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2015.05.04 00:53 Crazy tales from the world of Locksmithing

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2012.09.10 08:48 nikizor Dead Matter

Dead Matter is a true sandbox survival horror. Players will fight to survive in a zombie-packed, post-apocalyptic world that fosters whichever play-style fits you best. Settle down and defend your home from outside threats with an expansive crafting and barricading system, cultivate and live off the land, or branch out, explore, and scavenge whatever vehicles, weapons, and food you may find in a zombie-plagued Alberta - alone, or with your friends.

2023.03.28 19:46 jack40714 Blind forgiveness is foolish

At some point we have all been wronged. Whether directly, indirectly, done to someone we care about or just in general. The other person hurt you in some way and you at the very least disliked it. People will try to tell you to just move on and forgive them. Yeah…….. no.
What is truly annoying is when they do wrong you and then the next day or even further down the line act like nothing happened. Or often they will tell you to just get over it. Hell to the no. If you actually want my forgiveness you gotta get it. Through the bare minimum of an apology and showing through actions you won’t do it again.
Others disagree and just move on. I have family who did horrible things and were accepted back without a word, former friends who show up again trying to rehash and even coworkers who treated me poorly and one day try to show me a funny meme. No sir. I don’t do none of that.
You wrong me that bad you are nothing to me: I don’t care if you are happy or sad. Don’t care if you are having the best or worst day of your life. You get no sympathy, praise, help, hindering or anything from me. To blindly welcome someone back like that just means you are a fool and are welcoming them to do it again.
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2023.03.28 19:46 SuperDARKNINJA You can rickroll Bing

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2023.03.28 19:45 houndoom92 What do you remember from the US expansion era?

The American expansion phase the CFL went through in the 90's is probably the weirdest period in the history of the league.
For those that don't know anything about that era, a little background

The early 90's were a very tense time in the league. They were down to eight teams after the Montreal Alouettes folded at the start of the 1987 season and it seemed like almost anyone could be next. BC had a lot of instability in their ownership at that time, Calgary's community ownership was barely scraping by until Larry Ryckman bought the team in 1991, Saskatchewan had to have telethons to raise money and keep them afloat, Hamilton had some bad teams and attendance problems having to compete with both the Argos and the Bills in the NFL, Toronto's ownership group fell apart after Bruce McNall had his legal troubles, and the Gliebermans were causing all sorts of problems in Ottawa.
Larry Smith became the commissioner of the CFL in 1992 and while he's often viewed the main driver of the US expansion, the reality was that Ryckman, McNall and the Gliebermans were really calling the shots. The experiment started in January of 1993 when Sacramento and San Antonio were awarded expansion teams. The owners of the teams, Fred Anderson in Sacramento and Larry Benson in San Antonio both owned teams in the recently suspended World League of American Football. Shortly after that announcement, the first problem emerged. It turns out that Benson didn't have as much money as he claimed to have and tried to borrow some from his brother Tom Benson, the owner of the New Orleans Saints of the NFL. That didn't go over well and San Antonio had to abruptly bail. (this should've been an ominous sign of how this experiment would go) Anderson was willing to bite the bullet as the only US based team and thus the Sacramento Gold Miners were a CFL team during the 1993 season. Most of their players were transplanted from Sacramento's WLAF club and the team of mostly CFL newbies struggled early on with a 2-8 record by Labour Day but played .500 ball after that to finish with a somewhat respectable 6-12 record. (of course they missed the playoffs in the West while a 4-14 Ottawa team made the playoffs in the East, screwy playoff formats in the CFL aren't a recent development)
1994 would see Las Vegas, Shreveport and Baltimore added to the mix. The Shreveport case was interesting as the Pirates were owned by the Gliebermans who sold the Ottawa Rough Riders to Bruce Firestone and got the expansion team in Shreveport. The Pirates were awful losing 14 straight games and ending up with a 3-15 record. Despite that awful record, they managed to have some decent community support and attendance numbers. Las Vegas saw the Posse get off to a 2-0 start but the wheels came flying off at ludicrous speed. They ended up at 5-13 and their attendance numbers were abysmal. An October 15 game against Winnipeg saw only 2350 show up at Sam Boyd Stadium and the last week of season saw a home game against the Eskimos get moved to Edmonton. Sacramento in their second season saw them improve their record to 9-8-1 but were having attendance problems. (they also missed the playoffs in a very competitive West Division while 7-11 Toronto and 4-14 Ottawa made the playoffs in the East)
Baltimore proved to be the most successful of the US clubs, but maybe a little too successful (more on that later). They made headlines early on when they named themselves the Baltimore CFL Colts, an obvious reference to the NFL team that have moved out in the middle of the night a decade earlier. People in Baltimore were also a little cheesed with the NFL at that time having lost out to Carolina and Jacksonville in the bids for expansion teams. The locals viewed the name as a nice little shot at the NFL, but the NFL didn't find it all that funny and right before the season started hit them with a court injunction which prevented them from using that name. Despite the off-field legal issues, the team on the field was pretty damn good. Unlike the other US owners, Baltimore's Jim Speros knew the CFL was a very different animal than the American game and got some proven CFL names for his team. A hall of fame coach in Don Matthews, a hall of fame QB in Tracy Ham, and a hall of fame defensive lineman in Elfrid Payton lead Baltimore to a 12-6 record and second place in the East. The first playoff game on US soil saw Baltimore get a 34-15 win over the Argos in the East Semi-Final, then one week later they went into Winnipeg and beat the Bombers 14-12 to advance to the Grey Cup. The title game in Vancouver was a close battle between BC and Baltimore that was decided on a last second field goal by Lui Passaglia giving the Grey Cup to the Lions with a 26-23 victory.
Things got very weird in the offseason between '94 and '95. It looked like the Las Vegas Posse would be moved to Jackson, Mississippi but that deal blew up in the league's face and they ultimately pulled the plug on that franchise. One relocation did take place as Fred Anderson moved the Sacramento Gold Miners to San Antonio to become the Texans. He did that so he could get a better stadium with the Texans playing in the Alamodome and to reduce their travel costs since they'd be closer to the other US based teams. Two more entered they fray in 1995 with the Memphis Mad Dogs and Birmingham Barracudas joining the ranks while Shreveport and Baltimore returned for another year. The Baltimore club also gave up their legal battle with the NFL and dubbed themselves the Stallions. The 1995 season saw the league realign its divisions placing the eight Canadian clubs were in the North Division with the five US teams were in the South Division. The playoff format would see five teams from the North and three from the South getting into the post-season.
The 1995 season was either the high point or the low point for the expansion experiment depending on how you want to look at things. Shreveport still wasn't very good finishing with a 5-13 record and the dumb crap the Gliebermans did in Ottawa happened again in Shreveport which annoyed many of the locals there. Memphis did ok with a 9-9 record but had some attendance issues and the Liberty Bowl really couldn't handle a CFL sized field. Turf sections had to be added to the grass field, the yard makers were 33 inches apart instead of 36 and the endzones were this really weird pentagon shape that was seven yards deep in the corners and fourteen yards behind the uprights. They also got screwed over by the playoff format as they missed at 9-9 with 8-10 Hamilton and 7-11 Winnipeg got in. Birmingham got some solid attendance numbers early on, but they fell off a cliff once the college football season started. They finished 10-8 and played a 12-6 San Antonio team in the first round of the playoffs and the Barracudas got demolished by a score of 51-9.
That brings us back to Baltimore where the Stallions dominated with a 15-3 record. The post-season started well as they got a 36-21 victory over Winnipeg, but their long term future took a massive hit just days after that game. The strong support that Baltimore gave to the Canadian game caught the attention of Art Modell who that week announced his plan to relocate the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore. Fan and corporate for the Stallions dried up almost instantly now that the NFL would be returning to town. They still got over 30,000 people to Memorial Stadium in their 21-11 win over the Texans that sent them back to the Grey Cup, but most of those tickets were freebie giveaways. Despite all that, the Stallions went into Regina and got a 37-20 win over Calgary to make them the only US based team to win the Grey Cup.
While the expansion experiment brought in some much needed cash to the CFL and improved the player pool a bit, the league ended up dumping all the US based teams in 1996. To make up for their departure, they returned to Montreal with a revived version of the Alouettes. Former Stallions owner Jim Speros and GM Jim Popp were put in charge of the Als. This is sometimes labeled as a relocation of the former Baltimore team but that's not 100% accurate. All the US based teams were exempt from the import ratio quotas that the Canadian teams have had for a long time and still have to this day. The Stallions players were all declared free agents and the Alouettes managed to sign about half of them, including Ham, Payton and running back Mike Pringle (although they had to wait a bit on him since he had an NFL tryout with the Denver Broncos) while a makeshift expansion draft was done to supply Montreal with some Canadian content.
Even with that over with, the CFL still had problems. The Ottawa Rough Riders could barely make payroll thanks to their constant string of ownership and management problems and they folded after the 1996 season. The BC Lions went broke for the second time in less than five years and would've folded as well had David Braley not stepped up to buy the team. Stampeders owner Larry Ryckman had legal issues when he was found guilty in a stock manipulation scheme. The Stamps were put into receivership where Sig Gutsche bought the team and fixed their financials issues (until he sold them to Michael Feterik in 2001 which led to a massive gong show of problems in Calgary. I don't want to go back down that road right now, thank god John Forzani came to the rescue in 2005). Saskatchewan had to go down the telethons road again, Hamilton was still on unstable ground until Bob Young bought the TiCats in 2003, Toronto's ownership remained a revolving door until MLSE bought them in the 2010's and Ottawa's return to the CFL with the Renegades in 2002 was plagued with the same problems that killed the Rough Riders (with the Gliebermans making another appearance) until the CFL pulled the plug on them in 2006. (thankfully the RedBlacks have been run fairly well since their debut in 2014)
Even the return of Montreal had some turbulence in the beginning. The Alouettes were a good team but couldn't draw any good crowds at Olympic Stadium. Speros sold them to Bob Wettenhall in 1997 but the attendance issues got even worse and they would've bit the dust if not for a strange scheduling conflict. They were set to face to face the BC Lions in the East Semi-Final (thanks to the league putting in the cross-over rule) but a U2 concert was scheduled for the Big O that weekend and the Als had to find a different place to play. Molson Stadium on the campus of McGill University (where the first version of the Als played from 1954 to 1967) would be the site and drew a bigger crowd for game that then they had all season. This was due to the fact that it was closer to downtown and the Big O has a well earned reputation of being a dump. Molson Stadium remains the home of the Alouettes to this day although Olympic Stadium got some limited use for playoff games and Grey Cups from 2001 to 2012.
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2023.03.28 19:44 TicToq Duck Cake fell apart at midnight, had to adapt. He may not be standing, but at least he's swimming!

Duck Cake fell apart at midnight, had to adapt. He may not be standing, but at least he's swimming!
Head fell off and took half the body with it while I was adding the icing. Had extra cake because I made the wrong size the first time, so laid the duck down and added some water. This has been the only thing my now-4-year old has asked for her birthday for months, so I can't wait to show her tonight!
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2023.03.28 19:43 reverse_69is69 KIDD VS SANJI Part 1 [TOURNAMENT]

1st time I'm doing one of these but nonetheless I got A nice match up for y'all today namely:
Eustass "Captain" Kidd
"Black Leg" Vinsmoke Sanji
I will be dividing this match up into various categories including - Strength, Speed, Durability, Endurance, Haki, Hax and attack potency. In a following post I will give verdict on how the fight will play out and who I think will win.
Lets start with Sanji:
Sanji Has some of the more incredible strength feats in raid of onigashima arc, particularly after his awakening.
One example of this is when he used his DIABLE JAMBE-HELL MEMORIES attack against queen. This lauched queen quite a distance which , considering he is a fat ass dino, is quite a feat
Burning white hot!!
This however pales in comparison to Sanji's other feat where he taps into his IFRIT JAMBE state where in a total of 10 consecutive kicks, he manages to lauch queen in his brachio form all the way off onigashima.
Bout to be neg diffed by aramaki in a week LOL
Now lets move on to Kidd's strength feats. I believe this is definitely on of his strong suits. His first great showcase of this was against big mom where he was able to catch her sword then slam her into the ground with pretty much his own strength alone.
When considering Big mom is one of the strongest in series this feat is pretty neat.
Another good strength feat kidd has is flipping around kaido in his dragon form, who for reference has a head roughly the size of luffy's elephant gun.
Was launched high in the the air before this
A final strength feat for kidd would be him launching big mom high into the air with just one repel
With the above feats I think I confidently give strength to kidd as he has feats against big mom and kaido whilst sanji only has some against queen. Moving on.
This is a pretty easy win for sanji since he was able to temporarily blitz queen to the point where he couldn't even see him.
who needs the germa suit??
However, I want to clarify sanji can't maintain this top speed for that long as not only did queen highlight this above but was also able to tag him before this. So think of this as a temporary state he can tap in to.
There aren't many notable speed feats for Kidd, however he was able to dodge a Amped big mom's lighting attack which should be considerably faster than her regular attacks.
Perceived and dodged effectively
But all that is in vain as Sanji comfortably takes this category and honestly I think he is one of the fastest in the verse ATP. Next category.
Sanji in this case has gotten some massive upgrades recently. Due to his germa exoskeleton and his own armament haki, He became a serious tank. I think this was best highlighted in 2 situation ins wano:
This was the first instance in where he casually breaks Queen's sword with his exoskeleton alone (note however the sword wasn't probs not coated in armament haki as queen was going in for a sneak attack). Another time Sanji took bullet point bland to the head and came out clean.
Judge's Sperm go crazy
Now for Kidd's durabilty, this is one of his specialties. But like sanji, I will showcase 2 examples of this. The 1st is where he tanks the full force of Big Mom's fulgora and comes out pretty much unscathed.
Minor headache lol XD
Another great example of Widd's durability is how , in his punk rotten form, he tanks a whole IKOKU SOVERIGIETY from MEME with minor injuries to the point where he able to use his awakening moments later.
Punk Crash bout to go brrrr
This category I believe safely goes to kidd but lets analyse some of sanji's endurance feats 1st.
Sanji was captured by black maria and was getting pummelled by here for a bit all without using armament haki.

In the sbs, it was revealed her hobby is boxing..
In another instance, Sanji took 2 germa like attacks from queen back to back yet was able to endure.
There is also queen's brachiohiss attack on sanji but he pretty much recovered all damage from that so I won't include it. Also he managed to hold back king and queen but this didn't last more than a few minutes before he was tired out.
As for kidd, he endured a LOT of punishment whilst simultaneously being f*cked around with by hawkins. It first starts with him being stabbed in the chest.Then while hawkins is still messing around with him he takes a whole MAMA RAID, making a bad situation worse...
goofy backflip
After this, Hawkins is repeatedly ramming his skull on a wall giving crazy concussions to kidd (yes these hurt, sanji was damaged by something similar).
On the rooftop, Kidd took a whole punch from big mom herself. Also, he took a lighting attack from zeus which should hurt a lot more from him since he was in his punk rotten (metal all around him) here.
Can't catch a break
So I con confidently say kidd endured a lot more damage than sanji did yet was still able to plough through so endurance goes to him.
This has always been a hot topic for these characters, particulary in kidd's case since wano was a arc where a LOT of characters had ACOC/ACOA.
Sanji , contrary to popular belief, has always been using diable jambe with his armament haki as confirmed by himself. His observation also ain't too shabby aswell although I believe this feat gets wanked to oblivion. Its just regular CoO but nonetheless it happened.
Sanji haki examples
As for kidd, I couldn't find any canon CoA showings except for his punk corna dio. However, I believe he does not need since most his attacks crush the opponent to hurt them (except for the attack above where he legit just charged at big mom) . Funnily enough, I was able to find an observation feat in where kidd was able to sense luffy's awakening. Just like sanji.
Kidd haki examples
So I'd consider this a draw, since they both can utilise haki in there arsenal.
This is any abilities both characters that dosen't directly help.
In kidd's case he has his assign where when he can can magnetise object and people other than metal. This is very useful to pin down fast moving objects like sanji ( which shouldn't be impossible since queen's fat ass was able to catch him).
As for Sanji, he has not only been bestowed with his exoskeleton like his brothers but also a regen similar to marco's where he can heal from heavy attacks ( there seems to be a limit on this doe as he dont this a maximum of three times in the manga , possibly stamina ?).
His regen
This still goes to sanji.
[Attack potency]
This would be a deciding factor in the Vs battle so it makes sense that a outline just how powerful these 2's attacks can be.
Sanji with his ifrit jambe and a combo of 10 kicks, was able to send queen flying off onigashima so its safe to say his ap is pretty high since , post awakening, he was even able to do lasting daming to queen with diable jambe.
Strongest attack
But kidd supercedes him in this category, as even with non finisher attacks like punk crash or punk corna dio , he was able to break big mom's bones. When he activates his damned punk, he was even able to do crazy damage to yonko big mom several times.
This attack clearly gives Kidd the AP advantage over Sanji as I struggle to see her being damaged by ifrit jambe as much , especially since she usually covers herself in fire so she should have an affinity to it.
TLDR: Sanji takes durability , speed and hax
Kid takes strength, endurance and attack potency.
Haki is a tie.
Stay tuned for part 2 of this post of how I think a battle between these two would go.
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2023.03.28 19:43 Adub497 Backdating cancelation date for health insurance marketplace plan (Texas)

Main question: has anyone successfully had this done, and what are the odds of me being able to successfully do this?
Cliff notes version of my situation: last November, I canceled my health insurance marketplace plan effective 11/30/2022. This is because I got a new job whose insurance was effective 12/1. However, I was still automatically re-enrolled in the 2023 health insurance marketplace plan. I am now being billed for several months of premiums (12/2022 through 3/2023) and need to backdate the cancelation so I'm not responsible for insurance I never wanted or needed.
Additional details: At the time I canceled my health insurance marketplace plan, I'm pretty sure there was no other option on the HealthCare DOT gov website for me to cancel a 2023 plan. Also, when I got a marketplace bill for 2023, I read (possibly incorrectly interpreted) something along the lines of "I need to pay on time to keep it active, otherwise it will be canceled". That verbiage, plus the fact that I couldn't find a way to cancel a 2023 plan on the HealthCare DOT gov website, and the fact that I already had confirmation of my marketplace cancelation effective 11/30/2022, led me to ignore that marketplace bill.
Fast forward to today and the health insurance company sends me another bill saying I owe them 4 months' worth of premiums. I called up HealthCare DOT gov and the frontline rep said I never should have been automatically re-enrolled for 2023, and that they would escalate my situation to have the cancelation backdated.
That was 2 weeks ago, so now I'm just curious if others have had a similar situation and what are the chances of this getting resolved in my favor so that I don't have to pay for 4 months' worth of marketplace premiums.
I fully accept I probably goofed somewhere. I was in the middle of a move and other life circumstances so some stuff fell through the cracks.
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2023.03.28 19:43 GoreJess187 for telling my roommate he drinks too much?

My bf and I own our home in our mid 30s with no children. We have a partial in law suite in our backyard. One giant room detached from the house. A year ago we let a friend of my best friend move in to the suite since he was working and moving from his aunt's house which was 45 mins away, to be closer to his job about 10 mins away from our house.
We both hit it off right away, he's 33 gay male. I like to drink, however I had a DUI in the past. It took me about 4 long years to get myself back on track. So now when I drink, I do it in the comfort of my home knowing I'm not driving anywhere. My roommate on the other hand has never had a DUI and constantly drinks and drives. He gets off work and immediately buys a tall can and hides it when he gets home. He's employed as a night auditor at a hotel. Which require very little job duties. About two months ago he was hired at Tesla and had to start working very hard, however he also kept the night auditor position one day a week.l.
Within the last two months, he's developed carpal tunnel in his wrist from Tesla, that was giving him so much pain. He told his supervisors to change his position but because he's still in the probationary period there is not much they can do. Over this past weekend, my family was invited to a quinceanera we all knew about it for about a month. I invited my roommate when we found out about it and he let us know he has to work.
On the day of the quince, he woke up about 12:30 in the afternoon and asked "hey do you want to have a shot before I leave to work?" I said no and asked him if he wanted to go to the store to help me find a dress for the quince.. he immediately starts complaining, "oh the quince is tonight?? I want to go". When we get back home, he continues to drink before he leaves to work.
About 830 that night we're sitting at one of the tables watch the birthday girl do her traditional dance, my roommate calls "hey are you guys still at the party? I just got off work because of my hand and I'm heading over there now." Our mutual friend lives across the street from the party. I go and talk to her about how he's leaving work just to make it to the party, when he walks into her house. Eyes glazed and bloodshot. I told him I was so disappointed in him for leaving work and sacrificing a job just to party.
The next morning I'm still pretty pissed but he walks in the house acting like nothing is wrong. So I brush it off since we have plans later that day to take his niece and my little sister roller skating. The girls are both 9. He leaves for the day and meets me later that day at the roller skating rink. Around 5 pm. He shows up with a girl who is a relative of his by marriage but is also a drinking buddy of his with his niece and the girl's step daughter, who is also 9. We all get our skates on and head to the floor.
He steps out on the floor and immediately falls and smacks his head. So in a rage, he throws off his skates and tells me how stupid roller skating is and starts crying. He and the girls go out and sit in the car. I wait about 20 minutes and go check on him... He's in the car with a bottle of alcohol and I tell him that's why he fell down. Drinking and skating don't mix. He sits in the car for the rest of the session while the girls are having a blast skating. When it's Time to go, he just tells the girls let's go, without telling anyone goodbye. Then he comes back looking for a pair of shoes acting very delirious. I told him he should go to the hospital or let the other girl drive and he ignores me.
After skating, I call our mutual friend again and tell her his behavior. She tells me that he's already called her complaining about his head and how it hurts how he's driving on the freeway thinking of pulling over and calling 911. But he also wants to know where she is at and what she is doing. She's at the laundry mat. He might go over and meet her there instead of calling 911. I go home and am by far exhausted by his behavior. Then he calls me. I ignored the call and he texts me that he might not have a job and he's going to start moving his stuff to his aunt's house. I ignored him because he's not in the right state of mind to discuss a decision that big.
Yesterday I'm stressed all day knowing a big conversation is coming. I called our mutual friend again and. She's doesn't answer. But she's texted me. That is a sign he went to her house telling her his side of the story. My bf was at home and saw our roommate and said "hey I need to talk to you" and he brushes him off and says "wait until she gets home" (me). And he immediately leaves the house. I come home and I'm stressed and upset. I don't want to live with a person who keeps going on binges. My bf finally calls him and tells him to come home and talk to the both of us. Our mutual friend, mind you, starts telling me that its all a miscommunication that the roommate doesn't want to be told what to do and that's why he wants to move out. And that her "mediator fee is $25 per hour". Completely making me the bad guy.
The roommate comes home and immediately says"I don't know what I did wrong?" What did I do?" My bf tells him first of all you're drinking and driving with kids in the car. And the conclusion is that he he was overwhelmed with Tesla and wants to quit so instead of dealing with that and making plans to quit and get back on schedule at the hotel, he decided "fuck it I don't want to deal with it" so he went on a drinking binge. And left Tesla drunk and was so drunk and delusional he didn't show up at the hotel for his shift either. Am I the asshole for calling him out on his shit? Because he and our mutual friend made me out to be this asshole that is "telling him what to do" and it's "none of my business".
Sorry for the lengthy post and thank you for hearing me out and letting me vent... Ugh.
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2023.03.28 19:42 bxsiliskx Scariest Moments Of My Life

I made a post a couple days ago voicing out the fact i wanted to share my story. After receiving positive feedback of people simply willing to listen I started working on my story. I’m still not finished, but i wanted to at least get some of it out. It’s been difficult putting the story together not because i can’t remember everything, but because my anxiety starts to be to much and i have to take a break from it. I remember everything like it was yesterday and it was 2 nearly 3 years ago, but nonetheless here’s what i’ll call - Part 1:
᭙ꫝꪮ ᦓ ꪑꪖᧁᧁ꠸ꫀ﹖
 It genuinely gives me anxiety recanting the events that took place. As I’m sure if you’re here reading this you are most likely aware of what psychosis is, but in case you don’t, a state of psychosis typically referred to as an ‘episode’ except you aren’t always guaranteed to come out of it. Thankfully, I did.. you truly lose grasp of reality, you don’t know what’s real & what’s not, but the problem is everything that isn’t real you don’t know that it’s not real everything seems real to you. No one can tell you any different. You’d argue until your face was blue that whatever it is you’re seeing is real. I’m sure you’ve heard or seen plenty of stories about murder cases where the suspect claims “the devil told me i had to” “it was the voices” ect, ect… Some of those people, sure might be full of shit. However, some of those people are not… I know that because this is my story. I hope you get something from this. Getting this off my chest and out to people is really for me and my peace of mind, but still maybe it can be for you so let’s begin. October 7th, 2021 I’m not much of an artist, I can’t draw nor paint, but on this day I decided to paint and so I did. I painted through the night into the next morning never seeming to be satisfied with what it was I was painting. It’s around 3-4pm at this point and I’m sitting in front of my canvas just looking at it trying to figure out what it’s missing. I couldn’t seem to figure it out. Maybe because it wasn’t missing anything, but I still tried to figure it out. After some time passed I actually fell asleep for a period of time (Not sure how long, but i assumed it was for 30 minutes - 1 hour) & (The beginning of my psychosis) I was awoken by myself. As I started to wake up I was talking to the painting that I was still sitting in front of. I don’t know what i said exactly or whether i even spoke proper english. I could’ve been mumbling for all I know. This plays a more important roll later on. After i was awake and conscious I stood up thinking “damn, i just fell asleeep sitting there like that” and started to move around to help wake up some more because I did have a dinner to go to with my mother. I got ready, she came by a picked me up, & from there we went out to get dinner somewhere. While we were eating i noticed that i was seeing what looked like speckles of what appeared to be a glitter like when you stand up to fast or hold your breathe and you see those flicking “stars” except this wasn’t that, which i just brushed it off and didn’t think much of it. Afterwards we went back to my house where my grandmother, my aunt, & my little brother stay as well. (My aunt & grandmother are the ones that practically “raised” me as well as my brother). I went down into my room and i decided that i was done with the painting all I needed to do was sign it at the bottom, so that’s what I did. 
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2023.03.28 19:42 TheVess I used to play Summoners War and Epic7. Itching to play a good gacha again.

A long time ago, I got into SW and I fell in love with the grindy progression and luck based systems the game had to offer. I didn't love the art style, but it was something I dealt with because I loved the gameplay. I played for a very long time before I eventually found E7 and I was immediately sucked back into gacha games.
I would still play E7, but my problem with the game is that I absolutely hate some of the systems in that game. Labyrinth is the single most stupid piece of content I've ever had to play in one of these kinds of games. I'm sure some people love the idea of grinding through a dungeon with multiple paths and things to do, but I hated that. It felt like a chore I had to finish if I wanted my dopamine points.
But with SW, the systems got out of hand after they added artifacts. The secondary awakening was fine in my opinion. I liked being able to make my units stronger and look better, and I didn't hate the dungeons I had to finish to get my 2As. Sure it was grindy and took a really long time, but that was the appeal to me.

Basically, my question is, what games are there that are still popular, have systems similar to SW or E7, have a decent grind that I can look forward to playing for at least a year or so before end game starts, and doesn't have terrible "exploration" based systems that are required to progress.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the reason I hated artifacts in SW is because it felt like just another "thing" I suddenly had to grind out if I wanted to have stronger units. It didn't make me feel accomplished or fulfilled when I finally got a good artifact. On top of that, the dungeons you get the artifacts from suck in my opinion. I liked SW much more when it was just runes you had to farm. But now it feels like its too overwhelming because you have to farm runes, 2As, artifacts, and 2A skill ups.
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2023.03.28 19:42 BaseballUnable ASD level 2/3 3yo. We are really struggling.

Wife and I have twin boys. One of them was diagnosed with “Level 2-3 Autism” few months ago and the other has a pretty significant speech delay. He may have autism too (maybe Level 1) and we are going to a pediatrician to make sure in a few weeks.
Every day is a struggle and we are probably depressed but able to take one day at a time.
Its 4.30am and Im actually sitting in my TV room with my son asleep on a mattress we placed here downstairs. He woke up at 1.30am and fell asleep just before 4am. This happened almost every night for the past week. And actually most nights for the past 3 years. Sometimes it was worse sometimes it was better. Sometimes he actually slept through the night but honestly about 80% of the time he would wake up.
Not even sure what Im trying to achieve by writing here but i guess it helps to put my thoughts into writing. I feel upset at myself wondering whether I should have spent more time when he was younger trying to get him some help. Or whether i was too focused on work and other things when i should have focused on getting him to develop his speaking skills. He is non verbal. No mama or dadas. He can say bye although rarely and this gives us some hope.
Weve got him enrolled in OT recently, Speech pathology too. But honestly i dont know how effective it will be since he doesnt even pay them any attention. Everything is so stressful, tantrums, picky eating, not listening and running away, all the mess and the horrrible lack of sleep. We feel like no one can understand us. I was thinking of doing more than 1 session a week but they suggested once a week should be enough for now and that “its mainly about reinforcing these learnings at home”. Its a struggle to get through the sessions with the specialist, now imagine doing that for 12-15 hours a day on top of everything else you need to do at home and work. I just dont get it…
For any parents who have gone through what im going through now. What advice do you have? We are really struggling here. Is there any other help that families can get? Honestly considering moving to Asia where my wife is from. And at least we can have a helper (or two!) to help look after our boys and help with house duties so we actually have energy to focus on them and take necessary breaks. Nobody understands.
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2023.03.28 19:41 EuphoricTrilby Dead children won’t stop the left from victim-blaming

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2023.03.28 19:40 HMC15120 In the words of Paul Simon..."And Here's to You Mrs. Robinson.

Sorry its long. Here's are my thoughts on all the drama and what I believe to be true. Austin probably did act inappropriately while communicating with women. Is it gross/inappropriate that depends on the woman. I know you all don't want to hear this, but some women may like it and like his attention. He stated he thought they were all consenual acts. He is not the first man to do this and he will not be the last. He is human and flawed just like all of us. He is a single, good looking, charming 24 years old male. He is young and needs to grow up and learn how to treat woman. That is a misogony problem in our society and it ain't getting fixed on Reddit or Tiktok. It will be fixed in the homes of people raising sons and teaching them how to treat woman with respect. Austin grew up and lives in an "Italian" New York where that machismo attitude is what he knows. Not an excuse just a little perspective. Hopefully, this will be a learning experience for him and he changes his behavior. As far as rankings go, I think a lot of the big battlers are possessive of their gifters. I have stated my opinions on here in the past. The gifters are people throwing their own money and are not owned by any team. People can spend what they want and throw to whomever they like. That goes for LC, Carmac, Heathermoon, Jodie, Mook, WestCoast, DC and yes Carrots. They should not made to feel anyway on how they spend their money. That being said they are all adults responsible for how much money they are gifting. You got a problem with it, send an email to Tiktok and tell them to put limits on gifting or be more aware of people who may have a problem or addiction to gifting. Maybe Tiktok can start a gifter annymous page to help people who got in over their heads. I here a lot about people being locked and they go and find ways around it. I saw Carrots do it herself with Mason and Millie. She gave money to Kaylie to throw and that had nothing to do with Austin. Carrots obviously has a problem with gifting if she is locked and using other people to gift for her. No one on Tiktok is responsible for your finances.
Carrots is a 45 year married woman who lied about being married and lied about her age. She was ambiguous about her age because she wanted Austin to think she was younger. Carrots was involved with 2 men on Tiktok that we know of, Austin and Mr.Brick. Maybe he will take all your money and get a green card too. She is a known liar. She personally lied to me in private messages. Carrots spoke with me on March 10th. She told me she had just spoken with Austin and everything was fine, he would fine and the break would be good for him. But he started to pull away from her after he realized what she was doing to his team behind his back. Carrots either sensed Austin pulling away or Mr. Brick manipulated Carrots and got her to turn against Austin. Probably a mixture of both. The people Carrots contacted were just a number to her, that's all. I personally saw her and her friends ambush someone in a live and put her in a very scary, uncomfortable position. You tried to get her to like a creator she did not with the intention of irritating Austin. You manipulated her Carrots and that pissed me off. She didn't deserve that. You took advantage of her and used her to get one more soldier for your war against Austin. She is one of the sweetest souls and you exploited that and she didn't even realize what you were doing because she didn't know your devious intentions. And it worked. I saw it all. She even asked you if it was an ambush and you lied to her. If you were that bold and conniving on a live, I can not imagine what you told people privately. You and MamnaT pushed Mr. Brick on people you knew had a fractured relationship with Austin to permantly break their relationship. Worked like a charm and they fell for it. I believe Mr. Brick and MammaT were responsible for certain lives getting banned and that includes Mook and Kaylie. Austin made mistakes and Carrots wants him cruxified in the court of public opinion. It is a witch hunt and her only target is Austin. Maybe it's my vast experience in law but I believe everyone is entitled to due process. Even the worst in our society deserve a defense. What you are doing may not be illegal but I guarantee you it's unethical. As you are aware, anyone can file a law suit for defamation of character and libel. You are playing with fire and out of everyone, you have the most to lose. If I believed even 1% that you were doing this to bring awareness or help women who are not strong enough to have a voice, I would stand with you. I do not think those are your intentions. I exclude Ashley from this as I do believe she wants to give people a voice and safe haven. She gave Austin grace and heard him out when she owed him nothing. She counseled him what he did wrong. She is smart and does not want the platform she built tarnished with this sorted affair. It is an important and needed platform on mental health. The makeup is fire too 😉. If you are pushing others to come forward, I hope you have prepared them for the backlash they will receive that no one is going to be able to stop. One of you is already struggling to the point of self harm. Nice of you to put that message out for everyone to see. I know she discussed it on live but still. If social media has you to the point of leaving this earth, you need to take a long hard look at your life and what is serving you and your family. I am not a therapist but I do hope you talk with a licensed professional. You are loved and valuable in this world. And if you are her friend, the last thing she needs is this drama. I have my own suspicions on why you befriened her. She needs to find peace and resolution. I am sorry she was disapponted and hurt by someone she thought cared more about her than he did. I am sorry mean people are doxxing her and invading her space with their hate. At the end of the day, hurting him is not going to take away your hurt. I know it feels good to make him squirm but revenge very rarely leaves one happy. Especially when you still care. What is end game and what is going to change? NOTHING. People are still going to watch Austin and the more you put out the more views he is going to get. To the women thinking about coming forward, if you need a safe place to tell your story, I would sugguest Ashley. If you are strong enough mentally to handle it, I wish you strenth and courage. Carrots has made this into a revenge driven circus because Austin took a step back and cut ties with her. You are probably going to receive backlash and people who don't believe you. That is a boys will be boys societal problem that is not getting fixed anytime soon. They have done it to women forever but you will have to deal with it on public platforms. I hope everyone realizes how many innocent people are going to be hurt in your futile endeavor to bring him down. Protect your peace and decide if this is all worth it. Carrots you admitted you were not a victim so stop exploiting people because you are pissed at Austin. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. P.S. You all need to take an inventory of who your real friends are and who you can trust. You all talk to much behind each other's back and give people on the internet too much personal information. People love to gossip. You tell one person, then they tell one person and so one and so forth.
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2023.03.28 19:40 Dontinsultautomod I love the GOC case files, wish there were more

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2023.03.28 19:37 PhantomArcadianAE What’s up with Jace?

When he was completed we were all like “evil Jace could probably solo what’s left of the gatewatch” but he walked away at the beginning of the MoM and we never heard from him again. And the last story implies he would have just fallen over asleep like the rest of the phyrexians when they lost if he was off doing something evil. Like if you wanted his whereabouts to be a mystery so “he is off planning something super evil and dastardly that no one else will see coming even with the defeat of the rest of phyrexia” I kinda hoped for this in the epilogue. Let Wotc get their “the villain is alive on the back burner” that they like to do. But that option feels super non-viable with how they wrote him away and said all the phyrexians fell over when the plane was banished to non existence.
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2023.03.28 19:36 DLIVERATOR I started this journey/hobby three years ago..

I started this journey/hobby three years ago..
From left to right rifles leaning on the soon-to-be-tossed futon. Brigade BM-9, PSAr 15 (dedicated to cmmg 22lr conversion), PSAr 15, and PSAK-103.
Bottom from back to front left to right. Helko Werk felling woodworker axe, PSAKV-9, Glock 17 gen4, APX combat, Taurus TX22, and CZ P-07. Not shown is my Mossberg 500, currently residing elsewhere.
Plan on adding at least another half dozen or so to this collection, likely taking the advice offered here for a higher quality AR, or two, an M1A1, a lever action, and a few more pistols.
Family photo
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2023.03.28 19:35 fbrsoon Any Texans here? I’m a new car owner who recently moved to Dallas and I don’t know if there are trusted local repair shops in the area. My windshield has a hairline crack that I may need to get repaired.

Not sure how it happened but I think the windshield cracked from a rock that fell off a truck. There wasn’t a crack at first. Only saw it a day or two later and now it has spread. It’s a little over the length of a dollar bill. Car is Honda HRV.
I’ve been reading that Safelite is an option and I already saw that they service the area. But if there are local shops that have better deals with quality materials and services, I think that’s more cost effective for me. Any leads would do.
Thank you!
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2023.03.28 19:35 Radio64x7 i need advice for helping my brother

So im(m) 23, my brother is 8. He has ODD, and ADHD. I had ODD when i was his age too, and i still obviously have ADHD. I grew out of it, mostly from some hard lessons in my 20s that i am extremely grateful for. I still dont stand for bullshit and being pushed around for no reason, but i get what i need done and have a very live and let live philosophy on life.
I want to help my brother so badly, because my mom is dealing with him all by herself, just like she delt with me all by herself. Our dad labeled both of us a lost cause and refused to discipline us. Mom is a very soft hearted and giving person, she wants to do everything for her kids so they dont have to lift a finger. While thats all fine and good for our sisters, it really dosnt work for my brother and I. We need structure and constructive ways to burn off negative energy. Mom understands this, but she also had PTSD and my brother has been triggering her on purpose.
Im at a loss because, while i had ODD i was an extrmely social kid and i was still seeking validation from my parents and peers. My brother does not have that same motivation. I know he cares about us even if he wont admit it, but he still has no remorse about upsetting us. On the day to day i was mostly fine, i think i was a much milder case than him. But my brother has to rage and throw a fit about every small inconvenience. It could be soap, socks, food, videogames, litterally anythings, and i know thats normal for the disorder, but he also just casually will walk up to us and say horrible things when he isnt even mad.
At first it wasnt effecting me, because when i was little i said really horrible things to my mom when i was mad that i never meant. But if he isnt even mad when hes saying this things it makes me start to wonder and then it starts to eat at me...
I have had success with rewards systems, my grandma refuses to take him to school now because he kept making our sisters cry, and also hurting her feelings so the responsibility fell on me. Most mornings i can get him to school without incident now. Im just not sure how to get him to stop saying awful things or to even understand why he shouldnt.
He dosnt care if people like him, he dosnt care if he has friends, infact, he dosnt have any friends that ive met. His twin sister has plenty but ive never seen him play with another kid. I had a couple friends atleast, and i think this might be patt pf his issue.
Idk this is kind of venty but im really looking for advice here, im really worried about our mom and the effect all of this is having on her. Im also worried about my brother, i dont want to traumatize him the same way our parents did to me.
Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?
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2023.03.28 19:35 MyDogTakesXanax Quality camera for baby photos, birthday parties, vacations, etc?

I’ll be due with my first baby in October. I always loved that my family had boxes and boxes of pictures of me and my brother. I know I can just use my iPhone and hook it up at Walmart and print, but I’d also like to have a camera with better MP’s, lighting options, and more storage space.
I know nothing about cameras really, though. What would you suggest for a good quality, family/vacation friendly, easy to print camera? I don’t need anything professional, it’ll just be for pictures in the photo book. Prefer something smaller and portable. Budget around $300.00, give or take.
Thanks in advance :)
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2023.03.28 19:33 Justmadeforthis1234 Iron Archaeology

Currently at level 85 Arch following the guide on the efficient ironman page on the wiki but it seems slightly out of whack as for level 83-99 it says to do 100 RRR1 collections but you need 94 Arch to complete the collection and the 200 artefacts from the lower level spot will get you nowhere near level 94?

I want to focus on Tetracompass rewarding collections purely for the meme chance of mattock.

Which ones are best to complete to 120? I assume to do a bunch of GGG1, then a bunch of RRR1 and this is where I get lost in the Wiki as one of the spots for RRR1 gives an artefact used in GGG2 so do I then do that which leads another artefact to another collection? I honestly get so deep in the Wiki and lose track of where I'm at!
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2023.03.28 19:32 LoveMangaBuddy Read The Ravages Of Time - Chapter 583 - MangaPuma

Nearly 2000 years ago, the prosperous Han dynasty of China collapsed. Heroes rose and fell, and three nations emerged--Wei, Shu, and Wu. Historians refer to this period as the Three Kingdoms period. The romance of the three kingdoms is an intriguing tale of heroic deeds, of alliance forged and broken, of loyalty and betrayal. Hong Kong artist Chan Mou retells this classic tale in "The Ravages of T ... Read The Ravages Of Time - Chapter 583 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/the-ravages-of-time/chapter-583
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2023.03.28 19:32 TakedownslikeGSP You have no idea how far ahead having empathy and actively listening put you compared to other sales reps.

I recently hit my quota for the quarter and finished second place on my team but one sales rep finished ahead of me. Instead of being a poor sport about, I have to recognize her for how good she really is and how she has consistently stayed ahead of everyone despite inheriting a tough territory.
The story.
At the end of last year, she had a prospect that showed up for a call on December but he did not seem optimistic or feeling too good. Instead of go right into a presentation, she asked him what has been going on in his world since they last spoke. The prospect (a VP of Operations) says that his life outside of work has been hectic and end of year has really made him beyond stressed.
Then and there, she says that it makes more sense to have this meeting in January so he can focus on closing out the year. In that call, he immediately brightened up and smiled. Told her that usually, salespeople are pushing him hard for a signature and legal + finance are getting mad at him for asking for it. Tells her that he will do the first week of January just for her.
Shows up, is all in on the demo. Shares a good bit with her and what was supposed to be a $60k or so deal turns into a $210k deal. Then they do weekly calls and even build a business case together. The reason the 60k deal turned into a 200k deal is because she kept asking him questions like what KPI is being impacted due to their setbacks and what else are they planning on doing in conjunction with the SaaS we offer. Client says he would have to hire two people though he rather not, then she proposes our services offering on top of the software.
She found all of that out by listening to him, in most calls outside of the demo he was doing more of the talking and sharing like crazy.
Here is what it gets even crazier. Three years ago, an AE tried to do a deal with the same account. I listened to those calls too to see what was going on. Guy talked through the discovery and asked maybe 3 questions which were around timeline, budget, and authority (not even a dialogue on needs!). Then on demo, not even one questions, just blabbering on and on and on. It was so painful to watch. The deal was valued at $30k and the AE got ghosted after the demo despite making 15+ calls at the end of the month to the client and sending 5 emails.
The reality is, MOST sales reps won't do this, this is what they do instead.
Active Listening?
HA! Good luck getting a sales rep to shut the fuck up. I have been to many networking events and every sales rep is hogging up space to speak about himself. I have listened to quite a few phone calls and it is shocking how in discovery, the sales rep is doing more of the talking and cannot SHUT THE FUCK UP. The pain and setbacks of clients? FORGET IT! Most sales reps just love to hear themselves talk and these are the same ones who years down the road, will be without a job.
Because most do not give a shit about what the client is going through. By not giving a shit and just trying to collect a commission check, they are missing out on a chance to turn a smaller deal into a much larger one.
Most sales reps do not give a shit if a client is going through hell and cannot take a meeting, it is all "gimme my commission check". What's worse is that I have seen this sort of bad behavior rewarded on this sub where comments saying "it's all about shoving a contract in their face and making them sign it" get upvotes. Come to think of it, the quality of content on this sub has gone way downhill in recent months and much worse posters have come about recently.
Someone laid off? HA sucker!
Someone talking about lack of diversity in SaaS sales? "take that woke BS elsewhere!"
It's like a total lack of care for what others are going through and pure commission breath. Complete disregard for the actual setbacks others are facing and then the same rep will submit a post talking about how unfair it is that they got laid off. That's funny, you were just shitting on someone else for their misery and now this?
This is why most people are fed up with sales reps and why sales has such a bad reputation. This is why most people rather deal with a chatbot for most deals than some commission hungry kid out of college who didn't even deserve a job in the first place.
What's worse is that this shit is celebrated.
Being a shithead is celebrated in sales communities and memes.
Shoving a contract in a client's face at the end of the quarter so you can hit your number? CELEBRATED!
Annoying clients with repetitive calls when they have clearly stated why they are not interested and burning an account that way? CELEBRATED!
Being a drug addicted alcoholic that treats women like cattle and is one of the "bros"? CELEBRATED!
Lying to clients so you can win a deal? CELEBRATED
It's sad.
I get it, I'll get roasted in the comments for this because man did I challenge the status quo of helping clients. Sales is, however, changing. A lot of the value leeching reps who just want to spam clients with calls and force them into a contract by end of quarter will be out of a job and thankfully out of sales. I do believe that the future belongs to sales reps who are truly empathetic, actively listen, and propose a creative solution because it might take AI a while to get there.
Roast away.
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2023.03.28 19:32 kittenlord707 Yeah it turns out wishing I was trans so I could be a girl was infact not very cis

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