining my experience, I was saying “I don’t know what it could have been” as I looked out my driver side window and seen a red Corvette, it passed as I was saying that and the license plate said “SATEN”.
I will never forget that, and I wanted to share it.
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2023.06.10 18:34 Apprehensive_War4446 Where can I get a rep of the Government Plates License Plate?

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2023.06.10 18:13 queef-o Odd Request- anyone have a Delaware license plate?

My boyfriend and I are playing the License Plate game on hard mode (playing alphabetically) and we’ve been stuck on Delaware for over a month.
I don’t need to know any personal details at all- just if you regularly see a Delaware plate at work, at a grocery store parking lot, on the highway at a certain time, please let me know.
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2023.06.10 17:58 Hopeful_Count_758 Issues blurring a moving license plate

So this is driving me up a wall. I've been filming with a 360 camera with the camera off the back of my harley. I've been trying to blur out my license plate but I'm having no luck. I watched some videos and used the tracker method but when i click the play button to start, it starts for a split second and then stops. I've tried with 3d on, off, interactive on and off, etc and no luck. Any ideas?
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2023.06.10 17:48 Ambuhsofly Hit someone's car in our apartment complex, they drove away before I could leave my info.

This morning I scraped the side of someone parked next to me this morning in the apartment complex. I moved my vehicle to assess damage and get my information filled out to put on their windshield. While I was rummaging for that it looks like they got into the car and drove off. It must have only been a minute. I didn't get a chance to snap the license plate and I don't even know if they live here. There are no cameras. I'm not sure what to do because they probably did not notice the damage before they drove off. I'm in Virginia, btw if that matters. Is there anything I can do?
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2023.06.10 17:34 PrestigiousWheel2423 Synchronities or Coincidence?

Guys so this actually terrifies me. I Will list some crazy things happening since SR Journey. Other day im in the train. I look outside and see a lonely car on a parking place and the license plate starts with : S R. Then the other day. 4 year old ex magically calls me to talk. At the job as a cashier multiple customers in line who have the exact same Total amount of money on groceries . Yesterday I see 2 people that I havent seen in exactly 1 year both crossed paths on the same night. Then I come home and look up reddit posts about synchronities. I decide to look at what time it is. As im reading the reddit post I look at the time and it is 01.01 at night on a 10th of June. Random girl I see in the train then at home I think about her. Next day at a whole different time I go in the train again and right there that girl is. Am I going insane or wtf is this shit? LOL
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2023.06.10 17:28 LingoLady65 Sit down and be quiet. Sure thing …

This happened in Sweden about 40 years ago, and even if my memories may be a bit hazy, the gist of the story is absolutely true even if the details are a bit off.
I had bought an old clunker of a car to get to my new job. And when I say clunker, that is being nice. It was mainly held together by gaffa tape, and it cost me a whopping $100. Kind of temporary, until I got my first pay check.
On my way home, one of the few police cars in my small town (~25k) pulled me over, which was indeed understandable as it was around midnight and the car being what it was. But it was actually roadworthy, and their issue was with the road tax.
They said it was unpaid, and that it was illegal to drive the car. However, they knew who I was, because my dad was the district court judge, so they allowed me to drive home while following me (so I’d actually go home, I guess). I complied, of course.
When I parked outside our house, they said they had to take the plates off the car, and that I could pay the tax the next day, go to the station, show the receipt and get the plates back. Fine, I said. They started rummaging in the trunk of their car, and discovered someone had pilfered their toolbox.
I offered them to take the keys instead, but nah. They asked if I had a screwdriver in my car, and I said no (had just bought it). I started to talk about other options, but the boss cop told me to just go sit in the car and stay quiet. Not another word from you, little missy lind of attitude. I complied. Of course.
I was just about to say I could fetch a screwdriver from the tool shed, but they weren’t interested in that - I do think they were worried that I’d wake the judge. Oh horror. Or not. So they opted to call the one other car they had roaming the town that night - a K-9 unit. And that got noisy. We lived near the park, so of course those cops figured it was an opportunity to let the dogs stretch their legs. Sigh.
Well … I obeyed orders. Sat there. Was quiet. They were not. First my father came out in his robe and slippers, looking slightly frazzled and confused. Not exactly someone to be afraid of. But I just sat there, as instructed. Because I knew what would come next. My mother.
Well. It went downhill from there. Don’t think my dad said a word, but my mom certainly ripped them a new one (and got kind of famous on our street the next few days).
Could have been a very quiet and nice interaction here, but well, they wanted to make a big deal about the missing tax payment, so a big deal they got. For 10 cents (simple typo).
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2023.06.10 17:05 mISmail1S License Plate

Hi I am from Germany, can somebody tell me where this license plate is exactly from? And which Registrations office or authority can be called to find the owner? The car is left behind for a long time
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2023.06.10 17:01 Only_Imagination_787 Tomball Texas License to Carry Online Course

Tomball Texas License to Carry Online Course
 Getting your License to Carry Permit has never been easier in Tomball Texas. It is as easy as taking our online Texas CHL (LTC) course. It teaches those wishing to carry open or concealed firearms relevant Texas gun laws and firearms safety! 
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2023.06.10 16:45 Meshlet San Jose City Budget for Animal Services - Public Comment

There’s been a number of articles and posts about the San Jose Animal Shelter. If you The San Jose City Council is meeting on June 12th at 6:00 PM for the FINAL Public Hearing on the Fiscal 2023-2024 Budget for the City of San Jose. The Council will VOTE on the Budget on June 13th.
In response to concerns raised by animal rescues, shelter and Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) volunteers, and others in the community the City Manager has proposed increases in the shelter’s budget that include :
• Conversion of the temporary position of Supervisor of Shelter Operations to permanent status
• Full-time positions for customer service/licensing and medical services staffing and contractual services additions, to support improved shelter operations, customer service, and live outcomes
• Establishment of a night shift to provide overnight care for at risk neonatal kittens
• Allocation of an existing city employee dedicated to providing repair and maintenance services
• $200,000 to offset costs for rescue organizations accepting animals requiring specialized care that can be given to rescue organizations to enable them to provide needed specialized care
• One-time seed funding of $100,000 for the potential future establishment of a new non-profit foundation dedicated to support San Jose Animal Care and Services
• $500,000 of one-time funding for needed repairs and maintenance at the Animal Care Center
While the proposed budget increases do not address all of the shelter’s current challenges, it is an important step in the right direction and recognition by City Officials that the shelter requires more resources to meet the community’s needs.
The purpose of San Jose’s budget process is to ensure San Jose uses its resources effectively to meet the needs and priorities of the community. If you or your organization want city officials to know the shelter is a priority and to approve the proposed increases, go to https://cacap.org/get-involved/
You will be directed to a webpage describing the methods that can communicate you or your organization’s support for the increases.
The webpage will provide you with the email addresses of City Councilmembers. If you click on the email address link(s), it will launch in your default email program with a pre-addressed and customizable letter to make it easy for you to express your support and concerns.
The letter not only supports the proposed increases, it also tells Councilmembers the increases are important but that more needs to be done to enable the shelter to meet the needs of the community.
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