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Like /upliftingnews, but for everyone. Broader trends in science, technology, economics, healthcare, politics, and culture that are explicitly good. Less "firefighter saves kitty from tree" and more "building fires have declined 48% from 2001 to 2011 because of changes in building codes, materials, and safety practices."

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2023.03.28 20:30 AbbreviationsPale884 I feel like a tree that was planted in wet cement

And as time goes on I am withering up and drying out
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2023.03.28 20:30 Bitter-Falcon-2465 Accident

One of my very close friend had an accident, unfortunately he was on electric scooter and hadnt taken care much for his safety, don't have much details yet and also was riding on route 27 nearby oak tree road Iselin, he was hit and flunged in air by some lady driving car and he died on the spot. His parents when we talked says that they haven't given or concluded the police report yet but all they are hearing from cops is he didn't wore helmet or reflective jacket. Nothing they hear about the person driving the car and they are scared this report will be biased and one sided blaming their son didnt took much of care while riding electric scooter on route 27. They are planning to hire a lawyer and scared as well not to . What do you suggest or think ?
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2023.03.28 20:30 Beatrix_BB_Kiddo What must haves am I missing?!

What must haves am I missing?!
Looking to add to my collection, what are some must haves and holy grails I should look into?
— Top left to right:
Givenchy L’Interdit > Dior J’Adore > Chanel Chance > Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle > Carolina Herrera Good Girl
— Middle left to right
Philosophy Loveswept > Burberry Her > Dior Miss Dior > Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire > Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Glam
— Bottom left to right
Yves St. Laurent Mon Paris > Versace Bright Crystal > Prada Paradoxe > Le Labo Santal 33 > Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl
— Travel size in random order
Replica Sailing Day, Replica Under the Lemon Trees, Clean Skin, Clean Lush Fleur, DKNY Nectar Love, Lake & Skye 11 11, Tory Burch Signature, Gucci Premiere, Victoria’s Secret Scandalous, Donna Valentino Born in Roma, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense, Armani Beauty My Way, Jimmy Choo Fever
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2023.03.28 20:30 Donezo17 Trying to understand why I can't move on

I was in a six-month LDR, got broken up with less than 48 hours after spending a week with her at her parent's.
We haven't spoken at any length since October, and now we have been broken up longer than we were together. She is still the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing I think about before going to sleep at night.
I can rationally accept that this person makes a decision not to speak to me every day, that I probably would not recognize them if we spoke again, and that the majority of what I am feeling right now is almost certainly damage to my ego from someone happily living life without me.
I need to get out of this funk. I am angry, I am sad, and I am annoyed with myself from my inability to move on.
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2023.03.28 20:30 JR004-2021 Breaking the META with -1 Talent Points in my Spec Tree

Breaking the META with -1 Talent Points in my Spec Tree
DPS to the 🌙 🚀
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2023.03.28 20:28 jmpa55 Crashing on 2 March 2280 as NCR, any suggestions? (log included)

[20:02:00][bitmapfont.cpp:2843]: Could not find coloring for character 'O' [20:03:14][pdxentity.cpp:2191]: Duplicate of owb_motorized_vehicle_3_entity added to entity system [20:03:14][pdx_entity.cpp:2191]: Duplicate of owb_infantry_ballistic_1_entity added to entity system [20:03:25][parser.cpp:724]: Error: "Expected 'default', a continent name or a country tag: SOV, near line: 1 Expected 'default', a continent name or a country tag: GER, near line: 50 Expected 'default', a continent name or a country tag: POL, near line: 122 Expected 'default', a continent name or a country tag: ROM, near line: 159 Expected 'default', a continent name or a country tag: HUN, near line: 217 Expected 'default', a continent name or a country tag: YUG, near line: 306" in file: "gfx/interface/equipmentdesignegraphic_db/01_axis_plane_icons.txt [20:03:25][equipment_graphic_database.cpp:70]: Unknown equipment type: medium_plane_airframe [20:03:25][equipment_graphic_database.cpp:70]: Unknown equipment type: cv_small_plane_airframe [20:03:25][equipment_graphic_database.cpp:70]: Unknown equipment type: large_plane_airframe [20:03:25][equipment_graphic_database.cpp:70]: Unknown equipment type: small_plane_airframe [20:03:28][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 185" in file: "common/characters/ARM.txt" near line: 185 [20:03:28][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 216" in file: "common/characters/ARM.txt" near line: 216 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 101" in file: "common/characters/CMC.txt" near line: 101 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 144" in file: "common/characters/CMC.txt" near line: 144 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 779" in file: "common/characters/NCR.txt" near line: 779 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 804" in file: "common/characters/NCR.txt" near line: 804 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 55" in file: "common/characters/TLA.txt" near line: 55 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 88" in file: "common/characters/TLA.txt" near line: 88 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 117" in file: "common/characters/TLA.txt" near line: 117 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 45" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 45 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 74" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 74 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 103" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 103 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 132" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 132 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 161" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 161 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 190" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 190 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 218" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 218 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 249" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 249 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 280" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 280 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 313" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 313 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 346" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 346 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 375" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 375 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 404" in file: "common/characters/TNK.txt" near line: 404 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 172" in file: "common/characters/TTM.txt" near line: 172 [20:03:29][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Unexpected token: can_be_fired, near line: 93" in file: "common/characters/VLT.txt" near line: 93 [20:03:29][common/country_leadecompany_traits.txt:151]: Value does not belong to designated Script EnumType: air_chaff_equipment not in script_enum_equipment_bonus_type [20:03:31][effect.cpp:425]: Invalid effect 'ai_strategy' in common/national_focus/Shared Tribal Focus.txt line : 1252 [20:03:31][trigger.cpp:494]: Error: "Unknown effect-type: ai_strategy, near line: 1252" in file: "common/national_focus/Shared Tribal Focus.txt" near line: 1258 [20:03:33][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Malformed token: ROOT, near line: 22" in file: "common/ai_strategy/ai_prefers_to_fight_neighbors.txt" near line: 22 [20:03:33][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Malformed token: ROOT, near line: 27" in file: "common/ai_strategy/ai_prefers_to_fight_neighbors.txt" near line: 27 [20:03:35][trigger.cpp:641]: Invalid trigger 'can_join_northern_union_specific' in common/scripted_triggers/faction_tracking_scripted_triggers.txt line : 9926 [20:03:35][trigger.cpp:494]: Error: "Unknown trigger-type: can_join_northern_union_specific, near line: 9926" in file: "common/scripted_triggers/faction_tracking_scripted_triggers.txt" near line: 9927 [20:03:35][trigger.cpp:641]: Invalid trigger 'can_join_united_wallers_specific' in common/scripted_triggers/faction_tracking_scripted_triggers.txt line : 10084 [20:03:35][trigger.cpp:494]: Error: "Unknown trigger-type: can_join_united_wallers_specific, near line: 10084" in file: "common/scripted_triggers/faction_tracking_scripted_triggers.txt" near line: 10085 [20:03:35][trigger.cpp:641]: Invalid trigger 'can_join_montana_enclave_specific' in common/scripted_triggers/faction_tracking_scripted_triggers.txt line : 10242 [20:03:35][trigger.cpp:494]: Error: "Unknown trigger-type: can_join_montana_enclave_specific, near line: 10242" in file: "common/scripted_triggers/faction_tracking_scripted_triggers.txt" near line: 10243 [20:03:35][trigger.cpp:641]: Invalid trigger 'can_join_northern_winds_specific' in common/scripted_triggers/faction_tracking_scripted_triggers.txt line : 10400 [20:03:35][trigger.cpp:494]: Error: "Unknown trigger-type: can_join_northern_winds_specific, near line: 10400" in file: "common/scripted_triggers/faction_tracking_scripted_triggers.txt" near line: 10401 [20:03:36][insigniagraphicsdatabase.cpp:253]: Error: Missing army icon definition - defined in army_icons.txt and missing in GFX file [20:03:36][insigniagraphicsdatabase.cpp:270]: Error: Missing army icon definition _selected - defined in army_icons.txt and missing in GFX file [20:03:36][insigniagraphicsdatabase.cpp:253]: Error: Missing army icon definition - defined in army_icons.txt and missing in GFX file [20:03:36][insigniagraphicsdatabase.cpp:270]: Error: Missing army icon definition _selected - defined in army_icons.txt and missing in GFX file [20:03:36][occupationlawdatabase.cpp:200]: two main starting laws [20:03:37][effect.cpp:415]: Invalid scope type for effect set_state_flag in events/trade_node_events.txt line : 35 [20:03:37][effectimplementation.cpp:18601]: : invalid on_cancel event for start border war [20:04:54][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Invalid subunit.: none, near line: 0" in file: "save games/NCR_2280_03_01_02CRASH.hoi4" near line: 0 [20:04:54][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Invalid subunit.: none, near line: 0" in file: "save games/NCR_2280_03_01_02CRASH.hoi4" near line: 0 [20:04:54][persistent.cpp:48]: Error: "Invalid subunit.: none, near line: 0" in file: "save games/NCR_2280_03_01_02CRASH.hoi4" near line: 0 [20:04:55][icon_entry.cpp:37]: Icon definition "" does neither look like a file path nor a GFX entry as it does not start with "GFX" [20:04:55][iconentry.cpp:37]: Icon definition "" does neither look like a file path nor a GFX entry as it does not start with "GFX" [20:04:55][iconentry.cpp:37]: Icon definition "" does neither look like a file path nor a GFX entry as it does not start with "GFX" [20:04:55][iconentry.cpp:37]: Icon definition "" does neither look like a file path nor a GFX entry as it does not start with "GFX" [20:05:31][gfx_dds_loader.cpp:325]: Expected more data in the texture mipmaps than was actually present in file "gfx/interface/empty_research_slot_glow.dds" [20:05:36][graphics.cpp:1373]: Failed to create gui object. Could not find sprite type [GFX_bop_glow_effect] [20:05:41][containerwindow.cpp:858]: interface/alerts.gui (line 3 ): Could not find "video_button_container" in window global_alerticon_window [20:05:41][containerwindow.cpp:858]: interface/alerts.gui (line 3 ): Could not find "video_button_container" in window global_alerticon_window [20:05:42][containerwindow.cpp:858]: interface/alerts.gui (line 3 ): Could not find "video_button_container" in window global_alerticon_window [20:05:42][containerwindow.cpp:858]: interface/alerts.gui (line 3 ): Could not find "video_button_container" in window global_alerticon_window [20:05:42][containerwindow.cpp:858]: interface/alerts.gui (line 3 ): Could not find "video_button_container" in window global_alerticon_window [20:05:51][graphics.cpp:1290]: No font with name [20:05:51][graphics.cpp:1290]: No font with name [20:06:03][bitmapfont.cpp:1343]: Couldnt find texticon: unit_artillery_ammo_icon_small1 [20:06:03][bitmapfont.cpp:1343]: Couldnt find texticon: unit_artillery_ammo_icon_small1 [20:07:10][containerwindow.cpp:833]: (line -1): Could not find "animation_start" in window "". [20:07:10][containerwindow.cpp:833]: (line -1): Could not find "animation_end" in window "". [20:07:10][containerwindow.cpp:833]: (line -1): Could not find "idle" in window "". [20:07:23][containerwindow.cpp:858]: interface/alerts.gui (line 3 ): Could not find "video_button_container" in window global_alerticon_window [20:07:37][containerwindow.cpp:858]: interface/alerts.gui (line 3 ): Could not find "video_button_container" in window global_alerticon_window [20:07:50][containerwindow.cpp:858]: interface/alerts.gui (line 3 ): Could not find "video_button_container" in window global_alerticon_window [20:08:33][politics.cpp:1454]: BDT couldn't remove/replace invalid idea national_guard [20:08:39][gameidler.cpp:1524]: AI tried to post an invalid command: deploy_air_wing_command
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2023.03.28 20:28 lululemonandlatte NEW DROP: 03/28/23

Happy Tuesday!
If you're posting links, it's super helpful to post them in this format. Thanks in advance!
Item Name (Color, Color) lululemon.com/Ex: Energy bra (Black, Blue) lululemon.com/
Ribbed Softstreme Cropped Jacket (Bone, Nomad) https://shop.lululemon.com/p/jackets-and-hoodies-jackets/Ribbed-Softstreme-Cropped-Jacket/_/prod11380375?color=27597
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2023.03.28 20:27 vitaly-zdanevich Creating ebuild from binary deb from launchpad.net

The software is here https://launchpad.net/~nixnote/+archive/ubuntu/nixnote2-stable/+build/24179970
I already created an ebuild for AppImage version, but I do not know how to change the QT theme to dark, so I want to try with that deb package.
Building from source is a problem, because currently this software uses qtWebkit - that dependency is not available neither in the main Portage tree nor Guru, maybe in the future they will migrate to QtWebEngine.
If it possible - maybe exists some simple ebuild example, where I can change url, package name, description? Thanks for help.
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2023.03.28 20:27 quantumblue1 woke up to this in my inbox today. it's exhausting

woke up to this in my inbox today. it's exhausting
all because of a trans flag in my bio. sigh. instantly blocked but it saddens me thinking about all the other people he probably does this too - his account is literally full of entirely transphobia.
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2023.03.28 20:27 Yai-Kai Stay a while and listen to me vent for a bit

OK so, let me start off with saying I'm in my 30s. For some people this will be important.
Like many, I played the D4 beta over the past 2 weekends. And I had a blast, I'm super excited for release and I don't regret my pre order at all.
I've seen the complaints on the subreddit about the UI, the left click having too many functions (really?), the ultimate skills, the dungeons being repetitive, the MMO feel, the skill tree being too simple and the monetisation. Did I miss anything?
OK so, for me personally, the world felt great. The fact that I could find resources from mining and herbing was so small yet felt so fun, same thing with the whole duck climb and jump stuff. And seeing other people in towns, public events and the world boss made the world feel alive to me.
I do agree that a full price 70 euro game (or more) shouldn't have a battle pass, shop AND paid expansions. And yes the UI could use a little polish, it feels a little basic but it's by no means bad. The other complaints I don't understand at all, I feel like you all want diablo 2.5 or just another expansion on diablo 2 instead of diablo 4.
SO, I had withdrawal from the beta, and went to play diablo 2 since there's always so much talk about it. I don't understand the appeal... Stamina? Constant mana potion spam? Inventory enough for 4-5 items and having to go back to town to sell already? I tried this game several times over the years, both original and resurrected, I just... I can't. It feels slow and I spend almost more time doing inventory tetris and potion spam than killing monsters.
Even D3 feels better, sure the endgame is limited to rifts grifts and bounties but at least there's no insane potion spam or insane inventory management that takes up more time than killing stuff!
Again, I am in my 30s, I grew up with games that didn't look great, were slower and all that. But I think they nailed everything in D4 so far, and if the endgame will be nightmare dungeons I'm going to have a blast, I loved the dungeons, sure the "find 2 keys" thing over and over felt a bit off but I got to slay stuff on the way so I didn't care too much at all.
I think that covers pretty much all I wanted to say. If you disagree, just tell me where you think I'm wrong.
See you all in sanctuary.
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2023.03.28 20:26 Oswald_of_Carim818 Anyone else didn't like miquella's tree and Mohgwyn palace?

I'm on my first playthrough, int build.My character is level 137. I have like 75 intelligence,and up to the Fire giant I melted everything. Then I explored castel Sol,and I found the other half of the secret medallion.
So I got to the western part of the snowy mountains,and I figured out how to get to Miquella's tree and to the Mohgwyn palace. Miquella's tree is aestethycally beautiful, I loved the location when i first looked at it,but then it got annoying.
Pretty strong enemies, and you start on a web of branches where it's easy to fall,and there are enemies who basically make bubbles appear in your face and they shoot you from distance, not to talk about the ants.
The second part was a bit better,but the design was nothing special and I ended up running to get to the end cause there were no sites of grace and there was no space to fight all the enemies,also because there were guys shooting with big crossbows.
So after getting through lots of annoying stuff(mostly running cause I can't fight if I'm in a scarlet rot swamp), I got to Malenia. I guess I did like 10 tries,and I got to the second phase like twice. She's very hard, the waterflow Is insanely hard to dodge,her attacks almost One shit me despite having like 42 vitality and she also heals when she hits me or my mimic tear.
I'm tryna figure out a way to beat her,but if we look at her character she's very cool,great bossfight. Only very good part in an area which was pretty basic,if not for the artistic side.
Then I got to Mohgwyn's palace. The blood swamp was very chaotic and annoying,with varre invading 3 times(at least I got the mask which is really cool).
When I got to the palace I realized It was the worst area till that point, only basic enemies exploding in blood,then a dark area for no reason and then the boss,which I liked tbh,again the only good part.
Till now I loved the game,but I hope it doesn't keep going like this(I have to explore Farum Azula now), did someone else have had a similar experience?
(Also I'm open to tips for Malenia, I'm spamming stars of ruin but I dont know how could I do better)
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2023.03.28 20:26 CroutonJr I just got diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia at 28+5 and I need some virtual smiles and words of encouragement

(FTM and freaking out)
My blood pressure was measured at 120/80 at my 28-week OB appointment, so they put some fetal heart monitoring on my belly for 15 minutes. The baby’s heart rate dipped a bit here and there so they asked me to go to the hospital for further monitoring potentially just for a few hours.
This quickly turned into “you are not going home until the baby comes, and the baby can come as early as today - but our goal is that she makes it to 34 weeks”.
My 2 blood works and urine tests so far were all normal, which is a huge relief right now, baby’s amniotic fluid is good, she’s getting enough oxygen, but there’s a big concern, that she’s measuring 3,5 younger (sizewise) than she should be. The blood flow in the e. cord sometimes slows down, so I have to be closely monitored.
I’m waiting to get my second steroid shot, and I’m getting fluids and magnesium in my IV.
I’ve made peace with staying in the hospital for however long, and getting a c-section if it comes to that. What I’m obviously most worried about is her timing. I hope so so so much that she can stay and grow for 6 more weeks!
Right now the worst is when the door opens and I expect another hundreth doctor come in with bad news. I need to get into a way calmer headspace, so I need you guys’ success stories with this stupid pre-eclampsia! Send me aaaall the happy outcomes, any tips on how you’ve handled this emotional period. I don’t feel ready to have a major abdominal surgery yet. I need 2 weeks of mental preparation even just for a tooth filling appointment.
The doctors said my first goal to reach is the 48-hour mark, as my blood rate was around 155/101 in the worst moments but for the whole night it went down to the normal range (112/75 was the best). They will have to see if it goes back up after I’m off the medication and how it affects baby.
Thank you so much ♥️
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2023.03.28 20:25 Chance_State8385 Need help getting my pink dogwood established.

Hello, James from New York State- Zone 7 A. For years I’ve been struggling with pink flowering dogwood trees. I keep losing them, but not the white variety. The soil is excellent and has been tested. I keep it consistently moist. The only issue i can foresee is the tree is exposed to full sunlight almost the entire day. Would this explain the funny blotches and burns on the leaves? Any help with getting a pink flowering dogwood tree to reach mature would be excellent. My only hope is that i don’t have to move it. I have always wanted a dogwood in the location where it’s at. If this one fails, i suppose I’ll settle for the white variety.
Lastly do you ever notice at the Home Depot the pink dogwoods are always inferior in size and general overall health compared to the white ones? Is this a genetic issue? Like a recessive/ less dominant type gene?
Thanks for any help.. James.
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2023.03.28 20:25 Brodator Down The Runway - Episode 4 [Finale]

Fashion Show UHC!

Hello, this is me Brodator here to make the reddit post for Down The Runway UHC. This is a crazy one time organized by petdemon and Fox (poprocksfanfox on namemc). It's based off on fashion shows, there was supposed to be custom crafts with different leather armor but it was dropped for S2. But as you can see it is a one time so you won't see that.
There's a bunch of gamemode:
Chosen To2: You choose your teammate
Diamondless: You don't mine diamonds (But we start with the table :D)
Anonymous: We are all disguise as Ghaosty
Shared Health: Breaks in episode 1, has no impact on the season
Timber: Tree Fall Fast
Fast Smelting: Smelting but faster


*Bold = Highlighted
Teams Links
Team 1 -
Drkrai was slain by fruitlogic
wizarde was slain by fruitlogic
Team 2 -
BibiWilson was slain by bayweafs
fruitlogic was slain by Chainge
Team 3 -
flameorb was shot by Djoee
tagggz was shot by azoof
Team 4 -
Aybel was slain by bayweafs
strategy Episode 4
Team 5 -
Captinn was slain by Broseph
Glarza was slain by Aybel
Team 6 -
Broseph was slain by aarei
Fcrm was slain by aarei
Team 7 -
bayweafs was slain by Aybel
Chainge was slain by Aybel
Team 8 -
jimmyjegs was slain by ArcticSeagull
omnikrxn was slain by xDiversity
Team 9 -
CodeJoshua was slain by Kaddyn
Kaddyn was slain by bayweafs
Team 10 -
ArcticSeagull was slain by Kaddyn
xDiversity fell from a high place (jimmyjegs)
Team 11 -
Greeples was slain by Kaddyn
petdemon Episode 4
Team 12 -
Jalapinecone was slain by tagggz
Klobb Episode 4
Team 13 -
BlueSparkss Unresponsive
lexicuhl Episode 4
Team 14 -
azoof was slain by Flcnt
ItsColinn was slain by Flcnt
Team 15 -
Flcnt was slain by strategy
RuneTactics was slain by strategy
Team 16 -
_Dieter was slain by Brodator
morlnsk was slain by Chainge
Team 17 -
SpyroJ was slain by Chainge
Stravilight was slain by aarei
Team 18 -
aarei was slain by Glarza
DJoee was slain by Fcrm
Team 19 -
Brodator was slain by bayweafs
ZenonX_ was shot by Chainge
Spectator -
fruitlogic Episode 4
Previous Episodes
Intro Link
Episode 1 Link
Episode 2 Link
Episode 3 Link


Organization - petdemon & Fox
Host/Coding - Arctic
Intro - ColdBacon
Renders - Brodator
Logo - petdemon
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2023.03.28 20:24 SquishyCabbage I've gone deep into the rainforests of Borneo. There is something very evil out here - Part 1

I’m finally here!
This has been a trip that I’ve been planning for years.
Firstly, a bit of background. My name is Caleb, I’m 19 years old, and I’m originally from Canada, but have grown up my whole life in Melbourne, Australia. That’s because my parents are crazy about nature and moved to Australia when I was young in an effort to save the Great White Shark population. Now, whilst they’ve established themselves as well-respected shark conservationists, I’m wanting to start my own legacy to help the planet. So, I’ve found myself, finally, in Malaysia, the Sabah region to be exact, on the island of Borneo, to start my efforts in helping save the rainforest.
The planning from this trip began years ago, in 2019, when I was reading forums about families being affected by the tearing down of the rainforest in these regions. On one of these forums, I met a man called Ketill, who lives in Iceland. He shares the same passion as me and we often talked about going to South East Asia and helping to find ways to sustain these beautiful rainforests. However, we both agreed that we’d first like to experience living off of the rainforest first-hand, to fully understand its importance. So, we’d posted online countless times seeking this experience, and that’s when, just last year, we were contacted by Asri, a man who lives deep within the rainforest with his wife, Siti, and their young child, Haziq. Asri told us that he would be happy for myself and Ketill to stay with him and his family for as long as we wanted, that he would be happy to show us the importance of the rainforest and how to live off of it.
Which brings me to the present day - myself and Ketill are eagerly waiting for the water taxi to pick us up. Ketill and I have travelled together for the past 2 weeks and were already good friends. His long blond hair provides a contrast to my short brown cut, and his blue eyes are always wide with excitement from the minute he wakes up right up until he falls asleep. He clings onto his blue rucksack and he paces, waiting for the boat to come and pick us up. Asri had said that the water taxi only makes this journey once a fortnight, so to be prepared for that. He also said there is very little to no phone signal where he stays. I was surprised there was any at all to be honest.
Ketill and I wait by a little fishing village that we had to take multiple buses to reach. Along the village runs a river; dark brown water rushes by, leading into a gap in the trees that flows deep into the surrounding rainforest. The tall green trees act as a shelter to the river, towering over it, protecting it from the sun and the rain. I look downstream along the river and see something approaching.
“The taxi is here!”, Ketill excitedly exclaims as a little speed boat comes trudging up the river toward us. I notice the frail man driving the boat appear surprised as we waved him down. He must not come across many tourists out here.
“Hello”, I speak as the boat pulls up beside us, “we are looking to go to the house of Asri Fadilah?”, I ask. Asri assured us that the boat driver would know what we mean.
“Ah!” the boat driver exclaims, “Asri?”
“Yes”, I reply, “Asri.”
The driver ushers us in and we begin the long journey up the water, going ever deeper into the rainforest.
Two hours have passed.
We have driven by a number of small, riverside villages. Local Malaysians were washing themselves in the river, fishing, harvesting leaves from nearby trees, and cutting fruit from their branches. The importance of the rainforest has already shown itself to me. The locals all wave at us as we pass them; they appear to be a very kind and welcoming people.
The sounds of the rainforest are constant, but ever-changing. Crickets chirp in harmony with the songs of a thousand birds, wind rustles through the trees, to our hair and back again, and the call of monkeys ring from the distance on repeat. It is calming, beautiful, comforting.
The river is winding, never-ending. It’s astounding how deep into the rainforest we have travelled. After a while, it has become extremely clear how people get lost in places like this; it all looks so similar, and just keeps on going and going. It’s getting dark now, and just as I start to build up the courage to ask the quiet driver how much further we have to travel, he points to a clearing in the trees that’s nestled alongside the river. Banana trees sit either side of the clearing providing a picturesque change in the ever-stretching wall of trees and brushes that line the rest of the river.
As he pulls up beside the clearing, he ushers us off of the boat and says, “This is Asri here”.
We thank the driver and pay him what he asks. No sooner than we pay him, does he drive off at speed.
Ketill and I turn around and see a man walking down a small muddy slope behind us. He is frail, similarly built to the boat driver, however hosts a large smile on his face. He is tanned, with short dark hair. He wears a raggedy red t-shirt with the faded words ‘OHIO’ on the front of it, black shorts, and white slippers. He swats a fly away from his face as he reaches his hand out toward us, shaking both of our hands.
“My friends!” he exclaims, “Welcome!”
He glances over to the banana trees beside us, putting his hand on my back and guiding me up the small mound of mud he had just traversed down. He eagerly leads the way and within minutes we reach a small, stilted wooden house. The house towers over us, around 10 feet high, its stilts bearing its weight well. As difficult as it is to explain this, the house appears run down but also very sturdy; as if it has faced a thousand storms, but still stands strong. It is in a small clearing surrounded by rain forest, with a washing line beside it strewn with clothes, and a small outhouse beside that. There are also cages of chickens nestled by a nearby tree.
As we climb the thin rickety staircase up toward the veranda of the house, a woman appears. She is smiling and holding a glass plate of assorted fruit toward us. She is petite, and wears her dark hair tied up in a bun. She wears clothes similar to Asri, although her flip flops appear far more worn down than his.
“Hello, welcome”, she smiles, offering us the fruit, “I am Siti. Welcome to our home”
Siti asks us to take our shoes off on the small terrace, which we do, before showing us inside.
The house inside consists of four rooms; a main living area, a kitchen area, and Siti and Asri’s bedroom. The fourth room, I am unsure of what it’s for, as the door is partially blocked by a small cabinet and table. Siti shows us where we will sleep, two small mattresses in the main room of the house.
Ketill and I place our bags down and I wipe the sweat from my brow as my eyes scan the wooden walls of the room. Small shutters cover the windows, a strange mask hangs from one of the walls, and a series of spears sit beside the front door which I assume are used for fishing.
Siti soon comes out of the kitchen area - “Makanan”, she smiles, which I know means it’s time for food.
As I lay on my mattress, I think back to the delicious meal Siti had made us – fresh fish, rice, and a spicy sambal sauce. Asri and Siti had spoken about their day-to-day life out here, about what’s important to them, and about how they have learned to speak English so well. They are both very kind. But now, it is dark and Ketill and I lay beside each other trying to get some sleep, listening to the constant noise of the rainforest.
“Ketill”, I whisper, not wanting to wake our hosts, “where is their son, Haziq?”
“I was thinking that,” Ketill replies, “Not really something we can easily ask. Maybe we’ll see him tomorrow. Maybe he’s asleep in that room.”
I look over to the door that's blocked. Strange. Why would they block up that room with furniture if he was just sleeping?
“Hm,” I say, “maybe. I suppose we should try and get some sleep, I imagine we’ll be up pretty early”
Ketill murmurs incoherently; he’s fallen asleep already. How does he do that?
I wake to the sound of distant laughter.
My eyes creep awake. It takes a second to establish my bearings in this new environment. I check my watch.
My eyes begin to shut, and then I hear it once more.
A laugh, a woman’s laugh. It’s quick, and quiet. It sounds as if it’s very far away, that I am only just on the cusp of hearing it. I groggily sit up and walk over to one of the window shutters and peek through it. I see nothing but dark trees and now hear nothing but –
Wait. I can’t hear anything.
No crickets, no sound. In most places, at this hour that’s normal, but out in the rainforest that doesn’t sit right with me. Why is it so silent?
I hear the same woman’s laugh again; this time, ever so slightly louder.
Ever so slightly closer.
My eyes are wide now and have adjusted to the darkness within the trees. Shadows stretch toward the house, casting themselves along the grass below, lit by an almost full moon. As my vision improves, I should feel less scared. However, the longer I stare, the more I feel like…
The more I feel like someone is watching me.
The more I feel like something is watching me.
The more I feel that something is very, very wrong.
I turn back, scurrying to Ketill over the floorboards the creak beneath my feet.
“Ketill”, I hiss, “Wake up”.
Just as I say that, the laughter quietly drifts through the air once more. It is a soft, calm laughter; almost as if it were a song. A sweet smell fills the air, becoming stronger by the second.
"Ketill!", I whisper harshly.
Please wake up. The feeling of dread grows.
“What?” Ketill sluggishly asks.
As soon as Ketill speaks, the smell is gone.
As soon as Ketill speaks, the crickets chirp once more, the sounds of the rainforest return like a roaring chorus.
As soon as Ketill speaks, the feeling of dread leaves my body, the feeling of being watched subsides.
“What?” Ketill repeats himself.
“N-nothing”, I begin, “I – I think I just had the creeps for a second, I thought – It’s nothing…”
I crawl back onto my mattress, wiping sweat from above my lip.
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to sleep tonight.
My eyes dart to the door which is blocked by the furniture.
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2023.03.28 20:24 bayne_lawl Teleport Nova, Surge Barrage build idea

I'm new to the game. I hopped on last night to try it out with a mage. I started browsing through the talent trees and noticed that you can have teleport cast elemental nova where you depart from, land and a halfway point. I was thinking if I'm in a pack and teleport onto myself it will triple cast elemental nova right there. I also noticed that you can have surge cast lighting barrage. Then in the mage passive tree you can have lightning spells cast arcane lightning I believe it was called. I was wondering if this would be a feasible build if I were to spec into lightning elemental nova and lightning barrage as well as stacking cool down reduction. Have any of you tried this?
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2023.03.28 20:24 ihavedeeproblems The end of humanity (chat gpt)

It happened so quickly that no one had time to react. One moment, life on Earth was bustling as usual, with people going about their daily routines. The next moment, chaos erupted. It began with a strange, pulsating light in the sky, visible to everyone on the planet. Within moments, the light grew brighter and brighter until it was blinding, and then... everything went black.
When people came to, they found that the world as they knew it was gone. The cities were in ruins, the forests were decimated, and the oceans had turned to acid. There was no life to be found anywhere, no sound except for the occasional howling wind.
The survivors wandered the wasteland, trying to make sense of what had happened. They found no answers, no clues as to what had caused the end of humanity. Some speculated that it was a natural disaster, while others believed it was the result of a man-made catastrophe. But in the end, it didn't really matter. The damage was done, and there was no going back.
As the weeks turned into months, the survivors struggled to survive. Food and water were scarce, and there was no one to turn to for help. The few remaining plants and animals were either dead or dying, leaving the humans to scavenge what they could. Disease and illness were rampant, with no medicine or doctors to provide relief.
Gradually, the survivors began to realize that they were the last of their kind. They were the end of humanity. It was a realization that was too terrible to bear, and many turned to despair and madness. Some chose to end their own lives, unable to cope with the loneliness and hopelessness of their situation.
But others refused to give up. They banded together, forming small communities to help each other survive. They worked together to find food and shelter, to create medicine from what little they had left. They found solace in each other's company, and slowly but surely, they began to rebuild.
It was a slow and difficult process, but over time, the survivors began to see signs of hope. The sky, once dark and bleak, began to clear. The plants, once withered and dead, began to sprout anew. And, most incredibly of all, there were signs of life. Small animals, thought to be extinct, began to appear. Birds sang in the trees once more.
It was a new world, a world that the survivors had never known before. They had no idea what the future would hold, but they knew that they had each other, and that was enough.
As time passed, the survivors became known as the Children of the End. They lived simple lives, farming the land and raising animals. They had no need for technology or luxury, for they knew that such things were what had led to their downfall.
And so, life went on. The Children of the End grew old, passing their knowledge down to their children and their children's children. They told stories of the world before the end, of the mistakes that had been made and the lessons that had been learned.
As generations passed, the world continued to heal. The oceans became clear once more, teeming with life. The forests grew tall and lush, home to creatures both new and old. And, most remarkably of all, there were signs of humanity. Small groups of people began to appear, having survived in isolated pockets throughout the world.
At first, the Children of the End were wary of these newcomers. They had seen what humanity was capable of, and they were afraid that the same mistakes would be made again. But as they got to know the newcomers, they realized that they were different. They had learned from the past, and they were determined to create a better world.
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2023.03.28 20:24 TotenkopfTomika Woman is pregnant with her 9th child at 35 without ever being married or concubine

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2023.03.28 20:23 Mountainbranch My prediction for the coming episodes.

Ruby will find out what happened to her mother, in some way, either when they get to the tree or just before that, the Ever After will show Ruby what happened to Summer and that will be what makes or breaks her, she already knows of Penny's death, and finding out that Jaune was the one who did it will surely put her in a vulnerable state, but it will be seeing the fate of her mother, the hero she idealized, the role model she based her entire identity around, that will ultimately crash down on her.
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2023.03.28 20:23 philnolan3d Did Lorraine know that boys peeped on her?

Did Lorraine know that boys peeped on her?
I have a theory. Lorraine knew that boys peeped on her from that tree. I say boys because her dad says "another one of these kids jumped in front of my car again". Implying that other kids have been in that tree and fallen out just like George. We already know she's quite promiscuous and boy crazy. I think she knew they were watching so intentionally changed clothes right in front of the window.
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2023.03.28 20:23 jkwib Stock pawnshop find to cluster f*k

Stock pawnshop find to cluster f*k
Pawnshop find BHP mk III - factory 10 rds Mag disconnect was removed by last owner Pulls 5lbs on the dot
Cluster f*k -Brownells threaded barrel - backyard gunsmith fitting -Strike quad comp -Pachmayr grappler - rit dyed -DPM recoil springs - two stage spring kit, 3 external and 3 buffer options -Generic extended slide stop -2x mecgar mags -Tape front/back strap
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2023.03.28 20:23 Riflejustbadengine Is it bad I wanted more out of the loba skin, and not in a horny kind of way?

Like, I know the joke was string bikini or something, but i legit did not want that as a loba main. What I was really hoping for was a skin similar to widowmaker or she skin from OW summer event. Like, a long skirt thing in the back or side with a tube top or something similar. Add some styled shorts for when she jumps from the ship so you cant look up there and BOOM, infinite money glitch. I cant say any of this without getting flamed for being horny, but like, I really did NOT want something lewd or anything, it just didn't fit her style/personality. But her skin doesn't even look like real beachwear. I think what really makes it look off is the triangle design it has, at least for me. And know people will flame me nonetheless for being horny or some shit, but look at those OW skins, and then remember that these games have the exactly same rating, TEEN.
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