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"What have I done..."

2014.07.01 01:59 mintberrycrunk "What have I done..."

Instant Regret (in'-stint rē-gret') n. a subreddit dedicated to deliberate actions that unexpectedly lead to undesirable consequences and horrible results; things which may cause someone to say, "oh man, did I just screw the pooch!"

2008.11.02 16:31 Admit your wrongdoings.

/Confession is a place to admit your wrongdoings, acknowledge your guilt, and alleviate your conscience.

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A subreddit for all questions related to programming in any language.

2023.06.05 04:16 Obesity-Won-Kenobi Nature of Abandonment (15/?)

Meier finds his way...
and maybe mankind will follow suit...
Memory Transcription Subject: Elias Meier, Secretary General of the UN
Date [Standardized human time]: November 4, 2136

Their right…
We’re monsters…

We deserve extinction with what we let ourselves become…

Let me out… LET ME OUT
Memory Transcription Subject: Tarva, Governor of Venlil Republic
Date [Standardized human time]: November 4, 2136
We watch in utter terror as the extra heads begin to bite away at the Exosuit, causing sparks to fly… MEIER WAS TEARING HIMSELF APART!
The extra heads bit at every single piece of metal they could grab and rip off… piece by piece the exo suit was beginning to falter, every single bit of scrap torn off was thrown out in all directions, the other ambassadors backed away as the carnage unfolded. Meier was screaming in terror and wailed out in so much emotion that it began to physically hurt me, as well as many other ambassadors. Even the Duertien, who’s species was considered the most stoic, began to tear up at the sight of the one before us…
The “predator” was not a monster… for the man that he was before, and still is, is clawing his way out of this shell of a suit. This was probably the first time Meier opened his hardened heart after the battle of Earth. After several dozen seconds of watching the man claw his way out of the monster, the extra heads began to tear at themselves… until only one remained. He collapsed onto the ground, releasing the most pain ridden screech I’ve ever heard… A faint sobbing was heard…
That brought me to even more tears than I initially had for Elias… He needs comfort… Physical comfort…
There wasn’t the threat of the extra heads to bite at me, the last head that remained was limp from the damages done. I rushed towards Elias, and I repositioned him to sit up right. The other ambassadors surrounded him as he finally finished his maddened self-harm…
I was so happy to see so much concern from the others, this man before us needs all the comfort not just on the planet, but the entire galaxy.
I held the base of his helmet… and lifted it off of him, to see nothing but tearful eyes. There were tear marks that were ever so visible on his pale skin. He stared into my eyes, and I saw nothing but a broken soul… the others were shocked, not in fear at the forward-facing eyes, but all the concerning amounts of emotion captured within them… For once, they all seemed to agree that this was the lowest they've ever seen anyone.
I say as tears begin to pour out of my eyes… I pull him close for a hug. The Yotul ambassador joined me in that regard, with tears all the same. The Dossur climbed up Meier’s back and held tightly to his head and nuzzled him in comfort… The Mazic placed his trunk upon Meier’s shoulder and the Thafki held his hand gently…
Meier began to sob once more, “thank you… thank you so… so much”. It was a faint whisper, but we all heard that phrase ever so loud and clear. Meier is finally free.
He rubbed his eyes, before addressing all the ambassadors at once. “I have made the worst kind of error… as you are willing to do as well, I will do my best to write my wrongs and truly do what I can to be better like I wanted. The plan I said before? Scrap it, it was made by a heartless monster. I will make a better treaty between us and truly aim to create a faction good for all the people involved… I promise.”
I nodded my head, “I have every ounce of faith that you will.”
We all stepped back from Meier as he stood up once more. He spoke, “I will have an ambassador arrive in three days to address to you all the plans… I promise it will be favorable for both us and you.”
He grabbed his helmet and began to walk towards the door out to the landing pad once more…
“And Tarva?”
I perked up as he called my name.
“Thank you… for saving me from myself…”
I gave a comforting tail wag as I looked at him with care, “Anything for my friend!”
Meier smiled, and turned to walk out the door once again…

I turned to look at the Harchen reporter who was along the side, who was here since the beginning of this whole shitshow of an event. Tears in her eyes as she all seemed so happy at Meier's reappearance. Her camera focused on the doorway as this might be one of the most important broadcasts yet.
That should make things a little easier for Meier to reconvince his people.

At least, I hope…
Prev: Nature of Abandonment (14/?) : NatureofPredators (
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2023.06.05 04:16 RelationshipWhiplash Onederland!!

The date on the right is when I started my first shot. My goal on the left is not my ultimate goal weight but it is is my goal weight. My ultimate goal is 140lbs but I feel if I get to even 160 I’ll be grateful.
Also my husband agreed with my proposal that if I could successfully get to my ultimate goal and maintain for awhile I can take out a loan for a mommy makeover. So wish me luck! Regardless I am happy! This drug saved. My life!
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2023.06.05 04:16 Responsible_Oil_2972 Bedroom frustration

I am a 36F and married to a 41M. In the last two years, I have discovered my bisexuality. I have only told a couple of close friends. My husband would be crushed, I know it. He is literally the sweetest, and most doting husband and I feel so much guilt about this. I am frustrated because I am not happy in the bedroom and although he is a great husband, he lacks pretty much any bedroom skills. I have tried to talk to him about it, and coach him, but honestly it’s just frustrating. I find myself turning to more female on female porn and then I just become more sad about how unsatisfied I am. I love my husband. He is really great, but I just don’t feel happy right now. I feel very stuck. I also wish I could just tell him, but I know fat he would be so hurt, and I cannot stand the thought of hurting him. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
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2023.06.05 04:16 freyyja Please help!

I have a 7 week old baby girl who has been EBF since birth. I had been seeing a lactation consultant for first couple of weeks to help, but things had finally been going well for the most part until about 1-1.5 weeks ago when she’s been increasingly fussy during breastfeeding. Of note, she typically gets one bottle a day, sometimes 2-3, but I’m always nursing at least 5 times a day.
The last couple of days I have tried laid back breastfeeding, which I decided to try due to history of oversupply, ?fast letdown and reflux (she’s on Pepcid due to discomfort and weight gain issues early on). It was really difficult at first because she’d be very frustrated trying to latch, especially later in feed when I’d try to switch boobs, but I’ve been doing sandwich/sitting up to latch then lying back down, etc. The past two days were actually really great for all feeds EXCEPT for the feed that lies somewhere between 5-7pm or so—she’s been completely inconsolable. Today, for example, I fed her on left boob for about ten minutes then switched to right. Despite good latch on right boob, she starts crying, withdraws the nipple, screams, etc. I put her up on my shoulder to burp and she’ll quiet and try to feed on my shoulder, then back to the breast and cycle repeats. Diaper is clean. I walk around the house and she’s quiet. Back to nursing—inconsolable. I try over and over, different positions, both breasts—nothing changes.
I had been using Elvie Curve on other breast tonight (not last night) and put that milk in a bottle and gave it to her which she drank with no issue, so I think it’s me.
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2023.06.05 04:16 International_Big126 Batshit crazy SM…

I don’t need advice or anything, already did what I need to do, but I do need to rant to people who get it lol. Because what the actual fuck.
So my SM scheduled me five days back to back after COUNTLESS conversations about me having a disability and not being physically capable of working even three days in a row. I told SM I was absolutely not going to work five in a row. SM said, “why didn’t you disclose your disability upfront?” I said I definitely did, and we’ve had numerous conversations about it too. Then SM had the bold-faced audacity to say, “well if I had known I wouldn’t have hired you.” BABE. YOU CANNOT SAY THAT??? It is so insanely illegal to discriminate based on disability alone wtf looolll.
But also just the fact that SM tried to use that as a tool to gaslight me into working five days back to back is WILDDD.
We also have several HS and college kids that are CSAs and they’re scheduled EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. never have a single weekend off in the 6 months I’ve been at this store. And so of course they call in on weekends. They’ve never all called in on the same day and it’s never that busy on days they do call out so really it’s not that big of a deal but SM freaks out every time they call out. She fired ALL of them today after ONE of them called out (I don’t even think she wrote them up ever) so now we only have 4 employees total to run the entire store.
I texted the HR numbers to the CSAs and told them to call immediately. Because there’s a process and you can’t just fire everyone for the action of one person. And I’ve also put in my notice and will be leaving asap.
The other 3 employees that haven’t been fired are also currently making alternative arrangements too.
SM also only ever posts our work schedule one week at a time and changes it literally every other day. Sometimes the day of and tried to force us to work the new schedule claiming, “you have to be flexible or you can’t work here.”
I’ve worked a lot of stores in a few different states and had a LOT of SM’s and I’ve never experienced this level of audacity and delulu.
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2023.06.05 04:15 iacchius Fri and Sat only?

Hey all,
I am thinking about joining some friends at Roo next week, but I am just not able to get away from work etc. for the entire weekend. I thought about driving out Friday morning (I'm only an hour away) and leaving early Sunday morning. Is that even possible? Or would I be stuck in the camping area? And if I drink and crash with them in their tent, do I need to worry about my car being alone for an entire day?
Thanks all!
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2023.06.05 04:15 OldManBasil Looking for a spell for one of my players

If any of the Mole People happen to be reading this, fuck off.

Especially you, Jence.

One of my players' warlock is a sort of homebrew take on a warforged; mechanically speaking she's identical to the RAW warforged, but stylistically she's more like Alphonse from FMA: an empty suit of armor with a human soul trapped inside. She also happens to be sharing her new digs with a demon who serves as her patron, with the deal between the two of them being that as she levels up and gains experience, the demon recovers more of his old power and bequeaths it to her, with the eventual goal of both of them getting their freedom: the character gets a corporeal body back, and the demon gets freed to go back to doing demon stuff.
But in our customary post-session debrief tonight, the player told me something that I hadn't considered: her character can't eat or drink. Not only does she have no need to, but unlike the Eberron warforged, she literally can't. She can see and hear like normal, but there's no vibrancy to color, no harmony in sound. She can feel physical touch only in the remotest sense, like vibrations through a piece of metal that trigger a psychological effect. Otherwise, she's a hollow shell. Anything she "ingests" just ends up sitting inside of her. While this is something I was obviously aware of, she pointed out to me tonight that the reason her character is so often off to the side (or wholly absent) when the rest of the party is eating the food prepared by the halfling chef, or having a drinking contest with the dwarf barbarian, is because she's jealous that she can't experience those things any more.
Now this vibes perfectly with my idea for her patron, who is essentially a demon of excess (think Slaaneshi demons from WH and you're right on the money). I want one of his "gifts" to her to be the ability to once again experience physical sensation the way she used to, since in her current metallic form every sense is dulled. The caveat of course is that he knows she longs to feel those things again, and giving her the opportunity to feel and experience the way she used to will provide a window for him to push her towards inevitable excess. After all, she's been so long without all those sensations, all those pleasures, how could a little indulgence possibly hurt?
The question is this: what spell can I have her patron grant her (either as an invocation option or maybe just as a once-per-day bonus for RP's sake) that would allow her to alter her physical form to such an extent that she could eat, drink, fuck - whatever she wants to be able to do again?
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2023.06.05 04:15 castusblossum my husband can’t take care of himself

We moved in together and got married within the last couple of months. I was taking care of 90% of the household chores which i was okay with considering i was working less hours than him at the time.
I work two jobs. One job is part-time, i pick up hours whenever i can throughout the month and am required a certain amount of hours in order to keep my part-time position. My other job is my main source of income. With this job, i work for weeks at a time. Depending on where i am located for this job, i do not get any days off for 30+ days. Right now, i have been working 12 hours a day, for the last 43 days, on night shifts. As you can imagine, i am tired most days when i come home and do not have a lot of time/energy throughout the week to do all of the household chores.
I have been yelled at to do the dishes, laundry, and other chores around the house. He has not said one positive thing to me in the last month. Complains about everything under the sun. Yells at me because i sleep for 8 hours a day and intentionally wakes me up through the day while i am sleeping. He says he misses me but when i get up and have time to be with him, he leaves to go hang out with friends. He recently told me i am not allowed to work in my field anymore and if i love him i will no longer how anymore.
He said he is lonely and tells me i feel like a roommate, not a wife. He said if he knew how life was going to be like after marriage, he wouldn’t have married me. He cannot handle taking care of only himself, for 40+ days. I said “if you can’t take care of only yourself for the last month plus, how would you take care of 2+ people if end up having kids?”. He just started rambling and yelling about how i don’t care about him.
I have began to resent him more and more each day. I am trying to be positive but i don’t think i can do this anymore. I love him but i don’t think i’m in love with him anymore.
i just need some advice 😞
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2023.06.05 04:15 TryingToNotBeInDebt Future Estate and Gift Tax Question - Should I make a reportable gift now?

I know that the annual gift limit before reporting on a 709 form in 2023 is $17,000 and that the IRS increased the lifetime limit to its current $12.92 million which is set to decrease in 2026. I don't have millions to give but I was wondering if this scenario would work for some people.
The IRS webpage states that
On November 26, 2019, the IRS clarified that individuals taking advantage of the increased gift tax exclusion amount in effect from 2018 to 2025 will not be adversely impacted after 2025 when the exclusion amount is scheduled to drop to pre-2018 levels. The IRS formally made this clarification in final regulations released that day. The regulations implement changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), tax reform legislation enacted in December 2017. For more information, see the related Tax Reform page.
And elsewhere the IRS provides an example
Here’s an example. Before 2018, A had never made a taxable gift. In 2018 when the BEA is $11.18 million, A makes a taxable gift of $9 million. A uses $9 million of the available BEA to reduce the gift tax to zero. A dies in 2026. Even if the BEA is lower that year, A’s estate can still base its estate tax calculation on the higher $9 million of BEA that was used in 2018.
With the lifetime limit set to revert back to $5 million plus any changes for inflation in 2026, would it make sense to make my first reportable gift to my kids to "lock in" the higher limit. I know the likely scenario is that I will never have that kind of money but figured I'd ask. Thanks.
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2023.06.05 04:15 Gullible-Lobster236 JK's reply to Mindy's comment

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2023.06.05 04:15 Curious-Confusion-74 [TOMT] [BOOK] [IDK DATE]

I just had a vague memory pop into my head from back in school. Why it chose now, who knows.
I sat next to or just behind this girl in what must have been in a study hall or something because she was a couple grades older than me. And she had this book that she was reading. I was curious and read a few paragraphs from the page she had open because I thought she was cool and wanted to know what she had.
All I remember was that the scene was really dark and angsty and involved 2 or 3 people or so. One of them was bleeding ( maybe) and might have hurt themselves? Or something like that. It might have been in a bathroom because my brain remembers white tiles or white walls being mentioned for some reason.
It wasn't very big. Maybe about 2 inches thick or so and I think it was a hardcover. It was missing the book jacket and the cardboard cover was plain black. The title might have been written in silver but I never got a good look at it.
I'm sorry this is such a terrible description. The memory is so faint it's almost not there. I can't even give an estimated date but it was sometime before 2017, I'm sure of it. I dont expect any of you to be able to find it but I thought I'd post anyway and see if anybody could work some magic.
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2023.06.05 04:15 Theguitarlord Need a new pen. Go back to Tactile Turn or go another direction?

Long story short, I work in retail management. I bought a TT Side Click Titanium about 90 days ago. I left my pen unattended for about 2 minutes last week. A non-regular customer walked off with it. Haven’t seen him since. Little hope for it to ever return.
I know I shouldn’t have left it on the counter. Lesson learned.
My question is this: I LOVED that TT Side Click. Everything about it. They are having a 15% off sale right now. I would like to buy another one. I am going back and forth between the Copper and Titanium side click pens from TT.
My question is this: Is there anything better for $85 I should consider? I like the TT brand, being made in the USA and by a small company. Any other brand recommendations?
And if not, copper or titanium?
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2023.06.05 04:15 Hakuna_my_Matata The post that we all wish never to create...

Well, it finally happened. The very tough and shameful lesson that is learned after taking a bad fall without wearing a helmet. Let me start by saving you all the trouble of telling me that I am an idiot and thats what I get for not wearing a helmet. I am fully aware that I don't deserve sympathy, nor am I asking for it, because EVERYBODY knows that helmets are a necessity.
I put bout 1500 miles on my Pint last year and I have about 250 on my Pint X this year. Of course I have taken a few spills throughout those miles but never any head contact. They were painful, they sucked, and they were embarrassing but they only led to some cuts and bruises. Fast forward to May 14th 2023, AKA mothers day this year. All I remember is that I went for a sunset ride around 8pm and the next memory I have is waking up in the ER wearing a hospital gown, extremely confused at what was going on.
Once awake, I was promptly greeted by a kind nurse that didn't even wait for me to ask what was happening, instead she said hello and informed me that I was found unconscious in the middle of the road last night, fractured my skull, and had a brain bleed that was worsening. They also had a tight neck brace on me because they were unsure about fractured vertebrae. On day 4 I was allowed to remove the neck brace and I was transferred from the ER to the ICU. After three days in the ICU, the medical team determined my brain bleeding was not increasing and they felt comfortable discharging me that Sunday, a week after the accident. Sunday came around and I was very excited to get out of the robe, put on my own clothes, return home, and see my dog. This is great news right? Right! Well...unfortunately, when I was unconscious and being rushed to the hospital, the EMT's had cut my shirt off. As if I was not already feeling the shame of a non-helmet wearing injury, I got to catch an uber home wearing jeans and a hospital robe as my shirt.
The post-accident/hospital part of this has been far less exciting. I missed another week of work after being discharged. Most days I felt like I was underwater for half the day and I got the spins every time I would bend down, stand up, roll over in bed, etc. Anti-seizure pills for a couple days. Confusion and short-term memory problems. Having to explain to all the concerned friends and family what had happened with each response being either "what were you doing riding without a helmet!?" or "time for you to give up that onewheel!"
So here I am, a 31 year old lawyer with a couple weeks of brain bleeding, intense waves of dizziness and pain, a constant throbbing that changed positions in my head every hour or so, two weeks of missed pay, and likely a soon to be ambulance/hospital bill.
If you read my whole post then I have to say thank you and I appreciate you hearing me out. If you skipped all that then I at least hope you read this:
Do not be like me. Do not ruin an amazingly joyous hobby for yourself. Riding without a helmet does not increase the joy, nor does it make you look just shows the world that you lack common sense. I must have read a dozen stories of people that have died or sustained life-long brain damage from a fall without a helmet yet for some reason I was convinced that it would never happen to me. Astonishingly... I was wrong. False-confidence is a very dangerous thing to rely on.
Do not be like me. Head injuries suck. They are not like other injuries you may have experienced. They are scary, confusing, and almost always require immediate and serious medical treatment. Do not jeopardize your future or your dreams, don't take your chances with permanent brain damage. Don't risk losing enthusiasm for what used to be your favorite activity.
I can't go back in time and I don't get a do-over, so now all I can do is pray that the worst is over and I didn't cause any permanent damage. The fantastic take away from my sob story is that whoever (if anyone) is reading this - you won't ever need to be hospitalized, full of regret and wishing for a time machine. Please do not be like me, just wear a helmet.
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2023.06.05 04:15 AutoModerator [Download Course] Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course (

[Download Course] Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course (
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If your agency is making between $10-30k per month, you’re sitting on an absolute goldmine and you have no idea.
After running my agency for 4 years, delivering over $100M worth of value to my clients, and generating 8 figures in total revenue, I’ve realized that any agency can be a massive business with the right mechanisms in place.
When I began building my agency in 2018, it was a good business for me and my partner.
It put food on the table, and we were able to help to grow other businesses that we were passionate about.
We didn’t realize at the time that the only thing keeping us at the mid-6-figure per year mark was our own mental blockages.
Just about any agency can be an 8-figure a year endeavor, especially if you do it the way that we’ve done it.
Most agency owners in the $10-30k per month range operate within a freelancer mindset.
You struggle with hiring, you struggle with building processes, and you struggle with scaling.
You do not have a demand problem.
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With the right offer, 100-200 clients will be enough for you to have an 8-figure a year company that will sell for a multiple that could be in the range of 6-12X.
This course consists of 10 modules with text and video, plus 3 bonus modules that outline everything you need to know about:
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  • How to diversify your lead generation to never have an empty pipeline again
  • Assembling a team of people who care about your company’s vision as much as you
  • Remaining profitable as you scale
  • Avoiding mistakes at the intermediate and advanced levels with your business
  • The steps you need to take to sell your agency for 8+ figures
As long as you have an offer that’s proven to work in an industry that’s likely to continue to exist in 10 years, you have a multi-million dollar opportunity at your fingertips.
At the $10-30k a month level with an agency, you’re currently working harder than you will be at $100k a month.
The good news is, you’re only a few months away from hitting that target profitably if you do exactly what I outline in this course.
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This is not to show you how to land your first client and find your niche.
This will only work if you have at least 2-4 clients and you already understand your offer.
My strategies for client acquisition, client retention, offer structure, team building, and systems will only work if you already have the foundations in place.
If you’re above $60k a year but below $1M a year, this will work for you.
Inside, I also share information about my agency that I’ve never shared before.
I do a deep dive into everything that’s allowed us to scale from high-6-figures in 2019 to high-7-figures in 2021.
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2023.06.05 04:15 numbersaremygameyall I'm a woman who carries much of her weight in her midsection with no backside to speak of. Pants tight when I put them on and falling down an hour later...

Please be nice, just looking to see if anyone else who has dealt with this issue has any better ideas!
I am about 310lbs right now, and I wear jeans (size 24-26) 90% of the time. Most of my weight is in my midsection (my butt is unfortunately flat comparatively, front butt situation going on lol).
I also have a long torso, proportionally. I am 5'6" but if I'm standing next to my 5'0" friend, our legs are the same length. So the jeans I'm buying are also usually short length, if that's relevant. And I usually buy high rise jeans due to my proportions to make my legs look longer.
I don't buy anything super duper tight, but I do try to make sure they're tight enough to stay up without a belt. I wear a belt some days, but it has to be so tight and digging into my stomach for my pants to not fall down, so I do try to avoid if possible. (I'm open to different belt suggestions if that's the answer?)
Maybe this whole thing is just the kind of a thing us larger people have to deal with but idk, I'm just wondering if anyone had any solutions I haven't thought of.
It's especially annoying because most of the pairs I have do stay up for approximately 1-2 hours in the morning perfectly, but then they like stretch out or something and start slipping and I spend the rest of the day pulling them up!
I'm not a very feminine person, so I don't wear a lot of skirts or dresses, so I appreciate that thought but I've tried before, and I even like some of the looks, but it's just not my vibe for work.
Thanks for any suggestions.
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2023.06.05 04:15 optimistic_9826 [Hire Me] High-Grade Writing Services, Affordable and Authentic Work!!

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Long-Term partnership and reliability is guaranteed.
Thank you for your time.
Stay Safe!
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2023.06.05 04:15 duckowucko [Long-Schall] 1940 Presidential Election

[Long-Schall] 1940 Presidential Election
The leadup to the 1940 General Election has put a large focus on foreign policy following the break out of 2 major wars and the fall of the French Republic. The same policy of isolationism that was so popular just a few years back has taken a turn so strange that it is unlikely any candidate that preaches it is unlikely to go far in the coming years. On the domestic side, the rise of the Socialists and Communist Parties has begun a sort of normalization of cheap and accessible education and even healthcare; though there is still a long way to come.

Huey Pierce Long (Democrat)

34th President of the United States since 1937
President Long has proven quite popular as President with his unmatched speaking ability and appearances all over the country during his tenure so far, making him appear relatable and likable to the wider public. While he is still far from enacting much of his "Share Our Wealth" plans, he has a number of legislative accomplishments under his belt, including: the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1937, Federal Housing Act of 1937, Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, National Healthcare Insurance Welfare Act of 1939, and the Public High Schooling Act of 1940.
Long runs on a platform of continuing his work to improve the life of the poorer man, however he seems to have flipped his side in the foreign policy department… President Long had received so much flak for his hardline Isolationist stance, especially to the war in Europe, and his refusal to change course after the fall of France even caused a huge political alliance running against him. After some early close calls in the primaries though, Long has announced his support for amending the Neutrality Act in favor of shipping limited amounts of arms to the United Kingdom, and has also called on Congress to institute an embargo on all raw materials going toward Germany, Italy, or Japan. Long also espouses that his previous stance still did not stop him from taking responsible steps in the past; pointing to his Naval Rearmament Act of 1938 following the Panay Incident.
Running Mate

Theodore Francis Green

33rd Vice President of the United States since 1937
Though quite unknown as Huey Long's Vice President, he has been credited by staffers and fellow Cabinet members as being a key member of several important meetings, especially on National Security-related affairs. Vice President Green's long-time interventionist mindset may have also played a key role in changing the mind of President Long in recent months. Though they don't get along well, the business-savvy yankee is eager and open to continue his work in the President's cabinet going forward, staying united in the face of the looming crisis.

Wendell Lewis Willkie (Republican)

Lawyer from Indiana
Though this charismatic lawyer has negligible political experience, Willkie has been seen as a viable candidate to return the Republicans to the White House following the end of the Norris administration; especially as many progressive Republicans throw their support behind President Long. Though the Republican Party is experiencing a divide between Conservatives and Liberals, Willkie and his running mate offer a moderate-liberal domestic platform while attacking Long for his lack of action against Nazi Germany following the fall of France. Willkie instead pushes for resource embargos on Germany, Italy, and Japan while also promising to pressure Congress into a naval rearmament plan while amending the Neutrality Act in order to send "Any gun, tank, or cruiser" the United Kingdom can afford.
Running Mate

Charles Linza McNary

Senator from Oregon since 1918
Out of all major players running for President or Vice President, Senator Charles McNary is the senior-most member of Government by far. Currently serving as Republican Minority Leader in the Senate, McNary has supported many of the progressive reforms of George Norris and the more moderate legislation pushed by President Long, such as the Public High Schooling Act of 1940. Where Willkie lacks governmental experience, McNary appears to make up for two-fold. Although there is much divide between the two men; with McNary being more liberal and progressive while Willkie is more moderate and pro-business.

Earl Russel Browder (AFA)

Senator from Kansas since 1935
Earl Browder under the united banner of the Anti-Fascist Alliance finally has the major shot at the Presidency he and his base have dreamed for. While he is one of the most influential Communists in the nation, he promised to take advice from his primary contemporaries and even appoint a multi-party cabinet should he win election. With a coalition like this and supporters like John Dewey, Earl Warren, and Upton Sinclair, most members of the alliance are happy to throw their support behind a Browder Presidency.
Browder is promising a very similar domestic policy to that of President Long, though promising to push for expansions in Social Security, National Health Insurance, and African-American Civil Rights. On the foreign field, Senator Browder promises to work with his allies in Congress to rearm the United States for "The greatest, most devastating war this nation may ever see." A comment which has left many uneased, some accusing him of pursuing foreign war. It is clear that Browder sees foreign war as inevitable in the coming years, and is pledging to put the country through a massive, possibly unconstitutional rearmament campaign for a war much of the public still doesn't want involvement in.
Running Mate

Upton Beall Sinclair

Secretary of Labor since 1937
Outspoken socialist sympathizer and Democratic Secretary of Labor, Upton Sinclair risked his position in President Long's cabinet to provide a less extremist appeal to the currently Communist-led AFA ticket. Sinclair outside of his cabinet and union experience is a rather famous author of books such as "The Jungle" and "The Flivver King".

President Huey Long's 1st Term
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2023.06.05 04:15 Dvtchm1lf No one knows what’s wrong

Ok here comes a long list of things that have happened and no one seems to be able to connect the dots.
I had a kidney stone blocking my kidney for a year. Recently had it removed, however my kidney was blocked and swollen for over a year. Still waiting for the CT scan to see wether my kidney is damaged.
After the kidney stone removal my stent was really sore, writhing 9 days my stent had crystallised. Which surgeons said is really fast for crystals to form.
During blood tests my lypase was high but doesn’t seem like pancreatitis.
Blood tests also say my kidney was fine (while one was blocked) which means my other kidney had taken over all the work.
I’ve also had multiple lymph nodes in my neck swollen for 11 weeks now. One of them hard and sore and one of them doughy and painless.
I’ve got regular spells tachycardia of an average heart rate of 100-130. Been on multiple heart monitors but doctors say it’s fine.
Regular symptoms of lack of circulation. Blue nails and reynaulds phenomenon. Doctors say it’s just anxiety.
I also have been having asthma attacks (at least I think) where I suddenly have a lot of mucus to clear I my airway and it’s heart to breath.
Since surgery I also have bee havingthis balloon like fullness under my left rib which was the side the surgery was on.
I also have abdominal tenderness in the middle of my abdomen about 5cm above my belly button.
I feel nauseas and lost 10kgs in 10 weeks. Also am burping a lot.
Doctors diagnosed this all as anxiety but I feel as though that might not be the case.
Someone pls help I’m so lost.
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2023.06.05 04:15 cofcof420 Company 1-2 years away from sale. Any tax strategies?

I work at a private company and have vested and unvested warrants. The CEO plans a sale in one to two years. I am married, my wife works, and we live in a VHCOL state. Moving to a lower cost state is not an option. Are there any other strategies I should put in place now to lessen the tax burden upon the sale?
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2023.06.05 04:14 Greedy_Theory_2019 my (23f) boyfriend (26m) is the first guy i’ve dated to actually plan something for my birthday and i could cry

for context, we’ve been dating for around 6 months. my birthday is next sunday (6/11). i told him a couple weeks ago i wanted to go to the beach for my birthday and he mentioned we should go. i have a hard time opening up and accepting love/nice things being done for me, and i’ve been guilty of being a little TOO independent. he’s been a little busy studying for the bar (it’s been brutal on him so i’m trying not to ask too much out of him). i told him i’d go to the beach with or without him if he was too busy, but he was quick to tell me that he wanted to go which was nice. i only told him my birthday once when we first started dating, also.
we were having coffee the other day, and he started talking about “the game plan” for my birthday. i asked what he had going on this week and he said “let’s pull up the calendar for june. oh look, your birthday is 6/11, and we’re going to the beach. here’s what i’m thinking: “ and he laid out what time we were leaving in the morning, what we were going to do, etc. i have NEVER had anyone do this for me. he always pretends like he’s not listening to me and i swear to god i almost cried when i finally learned that he DOES indeed listen. and he writes things down.
his birthday was in march. his plans consisted of working and then going to the bar with his friends. i also went and stayed a little later than i wanted to, but it was his day and i didn’t want to leave too early. i also had an exam the next day, but i wanted him to know i was there to celebrate him.
i’ve seen a lot of people saying how their boyfriends don’t plan anything for them for their birthdays and i had to come on here and say how grateful i am for this man.
i’ve always been the “back burner” in all the relationships. the girl that was convenient. the girl they were in between with and another girl, and always chose the other girl. i’m still learning how to be loved and how to accept love and this man has been nothing but patient to me. i never thought i’d find this. if you’re in a similar boat to what i was in, stay patient. your time will come
tl;dr : after years of toxic relationships, i finally found someone who puts me first and treats me like a queen
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2023.06.05 04:14 ddoesmc 19M - Looking for my forever partner in life 💙

I'm a 19-year-old guy who's ready to dive into the exciting world of gay dating. If you're looking for someone genuine and down-to-earth, then keep reading because we might just hit it off.
Physically, I'm 5'10" with a lean build. My eyes are my best feature, and my dark hair adds a bit of mystery. I like to play around with my style, experimenting with different looks that reflect my personality and make a statement.
But let's get to the important stuff. I'm all about personal growth and expanding my horizons. Education is crucial to me, and I'm constantly seeking new experiences to learn from. Whether it's reading, exploring new places, or engaging in deep conversations, I thrive on intellectual stimulation.
While I enjoy my own company, I believe life is better when you share it with the right people. I'm a compassionate listener and always there for my friends and loved ones. Genuine connections are important to me, and I'm looking for someone who values honesty and kindness.
When I'm not exploring the depths of my mind, you can find me out in nature. I find peace and inspiration in the great outdoors, whether it's hiking through forests or lounging on a quiet beach. And as a food lover, I'm always up for trying new dishes and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
So, here's what I'm looking for in a potential partner: someone who's real, someone who embraces their true self without fear or hesitation. A good sense of humor is essential because life is too short not to laugh. I want someone who's up for spontaneous adventures and appreciates the little things in life.
If any of this resonates with you, let's connect. We can explore life together, supporting and caring for each other along the way. Let's see if we can create something special that goes beyond the ordinary.
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2023.06.05 04:14 tbrand009 DIY vehicle maintenance

DIY vehicle maintenance
A couple days ago there were a few posts about doing vehicle work yourself. I'm not super car savvy, but I do my own oil and brakes. Today I had to replace a heater core in my truck - a task that required removing my dashboard. I've never removed a dash, it was indeed a pain in the ass, and it took most of the day. But the first shop I asked about it quoted me $3,000 (US) and Repair Pal estimated $1,800. The part itself only cost $80 + $30 in extra coolant. This entire job was done in my garage with only a single socket set and a couple YouTube videos. Nothing fancy, no special tools required. You can do it dads, and you can save your family a small fortune and teach yourself (and maybe your kids) some valuable skills while you're at it!
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