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Prostadine Reviews 2023 (USER ALERT! DIRECTIONS & DROPS INGREDIENTS LABEL) Safe Prostate Complex Supplement!

2023.03.28 18:36 Michellerighta Prostadine Reviews 2023 (USER ALERT! DIRECTIONS & DROPS INGREDIENTS LABEL) Safe Prostate Complex Supplement!

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2023.03.28 17:12 Bokonon-- Is a ship with boarded holes more at risk of T3 holes?

I had a random crewmate tell me that it's best to restore your ship as often as possible, as boarded holes instantly turn to T3 holes when shot. I wouldn't have believed him, but he had both the ghost curse and the skeleton curse.
Was this true or a myth?
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2023.03.28 15:40 AnnualDistribution99 [UK Delivery] DMG-01 Original Grey Stripped and restored + new lens + Free shipping £70 ONO

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2023.03.28 14:49 SofiSofi0930 The (Brief) History of the Caderians

In 2362 the Caderians began to build a City at the coast of their Isle. This they called Vharin, later known as Por Ammar, after the Caderians adopted the “Common Tongue”( known to us now as Evrytúin)
Here the Caderians first constructed ships, beginning the development of a navy and making great leaps in ship building, assisted by their mastery of metal- working that was invented a hundred years before in the lower Cities. Large dockyards were constructed in the coast, and the Guild of Shipbuilders was founded in the City. Por Ammar also exported fish to the Lower Regions, which became a luxurious commodity among the higher classes and led to the founding of various fisheries and even the construction of artificial lakes in some cities. The Age of Exploration began in the Year 2431 when the first Ships built and tested to withstand the High Seas left Por Ammar and explored the surrounding waters.
The Islands of Elirías were discovered in the same year and the Caderians built an outpost on its coast, but it was later abandoned in 4301. The Caderians also discovered various other islands in the vast oceans and some Men even sailed East.
The greatest discovery of the Caderian Explorers was the Mainland, nearly half a Century later in 2481. It was the ship "Tiaro", a mighty ship built by the shipwrights of Por Ammar, that discovered what the Men of today call Avránmar, meaning something akin to “First Land” or in some Dialects of their old Tongue “Great Land”.
In following years the coasts of the continent were mapped and the Caderians also discovered the West coast of the continent by sailing Eastwards and around the southern Coast, discovering a land they called Summar, a barren Waste that borders Scythe. In these times the Caderians also made contact with the mainland races, that being elves and other humans.
The greatest discovery in this Age though were the “Gods”. Deities similar to the Earth Goddess Ura (still worshiped by some Caderians), but living among their people. Many of these "Gods" ruled over various Realms, Scythe and Erendour among them, the first peoples with whom the Caderians established relations and the closest trade.
The Caderians also paid tribute to the Gods, while also attempting to hide much of their knowledge of their works from those people of the mainland.
Such news from these adventures sent uproars throughout Por Ammar and the cities in the Deep and Lower Regions. The Lower Regions especially did not support these ventures and the White Council feared that the Caderians might come under rule of one of these Gods. But there was little to undo the discoveries made, and so the Caderian society faced various major shifts, an increase in production of goods, mainly weapons and the construction of many gates and defensive works (especially in the Deep Region itself), securing the Great Islands against foreign Invaders.
The Fall of the Council
With the discoveries of the recent centuries and the advancement of the many crafts of the Caderians, the White Council lost much of its power, and explorers returning from the mainland and bringing with them new knowledge revived the craftsmen and increased the influence of the other Guilds.
The White Council was finally overthrown in 3041 with the Great Unwresting and the return of the Archons to power. Elections began in the following Year of 3042.
When the White Council, that being the 2nd Council, was overthrown by the toolmakers and the craftsmen and merchants, the Caderians elected new Archons. They, following the establishment of the 3rd Council, decided that the nation needed a new direction, a unifying endeavour. So it was decided to build a new Capital, since Uvar had diminished over the last thousand years, and Orvadh and Pendhrag were yet forgotten. So over the next centuries the Cities of the Caderians combined their resources and craftsmanship to construct the greatest City in the history of their Race, the City of Avron Enduill, the largest center of learning in the world and seat of their government. Following the completion of Avron Enduill in 3302, the Caderians began to call themselves the Men of Gínden, as they are now known as today.
The Great Wars
Roughly one thousand years after the 3rd Council came to Power, the Colonies on the Mainland reported to the Isles about great unrest on the continent and an increase in conflicts, leading to Great Wars and religious divisions among the other race. The “Gods” had disappeared.
The following chaos led to the isolation of the Caderians as they retreated from the Mainland at large, except in the North in Nurammar where they ever expanded the Colonies. And over the following years a second City akin to Avron Enduill was built between the lands of Nurummar and Tanoar, with the furthest Colony at that time being Ohmera. Other notable Colonies of the Caderians in the North were Por Unmar, Katho and Urthe, which would be the only Colonies to survive to the present day. It also has to be noted that the Caderian population on the mainland always stayed low and few Caderians chose to make it their permanent home, making these Colonies more akin to outposts than full Cities. There were also minor Settlements beside the main Colonies but they were all later abandoned.
In this time the Caderians ended trade with the mainland Realms, save Erendour, with whom they maintained diplomatic relations and occasional tlrade.
The Caderians had sparse contact with the mainland before, and many had only heard of Caderians from coastal cities, and few had ever seen one of the “Men of Gínden” as they were often called. This combined with their now isolation led to the Caderians entering the realm of myth in many cultures and soon they were only remembered in vague stories about tall men of strength and valor who aided their Ancestors in old times.
In late 4000 the Council of Archons also began to study "Ala Uraith"( The Stitch), which they discovered in 4697. Beginning with the destruction of Vaderune in 4809, invasions from malevolent Spirits occurred frequently from the North and even regions in the South, but the first attack of the Wraiths in such numbers was one of the most devastating.
The First Wraith War: The Realm of Vaderune was once a powerful Realm in the North, although it was a barbaric kingdom of brutal Men with brutal rituals. They dominated the local region and enslaved local tribes, a reign of terror which would only be ended by an Army of otherworldly Spirits- the Wraiths in 4809. They fell upon Vaderune’s capital named Oidressâ
Following this destruction, the Wraiths marched on South and East and fell upon the Northern People and the Caderians in their Colonies, killing even the peaceful Smallfolk without mercy.
This first Invasion was only stopped by a Hero from one of the northern tribes who slew the King of the Wraiths in 4809, which led to the Wraiths either disappearing or retreating to the Far North.
The 2nd Wraith War: Between the first Invasion of the Wraiths and the War against them in the Year 6000, there was a second Invasion around 5400 which destroyed various realms and even reached Erendourian towns before it was defeated and dispersed.
It is recorded that the Caderians lent great aid to the Erendourians in the second Invasion, and to this day various Families treasure the blades and armors given to them by the “Men of Gínden" that are still sharp and sturdy over a thousand years later.
The exact date this second incursion against the Wraith’s ended is not known, but the Wraiths again were dispersed when a Warrior Queen from the Fae Kingdom came to the mainland and slew the Wraith Generals in two great battles somewhere around the Inner Sea.
The 3rd Wraith War: The greatest Invasion of the Wraiths occured in the Year 6000 when the Barrier between the Stitch and the Mortal World broke all over the North and the largest Wraith Army ever recorded invaded the South, marching in many different smaller forces that ravaged the mainland.
It took decades to drive the Wraiths back and many Realms could do nothing more than withstand the relentless enemy attacks as they were besieged.
In the end a Grand Alliance of An’nai, Erendourians, Caderians, and mercenaries from Scythe defeated the Wraiths in 6037. The North of the Continent never again returned to its natural state and forever the Veil between both Worlds remained thin in these Lands, and was therefore lost to Mortals as Wraiths appeared frequently there.
The Weapons of the Gods:
The Wraiths are an enemy that destroys most who oppose them in their way, for the weapons of Mortals cannot kill a Wraith, and although vile Wraiths may be taken aback by a spear thrust through them, they will not be deterred from attacking again for long. The only weapons that can harm Wraiths permanently, and even kill them, are the Weapons and Armors of the Gods, made from a divine Metal that carries many names in different Cultures. Many Noble Houses still possess swords from such divine steel and even armors, but these weapons are still rare and number in the ten thousands at most, scattered over the North.
As mentioned there are other weapons and armors forged by the Smallfolk, but these are equally rare and the Smallfolk have in the past only given it rarely to the Northerners and great warriors. But such were not equal to the weapons and armors left behind by the Gods, and could not kill the most powerful of these Wraiths, the Leaders of the Wraiths.
The conflict with the Wraiths and the inability to defeat this enemy, as well as the divide between upper and lower cities on the matter of maintaining the Colonies, caused unrest among the Caderians and it gave rise to a sinister power. It originating in the City of Morkain, a city that was very isolated and on the fringe of Politics since its founding thousands of years ago. Here rose the Cult of Cronus and his Red Priests, worshiping Fire and Death. The Cult rallied those dissatisfied with the Council and rallied those that searched for Spiritual Guidance in this Age of Terror.
Over decades the Cult spread among the Cities and even reached Avron Enduill before it overthrew the 3rd Council in the Year 5710, establishing the 4th Council and unleashing a reign of Terror upon the nation,and even reaching the Colonies.(who strongly opposed them.)
The Cult sought to restore Religion to the Caderians, but also aspired to destroy the knowledge of the Gods of the Mainland obtained in the last thousand Years, burning books and scrolls, and destroying libraries. This Tyranny was resented by the Cities and the Guilds and many Scholars went into hiding. Various cities rebelled but were often crushed by the armies of the Cult before the rebels could organize, which only changed in 5765 when a group of Scholars and Guildmasters (as well as Scythe Mercenaries) came together.
Half a century into the reign of the Cult of Cronus, a group of Scholars and Guildmasters, as well as what few soldiers that remained still loyal to the original Council, came together in a ruined city named Mhared and founded the Order of the Seven Shields. The Order was an organization united in the goal of defeating the Cult and restoring the Council to its former glory. Over the next five years the Order rebuilt Mhared and consolidated their forces, secretly gathering support and rising up in a great Rebellion in 5770.
The Order’s Rebellion began with a declaration of resistance against the Cult of Cronis and the raising of Armies which divided the Caderian Nation. Many Cities fought for the Cult in fear of being destroyed should the Rebellion fail, and so the Rebellion had stiff opposition.
This War raged for 202 years and ended with the defeat of the Red Priests, at the hands of the Hero Maldred, and the establishment of the Fifth Council. The City of Avron Enduill was already retaken in 5959 by the Rebel Army but the War still raged on, until 13 years later when the united armies of the Order and the Fifth Council marched to the City of Morkain itself and destroyed it.
The remains of the Cult were eradicated( or so was thought), and the Worship of Cronus was outlawed by the now reinstated Fifth Council, which took its seat again in the City of Avron Enduill until order was fully restored. The Age of the 5th Council was an Age of rebuilding and peace. Ruled by Twelve Lords of the chief cities, the Council purposed to lead the nation back into a seat of power and glory, and so they meddled again in the affairs of the world. The Caderians were tired of conflicts and their skills reached new heights as they began to improve on the crafts of their Ancestors, neglected throughout the time of tyranny and civil war.
In the Age of the 5th Council more of the Caderians also ventured to the Colonies and the Caderians renewed their bonds with the Mainland, sending envoys and beginning to trade again. A great many years of peace had been won, and in those days the mainland had yet changed, and much was different. For the Scythians had become dark, but not yet wholly evil. The Smallfolk had become numerous, and dispersed among the nations. Erendour stood yet strong, but was crumbling against the woes of famine and drought. And so ends this telling of the histories. Let it be known that Arachel the Wise wrote this, and that it has been passed from him to his son's, and from them to theirs.
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2023.03.28 14:19 Toen6 Calling all Fëanor apologists

If you believe, as the meme goes, that Fëanor did nothing wrong, how then do you justify:
A) His refusal to give the Valar the simarils after the destruction of the Trees in order to restore them?
And if you do believe this is justified, how then do you reconcile this refusal with:
B) His refusal to accept that the Teleri would not lend the Noldor their ships?
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2023.03.28 12:33 ShadowDragon8685 [Ace is the Only Sane Pirate 16]The Most Minimally-Secure Maximum Security Prison ever

Najia made a snap decision. She'd already been made by Mellerd, there was no need to pretend she was a low-key criminal looking for a little action.
She leaned forward, resting her hands on Kriss Mellerd's desk, meeting her gaze. "You know who I am. What I don't know, is who you know. I'm getting fucking stonewalled by Ministry-Company interplay," she said. "I can't develop real contacts. I can't develop real contracts. My ships are moving three quarters of the goods in Grand Exchange and half through Eighteen B. I'm tired of being treated like some random schmuck who just floated in with a Frog to haul credit-ante freight. You have connections. I want you to make those connections for me."
Kris sat back, blinking, then laughing, smirking at her. "You're looking for long-term income, mmmh, rather than a quick buck? Well, I'm not in a position to offer you any... Negotiated contracts myself, however, however... Let me talk to a... Third party who might be interested in you. I'll try to arrange something; but don't get your hopes up."
Najia would actually be in even more trouble if Kriss did arrange something, she knew, but she was putting Kriss on the spot. Mellerd stood up, and turned around, plucking a datapad from her pocket and holding it up to her ear. Perfectly, she was looking down and away, and Najia took one soft step to her side, plugging a tiny hack-box into the console at the side of the station manager's office.
"Yes, hi, I need to call in a favor," Kriss said, distractedly. I have a shady character with deep pockets and large resources looking for... You know, alternative contracts. Eager to get into the deep end of the pool, maybe, but not much of a profile yet. New money... Mmhmm, sure, I'll wait." Najia smirked, glad to see that Kriss was getting the runaround. The woman, despite being attractive and stylish and well-spoken, somehow annoyed her. She couldn't put her finger on why, exactly. Kriss' time on hold seemed to drag on, and Najia started to worry it might drag on too long. Then, she spoke up. "All done? Wonderful. Mmmhmm. I'll call you later about that other case." The station manager sat back down, turning around with the comm still to her ear. "Brilliant. Bye."
She put the comm down, but Najia saw the screen of it. It was on its basic lock screen, and Najia barely avoided baring her teeth; Mellerd had pretended to make a call. If the approach had been sincere, she'd have been furious, but even though this fit Najia's plans perfectly, it still pissed her off that Kriss had quite literally simply pretended to place a call rather than to just be straight and say she had nothing for her. "I'm sorry, there's no interest in the market," Mellerd told her, and Najia kept a straight face, as she continued, "the groups work on a trust basis, and prefer to work with people they have a history with, or select for themselves. The fact that you're actively looking to develop contacts raises some red flags. Let's get you a proper reward for a job well done, and have you on your way," she added, smiling sweetly. "I expect you'll find your way out."
Najia snorted, not having to hide the disgust in her expression. Uninterested in whatever petty payment Mellerd planned to remit for abducting her passenger, she turned on her heel and strode out, having no difficulty projecting the air of someone fuming. After all, she was fuming, just not for that reason. She strode quickly to the lift, taking it back to the landing pad, joining Marta and company, and looking around. There were supposed to be fireworks, weren't there? This was when the Arcadian Endeavour and Ace were supposed to show up and start raising a row so she could get into the hangar with the Raven, right?
Silence. A total lack of blaring alarms (which Marta's hacking would have accounted for), and a total lack of incoming weapons fire. Awkwardly, Najia hissed, shaking her head; she nodded to the ship, and the sextuple strode quickly into the loading bay, taking the lift up. Marta ran a scan for bugs as they did, and once inside the bridge, she laughed. "Man, their security was a fucking joke. But, uh... What's going on? Where's the pirates?" "I don't know." Najia strode rapidly to an aux console, and checked the 'Wildcard' incoming data. Then she swore. "Either I misunderstood the plan, Maestro poorly communicated the plan, or the plan has changed; either way, I'm wanted back on the Endeavour."
She looked to Marta, who looked at her, spooked. "Najia, I just hacked the shit out of this place. Right?" She looked to the woman on the gunnery console (who also had the sensors), who looked back to her, nodding. "I'm getting a zero read on their turrets," the weapons officer confirmed. "This place is vulnerable as it's ever gonna be." Najia let out a guttural growl. "We're humped. They're not gonna be vulnerable to a hack like this again. Get us the fuck out of here," she said to the pilot, adding "please and with all swiftness." "Yes ma'am," the pilot answered, lifting the ship.
Najia huffed, and slapped both of her hands over her face. "And it gets better. She fucking made me the moment I walked in." "Made you made you? As in, made you as an Empyrean Cur?" "No, she greeted me by name. I had to think real fast to come up with why Najia Takio was slumming it doing credit-ante abductions for her corrupt ass. I made it out that I wasn't satisfied just taking barrels of Teladi money and was looking to develop real contracts through her contacts. But it gets better still. She insinuated she still has ears in the pirate crew she used to fly with, which as we know is -" "The Empyrean Curs. Well, fuckadoodle-doo," Marta said. "What the hell are we gonna do?"
"I don't know," Najia said, huffing and sighing. The Falx groaned as the pilot adjusted the course, and blasted into Travel speed with almost no noticeable lag. "If the Maestro wasn't so fixated, wasn't so bull-headed about 'live free or die,' I'd just buy the whole fucking lot out and pay them to go very, very far away, and get the hell out of here."
Marta snorts. "Maybe you still can. I mean, what's he gonna do if you out yourself on his bridge?" "Take me hostage?" "That'll go over well with Ace," Marta said, sarcastically. "And then I'll be calling in a fleet to bracket his tiny little pissant scrap-Destroyer with enough firepower to vaporize it in one salvo. Explain to him that the only way the Curs leave alive is when you and Ace are standing safe and sound on my command deck."
Najia blinked, and snorted. "Me and Ace?" She smirked at Marta. "She's growing on you." "Maybe. Fungally. But you'd be despondent, too. So yeah. Hell, he wants a payday out of it, we can do that. But yeah, maybe you should just out yourself to him - the other side knows you now - and offer him a huge sack of cash to just get the hell out of Dodge."
The Paramerion was already sitting on the landing pad on the Arcadian Endeavour when she arrived. Najia was moments from teleporting to it as a convenient reciever and simply walking off, when she realized that that tidbit probably would be noticed, so she had it shuffle with the Shiv. She hustled to the command deck, where Maestro was pacing.
The Maestro looked at her, eagerly. "You finished flipping switch?" "Yes, that's done," Najia answered, sucking in a breath to start asking questions of her own, starting with where the hell were you? "Good job," Maestro preempted her. "What petty crime Mellerd make you do?"
Najia huffed, and sighed. "I wouldn't say an abduction is petty crime." "Who you abduct," Maestro asked, curiously. "Some poor Split fellow in Avarice," Najia said, racking her brain for his name. He had told her, once. "Lu... Lu t'Cca," she said, wincing; "though I have probably mangled that. She took in a breath to ask her own questions, but Maestro suddenly showed more emotion than she had ever seen from him before; fury.
"You handed over my brother?!" Najia's eyes went wide, she took a half step back. The weight of the machine pistol she was still wearing on her hip was suddenly very familiar to her, and she swallowed down the urge to go for it. "B-Brother?! That was your brother?" She gawped. "Mellerd has my brother?!" Maestro raged; behind him, Ace slipped into the bridge, apparently having decided to don trousers. Najia wondered why that was what she had noticed. Ace apparently heard the outburst, and looked to her, startled, pushing her goggles up, then slipping around the central pillar.
"Curs! Report," Maestro thundered, though thankfully he didn't seem about to attack her. Axiom popped up in hologram on the bridge. "What happened?" "Mellerd! Vile traitor!" Maestro answered him. "One casualty not enough! He was out of game! Off limits!"
Ace scratched at her cap-covered crest. "Lu t'Cca?" "Imprisoned," Maestro vehemently responded. "We engage! Attack station!"
"No, wait - wait!" Ace hissed, holding her hand up. "We have a plan to get in. We will get him out." "Yeah," Axiom said firmly, in holo. "We'll get him out." His hologram was running, presumably he was coming to the bridge himself. "Let us finish up preparations, before we engage," Ace said. "I've got a better combat ship," she said. "I'm working on an improvement to the hacking attack," Axiom said.
"We're fucked," Najia said, holding her hands up. Ace, Maestro, and - walking onto the bridge - Axiom - looked to her. "Either we misunderstood the plan, or the plan changed on us. We already hacked the station," she said. "I sent one of my crew in to fiddle with a security junction while I walked into Mellerd's office. I thought the Arcadian Endeavour was going to be hitting the place the moment I walked out of her office; that I'd take the lift straight to the security hangar and lift struts then."
Ace let out a hiss and face-palmed. Maestro gawked at her for a moment. "Split did not communicate plan clearly enough for Terran," he finally said, anxiously. "This puts quite the wrench in our plans," Axiom said. "Even if I can complete a hack to end all hacks, it would still need to be uploaded. They will definitely have physical security in all applicable upload points this time." "And they will undoubtedly call in additional craft, at least for the next few days," Ace said, hissing. "As nice as the fighter Wildcard gave me is, it is still only a fighter." She nervously hopped from foot to foot, tail lashing.
Maestro was silent for a moment, and Najia swallowed. This was something far worse than she had thought it was - and it had been bad enough previously - now there was blood involved. This couldn't be rectified with a payday, even if she outed herself. She could try to overtly buy Lu t'Cca back, but there was no guarantee that would even work; or that Kriss Mellerd could even be trusted. She was, after all, a duplicitous traitor. "Need bigger combat ship," Maestro concluded. "Starfighter insufficient. A 'Ministry' Minotaur has been harassing ships in Windfall. It belongs to the Scale Plate Pact." He pointed at Najia. "Wildcard, you will capture it for the Ace. Axiom, with me; planning to do. Ace let out a trill, her tail lashing. "Do not worry; we will get him out!"
"Yes, we shall. Wildcard! Get that ship for Ace." Maestro turned and strode from the bridge, with Axiom in tow. Najia let out a sigh, running her hands through her hair. "His fucking brother! I wish you'd been with me," she said, huffing, picking Ace up and squeezing her tightly. She didn't care who saw her, and apparently neither did Ace, as she wrapped her arms, legs, and tail around Najia.
"It would have been easy to prevent this mistake, yes," Ace admitted, nuzzling the side of her head. "On the plus side, Sensors and I proved to be a good team, and the Paramerion you provided is a very nice craft." "Sensors? Oh." Najia grinned, smiling weakly; Ace had given Namiko a nickname, presumably on the spot, to refer to her in pirate company. "That's good, at least, and... Yeah. This is a mess." She set Ace down, huffing and leaning back on the railing behind her. "Maestro's fucking brother? Fuck... What do you know about him?"
"Maestro's brother?" Ace shook her head, pushing her goggles up all the way and rubbing the back of her neck. "He was with the crew even before I joined. But... They had a falling-out, and he left to seek new opportunities." "A falling-out?" Najia tilted her head, curiously. "Yessss," Ace said, awkwardly, unable to contain the susurrus hiss that slipped into her voice. She didn't want to keep details - that might be relevant, even - from Najia, but it would get back to Maestro if she spoke of it. She awkwardly rubbed the back of her neck. "I... Would rather not discuss their private matters."
Najia blinked, and nodded. "Okay," she said. "Okay. Private affairs, got it - not our business." Ace nodded at her, as she continued, "So... Now what?" "Now, we're going to attack an M-class ship in order to steal it," Ace said, turning and walking brusquely for the lift; Najia turned and followed her, trusting immediately that Ace knew what she was about. "I know well that you have combat-worthy craft and are up to this task," Ace commented, as they headed for the Shiv on the landing pad. "Yeah, we're up for it," Najia said. Fatimah looked back at them, and lifted struts at a gesture from Ace; the door sealed up, and Najia said, "but I could just... You know, give you a Falx."
Ace trilled, but it had an awkwardly vibrating character to it; Najia took it for a nervous chuckle's equavilent. "I would prefer that, but Maestro has given us a specific target. I have never seen him quite this angry, not even when Mellerd... Parted ways with us. Best, I think, to follow through. And I do not imagine you have any qualms about attacking the Scale Plate Pact."
"That's for sure," Najia said, huffing and rubbing her face. Fatimah quickly had them on the landing pad of Jackdaw and she slipped out of the fighter, Ace following her. They bypassed the lift down from the pad and went straight in through the auxiliary airlock. "What a clusterfuck," she said. "Mmmmhmmm," Marta said. "I took a page out of Boso Ta's book and was listening in. We are in deep shit now, sister," she said, then she looked at Ace; walked over to her, and patted her shoulder, firmly. "Deep shit." "The excrement in which we find ourselves is substantially closer to my nose than yours," Ace said, with a slight trill. "I hate to even consider pointing it out lest the idea has not occured to you yet, but... You could extricate yourselves from this mess."
"Yeah, not a chance in hell we're doin' that, scale-sister," Marta responded, before Najia could do more than nod. "We got Maestro's brother into this mess, it ain't our style to leave him to swing like that. We're gonna have to get him out. Somehow." Najia grinned. "Somehow. The ace in our hole - pun intended - is that I did complete the hack in Mellerd's office, and I don't think she knows. She was too busy giving me a smug runaround. The grit in our gears is that we jumped the gun by hacking the station preemptively. What happened, anyway? Did I misunderstand the plan?" "I am not sure," Ace admitted. "Namiko and I were heading to rendezvous in Eighteen Billion when we got a recall order from the Arcadian Endeavour, but it was routine, rather than an emergency. I think we both misunderstood the plan."
A long few moments of silence passed between them in companionable discontent, and then Marta snorted. "Hey, Ace, I've been meaning to ask you. How'd you like that 'game' on Najia's datapad?" Ace blinked, and looked up at her. "Odd time to bring it up. It was creatively challenging, the actual puzzle was good, but the gamification seems to be entirely left out. Is it a beta?"
Najia facepalmed as Marta chuckled. "That wasn't a game at all. You ordered the construction of a monumental facillity in Gaian Prophecy," she said, laughing wryly. Between her split fingers, she peered out and watched with gratification as Ace rocked back, alarmed, and wrapping her tail tightly around herself. "I... Er..."
"Relax," Marta said. "It was her dumb fault for just giving you her unlocked datapad." "Yeah. Also, it's... Actually, you designed a beauty of a station," Najia added. "An absolute gorgeous industrial monstrosity with a fantastic towering habitation center on top." She straightened up, smiling; beaming at Ace, who seemed to recieve the smile gladly. "So," Najia said. "We have a ship to get you. We can totally just have the Eighteen B shipyard put together a Falx, or I could have one called up from reserves..." Ace shook her head. "Maestro will not be happy a direct command was disobeyed. He might be mollified by the ship produced being manifestly superior, but it would jog his attention. He'd start to ask why we disobeyed; where we got the Falx."
"I could just give you Jackdaw," Najia noted, and Ace trilled lightly. "I appreciate it, and that might work, but he's probably going to want you in Jackdaw. We'll have to take the Minotaur."
"Right," Najia said, cracking her knuckles. "No offense, skipper, but I think we'll take the flight deck for this one." The woman with the piratical haircut and the severely 'business' outfit looked back, grinning at her. "Hell, it's about time for me to go off shift anyway."
"I should probably say something cautionary about how big this vessel is, but we are comparable in size and mass. I should warn you about how dangerous its guns are, but we are better-armed, and likely both better-shielded and more maneuverable," Ace noted from the gunnery console. "Yep. He's a big bad boy, or so he thinks," Marta noted, as Najia piloted Jackdaw towards the Minotaur up ahead. "But he's a lot bigger than the Raker Manticore he's heading for with what looks like unpleasant intentions." "Also, you brought friends," Namiko said from the cockpit of the Parmerion that Najia had given to Ace. "Damn right they did," Fatimah called from the cockpit of the Kallis-class starfighter named Shiv. "When the going gets tough, the tough call for close air support," chimed in Raeleen Baner, following Jackdaw from the flight deck of Snapping Tortoise.
"And we'll just, uh, stand by to pick up pods in case this goes completely to shit," added the pilot of the Ninja Taco, Katlin Noore. "I mean, we could make an attack run, but it seems pretty redundant at this point."
A chorus of chuckles from within and without the cockpit surrounded Najia, and she smirked, as she brought the nose of Jackdaw toward the offending disguised Scale Plate Minotaur, who was already firing upon the Raker; who was calling for help. "Break and run," she called to the Riptide scavenger. "We've got this hump."
"Mind your own ledgers," the Scale Plate pirate called back, then she heard a hiss of alarm as the pirate must have seen just how many ships were painting her with targeting sensors. Presumably in a burst of wisdom, she turned to run, but it was far too late. "Bail out or die," Najia ordered the pirate as Fatimah and Namiko roared past the Jackdaw wing by wing, rolling in and unloading with their near-identical starfighters' cannons, letting off a burst to stall the pirate from escaping into Travel Drive. A moment later, she triggered Jackdaw's mammoth rotary cannons, while the single-barreled accelerators that were Snapping Tortoise's forward armament put in their own word.
"Show me your nose and I chew it off," Najia snarled as the Minotaur raider, evidently realizing that escape was not in the cards, turned and tried to close. "She's got Shard cannons," Ace alerted. "Dangerous at close range, but not dangerous enough!"
Najia was more than willing to joust with the oncoming pirate; she had twice the weight of forward cannons, her side cannons and those of Snapping Tortoise kept up the fire as they spiraled towards one another. The Minotaur's shields collapsed totally and she took several salvoes of body blows; the two starfighters executed a wing-over roll and each strafed the Minotaur again as she tried to soar past Najia. Ace was quietly giving the gunners orders to cease fire-with-intent and only give the Minotaur an occasional bite to remind them the clock was ticking, as Najia hit the comms again. "Surrender the fucking ship or die for it. Your call." Her aft turret gave the Minotaur's aft a stitching of pulse fire, then her turrets started firing - intentionally widely, but they were making one hell of a light show.
"Fine, fine," the Scale Plate pirate called, as she saw escape pods appearing on her tactical screen. "You win, Cur! Take it and leave us in peace." Ace huffed at that. Marta chuckled. "Should we pop them sumbitches? Take 'em prisoner at least?" "Let 'em go," Najia said. "Maybe they'll turn over a new leaf, but we got what we came for." She thumbed the comms. "Everyone form up, let's inspect Ace's new prize... Woah!"
An explosion issued from the stricken ship; the starfighters peeled off get clear, just in case, and Najia and Snapping Tortoise backed off to give it room. "The fuck," Marta asked. "They may have sabotaged the ship on the way out," Ace said. "Let us wait, they may have successfully rigged it to blow entirely..."
They stood off and waited. Two more large detonations on the ship occured, but nothing further happened. After awhile, Ace and Najia suited up, approached the ship over the strenuous objections of Marta and the other captains - Najia and Ace were the only ones with real EV repair training. Carefully they checked the ship for outward signs of further destruction, and, with nothing found, proceeded in. The bailing pirate crew had sabotaged the weapons, and tried to sabotage everything, but, ironically, the damage that they had done had prevented the pirates from successfully rigging the whole ship to blow.
"This thing is a wreck. She can move... Barely," Ace noted. "But I don't much like it." "No problem," Najia said, grinning. "I have a plan," she said; they had reached the M-raider's flight deck, a narrow cockpit with no secondary seats, and were examining things. Engineers from both Jackdaw and Snapping Tortoise had teleported over to restore main power and were working on structural integrity, and Namiko had swapped with another pilot from the Tortoise, joining them on the pirate ship. "And what is that," Ace asked as Najia sat in the pilot's seat.
Najia found the Riptide Raker nearby; they had taken damage and were now restoring their own power. "Raker salvage ship, Raker salvage vessel, how are you? We have taken possession of the ship that attacked you, over." "This is the salvage tug Breem. We've had better days, but no permanent damage. You should have blown those pirates to the Tide though," the salvage tug pilot complained. "Yeah, well, they bailed out, so I wasn't gonna renege on my word. How would you like to get repairs and upgrades to your ship on my credit?"
"... I'm listening," the salvager answered. "What do I owe you for it?" "Take this vessel under tow and get us to the Takio Enterprises shipyard in Eighteen Billion. For my own reasons, I need this thing intact. Do that, and you get the works; Terran Mark Three engines and shields, top-of-the-line thrusters of your choice if you don't already have them, full hold of laser towers and countermeasures, and top-of-the-line software if needed. And of course, any hull repair. Just no questions."
After a long, tense moment, the Raker pilot commed them back. "Done deal." Najia smirked, looking back at Ace, who trilled at her.
"There we go," Najia said. She and Ace were standing under the prow of the repaired Minotaur, which Najia had caused to be painted in a shinny green-scale-and-brass scheme, and named La Tora. The vessel was now sporting a single forward pulse cannon, a launcher, and its turrets were bolts. The original thrusters had, surprisingly, been both Mark 3 Combats already, and were wholly intact, while the totally-shot crap engines had been replaced, as had the shields. "Think that will do?"
Ace trilled at her. "This is such a vessel," she said. "A jolly pirate indeed would captain this vessel." "Yeah, well... If you say so. I'm still worried it's a little... Undergunned... Undershielded... Flimsy. I'd rather put you in one of my Falx frigates, but, this will hopefully do." She huffed, and hugged Ace again. "You ready?"
"As likely I will be. Namiko is waiting for me in La Tora's bridge. I already told Maestro that the ship was badly damaged and you were paying for repair and retrofit, and had already bargained for it before I could ask the Curs for assistance. He accepted that," Ace said, pressing her head into Najia's chest. "Thank you. For not abandoning us." Najia grinned, and simply kissed the top of Ace's crest. She then let go, patting Ace's bicep. "Let's get to our ships and see what Maestro wants." She gestured to the Jackdaw; it, and all of 'Wildcard's' ships, had been repainted in a beautiful, eye-searing neon-yellow-and-stark-white set of colors, and had been given nondescript generic transponders. That would likely not fool anyone who was looking too closely, but... "Indeed. I may have to rename the ship, though... 'La Tora' means something very rude in Teladi." She trilled. "Let us be off," Ace said. She pulled out her datapad, and Najia stepped back as Ace activated the 'teleport-me-aboard' function. Moments later, Ace became visible in the high flight-deck window, leaning over Namiko and waving at her. Najia waved, and recalled herself to the Shiv.
Najia stopped by the bridge of the Arcadian Endeavour when first she landed, but though it was fully-staffed, Maestro wasn't there. One of the crewwomen informed her that the senior planners were meeting in the crew quarters. She headed for the lift; Marta had come along, wearing her 'piratical' outfit and projecting an aura of 'this woman is my sister, mess with her and you mess with me'.
They found the core members of the Empryean Curs in a lounge aboard the Arcadian Endeavour. Najia noted, with a slight twist of the lips, that it looked as if the room had undergone a recent makeover - with fixtures and sundries procured at her stations. She wondered if that was a subtle message.
The lights were low, and for a moment Najia was worried it might be an ambush. Clearly the same idea occurred to Marta, but Ace was relaxed, at ease, so Najia patted Marta's hand as they entered the room. There was no ambush. "Everyone attending now," Maestro declared. "Good. Split allowed all time Split could spare for Wildcard to prep." Ace let out a soft trill, looking over at Najia. "Yes, and my shiny new combat ship could come in very handy, once it is time to disengage!"
Najia grinned at Ace, nodding. She sucked in a breath to ask a question, but Maestro beat her to the punch. "Now, time for decisive action! No longer just plan of petty revenge, or even business! Mellerd looking to strike low blow, involving someone who no longer in game!" He huffed. "Curs can play game too, but better! Breaking out Split's brother now priority."
Najia nodded, and cracked her knuckles. "Got it. After all, we got him into this mess." Ace nodded, and looked from her to Maestro. "Are we still going after the Science Division prototype?" "Yes!" Maestro responded. "After prison break-out, Wildcard make way through internal ducts, connected to hangar. Then, proceed to make escape in prototype ship."
Axiom made a satisfied-sounding rumbling. "It's a sound plan. They'll not expect you to use their precious ship for the getaway." "Right. Because you'd expect a prison break to have an exit strategy arranged outside, so they'll probably pull security from the hangar to respond to the cells."
Maestro nodded. "As to how you gain access to station in first place, Axiom will tag along. Hack into their system. Serve as on-ground supervisor. No time to waste. Get to it!" He gestured to the door, vehemently, clearly unwilling to brook dissent or entertain questions. Najia started at that. "But..."
Ace grasped her hand. "We've got this. Trust Axiom to hold up his end of the plan," she said, preempting Najia's objection, as Maestro strode out. Najia sighed, huffed, and nodded. "Alright! So, back to the Shiv?" "No; we procured one of the Ministry's petty patrol vessels just for transport. Less recognizable vessels involved, the better. Besides, the ship that lands is probably not leaving again. Best it be one of theirs."
Najia let out a sigh. The plan sounded slapdash at best, but she nodded. "Right."
"The ground infiltration is not a three person task," Ace said, as she, Najia, Axiom and Marta arrived on the pad. "Wildcard, you will have to go alone with Axiom." Marta snorted, and sighed. "I don't like it. Be safe, sister," she said, punching Najia's bicep, enough to ache slightly. Najia smirked back at her, as Axiom hurried to climb into the Callisto procured for the infiltration. "Don't worry, I'll keep Axiom safe," Najia said, smirking back at Marta. "Ace, keep her safe." "I'll deliver her to Jackdaw once we've transferred to Carefree Whirlwind."
Najia grinned, and hastened to climb aboard the Callisto after Axiom. She looked around the cockpit of the small craft, and winced; it was small indeed. "Buckle up, Wildcard," Axiom said from the pilot's seat. Najia laughed incredulously. "Where," she demanded, and got a hearty, deep laugh for her troubles, as Axiom piloted the craft up and off the landing pad. Moments later, they were zooming ahead from where the Arcadian Endeavour was lurking, outside of Wormwood Scrubs' customary sensor perimeter.
"I have to admit, I am nervous!" Axiom declared. Najia stood behind him, clutching an upright chicken-stick and peering around his side. She winced at his declaration, as he continued, "Sure, I have been involved in large-scale operations before, but never quite like this." Wormwood Scrubs loomed in the distance, and Najia wondered why what was ostensibly a prison complex had large fabrications facillities built in. She didn't imagine it was ever a good idea to put prisoners to work building things they could sabotage that would be vital. "I just hope the Maestro can keep his cool throughout it all," Axiom added.
"Mmmhmm," Najia agreed nonverbally. "The fact that his brother is now involved is weighing heavily on him. Mellerd sure knew how to provoke a reaction!" Najia snorted. "Yeah, well... The smug bitch is gonna regret that, that's for damn sure. How much her ability to make us regret making her regret this day, well, that's an open question. There'll be recriminations to go around one way or another, I think."
Axiom made his own nonverbal sound of agreement, as he swept the ship in to a landing, over what looked like the prison module, and landing at the conventional small craft dock. "Okay, this is it. Initiating docking," he said, pointlessly, Najia thought. "You know what to do, right," Axiom asked, as he turned his chair aruond. Najia noted that the incredibly-tall Paranid piloted whilst standing; the standard-issue pilot's chair had actually extended into something like an amusement-park-ride standing back-rest for him. "I will spoof your credentials, so that you can gain entry into the prison complex again. Then locate Lucca. I'll talk you through the rest." As he said that, he departed, and Najia pressed into the tiny airlock to let him pass, then followed him down and out the aft ladder. "Good luck," Axiom said, as he headed for his left. Najia pulled the pistol from her hip, checked its magazine, chambered a round, and returned it to its holster.
"Hope I don't need this," she muttered to herself, heading for another lift. She slipped in, and pulled the bug-checker app that Marta had loaded onto her commlink up, checking it with her free hand. Unless the Ministry had access to way better spy gear than she did - and knowing what penny-pinchers they were, and Boso Ta's opinion of their cleverness, she doubted that very much - she was in the clear. She had a comms tap to the Curs - and her own crew - and it was unobstructed, unobserved. Neither were any security devices capturing her images; either Marta's previous hack was still in effect, Axiom's work was being done, or both.
Najia's heart raced as she exited the lift into the first level of the prison complex. This was, she thought, insanity; she wasn't a covert operative. Her martial arts skill was amatuer at best. If she ran into any prison guards, her only hope would be to shoot them. She had confidence that her Predator pistol's armor-penetrating, 10mm magnum rounds would do the job; but she'd never shot in anger at anyone else face-to-face before, and she really didn't want to start doing so on a Ministry prison station where her real identity was known. And she was going into a prison. If she could think of any one place where the Teladi would not pinch pennies on personnel, it would be a prison. Yet, instead of finding a security checkpoint outside the lift, she walked into an empty corridor.
Najia blinked, as Axiom placed a call to her. "According to our intel, Lucca should be somewhere on this floor." Najia huffed, and followed the line projected in her HUD. Every step down the corridor seemed to Najia as if it echoed like a cannon discharge, and she nervously checked each way at every intersection, pistol in her hands, selector switch set to two-round burst. Every heartbeat felt like an eternity, at every corner she expected to be jumped by a guard, yelled at, or simply shot. She made it to a cell block - three rooms off a guard room with a desk, seperated from the main room by bars. She swept side to side, thinking surely there must be a guard actually watching prisoners but after an anticlimactic moment, realized there was not. She was alone, save for that one cell was occupied, by Lu t'Cca - or Lucca? She was fuzzy on that.
"Hmm," Axiom's voice came over her earpiece. "That console's connection to the cell doors has been severed. Standard procedure." Najia wondered how in the hell that made sense - but then, the consoles were actually within arm's reach of a prisoner inside the cells. And if the cell blocks were going to go unsupervised...
The phrase 'criminally negligent' crossed Najia's mind, as Axiom continued, "This will slightly raise our profile, but I should be able to... Adjust it remotely." Najia nodded, took a deep breath, walking to the darkened cell door. Lu t'Cca was within. He did not look pleased to see her, as he pushed himself up from the too-narrow, Teladi-sized cot. "You! Creature! Worst taxi driver Split ever met! Creature blind or just stupid?!" His vehemence was understandable, and it still made Najia step back on her heel, as he thundered at her, rising to his feet, "Split kill you after escape! Beat first, then kill! Or pretend Split is Taxi driver, deliver creature to blood-traitor, then beat, then kill!"
Najia felt a tremble run down her back, stiffening her shoulders. She was mightily tired of being disrespected, belittled, or downplayed; by, it seemed, just about everyone in the sector, from Boso Ta calling her 'Assistant' to Maestro giving her names on a whim to Brantlee Northriver's dismissive and smug attitude as if he was the biggest big-shot humanity had ever produced to Kriss Mellerd's faking a call as if she were taking her seriously to, well, Lucca (a) calling her a taxi-driver and (b) threatening her a violent and graphic death. The urge to bellow 'shut up' and hold him at gunpoint welled up deeply inside her. Her hand twitched with her firearm in it... Then she huffed, and with a decisive motion, holstered it. "Calm the fuck down," she snapped at him. Not very diplomatic, but considering that her first notion had been to literally hold him at gunpoint, it was fairly moderate.
"Split not calm down!" he retorted, seething - though his eyes were drawn by the motion of her holstering her weapon. "Creature calm down first, or... Or...!" He inarticulated a sound of exasperation. "Split realize creature still here. Why come? What else creature want but gloat?" He did, in fact, sound calmer now; perhaps the fact that she could have shot him, or threatened to do so, and that many of his past life's associates would have done just that after the violent death he had promised them, and yet she had not, got through to him. Or perhaps he simply mastered his temper because she was armed.
"Look, The Curs -" "Split want nothing to do with filthy, dishonorable Curs!" Lu t'Cca ranted. "Except if making amends," he added, almost parenthetically, seemingly swinging wildly between reconciliatory and fury. "Split tried to make peace, leave past behind. Brothers, sisters, friend-foes, conflict, tangle, chaos! No honor! Only choice, was no choice!" He ranted, on a roll, and Najia decided to let him wind himself down. "Enough talk! Creature take responsibility, now! Help Split escape, then Split not kill. Maybe!"
Najia rolled her eyes; she wanted to point out that she could still just shoot him. Instead, she said, "Let's get the hell out of here." "What creature waiting for," Lucca thundered at her. "Open cell, or eat fist!" Najia restrained her ire to a low growl in the back of her throat. She was really tired of receiving physical threats from an imprisoned man, even if he had every reason to be pissed at her. She was about to point out again that she armed, when Axiom thankfully interrupted. "If the Triangularity wills it... There we go! The door controls should be enabled now. Try them."
Najia stepped over to the console next to the prison door, and started to look it up and down. Numbers scrolled on the screen rapidly, she flicked through menues, but though she started to search more and more frantically, it was just a bio of the prisoner with everything redacted, and a log of routine entries - prison mealtimes and stuff. She started to hiss, low in her throat, as she frantically flipped back to the root menu, but there was nothing useful there. Paranoidally, she glanced over her shoulder, but there was noone at the door. She took her hand off the hilt of her pistol, scrambling to the desk. There was no active console on it, but one beside it, on the wall; she hurried to it, but it was simply mirrors of the console on the wall, reflecting all three cells. Frantically, she dropped to a squat, looking under the desk, above it, feeling under it, but she couldn't find any hidden consoles.
Near to panic, she looked up, and saw there was a tiny, easily-overlooked button next to the cell door, trivially within reach of the prisoner. No, she thought. That couldn't possibly be it. It was too exposed. Any careless slip in forgetting to disconnect it, and a prisoner could be out anytime.
The words criminally negligent ran through her head as she reached out and tapped the button. Of course it opened.
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2023.03.28 11:42 R23_ My thoughts about the RE4 Remake.

My theory is: We're not rescuing Ashley Graham.
Now, after you guys say "Yes, we were. It's in the mission briefing.", please hear me out. Spoilers ahead.
I've finished the game on Hardcore on the first playthrough, which was a painstaking 15 hours and 27 deaths, and in my opinion, which you all guys can agree, the story isn't entirely fleshed out. For me, it's not because of the upcoming Separate Ways DLC or the absence of the U-3 boss fight, but because the main story isn't entirely being honest with us.
Throughout the story, sometime after retrieving "Baby Eagle" at the church, her dialogue, which improved from the original, sounds like she's been through this exact experience before. Her actions during the game were more proactive than the 2005 version, where she just simply runs away and cowers (then literally getting carried away by Ganados), cannot climb down ladders, much to 2005 Leon's, and other players. satisfaction (pervert), and gets taken away too easily.
She forcibly 'propped' a window open with a stool after the Mendez boss fight, instead of a wooden wall breaking away by itself for Leon to jump out of. She threw lanterns at the Armored Knights fighting Leon, discovering they're vulnerable to it's blue light, which she uses later in her own section to get the key items and free him from the cage. She even helped him and Luis escape the cabin assault after being given a place to hide. She can also do the most obvious thing: climb down ladders and get over her fear of heights.
At first, I could conclude that's great character development and an improvement for her, but on the second thought, I wonder "what if this is another person? The original wouldn't do any of these". I mean, she is smart enough not to stand still and actually do something helpful (despite during gameplay, she still literally stays in one place and crouched despite the whole close/tight formation system), which is nice for a college student. But then again, anyone who wants to survive and doesn't want anyone else to die will do anything like this because they aren't heartless to watch them suffer, which brings me to my point.
The person we've been rescuing the entire time is Sherry Birkin. I can explain.
Her model has a different eye color. I could say the developer's preferred something more natural than hazelnut brown, but the new color almost matches to that of Sherry's, though with less blue , plus considering the canonicity of "Infinite Darkness", in which a picture of Ashley from her dad's office retained her eye color, it should not change after her rescue. Her wearing a scarf instead of a sweater around her neck is reminiscent of what she wore in her later appearance.
Most of her dialogue does have the usual slang of a typical teenager, but mid-to-late game, I've heard a few lines that has me thinking this isn't what the President's daughter would say of at this age. Specifically, the lines "Someday, I'll be an agent like [Leon]" and "We're a team, right?", is foreshadowing to future events, with Sherry eventually becoming a DSO agent in RE6 (Yes, I'm counting this game as part of the lore, no matter how over-the-top it was). I find it doubtful that Ashley would straight up say she wants to do fieldwork for more action (which she's still scared of), and she would just say this to get closer to Leon (which is ugh). She may also be just kidding around to alleviate the trauma she experienced in the time she was captured and imprisoned by strange creeps who are too much into bugs. Even if she did say the first line and meant it, her dad wouldn't like that and prevent her from joining the agency.
The second line I've mentioned is similar to what Sherry said to Claire while escaping the NEST in RE2: "We make a good team." . In one of the early builds of RE4, Leon was originally supposed to rescue Sherry inside a haunted castle, and it was called the Hallucination/ Hook Man version, but along with other features carried over, the character was later changed to Ashley in the final version. Her infected Las Plagas look has more frequent and darker black veins on her left, which coincidentally is also where her G-Virus infection was also taking place back in RE2 on Claire's story.
Next, I wondered with this revelation, how the hell did she end up here in the first place?
After RE2, with Leon joining the government as an agent, and Claire leaving to find Chris in Europe, Sherry ended up in protective custody from the same government as Leon. With her parents already gone and no one else to turn to, she was alone, save for being home-schooled by teachers and the caretakers. Sometime after, Ashley Graham learned about a girl almost her age living under government orders who is a Racoon City survivor through the reports she read about the incident, being the president's daughter and all, and felt bad that her dad arranged or allowed this to happen without any common companionship, so she decided to visit her often and they eventually became friends. It's perhaps because of Ashley that the conditions of Sherry's protective custody were changed so that they can be together with no consequence.
Years later, both Ashley and Sherry would then became roommates during college, staying in a dormitory on campus, with Ashley occasionally visiting her parents if needed or if she wanted to, and Sherry getting a more proper education. They frequently hang out, made new friends, and learned more about each other as a normal life would be, though Sherry would still have traumatic episodes due to the Racoon City incident, which Ashley is aware of.
This went on until Krauser's abduction attempt in 2004. In the remake, there is a detailed plan of how the abduction would take place found in his tent on the Island, but it's still a plan, and plans don't always go smoothly. I believe that during the abduction, Ashely took Sherry along with her this time to go to a mall instead of her parent's house because Ashley often wants Sherry to forget about what happened before during RE2, and a normal hangout is her way of therapy for Sherry. This meant the security detail changed course entirely and Krauser was forced to improvise. Despite the changes and the factor of Sherry being along for the ride, the abduction is still accomplished, though not what they would expect. Upon the ambush by some of their own security(who are under Krauser's command), Sherry and Ashley decided to escape on their own, using the perfectly functional (non-engine-breaking) vehicle they were riding on and Sherry's driver's ed to backtrack to the campus. They did not get far, and escaped to a nearby town on foot and hid there, but they knew they would be captured eventually if both kept hiding or kept running away. Realizing the bad guys wanted Ashley only and will pursue her until the end, due to her privileged status as the president's daughter, and anyone else with her would be taken out due to being a witness, Sherry proposed that they switch outfits and looks before the abductors arrive and have them take her instead as a diversion, while Ashley escapes unseen. Ashley protests, as she doesn't want to lose her friend and believing Sherry is taking an unnecessary risk, but Sherry assures her that she wants to save Ashley and make sure she's safe. Sherry also said she will do what she can to survive like she did before in RE2(though she has no idea on what Los Illuminados will actually do to her, thinking this is a simple ransom). She's basically doing what heroic thing Claire would do in this situation, or something else, I'm not entirely sure.
Ashley eventually agrees on Sherry's plan, the switch was complete, and Sherry stays behind while Ashley slips away. Krauser and his men arrive and Sherry managed to convince them that she's Ashley. She is then taken to Europe to be implanted with the plaga and shipped back to America to complete the plan to control their government, which never happened, thanks to Leon, and Ada, and Luis (and Mike).
Meanwhile, sometime after the abduction, Ashley managed to contact her dad via payphone, having misplaced her cellphone in the pocket of her jacket, which Sherry is wearing now in the remake and what Leon finds at the church, broken. She explained what happened and was taken covertly to a safehouse. While the president is relieved his daughter is safe, Ashley requested that her father mounts a rescue mission to save Sherry, as she does not want to lose Sherry too and wants to help her escape, a request in which he accepts after some convincing. However, President Graham learned from his advisors that the abduction is an inside job, which meant any large-scale operations will risk an exploitation by the mole, which is Krauser. Futhermore, if the government launches a covert operation to rescue a mere civilian in hostile territory and KrauseLos Illuminados found out the details, they will figure out the truth and then Sherry would be killed outright (or worse, become a mutated monster), then they will have to re-abduct their intended target. Thus, he assigned Leon and Hunnigan (and Mike, hell yes!), the people he can trust, to rescue "Ashley Graham" in secret, while the real one remains in hiding until the mission is complete. The president kept Sherry's identity a secret to Leon, to ensure that his emotions would not distract him from the mission(and also to make sure Leon would not tell Claire, which means they both go to Sherry's rescue...again). Hunnigan already knows about the real situation with Ashley and Sherry, seeing as she is well-informed and trustworthy enough not to leak the info (And the only thing Mike knows is a good bar. RIP Mike :( ). The rest as we know it is played out in the main story.
"But the way she acts and speaks like a typical rad teenage girl, that's not her." -- 6 years of her friendship with Ashley resulted in Sherry learning more about her friend's attitude and mannerisms. It was a simple matter for Sherry to imitate Ashley to the best of her ability to deceive Los Illuminados and made sure she's a special prisoner rather than becoming one of them. For good measure, she may have added too much slang in her lines to fully convince the tough-guy likes of Krauser and Leon that she is who they think she is (Skillz). She maintained this façade all throughout the mission, unless Leon deduces who she really is if he found something interesting or off about her.
"But the picture. Why are you convinced it's another person if the picture shows it's Ashley?" -- I think that's actually Sherry in the picture, not edited and 100% real (to me, at least). You didn't think in the years of their friendship, Ashley and Sherry didn't take pictures together? At one point, they must've taken a picture of her with Ashley's outfit because she might have not anything else available to wear during that time in college. I know it's a stretch, but it could be that, or Hunnigan edited Ashley's picture with Sherry's face and likeness to it, then placed that in the mission briefing for Leon to identify the hostage he needs to look out for. In case you don't know, photoshop has existed since the 90's.
"But the mission clearly stated to rescue Ashley." -- Remember the fact the US covered up Operation Javier and other stuff for the American people and officials to believe what they will. It's the same here, with the president making reports that his daughter has been kidnapped, when in fact she's alive and in hiding, information well kept by Hunnigan. This is part of his cover up to make sure Los Illuminados never find out what actually happened. And the mission itself, like I said earlier, is altered a bit so that no moles can exploit or intervene in the operation. L.I. did expect a form of retaliation for the abduction. They just weren't expected to face the man himself, Leon S. Kennedy.
"Does Ada know?" -- She doesn't speak the whole truth while on business. On first meeting with Leon, she told him to leave the girl, probably because she assumed that Ashley is under the full control of the plaga. She may have discovered who she really is already off-screen, and given that she works directly for Wesker, he may also know and had ordered her to capture Sherry for the G-Virus. Which is why in the second meeting, Ada gave the prompt for Leon to save the girl. Also, it is good to note that Ada didn't mention Ashley/Sherry by name, and with that ambiguity, I will speculate that she was briefed that the girl is Ashley but later discovered her real identity, and she's not that heartless to let the lady suffer.
"What else made you believe that she's another person?" -- In the remake, the healthbar is removed from the companion, meaning that not only Leon can have all the yellow herbs for himself, but also means an assumption that the companions can heal themselves after being downed. Luis, for sure, has some green herbs on him, but "Ashley", when they get back up after let's say, a catapult hit, they move normally and shrugged of like it's merely a scratch. Plus, there seems to be no wounds on her at all every end of combat. I can agree that's merely gameplay-wise, but for me, it's because of the fact in RE6 that Sherry can regenerate due to traces of the G-Virus left in her body, though she doesn't know it at this time and believes it's just what the human body can normally do. She can still die though from constant attacks, she can regenerate, sure, but given that she doesn't know what's really inside her and has no combat experience, it's still possible for her to get killed if they're not careful, especially in her own segment.
It's also possible that she wasn't being controlled fully by the plaga due to the G-Virus counteracting or delaying the egg from being hatched and it's maturity stage, which could explain why her infection and Leon's are at the same pace, despite the former being infected long before the latter arrived at the village. 'Wiki' states Sherry is immune to all viral infections, but Las Plagas are hivemind-controlling parasites, so consider that a loophole. She is still vulnerable to direct influence by those with the control plaga, such as in the castle where she was controlled by Salazar, or at the island, where Saddler ordered her to shoot Leon, with strong resistance not to.
Yeah, this is really too long, but this is merely a theory, and I could be wrong and just spouting nonsense. I'm making a hunch based on what I've played already and what I've noticed. Capcom did say they're bringing out restored cut content and a "reimagined story", and perhaps this moment is one of them.
If the DLCs come out in the next month or so, I think it would not only show us the story from Ada's perspective, but would also reveal the true story on what really happened. That's wishful thinking, but I hope it becomes a reality.
Let me know what you guys think. All counterpoints and reactions are welcome, I'd like to see your opinions on this.
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2023.03.28 07:15 Ralfop Adjustable Hand Jar Opener Buy three Get Four +free shipping More than 90% of people buy two. *Free Two Years Product Warranty The supply is tight and we will restore the original price, there is not much left, sales are fast, hurry up. 👉 This can opener CAN open everything.

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2023.03.28 04:39 wolfyFTW [WTS - Reduced] A range of restored vintage flex! Wahl-Eversharp Doric, Parker Vacumatic Debutante, Wahl-Oxford lever filler

Hello! Please take a look at some nice vintage pens for sale! Prices reduced!
Verification: https://imgur.com/wkg4XHL
Albums (w/ writing samples): Doric, Vacumatic, Wahl Oxford
  1. Wahl-Eversharp Gold Seal Doric II Junior in Grey Shell with a (formerly) adjustable wet noodle fine nib - D condition for vintage and nib work, but otherwise a solid B. Asking $450 $425 shipped. If you want a beautiful art deco styled pen with truly wet-noodle levels of flex, look no further. This is the second-generation Doric in the Junior size, but still with the gold seal indicating that it was a premium model that carried Wahl's lifetime warranty. This pen came with a coveted Wahl adjustable gold nib - advertised as "nine points in one" when it was first introduced - but the slider has gone missing. This is not much of a loss, though, as it just means that the nib is permanently set to the most flexible setting! Effortless flex with line variation from 0.1 - 2.0mm (measured on Midori MD paper). Measures 5" / 4.6" / 5.9" capped/uncapped/posted. Everything is in excellent condition. No cracks, warping, or tarnishing of the hardware at all, only microscratches on the body. Imprint is crisp. The nib came to me misaligned with signs of unsuccessful realignment by a previous owner - I've realigned the tines and gave it a tune-up for smoothness (see video), and now it's ready to be one of the softest, flexiest nibs in your collection. Additional work done: Re-sac'd the pen, cleaned up the lever filling mechanism inside, polished the body and cap, and thoroughly cleaned it inside and out.
  2. Parker Vacumatic Debutante in Golden Pearl - fine factory flex. Original stickers, box + instructions! - B rating. Asking $200 $190 shipped. A small but fun pen - perfect for pocket carry, or those looking to dip their feet into vintage flex (as I was when I bought this)! I purchased this pen unused with original box and instructions, and with stickers still on. It has been inked fewer than 10 times, and comes with a fun (and rare) factory fine gold flexible nib which can add some nice flair to your writing. With light pressure, you can get line variation from 0.3 - 1.6mm (measured on Midori MD paper). The pen is in excellent condition. The diaphragm has been replaced and works well. The imprint is clear and crisp, with a date code suggesting it was made in the second quarter of 1946 I believe. No cracks, warping, or tarnishing of the hardware, only microscratches on the body. The barrel and plunger clarity are truly impressive. Measures 4.7" / 4.4" / 5.3" capped/uncapped/posted.
  3. Wahl Oxford lever filler in Green Marble - semi-flex stubbish medium. - B rating. Asking $75 $65 shipped. A very pretty and well-built pen from a sub-brand of Wahl-Eversharp. Comes with a cute #2 14K medium nib that I would call semi-flex with stub qualities to it (see writing sample). Cross-strokes measure 0.2mm, and downstrokes vary from 0.35 - 1.3mm with medium pressure (measured on Midori MD paper). Measures 4.9" / 4.4" / 5.7" capped/uncapped/posted. I've restored it with a new ink sac and given it a thorough polish and clean. Lever filling mechanism has been tested and works well. No cracks or warping. Mild tarnishing of the hardware and microscratches on the body. Imprint is clear.
Usual sub rules apply (Post here first, Paypal G&S, etc.). Will ship USPS priority, CONUS preferred. Please feel free to message me with any questions! Open to offers especially if buying multiple pens.
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2023.03.28 02:38 itsjasonash Project Darkstar

First time doing a torpedo build. I've kind of just thrown together ideas that I've seen in other posts, so I'm open to suggestions.

Captain Details

Captain Name  Jason Ash   
Captain Career  Tactical   
Captain Faction  Federation   
Captain Race  Human   
Primary Specialization  Intelligence   
Secondary Specialization  Strategist   

Space Skill Tree

Rank  Engineering    Science    Tactical   
Lieutenant    Advanced Hull Capacity      Advanced Energy Weapon Training  Advanced Projectile Weapon Training 
Lt. Commander  Improved Electro-Plasma System Flow  Advanced Impulse Expertise  Improved Control Expertise    Advanced Targeting Expertise   
Commander          Advanced Weapon Amplification  Advanced Weapon Specialization 
Captain    Offensive Subsystem Tuning  Advanced Exotic Particle Generator  Advanced Long Range Targeting Sensors  Advanced Hull Penetration  Advanced Shield Weakening 
Admiral  Improved Warp Core Potential        Coordination Protocols  Advanced Tactical Readiness 
          Defensive Coordination   
          Offensive Coordination   
0 Points Left  11      27   

Space Skill Unlocks

Purchases  Engineering  Science  Tactical 
Mine Dispersal Pattern Beta III  Tactical Team III  Cannon Rapid Fire III 
Battery Expertise  Sector Space Travel Speed  Threat Control 
Attack Pattern Omega III  Mine Dispersal Pattern Alpha III  Torpedo High Yield III 
10  Maximum Hull Capacity    Projectile Critical Chance 
12      Cannon Scatter Volley III 
15      Energy Critical Chance 
17      Torpedo Spread III 
20      Defense 
24 (Ultimate)      Focused Frenzy 
25 (1st Ultimate Enhancer)      Frenzied Assault 
26 (2nd Ultimate Enhancer)      Frenzied Reactions 
27 (3rd Ultimate Enhancer)      Team Frenzy 

Ship Loadout: Terran Eagle Pilot Raider

Slot  Item 
Fore Weapon 1  Delphic Distortion Torpedo 
Fore Weapon 2  Neutronic Torpedo Launcher  
Fore Weapon 3  Quantum Phase Torpedo  
Fore Weapon 4  Dark Matter Quantum Torpedo Launcher  
Fore Weapon 5  Heavy Digitizer Plasma Torpedo Launcher 
Aft Weapon 1  Thoron Infused Quantum Mine Launcher 
Experimental Weapon  Subspace Depth Charge Mk XV [CritD/Dm][CrtX] Epic 
Deflector  [Elite Fleet Intervention Protomatter Deflector Array ]() Mk XV [ColCrit][DrainX]x2[EPS][Sh/HullCap] Epic 
Impulse Engines  [Adapted M.A.C.O. Combat Impulse Engines ]() Mk XV [SecSpd][SedSpd-2] Epic 
Warp Core  Revolutionary Warp Core Mk XV [A->W][ACap][EPS] Epic 
Shields  [Adapted M.A.C.O. Covariant Shield Array ]() Mk XV [Cap]x3[Cp/Rg] Epic 
Devices  Red Matter Capacitor 
  Reactive Armor Catalyst 
  Deuterium Surplus 
2 Engineering Consoles  Console - Universal - Hull Image Refractors Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Universal - Ordnance Accelerator Mk XV Epic 
4 Science Consoles  Console - Universal - Covert Munition Deployment Console Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Universal - Dynamic Power Redistributor Module Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Science - Temporal Disentanglement Suite Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Universal - Bio-Neural Gel Pack Mk XV Epic 
5 Tactical Consoles  Console - Tactical - Lorca's Custom Fire Controls Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Exploiter Mk XV Epic 
T6-X Universal Console  Covert Warhead Module 

Officer Details

Bridge Officers  Power 
Commander Tactical-Pilot  Pilot Team I  
Romulan Operative  Cannon: Scatter Volley I  
  Reinforcements Squadron II  
  Attack Pattern Beta III  
Lt. Commander Universal-Command  Beam Array: Fire at Will I  
Romulan Operative  Dispersal Pattern Beta I  
  Concentrate Firepower III  
Lt. Commander Universal  Hazard Emitters I  
Romulan Operative  Science Team II  
  Photonic Officer II  
Lieutenant Universal  Tactical Team I  
Engineered Soldier (Space)  Torpedo: High Yield II  
Ensign Universal  Emergency Power to Engines I  

Traits & Duty Officers

Trait  Name  Description 
Personal Traits  A Good Day to Die  You are always willing to go down fighting with your ship. Go Down Fighting may be activated at any Hull integrity. Its scaling benefits will function as though your Hull is at 50% Hull Integrity, at most. 
  Adaptive Offense (space)  Gain 2.7% Critical ChanceOn Critically Striking, 0.9% Critical Chance becomes 3% Critical Severity for 10 secMax 9% Critical Severity 
  Context is for Kings  Each second while in combat: * If you did take damage in the past second: +3 All Damage Resistance Rating for 10 sec * If you did not take damage in the past second: +1% Bonus All Damage for 10 sec 
  Duelist's Fervor  5% All Damage and 5 Accuracy Rating for 10 sec (Effect stack up to 3 times) 
  Inspirational Leader   
  Intelligence Agent Attaché  Weapon Critical Strikes partially recharge Captain AbilityWeapon Critical Strikes restore a small amount of Captain Ability recharge time. Cannot reduce an ability below its minimum recharge time. Maximum one reduction per 1.33 seconds.Having an observer from intelligence can be taxing, but the advantage in access to information has tempted many Captains into such an arrangement :On Weapon Critical Strike, restore 2% of Captain Ability Recharge 
  Operative  Increases Critical Chance and Critical Severity. 
  Self-Modulating Fire  Space Trait: You gain a Shield Penetration buff for your weapons when landing a critical hit on your target. May occur once every 45 seconds. 
  Terran Targeting Systems  Crit Severity, being critically hit slows you. 
  The Boimler Effect  Space Trait. Provides a chance for using Bridge Officer Abilities to recharge all other Bridge Officer Ability recharge times up to their respective Shared Cooldown Categories. 
Starship Traits  Ceaseless Momentum  - Firing any torpedo will grant you a significant boost to Kinetic Damage and Kinetic Damage Resistance for a short duration. This stacks up to five times. 
  Entwined Tactical Matrices  - While this trait is slotted, activating Beams: Fire at Will or Cannons: Scatter Volley causes your next torpedo attack to be a Torpedo Spread. Activating Torpedo Spread causes you to gain Beams: Fire at Will and Cannons: Scatter Volley for a short duration. 
  Stealth Torpedo Bomber   
  Subspatial Warheads  - Game Description: While slotted, damage caused by your Torpedo: High Yield Torpedoes and Torpedo: Transport Warhead will cause an Isolytic Tear to form near the damaged target. This anomaly will chase down the nearest foe, causing physical damage and draining engine subsystem power to any enemies it encounters. 
  The Ruin of Our Enemies   
  Piercing Projectiles  Projectile Firing Modes grant Hull and Shield Penetration skill bonuses. 
Space Reputation Traits  Precision  Increases your Critical Hit Chance in space combat. 
  Advanced Targeting Systems  Slightly increases critical severity in space combat. 
  Omega Kinetic Shearing  Kinetic Torpedoes and Mines deal an additional 10% of the damage they deal before resistances are calculated, as a shield-penetrating DoT over 6 a second period. 
  Torpedo Astrometric Synergy  Using a Torpedo Bridge Officer ability reduces Science Bridge Officer recharge times. 
  Tyler's Duality  Critical Chance based on Hull Capacity 
Duty Officers  Projectile Weapons Officer  [SP] Chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes 
  Projectile Weapons Officer  [SP] Chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes 
  Projectile Weapons Officer  [SP] Chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes 
  Conn Officer  [SP] Recharges Evasive Maneuvers when Emergency Power to Engines is activated. 
  Shield Distribution Officer  [SP] Attack Pattern Beta restores hull when firing 
  Warp Core Engineer  [SP] Chance of removing all debuffs on use of any Emergency Power ability 
  Warp Core Engineer  [SP] Chance of removing all debuffs on use of any Emergency Power ability 
submitted by itsjasonash to stobuilds [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 02:27 rivercanyon FS: CWC SBS DIVER ISSUE (QS120-DD) with CWC CASE GUARD COVER DIVER BLACK $730 USD [USA]

The value of this watch to me is that it is still wrapped up in bubble wrap and tape sealed as received new from UK CWC for a gift.



I have only lifted the lid on the cardboard box to give you a view of the inside contents. I will not be able to open the bubble wrap, since the watch seal will have to be broken, taking away from the value that cannot then be restored. Thank you for your understanding.

As listed below, set comes with CWC watch and a case guard, will not separate:

I need $730 USD NET your choice PP or Z shipped in USA with USPS Signature Confirmation. Please PM me your complete shipping address with first contact if you want this watch.

Any fee's are responsibility of buyer. I do not wish for any trades and can also be reached via email; [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

This is a very common and familiar watch. I have also included a third stock photo from the manufacturer for those not familiar with this watch to aid their research along with the factory description below:.


CWC SBS DIVER ISSUE - Currently issued to specialist units

NSN: 0555 / 6645-99 7995443

Built for elite units of the British Forces, the Royal Marines & Special Boat Service, currently also issued to Royal Navy Divers, Commanders and other specialist roles.

Capable of submersing to 300 metres / 1000ft and made for the toughest conditions. Real history and true provenance associated with this watch which has been issued now for 30+ years. The original MOD specification dates back to 1987 signed by the Officer Commanding Royal Marines for CWC to produce this watch and has been issued since then.

Cabot Watch Company SBS divers' watch has been made to exacting MOD specs
Made and Assembled in Switzerland
Water-resistant to 300m
Screw down crown
Screw down caseback
Used by Royal Marines SBS and other specialist diving units.
Sapphire glass, diameter 31mm
120-click bezel diameter 40mm
Black PVD casing
45mm diameter including crown (41mm excluding crown), 47mm lug to lug, 20mm lug width, Bezel diameter 40mm, Crystal diameter 31mm
Super Luminova markings
Ronda Swiss made 517 Quartz movement
Fixed bars, 20mm black strap supplied as standard.
Cabot Watch Company have supplied this watch to the Special Boat Service of the Royal Navy since 1987 and is currently issued to certain units
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2023.03.28 02:10 Atrotragrianets What does the game contain besides mining and warfare?

I have many hours in Stellaris and decided to try DW2. After I've learned how the basic things work, the game started to look empty for me. I don't see what can I do besides building new stations non-stop and conquer sometimes.
Stellaris has many additional activities besides warfare and expansion like diplomacy things, various events and end game crises.
What does DW have? Diplomacy looks quite simple, the only useful jnteraction is to make a gift, events looks too minor like finding and restoring a ship. Logistics looks interesting, but as a player there's a little how I can interact with this. Do I miss something or the game is really empty right now?
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2023.03.28 02:02 MerkadoBarkada IPO ANALYSIS: Performance data on the last 15 IPOs, plus a segmented analysis of things like "All Villar IPOs", "No Stab Fund IPOs", and "Renewables" (T:Mar28)

Happy Tuesday, Barkada --

The PSE lost 7 points to 6595 ▼0.1%

Thanks to Jing and kalelManila.eth for the ALTER meme love, and to Market Babbler for the great idea to see if sponsors want to donate raffle prizes to future IPO Allocation polls!
Today's episode is dominated by some meta analysis of the performance last 15 IPOs (excluding LPC) that have happened since RCR back in September of 2021.
As you'll see, I've chopped the list up into some fun segments (All Villar, No Villar, All REIT, no REIT, Renewables, No Stab Fund, etc), and analysed how those segments performed on a 1st day basis and a long-term basis.
I'm looking to do more of this kind of thing in the future, but I'm curious to know what you think of it, and how to improve. Do you have any suggested segments that I could do? Food? Financials? SMEs v Big Boards? Let me know!
Shout-outs to Jonathan Burac, SE Accounting Solutions Philippines, Harry Lego, CHARToons, Jing, LanAustria, Palaboy Trader, Market Babbler, PF JTor Realtor, mArQo, cristinaorlina, Lance Nazal, Evolves Capital, Inc., meloi, Chip Sillesa, Dividend Pinoy PGG, Justn, Rolex Jodieres, and Jing for the retweets, and to Jayvee Menil, Evolves.co, and Mike Ting for the FB shares!

In today's MB:

Daily meme Subscribe (it's free) Today's email

▌Main stories covered:

  • [META] Short- and long-term performance of recent IPOs... There have been a total of 16 IPOs over the past 18 months, starting with RL Commercial REIT [RCR] in September of 2021, and ending with Alternergy [ALTER] that happened last Friday. There are many that will say that IPOs, especially those in the Philippines, are losers that shouldn’t be touched, and they’ll often tell jokes in the forums about dropping by after the opening bell to grab IPO stocks on fire-sale discounts. There are also many that, despite these warnings, invest in IPOs almost out of habit. Perhaps out of fear of missing out on one that pops hard, or perhaps because they just enjoy the feeling of being a part of a somewhat-exclusive process. So using those 15 IPOs over the past 18 months, let’s take a closer look at how they performed after their first day, and then again as of yesterday’s close. I’ve left LFM Properties [LPC] out of this analysis, because it was not a typical IPO that a person could purchase during an offer period, and its first-day trading is not subject to the same rules as the rest of the IPOs in the group because it was an IPO by way of introduction.
    • First-day performance: In the chart, all of the IPOs have been sorted, in ascending order, by their first-day performance. As you’d likely guess, Medilines Distributors [MEDIC] takes the bouquet of flowers for giving us the worst IPO in the batch, which is also technically the worst-possible first-day performance allowable under the current rules for regular IPOs. The best-performing first-day in the group was AllDay Marts [ALLDY], which hit the ceiling on its first day. Out of the 15 IPOs, 20% “popped” (closing up over 10%), 40% were up (closing above 2% but below 10%), 26% were flat (closing above -2% but below 2%), 7% were down (closing below -2%), and 7% “pooped” (closing down over 10%; the opposite of popped).
    • First-day analysis: If you theoretically had been able to invest ₱10,000 into each of these IPOs, and then managed to sell each on the first day for the closing price indicated, then you’d have made ₱5,920 in profit (before trading fees and taxes) on ₱150,000 in initial investments. That’s about a 3.9% gross return. It’s beyond the scope of this fun chart to determine how easy it would have been to sell each stock for higher than its first-day close (many closed at prices that were lower than their intraday high), and it’s also beyond the scope for us to consider how easy or difficult it would be to actually sell the stocks for that end-of-day price.
    • Long-term performance: The chart is the same one used above, except this time, the first-day performance (blue) is matched up against each IPO’s performance to yesterday’s closing price (red). It’s plain to see that the longer time frame was not kind to stock performance. Could the story have been different if so many of the REITs weren’t blind-sided by inflation? Perhaps, but these are not events that we can just delete from the record, and so we should take the market as it is. MEDIC remains as the worst-performing IPO, down 73% from its IPO price, but MEDIC’s lead is hardly as pronounced in this dataset. Out of the 15 IPOs, 80% are in losing positions relative to their IPO offer prices. In fact, only 12.5% of IPOs are in positive positions: just SP New Energy [SPNEC] (+69%) and Figaro [FCG] (+31%). Out of the 15 IPOs, 13% popped, none were just “up”, 20% were flat, 13% were just “down”, and 54% pooped.
    • Long-term analysis: If we again imagine that our hypothetical IPO buyer spent ₱10,000 on each IPO and held each purchase until today, then that hypothetical trader’s “held to present day” portfolio value would have gone from ₱150,000 down to ₱132,000, a drop of 12%. That number is before transaction fees and taxes, and excludes the positive cash-flow of dividends and other rights that may have come with stock ownership (like SPNEC’s SRO). So many of those stocks that were in the first-day marginal gains category became pooped and migrated down into the substantial losses category. The two biggest changes were SPNEC, going from flat to 68% up, and ALLDY, which went from 50% up to 59% down.
    • Ok, but what if...: The easy response to this is to say something along the lines of, “I’d never have put any money in MEDIC, or anything Villar for that matter,” and so it’s maybe instructive to slice up the data a little further to see what would happen if the theoretical trader made some choices instead of just buying everything that came to market. There are so many different ways to cut these IPOs up into groups, but here are the ones that I went with just for a little fun analysis.
    • What if... analysis: So with the benchmark of +3.6 first-day performance for all IPOs, and -11.9% performance long-term for all IPOs, let’s take a look at how the rest stack up. Renewables have been the clear winner, both in the short-term (+3.3%) and long-term (+11%) (I didn’t count PREIT as a renewable, because it doesn’t have any renewable assets of any kind), as Renewables was the only group that has had long-term success. Pretty much all the fun segments that I made performed alright on the first day, except for the “No Stab Fund” group, which (predictably?) was the only group that ended the short-term in the negative (-3.0%). Interestingly, the No Stab Fund group was also the third-worst performing group over the long-term (-12.3%). Thanks to ALLDY, the All Villar group tied with All Stab Fund for best short-term performance (+6.5%), but... also thanks to ALLDY, the All Villar group was by-far the worst long-term performer (-35.3%).
    • MB BOTTOM-LINE: Generally, investing in IPOs was a marginally-positive thing if you sold at the end of the first day, and a fairly disastrous thing if you held everything that you bought without making any changes. And while it’s true that a lot has happened over the past 18 months that might have affected some of the IPOs and not others (COVID, inflation, changing listing rules, etc), I think this kind of surface-level analysis shows that a deeper analysis of each IPO as a unique event is probably closer to the path of success. Choosing to make no choices has been a terrible choice. Will it continue to be this way? Will buying everything without concern for the quality of the company, the pedigree of the ownership group, or the make-up of the deal continue to be a trash-tier strategy going forward? I mean, probably, but if I do this again next year after a huge bull market or some other large change that floated all IPO boats, maybe not? I think the best take-away from this is to realize that not all IPOs are created equal. Each one presents a different bouquet of short-term and long-term risks and rewards, and each one should meet some elevated set of criteria (above just being available to buy) to justify your investment! Make them earn it!
  • [NOTES] Quick takes from around the market...
    • MREIT [MREIT 14.66 ▲3.2%] [link] received SEC approval for the acquisition of four “prime” office properties from its parent company, Megaworld [MEG 2.00 ▼3.4%], valued at ₱5.4 billion. MREIT will pay for the properties by issuing 263,700,000 common MREIT shares to MEG, pricing the deal at ₱20.00 per MREIT share. MREIT noted that this is 41% higher than MREIT’s market price. MREIT also noted that the occupancy rate of the new towers is 96%, which is marginally higher than its existing occupancy rate of 95%, but noticeably lower than the occupancy rates of its office space REIT peers, AREIT [AREIT 34.20 ▲0.6%] (97%) and RL Commercial REIT [RCR 5.68 ▲0.5%] (99%).
      • MB Quick Take: MREIT said that it will recognize income from the new properties starting on January 1st of 2023, so this income should show up in MREIT’s Q1/23 financial statements, and should provide a boost to its Q1/23 dividend, which shareholders should probably appreciate because MREIT’s dividend has been trending lower for two consecutive quarters.
    • Semirara Mining and Power [SCC 30.95 ▲2.3%] [link] declared ₱3.50/share in regular and special dividends from FY22 operations. The dividends are payable on April 25 to SCC shareholders of record on April 13. Relative to SCC’s closing price yesterday, the combined dividend’s yield is 11.3%.
      • MB Quick Take: This is the kind of dividend that will make mouths water, but it’s perhaps something of a cold comfort to all of those investors that jumped into SCC over ₱40/share at the height of its surge in early Q4/22. For those people, this dividend’s yield is closer to 8.50%.
    • FMETF [FMETF 102.50 ▲0.5%] [link] was halted for 2.5 hours yesterday because the iNAV calculation was not updating correctly. The iNAV value is the real-time value of the shares that are owned by FMETF, and the correct display of this number is a crucial piece of information that investors need to properly price the FMETF security.
      • MB Quick Take: This is the fourth time since September of 2022 that FMETF has been halted during live trading to solve this specific problem. I feel like I have better uptime for some of my data sources that I collect using a goofy system of terrible scraping code and overly-complicated Google Sheets formulas that are prone to a wide variety of (human) errors. For an error that is so common, it’s a little bit weird that it (1) continues to happen, and (2) takes so long to resolve. The iNAV first stopped updating at 10:30, and wasn’t restored until 2:30. In a trading day that’s only 4.5 hours long, being down for 3 hours is kind of a big deal.
    • Global Ferronickel [FNI 2.45 ▲2.9%] [link] teased FY22 net income of ₱2.2 billion, up 9%. FNI said that total ore shipped for FY22 was down 24% due to bad weather, but that revenues only fell 13% due to the higher quality of ore mix and favorable forex exchange. > - MB Quick Take: The increased production from the Palawan mine will help, but that too will be impacted by rain delays and storms. FNI is one of those stocks where the execution of the management team can be saved or killed by factors that are largely beyond their control, like market prices of ore and the weather. That’s why I’m interested to see FNI trying to climb the value chain by building investing heavily in a steel mill and port facility in Bataan; the higher up the value chain, the less severe the peaks and valleys from these forces beyond that are beyond the power of the boardroom to control.
MB is written and distributed every trading day. The newsletter is 100% free and I never upsell you to some "iNnEr cIrClE" of paid-membership perks. Everyone gets the same! Join the barkada by signing up for the newsletter, or follow me on Twitter. You can also read my daily Morning Halo-halo content on Philstar.com in the Stock Commentary section, and in the Saturday edition of the Daily Manila Shimbun.

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2023.03.28 01:57 CeJota_ WW2 in among us terms

Uh, h-hi there. So, um, Among Us is a game where players are split into two groups, the Crewmates and the Imposters. The Crewmates have to do tasks and the Imposters try to sabotage the ship and eliminate the Crewmates without getting caught. And, um, during World War II, there were two big groups, the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers. The Allied Powers, like the Crewmates, were trying to complete their tasks and restore peace to the world. But the Axis Powers, like the Imposters, were trying to sabotage the efforts of the Allied Powers and eliminate their members without getting caught. It was a really tense time, and the Allied Powers had to work together and be really careful to root out the Imposters and prevent them from sabotaging everything. In the end, it was the teamwork and determination of the Allied Powers that led to their victory. Uh, I hope that helps!
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2023.03.28 01:53 StoshFerhobin pre-sapient species disappeared

pre-sapient species disappeared
I had some pre-sapien species on a nearby planet i wanted to eventually uplift. When I settled there, they are gone from the pop tab? Is this how this should work? Do they come back if/when I get the tech to uplift? or are you not supposed to settle on pre-sapien planets ?
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2023.03.28 00:11 Zeatah [F4F] 25+ Looking to Create OC Plots for MxF Modern Crime/Drama/Angst/Romance RP

Hi everyone, I’m Zytah. I’m a long time role player with over 20 years of experience. Recently, I’ve found myself in need of a new roleplaying partner after spending over 10 years RPing with the same person. I would really like to find something steady and long term with someone new who I can connect with on a personal level and collaborate with on a creative one.
I’m a 34-year-old married mother of two, and would prefer to find another female RPer around the same age as me, but no younger than 25. I can usually post at least once or twice a week, but sometimes posts can be delayed for two weeks depending on circumstances or the length of the post I’m working on. I do have young children at home and sometimes it can be difficult for me to find the time to write, so I’m hoping to find a patient RP partner that is understanding of that.
I almost exclusively write MxF or MxFxM, but in rare cases I can write FxF for the right character or situation. I do prefer to play male characters wherever possible, but I can play female as well. The majority of my characters fit the crime genre as they are either involved in law enforcement or are criminals. I’ve spent many years developing them. All of them exist in the same world together and many know or have histories with each other, so really I’m looking to create new plots for them, potential ships, further world building, etc. The current world they live in is modern realistic with hints of supernatural elements.
I do have several mains and have a tendency to write for multiple characters at once, so my post length can widely vary in size from 300 to >3,000 words. It really depends on how inspired I am at the time, how much effort you’ve put in in your own posts, and how many characters I’m writing for. You can generally expect multiple paragraphs.


I’m a huge fan of writing erotica. That being said, I’m not looking to base any RP around it. I don’t like rushing to smut or sacrificing the storyline just to get to it faster. I’m looking for authentic chemistry between our characters in a way that feels natural and allows them to remain IC the whole time. If the mood strikes, that’s fine, but if the characters don’t vibe well then I don’t want them shipped much less becoming intimate. Please also keep in mind I’m really not into extreme or very niche kinks. If you are then I’m not the right partner for you.

What I’m Looking For in a Partner

The kind of partner I’m looking for is someone comfortable RPing multiple characters and parallel storylines, can write independently and doesn’t need to rely on me to push the story forward, is comfortable RPing both male and female characters, matches my energy and writing style, can communicate well; and is laid back, easygoing, open minded, consistent and reliable. Must be an experienced writer with a firm understanding of the English language, is okay with ERP and will RP in the third person, past tense.

Things I Appreciate

Things I’m Not Interested In

Pet Peeves

Partial Writing Sample

Cradling the pendant in his hand, Nash opened a small, square box that was just off to the side of his workbench, and carefully set the necklace inside. He stood to his feet, clicked the lamp off, slipped on his coat, then proceeded to lock up the small warehouse, his home away from home, where he'd been holed up for most of the night. His first inhalation outside the shop came in sharp pricks as he drew one smooth, long breath of cold air deep within his lungs. He wore a black parka with the fur hood flipped back, a gray shirt and dark fitted jeans. He'd started down the road until he reached a sidewalk and made it to the first red light at the intersection up ahead when he felt the subtlest of sensations, feather light, brush against his clothes. A breeze? No, he thought, something about it was different. His hands shifted just as someone passed him, the person's clothes—a slim fit hooded leather jacket and matching pants—cut a silhouette of what could only belong to a man, and had Nash instinctively pressing a palm over where he kept the necklace safe.
That man had taken it.
"Hey—!" It was too late. The light turned green. The man was running. And running fast. "Dammit—" Nash hissed, and sprang on his heel and started to run after him.
And could he move.
A sudden burst of adrenaline fueled his steps, and carried him straight across the intersection in three strides, horns blaring in his wake. He chased the man down the street and around the corner, cutting left, right, left again, with a speed that undoubtedly matched his own. Strangely enough though, the man in the hood didn't seem all that bothered by the idea that his mark was now after him. He didn't look over his shoulder to check how far ahead he was. Nor did he hesitate on where to go. In fact, it almost seemed as though he'd already had a predetermined route in mind, like for the past few minutes he'd been leading Nash somewhere. But where?
A quick glance at his surroundings, and Nash quickly gathered they would soon close in on the train tracks that ran directly through the city. Nash tailed him around the corner and hesitated a moment, not sure whether to go after the man or not, or how far he could continue to keep up. Of course, in the end, he chose to go after him. Because even though they were coming up on the tracks, they'd need to cross a steep incline, a hill, just to get there, and Nash was always good at running on hills. If he could just stay on him to the incline, he knew he could catch him. He wasn't getting away. He wouldn't let him. Nash picked up the pace as much as he could, and then went a notch over that.

What’s Next

I exclusively use Discord to RP. If you fit the criteria and this sounds like something you would be interested in, please feel free to DM me. I would love to get to know you and your characters. Tell me a little bit about yourself and please send a sample of your writing and we can go from there. If I feel like we would be a good match, I will share my Discord handle and we can create a private server together. If after that we discover our writing styles or personalities don’t really mesh well together, we can amicably go our separate ways.
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2023.03.28 00:10 Kiskeym2 [Essay] Unova's Chronicles V Part II: The Hisuian Colonization

For other analysis on the Pokémon narrative, check the Main Hub!

NOTE: This is the second part to this thread. This wasn't meant to be split in three but the thread was too long for Reddit so I had to do this.

Romance Dawn

With Pokémon finally getting closer to humanity and the Church completely falling apart from the inside, it was just a matter of time for Unova to open its ports to the outside.
We’ve already discussed in detail how a war broke out 300 years ago between Kalos and neighbouring nations, possibly over a vacant throne in Paldea, and how Unova offered financial support to the Pokémon France.
"The Kalos region and the Unova region must have been in contact with each other. The Pokémon statue near the entrance is Reshiram, and this statue is Zekrom. They’re both Legendary Pokémon of the Unova region."
The fact Reshiram and Zekrom statues were gifted to the Sun King as a sign of peace between the two nations is enough proof of how much Pokémon were re-evaluated: the two dragons weren’t terrible beasts who ignited the skies in the distant past, but beautiful heralds heritage of a flourishing age.
On the top of that, the Parfum Palace is filled with statues of Bisharp, suggesting Pokémon soldiers were also traded from the faraway land. With the army being opened to others than humans, it’s clear how much the cultural setting changed within a century - and Unova trying to emerge on the geopolitical chess sending goods to other regions shows the economy was in a good state.
Another evidence of Pokémon and mankind getting closer and closer is the construction of Village Bridge 200 years ago. According to NPCs living there, the settlement was built by a man and his Gurdurr after an old village was washed away by the overflowing of the river beneath - confirming the secrets of concrete weren’t exclusive to the Entralink culture anymore.
“My great-great-great-grandfather and his Gurdurr worked together and built this Village Bridge.”
“Isn't this a unique sort of bridge? A long time ago, the river overflowed, and all the houses were washed away. So people built new houses on top of the bridge to keep them safe from flooding!”
But not everyone was faithful humanity could live in harmony with Pokémon. While people were rediscovering the mystical creatures inhabiting their world, this also meant they would have eventually claimed their powers for themselves. Indeed, if the Team Plasma attires were based on Middle Ages soldiers, their outfit in the sequels hints to what was of the old cult: corsairs carrying the Chi Rho on their chests started to steal and plunder Unova, striking from the sea overnight and bringing terror to the mainland.
Some of them could’ve been true men of faith, trying to subvert the established order once again and bring new life to their religion, others were just in search of treasures and mere power - it was definitely fitting for Ghetsis to exhume their uniforms when the true face of Team Plasma was revealed.
It was in this context that, 200 years ago, a rich man, dreaming of world of peace between Pokémon and mankind, bought an island in the waters south of Castelia and imprisoned there the Mythical Pokémon Victini. He knew well enough the tremendous force the creature could share, and he could never allow evil deeds to be committed through its subjugation.
[Liberty Island map] An island symbol of hope for a world where humans and Pokémon live free.
“This is a secret room meant to hide Victini! Two hundred years ago, a certain rich person bought this entire island and hid Victini in this underground room. After that, no one saw Victini, and it became a mythical Pokémon...”
It’s unknown where the man of Liberty Island met Victini for the first time, but the Pokémon became “Mythical” only after its imprisonment - confirming its existence was known by people of his times. The Victory Pokémon has a history with the Kingdom of the Vale, maybe even birthing from the power of its Sword, so it’s possible it remained in contact with the People of the Entralink for a while - its ability to increase the chance of winning isn’t conceptually much different from Pass Powers like Lucky Power, suggesting a common origin.
It's to note the Pokémon surely saw Eindoak after the giant blade was moved there, as confirmed by the Special Home shaped out of its memories. But this isn’t weird considering how much Pokémon Dream Radar elaborates on Legendary Pokémon being able to naturally coming in and out of the Dream World: in other words, Victini wasn’t bound by the dimensional bubble the humans living in the Entralink were trapped in.
If this is true, then the wealthy man could’ve just been one of the Entralink descendants who decided to settle for the new world, a noble perhaps if he had the authority for bringing Victini with him. But when he witnessed harbours assaulted by pirates using Pokémon as a tool for conquest, all he could think of was fleeing to a remote island, building a lighthouse to foresee potential attacks, and segregate his friend in its basement.
“In the basement of the lighthouse built over 200 years ago, the mythical Pokémon Victini was sleeping!”
Juniper: “I'm sure that the rich person who built this underground room for Victini was sincerely trying to help it. But I think shutting the poor thing up in this room was a mistake.”
From there, Victini started “sleeping” until our arrival, which once again stresses the connection between the Pokémon and the Dream World. The creature lingered in the Rugged Mountain - then already drifted to the sleeping realm - thinking of the old days of Eindoak and the Sword of the Vale. As Juniper puts it, the man likely had good intentions, but the path he took was ultimately wrong: trying to separate Pokémon from humanity only led to suffering; a lesson people from beyond the sea knew learned very well.

From the other side of the sea

I will elaborate further on the Pokémon Legends: Arceus setting when we'll come to its analysis, but the game is heavily based on the post-Meiji Restoration colonization of Hokkaido - with the region having its name changed from Ezochi in 1869. Both this, the state of technology, and some in-game dialogues make the time-frame for the game plausible to be around 150 years ago.
Having this in mind, we know Unova played a marginal role in Hisui colonization - the Oshawott handed over by Laventon can only come from there, with the Pokédex confirming it for the best.
This Pokémon from the Unova region uses the shell on its belly as a weapon to cut down its foes. Thus, I've conferred upon this shell the name "scalchop."
After the events of the game, it’s implied a group of Hisuians decided to depart from their homeland and sail to new and mysterious lands. In particular, the tales spoken by the foreigners of Galaxy Team may have inspired the minds of Pearl Clan members - the thought of vast spaces inhabited by all kinds of humans and Pokémon was more appealing to them then to Diamond Clan, whose descendants are in fact all in modern Sinnoh.
Lian is among the ones who decided to take the sea, and as it’s made clear enough by his heritage he eventually settled in Unova. The idea of Clay being a foreigner wasn’t made up with Legends: developers confirmed at the time of Black and White release they thought of him as a descendant of Japanese immigrants came to Unova seeking the American Dream:
Ohmura: “Designing this character was incredibly difficult. First of all, he’s a tycoon and president of a mining company. And he’s also based on people of Japanese descent who live outside of Japan — we’ve heard about the kind of people who move abroad, and are out chasing the American Dream.”
Immigration taking place specifically from Sinnoh was also hinted in the games, although localization made it less clear. In English, Striaton City map description states:
Entry stairs built in memory of a former home in a snowier climate.
Which is a bit confusing. Was the city climate once much colder than it is today? In reality, the Japanese description clarifies the settlement was established by immigrants, with their former home being a snowy place - perfectly coherent with how Hisui was later depicted.
雪除けの 階段は 移住してきた 人々が 故郷を思い つけたもの
Stairs to keep out the snow were built by immigrants who thought of their hometown.
The immigrants arrived by sea to the South-East coasts of Unova, a land with little to none history, far from the crowded metropolis of the hinterland. The Hisuians easily intermingled with small local realities, and maybe the population of Striaton City grew to a point Nuvema Town and Accumula Town had also to be established nearby.
Eventually the new ethnic group reached more populated areas, and Clay currently presiding over Driftveil City is only one of the hints. The city currently trades goods with far regions like Johto, and in fact we can buy from its market various exotic products, from herbal medicines to Moomoo Milk.
“Goods carried away from Driftveil arrive in a town somewhere else... Yeah. The world is connected.”
The Pearl and Diamond Clan originally consisted of Johtonian who travelled across the sea in search of the God’s promised land, some centuries after Celestica’s downfall. It makes sense, then, some cultural legacy from Johto was kept by immigrants in Unova.
On Route 7 we came across the Celestial Tower [タワーオブヘブン, Tower of Heaven], a tall building serving as a resting place for Pokémon whose lives reached an end. At the very top of the tower is located a large bell, and it’s said its tones can purify the spirit.
A tall tower with a large bell whose tones are said to purify the spirit.
“At the very top of the Tower, there's a big bell. I've heard that when you ring it, it pleases the spirits.”
The ritual use of bells located on the roof of towers is obviously in cultural continuity with Johtonian traditions, as we’ll better explore in threads dedicated to the Bell and the Burned Towers. The object is specifically a 鉦 [kane)], a traditional Japanese bell used for music and Shinto ceremonies. In the Pokémon World those are strictly associated with Lugia, and it comes with no surprise the Pearl Clan, as worshippers of Palkia, would be inclined to keep the reverence of a Sea God in their cults.
So, even if the Celestial Tower could have existed before, the bell was likely put by Hisuian explorers - which also suggests the near Mistralton City already existed when they arrived. A similar thing happened with the establishment of the small farming village on Route 14, but we’ll return to that later.
Among the colonisers, some members of the Galaxy Team may have also joined the crew. The Shadow Triad have an obvious Japanese lineage, so it’s possible their ancestors arrived in Unova among the other migrants. In the Pokémon World ninjas as strictly connected to the traditions Mahogany Town, and with Kamado and Beni having their roots on the destroyed settlement on the Lake of Rage we can assume other compatriots came to Hisui in search of a new home.
But with the Triad embracing Team Plasma ideals to their fullest, the implication couldn’t be more evident: they never forgave the Gyarados for having set their village on fire, and when the Galaxy Team reconciled with Pokémon they left with a desire of revenge in their heart. The same hatred was carried by their descendants, and Ghetsis having saved the three warriors’ lives was a fated encounter: finally someone could understand, how Pokémon and humans should be divided!
“From the day Ghetsis saved our lives, we have sworn to be loyal to him.”
By the way, Lian wasn’t the only relevant member of his clan to have come abroad: someone who was much more familiar with the region may have decided to leave Hisui, maybe drawn to the land by confounded memories.
In Galar the Industrial Revolution exploded about 300/200 years ago, mirroring the real time-frame conventionally attributed to the period [from the late 18th century to the middle of the 19th century], with first researches on steam engines dating far back to 400 years ago with the discovery of Rolycoly.
In Unova, scientific progress seems to have taken a slower pace - coherently with Pokémon and humans starting to work together again with more resistance than other regions. And indeed, while in Galar intense mining allowed to brought to the surface the Coal Pokémon four hundred years ago, it took three centuries more for Unova to do the same for Roggenrola [maybe Lian always had the blood of a miner in his veins].
They were discovered a hundred years ago in an earthquake fissure. Inside each one is an energy core.
Poké Ball not existing in Drayden’s youth could just be an inconsistence due to BW and LPA taking place in different continuities, but could also be another hint to Unova being far more underdeveloped than other regions until very recent times.
"What is important is your mental preparation as the Champion, Iris. When I was little, Poké Balls didn't exist yet. Sometimes Pokémon would run away from awful Trainers who didn't try to understand them."
One of the first step to Unova’s industrialization may have been the construction of a new train station in Nimbasa City. The Battle Subway originally used models we can now only witness in Anville Town, whose cabins seem to give a 19th century vibe.
“This train car is the kind that ran a long time ago. Compared to contemporary train cars, it has more parts, so I heard it was difficult to build. The old train cars built with lots of small parts have their own unique beauty and attract a lot of fans. Those cars no longer run in the Battle Subway, but I hear they're still used in a faraway region. Ah... I'd love to be on that train!”
What’s all this fuss about trains all of a sudden? Sure, connecting different points of the region through those new, fast, steamy machines was a true revolution, but founding an entire town in the most isolated outskirts only to enlarge at a ridiculous maximum the rail network sounds truly exaggerated. Trains became an indissoluble part of Unovan culture, to a point we can even find a book about locomotives in Nacrene City’s library:
This is a book about a locomotive. Flame burns inside its body, and it gives off smoke from its head while it runs by using steam power!
This sudden train fever has an explanation, and his name is Ingo. As we learn in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the Subway Boss accidentally travelled back in time somewhen after Unova’s games, and ended up in the far Hisui 150 years prior. His memories have faded, but small glimpses of his former life manage to resurface now and then - as his dialogues make clear:
“For my part, I simply found myself one day here in Hisui, a region whose name I'd never heard... All I could remember was my own name.”
“I recall, faintly, that I had a partner once. A precious one. Its name escapes me, but I remember that it wielded flames with mastery. If only it were here, I'm sure it would light the way, luring us onward..."
"I'm starting to recall a man who looked... like me. We'd battle and discuss Pokémon, I think... The words "I like winning more than anything else" flashed through my mind just now..."
"Only to say that I recalled some things after did the honor of traveling with me. Things to do with a world where I believe I lived before my memories were lost. Most people there caught Pokémon, lived with them, formed supportive partnerships with them... And then there were the Pokémon Trainers…"
After interacting with us, Ingo regains parts of his memories. It would only a matter of time, then, for him to take a ship and head to his former hometown - maybe without really knowing why. But when he stepped foot on Unova, he sensed something was lacking: where were the fierce and mighty beasts of steel he vaguely saw in his dreams? Nowhere. It was unacceptable: he had to make them a reality.
And so, we’re in front of the most classic of temporal paradoxes: the Subway Boss travelled in the past, and was likely the main reason the Battle Subway was created in the first place. And Anville Town? It had to be there! No matter how much rails had to be built and how nonsensical the positioning was, there was a city there. Or at least, that was what Ingo could’ve swear!
We don’t know if Ingo ever managed to reunite with his brother and his former Pokémon, but the Battle Subway surely had its success. For a while the old model was used for transportation, but with the boom of Pokémon Training in recent years the whole structure was converted in a Battle Facility. Out of the trains currently in function the Single Train is the oldest model, and with the Double Train being developed only about a decade ago we can infer the station was modernized only very recently.
“This is a Single Train! It's the oldest train in the Battle Subway. It's for a loop line to go around the Unova region! Do you know Tubeline Bridge? The train that runs on it is this Single Train.”
“This car is a Double Train! This is a mass-produced car from a decade ago! Compared to a Single Train, the number of parts was reduced so it could be built for a lower cost. The number of parts influences the budget and construction time. The streamlined and beautiful design of the Double Train is still valued today.”
The Pearl Clan Warden wasn’t the only one to cross the boundary of time. As we’ll learn in future analysis, the Hero of Celestica mysteriously disappeared one day, and many searched for him all over the world. But their efforts were in vain, it was impossible for them to find him: as he awakened without his former memories in a marvellous, unknown land more than two thousand years in the future.
The place was apparently called Unova, and people and Pokémon lived together in harmony. He probably couldn’t understand the obsession over steamy machines and other weird technologies, but something about seeing those two worlds living side by side made him happy. Then, almost naturally, he decided to venture in unexplored lands in search of new Pokémon to befriend.
“As they wandered in search of Pokémon, people began making homes in more places. This ranch used to be a grassy meadow. It's now become a place where people and Pokémon have homes together!”
The area on the South-West of Unova we can explore in the sequels was an uncontaminated meadow, until people started to wander there in the hope of meeting new Pokémon. Floccesy Town is described in the map as village whose clock tower is a sign of its origin, and the presence of a bell on top could again suggests a Japanese influence.
The town is famous for a clock tower that tells of the town's beginnings.
The town’s motto is "Prophecy Flocks Here", with the Japanese kanji of [易, divination] hinting to a possible spiritual, divine origin of the settlement. And noticing the town OST being oddly similar to Relic Song is the last thing we need to unravel the mystery: the Mythical Pokémon Meloetta came in contact with the people venturing in the land, and granted them its blessing. Since then, Pokémon accepted humans among them, and mankind had new homes to prosper - Aspertia City and Virbank City could’ve been founded in the same instance.
No one was better than the ancient Hero of Celestica to be noticed by the Melody Pokémon: he was a musician after all, and the songs he played with his Celestica Flute tamed feral, rogue beasts in the past. Evidently, his skills weren’t gone with his memories. Meloetta answered the call after a long period of silence - the last time we have a vague idea it might have interacted with humans was during the reign of the first Harmonia - recognizing the man pure heart. The Swords of Justice living nearby clearly weren’t able to do the same, as they flew away as soon as they sensed humans approaching, hiding in the spots in which we can currently find them in the games.
After his last adventure, the Hero decided to finally rest for a while. He built a little house on Floccesy’s edge, and eventually got married, had a child - who got married and and had a child too. He was probably the happiest person in the world to finally get the family he could never had. But even in his old age, his adventurous spirit could not be extinguished, and at some point he started to travel across the region with his Pokémon once again - until he managed to become its stronger Trainer, the Champion of Unova. But that’s another story entirely.
Meloetta getting back in touch with mankind was probably something which resonated through all the region. According to the tradition, the Pokémon Musical was once a Musical Theater for humans, but one day a Pokémon got on the stage and started to perform an act. No one is better than the Mythical Pokémon in its Pirouette Forme to deliver such a show.
“Originally, people performed in this Musical Theater. One time, a Pokémon wandered up on stage and started imitating the actors. Everybody thought it was sensational! Ta-daaa! The Pokémon Musical was born.”
With Nimbasa becoming the heart of Unova’s transports and entertainment [with the Big Stadium and the Small Court being constructed in later decades, alongside the amusement park with its characteristic Rondez-View Ferris Wheel], other cities could not afford to be left behind. Castelia City experienced a massive process of urbanization until it became the megalopolis it is today, although the original tree which marked the town beginning was always left intact.
The Casteliacone became a local specialty, and people from all over the country came to have a taste of the delicacy. The ice cream was likely based on Vanillite appearance, not the other way around - the Fresh Snow Pokémon are born by icicles which wished to not melt when bathed by the morning sun, and their evolution were around since the Ice Age.
When the morning sun hit an icicle, it wished not to melt, and thus Vanillite was born. At night, it buries itself in snow to sleep.
This hearty Pokémon survived the Ice Age. It's incredibly popular in very hot regions.
In the same period, the warehouses of Nacrene City were constructed. The town already existed in the past, but according to an NPC the factories and storehouses were abandoned until the new generations gave them new life, establishing their art workshops there.
A city established in restored storehouses built 100 years ago.
“These old textile factories and storehouses were abandoned. But enterprising young people started using them as studios. That could be called the beginning of Nacrene City, the city of art.”
An unprecedented consequence of the Industrial Revolution was the appearance of Klink in the Chargestone Cave. According to Juniper researches, sighting of the Gear Pokémon stop to one hundred years ago, strongly suggesting its artificial origin.
Juniper: “This cave has been around since the distant past, but... Data to prove that Klink existed more than a hundred years ago can't be found. So that must mean... Klink suddenly appeared a hundred ago!”
The Chargestone Cave is an ancient site. In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, we discover in Steven Stone’s house samples of greenschist excavated from the site. This is a rock formed by regional metamorphic process under precise conditions of temperature [300 - 450 °C] and pressure [2 - 10 kilobars], with deposits having been found in North America and used in by prehistoric men to craft axes and other tools.
Its Japanese name is 電気石の洞穴, and while this can be read as “Electric Stone Cave”, the kanji used are also the same for tourmaline. This mineral group, again being prominent in the United States, shows high magnetic susceptibilities - giving the Chargestone Cave its peculiar field able to trigger Magneton and Nosepass evolutions. It’s not a stretch, then, to think the same minerals imbued with electricity produced by Joltik and Tynamo living in the cavern for thousands of years eventually managed to permeate man-made gears - ultimately giving birth to the Klink line.


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2023.03.27 23:46 professor_madness Update unwanted.

Update unwanted.
After accidentally updating my 8 Pro, I have suffered countless inconveniences with the latest OxygenOS.
I asked OnePlus to restore my phone to the way it was when I purchased it.
They claim there is little they can do.
I'm now stuck having laid for a phone I don't want, with an OS I did not purchase.
They told me I had to ship it in so they could charge me for repairs.
Is it this frustrating for anyone else?
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2023.03.27 22:30 RagingFarmer How do you know when to trust someone?

So I have been playing for over a month now, have my own ships, done tall tales, okay at PvP, almost pirate legend and so on.... So in this time I have encountered like three or four other ships that meant what they said. Everyone else lied or betrayed... This has given me some issues.... So now when someone sails towards me that I think I may lose to with too much loot I just sail away. Others I attack on sight if need be.
For example. Over the weekend. Wife n I ran into a player unloading but I just wanted to restore my ship since it was beat to sh*t.... Pulled up explained to the captain I did not care about his loot and restored my ship. I never went near his. We had a nice conversation about ancient skellies and went on our way.
Welllllll.... I guess I should have sunk him. He turned and attacked as soon as we left... He made it a point that he did this because it was new lol.... Well it was fine but my wife panicked and dropped anchor to try and get a shot..... Yeahhhh you can guess what happened...
Anywayssss. That is just an example of what I mean by you can't trust people.
I would rather sail my ship into the red abyss than let someone near my ship. Lmao. I hope that way they don't get any loot since I was going to scuttle anyway. But some days I just don't feel like fighting. Lol.
Like legit if people don't wanna talk to you don't chase them across the map. Although at that point I am positive you don't want to just talk.
I will say this though. I have had people leave me alone for the most part doing tall tales. Only had one person sink me then they turned around and messaged me apologizing. They like me just didn't trust.
I know this is a PvP game. I embrace that. I love the game. I just wanna know how the hell do y'all trust people? My community weekend was spent getting my ass kicked by alliances lmao xD
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2023.03.27 19:36 Sodaman_Onzo Unified Guide to The Infinite Sea: Royalty Edition Part Two

Unified Guide to The Infinite Sea
Royalty Edition
By Michael Porter
Part Two
Ok! Book 3. Lords Of Infinity!!!
Funds 12864, Income 180 Crowns
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 51, Health 65
I, Mike, of the house of Porter…
This is a façade: Wulfram has some deeper purpose in mind, speaking like this.
Wulfram is mistaken; we must maintain our defenses, regardless of the difficulty.
Time to gain foothold in the Royalist camp.
Wulfram’s words must be answered, and I will answer them.
Talking to Elson’s Dad doesn’t really matter.
My pardon sir, do you address me?
You speak of him in the past tense, does that mean…
Does he truly mean to leave the realm defenseless?
Someone had to. If not me, then who?
Or perhaps a more foolish one. I’ve made enemies today.
Someone must defend the army’s interests.
Does his majesty approve?
Wulfram is your enemy. Don’t accept his invitation to the Rendower Club.
My apologies, your Grace, but I am already spoken for this evening.
So it’s off to Lord Palliser’s unofficial military club. You get a variety of Rep choices here, and you can pick several. Meeting with, in my case, Blaylock and Sandoral gains you 2nd Squadron Loyalty for later in the game, Speaking to Lord Marcus gets you a bonus with Havenport.
I’d rather catch up with Blaylock and Sandoral.
Good evening, Blaylock, Sandoral.
I thought I would see how the two of you were doing.
If you’ll excuse me, I think I ought to see what everyone else is up to.
Perhaps I ought to speak with Lord Marcus.
How fares your brother, the Duke?
That is all, I ought to be going.
Palliser announces the formation of his military club.
It seems like a good idea, but such endeavors are never as easy as they seem.
Chapter One
Funds 12864, Income 180 Crowns
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 59, Health 65
Rest assured that I will not let them down, Saundersley.
The lessons of war have made me stronger. I’ll not abandon them.
I shall try to inspire them, convince them that we are bound for greater things.
You are aiming to marry Kat, so…
…the talks came to nothing. There was no engagement.
There is already someone else I have in mind.
We will be spending most of this run in the capital. You want your fief to grow, so give your tenants a break on their rent.
It is not an unreasonable request, given the circumstances. I’ll grant it.
No, I am merely a little overwhelmed. I shall figure it out with time.
We have no debt, and I intend for it to stay that way. The only way the massive project works is if you spend most of the game at your fief, and you miss out on a huge amount of stuff. I usually fix up the shrine to help your tenants get a long with the refugees later.
The village could use some improvements.
Let’s see to refurbishing the village shrine.
Finish managing the estate and continue.
There must be some way to keep myself occupied.
I ought to practice speaking and carrying myself…
Lord Karol Loch comes for a visit, and you can hire him (since you captured him in the war). He does an excellent job managing your lands while you’re away at the capital.
What happened to you since the end of the war?
You would be most welcome to stay here a while.
My mother has a…strong personality.
And what of your mother? And your sisters? Do they still live?
Perhaps I ought to go back inside.
It is something to consider, at least.
I have more power than one might think. It is merely more subtle in nature.
The realm needs me; I must go to Aetoria and make my voice heard.
Chapter Two
Funds 13809, Income 180 Crowns, Estate Revenue 300, Expenses 375 (+105)
Soldiering 51, Charisma 65, Intellect 53, Reputation 59, Health 65
I appoint Loch as my estate manager.
You still have your trusty Runegun, so…
I will not allow myself to be robbed by common thieves. I fight back!
Whatever their reasons, they betrayed their uniforms; the noose is too good for them.
Alright, time to pick your home! We are Royalists, and wealthy, so renting the former trading house at Victory Square nets you a huge influence bonus with the Crown.
Take a closer look at townhouses around Victory Square.
Former trading house or no, a huge townhouse is worth the price.
Open the letter from Lady Katarina.
Take a look at the letter from Garing.
Finish dealing with personal correspondence…
Loch wants to repair your home. Send him 1000 crown.
Now it’s time to choose a Club. There are advantages to each. I’m trying to shift the Navy’s support to the Queen in the final battle, so I’ll apply to the Admiralty Club.
Membership in the Admiralty Club appeals to me, perhaps…
I must make a visit to Admiralty House in person.
You misundersta-
I thought I’d take a look around, I was thinking of joining.
I mean to apply for membership immediately.
My military record is all the argument I need.
Chapter Three
Funds 12499, Income 180 Crowns, Estate Revenue 290, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (-210)
Soldiering 51, Charisma 65, Intellect 53, Reputation 76, Health 65
Not sure exactly why we’re meeting Wulfram here instead of the Queen. The Admiralty Club leans toward the Wulframites which we want to change. So…
I should take this chance to speak with the Duchess in confidence.
His Grace seems to treat you more as an equal than most.
Why me? Why note join yourself?
I fear I must decline.
The Commission must go forward unimpeded, the army must be reformed.
Wulfram goes too far! I vote against!
Yes, I mean to put myself on the Commission.
I need only allow my reputation to do the talking for me.
Ok, you are on the Army Reform Commission. This has more effect on the next game I think than this one. Us doing the Secret Mission has a big impact on what we can do and achieve. As far a how modern armies win battles, we want Hawthorne’s faction to win.
I’d like to see what Hawthorne and those infantry officers are up to.
Forgive me for asking, but is a permanent logistics corps really necessary?
A new sort of army, sir?
Do the other groups think as you do? Palliser and Castermaine?
I think I’d best speak to the others as well.
I should like to see what Palliser and his group are discussing.
What was it you were discussing before, about scouts?
You mentioned basic principles. What did you mean?
What is your opinion of the other groups?
I suppose I’d best go.
My vote is the King’s, for better or worse.
Loch wants to build a fence. Send him $400. You also had to pay out a special expense of $500. Being Lord is hard.
Chapter Four
Funds 11275, Income 180, Estate Revenue 276, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (-224)
Soldiering 51, Charisma 65, Intellect 53, Reputation 78, Health 65
I thank you for the compliment, Your Excellency.
He really didn’t, did he?
Shall I call upon you sometime?
A horrific winter descends. Donation lady shows up. The way it seems to work is that the less we donate to the poor, the more it benefits Wulframite power. Those freezing poor people who didn’t get the support of a noble will help him later. Fortunately, we also happen to be wealthy and debt free.
Very well, I shall make a donation.
Give at least 2000 crowns.
Loch wants to improve the Fence he built. Send 900 crowns.
Alright we have many options for furthering our cause. First things first, lets go visit Kat.
I would like to make some calls upon my friends and acquaintances.
I reacquaint myself with Lady Katarina.
I should have known your coldness was a ruse.
Have there been any serious candidates…for marriage, I mean?
Then what is to become of…us?
It doesn’t matter! I’ll fight for my beloved’s hand, impossibility or not!
I must turn my attention to the Army Reform Commission.
Hawthorne is right. It is the senior officers who best know the science of war.
I should do what I can to support the cause of raising Hunter of Wolfswood to Sainthood.
Shit, Hunter’s cause is being turned into a Wolframite plot.
Given your Grace’s opposition to the army, it is curious that you would champion a soldier’s memory.
Did you know Lord Wolfswood well, Your Grace?
How shall matters progress from here?
If Wulfram insists upon associating himself with this campaign, then I must oppose it.
I mean to see about enhancing my reputation and influence.
I should work towards increasing my stature within the Admiralty Club.
I vote against the Duke of Wulfram’s budget.
Even though I’m sure they’re up to something, there’s no penalty for saying no. Plus the King wants it.
If the Kian are willing to assist us, then that is only for the good.
Loch crushed the invasion of your Fief by the roadsmen. No shocker there.
He now wants to repair the roads. Send him 500 crowns.
The Club sounds like a good way to spend a winter.
The first rule of Fight Club is don’t talk about Fight Club.
You may, sir.
The chance of discovery cannot be too great if I keep my bets minimal.
Who wants to know?
Why yes, I am thinking of it.
No, to take coin would be beneath me.
Loch wants to fix up the stables and outbuildings. Send him 1000 crowns.
I must stay in Aetoria. I have obligations here I must fulfil.
Chapter Five
Funds 6468, Income 180, Estate Revenue 410, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (-90)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 62, Intellect 51, Reputation 69, Health 65
The Elf is departing the capital. Good riddance.
Perhaps the pressures of the post have finally cracked him.
We must gather support for the Kian treaty.
A treaty with the Kian would be in our best interests.
I must ensure that my own allies are not lured away by anti-treaty arguments.
So you’ve started winning over the Admiralty Club. Time for the Army Reform Commission. Stopping Castermain nets you support with the other two groups.
I’d better stop Castermaine before he scuttles the idea of standard officer training altogether…
And now for the big treaty vote.
It is my duty to speak in support of the Kian treaty.
I vote in favor of the treaty and the King’s budget.
The treaty is passed! Yay.
Not able to win over the Government, Wulfram unleashes the common people onto the Old City. The government puts the rioting down, hard.
Chapter Six
Funds 6468, Income 180, Estate Revenue 410, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (-90)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 62, Intellect 51, Reputation 69, Health 65
Good, the King cannot tolerate rebellion…
I do not see why it ought not be done.
If your Highness is so certain, then why not seek a warrant for his arrest?
So, what happens now?
Very well, I’ve made my decision.
The Crown has my support, Your Highness.
Loch wants to fix up the Tenant Cottages. Send 500 crowns.
Donation time again.
What would be an appropriate donation? I should make some inquiries.
Yes, I think I will make a donation.
They will not drive me out of the Cortes!
No, I will go after the opposition with all the powers at my disposal.
The King is dead.
Chapter Seven
Funds 3756, Income 270, Estate Revenue 438, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (+28)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 62, Intellect 51, Reputation 53, Health 65
I am well, sir-and very pleased to be under your command once more.
Then we must avoid being seen as associated with one faction or the other.
Very well, then. What is required of me?
The questions don’t matter.
Enough of this. To work.
Before all else, soldiers must have discipline!
I am still a soldier, and I mean to restore my abilities to what they once were.
Your answers to Garing don’t matter.
Time to save the Army Reform Commission.
No compromise: this Commission cannot hamstring itself for the sake of political expediency.
And now for a very awkward dinner party.
You speak as if we were at war.
I did what duty required of me, no more than that.
To hell with neutrality.
This is all assuming that the Queen agrees.
What if the Queen decides otherwise? What if she refuses your offer?
Those who still support the previous policy may object.
I am a Queen’s officer, Your Grace. If she commands it, I shall obey.
I spoke only my convictions, sir.
Chapter Eight
Funds 3756, Income 270, Estate Revenue 438, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (+28)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 62, Intellect 51, Reputation 53, Health 65
First Squad Discipline 24, Moral 33, Loyalty 20, Strength 80
Second Squad Discipline 23, Moral 23, Loyalty 19, Strength 65
Third Squad Discipline 60, Moral 55, Loyalty 15, Strength 40
More riots. You crap troops don’t have the stats to succeed at any of this so we will take a moral hit.
We should keep our distance and observe, but no more unless necessary.
Dragoons! Fall back, and regroup on me!
I shall endeavor to make it do, sir.
Loch wants to expand your cropland. Send him 1000 crowns.
I mean to take this seriously. Seal off the streets, find me some witnesses.
Arrest someone who resembles the description, someone who won’t be missed. He’ll do.
Back to the Army Reform Commission. Push through the new weapons.
We cannot afford to discount the advantages new weapon designs provide.
The Commission should recommend full and immediate adoption.
First Squadron is the softest of the lot, I’ll pitch in there.
We are the Queen’s Dragoons; naturally we must offer the Queen’s partisans protection.
Chapter Nine
Funds 2811, Income 270, Estate Revenue 470, Expenses 480, Rent 200, Staff 80 (-20)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 62, Intellect 51, Reputation 44, Health 65
First Squad Discipline 27, Moral 36, Loyalty 24, Strength 64
Second Squad Discipline 35, Moral 33, Loyalty 32, Strength 52
Third Squad Discipline 60, Moral 55, Loyalty 15, Strength 40
Saints above, Sir Caius. It is good to see you again.
Your Caz conversation doesn’t matter.
On the contrary, it is her devotion to duty which attracts me, among other things.
Twenty or so men will serve my purposes well enough. First Squadron may take the rest.
I will handpick the best men and leave the rest for First Squadron.
So, at this point we are down to our last 2901 crowns. The income on our fief is finally in the positive, just barely. Loch is asking for 2000 crowns to build more stables. I think we’ll start rebuilding the finances instead.
I am a loyal Queen’s Officer. I’ll not sup with her enemies.
I do not warrant it worth the risk.
Ok we get four activities to do.
I might still use my connections at the club to strengthen my position.
I mean to use my influence at the club to advance the goals of my faction.
I take a personal hand in the regiment’s drill, to prepare them for what is to come.
First Squadron is most in want of drill, it should take priority.
If I am to rely upon the men, I must ensure they are loyal to me.
There’s no better way to secure a soldier’s loyalty than through coin.
The enlisted men would certainly react well to getting a bonus of two months’ pay.
I must look to restoring my own physical and mental fitness.
My ability to lead and inspire has dulled over the years; I must hone it again.
Chapter Ten
Funds 501, Income 270, Estate Revenue 500, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (+90)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 65, Intellect 51, Reputation 44, Health 65
First Squad Discipline 33, Moral 29, Loyalty 29, Strength 96
Second Squad Discipline 40, Moral 38, Loyalty 48, Strength 60
Third Squad Discipline 62, Moral 57, Loyalty 23, Strength 40
Of course, sir. I understand entirely.
I will do my utmost to rise to the occasion.
First squadron will go to Captain Blaylock.
Embody the Houseguard. Should the Royalist party have need of it, then it shall be ready.
Ask about support from the Kian.
Your grain traders impoverish our country! Your treaty caused riots in our city! You are already involved!
Don’t ask about the fleet.
How many Houseguards has Wulfram rallied?
How are we to respond to all this?
I will offer the best counsel I can, your Majesty.
We should seize the initiative, attack Wulfram now, before he is ready.
Very well, I believe you. What does her Majesty wish of me?
He will not find us so easily cowed, that’s for sure.
I ought to see if there’s anything I can do at the club.
A traitor with a loaded musket is within thirty paces of my sovereign! Protect the Queen!
Chapter Eleven
Funds 501, Income 270, Estate Revenue 500, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (+90)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 65, Intellect 51, Reputation 44, Health 65
First Squad Discipline 39, Moral 28, Loyalty 28, Strength 96
Second Squad Discipline 40, Moral 38, Loyalty 48, Strength 60
Third Squad Discipline 62, Moral 57, Loyalty 23, Strength 40
We have delayed long enough. Squadrons to form column and prepare to advance!
We must try to drive the mob off, without bloodshed if possible.
I can spare a few to help fortify Grenadier Square.
I can afford to waste no more time. We ride on to the Northern Keep, now!
What needs to be done? What do you mean by that?
Very well, my lord. Send your volunteers in. We have your backs.
Give me a few minutes, I’ll convince them otherwise.
To your places, Let’s not keep her Majesty waiting.
Saints above, am I glad to see you.
Ok we won the easy part.
Of course, Majesty. I understand completely.
How do we fare elsewhere in the city?
No more questions, Majesty.
This is the opportunity…
I will do my utmost, sir.
We have no time for delays: send in the Grenadiers!
Have we any word from Lord Pallister, regarding the guns he took from the Takaran Embassy?
Very well. Let us see to the disposition of our forces.
I’ll send for the Takaran guns and arm the militias with them.
No more delays. It’s time to launch the assault!
Why should my line troops die?
Send in the militias.
Ok, don’t want to push our luck. We will commit the main troops.
Bring up the Dragoons and send them across.
We should shoot to disable one of Crittenden’s ships, without harming her crew.
Normally I would just blow up one of the rebel ships, but we get bonus Royal forces for this option.
Funds 501, Income 270, Estate Revenue 500, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (+90)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 65, Intellect 51, Reputation 44, Health 65
First Squad Discipline 36, Moral 26, Loyalty 28, Strength 74
Second Squad Discipline 38, Moral 39, Loyalty 48, Strength 42
Third Squad Discipline 62, Moral 57, Loyalty 23, Strength 32
And I am very pleased to see you as well, my lady.
I knew what I was doing, and I knew the risks.
Ask her the questions.
It will be as you command, Majesty.
I assure you, the regiment shall make itself worthy of such an honor.
A brigade! Imagine what I might accomplish with such a command!
Ask her the questions.
You get promoted and the Queen promises to make you Earl of Castermaine.
I shall do my utmost to be worthy of this honor, Majesty.
With every measure of strength and courage, Majesty.
On to Book 4: Wars Of Infinity….
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2023.03.27 18:23 YeetedApple Update 7.2.1 Patch Notes Released



Cartel Market

Items + Economy

Combat Styles


Combat Styles



Blood Hunt

Missions + NPCs

Arenas + Warzones



Alderaan Civil War


All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally

Pirate Incursion

Galactic Seasons


Season Objectives

PvP Seasons


PvP Season Objectives

The following issue has been previously fixed with an hotfix:

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2023.03.27 18:18 Preparation_Great The Whiskey Party

Just a quick preamble before we get into it. Hi, my name is Alex. I wrote this as a potential manifesto for a left anarchist political party in America. In it I go over a significant historical event that can be linked to anarchism in america and use some quotes from famous anarchists in the past. I don't like or agree with Mikhail Bakunin but he was intelligent and his words do hold significance in the movement so I chose to include a quote from him as well. Furthermore, this is what I believe could be the best bet for a left anarchist political party in America as its main focus is restoring the power back to the American people through voting reform. I hold no desire to actually lead a movement, but I wanted to post this to try and generate more discussion on moving forward with ideas of this manor. Finally thank you for reading! I would appreciate any thoughts, ideas, or comments of any kind.
Love all,

The Whiskey Party: Reclaiming the American Voice
The Whiskey Rebellion, a significant event in the early history of the United States, took place between 1791 and 1794 and serves as a poignant symbol of resistance and inspiration for our movement. The rebellion was sparked by the federal government's imposition of an excise tax on distilled spirits under the leadership of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. This tax, which became known as the "Whiskey Tax," was part of a larger plan to generate revenue to pay off the national debt and strengthen the nation's credit. However, it was met with fierce opposition by small farmers and distillers, particularly in the rural areas of western Pennsylvania, who felt unfairly targeted and burdened by this tax. These individuals viewed the tax as an infringement on their liberties and a manifestation of oppressive policies imposed by a distant, centralized government. Their grievances were rooted in the economic hardships they faced, as whiskey production was not only a vital source of income for them but also a means to preserve their corn harvests in a time when transportation infrastructure was limited. As a result, the Whiskey Rebellion emerged from the widespread discontent and frustration experienced by those affected by the tax. The rebellion began with a series of protests, public meetings, and acts of civil disobedience, which included tarring and feathering tax collectors and intimidating government officials. These actions demonstrated the strong sense of unity among the rural population, as they rallied together in defiance of what they perceived to be an unjust and tyrannical government policy. The situation escalated in 1794 when armed confrontations occurred between the rebels and federal forces, ultimately prompting President George Washington to lead a militia of nearly 13,000 troops to suppress the insurrection. Though the Whiskey Rebellion was ultimately quelled, and its leaders arrested and later pardoned, it remains a potent reminder of the power of collective action in the face of perceived injustice. It exposed the deep-seated tensions between rural and urban populations, as well as the struggle between federal authority and local autonomy. For the Whiskey Party, the Whiskey Rebellion serves as a symbol of the enduring battle against centralized authority, the importance of grassroots activism, and the necessity of protecting individual liberties. By invoking the spirit of the Whiskey Rebellion, our movement aims to draw upon the strength, resilience, and determination of our forebears who fought for their rights and liberties. It encourages us to challenge unjust systems, demand a more inclusive and democratic society, and uphold the values of local autonomy and self-determination. As we strive to create a truly free and just nation, the Whiskey Rebellion stands as a testament to the power of the people and the enduring potential for change when citizens unite against tyranny and oppression.
America's racist past and the effects of Manifest Destiny have left a lasting and painful legacy that continues to shape our society today. Manifest Destiny, a 19th-century belief that the United States was destined to expand across the North American continent, was used to justify not only the forced removal and marginalization of Indigenous peoples but also the annexation of territories belonging to neighboring countries such as Mexico. The Mexican-American War (1846-1848), fueled by the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, led to the seizure of vast territories from Mexico, including modern-day California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Oklahoma. This territorial expansion, however, was not without consequences. The war exacerbated existing racial tensions, as white settlers and politicians sought to maintain their power and privilege by denying rights and resources to newly incorporated Mexican populations, as well as Indigenous peoples living in these regions. The aftermath of the Mexican-American War and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo strained relations between Mexico and the United States, with many Mexican citizens feeling betrayed and dispossessed by the loss of their ancestral lands. This sense of disillusionment was further exacerbated by racist policies and attitudes that sought to prevent the homogenization of different racial and ethnic groups in the newly acquired territories. Racists in the United States, fearing the potential dilution of white supremacy, worked to stop the homogenization of Mexican, Indigenous, and white populations through various means. Segregationist policies and social norms were enforced, limiting opportunities for interaction and integration among different racial and ethnic groups. Laws were also implemented to restrict land ownership, voting rights, and access to education for Mexican and Indigenous populations, thus maintaining white dominance in the new territories. These historical injustices have left deep wounds that continue to affect race relations and social dynamics in the United States today. It is crucial for us, as a society, to confront this painful past, acknowledge the ongoing impact of these actions, and work tirelessly to dismantle the systemic racism that still persists. The Whiskey Party, in its commitment to social and economic equality, strives to address and heal these historical wrongs, promoting a future of unity, understanding, and justice for all.
The society we aspire to is one in which each individual, without distinction of sex or race, may develop in a complete and integral way. We, the Whiskey Party, stand firm in our unwavering commitment to the principles of left anarchism and direct democracy. We envision an America where each person, regardless of their background or circumstances, can flourish, free from the shackles of oppression, hierarchy, and exploitation. Our ultimate goal is to forge a truly equal, just, and free society, in which the American people are empowered to make decisions affecting their lives, communities, and the nation as a whole. We vehemently reject the current political system, which perpetuates inequality by concentrating power in the hands of an elite few, as the Paraguayan Anarchist Manifesto (PAM) astutely observes: "The tyranny of the State oppresses the masses, robbing them of their rights and the fruits of their labor." By restoring the vote to the people and establishing a national voting system, we are determined to build a future where power is genuinely shared among the many, not monopolized by the few. The Whiskey Party strives to establish a system in which every citizen can directly voice their opinions and vote on national issues, thereby ensuring that the people's will is authentically represented in the policies and laws that shape our land. In the spirit of solidarity and mutual aid, which are deeply ingrained in anarchist thought, we are committed to fostering a sense of community and cooperation among the American people. As the PAM proclaims, "We believe that solidarity and mutual aid are the two great levers that will lead humanity to happiness and well-being." By embracing these principles, we can forge strong bonds between individuals, break down the barriers that divide us, and work together to dismantle the oppressive structures that have kept us subjugated for far too long. Moreover, the Whiskey Party recognizes the importance of cultivating a culture of empathy, understanding, and collective responsibility. As the PAM contends, "We must educate the individual to respect the rights and freedom of others, to develop their spirit of cooperation, and to foster a sense of social responsibility." This philosophy is integral to our vision of a just society that values and supports the needs and aspirations of all its members. Together, we can create a world where every voice is heard, and every individual has the opportunity to thrive. With the unwavering spirit of the Whiskey Rebellion and the principles of the Paraguayan Anarchist Manifesto as our guide, the Whiskey Party is prepared to challenge the status quo and redefine what it means to be free. Join us in this revolutionary pursuit, and together, let us write a new chapter in the history of our nation—one of true democracy, equality, and liberty for all.
Freedom and equality lie at the heart of the Whiskey Party's vision for a better America, where all individuals can reach their full potential and participate meaningfully in society. To achieve this vision, we must dismantle the barriers that perpetuate systemic injustice and exclusion. As the renowned anarchist philosopher Emma Goldman once said, "True emancipation begins neither at the polls nor in the courts. It begins in a woman's soul." We believe that the liberation of all people is interconnected, and the struggle for freedom and equality transcends the boundaries of gender, race, and socio-economic status. As the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin asserted, "We are convinced that freedom without Socialism is privilege and injustice, and that Socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality." It is this understanding that guides our commitment to creating a society that empowers every individual to pursue their passions, contribute to their community, and live free from oppression and exploitation. To realize this ideal, we must recognize and confront the various forms of discrimination and prejudice that persist in our society, from systemic racism and gender inequality to economic injustice and environmental degradation. We must challenge the hierarchies and power structures that perpetuate these inequities, as the great Spanish anarchist Buenaventura Durruti urged, "We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth; there is not the slightest doubt about that. The bourgeoisie might blast and ruin its own world before it leaves the stage of history. We carry a new world here, in our hearts." By promoting a culture of mutual respect, empathy, and solidarity, we can foster an environment in which people of all backgrounds can work together to create a more just and equitable world. As the influential anarchist and geographer Peter Kropotkin argued, "Mutual aid is as much a law of animal life as mutual struggle, but that as a factor of evolution, it most probably has a far greater importance." The Whiskey Party's commitment to freedom and equality for all people is unwavering. By embracing the wisdom and teachings of the great anarchist thinkers of the past, we aim to create a future where every individual has the opportunity to live a life of dignity, respect, and self-determination. Let us unite in our common goal of dismantling the oppressive systems that have long held us back and work together to build a society in which freedom and equality for all is not just a distant dream, but a living reality.
In the words of the influential anarchist theorist Murray Bookchin, "The assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking." Continuing the pursuit of freedom and equality for all, the Whiskey Party recognizes that this journey demands constant reflection, evolution, and collective effort. We acknowledge that the struggle for liberation is an ongoing process, requiring us to challenge existing norms and institutions that hinder our progress towards a more equitable and just society. As the pioneering anarchist Errico Malatesta wrote, "Our task is that of pushing the ‘people’ to demand and to seize all the freedom they can and to make themselves responsible for providing their own needs without waiting for orders from any kind of authority." This powerful statement underlines the importance of fostering a sense of autonomy and self-reliance among the people, enabling them to take control of their own lives and communities. Education is a critical tool in our struggle for freedom and equality. By providing access to knowledge and information, we empower individuals to question the status quo, cultivate critical thinking, and challenge the systems that perpetuate injustice. As the celebrated anarchist and educator Francisco Ferrer y Guardia noted, "The school, more than any other institution, must be conceived as the dynamic expression of the social conscience of a given epoch, the compass indicating the direction in which the ship of State should steer." We must also recognize the value of diversity in our society and encourage the free exchange of ideas and perspectives. By fostering a culture of open dialogue and collaboration, we can learn from one another and work together to build a more loving, inclusive, just, and compassionate world. The Whiskey Party is dedicated to advancing the principles of freedom, equality, and mutual aid in our quest for a better America. We understand that this struggle is multifaceted, requiring us to address issues of social, economic, and environmental justice in order to create a truly equitable society. By learning from the wisdom of past and present anarchists, embracing diversity, and fostering a spirit of collaboration and solidarity, we can move forward together towards a world where every individual has the opportunity to live a life free from oppression and full of possibility. In the spirit of those who came before us, and with the knowledge that we are part of a global movement for justice, we stand firm in our conviction that a better world is within our grasp. With determination, resilience, and unwavering commitment to our principles, we will continue to work tirelessly towards a future where freedom and equality for all are not just ideals, but the very foundation upon which our society stands.
Goals for the Party
As the Whiskey Party, we believe that a new dawn for America is possible. By embracing the principles of direct democracy, equality, and solidarity, we can create a society where power truly belongs to the people, and where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. We envision a future where our political system continues to evolve, embracing innovative and inclusive methods of decision-making and governance that prioritize the collective well-being of all citizens. In this new era, we foresee the growth of decentralized power structures, with communities taking greater control over their destinies, fostering strong local networks of support and collaboration. We imagine the development of cutting-edge technologies that enable greater civic engagement, such as secure and accessible digital platforms for direct voting and public deliberation. Additionally, we anticipate a new culture of political engagement that encourages informed participation, civic education, and grassroots activism. As our movement gains momentum, we acknowledge the potential for other political parties to undergo similar transformations. The Republican Party, for instance, could find itself breaking apart and forming a new iteration of the Tea Party, with a renewed focus on the principles of limited government, individual liberty, and fiscal responsibility. This development would signify a broader trend in American politics, as citizens from all walks of life reject the status quo and seek to build new political institutions that truly represent their values and aspirations. In conclusion, the Whiskey Party stands as a beacon of hope and change in a time of great uncertainty and division. Join us in this revolutionary pursuit, and together, let us redefine what it means to be free. As we embark on this journey, we recognize that our collective efforts will shape the course of history, and we embrace the challenge with determination and optimism. By working together, we can create a more just, equitable, and sustainable future for all – a future where the American Dream is not just a distant ideal, but a living reality for every citizen.
To start forming and supporting the Whiskey Party, individuals interested in promoting its values of direct democracy, equality, and solidarity can take several practical steps to build momentum and create a vibrant political movement. Here are some suggestions for those eager to get involved: Educate yourself and others:
  1. Learn more about the Whiskey Party's goals, principles, and policy proposals, as well as the historical context and contemporary issues that inform its platform. Share this knowledge with friends, family, and colleagues to foster awareness and generate interest in the movement.
  2. Form a local Whiskey Party chapter: Gather like-minded individuals in your community to establish a local Whiskey Party chapter. Regular meetings can be organized to discuss relevant issues, coordinate local initiatives, and develop strategies for promoting the party's objectives at the regional and national level.
  3. Use social media and online platforms: Harness the power of social media and online forums to spread the message of the Whiskey Party, engage in discussions, and attract new supporters. Create content that highlights the party's values and goals, and use hashtags and targeted messaging to reach a wider audience.
  4. Organize events and activities: Plan and host events that raise awareness about the Whiskey Party and its objectives, such as workshops, public debates, film screenings, and panel discussions. These events can help to build a sense of community among supporters, foster connections with other local organizations, and attract media attention.
  5. Engage with local government and community organizations: Attend town hall meetings, city council sessions, and community events to voice the concerns and ideas of the Whiskey Party. Building relationships with local officials and community leaders can help to influence policy decisions and garner support for the party's initiatives.
  6. Volunteer and participate in community projects: Demonstrate the Whiskey Party's commitment to solidarity, mutual aid, and community empowerment by volunteering and participating in local projects, such as food drives, neighborhood clean-ups, and tutoring programs. These actions can help to build trust and goodwill among community members while showcasing the party's values in action.
  7. Save your money for now! Financial resources are crucial for any political movement to succeed. In the future efforts can be made to organize fundraising events, such as benefit concerts, art auctions, or crowdfunding campaigns, to support the Whiskey Party's initiatives and cover operational expenses. Encourage supporters to make regular donations to sustain the movement's momentum.
  8. Advocate for electoral reform and participation: Engage with local and national politicians to advocate for electoral reforms that facilitate the participation of alternative political parties, such as the Whiskey Party, in the democratic process. Encourage voter registration and participation in elections to ensure that the voices of the people are heard and their interests are represented.
By taking these steps, individuals and communities can begin to form and support the Whiskey Party, creating a groundswell of grassroots activism that has the potential to reshape the American political landscape and bring about a more just, equitable, and democratic future.
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