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Welcome to the sanctuary, dear intellectual. This vineyard is a safe place for all Mineta appreciators across reddit; a protective barrier from the wider community of Mineta haters

2023.03.28 20:46 fifmaster47 Baddies from out childhood tier list

Baddies from out childhood tier list
I hope you guys like it and if you have any feedback please tell me(this came from one of my streams)
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2023.03.28 20:46 Pure-Seaworthiness70 Moral support

Soooo… I’ve considered telling my mom I’m positive. I told her I had to tell her something face to face and since I made the call I’ve had mixed feelings. How you tell a parent something like this.? How did you guys do it.? Good or bad. I can handle the bad because I have a good support system but I’m 2 years in and I’ve gotten over my depression of finding out. I’m her only daughter and I don’t want to feel like I’m disappointing her even more.
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2023.03.28 20:46 singguy1 Can you get the CPA (Canadian) without working 60 hours a week?

Most people go public or take pre-approved paths with require high number of hours.
I’m a new grad and most of my friends are taking that route but I wonder if it’s possible to find a pre approved path without the abusive hours.
Thanks guys.
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2023.03.28 20:46 Unknownreality7 My (29F) ex (29M) messaged me 10 months after we broke up wanting another chance. Don’t know what to do?

My ex and I dated for 7 months before we broke up. I wanted to make our relationship official but he didn’t and it wasn’t something I was willing to compromise on so we broke up. The breakup was horrible. I knew I had to stand up for myself and make my intentions known to him but it did not make the breakup easier. I was absolutely crushed. When we first met, it felt like I had known him forever. We talked for hours. I formed an instant connection with him and the chemistry between us was insane.
In those 10 months, he would reach out to me here and there to see how I was doing but nothing more. I had decided that I wouldn’t let him continue to reach out to me every few months and get my hopes up. So I gave him an ultimatum and I told him either you want to work things out with me or you don’t and if you don’t then you need to stop reaching out to me. He basically said he doesn’t want to and said he’ll leave me alone. This was 2 months ago.
During the relationship, I did always feel like he was holding himself back. Like I always had a feeling that he didn’t fully open up to me because he was scared of getting hurt. Part of the reason why I felt this way was because he was still trying to establish his career and there was always a possibility that he might have to move out of the state. And maybe he didn’t want to fully open up in case he had to leave? Well that suspicion was finally addressed last night. He basically wrote me an essay saying he was a coward for the way he acted, never fully opening up to me. He said he did have very strong feelings for me and that he does see a future with me. He basically said he wants me back and finally work things out. He said he felt this way for a while. We talked on the phone and I told him why did you act this way towards me when you knew how I felt about him. I always made my feelings known to him. He knew how strongly I felt for him. And his response was that he was a coward and was afraid of getting hurt (he was in a very toxic relationship years ago and fell into depression for awhile). I told him I would have never hurt him and he said it wasn’t anything that I did, it was just him. He said he never felt this way about anyone and that he thought of me every single day. I mean of course this is what I’ve been wanting to hear all along. That he does want me and does see a future with me. And to be completely honest, I always felt like we had unfinished business, like we were meant to be together. I even dated someone else for a very short period after we broke up and every time I would hang out with this new guy, my ex would be on my mind constantly, so I had to end things with him because it was not fair to him. I was genuinely so scared that I would never find anyone that I feel so strongly about like I did with my ex. But, I am also a bit hesitant and don’t know what to do. I don’t want to end up getting hurt but I’d be lying if I said I don’t have anymore feelings for him when I clearly do. I don’t know what to do. Any advice or words of wisdom would be great!
TLDR: my ex came back after 10 months wanting to work things out with me. He admitted his feelings for me and says he sees a future with me, which is everything I ever wanted to hear but I’m still a bit hesitant.
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2023.03.28 20:45 Ok-Owl-691 I'm not sure if a person rejected my Application or if it was automatic but I'm confused with the min requirement, can some please clarify?!?

I'm not sure if a person rejected my Application or if it was automatic but I'm confused with the min requirement, can some please clarify?!?
This is my 5th rejection for EPP and PDP positions!! I still have 3 more and was hopeful I'll sure to get this one but now I'm not even sure if I'll get the other ones but I can try again next year and want to make sure I have all thr minim requirement covered! I also included the job description so you guys can show me where I failed to look. I included my updated resume and official transcript but I graduated with my MBA in a management on 2/2023. Thank you all for your help :)
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2023.03.28 20:45 liartesz Hey guys! Just opened my commissions again! If anyone want maps or characters I’ll be happy to help

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2023.03.28 20:45 saiteman Is there an easy way to tell if I've burned through the clear coat while wet sanding?

Is there an easy way to tell if I've burned through the clear coat while wet sanding?
So yeah, trust me I already feel bad about it and I’m ready to cut my losses and take it to a body shop but before I do that, I guess it doesn’t hurt to get some opinion from you guys
2000 grit wet sand, no force, with a small block for an even area
Is there an easy way to tell if I've burned through the clear coat? Certain angles and lighting show it, but mostly it’s not visible. Any suggestions?
I’ve included pics of it when it’s not visible and when it’s visible, sorry for the dirt, it’s newly washed but it’s parked underground and a bit dusty here
And guys, I appreciate any feedback I can get, thank you
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2023.03.28 20:45 garand_tactical 1943 - WW2 photo from grandpa 2.0, same with the last one, just want this for my living room so no color is fine! Thank you guys!

1943 - WW2 photo from grandpa 2.0, same with the last one, just want this for my living room so no color is fine! Thank you guys! submitted by garand_tactical to photorestore [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 20:45 despicableyou0000 Thank you so much guys.

I have been some level of fatty all my life since I was 8 years. The fat has been a parasite in my life, affecting my self confidence,self image, making me the butt of fat jokes amongst friends and relatives, making me feel insecure that my belly is gonna be more obvious in this particular type of clothes.
I was always intimated by the idea of weight loss. My parent's and cousin's advice was to eat salads 3 times a day, cutting all sweets and intense workout for hours, giving priority to exercise. I tried many times to lose weight by exercise, but it didn't seem to work.
Till I got sick of it and surfed reddit for some advice, till I stumbled upon this sub. CICO was very surprising to me. I was taught exercise is more important, but it turned out it was not so. It's counting calories that is important. Exercise don't matter if your diet is wrong. I don't have to stop eating. I can eat foods with low calorie intake. I used to eat more of the "healthy/alright food" than required.
I was 195 pounds at the beginning (180cm height), and I lost 20 pounds in 40 days by following the instructions in the sub. I never imagined I could be free of the fat on my body. It's so wonderful to touch my waist and stomach and not feel the fat anymore. I look younger and handsome, I feel lighter and more energetic. It's a relief to not feel conscious of my extended gut.
Thank you, so much guys. I wanted to share how happy I feel.
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2023.03.28 20:45 SideFit8721 My client’s husband make an extremely racists remark, and I don’t know what to do.

I (19f) am a caregiver to elderly people. I have a client right now who is a woman in her 80’s. I was hired by her daughter (who lives out of state) to provide her with healthy meals, get her to exercise, and help around the house. Her husband (80’s with dementia), is the stepfather to the daughter that employs me. I am also close friends with his daughter and SIL who live on the property with them. She had warned me her dad isn’t a very good guy, and will say “crazy things”.
This morning, my client was reading an article called “Is there a cure for prejudice?” Her husband saw the article and read the title out loud, then said “yes there is!” With the most serious tone and expression, he said “Send all the blacks back to Africa.” Then he dead stared me in the face. I was stunned. I turned to my client, and she was shaking her head at him. She said “well im Hispanic and you married me!”
I just replied back to him “that’s certainly a take.” As a Hispanic person, I’m honestly so ashamed that I didn’t just call him out right on the spot. I feel like I should have walked out right then and there. The state I live in has a very small African American community, so Never in my life have I had someone make such a blatant racist remark around me. Especially not directly to my face. I’m in shock right now. This just happened and I’m still at work with another hour to go.
I want to just quit right now, But this is my only job, and we need the money. My husband has applied to several places, and had multiple job interviews, but has yet to be hired. I don’t have any other jobs lined up yet. I don’t know what to do. How do I handle this? Should I quit now and never come back? Should I wait for my husband to get hired and then quit asap? How do I explain to my friend what her father has done? Do I explain to my clients daughter why I’m quitting? What if she doesn’t want to pay me for quitting without notice?
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2023.03.28 20:45 No_Target_7028 Design not showing in the search

Hey guys so i uploaded a design on redbubble it shows on my shop but when i search for the keyword...its not showing in the search results? What happened?
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2023.03.28 20:45 EtroMetro Yo Guys Just Made my first Fight club Edit.What do you guys Think? The Full vid is on my YT

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2023.03.28 20:44 Desyver How to not feel like less of a man when your wife’s income is higher?

I told myself I was never going to be that guy but I can feel it. It’s also affecting my performance in bed. It’s always in the back of my mind. She’s a pediatrician and I fix air conditioners for living.(HVAC). I make a kind of a decent living too but she’s always prepared to take care of something unexpected and expensive. Our kids look at her as the superhero and I have a back-of-mind fear she going to leave me for a doctor or something.
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2023.03.28 20:44 lene050 Help me swim bladder!

Help me swim bladder!
Hello. My Calico fantail has the swim bladder disease. He points with his face down and his butt up. I'am trying the "water therapy" by starting with just enough water for the fish to move in, and everyday adding a little bit more. Now its been 2 days since i have placed him from the normal aquarium to the quarantaine tank. Yesterday he was quite active but today he is not so much. I dont know what to do. Everything in the aquarium is fine i am almost 99% sure it happend because he i always following my hand when i feed him and he accidentally grabbed a air bubble. I have a feeling he is going to die. i am asking you guys if i should put him out of his misery or if i should try the water therapy thing.
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2023.03.28 20:44 catscattwed12 Getting over someone I never dated?

A little over a year ago, I met a man on a dating app who seemed to be everything I was looking for. We grew up in similar regions, had similar life experiences, both loved the outdoors, wanted similar things out of life (marriage, kids, living in the same region). We went only went on four dates, then were both gone for a long weekend. We texted intermittently after that, but conversation kind of fizzled out. I'm not totally sure why - I think I might not have properly communicated my level interest (I've learned from this since then) and I feel like an idiot for not having reached out again and directly asking if he wanted to meet up again.
Fast forward a month, I decided even thought it's been so long without communication, I was going to text him and see if he was interested in meeting again. But I checked the dating app and his profile was gone so I decided to wait. Another month or two later, I checked his social media profile and see pictures with a girl, indicating that they were together. I've continued dating since then, but find that I still think about this guy. Today I checked his social media profile again and saw that he is still with the same girl.
It's totally absurd, but I feel very disappointed. I recognize that I didn't even really know this guy so this is all just a fantasy in my head, but he seemed like exactly what I was looking for. I keep thinking that if I had done things differently, it could be me in his profile picture. When I meet new guys, I keep measuring them up to this idea of him in my head (even though logically I know that I didn't really know him). For example, I've been seeing a guy for a few weeks now and I like him, but he doesn't have much of an interest in the outdoors, which is a huge part of my life. So in my head, I keep comparing him to this guy I met a year ago who also loved the outdoors like me.
This is also all compounded by my concerns that I'm now in my 30s. I worry that my "type" of guy is the kind who settles down relatively early, and that while there are some left in the 28-30 range, most of them are coupled by beyond that and those that are left get paired up really quickly. Also concerns about my biological clock at 30 and feeling that if things had worked out that guy, I could be a year into a healthy, solid relationship and not have to stress as much about this. Plus I would have a year of shared experiences and trips with another person and might be starting to plan my future with him. As silly as it sounds, I worry that I missed my last "chance" to be with a guy who is a really good fit for me.
I know this is long, so thanks for reading if you made it this far! I know it's absurd to be this hung up on a man I only met four times a year ago, yet somehow I am.... Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.
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2023.03.28 20:44 CiafCiafOfOurLegs My (26F) boyfriend (27M) cheated on me and I gave him another chance, but everyday I feel like I will never trust him again.

I was using his laptop when I decided to check his messages (he has Telegram and Whatsapp on is laptop). I have never done anything like this and I promised myself I would never do it, but I had this gut instinct about him not being 100% truthful. By the way, we have been dating for 3 months, almost 4, and we've been exclusive from the get go as we had an immediate chemistry. He is my first everything. And there they are: sexual messages between him and a "penpal" he told me about, a girl he's known for years but only saw once. He'd even told me she showed him her breasts years ago but he doesn't find her attractive. I knew about the kind of relationship they had, and I thought it was common sense he'd stop doing whatever he was doing with her once he was with me, I made it clear I am monogamous and I don't tolerate any sort of cheating, whether be it sexting, emotional cheating, sex etc... He was asking her tips on my behalf about blowjobs (I didn't ask him to ask her, I just told him I needed to improve). So she gave him one, at which he replied "I don't understand, you'd need to do it to me". And on top of that, when he mentioned me, he referred to me as "The girl I am seeing", when we've been calling "boyfriend/girlfriend" for a while now, we met each other's friends. I met his parents several times already and his grandma and I adore each other. Now. Looking at the date, I think it was the day after those messages when he asked me about a threesome and showed me his "friend", to which I said I wasn't interested at all and even if I were, she wasn't my type. That's when I started having a gut feeling because not only he mentioned a threesome for the 3rd time, he already had an option in mind! Sometimes I hate being bisexual because this is the same treatment I get from men over and over again. So fast forward to when I was reading those texts, I confronted him and he apologized profusely, he admitted he was keeping her as an option because he wanted to try a threesome with me since I am quite open-minded about sex despite being a virgin before him. He denied being attracted to her and just knew she was as kinky as me and that she would be a good match for me. Now you may be wondering: why would I ever stay with him? Because overall he is a good guy, and he is as weird as me, and being with him feels like home. I don't feel ashamed around him, I have never felt this comfortable, and he says he feels the same. But he is deeply insecure, so much that he feels the need to be validated by other girls sometimes. So he promised he would go to therapy and work on himself. But I don't know... I have been going to therapy for a while and the reason I have been single for so long is that I don't want to settle for somebody who isn't as willing as I am to improve themselves, to grow together, to be better. It's been a little over a week since I found out and he hasn't researched any therapist yet. Maybe I am being impatient? If I were him I would move mountains in order to gain his trust again. I wonder if I did the right thing by giving him one last chance, or if I should have left him right there. I love his potential as a partner but I don't like things the way they are right now, and now that I know how it feels like to be accepted for the way I am, I am afraid I will never get this type of connection ever again.
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2023.03.28 20:43 Boring_Knowledge9991 Scared/Squeemish After Surgery

Hi guys! I recently had a tummy tuck with lipo and a bit of muscle repair done along with a brachioplasty! I am 19 days post op now! Ever since I have been out of surgery Ive been very.... fragile. Im scared to move or stand straight, scared to lay back, scared to shower, scared to walk fast, etc. The best way to describe it is that I feel very scared of my own body. Im scared to look at the insicions and Im always scared something is gonna go wrong/look wrong. Does anyone else feel this way? Is this normal? I feel like so rediculous because Ive wanted these surgeries for so long and now that Ive got them I feel so squeemish of myself.
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2023.03.28 20:43 Other-Beginning3674 idk

25 years this year. I dont wanna lie to you and say i was poor or whatever. But regardless my mind for most of my life has always been crippled. I am in a continuous loop of misery and suffering. I dont want any pitty from you guys or for you to feel sorry for me. Im just genuinely so tired of living. The only thing stopping me from killing myself atm is my mother. I hate myself so much and i hate living in this temple of infinite misery i call my body. People have shat on my heart, spat on it, trampled on it and even went for the overkill. Im not perfect by any means but Idk what i did to deserve to be treated like im just some soulless robot that deserves to rot away and just suffer forever. Please forgive me for wasting all your time with this stupid post, but I genuinely just want to fucking kill myself and rest.
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2023.03.28 20:43 tri1399 Free cubes on fist bump

Free cubes on fist bump
So guys i just reached infinite and i was so frustrated because i got hardstuck for days goin up and down from 97, so because i know the grind struggle if u come across me. Fist bump me and ill give you 8 cubes no problem. In all of my grind 2 persons gave me 8 cubes for free and i know they made a difference at least with my mind state. So if u come across me ill give u a free win for u to reach infinite. Hope u all make it. (And yeah my name showcases how desperate i was when i got hardstuck)
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2023.03.28 20:43 AlwaysLegendXL Master of one or master of a few

I'm relatively new to OW2, and unlocked comp over spring break. I decided to learn how to play support since I feel that it would give me the best understanding of every role more quickly. I'm looking for advice on if it would be better to just one trick one hero or to try and learn a group of heroes.
If I were to one trick one hero, the comp my team would run sometimes wouldn't make sense but if I were to play several heroes, the comp would be better but I wouldn't be as good on that character.
I was thinking about one tricking lucio and maybe the group of heroes that I would learn would be brig, lucio, and zen.

What would yall recommend? If I were to one trick a support hero, which one would be the best in ur opinion? If I were to learn several heroes, which group of heroes would be the best for that?
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2023.03.28 20:43 k880 Advice needed

Hello. I am seeking some advice. I recently connected with an individual through LinkedIn, in the same industry (let’s call him Joe). We got to talking about a position and I showed some mild amount of interest in the position, (let’s call this company Bakersfield) but then eluded that I wasn’t seriously considering applying to the job at this time.
The following day I was contacted by one of my close previous colleagues from an old job (Steve). Steve told me that someone contacted them stating I had applied to a new role and was asking me why I was leaving my current position. I was really confused and figured they must have been asking the wrong person. I then said do tell me more because I haven’t left my job. I figured this was a misunderstanding. I then remembered I had this conversation with a Joe, my new contact on LinkedIn.
Come to find out, someone else (not Steve), but another person (Blake), someone that I have mutual connections with both Steve and Joe in common. I met Blake in person before, but never really knew one another at all.
Blake asked Joe about me… but get this, he said:
1.) that we used to work together (we did not). 2.) that I applied for this job (I did not). 3.) asked about my work skills 4.) said I had issues with management in the past (I did not!)
This guy crossed the line for me. I feel so creeped out, and super concerned about who else from my contacts he might be contacting about me!!!
I am very bothered by this. What should I do beyond telling them to stop. Is this even legal?
Either way… it’s so creepy!!! Anyone out there have any advice??
Am I overreacting?
Thank you.
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2023.03.28 20:43 MerakiiMarie I’m so burnt out! I don’t know what to do about a job…

I’m so burnt out! I don’t know what to do about a job… I have self diagnosed ADHD and autism (along with chronic pain, severe depression, and anxiety) and I’m struggling hard in a burnout from this job I held for 2 years. I worked my ass off for a position that would fit a little better for what I needed but when the time came I was told I was ineligible. So I left that job and I’ve been working Uber eats and instacart for a couple months… there used to be a time when I could get by working delivery in my time burnt out from work, but they’ve changed things since the last time I worked and it’s no longer a good option to make money… but I don’t want to be bound by a schedule, I don’t want to be micromanaged, or do more than I can as a audhd female with chronic pain because not listening to what my body needs has always just put me in this place where I feel like I can’t even function as a regular member of society… help.. lol. Anyone have any jobs they think could be a good fit? Something with some office work maybe? That just wants you to get work done by a certain deadline maybe? That doesn’t require you there at certain times, or even better just working from home… where I don’t have someone breathing over my shoulder at every decision I make… thanks guys, I mostly just wanted to vent… it’s hard out here…
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