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Micro Penny Stocks Are Like 'Big Lou' They Are on Meds To.

2021.01.29 06:39 drkooplovesme Micro Penny Stocks Are Like 'Big Lou' They Are on Meds To.

Free Speech! Penny Stocks Are Like 'Big Lou' They Are on Meds To. 'You May Fire When Ready.' -Tarkin

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2018.11.23 15:06 Anna_01Park [!!WaTcH!!]#Dolphins vs Colts Live Stream NFL Game 2018 Miami Dolphins vs Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis vs. Miami live stream info, TV channel: How to watch NFL on TV, stream online. Miami have had a week off and are no doubt ready to get back on the field. They will square off against Indianapolis at 4:25 p.m. ET on Sunday. The odds don't look promising for Miami, but the bigger the opponent is, the harder they fall. Miami received a tough blow two weeks ago as they fell 12-31 to Green Bay.

2023.03.22 22:38 IAmNotPortuguese Just tried a rabbit vibrator and it went in

It took about 2 hours of familiarising myself but in the end it went in with almost no to no pain. I feel less loose down there and I think after a while I’ll be ready to try it with a guy. I did have to use lube though
For those who aren’t sure how to approach this problem try a rabbit vibrator
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2023.03.22 22:37 lesbianthalia Moving out to somewhere new

I graduated college last spring, and my friend and I had plans to move in with each other. She lives across the country from the place we want to go, I live a couple states over. Each time we set a date, she kept moving it back. It’ll be a year since graduation in 2 months, and she still isn’t ready. First, she was worried about money, but now she injured her ankle and it’ll take months to heal. Obviously, she can’t move across the country with an injury, especially because she’ll need physical therapy.
I’ve given up hope on moving in with her, and want to move somewhere else, somewhere I don’t know anyone and can just figure out life. I can’t keep staying in my hometown with my mom. I was thinking of moving to Connecticut or Vermont, seems like a decently priced place to live and I have no problems with snow (I live in Ohio).
I have a bunch of friends in Chicago, but it’s too expensive a move, and I don’t want to live with my friends in my hometown. Is it really such a crazy move to go somewhere you don’t know anyone?
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2023.03.22 22:37 tunasandwichify Two new dreads join my ranks! Currently only tabletop ready. But I still wanted to share!

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2023.03.22 22:37 InkedOnyx AITAH for throwing out all of my roommates beloved things?

I(f19) live with my mom(42), we both work and barely make ends meet. Almost a year ago we invited an ex coworker(24) of mine to live with us. We felt bad for her living situation and she said she’s probably going to have to move back to her home state. At the time, my moms car was broke down and her tag expired, so it was beneficial to us to have someone with a vehicle. The first month and half of her living with us, we didn’t make her do anything but after that point we required that she pay rent and provide food for herself(established prior to her moving in). Despite how laidback and accepting we were of her, we never got any rent money, she didn’t clean up after herself, and she’d eat everything I provided for the week in the matter of a couple days. Leaving me to consume food only at work while on break. I was working 40 hours a week while she slept all day in my room(I began sleeping on the couch in the living room). This would have been fine if she had a job to pay rent, and wouldn’t ignore my mom when she asked for a ride. In the span of 8 months she managed to get hired and quit 4 jobs, take out 2+ student loans, and get her car repoed. Leaving us with no mode of transport, and a bum taking up space in my room, eating everything I provided. All she did was sleep and poorly plan her future in South Korea. She was obsessed with K-pop and had quite the collection. But due to our living circumstances, we moved up states to live with my brother and his wife. They graciously offered her a ride up there and dropped her off with her family. They told her they’d help move her things up there along with our items. When her items were removed from the moving truck, I called her and asked her when she’d be able to retrieve her things. She said she was broke and had no car to come get her things, she couldn’t even meet us halfway. My sister and I agreed to give her about two weeks before doing anything with her stuff. But during these weeks I contacted her a multitude of times, to no avail. She never replied up until the last day of the two weeks, saying “I can probably come get my things in a week.” We waited that extra week, hopeful that she’d retrieve her things, and still she never planned a time to. Eventually my brother was sick of her things crowding his lean 2, and he asked my mother and I to separate personal items(laptop, gov ID, sentimental) from donate items. We did so and saved her personal items out of courtesy. The rest of the stuff was donated(clothes, shoes, school supplies, all K-pop merch). Almost 4 months after moving here she’s finally ready to collect her stuff, how do I tell her it’s all gone, save for a few personal items. Am I the asshole?
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2023.03.22 22:37 NueroMvncer Build Advice

Hello, I am new to PCs but have been planning a gaming build for months. I could use a fresh pair of eyes to look over my parts list, and I’d appreciate any and all advice! So far all I have is the case, but I am ready to pull the trigger for the rest of the parts
Thank you!
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2023.03.22 22:37 JakeMan2282 Is my GPA and LSAT good enough to get me into UConn Law?

My undergrad GPA wasn’t stellar it was a 3.11, although my worst grades were in my first year of college. They progressed to semester GPAs between 3.4 - 3.8 afterwards. My LSAT score is a 160, retook twice and got the same score. I wanted to see the likely hood I got into UConn law and the chance I get any scholarship money if I did?
Thanks for any thoughts, ideas and opinions you may have!
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2023.03.22 22:37 Additional6669 Why am i occasionally matched up against super good players? What to do when that happens.

A specific game prompted this, but it’s happened many other times as well. The enemy support will be a Good or Diamond level player, when i am iron or bronze level (i don’t play ranked but i feel like my stats are comparable there).
For example i just got out of a game playing against a mastery 7 lux in gold elo. i just got my level 6 mastery on zyra. zyra is supposed to counter lux (according to online) but i felt very powerless. Lux E range is so large i just couldn’t escape it, and she would get me to 60% health with one hit of that alone because we fed so bad.
is there a different way i should build or play when this happens?
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2023.03.22 22:37 Snoo-68042 Struggling

I’m really struggling today. I had a pretty nasty trigger on Sunday night and another one on Monday morning. I haven’t been able to come out of the funk since. Trying to find a psychologist to help me, but no one has openings for weeks. The one I made an appointment with in May gave me the PTSD screening tool and I scored 20 points above “probable” PTSD. My husband is doing everything he can until I can get into therapy, but I just feel like I’m being a burden. I don’t want to unalive myself. I just don’t really want to get out of bed and go to work.
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2023.03.22 22:36 dazaidaddy feeding new baby garg

just got my new baby garg 2 weeks ago (3/10). enclosure has lots of hides, branches, plants etc. and is usually 74-75°, humidity is always in great range, she has UVB, but i cant seem to get her to eat anything. i’ve altered two pangea flavors and tried placing it around two different spots of the tank and holding the cup in front of her but she won’t eat, is this normal because of a new environment and new home??
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2023.03.22 22:36 chasovv AITA expecting my gf to spend time with me on her birthday.

My gf (F23) and I (F23) have been together for 10 months. We are from different universities and they are 3 hours away with a bus. Her birthday was this tuesday and she had been telling how she'd love spending the day video chatting me, doing things together, etc. I surprise visited her during the weekend before, decorated her dorm, made cake, got her gifts and made sure to spoil her.
Yesterday I waited until midnight to wish her happy birthday. Then in the morning I mailed her some cookies, a diy card and another little token of my love. I also made a little board with happy birthday messages for her from my family/friends and did some digital art drawing of the two of us. Then she started texting me saying how she is spending her birthday throwing a party with "Stacy" (F20) and "Lucy" (F23). I was very happy that she was about to have a party, because she deserves all the fun. However, I felt hurt because these two girls, she has only spoken bad things about them. They haven't had any contact for over two years,they wished her hbd on facebook and she decided to celebrate with them. She has told me they are backstabbers and yet she was spending her special day with them, but it's her choice so i wouldn't intervene.
Then, one of the girl gifted her a piece of chocolate. Not a full chocolate, just a piece of chocolate and my girlfriend went "That's one of the most thoughtful gifts I've received, I've never been happier". Which was odd. She never said thanks when I travelled to see her ,missed work and didn't sleep to finish the surprises, so I felt like she should have said thank you to me more often. I expressed that to her but she said I'm irrational.
Then i was ready to show her the digital art I did and the board with wishes and she just said "No, of course we aren't texting, I'm with my girls". She promised me we will talk. I explained I had surprise for her. Im not bugging her when she told me she will have a party. She said her party will be from 8 pm and promised we will call at 1 pm. I called at 1 pm and needed just 5 minutes. Then I just sent videos of what I prepared for her and she just saw it and said "I find gifts uncomfortable, I don't like receiving." (but she thinks a piece of chocolate is the greatest gift) I just overall feel unappreciated because I did so much to make her happy. I felt like my feelings aren't justified because after all it's her birthday. In about hour I texted her i will sleep and I fell asleep and turned off my phone because I was super tired and she said she was mad I didn't go the same day. That means finishing work at 6 pm, reaching her with a bus at 9 pm and then going back at 10 pm. I couldn't go spontaneously and I explained that to her and she said ",Imagine if you came, now that i'm celebrating with friends I'd have to hide you somewhere." Which again was super weird. Anyway, she thinks me turning off my phone on her birthday is childish and i'm just jelaous of her friends.
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2023.03.22 22:36 drlacklustre I'm done with this person

About three years ago I(25m) met Mark(36m) at college. We were/still are studying media science. We had to do a film project as a final for the class. Months go by, we finish this project. I start realizing that I can learn a lot from Mark. He was a journalist in his home country but had to leave it due to political prosecution.
I admired Mark. He pushed me to things I'd have never done on my own. We did another college project together, a movie I'm proud of until this day. He made me realize the importance of who I am as an immigrant in this society. He made me realize I can accomplish great things if I put my mind to it.
During those projects we started becoming friends. He invited me to gatherings, we talked about our past and plans for the future. I had his back and he had mine.
End of 2021 we decided to start a multimedia company so we can learn a lot more and start earning money. Neither he nor I had any other experience with movie making except those college projects. But we had the time and we're ready to invest in the idea that there were great things to come.
Things went great for a while. We got some projects and earned our first paycheck. We started working on our bachelor's together (another movie, way more ambitious and massive than what he had done until then). Soon the facade started to crack.
He moved to a new apartment and asked me if I could lend him some money cause he was short. 2.5k € to he exact. So I thought, sure, I trust him, I'll get it back in time.
Over time I had to literally beg him to give me back chunks when I needed it. I started becoming critical of our association and I guess that showed in my work ethic.
Middle of last year we had a talk how I had been unprofessional on multiple occasions and that I should stop thinking of him as a friend and instead a business partner. He said he had observed many things in my behavior that he was unhappy with and told me I should fix them. He said that I was being too critical while working just for the sake of being critical.
Time goes by, we are working on more projects. I start noticing how he doesn't involve me in any decision making. He makes the appointments, he gets the deals, I show up for filming and editing.
Over time I had learned everything I could have about editing and post-production. He had no idea of any of it. So we always edited either online or by me coming to his home with my laptop and drives.
The projects started piling up and I was always the last instance in producing and rendering. Minor edit changes, subtitling, color correction, that was all my responsibility. I did my best but still I couldn't keep up with everything. I let him know on multiple occasions how much time I would need but still he would make the deadlines together with the clients without asking me for my input.
We were late on many projects, but we still pulled through. My patience started to disappear however when I had to pull out a two-nighter to produce a 60 minute film on time for it's premiere. I was completely wrecked, i started having serious eye problems.
From that point on I started planning my retreat. Mark kept setting up those projects and ludicrous deadlines. I kept trying to meet them. All our profit went into new gear. I realized I couldn't go with this workflow where most of the work was reliant on me, he was not asking me for my input whatsoever and I was earning exactly zero from all the work.
So I told him I wanted to quit our arrangement. He seemed disappointed but agreed to my terms. We were meant to finish the bachelor's and I would get a certain amount corresponding to 50% of our company's worth.
Then this year happened, Mark had some heavy personal things to deal with. I waited and waited so that we continue to work on our bachelor's. Meanwhile he had decided since we were splitting up that our shared bank account were free real estate. He made many purchases personal and business related without ever letting me know.
The projects were still coming and I was supposed to perform on things that he had promised he would do. I was once again very close to burning out and let him know in the past weeks that I would need more rest time in-between. He started making fun of it, asked me if I had gotten a girlfriend which I was hiding from him.
Today we had an argument where we disagreed on something in an edit. He said I was weak-willed for needing so much time to finish up things. I told him that was a stupid thing to say and asked him to continue. To which he said "you're not just dumb, you're much worse than that." At which point I said we were done for the day and hung up the meeting.
Afterwards mark wrote me a message, how I was being unprofessional and I should stop my harassment and get back to earth with my overinflated ego.
Now I'm considering possibilities how I can quit this relationship by getting my moneys worth and by keeping things professional and level-headed. But as I sit back and remember how he has mistreated me over time and taken my work for granted (i have omitted many, many details here), I start asking myself if I should involve a lawyer.
TL;DR I (25m, college student) started a multimedia company with Mark (36m, an exiled journalist) whom I looked up to and considered a friend. He let me do most of the work while taking in the glory. He gaslit me into thinking any and all objections I had to his plans were harassment and unprofessional behavioral issues. Over time he cheated me out of the money we had earned together and disrespected both my time and my person.
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2023.03.22 22:36 Sadcalipotato Shootin range in poland

Hello. Are there are any shooting ranges in Poland near me (Wroclaw/Lower Silesia) where you can shoot with REAL guns? Or any places where you can shoot with a real firearm? Also why people are so pissed of by guns or by the fact that I like guns (for example my parents) like they act like i'm gonna kill somebody but in the future I wanna be a gun owner and I want to own a couple of guns for self defense like if somebody would burglarize my house and also for sport like I could shoot melons, or hunt 🦃 turkeys like hicock45
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2023.03.22 22:35 Massive-Line2684 Free instagram post schedulers

Free instagram post schedulers
Hi guys! Is I am working as SMM, I am tired of making my posts in instagram from skratch every day. So I am ready to use a post schedulers. Start searching…I found some nice apps, but they cost a lot! So, maybe someone already have made a research and can give me a nice advise of a free one? Thanks❤️
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2023.03.22 22:35 AhbzV Higurashi Ep. 8 - Matsuribayashi (Thoughts and Review-ish)

Chapter 1 Review // Chapter 2 Review // Chapter 3 Review // Chapter 4 Review // Chapter 5 Review // Chapter 6 Review // Chapter 7 Review
Context - This is my eighth review of Higurashi. As stated in earlier reviews, I have no experience with anime, manga, or Visual Novels (with the exception of DDLC). This play through is also blind, as I knew nothing about the game before jumping in. With this in mind, let's get to the analysis of Matsuribayashi.
Episode Eight - Matsuribayashi (SPOILERS BELOW)
If you want to skip my initial thoughts on the plot of the arc, skip down to reaction to get my analysis of the story as a whole.
Initial Reactions: Fun fact about myself, I hate endings. I struggle finishing stories because endings bum me out. I hate having to say goodbye to a world and characters I spent time getting to know, even if it is fictional. Needless to say, I struggled with finishing Higurashi. I had to force myself to read despite often not wanting to, and I am happy I did.
The first four chapters of this arc were backstory for Takano. Truthfully, I found these to be, mostly, very boring. The orphanage scene was intense, and learning about her transformation from Miyoko Tanashi to Miyo Takano was interesting, but the rest of the scenes were a bit slow for me. But these scenes did establish an important plot point - Takano's desire to avoid having her grandfather's work stepped on, both literally and figuratively. Furthermore, the final scene in Takano's background was excellent, her face off with Hanyuu. It corrected the misconception that Takano's battle was with Rika. It never was, it was always with Hanyuu.
Connecting the fragments was very cool. For a largely un-interactive VN, this bit of interaction was a very nice touch. It filled in the few remaining cracks in our knowledge, and beautifully set up "the game board" for which the rest of Matsuribayashi would take place.
I could spend hours discussing each fragment, but I only want to touch on two instances. First, the splendid moment of Keiichi's father seeing Rika and Hanyuu play in the field. This fragment had been hinted at earlier in Higurashi, but getting to see it play out was a genuinely beautiful moment (especially when coupled with the piano score by Dai). His insight about why children playing is beautiful because it makes us reminisce on our own lost innocence was deep. And while yes, Keiichi's father sometimes comes off as a bit creepy, I found this moment to be very innocent as he saw the future his own son could have.
Secondly, there was an immense horror that creeped through my mind when it seemed as if Satoshi would be dissected for the sake of research. This was a very well done red herring, as I truly believed Irie (or at least Takano behind his back) sliced open Satoshi for the sake of furthering their research into Hinamizawa Syndrome.
After connecting the fragments, we are given a glimpse into Akasaka's life. And it becomes clear he will be the X-Factor the club needs to finally, maybe, defeat Takano. Also, he's a badass. Sure, some of his fights are a bit over the top, but I was fine with it. His character model in the console arc is very corny, so I used the Remake models for his scenes because he actually looks like a monster fighter.
After the fragments, the arc picks up at school where they have a new student - Hanyuu. Hanyuu's introduction was brilliant with the line "Therefore she didn't exist" later followed by "To be involved in something is the same as to exist. Therefore, she existed." *chef's kiss* Tremendous writing. Hanyuu was now on the stage, and immediately the arc started with a type of hope unfamiliar to Higurashi.
Naturally, everyone loves Hanyuu. Rena wants to kidnap her, the club accepts her, and she fits perfectly. There were some questions about her horns, but everyone simply accepts her for who she is. To me, this quick acceptance of Hanyuu and all of her quirks is a microcosm of Higurashi's overarching point about friendship - it doesn't matter about a person's oddities or their past, if a person is truly "our friend" we will and should accept them.
Hanyuu guides Rika through setting up the plan to combat Takano and eventually everyone is brought into the loop. The battle is nears its start again, but this time the club has a secret trump card - Akasaka. I said in my last review how I believed Akasaka would be critical in defeating the conspiracy, and that rang true. Without Akasaka, things would have never gotten off the ground.
We see some huge character development from Ooishi, as he accepts his mistakes then accepts the risk in taking down the conspiracy. He even makes up with Akane Sonozaki and they become mahjong buddies by the end. Ironically, as important as Akasaka was to their success, Ooishi played (arguably) an equally big part. He wasn't just helpful to the club in his actions, he was also helpful in what he failed to do - create paranoia around the Sonozaki family. In nearly all of the arcs, Ooishi is partly responsible for a character's descent into a maddened, paranoid state. In this arc, he spreads none of this. He is simply reliable, and that is what the club needed.
While I expected more trading of punches between the two sides, the battle between Takano and the club is largely one-sided. Tomitake is captured, and Irie nearly dies. Furthermore, the Mountain Dogs and Okonogi almost capture Rika, but she is saved by Akasaka in a triumphant entrance. Side note, this guy absolutely manhandled the Mountain Dogs and Okonogi. I was a bit bummed he didn't land his haymaker on Okonogi, but by the end I understand why (and appreciate why) they had Okonogi make it out of that fight.
But after these events, the Mountain Dogs and Takano are completely outclassed. While there are a couple close calls with the team who raid the clinic, Mion's plan goes off, more or less, without a hitch. Mion was never truly given a chapter, and while this is definitely not a Mion-centric chapter, she gets some love here. She is shown to be a shrewd commander capable of outthinking someone of Okonogi's status. In an interesting and heart-warming scene, Okonogi pays his respects to Mion when he reaches her. He wants a warrior's end, and she gives it to him. But Mion is not happy at the end of it, but we never understand why.
Also Satoshi is alive and being treated for Hinamizawa Syndrome. Shion and Satoshi deserve their own analysis, but I will leave that to THIS excellent video discussing Shion and her relationship with Satoshi.
The final tense moment comes when Takano draws her gun (with one bullet) and intends to shoot one of the club members. I enjoyed the symbolic nature of this moment, as Rika subverses the expectation established throughout the chapter. We are constantly told of the figure who needs to take on the sins of humanity to bring peace. We naturally expect someone to die because of this, we expect there to be a sacrifice. But Rika corrects this line of thought and states the world didn't need a sacrifice, it needed the card it was missing (Hanyuu). She stops the bullet when time freezes, and Takano is arrested.
Tomitake saves, in a way, Takano. He takes her to the Irie Clinic stating she may have contracted Hinamizawa Syndrome.The chapter concludes happily, and for the first time in all of Higurashi there is a truly happy ending.
I want to touch on the Staff Room scene, because it (to me) is important to understanding why Takano isn't killed or disgraced at the end. Ryukishi states that he did not want there to be winners and losers. He, throughout the eight arcs, carefully crafted a message about the need for people to come together to help one another, stating that when we avoid this then conflict arises. He acknowledges that maybe Matsuribayashi is not the perfect ending to this world, but he is happy with the message he has created. And with that, the curtain closed on Higurashi.
Review: I have taken a lot of time to process the ending of this story. I was emotional finishing it because I have sunk so many hours into this over the past four months. Yes, I know there are animes and console arcs I can watch/play (and I probably will), but this is the original. This is from the lips of the creator himself. This was his 4.5 year project. When I think of Higurashi, I will always think of these eight arcs first.
Furthermore, I could dig in and analyze all of the characters. But that would require a short novel in and of itself. Instead, I will just highlight my thoughts on the culmination of the Higurashi story.
To me, this is a masterpiece. It is a shame that the medium of this story (Visual Novel) keeps this story from getting the exposure and appreciation it deserves. We are looking at a story longer than Harry Potter that steps across multiple genres of storytelling. Higurashi is not a psychological horror, it is not a mystery, it is not a tragedy, it is all of these things in a single story. To me, this deserves the love that something like Star Wars or Harry Potter gets. I don't want a fucking Harry Potter world at Disneyworld, I want a Hinamizawa at Disney World (I've never actually been to Harry Potter World so don't crucify my off-handed criticism).
But masterpiece does not mean perfect or without flaw. There are definitely scenes that are a bit over the top/corny. For instance, the idea that a group of five teenagers can outwit and level an entire unit of trained, counterintelligence agents is unrealistic. There was nothing indicating Rika could step through frozen time and stop a bullet. Akasaka probably can't 1v5 a fight. I recognize the flaws in these scenarios.
But the masterpiece comes from the symbolic significance of these scenes. Higurashi spends seven arcs showing the club members go through so much shit, and we see them all grow significantly. To them, after seven arcs of chaos, the battle with the Mountain Dogs is nothing more than a club game and it highlights their unfettered trust and love in one another. Yes, Rika had never been able to move through frozen time to stop a bullet. But the story always stated that Rika was one miracle away from escaping her dark fate. This was that miracle. Through the sheer will of everyone involved, a miracle happens. Akasaka was so overwhelmed by grief because of his failure to save his wife and Rika that he spent his remaining days training as a way to try and rectify his "wrongs." Once he is given that chance, he does rectify his mistakes because of his training and preparation.
In the same way that all visual art is not intended to be hyperrealism, Higurashi is not intended to be a hyper-realistic piece of fiction. It is a story about the complexity of friendship, the need to learn to live with one's mistakes, and the unknown truth that we don't need losers (i.e. we don't need an us vs. them mentality). In a society (at least in America) where traits such as isolationism and distrust are common, the first half of Higurashi serves as a warning to how these ideas can tear relationships and people apart. Kai then conveys the beauty that can arise when we trust those in our lives and challenge the ideas that we believe hold us back from attaining that which we want.
Mion encapsulates this idea perfectly. When Okonogi is heaping praises upon her stating that she could command any army in the world, Mion proudly exclaims that she wants none of it. She wants to play with her friends and enjoy life with them. Mion is not driven by selfish desires and she does not believe her dream is unattainable. In those final scenes, Mion believes nothing can stop them, and she places all of her trust in those around her.
So this was Higurashi. I could say so much more, but like Ryukishi said - it is up to you to create what you want from Hinamizawa. I have loved this story, and I am heartbroken that the journey is over. I'll play Rei, but I probably won't write anything about it. If you have read this review and/or any of my other reviews, I appreciate you joining me in this journey. I don't think I could have chosen a better first Visual Novel.
I'm not sure what I will read next, I am considering Clannad or Fata Morgana, but haven't decided on anything. I will eventually get to Umineko, but I want to change the genre up a tiny bit. But who knows, maybe I will just start Umineko. I have sixteen hours of travel this coming weekend, so if you have suggestions please drop them below!
Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts and ideas to my reading. Take care everyone :)
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2023.03.22 22:35 ItsOk2PeeSittingDown Does micromanagement cause one to make mistakes/errors at work?

Dumb question, I know, but I need some solace. I have an MS in my field and have about 6 years OTJ experience in a wide range from my field. While I'm human and make mistakes, I feel like in my recent endeavors I've had much less focus because of micromanagement from the last few jobs I've been hired for. In the last year I've had a few jobs and have had trouble staying at one place because I refuse to be treated like shit.
In your experience does micromanagement cause you to make more errors while doing your job? Or am I the problem?
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2023.03.22 22:35 Affectionate_Maize80 general question about FSIQ and GAI

My FSIQ as calculated by the CAIT is higher than all of my index scores. Is this due to their being highly concentrated and at a higher than average range ? Also, what is the difference between GAI and FSIQ?
Also feel free to feed me IQ estimations (: Everything is first attempt
CAIT General Knowledge 17ss Verbal 15ss Symbol Search 15ss Digit Span 15ss Block Design 16 ss Figure Weights 14ss
Mensa Norway: 133 Mensa Denmark:124 ICAR60: 44/50 JCTI: 125 +/-5 ICAR60: 44/60
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2023.03.22 22:34 Hungry_Race_1863 NCLEX anxiety and feeling defeated

Ok so I’m being completely honest and please don’t hate on me or tell me to push my exam or that I should’ve tried harder because I’m extremely lost with this exam :( I will be going into my 3rd attempt next Thursday and am not feeling great about it at all. I can’t push it back as I have a job waiting for me and risk losing it if I push it back as they have been patient with me the last 2 times I failed. I graduated in July and do not know my normal lab ranges anymore, have never really understood or remembered anything about pharmacology, and am just getting increasingly more frustrated as I study for this exam because I feel like an absolute idiot. I need advice or reassurance or something. I don’t think I will ever pass :(
On Uworld so far I’ve only used 20% of the questions and am sitting at a 49% correct rate. I get really in my head about not doing well on these questions and I’m so lost. I didn’t know high yield on YouTube was a thing till last week and it’s too late to join one of his classes which apparently are really helpful. His videos on YouTube…not so much as it’s just bits and pieces so you’re missing some of the crucial information or acronyms. I feel like I don’t know anything at all and I feel like me passing nursing school was a mistake….I feel like I should have failed out but we had a lot of papers and a lot of group work assignments so I didn’t have to worry much….but now I’m panicked. Help:(
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2023.03.22 22:33 Spinachandwaffles Favorite 1-2 point foods?

What are your favorite 1-2 point foods? Could be a main dish, side dish, or just a type of condiment / sauce / style of preparation. I’m going to hang a list on my fridge of all my options in the 0-2 point range, and I already have the zero point list ☺️
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.22 22:33 Jack_ofalltrades_ Company withdrew their offer after 3 months

This is the first time I face such a situation and I am not sure what steps to take. I interviewed this company 6 months ago and received a call with a verbal offer for a paid internship. I asked for some time to consider it after the contract is ready for me to read, but I was told that an answer is needed immediately and the terms of the contract will be the same as discussed previously. I decided to accept it and expressed my excitement for this news. I inquired about the start date but was told that it is unknown yet and that they must complete the background check and collect some signatures before sharing the formal offer by email. My primary mode of contact was whatsapp and I was sending gentle reminders every now an then. They thanked me for my patience and after 2 months, I was told to expect the contract by the end of the week. However, it wasn’t ready and the recruiter told me he is no longer part of that company and directed me to someone else from hr who will continue to update me. The Hr lady was very slow to respond, I spoke to her on the phone 2 times and she told me she will “prepare everything and contact me soon”. She also informed me that the procedures at the company are very slow and to expect a delay. At this point, I had rejected job offers from 3 companies and had a gap in my resume. Suddenly, she was getting slower and slower in responding to my messages. Until she scheduled a call to let me know that my internship was “put on hold” and the position is no longer available. I am devastated. I blame myself for not insisting that the offer be made on email instead of phone call or WhatsApp. When she called me I only told her I was very sad and explained what happened during the months of me waiting for this job. I didn’t even get a reason for the decision. I contacted the ex-employee who I had been contacting previously for advice and he told me he was at a loss for words because he too was assured that my offer will be materialized eventually. I’m not sure what to do now. This company is supposed to be very respectable and “first level”, I didn’t anticipate such a thing from them. Is there something I can say or do or do I accept my fate and move on.
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2023.03.22 22:33 Adept-Pie-3813 Curious on other people's temps in game when using a 5800x3d.

I have a 5800x3d, paired with a Zotac 4080. For cooling I'm using a Deepcool AS500 which comes with dual 1200rpm fans. A buddy gave me some 1800rpm fans which I swapped in to see if temps changed at all. My case has 6 fans, 3 up front as intake, 2 top exhaust and 1 rear exhaust. My temps initially seemed to drop a few °c but it's game dependant and possibly they didn't change. In Battlefield 2042 for example, my temps will usually be in the high 70s to mid 80s and can lower 5° or so if I have my side panel off. Video card is typically in the 50s and maybe low 60s. No matter the CPU temp my boost clocks are pretty much always at the 4450mhz. I've tried the Precision Boost Overdrive in bios with all core -24, -20 and -16. Temps seem pretty much the same, but possibly had minimal stutter in game. With the -16 the last game I played was Plague Tale Requiem and CPU temps were mostly in the 57-62 range. CPU utilization was mostly in the 16% to mid 20s though whereas BF 2042 is much higher, getting into the 60-80%. From multiple searches the temps seem to be pretty consistent with other people who have 5800x3d. I'm thinking to double check that the heatsink is tightened down well and possibly apply new thermal paste, but other people have done that multiple times and didn't see a difference. Mostly just curious what other people's temps are with similar games and similar scenarios.
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2023.03.22 22:33 Regular-Glass1137 Profile Review: 32M 760 GMAT 2.6 GPA

Background Applying for Fall 2024
Work experience: 5 years post undergrad at time of application, not including 4 years military. Currently at a B4 firm.
At this point in my career I would like to pivot out of "tech consulting" to strategy.
Extra curricular's: Started a non-profit to clean up neighborhoods, took the org from inception to 501(c)(3) - certified.
Undergrad school/major:B.S. in Computer Science from a state school
Other education/coursework: PMP certified
Race/nationality: Hispanic/American
Sex: Male
Stats GMAT Score (include breakdown!): 760 (49Q, 45V)
Undergrad GPA: 2.66 (went through a traumatic event)
MBA Info
Goal of MBA: Pivot to strategy consulting
Target schools: Kellogg, Haas, GSB
For you M7 folks with low/similar GPA's, how did you fare come application rounds?
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2023.03.22 22:33 rbalr Need Help - Cohort Study Analysis

Hello, I am a volunteer researcher at a nonprofit looking into a toxic exposure incident of a veteran population that is alleged to have lasted from 1985-2001. A health risk assessment was done by the Navy which concluded a 1 in 10,000 additional risks for cancer in children after 3 years and a 1 in 10,000 additional risks for cancer in an adult after 6 years.
After health concerns were raised by a Navy spouse in 2007, the Navy medicine branch conducted a cohort epidemiological study on the population and selected another nearby naval base population as the control group. She had noticed a lot of her friends getting sick in addition to her husband being diagnosed with cancer in his early 40s. I am aware of at least 300 cases of cancer in the population.
The Veterans Affairs Administration has not done much for this community and frequently denies veteran benefits claims related to exposure as there are no presumptions for service connection. The VA does acknowledge the exposure, but they point to this epidemiological study to almost confidently state that there is no increased risk for cancer.
" In 2009, the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center completed a study demonstrating no increased risk for cancer among NAF Atsugi residents compared to residents living at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, after 15 years of follow-up. "
I spent some time looking into this study and found multiple significant issues, I am hoping those that have more experience than I can verify my findings, or provide any additional insights.
My take:
Study end date: May 2008
Only followed the servicemember (and their dependents) as long as they were in the military healthcare system. If the servicemember left the service (unless they retired after 20 years) they, and their dependents, would be lost to follow-up.
The first issue I have is that using a 15-year latency model in a study that ended in May of 2008 would automatically exclude 50% of the exposure population from the results. (2008-15 years is 1993). The exposure range is 1985-2001. Thus, only 8/16 exposure years could potentially be represented.
The second issue is the attrition rates of the Navy. Approximately half of the service members do not stay in the military longer than 6 years. From what I can find, roughly 65-75% of servicemembers leave the service before 15 years.
Thus, due to the timing, latency model, and loss of follow-up, the results could exclude upwards of 88% of the exposure population.
Another issue is that the study was conducted during an "immature" latency period. As the study points out, one of the biggest issues is that the most common latency period for cancers is approximately 20-30 years. Depending on the toxicants, latency periods can range from 1 year to 40 years or more. A 20-year latency period in the 2008 study would automatically exclude 81% of the exposure population from the results.
Of the 19% that could be represented, only ~17% of those service members are expected to have served (or remained in the military healthcare system) for more than 20 years (based on military retirement statistics). This means that upwards of 97% of the exposure population could have been excluded from the results of this study for a typical cancer latency period.
There are other issues about how they designed the study but in my opinion, the latency period, loss of follow-up, and study completion date prove detrimental enough to draw any scientific conclusions.
My conclusion:
As a result, no meaningful scientific conclusions can be drawn from this study concerning cancer, and other lonlong-termg term diseases, in the Atsugi Cohort. Given the extreme bias and limitations in the cohort study, it is not recommended that the VA use this study to demonstrate that there is "no increased risk for cancer among NAF Atsugi residents compared to residents living at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan after 15 years of follow-up."
Again, this is my first time looking at these studies, what do you guys think?
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