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2023.04.01 07:22 MirrorRant1 Is what I'm going through normal?

Ever since finishing my misson in 2019 I slowly became disenchanted with TSCC. As I started thinking critically about my beliefs, I realized that the flood of propaganda I'd been drinking up since the day I was born had made me think and do ridiculous things that were completely against my nature. Finally, this January I decided it was time to show a bit of backbone and stop trying to satisfy the expectations of my family and others so I decided to stop paying tithing, stop wearing garments, rip up my temple recommend and (mostly) stop going to church.
The problem is, also since around 2019, my mental health has been slowly deteriorating. These days I feel like shit most of the time and my sleep patterns are pure chaos. I can't quiet the small part of my mind that keeps telling me that this is my punishment for disobeying god's will and that I'm learning the hard way that "wickedness never was happiness". I get angry that this shit is so deeply rooted in my mind that I'm always second-guessing myself and feeling guilty that I'm not measuring up to the person I was taught I should be.
I'm about to graduate university, and I have a full-time job lined up, on the surface my life is amazing, but inside I just feel empty and dread the future. Without a "Covenant Path" to follow, I'm stuggling to find a purpose for life. Without an organization playing god to tell me what's right and wrong, I feel like I've lost a large part of my moral compass. After being told I had intrinsic value as a "son of god", now that I've lost my "divine identity" I can't quiet the voices in my head telling me I'm a worthless piece of shit. I think I've become a depressed nihilist.
Is what I'm going through normal? Anyone have any suggestions on how to move forward, leave the past in the past and find new meaning to life?
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2023.04.01 07:00 Honest_Atmosphere_10 Making Friends?

Hi! I've been feeling kinda lonely lately and I think it's high time I do something about it! I'm a 29F and live downtown. I'm not a gamer unless you count crosswords. I'm nerdy in the sense that my favorite book is Dubliners by James Joyce, love reading, and am closely following each and every detail of the eras tour.
I don't really have hobbies as much because I work a lot. Closest thing I have is my daily episode of my favorite show or cooking a new recipe. I hate texting and social media, and am more of a call or catch up in person friend.
No dog but I have the most amazing cat in the world! I'm pretty shy as well. I go to church and have people I talk to loosely there. Jesus is a huge part of my life and I love people, especially kids. Work friends are a bust. No one really has a personality that clicks with me. I tried there and failed a few times. I'm very feminine, quiet, and sweet. Most of my coworkers are the tomboy boisterous type or super into gossip and drama which I don't do.
Not a huge drinker but I enjoy a glass of red wine or a nice sour on the weekends! I love crafts, cooking, podcasts, walking, and the arts. This weekend I wish I had someone here to share my homemade cookies and wine or go to Bright Star with.
Any suggestions because I read through the make friends guide and once again I am feeling lost for finding a space for people like me.
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2023.04.01 06:56 omegacluster New Music Additions 2023-03-31

Today's additions are:
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2023.04.01 06:49 sugarettecadet I'm at the end of my rope

Hello, I'm new to this subreddit but I've been a Christian all my life. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to vent on here but idk where else to go at this point. My Christian walk has been really struggling lately due to a constant stream of misfortune I've been dealing with for God knows how long. That, along with other things have taken a severe toll on my mental health to the point where I have very frequent suicidal thoughts. My faith is dwindling and I feel so hopeless. I miss the connection I had with God when I was younger and family/family friends won't let me forget how much they prefer me back then but I'm pretty sure they only preferred me then to now because I had the gift of prophecy, so I'm pretty sure they only liked me for what I could do for them. I keep trying to do what they tell me to in church, go to him as a friend who will comfort you but every time I try there's no answer I get nothing and it just makes me feel emptier. What do I do? Is there something wrong with me? I'm at a loss
Sorry that was a lot but needed to get this off my chest. I don't really have a "best friend" let alone a religious one so I don't really have anyone who I could go to with this.
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2023.04.01 06:45 Frannyjo23 Finally blocked her number and deleted it. No more hoping for contact. I’m done.

So, my ex gf broke up with me on July 14th. Her mom died in March of 2022. She told me she didn’t see a future with me. I went no contact for 25 days and then I asked her to work it out with me. She said she missed me, but it wasn’t that easy to get back together. My bday was aug 15th and she texted me saying she wanted to bring me some cake for my bday and I agreed. We hung out then had sex. She forgot the cake and we talked about being friends with benefits. The next day she brought me the cake, we had sex again. The next day we had sex again and then she said we can’t have sex unless she is in a relationship. She is a baptist preschool minister at the church i go to. So, I understood her reasoning. I reached out September 15th and I asked her out to get coffee. We went get coffee, then went to a thrift store, then we went to a museum. I flirted with her and she flirted with me. It was a fun time. I hit her back up on September 29th and we went see a movie, got take out and went back to her place and watched movies. I stared massaging her and asked if she wanted to go cuddle in her bed. We fucked and i slept over until 6 am. We didn’t talk until October 20th. She was dog sitting and she invited me to go kill a roach for her. I slept over and we fucked everyday for two weeks. I slept over 4-5 times each week. I broke it off, she said I haven’t changed and I told her I will change. Pain is the greatest motivator for me. She invites me to go dance with her on Nov 6th at a Latin club. She was hammered, she kissed me on the dance floor, told everyone I was her boyfriend, and I took her to go eat, then she asked to take a nap in my bed, then we fucked. She didn’t reach out until I told her I got her a small Xmas gift on Dec 20th. We went out to dinner, and I. Invited her back to mine. She said no. She only goes to guy’s houses she is in a relationship with. She texts me on the 23rd asking if she can drop off a gift. I said okay. She comes over with homemade eggnog for me and my family. It was immaculate. I asked why she came over and she said she changed her mind. She leaves. I am confused. I don’t tell her merry Christmas. Neither does she. I told her happy new year. I asked if she wanted to work it out. She wants to have sex. She comes over Jan 6th and we fuck until Jan 29th. She says it’s the last time. She asked if I was seeing anyone. I said no but I was getting to know other women. She told me she went on some dates. She left. We don’t talk for weeks. I sent her messages asking why is she so fake? She blocks my number and we don’t talk. She ignores me at church. My friends tell me to move on because she posted on Facebook of her hanging with a new dude who lives 7 hours away. I’ve been blocked for 39 days. She isn’t going to reach out and I’m tired of hoping that she will. She is gone. Don’t reach out and lose self respect like I did. She treats me like I don’t exist now. Like trash. I hurt myself. Don’t be me. She is prob with him now. I hate her.
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2023.04.01 06:44 ElectronicAd9939 History Comes Alive

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2023.04.01 06:26 butterenergy Summary of lore from end of WW4 to 2150

Greetings everyone! I've recently released the 2100-2150 lore, but I'll also try to summarize all the good bits here in case you don't want to read all that. I'll also summarize the stuff from WW4 onwards, since that may not be perfectly well understood as well as the stuff from 2022 to 2068.
Here we go!
- After the devastating fallout of nuclear winter and great floods, the world huddles together and waits for the cold to clear up. Many more continue to die between famine, floods, and general devastation as many areas have fallen into anarchy.
- The Global Defense Coalition is set up as basically a slightly better United Nations, which has its own army, as well as the fact that most countries are now democracies help the GDC function better. Though currently it’s just a diplomatic forum.
- The Absurdist Era runs from roughly 2068 to 2080. It’s also known as the 2nd Progressive Era, where decades of repression lead to a few bright decades of reform. Politicians during this time include Alisha Crowder, who undid most of the religious nonsense of Cortez, though not all of it. She is the leader America needed, properly reconstructing democratic institutions after the Jackson administration had to cannibalize many of them to win the war without bureaucracy slowing things down. He was only half-done reconstructing everything before his term ran out, and elections came back. The USA could have legitimately fallen to autocracy when the next leader took power with only half restored checks and balances. But Crowder was the one who restored it, and she got the US back and running on democratic values. Later on she would be disillusioned with the United States, became an anarchist, and would be the only ex president to assassinate another ex president (Julia Land). This either is a sour ending for what was otherwise a great leader, or something that makes her even more unfathomably based.
- Many movements, such as Postsocialism (Neo-socialism), Postcapitalism (Hypercapitalism beyond corporations), and the Solarpunk movement would come out of the experimental vacuum that was the Absurdist Era.
- The “Progressive Three” are a group of countries that are well… Progressive when it comes to social change and “the new thing”. These are Dravidia Nadu, inventor of psychic autotranslators and a hotspot of linguistic diversity, the Argentine Confederation, center of the new Progressive Catholic Church that schismed from Rome, and the Union of South Africa, who have managed to make many races and cultures intermingle while aggressively addressing systemic oppression.
- In 2080, the Absurdist Era stopped due to expanding lifespans and healthspans of humanity, with the expanding lifespans greatly tipping the balance of power towards older generations, leading to a halt of progressive reforms, as reform stagnated.
- That said, it was still a time of great space colonization. Humanity’s energy primarily went towards space colonization and reconstructing the Earth. President Snowden (2084-2192) is basically Sundowner from Metal Gear Rising Revengence, singlehandedly destabilizing the entire world with PMCs and copious amounts of guns. He does however also fund space colonization and start the mass colonization of Mars.
- Bernie Sanders is elected in 2092, literally the only thing he does is pass free healthcare before collapsing on the Resolute Desk. Reed, his vice president would take office afterwards, and stop President Snowden’s PMC adventures. The reforms may have stagnated, but they haven’t stopped.
- The Century Message is a message received by Earth in the year 2100, telling humanity that they are loved. The intent and specifics behind the message remain a mystery, though it seems to come from the star of Vega.
- The Global Defense Coalition is empowered to be the face of Earth when it comes to aliens, and is given a lot more power to have its own spacefleet and be a force in its own right. This was done after fear of alien life was confirmed.
- The Noosphere is discovered in the same year. For now it’s an unknown other dimension, but it is later discovered it’s the realm of human thoughts, consciousness, and souls. It is almost like a cloud where the collective consciousness of mankind is stored, and where past information can be accessed. The Noosphere is the source of psychic powers, though for now it only allows people to read memories from written records.
- The Fatalist Twilight Wars is triggered when East Germany tries to reunite with West Fatalist Germany, which results in a war between FATES, the European Intermarium, Nigeria and Russia. The war sees the reunification of Russia, the reunification of Germany (including both Austria and the Rhineland), and France giving reparations to Africa. The European Intermarium is renamed to the European Commonwealth, as the banner of democracy flies over Europe once more.
- FATES escapes to the Metaverse, but it goes wrong, and his consciousness is shattered. A great hunt begins for his remaining pieces.
- In 2117, the Immortal Era begins, with aging being eradicated by Nigerian scientists. This change is quickly pushed on the entire population, and now those now living may never die. This starts a great decline in religion, with Irreligious people now making up 30% of the population, mostly in the Old World, with the Islamic countries and the New World remaining more religious.
- Healthcare spending drops immensely, and social security is abolished. Countries use the extra revenue to colonize space, build up their military, or fund generous social welfare programs.
- Uplifts are created where animals such as dogs and cats are given implants to reach around human-intelligence. They’re somewhere on the level of stupid humans but can now understand human language. These uplifts would eventually be integrated into society on a small scale, but much like disabled people the infrastructure was not designed for them, and they require special care. The uplifting of cattle creates a hypergenocidal race hellbent on destroying humanity for the sins of factory farming.
- 2120 to 2138 is the Golden Age of Mankind, and the peak of democracy on Earth. Nearly every grand power was a democracy, and nearly every human lived under a nation with liberal democratic values. The benefits of immortality led to a massive surge in productivity, which Earth channeled into colonizing the stars. The United States works on something called the “Martian Lifeseed”, a modified version of the Pyongstrocity organism that could slowly infect and partially terraform Mars. Though experimental, it accidentally became contaminated with Mars.
- The Eden Treaty is established between several nations to slowly terraform Mars with the Eden laser. America had to give up much of its land on Mars to other nations to get their cooperation to terraform Mars, but they still own somewhere around 60-70%.
- First contact would be made in 2138, marking the end of the Golden Age of Mankind. Miscommunication and misunderstandings would lead to the First Solar War, a massive war that would devastate the two greatest powers on Earth; Nigeria and the United States. 80% of the invasion force was sent to deal with Nigeria alone, while a contingent force was sent to try and destroy the United States. Nigeria would shatter, and Pax Africana would end, but not before taking out the might of an entire alien planet out with them. The surviving powers would create a new world order centered around Asia, and especially the city of Hong Kong. (Islam, ASEAN, India, China, the Asian Quadrilateral)
- The United States would unite with other countries in North America into the North American Federation to pay for reconstruction. The scorching of the Midwest horribly devastated its industrial sector, and much of the might of the United States had been broken. The Federation would represent democratic backsliding of the North American continent, as the government that replaced it was less egalitarian and far more militaristic than the old government.
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2023.04.01 06:11 LimpyLaundry Routine.

part 3
March 30th, 11:14pm
I don’t know what to say this time.
My days are empty and hollow. My life is slowly crumbling around me, and I can feel my body dying. It’s an interesting feeling anymore, but at first, it was terrifying. You grow used to it.
It’s been a month or so since my update. You’d assume I would have immediately posted regardless of what happened. But I had to wait so I could grow used to my new, painful routine. The routine that I pace through every. Single. Day. Everyday feels more and more unnatural, and the presence of what was: still lingers. My soul is empty, and there are times where I have to drag my fingers across the walls to make sure I’m actually real.
I fill the food bowls, replace the water, and lay out new scratch boards for the cats.
I never see them anymore.
I guess I should go into what exactly happened that night.
Sam and I did go to my grandma's house. I would go to my moms, but she’s an hour away, and my grandma is maybe twenty minutes. I didn’t explain much of what happened, just lied and said we’d lost power, and felt it best to stay until it came back on. I typically have an overwhelming sense of overstaying my welcome, and after a conversation with Sam, we decided to suck it up and go home. It doesn’t feel like home though, and it hurts.
The first thing we noticed when we eventually put the key in, and turned the knob was the feeling of… silence.
No cats greeted us by the door, and the house sat like a tombstone in an abandoned cemetery.
I haven’t been sleeping much. Call it paranoia, but there is no way I’m gonna let myself sleep for more than a few hours.
The first night back, neither of us actually slept. We didn’t turn on the tv, we didn’t go downstairs unless we absolutely had to, and we go through the front door, instead of the side door now.
I’m starting to smoke more now, to ebb the paranoia and fear that I feel. Sam too. Sometimes we go through two vapes a week in comparison to the vape every two weeks.
She’s been sitting on the porch with me a lot more. She used to hate it because it was on the Main Street, and heavy traffic, but anything to get us out really helps I think.
Navigating life without our cats has been… hard, needless to say. I still feel them around me. They still eat from their bowls, and drink their water. Use the litter box even. But every time I try to see them, even a glance. They’re gone. It’s like a nothing burger of bullshit. I’m filled almost with delusions, and Sam never sees them. Never heard them. She doesn’t feel their presence like I do. Maybe I’m going crazy.
Life is a guilty addendum of repetition. My life is a routine. Everything I do in my day has a purpose for an absolute end.
It’s the reason I still fill the bows, the water. I still lay out treats and toys. Sam doesn’t notice because she’s so used to it.
Today though, she asked me: “Why do you still do that?”
Does she not see the bowls empty? Or the water fountain that I paid good money for when it’s empty? The whirring of mechanics as it begs to be refilled? Does she not notice the shower mats still clinging with black fur because my cat seems to love sleeping on them? I wash them every week, and the result is the same after a single night or two.
I haven’t read back on my other posts, but I think I said someone about me not having a job. Well, to refill my time, I got one. And then I lost it last week. I don’t know why. The only thing I was told was “Lack of dedication and willingness to participate.” Whatever that means. But that’s Ohio for you.
Sam and I have been growing apart. Both of us are confused about our positions in life, and we’re not quite sure how to lean on each other for help and support. We’ve been trying to have a conversation with each other for a while. But it’s useless. Not because we argue or anything, but because we’ve lost our ability to communicate somehow. I love Sam though.
If she sees this. Sam, you’re my best friend. And I love you.
Some good news though.
My other two roommates moved out. They found an apartment somewhere in Dayton. Sam and I have seen it. And I’m proud of them.
Sam got a settlement from her car accident back in April. She took me out to eat. Nothing came from it. But I’m glad she got what she deserved. And I definitely appreciated the Olive Garden.
I, on the other hand. Haven’t had as much luck. It makes me wonder if I have actually done something wrong.
It’s raining. In the next few minutes as I’m typing this, it’s supposed to start thunderstorming soon.
Currently, I’m back at my grandma's house. I needed a moment away from the house, to gain my bearings, and I left most of my necessities over there. I’ll borrow clothes, I can be a grandma for a week or two.
At the moment, I am having a nice glass of wine, typing this on my grandma's computer because I left mine at home. I didn’t really expect to update this. But, something came over me I guess.
My grandma isn’t here though. I get the house to myself, and since it’s a one story double wide trailer (sorry, mobile home), I don’t feel so scared. I don’t feel watched. I feel safe, but there is still a lingering sense of paranoia here. I’m always expecting something terrible to happen.
And before you ask, yes. It sucks.
Living your life as if someone random asshole is gonna tap on your shoulder, and when you decide to turn around, they immediately punch you in the face before you even have a chance to blink, let alone react fucking blows. Perhaps my insistent anger is getting the best of me. Maybe my problem is that I’ve lived my life, day-after-day by my own bible, my own ten commandments of routine. And because of my indirect God-complex I subtly force the people that I care about to follow my own routine with me. Honestly, if you’re not stepping with your left foot first, what's the point of walking in the first place?
I was laughing in pain as I typed those last two paragraphs. My apologies.
No offense but this update is like a teenager about to shoot up a school because he thinks he's a ‘deep’ and ‘morally understanding’ teenager who’s gonna look back at this, and cringe at how pathetic he sounds. I, on the other hand, am a grown ass adult, in my 20’s going through this bullshit as my life gets torn up around me.
Anyways, enough with all of that.
I can keep going on and on with these tangents of my moral corruption and adamant self loathing, but I won't.
Wait, hold on. I heard a door open.
I was hoping to have this finished before I went to bed, but I guess sleep is going to have to be delayed a little while longer.
But of course my paranoia was not for nothing, which is positive I guess because you wouldn’t believe what the fuck just happened.
The laundry room door is open. And It’s always locked when we aren’t using it, and I’m definitely not using it right now. So that’ fucking great!
I swear this thing is following me. I guess this was inevitable. I’ve been having some gruesome and vivid nightmares that I forgot to mention because it's a dream, and if you know anything about remembering dreams, most of the time you don’t unless it swades your moral outlook of course.
As I’ve locked myself in the computer room, i’ve taken to asking myself a few questions.
What now?
Why did this happen?
What is different?
The best thing I can do right now is hide myself away until it ends. Do some research that I’ve been holding off on, and see if other people have experienced the same thing. Doubtful because I highly doubt that demons take people’s pets to take them to the animal shelter as a big “FUCK YOU!” There has to be a reason as to why they’re gone.
Of course my big question is if I had done something wrong. I never went to church growing up expcet a handful of times with friends that I went to school with. My mom was never the religious type, but always taught me to be respectful, and I have.
Maybe I should have gone to church more.
I still feel the fear from before. It’s not as intense though. Something feels different. Something in the atmosphere. But I can hear it. The footsteps of someone, or something lingering throughout the house.
I turned my head towards the window, and I can see the storm outside. I can see the rain droplets as they pass underneath the streetlights. But I can’t hear them as they patter on the roof. I feel the house with a roll of thunder, but I can’t hear it. Like I’m deaf to the outside world.
I hear the creaking of the footsteps as they stomp throughout.
It's carpet, so it’s not so bad.
But I can still hear it.
It whispers my name. It's so low, and the thing is so far away, but I can hear it next to me.
“Mitch.” It says, “Mitch.” It breathes.
I hear it going through the other rooms of the house. I hear it stomp through the master bedroom, the master bathroom. The doors for them are open. I hear it creep through the living room, and the kitchen, and then I finally hear it the loudest. It’s in the extra bathroom.
It stomps, but it’s so innocent in the way it does so. The voice, the thing. Isn’t so domineering. It’s patient in its cruelty to succumb my mind to fright. If it couldn’t get any louder though, its made its way up the hall towards me. Its facing the guest room, the only consistently closed door in the house apart from the laundry room.
I don’t hear the door open. It waits there for a few moments before turning to the computer room, the room that I’m in right now as I’m typing this.
I hear the breath on the door. A huff of impatience.
I think it’s found me. Maybe it’ll find its way in, and wisp me away to their glory.
Life is different, and hard. And terrible, and beautiful all at once. It’s a curse because you’re never quite sure as to how to feel about it.
I guess life is different when you’re being hunted though.
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2023.04.01 05:55 kryptokoinkrisp Demons/Evil Spirits in Orthodoxy

Before I begin, I know the main answer is “talk to your priest,” I’m mostly looking for guidance on how to approach this topic with him and what I can reasonably request. My son is ten years old and diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and we’ve been struggling with a fair amount of aggression from him. He’s had behavioral therapy intervention, and we’ve done our best to implement those strategies and come up with new ones that seem to work for a while, but when he gets particularly violent he is very difficult to control without a similar level of violence. It’s occurred to me before, and particularly in this last week’s Gospel reading from Mark 9, that there may be a spiritual component to the worst of these behaviors. I understand that an exorcism is part of baptism/chrismation, which I am seeking for us (I’m a single dad, baptized as a Protestant, this would be my son’s first baptism). I guess my question is what should I be asking of my priest that is in line with the tradition of the church and not some wild Hollywood fantasy based on a western tradition?
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2023.04.01 05:16 pit-O-the-peach Fun little poem I published in 2020. I just want to share and get feedback!

Confess she must to God above / Mistook a lustful eye for love
In sin they sowed a living seed / Against the church's holy creed
Before he fled the man transformed / The sky turned to a raging storm
With razor teeth and eyes aflame / Lucifer! The man became
"For she who bares the devil's son / the antichrist, the chosen one:
Eternal life and spared is she / the hellish wrath he shall unleash"
In vain she tried to take her life / to spare the world this Satan's smite
But with the fates he curried favor / and thus her heartbeat never wavered
Through the lattice an "amen" / the priest breathes in and asks her. "When?"
"This Tuesday next," / she sobs through tears
"All Hallow's Eve / it's drawing near".
The holy father says a prayer / He tells the girl, "We must prepare".
When midnight falls that wretched day / for her sin she dearly pays
She knocks upon the preacher's door / in pain that rocks her to the core
With cross and bible in his hand / he leads her deep into the land
Soon far from man the two have roamed / Where none but night can hear her moans
The pain refuses now to pass / she screams and falls upon the grass
"In Jesus name," the father pleads / clutching at his rosary beads
A pressure splits her hips in two / She looks and sees a boychild new
"This demon I must exercise," / he says above the baby's cries
She hears a river flow nearby / and sees the murder in his eyes
Eternal life she thinks about / she feels a sudden pang of doubt
Toward the infant he bends down / he'll make the serpent's prophet drown
Alas! With bloodstained hands she grasps his robes / "In my son's place, your life shall go,"
With strength anew she stands up straight / and lifts the holy magistrate
"Eternal life and spared is she, / my child must live to make this be"
So to the water's edge she walks / and weighs him down with several rocks
He fights but she is stronger still / "no man can stop my Satan's will,"
When she is done she turns around / the baby lies upon the ground
She goes to him and holds him high / "Thou art saved and so am I,
to my conscience I'll stay blind / and for myself forsake mankind".
Or so she thinks, for she knows not / the selfish man is bound to rot
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2023.04.01 05:06 JayberCrowz The culture of being Orthodox

Not looking for anything particularly specific here, so take the question as you will. Also, forgive me in advance as I suspect my question will reveal a lot of my ignorance.
For Westerners: outside of church services and specifically mandated things like fasting and feasting and praying, what does an Orthodox life look like?
I’ll try to add some context. Raised agnostic, went head first into evangelical Protestantism in college, migrated towards Presbyterianism in my 20s. Church on Sunday, Bible Study on Wednesday, serve the community every other month, international mission trip every other year, etc etc etc. I understand what the life of an American Christian has come to look like in the 21st century, what the rituals and patterns are. But I have had literally Zero exposure to Orthodox life (outside of My Big Fat Greek Wedding… remember I already asked you to forgive me for my ignorance). In fact, the closest proper Orthodox church is an hour away. My point with all this is that I have no sense of what the rhythms of Orthodox life are. I’m not Greek. I’m not Russian. I’m not Romanian. I’m in the rural West of America. The brokenness of Protestantism in America has led me to explore and be captivated by the ancient beauty and inner ritual of Orthodoxy, but I have no sense of, no example of, the external rhythms of Orthodoxy. I’ve rambled enough. I look forward to your insight.
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2023.04.01 04:54 prototype0777 Is my life going in the right direction or should I re-strategize?

For most of my life I (40m) was a loser. I didnt graduate from H.S, couldnt keep a job for more than 3 months and spent a lot of time on drugs and getting in trouble. One day I woke up and I was 30 years old, sleeping on the floor of my moms 1 bd room apt and I felt like God was telling me, your life is zipping by n theres only so much left. So I started going to church, went n got my G.E.D, enrolled in college n got a part time job. Flash foward 10 years. I quit college after 2 years. Turns out I got super bad anxiety n college ramps it up. I still got that part time job n picked up another one. I got my own place, new car n and a side hustle that may possibly turn into a legit business. Pretty cool right. I quit meth, but still drink and smoke weed. Im 40 yrs old now and i feel God pulling me in a direction. To lose weight, own multiple business's and help people who are in the same position as I was. So I bought a white bord and plan my days very strategically. And I can feel God leading me to have a balanced life. Work, Exercise, fun, prayer, vacations, travel... And im doing it. I mean i would have never traveled or gone on vaycay 10 years ago. Its awsome. Theres 1 problem tho. The drinking is kind of getting in the way. Im averaging like 70% of my goals on a daily basis. After months n months i really havent moved forward. I havent lost much weight, i struggle to wake up n go on a nice hikes, sometimes i cant wake up for prayer, sometimes i sleep in n dont have time to shower. I mean i feel like im doing good and I thank God for everything but to get to that next level, i think something gotta change. Obviously quitting alcohol would be super beneficial. But heres the thing. Alcohol helps me get thru the day. I work hard at both jobs, take care of business n all other things life throws at me. I do it with exceptional integrity cuz in my head im thinking at the end of the day u get to chill, drink a couple beers, smoke some weed. I used to drink 12-18 beers a night. Then i started gettin hangovers, so I dropped it to 10 beers. And again hangovers. So thru much fighting myself i finally got it down to 6 beers a night. That was the perfect number, get a good buzz n can function 100% the next day. Now im getting hangovers on 6 beers. I dropped it down to 4 beers n it was a no-go. I wasn't buzzed enough. That anxiety would creep in when i layed down 4 bed. I tried to quit beer period n it wasnt good, i didnt sleep for 2 weeks and for 45 days i was a nervous wreck. I tried just smoking weed but weed alone makes me paranoid. If u guys can give me any advice i would appreciate it. I need an outward perspective. I dont really talk openly about this stuff. Thanks in advance.
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2023.04.01 04:46 ThinkThink23 Prophets and Fallibility: Item 24: Tools for Translating the Book of Mormon

Click here to read the introduction to this series
Let's get started.
List 1: Prophets and Fallibility: A Record of Mormon Leader's Reversals and Abandonment of Past Teachings
Item 24:
Church Leaders have taught and the Official position of the Church was that the papyri connected to Joseph Smith’s Translation of the Book of Abraham was the very “writings of Abraham” and “written by his own hand”. The papyri not only doesn’t match that concept but also the papyri compared with the Book of Abraham translation end up being two completely different items that do not come from the same author, same translation, same time period, etc… They are two completely different things and hence the Church and its official scholars have abandoned the earlier official position.
Resources provided:
  1. Mormon Research Ministries - A Seer Stone and a Hat - "Translating" the Book of Mormon
  2. Mormon Think - Translation of the Book of Mormon
  3. A Careful Examination - The significance of the seer stone for LDS truth-claims
  4. Mormon Think - Book of Mormon Translation - Response to
  5. LDS Discussions - Book of Mormon: The Translation Process
  6. LDS Discussions - Book of Mormon: Joseph Smith and Treasure Digging
u/BillReel provided a summary for List 1:
This list collected beliefs that once existed in the Church but have been reversed or abandoned. The idea was to show believers how nothing is consistent and everything changes. Which begs the question of what do the top Leaders give us that points to an eternal unchanging God. And shows that to some degree these men are just flying by the seat of their pants.
Conveniently, this provides a decent Test Criteria for this Item:
  1. Was the belief reversed or abandoned?
  2. Does the belief show how nothing is consistent and everything changes?
  3. How large is the impact of this belief in pointing us toward an eternal unchanging God?
  4. Does this belief show that the leaders of the church are “flying by the seat of their pants?”
So, with this test criteria in mind, what are your thoughts on this item? Do you think it is a problem? How do you personally reconcile this change in the church's teachings?
I look forward to our discussions.
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2023.04.01 04:45 cunninghampiano New Church Organ in Philadelphia!

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2023.04.01 04:37 jcpm18 Subleasing my room at stadium house for $900 a month June-July 2023, DM if interested.

Subleasing my room at stadium house for $900 a month June-July 2023, DM if interested.
I pay $1100 a month but am only subleasing my room in a 4x4 for $900 a month from June 1st-July 31st 2023.
Stadium house is a very new apartment complex built on a five below and right next to WAWA. Located in the heart of midtown, right next to the bars, St. Augustine church, a chain of restaurants, study edge. Across the street from campus (chem lab building, lib west, plaza of americas) and super close to the stadium. Only minutes away from chipotle, CFA, publix, etc.
Other details:
Located on the 3rd floor
Fully furnished; private room with a bed, desk with an office chair, walk-in closet, private bathroom with smart-mirror with LED lights and bluetooth.
Common area includes a couch, TV, internet access, full kitchen with granite countertops, in-unit washer and dryer, balcony.
rooftop pool, golf simulator, karaoke room, gym access, study rooms on all floors, and study lounge.
Image is attached. The floor plan shown is mirrored to the actual floor plan. Please PM if interested!
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2023.04.01 04:29 ThreeCommasClub [Event] Rewards for Our Loyal Subjects

The few years have been very fortunate for the Crown of Castile. Though the Kingdom was afflicted by famine and drought thanks to the riches of the New World and the resilience of Castilian nobility the Royal Treasury was in stronger shape than ever. Word spread of the massive wealth that has been stocked by the coffers of the Crown. A great sum has indeed been collected but it was essential to ensure that such money ends up not just going to waste sitting in banks and vaults for no greater purpose. The money had to be spent to further the glory of Castile. As such the Royal Council of State has drawn up plans for various projects that will improve the long-term prospects of the Kingdom and provide relief and joy to the common citizens.
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2023.04.01 04:28 kirlandrm "If I examine the recovered ancient sources.. I will have confirmed the restoration". Dr. Einar C. Erickson

Quite a large amount of confirming information from ancient sources on the restoration was not known in Joseph Smiths day. Some additional information was beginning to be known but only to a small number of scholars and theologians and others who were following them. Even more will yet come forward. This is a subject I love to post on.
The following is an interesting and insightful group of comments by Dr. Einar C. Erickson on the state of the earth from Adam and Eve, till now. It is not long, yet it is very good.
The Latter Day Saints characterize their Church as a Restoration of all things that have ever been revealed to man over a period of six thousand years and at least seven dispensations, and new and complete doctrines held back from those previous periods of gospel presence on the earth. With this belief they can assert that whatever records may be found of previous dispensations they may contain the content in fragmentary or complete form of doctrines that are unique to the Church today. Or there is no restoration. Only if you have all the doctrines can you call yourself the True Church.
The ancient records are incomplete, it is evident from what is available that earlier pristine and complete doctrines were had, then lost, and only fragments or shadows of the past glorious teaching remain to be exhibited again..
Even a partial list might be interesting. So we are looking for evidence FOR ALL the doctrines of the Fall, the role of Adam and Eve, the creation, the cosmological history and present understanding of the delirium of immensity that is out there, the nature of the God Head; Oh God how great thou art! The premortal life or pre-existence; The Father, The Son, The Mother, the Holy Ghost, the Spirit World, birth and childhood in the Spirit World; the Celestial, Terrestrial, Telestial, and kingdoms of glory and kingdoms of no glory. The spirit world after death but before resurrection. The geography of the Universe, Kolob. The ascent Ceremony or How to get into heaven, sealings, families and marriages forever, The Law and covenants of God, the priesthood of God, priesthood blessings, authority, revelations, baptisms, for the living and the dead. The role of Jesus Christ. The Atonement and Redemption, justice and mercy. Forgiveness, long suffering and enduring to the end, prophets, seers and revelators. A, any doctrines found in the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine & Covenants, temples, Man, the Son of Man, signs and names. Lucifer. The last days. Sacrifice, being tried, tested and proven and so on and on.. This list is by no means complete or exhaustive. There is much more, especially in the detail. Mormons call ALL of this THE PLAN OF SALVATION. “The PLAN was ordained by the Father so Jesus Christ and all the rest of his spirit offspring could progress to exaltation.” (McConkie p. 575) For our individual goal we should all take into “consideration the plan of Salvation” (HC v-4 p. 8; Madsen p. 298)
If I examine the recovered ancient sources of theology, cosmology, anthropology, and soteriology, mythology or narrative accounts, however they are compiled and translated, and they contain any thing, however complete or fragmentary but clearly describe, or refer to any of the above, I will have confirmed the restoration. If the Church is not true, and all these things, and more, were the vain imaginations of one man, then I should find little if anything about any of the above and there has been no restoration.
Where to start?
Because of recent discoveries, the content of Gnosticism in the early Chrisitian world seems a good place to start. This discovery of more than 52 texts were made in 1945 and are discussed in my CD on the THE NAG HAMMADI, “These are diverse texts, and range from secret gospels, poems, and quasi-philosophic descriptions of the origin of the universe, to myths, magic, and instructions for mystical practice.” (Pagels p. xvii) They contain “The greatest impact on the alteration of religion, the addition of myths and addition or deletion of doctrines with fanciful explanations taking over of the original Jewish-Christian teachings by the myriad of Gnostic movements.” (Jonas p. 264) And their weird and distorted ideas. But the baggage they possess may have tid-bits of ancient doctrines restored today. Most of the time they probably did not understand what they actually knew.
Heresies of the first three centuries after the resurrection of Christ are many. “The apparent lack of Christian features does not make the work necessarily non-Christian; the basic mythological and ritual structure …derive from Christianity, and Porphyry’s testimony …suggest the product of Christian Gnostic groups.“ (Logan p. 53) “…are revelations written in Greek by Syrians claiming to be simultaneously disciples of Berossus and Plato, and uniting Chaldean astrology and Platonically-inspired philosophy.” (Logan p. 29) Sound familiar?
In the USA there are more than 2,200 religions formal and tribal, that have been identified. There are 725 ”Christian churches “ most of which have risen after the three way split of the Catholic religion in the eleventh century. There was a proliferation of Christian groups after Christ’s resurrection. Most of these offshoots were in place by AD 220- 250; (Logan p. 53) the years most of the Nag Hammadi tracts had been bound into books. As Gnosis and variations of it spread out and began to dominate the religious world, great changes in religion occurred. The Jews were having their internal travail’s as well, one of the most important are the people of Qumran who were copying their Hebrew scrolls as early as 275 BC. Oddly there are 165 apostate groups from Mormonism, most are very small. In the last days religion would be characterized by being diluted by the philosophies of men. The ancient religions have been degraded to myths. ... octrines-1
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2023.04.01 04:25 BRDowney What’s the one thing you wish you had known before leaving TSCC

Leaving the Mormon church can be a difficult and confusing process, and it's natural to have some regrets or second thoughts along the way. But hindsight is 20/20, so let's share some wisdom with those who may be considering leaving the church.
What's one thing you wish you had known before leaving the Mormon church? It could be advice on how to navigate relationships with family and friends, how to cope with feelings of guilt or doubt, or practical tips for building a new social network outside of the church. Let's help each other out by sharing our experiences and insights.
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2023.04.01 04:01 nyquilal mbti text questions!

sorry this is so long, i tried to be descriptive as possible.
• How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
i'm a 17 year old female, currently a junior in high school. i live in the south but i really dont like it, i plan to move away as soon as possible. i also was an only child until 1 year ago (shout out to my one year old sister)
• Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow?
i've been diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) since i was 11 years old. i have on and off seen therapists, counselors, and taken medication to manage it. currently my mental state is pretty normal, as i've learned to get my anxiety under control by not being the extreme over thinker that i am which causes me to spiral.
• Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
i was raised widely by my mom and my grandma. my father wasn't around in my life after i was three, and i think i have a strange relationship with male figures of authority in my life. my mother and my grandma are both christians who took me to church regularly. one of my best memories is every sunday after church my mom would take me to a donut shop and let me pick one to eat with her. but ever since i've been around 11, when i first read the entire bible for the first time at summer camp (i've read it 3 times, reading it again currently) i've been an atheist and i try not to think much about religion as it used to be a big stressor for me. i just pretend currently that i'm still a christian around my family because i would hate to waste my breath arguing over why i don't believe in god. and my mother already thinks i practice in "demonic" things because i like to listen to death metal, never want to have children or a husband, and i support trans people.
• What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?
as most high schoolers do, i currently work at a part time job at a small regional grocery store (my dream job is to be an actor and i plan to attend college for it after i graduate). i dont like the fact that it gets in the way of me reaching my full potential in school or having plans, but i do like the brief interactions i have with my coworkers and customers. i have a pretty good fake customer service personality that i show to customers and coworkers alike, just so i can get through the shift. sometimes my coworkers will say that when i'm not working i'm quiet, and i take acting like i actually care about what customers have to say a bit too far. but i actually do like to hear different people act polite towards me. it's the best thing humans can do, everyone looks best when they're at their kindest. and if they aren't kind, i get the chance to look like the better person with a lot of paitence when in reality i just don't care enough to get upset about it, but i do care enough about having the moral high ground.
• If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
i've spent a lot of weekends by myself as an only child, but i've always had many things available to prevent loneliness. i usually talk to my friends online and we'll play games or talk about our weeks. i'm usually the one who wants to make plans, but they're not always seen through because our schedules don't align. i feel like this is a natural response, because i'll feel that i need to burn that social energy i have well before i am able to relax well by myself, because i'm very comfortable being alone, but i hate being lonely (there's a difference, i swear). usually on weekends my family wants to go places or i'm working so i haven't had much free time as late. but i would love a weekend where i spend all friday night talking to to my friends, wake up at noon, complete any weekend assignments, clean my room, meal prep and go grocery shopping for the week, and watch whatever show at the time is peaking my interest. just listing that was so relaxing.
• What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities?
i love creative activities a lot. typical nerd shit like anime and video games i could talk about for hour upon hours. i love giving detailed reasons and explanations on how certain things have impacted me and i find it a lot of fun to do. I also love to read books that have to do with dystopian scenarios, failed romances, and fantasy, those are my top genres. I also love anything that has to deal with unconventional horror. analog horror, realistic, anything that makes me truly fear for the human race in the coming years is something i want to learn more about (1 hour video essays on cults are great). I also like to act when i'm by myself, practicing monologues and how i look on camera, this is something i hate to let other people know, because i don't want them to think that i'm a "stereotypical actor wannabe" or whatever, it just annoys me but i absolutely love performing. i haven't done it in a while because my school doesn't like to waste money on their art department, so i really miss it.
i'm good at running, that's about it for sports. i tried out for my schools varsity tennis team but i didn't care a lot about it and was offered a JV spot. i was more concerned about how much time it would take away from school if i had to practice until 6, and then go to a job until 11, so it was one of the happiest days of my life when i got moved to JV. i didn't have to explain to my mom why instead of practicing my forehand i would rather practice my oral defense questions for ap seminar lol. instead i explained "what's the point of playing JV as a junior?" which she didn't agree with but she knows how i feel about wanting to be the best at everything i do and how long she has fought me over that so she dropped it.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
i always am coming up with new ideas about almost EVERYTHING. i'm deeply introspective and i constantly think about the world, the people in it and my relationship towards it. i hate when it changes because it can make things complicated but i'm always coming up with new ideas on how to do things. usually my ideas are conceptual, like for example "what would it take for people in relationships to remove away from any expectations of society?" i'll ponder that for hours but i still wont come out with a satisfactory solution. i have been limiting my curious ways because it often just ends up to me being more anxious. there's still some things that i have been curious about understanding for years and i hope one day i'll be able to find a good conclusion.
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?
honestly leadership for me really depends. i love to be someone people can rely in and confide in but the emotional part is where it starts to become difficult. like at a group project at school, i'm usually the leader and sole director of a project, or feel like i could be contributing more even if i just do my part. like recently at school we had to work together for a team presentation. i gave my group mates an actual TEMPLATE to use that i made so that all of our information could be in one place, it's extremely important for the project that all of our information is in one place but they just completely ignored me and began writing on note cards. i hated it so much, i wish that they would've listened to me because we could've done better, especially because i was the one who got the highest grade on the practice version of the individual one out of the three of us using the template that i provided to them. i gave them plenty of resources without try to be pushy but i wish i was more pushy! because i ended up doing the majority of it myself because it wasn't as organized as i wanted to be. i think that my leadership tendencies make me a bit more lenient and not trying to grab the role but if i have it i want to do it well and i want to work to do it even better.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
i wish i was more coordinated, as a kid one of my biggest things was that i was too rough with things. i loved to take thing apart. thankfully i grew out of it but anything really hands on outside of the necessary things isn't really my vibe. i hope to work more on my coordination, but for now i feel a sort of disconnect from myself and how my body moves.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
i'm very VERY artistic. i love to create any form of art, in fact i have said many times that if i can't create some form of art for a living than what's the point? i draw, act and create whatever i can whenever i can. i love looking at art of anything, poetry, music, and design are also things i absolutely love. i love to create in general, it's my favorite thing to do and it's very relaxing. the fact that i have the option to do it for a living makes me not even want to entertain the idea of going into anything else, no matter how practical they might be.
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?
the past sucks to think about. it a main cause of depressing thoughts as i think about what i could've done differently if i had only known what i knew now, if i had thought about it a bit more carefully, if i had just went with my gut. the present is here, and it's the most stressful. how i feel at any given moment is sometimes what i lead with when i'm anxious about a scenario and i hate it. an example of this is recently i had to go on a plane. leading up to the plane ride i was terrified and did everything i could to learn about the aircraft and i stared outside of the window the entire time. i was so anxious i couldn't eat or sleep on the plane and i ended up feeling exhausted when i got to my destination. how i feel in a situation really impacts how i handle it and i hate it. i wish that i was able to apply logic consistently in my life. i try to remain hopeful about the future, about the things i want to do, what i would like to achieve and work to achieve it, although im scared that even though i work hard and i do what i can i wont be able to leave my hometown or quite my minimum wage job. it scares me to no end, but all i can do is work for the future i want for myself.
• How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
if i decide to help someone it's usually because i'm trying to show them the person i am. if i want to come off as kind and flexible, i'll act accordingly. i tend to have a bias towards some scenarios that makes me even more drawn to a person because i want to see how my actions are interpreted by them.
• Do you need logical consistency in your life?
okay i've always thought about this question, i thought that i was going to be like "YES YES YES I NEED IT" but i feel like there's more nuance. i WANT consistency. i crave it so much throughout my life but i feel like so many outside factors have prevented me from having it so i start to wonder if instead of needing it i want it, because i'm able to survive without it and trying to come up with a logical conclusion for everything makes me become slightly unhealthy obsessed with it.
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you?
i would say decently important. im not against paying extra for shipping and i prefer to get things done when i can. although i do get distracted by other things i think that efficiency is important to not waste time being with something and moving onto the next thing.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
i'm slightly controlling. it's not something i'm proud of but i just try to let others know how important something is to me and i do my best to express how things will impact me but i understand how sometimes this is just me trying to make someone else achieve an outcome i want. i try my best to limit these tendencies no matter how badly i want to.
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
i love listening to music and analyzing it. It's so good to listen to in any situation and it allows me to understand feelings in a way i thought wasn't possible before. i absolutely love performing. i fell in love with it from an early age when i was acting in every school play, everything imaginable. it will always be my favorite art form, my favorite way of expressing myself and my favorite thing to do. i want nothing more to be the thing that i do every day for my life. Reading and writing, i like those both for the same general reason: i love stories. Some people in my life have pointed out how i sometimes with empathize with people with stories more than real scenarios. i think that the reason it appears that way is because no matter how good a story is it cant have as much depth as a human can, and i always tend to hold onto that. the more anyone learns about humans we learn about everything they're capable of. real people are unpredictable, people in stories are not.
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?
i've always had trouble understanding my learning method. The most honest way that i could describe it is that if i know it, i know it. i pay good attention in class and often look back at my notes but i widely just rely on myself to retain the information that's given to me. this might be why i suck so much at math, its difficult to apply different formulas in different ways for me personally.
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?
when it comes to strategizing, i tend to make a list of everything that i need to do and i try to stick to it. when i dont break it up it becomes unmanageable and i want to be able to strategize more in scenarios.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally?
professionally, i want to be seen as good at what i do. i want my art to be viewed as good. being able to do a job i love and support myself fully, working with people who are just as passionate as me about acting is a dream for me. i cannot wait to achieve this.
personally, i don't want to be unhappy with myself. i want to do things that make me happy and make genuine bonds with people that are well vetted. i also want to learn how to take things less seriously, as well as get over abandoning relationships or conversations when i feel like i'm giving more than the other person. i hate that feeling more than anything, the embarrassment of misinterpreting a dynamic and giving more. this has caused me to lose some of the greatest things, i just don't want to end up being a fool.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?
my biggest fear is staying where i am in every area. staying in the same place makes me very uncomfortable and i hate it when i become comfortable at any point in my life. of course i want to be happy at every point, but i want to continue to grow. i also don't like people who don't have any regard for the safety of others, it sucks to see them and be around them.
• What do the "highs" in your life look like?
the highs in my life are when everything works out. when people appear their best so usually at social events or even when it's my friends and i just truly enjoying something. so no matter the other things that make me not want to do it, when i finally do i realize why and it pays off in a way where all i can feel is joy. to win, and be exactly where i wanted to be despite everything is my high.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like?
the lows are always going to be with something being too much. recently, my lows have been when i feel emotions way too intensely and i hate it. i feel like a bomb of thoughts that just wants to implode, but i just can't talk about these things with others because i don't want to talk about something that is the most important thing to me and im not even sure if other people care about it: how i feel about something. it's awful and i hope that i'll be able to express my emotions and not bottle them up until they eventually just implode into emotionally charged things at people i care about.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so?
i daydream often. i live in my head and i think about scenarios a lot. usually i'll be aware of what i'm doing but also sometimes my daydreams come out as im speaking about something. also this may sound crazy but a couple of weeks ago i had a dream i had killed someone that was so vivid i'm not 100% convinced that i DIDN'T kill someone. i woke up feeling so paranoid over that someone was going to find out that i did it and would end up in prison.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about?
well, i think i'm already prone to insanity due to my introspective nature but this would probably send me over the edge. what wouldn't i think about? why am i here and why can't i talk to anyone? can't i at least have one person to share this overwhelming feeling of nothing to do but contemplate?
• How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
again, i like to grow, and sometimes it makes me have to reevaluate decisions that i have made and go back and apply my current logic to them. however in the moment i choose to act quickly and with absolutes. i would rather reap those consequences than choose not to act on it.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?
i hate my emotions personally. i'm a very passionate person, so i put emotions in with everything that has to do with something i'm interested in, but i try to leave it out of how i live life which is a positive and a negative thing. i'll have strong emotions that generally fluctuate through waves and it bothers the people around me as well as myself. i don't like feeling separated from other and holding judgements when i could be placed in the same position but i tend to do it unfortunately.
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?
i tend to catch myself DISagreeing with others to keep the conversation going. i'll often bring up different points or other questions that may be different from the ideas expressed in the discussion, but sometimes when i don't care enough or i realize that a conversation is pointless to have because they'll never understand, i'll drop it.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why?
i think authority should be questioned and often reevaluated. i can't stand people who believe in things that were nearly centuries ago, the fact that they cant accept how people can change and grow is really frustrating to me. the only argument that i've seen that i believe is that our ancestors actions back then were able to keep us alive until now. however this came from adapting to the situation they faced, not continuing to do what worked back then.
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2023.04.01 03:58 Trenton__05 Did they add curing next to campfires?

I’m in the stone church in desolation point, fending off cabin fever risk after forging on my new loper run. I’ve lit a fire and killed a rabbit outside, I dropped the guts and pelts and noticed they were curing. I was pretty sure that church is not a place for curing pelts so maybe the fire is doing the curing?
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2023.04.01 03:58 mrstuprigge Post-Hardcore Monthly: March 2023

Post-Hardcore Monthly: March 2023
The most extensive post-hardcore playlist on the net, March edition. 95+ tracks by 95+ different artists from around the world.
Artists included:
Acres (UK)
ARV (Norway)
Atlas : Empire (UK)
ATRIA (Tennessee, US)
Basil’s Kite (Australia)
Basketball Divorce Court (Iowa, US)
Being Human (New York, US)
Black Freight (UK)
Bleak (Canada)
The Burden (Canada)
CAELUM (Colorado, US)
Can’t Swim (New Jersey, US)
chvpter (Germany)
Closure in Moscow (Australia)
Common Wounds (Arizona, US)
Crooked Kingdom (Netherlands)
Davachanner (Armenia)
Daydreaming (Florida, US)
Death Goals (UK)
Death of Me (UK)
Djunah (Illinois, US)
D.R.L.N. (Indiana, US)
Drug Church (New York, US)
dweller. (New York, US)
Dwellings (California, US)
Easy Way Out (Maryland, US)
Enamore (Indonesia)
Endless, Nameless (Colorado, US)
Enter Shikari (England)
Evacigana (Portugal)
Faim (Colorado, US)
Filler (Indonesia)
Fly The Crow! (Georgia, US)
Followship (Virginia, US)
gingerbee (Canada/Japan/US)
Glummer (Sweden)
Grapevine Gossip feat. John Fraser (Michigan, US)
Graysea feat. Aaron Gillespie (Wisconsin, US)
Grimoires (California, US)
Handlr (Pennsylvania, US)
Hands up Who Wants to Die (Ireland)
Holy Figures (North Carolina, US)
Humble Abode (Maryland, US)
In Good Nature (Massachusetts, US)
Intercourse (Connecticut, US)
jautì (Lithuania)
JAW/LINE (Oklahoma, US)
Jeromes Dream (Connecticut, US)
KEN Mode (Canada)
Kick Chill (Russia)
Kidd Judo (New York, US)
Like Tyrants (Ohio, US)
Lypurá (Germany)
memorydrip (Colorado, US)
The Missing Peace (DC, US)
Morningviews (Italy)
MSPAINT (Mississippi, US)
Nasawives (Ohio, US)
nothing,nowhere. feat. Static Dress (Vermont, US)
Nurture Nurture (Canada)
The Ongoing Concept (Idaho, US)
Only Fools and Corpses (UK)
phaner.0n (Massachusetts, US)
Pleiades (UK)
Polar (Spain)
Resilia (California, US)
Ripley Void (Maryland, US)
Semaphore (New York, US)
Sleemo (UK)
Slowly Sliding (Michigan, US)
Sokoninaru (Japan)
Something Bitter (New York, US)
Sounds Like Color (Florida, US)
Staff Party (UK)
Stegosauro (Italy)
Story Of The Year (Missouri, US)
Stress Palace (Texas, US)
sunbleached (Australia)
Super Kill Me Now (Canada)
Suplex feat. State Faults (California, US)
Switch Full Lotus (Idaho, US)
To Be Gentle (Oregon, US)
Truth Cult (Maryland, US)
Tzolkin (Honduras)
Underoath (Florida, US)
Vampire Champagne (Oregon, US)
Vautours (France)
Watch Us Run (Maryland, US)
Where the Waves Are Born feat. Sasu (Spain)
Widows & Orphans (Texas, US)
Wife (California, US)
WildAsh (Australia)
Yarraman (UK)
Yung Scuff feat. Jake Webber & Johnnie Guilbert (New York, US)
Семинар [Seminar] (Russia)
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2023.04.01 03:49 ChiefsHat A Canticle For Leibowitz; every Catholic should read this book

A Canticle for Leibowitz is one of the greats of science fiction, a tremendously important work in the genre that laid the groundwork for a lot of post-apocalyptic fiction in later years. It focuses on an abbey of monks of a fictional order who work to preserve the documents and relics of the world before a nuclear apocalypse and the rise of an anti-intellectual movement.
I picked this book up from Amazon, sat down, read it, and was... moved in more ways than one. This book is, without question, an essential for all Catholics and Christians. And I do mean that. Reading this book helped me explore my faith in ways I didn't think possible. It opened up new ways for me to understand it. It changed my perspective on the Catholic religion and what it means to be Catholic.
On top of that, I also feel the book's message about the Church's enemies is highly important and must always be remembered; that they are as human as we. Secularists who oppose the church do so out of convictions as strong and powerful as our own, with the same intentions we have; good ones. As we know the saying, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but that doesn't change the fact the intentions are still good. By not strawmanning the secular positions, the author Walter M. Millar, jr demonstrates the fundamental importance of dialogue in discourse, something I personally feel is being lost.
I strongly recommend all Catholics read this book. It's... a fantastic, phenomenal book, and easily one of the greatest ever written.
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