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**Transgender news, issues, and discussion**

2023.03.22 11:43 WheeeeeThePeople Let's just call this NPR advice "Sex Ed" and not "grooming". Your tax dollars at work.

Sex Ed Often Leaves Out Queer People. Here's What To Know

Sex can be a nerve-racking experience no matter what. That's especially true if you have no clue what to do. And since LGBTQ+ topics are often left out of the conversation in school sex ed classes, many queer people know this feeling well.... Hart suggests masturbation as a way to unlearn that in order to discover what does please you.... Another way to figure out what you do or don't like can be through watching porn*. If this is your preference, consider watching porn created by queer performers — and make sure it's made* ethically, by paying performers and using safe practices.
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2023.03.21 22:43 DavidO_Pgh Sorry Straights, These Karaoke Songs Belong to the Lesbians
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2023.03.19 00:47 jillshat Maddie’s film “Bloody Hell” - SXSW Full Review Thread

Maddie’s upcoming film “Bloody Hell” has finished its run at SXSW! Here are the full reviews I found that touch on Maddie’s acting & overall the film itself. I also linked the full articles incase you’re interested or you’re probably gonna watch the film. I’ll add more to this if more reviews come out:
“As Lindy, Ziegler delivers a powerful performance that shows audiences that her career is just starting. Intimate and empathetic, Bloody Hell is a lot more than it appears, and that’s what makes it great.” (9/10) - Review from But Why Tho?
“But even in Lindy’s selfish actions, Ziegler maintains our sympathy and understanding as an audience, and it’s because she’s such a flawed character that Bloody Hell exists in such a real, authentic environment.” (4/5) - Review from The AU Review
“Personal, raw, and at times wickedly funny, the film is an excellent showcase for Ziegler, whose natural performance leaves a lasting impression.” - Review from The Daily Beast
“...and having a similarly strong anchor in Ziegler, the filmmaker shows an extraordinary facility for expressing the self-justifications that skew reality when no other guidance seems available.” - Review from The Moveable Fest
“It’s a heartbreaking journey elevated by a strong performance from Ziegler.” - Review from Collider
“None of that would hit as hard without Ziegler’s stellar performance at the center. You don’t need to be told any of the reasons why she does what she does. They’re all right there on her face and body language, whether subtly or explicitly.” - Review from Loud and Clear
“Ziegler gracefully portrays how this diagnosis affects her character’s outlook, leaning into a vulnerable performance to highlight her character’s insecurities and desire for sexual validation.” - Review from The Daily Texan
“Maddie Ziegler's performance is also pretty fantastic, with a few scenes in which her turn is legitimately heartbreaking.” - Review from @bigtunaonfilm via Twitter
“BLOODY HELL features a strong performance from Maddie Ziegler as a girl diagnosed with a rare reproductive disorder who learns to embrace her body.” - Review from @heylarry via Twitter
“Maddie Ziegler takes a star-turning comedic showcase and nails the timing with her own confidence and sharp wit.” - Review from @rendy_jones via Twitter
”Maddie Ziegler breathes life into the role of Lindy effortlessly” - Review from @TheJosieMarie via Twitter
The film also debuted with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!
More reviews about the film itself - not really touching on Maddie’s acting:
One more thing I wanted to add, if you are interested in watching this film, there is currently no available place to watch the film, there is no release date & there is no teaser or trailer as of right now. Back in December, I do remember Molly (the director) saying she already has distributors for the movie in the US & Canada & she said in her IG comment section to stay tuned for updates on the film’s release so it’s only a matter of time that we will get more information for the film’s general public release!
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2023.03.15 21:39 Candid-Ear-4840 PSA: Autostraddle is fundraising to stay open?

Just linked to Autostraddle (it’s a trans and bi inclusive sapphic blog) in another post about queer lady ‘sword lesbian’ culture and saw a fundraiser just started today. Damn, y’all, I used to read their queer lady TV recaps for TV shows that I was never going to watch so I could get the canon backstory before reading femslash fanfics.
…I think that’s the queerest sentence I’ve said in a while. 😂 anyway check Autostraddle out, it’s where my bisexual ass went to read bi and trans friendly meta back when I was a baby bi boinging around “I’m ace! Wait I have pants feelings for this dude! Oh shit if I have a crush on this guy now, that means I had a crush on this girl years ago and didn’t realize it! SIMULTANEOUS DEMISEXUAL AND BISEXUAL EPIPHANY!”
(Mods, I don’t come here often. If I’m violating some kind of subreddit rule about $$ let me know. I ain’t affiliated with Autostraddle, this is just a PSA.)
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2023.03.09 08:54 mcrib I didn't watch much of Batwoman, so answer me this

Is Javicia Leslie always this bad of an actress? I looked back at her career and I guess she had one or two very short major roles but before Batwoman was an extra. I do... not understand what exactly is happening here with her performance of Red Death. It's like she's playing a 1960s Batman villain as he inspiration, but.. not any of the good ones. I mean she mispronounces words like "sentience" (sent-ee ance) "heroism" (hero-ism) and others.
I feel like I'm in the minority here because I keep seeing articles like this one praising the performance
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2023.03.07 20:55 LookDangerous1953 Gaylor Word Search

Hope this is okay to post here: I thought this sub might enjoy a word search I made over at Autostraddle! Lmk how fast you finish it, and any clues I SHOULD have included but didn't :)
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2023.02.24 22:48 fridayjr88 Caroline and Josielyn are both actors

This is news to me
Both women are actors. Which makes sense - reality show = exposure :D
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2023.02.24 16:46 zxlplx “Big Swiss” Review: On the Queer Age Gap Novel Set in a House Full of Bees
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2023.02.14 15:51 Jetamors The Autostraddle Black Elders Interview Project

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2023.02.07 18:15 Choice-Cut866 Lesbians in Paris

Hey everyone, my girlfriend and I will be in Paris for our anniversary (yay!) and wondering if there were any underground events or local spots that are for lesbians or just queer-coded in general. I’ve read the excellent Autostraddle travel guide for lesbians which was helpful but mostly just detailed the obvious spots like Le Mutinerie. Thanks in advance! 🫡🤓🤸‍♀️
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2023.01.17 06:41 hayleafeon Red haired sword lesbian PSA I highly recommend giving Willow (Tv show) a shot [misc]

No really. It exceeded expectations. It’s definitely a little camp but it is also self aware and not meant to be a fantasy that is like game of thrones level of grit but it’s also not just a satire. It has a really great mix of comedy, high stakes and feels. My wife and I laughed out loud lots of times and were very entertained.
But most importantly it has the most satisfying lesbian love story arc out of any live action media I’ve consumed.
Which is really sad when I think about. I forget how starved I am of mainstream queer media until I see it.
The tension between Kit and Jade is very believable and good and their bantefeelings sharing is very good. Their relationship is not the main point of the fantasy but it is entwined enough to make it the show extra amazing and relatable for those of us who don’t get to see ourselves in fantasy very often. It really has a great amount of romance for an action fantasy where romance is not the main point.
And I can’t believe it was made by Disney. The story reads a little like fan fiction in the best way possible and it seems like the writers had no restrictions on how they wanted this story to go. It truly was amazing to get queer coding and oh wait ACTUALLY QUEER. This show was like the exact opposite of queer baiting…never advertised as queer (to my knowledge) and then quickly establishes yes these characters are queer we aren’t just fucking with you
Usually when I say “now kiss, make out” to the tv it never actually happens. And I didn’t quite realize I was a lesbian until college and this is the type of representation that if I would have seen as a kid I would have been like - oh yes that - that’s what I relate to, guess I’m a lesbian, cool cool cool.
So yeah I just feel like this show is probably under appreciated and under advertised (likely because of the queerness).
And of course you don’t have to like it just because it’s queer but I just thought this was a good place to try and give it a boost as this is a community with an appreciation for sword wielding lesbians.
Also here’s a link to an article that I think dose a better job than me at propping it up.
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2023.01.10 02:58 toptoyouyoutube Fox News Calls Green M&M “Opportunistic Little Bitch” on All-Women Packaging - Autostraddle

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2023.01.06 23:13 protagonizer [Bionicle] The Face of Betrayal has Googly Eyes: A Bionic Chronicle of LEGO’s 90th Anniversary Set


Gathered friends, listen again to our legend…of the Bionicle.
This is probably going to be a hefty one, just because I want to give context for what Bionicle actually is before digging into the drama. Long story short, it’s a LEGO toy line with cool elemental cyborg characters that had immense effects on its parent company, its fan base, and also for some reason, the trans community. If you want to skip the buildup and get straight to the eponymous googly-eyed betrayal, go to part 4.

Part 1: Up In The Air

Not many people know this, but the ubiquitous toy juggernaut LEGO was once on the verge of bankruptcy. Starting in 1993, its once comfortable place as a slow-and-steady staple of toy bins was crippled by threefold factors.
1) Chinese producers were able to make knockoff products at a fraction of the cost.
2) Toy stores were edged out by big-box retailers, meaning LEGO no longer sat at the coveted front window.
3) Video games. Kids just weren't going for physical toys anymore.
In a desperate effort to stay alive and relevant, LEGO began throwing everything at the wall for the next decade to see what stuck. They opened three new theme parks. They redesigned the classic minifigure so that it could pick up and throw tiny basketballs (and have uncanny real-life NBA star faces). They got into robotics. Racecars. Dolls. Cameras. Costumes. A Cowboys & Indians-themed chess computer game.Whatever the brick this is.
About the only things that turned a profit were the Star Wars and Harry Potter tie-ins, but they were worthless in the off-years with no new movies. What’s worse, all these new bricks, prints, and royalty payments were costing LEGO even more money as they floundered deeper into the red.
By 2003, the LEGO company was $800 million in debt and ready to lose another $225 million the next year. This was their darkest hour. Nothing could save the venerable interlocking brick system from being tossed into the bargain bin of yesteryear next to Poo-Chi and Chatty Cathy.
Nothing except one strange, eight-letter word.

Part 2: Like A House On Fire

Toy Association’s “Most Innovative Toy of the Year.”
$160 million in sales in the first year alone.
25% of LEGO’s revenue and 100% of its profits.
The year was 2001, and the big damn heroes had arrived.
So what made Bionicle the silver bullet to all of LEGO’s problems?
A few factors made this new toy theme so insanely popular:
Firstly, the idea of a buildable action figure—or “constraction” figure--was pretty fresh at the time. LEGO had experimented with similar concepts with RoboRiders, Slizers, and Throwbots, but the company’s anti-violence ethics prevented producing anything explicitly humanoid that wielded recognizable weapons. They eventually decided that BIONICLE could still fit family-friendly values as long as the good guys weren’t killing anyone and were only fighting the forces of evil. With that decision, LEGO finally had something to compete with against Transformers and GI Joe. Bionicle was actually arguably superior to other action figures thanks to LEGO’s higher plastic quality standards, a new ball-and-socket system that allowed greater range of poses, and, of course, the freedom to disassemble the figures and use the parts for something entirely new.
Secondly, the aesthetic was excellent, convincing many kids to pick up the sets based on the visual themes alone. Bionicle was a bizarre yet compelling blend of cyborgs, voodoo masks, and elemental magic, all set on a background of massive stone statues and corrupted cybernetic creatures on a tropical island. The question of “why are there robots in a jungle” lent a certain mystique to the franchise, and set Bionicle apart from the endless rows of army fatigues and laser pistols.
But most central to the runaway success of Bionicle, and the reasons why the fans still love it decades later…

Part 3: Set in Stone

People joke about how useless amounts of Bionicle lore is permanently stuck in people’s heads, but there’s a reason people who were seven years old in 2001 can still tell you the difference between “Onua” and “Onewa.”
The story of Bionicle was designed to go hand in hand with the products. Everything from the giant combination sets to the tiniest collectibles were plot relevant. This was, for many kids, a first taste of a world you could get lost in. And for the first time in LEGO’s history, a consumer base was transformed into a fanbase.
Lead writer Greg Farshtey made Bionicle his magnum opus, and put unprecedented effort into every aspect of the story. Now, when I say story, we’re not just talking about some flavor text on the back of the canister. We’re talking comic books. We’re talking novels. We’re talking websites. We’re talking a Game Boy Advance game. We’re talking a series of animated shorts. We’re talking an online game where you got to explore the entire island setting. And that was just in the first year.
Before the brand had run its course, fans would get four feature-length movies, nine encyclopedias, 25 novels, and over 50 comic books filling out every corner of the Bionicle universe. (Well, almost every corner. But more on that later.)
The community was deeply involved with the storyline, too, making kids that much more attached. Greg Farshtey exchanged hundreds of emails with fans to get their input and suggestions, and would often log on to forums to see firsthand how each plot revelation was received. He regularly held building contests so that kids could design major antagonists. Even after (spoiler!) LEGO stopped producing the toys, he kept on writing. Farshtey remains active in the community to this day, regularly answering questions and revealing details about cut content.
All this to say, Bionicle’s value to both LEGO and the fanbase could not be understated. LEGO finally had a cash cow all to its own, and everything was in place for a permanent franchise. Bionicle was originally pitched and planned for an impressive 20-year storyline, but with such dedicated creators and fans, there was truly no end in sight.

Part 4: Dead In The Water

And as soon as it was financially stable again, LEGO pretended like Bionicle never existed.
That, of course, is an exaggeration. But to the fans, it felt like a moon to the back of the head.
A major storyline had just begun, wherein the Big Bad had finally overthrown God and taken control of the entire universe. God’s broken spirit created a mortal body for himself on a distant planet, prepared to fight his way through uncharted lands to take back his creation and free his children from an omnipotent villain…and…it just ended.
On November 24, 2009, LEGO announced that, due to recent low sales and lack of new interest, Bionicle would be discontinued. Instead, LEGO would be doubling down on its previous Star Wars and Harry Potter strategy: adding more tie-ins and raising the prices.
For Bionicle’s sendoff year, a pitiful six sets (compared to 54 sets at its peak) were released. These weren’t even really worth collecting, since they were just remakes of figurines from previous years. As the books, comics, and websites shut down, fans got one quick explanation of how the omnipotent Big Bad was defeated, and…that was that.
The fanbase was left stranded. Alone. Surrounded only by hundreds of buildable action figures.

Part 5: Kept On Ice

The idea of Bionicle would be teased now and again, piquing the interest of the still-active fanbase. But each time it came up, it seemed like it was just to mock. It was almost as if LEGO was embarrassed that it ever had to be saved.
Please note: I don’t think that LEGO even has an opinion on their various brands (other than "which ones make money"). These “incidences” are from the perspective of the fans, who both ironically and unironically claim that LEGO hates Bionicle. This is the double-edged sword of developing a fanbase. You have loyal customers for life. But if you mess with “their childhood,” you’ve also made an enemy for life.
First, the reboot. LEGO wanted to revisit the lucrative brand, and fans salivated over the idea of a continuation to their beloved Bionicle story. Then LEGO announced that not only would the figures be made in the much less popular Hero Factory aesthetic, but the story would be replaced with something much more simplistic, with no backstory or personality given for any characters other than “these are good ones, these are bad ones.” Needless to say, it didn’t hook anyone, new or old, and it quickly shut down after two waves of sets. Tahu did look pretty cool though. (Remember that character design. It’s important.)
Next, The Lego Movie. Bionicle fans were encouraged by the news that it would be a tribute to all of LEGO’s history, the mainstream and weird alike. Bionicle was LEGO’s historically most important property and the reason the movie could exist at all, but fans didn’t really expect any substantial appearances in the film. Maybe a side character. It at least deserved a quick cameo next to Milhouse and Michelangelo, right? Fear not: LEGO featured Bionicle all right.
Did you catch it?
I’m actually not sure LEGO could have dunked on Bionicle harder if they tried: one frame brought up just to say that it was less important than (the nonexistent,) “Clown Town.”
It was at this point that most fans realized that Bionicle was pretty much dead to LEGO.
But there was one last incident. One last chance for LEGO to look their savior in the eye and say “thank you.” One last golden opportunity for a satisfying sendoff for Bionicle. And this one was fully in control of the fans.

Part 6: Moving Heaven And Earth

January 23, 2021. LEGO announces a very special event for their 90th anniversary: a fan vote. Whichever theme gets the most response will be featured as the special 90th anniversary LEGO set. “Perhaps even Bionicle?” the tweet says cheekily.
“Perhaps,” said the titan composed of thousands of adult Bionicle fans, slowly turning its head toward the poll.
And the epic showdown began.
Bionicle had some stiff competition at the outset. But this was a prime opportunity for the fanbase to prove their dedication, and prove it they would. Before the vote had even been announced, fans had already designed and submitted a playset on LEGO Ideas, and gotten the required 10,000 supporters. LEGO, of course, denied it. But the beast had been awoken.
The fans came out swinging with the initial placement vote. Most themes averaged about 5,000 votes each. Big names like Pirates and Classic Space reached between 18-12K votes. Bionicle blew them away with 24,799.
But this all was just to land a spot on the bracket. Now the real battle started.
Right out of the gate, Bionicle was up against a super-trendy bestselling theme: Marvel Superheroes. The original six-hero team beat the LEGO Avengers into the ground.
Next up in the arena, a legendary Core Theme. Castle was the third oldest theme at LEGO, and one of the most evergreen—from 1978 to 2014, there were only three years without a new Castle set release. But the Castle crumbled before the elemental might of Mata Nui.
Coming up from behind was City/Town theme—even more prolific than Castle and just as old. Adult collectors (like the dad from The Lego Movie) famously built entire city blocks out of LEGO, driving a huge demand for the theme. But like a kaiju, the Great Spirit Robot toppled the skyscrapers and leveled the City.
Finally, there was only one theme left to fight, and it was the most ironic and appropriate battle to end with. Star Wars. The original IP vs. licensing debate that began in 2001 would conclude, an entire twenty years later.
If you’re not already aware, LEGO Star Wars is huge. Bricking huge. It’s LEGO’s longest continuously-running theme. The video game adaptations alone have sold over 50 million copies. There’s a total of eight hundred and seventy-three Star Wars sets released, almost twice as many as Bionicle ever made, and they’re still going.
There was zero chance that Bionicle would win this popularity contest. But the fans squared their shoulders, determined that at least Bionicle would lose with honor.
After the votes were counted, and after much anticipation, the winner was declared.
…Bionicle brickin’ won.
Fans were ecstatic. They had done it. Through sheer grassroots effort, they had clawed their way to the top and finally earned a crown for their beloved story.
LEGO, blown away by such a monumental response, announced that they would have to release not one, but two commemorative 90th anniversary sets.
…Castle and Space.
Bionicle fans were speechless.
Then LEGO, perhaps trying to mollify things, announced a third.
…Another Castle set.
Note: There were actually two separate polls, an official one and a fan one, happening at around the same time. I did get them mixed up, but the results were the same: Bionicle won. The official poll, as u/flametitan has noted, had its own set of drama when LEGO artificially added Castle to the finalists despite it not technically qualifying, and then picked Castle as the winner twice. One could easily assume that LEGO had always planned for a Castle set, and that the vote was rigged from the start.
At this point, there wasn’t really anything left to say. Bionicle was well and truly dead.
But fear not. For there is always another way to hurt someone who has nothing left. Give them something that is broken.

Part 7: Seeing Things In A New Light

There was little aplomb when LEGO revealed a Classic set themed to the 90th anniversary. Classic sets, as you might be able to guess, are the good old-fashioned boxes o’ bricks that was LEGO’s bread and butter before the whole licensing vs. Bionicle debacle began. Despite the open-endedness, some boxes do have certain themes, like “the ocean” or “vehicles,” and include a selection of bricks and suggestions to facilitate those builds.
The 90th anniversary box was slightly different, in that its designs and bricks were specifically made to replicate iconic sets from LEGO’s past and present. If you look closely, there’s a whole variety of Easter Eggs included. There’s the wooden duck that was LEGO’s very first toy. They’ve got the Claymation “Fabuland” elephant from the 70’s. There’s some modern bits, like that pineapple pencil holder from 2020. Even freakin’ Galidor got a developer-confirmed shoutout.
Overall, it’s a very sweet collection that celebrates LEGO’s long and weird history. Something that either appeals to the hardcore fans who recognize everything or the young kids who recognize nothing. In any case, though, certainly nothing worth raising a fuss over…
…Wait a minute.
You remember that character Tahu, the super cool favorite? You remember his designs?
Do yourself a favor and scroll through the comments on that last Tweet (assuming Twitter is still alive by the time I post this). There’s also a Reddit thread that shows some hilarious reactions.
For the following couple of hours, there was a concentrated outpouring of emotion from the fandom that hadn’t been seen in a decade. Long-dormant fans who hadn’t participated in the polls or the community suddenly were jarred awake by the contrasting memories of these epic scenes and the way Tahu came to life in their imaginations with…this stunted, cartoonish figure. The real-time rage and disbelief spread like wildfire and was truly something to witness. I, along with probably thousands of others, held my breath, waiting to see if this fire would destroy the fanbase, or its relationship with LEGO.
To everyone’s surprise…neither happened.
Instead, to quote a tweet, the Bionicle fandom went through all 5 stages of grief in under 2 hours, and ended up landing on a new stage: unironic joy for their tiny googly boy.
People bought up the set en masse, eager to own “Tiny Tahu.” They embraced and elaborated on the design. They made fanart. They redesigned every other figure to match the googly-eyed aesthetic. They even (thanks u/DeskJerky) made lovingly animated parody commercials in the style of the originals. In the ultimate make-lemons-out-of-lemonade moment, this became the Bionicle renaissance that no one ever expected.


New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered. This is the way of the Bionicle.
Is there a lesson to this epic tale? Perhaps it’s that being a true fan of something, has to go deeper than being able to consume a steady stream of products.
If you love something, whether it’s a book, movie, game, or nostalgic multimedia constraction figure interactive franchise, you can love any part of it and turn it into something beautiful, no matter how long it's been.
Putting that sort of passion and creativity into the universe, and enjoying it with others, is its own reward.
But eventually…
…the universe gives you something back.
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2022.12.17 02:12 PuzzledBandicoot3905 Were people this outraged when the original was airing?

For people who watched when the original was airing—did viewers get as mad about the show back then? Because with the way people are losing their minds over Gini ending, I’m imagining the end of Sharmen and the end of Alice/Dana must have had a similar reaction. I mean hell people are so mad at Maria for not bringing Carmen back when Iliene was the one who wrote her off and didn’t bring her back in the OG! If they were going to get back together season 6 would have been the time. Same with writing choices like killing Dana, changing Helena’s personality and writing her off in season 5, Jenny’s personality transplant, keeping Alice and Tasha together for three season even though the were fighting the whole time, Bette cheating on a partner (Jodi) again, a whole season based around making a meta movie? I can imagine what people would say if it was airing now. In fact, I’ve stumbled on many articles that were written when the show was airing, on autostraddle and other places, tearing it apart. People were surprised it was renewed for seasons 5 and 6. The OG has gained a reputation over the years as being a “bad show”. Whenever I mentioned I love it people would be like “really? It sucks.” I guess my point is, remembering the way the OG was received can give us some perspective. I don’t think Gen Q is much better or worse than the original. You can love or hate both. The messiness is just a part of The L Word’s legacy.
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2022.12.16 00:37 100PlusRyan TV show cancelations: LGBTQ+ shows targeted?

Every time an LGBTQ+ show is canceled, I see this claim made. "They" are bias against these shows. But I thought to myself, if that were true, "they" wouldn't make them in the first place would they? So I decided to "do my own research", I pulled out my phone, opened facebook and settled on the toilet for hours. Here is what I found...
136 shows were canceled in 2022. 35 of those were canceled with a final season. So those either reached the end of their story (Stranger Things), simply ran its course (The Walking Dead), or were canceled but after one more season. This leaves 101 shows dumped without closer.
The great debate is what is considered as an LGBTQ+ show? This is a complex question because there is no right or wrong answer. What I do is, I ask myself if the story is fundamentally different or the show would even feel different without the queer components.
I count around 10 LGBTQ+ shows which is about 7.5% of the canceled shows. I don't know all the shows so I had to search for lists which are all different and I often scratched my head as to why some shows were included.
If you are more loose with your LGBTQ+ show definition, maybe you found 20 canceled shows on the list. This raises the percentage to 15%
My only point is that one can tilt the stats however they want. Criminal minds had that gay guy that one episode so... its just hard to quantify.
This article claims the following: 20% of shows which include a queer character are canceled after one season. 68% of all network shows are canceled after one season 11% of Netflix shows are canceled in any give year
There are endless articles and posts making the claim of LGTBQ+ show bias but with very little data to back it up. And stats are easily manipulated to support which ever outcome you want. The data I've shown here doesn't paint the whole picture for sure.
Final thoughts: I agree with the autostraddle article that these "cancellations tend to hit our community hard". I see the passion and love that fans have for these shows and what the representation means to them. Its personal, which I think is the root of the feeling that there must be some evil plot at hand. But remember this, inclusive shows are being made more now than ever. And if there is one fanbase that can resurrect a show from the dead, its this one.
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2022.12.01 21:22 atav1k Remembering Club Q victim Raymond Green Vance, 22. Public viewing, private funeral and vigil at Swan Law 12/1 through 12/3.

Remembering Club Q victim Raymond Green Vance, 22. Public viewing, private funeral and vigil at Swan Law 12/1 through 12/3.
Club Q victim Raymond Green Vance, 22
The public is invited to two viewings at Swan Law Funeral Directors [at 501 N Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado].
Viewing times are between 4-8 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 1 and Friday, Dec. 2.
Family and friends will also gather in the outdoor garden area of Swan Law on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 4:30 p.m. for a public dove release followed by a candlelight vigil. —CPR
Raymond was “a kind, selfless young adult with his entire life ahead of him” who friends describe as “gifted, one-of-a-kind, and willing to go out of his way to help anyone.” He’d recently started a new position at the FedEx distribution center and was trying to save money to get his own apartment. In the meantime, he was living with his mother and younger brother.
In high school, Raymond was a “popular, well-liked young man who never got into any trouble and had plenty of friends.” He spent most of his spare time with his girlfriend — his literal middle school sweetheart — and playing video games.
Kassy posted on Facebook about the death of her boyfriend of five years and four months. “theres a million pics and videos i could post here but in ur arms was the only place i ever felt safe,” she wrote. “u are my home. my heart. my everything. u changed my life. u made life worth living. u made me the happiest i ever been. laugh the hardest i ever have. meeting u was the best thing to ever happen to me.” —Autostraddle
Green is the first victim to be laid to rest, others are planned for later or out of state.
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2022.11.23 13:29 AlwaysAPM Verified content writing jobs (Nov 23rd 2022)

Latest content writing jobs on Getwriters
  1. Freelance Writer at Shoutvox
    1. Client name: Shoutvox
    2. Location: Remote
    3. Job type: Freelance
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    5. Salary: $45/hour
    6. Job Description and client verification details:
  2. Marketing Communications Writer
    1. Client name: CVS Health
    2. Location: Remote
    3. Job type: Full time
    4. Topics: Healthcare
    5. Salary: $60,300 -$126,600/year
    6. Job Description and client verification details:
  3. Lesbian/bi/queer women and trans writers for Autostraddle
    1. Client name: Autostraddle
    2. Location: Remote
    3. Job type: Freelance
    4. Topics: Dating
    5. Salary: $125 - $175/article
    6. Job Description and client verification details:
  4. Writers on Palestinians in Latin America
    1. Client name: Institute for Palestine studies
    2. Location: Remote
    3. Job type: Freelance
    4. Topics: Culture
    5. Salary: $100/article
    6. Job Description and client verification details:
  5. Writers on Native Americans
    1. Client name: US News
    2. Location: Remote
    3. Job type: Freelance
    4. Topics: Culture
    5. Salary: $200/article
    6. Job Description and client verification details:
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2022.11.22 11:20 WheeeeeThePeople Stop groomers and their tax-funded network

Sex Ed Often Leaves Out Queer People. Here's What To Know

Sex can be a nerve-racking experience no matter what. That's especially true if you have no clue what to do. And since LGBTQ+ topics are often left out of the conversation in school sex ed classes, many queer people know this feeling well.... Hart suggests masturbation as a way to unlearn that in order to discover what does please you.... Another way to figure out what you do or don't like can be through watching porn. If this is your preference, consider watching porn created by queer performers — and make sure it's made ethically, by paying performers and using safe practices
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2022.11.18 15:57 Honest-Credit-1297 Cultural Influences on Kay J

Thank you for reading my articles!
I have a new article:
CULTURAL Influences on KAY J
by Andrew Roller
Kay J is a porn star. She was born on March 21, 1996. Kay was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she has lived her entire life. ( She moved to Poland for seven months during this ongoing war. )
In prior articles, I’ve written that Kay appears to have a predilection for bondage. ( Also known as BDSM, or as S & M. ) What cultural artifacts may have influenced Kay’s predilection for bondage?
“Cultural artifacts” is a term that is used by anthropologists. It refers to any human made object. A rock is not a cultural artifact. However, a rock that has been shaped into a spear point is a cultural artifact.
In this article, I’m not speaking of found objects left by a past culture. I’m speaking of items in our current culture.
  1. The song “S & M”, by Rihanna.
“S & M” is on Rihanna’s album called “Loud”. “Loud” was released on November 12, 2010.
Source: Google.
Kay J was 14 years old in 2010.
“S & M” was released as a single on January 21, 2011.
“S & M” was released as a music video on February 1, 2011.
Source: en-academic ( dot ) com. ( A part of Wikipedia. ) Article title: “S & M ( song )”.
Though the year had changed, Kay J was still 14 years old.
Rihanna said, “I like to take charge, but I love to be submissive ... being submissive in the bedroom is really fun. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge. That's sexy to me.”
Source: Ibid.
The above statement, by Rihanna, can be applied to Kay J. Based on my research, this is exactly who Kay J is.
A remix of “S & M” was released on April 11, 2011. The remix includes Britney Spears.
Source: Ibid.
Kay J was now 15 years old.
The “Spears” version of “S & M” is much hotter. Its lyrics include the following:
“I like it, like it …
“c’mon, c’mon, c’mon…
“Feels so good being bad…
“There’s no way I’m turning back ( Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh )
“Now the pain is my pleasure ‘cause nothing could measure…
“The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more…
“‘Cause I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it
“Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it
“Sticks and stones may break my bones
“But chains and whips excite me…
“Just one night full of sin…
“Feel the pain on your skin…
“Tough, I don’t scream mercy
“It’s your turn to hurt me…
“If I’m bad, tie me down…
“Shut me up, gag and bound me…
“‘Cause the pain is my pleasure
“Nothing comes better…
“S-S-S and M-M-M
“Oh, I love the feeling you bring to me
“Oh, you turn me on
“It’s exactly what I’ve been yearning for
“Give it to me strong
“*And meet me in my boudoir*
“Make my body say ah, ah, ah
“I like it, like it…
“S-S-S and M-M-M”.
Source: genius ( dot ) com. [ Now loaded with annoying, endlessly streaming, advertisements. ]
Based on my research, the above is an exact description of Kay J’s personality.
  1. The book, “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Date of release: June 2011. ( Released as an e-book, and as a print-on-demand book. ) “Fifty Shades of Grey” was “acquired by Vintage Books in March 2012.”. ( Vintage Books is a large publishing house. )
Source: en ( dot ) wikipedia ( dot ) org. Article title: “Fifty Shades of Grey”.
Kay J was 15 years old in 2011. She turned 16 in March of 2012.
  1. The movie, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, by E. L. James. Date of release: February 11, 2015. ( Released at the Berlin International film festival. ) The movie was released in an IMAX format on February 13, 2015.
Source: Google.
Kay J was 14 years old at this time.
“‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving BDSM ( bondage / discipline, dominance / submission, and sadism / masochism ).”
Source: en ( dot ) wikipedia ( dot ) org. Article title: “Fifty Shades of Grey”.
“Fifty Shades of Grey” became a franchise. Many sequel books and movies were released in subsequent years. Kay J was a teenager during most or all of this time.
Here’s a sample of “Fifty Shades of Grey”:
“It feels like I’ve time-traveled back to the sixteenth century and the Spanish Inquisition …
“The first thing I notice is the smell: leather, wood, polish with a faint citrus scent. It’s very pleasant, and the lighting is soft, subtle. In fact, I can’t see the source, but it’s around the cornice in the room, emitting an ambient glow. The walls and ceiling are a deep, dark burgundy, giving a womb-like effect to the spacious room, and the floor is old, old varnished wood.
“There is a large wooden cross like an X fastened to the wall facing the door. It’s made of high-polished mahogany, and there are restraining cuffs on each corner. Above it is an expansive iron grid suspended from the ceiling, eight-foot square at least, and from it hang all manner of ropes, chains, and glinting shackles.
“By the door, two long, polished, ornately carved poles, like spindles from a banister but longer, hang like curtain rods across the wall. From them swing a startling assortment of paddles, whips, riding crops, and funny-looking feathery implements.
“Beside the door stands a substantial mahogany chest of drawers, each drawer slim as if designed to contain specimens in a crusty old museum. I wonder briefly what the drawers actually do hold. Do I want to know? In the far corner is an oxblood leather padded bench, and fixed to the wall beside it is a wooden, polished rack that looks like a pool or billiard cue holder, but on closer inspection, it holds canes of varying lengths and widths. There’s a stout six-foot-long table in the opposite corner—polished wood with intricately carved legs—and two matching stools underneath.
“But what dominates the room is a bed. It’s bigger than king sized, an ornately carved rococo four-poster with a flat top. It looks late nineteenth century. Under the canopy, I can see more gleaming chains and cuffs. There is no bedding…just a mattress covered in red leather and red satin cushions piled at one end.
“At the foot of the bed, set apart a few feet, is a large oxblood chesterfield couch, just stuck in the middle of the room facing the bed. An odd arrangement … to have a couch facing the bed, and I smile to myself—I’ve picked on the couch as odd, when really it’s the most mundane piece of furniture in the room. I glance up and stare at the ceiling. There are carabiners all over the ceiling at odd intervals. I vaguely wonder what they’re for. Weirdly, all the wood, dark walls, moody lighting, and oxblood leather makes the room kind of soft and romantic … I know it’s anything but; this is Christian’s version of soft and romantic.
“I turn, and he’s regarding me intently, as I knew he would be, his expression completely unreadable. I walk farther into the room, and he follows me. The feathery thing has me intrigued. I touch it hesitantly. It’s suede, like a small cat-o’-nine-tails but bushier, and there are very small plastic beads on the end.
“‘It’s called a flogger.’ Christian’s voice is quiet and soft.”
Source: Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle, by E. L. James. Pages 93 - 95. Amazon Kindle. The quote, above, is from the first book: “Fifty Shades of Grey”.
( I broke the above quote into more paragraphs than the book has. I did this for readability. )
Perhaps you recall the book “Twilight”, by Stephenie Meyer. It was published on October 5, 2005. It too became a franchise, spawning additional movies and books. Google defines “Twilight” as “Romance, fantasy, young adult fiction”.
E. L. James liked “Twilight”. She wrote “Fifty Shades of Grey” as an X-rated version of “Twilight”. She gave it away for free, on the Internet. When it proved popular, she began to sell “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Then corporate America got involved. It made “Fifty Shades of Grey” a worldwide commercial success.
I’ve been alive for almost 62 years. During that time, I’ve been told the following: the threat to “our” children is single White men. But who wrote “Twilight”? A woman! Who wrote “Fifty Shades of Grey”? A woman! Who made “Fifty Shades of Grey” globally popular, including to teenaged Kay J? The “good” people; namely, people who go to work every day, in corporate America. Some lonely, unemployed guy in a room didn’t influence Kay J. “Hard” ( ahem! ) working Americans did. Women did.
So much for the notion that if we only locked up more single White men, “our” children would be “protected”.
Christian Grey is a billionaire. He can afford to build a ( supposedly soundproofed ) torture dungeon. Most people can’t. Likely, this included Kay J, especially when she was a teenager.
Kay J bears whip marks in a number of her films. Most notably, she bears whip marks in the films “Wet Dreams” and in “Dreaming”. These films are at the metartnetwork ( dot ) com.
According to published data, Kay was 20 years old when “Wet Dreams” and “Dreaming” were filmed. However, I feel that she may have been 19 or 18 years old when these films were made. ( See prior issues of ARSE for more. )
“Wet Dreams” and “Dreaming” are not bondage films. Their intent is simply to portray Kay in the nude. Kay was whipped prior to the filming of “Wet Dreams”. ( “Dreaming” appears to have been filmed a day after “Wet Dreams”. Kay does not have any new whip marks in “Dreaming”. Some of her existing marks have vanished. )
( Kay has bruises, as well as whip marks, in “Wet Dreams”. )
Kay probably wasn’t whipped in her home. People would have heard the whip hitting her body. They would have heard Kay’s screams.
Therefore, Kay was whipped in a torture dungeon. That is, she was whipped in a place akin to a nightclub.
What was this experience like for Kay? Specifically, what is it like to party in a torture dungeon?
“Generally, there is an area for drinking and socializing, an area for changing into more appropriate attire ( such as fetishwear ), and an area for ‘play’ or sexually arousing activities.”
Source: The article, “Play party ( BDSM )”. Wikipedia.
You may, of course, “dress” in revealing garb before going to such a play party. If so:
“Respect the host’s discretion and cover yourself with a jacket or dress on your way over.”
Source: The article, “How to Rock Your First BDSM Play Party”. By Autostraddle. ( I saved this document to ‘Documents by Readdle’. It did not save the web site address. )
“Some clubs do not allow ‘sex’ / masturbation / penetration - others do. Some allow drinking 21+ others do not. I’ve seen weekends rotated too. One week 21+ other week 18+ …
“Sometimes ‘dance’ events / conventions large parties happen …
“The club / dungeon must keep us coming back. So different styles of events happen every weekend. …
“There will usually be ‘themes’ like the prom, leather, ’authority’ ( police / military / spy ). You dress up, have fun, then have sex or do something sexy. …
“The submissives squared off to see who was the strongest, could take the flogger the longest or ‘deep throat’ the best. …
( Curiously, the Free Dictionary only defines “deep throat” as “an anonymous source of secret information”. ( Referring to the Watergate scandal. ) )
“When you see two or more people ‘playing’ at a club it is called a ‘scene’. Many people are open to playing with others. …
Source: Tony Schwartz. Article title: “What really happens in BDSM clubs?” Quora ( dot ) com.
( In this article, I lightly edited Schwarz’ comments for readability. My edits corrected spelling, added paragraph breaks, added spaces, altered the case of letters, and altered punctuation marks. The text itself, and its meaning, is unaltered. )
If someone has the money, he can install a torture dungeon in his home. Schwartz writes about this:
“Private parties are in someone’s home or ‘owned’ location. These are pretty open. Though everyone there is better vetted ( you are a guest in a home; someones actual house, warehouse or business ). …
“These are themed: Slave [ and ] Master; High Protocol; Impact; Spanking, Flogging; Electricity; Orgy, or many concepts.”
In the above quote, one concept isn’t self-evident: “high protocol”. Schwartz explains this. He does so from the submissive’s point of view. ( That is, from Kay J’s point of view: )
“High protocol: He will tell me that it IS high protocol. In the high protocol, I generally won’t make eye contact, unless He instructs me to look into His eyes when answering a question. I won’t use any of the furniture. I will stay close to Him. Forget [ reading a ] book, [ watching ] T.V., and everything.
“He generally will put a cushion down on the wooden floors and I will kneel or sit there. I won't speak unless spoken to. He might get up and make a coffee and tell me to be in a position that He can view me [ in ] or He will instruct me on making [ the coffee ].
“I will answer as, ‘Yes, Master’. Manners are extremely important. If say for instance [ that ] I need to go to the bathroom, I will wait and look up and say, ‘Master’. When He acknowledges me I ask what I need to and wait. Don’t forget to say ‘Thank you, Master’ … and then quickly go do what I need to do and come back.
“Bedtime routine: He will say time for His slave to get ready or He might decide that I need to shower Him and dry Him off or He might decide I will shower and He will wait for me. It's all up to Him. So you need to be able to adapt really quickly. It's not run as a scripted scene so your attention has to be on your Dominant and [ His ] needs at all times.
“I will definitely be kneeling waiting in the bedroom or in inspection position. … I won't have to be told. So unless He gives me a position that is the position I will be in.
“MoC [ unintelligible ] tends to be extra critical. A position is never ever in perfect place. He will adjust and tell me to try harder. He expects perfection even though we both know it isn't possible. It's not to make me feel bad but to feel that extra sense of striving for the best. …
“High protocol:
Power exchange is more visible.
Speech restrictions.
Eye restrictions.
Movement restrictions.
Use of titles.
Generally won't use any furniture.
The focus is completely on the Dominant.
No distractions allowed.
The wants of the submissive are completely pushed aside.
You live and breathe to serve the Dominants needs and wants as perfectly as you can.”
Schwarz now writes about BDSM, generally, from the master, or sadist’s, point of view:
“I like [ to inflict ] humiliation, pain, [ and ] degradation. I like my partner allowing me to force their bodies to do things they normally would not do: … orgasm, squirt [ a female orgasm that includes urination ], cry, tremble, shake, gag, choke, sweat, even vomit or urinate. I enjoy knowing [ that she is ] my canvas, [ that she is ] allowing me to control [ her ] body in any way I want for as long as I find it entertaining or amusing. [ Her ] purpose at that time is to please me or allow [ herself ] to be used by me in a way others might find entertaining / interesting. …
Hence, the above is taking place in a club setting, or in a home that’s hosting a party.
Schwartz continues:
“Within [ her ] consent / agreement until [ she gives a ] safeword, I can do what I want while [ she pushes herself ] to allow me to enjoy it for as long as possible.”
A “safeword” is a request by the masochist to the sadist to stop, or to slow down. A “safeword” can be interpreted as an order. However, in the case of Kay J, she was whipped while she was bound, and possibly gagged. She may even have been hooded. In such a state, a “safeword” is, ultimately, a request. ( On why I think Kay J was bound, see prior issues of ARSE. )
( In prior issues of ARSE, I found that Kay J likely engaged in “breath play”. That is, she submitted to being strangled, to heighten the pleasure of her orgasm. This practice can result in death. )
“I could hardly persuade myself, before I saw it with my eyes, that there could be found … souls so cruel, who for the sole pleasure [ of it, would torture someone to ] enjoy the pleasant spectacle of the gestures and motions, the lamentable groans and cries of a man [ or woman ] in anguish.”
- The “16th century French thinker Montaigne”. Quoted in the book, “The Instruments of Torture”, by Michael Kerrigan.
MORE on “PLAY Parties” ( BDSM Events )
“Make sure you’ve eaten and are hydrated; BDSM expends a whole lot of energy and adrenaline, so proper nourishment will help prevent an intense crash. …
“A lot of parties will have alcohol and snacks, which both support the general social gathering atmosphere and fit into the play party environment. Snacks are great for keeping blood sugar up before or after a scene. Alcohol is obviously a social lubricant that can lower inhibitions that could hinder you from interacting with that gorgeous power bottom, but don’t overdo it! …
“If you don’t have anyone to come with [ Ahem! ] but are still feeling too awkward or not freaky enough to hang, I have one immutable truth to share with you: kinky people are all nerds, and most nerds are awkward. People in kink scenes who go to play parties choose to be in those spaces because they’re very passionate about their interests or fetishes, which is nerdy by definition. I can guarantee you that any given play party is full of people, both new and experienced, who feel just as socially awkward or anxious as you do.”
Source: The article, “How to Rock Your First BDSM Play Party”. By Autostraddle. ( I saved this document to ‘Documents by Readdle’. It did not save the web site address. )
by Andrew Roller
Kay J has made the following alterations to her body:
  1. March 11, 2021. Kay got a large tattoo on her upper back. It’s centered over her spine. The tattoo extends onto the back of her neck.
  2. January 6, 2022. Kay got her labia pierced. ( This date is when she posted a photo of her piercing on her Only Fans page. )
  3. November 4, 2022. Kay got her tongue pierced. ( This date is when she posted a photo of her piercing on her Only Fans page. )
  1. On my use of the term “published data”:
“Published data” refers to data that is currently available. The only way to truly know how old Kay J was, at the time that “Wet Dreams” and “Dreaming” were filmed, is this: find out when these films were posted to alex-lynn ( dot ) com. Sadly, this web site no longer exists.
Keep these factors in mind:
A. Alex Lynn operated two web sites. He reposted content from one web site to the other. When he did, he changed the names of his models to make people think that the model was a different person.
B. The posting date of a video is not its date of creation. A video’s date of creation will always be earlier than its posting date.
C. I have never seen the date of creation for any modern porn video.
D. The metartnetwork routinely alters a model’s age. It does so to make her age match the date that it posted a particular video of her. ( See prior issues of ARSE for more. )
  1. BDSM combines sex with a risk of bodily injury. This includes permanent “injuries”, like scars. BDSM can produce serious injuries. However, BDSM practitioners are supposed to avoid such results. In “Wet Dreams”, Kay J bears whip marks on, or near, her tailbone. This is considered dangerous. It’s to be avoided. She also bears marks of the whip “wrapping” onto her right hip. This isn’t dangerous. However, it hurts so much that it’s avoided by most experienced players.
Is there a definite “down side” to BDSM? A study on the subject found one:
“The one negative trait observed was that BDSM practitioners had lower levels of agreeableness compared with others.”
Source: The article, “BDSM: How Does Role Play Work and What Kinds of Roles Do People Like?” By Everyday Health. ( I saved this document to ‘Documents by Readdle’. It did not save the web site address. )
Kay J kicked me out of her Only Fans page. My research indicates that she likely kicked out other fans too. Few people leave comments, anymore, at Kay’s Only Fans page. While she likes to play at being a submissive, she is, apparently, a dominant.
  1. Roles in bondage:
A. Doctor ( or nurse ) and patient.
B. Teacher and student.
C. Boss and employee.
D. Master and slave.
E. Client and stripper.
F. Handyman and housewife.
G. Photographer and model.
H. Homeowner and maid.
I. Police officer and criminal.
J. Adult and child.
K. Human and animal.
Source: The article, “BDSM: How Does Role Play Work and What Kinds of Roles Do People Like?” By Everyday Health. ( I saved this document to ‘Documents by Readdle’. It did not save the web site address. )
Kay J has appeared, on her Only Fans page, as a schoolgirl. She has also appeared as a nurse.
More roles:
A. Kidnapper and victim.
B. Law enforcement and prisoner.
C. Owner and pet.
D. Royal and commoner.
Source: The article, “What is BDSM? Fundamentals, Types and Roles, Safety Rules, and More”. By Everyday Health. ( I saved this document to ‘Documents by Readdle’. It did not save the web site address. )
  1. BDSM is nothing new. Among BDSM’s historical high points:
A. Art and texts from ancient Greece and Rome show physical pain being used as an erotic stimulus, per the book “An Illustrated History of the Rod”, by William M. Cooper, first published in 1868.
B. The “Kama Sutra”, the revered Sanskrit text on sexuality written in India about 2,000 years ago, describes six appropriate places to strike a person with passion and four ways to do it. It also has chapters titled “Scratching”, “Biting”, and “Reversing Roles”.
C. The Marquis de Sade, a French aristocrat who lived from 1740 to 1814, wrote a variety of erotic novels and short stories involving being beaten and beating others. Eventually the author’s name gave rise to the term “sadism”.
D. Similarly, the term “masochism” is derived from the name of Austrian nobleman and author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, whose 1870 novel “Venus in Furs” describes a dominant-submissive relationship.
E. Back in 1953, a Kinsey Institute study found that 55 percent of women and 50 percent of men were aroused by being bitten.
F. And even pre-“Fifty Shades of Grey”, 36 percent of U.S. adults reported having had sex using masks, blindfolds, or other forms of bondage.
Source: The article, “What is BDSM? Fundamentals, Types and Roles, Safety Rules, and More”. By Everyday Health. ( I saved this document to ‘Documents by Readdle’. It did not save the web site address. ) ( ARCANA number five, above, is copied verbatim. I did not write it. )
  1. “‘People always ask if it’s normal to be interested in BDSM,’ says Michal Daveed, a spokesWOMAN for The Eulenspiegal Society, a nonprofit organization in New York City that describes itself as the ‘oldest and largest BDSM support and education group’ in the country.
“‘Normal is a funny word to describe a really widespread and diverse humanity. If your definition of normal is how many people are doing this, it’s way more people than you may think,’ says Daveed. ‘And if your definition of normal is ordinary, the BDSM world is full of ordinary people whose sexuality happens to be hardwired a particular way.’
“One landmark 2008 study backs Daveed up. …
“[ BDSM participants ] were no more likely to have been coerced into sexual activity and were not significantly more likely to be unhappy or anxious. Indeed, men who had engaged in BDSM scored significantly lower on a scale of psychological distress than other men.
“‘Our findings support the idea that BDSM is simply a sexual interest or subculture attractive to a minority, and for most participants not a pathological symptom of past abuse or difficulty with “normal” sex,’ the researchers concluded.”
Hence, Kay J doesn’t have a predilection for bondage because she suffered “abuse” as a child.
“Researchers found that … BDSM [ participants ] tended to report fewer sexual problems than the general population.”
( The participants were both male and female. )
“‘People engaging in BDSM … know what they like, and they do it. This has a positive outcome on their sexual experiences and on the overall quality of their lives.
“Many people think it’s a pathology or a perversion to, say, want to be spanked hard and to be happy about that. … We each develop our erotic fantasies from our different tastes, experiences, and curiosities, beginning in childhood and lasting until the end of our lives. …
“Some people find in BDSM a way to be free, to get wild, to let go, and to play a different role from their everyday lives. And if they get satisfaction … why should it be abnormal? …
“Seeking the pain-pleasure connection is not unique to the BDSM community. Think of athletes who push past physical comfort to experience a ‘runner’s high’, or people who chase thrills by engaging in dangerous extreme sports, like skydiving. Think of the bliss that aficionados of super spicy food experience when biting into a pepper sets their mouth on fire, or the rush of fear that riding a roller-coaster or watching a horror movie can bring.
“‘The same chemical cocktail of endorphins, dopamine, and other hormones that make those experiences pleasurable to some makes BDSM … wonderful to others,’ says clinical sexologist Francesca Gentille [ a WOMAN ]. … ‘I like to compare sexual preferences to taste in food. Most of us don’t like bland food, but we have a range of how spicy we like it.’”
Source: The article, “What is BDSM? Fundamentals, Types and Roles, Safety Rules, and More”. By Everyday Health. ( I saved this document to ‘Documents by Readdle’. It did not save the web site address. )
  1. All of my statements about Kay J, unless they can be readily verified on the Internet, are conjecture.
  2. Kay J’s page at onlyfans ( dot ) com is ukaybb. ( No period. )
Some numbers are missing from ARCANA, above, because this article is an excerpt. You can read the full article at my free web site:
——————————— end of article ———————————
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2022.11.16 19:49 just_fox8964 Good article about cutting ties & the holidays

Hi all -- I wanted to share this post I read on Autostraddle about how to cut ties with your family (especially during the holiday season). I've been (temporarily?) NC with my parents since July and have really been feeling the weight of the upcoming holidays. My partner described it as not actually missing the stressful, angry, heartbreaking holidays with my family themselves, but missing the idea of having a warm, loving, happy family to spend time with at the holidays. The post was really well-timed for me, and has some helpful potential scripts you can use for cutting ties with abusive parents, or explaining it to other family members.
Autostraddle is a queer and trans focused website -- I think the advice is universally applicable, but some context if helpful. And it's not specific to parents with BPD, but I found useful! Hope it is helpful to anyone else feeling (unnecessary but still painful) guilt from NC at this time of year!
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2022.11.07 15:50 HerrReineke [TOMT][COMIC][2010s] Short comic about a face appearing in the ceiling (or wall?) of a young couple's apartment, surreal and entertaining

There was a short comic published online, around 20 to 30 pages, about a young couple, a man and a woman, coming to terms with a huge face appearing in their apartment. I think the face consisted of a smirky mouth and one huge sideway eye. All in all I think it looked a lot like this. Hope I'm not too far off.
The story was basically the man, the woman and the face pondering the situation, and partly pondering life. The man was more annoyed than anything, the woman slightly concerned.
I seem to remember the man asking if the face is god and I think the face replies "Oh no, I am not god. God is dead." Could be wrong on that.
At some point the face losely mentions that the woman is pregnant, to which the man turns around to the woman, she looks embarassed, at a loss for words until she raises her arms and says "... surprise!" in a desperate attempt to lessen the severity of that reveal. The man responds with "Were you gonna tell me?!"
The face also mentions something about eating the couple's cat to which they protest. That gag is picked up later, as the face declares that it disappears (on a very dramatic note that I cannot remember, maybe the god-is-dead-thing I mentioned above??) and the man asks: "... hey, where's the cat?"
The artstyle of the comic was kinda loose and looked really nice. It reminded me of the artstyles you see from Kate Beaton or Elizabeth Shaw. I think the comic was on tumblr.
Anybody know what I'm talking about? I'd really like to see it again!
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2022.10.12 21:16 JettRink72 Synopsis for Episodes 3x01 and 3x02

Episode 301, Last Year:
Bette and Tina struggle to reconcile their past and future selves as Angie is dealt a shocking blow on her first day of college. Meanwhile, Shane adjusts to domestic life with Tess, and Alice questions what she wants in a partner. At the bungalow, Finley returns from rehab and works to pick up the pieces of the life she left behind with Sophie, while Dani and Micah take big swings with Gigi and Maribel. Season premiere.
Episode 302, Los Angeles Traffic:
Bette and Shane break new ground with Tina and Tess, respectively, but old habits come back to bite them. Sparks fly with Alice’s latest prospect until an unexpected revelation, while Angie heals her heartbreak with a new flame. Meanwhile, Finley competes for Maribel’s favor until Maribel drops a bomb about Sophie that threatens to tear them apart, and Dani puts hurt feelings aside for Gigi, but is it too late?
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